Bring your business out of the clutches of the PUBLIC corporations and into the Private

What is a PMA?

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Who benefits from a PMA?

EVERYONE! Businesses and customers both benefit from less government intervention. WE, the people created the government; it’s time to put them back in their place.

Here are just some of the benefits of moving your business out of the PUBLIC and into the private

Types of PMAs

*We usually recommend setting up a Private Ministerial Association with ALL those protections. You then add projects which are the equivalent to “dba” for businesses.


Private Membership Association or as we recommend, Private Ministerial Association. Private people have the right to associate without government permission. A ministry is a governing body. Think of it like the Ministry of Health in nations around the world.
A business or passion and a trusted spouse/friend/family member to be your co-trustee.
A business or passion and a trusted spouse/friend/family member to be your co-trustee.
You will have to look up your county’s specific requirements and forms to file.
You may conduct business online by putting your terms of your PMA on your website.
Most businesses absolutely can operate as a PMA. We will chat about your specific situation and guide you through keeping or ditching licenses and how to switch from public to private.
The entire process from the creation of your founding documents to filing the SS-4 form and having a bank account can be done in as little as 3-4 weeks.

Our fee for setting up your PMA is $2500.

This includes

– Articles of Association

– Bylaws

– Membership Terms

– Membership Waiver

– Certification of PMA

– 508(c)(1)(a) setup

– PMA Starter Kit

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