February 1, 2023

Decentralized Real Estate

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A former NCAA 3-sport Athlete, American Ninja Warrior, and Johns Hopkins Neuroscientist, TJ Visiodei is the Founder Of ACTS Decentralized Real Estate, a unique crowdfunding platform that lets like-minded families purchase +10 deeded acres or more of the most abundant lands in the world for 1/40th of the price. TJ is a wealth of information and so aligned with The Freedom People, it’s an act of God bringing all the right people together for His heaven on Earth.

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Hello, all you lovely freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the freedom People podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms. All the freedoms that we can think of Anyway, as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together, I’m your host, Bradley freedom and our next guest is TJ Vizio Day. But before we get into the conversation, I just wanted to say hello and thank you for still being here with us. We did take off a little bit of time from the podcast over the holidays to kind of catch up on some work, believe it or not.

So anyway, we’re back and in full effect. This next conversation with T. J is uh no exception to that rule of awesomeness. He is an amazing, amazing man. He’s a former three, excuse me, A former N. C double A three sport athlete in american ninja warrior, Haya and john Hopkins, neuroscientist. Yeah, that’s right. He’s also the founder of acts decentralized real estate. And that’s what this conversation is really about. A unique crowdfunding platform that lets like minded families purchased 10 plus deeded acres or more of the most abundant lands in the world for 1/40 of the price. Right?

How can that be done because of power in numbers? That’s right. So we’re gonna jump right into it. But before we do, I need you to head on over to the Freedom people dot org and sign up to become a contributing member today. Contributing member. What that does is it gets you in to all of our groups and the social networking aspect of the Freedom people dot org. You can contribute as little as $0 a month. And it would be awesome to see you in there. Come on, let’s go.

So, yeah, So T J T J J. What got you? Well, give us a backstory kind of what got you into acts and and started in the freedom movement just in general. Yeah. So before I got into access centralized real estate, I was ostensibly working for the enemy. I got psyop man. I got real, real hard science and it’s actually everything that I used to do now informs Acts. Because if you understand what I used to do, you understand where they’re taking things and when you understand where they’re taking things, you can understand that Acts is a divergent system.

It is, it is how you move away from where they’re taking things, right? So, you know, I almost look at my past and I’m proud of the things that I was able to do. But it’s almost like uh imagine almost like one of those kids, like in in Germany right? Imagine if a kid grew up and he didn’t know any better in in in nazi Germany and he like wanted to be an ss officer, but he didn’t know any better, right? But he literally grew up thinking like this is the best thing possible.

That’s how I almost feel like about my past. So when I was a kid growing up I would take the S. A. T. S. Take different like aptitude tests and I would essentially get perfect scores like like literally perfect scores on the S. A. T. S. And things like that. And so I would ask my mom would ask my parents like what is the hardest thing I could possibly do and they would literally tell me it would be to be a neurosurgeon. That’s what I actually like thought and believed and more than that when I was growing up I didn’t have many superheroes but to me the biggest superhero was this one man named cyborg and that’s where the story of being sobbed really comes in.

Okay so cyborg is a teen titan and he is literally half man half machine and he’d walk around, he was a black superhero. He had a he had like a cannon gun for an arm, okay. And and he could like replace anything he wanted if he wanted to search through the internet he could in his head. And so when I was 12 years old I literally thought that’s the coolest thing in the world right? And I looked up to people like Ben Carson and I thought man if I could do that I’d be able to I’d be able to create superheroes.

That’s what I honestly believed. So my sister. Yeah he’s yeah he’s a dc superhero. He’s a DCC yeah so so my sister went to johns Hopkins University and so I found out about Hopkins, he told me all about and she was like T. J. This is the best place in the world if you want to be a doctor. So I was like okay I want to be a neurosurgeon and if I want to create cyborg, I have to go to johns Hopkins University. So I did everything I could, I learned lacrosse just to be able to go play lacrosse at Hopkins to to be able to boost my stats and I was able to go and do that.

I studied for the S. A. T. S. And and did everything and I knew from from age 103 I’m going to go to johns Hopkins University, I’m going to become a neurosurgeon and I’m going to work on placing artificial implants into the brain and the human body From age 12 all the way to age 22. Okay. And and that’s exactly what I set out and I did I got a I was able to be recruited first through football and through my S. A. T. Scores to go to Hopkins. Um At Hopkins I got a degree in behavioral biology.

Um I would play sports, play football lacrosse and track and field there and see double A. Um In order to boost my resumes and stuff like that to prepare for medical school and you know you also want to do research. So what type of research did I do? I want to prepare to be a neurosurgeon and I promise you this is all related to acts Okay you’ll see. So so the research I would do is I would do stuff over at the Jannik addictive neuroscience laboratory and what they would do there is they would study the actual motivation of rats and just animals and and then it’s applicable to humans.

So um at first I just started as a lowly worker just literally changing out the poo poo and the pee pee for all these rats. Okay. But eventually okay I was able to just be there work hard enough that I started to help out in some of the surgeries and then start to do some surgery. And then I became basically one of the lead surgeons on these little rats if that makes any sense. Like anytime you need you need to do a surgery on a rat called TJ. Right?

So these surgeries that I would do I would literally put optic fibers no different than what we’re talking about for your internet. So if you have fiber optic cables for your internet, I would physically put fiber optic cables into the brains of the rats and then I would inject viruses into the brains of the rats that allow them to react to the light from the fiber optic cables. And because of that I could remote control the rats literally remote control the rats at will. And this is what year?

This is back when I’m a junior and senior in college. So from there I spent some time and um, you know, now I have good grades, I’ve got a good athletic resume. I’m working as a neuroscience researcher and all of a sudden Colonel comes out, which is a, it was a company made by brian johnson, which was to make uh neuro adaptive prosthetics that would basically be inserted into the brain to help people with their memories. Right? So I applied to go work at Colonel and then a little bit after Colonel came out, Elon musk came out with neuralink.

So with Ellen and this is before most people knew about neuralink is that for me, this is my life, right? So I’m gonna be the first to know about that type of stuff. So for me, I’m like, wow, this is like a dream. I look up to Elon musk, I knew I wanted to be kind of musk ish at the time in terms of ideas and stuff like that. So I’m like, wow, this is like, my whole life is leading me to this. This is while I’m studying for the M cats.

So I’ve graduated from college neuralink is coming out while I’m studying for the MCAT. Okay To study for the cat at the time, I literally wrote out 550 little bubbles. Okay, why? 550 each bubble represented one hour of study. Okay. And I would finish up each hour of study, go over and knock out a little bubble. And I did that because I knew if people studied 500 hours, they could get a top 1% score. So I was like, let me do 50 hours above that. Okay, So that I was so focused on, I wanted to be the guy, the guy that I saw it as my opportunity.

And if you look at the timing, I’m completely, I would have physically been graduated from medical school. Right at this time when five months from this day that we’re speaking the first human trials for neuralink are coming out where they are putting implants into the human brain so that people connect with artificial intelligence. Okay, artificial intelligence owned by Elon musk under the guise of open AI which was recently bought out and purchased 49% of it by Microsoft licensing technologies Microsoft. That Microsoft. Okay, already people are signing up.

Not only are they volunteers? Not only are they volunteers? Mr Beast who’s the most popular Youtuber in the world, basically, if you think about it this way, The Super Bowl, Right, Super Bowl commercials. How expensive are those? Right? Why? Because there’s 100 million people watching the Super Bowl. Okay, Mr Beast gets a Super Bowl’s worth of Children. Every video he puts out there. Every video he gets a Super bowl, Children. Okay, why is that connected? Because MR beast outright says, I would pay anything to get one of these because whatever cost it might be to get one of these implants, I could come up with ideas and make so much money that I could more than pay it off.

The most influential person in the world for Children. So, yeah, people are signing up for this. Okay, so this is not conspiracy. This is not something like, let me read it. I’m telling you that if Elon musk is sitting there going recruit me, the most vision oriented, top graduate from johns Hopkins University with the most experience in um, in, in neurosurgery, implanting fiber optic cables into the brain. Find me that person. I am literally saying I was that person. So, when I say, that’s where they’re taking things.

That’s not some that’s not some theory. That’s not some theory, right? Because I was there and I was recruited for that. So that’s important because Acts, acts is set up as the divergent system away from that. Okay, through reading and through study and through uh, taking things like manna, which is a whole different, that’s, you know, plant medicines. Okay, I’m not even to get into right now. Okay, I was able to see, wow! Oh my gosh, this technology that I was signing my life up for, that.

I’ve been studying for years now to be a part of is literally the worst takeover of human consciousness, physically imaginable, physically imaginable these implants. What they plan to do are literally built to take over sight, sound, taste, smell and memories literally take it over. They straight up tell you to your face and I can show you later at some other point that they plan to be able to shut a person down. So if a person yells out something that they don’t want you to say, they can literally shut that person down and imagine being able to imprison someone within their own body, just shut them down.

They give propaganda saying oh yeah you can just, instead of playing a video game you can just be in the video game world while we will work your body out. They straight up say oh if you want to buy and sell things if you want to enter into a shop we can we can read your biometrics and you can already get a line of credit by the time you walk into the store. If it’s a car dealership for example because it can read the biometric data off of you get your credit score come back in.

So as you walk in the door you’re pre approved and you can start shopping okay? No it’s not okay and it’s where there is, it’s it’s where they’re taking things okay. And so that is my original background. Now I love that man after I’d had my enlightenment on realizing what is going on which was related to human motivation. Um I started uh you know transferring out of like that academic world, the medical world, all that other stuff. And so there was a little transition. Could you tell us what?

So what happened? Right? So so what what was was there some sort of um you know, major event that happened or something like that, that kind of because dude, your whole life, I mean your vision, you’re something, it was scary and it felt embarrassing because like imagine that like I mean if this was football, I’d be like a five star recruit but for like medicine, if that makes any sense. So imagine if you have like a five star recruit just being like no I’m out, like I’m just out, you know what what what made you say I’m out?

Was there something that happened where you’re like dude, okay, I saw something that happened and I knew that I was on the wrong path. You know like what had happened was I sat there and I was thinking I’d read Abraham Maslow’s books on human motivational needs, right? And I was considering the different levels of human motivation. Okay. People have heard of hierarchy. Okay. Um basically speaking there’s different levels of human needs and if people don’t don’t take care of certain levels of human needs, they’ll be stuck asking questions at just that level of human needs.

People don’t understand that. The brain is a little bit like a computer with a random access memory. So, you know, in a computer, right? And you have your computer’s hard drive, random access memory is um processing and memory that you have just to handle certain tasks if that makes any sense, Right? So I would say like, like 33 gigabyte computer, eight gigabytes of RAM is what they’ll say. So for us, okay, if you aren’t meeting certain needs, then your RAM is gonna be taken up by that. If like you don’t have consistent income, your RAM is gonna be taken up by like, I don’t have consistent income and you’re only gonna be thinking at that level, if you don’t have a good partner by your side, right, then you’re gonna feel lonely and now your RAM is gonna be taken up by that.

You can say I want to focus on business, you can say I want to focus on helping others. You can say you want to do all this other stuff, but your random access memory is still gonna be taken up ostensibly. That’s called spiritual bypassing. When people say like, oh, I don’t need to take care of this, I don’t need to look at this anymore, let me foot. But in reality there’s subconsciously gonna be taken over. So with Abraham Maslow’s work, there’s actually a six level of need and that’s what I realized, I was like, wow, nobody talks about it.

There’s physiological needs, there’s security needs, relationship needs, esteem, needs, and most people just hear of self actualization needs and I’d read that there was 1/6 need called self transcendence and I found out that he died before he could talk more about that. And so I was sitting sitting there considering you know what, what, what’s going on with that need, what’s going on with it. And then eventually just finally hit me, it hit me in one big enlightenment, I was just sitting there meditating and I realized what the actual level of needs was, where the game is being played and what how terrible it is, that what people were selling them.

So basically, if you think about it, the sixth level of of of Maslow’s hierarchy, the self transcendence needs is the exact opposite of what you typically consider the regular needs. So if you take the triangle and I can I can even like just share my screen and just show you it. Okay, so literally speaking, if you if you were to go to google, nobody else talks about this physically, nobody else talks about this. So if I go Ma Zoe’s hierarchy, TJ Reeves right, this is back when, you know, I was I was younger and stuff like that.

Um I’d realized that you have to take the Maslow’s hierarchy and you have to flip it on its head so that everything is the reverse everything is opposite of what you typically would find. So here is the actual photo of it. Okay, so usually when people are trying to deal with their needs, it’s like they need to get away from death. They need to take care of their physiological needs. They need to take care of their own security. They need to look at their love and belonging.

They need to look at their self esteem and then their actualization and very few people even get to focus on self actualization questions. But now what I’m saying, the self transcendence needs are the opposite. So if actualization is about being as perfect as you can here, it’s about letting go of perfection. Then beyond that, if this is self esteem, then the next level is letting go of other people’s opinions. If the next level is love and belonging, then the next thing is to let go of the need to keep others learn to give love unconditionally.

If the next love, if the next level of security, it’s like you need to learn to let go of the need for certainty and security learn to live in uncertainty because if you’re actually doing something that’s big in the game, okay, and physiological needs, okay, the opposite is like let go of the need for physiological safety, learn to be willing to sacrifice self toward a greater cause. And then if the last thing is escaping death, it’s like let go of the grip of the fear of death, learn to achieve your dreams or die trying recognize the truth of no self okay and actually go beyond your own, your own ego and I realized I was like oh they don’t want people doing that and and this technology is set up so that people are only getting it because it’s like oh I’ll be able to get all these things that I want so long as I connect to A. I. But it’s like you know if ai is what people say it’s gonna be then why would you want to connect to this thing?

Because it’s it’s stronger than most people can even fathom and it’s the perfect technology to create a hive mind. So imagine just learning all of that in under a second. That’s intense dude. But you know what’s so crazy bro is that that is you just articulated what I’ve that’s for me but that’s for me, that’s that’s what it is. I want to know how how far actualized I can get in my natural state right? And they’re hijacking your consciousness. They’re hijacking our spirit duality, right? It’s just hijacking that and saying oh well you don’t because I believe we can telepathically communicate as it is.

We just don’t we’ve lost that that control right? That that skill but we can but they don’t want us doing that. They want to hijack and say oh we’ll see what technology did for you. It made you this but it’s gonna it’s dirty, there’s something about it. You see satan has no creativity, Satan can only simulate and and create Simulacra. Most people don’t know that word. Simulacra. Simulacra is a simulation of a simulation. It’s it’s a copy of a copy. So if I have a book, I had wrote it, I put it in a fax machine, sent it over and then you put it and you copy that again.

Now we’re talking about Simulacra, that book simulation. Simulacra that is actually where they based the matrix off of, you know, that’s actually where Neil will will hold some of his information right in that in that book. But I say that because what what satan and his army will do because they have no creativity is they will sell you on what is true and possible right already. But they’ll act as if they created it. You’re completely accurate that people can actually speak telepathically. People can actually heal people can actually be able to think and be able to communicate and have infinite information where with this technology they’re trying to tell people oh if you get the implant, you can connect to open ai and chat.

Gpt and google and download the information. What I’m saying is you actually can do that already on your own. And these bastards are trying to you know sell you on something that you already have that already exists. But people look at pharmaceuticals, man pharmaceuticals the same thing like plants. They get everything that they’ve taken a carbon copy or a copy of what’s in plant medicine and then created something where then they can patent it, right? Because you can’t patent so that it all fits so perfectly. Exactly.

And you see all this stuff, it doesn’t cost money. That’s the thing. It doesn’t really cost money. And that’s the thing. That’s the thing right there. They don’t want that, they don’t want that. You know, the perfect metaphor is um you know, I went so, so two years ago I was uh I was doing power cleans and I did a power cleaning like £315 and I snapped my wrist, I snapped my radius and my OMA and shattered my wrist entirely. Okay, like bad, you can actually see it.

You can hear it in the video. Okay, this is like less than two months from the birth of my first daughter. Okay now I go over to the emergency room and they take the X ray and then they like set it in place and then they’re like, you have to go to the surgeon. Now I go to the surgeon and they used to go, oh my God, you’re gonna have to get surgery on this immediately. And I’m thinking to myself like, dude, I’m not like my my daughter is about to be born.

Like I’m not going to get your stupid surgery. This surgery is like a $45,000 surgery and I just sit there and I think like there is no way that I need to have surgery. What did the roman gladiators do if they broke a bone there’s no way that they got surgery every time they did it. These guys trying to charge me 45 K. 55 K. I look it up. I I look up. What did the roman Gladiators do they use this plant called com free The literal and I promise you there’s a point to this is a perfect analogy here calm free.

Okay is a plant medicine that literally speaking it means bone healing plant in greek. Okay you read the Wikipedia article It says comfrey comes from the word comes from an ancient greek word that means bone healing plant. And um it can reduce it can speed things up three X. So whatever you usually would take to to heal your bone three times faster. Right? So instead of taking the surgery I just bought $10 worth of calm free and just rubbed it on my wrist every single day. Had had just wrapped it up myself and I was able to heal my wrist That would have taken you know $45 $20043,000 right?

Yeah and they would have jacked something up right? I mean who knows up? They were trying to scare they’re sitting there telling me you won’t be able to hold your daughter. You see how they did that try to go at those at those needs. if you don’t get the surgery, do you want to hold your daughter or not? Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Crazy old T. J. Thinking for 10 bucks, you can do it. So in the same way it’s like, you know, they’re they’re very overt about this guys, they’re very overt about this.

All right. You know, you go look in revelations, right? It’s straight up says, you know, beware of the Mark of the beast. The number of the beast. Okay. Whoever does not have this number, do whoever does not have this Mark will not be able to buy or sell or trade Rich. Great. Like literally everybody. And then what do we then find? Right. What do we then find? Well, I just mentioned everything about Microsoft. They just bought open ai okay. They just bought open Ai and then they come out with patent W. 0 2026 66.

So the type of patent is W. Zero. The year filed is 2020. But the actual number of it is 666 there in your face. People they’re very in your face about this. It’s literally patent 666 by Microsoft technology licensing at one Microsoft way Redmond Washington. And they tell you people are listening just so you know, TJ’s sharing his screen and he’s actually showing the patent here on the screen so that we know that this isn’t some you know crazy stuff. It’s directly available. Cryptocurrency system using body activity data. Okay.

Human body activity associated with the task provided to a user may be used in the mining process of a Cryptocurrency system. A server may provide a task to a device of a user which is communicated lee coupled to the server. A sensor coupled to or comprising the device of the user may sense body activity data of the user. Body activity data might be generated based on the sense body activity of the user. The Cryptocurrency system coupled to the device may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the Cryptocurrency system and award Cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.

So, so what are we reading out? Okay. They’re straight up saying, hey, we’re going to use your body to mine for Cryptocurrency. We’re gonna set the conditions by which if your body doesn’t meet our conditions that we set, then you will not be awarded Cryptocurrency. And if so facto you know, also if you don’t get awarded it, then you’re technically punished right? If you don’t get it, you’re punished now. So let’s go a little bit deeper into into what they’re talking about here. Okay, let’s define body activity data and this is related to all of this. Okay.

At operation 3 43 when or after use the user performs the task provided by the task server. The sensor will sense the body activity so that it is a body response related to the task and then transmit the sense body activity of the user to the device. The body activity may include but is not limited to radiation emitted from the human body. Brain activities. Body fluid flow, including blood flow, organ activity or movement, body movement and any other activities that can be sensed and represented by images, waves, signals, text numbers, degrees or any other form of information and data.

Examples of body radiation emitted from human body may include radiant heat of the body, pulse rate or brain wave and this is where it gets really horrible. Brain waves may comprise for example, but are not limited to gamma waves involved in learning or memory tasks. Beta waves involved in logical thinking and or conscious thought alpha waves which may be related to subconscious thoughts, data waves which may be related to thoughts involving deep and raw emotions. Delta waves which may be involved in sleep or deep relaxation. So let’s process what they just said.

They are openly and publicly saying we just bought 49% of open ai we are going to put implants into your brain and we will read your brain waves including those brain waves of conscious thought, conscious learning, subconscious thoughts, emotions and your sleep. So if you don’t learn what we told you to learn, if you don’t think what we told you to think. If you don’t have subconscious thoughts we told you to have. If you don’t have emotions we told you to have, if you don’t sleep the way we told you to sleep, we will take away your money, we will take away your livelihood.

Welcome to the Machine man. Pink Floyd. Listen to that song. Everybody go, listen, that’s all right. Now, put it on. And so he says, welcome to the Machine. It’s okay. We taught you what to dream. We’re telling you what to dream, what to think. It’s this is it, and that’s crazy. That is just nuts. And of course, Uncle Billy, Mr Bill Gates, right? Of course he’s freaking he’s got his hands up in it. Oh man, this is just right. That’s the questions like, what’s the solution? Because look, look at what the war is, right?

We just talked about ai it’s a I’ve oi organic intelligence, it’s artificial intelligence versus organic intelligence. You look at videos of Yuval, Noah Harari, he straight up says that their mission is to embarrass and surpass God, he straight up says it, we will be better than God. Because he says in his logic, the god of the bible could only create organic intelligence or organic matter, but we are going to create inorganic intelligence and inorganic matter and therefore we’re going to doesn’t care about that. He doesn’t care about that, but they’re trying to take stuff.

So it’s like, you know, you ask like, okay, what’s your background and it’s the perfect setup for anybody listening of why acts is necessary. They, you know, anybody listening who’s older than, you know, about 30. Okay, I’m 28, you know, so 25 if you’re, if you’re above that, they kind of don’t care about you. Alright. So really pay attention cause it’s not just about you, they play a long term game. Okay. They’re willing to wait 2030 years. They’re not on your timeframe. Okay. They’re not on like most people, they’re so low consciousness, so scar, so they can only see things maybe three months ahead six months ahead.

Maybe the rams all jammed up, man. They’re just trying to, trying to pay the bills to feed their kids, you know that. Exactly. Okay. And so, so, so here’s the trick guys. Okay. It’s all about keeping most people in the scarcity mindset so they can’t see ahead and while most people can’t see ahead and they’re in the scarcity mindset, which is also sensibly the satanic mindset, they’re the same people in scarcity, living in scarcity, thinking in scarcity dreaming in scarcity talking scarcely they are satanic, I don’t care if they call themselves christian, They’re still acting satanically.

It’s always what’s in it for me. It’s more relativism, it’s like their morals will get thrown out as soon as there’s a dollar on the table. Okay. It’s just a matter of how many dollars it still is? Oh, it’s a dog eat dog world and still is an element of eugenic of dis gen x and I’m not even a college eugenics while that happens, they’re trying to make it so that it’s your Children and your Children’s Children that will adopt this, that’s why I said Mr beast is an issue.

Okay, a super bowl of Children every single day watching Mr Beast. So for everybody listening to this, you might be too old for you might be able to say oh I’m not gonna get the chip, but your kids will, it’s a matter of time until the kids go, oh man, like I see my friends making more money than me, I see you know my girl, you know this girl I like is making more money than me, I’m staying lonely, everything’s miserable. And that’s when they get chipped because they say man I got to just join I just gotta flow with it.

Does that make any sense? Well yeah and everybody, every kid goes through that phase in your life though. That’s the thing, right? I mean regardless of how good things are for you or whatever, maybe kids go through that stage in life, right? It’s your teens or your you know, your early teens, whatever you where you don’t fit in, you know what I mean? And that’s where they’re really doing with the whole the gene uh or the gender, the gender stuff, right? And that’s that’s really right because you get there’s that netflix show upload or whatever that you know when you die you just keep living, right?

Yeah, totally. Yeah, no it makes perfect sense bro. I mean it’s scary sense. That’s the that’s the problem is that it does. Yeah. So so these guys, okay. Therefore we sing on our Children and our Children’s Children with artificial intelligence when organic intelligence has been here this whole time. Okay. And what happens is that to access organic intelligence? The reason people can’t even, you know, have those powers that they actually that actually exist in our genetics. They just call it junk DNA. That’s another example of the controllers.

They Oh they tell us, oh it’s junk. Just ignore 90 you tell me if this makes sense. Hey guys just ignore 98% of your entire genet, That code that God put into you and then said he made you in that image. Yeah, God made you in his image and then put 98% of your DNA is junk. That makes a lot of sense. Are you saying that God is 98% junk. Does that make any sense? You know? So it’s there. Okay. But as long as people are in the scarcity mindset then they will not be able to access it.

That is that is it? The answer is you put yourself in a situation where you’re in abundance where you don’t have to be influenced and your Children don’t have to be influenced by the ai agenda when the economy comes crashing down and when everything really starts ripping downwards. Right? So now we can start thinking about, well, what does it physically and logically look like knowing that there’s masses hierarchy, knowing that there’s all this, what would be necessary for people to live in abundance, right? So that they don’t have to worry about that because here’s the, here’s the kind of trick.

They’ve taught people like monkeys to think this way, right? Notice if there’s something messed up about this instead of, hey, I’m thirsty, let me go get some naturally spring fed water myself. Let me build my own wealth. It’s, I’m thirsty. Let me go make money to buy the water, right? Oh, I need, I need to be able to cook my, make my own food. So I’m not getting chemicals from Monsanto, Let me just get some land and then maybe make a deal and, and let’s find some, you know, cattle and just raise it ourselves.

No, it’s, I need to get my job. I need to get a corporate job to have the money to afford the nicer tasting food. Yeah. And that’s why this has been a long time play. Like you said, this has been going on for generations. Exactly. I mean, it used to be that the majority of America cooked their own, grew their own food, at least half of it grew about half of their food had a garden, they all had a garden garden, almost 20043% of homes had a garden in 1990 where they got most of their food from.

That’s actually worth it to discuss. This is such a, you know, for anybody listening to this, there’s, there’s some, there’s something called a mockery that is when they give you the satanic mindset and then have you ape try to be like them. Okay, When it’s just a joke on you, okay, this is really critical about what happened, right? So lawns, alright, when people have lawns, these lawns, that’s for people who were super, super wealthy, lawns were basically saying, I’m so rich, I have so much money. I don’t even need to grow Fruits on my yard because I have that much money, I have farmland over there.

So I’m gonna take like an acre and not even grow anything cause I just, I’m balling out that way. You see. So then in 1950s America when they created the suburban lifestyle, they literally said, have a life like a mansion, live like the wealthy, even if you’re not even if you’re middle class and included in that have the same type of lawns that, that the richest people would ever be able to have. Right? Why is it the cold mockery they made in doing that and saying, oh, you can live like the wealthy now with these lawns that don’t even grow anything.

They then made it physically illegal in most cities to so much as grow tomatoes in your front yard. So they got people to buy into wanting to not grow their own food, that’s what they did and then made it, made it so convenient, right? With the grocery stores and then you had your market, your local market grocery stores. Now they got Mcdonald’s they got drive. I mean what is more convenient than that? It’s not food, but most people don’t know that and I don’t want to say most, it seems like I’ve been saying it for many years that people are going to wake up to the Mcdonald’s, but the drive throughs are still full.

So I don’t know, man. Yeah, it’s like more, there’s definitely a point where it’s reaching where more I kind of see like a split like a wave like it’s getting it’s becoming a bigger and bigger chasm, there are more people waking up, but the ones who don’t they’re getting worse, they’re getting worse. Right? I think that they’ll ever ever will? Or do you think? And this is uh yeah, that’s a great question for you, man, because I asked this question a lot, do you think that there will be a coexistence, right?

Will there be the the public and the private will there be the organic and the artificial that can coexist or is that not possible because ai or whatever that side, it’s it’s constantly wanting to consume until it consumes itself, right? It’s like the ego, that’s a good question side of things, right? That’s a great question and that’s actually intimately important with regards to acts Christianity, all these different things. It really is, it really is okay. So there is a point where some people are very far gone okay.

And but there is a plan by God actually to be able to like you know God actually wants people to see what’s going on and wake up and God wants as many people to come in jesus himself said look like there’s gonna be, it’s like a fish when you catch some fish and some fish you throw them out like and some fish some fish, some fish aren’t to be thrown out right in the same way? So acts is designed to make it the cool thing to want this lifestyle, right?

Make it the cool thing to have your land, have a beautiful house, be able to grow on your land, be able to rent on your land. How start running your own business, Start running that business exclusively within the community. And with other people in a in a P. M. A. Okay. And make it so that the cool thing is to be with organic intelligence not artificial intelligence right? So that people aren’t focused on what’s my Nikes, what’s my air jordans? What’s my chain? What’s my, you know what’s all that other stuff?

And the question is not what what you know I do listen to and it’s like it’s not what color is your Bugatti? It’s how many acres do you own? How many cows do you own, man? How many people did you feed? That’s the cool conversation. How many people did you feed off of your farm? Right, okay. So this is a very simple, very simple acts as a logical response to how people can be able to have their own land and get their own resources. Let’s start off with the very basics.

Just the land itself, there are lands across the United States and across the world that exists that have been untouched for 100 5200, maybe even 300 years, literally gorgeous, beautiful lands that have plenty of water, plenty of sun, plenty of amazing grasses. These lands, however, have been in families for generations and they’re worth a lot of money so much that very few of us can actually afford it on their own. We’re talking about lands that are more than 500 acres That cost more than $10 million. But if you take that land and you say, okay, let’s gather people together all of a sudden $10 million is not that big of a deal.

For example, if we’re looking at 500 acres, this is a real property, we actually have five and 43 acres that we’re looking to acquire, Five and 22 acres, 400 acres of it. You split it into 10 acre ranches, that’s 40 10 acre ranch is all of a sudden that $10.5 million for that property is only about 260,000 per person. That is way more palatable, way more palatable, okay there’s even bigger lands, there’s there’s lands in Idaho that I found I showed you guys before 24,20043 acres of untouched mountains, lands, rivers, lakes, you know grasses, it’s gorgeous.

It’s as beautiful as it possibly gets. Okay at 20 that 24,000 acres is available for $210 million. That’s a that’s a little bit more than about $23 per acre. I think it’s like $22004 per acre. It’s nothing it’s nothing. So what acts does is we gather people together and we pre sale the land to be able to cash purchase the lands, be able to go and buy that outright and then have it so that each person has their own subdivision. Now a lot of people, they freak out when I say the word subdivision, there’s a big bad connotation about it.

They’re thinking D. R. Horton. Ticky tacky. Let’s rape the land subdivision. No no no no no no no no no I’m talking about the fundamental diametric opposite of that. I’m talking about simply making the invisible lines so that people can delineate who’s is what so I know whose is brad’s and I know who’s what is T. J. And so on and so forth. So that you have your own individual ownership, I have my individual ownership and we don’t have an H way getting in the way that you can build what you want.

Okay, again, invisible lines with minimal construction, simply using the trails that are naturally existing on those lands. Okay, So we’re not talking so no asphalt roads, no ripping into the dirt to put in the sewage pipes, No, you know, big electrical poles, no big wind farms, you know, killing the birds, none of that. I’m just talking about invisible lines and then person, if a person on their own property wants to put wooden fencing, fine, you know, but we’re not talking about the typical subdivision if that makes any sense.

Now there’s more to that. Okay, you can’t just have the land, you’re gonna need a home, you’re gonna need solar, you’re gonna need, you’re gonna need energy, you’re gonna need water, you’re gonna need a cooler to store all The plants and meats that you just, you just had, you need fireplace, you need equipment, all of that. Right? So what we do is we once again use the power of numbers just like we did to buy the land. We use the power of numbers to help out with the construction. Okay?

So we go to the construction companies and we say look we’ve got 24 people in on this land. This is more business than you would have had in the next three years. And so for working with us, give these people a discount, give these people a significant discount because they’re getting so much up front. So with that you get a discount and on top of that you get speed because now you can get one team to come and do all of the flooring, you can get one team to just come and do all the framing one after the other kind of like a factory.

Uh you know like a factory model like cars. But for building houses. Okay the same thing applies to all again all these utilities for the solar solar company. Hey we’ve got 22004 people wells hey well company we’ve got 24 people um septic same thing, 33 people etcetera etcetera etcetera, fencing. Okay also discounts on fencing we’re able to give people because of the power of numbers. Alright, fencing is one of the hardest things for most people when they’re trying to set up their homestead is very difficult to try to do on your own.

Having a professional just install, it takes out a lot of the headache, livestock same thing, we can go out to the livestock auctions, go buy the livestock. Now other things that we have a lot of people need education. So what we do is we actually have a country club on these properties. These are usually the mansions, I mean huge mega mansions that used to be on this house, on these um on these ranches we turn that into a country club. Okay so that kids so that kids can work together during homeschooling so that the dads can be able to go to the gym and be able to wrestle and learn other skills like shooting even so the moms can all gather together and be able to celebrate holidays, be able to cook together, have big meals together.

And it’s also at the country clubs where we invite world class experts, the types of people that you would find here on the freedom People podcast. Okay to come in and teach live to the parents and to the Children. Okay bring it, let’s bring in Joel Salatin, teach us about what we can do about our cows. Let’s bring in students of Bill Moyer teach us about permaculture. Let’s bring in an expert on trusts, right? Let’s bring in an expert on relationships. Let’s bring in some world class speakers.

So we do that so that all these families, again, they have all the things that they need. Lastly because we are acquiring lands across the United States and eventually across the world, we’re even looking at, you know, literal properties in europe. I mean I’ve shown you guys, you guys laughed um Island. Island Island. Yeah, that’s dead serious. That’s dead serious because because when you have these this many people and you have these numbers, it’s possible, it’s just hard for any one of us individually, but it’s possible when we work together guys, it’s possible we work together.

So um because there’s gonna be this network of different people in different places. Okay now we have a globalized P. M. A. Now Acts in florida can interact with acts in texas. Can interact with acts in Canada and interact with acts in Panama. Right? Be able to send resources, be able to send business, be able to help out each other. Help out with insurance, help out with medical help out with all these different things. That’s how we take this back. And when you make it sexy, when you make it just well done right?

People who are focused on ai will start saying you know what I kind of want to be part of what they’re doing. Then I’m kind of I’m kind of sick and tired of this grind that they have me where there where I have this chip that’s trying to tell me what to do all day. I’d rather be out there in what’s an elysium. What’s a heaven? What’s a what’s a beautiful place where people are living in actual abundance, obeying natural law, sovereign, truly sovereign and able to obey God’s actual will.

What God actually saw for each of us, each of his Children. He doesn’t want us to be slaves. So that’s kind of the idea behind X. That’s beautiful man that brought up a question I have though is uh is this stuff reversible. What I mean is because like let’s say and and not only that, but then how would someone wake up from it, right? If they’re completely controlled by a chip in their in their head one is it reversible? Like, can could could somebody say, okay, take that out?

Because we don’t know, right? I mean, obviously we just don’t know. We don’t know what it would do to you. Yeah, I I fully that’s what I meant by like, you know, there is going to be a time. It’s been it’s been serious. It’s like, there is going to be a time where it’s like, sorry guys too late. I mean, I I know that God can work miracles, but you know, I don’t know what’s gonna be going on for people as we move into the future. I don’t really know.

And and here’s the thing. Here’s the I was watching the chosen and here’s here’s a big important aspect of it, right? So if you watch Jesus to his miracles, he’ll often just ask people, um or if you just read the Bible, he’ll ask people do you want to be healed? There’s a story of a man who was over by these baths and you know, he was paralyzed. He has to go touch the bubbling water in the bath in order to be healed and he’s there for 23 years.

He never once touches it, Jesus goes over to him and goes like, look, you’ve been here for 22018 years? You’ve been here for a long time. Like do you actually even want to be healed, right? And once the guy says Yes, he goes okay, then pick up your mat and walk, just go ahead. God can work miracles to a person if they actually say yes, I want to be healed, right? I actually want that, I want to say is I think it’s the tipping point of the human consciousness, like we could all fly enough of us.

Really believed Yes, exactly. And so, you know, if a person, but but here’s the thing, like when you interact with some people who are vast, when you interact with people who are, you know, they’re gonna they’re getting ready to chip themselves, they’re almost proud of it. That’s the problem. It’s not, you know, less is the question of what God has as a power God still gives people free will. And so if these people are literally so identified with it, where they’re straight of saying like, oh I’m so I’m so happy that I got my fifth booster and I got chipped, you know, then that person is not going to simply say yes, I would like to be healed.

Yes, I’d like to get better. I do believe there are there are things we with organic intelligence. I’ve seen healings, I’ve seen them, I’ve even healed my own things okay, like I had a tooth that I would have had to, you know, go to the dentist, there have been thousands of dollars. I was able to heal it? You know, heal it with organic intelligence. Um, and I, and I know that even the same thing can happen with vaccines. I’m sure of it. I’m so sure of it.

I know, but it’s but the problem is that that person as they entered themselves of their own free will. Will they ask? Yes, yes. I want to be healed. Yes. I want to do the necessary things. Will the chip person say, okay, I want to have this reverse surgery to take that stuff out of me. I want to actually start working on growing my own food. Or I’m just wondering if that’s possible because dude, if they’re already hijacked, like if they’re if they’re hijacked, if somebody comes in and hacks into your computer, right?

And puts that virus, uh I think it’s possible. Yeah. I mean it could be, it could be. I’m just, I mean, I wonder if those guys are even considering it, right? If they’re whoever, whoever is actually putting these things into people. Are they considering? Okay, well, what if in, you know, a year they this person wants this removed one. Are they gonna allow it? Right? Or are you now their hardware, Right? There’s so many on. I mean, it’s I know their goal, their goal is they would like it to be irreversible.

Let’s be clear. They would like it to be irreversible. That’s what they want? What’s the best resource in the world? Is it is it oil, is electricity? Is it water? Human consciousness? Human consciousness in the human soul. You know, technically speaking, I I heard a great saying, it’s like technically speaking, technically speaking, you can’t sell your soul because God owns your soul. It’s technically fraudulent. You can’t sell that what you what, you don’t own right. But at the same time, if the person is so inured and so is so interested in defending the matrix control system, defending their life in hell, in the scarcity mindset because that’s really what it is.

Guys, anybody listening? The scarcity mindset is hell, Okay, hell is not it’s not about some other place. All this other stuff. Some pitchforks here now and heaven is available here now. Okay, But will a person actually say, yeah, I’ll give up my ego, I’ll drop my identification. You know, I’ve been this doctor for so long and I’ve been vaccine. All the other kids. I’ve got to admit that I’ve been the wrong. I’ve been in the wrong this whole time. I’ve been making money off of all this.

I need to stop that job. I need to stop that career that I’ve been in for 22018 years or 30 years or whatever it is. I need to repent. I need to actually start making changes. I certainly to living the simple life, you know, start actually working with my hands? A lot of these intellectual workers do they actually want to start working with their hands, do they want to start doing that work? I don’t you know, it remains to be seen because God does give people free will and I’m doing my best, you’re doing your best to get that information out there.

Acts I see it as, I genuinely see it as a stylish thing. It’s not just to be this hard life that people think of, right, right? It’s not like we’re going out to live scare like no running water, no electricity, you know what I mean? Like that’s what a lot of people think, right? It’s like, well if I’m gonna go and and be be sovereign or independent, it’s gotta be in the most miserable way possible. And that is the vision that they share us. Right? Where why wouldn’t you just want to say in your nice comfy, comfy loft downtown, Right.

Why would you go do those sort of things and people forget that I can change overnight. They can shut off your power. They can Exactly exactly both those things are correct. So the way I like to put it for anybody listening in is is there are four main psyops when it comes to the term off grid. That’s why I don’t even, you know, these days, I don’t even use that word off grid so much. I call it decentralized real estate. It’s a whole new genre, whole new, It’s decentralized, it’s real estate so that you are no longer, you know, fixed on the centralized grid, right?

So, but when you, when you think of off grid, it’s like there’s four stigmas, The stigma number one is, I call it the Bear Grylls psyop, right? So it’s like, you know, you think of Bear Grylls Survivor man, where he’s literally drinking his own pee, People really think if they go and they live a decentralized lifestyle, they have to drink their own pee, they have to eat the caterpillars and you have to sleep under like a rock or something like that. Okay, and so you have Bear Grylls Survivor man, you’ve got Survivor, you’ve got naked and afraid you’ve got lost.

Look at those titles, guys, look at those titles themselves, fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, and the next yeah, just people being, oh no, I can’t even like escape rooms and throwing axes now, they’ve like made it like a fun thing, like, seriously, seriously? Okay, so yeah, the next, the next one, the next one is um the hippie psyop, oh, if I want to live a decentralized lifestyle, I have to go join a hippie commune, I get so, okay, I seem to be the only land development company in the world that gets like 50% of people d m ng me going, do I get to own the land?

Yes, to get to own the land, it’s your own private ranch, but people think it’s impossible like, oh no we have to literally share everything. What I mean is are people gonna be stopping by, do I gotta share my wife share my truth brush. Right? I can’t just sell, you can’t just have your ranch man people come on. Okay. So I know that it’s it’s so ridiculous that I know it’s a sigh out. They have to literally think that and people don’t even look into like what’s going on with a lot of those communities.

A lot of that that C. I. A. Stuff a lot of what people are blaming on these so called cults. That’s a lot of alphabet people stuff. I don’t know if anybody’s watched the Wild wild Country documentary on netflix for example the quote unquote show, did they mention that there was fully 77 17 alphabet agencies at that facility? So when they were at their peak there were seven. Did you even know that they were even our 17? You know, alphabet agencies? Yeah like like CIA FBI you know, N. R. O. Etcetera etcetera, 17 different operatives.

Different styles were in there. Okay. That’s pretty noteworthy. That’s pretty noteworthy. The other way. Exactly. No no no these must be crazy people. So because you know I just talked about, yeah you know we’re just buying land over here. This is for people you know their their de facto christians there. Indeed. In their actions christians. It’s not about, oh I just go to church and that’s it. No, it’s people who are like, I actually fight for God’s will and natural law and I fight for, you know, the golden rule and helping people observe the golden rule that, right?

So, you know, it’s this community people, they have, each person has their own ranch. It’s the opposite of all this centralized control. No, because they watch netflix once. Right? So then what’s the next, what’s the next size up? Right. The next stop is, uh, is the, is the, the Amish Mennonite psyop in the sense that like literally the only imagination people have is like, okay, so if we’re decentralized now we can’t use any technology, we can’t use, you know, it must be like, we can’t do anything. Guys.

Like we all have to like dress the same. Now. We all have to be hard edge, you know, the same religion. Now, okay, we’re gonna kick you out if you, if you speak out against anybody, you know? Um, you’ve got movies like the village by m night shyamalan technically speaking the village by m night shyamalan, I’m giving away the ending of the plot. It’s a CYA because the truth is that it’s just like a community that just went off and lived in the woods because they were sick of everything that’s going on, right?

And then there are the monsters and all this other stuff and they’re like, oh, the only types of people must be liars who dress up as monsters to scare the Children. That’s what it must be, it can’t just people who be people who just have their own lands and they’re just off. Okay, so number three is that you have to be this hard edged if it’s not super left wing now it’s super right, right wing um hyper conservative, right? And then the fourth one is that it’s fundamentally impossible, right?

O the only way you can do this is you have to be, you know, uh celebrity, right? So they’ll they’ll talk about Epstein Island, although they’ll have like vh one um celebrities mega luxury mansion getaways or whatever and it’s got to be a, you know, a layer cut out into a mountain that costs $20183 million. The concept of just being able to have 10 acres of land with a home with utilities, the off grid utilities, okay, not public utilities, off grade ones okay with fencing and cattle and all of that for the price of, I’m not gonna say the exact average home, but I’m gonna say just like a nice like upper middle class home that’s like alien to people and they believe it’s fundamentally impossible.

So I have to work with people because they hear about all this and they say it’s too good to be true, it’s too good to be true and it’s like no all the pieces are there, it’s been done before. Okay, it’s just all the pieces haven’t been able to come together quite yet because people don’t see it enough and they don’t have the heart enough to actually do it. Mhm. Not the cliff. It’s a curb. Yeah. Yeah, that’s our, one of our sayings is that people are afraid right to jump off the cliff, but once you jump off the cliff you realize it’s a curb.

It’s not like that. I like that. I like that a lot. So, so, so real quick. So how would how would people find, how do people find acts question, where would people go to find you very easily? Okay, so if you’re on social media, you can follow us at at dot com. Acts is named after the Book of Acts in the bible, literally the Book of Acts in the bible. So A C T S and then D E R E A L at the real on instagram.

Now to actually look at the properties that we have available, you can go to Acts D real dot com. So again, it’s spelled the same way it’s again like the Book of Acts A C T S then D E R E A L dot com. The real dot com. We are launching our full platform in february. We’re launching our full platform in february. That means that people can go in and they can actually pledge to be able to reserve their property. Okay. And we’re gonna have several different ranches available across the country, we’ve been able to find things so that people actually can, it’s not just in texas, they can actually look at Tennessee, they can look at at Idaho, they can pledge their money in for each one of them.

Um And what we do is we make it so that a person is able to uh put up their money, put up the initial down payment that they would have paid. Anyways. We hold it in escrow. So the money is completely safe. We do not touch the money whatsoever until we’ve had enough people pledge their down payment so that we then secure the property. Once we do that, people have some more days to be able to get regular typical financing just like a normal, you know any land purchase or any house purchase.

And then each person puts up everything and then we secure the property. So by waiting until we have all the spots filled up that protects people’s money, it means that they have high levels of certainty. High levels of certainty. Okay? And if um a particular deal doesn’t go through you just get your money back. It’s that simple. It’s really that simple. So there’s really nothing to lose. If a person is interested in this then go and visit XD Real dot com and check out the properties that we have.

And then you can start, you know you can start placing in for that. That’s amazing man. Yeah that’s uh that’s beautiful. I can’t wait for you to get that out. We’re definitely, you know, we’re super interested. This is, yeah, we want a couple. But this is my avocados that I absolutely avocado island. I like it, awesome. TJ man. Uh this has been um awesome. Amazing uh went by super fast. I can’t believe how quick that hour went by. Um is there anything else that you want to hit on?

But I mean we got some more time. I don’t know if you want to hit on some stuff. I mean I thank you guys. I just wanted to thank you guys and I wanted to, I wanted to give you guys a shout out with everything you guys are doing with your express trust. You know, you guys have actually helped me out with getting ideas and um I do did want to just let people know actually this is an important thing. I wanted to, I wanted to know for people.

Um not only is their protection through the trust that you guys have, I just wanted to know for anybody who’s on the fence about this about? Should I do this now? Or should I wait later? Because a lot of people, they might be thinking themselves, well if I do this now, what happens with the market, what happens with my job? This is important to note. Okay, so pay attention in texas where we’re starting from the first properties. Okay? There are homesteading laws. Those laws mean that if you own a property, if that’s your property, no matter what happens, Okay, you can go dead broke flat broke, completely bankrupt.

Okay, They can’t take that away from you, They can’t take away your land, they cannot take your house, they cannot take your livestock from you. They also cannot take away the equipment and machinery necessary for you to be able to grow with that. This is critical because the biggest, the biggest complaint is, oh, but what if I do it and then something happens bad in my job? No, Shut up about that. The best thing is for you to do it now. So that if something happened bad for you, if something, the worst case scenario happened, at least you’re in this home rather than the ticky ticky tacky suburban home, which is gonna be useless to you in that scenario.

And when you couple that, right? And then if you couple that with what you guys talk about what the Express Trust and the different trust that you guys set up for people. Now, we’re really talking, we’re really talking about protecting those assets. So, um, absolutely. If someone were to interact with acts, I highly recommend talk to Bradley. See how you can set up even more within your own trust and really protect things for yourself and your future generations, this is the time, this is the time again, I I can tell you right now, less than five months.

Human trials for neuralink? Alright, so why is neuralink taking less than five months. But I talked to people and they’re talking to me about maybe I’ll move and be decentralized in 10 years. Y’all don’t have that, y’all don’t have that. We don’t have 10 years, man, Maybe 10 months. It’s crazy how fast stuff is moving because we were actually just before we got on this call, maybe an hour before we were on the phone with the marketing team and talking to them about chat GPT right? Because it’s like, and I was saying I’ve never I’m a technologist, I’m a software engineer.

I I love technology, I always have, but this actually scares me. There’s A level and it’s crazy because I never thought that technology would scare me. But this is scary about the power that’s here, right? I mean there it’s already made jobs irrelevant already and it’s been out since november right here, two months. So give it two years, like quite literally all these people out there are gonna be irrelevant, right? Content creators, That’s a big one, man. I’m chad GPT people don’t get what they’re playing around with.

They don’t get it. Let’s put it this way, guys. Alright, so it took facebook several years by the way? Facebook is DARPA’s project? Life log, Okay, look up Wikipedia project Life log. Have you seen this by the way, brad? No. Okay I gotta show you this, I gotta show you this. I gotta show you this. I gotta look at this guys. Okay look at this, look at this. Look at this. Look at this DARPA life log, this is wild. Okay. DARPA life log life log was a project by DARPA.

Okay the information processing techniques Office of the dark Defense. Advanced research projects agency DARPA of the U. S. Department of Defense. Okay. As evil as it gets according to its bid. It was to be an ontology based subsystem that captures stores and makes accessible the flow of one person’s experience in and interactions with the world in order to support a broad spectrum of associates assistance and other capabilities. The objective of the life log concept was to be able to trace the threads of an individual’s life in terms of events, states and relationships.

And it has the ability to take in all the subjects experience from phone numbers, dollars and emails messages, email messages viewed to every breathtaking step made and place gone lifelong aimed to compile a massive electronic database of every activity and relationship a person engages in. This was to include credit card purchases websites, visited the content of telephone calls and emails, received scans of facts as postal male center received instant messages center received books, magazines, television, radio, physical location, wearable GPS, biomedical data. The high level goal of this data logging was to identify preferences, plans goals and other markers.

Okay now look at this. look at this life log was canceled on february 3rd, 2004 after criticism concerning the privacy implications of the system. Alright, are you ready for the occult joke? This is the joke here, right here. Okay. Look at this. Go to facebook. Okay. Sounded Founded February 4, 2004. Found in february 4th, 2004. Okay. Oh yeah, we shut it down guys on february 3rd uh and then uh don’t worry about it, ignore that. Right? So I know wild. Uh no, keep going. So facebook, it took several years to reach five million users. Okay.

It took I think like four years I think instagram then. And that was a new record for five million years then instagram I think took two years. Okay. And then Tiktok was amazing because it took like one year. Okay, anybody listening in chat, GPT took five days For five million users at gpt took five days. Everyone training it, they’re just training more data and by the way, chat gpt is only connected up to the data of 2018. Okay. So they cut it off technically from the Internet all the way up to 2018.

So just wait for the moment that they reconnected back to the current Internet. Okay, Just wait, just wait till they do that. And then here’s the next thing, the next banger that they’re coming out with. Okay, everybody is talking about five G. Let’s talk about six G. Six G. Is coming out guys? Everybody’s worried about five G. Like oh four G. Five G. And all that six G. Human body can help power six G. Devices as antennas in the future boost signal shows study okay they will be using the human body and really it’s the genetics.

I talked about, look you’ve got everything in your genetics, your your little uh you know those little deoxyribonucleic, you know those little nucleotides that work as antennas, okay And they’re gonna be bouncing off of it. So the same people behind life log the same people behind amazon, the same people behind Elon musk. The same people behind Bill Gates, okay? All those same people, they will be using your body and the choice is yours, you can wait around and you can be like I’m not gonna take bread seriously, I’m not going to set up my own trust you can wait around, you can say I’m not gonna take TJ seriously, he’s talking about too many different things.

I don’t really get it. He must just be lying. He must just be a marketer or you can wake up, you can wake up right now and understand that this is your chance right now. You’ve got the free will do it right now for your next generations and your Children and your Children’s Children cause they will look up to you or they will look down on you as like why did this person not take action when everything was clearly laid out to them. You don’t want to look like that idiot.

You don’t wanna be that person. Amen brother dude. I couldn’t have said it better myself. That’s exactly it, man. Like we are that now we have the buck stops here. Like if we don’t do it now, it’s too late. That’s a good point because we we really know what’s happening, whereas we blame our parents. But it’s kind of like, well kind of they really their fault. I mean, yeah, like had a long sigh up going and yeah, that’s a good point. So forgive them for they know not what they do, right?

And again that we can’t focus on all that, what we, what we can focus on is building this new earth, right? And being the ushers of this new earth and really taking this forward. So we love it man. Yeah, I’m ready for my village to raise my next Absolutely yes, Lourdes man. And that’s that’s what that’s where the term landlord comes from and all of that, right? So it’s we’ve got to bring that back, take it back from these government service corporations who have usurped its they’ve just hijacked uh natural law.

They’ve hijacked all of it, right? Legal. The actual definition of legal is the undoing of God’s law. That’s the actual definition of of legal. So yeah, we already do it. That’s why I hate when people object to us, what happens with our tax dollars. It’s going to build all the roads and stuff. No it’s not. That is so funny. You just brought that up. That is so funny. You just brought that up. There was a good meme. I saw my wife sent it to me and it literally says in the meme it goes, you know, income tax here.

Let me I found it right here. Okay. It goes uh here we go. Income tax doesn’t pay for the daily services you get from government, You still pay D. M. V. Costs, you still pay for water, you pay for gas tax, you pay gas tax for roads, you pay for Social Security, Medical Care, Medicare separately. You pay property tax. Where is your income tax going? It’s not going to all those, you know, quote unquote public services guys. It’s not going to have been saying that forever, man.

Yeah, just stop, stop. And like you said, the time to act is now there is and and that’s it goes perfect with yours. Acts the real dot com And that’s A C T H R E A C T S D E R E A L dot com acts too real dot com. Go there. Check that sh it out right now. We love it. Thank you T J. This has been awesome. Yeah. Let’s let’s bring in this new earth, let’s create this heaven on earth. Let’s let’s support the heaven on Earth that already exists, right?

It’s here, it’s here, it’s available. Yeah. And and with your help, totally, totally reachable man. Thank you so much has been amazing. You too, man.

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