August 24, 2022

Into the House of Free Will

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Beth Martins is a Freedom fighting lioness! A Certified from, The Freedom People, Badass up in Canada doing the work. What an amazing being. She is bright soul, if you haven’t heard of her, her story is, wow! She had stage four lymphoma and of course, in a true freedom fighting way, she said, I do not accept and I do not surrender to this. And so then she went into learning how to heal herself inside out again. What a beautiful, beautiful woman and a great conversation. I really, really had a good time. This is one of our favorites, we think it will be for you too.

Show Notes

Hello, all you lovely Freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the Freedom people podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms, all the freedoms that we can think of anyway, as we collectively take this journey to Ultimate freedom Together, I’m your host, Bradley freedom. And our next guest is Beth Martins. Beth Martins is a Freedom fighter lioness. Certified from the VP Freedom People Badass uh up in Canada doing the work. What an amazing, amazing being.

She is bright soul. Um if you haven’t heard of her, her story is, wow, she had stage four lymphoma. Um and of course, in a true freedom fighting way said, I do not accept uh and I do not surrender to this. And so then she went into learning how to heal herself inside out again. What a beautiful, beautiful woman and a great conversation. I really, really had a good time. This is one of my favorite, I think it will be for you too. Um so we’ll get in there right before we do though.

I want to head on over if you haven’t done so head on over to the Freedom People dot org, the Freedom people dot org and sign up to be a member with us today. What that means is you can contribute as little as zero and as much as you like, but what it does is it gets you into our groups, we have a whole social social media platform with groups in there and all that good stuff. Come on, let’s go. Thank you. Yeah, we uh we love your work.

Love you, matt. Bell matt’s been on the show a couple of times. Matt bel air. We love matt matt in Sedona years ago. I don’t even know. And then uh then with all the craziness, right? We all kind of reconnected and at least all of us with the same same kind of values. Put it that way, Right? And what a blessing. All my best friends now are way better kind of friends. I hate to say it, but yeah, that’s what it did. It really um 2020 was the was the Great Equalizer.

It was the great reveal. Er it was the great everything. It’s It’s it’s beautiful. Yeah, so, thank you so much for taking yeah, so this is um this is just pretty free flowing and yeah, I just I want I want I want you to just be able to to talk about everything that you’re doing and because we want to support you guys, you know what we do 1,000%. But um I know that you have this new program that you have kind of out that you’re doing and we really liked about that as well, and all that good stuff.

So. Perfect, Perfect. Thank you. I appreciate that. Yeah. And this is recorded and then goes to your podcast. Okay, We’re not live. Okay. I was just gonna see if there was a link to share. Oh no, no, no, we’re not live right now. Okay. But after, if you want to send me a link, I’ll definitely share that around my groups. Okay, beautiful. Yeah, zoom. I’m the same way matt does. I know. So yeah. Okay, that sounds good. And can you remind me your first name? I’m sorry.

It’s been a while. You’re good brad. Okay. Okay. That’s good. Beautiful. Beautiful. So yeah, so thank you. So we’ll go ahead. No, that’s just going to ask about how long do you think we’re going to go? Just so I know, um, well we have up to an hour, but I mean sometimes we go 30 minutes, sometimes it’s an hour, sometimes it’s longer, but I mean it’s whatever. Whatever. Yeah, I usually put two hours aside because you never know. Never know. Okay, cool, so we have time. Um, Okay.

Yeah, so thank you again so much for coming on, but before we kind of get too far into everything, can you let everybody know uh, like your name one. And uh, and what you do For sure my name is Beth Martins. I am the founder of the House of Free will in the private domain. A ministry that I’ve recently created in response to all of the pandemic. I’m a coach of 20 years. My work has evolved continuously as I went, especially since 2020 because all of a sudden such clarity came, we knew what we were up against And uh, I feel more passionate than ever about my work in helping people to deprogram and release and more recently to learn the law, which is not what I coach and teach but just facilitate and and have groups around.

I train people into how to be valued for their sacred purpose. I always knew this would be important since 20 years ago when I survived cancer and now it’s more obvious to me than ever. Mm So yeah. So well that’s yeah. So would you elaborate kind of tell what’s your story kind of I mean 20 years that’s a long time to be a coach. And again, like you said, I can imagine the past few years have been really, really changing and probably good for for your business. Um there’s there’s definitely, I know for us in the freedom space before 2020 no one would really listen to us.

So um yeah, it’s a lot different. So yeah, so surviving cancer. I mean, yeah, do tell please. Yeah, that’s amazing. Yeah, 1999 I was diagnosed with stage four lymphoma and I tried everything I could do to stay out of the western medical model because I knew at that point how deadly it could be with a family full of medical people. I knew too much and I wasn’t able to do that. I was struggling for my life ended up going through months and months of chemotherapy and nearly died.

I had a near death experience came back from that with a lot more knowledge and wisdom about what I’m doing here, who I am, what, what the nature of this reality is. Uh I was re diagnosed within 18 months. They said at that point I was not going to survive. It offered me a stem cell transplant, which if you know about stem cell transplants there, half the people die doing it, you’re in total isolation. They almost kill you, harvest your stem cells, give them back to you when you’re about to die in hopes that this is some cure.

And I know I know and that was the line for me. I’m like, I don’t, doesn’t sound right. I think I’d rather die of cancer if that’s what God has in store for me. And so I yeah, yeah, so I went off on my own and really began to dig into myself, what is this? Why am I pulling in death? I was doing all the right things. I was eating the right things, taking the right herbs and medications and getting counseling and Ricky and you, you name it, like I was just doing it all.

And so I had to dig in and find that root inside myself that was cooperating with death instead of life. And that was a very quick turnaround almost overnight. I went from dying to living. I met my, my oncologist in the hospital uh months later, Now I’m a musician playing for people. This is my, one of my first gigs after I survived, playing for people who are receiving treatments and he wasn’t the slightest bit curious to hear how I survived. And so that was the beginning for me to start unpacking.

You know, what my experience had been, how how did I heal? Because it’s just, you know, when you’re going through it, you’re just troubleshooting and looking at everything. But I saw how, you know, we have a certain, um, wait from our unconscious, the unconscious realm is by definition unseen, unknown to us. We might see circumstances out there that, you know, I didn’t, I didn’t like that. I was sick and dying. I knew that was real, but I had no idea why what that was in me and through working with archetypes, I was actually able to find the exact stuck point.

Now there’s there’s, you know, there was lots, it was just a very big one and that represented not even represented, but it was a place I lost a lot of energy using energy to suppress important parts of myself. And you know, you think that you can just sweep things under the rug. There were qualities I had, particularly in the rebel and freedom subject that I wasn’t a rule follower. I I always said no. I questioned everything from a very young age, I was a pain in everybody’s butt.

And uh, you know, I got smashed a lot in my life for that and I wasn’t super skillful either. So seeing it, these things about myself, I was able to clean up very quickly and see, you know, where was I rebel without a cause? And just fighting to fight out of habit, out of laziness, out of, you know, not wanting to do the work that was really in front of me. And so I was able to reclaim so much energy that my body began to heal and I never had to look back, wow, very cool.

And then just before the pandemic hit, if you don’t mind, if I spam you with my book, please. No, tell everyone please. And those for those who can’t see what’s, what’s it called? It’s called Journey. A Map of archetypes to find lost purpose in a sea of meaninglessness, awesome, longest subtitle ever I tell you. Yeah. Right. Yeah, that’s beautiful. Thank you. My whole story is in here how I survived cancer, How it works with the archetypes of the hero’s journey, which is really the subject, right? When you’re talking about sacred purpose, none of us came here just to fulfill ourselves.

Like of course that’s got to be part of it because if you’re unfulfilled in yourself, then, you know, you’re not going to create a whole lot of joy and and goodness in the world, but it’s really about slaying your own demons and dragons so that you can get out and help others in the way that your life lessons taught you beautiful. Thank you. The archetypes and so can you kind of go more into that a little bit? Um That’s very interesting totally. Yeah, archetypes are not new by any means as a subject and yet they do seem, you know, it’s it’s still one of those more esoteric subjects.

It’s not, you know, traditionally it came from Carl young or at least he’s credited with it. Nobody knows he was an elite. You know, I kind of looked in a little bit just to see why why some of the, you know, like some of his work, we wouldn’t totally agree today, so I’m not going to be you know, young Ian’s don’t like me at all. I’ve had them higher for me for workshops and fire me before we got there because they just like no, she’s not one of us. Yeah. Yeah.

But Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, cliquey and then locked in a mental frame of psychology that, you know, it might sound logical or I don’t know, you know, just it’s a it’s a it’s a framework of some kind but I needed things to work for real, my life was on the steak, right? So at you weren’t attached to any sort of um doctrine anywhere, right? Like is the current scientific communities, right? It’s there is doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of uh thinking going on. That’s it. That’s it. Yeah.

So I’m a fan of reality and things that really work that’s ongoing in the work that I do. And so yeah, the archetypes, to me, my my experience of it is that they are um structure of life that exists both outside of ourself and very much inside of ourself, you know, as above. So below, if if you if you can’t find it for me, if I can’t find it in myself, then I can’t see it as real, then it’s just thoughts and ideas or theories. And sorry for the sirens, you might hear if you we got a lot more sirens these days.

And uh yeah, so archetypes become like a map, like the title of the book of the title of my book, so that you’re not just hitting a wall of stuck nous when something’s not working in your life, you can narrow it down become very specific and very precise, you know, what is the nature of that stuck energy and where is it showing up in your hero’s journey? How is it, how is it stopping you now? This isn’t necessary? Like the hero’s journey itself is an archetype. So are all the elements archetypes, so are all of you know what, what we think of maybe more traditionally as archetypes is how I work with them, so much less elemental and and symbolic, although I’m not disinterested, I just don’t have a huge amount of knowledge there and don’t want to go down the rabbit hole, that’s really been co opted by the satanists, I tell you just like every symbol has been taken and uh, and used for the wrong reason.

But you know, things like here, here’s the archetypes that I work with, primarily the child being the beginning of the journey, the calling from God saying there’s more you can leave your ordinary life, go off, take, take the risk of leaving the comforts of of life and not getting stuck in denial and the fear of betrayal, fear of abandonment. And uh, and you know, just to pull the covers over your head and hope it goes away. We saw a lot of that in the pandemic, in fact that the child was a very prominent.

You know, you see stickers on the floor and they’re waving their finger at you, telling you where to stand and I’m here for your safety and I don’t know how many times I said to people, I did not hire you to keep me safe. That is not right. But they can do that when somebody’s in that in that shadow of the child, afraid for their life. So, you know, it’s it’s very telling, you can not only learn about yourself, but others. Um, and if you if you if you like, I can go through the eight archetypes quickly, please please give an overview.

That would be really nice. Yeah, for sure. Thank you. Okay, Okay, great. Yeah, so starting with the child, a very natural beginning place we begin over and over and over again, it’s a Fibonacci sequence, right? Everything repeats. It doesn’t cycle, but its spirals. It either moves up or it moves down, gaining energy or losing energy. So then the next step on the hero’s journey as I’ve found it inside myself is the rebel. So breaking out of that fear of dying, raising energy usually coming up into some, you know, hopefully righteous anger and vitriol and saying having the guts to say no, even though it’s, you’re not gonna be popular, you won’t have uh, you know, your friends might not like you’re family may reject you.

My my whole family rejected me in the pandemic except my son, luckily. And uh and so it’s a really good time to be a stand for others to become a leader in, in movements. Very, very typical, very common. And that leads to working in the warrior archetype where the fight then becomes about, well, how do I conserve energy, how do I not enter into the battle that’s not really going to be productive? How do I build for the future? A foundation and infrastructure for something that can have a longevity over time and slaying, you know, slaying the inner demons at that point.

That’s turning that warrior energy in. Okay, what in me is the block that stands in the way of freedom and that moves you forward into the nurturer archetype, which is when it sounds feminine, but men and women have it, you know that desire to help other people with their problems and look after each other and reduce suffering. And this brings up all kinds of boundary problems. Because most helpers do it from a place of um you know, like the secret desire to control people. You help them so you can control them or you help them so that they’ll need you and you’ll feel important or you know, as a fixture in their life.

And so when you get past those boundary issues, it moves you forward into the second half of the hero’s journey, which is all about the soul, your relationship to God, your sacred purpose, your pursuit of truth and beauty and truth and beauty are the same thing to this lover archetype is the is the name of it. You know, it’s not about romantic relationships, it’s about the love for life itself and the willingness to risk being seen for your authentic self, right? That’s the biggest risk everybody, right?

We have so few authentic people and it is the quality that we need and want both to express and to receive from each other. It’s food just to be real, right? Yeah. All my life. But now I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by people like that and getting past that fear of being seen for who you are making mistakes. Getting out before. It’s perfect doing things that, you know, letting yourself be a work in progress, it moves you forward into the hedonist archetype and this is a word that has no no good equivalent in english right?

This is if you call someone a hedonist, you’re definitely insulting them. So I wanted to reclaim this because pleasure is an important part of life. God put us in paradise and where it’s meant to be enjoyed, right? It’s the ability to sense it and to write our body. That’s what our body is is an antenna to be able to have, we have all these senses of taste, smell, right? All the if if it was supposed to be gray, we wouldn’t have all that. Exactly. Exactly. And so that, you know, there’s a healthy relationship with pleasure and then there’s a very unhealthy relationship with pleasure that is, you know, trying to fill an empty void and addiction and just you know, trying to stuff yourself full and you never get full, You actually get more hungry like a ghost if you go down that dark path.

But by flipping it and uh knowing that purpose is the most fine pleasure, the most subtle pleasure, the most long lasting pleasure that has benefits for you and everybody around you. So that’s the key to awakening the Hedonist that moves you forward into the king archetype. So the king is about leadership similar to the rebel, only the king is willing to assume responsibility for much more than themselves and their whole kingdom and they will struggle with power right? As soon as people maybe venerate you look up to you, put you on a pedestal, all the temptations of taking control of them and working for power instead of working for freedom, you know, becomes a big achilles heel to that king.

So the king needs advisers, the king needs someone to come along and say, hey you’re out of line, humble balances exactly. So you know, the true king, the true leader is a very humble servant. They’re there for the people, they almost disappear. It’s not about aggrandizing and making themselves so important and wealthy and all the things. Although you know the the archetype again were not meant to be impoverished God didn’t create massive abundance just so we can starve on the streets by any means. Another story that’s sold right, especially to the spiritual community right?

And stuff like that is like, oh well you have to, you’re taking from someone else. That’s one of the biggest lies ever, although we believe in an ever expanding universe, but for some reason we believe in lac too. So it’s it’s kind of a contradiction there. Exactly that, that gross lie of lack and that’s that’s really the shadow of every archetype, the fear of not having being driven by fear instead of love, there’s only 22 places you can authentically come from and those are it. So when the king slays his demons with the help of the last archetype, the alchemist, the alchemist is the one that can, it’s to me it’s the biggest archetype to unpack, they’re the ones that can take all the bits and pieces, all of the shards of our human experience that get cut up because we had traumatic lives, right?

Even the, even the best upbringing was traumatic, if you had, you were born in the hospital or they put you on drugs or suffering is essential to the experience. Right? Right, Yeah, I’m not, I’m not totally certain and yet it is, it is part of it and that it’s one of the subjects of the alchemists to be um transmuting the suffering to see and what that means is to see through the illusion of the suffering and that the suffering is really truly just energy, it doesn’t make it any less um you know painful, but the breakthrough of that is that you can move through it rather than get stuck in it and you know, instead of just becoming bitter from the bad experiences of life, you use them for food to grow and to evolve yourself and again to turn around and make that a value to others, bringing yourself together into wholeness as if you came apart, which you didn’t, it’s just that, you know, you meet people and and they might be awake in this way, totally asleep in this way and you’re like how could that be, it’s because they’ve been cut up and and their parts don’t talk to each other.

So the Alchemist holds the potential for actual wholeness, which is an element almost nobody is familiar with because we just don’t have first hand experience of that, but you know it when you’re there, when you’re you, like, I always joke at some point when I have that awakening, you know, you, you wake up to it, you go to sleep to it, wake up, so every time I wake up to it, it’s like I’m just one person, I’m not a whole bunch of, you know, inner conflict and fragments and fighting with myself and all that, just, you know, total union, which is, is already the nature of it and uh and that moves the, the journey forward into um sage wisdom and even the trickster starts to appear in that context where, you know, you can teach through means that are not just banging people with a hammer, trying to tell them full of facts and things that they, you think they need to know, but I really, you know, walking, it just doesn’t, I’ve tried, it just doesn’t work, Yeah, yeah, and uh and then that brings you full circle back to nature, which is the beginning of the journey again, the child that is so close to nature close to God understanding of those cycles of life and being able to work with those cycles rather than against them, so you get wind in your sails rather than having to, you know, muscle through every little bit of the transformation that we’re here to make and it goes on and on into infinity.

Uh, so that in itself is an archetype, as you can see. There’s many archetypes within it and is a very simple definition. I like to say it is a blueprint of your soul’s purpose. It’s the, it’s the architecture of that. Why you’re in that role as a podcaster behind the mic? Well, we might have some similar archetypes, right? Because we’re both in that role. Maybe we got drawn for different reasons though, that might actually point to different archetypes and until you start to really get to know yourself, what are the motivations then those will be invisible.

Like I literally couldn’t see them at all. At the beginning it took me many, many, many meditations over and over, day after day searching. You know, why am I dying? And then all of a sudden this whole world of, of archetypes began to bloom for me, I saw, I saw things I’ve never seen before and things that made no sense at all made perfect sense and not just inside myself, but in the people around me because once you’re reading archetypes, you’re not just, you know, limited to your own and and it’s totally in nature too.

Yeah, I work with the masculine feminine archetype quite a bit and that’s been a massive breakthrough in the last couple of years looking at, you know, how were the predators are coming after us and they really want to finish with us so much evidence for that. And we’re like the prey, you know, So it turns out the predator and the prey, it’s the masculine and the feminine. You can see how badly the masculine has been aligned, maligned. Right? Even to associate that word predator. It’s not bad God, God created that as nature.

If you take predators out of nature, the prey become predator on the land. So it’s, you know, it’s it’s by design how these things work together. Men and women work together. Amazing. Right? It’s the it is the perfect complement of gifts you have that I don’t have when we come together again, wholeness can be achieved and great creation. Right. The Exactly. Exactly. And this is the thing that’s why they attack the genders so vehemently because they know that there’s in that in the poles of the masculine, feminine is great power. Right?

Right. Exactly. The stability of society is right in the family. And so that’s massively under tech. Yeah. And it has, I know that I’m even my experience. Um, I come from, I don’t even know my father never have. I come from a very broken home. Right? I mean, um, it’s I, me personally, I vowed when I was young to never ever continue that cycle. Right? And I believe that there’s a lot more of that happening now right. Coming back to because I really do believe it was deliberate um in all of this happening right all the way back to the C. S. U. V. Act of 16 66 right?

I full on believe that this has been a long time coming and it’s also the ascension of you know the great awakening right? Whatever you want to say what its consciousness rising right and it’s beautiful. Um Yeah apologies. I’m just getting heated up. It’s so hot here right now. No no you’re good. Where are you at Winnipeg Manitoba. So we have both extremes super cold in the winter like not good for the apocalypse. So I have to tell you and then you can get very hot and we’ve had dry but then huge rainstorms and now humid is anything so lots of extremes in the prairies everything rolls through and can be quite dramatic. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely.

It is pretty though all the all the vegetation. Yeah it’s it’s a beautiful area that the prairies have a very subtle beauty compared to the mountains or you know in some of the areas in the world that are dramatically beautiful. This one is you know you get close up to prairie flowers and grasses, grasslands are amazing. I really love them and the sky. We have the biggest view the sky ever. Nothing in the way the sky. You can watch your dog run away for two days. Very cool.

I’ve never been up there. So yeah, that’s very cool. Thanks for the description. Yeah. Right now our office, I’m in Scottsdale Arizona down where it’s hot. It’s hot. It’s been raining a lot this year, which is great. I mean like a lot. We’ve gotten a lot of rain. So yeah, it’s beautiful. But then there’s other parts of the country I know that have been drought ng and we were just in Houston over in texas and it was uh, I guess a drought for them, 60% humidity for them was dry and I was like, what do you guys do?

And it’s, it was so human for us. Um anyway, we’re sitting here talking about weather and it’s, we’re right in the middle of this amazing like converse because it’s very interesting how, how uh well one, the awakening came to you through a near near death experience, right? Which happens, happens most often, You know, they’re in the hero’s journey our life takes is a hero’s journey, right? The whole thing, like, and it’s, it’s beautiful and I know in my personal experience, I’ve had um, the way that I’ve always explained time was it was more like a right?

It’s revolutions inside of evolutions and it’s and you, you up and down, right? It’s a spiral and that’s a spiral within the spiral. And it’s very um, and then you start to see sacred geometry, right? The tree of life and start to take that and you extrapolate that into three D. Right? And then it’s it makes perfect sense in the total fields and how all of that kind of kind of melds into our experience and how this isn’t and and whatever it usually takes, something like that, right?

It I had a different experience through through psychedelics that that really made me, helped me feel love for the first time, right? Um and and for myself, right? Just feel love because I childhood was traumatic, right? Lots of abuse, all that kind of stuff. And so it was I I too had to kind of go to go through that and it was it was that. But and I’m really interested now on obviously how how you can do all this without, right? Like, like substances, right? And that’s where the breath work and I don’t know how much breath work you get into, but that’s where I found like you can actually reach a reset same place just through the breath which is readily available and free at any time.

And to help you move, help you move through through through energetic trauma. And we, we kind of hit on that earlier like suffering, right, suffering. Um the buddha buddhist would put its it that is Duka, right? It’s the mind, it’s it’s is it real? Is that real? Right? And what is suffering mean? Right? What’s good for the spider is detrimental for the fly. Right? So, so it’s mindset too, right? And if if you can get into a space of gratitude for whatever is happening in your life, even really poopy stuff Like it can be transformational.

And I think that that’s what like, I mean, your life embodies, right? Because that that was only 20 years ago, that’s two decades, but that’s not that long ago. So, um is there anything else you can speak on and kind of built like, like, I’m sure you’ve encountered more challenges since then, right? It’s not like that was just life just all easy now. Right? No, exactly. Right. It’s it seems like these hero journeys, these call to actions, they constant are happening, right? And if you’re growing, if you’re moving, if you’re if you’re I I believe if you’re going through the right thing and that’s where it’s like, well, is that suffering?

Sure. We could call it suffering because right? That all those hard times, right? You’re like, I I don’t like this, but it doesn’t have to be suffering. Um but I don’t know. And so yeah, can we just talk more on that? Because that really interests me because I’m yeah, I’m I’m big into that because I love to break myself apart whatever the self is. Right? And so detachment. Um and yeah, I’m very interested to hear what you say. That’s amazing. Yeah, so good. There’s a lot in there.

Um you know, there’s I started I went to India eight times so I had a guru on the mountain and did a lot of meditation and yoga and I taught yoga for some years after surviving as well. That’s how my coaching world started and it wasn’t it wasn’t enough, but it was something that got me, you know, because I was before that I was in the corporate world with my family’s business that almost killed me. That was like just so out of alignment for me, that’s I nearly died to get out of it, bad idea and and so I went more into the spiritual arts and just wanted to be self sufficient.

So I was making my own choices, I could live in a healthy way and so you know many years, I mean I got sick with stage four lymphoma while I’m doing all this yoga and meditation, I’m not blaming it, but it wasn’t helping me and it’s partly because of how I was using it and it’s that it’s funny. I have a demon picture in the back, I have to I don’t know how that came up, I’m gonna just get that out of the way. I keep seeing it and you know, so there’s a little bit of what what can happen, what I did, what I noticed is that I was using meditation to get up and out of my suffering and it would seem like there was some relief there because I didn’t feel it anymore.

I was not here. And then my body went like, hey, wait a minute beth beth are you with us? You’re like losing energy down here. But I’m all blissed out up here. And so it was like turning the hourglass at that point because I then from then on began to use the inner work as a way to, to go into the inner experience, not to try to, you know, solve and get away from it. And because what we don’t, haven’t been taught should be what we learn in kindergarten is that all of our experiences at every level, what you’re saying, right?

Like that, that’s pointing to this suffering as a necessary element. Um, although I might not say exactly that, but it’s that all of your human experience is a door to freedom, right? I talked to God a lot and I’m like, okay God, why did you create this? Why? What you know, is this a big mistake? Are we just so far off the off the map that, that were, you know, just creating all this havoc for ourselves And then, and this is what I heard and it’s been my direct experience.

So from the very lowest of human experiences that sucked the life right out of you to the highest ones that we consider to be, you know, spiritual and say like, you know, list like courage, acceptance, peace, There’s there’s like incredible volume of variation on the experience of peace, huge, huge, that’s the biggest range of human experience that there is many people don’t have a lot of that. They’re more stuck in the lower emotions. But it doesn’t matter how lower how high it’s the identical door to freedom.

And to me this is how God leveled the playing field. So you never get to say I’m better than because I did all of this spiritual work and here I am so peaceful, most peaceful people are really in apathy because not only do the archetypes cycle on the Fibonacci, so do the emotions, right? And there is an inherent order that we just don’t know is there and and therefore we don’t realize that we are creating that world, right? That it’s it’s our creation in co creation, right?

That’s the thing. You think it and then, and then you know, you think you have the wrong thought and all of a sudden the wrong thing is happening and then you train yourself to have be able to hold the right thought, which is very difficult and it’s not just about putting good thoughts on top of bad feelings doesn’t work there. You know, right? You cannot fake it. Exactly can’t fake energy. Energy doesn’t lie. And so as it turns out, there are some very specific routes in the unconscious that man named Lester Levenson actually from the Arizona was he from noise from new york but lived a lot in Arizona and had in Sedona had a piece of land there where people would come to learn with him.

I was, I was there some years ago for a bunch of trainings as well. He, I never met him, he had died. But um, just a really quick bit about his story because it’s very telling is that he was a high roller in new york and a lot of big wins, a lot of big losses, you know, relationship ups and downs. And then all of a sudden he’s dying of a double heart attack. His doctor said like, go home, get your affairs in order. You’re not going to live through this.

But in the meantime he’s a genius and he started thinking, well, I don’t think so, that doesn’t sound right to me. Uh, so I do not accept, don’t consent. Exactly. And uh and so he had the instinct or the genius to begin letting go of everything that wasn’t love in himself, right? All the apathy and the grief and the fear and the lust and the anger and the pride and the courage and the acceptance of the peace, which is that Fibonacci, by the way he, he co discovered that it’s hard to say, did he steal it?

He could have David Hawkins and him came to very similar conclusion about the scale of the emotion. And, and so when he let go of everything that wasn’t love, he completely healed And he went on for the next 20 years of his life to to teach people wanted what he had, they saw, they saw a transformation. He had a complete breakthrough. He was no longer bound, you know, by the rules of physics or whatever we call it. And was able to manifest with a thought. He kept wanting to demonstrate his tools to himself to prove that he could do this and you know, God wills us to have the things that are purposeful for us.

It’s easy to see that God’s in opposition. Oh, I can’t get what I want or I can’t do what I want or there’s always something in my way. But it’s just a matter of taking out what’s in here That’s in the way. And then all of a sudden, you know, I always make goals and I think, okay, yeah, maybe in five years or 10 years or 20 years. And sometimes these days I’m just making the goal and bring right, like after practice with this, you write and and it points to that principle that we don’t lack anything that is the lie.

We lack nothing. We just have extra. And I call it programming and it’s highly capitalized on by our controllers that we are very programmable, especially as Children, extremely vulnerable to programming with fear and every parent in our imagination is the greatest. And that’s one of my biggest theories right now is that that’s what they’ve done is they’re hijacking our imagination, right? Because like right, if there was no tv there would be no pandemic right there. That wouldn’t have right. It’s because they’re able to hijack our imagination and tell us what’s true.

And that’s why the biggest thing I would tell that just turn off the tv and start creating what you want. Like you have that power. Um Yeah, so yeah, exactly. And it’s way more risky to create. There’s you know, there’s the pain of of being stuck and and and suffering and then there’s the pain of creation when you go through the work whatever work is needed to be done. Maybe it’s not like exciting work. It’s just nuts and bolts work. And you face the you know, I can’t that Lester was famous for talking about this.

I can’t program Well it turns out that I can is the same program. It’s just in a higher level on the Fibonacci. And so all programming is to be released and at some point the you know, the the hinge for the key for it is desiring freedom. So because we lack nothing but we desire everything. We’re affirming creating that we lack, right? And God’s listening to you say you can’t and you don’t have like, okay, all right. And so it is that’s not what I will, but that’s if that’s your will I gave you free will.

And so this is um you know how it goes. But you can you can take the programming out and every little bit of programming that you release, you jump up exponentially in your energy because you’re not suppressing that program anymore. The programs are the most pain you can feel. It’s, it’s just like a bald naked truth all of a sudden you see what you didn’t see. They’re very discreet, there’s only four core programs for root programs and so it simplifies things. It makes the work very matter of fact, nothing to believe.

It’s all based on observation inside yourself and then that desire for freedom, the one desire that’s going to take you home. So if you want freedom more than you want anything even to live, then that power starts to pull you. It has a natural kind of momentum to it and once you start to cooperate like that flow, everybody talks about that, you know, all of a sudden you meet the right person and the right thing happened, even though it, it could have never happened. It was literally a miracle of of timing or circumstance, right?

But you you pull that stuff in and and see yourself much more as the creator that you are, you get up into courage, you start defaulting into courage. So you take the risk of creating, go through the pain of that, the growth of the natural growth of that. And so yeah, a lot of that work, as you mentioned earlier, I do train people to coach in archetypes and releasing and deprogramming as well so that it’s not just me out there. I know there are other coaches in this genre, I’m not really connected to it anymore, they rejected me, you know, because uh the irony I know, I know, I just, I just started seeing one of those people on facebook recently on like, oh, interesting, are you, are you surveilling me or you like you want to be friends again or something?

But yeah, but but the stuff works right, so I don’t, I don’t even care if it came from this source and that source, but if it just keeps working for me and working for my people then I’m very happy to to help people in that respect and now to train the coaches out there. So thanks to the pandemic, instead of laying down and dying, I decided okay, I said God, what could I create right now, that would be both sustaining to myself and a value to those out there that are going through what they’re going through right now very quickly decided I didn’t want to work with anyone normal, sorry, but you know, you’re not gonna like me anyway, you’re gonna you’re gonna find out and you’re gonna unfriend me or text me or answer me, so, and I feel really passionate about helping the truth community because you know, we are in higher energy but we’re stuck as the low energy, right?

Falling on the feet right? It feels like it’s and it’s it’s necessary. It’s almost like a bridge right now and it’s, it’s a the Sardinha, right? It’s not even, it’s the our, our mission, you know, whatever this is is happening because I had no idea. I had no idea. I didn’t know that any of this was gonna happen, right? Just to let go and let God kind of deal. Um and to watch it blow and to meet people like you and like we’ve known of you for two years now or whatever, like um when it all went down like because matt, right?

I know matt and then then you guys have watched, you got in. So um, it’s a beautiful thing to watch. And I know people think it’s crazy when you’re like 2020 was the best thing ever, right? But it what it was, we didn’t know we had the problems right now. People are at least aware that there’s problems, right? Um and I you can’t say everybody because they’re still just completely mind controlled people who are, I guess still just stuck in the child, that child state uh, with the child archetype as you would put it, right?

And I think in the beginning that’s what you were kind of saying is they’re just kind of, you know, hide my eyes and they can’t see me or you know what I mean? I’m just gonna close my ears and no, don’t say anything, I don’t want to know anything. Just, it’s gonna be over soon. Um hmm. Exactly. Yeah. There’s that you’re always on the hero’s journey. You’re either refusing the call or you’re accepting the call. Kind of only two options. And yes, you’re, you’re bang on with that child that they’re like, no, God, that sounds dangerous.

I won’t do that. I can’t do that. Not a very scary. I’m comfortable. I might, I know I’m in a cage, but I have a comfortable cage. That’s it. That’s, that’s how do we free the, that’s our main on the mission of the freedom people is to free the individual, right? And because like you said in the beginning to, is your cup has to flow with over you, you can’t be lacking and then try and help other, right? It’s not an outside in, it’s inside out everything.

The title field, like we talked, everything is an inside outward movement, not outside in, that’s why if you’re looking without, you’ll always be without right? And so it’s, it’s again, it’s just beautiful to be able to have these conversations. Um, because we’re connecting with these people. Like, and I was in a lot of spiritual communities to where it was the same thing or it was just like there they, they lost it. It was like complete lost it. And I was like, what are you doing? Like your, what are you doing?

You know, they started chastise, right? It was like that whole acceptance and, and um, you know, it went right out the window very quickly. Yeah, yeah, I know there were so many people that you thought like, oh man, I thought you would be, I thought you’d get it, you didn’t get, you know, and even people saying to me, oh beth I thought you were spiritual and I expected more from you and all this kind of stuff, Oh, freedom, the dirty word, You’re saying the word. How did that become a dirty word right now?

You’re a racist, What are you talking about? I want freedom for everybody, You know what I mean? Right. Right. Exactly. Exactly. No, it came a point. I mean, I’m I’m taking in less media now than I ever have in my whole life because I’m in high speed creation mode and it’s good for me. I’m yeah, I’m not get right. Exactly. Exactly. And that’s where, you know, because it’s it’s good that rebel energy is good. You can’t, you have to stand up to bullies, right? If you don’t stand up to a bully, they are going to keep going.

I’m dealing with somebody in my life right now like that I’m getting attacked and uh and you know, it’s like, okay, I don’t want to do this and I don’t I don’t want to spend my time this way. I was up till four am grumbling responding writing specific letters and notaries and all this kind of stuff and but I know that if I don’t do it now, I’m just putting off the next attack or you know, the next whatever and it’ll be worse, right? And that’s where you gotta stand your ground.

And that’s where the strength and stuff like you’re saying, and having that rebel and war your strength kinda, you gotta have that to, to get to push through a lot of this because a lot of us aren’t that way. Like I never thought I’d ever sue anybody in my entire life beth ever, once you realize that that’s how the system works, that’s that’s, that’s, it’s called a civil complaint. That’s, it’s just a formal complaint that you get somebody to do and they didn’t hold up their end of the bargain, right?

And especially in this, uh, public versus private and then approaching on all of our stuff, it’s an essential part of things, right? It’s and so like we have, we’ve had to kind of bulk it up a little bit, you know, and be be a little firm and, and stand in that ground. And so you, you would say that’s the warrior kind of part, right? Because now are all of them just merging together all the time. You know what I mean? Because it’s, it’s like, that’s the must be the Holy Eight or whatever, right?

I mean something that, that’s all there to that can get you through anything, right? I mean that’s the creation and the being able to stand up and all kind of simultaneously where it starts to break down into the now now now kind of deal nicely said Yes, exactly, and I mean, you do master, you can increasingly master the inner realm and and then, so rather than the programming, say, you know, if you consider an archetype to be a certain level of programming, instead of it, using you as if it’s your enemy and working against you, you consciously use it.

You know, I often think of God’s palate a little of this color and a little of that color and we’ll throw in a little king with that warrior just in case something is going to fall. We need some, you know, foundation and ability and really taking care of people and stuff. So yeah, it is an immensely complex realm that that’s what, you know, nearly dying and laying down for three years had me see this inner world as as almost overwhelmingly complex. And so that’s why it became my mission to simplify so that people wouldn’t have to be motivated by their death, right?

Maybe you can be motivated sooner. Maybe you can just hear somebody else’s story and be motivated knowing you’re going to face hard things in life and it’s always better to do the work before you’re under duress. There’s no given that you’re going to be successful, You know, I was dying. Most people in my situation wouldn’t have had a breakthrough because you don’t have the energy. You don’t have the ability to just move freely in your life and access resources. And you know, most people disappeared from my life and all of those kind of strikes against me.

But I think my desire for freedom was was strong enough that it pulled me and I was highly motivated to crack the code, right? It’s all code. And if you can get that, then all of a sudden you have that map. You’ve got patterns, you’ve got things to follow every time I have a really bad situation out there. I’m like, okay, I know I can find it here somewhere. And it’s not that I’m causing it. It’s that I have programming running that cooperates with it. That’s a match with it, right?

So, um now it’s not to say people can’t be perpetrated and that victim, true victims don’t exist. They do right? When a child gets harmed. And it’s no, they get I don’t know if you can say that bad word here, but you know, like there, so that’s real. But there’s also comes a point where there’s choice, unconscious choice to cooperate and things like um Stockholm syndrome, right? Where you start actually siding with perpetrators because it seems safer because you’re so far away from your creator and your source of true existence, which is beyond safety.

It’s it’s not even a question, then you’re so vulnerable, you’re kind of evacuated. Like you, like you said, when, when the direction of attention is out, it means the direction of your power is out. But if you’ve got it here, then you can start to say, okay, where is that in me? And that, you know, I’ve looked at really ugly things. I didn’t want to look at that. I’m sure we’ve all been through that stage where you’re just like, oh, pedophilia and child trafficking and all of this kind of thing and and letting it be the motivation to, to go inside and heal myself, not to necessarily find the cause, but I have been shocked to find what Is here, right?

It’s first of all, it’s a circus. 2nd of all, you know, I’ve been very fortunate to have coaches that were absolutely nonjudgmental and the, you know, the things you find in yourself and like that, you know, the hate and the desire to kill, right? That’s a big part of the programming. You’re, you’re afraid to die or you’re the perpetrator and you flip right? The right scared people are scary people. That’s right. That’s it. Exactly. So you, you somehow unconsciously feel right to attack and harm other. It’s amazing.

We don’t kill each other a lot more programming. That’s going on there, Right? Seriously? Especially I, I, I I was, I was thinking back, I mean back on it. We’re still in it. But you know, yeah, I, I’m impressed. Um, how everybody held it together as well as they did because it was that that was pretty gnarly again, trying to they make us believe we’re not nature and that we’re against ourselves. And then all of the recommendations were to keep you even further away from nature, right?

But on a mass lock yourself indoors, don’t go around, don’t distance from others. Right? It’s like, wow, what a mind. And people survived and and and did pretty good. I mean, aside from the jabber, jabber is, you know what I mean? I mean, who knows what? I don’t know. Uh Bless the souls everywhere, you know? Um That’s their that’s their journey. Everybody has their thing. It’s a beautiful thing, whatever it is. I just give gratitude every day that I have. Like what you have that burning desire for ultimate freedom and it only comes from inside.

Yes, exactly. Fully installed everything we need already here. Like you said that no matter where you are in the thing, it’s an immediate gateway, right? The longest journey will ever take is 18″, right? And that’s the average space from the head to the heart. Right? The average distance. So it’s I think that’s good. I can’t remember Heart Math Institute all those. Yeah. So the same with you, I had to find my way through through the suffering. The suffering is what what pushes you to find something different and we can call it something different, right?

Pain uh the illusion of pain even right? I mean like you said, it’s it’s if we can change our mindset that has a lot, it helps, it helps get through some pretty pretty bad things. And then like you said also to have that purpose. What is your why that’s gonna get you through and you know, plumbing in that, implementing that in your relationships, implementing that in your business and everything. What is your why start there? Why are we even doing this? Because if you don’t have that then we’ll just go sit down and find wait till you find something that you are passionate that you have a why behind Right?

Exactly. Yeah. So all of that self mastery comes with, you know, a great deal of work and responsibility. But the reward is enormous and and immediately self evident. There’s no sitting around waiting to see is it going to work or not? It’s one of those like to go to somebody to ask them, is that right? There is no more rabbi. You don’t go to the they’re not gonna there’s no more of that. Right? Oh you tell me, am I am I here yet? My my spiritual good. Exactly. Exactly.

And that I mean, another gift of the pandemic is you’re just like, oh my gosh, nothing’s real can’t trust anyone. And it was just straight to God. That’s all I got. That’s it. That’s the only real thing and and and again, what a gift. So yeah, that, that mastery and uh, and I could never have predicted. But all of the, as you know, that we’ve gone deep into the law rabbit hole. I didn’t want to do that. Have no interest in it. I really don’t know. I never wanted to do this.

We do PMS and Trust, We set up Foreign Express Trust and PMS for private ministerial associations. We do ministerial ministry. So, so yeah, no, I never, ever, ever my two least favorite things law and finance and now I’m smack dab in this here. It’s crazy. I I had no idea honored to be serving though. Right? It’s to say like I’m honored to be here. I’m, I’m, yeah, I’m, every day I’m, I’m in awe of what’s happening. Oh, that’s amazing to hear that you’re no stranger to the private domain, which is so hidden.

And uh, I was fortunate, I mean I did, I think 216, 17 interviews in two years and I was just pounding the pavement, looking for solutions. I don’t know, like really insane, insane, but like somebody holds some keys and I need and very quickly also realized, oh, looking for a guru, no bad approach. Just, you know, some everyone has something to offer, discovered a ton of controlled up and all this sideways, you know, part way forward. And I had a big talk about what sideways means to meet him with my son the other day.

And, and, and then was able to really come up against a clear direction, I never thought I would have because I would go to bed with this big question mark on my head. Wake up with that question mark in my head. But then, um, it was through the work of Jacqueline Milne who she came to me as a student and then she trained with me as a coach. I got to know her and every time she opened her mouth, I’m like leaning and going, I need to talk to you, oh, I need to interview you.

And I started getting to know her. She’s an expert in regenerative agriculture. She started a Northwest farming trade institute to help the Denny grow food for themselves. Now she did it as an incorporated non profit. So has a huge amount of experience in the hell of that bureaucracy. The public side. Exactly. And threw it has rediscovered, you know, because it’s not new, but the private domain that you’re aware of. And she’s certified to help people to create PMS. She saw it as a path. And I joined with her and she helped me to create my ministry and many other people are creating ministries around us.

Like they’re just blooming, she has super, super high integrity with the meaning and the purpose behind it. You know, there’s a lot of people out there. Oh, just flip your business from public to private and you’re good. It’s like, no, that’s not that’s not what it’s about. That’s not the the true purpose that will make you vulnerable to getting taken down, right? But if we got to really know what you’re doing. Exactly. I have so much integrity and so much authenticity to to be an authentic P. M. A. That is there to serve the people to create opportunities for basic needs to get back to get met to actually take pressure off the public.

Like every day I’m congratulating myself. I don’t use the medical system. I don’t I haven’t been to a grocery store barely in in in a month now just with all my connections and my garden and a farm we need more of that. I know I know it’s so empowering. You know it’s just at the grocery store today. So it’s not like I never go but I know it’s it’s moving towards that it doesn’t all happen right now. And that’s a big lesson for people is they feel disempowered because they’re like it’s overwhelming.

Just take that first step, whatever that means. You know what I mean? Uh make plant your first plant, you know whatever that means to you because we can start somewhere and you can be empowered in taking those little those little bites right out of the elephant. Exactly. Exactly. That was one of my my most beautiful discoveries about the private domain is that first of all, totally archetypal. So we talked about. You know the predator, the prey, masculine, feminine, public, private, identical archetypes right? Like. So it’s, it’s in there.

It’s in nature. It’s in, it’s all over the bible, which I wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for Jackie because she’s got a superpower with reading that book. And uh, and so you can capitalize on the natural growth that happens in the private because it’s favored God favors it, right? The, the, you know, the predator, uh, compared to the prey or the public. It’s not wrong to have the public. It’s just so grossly out of balance. We need to now build the private, the private used to take care of all of society, health, education, land, food, you know, all of those basic things that keep us in the fabric of life.

And, and now they’ve all been handed over to the beast and very badly handled over there. So it’s, it’s time to assume responsibility and say, okay, my part of civilization isn’t going to go down. I’m gonna be here holding up the, the fort and I’m going to create a space for people. So my ministry is brand new. It’s like a sprout actions. Now that’s amazing. We love hearing that because yeah, we, we need to, this needs to replace all of the attorneys. We have, everybody needs to take back their powers.

That’s a big thing that we, we say here is that we’ve given all of our power away. Everything for religion, law finances. I mean everything education. No, you’re responsible from education. Actually know your, you go again, go to a doctor. Somebody doesn’t live in your body. You’re gonna go ask them to tell you how you feel and what you should do. And then if spirituality, it’s dang dang, sure, not here, Right? No, no. It’s it’s we gotta go ask this rabbi or somebody over there. Then, you know what I mean?

We’ve given all of it away. So these were seeing everybody take back these, these, these powers. And that’s why I had no idea. I’ve been in this this space. No idea at all. But again, honored to serve and, and uh, and yeah, once you know, you’re exactly right. It is, it is the beast. It’s the predator and the prey. And and we we living souls are the only thing that create anything. So, so they have to be predators, right? By nature, by nature, the corpse orations, right?

They they’re dead entities. They don’t create banks don’t create money. We think they do. They don’t, we do. We walk in, we sign, we create that money. Right? And so the economy has been hijacked as well. And that’s where they’ve they’ve put that that that belief in lack, right? And that, you know, we have more than anything and everything is already because we imagine it to be we are the energy source that happens, right? Like they don’t come and fix our roads. And that’s always a big argument.

Well, if you stop doing that, well then they would, you know, No. Yes. We the people build those roads like, you know what I mean? Is that your president or whoever comes? No, not at all. Right. So, yeah, it’s a beautiful thing. Thank you so much. This has been, um, by far one of my favorite talks. Um, it’s been an honor, a pleasure to be able to speak with you. Um, you please explain to everybody how that we can get a hold of you and find you and please shamelessly plug everything.

Please thank you. I appreciate that. There’s so much. No. Beautiful. Take your time. Yeah. So if you visit Free will ministry dot live, I was pretty happy to get that extension. I know it’s live, but I just turned it into live and bring on the live. Yeah. Yeah. Then you can find that’s my home page where you can find just a little bit about my, you know, my story where I’m coming from. And uh, and there’s a link there to the application to join the ministry. The House of Free Will.

It is by application only. And I go through very manually read every single word of every single application. Consider it is this a right fit and, and potential relationship because as you already know, uh, you know, compared to the legal side where everything is made real with paper and documents in the private side. It’s made real with people and relationships and, and and the actual association. The real thing. The real deal. Right? So it’s a relationship where you actually have to talk to them. It’s not the faceless sort of thing.

Yeah, exactly. You get to know people and you get to work with people and you’re going to run into people problems. It’s just one of those inevitable things. We’re gonna have to grow up to the next level and start actually getting along finding out how to, you know, handle our own disputes. That’s the thing that we’ve always gone to the public anyway. That’s another subject rabbit hole. But yeah, so you can apply to the ministry, you know, be patient with me because sometimes the applications come a little faster, but but I see them all.

And my assistant is the one who reaches out to say yes, beth would love to have you join the House of Free will and she’ll send you the agreement languages four pages like the there’s there’s a lot to read there, but it’s all very on point. I I wrote it carefully so that it’s super clear. You know, there’s no ambiguities in there whatsoever. Um, so then, you know, people can start to get educated. The vast majority of people don’t know the private, they just don’t know. It’s so hidden from us.

So, a big part of my role in the, in the outset is going to be just educating people um fellowship really important, we just had our first fellowship meeting on Tuesday, amazing, I’m still so filled with that, I so need that in my life, especially like with the volume of work that I do, I need to ground down into the basic spiritual principles and and as I mentioned, I do coaching, I offer coaching, so people who want to work one on one or in groups or courses, I also have graduated coaches that are now coming into the ministry and starting to help others because there’s often more than I can handle myself um the journey code coaching certification program is based on my book, teaching people how to help others with the tools of deprogramming, basic principles of coaching, how to read and coach with archetypes so that they can take that as you know potential profession in their life if they want to uh switch out of a job that was crappy for them or you know maybe they got demanded to do things out of integrity for them and they want to be more independent if they want to give of their gifts, it’s a beautiful thing, say you’re an artist or you are serving a healer or serving people in some way and you want to bring that into a coaching practice, this is a perfect place to bring all of your talents and skills together, like the Alchemist does bring things, brings things uh what seems separate together and it’s a seven month program when I sat and created this, I literally didn’t know if in seven months we were gonna have currency or internet or zoom or you know, anything would exist at that point.

So it was a leap of faith just to create that and now I’ve done it three rounds, so I feel like I’ve created 21 months of reality, which is amazing. And then the fourth Yeah, yeah, exactly, it’s just like, okay, God, I’m taking the leap here, I’m hoping there’s gonna be some ground when I walk over there and there has been so yeah, the fourth one starts october 14th, I’m not sure when you’re running this podcast, but if people hear about it in time and just knock on my door, there’s a contact form on my, on my website, even the application page or email me beth at beth martin dot com and if you wanna have a chat about that Yeah, it’s, it’s got to be right for you, you do have to be a member of the ministry, so I do a little bit of vetting to make sure that that’s the case and yeah, it’s super fun, it’s the most fulfilling work ever for me to pass on my skills and know that I’m not going to die with them inside me.

Yeah, in the law, guilt of the house of free will also, there’s a workshop coming up with, if you’re familiar with Brett fountain, he’s the co host of rule of law radio. And so he’s going to do a private member only workshop on how to do bar grievances. It’s been a hot topic, right? Because that’s when, you know, if you’ve got a prosecutor on your tail or you’ve got yourself had a lawyer that didn’t, you know, took advantage of you thinking you don’t know the rules and how to turn it on, you know, a judge or a lawyer or prosecutor so that you can hold them accountable to the really good rules in the public right there.

It’s mostly good rules. It’s all made for us for the people. But if we don’t know it right, it’s being so severely abused and they run roughshod over people. And like Alphonse was saying in an interview I did yesterday, just like always talks about the monkeys, oh here comes the monkey, let’s say make the monkey dance. And then we’ll send the monkey to the cashier and then the monkey will be on their way. And uh and then, you know, Alphonse shows up and puts those monkeys in their place and it’s uh yeah, so I’m pretty, I’m pretty happy to be able to offer that even though it’s not my first passion, the private and and the creative side is my primary passion helping people heal into program.

But the law thing, I just feel like I can’t look away like you, it was, it’s one of those things that it’s gained a lot of momentum. I’ve got a Canadian court procedure group for any Canadian listeners that you have in particular because there’s a lot of law guys in the US and not so much here in Canada. So we’ve got a couple of good resources shout out to Amanda. Reading has helped people a lot stand for these helped people jane jane scarf and Rebecca Sheppard. And many people have contributed to our groups and many people have grown their skills because they were behind the eight ball, had the tickets or the situation in their life that made them have to get knowledgeable and skillful dr graves who created the jurisdiction every course have had him on my show a few times.

His course is excellent and everybody says they get value from that. Uh and um so yeah, that’s what’s in on the immediate horizon. There’s, there’s so much that I want to create instantly, but it’s one step at a time. Just let this grow organically as well. Divine timing. You can, if you’re interested, you can also get a copy of my book at my, at my website uh the King Hero’s Journey podcast is the other thing that I often forget to mention. It’s like too obvious or something, but there’s no, there’s no schedule for it.

It just comes up when I’ve got a good guest or I feel inspired. I do. I do some streams from my garden. I’ve been looking at regenerative agriculture in this last year and did my garden in a regenerative way. So I’ve been documenting how that’s been working for me and the whole wood chips in every direction and watching the life explode in in a little piece of land that I that I garden on here. And uh yeah I think that’s I think that’s pretty much it. Okay. Beautiful.

Well it has been amazing. Um We really do appreciate um and honor you and everything, all your service. Um We need a lot more warriors uh if we can use that archetype for now out there to have that the gumption to stand up and do what’s. Right. Thank you Beth Amen. Thank you. Thank you for having me. I’m honored. Yes. Alright. We’ll speak again. Thank you. Look forward to it by

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