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We, The Freedom People, choose Truth and Freedom as our guide. If you feel drawn towards a life of Freedom and Truth, have come to the right place!

Below is a list of our solutions for your freedom journey and platforms for the new economy!


Liberty In Action

Liberty In Action or L.I.A. is a next-gen Soul Retrieval System

What makes L.I.A. different is the learn-as-you-do documenting system that streamlines the process of correcting ones status and claiming your God given, un-alienable birth rights. Finally and thanks to all those that came before us, there is an actionable process to take yourself out of the fictitious corporate United States and become a truly free Man or Woman.



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Who are the people behind the platforms?

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The Fight for Freedom Has Begun

Turn up the volume and get ready to pump yourself up for some freedom fighting!

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Host Bradley Freedom gives new meaning to “Censor Free” as he takes you on a critical thinking mission to explore the truths and realities of everyday life. Join Bradley as he inteviews other critical thinkers as they give you the unfiltered rawness you’ve been seeking. Come with a an open mind, leave with a new perspective. The fight for Freedom will take the brave and Bradley Freedom is here to give you the tools and knowledge needed.

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Our growing network of likeminded individuals are taking the movement to new levels. By engaging with other Freedom Lovers from all walks of life, they are finding out how big and committed this community is. It’s now time for you to be apart of the family.


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