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What’s Our Mission? What Do We Do?

Helping people live in alignment with their values, and free of excess government interference.
We believe each man and woman has the right & responsibility to manage their body, money, and affairs in the ways they feel is best. Through legal & lawful processes, we help you reduce exposure to the taxman or other bureaucratic bodies.

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Services We Provide

Express Trusts

Manage your business, assets, and affairs effectively & privately. Gain greater control of your and your family’s future.

Private Membership Associations

Restructure your business in a way that allows you to run it exactly how you want, bypassing many common regulations.

Birth Certificate Double Authentication

Take back control and ownership of the legal rights to your name. Stop letting yourself be  collateral.

Am I In the Right Place?

Are we making a career out of helping others escape government overreach? That’s exactly what we’re doing, and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about our work. If any of these statements resonate with you, welcome, you’re in the right place:

My children should be able to receive their inheritance without paying an arm and leg in taxes.

As a human being, my existence includes more than working and paying taxes.

Business owners should be able to run their business as they’d like to, just as customers should be able to patronize the businesses they’d like to.

Taxes are unjust if the government ceases to represent the interests of its people.

A person should be able to live as they want to, so long as it doesn’t harm anyone else.

How a family operates is the business of that family, and our morality is something we learn at home, not from the government.

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Understanding Our Perspective & Model

Our goal is to help people free themselves from a system that doesn’t serve them. We use a non-profit model because it most effectively allows us to help our members escape the matrix and create the community we want to be part of.

The Five Pillars of Freedom

With so many institutions and individuals vying for control over our lives, it’s common to lose sight of what truly matters. These are the ideas that keep us grounded, focused, and moving forward in a positive way.

It can take many different forms, from organized religion to personal belief systems.

Whatever form it takes, it is important to cultivate a sense of connection to something greater than ourselves.

This can help us find perspective and meaning in our lives, even in difficult times.

Often seen as a measure of success in our society, but, it’s important to recognize wealth is about more than money.

It can also refer to resources such as time, energy, and relationships.

Effective wealth management means finding a balance between  and prioritizing what’s important to us.

While law creates order & structure in society, it’s not infallible and it can be used to oppress as easily as uplift.

Our community believes we can’t be idle observers, we have a role to play.

As men and women, we have a responsibility to educate ourselves about our rights and speak truth to power when they stray from constitutional mandate.

Our education system prioritizes standardized testing while depriving our kids’ creativity & critical thinking.

We must prioritize lifelong learning and seek out alternative opportunities.

Learning can occur anywhere we let it, so long as we have an open mind and thirst for knowledge.

Health is a thread that’s woven throughout our lives, however, our healthcare system has increasingly focused on profits rather than patient care.

The result is more medical errors and preventable deaths.

We must educate ourselves about our food, health, and work to hold healthcare providers accountable for their actions.

Taking back our power in each of the five pillars of freedom is essential for creating a better, more just society. It requires a willingness to question authority and take responsibility for our own lives. By doing so, we can create a world in which each individual has the freedom to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

These Are the Things That
Make It All Worthwhile

Self Determination

How we live our lives is something that’s between us and our maker. It’s not a topic that needs the approval of government bureaucrats.


Whether in business or personal affairs, a person should focus on making the best choices possible for themselves, not worrying about who’s watching them.

Family & Community

It’s our right and our duty to advocate for the people we love, and work tirelessly to build the community in which we want to live. Our hands are never idle.

Our Community

We’re making connections with like-minded people across the nation who see the value in controlling your own future.

As you might have guessed, our members have a shared reverence for freedom, but we’re not an isolated bunch!

Our members choose use their freedom connecting with others, helping them unplug from the matrix, and building our community from the ground up!

We provide comprehensive solutions for individuals and businesses to take control of their assets, their lives, and protect their freedoms.

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