Job Search and School Creation

  • Job Search and School Creation

    Posted by Lindsay on April 24, 2021 at 3:10 pm

    Hi all! Portland, OR here. i’m looking for a couple things. One being childcare and I don’t know if there’s a school group that i haven’t seen yet. i am trying to start a homeschool co op rotation in people’s homes until we can get a school set up in a physical location. would anyone like to trade child care or form a rotation in people’s homes? i’m looking for the west side of portland, i would also like contact info for any teachers who would potentially like to be involved once we have a physical location. we are searching for a mixed use building or warehouse to use for other community purposes too like a market and to resell things and hold events. please let me know if you know of anything.

    I am also looking for work for my boyfriend, he is a wildland fire fighter but hasn’t started yet. he’s very handy with building/repairs and landscaping and would be a great assistant for someone doing any of those types of jobs and needs help. thank you! i think i will post this again in a forum to try to make it easier to see these jobs without so much scrolling. not sure how this works but i’ll start with that.

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