April 13, 2021

F.E.A.R. – False Evidence Appearing Real

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“We have nothing to FEAR but FEAR itself.” -Somebody that knew F.E.A.R. – False Evidence Appearing Real

Show Notes


What’s going on? All you lovely Freedom people out there and welcome to today’s rant on the Freedom People podcast. I’m your host brad today. I’m gonna be talking about here. Yeah, super scary stuff. But before we do I want to to text in no fear. That’s the word. I want you to text in the word. No fear into this number (844 992 3733. That’s 8449923733. And we’re gonna send you out today’s show notes and maybe we can learn a little bit more about how to handle some of this fear. Come on, let’s go. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah, false evidence appearing real. Again, false evidence appearing real. Currently we were being led around by your nose hairs because of this invisible boogeyman write about anything and everything right and anybody scared, boogie man, boogie man. People are dying in the streets everywhere. Everybody’s didn’t know actually the same people have died Past four or 5 years. Uh go do the research yourself now because we choose fear over love. There’s really only two opposing forces out there by the way in the universe and our multiverse. And that is fear or love. And at every moment we have a choice. We have that choice to choose between fear and love. You understand this? Yeah, I think everybody does moment to moment. That’s what we’re doing. Whether we realize it or not, and if we don’t choose, it’s going to be chosen for us. What that means is that we’re not aware enough to make these conscious choices, then that means that we’re going to be led around again by our nose hairs and just follow whatever seems to be the main narrative, just because that’s how we fit in. That. It’s a it’s a survival mechanism that we have as as as a species as humans is that we tend to try and fit in just to survive again. We’re choosing fear or love and every split second of every moment actually, billions of times per second. But we can’t perceive any of that. Our conscious minds cannot perceive any of that. Our soul bodies can our light bodies can perceive that that changing of billions of times per second, but our conscious mind can barely perceive or remember anything. Uh thank goodness, right? It’s pretty amazing skill to have as humans, the skill that we’re basically able to forget pretty much everything that we come into contact with and everything that we do perceive. Now. I’m not saying that healthy fear does not exist because it absolutely does, right. We also know that fear has a tendency to put an imprint into our consciousness or into our memory, just like when you were a little kid and you’d burn yourself on the hot stove or the campfire that would imprint in the memory into so that you would think twice before you did that again, right, It would trigger something. Now, next time we’re aware we’re conscious, we’re thinking right, that fear now, that fear right there, That’s a good fear. That’s healthy fear. Well, we’re talking about here today is fear, quote unquote masquerading around. Excuse me, let me put that a better way. What we’re talking about here today is this false evidence appearing real or false evidence that’s masquerading around as fear. Right again, we’ve been sold on this belief that there’s dead bodies piling up in the street every night. She’s not the case. Again, we do have a healthy fear and that healthy fear is not what we’re talking about here. This is an irrational fear that we’ve got, we’ve drummed up this boogeyman, this invisible boogeyman, which I think the boogeyman is invisible anyway, so probably a little redundant anyway. And this is the fear that’s breaking apart the fabric of who we are as a society, as a consciousness, as a species. Let me ask you a question. What do you think is going to happen if you stand up for yourself right now and say no, I do not comply. All those thoughts that are running through your mind right now. That is the false evidence appearing real, quote unquote fear that we’re speaking of right now. It’s that little running devil mind in there to to to to to to to to chatter chatter chatter. And this is the voice that we tend to listen to most of the time. This is also known as the human ego and is fear based now, what’s something else that we have at our disposal? That is super duper, ultra strong, Even stronger than that? Crazy little pesky ego, our heart, that’s why I always say no, thy self, even stronger than the ego is our heart, and we can get into our heart at any time, it’s ours, it’s in our body and once you’re in your heart, that fear no longer has control over you. So get into your body, get into your heart and from this place, Fear cannot lead you around by the dang nose hairs and this is something that we’re going to have to overcome as an individual person. On an individual level, this is something that has to change from the inside out, just like everything else. Everything comes from the inside out. Fear, love, jealousy, Everything inside out. This is an individual. Practice a moment to moment. This is an individual practice, a moment to moment. Individual practice with yourself. And you’re doing it every moment. Whether you know it or not, we may not have ever chosen love in our past, we might be riddled in fear. The good thing about that is we have the next moment and the moment after that, and the moment after that we always have the choice in every moment, which is the now the only moment that really ever exists. You have the choice to get back into your body and feel the truth again. You choose. Yeah. Mhm.


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