August 8, 2023

Solutions Empowerment

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Mark Pytellek is an expert in common law and has taught people how to handle commerce, discharge debts, mortgages, and teaches you how to empower yourself in the field of Law.

Show Notes

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Hello, all you lovely freedom people out there and welcome to today’s Fireside Freedom Chat on the Freedom People podcast. We get into the nitty gritties of all your freedoms and my freedoms, all the freedoms that we can think of anyway, as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together. I’m your host, Bradley Freedom. And our next guest is Mr Mark Pali. That’s right, Mr Mark Pali, our brother from the Down Under, uh came to join us here on the Freedom People podcast. And, uh before we get into it, first of all, I’d like to say, I apologize.

Uh We deeply apologize here over at the freedom people. We’ve been kind of uh absent from the podcast. Uh The reason being is we’ve been super busy building out solutions as you know, we are solutions based organization and we are doing everything in our power to make sure that you have tools that will help us in the upcoming New Earth. Ok. Let’s jump into this awesome conversation with Mr Mark Pali. Come on, let’s go. Ok. Can you hear me? OK? I can indeed. Uh I’m coming over.

Ok. Oh, yeah. Beautiful, cool, awesome. Glad we got to make it work mark. Yeah. I’m sorry about the incompatibility of the hardware and software. Yeah. That’s, that’s odd. That’s odd. I’ve, I’ve been running chrome on my Mac for many years. I don’t know. Um, I’m a developer of an engineer. Right. So I have to, well, this computer is about two years old now so the, it came with the operating system but, uh, allegedly now these operating systems already obsolete for that. That’s crazy. That’s wild. Yeah. Yeah.

And that’s one thing is by design, man, just like everything else, right? They want a short uh shelf life on it. I mean, you know, that, that is actually implemented, right? That’s that we know that, that, that, that was, and I, I can’t remember exactly who started. I was in the early 19 hundreds but they just said, hey, oh, the light bulbs with the light bulbs, they light bulbs last like 100 years like, hey, hey, we can’t, we, we can do that. We gotta sell more light bulbs. Well, tested free energy, didn’t, he didn’t like it.

Rockefellers didn’t like it. So we have AC power. Yeah. Yeah. Look at that. Yeah. Yeah. That world, that was the world fair, right? In Chicago or? Right? Something like that. Is that where the A CDC uh battle between Yeah. Battle between AC and DC. The one bit like alpha and beta um uh cassette um in the past the, the lousy model one. you know, it, it’s a model, it’s a business model, uh you know, produce obsolete or inferior products so that people have to continue purchasing. Right. Right. Really?

It, it’s a lousy model because if you build with integrity to begin with, not only is it durable, but resources can be put into developing new technologies and other things. Instead of rehashing the same old garbage. It’s a poor use of knowledge. Yeah. Well, and you know that, but that’s um by design, right? We know this, that it’s they don’t want smart, educated, creative people, they, they want, they want workers, they want dumbed down. There’s a, there’s a group of people that don’t want, you know, an educated population in every country, right?

You know, we, we got to put it in perspective because there have been leaders that are outside of this core group of people who have had integrity in their countries. And I can give quite a number of examples. There are still some examples even now, you know, look at Singapore, for example, they have a Neverland dictator, but they’re one of the three top financial centers on earth and it’s a tiny little country, tiny little population, you know, they’re looking at perfecting things or doing the best they can with technologies.

You know, there are other examples I don’t want to um uh how should I say raise red flags or anything. But you know, the examples have been there. And all we have to do is model ourselves as a nation on those predecessors. And we would be in paradise today. We would have beautiful earth, we would have beautiful people. We would have a different economic model. So the stress of survival is gone. There’s no competition, there’s only uh people working together and collaborating and we would have a totally different world, but that’s not along the lines of the agenda. Right. Right.

You know, man. And you know, um yeah, so everybody Mark Pali say hi, Mark. Let everybody know who you are and what you do because you know we’re going. This is, yeah, I, I love, I love our conversation. So yeah, please let everybody know who you are and what you do. Uh I’m an Aussie made in Germany born here. Um I learned many years ago that things weren’t right. I’ve had a lot of aha moments just like many of your listeners and probably yourself brad and cumulative.

It leaves an impact that you, you start raising questions about everything. My first was already in primary school because I couldn’t speak English. And of course my people made, you know, soap out of bones during the war. A load of garbage. Of course, I knew nothing about it. The whole community that I was involved with back in those days was still in hiding because the Russians were coming. So I learned to see two sides of the same coin and I had to work out for myself who, where the BS was coming from and who was actually telling the truth at university.

I did agricultural science. Um, you know, I’m a scientist, technically, I guess an obsolete one now, but I did a report based on American re, you know, my research of American outcomes in California. They used alternative cropping techniques. They didn’t say organic back in those days, but they did in Germany during the war and before the war. But anyway, I, I shouldn’t bring that up either but, you know, bring up everything. Mark II, I brought it into my final thesis and I don’t know if you understand our grating.

I got ac plus A is good. B is OK, C is average D and E is a fail. So C plus for an enormous report which was cutting edge back then. And all I had was red writing everywhere because I admitted the words pesticides and weed asides and, you know, weed Olle and round up and all that garbage. And I was averse to chemicals back then, you know, that doesn’t resonate in the agricultural industry, you know, you gotta to pollute the world, right? And I was against that.

So again, I didn’t understand, I thought I’ve done a what I thought was a pretty intense research and, and product and get downgraded for it. There’s something not resonating here. It was only later that I realized that the science wing of universities are all controlled by the petrochemical giants. And if you don’t toe the line with them, you’re out mate, you’re gone. So, I’ve had a life of a, you know, the one party in your life you can trust. Who would that be brad? If there was one person on earth you can trust.

Yeah, it would be. Or your mother. Sure. Yeah. Other than yourself. Yeah. Your mother. Yeah. You know, maybe not everybody but generally I’d say, yeah. Yeah. But at the age of three, they parted and you know, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. You’ve probably made one or two yourself. People do that. I don’t hold grudges when people make mistakes. But what I do hold a grudge on is when someone gives me BS and the last person on earth that I expect BS from is your mum, mum and my dad was a Nazi collaborator.

Double timing, double agent. Do, do, do, do, do, do, do so when I had opportunities to meet. Of course I didn’t, I chose not to, but I had a little bit of a renegade younger brother. He went out and met and came back and said he’s not what mum makes out, go and visit. I said no, some people on earth don’t lie. Now. They are harmon that will come on. So when you ask the right questions, usually you’ll find the right answers. When you ask the right questions, you’ll get the right answers.

Unfortunately, we’re not groomed, we’re not trained to ask the right questions and consequently, we never know what the darn truth is because often the public realm will tell you an accurate answer to your poorly fielded question and you get misled. So there’s a lot of educating that the world needs and we can all do. And I know you’re busy doing a lot of that. There’s, there’s an overlap in that context. You’re educating your listeners. We do that too. There’s a quite a few, there’s some, but there’s a lot of things that we do a little bit differently, I would say too.

And it, because I’ve been overwhelmed for so long now, since 99 when I had a rude awakening about law and the various formats of law. And in the early days, we had lots of successes because the authorities alleged authorities, they’re not our authorities as you know, the alleged authorities. They were as dumb as we were. So as we were succeeding, of course, and winning, they had to look deep to find out how they could circumvent us and they did. And in about 653, we were circumvented. We started losing all the time because we were using a realm that we thought was superior.

Some of you may know it as the common law realm. There is a lot of remedy in the common law realm and the public realm, of course, they operate under what’s called legislation. You know, statutes, acts codes so forth because the public realm of the realm of the dead and the private realm is the realm of the living. So we spend a lot of our energy trying to transition people from the public into the private realm mentally mostly, but also some paperwork. But paperwork is only 10% of anything.

You know, it’s good to have evidence. But mindset is the thing that gets everything over the line, how you present yourself, how you communicate and how you think. And if you haven’t got that straight, it doesn’t matter what your paperwork is, you will fail. So, you know, we need to grow as a people. And that’s something that I do with our website. I decided about four years ago, 33 years ago that we would do a website because I avoided that for 20 years. I’ve been overwhelmed since backup, failed 20 sorry, 1999 as my silly computer just helping people all over the world.

Mostly Australia in the beginning. You know, when they’ve got legal issues or financial issues or, um, outstanding controversies could be with their neighbors, friends, whatever, but mostly through public authorities, I just had a flare somehow to settle matters either in writing or orally. And, uh, it got to the point and I’ve never marketed, never advertised. But I just, I’ve led a life where I work 24 7 since and I get up at seven and I go to bed usually at midnight, if not and still doing it. And when I was single, most of my adult life, I’d be sometimes missing the nights altogether.

Be just trying to help as many people as I can and I can’t keep doing it. So four years ago I bit the bullet developed or three years ago. Sorry. A website. We’ve had a few issues with webmasters, but our current website, which is solutions empowerment dot org is a beautifully constructed website. It took 12 months and a lot of money to put it there and it’s not quite finished. We’re still doing some excellent projects to go up there. But it’s, it’s a product that I’m uploading, uploading what I’ve learned over the last 24 years and not only what I’ve learned, but the techniques, the strategies, the mindset, the wording wording is everything in, in legal and even outside of legal.

And um so that uh when people um watch our webinars, there are 103 recorded webinars each on its own subject matter. For instance, a basic one might be transitioning from the private, from the public to the private realm. But another one might be how to address uh the tax office. In other words, without saying it, how never to pay tax again for the rest of your life. You know, because it’s the biggest, single, biggest weapon used to prevent people from creating wealth if they can plunder half or more of what you, what your productivity is.

I don’t, there’s a word I avoid now in our realm, it’s ok to use some of these dodgy words, you know, income, income has a specific meaning which uh I uh in 2000, I asked the tax office for their definition of the word income for instance. And a 12 page document came back from their lawyer. He still went now uh describing the definition, 12 pages of words and four were meeting, four were omitted. Productivity of labor. Well, everything I do in my life, what is it? Isn’t it a product in my labor is what am I using income for?

You know, and if you stay away from their intellectual property because it’s copyright and draws you into that realm, into the public realm. If you stay away from all that, they can’t get you. So it’s, it’s, you know, tax module, how to handle councils, how to handle state debt recovery officers, how to handle federal bureaucrats, how to handle banks, how just how to handle every, how to handle courts, how to win in courts, whether it’s civil or criminal, how to close. We have um my favorite module and there’s a lot of favorites, but my biggest one is mediating around a table or settling a matter around a table because it, it saves time and money, tremendous resources can be saved.

If you have an issue, just contact them and say listen, I want to sort this out. I wanna settle as quickly as possible. When can we organize a meeting to get together and you know what they think? Oh, the guy is bringing his checkbook, he’s gonna pay. I never said that. However they mislead us all the time in their writing and in their oral communications, they only, um, say what you think you’re hearing, but that’s not what they’re saying. We don’t listen enough, we need to listen a lot more and then you read between the lines and you can work out their modus operandi.

But we, I do the same. I mislead them to think that I’m gonna do what they want. When, in fact, I never said that and when around the table you just ask the right and I call them set up questions. We have another module on perfect set up questions for anybody. You know, we have examples, dealing with tax offices, banks, any other pirate and the relevant questions you would need to ask. So the modules, sorry, the webinars are, are going through a subject matter. Um And they’re about an hour, hour and a half long and each module uh each webinar is then supported by what’s called webinar modules.

All the documents that, that led to the result, the outcome, the successful outcome. So it’s not guess work, you know, and we don’t rely much on legislation because legislation, there’s an overlap around the world, but there’s also differences, what I rely on coming back to, you know, we used to get results and then we didn’t get results in 2003 because they leapfrogged us with the, uh, the area of jurisprudence law. There are three areas, legislation, it’s not law. I have lots of case law that says legislation is not law.

And when you’ve got this information, it’s, it’s ammunition and they, they’re quiet when you use it against them. But common laws are different jurisdiction, not superior, not inferior, just different, but clearly, there’s one that’s superior and that’s where these Corporates went to, they went to the rules of equity, which is part of contract equity being what’s fair just and what’s equitable. So when we realized in 2003, 4 and five and the power of the rules of equity, we started winning all over the place again and we, we never look back.

You cannot use rules of equity in a dishonorable way and expect to win. It doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. That’s the beauty of it. Right. That’s why it’s equity. It’s, it is the bet. Yep, that’s what we, that’s our trust. We, everything goes to equity or chancery. Right. So, yeah, that’s why they can’t win because they act in dishonor, but they’re expecting you use an honorable format to get across the line, ah, if you know how to use the rules of equity, you’re gonna win every time and it’s a beautiful process.

So the website is about educating, but it’s also about mindset and there’s a word I’m looking for etiquette because the population as a whole. And I’m also talking about the public realm as a whole, have lost the uh concept of proper communication and etiquette, how to present yourself. Not everyone has lost that ability. If you look at the elite, they usually groom through schools of etiquette. Look at the former queen, if you ever seen any of her podcast when she spoke to people politely and diplomatically and even when they were going to hit her with a fine or something, she would maneuver very smoothly and politely where they withdraw the fine, rip it up and they even help her around to do whatever she was on her way to doing.

You know, it’s very smooth because they know how to communicate. We’re not taught that anywhere because we’re supposed to be slaves. We’re a slave force for the elites and those that control the elites. And you, you know all about that. I don’t think your clients know, but there are two realms as you know, you either and you cannot serve more than one master, either the creator or his adversary. So we got to pick is the adversary. Um And it comes back from one Samuel uh chapter eight verse three, right to the end of the chapter where um Saul was asked by someone in the community that they want an earthly king.

And he said, no, you have a spiritual king. You know, you, you’re the people of the chosen race. This is the 12 tribes. I’m talking about not the Jews because they are 13th tribe. They’re not part of the race, but sorry, 95% of them are not, they are 0003% or thereabouts that are, and they’ve been absorbed in with them. But anyway, that’s another story. But yeah, but in that um biblical reference is the reference that um gives authority to our government because eventually the creator relented and gave um the Hebrew people an earthly king called Saul who then became poor.

But the people were forewarn what the repercussions of it was and is so the governments of today have authority to act there on behalf of the people. Now, I’m not saying that they haven’t been subverted and corrupted and, and act for other parties instead of the people today. But we were forewarned. We do not need government. We never needed government. And the proof is in the scriptures when we get rid of government and we follow the biblical principles, the 10 commandments, which by the way, were absorbed into the greater two commandments.

They were never annulled, they were absorbed. So they’re still current, then you’ll find that there isn’t uh dishonor and disrespect and you know, all the bad things that go on and the money wasn’t the issue. There was no inflation. You know, people could barter, there were other ways of acquiring what needed for sustenance. It’s a completely different. The, um, uh, got the name. Tartars were a great example of it. You know, they lived thousands of years ago and they built all the major big buildings around the world, including America in New York.

In the 18 nineties. I watched a video footage of all the big buildings like the Pathans and things that were built by giants because we can’t do it today. But they detonated the whole street in a couple of minutes and I was watching on the film so they hide the evidence. What do you think? World War One and two was about have a guess. I’m not expecting an answer, but I know that more recently too, they needed an excuse. There were several reasons but one of the biggies was they needed an excuse to level all the tartar and buildings around the world, especially Europe where most of them were and Germany had the bulk of them, a lot of them.

So every city, over 50,000 people was leveled by the allies in, for, for, from June 44. That was the, the reasoning. Anyway, they lived a different life. They didn’t need electricity. They had superior forms of energy that came out of water canals, that through frequency and magnetism. Yeah. Yeah, they’re far ahead of us. There’s a lot of information now on the net about tarter, we’ve got people now in Australia going around doing courses for courses, doing presentations so that they wake up those who are awake, you know, they give them the information because that’s the biggest thing right now is reconnecting with our past because we had a far better quality of life back then. Yeah.

Yeah, it’s, it’s wild and we, we were talking about this, uh, recently. Right. But, uh, the, like, the burning of all the cities. I, I know. Right. I mean, this went to San Francisco, Chicago, New York. All the big cities burned, right. Um It, it’s uh definitely a history, history. It’s his story and that, that’s kind of where, where, yeah, the more and more you dig, the more and more you realize we’ve been lied to on, on every level. I mean, mass manipulation. It’s not, not just lying, it’s just mass manipulation, you know.

Do you know about the trees? Do you know about the big trees, the plateaus? You know, all that stuff, man. Good forest on earth. Incredible, isn’t it? We got two left but it’s just wild. It’s what, once you really start to get. Right. And then we, oh man, and the manipulation and the, the, um, the sheer, you know, how has it been planned for so long? And it, they, they kept it together so well. Do you know what I mean? Like, like, uh it’s an energy? 0, 100. Well, that’s the thing.

It’s, it’s the coming, it’s the second, whatever you wanna say, this is the second, whatever you want in the next coming, the coming of the Christ Christ consciousness, whatever you wanna say, this is like happening now, right? And so it’s most epic time to be alive for sure. Now, I’m not saying there’s not times where you’re holding on for dear life, but uh I, I couldn’t think of another time we’re making actually, we have a chance to actually make, make some real change and impact now where our, our, our parents didn’t have that and our parents parents didn’t, nobody had that because nobody was, wasn’t in their face.

They weren’t cognizant of what was going on around them. It wasn’t. Yeah. Yeah. It was the, the frog, you know, when they have a frog in the pan and they just heat the water up slowly. They didn’t, they didn’t realize what was being done at the time, but because it’s accelerating so quickly now we’re seeing such changes happening in shorter and shorter periods of time that even the, the, the one who’s in a coma will come out and say what the hell’s going on, you know, make it stop.

You can’t hide it anymore, you know, unless there are no brain cells left at all. Well, and a lot of this man MK ultra, I like we talk about this a lot because it, it, some of these people are completely, this is a zombie apocalypse. Is it not? I mean, it, I mean, completely gone. I mean, um, they call them NP CS. You heard that term? The non player characters, right? Where? Yeah, there, there are two good movies that I was told to watch many, many years ago.

So I downloaded them and I watched them and they was boring as f, you know, but the message was really good and the, uh, producers were totally aware, you know, one was 1968 called zombies. And, uh they did a remake in 1990 called zombies. And you just cannot help but miss the message. I mean, not miss you, you just can’t miss. The people are just being misled and mind controlled and it can’t be true because the idiot box told me so, you know. Yeah. Yeah. I got rid of the TV in 313 already.

I’m so darn busy. I don’t get a, I don’t get a minute to watch Telly. It’s not worth it. So, yeah, but it’s tell a vision programming. They’re, but they, they’re telling you they’re programming you it. So it’s Yeah, good. The devil box. Throw it out. Throw out the damn devil box, man. Throw it out. Yeah, for sure. You ever still got a TV? You don’t need it. We’ve got better TV. S called computer screens where we can Google the answers where we, we need to, our questions, right?

Or we can use it in a productive manner to educate and create awareness. I don’t like technology as a role. Most technologies are used against us. I don’t even know if your listeners can even understand my link. You know, we, we have our own colloquial language here, you know, G day mate. I, I’m not really good as an Aussie because my background is not Aussie. You know, so it’s a, but uh it might be still hard for your, for your listeners to, you know, translate out colloquial colloquialism.

Um, yeah, one speaker, I’ve had a couple of chats with, he’s, um, he’s world renowned and he was saying that just recently he got to watch, um, the greatest story never told and he was dumbstruck. You know, it’s, it’s, it’s been around a long time that movie. But, you know, even before they produced it because of my background, I was fully aware, everything on it is actually accurate, but somebody in America decided in America of all places, you know, because the media has been so effective there that, you know, the Germans back then were pigs and they were killing all the women and Children of other countries.

Well, come on. And then of course, when your greatest general ever during the war, Paton went over there and he captured more German soldiers and was the most efficient, uh, uh most efficient fighter of all the American armies. And the Germans actually respected him because they were the only ones Peyton’s forces were the only ones they couldn’t hold back with. I mean, the Germans are heavily outnumbered and outgunned. But despite that average being outnumbered 7 to 1 during the war, but in some battles, 12 to 1, even against Peyton’s forces, they held out for a time.

But Peyton was a strategist and that’s why he was recognized as the greatest general. You know, he went up the Italian Peninsula. But, um, when he got to Germany, he realized my God, we fought the wrong people. These are the most cultured people of Europe and we fought the wrong people. We should be fighting these people. You know, the Soviets. I’m not saying Russians the Soviets because it was all, you know, from the, from the Jays. I don’t. No, no. Yeah. Yeah. No, we, yeah, it’s fine.

You can speak freely here because we don’t publish our, our podcast on the, oh, that’s, that’s right. But anyway, ok, that’s, that’s good to know. But, uh, you know, Peyton wanted to join with the remnants of the army rearm them because they’re the greatest fighting force in history outside of maybe Alexander, the great, you know, his 30,000 took on a million and beat them Germany and, you know, they didn’t do that. But, you know, we got modern weaponry so it’s a bit harder to do it. But they still held the world out for six years with 1/7 of the army.

That’s a pretty tall order, they’re very efficient. But Hayton wanted to, um, join with the remaining 4 million that surrendered and take on the Russians before the, you know, the communists before they got too big. And Hayton got taken out. You’d probably know that he was murdered, murdered in hospital, rammed his truck. Um, and I think his driver was killed, but Peyton sustained injuries and then it was hit, hit again. So they rushed into hospital but in hospital, he wrote to his wife a number of letters saying they’re gonna finish me off in here.

He was gonna run for president. They couldn’t have that. You can’t have that. Yeah. Yeah, there’s a lot of so is that like the Kazarian and all that kind of mafia and, and all that? Yeah, that’s, that’s a, that’s another wild one, man. I, I know we’ve talked about that before. That’s just a again once you really start if, if you wanna know the truth. But II, I really believe the MK ultra is, is, is, is what is happening through the TV, right? I believe that that’s what we’re seeing, right?

They say, oh, those were just experiments in the sixties now, you know, for what experiment for what that those were, test trial runs for what has become now where like you’re saying, if it’s not coming out of the devil box, if it’s not coming out of that, that boob tube, it’s, it’s, it’s false fake news, right? And you’ll see it in the movies, the technologies they actually have at the time they were making the movies, they don’t make films unless they already have the technology. Like when you say see Star Trek and Beam Me up Spy, I think that came out in 50 or age or something series.

Well, they already developed that technology back then. And when you see uh flying sources, for example, they’re not, they, they’re just crafts, you know, that first nine prototypes were flying in Germany. That’s where they developed them from back, engineered um uh uh information that they got from outside our world, um, known world because there are, you know, if you look at the ancient maps, Japanese have them. The, the, there’s a partial map as the flag of the UN where the Antarctic is around the, the wall, the Arctic wall because round Earth, come on.

Well, it’s really hard. And once you start going down that on that road too, I’ve had Dave. I don’t know if you know a flat earth, Dave. You ever heard of Flatter Dave? But yeah, we had him on the podcast too because that’s another one. Once you start going down that, I mean, you’re just like it. It’s, yeah, it’s just like I did my own tests in 2015 to confirm it is impossible that it’s around earth. But even using logic and that’s what we’ve had pumped out of us by preschool and, and primary school and so forth because indoctrination camps. Yeah. Yeah.

You know, things that are illogical ordinarily are pumped into us, like rope learning that we don’t question it later. But once you start using common sense, like when you spin a ball and it’s wet, you see the water flowing off. Well, if the, if the earth was legitimately traveling at 1000 kilometers an hour or whatever it is, come on. you know, and it, it, yeah, it’s, it’s what, what, what, what that’s where it’s, it’s density and buoyancy. It’s not gravity like they’re saying. I mean, because think about it, what, what can, what has the force?

I have a pool out here. What it, what has the force to keep all the pool, water in a pool. But this little butterfly can go flying off right off the top. You know, it, it’s, it, that density and buoyancy explains a lot, right. But the, well, water reach its own level. So if there’s a curve, well, how do you have a curve anyway? Um, how is it that engineers take no account in their equations when they build extremely long bridges which are all over the world now?

And uh airplane pilots, you know, with their planes, there’s no, um, it, is, it, is it an air globe or is it an airplane? It’s a plane, right? What’s a plane, a flat surface? Right? It’s, it, it, it’s just, there’s so much once you start to really, if you think about it. But it, like you said, they don’t want thinking people. We were all part of that. We were, I mean, I, I went, I grew up in the indoctrination camps. I, I got out of them when I was real young.

I had to fight to do it. Right. But I, when I was 15 I was out of school. I, I was, I hated it. But anyway, like, I, I was one of the lucky ones, right to, to be able to break away. But as we’re seeing, man, it’s, um, it’s, it’s increasingly more difficult but like, we’re talking about more and more people, I mean, especially 280 the jab thing and the parents, you pissed off mom, you know, all these mothers and stuff and, and because that’s what our, in our experience anyway, with our members, uh, most of the ones I’ve seen stand up since 299 are actually the mothers, females, women.

Um, they’re the ones who are, are willing to, to stand up. You know what I mean? And not even the big burly, tough men. You know what I mean? They’re, they’re, they’re doing what they’re told and the women are like, no cos, they’re cowards and they’re not challenging the story. Yeah. You know, if there was a threat on the life of any one of my two youngsters, the government’s saying that there’s no threat but if others had said there’s a threat I would, I would investigate just for their own safety, don’t you think?

Right. And if the, if the threat was proven to be, uh, irrelevant, then what’s the harm you lost a bit of time? But if it’s accurate and true, you could save the life of your kids, man, you would have to be the dumbest ass on the planet to risk the lives of your own offspring to risk the line of your succession, your hereditary succession mate. What kind of person are they that don’t do the research? They are just dumb people. And, you know, I do have a lot of empathy.

That’s why I do the stupid hours that I do. And still, however, you know, if people after being told, please check and validate and they’d say no, the government wouldn’t lie. Maybe they deserve what they get. It’s a sad thing to say. But what can you do won’t even help themselves? And that’s the thing and there’s nothing that you can do. That’s something I realized long ago because again, I was woke up to this in the late nineties as well. Right? And so, and I used to, you know, I, I was, I was very vocal, started the liberty movement dot org in like 265, right?

And well, I was won 210, 2000. I was screaming, you know, I was the guy at the party. You’re a, you know, and, uh, and it doesn’t work. None of that works. You know what I mean? And even, even, uh, on a different, though, like, I used to read a good book, you know, a good spiritual book or something, you know, like ear to or something and be like, oh, you gotta read this book, you go buy 231 copies. Give people don’t read them. They, oh, what I do know is people find things when they’re ready to find things and this knowledge is one of them.

I think one of the greatest writers that I’ve come across, I used to read a lot but these last few years I haven’t had much reading time, but one of the writers, he’s actually from New Zealand, but lived in Australia for a number of years. But we researched around the world traveled extremely well. It’s a guy called Jonathan Gray and he’s written a whole bunch of books. The first one and I’ve got quite a few of them. I’ve got some of them electronically because they’re on his website.

You can buy them there. But the first one was dead man’s Secrets. And I, I read it one night overnight because it was about 15003 something pages. But every page was full of facts. You just could not put the book down and I read it overnight and I thought I got to get more of his stuff. Where do I get it? And when I looked on the website, you know, uh killing of Paradise Planet. And another one was, um, uh, no, uh, the arc of the covenant, which by the way was found in 21500 under Jerusalem where it was put, when the invading barbarians were coming in the meads and, and Persians and all that.

Um, and it’s all recording the scriptures anyway, but not where the arc of the covenant went, which was a, a power energy source, a frequency source. But anyway, it was located and is still there. But those books make their eye opening tells you exactly where we’ve come from and that the earth is much younger than what really is led to believe in. You know, you, you just, you just can’t put them down anyway. That’s just, yeah, I got, yeah, I got to check those out. Yeah. Um I was gonna say too that, you know, we, I focus the last 220 years mainly on uh solutions.

That’s what we call ourselves, solutions, empowerment, we empower people. And the first step is really creating awareness because at that time, most of the world was asleep. But today I think the big percentage now have woken up but without the uh aware, creating the awareness, you couldn’t educate because they would say, oh that’s bollocks and that’s bollocks and that’s crap and, you know, BS and whatever. But once you create the awareness and I lead people often, you know, uh state something real obvious, uh, you know, in our country, for example, you know, um, um, you know, there was no, um, um, how do I lead?

Uh, I use one example in particular, you know, politicians never lie, do they? And I get a chuckle out of people. Oh, yeah. You know, John Howard said our soldiers would never go to, um, uh, Iraq. They didn’t go, did they? And they said of course they did, ah, they lied again and you know, what was the reason, uh, wasn’t it that they weren’t there because there were weapons of mass destruction? And, uh, they found them, didn’t they? Because that’s why they went. No, they never found it.

And I said, oh, no, not another lie. And then I’ve got them so you can start sowing the seeds of things which are not so obvious. And I think holy smokes, we’d better check this out. It comes always 220% of the time it comes back to me. They send me stuff by email saying, oh, did you know about this and that and that and that. As much as I have done the rubber hole, now they’re going down the rabbit holes for themselves and they’re away. I don’t have to do anything without those parties ever again.

So, it’s a way of leading them in without smacking them out because if you hit them with a big rock to start with, you’ll kill them. You know, they lost. Yeah. That’s, that’s what we talk about a lot is how do you, it’s a lot of information. We just had this conversation this afternoon with this, uh, new group. But, yeah, I mean, how much information do you feed in? And how do you, how do you deliver it? Like you, you know, you were saying there and that’s a great way to do it, man.

Just, you know what I mean, kind of, but walk them in, they’re walking themselves in, right? So you’re not, you know what I mean? It’s not like, oh you’re a slave, you’re a bonded servant, ask them questions which they already know answers to, but you’re giving them an impression to the opposite to what actually happened and they’ll, they’ll correct you then. Oh no, they’ve lied and you know what? They lied again, you know, but once they’ve got the awareness now you can work with them. And that’s the purpose of the site is to provide the resources, the skills, the knowledge, the results.

And we have a self populating thing there. Now people are flooding in with their own successes and putting a, I’ve had thousands. But you know, I can’t talk about myself because I have a vested interest. But when others are coming from all over earth now, honestly, people in Europe, Asia it works over here. I can’t believe that, you know, you don’t have to pay tax. You know, we handle this. We did that, you know, we won in court. You know, you don’t need a lawyer because lawyers will, you know, put you in a corner where you lose most.

Well, that’s their job. So attorneys to a turn means to take from one and give to another. I mean, go look up the definition of absolutely. And their first. Yeah. No, it’s just repres, that’s what representation is. Them to repres you instead of you being standing on your own square, you’re hiring an agent of the court, right? Because their first, their first oath is to the bar, second to the court, third to the client. So there’s about eight or 10 commitments before you. Uh True. I, that bit, I had a little thing to chuck into just a comment thing.

It’ll come back, it’ll come back. Yeah. Yeah. But the awareness once that’s there, then you can start working with them. And that’s the reason for all the webinars and the support modules and successes. So people can see, well, this is working because look at all their successes. So it gives confidence. So when they start and even the, our new web master, um he’s been with us now three weeks. The form one did a great job on the website. By the way, it’s a beautiful website. It’s just that we can’t afford him.

He’s, he’s not, not a cheap. Right. Sure. Sure. But anyway, yeah, it’s expensive. He, he offered actually to do anything I want. Uh he wants to be the webmaster, but to do it for nothing. I said you can’t, everyone’s worth their salt, you know, you know, whatever the rates are we’ll pay no worries. But he’s done that because he said the last 12 months he’s been a member and he thought he had no power. You know, he’s in business. He’s got to comply with regulations. Gotta pay his tax, gotta follow water, it’s gotta, gotta, gotta gotta, you know, spend 60% of your time on regulations.

Well, when he watched the webinars, he said it changed his life, he realized he had all the power. His life is totally free now. He’s totally in the private realm and uh he has peace and he wants to give back now. So, you know, he resonates well with what we’re doing. I like that. That’s so cool. There’s a third area that I’m focusing a lot of energy now that, well, when I can, we have a process called a non consent process. And the reason for that is because lots of um uh Orwellian legislation is coming around all over the earth where people think they’ve got to do this and do that and do that and you know, and they don’t, it’s all BS. So, but there’s a maxim that says if you don’t uh express your non consent, then you assent.

Assent isn’t part of an agreement where you unconsciously like your three see three road signs along a highway, they will say maybe in your country, you know, 70 mile an hour or something and you pass three and if you hadn’t objected or expressed a non consent by seeing three, is it obtains an agreement that you must comply with that limit? So everything’s done, tacit agreement. That’s another word for it. It all comes back to your uniform commercial code. Um Division three is all your former Bill of Exchange Act.

That’s pretty well uniform all around earth. We have our own separate Bill of Exchange Act. We’re part of the commonwealth still. So every commonwealth country has a Bill of Exchange Act. But all countries of the world have a, a, an equivalent Bill of Exchange Act. You America used to, but they’ve absorbed it into the UCC. So in there talks about notification and talks about threes and yeah, I don’t wanna go into specifics here. That’s really a workshop in its own, right? The whole whole thing. Yeah. Yeah, but everything we do is based on.

Well, no, I won’t say that either. A lot of the things we do is based on commerce and dealing with commerce. If you’re still um wanting c benefits and privileges in the public realm, you know, your license, passport, blah, blah, blah healthcare card, then you’ve got to make certain compliance, you’ve got to meet certain compliance, but there are ways of doing it and ways of not having to do it. So, um it’s good to know the Bill of Exchange Act or your division three of the UCC, once you know, that, you know, how to deal with commerce, you know, how their, um, mode of operation is.

So you can start using their mode against them and they have to come back. They, they operate so they have to, they have to, that’s why they can’t, they can’t alter UCC, they can only regulate it. Right. Or what, what is it? Yeah. So they can, they have, they can only regulate it, they can’t alter it or change it. What is that term? I keep forgetting. Um, but that’s so they, right. So that, and then that’s, that’s how you get them because you at their own game because they can’t not play by their own rules.

They have to play by the rules, but they don’t teach us those rules. You know what I mean? They don’t teach us the game. Now, my daughter did banking. We don’t even know there’s a game. No, but the world has a corporate layer over it. But, you know, since, since the end of World War two there was no one to obstruct it. So they just put a corporate bail over everything’s in commerce, which is admiralty. Yeah. So, you know, and if you don’t know, then you have to comply with all their legislation.

But once you come out into the private realm, you’re free of all that. That’s history. Now, you can do as you like. So there’s repercussions of all that. But what I wanted to come back to just quickly was this non consent process complies with the Bill of Exchange Act as such that we notice them three times that we don’t consent to something we’ll, we’ll comply first on the, on, on a prior basis that or, or on the basis that they provide us firstly with their evidences of authority and the appropriate legislation and uh that we must comply and they failed to reply on each occasion.

Now people say, but they didn’t respond. Well, hang on. Look at the definition of respond. It includes silence. I don’t use that terminology. I use reply. If you don’t reply by give them a date, 14 days, 28 days, whatever, then it’s taken that you agree blah, blah, blah that you don’t have to comply with this or that or the other. So when they mandate, for example, recently, there’s a big concern throughout the entire country about uh mandatory. Um uh the directors had to provide their ID to we our police watchdog called Asic and everyone didn’t wanna do it.

Most directors didn’t want to do it. So we have an automation process. Now you just put your details in for a non-member, it’s a, a donation from $203 but for documents that would have cost maybe 5000 from a lawyer to put together, right? So if you know, it’s a little donation but we’re putting, but for members, I mean, those non consents are free. So it’s part of our membership, our membership, by the way, first year is 100 and $29. Aussie. It’s about $80 us. After that, it’s uh 99 to renew. That’s Aussie dollars, that’s maybe 65 US or so.

But what people get is literally millions of dollars worth of processes and intellectual property. And I’m not the one that actually made the claim. We have a lot of high net worth Americans that are members. And they have told me they’ve never seen these sorts of processes and that I’m insane because the entry for membership should be 10,000 us. He said they were, some of them have said, you know, I’m a very wealthy fellow and that knowledge is worth hundreds of millions. To me, their lawyer wouldn’t tell them. Right.

Of course, they don’t know. That’s the thing, the lawyers and again, we know this is the two sides of the coin, right? So they don’t know, they, they just don’t know. It’s like the police, right? And that’s why you were talking earlier about, that’s why the, you have to have that level of compassion, right? Forgive them for, they know not what they do because they really don’t. And that for me, that was one of the hardest things to get over and stop yelling at the county clerks and stuff like this is they they just don’t know, you know what I mean?

Like, no matter how frustrated you are, but you got to treat them like Children, you know, and, and that like a toddler and they’re, you know, you’re frustrated but you’re like, ok, you just don’t know. I get it. Well, they’re the gatekeeper. If you want something, they can allow it. So, you’ve got to get them on your team. Right. See, when I’m in courts here and people say, well, come on then, you know, it didn’t work last time. I said, well, what are you saying? Well, can you come with me?

And I say, yeah, and when I see you in court, why it doesn’t work? I can tell them but they’re usually targeting the judge or magistrate or registrar, whatever and trying to knock them out. You know, have you got your proper oath of office and have you got, and I’m a man, you know. Yeah, just trying to be conflicting. Yeah. Not very, not queen, not queen. Like at all. I tell people leave them neutral. They’re only administrators. When you’ve got an agreement, they have to ratify the agreement.

So what you’ve gotta do this is rules of equity at play. Second witness. It’s all scriptural because you can’t be a judge in your own matter. You know, uh the truth is established out of the mouths of two or more witnesses. So you need a second person, well, who’s the second person your enemy, your adversary, aren’t you claiming this? And they go, I didn’t hear you for the second time. Aren’t you claiming this? Like, for instance, aren’t you claiming that the, uh, promissory note was, um, insufficient or defective to discharge the liability for the plaintiff?

And they’re silent for the third and final time. I’m counting to 31, two, three. Your honor. We’ve got agreement here. This fellow said that it was sufficient to discharge the liability to pay the debt. When can we have the court order? Now? They’ve got to ratify what we a journey. Yeah. Well, if you return it, no, you’re not. No, you’re not. You either need to make the judgment. Uh What judgment are you compelled to make when the parties are in agreement? That’s the judgment. We want the only alternative if you, if you won’t make the judgment and they won’t because everyone in the country will use it or maybe overseas will use it as a case law.

So we get them all thrown out. We say we’ll accept that an adjournment but Signy die only and then I got lots of them. So your client wins. But it doesn’t set a precedent, right? They can’t. And that’s why it happens all the time. Yeah. Yeah. The, the process, that’s the point, the whole world can learn the process. You don’t have to set case law precedent if enough people. So, but I’ve just mentioned that we the first one we did was the non consent to being jabbed.

So people don’t have to be jabbed. Whether you work for someone who demands it or not, doesn’t matter. And there, there’s a module on how to get appropriate compensation based on an example that I did. I, I took one case on last year. I’m too busy to do cases now for individuals. But if there’s an exotic case that I haven’t done, I’ll take it on because I want to set precedent, then I can do a webinar around it so the world can use it there. We do one on the lockdown, how you can bypass border crossing, you can do whatever you like you, no one can stop you.

So there’s one of those non consents. There’s the one to the uh director’s ID. There’s one more recently that I did for the MRN A jabbing of all livestock and poultry. It’s happening in your country too. New South Wales. They’re doing it. You can’t sell livestock now unless it’s had the jab. But the a percentage die on the spot and if you alter their genetic material and we eat them, well, guess who’s gonna change in our bodies, you know. So we, we’re now drawing attention from producers.

Um We’re creating a list that’s gonna go on our website where people can get non jabbed livestock and poultry. Amazing. And they’re gonna do that in vegetable crops, rice, potatoes, corn. They’re putting MRN A in there too. So you’re gonna have to grow your own food. It’s the only way. Yeah. Oh, yeah. But there’s another couple coming here where, um, they announced by June they’re gonna bring out the requirement for digital ID. Well, I’m in the process of doing a non consent to digital ID and then hopefully the last one I do, which is a big one is uh, non consent to geo engineering because it’s happening all over earth and it’ll destroy the earth.

That seems genocide. It’s really bad here. That’s something that we’re, we’re working on as well. Yeah, we need that to go global. But um the one for the uh non consent to the lockdown, I did actually um one for um Monica at um the World Freedom Alliance for, for s for Sweden and the date hadn’t even reached the, the limit on the third notice and the lockdown was over. We targeted the king but also a number of the hierarchy in government. And she alleges it was uh due to that because she’s got many thousands of members who would have been flooded, but I’m sure others were working on it too.

So I’m not bold enough to say that it was, it’s probably a combination of things, but it might have been the one thing that was the tipping point. Who knows? Well, it’s definitely part, it’s one of the acts smacks. Right. And that’s what we all got to do together. And that’s why we’re, you know, you’re here and we’re gonna do a community spotlight like we talked about and things like that because it’s gonna take us all. If we all start hacking at that together, you know what I mean?

Then it, it’s at some point it’s, again, our bubble is gonna feel bigger, their bubble is gonna get smaller and ours is gonna get bigger. That’s all it is. The more and more people we bring from the public to the private, the better. So what is real quick? What is the um how can everybody find you one more time? I, we just got to make sure how, what you send your website again, please. Solutions, empowerment dot org, solutions empowerment dot org. Go sign up. Yep, go sign up there.

Uh I know that we have, it’s amazing. We’re, we wanna continue to do more work with you. Mark. Um go ahead. You’ll be very excited soon. We’re, we’re already um I have connections with groups all around sort of the western speaking countries and several have already agreed that they will look at our Australian documents and they’ll uh sanitize them to use for their own country. We have the UK on board now. We’ve got New Zealand on board. I’m still waiting to hear from Canada and the US. But, you know, it’s, it’s not a big job but it’s just that I can’t do everything these are, you know, I I’m doing so much at the moment that I literally don’t get home.

I got home this morning at one o’clock and then get up early because I, I’m, I live half an hour away and I’ve still got things to do on the farm before I leave. So it was a few hours in bed and out again. You know, it’s a pretty full life. So it’s a bit much for one to do. But, you know, we have a small team but for Australia we can, we’ve got people that can help, but internationally would be good if we have some people on board and they can look at our Aussie docks and then put them into the US and we can get them online then for, to benefit all the US and Canada, right?

Because we’re looking to do the same with, with our, with our docs and process and stuff with you guys because, you know, whatever we can share and learn to figure out, you know, whatever we got to do because it’s, you know, this, it’s a group effort. It’s got to take all of us and it’s a, it’s a, it’s a grassroots movement. We can’t keep thinking you’re gonna vote this in or something, right? And there’s like voting means anything anyway. But people, that’s what they right. It’s, oh, I’m just gonna go to the top guy over there and he’ll make it.

No, no, they’re not gonna make it happen. We, the people have to make it happen. That’s the only way. Yeah, I’m, I’ve formed an association. Um, it’s right in the early days now but if I want that to, um, be an umbrella for Australia so that people have somewhere, some protection, you know, if you’ve got members and you can raise and we get infrastructure where we have, um, a team and, you know, we have a small membership, then we can raise a war chest and any one of the members that is targeted, we can set a precedent in court.

Then that’s one thing we’re looking at. But the other thing is that, uh, we have a resident, uh, ex barrister who set up a principality in another little nation for me some years ago. Um, I only recently asked him if we can do something for Australia here and he, we can, he can just tweak that and then we’ll have a principality of my property which I own. It has to be fully owned. You can’t have a mortgage, but, you know, the 250 acres can be the principality. But, um, a couple of the people that work with me have much bigger properties, you know, 1500 acres and so forth.

They want to be part of the principality and we think that this will spread like lightning right across Australia, but it wouldn’t be too hard to tweak it to an American principality. And if you know, you were keen to do that. You can bring members of people under that principality and they have protection. It’s essentially another country. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah, we were talking about that. We, we are, we’re doing the same thing. Oh, yeah, for sure. Oh, we’re all about that, for sure. Because creating the, these individual nations, we can actually do that. Right.

And through the power of trusts there’s all kinds of really cool stuff and that’s where we’re gonna work together more and figure out how we can glue our stuff together. Because I, I believe that, I don’t believe it’s a belief is like some fake thing. I know that we’re, we’re making a change and that we have an opportunity to actually change, to flip the script on this, whatever’s, you know, been going on for eons, you know, it’s pretty exciting to be honest. Well, the thing is if you have a nation, call a nation called it a principal, it doesn’t matter, but it’s in the private realm and you set up the infrastructure where you can produce all the food you need for all your community and even outsiders, you can produce the goods and services they need, provide services like for example, licenses and passports.

I know here he was part of a commu I was part of a community, ah, 20 years ago that community no longer is there. The creator of it went to a fled to America because he got targeted by the thugs at the top here and he died later. But at the time my ex barrister was part of um intel in the police services and you know, all the big wigs and government officials were taking the passports from this micro nation and they’re traveling worldwide on. So it just proves the point that I like that. Yeah.

Yeah, we, with our principality overseas, we have treaties with 20 countries already. That was done a few years ago already. We haven’t promoted it, but they found it. And one of them is actually with Russia. So, you know, if, if, if they want to target us over there, then we can bring call on allies and say hang on, back off here. You know, that’s the beauty of having your own nation and having treaties in place where you’ve got mutual agreements for, for mutual benefits. It’s like a protectorate.

We can do a lot of things we can, we can draw all the people out from their realm, the dead realm into the living realm, into the private, but it’s an education process. It’s exciting. We’re in the best era ever really where we can make dramatic changes. It’s fun. Woo, Mark. Thank you so much. I, I would, I would love to speak to you for, I could speak to you for days, man. But we’re going to, we’re gonna talk a lot more. Thank you so much for coming on and doing this.

Um we got it to work. Everything’s amazing. Thank you so much. Um And we have a lot more work to do so. We’ll be talking very soon. Fantastic. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks very much. Thanks for asking me on, of course. Yeah, of course. Great to see you talk soon. Bye bye.

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