April 19, 2021

Correct Your Status – Common Law

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Ever heard about correcting your status? Listen to today’s podcast and find out what that means and how to get started!

Show Notes

Diane Light joined us in the studio for a very important conversation about the ultimate freedom, becoming sovereign. Listen to learn where the saying “that baby is worth its weight in gold” came from!

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Hello, all you lovely Freedom People out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the Freedom People podcast. I’m your host badly. Freedom Today’s show is about correcting your status away from the United States fictitious corporation and bring yourself back to the land. Today’s guests in the studio is Diane a light and she is the Maricopa county recorder uh, here in the great state of Arizona. This is such a wonderful conversation and very informative about how we can really start to take our freedoms back because here on the Freedom People podcast, you know that that’s what we’re all about now.

Before we get started, what I need you to do is grab your phone text in the keyword Land1, That’s the word land and the number 12844 9923733 That’s 8449923733 text in that keyword Land1. And we’ll send you out today’s show notes. Come on, let’s go. Mm. Uh huh. Yeah mm. So yeah, so we’re gonna talk about all kinds of amazing things today. I really um I have a lot of questions. I know it really does and we’ll try and keep it an hour. Um but if not we’ll do more if that’s okay because it’s this is an ongoing conversation I’m finding and more and more people that I talked to about it.

Um more and more questions come up, right, just because it’s we’re trying to um change the way people think and not just think but their core belief systems, right? These indoctrination. That’s a tall order for anything, anybody for sure change that conditioning that we’ve all fallen under because it’s not just your lifetime of conditioning, it’s your parents and their parents and their parents that that genetically gets passed on to you because jeans, each cell has a memory so each of those cells remembers that kind of thing.

All right, awesome. Yeah it is deep. One thing I learned this weekend spending time with my mother is how much I have grown. Isn’t that great. That’s really great. Good for you. Yeah. So in the studio today we have Emily and we also have Diane light. Diane, our guest Diane. Uh do you want to tell people who you are a little bit about yourself? Right. I go by the name of Diane a light and I am a living woman spent a lot of my life searching for who I was searching for truth in a lot of different ways.

and about 20 years ago I came across a group. I will not tell you the name of the group because of an NDA but I can tell you that Tony was the leader of that group and introduced me to the concept of the straw man and what had happened and that changed my life. It really did change my life. Can you go into the straw man a little bit more? Oh, you want to do that now? I don’t know, Maybe not. Maybe it’s not the time, you know, you tell me, I mean, yeah, let’s just kind of do that because he’s into it.

I have a problem of digressing anyway and kind of going off the script which we don’t have, we don’t have a script, we really don’t at all, but that’s that’s why we like to keep it loose. These are fireside freedom chats, kind of, you know what I mean? It’s less interviewing and more like, you know, genuine questions and that’s why the people that I have on and stuff are people that I legit want to speak to, um, that we do. And these are, uh, it’s not just I want to talk to, but I think it’s super important for this information to get out.

Well, I spent a lot of my adult life as doing some healing work. I had a practice and did some healing work. And Then when I found this group, I just wanted to tell everybody, I wanted to tell everybody about the straw me. I wanted to tell everybody about how screwed we were and what happened to us. And I was so excited to tell everybody. And that was in 2009 and I pulled over. I pulled over. I asked this friend of mine who’s an elderly gentleman. I said, Ron I got to talk to you.

I just found this out. And I want to tell you, I think it’s my path to tell people this. And he listened and listened and listened. And then he looked at me and he said, well, that’s really great. So you’re going to tell people how screwed they are and how they’ve been screwed over and stuff. Then how are you gonna then, what can they do about it stopped me dead in my tracks because I had no answer for that. I had no answer of what the remedy was at that time in 2009.

He said, you do not tell people where they’re at and how bad it is unless you can tell them that there is some hope or that there’s a some kind of remedy, because all you’re gonna do is in sight more fear. So I just stopped it. I dropped it. I didn’t do any more kind of went on with my own life and kind of, you know, kept doing my thing. And um, I ended up using, uh, on the back of the Social Security cards from my generation.

There was a letter and some numbers and that’s, that’s the letter tells you where your Federal Reserve Bank account is held, that’s in your living people, name in your as a living people, no, not as a corporation, but as a living people. And um, that, that’s my money, that’s my account that was stolen from me. Right. And I’ll get into more about that later because I think it’s a fascinating story that Tony told us. But I had just bought a little Pt cruiser And I made my 1st $200 payment on it.

And then I thought, hey, what do I have to lose? So I was with us a that’s where the loan was. So I went to my website, the website and I put the number in and I think I either put the couple of zeros at the front end or a couple of zeros on the back end. So there was enough numbers they’re expecting to get the screen back that said, oh you’ve added an account, we’re going to have to make a couple of deposits and verify this account. Mhm.

Which would stop me dead in my tracks right because I can’t get into the Federal Reserve Bank to look at my account. And uh but a screen came back and said, congratulations, you just added a viable and verifiable bank account. You can now use it. So I did. I did. I used it on my car. I used it on some credit cards. I never check. It was like a blank check. Yeah. I used it on everything two days later I got a letter from the USa, a bank said congratulations, you paid off your car, we’re so proud of you, your titles on its way.

And then I had the title by the end of the week Wow and 99 possession is 99 of the law. So I now had my car and possession. So I paid $200 for this car and had it for quite a while. So I knew that the system worked. I knew that I wasn’t being told lies at that point and so I just stayed up with it as much as I possibly can. Um The group went dark. Uh everything in that group that I was in got really quiet. No, there was no communication.

I filled out gossips, I’ve filled out you C. C. S. I filled out revocation taxes, I filled out all that, but I have no idea if any of that was filed. You know we we passed it on to somebody and that’s it. So Fast forward. Um I moved to Arizona in 2012 and when I had a friend in that group that I stayed friends with and we talked quite a bit and he’s very good with common law. He’s very good with being able to go to courts and help people in courts.

That’s not my expertise. I’m gonna tell you right now. Don’t even ask me about that stuff would start talking about paperwork like that. My head starts spinning around. Uh Yeah things could come out of my mouth that yeah, you don’t want to see. So that’s not my expertise. I know where my expertise is at and that’s where I focus in my gifts, right? But he told me Diane, the republic has been restored In 2018 and I was so excited. Oh my gosh, we’ve been waiting for this for so long.

So I started watching the news because I was waiting for somebody to announce it. Because one thing that, that we were told that can be validated as No matter what happened to us in the 1600s and how what things were stolen from us. The common law, universal law says that a law cannot be put into effect unless it’s publicly announced. Okay. Okay. So I’m waiting for a public announcement. Yeah. Okay, Well that never came. So a couple of years ago he introduced me to the Arizona Republic, the Arizona Assembly, which is the group that has expatriated and has set up the assemblies in the territory.

Als districts. I don’t know if districts is the right word. There’s a, there’s a thing about words rad and Emily, that is a whole, I mean, wrapping your head around, we’re so conditioned, right when you live on the land and you work and your in common law, there’s no titles because title is nobility and it puts you into a corporate status or a status of nobility. We were all free men and women. So, so I apologize right now because I do slip back into that old conditioning.

I mean, you know, I’m an old lady, so it’s like, I’m not really an old lady, that’s a state of mind, but you know, I’ve been around for a while, so that conditioning is very deep. Sure. So anyway, so I was introduced to um some people and I guess vetted through conversation and somehow I ended up the Maricopa chairwoman. What was the coordinator now? Word? The chairwoman, Chairman and chairwoman. So then from there I was elected in as a recording secretary and notoriety to witness. So that’s my background and that’s how I got here.

Been studying it for a long time. Um It’s a lot of studying and when you start getting into the the details of the forms and stuff, like if you start studying at that level, it’s very overwhelming. And unless your brain works that way. And so if you’re like me, you just need to know the story. You need to know what happened in layman’s terms, right? And then you can go and you can validate all of this. This is this has all been there. Sure. So, I guess in in short, real quick, like, I guess to kind of start on on what what is common law, because that’s I know that that’s really the big question I always get first, especially with someone who’s new to it, right?

Just fresh off, right? Like, no, no idea what is common law. Well, when this country was started in the 1600s, we expatriated, we left Britain supposedly to start a sovereign company country. And in that sovereign country, each man and each woman and every baby born would have an amount of money set aside for them to take care of them. And at that time it was gold or silver. You know, we didn’t have Federal Reserve notes, didn’t have somebody cranking out the paper. Right? So and then there was a barter system.

So you you each had a certain amount of money set aside for you. And that money was to take care of your food, your clothing, and your education and your housing for the rest of your life. That’s that’s that sovereign living, living being on the land, man or a woman. And what was interesting, one of the stories that we were told was that each baby had certain amount of gold put aside for them. So here you have like, let’s say it was 684,000 dollars worth of gold. That’s what’s going to take care of this child throughout their life.

And so when a baby was and it weighed so much, weighed so much whatever that was or whatever it was, whatever the way it was. And then when the baby was born, that weighed the same amount as the goal that was put aside for them, the saying came out, he’s worth his weight in gold. Uh That’s cool. That’s cool. That’s really cool. So right after that was all put into effect and right after that was all, you know, kind of going and we’re clipping along and stuff that Mhm.

The good old boy, I calm the good old boys because I don’t really know who they are, The draconian. I mean the deep state that we know different words to for them now. But the good old boys I called them came together and said these people can’t do this, they’re too stupid. They don’t know how to govern themselves. They know how to take care of themselves. We’ll just take that money and we’ll just put that money aside and then we’ll just dole it out to them. You know, we’ll take care of them so they don’t have to worry about.

It will be their keepers, will be their keepers. Yeah, it was our sugar daddies. Yeah. It wasn’t that nice of uh sugar daddies. So that’s kind of what happened. And then, you know, I might, my gift is not remembering a lot of numbers. I can remember conversations, but I don’t remember numbers and dates. So I’m not going to use numbers and dates any more than I have to. But the we won’t hold you to a civil war came about. And the civil war was supposed to be about slavery. Right. Right. Right.

Isn’t that what we thought the civil war? Yeah. Right. It was supposed to be about slavery and freeing the slaves. But in actuality, it was all about the money. Who’s gonna, yes, it always goes down to the money, but it was who’s gonna, who’s gonna have the Federal Reserve In the north or the south. And how many of those federal reserve banks are going to beware? So all these states are vying for the Federal Reserve’s 12, several federal river. There’s 12 federal reserve banks. And um, and broke up by your last name. Right.

And it’s kind of, I don’t know, I’m reading this guy right here. Have you seen this book before? Know who’s it by? David E. Robinson. Yourself. Credit. Give yourself the listeners. Oh, yeah. Give yourself credit. Money doesn’t grow on trees by David Robinson, but he’s he’s got all in here. Yeah, we’ll put it in the notes. Oh, by the way, if you do want to sign up and get the notes for the show, what you need to do is text in the key word Land one. Because we’re calling it land one, because back to the land and, uh, one because this is our first conversation.

But, uh, yeah. Texting the keyword Land one Land one. Okay. To the phone number 8449923 That’s 8449923733 And then we’ll send out today’s show notes so you can learn more about all of this. Amazing, amazing this. It blew my mind when I first uh remember learning about it. It was about It was 2003 2004. Is when I first, that’s when I kind of put the Federal Reserve Bank together. That was when I first got speaking of the banks back to the Civil War. So so what happened was that the the guys came in and said, look, we can we can do better than this.

Like we’ll create this whole central bank called the Federal Reserve and we’ll start printing money whenever you need money, we’re just printed for you and we can do this. But we need to pull the gold back from the people. So they put out this call to people, bring us your gold, we’re in war. We need the gold to fund the war. So all these trusting people that thought the government was there for them for them Gave all their gold away jewelry. So was that was that the 1933 gold or was this a different time?

You know I mean, I don’t know what’s timing. It was during the Civil War. Oh so people oh in the civil war that they asked for the gold. Okay, so but then in 1933 they also took the gold. That’s when we went off the gold standard. That’s when our dollar officially. But so the Federal Reserve Act was 1913. Right? Yeah. Was was the Federal Reserve Act when the actual bankers finally ah that book right there creature from Jekyll Island. Very good book. Again. Another book we throw in there.

But yeah, it’s it’s it’s very interesting trying to track down how they got actual control because its banks, it’s the banks and all the banks around the world have control of this. So it’s very interesting. But keep going, keep going. We had always had banks. Sure of course of course I’m just talking about the central bank’s so so but the central banks, I mean not the central banks. All the banks like in the westerns that you see in some of those banks, those banks privately owned people, those people banks and you put your gold in there, you put your silver in there, you put your notes in there and greenbacks.

They had greenbacks at one point member and that was that was those were silver certificates I think silver certificates. And but they were all backed by something they were backed by precious metals. Okay yeah, not fake. Exactly. So so then that brings us up to now. So they in the meantime I’m going to go way back again to the beginning. So they took they took this beautiful amazing um I’ve lost my word. This beautiful amazing event when a baby was born. Mhm. And there was that’s a record that’s a record of a birth, right?

And so there would be records of births, that’s what you have and you’d have that. And it was put into your family bible in those days. That’s how it was put in there. We didn’t have a county court register or county recorder. So you put that at birth record in your family bible. And that’s how people kept track of who was born into who and when and all that. Then then somebody had this really great idea of, well let’s just create a birth certificate and we’ll make it a bond.

Uh that’s the enslavement of the humans. That was the enslavement. That was that was when people, I don’t even like the term humans anymore, because you have a question back in the 1600s or so when the baby was worth its weight in gold a concept. So but the family keep all that gold in their home, or was it sword in a bank? Or was it kind of just passed down? Like grandpa died? And so we’ll save that until the next babies born kind of thing, or, you know, Emily, that’s a fabulous question.

And I think that’s a great rabbit hole if you have time to go down, because I don’t know the answer to that at all. I don’t know. I don’t I don’t know control that or whatever. But I do I do know that like, let’s say because remember we didn’t have a federal government, right? So each town was its own government. Each yeah, each state, each town each and they weren’t states then they were territories and a municipality. No, that’s now. But that those are the words I get really this is what we use now.

Yeah, those are words I get really confused about. So I try to stay out of that because its towns and townships, right? Like so about a township. Right? And that’s something with marry town and a territory. You know, you talk about I mean they’re still territory and I think a territory to me sounds more land ish again, you know, and that’s what these conversations are about. Its exploration and that’s what we’re all because we’re all learning this and that’s why again, I’ve got all these books. Yeah.

Where is magic? Yeah. Word magic. That’s a book for everybody, man. Have you know, have you seen that? Have you read that scene that I have not that book? That’s a really good one. That’s in the hole. So the thing is is that how I find out when I make a mistake is with things like this, I’ll say something and somebody will say, oh no, that’s not correct. Okay, correct me. And then I’m happy to be corrected. Well, no. Yeah, because it’s it’s exploration. We’re just we’re just trying to learn. Yeah.

Everybody trying to figure out like, so what I was told is that what you would do is you would keep a tally of all of the monies that you’ve spent. So you would keep a tally of what you spent on on not clothes so much because everybody had to make their clothes, they went to the general store and got the fabric and and how much then they spent on food and how much they spent on their land and how much, you know, all that right? They would keep a tally of it and then they would turn that in and somehow they got credit for that.

I don’t know that. Well, that’s what that’s what this book is about right here. That’s what this is about. Well, it’s about how actual economy should work and about how the that it’s the production the people produce. We are the producers and the consumers. We don’t need the government, first of all, which is the siphon, right? And again, it’s kind of ridiculous when you think about it, you’re like, well, okay, so we have a state government had to talk yesterday with this guy. It was like, okay, so, we have a state government, we have a local government, we have all whatever, right?

But what we do is we pay our money right up to this federal government then, and somehow it’s supposed to come back down to us through all these like ways and benefit us back down to our local and it’s like, it’s kind of ridiculous to think about it that way. Oh my goodness. Yeah, it’s like, it’s like instead of one middleman, you’ve got like thousands of them in between you and what you actually need in your, in your community, you know what I mean? They’re like, oh well that’s local tax and that’s all Bs again, taxation is theft and that people need to get over there, obsession with loving to pay taxes, right?

Everybody says that they hate paying taxes and they would stop if they could. But then you tell them how they can and then they tell you you’re psychopathic, and I’m like, dude, that’s okay, Alright, that’s okay for now because it’s not gonna last forever because now it’s crazy. That’s what I say in 2020, kind of woke a lot of people up now. Much, much more people are willing to listen to the craziness, that is my inner skull well. And what I hear from people my age, right? My generation, it’s they’ve been so conditioned to believe that those taxes actually fix the roads are they actually do what they say, they’re going to do with those taxes.

That and and and there’s this because we’ve been so conditioned in a poverty consciousness. All right. We haven’t been brought up to believe that there is an abundance in the universe that takes care of all lack fear, all after fear. So, it’s like if I don’t pay my taxes, then our roads are going to go to hell, or if I don’t pay my taxes, then I don’t know, we’ll fix our roads. That’s the thing is that, that’s where we really get here on the Freedom of People podcast.

We talk a lot about self responsibility and um, because that’s really what it’s about, right? And again, I grew up on a ranch and so I’m not sure why I maybe that’s part of why I have these kind of, I mean, you just if shit wasn’t right, you just fixed it yourself. You dealt with stuff yourself. You just, I mean, you know what I mean? Nobody came and helped to do things. You just do, you know what I mean? You’re, you’re out there, you do stuff on your own and I would love to instill that.

And more and more people, you know, and think about this. What you, what you just said sparked something in my head to, we have to have insurance. What happens if my house burns down? Well, what happened in a community when people’s house burns everybody get together? Put the water. You get the water. Yeah. And then if it together, exactly if it burns all the way down and then everybody and that’s exactly what I’m saying is like, But again, to your point, we’ve been sold so much fear for so long that people, I mean, people won’t even say hello to their neighbors.

We’ve been here for a while and still haven’t met any of our neighbors. I mean, they’re kind of nice enough of what a wave. But nobody, you know what I mean? Especially with this covid stuff. So whatever people in masks are creepy to me. Yeah. Anyways, zombies. Yeah. Okay. Well, I have my first question first question. Okay, is that cool? We’re gonna, we gotta ask. Okay. The baseline question is what does freedom mean to you? And this is a broad question. I get it. How much time do we have a a again?

We, we can do Yeah, chapters. Man, we got books. We can do chapters. Well, uh, I don’t know that it’s too much different than what most people would think of and read about freedom. You know, the freedom means to me to be free to be me to be free to believe what I believe or know what I know to travel. Two unrestricted embrace to embrace life, right? And that’s freedom to me. And I’ve pretty much live my life like that even though I, I know that there’s been some restrictions, I just ignore them.

Some applause please. I got it right. First time. Usually I’ll do the want want want because it is one of my favorite sounds. We’ll do it later. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of reason to do that. But that’s what freedom right there was that easy. Okay, so that’s, that’s what it means to me. I for some reason grew up and I don’t know that I grew up, it was my house that I grew up in. I just taught this, I don’t, I don’t know that that’s true.

But I’ve always felt the sovereign connection to the earth. And um, You know, I’ve never been a 9-5 or sure I’ve never, I just have never been in the corporate world, just not, that’s not how I’m built. I’m a circle man. I don’t fit in your squares. That’s it. That’s exactly it. Right squares. No matter how much they sand and change things, it just doesn’t fit. So nice. Awesome. That’s a good one. Okay. Uh, now, um, so, and I think maybe maybe next to my next question.

I don’t have it written down but would be like so um maybe really high level view just for curious minds. What is what is what does becoming a sovereign person or what does becoming a person of the land, a woman or a man of the land? What does that mean? Well the bigger picture is that you’ve stepped out of a fake false persona. That is a corporation that put you into a to the same realm as a corporation. So again I told you that I work that I when I was in this other group you could go into a certain website and you can look up your cusip number.

Every single person has a cusiP number. That’s C. U. S. I. P. I. C. Because and I They kind of shut that site down so I don’t know if it’s been opened up again, but I remember going into the Coosa website in 2010 and I find I put my birthdate in there and I found myself bundled as a security Sold like 15 different times with the bundle of people that were born in the same year as me and the year before me. Yeah. And we were sold as securities like, okay, so that’s, so that told me right there that I’m not to them.

I’m not a people, I’m not a real living people. I’m a commodity, a commodity. I’m a sheep ally. I’m a cattle chattel, you know, and to be traded around the world, livestock, livestock. Okay. So picture is coming back to the land. So that is what that is right? And then coming back to the land means, what, what does, what does that mean? I guess. Um, and maybe this kind of roles just over into, how does one accomplish that? Again, high level view. So it’s a, it’s a process and there’s a, there’s, there’s process has been out there for a long time.

People could put in certain forms, but they put them into the municipal county government. So basically you’re putting it right back into the thing, You’re getting out of your giving your slave master saying, hey, here’s my, here’s my, here’s my set me exactly, Okay, I’ll take your money and I’ll file these. Yeah, But now that the republic has been formed. So there’s a woman that I was introduced to many years ago was on Yvonne writes and an even rights is a woman who through, and I don’t know, I don’t know her story well enough to tell her story here.

But the highlights that I remember our, that she threw her husband. He had something to do like with Holland. I think it was a royalty. And they were going through a bunch of she was finding out about this and she’s a she’s a really interesting woman. And she told us the other night on a call that When her mother found out that by signing the birth certificate, she turned her daughter into a corporation, she was a live it and she wrote like a 10 page letter to the Secretary of State or somebody got cussing them out For that.

And so she’s been she’s been doing this for 30 some years and she has found through ah Common Law. So there’s a couple of different dictionaries for Common Law by Blacks Law, which I I have been told isn’t what we thought it was. But there’s other common law dictionaries that talk more about the law of the land. So it’s more lawful, right? Not legal. Legalistic corporation. Lawful is on the land. So when you have, when you’re on the land, you know, there’s certain laws to the land, right?

I don’t mess with you. You don’t mess with me, right? I don’t steal from you. You don’t steal from me. I honor you, You honor me. And there’s a whole lot of stuff like that. And it goes back to Biblical stuff too. You know, the 10 Commandments? Others. It’s a nice easy one. It’s a nice easy one. So, so that that’s what kind of started this. And then she threw her law library and her Common law, what do you call them? Not attorneys, but these guys, they went through with a fine tooth comb and they developed these paperwork, this paperwork to do.

So the paperwork is you expatriate not yourself. So, one of the things we were talking about how, especially guys in the military and you might be able to relate to this because I know you were in the military. They were like, I’m expatriate ng myself. I mean, I put all those years into the military and so I don’t want to erase that. I don’t want to, but nothing erases that. I mean, right? But what you’re doing is you’re not expatriate ng. You, you’re not that name. That name.

In all caps, Your not that name. And all of the expatriation paperwork is all in caps. That’s a corporation, right? And, and maybe we can kind of just hone in on that really quick because I think that that’s, that’s really important, right? Because that’s, that’s another question I have. But it’s what would people, there’s a fear. And again, this is, this is what we’re trying to do here through these conversations is alleviate a lot of fears and misunderstandings. And um, yeah, and all of us, right? Because you know, again, you’re just, it’s drilled into your head for so long that these are the way things are.

And if you don’t have your nanny state looking over you, what are you gonna do? You know what I mean? Oh my goodness. Right? So, but like what, what, what is one giving up? Right? I know, for example, um, not that I voted ever. Um, I voted once and it was worst decision of my life anyway, I don’t know why I did that. And then it just put me in the system. Then I had, so, but uh, like you can’t vote, right? Um, no long, but again, that’s not true.

Not true. So the first of all, let’s, let’s look at the vote. Okay, well I was gonna say, cause you’re voting for that crappy system anyway. So the last the last vote for our things, right? Yeah. But the last actual president that we had in this country that we voted in was john f Kennedy. And after that, it doesn’t matter who voted. Because what happened then? Do we know people were put into office that they wanted into office? Well, yeah, because they took out Kennedy man. Yeah.

And he wanted the gold standard. Yeah. He was talking about his speech that he had given a couple of days right before he was assassinated. I mean, it’s very, very famous and you can’t hardly find it anywhere anymore. And they’re whitewashing everything again, everything is being pushed digital and they’re whitewashing everything. They’re just erasing history because they want to rewrite it for their own benefit, victors write history. So I, one of my, uh, one of my biggest fears I had just gotten on Medicare. I just come of age to be on Medicare and I had some medical things that I wanted to do right?

I have insurance now. It’s like, hey, this is great. And then I found out about the group and I was gonna do the paperwork. But my biggest thing was, do I have to give up my Medicare just got insurance. You know what I was told was Diane, you paid into that your whole life with every job you did, you paid, you paid Medicare, you paid into Social Security, you paid into all that. So that’s not a hand out there, not hand in you anything that’s not a social, that’s what I’m saying.

That’s what, yeah, that’s your, that’s yours. You bought that. So what are people giving up then? Diane by coming back to the land? Well there, they’re given up there. They’re not really given up any what? Come on you and you both everybody. What is the biggest fear you hear from people? Like what I mean? You know, I mean, come on. What is the biggest fear? It’s like, there’s like I said, people want to know, what are they giving up? That’s the biggest fear I hear from everybody.

Well, what, what’s the downside? I don’t tell them, but I think what they know. Absolutely okay. But hey, listen, I’m, this is about I’m playing Devil’s advocate here for me. I’m not giving up anything. I couldn’t find anything again 20 years ago is something I wanted to do. So I’m more than happy because, but back then it was impossible. I, I just didn’t even have the time or the or the resources to even know where to start and where to file. I didn’t know about filing. I knew I was an indentured servant.

So, so I thought I was giving up my right to vote and I really kind of wanted to vote in this last election and but I had just put my paperwork in and I was told later that I could have voted in that. I just would have done it a different way. When I went to the polls, I would have asked for a piece of paper that was for american nationals or american citizens and I would vote like as a visiting dignitary or something. That’s kind of how I remember.

That’s probably not the actual name of it. So, so that was a workaround. If I really wanted to do that, then I could. Um So what I gave up was I gave up my right to get on social services and welfare. I’ve given up my right to um live in section eight housing. I’ve given up my right to suck alpha the government. Okay, that’s what I’ve given up because I’m no longer a U. S. Citizen. The government, isn’t it? A fictitious corporation in the first place? You asked what I was giving up?

I’m telling you. Right? Well, that’s what I’m saying. What about police assistance or fire? Well, to me, like you to me though, you why would you want to vote? Because if you understand that it’s a fictitious stupid little thing anyway, then, like, and that’s where I that’s why I thought, yeah, you’re giving up your right to vote, but if you’re doing this, then you would understand why you’re doing this and you wouldn’t even want to vote into that system anyway. And this is my biggest argument. This is again been one of my um my theories, my my main theory right now, and how we get through all of this is by creating a new system.

That’s not by trying to save this old system by voting into it or something. So the republic sure is now alive and well. And can you explain that a little bit more? Well, that’s what this government, that’s what this was. This country was built on a as a republic, not Republican, a republic. And the republic is by definition a sovereign nation. Okay, okay, a group of sovereign nations or a sovereign, a sovereign nation or a sovereign, you know, its sovereign. So, and then you have the states, right?

And the states, and you know, again, this is a could be out of your wheelhouse or whatever, but it’s just, I’m still so curious on how we can start to, because again, I had a conversation yesterday with Jason and uh, and he’s still very much of the mind and I think I’m winning them over little by little. Um, but uh, changing the, changing it through voting into the same system, you know what I mean? And I’m like, you can’t change that. It’s like you’re just throwing good energy after after bad, right?

Like good money after bad. You’re just like, it doesn’t make sense. Once you understand how it all works, you’re like, okay, that’s, we’ll just go ahead and let you all do that. We’re going to focus here now. Well, I believe the problem is the federal government has gotten too big, whereas even how it was written, is it supposed to be the states have more power so to say that the federal government, which is not the case, really, That’s exactly right. So if you go back and look at some of the past presidents and some of their speeches, people are putting those out there now.

They have said over and over when the federal government takes over that has power over the states and the people you’re in trouble. Yeah. Right. And so look what’s happened with the pandemic or I like scammed emmick. That’s my favorite pandemic plan. Damon scammed Emma. But look what’s happened all of a sudden, the federal government’s telling me how to take care of myself, how to take care of my health, like what happened to my body, my choice, whatever what the federal government’s telling me. And it happened like that, huh?

It seems seemingly so, but they’ve been wearing away for generations at people’s rights, little by little so that they don’t really realize they’re being taken, right? It’s just like you’re kind of being kind of led into a corner that you don’t know, you’re in the corner until it’s too late. There’s a couple of in the corner, there’s a couple of books for you. The dumbing down of America is an excellent book because it shows exactly how they did this, how they started decades ago and they did it.

And then another book is called The Century of Self. And the Century itself is about Edward Bernays and Edward Bernays was the cousin to Freud and he was very fascinated about getting people to do what they didn’t want to do or they didn’t know they didn’t want to do it, right. And so he went to anna Freud, I think it’s uh it’s either, I think it’s his daughter, Freud’s daughter anna who started psychotherapy. And he said, what do you have to do to get people to do things that you don’t want to do?

So cigarettes was the one main thing that I remember that he did. The cigarette companies called him and said, hey we need you. You know like you’re making great strides. How do we get women to smoke? Because we’re losing a lot of business here. Men smoke that women don’t smoke and we need women to smoke and we need more business. So he went to an and he found out and he said, what does the cigarette represent to a woman? And she said, well it represents a penis and power.

So we hired all these actresses to get in front of people and say, women take back your power and just smoking like crazy. And cigarette sales went crazy. And then after that it was used and after you read that book, you will be totally blown away. You won’t be able to go down the street without seeing that work in action. This manipulation, manipulation in action. Exactly, yeah. That’s marketing and advertising. And it’s and that’s how and that’s how they did it. So that’s exactly how they got us.

Where we where we are right now. It’s true that manipulation and the falsity of thinking that our government is there to help us. They’re there to take care of us. It’s all Bs, right? First of all, that whole premise takes our power away. All of a sudden we have no power to help ourselves because it’s been taken away from us. We’ve given it away, and we’ve given it a we’ve given away. And we talk about that a lot here. Absolutely it away. Well, and that’s the thing is nobody wants to be how responsible nobody wants to be self accountable for anything.

It’s, you’re responsible for my child’s education. You’re responsible for my education. You’re responsible for my health. You’re responsible for just put anything there. But what you’re doing every time you say, you’re responsible for me is giving your power away or you’re responsible for something else means you have no control over that, which means you have no power. And little by little, we’ve just given our powers away powers, powers, powers. Now to the point where people are just whatever they are told to do. Um, the good amount of them, they want to be told what, they don’t know how to not, they told what to do and how to think for themselves.

You know, this drove it home for me. I went to get my hair cut about a month or so ago and it was right after the Governor, Ducey cold dooky doo doo doo doo shaggy. It’s not even his real last name, scooter. What’s his name? The guy, the guy, he decided that he’s not going to do the mast thing anymore, that each business has to decide for themselves and I’m like, oh yeah, this really, I do have a choice now. I have a choice of where I go right?

And so I was in getting my haircut and the ladies were talking about it and she’s like, oh wait, I got to hear this. And then she said to me, oh my God, I’m totally screwed. My business is going to close, I’m going to lose my business. And I’m like, why would you even think that she said because I can’t win. And I knew that he was going to do this to us. I knew that he was going to make it our decision. And once I make that decision, not she doesn’t wear a mask.

But once I make the decision not to wear a mask in my salon, I’ll lose business. But you also gain business, which is beautiful. That’s what I that’s what I told her. Then if I decide to wear a mask, I lose business and I said, yeah, but look at me, you are a very powerful woman and whatever you’re putting out there in this diatribe in your mind, you’re going to get back. So why don’t you do it this way? Why don’t you put out there and say, yeah, I’m going to lose some business.

But I’m going to gain so much more and keep my dignity and my freedom, which, again to me is the most important thing. I would rather go out of business and keep my freedom and find another way to make money. We have to like, it has to be the hard line in the sand. But here’s the thing that’s why what we’re doing is creating these platforms. You know, if you go to the Freedom People dot org, you can sign up for any of our platforms is really cool.

We have the directory, you know, which were in the social media platform, which we’ve got. And now the job board, which we’re hoping to have up next week, Right? And this is where employers and employees and stuff like that. People who need jobs can go and find, uh, again, employers that are are not going to be freaking nazis about it. You know, I’m so happy you’re doing that. So, you asked for the bigger picture? Yes, thank you. So, what the republic is is that it’s, um, it’s more terror.

It’s more the territories and I’m not even sure that’s the right word, but it’s very uh small. So like we have a state uh, state chairman. Okay, so our state chairman is our uh, the person over our assembly in the state. Is that Dennis? That’s Dennis? He’s in Arizona. I mean, he’s in a Sedona. And then, so he, when people want to know more about this, they write, they’ll go to the american States Assembly dot net, right? That website, that’s where you went, I think. And you said you filled out the contact form and said, I want to know more about this.

I live in Arizona. So all those letters go to Dennis. Then Dennis writes to them and says, well, where do you live in Arizona? What county do you live in the right person? Right. And then that then I’m in Maricopa and I’m the chair woman in Maricopa. Right. And so we have a state govern mint. That’s the people of the people. For the people by the people the way it’s originally supposed to be. So we have a corner. We have a sheriff, we have a justice, we have jurors, right?

We have um, secretary, we have a treasurer. So we have all of that at the state level and then we have a county. We have a county group like that too. So you see it’s like a concentric circle in a way you have the bigger circle and then the smaller, so you have the state is the bigger circle. Then each county is a smaller one. So each county and we don’t have all of our counties aren’t up and running. Maricopa is up and running. Which means we have, we’ve already started our courts. Okay.

And what? Um so and from what I understand, all 50 states are in session now. All 50 states are in session. Okay. What does that mean first? It means that they have what I just said. Okay. And that means or I’m sorry, what were you just starting the courts are courts are in session. So we have, we have a jury, we have a justice, we have a judge, we have a, you know, we have what we need. So the people are the jury. Yes. And when um what? So I’m also a court clerk.

So when a case comes up where there’s been an injustice to a man or an injustice to a woman, it comes in and we hear that case. And if that case is a case that we can ah here and take to the jury, then we decided to take the case on. Then Then we have investigators that investigate that case. All the paperwork or everything questions, all that stuff. Then they let me know that we’re ready. So then I right now it’s all online. Um then they let me know and I pull the jury together which is 12 living men and women And one and one is 13.

We have 13. So one that fills in if the other if somebody can’t come. So all they all come together, we have a time that we come together. The person that were um come into court for um tells us what happened. Like maybe their kids were taken from them, okay. Maybe their kids were taken from them. Maybe they were accustomed because they didn’t have a masculine, maybe their employer let them go because they wouldn’t um fallen themselves. Yeah, they would have fallen whatever, you know. So uh so we decide if that case is a case that we handle at our are part of our governing and then we then we do all the paperwork and those papers also then they’re served the judge the um general not the general attorney, the prosecuting attorney.

You know they’re all served these paperworks so our justice does the serving but that’s only between a man and a man right? You don’t contract out to the fictitious world. Okay. Uh. Uh huh. And I don’t know what you mean by contract out wow. You don’t make contracts with the fiction. Exactly. However like like like you were saying if someone got their kids taken away that Cps. So but you would so we what we have what we call it a nullification. We nullify that what that decision that they did because it harmed our client.

It harmed harmed one of ours. There was harm and there was no in this particular case, there was no um Uh huh paperwork that she did anything. It was so so she had her so in this in this example right? Like this woman cps child protective services, whatever you wanna call them. Ah Whatever took her kids right? Without her permission. Which is kidnapping. Right? Um Okay. However they were allowed to do that, right? What gave them the authority to do that? Well that’s it. They think they have the authority.

Well if they come in and do it did it? I mean it’s just like you kind of said right possession is 9/10 of the law. I mean they come in and they do it then they’re doing it. I mean. So what does one do? Do you have to like uh you know say no and you know guns or I mean, what, what what is, how do you have, you know what I mean? Like where is that again? It’s just and these are questions I get quite a bit right.

It’s like, and there are questions just like we’re so that’s part of the remedy that you’re talking about. What’s the remedy? What can we do to prevent this from happening? I just don’t want my kids. Yeah. I don’t want to take in the first place. It’s not happening. Yeah, nobody does. Right. And so, so the thing is, is that because because we’re charting new territory here, We’ve never done this before. We keep bumping up to stuff like this. Okay, what do we need to do here? So we have all these committees, everybody has committees within their governing body of the people for the people, by the people, right, That are looking into the lawful terms of what happened and what’s going on.

Not the legal because that’s our that’s not our jurisdiction, right? The lawful and then we take that those lawful terms and turn them in. Now, it’s a process. And I wish I could tell you that, you know, like when we do stuff like that, they go, oh, I’m sorry, give you your child because they don’t even know what they’re doing themselves. They have no idea. You know, they this is they’ve been conditioned just like we have, right? Absolutely. And that and again, that’s why this education has to keep happening.

These talks have to keep happening for the education and and just hopefully the more and more people, you know what I mean? To me, it seems like it makes perfect sense. Like I don’t know if I live that many past lives when this was happening, but I’m getting flash bags in my head of like Western times and I’m like, yeah, see I think that child protective services, adult protective services, those are organizations and things. I think that were started by somebody. They had a really good heart.

I really give people the benefit of this. I’m all about love, I’m all about seeing the love and the God and everybody right? So I want to believe that people have good intentions. People had good intentions and they started this because I work with a lot of elderly people and they get taken advantage of you would not believe, oh my God, So I’m so glad adult protective services is there as a watchdog, right? I’m glad that child services, but here’s the thing is what I think it’s for me.

I think all those need those things need to go away and we need to like, be accountable for our own. Where are these? Yes, exactly. That’s, that’s what I’m saying is like, we’re or where’s where’s their family, there’s no family for these old people. And if there is none, then there’s communities and we have to, we got to go back to this more village kind of style, you know, I mean, where we do care and talk to each other and we and, and you know, and again, I’m not sure how that how that comes about, but by a town we’ll and we’ll see that.

That’s what we’ve talked about this a lot. Right? And yes, I want my own town. I’ve always wanted my own town since I was a wee little boy. Um Yeah, absolutely, but it’s more like for me, it’s it, uh I want to spread the idea, it’s the idea and then we could do it here on this block. You can do it in your community now. And that’s where I think it needs to happen. So it’s more like wildfire. Why do you think that that doesn’t happen anymore?

It used to. So why do you think what happened what work for other people, mainly big corporations and we forgot how to do stuff. Oh, you your neighbor and stuff. Yeah. You know, and again, I grew up in that in a small town where you wave to people that you didn’t know which was rare anyway. Right? I mean, but yeah, I mean we knew our neighbors. I mean all of them and we we’d have parties and the neighbors were there. I mean parties. Well, that’s maybe maybe that’s just the thing is that you need to start kind of maybe just, you know, and now, but now we’re going back to kind of like the basic separating him.

Well, the point Amish I feel Amish time now. I know but that’s part, that’s the point that I was trying to make is that the conditioning of fear has been and distrust has been so uh read into people to the point where people don’t trust people, they just don’t, I mean that’s very apparent with and again that it’s happening, I mean how freaking on steroids after 2020, because now people literally are afraid believe that that person, that person, that person, if they even get near me within six ft, I’ll die.

You know how horrible it is to have allergies at this time of the year, Every time I sneeze, I’m like, oh my God, they’re going to take me away, put me in some kind of a camp. Alright well, hey this again, this is all such amazing stuff. And if you guys, anybody wants to get the show notes, I would highly recommend you text in the word, The key word land 12844992 free. That’s 8449923733 text in that keyword Land one. And we’ll send out today’s show notes. Uh you can learn more about all this and in the show notes, I have some websites you can put in their beautiful Yeah, we’ll pack it up as much as possible and hopefully we’ll have a resource guide at some point.

Yeah, we’re working with Peggy right now. Yeah. To build a, I don’t want to say too much, I don’t know, but it’s an education platform, right? And I want this to be part of education platform regardless of what happens. Um so people have a resource to look, okay, here’s and like you said, I’m the american um State assembly right dot net is what it is, Right. American status Assembly dot net. Which is I send that to everybody all the time. I’m like, here, just go here because it’s a great resource for that.

I mean it’s so in depth. Well, the 111 of the uh and I one of the what I do with it, it’s a Youtube that I’ll send you the link to. I didn’t bring it because it’s too long to talk over the phone, but I’ll email it to immediately or text it to you. But it’s a great cartoon that somebody did based on Anna’s uh Mhm. Understanding of what it means to get put back on the land, like schoolhouse rock style. It’s, I don’t know about that, but it’s just it’s just a cute little quirky 15 minute cartoon and it’s really good.

And um I had somebody write to me from a telegram and say, does anybody out there have, like a video that explains this in a few minutes, like, for a five year old, because my family is just not getting this. So I sent her that because that’s exactly what it does. It helps explain it and it starts to open it up and just like, they just, I tell them stuff and they don’t want you, it goes back to that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

Um if you’re not ready to hear this, it’s not going to have a cults to it all the time. Yeah, they do. I know they’re going to drink the kool. See, we don’t want to do that because we’ve already just got out of that, We all just moved away from the whole cult. They call us a cult. What I laugh about it like, no, you’re just left with the cult, right and all I’m trying to do is self empower people. That’s it. That’s it. My cult is the cult to end all cults, it’s ironic, but it’s just to wake you up.

I just came from a cult, I just put all this paperwork in from the cult so I could be on the land and a living woman making her own decisions and self governing and and being self responsible. I think self responsibility has been a big thing for me my whole life, but there’s freedom in that. I mean that there is no freedom without that, like we were saying, because you’ve now you’ve given that to someone else. So essentially you’ve also given your freedom away with your power, but I was taught, not taught, but I saw in my generation that there was always a scapegoat, it was always o it was his fault.

So he did that. Nobody ever took self responsible. They passed the buck. Yeah, nobody took self responsibility. And I saw that when I was really, really young and um, so it’s always been kind of a thing for me to, well, I was raised that way. I mean, just, I mean, you just own your shit, It’s just extreme ownership and it’s fine. I mean, and I’ve gotten better over time and there was times in my life when I wasn’t, I mean, you know, because you’re growing up and you’re just, but I don’t know, you know, I have no idea really, you know, I am where I am today and where I am today is I’d rather just Do it all on my own.

Leave me alone. I’ve always been like that. Yeah, I was raised it’s an independent spirit. You know what I mean? And and that’s what I want to and instill in people what happened to adventure? What happened to look, we take a level of risk every day, every day. You know that we could drop, you know that all all the traffic desk could be dropped by 80 If we drop the speed limit to 20 mph, Right? But nobody wants the speed limit on the freeways to be 20 mph, right? Because horse, right?

Because we never get anywhere right? But we’re willing to take that much risk. You know what I mean? And and you know, hundreds of thousands of people die on the roads every year, right? I mean? So we’re okay with that, right? And again. But we need our adventure, our sense of adventure and excitement and and love and joy back. And like you said, it’s it’s trying to get it through these fear that’s just kind of got got to clamp down on us. Yeah, I don’t know Brad about that because I haven’t had an accident in 25 or 30 years.

And the first accident I had was in a parking lot. I’m not sure. I can quite agree with you anyway. Okay. I don’t trust people. I think it doesn’t matter how fast you’re going. It’s about focus. And when you’ve got your focus on about 10 of the things on your mind is not on driving. And we haven’t been taught that. We haven’t been taught when you’re, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing. This goes back to like a zen thing, right? If you’re doing dishes, do the dishes one thing at a time cook, you know, if you’re fully whatever your moment in the moment, present in the car, totally car totally.

That’s another great book. The power of Now, we’ll put that in the notes, I guess that’s got that’s uh that’s pretty much should be in every show, but it is it’s living in the present moment, which is the only moment that never exists. It should be in schools. That’s the stuff that we should be teaching immediately that and I’ve been saying this for a long time is know thyself, If we know that if you know the myself and we can we can work wonders, especially with teen suicide team and and just kind of um As adults, we need this more than anything.

People need to really get in touch with their inner, so, suicide with 20 year olds is so huge right now. I’m just blown away. Well, look what’s going on. They don’t have any social life, man. Well, and it’s mostly boys. So here can we digress? Just so one of the things that I put a lot of energy because one of them was my nephew and and really good friends of mine that had young men commit suicide. And you know, I have a background in psychology and what that tells me is is that men, men have an innate knowing that they’re the providers, they have this innate knowing that they’re there to take care of their woman, they’re there to take care of their Children there.

The providers, you know, they’re the protectors. Yeah. I feel super good when I come home with groceries. It’s still a weird thing and you know, because I’d like to I’d like to notice in myself, you know what I mean, you’re the breadwinner and you bring you bring home groceries, you’re like, yeah, or even when she brings them home, you’re like, yeah, I don’t know. I mean, I don’t know why it’s like, I’m not, it’s just if it’s a feel good thing. Yeah, but when you think about it, and when you think about the the our societal pressures of women to be independent, women have become so independent, not that I believe that they need to be needy or depend on, I’m not saying that, but they’ve become so independent.

That what it’s done is these guys don’t know who they are anymore, they don’t know their role anymore. You know, you know, that that’s a huge part of its destruction, its destruction of the nuclear family. And this is, it has been constructively happening. This has been been um what does the word constructively on the freak that was uh it’s been um uh done on purpose. This is full on this is the collapse of the nuclear family. This has been done on purpose. This has been that it’s it’s it starts in the black homes big time.

I mean, look at blm on their website, they were saying that they’re 11 of the it’s not there anymore, but was to destroy the nuclear family, right? Which means a man, a woman, everyone. Absolutely. And how do you do that with no nuclear family? Right? And I get your point that that’s a great point. Is it men? Yeah. I mean, and what are we, you know, a place where is your place now? Because you’ve got a woman doesn’t need you. Exactly. Exactly. So they’re not just that, but you know, this man hating, right?

And this degradation of men in this like belittling of men that’s been going on for a long time and the rise of the butch chick and the uh fucked uh especially with unemployment with the lockdowns. A lot of men I know we’re like well shit, yeah, what’s my role now? What’s my worth? What’s my camp? Right. Exactly. So I think that there was a lot of that and I think that’s a really important, I think that’s really important to understand because that they didn’t have their they they didn’t have the sovereignty, they didn’t have that sovereign nation in nature.

That that knows even without before I put my paperwork in, I was a sovereign being saying, I knew I’ve always done what I wanted. I’ve never asked for permission. I’ve been smoking dope my whole life, excuse me. But I’ve been smoking with my whole life and it was highly illegal when I was a kid. Like, like felony if you got a little bit of wheat on your kind of stuff, you know what I mean? I’ve always in jail for three weeks because of that. How ridiculous is that?

We’re talking about a plant that’s never hurt anyone. Never killed anybody, right? Ever. But yeah, we got booze out here, no problem, alcohol everywhere. Which that is the gateway drug. Okay. You want to talk about something that’s a gateway drug that is not pot. And again, it should be raising red flags in anybody with a consciousness if the government is got it still a Schedule One drug still to this day, it’s a Schedule One drug, which means it’s worse than cocaine. It’s just as bad as alcohol.

No, no, cannabis, cannabis, cannabis is still a Schedule one drug, which means it has zero medical, um, uh, use whatsoever. No, but that’s what it is still in the federal government. It’s right up there with PCP and meth amphetamines. Right, Right. It’s cocaine is less cocaine is a schedule to which means that it has some medical purpose, but still cannabis plant still does not okay. And there should be something that everybody should be just like, wait, okay, there’s something not right. It was a drug and alcohol counselor for seven years.

I’ve been Sober for 35 years, so 39 years, almost 40 years. And in my time of working with that bad, you know, I got pregnant, couldn’t couldn’t do it anymore, made me sick. So, and then once you get away from it, you just don’t worry about it. But but what I did find out, because I worked at higher levels, like I worked with Bill Clinton in Arkansas, he was the governor and he had a great program for school. So I used to go to schools and teach prevention programming. But the interesting thing is that people don’t realize how much the left hand was war on drugs.

War on drugs. War on drugs. Yeah, we’re doing war on drugs. While the right hand was bringing the drugs in, they were bringing all the drugs in. And that’s the only reason marijuana wasn’t legal. It used to be legal. Yeah, years 100 years ago. And it wasn’t called marijuana. You know where the marijuana, the term marijuana comes from. No, it’s actually a derogatory term to scare people. It was it was propaganda. So there was there was this um called it because it was easy to remember. Yeah, we’d all this.

Right, right. But marijuana, it was because it was associated with the scary mexicans across the border, interesting. That’s yeah, it’s called mota in espanol. Right? So it’s not marijuana is not a spanish word or mexican word if you will. So I do know that they used to grow a lot of help in this. Absolutely. And clothing and ropes. First law in the United States was for hemp was actually for in any mentioning cannabis or hemp in any way was and it was for farmers that they had to uh allocate a certain amount of their crop space to this because that’s what hemp for victory World War.

Yeah, it was for all the ropes. They would use them for the ropes in the in the in the anchors and all that stuff. So then the cotton people came in and they paid the lobbyist to go to the government and say, hey, we got to get rid of him. Yeah. As we’re bringing cotton in right? And also nylon nylon rope and which is, is petroleum that they wanted to start using the nylon rope to replace the hemp as well. Which, but you know, legal and the only reason it’s legal now is because they finally figure out how they can capitalize on it and monetize the for their own, their own pockets. Yeah.

So anyway. Okay. But I guess we got off the subject a little bit where always this is all subject. This is all do do do do you, do you have any questions there? Miss him? Mhm. I don’t think. I mean. Well, how about this? We’re going to end right now. But before we do, what I want you to do is let everybody know how to get a hold of you. Do you have any contact information you want to put up or should we just let everybody know to go to the american States Assembly dot net?

And or if you’re in Maricopa County, if you’re listening to this in your Maricopa county, you can write directly to me at Maricopa coordinator at iCloud dot com. And just put in the subject line, I heard you on the podcast or the Freedom People podcast something. So then I’ll know where it came from. Otherwise it goes, you know, it goes to a woman um that runs that site in Washington and then she gets hundreds and hundreds of emails and then she’s got to go through them and get them sent to Dennis.

And then Dennis gets hundreds and hundreds of so it could be like a week. Well what I did. So what I did though is I went to um I think it was american States Assembly dot net, The american states Assembly dot net. And I scrolled down and I went to my state representative and I emailed and that was straight to Dennis. Yeah, it doesn’t go straight to Dennis but that’s okay, so it just takes it a little longer. Um What I’m working on right now, I don’t know what I’m what I had a dream about yesterday.

So I had this dream yesterday that we did a public gathering. So somebody out there has a warehouse are an empty building that they let us use where we can bring people in and we have people speaking about what we’re talking about today in the process and then with their when they’re ready and they feel that’s what they want to do. They go into another area where we have all of our recording secretaries for the state in a room and you get your paperwork filled out, you get your paper witness to get your papers stamped, you get your papers uploaded bam.

No that’s funny that you say that because well that that was actually something that I’ve been thinking about as well is is getting um and doing like a a freedom rally if you will have a freedom rally and just having like you said and and like um what is the term I’m looking for? Um I guess rally is fine not rally but the convention there you go. Yeah. Yeah like a freedom convention where we can have and everybody can go you can come in and do all these things um all in one place.

Let’s keep that, let’s keep that in mind. I really like that idea. So I’m just I’m looking for a place because right now we have all of our Business meetings online, we have them on a high definition call because they’re recorded, but I would love to have once a month or every other month we do meet and greets, it’s getting hot, it’s gonna start getting hot. So our next one is May 15 and there are public parks. It’s kind of hard to have kind of trainings at a public park.

Well, and especially one, like you said, once it starts getting hot down here, it’s staying near impossible. So yeah, so I’m going for a place that we could do that. Um I don’t think somebody’s home is appropriate, um you know, to open it up to the public, but I know somebody out there has a building that’s sitting empty, that they just want, they want it to be used for the right well, and I I think we might know some people uh that can help us, and and and again, um, if someone’s listening to this and wants to help out, just get in touch with us, you’re a couple coordinator, iCloud dot com. Okay.

And then I’ll give you the rest of these uh websites that people can go to look at. Anna’s has got thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of articles, and it can be very overwhelming, but it’s got a great search engine. So you just type in, Like, basics and everything that has the word basics, and it will come up, you type in, you know, whatever, whatever you’re interested you type in, and it will bring up the 10 or 20 articles that she has videos. So, yeah. Beautiful. Diana. A light.

Thank you so much. And uh, until next time. Thank you. Bye bye. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah.

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