September 1, 2021

A Warrior Is Calling Us!

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Christopher James of A Warrior Calls has real life experience on true LAW. Motivated by the murder of his father, he has been on the path to find and expose the Truth for many years. Listen as he explains the difference between legal and lawful and how to hold the fraudsters liable. Christopher James is a wealth of knowledge, you definitely want to listen for more resources about this information.

Show Notes

Legal does not apply to a man/woman/we the people.  

Biggest unlawful trespass is when you’re born. Birth certificate creates the legal person. 

You, the man or woman are born, not birthed.  

Record things do not register them. Registration is with the government. 

Trespass, property, who are 3 important words to remember.  

Never use a lawyer, lawyers are only for corporations. 

Watch Christpher James videos on his website. 

He who creates, owns and controls. 

Service corporations do not apply to you. Codes, statues, rules, regulations, do not apply to the living man. 

CUSIP number is on the birth certificate. Any corporation that is bought and sold. 

The Queen, the Pope and central bankers put it all together. 

The three jurisdictions of LAW: Land, Air, Water. 

Lawyers and judges operate in maritime law. 

Lawyers re-present you. 

Certificate is a financial instrument. 

Jobe 32:21  Person comes up 23 times in Bible. 

No man requires a license for anything.

A claim trumps a complaint. 

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Biblical- our existence depends on us now! 

Affidavit is for corporation, use a living testimony in the form of an affidavit. 

Civics courses vs social studies

BAR members- Inland pirates

Rule of LAW restored. 

The LAW resides within your heart. 

Never use forms at the courthouse. Create your own paperwork. It will WORK for you if filed correctly. 

Lawful Government does not exist in the United States

Karl Lentz brought CRA to court in the record

BC Law Karl Lentz 

Ask in court…

Do you claim I am your property?

I require you to provide the contract with me, the man or the service corporation. 

Where is the claim of trespass against me?

Where to find Christopher James: 



Hello, all you lovely freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the freedom people podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms. All the freedoms that we can think of any way as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together. I’m your host, Bradley freedom and I’m absolutely honored to be on this journey with you. Today’s guest is Christopher James from a warrior calls. Without a doubt. This has become our most popular and talked about subject, um, and research subject.
If you follow us and listen to our podcast, often you’ll know this. Um, but this is all about common law. Supreme law. Superior Law, Natural law and how we can protect ourselves from government. Overreach. What is the government anyway? Service corporation corporations. For profit corporations, Right? Yeah. So anyway, we get deep, deep into that. And um, Christopher James is a true patriot, An amazing human. We were super grateful that he took the time to come on the podcast. And I know that you’re gonna love this one anyway, before we get started, what I need you to do is type in the keyword warrior.
You’re gonna text that in (284) 499 23733. That’s 8 449923733. We’re gonna send you out today’s show notes. And also once again stay in contact with us, emails. Wonky. Um, so not on the mailing list. Absolutely get on the email list and also Text in 8449923733. The word warrior. Come on, let’s go. Mhm. Yeah. Mhm. Mhm. Yeah, I’m really glad to be here brother. Awesome. Beautiful. I appreciate it. Well, let’s just jump right into it before, before we get started. Let’s kinda let uh if you don’t mind, just kind of let everybody know who you are and and what you do.
Yeah, I know. That’s like, what do you do? Yeah. My name’s Christopher James. Uh the long and the short of it is is I started up the music and entertainment industry. It was my love and my passion. And I had in 2001 and $1. 5 billion 10 countries, it was going to change the entire music industry because I grew up understanding and seeing how the artists were basically bastardized their entire life, stolen from theft. And it was through that journey that when my initiative, Alan lee from Lord of the Rings, he flew over here specifically to meet me.
He was a conceptual artist and he offered his services free to me just to show you that the type of, you know, environment that I was surrounded in here. It’s not and I love me think it’s just so people understand which I also teach is that you must understand that when a man or woman speaking to you must understand where they come from, where this truth as as for meant ID. You know where it’s basically grown from and you have to analyze everything. Never take my word as gospel, going research everything that I’m telling you.
But I’ll tell you this that everything that comes out of my trap is the truth. Okay. I’ve done enormous research over 20 years because what happened with that initiative is that my entire family and I we got completely financially destroyed trying to bring this truth forward. I sat twice with Prime Minister paul martin’s office. They were blown away by this. But there was this disturbing push back that was coming back. I was hearing through other various different departments of the government back in the time. And this is before there was a Youtube.
This is before there was a facebook and understood where the infrastructure of the internet was going. So after that. Not really after that. But what happened is my entire life’s work got destroyed because of this enormous corruption and the same People that I was dealing with on the massive global level uh then are the same people that we’re gonna discuss here this evening that are behind all the COVID-19 lie. The people that are responsible for the enormous trespass that’s occurred against all of us when we were born.
So after my initiative basically wasn’t going to launch in 10 countries and I was pretty much destroyed and my family got destroyed behind because they were supporting me. I vowed to find out what the hell was going on. So I dug my heels in and I didn’t have a background in financing which was my weakest link. I was a producer recording engineer for many years. I’m a writer, producer etcetera artist. And what happened was is that I came across enormous truth through my journey. I started getting involved working with law enforcement here locally the RCMP and the O. P. P. And also um because I got into commercial lending because I had to do something once my life’s work basically went down the tubes.
It was like oh my God I’ve got all this financial destruction behind me, how am I gonna you know, fight back here at least try and keep my head above water. So through the grace of God a man reached out to me a retired fire chief and I got into commercial lending and there you come across enormous fraud that’s going on. It’s really horrific what they’re doing with all this institutionalized you know uh you know companies and corporations that are trying to get loans, the devil’s in the details as they say.
So then I got into that, then I started seeing massive fraud, worked with these various levels of law enforcement and then my father brought to me his pension case and I basically, it was a $240 million Claim that was filed, it was going to be the largest in Canada’s history. And again the lawyers now threw me under a bus with all my work that I did had contracts with all the remaining pensioners and they stole millions of dollars from them, well over $17 million. And when that happened, and then my father was murdered to keep me from bringing this truth forward back then I vowed to find out first and foremost how you hold these people accountable.
Be it, please be it a man or woman, acting as a judge, dr uh politician. Whoever. How do you hold these people accountable? And then I got the truth and that’s why I’m ultimately here this evening because it’s very simple brad. Is that legal does not apply to a man or woman only. Lawful. And that’s what we’ll get into here. So after this had happened with my father And then I drove down for 10 years after that. And then through the grace of God, I came to this enormous truth and understanding I have over 55,000 files in my vault, so to speak, my file that I’ve kept over the last 20 years of enormous research and I basically walked away from my life.
I lost, as they say, you know, waking up, you lose everything and I lost all my friends. I still have some core friends around me. But you lose everything. I haven’t had a pot to piss in for 20 years. Still don’t. But we’ve managed to get this light to come forward. Now this truth And I am really starting to turn the heat up now on this solution that’s moving forward because it is and this is not an I love me scenario. It is the only game in town and that is at that public courthouse one people understand tonight the difference between legal and lawful where we’ve been lied to and more importantly, the powerful solution we’re gonna bring forward.
So That’s my story in a Nutshell. Me trying to write an enormous wrong for my mother and father and sister that happened to all of us and of course my life’s work of 30 years, 40 years at the time. And through that journey that I went through, I came across an enormous truth and I realized I had a duty and an obligation to do this for all of mankind because this truth, this trespass that occurs against us when we’re all born brad as we’re going to talk about, it occurs against every single man and woman in this world.
And that’s why this is so huge. Mm man, wow, fire, awesome. Yes. And absolutely. Uh, I’m ultra excited about this talk just because we’re on the same path. Um, yeah, we’re uh, 20 years ago I woke up same sort of thing in the late 90s, I was in the military anyway, everybody knows my story, but we’re on the same path my brother. So can you explain to everybody what you’re talking about. Sure. It’s real simple. Even hear it a lot. First and foremost, let’s keep this simple when truth is present, very few words are required.
So I could literally end this interview in about a minute. But I won’t do that to you because a lot of people are hearing this for the first time. Some people have heard of it. You’ve been hearing a word a lot called common law. Okay. People have been talking a lot about common law. What is common law? Why am I here? Well, first and foremost, the common law is secondary. Why? Because we’ve all been lied to surrounding covid 19. We’ve got the evidence, empirical evidence that we’ve been lied to across the board.
These are not vaccines that are going out. There was no pandemic. It’s all been a lie and the same people that created this lie. Now we’re going to zoom back to when we were born brad. When you’re born in a hospital. There’s a horrific act. It’s a trespass that occurs against every man and woman. And that’s one of the three words you have to learn how to master trespass. The second one is property. And the third one is who? Why those three words? Well, trespass covers everything lawfully that could ever happen to you breach of contract.
Somebody steals from your breaks in your house cars. It covers everything. There’s only one different type of trespass and that’s called trespass on the case. And that happens at a courthouse when court staff trespasses on what goes back to that word, property, Your claim in your court that you filed outside of a legal society. This is what everybody must understand is that you never, never, ever use a lawyer. Why lawyers are only there for contract law. They can only deal with corporate entities, persons. And now we go back to when we were all born.
This is the biggest trespasses occurred against the consciousness of mankind. And when we are born in a hospital, unbeknownst our parents, when they are filling out paperwork there, we all believe that they are simply putting on the record. That’s a keyword. You always want to record things. You don’t want to register anything anytime you register something brad in your life, you’re turning over jurisdiction, which means control to somebody else. Always use this simple example. If you sign your son up to register or daughter for soccer, right?
For the soccer league, Well, you have to now abide by their terms and conditions. There’s rules when you show up, when you practice, when the games are, everybody understands that you’re under their control. You can’t work outside of their framework. Well, what happens when you register something with the government, something very nefarious is happening here. So let’s go back to when we’re born. When we’re born, there’s an unlawful trespass. And then people say, well, what’s this unlawful trespass Christopher. Well, we all have the evidence brad, go and grab the birth certificate that you were given first and foremost.
That’s a trick word. Birth is a shipping term. We’re not birthed. Okay. We are born at a hospital and your mother and father and the hospital staff, the doctors and the nurses that are filling out all this paperwork at the hospital. They don’t know this truth now, but they’re learning and waking up to it. What happens is in that moment a legal construct has created a legal person. We are born. We come into this world as a man or woman. Okay. And we are all created under the law.
We are all God’s in this world. Okay, So this is law that I’m teaching everybody not legal because legal only applies to that which is incorporated and you’re going what? The only place that which is incorporated. Yeah. Now let’s go back to when you were born, when you’re born, documentation is created and what do they send you a few days later, after a couple of weeks later, after your mother and father fill out that paperwork, a birth certificate comes in the mail. First word you have to understand the legal world.
They use all types of synonyms, different meanings to confuse and conflate a situation to confuse. Okay, the mind of man and a lot of these bar members, they are unfortunately are fortunately there’s a lot of good people that are out there that are in the legal world, but they’ve also been lied to. And that is the thing. Everyone must write down and understand first. Every single one of us in this role has been like to from the very first breath that we took out what is going on.
The solution. It’s a huge thing when you understand it. But the solution is very simple. Once we get into this. So when you’re born they create what is known as the legal person. That’s what the birth certificate is. You didn’t create it, you don’t own it, you don’t control it. When you go to my website, a lawyer calls dot com, there’s four foundational knowledge videos that everybody must watch. Okay, this is not an I love me show. This is it’s about the truth that I brought forth through this enormous journey I’ve done.
It’s not about whether you like me or not. I could care less. What’s important to me is that this truth gets into your heart, your mind and your soul. Because once it gets there brad, look out, the people are waking up now and I’ve got police that are also aware of all this rate across this country now. And they’re reaching out to me because they realize the solution is that that public courthouse under common law. So back I jump around a lot. But I keep it simple for a conversation for people to understand when you’re born in that birth certificates created.
That is you’re ready drum roll. That’s the legal person. You didn’t create it, right? He who creates owns and controls. So who created that birth certificate? Well, it was the government of Ontario where I live. You live in London. So it’s known as the government of Ontario. Now that’s not a man or a woman that is a service corporation. Start writing these keywords down every single government in this country and around the world. Your municipality, everything is a service corporation. And unless you have a contract with these people that work for the service corporations that are supposed to be providing good faith and duties and services, there’s not a damn thing that they put the pen to paper brad applies to your I as a man or woman full stop stop and realize these people what’s being told to you before you hear their codes, their statutes, the rules or regulations, their by laws, none of it applies to we the people.
It only applies to persons. And this is why this is so disturbing because it’s an incredible woman in the United States called Anna von Rights. You can look her up online R E TZ dot com and what she’s basically done. God bless her. She’s a retired common law judge in the United States and she spent the last 20 years basically drilling down on all this enormous corruption, fraud and theft because as you all know now when you look at that birth certificate, you’re going to see your name is in all capital letters that represents A corporation that was created in your name and Canada don’t hold you are Brad.
But and they started to change it up in the last few years because the people have been onto the system. But I turned 55 this year. When you turn over your birth certificate, you look on the back of it. When the first one that I got, you can see on my website it was a plastic one. It was laminated, there was nothing on the back. But then all this research once you know, I started delving into this back in early 2000 I started to find this documentation. So I applied for a replacement birth certificate from the Ontario government.
Again a service corporation. Well, it came in the mail. Lo and behold brad. What’s on the back of it? A red number. And that’s a cusiP number people are saying, well what’s acoustic number cuSIp number is something that’s required. You ready for this? This is raid off the central bankers website. Anything. Any corporation or company that has to be bought or sold full stop. What is that doing on a birth certificate that you believe that that represented? You are you are your fellow man and woman, your bondage.
That’s right. That’s exactly what it is. That’s right. It’s like Mcdonald’s going creating a service corporation in your name or a corporation legal entity. A person in your name when you’re born. And then a few weeks later he comes in the mail and your mother and father get, oh, isn’t that cute? Now if you saw Ronald Mcdonald on a on a birth certificate, they gave you laugh and say, oh it’s next to you. I’m gonna keep that, you know, just for posterity six, you know, for memories.
But I realized that document got nothing to do with me, right? So everybody can understand that. That’s no different with the Ontario government has done okay. Remember we never had a Kumbaya moment. People need to wake up and really understand history. We, the people never got together and formed the so called governments. Remember that these were put in place when we were born long before we were born and who put them in place, the Queen, the Pope and the central banks, The central bankers are responsible for the cusip system.
See how that goes. So they created all these legal persons. And the minute something is registered or incorporated, you get dragged out to the jurisdiction of the sea. And law. Let’s just quickly talk about the three jurisdictions. It’s real simple stuff. This is why mankind is in the situation room today brad is because we’ve never been given the truth. And I’m giving it to you a full barrel here tonight. Very simply, very powerfully and very succinctly that anyone listening to this are going to be able to change their life overnight and start to realize where the solution lies.
So the word law, take the letters L. A W. That stands for land, air and water. Those are the three jurisdictions of law. Everybody can understand it. Well, yeah, there’s a law in the land and there’s obviously a different set of laws for the air and then there’s a different set of law obviously on the sea. The water. Well, what do lawyers operated and Judges, Maritime, Admiralty law, that’s out in the sea, he said, well wait a second Christopher, Why are all these lawyers representing all these people in our public court houses then through these supposed legal proceedings, the legal only applies to that which is incorporated.
Lawful only applies to a man, a woman or we the people full stop and you only use those words man, woman or one of the people. You are nothing else. Because when you go into these public courthouses, they cloak you in this person that was created when you were born, that legal person, that birth certificate, citizen person resident. Any of those types of cPR if you’re a cpr you need you need breath because you’re dead cpr. Citizen person resident. Yes, sir, that’s right, brother. And so what happens is that a lawyer?
He doesn’t represent you. You have to understand the play on words. You’ve got to separate that word, Take the ari and separate it from present. Then say it represent, wait a second. What is he representing me as well? Now you know, go and look at any legal filing that’s in there. What they’ve ultimately done. You’re gonna see like on the birth certificate we have in Canada here a certificate is something that is deposited. It’s a financial instrument. And actually on the bottom of mine, as I show on my website, you see Canadian bank note is written right on the very front sight at the bottom.
So the red flags should be going off right now with every man and woman that’s hearing this. You want to know why this is so serious. Aside from this enormous theft that they’ve committed against everybody. What did you use identification wise when you bought a car? When you bought a property? When you bought a home, use the government id. You’re not on title. See this is how everything your home take your cars and everything because through our ignorance we’ve got and use their identification again. We go back to Mcdonald’s.
You use Mcdonald’s I. D. When you went to buy a house. What kind of a dumb ass would do that? Well, obviously all of us are right. I did it too right because we were not given the truth. You’re not told what is happening in that hospital when we’re born and when you fast forward today and you separate now the difference between legal and lawful. Oh the bar is scared shitless. And so are these where the black robes called judges, That’s all they are. They gave themselves a title. Okay.
And this stuff goes back thousands of years. You just have to look in the Bible. I’m not a religious thumper. Okay. But you’ve got to understand that there’s an enormous amount of truth in that Bible. Look up job 32 21 And it specifically says, let no man placed persons upon you nor should you step titles. Something to that effect. But basically the word person comes up Brad in the Bible. A wonderful man sent it to me a few years ago, 23 times. Okay. Because person is a trick word. It’s a trick word.
You are not a person. You are not born. A person. A legal person was created once you came into this world by the system that trespassed upon you stealing your family name and then going creating a legal entity and then fooling you the rest of your life that this is who you are and that legal applies to a man or a woman. It doesn’t. Okay. This is why you don’t require a driver’s license. No man or woman in this world requires a license to do a damn thing.
Where the common law kicks in is that if you cause wrong or harm to a man or woman, you trespass against them. That’s what that public courthouses for man or woman will come in brad. They’ll move a claim, not a complaint. Okay. A clean trump’s complaint every single time. So just go and pull up any legal filing that’s gone out there brad and everyone listening look at the top of the, of the paperwork of who is the parties that are involved in this. And you are always going to see the names are in all capital letters.
And then when you go into the body of the legal world filing, you see that most upper and lower case, then they start referring to as the accused to the defendant. So that’s why we never see any justice in this world because if you’re acting and you’re accepting the personage that they’re placing over you with, that was created when you were born. If a police officer does X, y and Z to you, he can just go ahead and point to his services acts. They will allows me to do this because this is how we’re supposed to react and treat persons blah blah blah.
But when you’re not accepting that designation, that terminology and it’s real simple with a man or woman acting as police and they got a verified claim when they approach you that you’ve trespassed against the man or woman. Nine times out of 10, they don’t then they better damn well produced a contract. You live in London. So produced a contract that the man in Arizona. Yeah, I’m in Arizona. I’m in the United States. I mean I’m sorry Brother Sam in Arizona. It’s all good. Yeah, no, it’s everywhere. It’s the same everywhere.
It’s it’s when this is worldwide and that that’s the beautiful thing, what you’re speaking. This is this is universal truth, yep. And and that’s in the court and this is one of the things I’ve been telling people is it’s called so nosy videos. That’s why all court is held verbally. We don’t speak in punctuation, we don’t speak in capitalization. So as soon as they say, hey, you know, Mr what’s your last name again? Um James, Christopher James, you say, hey, mr. James and you say, yeah, you know, if you don’t say I’m here under special divine appearance as the executor to that vessel, then you’re done right there immediately.
So knows videos. Sounds the same latin, They got your butt and that’s how they’ve been perpetuating this forever. It’s all verbal and guess. And like you said, a man in a black robe, it’s totally satanic. You get summons into court, it’s a science, you’re being, it’s part of a science and it’s just anyway, I don’t want to interject there. But yeah, it’s it’s beautiful. I thank you again so much. I just love your fire and you’re speaking the truth man. And yeah, please keep keep going. It’s great, man.
Like I just had Sheriff Mack on my do live streams every monday and thursday night, you can look me up on a warrior calls dot com and please register and come out to these. These are real time. Okay, discussions right now. I’m not just talking interviews. We’re talking, we’re right in the fight right now in the courts and what I’ve exposed over the last year here, through, through the grace of several people. Michael Sokolowski, Mac bihar’s another man and woman tammy and Tiffany out in Calgary. And then I’ve got some few big ones that are about to drop in the near future.
Here is we have finally exposed the bar that the rules of civil procedure do not apply to. We, the people see this is what all their processes, all their legal world is running under. Remember? Well, you don’t remember. You need to understand is that law does not follow process. Okay. Process follows the law. But in the legal world, which one is there maxims that they use is let those deceived be deceived and that’s why the lawyers are getting away with this. This is why you don’t see judges, they’re much more stringent.
The United States. At least we see the odd judge or the odd crown attorney get hauled into court and prosecuted when they’re caught doing corruption up here in Canada just, you know, they’re not even allowed to wiretap lawyer’s offices or the judge’s chambers. Okay. It’s a complete shit show up here in Canada. It’s the yeah, yeah, you guys up there, man. I don’t know what’s going on. But wow, wow. I mean, they’re cutting out. It seems like they’re cutting off all supplies and I mean I I kind of feel like that that’s that’s right now kind of pinching down everywhere just this week in Chicago.
There is, you know uh and I mean they’re they’re also ceding it to us for preparation for the, you know what I mean? Like what the information we get on the T. V. And whatever is what we’re supposed to be getting. It is so tightly controlled right now. I mean it is crazy. I mean, even the internet obviously the big, you know, I’m sure you’ve been censored. Everybody’s been said you can’t we can’t even speak anymore. So yeah, I got taken down off youtube last year in november and I’m glad that happened when it did because I had a backup channel and I moved everything over there.
It’s the tag words that you soon as you start bringing up the word covid 19, they’re all over that and I’m just waiting for them to drop the shoe on the common law stuff. Just you know, to now bit shoot is blocking all of my videos. They won’t because I’m right in the courts what’s going on? So I’m I’m asking everybody please do this for the free education and a bit shoot All right bitch who does not know trust me, all of these platforms are compromised. I’ve tried 30 times to put up three very powerful videos where I’m writing court Brad with the british law society or the law society of british Columbia.
They came after me last month to block me from ever accessing public courthouses again because why I’m kicking the shit out of the environment. They don’t like the truth that I brought in and I want everyone to go to you can where you find all of my material that has never taken down and God bless mike Adams is that Britain dot com? Just type in a warrior calls and then look for my live streams. They began in august six a little over a year ago. I’ve done about 100 and 10 of them now.
And if you are able to watch, at least watch the first one is very powerful. But then you can fast up, I’ve covered all the top doctors that are the front lines of this over the last six months. But more importantly, when you hear look for the july 14th and the july 15th streams, you’re gonna hear me in court in real time because they tell everybody the court clerk before you get in right. When you sign in. For those of you haven’t done it, they say well, due to our electronics act that we have here in policy, you’re not allowed to record the proceedings, but you can apply.
The word apply means to beg apply for a transcript at the end of it. Well, you’re gonna hear me cock, you’re gonna hear me address these borrow members. And originally I was gonna go in there because everyone was waiting for this to go down and I was going to shut them down in literally a minute. Okay, that’s all I was going to speak. But I realized there’s a lot of people brad in this world that simply have not been given this truth. They don’t even know that this exists.
So the last minute I changed my tune and I said, I’m gonna let them speak. I’m gonna let them put everything on the record that they want. Why? Because after they were done speaking that I got my turn and that’s what I want the world to hear. I destroyed them in their court. Everybody can see exactly what’s going on. I bring out the cassette numbers. I love going on with the bar. It’s all on the public record now and they are terrified. And the police have seen this now big time.
This is what I’m telling you in Canada. I’m talking to believe it or not. There’s generals in the United States that have reached out to me to, I’m not going to drop any shoes here, but it’s happening and this is the most important thing when people in law enforcement that are putting their lives on the line. Yes, they’re conscious been corrupted too. But when they understand the difference that legal doesn’t apply to a man or woman that they’re supposed to act as peace officers and only lawful applies, remember.
And that means that they must have a verified claim that you’ve trespassed, causing wrong or harm before them or they have a contract with you in the Arizona police department around you has a service contract that you’ve agreed to consent to any of their, you know, policy and that’s all they’re implementing. So it’s a very, very big thing right now and they’ve they’ve tried to a lot of people have died trying to bring this truth out in the past. I don’t stand here alone. I stand on the shoulders of giants.
There’s no question about it. But this truth is huge bread and it is powerful because what we’re going to do up here in Canada is the police and myself were starting to prepare. We are going to surround, we’re going to enter into a public court house and I’m talking, I’m going to have at least 100 officers deep with me with thousands of people around the courthouse. And when that day happens, what we’re talking about here right now. The truth first and foremost gets put on the record that the world’s going to see first surrounding Covid 19 that it’s a lie and then the warrants are going to go out for every attorney general, every man or woman has been acting as Minister of health up here in Canada, every municipal mayor, every chief of police because all of these people have been implicit and enforcing and rolling out this massive, massive you know genocide, which is going on in our world right now.
The deaths that are happening from these injections that you’re getting they are not vaccines, vaccine has to go through and not that you should be taking vaccines anyway. But still it’s ridiculous brother. And this is why, I mean ignorance is the first enemy that we have here. Our fellow men and women are simply ignorant not because they’re stupid, not because they’re lazy, not because they don’t care. It’s because they’ve never been given this truth. This simple truth that we’re talking about here this evening and once everybody understands this truth between legal and lawful and you understand who set the system up.
Then you see the solution moving forward at that public courthouse in the United States. I have every faith that the people there are going to surround their courthouses on mass and we are going to rest. Any of these people in the black robes that try and prevent for example judy Mikovits, Doctor Sherry, 10 penny or dr David martin. Those three people together walking into a public court house making a claim and laying it on the, on the record in front of a jury of their peers, a grand jury, the warrants for Fauci and all of them, we’ll go out like that and that is the moment that we need right now because it is the bar, this legal society that is blocking the truth from getting into the public courthouses and stopping all of this.
We’re at war with the bar man. That’s what I’ve been saying it. And I mean because they control everything you again and it’s because we’ve been duped right? I mean we we right now we’re actually building a software system. It’s, I don’t know, week, 10 days and we’re going to launch, um, it’s called Leah and that’s liberty in action. That’s a soul retrieval system. Um, so we have a goal of 2. 5 million souls retrieved, retrieved and protected. And what that means is we’re helping set up P. M. S. P A S P H A S and five oh it’s here in the United States.
I’m sure you have something similar in Canada. You know, these are questions actually I have for you because I have a lot of Canadian friends. We have Canadian listeners and stuff like that. And we also know that Canada is the 13th district of the United States from from uh D. C. Right? We have a friend down here right now she’s Canadian and she’s become an american state national. Even though she’s Canadian because Canada is registered with D. C. Some it’s something because, well, D. C. But DCs is Britain, it’s the queen and that’s what, right and that’s what people don’t get and that’s that’s how this is and that’s when you’re registered when you’re set out to sea as a dissident, as a dying as a dying person, right?
But if you go and you read all this stuff, it’s insane. But it’s it’s it’s called a decedent and you’re basically dying. You’re not you’re not considered dead, it’s lost at sea, right? And again, back to the Mayor maritime stuff and it’s all that. But basically when your mom, you know, kind of signs you away and registers U R E G I Reggie regal, that’s right in the in the word and that’s to the queen. But the executor of the Trust is the Pope. So the pope is actually the dude, he’s the executor of the all the trust of the soul of the planet today.
And man, so anyway, I’m I’m really excited because of what you’re doing and what we’re all doing and and that we’re all starting to kind of come together because this, I mean we’re uh again, I’m a former marine and like I woke up to this 20 and in the nineties, right? Um and it I was trying to figure out how to create my own currencies. We were trying to do all kinds of stuff, man, right? And it just seemed like nothing was ever going to change, especially in 2008 after we bailed out the banks and stuff, I was just like, man, I was like, it’s uh you know what I mean?
I don’t know. But then 2020 happened. And it’s like game time, let’s go. You know what I mean? And so here we are. So again, thank you so much man for everything you’re doing. You are a warrior, absolute warrior and everything and we appreciate you. And if there’s you know I uh is there anything like I don’t know that that we can help with and I don’t even know what that means. I haven’t you on and stuff like that. But you know, yeah, you got it. You want to get back to what you were just talking about there.
Just a brief sentence. She said you said the Canadian woman is now an american national. Right? Richard. Okay. Are you familiar with Anna Von writes in her work? So we’ve we’ve been through her process and actually we’ve we’ve we’ve done way above and beyond what she’s actually offering and doing. Um But yeah, we’ve we we got corrected through her first but then had to because her process was only at the time I heard she’s updated it since, but at the time this was a while ago. It was only covering one jurisdiction.
Whereas so what we’ve gone if we we it’s a whole affidavit repudiation. You know, there’s a lot of similarities with your deed of conveyance and kind of capturing your name. I’ve trademarked my name, I’ve I’ve I have my birth certificate is certified by the state like I’ve got I mean everything access to the, you know minor estate. That’s that’s I mean all of this is kind of what our our our end goal is to help everybody to reclaim the wealth of the planet and their souls. Because again this has been like you said, this is the greatest um a deceit perpetuated.
Uh there’s no term for this. Is there chris is there biblical? This is this is literally the balancing of mankind. Our existence hangs in the balance here. This is what people need to realize, okay if they’re going to kill everybody with all these covid vaccinations, if people start dropping like they’re planning like they’re stating is going to happen, which I believe we’re going to see massive in the next in the near future, which is horrific people. That’s why we gotta keep our our stick on the ice.
And yes, anna back in the day, many years ago, they were working on this. But today I’m just proud to say I’ve been working with a guy named Lucky in Australia because again, we’re all coming together on this. The simplicity of this is what they brought out now brad is that you need to simply put in your core information. They’ve got the 50 assembly set up right across the United States. They’ve got the land record system set up. Once you put this and this is coming online Now once you put the basic information into it, it is going to spread out the final document.
And you send another trick word. Their affidavit, a man or a woman never uses an affidavit. Only people that are acting for a service corporation used affidavits how you get around that to talk into that legal world if you wish to is it’s called the living testimony in the form of an affidavit. And that’s what they’re actually putting out. Now, once you put in this core information, it’s going to re convey as you were. So it’s great to talk to somebody that’s ahead on this because this is what anna God bless him in which you’ve been doing it re conveys everything back into the proper title of the man of the woman.
And this is one of the processes that have to happen. But to me it’s a secondary thing because I’ve organized this in the, in the correct battle format. The first thing is we’ve been lied to globally about COVID-19. We’ve got to ride out and we’ve got to stop this lie. We’ve got to stop this lie. And the best way to do it is that that public courthouse and bring a very shine Shine a very bright light to it with thousands around it and everyone in there and run it live with a grand jury in Canada up here, which we’ve never had, by the way in the history of our country that will bring a light to it.
But once we do the COVID-19 lives out there. Now, we got to go back and stop all this other corruption because the police are looking for the proper and lawful way now not legal to go forward and arrest all these people. So this is a huge, huge thing that we’ve got before us and we can get it done. But there’s gonna be a lot of unfortunately a lot of death that’s going to ensue in the near in the near future here. And this is war man. You may thought you left the battlefield when you’re fighting God bless you for your country.
But the battlefield is right here now and every man and woman’s home heart mind and soul. And that’s why what you’re doing is so powerful bread and you World war three. This is information war. This is absolute for this is the age of information and this is information warfare and it’s it’s that’s why I started this podcast. I’m not a podcaster man. I don’t know, it started this six months ago. Right? This isn’t what I do. But this information has to get out and we have to try and tip tip the right because it’s all waves.
Everything is frequency vibration. And we’re talking spiritual or even physics whatever however you want to take it. But everything is frequency and vibration. We’re closer to music than anything isn’t that cool as beings right? And I haven’t talked about this a long time. I used to talk a lot about spirituality a lot more about spirituality than, than civics right? And it’s crazy because you know what? Nobody even takes civics courses anymore. It doesn’t exist. Right? And those were courses that when I was a little kid that was still offered right?
I’m 43 but here in Arizona, I mean there was still, we had civic but then it disappeared, it became social studies, right? And it’s like, okay, what what the heck is a social study? You know what I mean? I don’t know. Anyway, high school is that you bring that up because when I was nine and that was when I was in grade nine, that’s when they pulled civics in latin out of the high school. Just when I got into high school and they have to understand is that the people that did this trespass against us when we were born that set up this massive, massive constructive fraud system that then they use their bar members to access is inland pirates.
Remember they’re only supposed to be operating out on the sea of sea merchants. That’s what I remember is, you know, they, they were sea merchants. That’s it. Now they come inland and through this corrupted consciousness that we have. People don’t know the difference between legal and lawful now they know and now the rubber is starting to hit the road where people are saying wait a minute. This society that we do not belong to as a parasite. It needs to be removed from our public courthouses and we need the rule of law restored and the rule of law exists with we the people, people say, oh my God, it’s too much to I realize, you know, they let the legal world and I go, oh, I don’t have time to learn all this law stuff.
Let me make it simple for everyone. Okay, The law resides within your heart. Common law is the law that is unwritten, you know, from our creator when we came into this world, first and foremost, we do not. There is the word again, trespass against a man or woman and we do not administrate property without right. And that contract makes the law, it’s that simple. So when you go into that public courthouse and you’re making a claim, your claim is bringing the law the common law of the people that there’s a man or woman here on the other side, not a person, not as some fictional t and you don’t sue corporations because that’s all part of a different world.
You go after the man or the woman. And when you bring them into court, you’re making a very simple claim. They have trespassed against me. Here’s the evidence and this is the wrong and harm that they’ve caused. And this is the remedy and the justice which I see, and you need to understand that if you’re going to think, oh, common law is a little wishy washy. If you come into court and you’ve got anything that’s fraudulent or you put anything fraudulent on the record, that jury is going to have your head on a platter rightfully.
So the common law is powerful. It is also very forgiving and it also encompasses this whole spiritual, this whole understanding, this love that we must have for our fellow mankind. You know, and this is what we have to realize right now. Is that first and foremost to lie with Covid, then we’ve got to realize the enemy with the bar because of this consciousness. Once you have those two facts in front of you, then you go, okay, where is the solution? Then you look to the doctors with with the knowledge that we have.
Then you understand accessing the public courthouse now correctly, you never ever ever use their forms because the second thing you use any of their forms at the courthouse. You’re being dragged into their jurisdiction. The legal world. So you always create your own paperwork. When you go to my website, I got five, I got seven or 10 cases up there. Now you can see my paperwork, my paperwork as filed. That’s why it’s called paper work. Okay. It will work for you if it has filed correctly. And it first started out here when I did it the first time.
They literally they freaked out here and and they had a judge from another territory, the binary case, which is the first one. A farmer’s family had their farm completely. I don’t know if it’s been taken from them yet but the Attorney general, the Minister of Finance up here in Ontario, all their little thugs that work underneath them came and pulled this end run on this wonderful tobacco farmer. His family been farming doing vegetables, beef for 40 years, never had a problem once, never bounced a check, nothing. And then all of a sudden they’re being dragged into court.
They’re having their entire livelihood stripped from them taken from them. So I help them establish their common law court, the military court in a superior court of justice here in Ontario. It’s very important the paperwork when you read it, you always are, you are the court and you’re moving it into a public building because that public courthouses like a dance hall. If I need to hold the dance, I’m gonna rent a particular room, I’m gonna book it and then I’m gonna come in on this day and I’m going to hold my party.
This is the analogy I like to use. So imagine when you go in, you book this date, you pay your money like you do at the that the court clerk window and you go there that day. And then all of a sudden before you get there they start making communications to you from the court that you can’t arrange your chairs in a certain where you can’t use a certain type or you got to use this particular napkin or you gotta play your music in this order, right?
You follow me that no one would do that too. If you’re renting a hall for a dance party is going to then tell you the, the building, you know, even though it’s publicly owned that they can now come into your court or your dance and tell you exactly how you’re supposed to run it. This is why the bars terrified because they’ve had control of the process for a very long time through our ignorance using those rules of civil procedure. So I went right up the whole chain brad wright.
The chief justice of candidates, just a man acting for a service corporation. Remember that’s all Canada is, that’s all United States, inc is it’s not your lawful government. The lawful government doesn’t exist in the United States and all its public buildings. This is what people need to realize. The United States of America. That is the true government and the United States of America was actually originally again, unlawfully taken by Scotland. They registered that in their system over there. So when you understand all this, you know, it’s a very deep and dark rabbit hole, but right now we’ve got such evil against this brad.
We’ve got to focus on the lie and then we’ve got to show them this very simplicity that the difference between legal and lawful and once we understand this with police and collectively, we’re all gonna go together to these public courthouses. We’re gonna put it on the record and then the warrants are going to go out for all these people’s arrest. It’s that simple. So that’s why this is important that people understand when they take from leaving with this conversation with us here today. They understand that legal does not apply to you.
You never ever use a lawyer because you represent you as that birth certificate. Okay. Just like I say, the knowledge is right in front of everybody and a lot of people, they say, I don’t want to look at this stuff, Well, don’t waste your time on them. Those of you that this is resonating with, grab this truth by the by the full horns of it, Okay? And ride with it because that’s what we’re doing worldwide right now. We’re gonna ride out and we’re gonna face this evil with these troops.
We’ve talked about here very soon in our public courthouses and we’re going to stop all this because we’re never going to get it done in the media. We’re never gonna get it done in the political realm. We’re never going to get it done in the current court systems because everything has been corrupted. You cannot have a justice system when it is based on constructive fraud that there committing massive fraud against every single man and woman that walks into that courtroom. Now we’re not talking about people that, you know murder people people that cause major wrong and harm to kill people destroy things.
Those people have to be held accountable. There’s no question about that. I don’t care if they do that in the legal world or the common law world. But don’t you damn well dare try and drag me into a court for a driver’s license or some code rules or statutes or never mind taxation to the C. R. A. Is a service corporation, right? But I got a contract with them. No look at who like the I. R. S. Who are they sending the bill to? Its that all caps name.
Of course yeah. And then you know another interesting thing that a lot of people don’t pay attention to is it’s in California anyway and I’ve I’ve been I’ve been in the fight with them for many years but the California franchise tax board, franchise tax board and it’s the it’s the collection arm for the government. But it’s in the word, I mean you can go on and look it up, It’s California franchise tax board and I’m like how am I right? And this is again early 2000 when they started coming after me because I was living there and again I already knew that I was being screwed royally.
And so I was back in the day trying to figure out how to how do I avoid all this b. S. Right because anyway so um so I’ve been through my battles as well man. And but anyway, it’s right in the name, California franchise tax board, you are a franchise corporation, all caps name. And and that’s that’s exactly what you’re saying. And I love how you put it, If this resonates with you, then let’s come on, come on, jump on board with all of us because we’re all, we’re all together in the same exact thing.
And that’s, you know, everybody’s doing things the same little different, but the same and that’s it is so, um, And I, you know, with a lot of people are what you’re crazy. But I’m like 2020 was like the best year of of my adult life that I can remember because it’s finally coming out all I mean, I lost friends and family, just like, I’m sure everybody else trying to tell people the truth, right? And and the the programming is so exquisite that if you even say it’s so hard, right?
You can’t mess with people’s core belief systems. And but this stuff is like, it’s just it’s it’s it’s very interesting. Yeah, they can’t they can’t call us conspiracy theorists because everything brad that we’re talking about here. Everybody’s got the evidence already, you’ve got the evidence in your in your in your capacity, just go and look at a birth certificate or go and look at a bank account, the other thing that I showed and I proved with them in every case the farmers as I had them go to the bank, I have people on my website I teach them how to create their own proper correct. I?
D remember if you’re gonna walk this world, you got to put on the big boy and big girl pants so start acting like it and taking control of what is your property and your name is your property. Nobody can go and create documentation and bind you to it okay without a contract. And if they try and do that then they’re going to be held liable. So uh I forget what was going to go with this. But at the end of the day you’re right, what we’re doing here is very very very very important for the world to understand.
To see the truth. The simplicity of writing all this wrong is very simple brad. We just got to get this truth in the hearts and minds of the man and woman. And then collectively when we go to this public courthouse they’re going to see how powerful this is and how quickly this goes for the sierra. That’s what I was talking about up in Canada here. I was a general contracting also for 20 years. And uh I never understood this whole taxation thing. I’m out here busting my ass to all these things And then I gotta go home and I got to do all this paperwork for the C. R. A. And somehow prove to them or whatever it is that I’m doing with my life.
It didn’t make sense. So when I realized the fraud that was going on that they were only coming after that legal person that was created to me. I wrote a very simple single page letter, a single sentence practically to bob Hamilton. And he’s the man who is the president or the chairman of the Sierra in Canada. Here is the head of that service corporation. And you simply write to them and you can say this to the top man or woman. That’s at the I. R. S. You simply write to them good day Barbara susie. Right.
I was I do not. I require the obligation which means contract produced which you claim that a debt be do or true kind regards bread. Right. Because I don’t have it. My records here and I’m an honorable man. I settle any and all debts that I am that I am owed to. But I don’t seem to have the contract in my file with your service corporation. As soon as I sent that to them, they stopped immediately. Great man in the United States is carl lentz. He came up here many years ago and he kicked the crap by the way, he’s banned from coming in Canada now because he has a criminal record not because he’s caused any wrong or harm to a man or woman and that’s something we should talk about here too quickly brad.
Is that everything that we talk about here, we’re not talking about violence. There’s nothing violent about what I’m I’m saying here. It’s about the truth finally being brought into the light and that truth will take care of this evil itself. We just collectively as people have to recognize and we have a duty to stand together and make sure that this truth gets brought into the light because once it happens as I say let the truth free and it will take care of itself. So Carl came up here, he kicked the crap out of the C. R. A. He simply put into the court.
He said when will the court when will this when will the plaintiff? Because I’m speaking in a legal term was the sierra was the plaintiff. When will the plaintiff first and foremost appear. And then the second one was I require the plaintiff to press the record. That means they have to come and open court and they have to speak. Well there’s one problem with that brad. There’s no man or woman that I know of that’s called the C. R. A. And even if a man or woman did appear that was the C. R. A. Well they would have to point across the room at me or any other man or woman and say oh yeah I’ve got a contract with Christopher or anyone else here that they’ve agreed to pay me X amount from their from their income.
See how it falls apart. As soon as Carl put that into the record, oh they stayed, there was 125 cases over 100 cases. They were trying to, they stated right, Carl lentz is an incredible man in the United States. The journey that he went on, people need to look him up, K A R L L E N T Z and the one that you want to look up type into Youtube. It’s still on there, which I’m surprised put in Bc law, carl lens and carl came up to british Columbia about five years ago I guess it was and he put on a two day seminar or one day seminar.
It was three hours the whole thing you listen brad and everybody to what he did when he went to the royal courts of justice in London England where all this crap came from, where all this horrific evil came from. He went in there and he helped the man, He appeared as his friend from the United States named bali man. And when people listen to what carl did in that courtroom, it’s epic right? He blew the doors off everything right then and there with two sentences into the court.
I claim the wrong of trespassers writing on behalf of this man or the man was putting it in and the other one was I required the immediate restoration of property property, let’s quickly jump on that too. If you’re involved in cPS child protection services and you’re fighting in the courts for your family’s how you shut them down? Is you attack the family parenting act? Any acts, codes or statutes that they’re using to move their court. You require them to produce the evidence that those acts or statutes are colds apply to I a man or woman.
They don’t. And that’s where you get them. You never refer to your Children as Children. Your parents on that property. Yeah. Property. Why? Because no man or woman can administrate property of another man. I will move out. Right and no man or woman is property. C and the judges run from that. When you call me. When I go into a courtroom first and foremost, you find out when you find out who’s presiding in their legal world, you find out the name of that man or woman. Before you go in.
I always write ahead of time before I go to court. As you so wonderfully spoke to, I’m making a special appearance here. Just you were correct the record of who’s actually appearing here because there’s a false presumption before this court that this legal person is appearing, which you have jurisdiction over and simply you don’t produce the evidence otherwise contrary to what I’m bringing, otherwise discharge this case. So these judges, you ask him. When you get in there, you say I have two questions. The first one is is we the people, a man or woman.
Do you consider us your property. Are you claim where your property? And they’re gonna say well no. And the second one is then you say, well then I require you to provide, put on the record right now. The contract which I have with you and the private capacity bob as a man or in the service corporation entity they are representing right now because if I don’t have a contract with you either of those realms, then for the record, honorably, you have no jurisdiction over me. The man presiding over this case.
So I require you To produce the verified claim right now. Where is this verified claim before this court? Not a complaint that I have trespassed causing wrong or harm to a man or woman or produce the contract or the bill of particulars bring the man or woman forward. Uh, no man or woman is going to come forward 99% of the time. It’s just this little parasite called a crown attorney. A guy Bob. They’re working there for this service corporations. That sole job is to steal from you through your ignorance.
Now the people are no longer in her and brad. They understand what’s going on. Yeah. Epic. Yes. 100% man. We’re waking up and this is, this is about the ascension process and that’s where when you say man, this is my bible here, right, King James the first bible I’ve ever bought in my life. I’ve never, I grew up religious, I was baptized baptist. But then I just saw the bs through organized religion and actually the bible warns you about organized religion by the way. Right. Also I warned you about attorneys, doesn’t he?
Yeah, and that bible, It’s crazy. Dude, this is contract law this book, man. It’s just been like, but this is biblical. This is what’s happening. This is the most ultimate story, right? This is all playing out. This is on the cosmic play. Man, this is the stage. This is where it’s going down. We all chose to be here right now to do this is absolutely, this is absolutely right. And you can make this, you know, a lot of people, you know, you can make this like ah, this sucks and stuff like that.
Or you can look at this like we are here to be Lay the foundation for the next 1000 years plus, right? Because that’s what we’re talking about at 2030 that’s why all these numbers. And if you look at the timelines and hope Iraq up here in Arizona, right? The Hopi indians and this stuff again is just, it’s biblical. That’s beautiful. You said that man, you know, well because that’s what I say to everyone. We were all whether you realize it or not at some point and now we’re in the very near future you’re gonna realize you were put on this earth for this particular time in this moment.
Now, people that just choose to be asleep while they weren’t there just supposed to be, I guess there for us to see them get, but they had, we needed them to write their playing there. And you know what chris this is something I’ve been saying. I had to, I had to change it because I was, I mean every time I saw something that mask or talking about the jab, I was just like, all right. And so I’ve reframed it, where is like, thank God they’re doing it.
So I don’t have to write like if somebody in this play has to be the Deuce doing that. Thank you for you. Thank you so much and I give gratitude for them taking that. Like, thank you, Bill psycho. Whatever man, thank you for. I mean obviously somebody’s got to play that guy and I’m just glad it’s not me, uh, this go round or whatever it’s supposed to be, but that’s the best I can look at, you know, to give some sort of spin on it because I don’t know, man, it’s very intense, but I know I know you’re probably super, super busy, but please before we get going, can you let everybody know how to find you?
I know maybe a couple times, but let everybody know do all your plugging right now, please. It’s super important. People find you terrific, you can find me at a warrior. That’s not a lawyer. Some people thought, I’d say it’s a warrior calls dot com. And at the very main page, you’ll see there’s a blue ribbon at the bottom. And that’s when you can subscribe. Please subscribe to the website we don’t send. There’s no junk email that goes out. The reason you want to subscribe as I’m also tied to Earth United.
If you look that up online with jesse, Casanova jesse, that’s a long story. You can find out about that on our website. But jesse, I reached out to him over a year ago to basically put together an incredible video that we launched on december 10th of last year. And you should go and look at that. It’s the ultimate truth video. And basically we talked about here. It shows everybody what’s going on. But this truth is riveting right around the world. It’s gonna be a focal point as we move forward.
But a warrior calls, you can subscribe at the bottom on that blue ribbon. You got to subscribe to the monday night and the thursday night, two nights and then you will get the updates and please come out to our streaming. I’ve been under attack. Big time for the last three months. You’re like never before. So we’re actually the process of creating our own server, our own software, we’re writing because everything is compromised. The guys, I’m working with their brilliant. So when that launches, it should be a pretty, it won’t be Impenetrable, be Impenetrable.
They won’t be able to get into me anymore. But that’s how you can find your lawyer calls. I’m on Brighton, just type in a lawyer calls. You’ll see my web page there, my live streams after you watch the four foundational knowledge videos on my website, then jump over and start going and looking at the live streams and start drilling down on judy Mikovits and you know, Sheriff Mack that I’ve had there, but goals and look at the very first one that I did on august six of 2020 and that’s the livestream.
I did the website opened up about six months earlier and I’ll tell you right from the get go. I put up a tab there called Covid Lie and I’ve got probably close to 100 videos there Now. There’s so much stuff out there, the doctors, the video I just did the other night showing trump there at the beginning talking about pushing the vaccinations or whatever. And then I’ve got dr yard in that comes in after that dr Sloan and then dr roger Hodgkinson who is the top pathologist up here in Canada and he’s livid and he is telling the entire world we are all being lied to.
There is no pandemic. There never has been a pandemic. They’ve got the evidence. They’ve got the research. But the mainstream media is blocking it. And of course I’m working with doctors now too. There’s two great doctors in the United States, uh Andrew Kaufman and uh tom cowan, They’re teaching doctors, get rid of your license. Remember we talked about, you know, you don’t like it doesn’t. So that’s how you can find me brother. And I’m on telegram as well. I don’t know it off hand, but it’s on the bottom.
If you go to bit shoot, I’m on bit shoot as well. But bit shoot, they’ve been great with me for like the last year and a half or whatever right? All of a sudden these very powerful uh presentations that I brought forward where you’re actually in the courtroom, you’re actually seeing in real time where I’m actually exposing this truth. We’ve talked about here, showing people the paperwork, showing how to speak and communicate, they will not upload it no matter what I do. So everything is on brick and it’s on rumble and bit shoot.
But I’m very grateful for you having me on here brad and I hope I can come back again and cover more information with everybody because this is a fast moving chair train right now And we got to pull everyone together in this world to get on the right page because this is the way forward. It’s not and I love me thing the second that everyone understands the difference between legal and lawful. Then you understand this lie with COVID-19 and then you see the solution of the public courthouse with these incredible people in the military front line responders, police fire.
They are all being affected. Let’s take this because the fights here brother and we can’t afford to lose it. Otherwise humanity is finished. Well dude, I couldn’t say it better man. Thank you my brother. Thank you so much. I do appreciate your time and please Yes, anytime you’ll come back. Um this is like you said, this is the most important information on the planet right now. Bar none bar none brother. I’ll come back anytime. I love my brothers and sisters. To the south of me. We are all family.
There is nothing that separates us from anything. And unfortunately what has been separating us is this ignorance by these people that are creating this enormous evil in this world right now. So it’s time for us to rise up, put on the big boy and big girl pants and take this corruption down. Amen. Let’s do it man. Thank you so much. We’ll be in touch. Thank you chris godspeed. That’s me brother. Yeah. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah.

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