Crypto Resources

Bitcoin Education Resources – Learn more about Bitcoin and how to use BTC to protect your wealth.
The Bitcoin Standard – Book by Saifedean Ammous – a must-read!
The Bitcoin Way – Go bankless! Bitcoin education and services to help you custody your Bitcoin safely and securely.
Swan Bitcoin – Bitcoin exchange, IRAs and institutional-grade custody solutions
River Financial – Bitcoin exchange and institutional-grade custody solutions

Freedom People Resources
PeoplePay – Accept Bitcoin payments for your business
ChainRecorder – Prove ownership immutably by recording your documents on the Bitcoin blockchain

U.S. Regulated Exchanges (Fiat Onramps)
Coinbase – Using Coinbase Advance Video
Kraken – Using Kraken Pro Video
Gemini – Tutorial Video
Bitstamp – Tutorial Videos
Strike App – Tutorial Video
Fold Card – Tutorial Video

KYC Credentials Outside the U.S.
Palau ID – Foreign residence to pass KYC on foreign exchanges.

KYC Exchanges that Accept Palau ID (Must Use VPN – Costa Rica, Columbia, Mexico, Panama)
Kucoin – Video
Bitget – Video
ByBit – Video

No KYC Exchanges (Must Use VPN – Costa Rica, Columbia, Mexico, Panama)

DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges) – Best Wallet To Use
Jupiter – Video Solana Ecosystem – Phantom Wallet
Whales Market – Solana OTC Trade Desk – Phantom Wallet
Thorswap – Swap native assets cross-chain (BTC for ETH etc..) and a very unique decentralized Bitcoin lending platform. Works best with the XDefi Browser Wallet.

Decentralized Bitcoin lending platform. Thorswap Overview Video  Loans On Thorswap Video
Osmosis – Cosmos Ecosystem – Rabby, Metamask
Spooky Swap -Fantom – Rabby, Metamask
Trader Joe – Avalanche Ecosystem – Rabby, Metamask

Crypto Market and Portfolio Tracking
CoinGecko for portfolio tracking and up-to-date prices
CoinMarketCap – Crypto Prices
Banter Bubbles – Crypto Prices – Social Sentiment
Trading View – Chart all Markets and trading pairs Tradingview Tutorial Video
Coinglass BTC Monthly Returns

Storage – Not your keys, Not your crypto!

Cold Storage Wallets (Secure Long-Term Storage of Your Crypto)
N’Grave – Videos
Trezor – Video
Tangem – Video
Ledger – Video
Cold Card (Bitcoin Only) – Video

Hot Wallets (Lower Security – interact with DAPPS and Smart Contracts)
Trust – Video1 Video 2
Coinbase – Video
Rabby –Video
Metamask – Video
XDefi Browser Wallet – Video1 Video 2
Phantom– Video
Exodus – Videos

Warning-If you have a wallet and an NFT has been sent to your wallet that you did not mint or purchase.. NEVER click on it. Many have malicious code that can drain your wallet! – BE CAREFUL

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