February 21, 2021

Jumping Off the Corporate Cliff – Blain Jones

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What would happen if you took that leap of faith towards your financial freedom? Would you fall or fly? In this weeks episode we talk to Blain Jones from Blain Jones Custom clothing. Take the leap. Do it.

Show Notes

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Hello, all you lovely freedom People out there and welcome to the fireside freedom chats Where we get into the nitty gritty of all your freedoms, Our freedoms, my freedoms, our freedoms. I’m your host, Bradley. Hey, have you ever thought about starting your own business? Listen to our conversation today with Blaine jones about how starting his own business awarded him several freedoms. Freedoms you might not have even thought about yet. So stick around and tell your corporate job to shove it. But first, right now I need you to go grab your phone and text into this number 8449923 That’s 8449923733 And received today’s show notes from the Freedom People podcast.

And also we’ll put you on the list to be invited to our next in person meet up. How’s that sound? Come on. Let’s go. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. In the studio with Blaine jones. Ladies and gentlemen. Oh, playing john. Yeah. William jones was a custom tailor, right? That’s that’s what you do these days. Yeah, technically not the day, definitely not a tailor because I’m gonna put it together myself, but uh in the microphone please. So I don’t put it, don’t build it myself, crafting it.

Yeah, So then what is it called? Is there a technical term? Mhm clothes, your clothes called the year? Like a band bandoleer, clothier clothes, clothes clothes there, Is it french? Yeah, of course, fucking french man, They always got their hands up somebody’s skirt, right? It’s always gotta. Oh that is that cool? Yeah, it’s fucking french. Oh dude, just like the fridge, where did you hear the fridge guy? He’s like, he didn’t hear my joke, he’s like, yeah, he’s like, he’s like, oh french french french doors are way better, Way better.

I was like, yeah dude, we love french french everything french kissing, french fucking french and you know whatever. He didn’t even catch it. But anyway, we were just talking about how french french fucking people, they have their hands and all the goodies. Dude, like why is it that everything that’s good is from France. I don’t think that that’s true. I like America. I like some of the american stuff. Uh I like, I like french stuff. I like, I like french toast. I like french fries. I know those aren’t fucking french, but I like french fries is french toast french unknown.

Do you know anything about french toast? Uncle Blaine? What is truly american though, that we haven’t stolen? Well, but and here’s the thing is I don’t even like to look at it like stolen. Okay, right. I don’t think that America stole shit. I think America is made up of so many different cultures and people from all around the world were melting pot so it’s more like fucking, they stole it from us right, fuck cocksuckers, see what happens No, no, it’s, people bring it here, right, I mean people bring it here like the Italians brought pizza here bro, I’m really happy they did right or I’m sure at some point someone else would have but I mean it’s all, it was all the immigrants who moved here from Italy that brought all the badass pizza and italian restaurants dude, so tailored custom clothing and taylor Yeah right right, so was that it, what is that italian?

How much? Not just but sure sure sure italian clothiers yeah, clothing and they’re good fabric right Yeah, just don’t just fabrics but leathers and just make good products for clothing, shoes yeah among other other things but you know, in, in this industry yeah italian like italian italian brands right? It kind of seemed like oh that’s a Gucci is Gucci? Italian sounds italian right? I mean yeah right. You know I have a finer taste when it comes to clothing or just in general clothing, leathers, quality of handmade goods yeah that you know if if the ones that exist here in the U. S. If they do then they’re going to cost super expensive.

We have a cheap culture. How did that happen? Well I don’t think it’s cheap. I think here’s the thing is that people want value and they want um I don’t think that it’s cheap right? People want value and well and they want to pay more for their work I think americans I think as compared to who like like you mean like like in general smaller factories and things overseas then. Right well this is what I might also be lost, european cultures just said no to chinese made things but we accepted it.

That’s what I mean by a cheap culture were like, oh yeah, sure. Give us the dollar stores. Oh well, yeah. I mean again that’s and I think that that’s kind of the way that things have been driven to write. I mean offshore everything, right? Make make up all these cheap goods. And so maybe maybe that’s you know a reason we’ve kind of, yeah, you know, gotten this quote unquote cheap, cheap culture. Um but I think that like real Good quality manufacturing facilities for whether that be clothing right?

And that’s sad because we should, we we if if we should have those things. But what’s happened over the past 50 years is that our government has sold us out, our politicians have sold out our country to shipping everything overseas right? Incentivizing overseas jobs, incentivizing giving tax breaks, sending direct money to these other countries to build our crap are cheap crap and taking away jobs, right? And and it’s I kind of feel the same way with about uh about freaking anything dude military, any of it? Like why are we in every country in the world just over there?

Just technology, customer support. Yeah, everything was everything. We’ve outsourced everything and we need to insource our shit like, you know what I mean? Like that just needs to change. I mean, I do agree with part of the blame being the government, but also consumers could have demanded No. Well, yeah, but again, and here’s the thing um Clean my butthole just came up. So you gotta have a google alarms in case we need to clean your butthole. Anyway. We can we can do you want an explanation to that?

Well, yeah, we’re going to have to fair. So I was I was showing Blaine how I get shit done, you know? And I keep things on my list, and I was like, you know, I just tell my phone hey, do something. So I said for example, hey Siri, remind me to clean my butthole in five minutes, and then it just came up and was like, hey clean your butthole. Uh huh. Anyway, so that’s okay. So that was a nice little segue, right? Little all right? So you outsource your to do list to Syria?

Yeah, man. And that’s the that’s the thing about technology. I think that technology can be super freaking helpful in a lot of ways, right? And it’s just like any other tool it can be used for good and it can be used for evil. Yeah. Anyway, so whatever I mean, So brainard, what does freedom dude, what does freedom mean to you? And this is like, it’s a very unique question. You know what I mean? Because it’s very personal, right? Because everybody has their different idea of what even freedom means.

You know what I mean? Like some people like just going outside of their houses, freedom and I mean that in a literal sense around the world, right? I mean, or if you’re in prison and right, I mean your freedom is your one hour a day out in the sun or you know, who knows? Anyway, so that’s the question. You know we asked. So like, like what does freedom mean to you? I mean, you know, and it can mean anything. I mean, I know that you’re, you know, we know that you have your own business playing jones.

Seo dot com. Right. Blaine jones, Is that what it is? Blaine jones dot c. Blaine jones dot C O. That’s right, blame john Blaine jones dot C. O. Ladies and gentlemen, if you want some badass clothing. Oh yeah, but it’s getting there, it’s alright. Yeah, it’s always a work in progress. Yeah. Sweet. Yeah. So what what is for you to mean to you? Freedom to me means the ability to incapability to do Yeah, do do and help people when you can, you know, do the things that they need do and you know have the, maybe that’s financial capability, maybe there’s a freedom of your schedule I think to me, time is super important.

So uh Uh huh I don’t think you can put a price tag on on time. Right. Right. No, absolute and they’re not making any more time, aren’t they? It’s kind of like land, right? So to me a huge freedom was leaving, leaving the corporate world and yeah, jumping into the unknown and uh that’s scary bro. And not many people do that dude and kudos to you man freedom to yeah you know do whatever I want during the day and how what I choose to do during the day just I mean determines what how what I’m going to be, how successful I’ll be during and you know whatever goal I’m trying to hit.

Yeah, that’s dope dude, that’s huge. That’s huge. A lot of people don’t have that man again. It’s and I think it’s it goes back to what I just said though, is that I think a lot of lot of people won’t won’t take that risk because dude, it’s scary, right? It’s freaking scary. Dude, it’s scary to leave a comfort zone. Especially something that’s tied to your survival. Like I earned dollars to get food right to live. So doing that. That’s absolutely it’s scary in the beginning because you know you’re just you’re comfortable, you’re comfortable making X and your Mhm.

Not willing to, you know, for me I wasn’t yeah where I was at in my old position and company, which you know it was what it was, but I just didn’t see the future there. So why not? Like what? Why didn’t you see it? Because you were there for how long? We don’t even have to mention their name. You know you want to make your seven years 14 years dude, holy shit that was the wrong button but I give you a round of applause for that. Seriously do 14, it’s all the same shit in the end.

Yeah, I’ll get myself one of these. That’s what happens when you when you fluff it. Yeah, but I mean they taught me everything I knew and I guess the uncertainty and the scary part was just being, you know, like I was saying comfortable being comfortable and an X. But then I guess I always, I knew I was gonna do something on my own and um, the freedom of leaving my company and my old company starting something on my own and just doing it my way in. You know, uh that’s a big deal.

That’s been a lot of fun just to, he’s my creative side of my mind and figure things out, learn how to run a business efficiently and yeah, you know, everything falls back on me now and which my old company had a huge company that, you know, to fall back on and provide me health insurance and all this stuff that have to do myself now. But end of the day this is what I wanted to do and this would no wanted to always wanted to start my own company and it’s kind of the american dream for.

How long you been doing it now? Just started 14 years? No, no I mean your own business, when did you, when did you like, I mean because what you’re, you’re you’re in at least a year now right Or I’m not quite a year. So I mean that was laughing because it’s the american dream but like I chose to do it wrong time, you know right in the middle of covid right Hey man nah there’s no wrong time dude suit company during a pandemic. That sounds ridiculous. Yeah like like it does man.

But but look dude you’re you’re doing well Dude again man too. I know that your clients if it’s okay, I know the amount you’re around like 15 already and that’s what dude before a whole year man that’s doing really well and that’s what I’m saying like this should be a lesson to anybody dude and anybody that would even hear this ever right is just like dude it’s not about when you start dude it’s just starting just go right and because everybody’s like oh when’s the best time to have a baby fucking never, You know what I mean?

No one ever is like oh I’m fully prepared. I mean some people do, obviously I’m just saying like you’ll always put it off till the next, you know what I mean? It’s just like oh it’s never so if you would have done it four years before right, would that be the perfect time? No because you weren’t ready. This wasn’t. And the thing is is that even though that happened, you’re still kicking butt dude, it’s not even like, you know what I mean? So that’s where I’m just really impressed dude, I freaking love it.

I love it. Thanks. Yeah, it’s a huge learning experience and it’s been like in the, in the beginning, you know, you help me with my logo and and it was really just like, yeah, I had an idea and a brand like brand just between you and me and an idea and yeah, I got all the pieces working and just up just up enough to where you know, it’s got an engine in four tires, but that’s all you need do. That’s all you got to get a frame, absolutely four tires or maybe it’s more of a skateboard right now, you know what I mean?

But it fucking works. Well, I’m saying in the very beginning, when you 1st 1st couple suits, I mean it was like it was barely a company, you know, like I said it was for tires and engine. Absolutely, it works right? And we’re like uh here we go and started building everything around it. And I think it’s sort of a niche enough thing. I mean there’s always a market and you can always set yourself apart from oversaturated markers markets in some way, but I feel like it’s a good business like Yeah, I mean everybody wants to look good.

I’m stuff from there like Blaine’s got shirts like this fucking shirt I’m wearing right now is freaking amazing, right? Dude. And I like, and I’m not like, you know, you know, I’m not a suit wearer guy, right? I it was a fuck your monkey suit bro. Yeah, but I love sports jackets, you know, I still wear a sports jacket, I still love all that, you know what I mean? But it’s just again, you know, I have a hard time conforming so if there’s somebody trying to put me in a uniform, which again, hey I did the marines, I did all my uniform days and I tried to wear the monkey suit for a while after the marines right?

Because I thought that that’s what success meant and stuff was it kind of needed to wear a suit and whatever. But anyway that’s why I love your products dude, like this shirt is freaking amazing and it’s made of like 50% 50% recycled plastic bottles, saving the oceans and clothing us. Yeah 25% us american um organic cotton. Another fiber called tensile model which is, it’s a fiber made of beechwood. Oh I remember. That’s really cool dude. So yeah that’s great. Absolutely. Well and again it’s cleaning up the possibility we got problems with their plastic.

Can’t you know plastic problems we got yeah any any little bit helps especially if they’re making t shirts out of plastic bottles. I mean yeah cool. Yeah. Yeah and they’re great. I I’m actually pleasantly surprised dude. I well you know somebody’s like hey I’m gonna give you a plastic bottle where you’re like getting bet bro. Little I mean this is even probably made from so some sort of synthetic core Adidas. And is that what polyester is? And polyester is plastic? Right, synthetic fiber. Right. Yeah it could be it could be plastic, it’s gonna be like a synthetic silk er or baby or baby.

Mm. What is that? There’s a popular documentary about fast fashion and that changed the way I shot completely. I would much rather do custom. Whereas you know, how many suits does J crew make and then you might run into another dude wearing the same suit. Right. Right. Exactly. They made minimal patterns. It’s usually like a couple of solids, maybe no turns a few years ago, stripes were still popular. I don’t even know if you can find a pinstriped suit at banana. No. Right. Right. But so it’s all real time sensitive.

Obviously it’s fashion. Right? So yeah, but things come back. They come back around, right? Like do people want butterfly collars and yet now, well, the bells are getting whiter and whiter, are they? Yeah. Seventies are coming back row. Sixties, seventies fucking bellbottoms, orbits like let’s do it. Some fucking Ron burgundy stuff. I do like my skin’s uh, I mean there can’t be a got some ostrich skin shoes. She is dressed like uh, offers that are, yeah, super comfortable. It’s an italian brand and no just adam for years to and part of it it’s the soul Soul. Yeah.

They’re Blaine proof. Oh yeah dude. Uh so did you say these are made in the USa or the material is You said something something usa or us many uh 50 They made a 50 plastic bottles And then 25 us organic cotton. Okay. Okay. Okay. And then 25 5 tensile model. That would catch. I love to spit some beach nothing that dude’s eyes. Beachwood beach nut. I don’t know. I can’t beat not speak on his behalf. But I’m I’m sure they might be hank approved. I would I would say that they could they could move they’re not officially could be could be I would I would yeah.

You know, I’d like to say he’d be all right with it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So uh so like obviously like you have your own business, but like what type of freedoms does that really? What’s your favorite, is it, is it your daily dude? I can make my own daily decisions. Like what’s your favorite freedom that you’re kind of gathering that you’re getting from dude? And here’s the thing, you were rewarded, you took a risk and you’re rewarded and that’s what life does and that’s why I’m a big, you know, face your fear kind of jump into the fear stuff man because you’ve actually kicked ass and and so what what is this that what is what is one of the, what is your greatest nugget that you’re like, oh I’m so happy now, I don’t have to get up at six a.m.

And drive that same stupid freaking commute. You know, for me it was commuting early on when I was just like I I can’t and I was in southern California doing 23 hour commutes and you’re just like bro just garbage. What was yours what is yours right now? Percent. It’s the it’s time it’s it’s the freedom of my my life and my schedule back and the freedom of to see my family lot more. No and family and friends and you know and a lot of different areas of the US and just going to be yeah it’s you know not even a year yet but it’s I’ve already seen and done more than a year and just caught up with more people in a year than you know having.

Yeah The past 20 right? Yeah the past 15 at least 15. So since Denver have a not just Denver but just like the whole corporate lifestyle and challenge it presents whenever you, you know you don’t have, you don’t have yeah, you know you don’t have the freedom of just leaving whenever you want. You always have to, you know submit a request to somebody can ask, can I go to the bathroom, go see my family, please, can I go potty and I go home for christmas like not only that just flat out time off, but now you could do both at the same time, right?

Absolutely. So you know, I really don’t know where I’m going to land but I do love Mississippi and it’s been awesome catching up with, I’m old friends and seeing family and just re acquainting myself to the Mississippi coast so I could easily see myself down there at least for the first couple of years and then just you know, figuring things out as I go but and real estate down there’s cheap, cheap right now cheaper than where have been. Colorado is one of the highest in the nation.

And then here in Arizona’s, it’s quickly coming up. I mean you know, not yet, but I mean it’s one of the hottest real estate markets. So I mean this makes a whole lot of sense down there. I can always just come, come out here, go to Colorado, spent a lot of time in texas too, so be making a big Figure eight for a little while just getting my business go up and running and you know, and I’ve always had a dream and a vision that you know, why can’t I work and play at the same time, you know, why can’t I I have clients where I frequent the most and go see friends and family and why can’t I just do both see, hang out with friends and family, see some clients, you know, make it I can make that work, especially now that I’m single.

But I mean, all right, and I have, I’m married. Yeah. Ladies and gentlemen Blaine are and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen Blaine is single. He’s I mean, it’s a good thing that I’m single and I’m not married to have a kid because kids because you know, I can it would be a lot harder to do what I’m doing out of state with a family. Right, right. I’m grateful for that right now and and as yeah, and that time will come. But yeah, I know it’s it’s all about getting, getting, getting up and going and hustling.

You’re hustling and you have and that that’s what I’m saying, man, is that it’s apparent obviously if you’ve already got like some client base and you’re kicking ass man, it’s it’s really cool. So yeah. Um I don’t know man. It’s been fast and just learning on the go day to day and this pretty much kind of on the fly you know? But I know I knew a whole, I knew a lot about it before that I didn’t know a new, you know trained well. So now I’m just learning like the business side of things which is and or an organization and right now systems and right how to work efficiently and all that kind of stuff.

Did you have any failures? You care to share learning experiences? Yeah. Yeah. There is no failing. Oh yeah. I mean totally with my new company. Uh Yeah. Yeah of course I let’s see. And there’s already had a remake. So is that like where you had to remake someone’s clothes or? Yeah totally. So whenever you know I fit you take all the measurements and whenever the government comes in a fit, you bring it to you make sure everything’s spot on and you know, I’ll re measure you to make sure you didn’t gain or lose weight or another.

And so it’s not, I mean either way I’m gonna make it, I’m gonna make it fit, but I have to know what happened. You know, it’s like can’t go and just saying, okay, well let me just chop chop here and chop their, you don’t make them sign a contract. Like I vow not to get fat. No, there’s not a not a fucking fatty clause in there. That’s nice of you. Right. Right. Uh huh. A fat claw. Right? Like A. B. M. I. Of body mass index dude.

Hey, you can’t do. Yeah. If then fingers start looking sausage, you’re out if I get warranty is revoked. Mhm. So, hey, like you were saying, man, like, okay, so you always knew that you were gonna do something on your own, right? So what took you the 14 years was there? Like, and but you get what I’m saying? Like what? Dude, there had to be some sort of catalyst that you were just like, all right, fine, fuck, I’m done. You know the F. You? It’s the F You the middle finger, I’m gone, right?

But not just that, not just the F You, I’m gone from a 14 year career because that’s a career at that point, right? A 14 year career. But then the F. You to say, okay, I’m not even going to go down that same road of getting just going and getting another job because you know, you could have done the same thing again, right? Because I know that the last one you’re slinging smokes dude, you were there for a long time to write, right? Yeah, you’re the heater. The hotbox dude.

The black lung dude. Yeah, that’s a good times man. Yeah, I was there for a couple of your fans. Maybe even three. There was like a tan one, a red one and a black one. Right? Get over to. I was okay. It was silver then. Yeah. So I think when I first met you, you had a silver one, wasn’t it? Was that your 1st 1? Yeah. Came silver to clarify for the listeners. He was a cigarette salesman or what was your official title? Yeah, yeah. Smoke slinger sales. Right.

I wonder if there’s kids in the live that don’t even know what a cigarette is today. I mean possibly I would always get shit and bolder because like for whatever reason that I would be in Boulder and I get so much shit because that’s the health, that’s like the health place, you know, that’s, this is go right into, you know, tell me about their story about, you know, X, Y and G. Who had cancer, uh smoke, which they know like you don’t smoke. That’s what’s the funny part of the plane, plane never has smoked.

Dude, he’s never been a smoker. I mean we’d get all rowley and you know, like everybody eats some ecstasy and we can cut all this out of you. But I’m just saying we get, we need some fucking beans and then like smoke his Newport’s duty it out like a whole van full of fucking new points which are the best menthol cigarettes, right? But when you’re rolling, like it’s the best thing in the world dude, you’re there the best cigarettes on the planet. And so yeah, we were chomping were like pac man, dude, we were chomping beans do like in a dark room, fucking repetitive music every night, like pretty much dude, we were in our young twenties, man, you know I mean we’re in our early twenties, dripping it.

Yeah, roaring twenties, roaring through it. Those were some of the best times of my life as far as like wow dude, and I thought I partied a lot, you know? But dude, Denver we, we all lived, it was like we were five minute walk to all the bars. Dude, we, you know what I mean? Like we were writing. Yeah, but back to the older lady, I don’t know how we got your, sorry, the older lady would you know be complaining about X, Y and Z having cancer and I was just meeting and cheese.

I woke up I woke up like four a.m. Maybe five a.m. Two maybe. I mean let’s just be honest, I don’t wake up that early, it’s probably eight a.m. But still I was hustling heaters and like the easiest job ever and but either way hangover, no hanger anywhere. I didn’t want to hear this lady tell me about her. Yeah. You don’t want to hear that. She didn’t even, you know, it wasn’t even a smoker but I just needed a job and some insurance. Right?

Yeah. So that that right. Absolutely. It was kind of like what it’s not like we’re saying like about the freedom and stuff. I mean people do and take jobs that there that you know they’re comfortable with because it provides necessities. But if they just you know, maybe focus on what they’re good at and do something else on their own, then, you know, the money that they make and the revenue revenue that degenerate, just going to be in a business expense in terms of health insurance and all that.

And people would just get comfortable with stuff and say, oh well they don’t realize that they’re giving up part of themselves I think well and their freedom, their time, it’s your time and that like you were saying the biggest thing that it will be somewhere, which is time, right? And that’s that’s for me, that was the biggest thing is that I had to learn that it was like, well for me, I wanted to maximize my time and you know how you can maximize your time going to the grocery store when everybody else is at the grocery store. Okay.

And that, that was one of my first ones, right? Was that in the commuting? So one I knew I had to cut out my community, right? Because dude, I was spending two hours a day in a vehicle doing nothing. I couldn’t write code, I couldn’t do, I couldn’t do anything. I mean, unless I had a job sales or something, right? It just didn’t make sense. So, but anyway, back to what I was asking, right? So that what was that like? Because obviously there was something that catalyzed you’ve to to forgo all those comforts, right?

Again, something has to like, most people don’t change unless something like really bothering them, Right? And and again, it can be over a certain amount of time. But one day you’re just you wake up and you’re like, I’m not doing that anymore. Just No, no. And you’re like puke even when you think about it, you want to puke on your shoes, You know what I mean? Like something happens, You’re just like, uh, so was there anything like that? Or was it just like some small erosion over time?

I think a little bit of both. Like mostly the smaller version over time, but um when Covid happened and then, you know, I’m working for a huge, huge machine. And at the end of the day, it’s, it’s a, it’s a production company and we’re salespeople. So we still have a quota to hit. And, you know, we’re in the middle of a pandemic. So, and just living in a circumstance like that where not only this pandemic presenting, you know, all this, all this stress and, you know, this new laws and mandates and stuff and then also have to be mandated by my company about this and that, You know, so I’ve been thinking about going and doing this on my own making custom clothing and suits and you know, the same thing I do are dead from my old company on my own.

And I know a lot of people who did it and are doing it and have always tried to urge me and encourage me to do it as well independently and just never had the balls to be to be transparent and I guess I just wasn’t in a mental state and where I was confident enough that I could be successful at it, okay. And uh otherwise looking back on it, I should have done it years ago. Yeah, sure. That’s what everybody says once they do it, right? Yeah, but you can’t, I’m not I don’t I don’t have any regrets.

You know, I mean, not even one letter. I mean, there’s no you know, there’s a time and place for everything that happens and you know there was a reason why I haven’t done it trump probably because it just wasn’t it wasn’t ready yet for whatever reason, you know. Yeah absolutely. Well so dude that’s so what advice would you give to someone right now? It was kinda in Blaine jones shoes, Elaine jones dot C. O. Blames jones ceo So but what do you know what I mean? Like like because dude right now you’re the guy, you’ve done it, how fucking cool is that?

Right? Boom I’ve done this, I’m there, I’m looking back. Yeah well but you jumped off the fence is like, like I said earlier it’s had four tires in an engine so now it’s like it’s got it’s got like a cabin now. Yeah it’s definitely not, it’s not a it’s not just bare metal now now you’ve got luxury machine yet, so dude, hey dude Bentley wasn’t wasn’t built overnight dude and everything is, everything is just fine tuning and just just getting better at everything that I’m doing every every day, every client, every suit shirt, every pair of pants, everything that I deliver and make that you know I see that can that I can do a better job at or you know or even just running my business for people that are associate with and surround myself with, I’m always talking about business and you know more efficient ways to do things.

Yeah you know what industries are doing well and just staying in tune with everything that’s going on in the world. Yeah um so here’s here’s what I meant by that goes back to my two. No, yes I do have the freedom of everything I wanted time most importantly like I said, but still now everything comes down comes back on me so there’s there’s there’s a cost to pay, I mean now you know everything’s is uh take accountability for everything which is what the way I want but it’s not like oh a lot of people might think you might just yeah I could just start this and then I’m going to become a millionaire or whatever, but well their sacrifice a lot of work.

Yeah, freedom, freedom ain’t free and that that’s kind of one of our tax failure, there’s a lot of like stuff that you know you you see that you’re not good at and like right? It’s kind of you know, it’s not some people will be like damn I can’t do this, I don’t want to yes, I’d rather just go work for someone else again, right? Sure. Well and that right? And that that’s kind of what that was my question and obviously you answer, you know, it’s just a bunch of stuff and I think that that’s that’s the case most of the time anyway, right?

Is it’s like, but then there’s like one like the camel, right? The camel, the straw that broke the camel’s back, right? So then there’s there’s that, right? So it’s like, you know, some people, you know, and I I can remember distinctly one day sitting in traffic where I vowed that I would learn a job that I didn’t have to go to an office anymore and put on the suit. Because for whatever reason the suit just felt so restrictive as soon as that mental thing of these interviews ever has ever done Restrictive and like you bought it.

But it was it was a Ross I thought, yeah, it was a 1099 suit from fucking Ross. What do you expect? You get five? Dude it damn sure. Wasn’t fucking american made plastic. I can tell you that dude. Anyway, it was it was it was 25% fucking garbage bag. The plastic I was wearing that day was guarded. Have you ever worn a garbage bag dude in sports? Did you ever have to do that to sweat more? Yeah. Under your pads? Yeah. To lose weight. So you know when we were kids, did you played you sports right?

There was based on weight, like pop Warner, I don’t know, youth football leagues, whatever they call them. Yeah. Yeah. So it’s based on your weight and I’m not like the fattest dude ever. Huh? It’s been a fat kid. No dude, I was just, I born at the end of the year. So not that being fat is wrong, bullshit bullshit. Save our health care system, fucking cheating. Stop eating cheetos and eating carrot cake. That’s what happens to you when you eat carrots. Yeah, here beans. No, but hey, what what, so what would you again?

So like kind of, what would you like any advice to blame that was sitting on the fence? You know the blame that was sitting on the fence? It was just like, you know, maybe because really what we want to do is is hopefully talk to the guy who’s right now in your position that you were in a year ago or less than you know what I mean? That was sitting there was just like and again, man, here’s the cool thing is that it wasn’t that you just quit your career, but you also decided that I’m gonna now take my my my existence into my responsibility, okay.

And that’s something that you did that a lot of people won’t do. And that’s I’ve always had mad respect for you because you’re great human being. But now that you’ve taken this extra leap, dude, you understand that that’s like a whole new level for me, just because I’ve been doing it most of my life, right? And to me it’s like um I respect anybody that will fucking jump off that cliff because it’s a cliff. Well, it sounds like for you by taking your own personal responsibility, like you are responsible for decisions, but you’re okay with that because you are the only person that can change whereas and and accompany you can’t change other people so you know that you can better yourself, right?

I think it’s cool. Yeah, because at the end of the day, working for a big company then, you know, how much input do you have on the decision making and you can you might you might submit your objection or your you know, your concern right there, like sweet to their policy like sure you can blame go and check that out like sure, yeah, you can blame them, but you can’t change it, but you can change you. Exactly, right. And that’s another thing with with great with great freedom comes great responsibility, right?

With great responsibility comes great freedoms both ways. And that’s what you’ve done is you said you know what Fuck you, I’m going to jump off this cliff, make it or not make it or break it in a pandemic. Okay, in the middle of 2020, this fool right here decides to we didn’t even touch on the fact that your clients are winning too. It’s like a win win because is they’re getting better products and value. Yeah, absolutely. And that’s where we kind of I want to go back to what you said about cheap and value.

No its just value. I think more and more. Well again there is that cheap. Okay you know the saying once you’ve had honey you can’t go back to vinegar. Right? Well it’s mindset though if you want to talk about the value but people don’t realize they probably can’t afford your custom suit. They just have it in their mindset that oh custom must be right right out of my reach. Right? And that that’s what I’m saying. Not only that they can they can they can afford it most people but once they have it then they want to afford it.

That’s what I’m saying. So once you’ve had honey you don’t want to go back to that right? Once you’ve stepped your game up right? It’s like once you’ve had a color tv or a black and white T. V. It’s not a racial statement. But once you’ve had a color tv over a black and white tv, you’re like dude I why would I ever go and watch a black and white tv again? Right? That’s and and the same goes for comforts, right? The comforts of living. This is a big huge thing.

This is why everybody’s your your your cost of living goes up right? It’s like because once you had like a nice backyard with real grass on it, you’re like yeah can I really go back to astral vacuum? Yeah I want to get a dicey dude. That dirtbag once you’ve worn a Blaine fucking jones original t shirt motherfucker. It’s like great right? And that’s the thing. All 100% cotton from you know another country. Right? Well but no but here’s the thing is that how hard do you think it would be for like okay your industry?

Well let’s just say Blaine jones right? Blaine jones custom suits, right? Blaine jones custom sounds like hot rods bro. Maybe we should start building hot rods, you can do the like the upholstery on the seats or something anyway, keep that in the backyard somewhere. Anyway what yard? Keep that in the backyard so we can go look at it later with like our white trash Tuesday back by the, did you like your cards that we’re gonna work on later? Our whole yard is You know if you’re all you viewers out there, I got to know Heinz 57 back there.

Mm It was on Face Time. I didn’t get a picture of it. Oh yeah yeah it was good. I showed remember sitting out in the backyard like all she faced time. That’s good. Uh Oh ties for the anyway doesn’t matter. So, but I’m just saying, what would you like would you have done it sooner or did you do it at the perfect time? Because you had to have the confidence, you know what dude, it’s always that, right? Or is it just like fuck it, pull the cord jump, you know I mean get your game goes um you know uh kind of kind of both, you know, fuck it, doing it, we’re doing it live to do a lot, you know?

Yeah, but there was a lot of build up, just never had the balls to do it. Yeah. Would you, would you, would you tell your older self to do it now? Would you say jump? Um I would have said Mhm get your shit together and meaning, you know, get your mental mental focus and figure out what your what your your priorities are and and then do it. Yeah, but yes, do it sooner than later. Right. Right, right. For me I had a lot of things that were over happening, you know, and like financial things or like where they just like personal stressful things or just I guess personal stressful things, deaths mostly that just hard to figure out and navigate through and presented, you know, just another layer of of what I was trying to work for and towards and uh presented another, another layer of obstacles I guess if you will in terms of getting through and get into where where I felt comfortable and confident enough to to take that leap of faith, like you were talking about the second again, you know?

And um so yeah, like yeah, I would say do it as soon as possible, but looking back, I don’t think I was ready, don until now, right? Yeah, yeah, I guess the tangier question do it as soon as you can, Soon as yeah, as soon as you can right, no time like the present. Actually there is no other time than the president if you ask that heart. Mhm. Oh girlfriend tired, it’s 5 43 PM at that time. Yeah, it isn’t about nap time. Huh, pregnancy time, pregnancy naptime radio party, pray.

Yeah, that’s real talk dude in his bridal party. Uh So all right man. Yeah, cheers buddy. Thanks man. Yeah, appreciate you making these beautiful drinks for us, cheers girlfriend pregnant pregnant lady. Kind of a weird thing. I mean this this is my first time, obviously first time having a child and doing the whole process. Uh but when I was a kid dude, like you’re about to lose some freedoms fair, fair, fair. So by that. Yeah. Yeah. No shit man. Uh Yeah, I mean I’m asleep, freedom. Your freedom of sleep is going bye bye.

But yeah, I was talking about all that stuff dude, just go ahead and throw that out the window now you’re having a baby. Alright, alright. Thanks. Thanks uncle blame for pooping on that fastball. I mean it’s coming out your hot hot puppy, right? Did you know? But also cute as hell? Yeah. You know JP you know JP Sears that the comedian, the redheaded dude who’s always making those funny videos and shut, he just had a baby and uh and yeah, he posts some pretty funny stuff about getting peed in the face and all kinds of stuff new son.

So that’s the things I have a daughter. So I mean I I don’t know how the whole thing works but I’m not sure it will speak up and on my face like I know wieners do that, but I’m not sure vaginas spit straight up. But yeah, I don’t know. I’m never on my own. Yeah. Area. Yeah. Well, because I’m not saying obviously on it forever, but I mean, we’re gonna have to own that vagina for a little while, right? And you got to take care of it.

Clean the poop out of it and stuff. Yeah. Yeah, cleaning shit out of tiny little vaginas. Dude, that’s going to be you know, I mean, I’m sure this is going to be the worst thing. Yeah. Right. Yeah. I can’t listen to dad shows till you’re like 30. Alright. At least at least at least her. These are the podcast for the baby, baby party, baby shower, baby shower time. This is Yeah. So yeah, you can’t listen to these child. Tell your, tell you on your own vagina. Caroni als.

The colonials. Yeah, Yeah. What, what, what is our daughter? What’s her generation colonials? Really? Oh, caroni als. Yeah. No, I get it. Yeah. Is that what we’re going to be? Uh, I don’t know. I feel about that. Corona? Corona kids? Corona kids. I wonder if anyone actually named their son or daughter corona. Oh yeah. My mama mama mama mama. Yeah. Right. Oh. Oh boy, fucking turd bird girl. Yeah. Well, right. I mean, well, she hasn’t, she hasn’t chosen her gender yet. Right. Obviously tell how old is will she be able to make her own gender choices?

Seven or six or something like that According to the, but fuck biden. All right, yep. That’s in there. Huh? I don’t know the jute. How did you hear about that? Like, these are new things that they’re trying to push that. Well, no, that you don’t even have to tell your parents anymore, like, right, I didn’t know that there was a choice either. These are all new things I’m learning, man. I’m learning that there’s like infinite genders, right? Like you can be like, hey, I’m a mickey mouse to waddle waddle and they’ll and I have to call you a mickey mouse waddle waddle because that is an infinite gender in in there somewhere.

That’s that’s infinity means anything, right? Pretty much. And I mean if if I give you an infinite range of shit to do that, that means there’s an infinite range of shit to do. So uh what was that mickey mouse waddle waddle? Is that what is? Yeah. So if I have a Minnie mouse for mickey mouse waddle waddle, you, you you can’t question me. Yeah, So that’s why I’m like, you know, well then guess what, identify as the president of the United States and tell you all to go fuck yourself and game over, Can we do that now?

I guess that’s not gender related. Anyway, I’m just trying to find and here’s the thing man is I’m happy to talk about anything to anyone really. It’s just, we gotta have some level of like, I mean understanding or some normalcy, right? And and again, that’s where if if we’re not even like using science anymore, which I don’t care. Listen, there’s a very small amount of population that is not born a man or a woman that you’re not born with either or very small and they’re called hermaphrodites, right?

To have both or Amoebas. Okay, fair, you got me there, let me go back. Let me let me rephrase that humans, very few humans that are born without a penis or vagina, right? I mean it’s just you’re either born with one or the other. Now I understand what it’s like to be a preview prepubescent and pubescent human and to go through all the weird crazy shit and you know uh yeah, I mean I’m not saying that I have all of that because I don’t, all I’m saying is that I know that it’s tough for a lot of people to grow up and have have they have like oh man, you know especially with with being the way that it just seems like people are being so pressured into like oh you know if you don’t suck a dick then then you’re a homophobic and it’s like well you know I mean I’m not saying that I’m a homophobic, it’s just dick sucking is not for me.

Is that okay? Is that now? No no sorry you didn’t suck a dick. Well then you must be a homophobic. I don’t know man. It’s just it’s a little bit too much for me bro, A little bit too much. You know? It’s like get off me, don’t tread on me, I don’t want to hear about that, I don’t want to you know? Anyway. A little subject kind of. It’s all about freedom though and that’s again it’s the freedom, freedom of choice, which I agree, I agree. Everybody should have the freedom to choose whatever they want, right?

And that’s what do I believe in abortion? No, no I don’t. Would I ever avoid my child? No, but I’m gonna am I going to tell someone else they can’t no. You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna lead by example and then if other people follow this way that’s how they follow. But again you can’t just start smashing freedoms because you’re like well I don’t think that that that person should be able to say that you’re fucking canceled rejected. Get out. You know? It’s just like this cancel culture shits, gnarly man.

It’s getting really bad. Really bad. I don’t know, cancel culture. No let’s do they’re just canceling everything. You know like uh joe Rogan are not just sorry Alex jones, right? Like take Alex jones now. I know he’s an extreme kind of guy, right? He says a lot a lot of crazy stuff. Ah But you don’t censor it. And here’s one thing that I do know is they don’t censor nonsense and why? Because it takes effort and nobody does shit. Unless there’s something right? For a reason, you gotta have a reason to do it.

It’s got to be backed by something, right? A little bit more than what Todd was saying Todd was saying nothing ever gets done without money. That’s not true. There’s nothing ever gets done without some sort of motivation right? You have to have the motivation to move from here to there right? If I don’t have the motivation to get up and stand and walk from Point A. To point B I’m not gonna do it right. The point is we have these motivations so everything is done by simple motivation but the motivation of why we’re going through what we’re going through right now and I don’t know I don’t know.

This is I think a much bigger topic of discussion. What which is why we’re doing this right? How have you avoided cancel culture? Yeah. Well hot sauce blitz Mississippi. Everyone I talked to it’s like uh just call me after Covid not wearing any custom clothing right now. We’ve got, you haven’t really avoided if you’re talking about cancelled culture like that. No, we’re just saying like, like, okay, like again, like we were just talking about Alex jones got canceled freaking uh now it’s just about anybody that has any sort of dissenting a voice, right?

Anybody, nobody that you had followed on social media or anything got canceled or ridiculed for their beliefs. I don’t know. I’m sure they have, but like that’s not your focused, he’s been focused hustling dude. He’s like really have just not been involved in the news and yeah, I know just enough to keep me afloat and what’s going on with my business and like that’s beautiful. Really just, I have no idea exactly what’s going on in the world, right? Uh Same time, even the people who watch the news, I don’t think I know just about as much as they do, right.

Real news, valuable news, right? You know, because they’re consuming, I would say they’re consuming 70, I would say 75 garbage, right? Trying to sift out the nuggets from it. Yeah. And that can make it even more confusing, right? I mean I just keep up with with world news and events and you know, occasionally I’m whatever I’m focused on or whatever I’m thinking about and I’ll check that out. But like yeah, I just have it replayed all day every day, you know, for sure. And where you’ve been the past few months.

I think Mississippi definitely does have a different culture then. Well, didn’t they? It was a Mississippi did they did they lift the mask mandate? I know Missouri did. I’m pretty sure Mississippi just just lifted the mask mandate. Yeah. Well, smart man. Again, like look at florida man. They yeah they’re thriving. You know. I think there’s a I don’t know I think there’s a valid argument but science true science speaks you know and um what you what everybody else is trying to push doesn’t just because just because your narrative I think of it and like both my parents had Covid and they survived my dad at it and we were he got it pretty bad, right?

He had a hard time with it, right? I struggled with it. We were concerned with him for no a week or more. Um Turn it’s definitely something I don’t know, you know, definitely something I’ve never had. I’ve never I’ve never experienced the just zero tasters. Melford. Yeah. To think it was more like three weeks and it tastes anything dude. Yeah and that’s like like going to in the third week sort of feeling better but my taste and smell wasn’t there. So yeah, I was just testing it out on all kind of different stuff and you know, take a shot of whiskey.

Yeah, you know, nothing, nothing. Yeah, nothing did, I did the same thing bro, be grateful. Yeah, Well and and here’s the thing. So I had, I had it and this is what, and people don’t believe me, but what I’m saying is in 2015 I had the same thing That I had in 2020 which is all the same symptoms that they’re talking about, right. And but I had it a lot worse, it was almost a month and I have old friends that can attest to it. They were there that I lost my my hearing, my taste, my smell Dude, it was bad.

Yeah that monkey bug, I had the monkey bug dude, but then I got it again this year, this last year and it was only like like a week like it was it was a lot less mile. That’s that week. Monkey bug that week. Monkey button, monkey butt, monkey bugs, monkey butt. Yeah so. Mhm. But in terms of shutting shutting the whole world down over it it’s just I don’t know I mean I know that people I mean a lot of people died. Yes but the same time, Well the same amount of people died last year that died in 2019 and 18 1716.

Alright roughly within, I can’t remember what he said, the percentage but john Hopkins put out an article, it was immediately taken down as soon as like the people that didn’t want their narrative fucked with took it down but john Hopkins and Tony Robbins came out and said this, I have the video, I finally found it and downloaded it, saved it on my local storage so that they can’t fucking take it away. And that’s the thing. That’s what I feel is happening right now. Is this this cancel culture is what they’re doing is they’re trying to rewrite history, right?

So do I do I agree with slavery? No, I don’t know do I do I do I think that that that racism is a good thing and that like and do I know do I support like people who were racist? No, not at all. Ever know that’s unequivocally who the fuck? But again, to me, it’s just such a no doy thing that why are we even talking about this? Still whatever the point is, is that what we’re trying to do is cancel and tear down history. And why don’t we want to do that?

Right? We don’t want to do that because we got to remember where we came from, right? We need guide posts, right? It’s like if you were to go out, if you were to set out on a journey and not leave any breadcrumbs for you to find your way back or to know where you’ve been, you would never know, right? We lose bearing real quick. And I think that that’s kind of what we’re in real danger of right now. Is this digital book burning? Right? And that’s because our life is so digital now, everything is digital.

And if we just start rewriting right? Like amazon, for example, has all the movies, right? Netflix has all the movies, they’ve got all the movies right? And everything is digital. Now, you don’t own anything. So no more hard copies. I don’t have a hard copy anything. But it’s funny how memories are, right. We don’t always remember exactly the way things were. We think we do, right? But it’s all kind of cloudy and based on our current situations. Or we might watch a movie today and it makes one kind of it makes it has a meaning behind it in one way and then we watch it five years later and has a different meaning behind it. Right?

There’s there’s this stuff that can happen right now, Let’s just take any movie for example, Eddie Murphy, delirious, right from the year 1980, Google, goony google right now, which is funny is you can’t find it anymore anywhere. It’s difficult. The amazon took it away, took it down, I bought a hard copy. But point is is that they can just even if they were just to take a movie like that, that’s just a comedy movie and just kind of a stand up guy, stand up and just change it a little bit.

Just cut out a part here and there. It’s cut this out, let’s cut that out. And then people who go watch it 10 years later, Yeah, they don’t remember, right? I mean, even it was someone like me, one of my favorite movies ever. There’s probably parts that I might forget, right. Uh the point is, is that now it’s much more easy to manipulate our history and where we’ve come from. So if we start tearing down these physical things, these physical statues, these physical landmarks and, and, and um what is the term I’m looking for?

Like a nugget? You know what I mean? If we’re going to start destroying these things dude, then we’re not gonna remember where we came from, so then history’s going to repeat itself even harder bro. I mean if it’s just crazy to me, look what’s happening right now, but people, because people forgot nazi Germany already, people forgot what it was like to label people a certain way because of their beliefs, that’s what’s happening right now. Dude, it’s crazy and people are just saying oh because the color of your skin now, we have to do things different in the name of saving things, right?

In the name of decency, in the name of in the name of inequality, in the name of equality, we are creating inequality. It’s fucking nuts dude, what we’re doing right? We’re saying, okay listen we’re going to base our job hiring decision based on your skin color and people don’t see that, that’s racist. It’s blowing my mind off of my skull into the atmosphere and then back down through my head out of my feet. I think I need to see a doctor step into my office. Dr jones.

Ladies and gentlemen dr jones is in. Yeah, I mean, thanks for my rant there. I’m just a suit guy. Very fair. So anyway, back to it, is there any sort of advice or anything? I mean I guess so. It was just just do it. You’re gonna Nike us uh giving a Nike answer, just fucking jump off the fence, bitch. Get to work. Yeah, put on your suit, put on your suit with your tie with their Oxfords shoes. Uh not just wear what you got what you got, but your your shoes can totally fuck your whole whole wardrobe.

So if you’re looking to be it. Yeah. Well any, any, any outfit you can be looking fly as hell in a best custom suit and you have somebody shoes on. I wonder what’s that term? But look at people’s shoes, what our bodies shoes buddy means like, you know, come on buddy. You know, I know cheap is not a good term to use, but I mean some people cheap. You buy it, you buy is the most expensive items that you can afford in terms of your clothing. Okay.

And by buddy, I’m, I mean like you know, they’re scuffed as hell. They, you have a nice suit on and your shoes look like shit. They’re cheap, they’re falling apart, maybe cracked. But then you have a fucking dope suit on, you have these buddy ass shoes, you get the picture. Yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure doesn’t go together. And I was, yeah dude, I was, I was told this along. That’s what buddy buddy shoes not muddy buddy. Come on buddy. Dude, fix your buddy shoes. That’s what buddies are.

Come on buddy Picture shoes. And most people that wear buddies are fucking fully capable of, you know, spending a little bit more. They’re just cheap. Yeah, but that’s why it’s a long time ago. Shoes and hands like your hands and that’s why like I had a women tell me early on if that’s what you can afford, where there’s fucking buddies and wearing proudly it in and like clean your buddies though is the point? Make them make them make him presentable. Exactly present above your buddies and where I’m confident confidently and people will look past those shoes and and hear what you’re talking about.

You know, you can tell the difference between some that that person swearing, there’s buddies and the person, it was just just don’t being worn by his buddies, don’t give a fuck shit about herself, right? Walked into a meeting with his fucking shoes looking like shit. Yeah, that’s garbage. You don’t want that, right? No, seriously, man. But it’s some some level of self pride, right? You gotta take, you know, here we are back again. Self responsibility to take some gosh dang responsibility for the ability, dude. Yeah. For your look, you smell like like salmon garbage. Yeah.

Dude, looks like we’re fucking ready for the next round anyway. Uncle Blaine, I love you man. Thanks for being on the show. Did you enjoy it? Yeah, Yeah, I’d love to come back. You want to do it again? Let’s do more. Let’s do more. It’s fun. Yeah. And everybody remember Blaine jones dot c o for fucking custom clothing, do it. Blaine jones dot c o Help him out. And also make sure you head over to the Freedom people dot org and sign up and stay up with us, man.

That’s where everybody can find us as the Freedom people dot org. All right. We love you, man. Yeah, yeah.

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