October 5, 2022

Cultivate to Elevate

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Matt’s health journey started when he could no longer tolerate being sick so often. Feeling tired, bloated, and anxious was holding him back from enjoying a fulfilling life of adventure. So he cleaned up his diets and started to question ingredients. This is when he started to discover superfoods. Mushrooms, shilajit, herbs, you name it! If it was nutrient dense, he was trying it. These superfoods changed our lives, and he couldn’t help but want to share it with the rest of the world. These ancient holistic foods were used for the past centuries as medicine, and it’s time for their magical healing properties to elevate our lives once again. He curated the best ingredients from small organic farms all around the world. Matt believes that you should be able to read every single ingredient in your food, or better yet, make it from scratch with raw ingredients. Think of him as your health bestie as we go on this health journey together!

Show Notes


Hello, all you lovely freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the freedom people podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms, all the freedoms that we can think of anyway, as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together, I’m your host, Bradley Freedom. Today’s guest is matt, believe I’m saying that, sorry matt if I messed that up. But matt from cultivate elevate. He was just on the podcast and wow, what a great conversation matt is One of those guys that you just really love to love, right?

He’s a great guy. He started a company in 2020, cultivate elevate and they produce solutions and you know us here at the freedom people. That’s what we’re all about is solutions and they have that in, in drones over there man. It’s beautiful, beautiful, beautiful stuff. I really, really hope that you enjoyed this conversation as much as I did. But before we jump into it, I want you to head on over to the Freedom people dot org and sign up today. You can become a contributing member for as little as $0.

We’ve got a job board, a business directory. Once you become a contributing member, you unlock new features like groups and the ability to go in there and connect with like minded individuals just like you, I’ll see you in there. Come on, let’s go. Yeah, I saw you on there and then I saw you were in Scottsdale. So you’re like right here and I was like, oh man, we gotta, we gotta connect with this guy and have you on the podcast? Um, yeah, it’s, it’s uh, that’s, that’s one of our main goals now is over the past few years, three years about now that we started this, we’re trying to, um, you know, build something, but now it’s all about connecting.

We’re trying to, you know, it’s, it’d be nice to have, have some community locally, right? I agree, I agree. And also to, you know, obviously Arizona’s very, the energy is very high here, but it’s, the awareness is also important and like you just said, is, people need to really connect like it more than ever, you know, because it’s, we’ve, we’ve never realized how much they’ve divided us and really tried to separate us from being, you know, connected and talking and socializing and everything. Yeah, man. Okay, beautiful.

So we’re rolling. So before we get too far into it, can you tell everybody who you are and kind of what you do? Oh yeah, so I’m matt and I, um, sorry, I met and I’ve run cultivate elevate dot com and it is a company about Superfoods and ancient healing ways and also ancient truths. So we bring together in our company, me and my wife, we bring together all different types of information to help heal at the cellular level and combat all the nonsense in which we face and all of the inverted truths in which we’ve been told?

Uh, yeah. Um, so, okay, so kind of start from the beginning, I guess, like what got you into into this in the first place, have you always had a spiritual side, was there an awakening or has, you know, kind of, what’s your story? So I was always into holistic ways and like natural ways and I was in, I was in the fitness world for a long time and I didn’t understand the energy that was there at that time. Um I was heavily in the gym, heavily surrounded about people doing crazy feats of strength, £1000 squats, £1000 dead lift, all kinds of crazy things, but I didn’t understand the energy that was there and the energy that was being created and as I got out of that and pretty much moved to Arizona, I got heavily into understanding energy, I got into sun gazing, I got into Superfoods, I got into meditation, I got into all these different things that I, I didn’t understand why I was attracted to it or why it was calling me and I was kind of just lost for some time and it, it just kind of helped me get centered right and get focused and then as I started getting into eating organic and healing the body and it kind of all worked all as one and once I start understanding that if we take care of our body and this, you know, beautiful temple that we have, then all of a sudden everything else is just easy.

But there’s so much that we’re facing against our temple or against our body all the time that we have to pretty much fight up against you know whether it’s toxins in our terrain, whether it’s L. E. D. Lights, you know whether it’s wifi, I mean that the list can go on and on and when we started our company in 2020 of january which is when the nonsense first began we rolled out a mushroom called Lion’s mane and that lion’s mane mushroom turns on the brain. And we wanted to have things that worked as solutions to the problems that we face.

So we all of our products are designed to heal certain body parts or certain areas which have been heavily impacted by the stuff that we face on the regular. So we started out with Lion’s mane and then we’ve grown our company and the last two years it’s grown tremendously. But basically one day I decided I need to start making videos and talking about all the stuff that I was putting into like for example graphics and images but it wasn’t doing the same justice. You know I really needed to bring out bring our voice and I think that’s really important as any person should like whatever they know they should put it out there because you never know who will resonate with that and who it will help assist right?

Because like I would read a lot of books and I would make different things and try to put it out there, but I didn’t feel it was getting out the message enough until I started making videos and talking and things like that. But I think we really need to step up in that fashion because when we are going against all this nonsense that we face, they want us to stay silent, they want us to say to stay divided, they want us to say stay disconnected and they don’t want us to use our voice.

And I I think using our voice is one of the most crucial things. So as we fast forward to now, in us doing this podcast as well, it was all because just putting, you know, information out there and then us connecting because like minded people then group together. And I see it as if we have healthy people on this side and like minded people as well, that’s unstoppable. You know, you can’t stop people who both of those things are there because they already understand it and they already get it and then they’re healthy.

So they’re not sick and they’re not wounded and anything else. And then you have this unstoppable society and that’s what they fear, in my opinion. This whole thing in which we face because the fact of people waking up to everything and seeing through the nonsense and really seeing the truth because it spreads very quickly, you know the truth. As soon as you put it out there, it helps people and I see it like if we voice our opinions and put these things out, you never know who it will come to.

And I realized that more I would say things and more I would understand things. I realized it would connect me more with even more people who are into the same things and it’s awesome. But I never knew that people were there until I started speaking about it because it was just maybe stuff that was in my mind or I would maybe, you know, talk with a friend or talk with people who maybe a couple of people. But once I started putting out now it’s like, I mean or cultivate elevate community or tribe or whatever you wanna call, it just continues to keep growing and it’s amazing and I’ve seen such a change in such a short amount of time and it was just by putting the voice out there and talking about these things and addressing them and really just in my opinion, showing people things that their instinct was telling them about, right?

Like instinctively we were like, you know, some of these things don’t add up, this doesn’t make a lot of sense. You know, if I stand this feat, how come I don’t stand five ft and three ft and 12 ft things don’t make a lot of sense and when we started doing that and certain pay attention to other people are also doing that and I feel like it’s grown the community a bit more. Yeah, yeah, man agreed. It’s like a resonance right versus Destin. It’s, and that’s the same, we have the same same experience here, just getting the information out right, so that we could connect with those people.

So dude, that’s, that’s awesome. And thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over right for for doing this. Um, so, so you, you came down and you said you moved, moved to Arizona. Where do you, where were you before originally? In Illinois? In Chicago? So you know, it’s, it was a combination of things, but I saw a lot of stuff that’s kind of like futuristic of what’s happening back home and I kind of just thought I need to be somewhere where I just, I, I just see things differently and I agree with different types of policies and I agree with different things and for some reason Arizona just, it always drew Drew me here, I mean, I used to come here as a little kid too as well back in the day, but it was all just like holiday inns and swimming pools and Denny’s, that’s pretty much, you know, there wasn’t anything going on or anything else and tumbleweeds and whatever, but you know, just the energy, it’s a very, very sacred energy and a very powerful, you’re just uplifted and supercharged, you know?

And back home, I felt that some days, but nowhere near like here, you know, it’s just, there’s just a total different like, and if you go to certain places here to like even, you know, let’s say uh Montezuma well or rimrock or Sedona or even, you know, Payson or they’re a whole different places. Yeah. Trust God, you know, all these different spots. It’s like there’s so much energy and you can feel it and it’s, it’s very, you know, uplifting and power and powerful and so when we came out here and started visiting, I was like, this place is amazing, you know, and the weather is always beautiful, you know, it’s always sunny, it’s always warm and I like to be hot and it just, was it just a different, different thing and when I saw it, I was just was hooked, you know, it was just a different, different way of life.

Yeah, yeah. My wife, she’s from uh Milwaukee or just outside Milwaukee, so same, same. She had the same expiry and she came here as a kid, her family would come in vacation and go to the spring training right? And so, so then she was like, I’m moving there and then she did, yeah, but and that’s what I mean, Do you think it’s because of the weather, I was just having this conversation with the buddy um he’s down from Ontario and we were having this exact conversation about like what is it?

You know what I mean? Is it because the weather that’s constantly sunny, you know what I mean? And and I know that you know where you’re from and Milwaukee in these places Ontario, they have a lot of the gloom days right? Where it’s kind of overcast, right? And so yeah, and they do a lot of time trailing two as well to you know, if we’re gonna get into that, they spray stuff and they make it darker than normal, right? Like they have a month, a month of of darkness, you know?

And it’s like it’s not even supposed to be like, like that, but because there’s so many people there, they do a lot of stuff and put a lot of stuff into the air, you know? But I think personally the energy and because there’s a lot of ley lines, right? If you, if you’re into magnetic ley lines and magnetism and all the stuff, there’s a lot here and there’s a lot of theirs in my opinion. There’s also a volcano by, by Sedona that I feel like they just don’t talk about but there’s a lot of basalt and volcanic clay all over there, like tons and tons.

That’s what formed all the creeks and all the rivers and everything else. So there’s so much magnetism and so much energy here and I feel like that’s part of it and then you have the sun all the time because when the sun is out, it’s just, it increases your energy, there’s more organ, there’s more key, more prana, life force, whichever word you’d like to call it ether, you know, all of that is then circulating and then when the clouds come in or a rainstorm coming, it dampens and diminishes, diminishes all that, that natural frequency and resonance that’s out there.

So I feel like it’s just, yeah, it’s, if you like to be sunny, warm and high energy, you know, this is the place for you. If you don’t want that, then, you know, it’s, it’s challenging I think, you know, for some people because it might be too hot, but once you’re used to being hot and your blood’s really thin, it’s really hard to be anything else, you know, because it’s, there’s just an essence to it. That’s what it is. Yeah, dude agreed, agreed. Yeah, this is where I’m originally from.

I was born actually here in Scottsdale and grew up on a ranch in Cave Creek. I know, yeah, yeah, so I agree. I, you know southern California here, that’s where I’ve lived most of my life. Um and it’s definitely something with the sun, so let’s go to kim trails. Heck yes, man, I love it. So um we were just down in Chandler yesterday, uh and we noticed just there’s, they were spraying the crap out of the skies and then I look out right here, I’m here close to you on Scottsdale Road and it seems pretty clear skies today, right?

So, um, well we can go a lot of ways, but let’s, let’s stick with your products because I know that you have a lot of what, what, what type of product is your lion’s mane? Good because what can we do to combat these kem trails? That’s really where I’d like to go because we, you know, personally, we just don’t really know what to do. And we’ve seen some gimmicky sounding things online, like hey, just put this in your backyard and just gonna attract all the stuff into this thing and you know, maybe maybe that’s true, I don’t know.

But what, what do you think as far as like any sort of solutions for this? So the combination of You have a couple of different things, you know, if it’s, if it’s, if it’s with your plants, you know, there’s different stuff that you can do and we can talk about that as well too. But with anything with this stuff that goes up into the air, you know, we have a product called Chile shot and it’s basically an ancient mineral that provides the body with 84 of 102 minerals and also is a great puller of heavy metals out of the body.

So you have folic acid and humint acid in there and there was actually a study that came out about a month ago, which I talked about about how humint acid can pull out graphene oxide out of plants. So that was pretty fascinating to see. And then folic acid has been used for since the dawn of time for pulling out heavy metals and pulling things out of the body. They actually give it to horses, horses actually, they give tons of folic acids to horses. So chill shot can be one solution for their um you can also look into things with borax as well.

It’s a, it’s a salt and that’s a really cool one. Or sea salt as well too because what you want to do is you want to get this stuff out because we don’t know what all of it is right. It’s a combination of things that can be and it can be also physical. It could also be spiritual, right? It could be, it could be an image that could be things like that. So there’s a combination of things happening, but you just want to keep the body healthy.

Social shot can work real well for that. And then you also have dragon’s blood, which dragon’s blood is basically an ancient tree sap that works like a tonic to clean out the blood. And it’s one of the oldest trees on the planet. It comes from the Atlantean times and the Draco. And basically when they would cut this tree, it would basically look like blood like on that because the sap is pretty much completely read. So it’s kind of very similar to maple syrup when you tap the tree, the syrup comes out the same thing with the Draco.

That’s what that is. But the most fascinating thing about this dragon’s blood is that it has over three million antioxidants and it’s the highest antioxidant food on the planet. And when people actually put it on their gums or on their skin, their skin and gums will start to regenerate almost instantaneously because it’s basically replicating, in my opinion, stem cells right this regeneration and they used this a long time ago actually for a long time in brazil and south America when a person was wounded out in the forest, they would take dragon’s blood and they would place it onto their skin and that area would start to regenerate and start to heal.

So that was the natural band aid at the time. But they also consume it as well for the health properties as well. But those two, I would say are very wonderful for detoxing and pulling things out. Um But yeah, the biggest thing is, you know also too you want to focus on as well an organic diet so that you’re not bringing in a lot of heavy metals and pesticides because if there is stuff going up in the air and it’s landing down and it’s impacting you and and the plants are loaded with pesticides or heavy metals because they’re not organic.

Then you’re just bringing in a lot of that and your body won’t be able to combat at the cellular level because your body is always trying to detox all the time. That’s what we’re going through every single day, you know? But if we are basically not at our detox detox capabilities, then we can’t pull these things out or balance ourselves out. So then we start to develop it illness right? That’s basically what it is. And during that time of illness our body is trying to balance itself back out so you might be coughing, you might be sneezing, might be easing whatever you have going on because your body is trying to either get it out of you or protect you from it getting worse.

So dragon’s blood and killing God I said I would say would probably be the two for anything that kind of goes up into the air. And the stuff that can be in the air can be aluminum, it can be very um it can be strong t um you know it can be a lot of silver, lot of silver iodide and all this other weird stuff that they’re putting their but it definitely dims our consciousness as well too on the frequency level that’s why when they barrage the skies all of a sudden everybody starts feeling tired and lethargic and all of these things because when those clouds come in, the life force energy in the air starts to reduce and then people start to get calmer and they’ve tested all of these things out with putting that stuff up in there and seeing what happens with the city’s first now.

Like today for example it’s perfectly sunny, there’s not a trace and whatever and now it’s all everybody’s energetic and everybody’s out on the streets as I can see driving, you know, a very powerful day. Yeah, that’s true. That’s very true, awesome. Well okay so it sounds like you guys got some really cool stuff dude, like for sure we were on your website. Um yeah we’ll go on that later. But okay, so aside from chem trails, I mean what we want five G. Or smart meters, I mean right all of this stuff, it just seems like there’s a constant barrage which goes to show you how how powerful we really are, right?

I mean how because they got to come at us on all these angles with all the media and everything right? Still here, right? And there’s still people that are that are coming out of it. Right? And and uh you you obviously had made changes before the 2020 happened, right? So so you were on the path like us, right? So it wasn’t like 2020 is what woke you up, you were already there. Um So but back to like is that five G, what’s the next, I mean what what do you feel is the biggest uh threat to us right now?

out of all the, I mean there’s 100 different things that are coming at us, but what do you feel is the biggest threat? So I would say, I mean if we’re gonna go with it, it would obviously be with radiation and five G. You know what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to roll out wifi and bluetooth devices in our house and then also give us all these devices with this new technology and the problem with this fastest internet ever, that’s what it’s marketed as is the fact of that.

It is very damaging to ourselves and that our body, can I combat these things? We almost have to be wearing like a space suit or something? Yeah, like all the time and whatever else, you know, so it’s very important, you know, if anybody is suffering from brain fog, fatigue, a lot of knee pain, a lot of back pain because that’s a lot of static build up as well to, you know, to do a lot of barefoot grounding. And that’s one of the biggest solutions you can do.

You go out in the middle of nature, you don’t take any devices, you don’t take anything. You put your feet in the dirt and you just sit there for 30 minutes about maybe twice a week and you will feel a tremendous difference and since we’re so surrounded by so many towers, um, you know, for example, you can go to a website called antenna search dot com and you can type in your address and you can see all the, the towers, all the antennas around you. Um just so that you’re aware because awareness is what is needed.

Because when people start realizing why have 450 cell phone towers around me right now, it’s like, well maybe this isn’t the best place for me to live or there needs to be some sort of legal action against what’s happening and that’s what I feel will happen because all the awareness that’s coming out. But these towers and all of these things basically radio, I’m sorry, radio, they microwave off and they cook ourselves. And I actually lived in a building that had five G in the walls and this was actually before 2020 and I lost about 30 £40.

I couldn’t sleep. I mean I would sleep for like five minute intervals. Um you know, I like lost my health. I was completely falling apart. And that’s when I kind of discovered mushrooms and how mushrooms can heal a lot of this damage and can be something to help heal the damage that’s being occurred. But with that, I mean it was just crazy and I went and I got an E. M. F meter and I couldn’t believe it. I went and tested all the walls and I saw it was through the roof.

I found out there were 10 smart meters on the other side of the wall that I didn’t even know we’re through two different walls, right? So you entered into the hallway and to the right, there was a wall over here and then there was my pa place over to the left as I would walk in. You’re you’re getting hit. And then it was actually reaching all the way into my place and I didn’t realize. And then on top of it, you have the microwave, which if the microwave is plugged in, it’s always emitting radiation.

So it’s important to always have your microwave unplugged or throw it away, but even not using it, it’s pinging radiation. And then I went through the rest of my place and I’m like, oh my gosh, the E. M. F. Is through the roof and I couldn’t figure it out because I’m like, you know, I’m I’m losing it. I’m like, getting crazy. And I get like reel, like, almost like I drank a red bull, you know, and this hyper energy, but I would want to like, almost like, want to fight people.

And then when I would go upstairs to like, let’s say the third or fourth floor floor and go up there, it was get worse. And I noticed it would get really bad on the third floor. And I was like, so I took that E. M. F. Meter. I went into the third floor and I found out that there was literally a tower inside the lobby of the third floor. And I was like this is why this makes perfect sense. Like you’re hiding this stuff in our, in our walls and you know all these different things and we don’t know about this.

And it just pretty much woke me up to realize this is a weaponized technology. It’s not a faster internet. If we wanted a faster internet internet, you can just take a cord like I have right now and plug it into your computer and hard wire your device is that the fastest you ever gonna get and you can do fiber and go up to one gigabyte. You don’t even need five G. You know? And that’s the thing is with this technology being out here, it’s impacting us and then it also impacts birds, fish, you know the wildlife, all different types of animals.

They get messed up because we all have magnetic crystals in our mind, right? So that’s what basically detects like north, east, east, east, west, south and everything. Birds and bees and dogs and all of those things are also impacted on that. So you see like a lot of birds start spiraling and making vortexes in the air to try to figure out where they need to go, but they don’t know which way because the pinging that’s going up is throwing off their sensors so they have to work harder.

So birds get more exhausted, bees get more exhausted right? Because bees can’t figure out where to go, you know, up and up and carefree in cave creek, ton of beehives, ton of bees all kinds up there, you know, so the bees will get confused when all of this is around. So it’s important to create awareness. And my biggest thing was I just started understanding the technology. I read the book, the Invisible Rainbow and then I read the book the zapping of America and all these different books that are never really talked about because they pitch all of this technology as if it’s perfectly safe, you should bring it in your home.

It’s all good. Like, you know, it’s it’s it’s free and fast and whatever, but you’re not telling me the repercussions of what I’m bringing into my house and the book, the invisible rainbow go so heavy into this to explain about every time a new form of technology was introduced, a new illness like a flu appeared and it was all exactly at the times of for example, like 1919, you have the Kansas flu and that was the rollout of the radio, 1967 you have satellites rolling out and you all of a sudden have everybody get the flu 2020 20 or 2002, you got, you know, all the birds and bees dying three G and four G. Rolls out and then you got whales beaching themselves because they’re impacted as well.

They’re trying to get out of the water because they’re going nuts And then you fast forward all the way to 2020 and the whole beginning of the nonsense and you see the fastest Internet rollout, you see, you know, 1. 5 million cell phone towers are more roll out in the matter of a year while people are locked in their homes and all of a sudden everybody starts suffering from radiation poisoning, which is loss of smell, loss of taste. You know, nausea, hair loss, bloating, you know, different types of bleeding and that’s how much it’s impacting us on the cellular level.

And that’s why we need to take care of this beautiful body and do a lot of meditation, do a lot of grounding, eat a lot of super foods, eat organic because all of these different things that we can do can heal us. And then also not bring the technology into our home because if I bring in for example led wifi bulbs, those are sinking up to a router and that’s gonna ping to my head and cook my head as well as the rest of my, you know, family in the house while that’s all set up and we have to to go back to the hard wiring and connecting back to the ways we used to do things because this all will impact us at the cellular health level and we won’t realize that we’re being impacted like that.

And I get a ton of messages about people having anxiety through the roof and it’s because when they’re holding their device and five G. Is pinning through that it’s coming in at a speed of 300 megabytes a second. Which is just insane because four G. Was basically like 30 30 megabytes. So you’re going 10 times the speed coming through this device. And that’s why you’ll see, I mean in Arizona a lot of sporadic driving where people are all of a sudden they’re just cut in and they’re doing all kinds of stuff and you’re like what are you doing?

Why you’re driving against traffic and whatever. And I get it’s hot but it’s the radiation that’s in there in there Car and their car is pinging that 5G. and connected to that tower and it’s cooking them so then they can’t think straight and then they get all sporadic from that. So there’s a lot of body parts in different parts of the body that are impacted by this and we just can’t see it because we’re only seeing with the visible light spectrum. Yeah. And I heard you talk about these halogen bulbs right?

And how they’re they’re they’re they’re making them or they’re discontinuing them or something. I heard you can you talk a little bit about that or so there was a ban, it’s not really a band, but it is a band. It’s it’s complicated. It’s the executive order which you know, doesn’t really I’ve realized don’t mean a lot of things but after I learned about it. But in general there is a band that they’re trying to place where they’re getting rid of incandescent and halogen bulbs altogether. And it’s interesting because this Executive order does not actually forcefully do that.

But the corporations like Home Depot Lowe’s Menards Ace hardware and all of those. They actually are going with it. And they have pretty much started to eliminate all of the incandescent and halogen bulbs out of their store. And basically what we need to be bringing into our home are the old school incandescent bulbs. Because incandescent is a very natural lighting it’s very healthy for us. It’s very healing. You know when you put on an incandescent bulb you can just read a book because it’s got a basically a more red hue that’s more natural just like the sunlight.

So when we introduce L. E. D. Bulbs into our house, what we’re bringing in is the blue light of the moon and the moonlight is makes us if you want to go with it, the lunatic right? That’s what it creates the lunatic part and that blue light also can have wifi in it as well too. So not only do you have this crazy blue light on an L. E. D. But you also have a flicker value of like three million flickers per second. So you basically have a strobe light in your home every time you turn it on.

And that causes a lot of psychological damage on the eyes and the brain. Because if you’ve ever seen a strobe light and you stare at it, you could have a seizure or you could have issues or whatever. And then so because they’re trying to do this whole ban now, what what you see is a lot of these stores implementing these new LED lights, like for example, Target and all these other different ones. And these new LED lights, not only do they ping radiation, but they also flicker three million times per second and they have the ability to connect to your phone and your device when you’re in their store.

So you’re pretty much sync up right, right to the lights and it’s going through a process called Life I and so what bringing in these lights into your home, you’re actually impacting your body and your ability for your brain function, your heart, right? All of these things. And they want to ban them because they’re trying to say they’re saving the climate. Now, it’s interesting because when you look at led bulbs when an LED light is broken in the home and this is really interesting and it causes you damage. Right?

Let’s say you breathe it in and you get damaged and you like, I don’t have to go to the hospital in order to sell or in order to sue the LED company, you need to have a person coming with a hazmat, they have to assess the area. You have to turn off your air conditioning and it’s this whole like 30 step process before you can even initiate a lawsuit against the L. E. D. Company. Now. It’s interesting too because the person who comes in with the Hazmat suit has to come in with a mercury mask as well too because there is mercury arsenic and all these things in these led bulbs.

So it’s, they’re trying to say it’s going to save the climate, but in reality it’s actually impacting our health. And if they are broken, well then isn’t that going to impact all of the environment and the planets and everything else? Because you’re gonna have to go through a lot of bulbs and for example, like even over here, you know, in the northern part of Scottsdale, I see these bulbs go out all the time as much as they’re supposed to last forever and whatever it may be, they’re always breaking.

So then it’s like, so now you’re trying to pitch something that supposedly is going to save us and last longer. But in reality is gonna cause our brains to get messed up, it’s gonna impact plant life. It’s going to impact our, you know, our heart rhythm and all of these things and try to pitch it as saving the climate and that’s what they always try to do. They try to every couple of years they try to make up a new thing about how they’re trying to save whatever.

But in reality, I just see them pocketing a lot of money and trying to transition what we’re doing now. Instead of giving us, for example, just free energy. Right back in the 18 hundreds and 18 fifties and 19 hundreds, they used free energy. They used ether energy to harness the ether around us to light up light bulbs. That was the world fairs were doing that. Yeah, that’s the coil. I mean, you’re doing it all for free. So you don’t need to give me some LED bulbs instead of a fluorescent bulb, which was just as bad before.

Now, you give me an LED bulb and you try to keep pretending that you’re trying to save us. But in reality, you’re harming us more than ever, and you’re harming our mental health, right? Which is always a big thing. Always talking about mental health. Well, those lights are destroying people’s mental health. And I get a lot of messages of people who work in like a department store and they can’t even they told me they can’t even work for like four hours or they’re like super fatigued. They’re exhausted.

They’re they’re completely messed up. And it’s like the messages are coming in and the proof is there. But they try to direct it and say, oh, it’s it’s not bad and we’re trying to save everything. So the whole band thing was basically just an initiative to try to get rid of incandescent bulbs, intelligence and other options instead of allowing us to have options and try to push us into this led movement. Like I said, that’s trying to save things, but in reality it’s doing a lot of harm.

Yeah, man. And you know, I, and it’s just bringing up a lot for me because I, I uh, you know, hue hue lighting. Those hue lighting. I’ve had those uh, since 2014 now. Um, my whole house is smart, uh, somewhat right. I’m a techie. I’m a software engineer guy. So my whole everything’s techie right now. Like I had Covid in 2014 and I believe that’s when I it’s just kind of starting to coincide now that that’s when I put on in my whole house in the house. I was at in Cave Creek at the time.

I I did the whole home in these uh you And for 30 days, man, I had the covid thing right? For 30 days and I lost my sense of taste and smell and it was bad. I was really, really sick and I didn’t even put those together. Um, but you know, wifi, I mean, I have so nose and you know, so nose and hue lighting throughout and I have forever and, and, and, and uh that’s trippy the last apartment we were in. We didn’t because you know, they didn’t, it was a new apartment and had like this recess.

Anyway I couldn’t use all the ball and I feel like I was maybe even healthier. I don’t know. Very interesting man. Very interesting. So, and if you go into that and I’m not trying to cut you off. But if you go with the frequency right light spectrum, there’s all these frequencies, certain light spectrums like red is very natural, very healing. So that’s why when the sun gaze or go out and sit in the sun, you get this beautiful red array. If you sit and watch the sunset, it’s absolutely amazing because you get all the red and oranges that cover over the I open up the mind and he’ll verse now with me and you go out and it’s the full moon and we go stare at the full moon.

You are going to get that full moon. Blue light energy and there’s no other color. Right? You just get the blue and the white. So you are getting, that’s what then LED is doing just the blue and the white. So you’re going to have all types of lunatic reactions. I mean if you look at full moons, you have the most accidents, you have the most crime, you have the most bleeding when someone is cut, they bleed like no other um, you have all the most uh shopping.

You have all these different things that all occur on the full moon and people also have are also mostly locked up in mental institutions on a full moon as well too. So all of that is that magnetism that spectrum, that frequency that we just can’t see. And it’s interesting too because I was thinking about this the other day with the L. E. D. Lights, incandescent bulbs are very warming right? They bring warmth to you. If you have all led lights in your home your light your home is gonna be really cold.

So what are you gonna have to do? Use more energy to heat it up? Because now you’re not getting any heat whatsoever from the bulbs that are keeping you warm. It’s like sitting next to a fire. You know you get that that beautiful warm now the actually colder and it’s gonna feel colder and you’re gonna have to use more energy. So then that defeats the whole energy saving because now you need additional energy because you’re not getting any warmth into your home as well because the lights.

So it’s all these things on frequency levels that we might not pay attention to and then impact us. And like you said then cause all types of issues which are all symptoms of radiation poisoning. And it’s interesting because with radiation poisoning they stop diagnosing it back in the 1920s and 1930s because they didn’t want to be able to keep diagnosing it or they couldn’t sell the technology to the people when the radio came out. People started hearing voices. And in the 1919 Kansas flu they got locked up for hearing voices during that time because the radio was pinging through the air and nobody has ever been exposed to that at that time.

So people are like oh my gosh I’m hearing stuff to a point where one lady told me that she took a stethoscope up to a baby and you could hear the radio through the baby’s stomach because we are antennas, we are electrical and be and all of this you know beautiful nous. But when you are now impacting that with frequencies you start to cause all these issues and that was just the radio. So now if you combine the radio, the television, the satellites that you know whatever wifi smart devices all of this now all of a sudden you’re just in this pinging right?

Like just it’s pretty much like that just constantly hitting you and it starts to impact your cells and it takes you a long time to recover. And then also if you get injured it takes you 2 to 4 times longer to recover because your cells cannot work together anymore. They’re so confused. They don’t know what’s going on. So then your injuries are prolonged such as like a knee injury or a back injury or whatever because you’re building up all the static and your cells are so confused so it impacts you on that cellular level wow man wow.

Yeah so what’s your opinion? So right So L. E. D. S. And when you say these like and we’re talking about the street lights right? And that’s kind of what these these they’re just that blue bright blue light. Right? Um My L. E. D. S. They change colors. I can put any color I want. Right? And generally always actually I don’t ever use blue light in them. They’re always orange, something like that. Is that any better? Or is it just because there’s a flicker rate of the led at sea?

You have the combination one. You have the flicker rate which is really really high and they say they sell low flicker ones. But I feel like that’s just marketing because they do a lot of you know the greenwashing. But they have the flicker rate is the one thing. And then also obviously the color spectrum now you can change it to for example red or orange. But there’s been studies that have shown that red L. E. D. S. Or orange L. E. D. S. The combination of those he met eight times more arsenic because they’re changing the color.

So when you’re doing these different spectrums it’s basically changing the bulb so that it emits a different color. But then it emits more toxins. So that’s the problem is the heavy metals that are emitted from these lights as well too that are just not being talked about. And a lot of people are suffering if we go into it too is heavy metal, heavy metal poisoning. And that’s because also too if you’re have these bulbs and they’re emitting that toxin, let’s say arsenic into your body at a higher level.

Now you start developing arsenic poisoning and then you think it’s the water, right? Because our tap water usually has a lot of arsenic in it. But in reality it’s the combination of the lights and the water because those lights are also making those toxins be able to go into your bloodstream faster. Well yeah, lights water came trails food. And that’s another thing. Is there really any uh organic food? You know what I mean? I know unless you grow it yourself is right. The whole organic thing. I just don’t, I don’t trust any of it man to be honest.

I don’t trust anything. So we can even go down this rabbit hole, you know, a little bit further and say who are they? Right. What who are they? I mean, I know that there’s corporate greed and, and um, and all that good stuff. But like the world economic forum, like what are we talking about when we say they, you know what I mean? What in your opinion? Who are they? So if you look at it, I mean you can go into a different obviously bloodlines and you know and the names Rockefellers Rothschilds, but they’ve also changed their names right there.

Their names are not that original name. They’ve changed their names over time. So they used to be like the chinese and all these different names. So you don’t really know who those actual families are because that’s just our general way of calling them. But they’ve changed their lineages multiple times so that they can’t be tracked. Then you can go into the Black Rock, you know, Vanguard Vanderbilt’s right, You can go into the Vanderbilts and all of the stuff that they did, you know, Vanguard Blackrock, Blackstone, you know, but it’s basically just the small groups of people who basically are trying to control and manipulate and make a lot of money, You know, and if you look at even people who own a lot of land right, there was this whole thing with Bill Gates and Bill Gates, his own and all this land, but he actually only owns a very small percentage.

It’s actually only, I think think 269,000 acres. But if you look at somebody like TED Turner, he’s got about 2. 6 million. So you’ve got somebody who’s got way more that it’s not even talked about and all of those landholders are people who own things with water, oil or timber or food, something that you just don’t see. So there’s a lot of people at the top of here and they’re trying to control and manipulate to make profits down here and they do all of these things and schemes and different types of, you know, agendas and whatever else to try to roll out different things and kind of see what works and then how much they can profit from it or control people or manipulate them into doing things.

So I see it as, you know, there’s a small group of people who see things and then they’re trying to create and orchestrate things. But in my opinion as well, more people are waking up than probably ever before, ever, ever, ever, ever, like in general, and I think that’s what is working against them in their plans in which they’re trying to do and that’s why I feel even with the whole, you know, 2020 and 2020 one nonsense, like it started falling apart because people are like, wait a minute you change the rules every day, you make up something new every day, you got something whatever.

You know, if it’s not this, it’s not this if it’s not, you know, 14 masks, it’s two masks and you know, you’re making up things and then we have a curfew had like eight o’clock, you know, you remember that it could be dangerous at eight o’clock, but it’s the only time, it’s only out from eight PM until two AM. You know, all these things that I’m like, or like you can eat inside a restaurant, but it’s gonna be outside the restaurant, you know, in a tent. Remember that when they were doing the whole tents around, like, like goofy things that just just sitting there going what, you know, you can wear the mask, like when you sit down or you take it off when you sit down.

But if you want to go to the restroom, you gotta write all of that. So just all these things that just, you know, and it is it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s a theater, right? Because that’s what they’ve done. They use the same play books over and over and over again. We just have to be aware of these things because until all the consciousness is aware of that, they’ll keep just doing the same thing. I mean 1976 the swine flu. That’s an exact playbook of 2020 and 2021. They did a fast track solution.

They had a meat shortage, they had an energy crisis, They had people trying to buy up all the water and they rolled out a solution and the government had to pay out $300 million in damages because of that solution. But only one person allegedly had the swine flu and they were actually in a military base. So it’s interesting because when you track all these things and you look at all this, you go okay, so one person and then they rolled out a solution to 40 million people but they weren’t even impacted, they weren’t even sick, they weren’t even supposedly whatever, but that’s where they do these same playbooks and they try to repeat it unless we remember it and if we forget it they just keep trying to take advantage over and over again.

And I was doing a talk, I was talking to my friend the other day and we were saying you know about this like you know is it now or has it been going on for a long time? Right? They just they use different forms of technology. Like when the newspaper was out in the radio on the radio, they used to broadcast with war of the worlds that aliens were outside people’s houses and people were freaking out and literally you know, ending their life unfortunately because they thought it was real.

So they’ve done these manipulation tactics over over it’s just us consciously needing to be aware and awaken from this so that we can see through it and go I’m just not gonna consent and I’m not gonna agree and I’m a free person and you can go do whatever you want to do. But I’m gonna go over here, I’m gonna grow my own food and start a community. I’m gonna connect with people, I’m gonna bring forth knowledge because that’s what works against their whole system that has been indoctrinating us for the last X. Amount of time.

I mean when you’ve traced back even like for example the Rockefellers and all the stuff that that family lineage has done, they bought out the medical system, they bought out the educational system. You know, they bought out the financial system, they own the energy system, you know, So you got one person creating one small group of people creating all their plans for all these different types of things. And then you can see why we’re taught certain things in school or were taught things like when you’re sick or whatever.

They teach certain ways because they need to keep it a certain way. Otherwise everybody realizes, hmm, maybe Christopher columbus didn’t sail the ocean in 14 92. And all of that was a lie, you know? But if we don’t know better or we haven’t done the research, then we’ll keep believing the narrative in which we’ve been told. Yeah, history is his story, right? And, and it’s it’s crazy and that’s that’s what, you know, when you, you, you hit on earlier like Atlantis, right? The Atlantean times and things like that.

These aren’t things that we’ve ever been taught, right? And that seems like the truth is just the cats getting out of the bag. You know what I mean? And and more and more and that’s what it is. It’s just awareness, right? That’s why I mean, I I woke up in the late nineties to the fact that CNN was lying to us, right? I was in the military and then that’s kind of what, what did it for me. Um, and once you’re awake to that, then you’re just, you’re skeptical, right?

And I think that that’s what we’re doing here is we’re treating you gotta have some healthy level of uh um skepticism, right? You gotta be skeptical on some level, especially now. And I think that that’s the thing 2020 did wake a lot of people up. I mean the whole red pill, whatever you want to say, you know, people waking up out of this matrix. So yeah, man, thank you again for everything that you’re building. It’s it’s beautiful. So so okay, so five G. We went through the kIM trails, five G. What what’s next?

Is it, is it our food? Is it the water? I mean um so they’re gonna I was gonna say they’re gonna try to pull stuff with the water. That’s another one that they’re trying to do because they actually, if you want to laugh on this, they fact checked fact checked my video on how we’re not running out of water And it’s the only thing I have ever seen a fact check actually appear on other than all the stuff from 2020 and 2021. Like you’ll see, you know, whatever you talk about.

Yes, they don’t send yes. And I realize that and I put this video up and it went crazy and you know, I was explaining about primary water and we can take this planet right exactly round of water planet. I mean if you go up to carefree and cave creek, there’s water coming out of those springs. Yes, I know there’s so much water over there. You go up to the conservation, there’s water coming out springs like it’s all there. But they’re gonna try probably a pool of saying we’re running out and that’s what they were kind of doing with the lake meat thing.

You know, lake mead is getting low and you know, you gotta conserve your water. And it’s interesting because the rules are for the people right against the people, the smaller people, but the rules don’t apply to the people on top. So, exactly. So they have, you know, all these, they have primary water wells, they have gardens, they have wineries, all the things they’re trying to shut down that we are possessing and we are a part of and that’s where the whole thing of, you know, they’re trying to push, we’re running out of water because they’re trying to say that we are using too much of it, which is interesting because it’s like, well, if that’s the case, you know, shouldn’t, then everybody be penalized so to say or whatever.

But if we’re not, because there’s primary water and I recommend everybody to check this out, There’s two books, there’s new water for a thirsty world and then you have the primary water Institute dot org. Both of those are great resources for this. And basically what happens is is there’s primary water coming out of the earth, its hydrogen and oxygen being pushed up from fissures and volcanic, you know, um volcanic pressure coming up from the earth to create new water. That’s why whenever you go on to a spring, there’s fresh water coming out of that spring all the time, no matter what year, no matter what the temperature is.

And you’re here, for example, in Arizona where it’s 100 and 20 and there’s still water coming out over there. You know, it goes to show you that it’s not running out and it’s always renewing but they want to put us into this mindset so that they can do this. And this was nuts. I saw in Rio verde number one, they’re building houses out of plastic, which is crazy. I think that should be illegal. And number two they’re using, yeah, they’re using hold water. They’re pushing the hold water like no other every new house built is like hold water, hold water, hold water.

And the problem with the hold water is they’re gonna give you recycled water from sewage to tap, right? So whatever comes out of basically the toilet, they’re gonna recycle it and then send it to you in a truck and that’s what they’re trying to push meanwhile we have so much water under beneath us and that’s why all these plants are green as can be. But you know, there’s so much water underneath us and we’re not seeing it because we’ve been fed the illusion that once the rainwater stops, then we have no water.

But if you look around right now, how are these trees so green then they’re digging their roots deep into How does the cactus live? Right? If we didn’t have any rain water or whatever, the cactus digs its roots so deep into the earth that it connects to the primary water veins that we were not talked about. And it was interesting because When I first started getting into primary water, I was like, Wow, this is interesting. It’s also interesting in 2021 how they put water on the stock market and you could trade it as a commodity and you could buy it and sell it and change the price and whatever just before the so happened 2022 drought that they keep trying to tell us what’s happening so that they can manipulate the price and charge you more.

And that’s where you know, you see this bait and switch game of, you know, supposedly we’re running out only on 2022 we didn’t run out before that. Now it’s that’s the new initiative or the new direction. I think they’re trying to go because what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to get rid of the farmer, right? The farmer can provide food. The farmer is connected with the people. You know, I see like for example there’s ranchers, they’re getting rid of their animals because what’s what’s happening is people are thinking in a very short limited window, right?

You’re thinking in a six month to one year window and Viktor shall Berger who’s a famous scientist and one of the best in the world when he was alive. He basically explained that the farmer thinks, and only six months for like a 12 month window, they’re not being taught to look at five years, 10 year cycles regenerated farming, you know, paying attention to what’s coming in the future. They’re looking at such a short window. So a lot of these farmers are getting downsized, which will then lead to now you have the water fake water shortage, which will then lead to the food shortages that they’ve been trying to advocate for such a long time, even though they’re storing all the food in the warehouse and pretending like it’s gone and whatever.

But then that will lead to that because now the farmer cannot produce the same amount of food that they once did. So now you can create the food shortage and then you can do the next, That’s the thing when you follow the money and you follow these little steps and all of the things that are going on all of a sudden you see where they’re trying to move us into. But once people realize they can drill a primary water well on their property and they can have access to primary water, then there’s nothing to worry about because you don’t have to ever worry about running out.

It’s only if for example, if we live in a complex that’s got 10,000 units and you’re dependent on that water or that electric or whatever else. And that’s what they’re trying to push people into is getting people into these cities so that they can say, oh, you know, you’ve been using too much electric, like a PS sent us a thing that said like, you know, you’re using too much and I’m like, we don’t even use it, it’s timing on sitting here in the dark right now with the sun out, you know, whatever, and it’s like, I’m really not using that much electric, but whatever you want to tell yourself.

So that’s the thing is they’ll try to push things like that to say, you know, now we have to control X, y and z, whether it’s water or food or they just play these narratives, and it reminds me of like when al gore in 2012 was saying, you know, the whole world’s gonna flood and we’re gonna all be if the whole world is gonna flood, then when we have an abundance of water, right? Like you look at it that way, and his idea of saving the planet was to take trees, chop them down and turn it into gasoline like this, this is what people have to be aware of.

These people who are put up there for these, you know, whatever they may be these icons that they try to turn them into when you’re aware of that, you can see what these people are trying to push and then next they’re trying to push people eating bugs, you know, like movie stuff, you know, like, and I don’t want to eat any bugs. But it’s just that’s the thing. It’s it’s the way that you see these because they say, oh, we’re running out of water and then it impacts all these different chains of things and then those all get disrupted at the same time.

Yeah, man. And, you know, it’s it’s always pushing a lack mindset as well, right? It’s it’s constantly pushing lack lack, lack lack that they’re somehow lacking everything, everything’s lacking, including you write us as people were made of carbon. Yet, carbon is a bad thing. And it’s just it’s constant talking out both sides of the neck, you know what I mean? It’s just, it’s it’s uh, but you know, and then that’s that’s that’s part of the agenda. It’s just confusion, right? And that’s why if you can just keep people confused, it’s much easier to control them, right?

And then you can offer that solution and that’s and that’s what we’ve seen this whole thing. You know, it’s it they’ll try to give you free money, they’ll try to say, oh, if you scan your hand, like amazon is doing. If you scan your hand, you can for your groceries, like I paid for my groceries before scanning my hand. So I don’t really need to do it now, you know, But it’s just all these things that they will try to push and it’s like they’ll try to say, oh, you know, the germs are jumping all over and it’s like if that was the case, we’d be going a long time ago if germs were jumping all over.

But it’s just, it’s just this constant push and constant whatever to try to control and manipulate. But what I’m seeing on the other side with social media and all of this is just the eyes opening. I mean, and that’s why even with Tiktok right? Like they’ve been Hayden on Tiktok in my opinion because Tiktok is not censoring all the stuff that youtube and instagram and all these other platforms have been censoring. So, you know, it’s interesting because they’ll point, they’ll, they’ll direct something and say, oh my gosh, you know, Tiktok stealing your data, guess what, google and Apple is doing, stealing your data, you don’t make the phone.

So, you know, we really have to, in my opinion, what I realized is take these technologies that we have and use them to connect and share information because that’s what they’re designed for and whether somebody wants to take whatever, do whatever, cool, you want to do it. But I’m reaching you right now, we’re having this podcast, it’s gonna reach more people, it’s gonna connect and more minds are gonna open and whatever and so be it because I realized that they can put us in this fear scarcity mode like you just said and that’s what they’re trying to do.

They’re trying to make us cower and you know, basically bow down to their stuff and that was what 2020 2020 20 and 2021 was trying to make you so fearful of like walking next to your friend who you’ve been friends with for 30 years and it’s like now if you look at right now today you could just go walk next to your friend again. It’s perfectly the exact same. I mean it’s like nothing’s changed. So it’s like it’s just such a it’s mind games and instead of physical warfare, like what we saw in 19 thirties, forties, fifties and sixties and seventies now it’s more mental warfare and spiritual warfare and attacking us and a different way so that we’re co hurst our core coerced into doing something that we normally wouldn’t do because now on the mental plane were freaking out.

But in reality it’s like physically nothing’s changed. You know, my hands are still here, everything’s still not but not everybody died like they were right, it’s just this um yeah, yeah man, it’s uh wow, but at least there’s people waking up man, there’s people then we’re coming together and I was just on, I don’t know if you have you ever heard of jim gale, I don’t know if you know jim gale, but uh food forest abundance. Yeah. So I was on his podcast yesterday and we we had this exact conversation that it’s, it’s us and like we were saying here is resonance where all of these were pieces to a puzzle, right?

And we’re all, it was because of 2020 that brought us all together, right? Because I mean, Nobody would listen to me before 2020, right? And now it’s like now, but I was compelled to do the same thing as you as you just got to start speaking, you gotta just start talking and other people are thinking it too right? But a lot of people are scared to say anything, a lot of people are scared, but then once they know that they’re in company that also it’s okay, right? And like you said, you can still walk next to your friend just like you did before, it’s okay, we’re okay.

Everything’s okay. We’re gonna be, we’re better than okay, right. We’re all coming together to create this new earth because I think that we’re all on the same the same level as that. I’m not gonna live in a fear based mass society. That that’s just not how I want to live my life. Um and so we’re doing something about it. And the thing is too, is like we are, you know, and and I did, I’ll tell you, I suppose about kem trails and all kind of stuff in 2015, 16, 17 I’d show the weather, whatever, it didn’t resonate right.

People didn’t, people didn’t know what was going on. But now you see things like for example the hurricane that just happened in florida, which is very unfortunate and all these people’s homes and whatever and now they’re saying it’s going to hit south Carolina, which this is like doesn’t even make any sense because hurricanes dissipate as soon as they’re over and that’s the whole how storm works. But now they’re cranking it up so that, you know, they can manipulate it too now and then that other one that just hit Canada, which Canada doesn’t get hurricanes.

It’s like all these things that do not happen, but people are seeing through. And I think, I think now because like you just said is every person is skeptical on everything, right? Like no matter what is said, even what I’m saying right, you can research it and look it up. But it’s better to be skeptical on everything than just agree and consent to everything right? Because then we can just see through and go, you know what this, I don’t, I don’t think instinctively this doesn’t feel right.

And I had a lot of people who message me and I remember when I put up a couple posts on water and um electric culture, a whole bunch of mushrooms, anything you can think of. But when they message me, they said, you know, I kind of always thought that and I said you should follow your instinct because your instinct is always telling you the truth. It’s all this nonsense that you’ve been programmed with, that’s trying to change that and manipulate that ability for the brain to have that reasoning to go, yeah, you know what, I don’t know, I don’t really agree with this.

And then if we started instinctively doing that, then we resist all the non the sense that they try to push. And I feel like that’s when like the money, the money box or the monkey pox, whatever nonsense was going on. It was just, I mean it was just a circus of nonsense and people were like really like, and they were ripping them apart on social media and it all ended like it was all over in a day. So it’s just so funny because they made this whole document, they showed everything.

They wanted to try to pull people just over it. And it’s just, I think that’s what people need to do is they need to really, I realized I need to work on my home. I need to work on growing my own food. I need to work on creating a community, you know, look into electric culture as well too. You know, which I talk and you talk about that real quick man because that was actually one of the things that really drew me to what you were saying, right?

And I saw the coil wrapped around a rod and then kind of stuck in the ground and I was just like, wow man. Yeah, could you please? So back in the day they actually used to take copper pennies and just throw them in the garden. But that was the old school way of doing it, They just take a cup of tea and throw it in the garden. But basically what you’re doing is you’re creating an ether antenna, right? So there’s ether, there’s energy all around us, right?

That’s how you get free energy. It’s all around us all the time. And when you do breath work and your breathing in your breathing in energy. That’s why you get uplifted and you’re basically taking in the ether. So what you do is you’re you’re creating these basically antennas. They’re they’re very, very simple. You can take take a piece of wood and you can wrap it in a and copper like a like a spiral vortex. And however you want to do it, you can point it up towards the sky, you can point at any direction, you can make it into a triangle making a circle, you know, you can have your Children make them and make be creative with them whatever you want, You can make them any height from anywhere from like two ft 5 ft 10 ft, whichever you like.

And what happens is when you take that copper antenna and you place that into your soil, you are now harnessing and increasing the magnetism of your soil. So our soil gets depleted because we use iron tools and victor shall burger basically realize when you put iron into the soil, it starts to dry out the soil and makes you need more water. It causes droughts, it changes the magnetism. It basically just decimates it. And that’s what led to a lot of stuff. When you look at like dust bowls and people that can’t form the iron every time those blade it’s hit into that soil, it’s pretty much destroying the magnetism of the soil.

So it dries out. The worms start to die. They need more water and then they developed like we have here in Arizona where all of a sudden you have just water sitting on top, It’s not moving because it’s been completely decimated the energy or life force has been pulled out. But when Viktor shall Berger was studying copper, he noticed when you put copper into the soil or brass as well too because that’s another one or bronze, you can do either, whichever. But when he would put the copper into the soil, he noticed that his food would grow 3 to 4 times to five times larger than what it was.

So a traditional little potato that’s about like the size of let’s say an apple or whatever else started growing like a melon or like a watermelon and he was completely blown away because he’s you know, so he created copper tools and copper gardening tools and he went to the Belgian government and he basically told them I have this great idea, it’s gonna solve all the food shortages, it’s gonna solve food problems. And let me put this out there, the government in Belgium at that time, I think it’s like the prime minister or whatever.

He basically said I have a deal with the fertilizer company and we can’t do this because that’s gonna compete against the money that I’m going to get. So he goes, but I’m gonna give you more food. So who cares about your fertilizer? You don’t even need it because when you use electric culture you don’t need pesticides and you don’t need fertilizer. So that’s a real big one right there, you don’t need either or because you’re just harnessing the ether that’s all around us. So he told this guy and that guy decided you know, I’m not going through with it.

That guy also then basically took the newspapers and the radio and put out all these publications basically stating that if you use copper tools and you’re a farmer you’re gonna have too much food and you’re not gonna make as much money. So all the farmers at that time went against it because they were like oh my gosh I’m gonna lose my money, I can’t lose my money. So he said I don’t want any of this and we don’t want any of that. So that threw all that out and then you have enough.

Another fellow called Justin Christo flow who wrote a book about electric culture in the 1920s and he basically showed people that you can make all these different atmospheric antennas and all these different creations and you can put them into the ground just like we’re talking about an antenna and you’ll notice your plants will just start growing like wild. And he was basically demonized or attacked or whatever you want to say because how would we have all the chemical farming that we have now with pesticides and chemicals and sprays and GMOs when if he’s still around and his information is still out, it actually competes against that.

So they were really big like Dupont and all those companies Monsanto, they were really big at suppressing the information, burning his books and we have his pdf on our website, you can download the book and you can read more about it as well too. But basically I tested it out and I’ve had now numerous people tested out. I keep trying to put out as many videos as I can with it. But I test it out on a Moringa tree and Moringa trees grow wonderfully in Arizona because they don’t need a lot of water, they provide a lot of nutrients for the body, three tablespoons gives you all the nutrients you need for the whole entire day.

So it’s a phenomenal tree to be consuming. But when I grew the Moringa pods or I grew the Moringa tree, it’s 12 ft on my balcony. But when I grew the actual Moringa pods and let them grow they grew up to 22 inches which the average Moringa pod is about six inches, 6 to 8. So almost 3 to 4 times the size. And there were two different ones. And it was interesting because I had to prune them because we had to move the plant. They were painting and whatever else. But it probably could have grew about 40 inches.

So next next year I’ll probably have 40 inch Moringa pods which is now eight times the size of what it’s normally supposed to be. But that’s the thing is when you look at these places that grow the largest amount of food, it’s because their soil is so magnetic and magnet, there’s so much magnetism such as like Hawaii right? You go to Hawaii, there’s so much abundance. The food that’s like a jungle. The plants are huge. The fruits are huge because all that Volcanic clay is increasing the magnetism of the soil.

You go up to Alaska. They have tons of magnetism of their, they get £2,000 pumpkins. Same thing all the magnetism of the earth and the soil is all there ours here on States inside the states this soil has been stripped and you know destroyed and decimated unfortunately over time. So we need to bring back that magnetism and harness it so that we can improve our plant life and then grow more food in Smalling areas because you could basically take, for example, like a tomato plant that let’s say yields you, you know, I don’t know five tomatoes and you might get 40 tomatoes instead.

And not only will those 40 tomatoes be tasting better, will have more nutrients and there’ll be four times the size. Wow, wow, wow man, this has been uh, I love the copper cup to, this has been an amazing, amazing conversation. Thanks. I know I hold you up a little bit longer, but thank you. Thank you so much. Um, so you said you mentioned your website um, before we head out, could you tell everybody how to get ahold of you? That’s, that’s really like please. So you can go to cultivate elevate dot com and we have blogs on all of these topics as well too.

You can find us on instagram, we’re on youtube. Now we’re putting our stuff on rumble rumble is awesome as well too. And then telegram. But yeah, I just try to put out different solutions to all the nonsense that we face because you know, all of these things can solve things instantaneously and the easiest way for any person getting into this, you know, because a lot of this is overwhelming. It’s like, oh my God, I gotta change all my legs, I got to do all this, I gotta get new sheets, you know, because even with your sheets and the, and the clothing that you wear, you know, it’s important to wear cotton linen or wool because the frequency, you know, and sleeping in your bed, you should be sleeping in linen so you can’t gather static and develop, for example, restless leg, you know?

So all of these things are little changes, but like I was saying with people, what they should do is just go through a little checklist, you know, go through each thing and look at each thing and as you watch a video or a blog or you see any of the information, just check it off. Like I did this, you know, first I’m gonna ground barefoot, next, I’m gonna, you know, get rid of wifi next, I’m gonna incorporate superfoods, next, I’m gonna filter my water, you know, next, I’m gonna change out the lights like, just one step at a time, because that’s what we did, and as you change one thing at a time, you’re now aware of how that thing may be impacted you.

For example, like even just the LED lights that we talked about in the beginning, if you always have LED lights and now you go into a room without them and they have, say, for example, incandescents, you’re gonna be like, wow, it’s relaxing in here, you know, it’s calming and then now you get to see the opposite. The problem that we face with everything now is there’s so many variables doing so many things at the same time that we don’t know where to start. So we get kind of like shock or if we start only checking off one thing, we don’t continue with the rest of the things.

So with my advice, it’s just you know, take, take it with a lot of you know like a grain of salt and do your research on it. But also then once you start implementing little things, each thing can make a difference and I see it as if we have healthy smart, you know, people you’re pretty much unstoppable right? Because now your brain your body everything is working so well that a lot of this stuff even to that let’s say is around us, like we talked about even with the lights and the towers and whatever, a lot of it is not gonna impact you at the same level anymore because your mind is already, your frequency is already so much higher than that and that’s what they don’t want us, they want us at this dull, you know, low freak, you’ve got it.

So that were easily manipulative, you know, are easily manipulated and then also they can take advantage and then these things will harm us more, right? Like that stuff can harm you more because now your body has been weakened, but once you’re strong, I don’t care what you’re gonna try to do to me because I’m gonna figure out a counter to all of it and not only that, I’m gonna figure out solutions and provide them to everybody so other people can do that as well too. Yeah man.

Well said, well said Matthew, it’s been an absolute honor. Thank you so much. Um yeah thank you. Thank you and uh thank you. That’s all I can say. We’ll talk soon man. Thank you.

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