Reply To: The Ten Stages of Genocide | Mandatory Masking | Gregory H. Stanton

  • Loretta Joy

    May 27, 2021 at 10:06 pm

    Thank you for bringing up this topic. I believe we are seeing an attempt at genocide indeed. In fact, the Georgia Guidestones makes it clear that 500 million humans on earth is the ultimate goal of occultists. (Secret group/s)
    Masking shows compliance to the agenda and those who wish to turn most of humanity into slaves before attempting to reach their goal.
    Many people refuse to look into this subject because of a knee-jerk reaction to what is cunningly coined “conspiracy theory”. However just a little research would prove the truth, and help the researcher break out of mind control!
    Locally, i don’t have any real support network, although i wish i did. I’m in Virginia, near the NC border.
    Thanks again!

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