May 10, 2023

The Biggest SCAM in History

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Etienne De La Boetie2 is a voluntaryist libertarian writer exposing inter-generational organized crime’s control of the gov’t & media with his book: Government-The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed!  While backing it up with 64GBs of evidence of gov’t criminality on a viral flash drive/dropbox of Liberty called: The Liberator. Working on exposing “The System” widely in New Hampshire with: The Pre-State Project supporting: The Free State Project.

Show Notes

Hello. All you lovely freedom people out there and welcome to today’s Fireside Freedom Chat on the Freedom People podcast or we get into the nitty gritties of all your freedoms and my freedoms, all the freedoms that we can think of anyway, as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together. I’m your host, Bradley Freedom. Our next guest is De La Squared. That’s right. Is a voluntaries, libertarian writer, exposing the intergenerational organized crimes, control of the government and media with his book Government. The biggest scam in history exposed.

It was a wonderful conversation. I think you’re really gonna like it. We’re gonna jump right into it before we do need you to head on over to the freedom people dot org and sign up and join the group today. It’s an exciting time. We got lots of amazing people inside of our social groups, uh place for you to all converse um and get to know each other. Super important. Come on, let’s go radar screen. And uh and we’ve been going after I got, yeah, I’ve got maybe five dozen or more people that we’re after and you know, we like it’s, I, we I just re re reduced, uh, released the fifth edition of my book.

And so I’m doing kind of like a, a media campaign for it. And so we’re just, I’ve been doing podcast nonstop and that’s awesome. And by the way, it just starts. So anytime you see that flashing light, that’s what that means. And it just stops again. Oh, there it goes again. I don’t, I don’t know what we do at, at, at, at this point it stopped. Let’s just roll. All right. Can you, can you hear that at all? No, it’s not, you know, it’s not. Um So if you could position your head so that it’s blocking the thing then I, you know, like, like, yeah, right there then I think that gets rid of most of it, you know.

So it’s not so uh flashy light thing, right? It’s still flashing off the, you know, actually you might have been better where you were. Yeah, it’s off the glass, man. It’s crazy. I don’t know what this is, man. This is nuts. Uh OK. Well, it stopped again. Um uh Yeah, we could try or I mean, we could try and reschedule, man if you want. Um I let’s roll, dude, we’re here. All right. All right. Yeah, we’re here. Rock on, man. So, yeah, so um let’s just uh before we get too far and everything, can you just tell everybody who you are and, and what you do?

Yes. So, Uh I’m uh De La Squared and I’m the author of uh government, the biggest scam in history exposed where uh the subtitle is how intergenerational organized crime runs the government, the media and academia. And really the thesis of the book is that government has been the biggest scam in history. Uh You can’t have a legitimate government because you can’t delegate rights. You don’t have yourself to a representative to represent you doing something. You don’t have the ability to do yourself can’t be bound by a social contract.

You didn’t sign. And if my girlfriend and myself can’t vote to Rob Brad because there’s two of us and one of you, well, it doesn’t matter if there’s 10 of us or 250 million of us. Uh There’s no magical additional uh person that makes something that’s inherently immoral and illogical, more and more logical. And so, uh so the, you know, government is best thought of as uh a technique for rock and controlling populations and they get away with it because it’s the government and the media and academia. So they’re gonna put you in a mandatory government school and teach you that it’s legitimate before you’re old enough to really evaluate the logic and the morality of that claim e uh amen man.

So, yeah, Goverment, right? We say that a lot. It’s the, it’s the government of the mind and that’s where it right govern. Yeah, a means to governor control and M is the mind. And so, you know, government is essentially uh you know, a number of techniques that have been used by, you know, intergenerational organized crime, going back to monarchy and monarchy was the original organized crime. You know, you’re gonna give us your money or we’re gonna hurt you. OK? And then when monarchy, the divine right of kings wasn’t selling, you know, I believe that they came up with democracy to trick the population into thinking that they had a say in how they were, you know, ruled, but always knowing that they’re going to be able to control the outcome of elections because it’s, you know, they’re willing to use violence extortion.

They’ve got a dis despair of campaign funds over the, you know, the uh the opposition they’re willing to use, you know, uh bribery blackmail murder. So they’re always gonna win these fake elections. And so uh so that system uh Gubana system is used in, in almost every single country to rob and control the various populations on the planet. And uh and I’m exposing it in a kind of easy to read uh picture book uh that uh is designed to wake up your friends, your family, your colleagues to how the system works.

Uh because most people are visual learners and, and they learn, you know, much quicker when they, when they see, you know, the visualizations in the book. And you know, some of the historical photos and uh we’re using a lot of techniques in the book that bring the reader to that moment of insight. Mm mm. Very cool. Very cool. So you, you said there the um most of the countries, is there any land on this area we call the, the earth or whatever? Is there anywhere that you can go that there is, is not a some sort of governing body that is doing that well, I mean, so, so first of all the thing I wanna, you know, get across to your audience is that you don’t really need government.

And so, you know, everything the government does would be done better, faster and cheaper by the free market except for redistribution. You can’t rob Peter to pay Paul. But the majority of what government does is it provides services, whether that’s services, armed protective services that they call the police or dispute resolution that they call the courts or the delivering the mail or building the roads or air traffic control or running the worst, you know, high speed, uh passenger train system on the planet or, you know, we could go on and on.

But all of that would be done by the free market, by mutual aid societies, by nonprofits, co-ops, real genuine charities, uh, homeowners associations, you could still have governance without government. But the, you know, the they wouldn’t have rights that you don’t have, they wouldn’t get to, you know, to steal your money and go spend it on, you know, fake, you know, charity, quote unquote. Uh And so, number one, that’s the thing you gotta realize. Now the organized crime governments don’t have any interest in seeing a community on this planet or a, you know, country, quote unquote, country land mass, you know, whatever you wanna call it thrive and do well without the control system of government.

So every time one of them pops up, you know, one of the neighbors will invade it and take it over. And a good example is Lieber land which sits on the border of, you know, Croatia and Serbia. And uh and so that was, that’s essentially the last uh you know, was, was the last unclaimed piece of land on the planet because Serbia and Croatia were in a border dispute. And Croatia was saying, oh no, no, that’s not, that’s not my land because that would mean my border is this when I’m saying my border is this Croatia was saying, oh, no, no, that’s not my land because that would mean I agree to this border.

So this this little parcel of land in the middle of a, of a river between Croatia and Serbia uh got uh got uh homesteaded and, and you know, by some folks that said, hey, we’re going to claim this under the Treaty of Montenegro, which is the treaty that you know, of which you’re able to, you know, do, do the things to, to uh to proclaim yourself a country. And, uh, and, um, and Croatia, which has an effective tax rate of about 75%. So they were going to build and they’ve got tens of millions of dollars that are sitting on the sideline.

It may even be 100 million plus right now, you know, ready to go into the ground once they can quit getting the, the, uh, the Croatians soldiers from harassing anybody that tries to go out to liber land. And so they don’t want people, they don’t want to see, you know, a very, very low tax, low regulation. Many Hong Kong spring up on their border and, and emphasize the fact that, you know, maybe the, you know, the Croatian people would do better without a 75% you know, plus effective tax rate.

And so, uh so having real freedom doesn’t, you know, doesn’t work in the organized crime government system. And one of the things we break down in the book is they’re all running the same playbook to get their populations to be, to go along with believing that government is legitimate. You’re all unnecessary, unnecessary, unnecessary, correct, necessary. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, and that’s beautiful. So you said fifth edition, when, when did you write the first one? Uh So the first one came out, I wanna say in 2018 and then uh the kind of the fourth edition in 2020 and then we just, uh we just kind of uh expanded uh and uh you know, everything about the book has been improved, the look, the feel uh there’s more content and we also back everything up in the book with a little credit card size flash drive that we call the Liberator.

And the Liberator is loaded with evidence, exposing the criminality and ill legitimacy of government documentaries, books on PDF short videos, uh dank Liberty memes and truth music from the Liberty Movement’s leading artists. Uh We all uh you know, back it up and so you can put it in your wallet and share uh you know, share the, the pub and PDF versions of the book with your friends. And, you know, once you’re in a Liberator, you can make copies of it and we’ve got people all over the world, you know, copying that because this is a lot of the stuff that you see disappearing off the internet.

Uh We’re making sure that it doesn’t uh that it doesn’t uh disappear off the internet and we make it easy to resist because resistance is the difference between being enslaved and being a slave. And so uh if you don’t want to go along with it, you know, one of the things you can do is expose it, you know, widely to your friends, family and colleagues. And that’s really what we’re, what we’re all about is making it easy to resist and then making it impactful by having a kind of easy to read picture book that brings people from 5003 to 60 in the shortest amount of time and, you know, wakes them up to the scam of government. Mhm.

Yeah, that’s very exciting to me. I love that. I love that. That’s, uh, I mean, one of the main things that we do as well is that education platform is, is help wake people up to the government. Service, the service corporations, that’s what they are. They’re, they’re government service corporations. It’s not actual, at least here in the United States, it’s not actually the real government that’s in charge of anything, which is funny enough, um, makes it easier when you can believe it’s a circus. Right. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah.

So, going back a little bit further, I guess, uh, maybe to the beginning. But what, what kind of exposed you to all this, you know, was it, did you watch Zeitgeist or? I mean, like, you know, everybody’s got a catalyst somewhere that was like, ok, holy moly. Yeah. So the, so I was a, uh, a libertarian since college days, Ron Paul when he was running for, uh, the last time that he was running for president, showed up at my, uh, college in Texas. And, uh, and I, I kind of considered myself a fiscally conservative Republican at the time.

And after listening to Ron Paul talk for an hour, I’m like, man, I guess I’m, I’m a libertarian and, uh, and was a li Libertarian for a long time. But it wasn’t really until I was exposed to the work of Lark and Rose that I put, really put the final piece in the puzzle. And that, that is, you know, that they’re, the government is a religion that they’re sliding the belief and the legitimacy, the necessity and the desirability of the public as a religion. They’re not calling it a religion but in their, you know, monopoly, government schools and, and uh youth programs like the Cub Scouts.

We blows boy scouts, J R O T C R O T C explorers, young marines, uh dod star base, et cetera. They’re using all of the little tricks and techniques that an unethically manipulative religion or a cult would use on their followers. They’re, you’re going to, they’re gonna force you to go to the mandatory church school where you’re gonna learn about the presidents who’s kind of the Pope of the religion. You’re going to learn about the holy documents of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You’re going to uh uh sing the hymns of the national anthem and the star spangled banner.

You’re going to do the common prayer of the pledge of allegiance. They’re going to take you to Mecca Washington DC. Government land uh in kind of middle school where they’ll take you to the cathedral, the cap that looks like the Vatican for a reason and everything’s oversized. So you feel small and insignificant and they’re gonna take you into the temples and show you the deities of Lincoln and Jefferson. It’s going to be very hushed, very hushed and very reverent. And, uh, then, uh, you know, the, you know, go to the judge, the judge wears a vestment, the, the, uh, the senate in the, in the house or kind of like the church leadership, the, uh, you know, I could go on and on but, you know, it produces a taxpayer who’s willing to tithe semi a portion of his income and support something that is absolutely not in his interest.

Uh because he’s been indoctrinated into this belief system by controlling the information that, you know, that he receives. Um The final thing that I would add to that is that, you know, the other thing that we expose in the book, it’s the government and the media working together. And so the media is kind of using uh you know, uh product placement and techniques like anchoring uh to bring, you know, to uh product place the flag and motions at, at moments of high positive emotion in thousands of movies and thousands of television shows.

There’s a new documentary out called Theaters of War that breaks down Hollywood’s relationship with uh the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies where the, where they frequently have script control, they’re able to little literally rewrite history to make the military look good and where they’re using techniques like anchoring, where they’ll build the audience up to this moment of high positive emotion and then just show them the flag just for a second or two. And then people, you know, grow up, you know, uh not understanding why they have a warm and fuzzy for the flag.

And then you see them wearing, you know, American flag clothes and flying American flags from their automobiles and having, you know, a American flags on their homes and everything. And so, so the, you know, one of the things that we’re exposing is that, you know, that, that this is a, this is a game where the government is running game on them is running tricks using unethically manipulative techniques to get you to have that warm and fuzzy. You know, one of the things that we have on the Liberator is a television sign off video from the 19 sixties.

And, and I gotta, you know, probably explain this to your younger listeners and viewers, but in the old days, television wasn’t 24 250 250. And, and uh at the end of the broadcast day, that was around 225 o’clock in the morning, uh every single channel would, you know, run the same like little video and it would generally be a, you know, flag flapping in the wind and patriotic scenes and, and uh they would, uh, you know, sing the star spangled banner, they do the pledge of allegiance. And we’ve got an example on the Liberator where they were uh hiding phrases like government is God and do not rebel.

And they were doing subliminal, you know, on the screen just, you know, reinforcing that because you’re in a drip by one o’clock, two o’clock in the morning, you’re already in kind of a trance state. And so, uh you know, and, and so if you don’t understand that they’re running subliminal advertising on you saying God is, you know, government is God and do not rebel. And uh you know, some of the other messages that were, that were broadcast in that, well, you’re just getting played and chump, right?

I mean, and so, so, you know, we’re exposing that one more thing, the NBA puts the American flag on the backboard. So people psychologically associate the exhilaration of the goal with the, you know, uh with the flag. And so it’s like little, you know, tricks like this that most people never ever notice, they never ever think about until you explain how the magician does the trick and then you can’t unsee it. Then all of a sudden you’re like, holy crap. They’ve been doing that my entire life.

And then you realize, hey, I’m getting played, you know, and you know what’s funny man is now, it doesn’t even seem like they’re, it’s so subliminal, like a lot of, I i it’s like, it’s kind of in your face. They’re just like, outwardly just telling you now, right? It’s, it’s kind of these, these modern shows and things like that. It’s, it seems to be um their messaging, right, whatever the messaging may be, whatever they’re trying to inundate people with. So, one of the, you know, one of the, one of the uh videos that we have on the Liberator flash drive is uh, is a compilation of clips from 250 Michael Bay movies, just 2500 Michael Bay movies where they just cut out the second or two that the American flag is on the screen and then they’ve got a counter going and it’s just going be and a little arrow points to the American flag and it takes you through, you know, a lot of the Transformer movies and a lot of the, you know, other, you know, Michael Bay movies and you just don’t realize it until you see them all strung together.

But there’s 2100 product placements of the flag in just 33 Michael Bay movies. Let me repeat that there’s 23 product placements of the American flag in just 24 Michael Bay movies. And if you don’t understand that that’s going on, like just think of what, you know, that kind of effect and that’s why, you know, many people have this warm and fuzzy for the flag because they’re being propagandized in an unethically manipulative way. Mm. Yeah. And that’s, and that flag that they’re flying is obviously old glory or, but that’s the wartime flag, right?

Because, I mean, most people don’t even know there’s a civil peace flag. Um, but it’s, it’s just been, everybody, everything’s been completely whitewashed, you know, history is his story and they just kind of make it whatever and now we’re watching it happen at a rapid pace. Right. Um, because digital book burning is what we’re seeing now and, and the censorship and everything is so much easier now for them, at least in that way. Right. Like, for example, youtube, why don’t we, the freedom people, we can’t air our podcast on, on youtube because they, they, they censor it and take it down.

Um, uh I’ve gotten two strikes on my youtube channel this month alone and some one strike away from being kicked off of youtube and, and, and they’ve taken off other content. Uh, they’ve taken off other content without giving me strikes because they’re censoring medical misinformation. Oh, yeah. No, that’s a big one. Medical misinformation. I had Doctor Peter mccall on and I, I put him, uh, or I upload it into the studio and they, they censored it and took it down. They, they, they gave me a strike before I even could make it public. Yeah.

So this is digital, this is censorship and digital book burning is where they’re going back. So we, we deal a lot in common law, equity, chancery, things like that. Right. We set up trust and all that good stuff. That’s really what the freedom people does. Um, to protect people in the private outside of the public. Right. So we see this on, I mean, it’s, it’s just happening constantly. Right. So, we’re on the IRS website a lot and things like that and we save these things because they go and they just constantly are changing and that’s what’s really good about the way back machine. Right.

Is that a lot of these bigger sites like the IRS website and things like that, there’s actually a record that’s kind of kept of it, but you can go back and you can see the same sort of thing. It’s digital burk burning, they’re just whitewashing any sort of um evidence of, of certain things happening and whatever they want that to be at the time, it doesn’t matter. Right? And that’s, I think it’s a direct reflection of what’s happening. You look at the gender stuff, right? I mean, they’re, they’re even trying to make the, like we just had a meeting earlier but it’s about the new applications for your passport and for um for different, different licenses and stuff.

But the new applications the government are putting out now, they’re putting the non binary check box next to man or woman, right? Or male or female, right? But do you non-binary rights are given to men and women? Not non-binary? So I I’m just really um intrigued by everything that’s happening right now and the way that they can do this, right? And that through this manipulation, they can really, at this point it feels like everybody’s so plugged in that they can just kind of manipulate in any way that they want.

And I think 210 was a really good, uh, evidence of that. Right. So it’s really interesting to see all this stuff happening. Well, I mean, if you want to see them plugged in, just run through a suburban neighborhood at about eight o’clock at night and just notice how many people are, you know, staring at the blue screen mental prison. And it is like, it, it’s sometimes it just freaks me out. I mean, I, you know, I’m a, you know, a, uh like uh a runner and I’ll run through a neighborhood and, you know, it’ll just be window after window, you can just see the glow of the flat screen middle prison in every single window.

And those, you know, the majority of people that’s where they’re getting their information and that the, the, the same box that’s putting the American that’s product, placing the American flags and using subliminal advertising and using techniques like anchoring and things like that on them is also controlling the information that they receive. And, you know, some people get their propaganda from Fox and some people get their propaganda from CNN and some people get their propaganda from MS NBC, but they don’t realize that what they’re getting is, uh, you know, a curated view of the world uh from the people that are enslaving them and tax farming them for half of their income, half of their income.

And didn’t, they, didn’t they just recently pass and just make it legal now and not lawful but legal for the government for the media to propagandize their people or the government to propagandize their people. I, I can’t remember, I think it was the last couple of years. Something like that happened where they actually now have the legal authority. They did it right before Sandy Hook. And so it goes back to Sandy Hook. And then, you know, one of the things that we break down in the Liberator is that, you know, the government is staging uh false flag terrorism events for police state measures and hoax shootings for, for gun control.

And so we’ve taken all of the best evidence of government and media trickery because I think, you know, long ago the government realized that, that, you know, they can control reality, they can make people believe whatever they want to believe because they’re controlling the, the information that they receive through this monopoly media system. And so, you know, we can, you know, uh it was, it was illegal, quote unquote, illegal to use propaganda. And then I forget what the name of the bill was that revoked that, but they passed, uh they passed a law making it illegal or making it legal for the government to use propaganda.

And shortly after that, Sandy hook happened and I think that was one of the first, you know, large scale kind of hook shootings where they, you know, they take a, uh, they take a mass casualty exercise and they, uh, they put it together, uh, you know, with their partners in the media, they make it look like a real thing. They pay off people through these, go fund me and, and through, uh, grants from the federal government to, you know, the state agencies that participate, they get everybody to sign national security letters, you know, and, uh, and that’s how they do it, do it.

But we’ve got all of the best evidence of government, you know, criminality with respect to these hoax events, uh, on the flash drive Liberator, which we make available for free at government hyphen scam dot com forward slash Liberator. You can actually go, we got everything in dropbox is on the website and you can download and see that, you know, the evidence that I just described, uh, yourself, um, at government hyphen scam dot com forward slash Liberator. And these are the things to your point that are disappearing off the internet that are getting people have their, their, uh, you know, their, uh youtube channels removed.

We’ve had, uh, links, uh to our investigative journalism censored by Google where Google, you can, you can still see where other people have posted the name of the article or that we’ve tweeted about the article or whatever. But Google just won’t index the actual site with the article. And so, like, that’s how you digitally burn books in, in the, you know, in the, in the, in the modern age is you de index it on the searching sites, you shadow, ban people on Twitter and on Facebook. That’s all censorship. Right.

I mean, that’s what, that’s all censorship that it is and that’s how, you know, that we’re over the target and that’s how, you know, yeah, that we’re like legitimate is that they’re having to censor the truth because we’re exposing that it’s organized crime. The other thing, you know, my, my organization is called the Art of Liberty Foundation. And we’re kind of a startup public policy uh organization, a think tank. And, you know, one of the things that we’re that we’re known for is that we’re popular popularizing, you know, not the term globalists or elitists or new world order.

It’s intergenerational organized crime. You know, people can understand intergenerational organized crime. Illuminati, not so much. I’m not saying that there wasn’t, but they know the mob, right? They know. And I’m not saying that I’m not saying that there wasn’t a Bavarian Illuminati back in the whenever. But what it is is it’s just intergenerational organized crime. That is that, that is using techniques developed by monarchy, you know, in the modern age to control the information that the population receives. So the population can be tax farmed and then this same criminal organization is handing the money out the back door to military industrial complex companies for overpriced weapon systems that we don’t need to fight wars based on lies and manufactured intelligence with phantom enemies created by the intelligence agencies or in private.

See, wars like Ukraine where we’re gonna, you know, start a war so that everybody on both sides can make a bunch of money and then, you know, uh, uh, launder the money back to ourselves and now it’s being openly handed to banks, private companies through the quote unquote bailouts and stimulus. And so, you know, we’re being robbed uh wholesale and they get away with it because most people, you know, can’t unplug themselves from a mind control device known as the television, the boob tube. We’ve known everybody’s, it’s, it’s tell a vision programming.

They, they’re telling us it’s, it’s not like it’s, it’s hidden and that, right? And like you were saying, the Michael Bay films, all this stuff that any Netflix show these days. It, it almost right. It just seems like it’s just constant propaganda, constant onslaught of nonstop, just, you know what I mean? Uh uh the, the woke agenda or again, I, and I don’t even really like the terms, but it just is, is what it is, right? They’re just pushing these agendas and whatever it may be. Um It’s, yeah, it’s intense, man.

We’re, we’re definitely in a unique place in time. Uh We are the, you know, the good news is because I don’t wanna, you know, I don’t wanna leave your audience with, you know, kind of like all of this bad news. But the, you know, the good news is, is that as long as we have the internet, we’re slowly and surely exposing this, it’s going out to wider and wider circles and, you know, they may be able to, you know, to censor and shadow band and D index and deplatform, but there’s thousands of flowers blooming and there’s people, you know, starting websites and subs stacks and, and, uh, and, um, uh, video channels and we’re, you know, and it’s slowly and surely getting out that government is illegitimate, it’s run by organized crime.

And even if you’re not a voluntaries like me and you do think that, that there should be a government, you know, uh, the one thing that I found that most people can agree on is that the government that we have is illegitimate. It’s run by organized crime. They’re, they’re stealing, you know, there, it’s that Washington DC and the policies that come out of it are being used to enrich a certain, you know, group of people at the expense of everybody else. And so even if you’re not yet a voluntarily, uh, most people are figuring out that the government is, uh, is organized crime and is not being run in their interest.

Yeah, man. Well, and that’s the thing, right? Is it, we’ve all been sold this stuff, right? Since we were born, since time and memory. Right. Me. Memoriam. That’s what it is. Time and memoriam, right? Like we’re all just like, like we don’t know another way, right? Democracy, democracy. It’s a we demo but democracy is mob rule. Like, right? If it, if it’s not good for the individual, it can’t be good for the whole. Right. It, it doesn’t make a lot of sense in what they’re, they’re selling us, right?

But again, does any of this stuff make a lot of sense? And that’s why we go back to that Mind control. This is M K ultra never went away, right? This is just mass scale. That’s what we’re looking at, right? I mean, and, and, and it’s um it, it’s just back to kind of what you’re, it’s all the information and, and people like you, people like the freedom people, everybody just really pushing to make, make this known is um I, I, I’m really interested in what you’re doing.

I’m definitely gonna get your book. Um I, I just learned about it but I’m gonna get your book and, and I’m interested in that, that flash drive for sure. Um Does your, does your organization, you had said you have like a think tank and stuff like that? How does that stuff work? I’d, I’d love to be able to think with you guys. Uh Well, we’re, we’re a startup and so you know, the book is, was really our first major publication. I’m in the process of, of writing and publishing two other books.

Uh, we, uh, we closed, uh, you know, 100 and 50 K seed round over the past two years. And now we’re fundraising for our first, you know, a round. We’re, we’re, you know, trying to raise a half a million dollars to, you know, to fund a real deal think tank and hire a couple more employees. We’re a kind of small four person organization right now. But uh we’ve got dreams and aspirations. And so, uh so the next two books that we’re working on, one of them is uh is a book entitled Solving COVID.

Uh how eugenics centered organized crime, engineered a fake pandemic to steal trillions and murder millions. And we’ve already released some of that. So I was uh working on, uh I was working on trying to include that into the fifth edition of government, the biggest scam in history. And uh and I I the book was delayed by a year because I just kept finding more and more evidence of, you know, government and uh industry for knowledge into the COVID. Uh evidence of eugenics, the connection of eugenics cent, interest, interest, uh interest into the COVID.

And so I released that on our substack. You can go and, and, and you know, search for solving COVID at art of liberty dot substack dot com. But I’m gonna finish that up uh and turn it into a book. And then the other uh major publication that we’re focused on is something called voluntarily how the only ism uh that, that is fair for everybody leads to harmony and prosperity for all. And so some of the feedback that I get on the book is that, you know, we do a really good job of exposing how, you know, how organized crime runs the government and the media.

But what are you gonna do? Who’s gonna build the roads, who’s gonna, you know, what are we gonna do with our government? And so, uh so the, so the next book is really going to break that down in kind of the same image rich uh feature rich, uh you know, uh uh format making it, you know, easy for people to understand the market mechanisms that uh that allow the market to provide everything from, you know, dispute resolution, armed protective services. You’d still have prisons, you could still have, you know, everything that, that you want government to do without the violence and the extortion of government.

And if the government wasn’t stealing half your income and overt taxes, covert taxes and inflation, then we’d have more than enough surplus to help the poor, the needy. Uh and the disadvantaged. And so that’s, you know, one of the pieces that I think people just don’t understand is just how, uh how much government um is stealing from them because a lot of it is invisible. Uh, you know, everybody understands how much they’re losing to the 10 40. But not everybody understands all the covert and the hidden taxes that every time you, you know, get a beer every time, if you’re a smoker, you get a pack of cigarettes every time you pay your cable television bill.

Every time you pay your cell phone bill, every time you get a hotel room, every time you get a airline ticket. I went to London a couple of years ago. The, the, the ticket was $400. The taxes and fees were $800. The total ticket was $43 and out of that $1200 ticket, $800 of that was taxes and fees every time you get a gallon of gas every time that, you know, most people just don’t get it. But the main thing that people don’t get is they don’t get the tax of inflation, which is the most insidious hidden tax of all where the government is stealing the value out of everybody’s money.

And, uh, the example that I like to use the most is I’ve got kind of two and analogies and, you know, one of them is, and, you know, imagine, uh, you know, dear viewer or reader or listener, sorry. Uh, you know, if I have a dollar and you have a dollar and between us we have the only $2 in the world. Well, I own 50% of the world’s wealth and you own 50% of the world’s wealth. And then imagine a bank comes along and either through fractional reserve banking or through, or a government comes along and through quantitative easing or bailouts or stimulus creates two more dollars.

Well, now all of a sudden, you and I have been reduced to 25% of the world’s wealth and the bank or the government has just stolen 50% of the world’s wealth. And so if you don’t understand that that’s going on, then, you know, that’s the reason why money is losing its purchasing power. Um That’s why prices are going up is because the government and it’s, and it’s, and the banks are literally stealing the value out of the money. The exact same as if they just stuck their hand into your pocket and took your money.

They’re just doing it in a kind of sneaky deceitful way that most people don’t really, uh, don’t really, uh, understand. The second analogy I use is, you know, imagine you’re playing monopoly and the banker is cheating and the bankers reaching under the table and grabbing $500 bills. Well, at the end of the game, who owns every single thing on the board and who are renters and debtors. And so, uh, so when you take a look at the Fortune 100 the Fortune 500 you’re looking at companies that have been funded with unlimited banker money to, to buy up and consolidate their own industries, to create a kind of predatory capitalism, crony capitalism model that would not exist in the free market uh uh but only exists because these banks are able to create this money and, and, and give it to certain favored corporations uh to buy up and consolidate their industry.

That’s why we have a monopoly media. That’s why we’ve got 3 to 4 dozen companies on the new media side, like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia Reddit discussed that does comments on thousands of websites, uh Snopes, uh Netflix, Amazon, Prime Amazon and others that are, that are, that have been able to do completely dominate their part of the information food chain because they’re cheating. They’re, they, they’ve got, you know, they’re being uh funded with money that the banker is stealing out of everybody else’s wallet uh to be able to have a dominant platform so that those platforms censor, you know, people like us trying to explain how the population is being robbed.

Wow, man. That’s awesome. That’s great. That’s great. Um OK. Wow. I can’t believe it’s already been an hour. Um Beautiful. Well, but before we go, I, I want to give you some time and if we can let everybody know how to find your book and how to find you and what’s the best way to connect. Yeah. So the, so the book is government, the biggest scam in history exposed and you can find that at government hyphen scam dot com. Uh We also, uh the, you know, my organization is the Art of Liberty Foundation.

We’re at art of Liberty dot org and we publish all of our important uh writings in at uh art of liberty dot substack dot com. And we also publish uh a daily news feed uh through subst stack called the Daily News from the Art of Liberty Foundation. And you can find that uh through our art of liberty dot substack dot com. And we also publish a weekly summary of the alternative news with five uh uh at least five, typically 10 or more of the funniest uh voluntarily and political memes anywhere we call that five meme Friday and you can get that at five meme Friday dot substack dot com.

Uh That’s the, those are all the best links and uh I appreciate it’s been nice to meet you. I know we’ve got some mutual friends and uh and uh uh uh great to be introduced to your audience. Yeah. No, and that’s, that’s beautiful and I really do appreciate it. I appreciate you taking the time and, and uh coming back on with us and I know there was some mix ups in the beginning, but thank you. Thanks for your perseverance and uh yeah, the fire alarms going off today, literal fire alarms.

So, so I appreciate you, man. Thank you. It’s been a pleasure. Yeah, Brad thank you for what you do and we’re all in it together and uh till next time, until next time.

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