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Unleash Your Trusteeship Potential with Our Tiered Trustee Education Course

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive learning journey tailored to empower trustees at every stage of their development. The Freedom People’s Trustee Education Course offers a graded approach with three distinct levels—Beginner, Intermediate, and Master—each designed to expand your expertise and enhance your effectiveness as a Trust Protector or Trustee. Our curriculum spans a broad array of crucial topics, with consistent content across all levels but varying benefits to match your progression.

Diverse Curriculum:
Explore essential subjects tailored to trustees, including but not limited to:

  • Strategies for Secure Travel and IRS Correspondence
  • Techniques for Quit Claim Deed, International Driving Permit, and Name Change Processes
  • Foundations of Infinite Banking Concept, Trust Meeting Minutes, and Notary Presentment
  • Advanced insights on Fiduciary Duties, Beneficiary Appointments, and Building Credit in Trust
  • Legal Processes like Passport Applications with a New Name, and Court Proceedings

Subscription Levels and Exclusive Discounts:

  • Beginner Level ($47 Subscription): Perfect for newcomers to the field of trust administration. As a subscriber at this level, receive 5% off on private consultations, document templates, and document preparation services.
  • Intermediate Level ($97 Subscription): Tailored for trustees who have a foundational knowledge and are ready to delve deeper. Subscribers at this level are awarded 10% off the same comprehensive suite of specialized services.
  • Master Level ($147 Subscription): Aimed at experienced trustees seeking to maximize their expertise and really pushed their Trusts to their maximum capabilities! Enjoy an exceptional 25% off on our array of premium services, ensuring you have the support and resources to navigate the complexities of trust management with ease.

Continuous Learning and Enrollment:
Our courses are designed for flexible, ongoing learning. SignUp anytime with our continuous enrollment feature and start enhancing your trustee knowledge and capabilities straightaway.

Why Enroll?

  • Tier-Specific Discounts: Elevate your understanding while enjoying substantial savings on key services that support your role as a trustee.
  • Comprehensive Learning: From basic principles to advanced strategies, grow your expertise at your own pace.
  • Empowerment: Each level equips you with the knowledge and resources to effectively fulfill your duties, making a tangible difference in your trust administration.

Begin Your Path to Mastery:
Whether you’re stepping into a trustee role for the first time or looking to refine your expertise to the highest level, our Trustee Education Course is structured to meet you where you are. With tailored content and escalating benefits, The Freedom People are here to guide you on your journey toward becoming an adept, informed, and confident trustee.

Subscribe today and commit to your growth as a Trust Protector or Trustee. It’s time to harness the full scope of your potential with the support of The Freedom People.

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