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I Don’t Own My Name?

Shockingly, no!

The document you’re given shortly after birth is just a copy, and you’re not the owner of it.

Don’t believe us? Go look at yours. It’ll read something like: “official copy” or “certified copy”, clearly stating that it’s copied from a record at a different location.

Taking Back Your Freedom Starts With a Single Document

There are several ways to secure your identity, privacy, and assets, and they all start with finally claiming ownership of your name.

The Values That Guide Us
On Our Mission​

Private & Professional Liberty​

From work area to the kitchen table there’s no area of our lives that should be under control or observation of career bureaucrats.

Community & Family

It’s not just what we do, it’s who we do it for. The people we know and love are what inspire us to create the world we’d like to live in.

Personal Responsibility & Accountability

With rights come responsibilities, and we believe it’s an honor to shoulder those at all times.

Become More Than
Government Property

As it stands, your birth certificate is essentially a collateral note. It, along with millions of others, is used collectively to secure loans for states and the federal government.

Yes, we understand this sounds a little out there, so here’s a document showing a financing statement from the Pentagon. Note sections 13 and 14…

To those who are okay being possessed by a government body, this doesn’t matter. We feel differently, however.

Our Members’ Experiences

The process for getting my authenticated certificate took longer that I wanted but I was so excited when I got it! I feel like I officially have “me” in my control.
– Kenneth K.

I love how helpful The Freedom People are. They live and breath this stuff and whenever I had questions they were there to help.
– Christian F.

This stuff really works! I’ve listened to other groups and gotten half-baked results. These guys have tried it, tested it, and lived by it!
– Marie F.

What’s In Our Free Course

Clearly detailed steps you’ll need to take in order to receive a double authenticated copy of your birth certificate on par with the original.

Concise & digestible explanation of the constitutional framework through which you can legally and lawfully reclaim your name.

Quick history of the actions and laws that have led us to this point.

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