The Express Trust

Take complete control of your financial life with a Private Trust

Your Current State

The following video is a brief overview of the matrix that we are in and the current state of our position in life.

What is an Express Trust?

It’s known as a direct Trust. It’s an arrangement that’s setup purposefully so that a court can’t interfere.  Furthermore an Express Trust is the only type of Trust that actually is a natural person. It provides true generational wealth protection in perpetuity.

What are the benefits of an Express Trust?

The benefits of an Express Trust are many.

Here are just some of the benefits of forming your very own Express Trust


Your Minor Estate is your birth certificate bond that was created when your birth certificate name was turned into a bond.  This is essentially the Minor Estate.

Yes!  Federal, State and most importantly, County Laws all support this.  We help our clients implement and learn to administer their own Trusts.

Both personal and business assets are protected.

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