November 22, 2022

Crypto Made Easy

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Oto Gomes is a crypto conscious mentor/day trader and teacher on the Gamification of Abundance using crypto! Once he realized the many paths that one can take for abundance in the crypto space, he knew that he needed to teach others to find their own path and find their own passion, so that they can practically start to use the blockchain technology, to create the reality that they want.

Show Notes


Hello, all you lovely freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the freedom people podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms. All the freedoms that we can think of anyway, as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together, I’m your host, Bradley freedom and today’s guest is Otto combs. That’s right. Otto Gomez, the crypto specialist joined me here actually in the studio and we did a video uh, however the video turned out like crap.

So um, we’re gonna fix that for the next one. But anyway, back to Otto Otto is uh, once he realized the many paths that one can take for abundance in the crypto space, he realized that he needed to teach others to find their own path and find their own passion so that they can practically start to use the Blockchain technology to create the reality that they want. It was a fabulous call. I really hope you enjoyed it. I know I did before we jump into it. What I want you to do is head on over to the freedom people dot org and sign up to become a contributing member today.

Uh that really helps us build our community and it helps you to connect with other like minded individuals. All right, we’ll see you in there. Come on, let’s go Bill O’Reilly, that was his name. That was the guy who like fucking fuck it when like, I mean, I mean everybody has a meltdown. That guy just got caught on tape. So yeah, cheers brother here. Yeah. Um like 1st 1st livestream or I guess in live in person. I think this is my second one I’ve done in this office.

The first one was with Dr Ben. He’s local, he’s actually, did I tell you we have a business directory on our on our on our website of freedom businesses and we actually found him on our business directory went online. We were like, well let’s see if it works and he signed up on our business directory dude, He’s our chiropractor, he’s right here in old town. What’s his, what’s his last name? I know Dr Ben, yeah, that’s so funny. Such a small world. I met him at a it was like a it was a protest, that’s where it was, it was a protest and I was walking there like filming and he’s like, oh your auto.

And I’m like, oh yeah, you’re you’re been just connected on it because the instagram stuff, right? Yeah, yeah, man. And that’s the beautiful thing about social media, you know, as much as I give it a lot of shit I do, but it’s it’s awesome. Yeah, it’s I think it’s a it’s a tool and if you if you don’t use it with an intention with a conscious like reason, a conscious action, then it’s going to use you, you know that that tool is gonna turn on you and start to use you against you.

So it’s really about being conscious of like what you’re doing with it and recognizing that it is a tool, it is absolutely well, and yeah, let’s talk more about that because last time when we met for lunch, that’s kind of what you were going into and I really enjoy um hearing someone else say things like this because, you know, we we don’t have to be beholden to these things, right? Although I think a lot of us just think, oh well it’s just happening to me, right? Which is, it’s very much that deterministic deterministic uh outlook, right?

Where it’s like, well, I don’t really have any any power or any say, which that sucks. That kind of sucks to be in that position. Yeah, I don’t I don’t like to be, we just literally just say, I don’t like to be told what to do, don’t tell me what to do because I think it’s natural to want to put the hand on the fire, you know, and and want to experience and embody. Um So yeah, so it’s, you know, that’s um really what I’m trying to teach to my students when I’m teaching crypto is unless you put yourself into the middle of it, unless you’re actually doing the steps yourself, you’re not embodying it, you’re you’re regurgitating the information that was given to you by someone that probably was given the same information from someone else that regurgitated that information and so putting the foot forward to actually doing the work and not being, not falling to the fear of it, of, you know making a mistake or failure.

That’s the only way to grow. That’s the only way to grow, in my opinion. There you go. There you go. Yeah. And what advice would you give to people for that? Like, I mean because I know like I know that you, like you said you got students that you teach, Is there some sort of advice? Like wake up, what’s, what’s the advice like? Um you know, I think it’s a, at the end of the day, well specifically for me, most, most, most of my students are in this in this, like I want to know how to do this without getting emotionally sucked in.

I want to be, I want to know how to do the things, you know, for me specifically has to do with the relationship to money. You know how, how they view money, how you handle money when it’s coming into your life, when it’s going out of your life that relationship in my opinion. Uh the more awareness you bring to that, the easier it is to start stepping into your power of like, okay, what am what am I doing with this? What am I how am I managing this again specifically about money?

But the concept of awareness of like what am I doing in this job or what am I doing in this relationship and seeing how uh what emotions come up when I either, let’s say it’s a relationship either when I approach the person to talk about something good or something bad, as much detail as I can bring and how I react to it will bring the uh the stillness and the and the and the confidence of like cool and now I know now I know how I react and now I now I know next time what not to do or what to do right, Right, right.

And just growing and building upon that awareness is key at that at that point. Yeah, yeah. Well what’s awareness, you know what I mean? And I know that that’s probably a no brainer but at the same time, I mean these little questions that seem so obvious, I mean what is awareness is, I mean what is awareness of one’s one’s awareness of? I I exist right? I I am the I am nous that everybody knows is that right? So and but I guess I have so many different levels of of of what of what awareness is in the situation that you’re in, right?

I mean like in crypto I mean awareness and crypto I mean awareness about your financial system or your situation in general, but then the then the system, the whole system wherein the fractional reserve, I mean like let’s go into that man, I really, I really enjoy crypto and and finance, so yeah, yeah, well so awareness is key awareness is key and you’re right. I agree with you there are multi level awareness there’s so many levels to awareness. Um You can go you can look at it from a micro perspective, okay how you know what let me look at me myself and I uh emotionally react to things you know uh what am I getting triggered by just just those questions and then as you peel back or you know you expand out and you start to look at the bigger picture.

Here’s um my relationships, my my family, my immediate family, my extended family, my friends, those awareness will also bring uh the micro awareness. So um yeah so just to answer your question about where we’re at right now that awareness is the environment, right? The environment awareness. How is my environment affecting me? Not not just the immediate one that I’m living in but that metaphysical one, the one that we’ve given so much power to, you know in my opinion, that’s the difference of someone that is um um just taking on the information and trying to do the actions and then somebody that’s embodying the information and going, okay, where do I stand on this hierarchy with all these systems around me?

Once you start to bring that awareness into into light and you start to see it for what it is and and the only way to do that is to first look at the current systems, recognize how they work, why they work research really do your research to understand them to then be able to let go of it because if you don’t if you don’t bring into awareness how it actually works right now, anything that comes up that’s new or different, your it’s gonna it’s gonna be much harder for you to be able to to see it for what it is because you’ll you’ll be just bringing back that filter and trying to incorporate into it.

Like today I just had a conversation with someone about crypto and as I was describing it to him, he was like wow, I never looked at it that way. I just I thought stocks, commodities and then crypto is just another asset, right? No, this is a whole new paradigm and so letting go that awareness of like where am I currently at, where am I at right now, How am I reacting to it right now? So that you can then like go and then bring in the new Yeah man, yeah, so and that’s that brings up something interesting too is what is crypto?

What is crypto? Right? Um great question. So to simplify the best way that I was able to simplify is create an analogy and um first of all let me let me share this crypto the word crypto right? It’s all etymology, the word crypto is actually a very low vibe word, its crypt right? It’s about death. Um it comes from cryptography which is to to hide or to um to protect. There’s there’s a few different variations of like definitions around military. They have you have like different cryptography to protect things to um what’s it called?

Yeah so that’s a military encryption. Military grade encryption. Uh The one that the military uses that has have use for a long time is shot to 56 and that’s essentially what they use for communication for pretty much everything. It’s like the I don’t really know how to explain. I’m not a coder. I just know that that is the that is the military grade encryption that they use. Um And so that the encryption um It all started with that all started actually with emails back in the nineties and it was about um they were trying to figure out a way to stop spamming spam and spam was huge back in the nineties.

You know the Nigerian prince wanted to take all your money and I have a billion dollars. I only need I only need 1000 to release the billion. And so one of the ideas that we call them the cipher punks of the time. One of the ideas that was being pushed around was this concept of well let’s let’s hard code into the computers into the software into the operating system that if the person wanted to send an email out, it doesn’t matter if it’s one or a million that there would be a delay between emails.

Very tiny, tiny tiny delay, like a fraction of a second. And so if you’re sending out 10 20 even 100 emails you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t feel it wouldn’t it wouldn’t make a dent. Uh but as soon as you get into the millions now it’s gonna take years for those emails to go out because of that, of that, back to back delay of sending out the emails. So that created this concept, this Blockchain concept where where you needed to wait for one email to process, then there was a link that then links it to the next email and then the information from the first email once that got approved by the second email like okay that email was sent now I can go.

So that concept created the chain link, the chain which is Blockchain. Uh but that was it, that was the that was the the limitation, that was the application that they were trying to come up with and then it never, I mean I think it was used but the concept kind of just like whatever and dwindled away and then um I don’t know if you remember napster. So napster limewire was another one. It was peer to peer networks to um instead of using a central server to get your like you go to itunes to get your data, you go from into somebody else’s computer.

So you know, I would download napster, you download napster and we would have now a link a connection where we can share files between us and Right. Exactly. So the network, what the software would do actually it would it would search for all the computers that had that specific file and pull from all of them at the same time so that it was quicker for you to get your file, you’re not just getting from one person because maybe that person turns the computer off or whatever and pick up on other nodes and things.

That genius. Right. This is my perspective, my opinion. But I think that was the first test of like a distributed ledger distributed um decentralized ledger Because if you take the two, if you take the first concept that I explained Blockchain with the emails and then this other concept with distributed ledger which was napster put them together. That’s Blockchain, that’s Blockchain. So that’s what happened in in 2008 when the white paper came out the Bitcoin white paper, Satoshi, Nakamoto, whoever that one person or several people are. Um they they they pulled from those two concepts onto the white paper and said this is what it is, this is this is how I came up with this by putting these two concepts together.

And so that’s the technical explanation. And now let me give you the analogy. The analogy is just think of your think of the jungle right? There’s two analogies that kind of make this fit. Think of a jungle when you walk into the jungle uh there’s nobody there, there’s no one government controlling. I mean there is if you look at the bigger picture, but when you’re in the jungle you’re in the jungle and you either know what you’re you either know it, you either understand it and you’ve done the research and you’ve done the work to you know, thrive in it or you don’t and you’re you’re gonna be in survival mode, right?

Just trying to survive. But the concept of a jungle is about abundance anywhere. You go in the jungle, you’re gonna find abundance, you’re gonna find the trees that are creating fruits for you to pick from water that’s birthing from the ground into a river. And then you can just go back every day and find water. Uh animals. If you eat meat, you can go hunting and there’s plentiful of animals. So the concept of abundance is beautiful in the jungle, like that’s that’s what it is, it’s abundance.

And so imagine walking into a digital version of that. And and if you know the landscape enough, if you didn’t then the research and then did the work and embodied it, you’re gonna walk into and go, okay, I know what to do, I can build a fire, I can I can I can hunt some animals, I can I can get some fruit from the trees. I’m gonna survive, I’m gonna be fine crypto is the same same thing. There’s no one locate one central area. That is the place that you go for crypto it.

So it’s this wild jungle now, this Wild West and um again there’s no central server that holds. I mean there are there are projects that are centralized, but the the idea that the concept is to decentralize so that there’s no one person that owns it. Everybody owns it. Everybody owns the jungle. Humanity owns the jungles. In the sense of like that’s probably not the right way to say we are curators of the jungle. Were there to make sure that it keeps in its abundant form to make it regenerative and thrive.

Uh you know, we’re we’re trying to battle that right now where humans are trying to control nature. You know, we’re like, we can’t control it, we got to just work with it. But that’s a whole other conversation. But in the in the in the natural form of a jungle, were there to just curated? Were there to just support it and make sure that it thrives. The crypto space is meant to be that it’s meant to be a place for us to just go in, we can we can find the abundance tap into it, get what we what we need and then walk out and then and then go back and go back to our homes and and and secure our our accumulative assets. Yeah.

So that’s the abundance peace. Okay that’s the abundance peace when it comes to crypto you can you can find all these projects out there. It’s usually the projects that are not heavily marketed right now. Like the ones that are being super glamorized in the public sector. Like question those controlled. Yeah the the anything public, you know, you know anything public is gonna be essentially inviting uh either the centralized scrutiny from governments or the mindset. That’s just a toxic mindset. Um So that’s the first analogy. Second knowledge.

I’m sorry it’s taking a little longer. So the second analogy that I like to share is a gold cave, okay, just a regular cave that you walk into and there’s gold in there. So imagine a cave, you’ve done the homework, you know you’ve done the prospecting, you know that there’s gold there, you know that that there’s money to be made and nobody else knows it but you so you go into this cave, you have your your pickaxe and you start digging for gold, you find the first piece of gold within a few minutes I found it.

I’m so happy. I’m successful. I’m gonna tell all my friends, I’m gonna tell my family and you tell them and then somebody else comes and starts to do the same thing. Two or three people. Right naturally what happened in that moment when you brought people in all all of a sudden naturally nobody determined. This is just naturally happened. Um Everything got regulated it now became harder for you individually to find gold but it became faster for the the unit for the collective to find, right? So so you have this weird thing that happens, I was like, man, I want to find gold faster, but if I bring people in I’m going to have a harder time to find gold, right?

You’re going to get less. So so because it’s distributed because there’s no exactly because there’s no central person determining and going well I don’t like your facial hair so you can get your time out or whatever, whatever the the idea is, there’s nobody doing that. The cave is not, not even the cave is doing, that is not talking like you’re saying it’s just a natural occurrence of it’s like it’s like it’s like laws right. These universal laws that it just naturally happens, this is balance, that happens in in just in the universe.

And so um so all of a sudden, you know you’re the difficulty level, the difficulty level of you individually finding it went up but the difficulty level for the unit went down a little bit and kind of it kind of balances itself out and then all of a sudden one of your friends made enough that they buy a backhoe right? And that is a huge machine and then either like getting a lot more gold all of a sudden and you’re like dang it whatever, you know this sucks, but but but that’s how it works now he has this bigger machine and then he came in and now he can find gold faster.

So that concept that’s built into the majority of these projects, that concept of self balancing where there’s nobody centrally located that has a bias and is and is determining, well, this person is gonna make less than this person, It doesn’t care about that. There’s no um there’s no middle third party that’s biased to any side to the supply or demand in our current systems. It’s it’s uh intrinsic bias to have a third party, you know why? Because that third party can easily, because they’re the facilitator, they’re the they’re the registered the registrant.

They can they can manipulate the supply side and demand side. They can manipulate both sides and you can say, oh well, they wouldn’t do that to us, okay, then you trust your government. Um but that’s what it does, and naturally, it intrinsically the current system we’re in intrinsically creates it facilitates that. Whereas with crypto with Blockchain, it’s impossible because you have unbiased protocol that’s open source that never changes. And then at any moment you can also take your money out and not be a part of it and go to another one.

Um so that’s that’s the best way that I’ve come to describe Blockchain and like what this really is, it’s it’s fully abundant and and and I share this perspective because it’s easy to get trapped into the glamorized version where there’s oh there’s only a certain amount of projects that I can use to use crypto. And so you go through the centralized versions of them where I was like, no, no, no it’s not. It’s a this is a paradigm shift now have a tool that we can create our own we can create our own systems.

And that’s the goal in my opinion, is us creating our own private networks, our own private markets of the same systems of the same uh practical, you know, physical structures. But now we’re using a metaphysical digital system that’s ours connecting to each other. That also doesn’t get affected by the mainstream narrative. That’s that’s the dream in my opinion. Yeah, man, that’s beautiful. That’s actually the freedom people were creating our own coin or token, whatever, right? It’s I believe it’s a token, right? Not a coin because the coin creator all that, right?

But then for to get something up easier and quicker because because you know, in this we can go into this but like um we are the sureties the we are the backers, the living souls are really the backers for everything, right? Not these intermediary governments or regulators whatever you want to say. Right? So, but to know that that we are the sureties and the backers having your own coin and then being able to have it backed by us the people of this group of this membership group right?

And then exchange man there’s there’s a lot of power in that dude see that’s that’s part of what I teach. It’s um it’s the I call it the re internalization of self worth. Like for so long. Um our society has been indoctrinated to believe that that um oh having money in the bank is success, having this nice car, is success, the clothes, success all these material things is success materialism. I feel like that’s a very superficial way of explaining this. It’s not about the material, you can still have this stuff, you can still have it, you can still have a lot of money, you can still have a huge bank account.

It’s the it’s it’s how are you looking at it from a a self worth perspective? Like are you giving it the power over you to where if you don’t have it all of a sudden you’re dead, who am I without or is it just a representation of yourself love? Where it doesn’t matter what all that stuff is on the outside. I’m good. I’m good once you make that shift into that, that’s when it becomes powerful. That’s when things really change because then you start using money not as a tool that um that you’re like having to go after but it then becomes a tool that is basically just a representation of of your internalized self worth to bring in more love.

That’s it That’s abundance, abundance is um having the self love opens up the pathway for money to flow in and then if you flow that money in the right places and what are the right places? Um, it’s anything that is gonna bring you more joy, more love and more connection in your life. What is that? It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter what everybody’s different and individual rights. So it could be more money. It could be, it could be a nice car. But see the difference between a person that is Externalizing their self worth when they’re going after that car.

All of a sudden they’re putting all their wait or their value onto the car? And that’s the trap, that’s the trap because the car is not valuable cars, not you’re giving it value and that’s, and that’s the flip is what it is. Just kind of go off what you just said. Um, we give value to money, we give value to these assets. So my question is why in the world are we letting something outside of us, these these mainstream systems, these mainstream media, why are we allowing it to affect the value of this, of the things that we own personally?

Why? Why have we given it so much power? Like that’s a great question man, well how does that work? Why? Like why? What is I mean, is it is it because of indoctrination? It’s purely based on indoctrination and what we’ve been taught that is valuable. That’s it. Even let’s go back to gold, right? I’ve spoken to a ton of people that were both on the trading side of it, on the practical side of it, like engineers that uses technology. Uh and everybody always says like value is given to things that have a function or have a utility or like how how it’s being used in society is what gives it value. Cool.

I get that. That’s a that’s a demand thing. We need it for something so we need that we need we need more of this thing and that creates demand. Um The problem is is once, once it’s being used and now it’s there the value of it after that is now is not necessarily on the technology or on the use case itself, but the but the people that are utilizing it, the people that are actually using the products themselves. The intention behind using the product. I think I just lost my train of thought.

No, no. We we were talking about the the utility like so this has like something right? This actually is a utilitarian purpose it serves and that that gives demand. But what is the opposite like where what is? Yeah. Hold on. Uh okay that is so so the value, the value, it’s about it’s a it’s a mix. It’s a mix between of like what the use cases what the utility is but also what somebody’s willing to pay for that utility. It’s the, it’s that side, that side, what someone is willing to pay that’s getting manipulated.

It’s not the demand side. It’s not the demand side. The demand side, there is a demand for it, meaning there are people that are, there are companies that there are people that are needing it for a specific utility, but then there’s the price that’s being paid for that. Okay, The price that’s been paid for that, that like what something is worth the number that it’s worth, that’s what’s being manipulated. And so the third parties, the third parties that are, that are, you know, either presenting the information or providing the information.

They’re the ones that are manipulating that that flow and that government systems, our financial systems, like that’s why I say it’s the corporate oligarchy rights, like the combination of of the corporations working, working in simpatico with with the government and so, you know, the government side, you’ll, you’ll create the regulations that that fit what the corporations need to make more money. And so they kind of go hand in hand a little bit, you know, lobbying, they call it when they lobby the people that, that’s just that’s just another name for bribing, I don’t know how to say it, hey, we’ll give you a million dollars if you push this, you do this, okay, that’s bribe.

But yeah, they just named it something different lobbying. But um, but yeah, just to go back to the the worth? It’s it’s what somebody’s willing to give their money to their their worth to like how much money, how much is this thing worth? Um And it’s it’s just like, it’s just like um, what is, what is what is normalized? What is some something is normalized? What does that mean? Right? When something is accepted as being worth something, what does that mean? What does that mean to you, who are you giving the authority to on things that you deem to be worthy for yourself?

Does that make sense? And I think it’s it’s that shift, that’s the hardest one, because that’s, that’s like, you know, who’s your daddy? You know, if it’s daddy government, then then most likely all the, all the mainstream, um, uh, third parties that they that they are connected to are going to be the ones that you determine to be the officiate ear’s, right? The originators, the ones that determine the value of things. Whereas, like, for me, for me personally, I’m not looking at it as that anymore. I’m like, okay, I see that that this does exist.

There is this manipulation that’s happening here based on the information that was being provided on that. Like, how much money is actually being paid for something, You know, this corporation gave this much money to this company to get this much gold? Well, you know, why was it that amount, why was it that amount? And did that have an effect on the entirety of the market? And if it did, why does that affect me? You know, it’s this, it’s this downstream thing that happens. And so it goes back to perspective like, okay, who’s my daddy, who’s the one that’s determining this?

For me, it’s me, it’s us. So all we’re missing now in my opinion, is a way to facilitate the transactions between us that is not in their systems, that’s not part of their systems. Um once we have a systems that are, that are not only, you know, jurisdictional protected, like there’s that chazz. Um so that there’s no legal re infiltration, but But practically as well, like how how do we practically do it Blockchain was the last step up until now we could only accumulate assets in their systems.

I have 10 houses, it’s still in their system, I have a million dollars in the bank account, you’re in a bank in their system, uh, commodities, where is the gold? And even then even if you have the gold in your house, you have the asset, but the value of that gold. Right? It seems crazy right to me like, and, and so gold, silver or Bitcoin, right? And the thing about gold and silver is it, it’s just, I mean, it has to be manipulated, I mean golden, that’s been the standard for 5000 years or whatever?

Right. So, so, so, so why is it being manipulated or how I wanted? Like is it these big banks and stuff like that? Is it are there because they’re they’re just saying, well, it’s not worth anything. I mean, it’s what it’s what I just said. It’s about the it’s about it’s okay. Uh let me I think I found another way to say this. So we talk about technology, right? And like technology, technology, innovation, innovation. And there’s this drive to use certain precious metals in technology. Why, why, why is there this drive?

Because technology uh is an is an indoctrination tool. It’s um um So, think of it like this. We don’t need technology really? Okay. We really don’t really don’t because we are technology, our bodies, our technology, but we don’t live in a perfect world. So, so we don’t have most people don’t have the ability to tap into that. So we need these external things to to facilitate that. Um So, in my opinion, um you have this indoctrination of you need this and then this other manipulation of Oh, well, this company is creating this technology.

So it needs this much gold. So, that determined this is what determines the value of gold. And it’s like, what about me? What am I you know? Do I have any say in it? Oh, well, you’re buying this thing. Okay, And then you just accept that makes sense. It’s like, okay, now let’s let’s bring it back your your this individual now today? Who is accumulating gold and you’re accumulating gold and you’re aware of the difference between public to private in the private sector. The gold. If you’re if you create a market in the private sector and we start using that gold in the private sector for something specific for us, then now the value is gonna start coming from that right from the use case that we create for ourselves.

So I think the key here is uh what are we utilizing these assets that were accumulating for? It’s like why are you accumulating gold? What are you doing with it? What you gonna do with it? Right, are you gonna are you gonna melt it down and create technology if you do great, let’s do it, keep it in the private and we’ll start making some value from the private side. But if you’re not gonna do that, there is absolutely zero reason to accumulate gold. Other than the fact that you’re just you’re just hoping that the markets go up and is it a wealth store because well that’s kind of what I said right, where like you think your dollars are going to cry and that’s kind of how I I think of it as like what’s the best place?

And that’s why for me it’s it’s Bitcoin because you can’t manipulate Bitcoin but look what they do with gold with the gold certificates and all this. I mean there’s something like quadrillions of dollars in fake gold certificates. Jpmorgan Chase is the biggest um uh you know people that do this you know what I mean? That they’re they’re they’re just they’re selling fake ship which they’ve always done right fractional reserve back to what we’re saying. So they’re just selling stuff that they don’t even have. I would say I would say it’s a it’s a it’s a little bit of both where you have.

You have? I’m sorry I just missed the question again. What was that? What was it? You know it’s like like is it a store for your wealth? Like like if if I think the dollar is going down I’m like okay well I put money in Bitcoin or somewhere where I think that it’ll preserve my wealth somehow, right? And that’s where it sold gold. It’s been like the standard for 5000 years. But to me again it’s just so easily manage you can manipulate it, you can’t nobody knows how much gold there is.

Not only that but you can mind more right? And so it’s saying with silver so these are things that like that’s where I think Bitcoin just shines man is that you can’t manipulate it, There’s however many millions there is and that’s freaking it actually um you just reminded me of a post I did recently. Um and this didn’t make the news. Nobody, nobody talked about it too. I was like I put it out there and that was, it just died out. But then you got, I think it’s Uganda in one of these african countries they found, I don’t know how many trillion dollars worth of gold, which was like the accumulative amount of gold that we’ve had up until now was found all of a sudden.

So we just diluted diluted just overnight like that. So the gold goes in half, right? The price of gold, right? So that’s kind of what? Yeah, so my opinion is this like I said, is like if you keep allowing them to determine the value, like what they’re using that thing for and then you’re now you’re now just in this in this idea that like, oh yeah, I need to get gold because gold is gonna hold it. It’s going to be a way to protect myself against. Yeah, well store, it’s like no because unless you’re using that force to create something, you’re just at the hands of the system, so it’s just like a property at the house, right?

You’re still at the hands of the market, you’re still at the hands of property tax. Um So uh you know, I think it’s a two parter, we’re in a transition right now, okay, we’re transitioning away from centralized systems to decentralized ones and um we need to both be able to transition the accumulative savings that we have the stored wealth that most of us have over decades of putting energy into that system and then taking the money and then story in cash, putting in the bank or putting it in gold or whatever.

So how do we protect that as well as how do we create something that is not going to be affected by those mainstream narratives? It’s both how do we store value? That is not going to be affected by the mainstream narratives? In my opinion, Gold is really not one in for the long run, maybe in the short term, definitely in the short term, I think it’s a good way to to hold that value and be able to kind of jump in and out because um I think that things are gonna get worse right now, we’re definitely gonna have another dive.

And um actually for for right right now, cash is actually your best friend, surprisingly surprisingly cash is your best friend in this very moment, because we’re about to fall further so that you can write it. But all the fiats are garbage in the long run. All the fiats are part of that of the swift system, of the central bank system, which which is that system that is inflationary. It’s not backed by anything, I mean 100 and 80 plus countries. Yeah, so all of that concept that’s failing right now, that’s 100% failing.

Um for a long long run in this right very now moment, short term cash is good because we’re about to fall further. But long run, I’d say dollar cost average into into these assets into these like other assets that are not yet. Yeah, Well, that’s another very interesting thing, man, is about crypto is that you kind of hit on it earlier is that it’s not just Bitcoin, right? And Bitcoin isn’t really so much even a technology. It is, but like there’s all these other other projects out there that are have amazing technology, right?

And, and that’s where I find it really exciting too. It’s kind of finding out finding these companies that are doing really good things, right? And using the technology, this Blockchain technology or distributed ledgers and things like that, right? Um, one of those smart contracts, right? And things like that. So, so yeah, can we chat a little bit about that and like, because it’s not just Bitcoin, right? And I know a lot of people think, well it’s just Bitcoin or ethereum, you know, but there’s it’s it’s a jungle out there right now, we’re probably at like 15,000 plus projects, I would say definitely over 10 the last time I checked, but I’d say 15 plus right now.

And I would say, yeah, so Bitcoin, there’s so many verticals, we can call them in this niche. Bitcoin is a financial solution, you know, it’s just a store of value. It’s very simple. The first of its kind, it’s so successful because it was first, but when it comes to the other projects that exists, it’s ancient, it’s prehistoric in comparison there are much better projects that are uh, that would just blow Bitcoin out of the water. The reason they’re not worth the same is mostly because of the centralization aspect.

Most projects, I’d say 99. 9% of the projects are very centralized either either, um, there’s a centralization of the tokens, a centralization of the processing nodes, the nodes or um, or just not enough people in the community, you know that that are there to support it and then you don’t get a lot of people using the software using the program and then it’s like, okay, well group, small group. So Bitcoin is one of a handful, if not less. That is truly or it was truly organically distributed Out of out of like curiosity out of necessity because of 2008, you know, the crash.

Um, so it was definitely very different than most projects now with that said, we are definitely at a place right now where um, that’s why I call it a paradigm shift, it’s not just a carrier of value for financial services. I mean, you you anything in this reality that requires as transaction to happen to, for, for, for either the service to be created or the product to be created can be facilitated with Blockchain. So what everything is transactional. I mean, think of something simple as like driving your car, you go to a stoplight there’s these wait, these things on the ground that feel that your car is now on there.

You just created a transaction with the light and you said I’m here and it’s like okay I got to take that into account now and then this other car is going to go and then you can go. So there’s like these transactions that are automated that already exists. Imagine putting on the Blockchain and then they’re being money being exchanged with these transactions or or value value being exchanged. And that’s totally possible with Blockchain. That’s the whole idea of it to get away from having a third party that we put value to to where all of a sudden my service let’s say I’m a teacher I am and I have a token that represents that teaching and you do your your stuff and you have a token that represents your stuff and then we create a market and and it’s just represented by those tokens and what gives it value.

All the supply and demand of my side to your side. You know maybe we can give discounts. There can be benefits. Come with me if you come to me with his tokens you get a discount on my my services. So all of a sudden you just disconnected. You’ve created this whole new market outside of their of their centralized systems and manipulation well but they’re doing all kinds of stuff as always to try and right I mean the the exchanges are are I mean, you know, coin base now, I mean it didn’t used to be but now it’s all ky see, you know, your customer, right?

Everything is. And so like the lightning network. Right? I’ve I’ve heard a lot about that and how that’s supposed to make it to where it’s it’s more peer to peer. Right? So these are peer to peer kind of things. Right. Is there? Yeah, the like the lightning network. So there’s um so Blockchain is made of several layers just like regular computers. Layer zero. Think of layer zero as the operating system on your computer. And then layer one is like the application on the computer. So it’s like the, you know, you’re using O B S. O B S. Is layer one on the on the layer zero of the operating system.

Layer two would be uh you know, maybe an extension that works with O B S on the operating system. You see, the Blockchain is the same thing. You have layer layer zero which is the concept of Blockchain. Layer one is the project itself with its own chain. So like Bitcoin would be a layer one. Layer two would be Lightning network. So Lightning network is this layer, that’s built on top of layer one. The engine To um every layer to project is essentially um to scale to help scale layer one just scalability uh function and then layer layer to like the layer above the layer or layer three would um Yeah layer three, layer three would be essentially the the project the program is built on top of that project.

That project that that scales the layer one and that’s how and that’s how you say that that’s what’s happening right now. And now they’re they’re trying to figure out cross chain so there’s interoperability projects, how do we communicate with chain to chain where we don’t have to have one project that connects to both and just cross chain communication. So there’s a lot of that happening right now um when it comes to like creating our own systems. I don’t know if I answered your question. Yeah no absolutely it’s more just a flowing comment because yeah I’m just like since 2000 I think it was 2010 maybe or something like that.

Maybe when I bought my first Bitcoin and to be 100 it was to buy drugs right? So but you know because everybody I thought it started out for me it was just like wow you know what I mean? It was um But the power of it just I mean it was always like right there but now like you were saying I mean you know Manero um you know pirate coin there’s all these defi right decentralized finance and it’s they’re not regulated but but they’re regulated. There’s you’ve always gotta seems like right now you’ve always got to go back to a central source something like some sort of exchange right?

Like how are you going to convert these back to dollars where I can spend them now. I know there’s projects now that it’s a card right? And so there’s a lot of debit cards. Any anything you can talk on that stuff because so the path the path you take will definitely determine be determined based on like where you feel the safest. Because there’s several ways you can you can and it’s not and it’s not illegal. It’s all like it’s all paths that we have access to. You know, it’s just like loopholes and things that we have access to in this reality resources um To to uh just to be able to push the energy around that that money with more efficiency.

That’s really all it’s about, it’s not about. Yeah. So I would say this um Can you ask that question again? I’m sorry. No no no no. It’s just more like like so what’s is their projects like what or or how are we going to prevent these these overlords from constantly treading on us? Right. Because that’s what they’re doing. So like that’s so from what I understood about lightning was a lightning network as I can just send you directly things. It doesn’t have to go to the bank or anything like that.

But then what is the technology where we can actually spend it right? Like there’s like like cards, I know that there’s debit cards and things like that. Now certain projects have right? I know that there’s a merchant where I can go an api where I can go and accept Bitcoin and then somebody can have a card. Right and then spend right away. Right. So there’s there’s a few projects, one of them that I’ve used for years is called Bit Pay and it’s an app you download it.

Um You can you I think for them you might have to do the K. Y. C. Nine I think about. Yeah you do you have to do the K. Y. C. To get the card. But what’s cool is that you don’t have to go through any, you don’t have to keep your money stored in a bank to be able to use it in the real world. You can keep it locked in a your own wallet. That is really cool because that’s what I do. So I have I have this, I didn’t bring it with me.

I have a gift. It’s a gift card but it’s a Mastercard. It’s a regular debit card, has a chip on it, a swipe and and then connected in the app. I have a my own separate wallet that I have access. I have my private keys that I have access to. So it’s not in their central server. It’s my it’s my wallet And at any moment I want I can transfer money from that wallet to their wallet, sell it and then get it into the car. Can do in like 30 seconds 30 seconds to a minute.

You can get the money in there quickly. And um I think it’s like a limit of 10,000 a day, $10,000 a day. So it’s plenty for everyday stuff. Um so that’s the way that I do it when it comes to um just being able to on a daily basis use my crypto and not have to go through the bank. Now when it’s when it’s about protecting it like keeping it secured and stored. Yeah you don’t want to keep it in any centralized servers. You want to keep it in a um in something that you own physical kind of physical wallet.

They have these things called treasures. T. R. E. C. O. R. Just a flash drive essentially. And it’s just a memory for you to keep your private key in. But what’s cool of it is that it’s a gapped, it’s not always connected to the internet. There’s that disconnect there. Is that, is that what that term is? Air gap? Okay because if you you can have you can have a wallet that you own the private key to that’s in an app. But it’s not air Gapped. So it’s so it’s I don’t call it a cold wallet.

I call it a warm wallet. Okay and that’s a cold wallet. It’s a hard treasure wallet. Where? Okay a cold storage wallet would be one that you can disconnect from the computer or the network in general. It’s completely offline, completely completely offline private key. Um you know but all but all your money is still somewhere or that’s about to explain. So it’s like your money is actually not inside that device. So that’s that’s what that’s the misconception that most people. So here’s here’s the clarity on it.

Think of your crypto as omnipresent uh you know like in the bible they talk about God being omnipresent. What does that mean? Well it’s every he’s everywhere all the time. That’s crypto crypto because it’s always it’s always verified by every because every single person that’s a part of it has to download the into their ledger. So anywhere you go in the world that that that there is somebody connected to that specific alleges that you’re a part of you now have access to that wall. So the yeah so the so the flash drive, it’s just the key.

It’s literally just the key and wherever you go wherever computer I connect to it’s like as if like I put the key there and all of a sudden your money goes and all of a sudden you have access to the information And then you can use it but it’s not in your actual device itself, you can actually you can have the device you can back, you can get the private key and write it on a piece of paper, which is used like 12 words and then you can memorize that or you can take that and put it somewhere hide it and then you lose the device, you don’t lose your money because you have the private key that key that can now open the funds and bring it back.

And that’s that’s the power. I mean think about that man that No and no other time could I walk across the border with a billion dollars in my head? That’s that’s how, you know, it’s trippy, right? I mean think about that. I mean you get $10,000 in cash and they freak out, you know what I mean? But I mean, I mean it’s an infinite amount of money, you can essentially put on any any of those and just memorize the 12 words. That’s it. It’s pretty nutty, but that’s where we’re at.

And like I said, I think we’re in a transition and um we have to see this paradigm for what it is and not fall to this trap that they have, you know, the trading aspect of it, the they they’re glamorizing that right now they want you to trade, they want you to trade because they want that to be it, they don’t want you to know that there’s more there’s that not only is there more ways to make money In these public versions of these projects, but the concept of Blockchain, they don’t want you to know that you can create your own right, right.

It’s just getting started. Right? I mean that’s it. I mean again like you said bitcoins 2008, that just was right around the corner and we’re still um I I don’t um talk about this often but uh there’s this chart that started circulating a few years or not a few years ago a few months ago and it’s this chart that somebody created which was the correlation between the inflation rate of fiat to the 2 to 3% a year inflation that we’ve had. And they’re not even they’re not even take into account The other side of things that are creating more inflation, you know, like um gas prices, the typing, the interest rates.

Like it’s not just the fact that they printed $6 trillion, it’s all this other stuff too. So um actually what the real numbers are inflation rates actually 30 to 40%. It makes, dude, it makes sense. Look at the look look what the price of goods. Right? And I mean and the value of the dollar is going up though. I don’t know if that’s the crazy part. Right? So so so that’s funny, what’s so what’s happening is this for decades? We’ve been in this um the whole world when we went into this lock step to provide liquidity into the world to push out liquidity.

So the US essentially all the swift banks all the all the centralized banks, They for decades have decided, let’s let’s print prints just push money in, push money out and create rules or create these laws that are gonna make money go into the economy. That’s why the 90s were so amazing in the early 2000. It was because because they were just printing money without even a thought to where in the last 5-10 years or so, maybe like it was right after the market crash in 2008, they flipped it and they created a straw.

So now for the last decade or so they’ve been sucking up liquidity basically calling on their debt or or you know, trying to trying to flip flip the script. The problem is that most debt is foreign, Most debt is foreign and it’s locked into Usd US dollar. So that that that flip that they did um when you do you can deliver it in a way, it’s what they’re doing, they’re delivering it in a way. It’s like, yeah this is good, it’s gonna, they’re talking about it is like it’s going to make the dollar stronger.

It’s not because it’s gonna seem like that at first but it’s it’s foreign debt. So the foreign debt especially now because of bricks, have you heard of brics brazil Russia India china Switzerland. I don’t know, I think it’s Switzerland or Sweden Sweden and I don’t know, um they’re wanting to not, they’re wanting to create their own and create a different a different standard, different standard. And so all of this working together, all of this happening together, it’s gonna seem like the dollar is going to get stronger.

Which it will like I said right now short term, it’s better to be parked actually in the U. S. Dollar. Honestly it’s funny because I just had this argument with someone who’s like maybe it’s not the U. S. Dollar, maybe it’s rubles. Yeah because it’s like a little extra security now because of the gold back, right? But but yeah fiat right now is is the best because of that because they’re about to it’s all about the fall. Um Somebody put it to me like it’s this it’s the least stinky shirt in the stinky laundry.

Yeah, that’s how somebody put it pretty much right now. Um So that’s why we’re seeing the dollar, the value of the dollar go up even though because they’re sucking they’re sucking back the liquidity, they’re they’re trying to pull it back into the economy through all these different these different mechanisms. Um But but but but because of the inflation because of the like they’re they’re they’re not they’re not they’re not they’re not it doesn’t seem like the the choices that they’re making are to try to relieve the tension.

They’re just they’re just you’re increasing the volume which to me and like I’ve discussed this with my my my my guy that is on my show now to me just seems deliberate. It’s like oh you’re deliberately doing this because you know that it’s over, you know that it’s imploding system is going to fail, so they’re just trying to, the the multi headed beast is dying off and it’s writhing in pain and it’s trying to take everything down with it, that’s what’s happening, It’s freaky, yeah, so awareness is key back to awareness.

What’s awareness there you go, that’s awareness man, be aware that uh this macro version of awareness that we just went through here, but you know that’s that won’t matter if you don’t work on your person on your micro level, if you’re not working on your own reactions, you’re your own relationship to money, you’re going to go into these new systems with the old mindset

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