September 15, 2021

Your Word Is MAGIC!

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Pao Chang is the author of one of The Freedom People’s top recommended reads, Word Magic: The Powers & Occult Definitions of Words. Pao has been down the rabbit hole after his intuition told him something was not quite right. Listen to learn about God’s law, the meaning of letters, conspiracy theories and how everything is connected!

Show Notes

9/11 Twin Towers made Pao start to question conspiracies.

Pao talks about using his intuition for answers to questions

Dreaming takes you to a different world with its own laws… 

Lucid Dreaming 

Movie Inception 

Brain is more like an antenna and memory is stored in the consciousness. Tune your brain frequency in order to access the knowledge.  

God’s law is in the Bible, a book of law. History of mankind and morality. First few books are called the Torah which means law. 

God’s Law cannot be changed, unlike man’s law. 

History repeating from WWI/Nazi Germany 

Satan worshipers are working to destroy freedom. 

Turning from God’s law has allowed demons to take control. 

You need to take control of your name and take control of your estate to become an adult. 

Pao started to study Trust law and how to take control of his legal name. 

Becomes lost at sea after seven years. 

Sonos idios; same sound. 

Trust law; 3 components: executor, beneficiary, trustee 

Court makes you trustee, the one whom pays the bill  

You should be the beneficiary of your trust. 

Birth certificate is like a stock certificate; the corporation is the debtor.  

The United States is a corporation/debtor and you own the birth certificate…

We have interest in the corporation as a beneficiary but they turn it against us.  

Currency is our energy, we give value to currency. 

Power to produce labor to produce energy, money symbolized our energy 

Banks need our signature to produce money.

The Garden of Eden is all connected.  

The hidden layers of the Bible; has all the information, hard drive of the universe 

Letters of alphabet 

A- alpha, strength like oxe, represents masucline 

B- means house or womb, feminine 

C- child of A and B, Christ 

Black’s Law Dictionary 

Definition of words are important! 

How to free yourself from the matrix is through Christ.  

When God created us we had all dominion over Earth. 

Genesis- when God created man in his image it was our soul/spiritual (genderless).  

Sin poisoned our mind, when you are not pure you cannot be in The Garden of Eden, when we lost dominion of Earth. 

Human; combines soul and flesh

Allows the soul to travel down to Earth.  

Truly remember who you are, a soul created by God. Walk the path of Christ.  

If Christ freed us from sin but we go through him to be free of sin.  

Sin = negative energy that causes death to everything.  

Sol/soul/sun when you sin the oil comes down around the soul to darken, dimmer the soul, the more the soul forgets and become too focused on material world 

A pure soul shines like a sun

Material world is an illusion, the spiritual is real.  

Satan wants you to focus on material things, so you don’t know who you are

Anything outside is a projection of the inside. 

We are all connected, separation is an illusion. 

Natural matrix vs artificial matrix 

Words program your mind like mind viruses 

Media uses programs to program your mind, artificial programs like a virus that supports Satan and his demons. 

Words have magic powers, people being hypnotized by Satan 

Curse words are negative energy cursing people. 

History of words how deeply ingrained in our consciousness 

The Greatest Story Ever told! We are all just playing our roles in the cosmic play. 

Use mainstream media to divide us, instead we should unite and love each other. 

How you can find Pao? 



Book Word Magic: The Powers & Occult Definitions of Words


Hello, All you lovely Freedom People out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the Freedom People podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms. All the freedoms that we can think of any way as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together. I’m your host Bradley Freedom and I’m absolutely honored to be on this journey with you. Today’s guest is pau chang that’s right, pal chang. He is the author of the book, Word Magic. What his word magic, you might ask Word magic is the art of using sacred sounds and symbols and hidden forces to direct and control energy to produce certain desired effects or marvels.

All words have magic properties. That’s right. What an amazing, amazing book. I really enjoy it. Uh Fabulous talk. How is is just such a sweet, amazing um man, and and I really enjoyed the conversation. Um we’re gonna get right into this, but before we do, what I need you to do is grab your phone and use your little thumbs there. And I need you to type in the word magic, You’re gonna send that to (844) 992 3733. That’s 8449923733. The keyword magic. We’re gonna send you out today’s show notes. Not only that, but you really need to stay connected with us.

Uh Times are crazy email. You know, again, if you’re not signed up for the newsletter, you must go do that. Um And also give us your phone number. You want to stay connected. Come on, let’s go. Mhm. Mhm. Really good to have you. I am fabulous actually. Very, very good. Thank you. Um now that we’re speaking, I’ve uh been very excited about this. Thank you for agreeing to come on. You’re welcome. So you go by Bradley. Yeah. Yeah. Brad Bradley, Whatever is easy. Yeah, sure. It’s just the name. Yeah. Yeah.

But the name is very important. Right? Is that what we say? Oh yeah. It’s important. The name is it’s important to uh you know, the power of the name and to take control of your name. It’s important. I love that. So before we get started on this, can you kind of let everybody know who you are pal? Yeah. So for the people don’t know, never heard of me. My name is Powell and I’m the author of one magic. And as a child growing up, I had a lot of experiences with the spectrum and for example, like out of body experiences, things like that.

And that that kept my mind open, kept me open minded. And as I was growing up, I start questioning questioning a lot of things. And I was I was very curious. Like I was a curious curious boy back then and I was very curious. One of my favorite subject was science. So I like signs back back in high school, back in middle school. And so grown up when I Down to my mid 20s, I went through a spiritual awakening. So that, that was, it was exciting. But it was also confusing and sometimes depressing because the whole world just collapse in front of you what you thought, you know, you didn’t know, you know you didn’t, I just, I was just like, well like I thought I know how the world works, but now I don’t, so growing growing up go through that process I had made, I had to make a decision on what to do, should I keep going or should I go back to sleep or should I keep going down the rabbit hole?

So I decided after part of you, Probably about five weeks of thinking about it. I decided that I should go down the rabbit hole. So I went down the rabbit hole and that led me to study many topics and for example, our consciousness, uh, religion as a technology. Um, and then one magic that led me to me. Warm magic and studying the legal system. So that’s why I’m current right now. Okay. All right. Do you mind? Um, so by the way, word magic. Uh, you don’t have this book?

Get the amazing um, uh, one where did you grow up, Where’d you go to school? I went to school in a small town in Wisconsin. You’re from Wisconsin. That’s where my wife is from Brookfield Brookfield. Yeah, so I grew up in Wisconsin and then I move up to the twin cities in Minnesota, Okay, after high school, so you’re in high school And that’s when you had your, your big awakening. Is that when, when your world? It was shortly after, shortly after high school. Okay, so you’re like 18, 19, 1919 years old.

So when I, when I went through that first, yeah, I was in my early 20s. Okay. Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, could you give us a little bit more like kind of detail or, or information on that? I’m curious on on what it was for you. Um, because like reading this book, reading your book was like everything inside of my, my soul, many years of meditation came to this point, right? But it’s absolute truth, right? And that’s a funny thing and that’s why I’m just so curious on how did your awaking experience do you?

Um, I’m sure you remember, but like, like, like details, give us some details. My man, Yeah. The event that kind of sparked my awakening was during 9 11. So there that kind of stuff, my awakening. Yeah, that was that, that was a huge event that woke up a lot of people, but I didn’t really wake up until after a few years. So, um, so after a few years of after 9 11, that’s when I start going down the rabbit hole and I remember seeing a, a video on youtube about the twin towers volume and I was looking at that and I start questioning there’s no way that towel can just fall like that, you know?

And so I stopped questioning their so, and then that led me to Studying about, I start studying 9-11 investigating it and they let me down the rabbit hole. So after that I got into studying secret societies and conspiracy and that took me down the rabbit hole to where I’m at today. Well, so this this and right. And that’s funny because that for a lot of people that I’ve met, um, that that’s been right. Mine was unique. I was late 90s. Mine was unique just because I was in the military and I it was the same, right?

When the same thing you explain when your whole world implodes or explodes or whatever and it’s just complete shift in consciousness that happens almost immediately, but it takes years For me to even process it. Like, I mean that was 20 years ago, whatever. Right? And so now we’re looking back and you’re just like, wow, that took a long time to process, right? Because you’re like my head blew off figure this weekend yet. Yeah. Okay, beautiful man. So, um, a real quick question I have, you know, it’s very difficult to find the first edition of your book barry.

Why, why is that? Well, the first edition, what the second edition is just uh, the updated version revised and updated. So I felt that that the addition was more important to read. Yeah. So the first edition is not published anymore. So okay, so the second vision is just updated and revised edition, okay, there’s not like any super cool secret stuff in the first version of you know me and my wife. Because well you can if you can find it on amazon, it’s like hundreds of dollars, Right?

And uh like if you don’t think there’s still some people selling it, but since it’s not, it’s out of print, that’s why. Okay, okay. It’s really expensive. And you actually that that answers a lot of our questions. Thanks, thanks pal. So, so okay, so you woke up, you’re like 9 11, boom. Okay. And then you’re like, ok, I know. And you start doing some research. I mean do you have um do you have a base of meditation? Do you do you have some sort of practice that helps you to because again, the information that you have right, is the same information that I have, but it was found here inside. Yeah.

It didn’t come from an external source. So like what is your Yeah, what’s your secrets? I do I do a lot of meditation. Um I didn’t used to it, but I’ve been doing for the past few years, I’ve been doing a lot of meditation every basically almost every day when I wake up and when I go to sleep, I do that a lot. And it’s my intuition I’m more like more intuitive. So my intuition when I whenever I want to find an answer to a question, don’t think about it.

And then my intuition will guide me to it. So most of the time it works there’s something sometimes where I can’t find the answers. But most of the time I twist it will take me to it. For example the stuff in the night and something just pop out of nowhere and then it will be and then I’ll get this into the feeling to go and investigate that and I’ll go look at it. You know, stuff like that. Or sometimes I’ll have a question and I go to sleep and I wake up and the answers there, you know?

So it’s it’s almost like my without sleeping someone like my soul went somewhere to learn that knowledge and when I wake up I have to answer I get that. I get that too. Yeah. That’s beautiful. Right? I mean what do you think dreaming is this just came to? It’s just a question. What do you think dreaming is? I think dreaming it takes you to a different a different world, like a different realm and the dream world. It has its own laws some because I have see I have that what is called blue, I think it’s called lucid dreaming uh well you know that you’re dreaming. Yeah.

So that the dream world is connected. Yeah it’s connected to our or two, but it’s different too because in the dream we’re on, like when you, when you think of something, it pops all right in front of you. Like if you know you’re dreaming for example, I remember one time when I was dreaming and there was a river in front of me and I couldn’t cross it. But I know I was dreaming. So I imagine a bridge going across it and the bridges pop out in front of me and it was just like, just like in the movie, it’s kind of almost like the movie inception kind of uh, yeah, just the bridges created right in front of me and then walked over the bridge.

So it’s really amazing about dream or the dream world. But here’s the thing that I noticed is that when you notice that you’re dreaming when you’re conscious of your dreaming, your subconscious like to kick out of the dream. That’s what I noticed too. It’s kind of like if you find yourself to be unconscious, no, you’re no longer unconscious. Yeah. If you’re lost in thought and then you realize you’re lost in thought, you’re no longer lost in thought. Mm So the subconscious a dream is kind of like going to the subconscious.

So when you go in there and you you, you like subconscious, you don’t, you’re not conscious of what’s going on with you when you become conscious of your dream, then you know, you’re not supposed to be there. So that, so your psychiatric kick you out and then you wake up. That’s that’s what I that’s my experience of dreaming. So Yeah. Well and I find an injury because I same as you like um I’m I’m a software engineer and I’m self taught right? And I can remember when I was learning, but I learned the same way as like I’ll work on a problem for a very long time and can’t figure it out that I go to sleep and it comes to me and my dreams, right?

And you wake up you’re like uh auto. Of course, yeah. Yeah. Sometimes when I when I can’t find the answer to my question, I’ll just sleep on it. And then when I wake up it’s like the answer is there? Yeah. It’s beautiful. Huh? So I have a theory II So right Or whatever. One of the things I I imagine memory, right? Memory to me more like wifi and less like a hard drive, right? Like I think the general perception is that most people believe that memory is stored in our brain right there.

Like, oh my memory, my memory I can’t write. And I have a theory that maybe it’s more like wifi and it’s like the field that we’re right because so you can always access that field um because your head, right? It’s like my head’s filled up. I can’t learn any more, right? But that’s not so so much the case. So, so I wonder if you have any comment on that little weird psychosis of mine. Yeah. My understanding is that the brain is more like a receiver, an antenna like in 10 and then the memory is starting the like the mind of consciousness field.

That’s where it’s stored. And then you can access that with the brain because the brain is like a radio station. Uh So you just got to endure the frequency of your brain to access the knowledge of the universe. Alright, awesome. Can we bring this back real quick to the name? Right? Um First can you talk about God’s Law please? Yes. God’s la it’s castle. I it’s a it was created by God. It’s it’s superior to all Man’s law. So all Man’s law is under God’s law and God’s law.

You can find in the bible throughout the whole bible, if you read the bible you can find it out through the bible, that’s why the bible, most people don’t notice that the bible is a book of law. It’s you know, it’s a book and more about morality and it tells the history of mankind all that. But it’s also a book of Law and that’s why it’s called. That’s why the first I think the first few books of the bible, it’s called the tora and and the Torah.

That means it means law. So the book of moses. I think it’s safe for both because it talks about the law. And that also carries throughout the whole the whole bible when in the new testament? You know, jesus talks about what the laws to, so when you read it um uh and one that one of the most important thing is to is to love to love God with all your heart or your mind or your soul or your strength and to love your neighbor as yourself. That’s one of one of the most important ones.

Mm. Mhm. Amen. Okay, so yeah, it’s okay, God’s law. Um and gas la one thing about God’s Law is that it’s immutable, cannot be changed. Unlike manslaughter, man’s like, they’re always changing it. That could be a problem, right? Yeah, it is a problem. Yeah, and I think we’re seeing that a lot around. Um Yeah, man, so let me get this right, are you in Minnesota still? Yeah, so you’re right in like kind of where everything popped off? Not too far from it, wow, wow, Crazy. That’s very crazy.

That’s you know, um what do you think this whole situation is, I mean just first so you know, I believe that this is the great awakening and all as well, but like like um the way it’s all playing out is just, wow. You know what I mean? To me it’s it’s um I guess we have to watch it play out, right? It is what it is. But do you think that is it possible for for there to be parallel realities. Is this possible for parallel reality realities to exist?

Could we exist? Coexist Consciousness is on this third dimensional plane. This three D. Right? I mean, it’s a very small bandwidth that we’re actually even perceiving, right? So it’s kind of like we’re very tunnel vision into this like third dimension. And so I don’t know, it’s just I’m very curious on how, Right? Because we were just having this conversation, my wife and I is that there’s this this intermediary time here, we’re we’re kind of like um you know, a purgatory if you will have some sort where it’s it’s not completely taken over and the light hasn’t completely right.

I mean their consciousness that hasn’t broken through a very unique space. So I kind of wonder, don’t know my question Is is it possible for those two energies to coexist or does one ultimately have to dominate another? Yeah. I haven’t I haven’t looked too much into like the parallel universe. Think, but what I see going on today is is history repeating itself? Sure. So what are we going through today is very similar to what happened during World War One and you know, when the Nazi with the Nazi and all that and the people that controlling the the worship worship is the same.

They are now they’re working hard to destroy all freedom. Yeah. And it’s they’ve been trying to do this for thousands of years and every time they have failed. But they don’t they never give up. They just want to keep doing until they succeed. And so we see history repeating itself. Yeah. You know, 1,000% man. So Uh huh. Okay. So even even outside of the esoteric, right? I mean and that that’s beautiful that you brought that up because I know I kind of got off base but back to the name, this is it all kind of goes God’s law, the name, everything that’s happening right now, it’s all connected.

That’s what I’m trying to bring it all together and and speak about. First of all, are you an american state national? Um not okay, okay. But you know what that means obviously and and again from your book and you under I like the word inner stand, but understand and understand is a good word because if you can stand under something and look up and see the inner workings of something that’s great. But on the other hand, you never want to understand any other man, right? So you’re like, I know I I don’t stand under you sir, we stand level.

Um and this is where the words, right? Again? I love your book. And um I don Miguel Ruiz wrote a book, the four agreements, right? And the and the first agreement he has is to be impeccable with your word. And that’s something that I’ve noticed obviously from you that you’re really good at is being impeccable with your word. And that’s something that I would like to be better at right. Especially now that I have this podcast and stuff, I’m trying to be much more poignant and deliberate with the words I use.

Um so really quick to bring it all around. Let’s let’s talk about as we were started with the God’s law. But what is what is the greatest threat right now to God’s law? I need the well God, God’s la well, no one is above God’s law. So God’s law is not threatened anyway. It’s just it’s just mankind is is in trouble because it’s going through this because mankind has turned away from God’s ma a lot and that has allowed the demons to come in like to control them.

So we need, what we need to do is we didn’t go back to God’s law. We need to learn how to take control of her name because they’re using our name against us and See I’ve been going down this path the 70 path for a while. And what I found that one of the most important thing you need to do is take control of your of your name and to control your name and take control of your estate. So yeah, so even if you if you’re not uh you know, even if you’re not making national if you can take control of your name and your state, that’s that’s the key.

That’s like the key. And so when you do that, they look at you at that. You you are a sovereign or you you are. Mhm. You know, I guess you could say in an adult, no, because until you learn how to do that, you still have a minority. I mean a minor minor minor. And when you say a state, you’re talking about the minor estate, right? You have to go back and claim your minor estate. Yeah. So this is what I’m currently currently learning to me. I feel like this is more important because once you once you are you control your name and you learn how to manage your estate, then you become a sovereign.

They don’t look at you as a minor anymore and then they leave you alone. Yeah, surgeries you become so jurors, you become executor of your trust. Yeah. No, me and my wife are corrected. So I mean we’ve yeah, we’re We have a goal of 2. 5 million souls over the next two years to correct to what you’re saying because that’s what we believe. It’s the most important thing. Most important information on the planet right now is what we are talking about right here and that’s why I kind of wanted to kind of lead into it, right?

This is all I want to talk to you about because this is the most important information on the planet. And once you fully comprehend this information, you understand the the implications of the information and what can be truly done if we implement it correctly? Yeah. This is, this is one of the reason why they don’t want you to study law. So, trust law isn’t point like starting trust law, studying by your state can control your legal name. This is very important because they’re using your legal name against you.

So when you, when you, when you don’t have control your legal name, I think after like seven years or so it becomes like loss at sea and then someone can come in, you know, claim it and then they can use that against you. So that’s why you have to take control of that name, yep. Exactly. So have you heard the term? So knows videos? So here’s something really cool. So that’s why all court is held verbally because it so knows videos same sound. It’s a latin for it made same sounds, it sounds the same. Yeah.

So when they call your name in court, are they calling the fictitious corporation the vessel or are they calling the flesh blood man or woman? Uh, you never know. We don’t speak in punctuation. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s how they, that’s how they trick you is. Yeah. And your summons into court, right? That’s a man in a black robe. It’s very satanic and it’s like this cult, the very uh, it’s, it’s once you start to kind of like, um uncover all this truth. It’s everywhere and the law.

Can you go real quick. What do you mean? What? So you were talking about trust law right la la land air water. And what do these mean? Can you explain? Yes. So trust law. See if you think about trust law is that when you start understanding trust them you know you know how you get like the executor you know the beneficiary the trustee. And so when you’re in court they always want to make you the trustee. So because the trustee is the one that pays the bell.

And so what we want to be is we don’t want to be a trustee. We want to be we’re supposed to be the beneficiary because we have we have a beneficiary of that trust. You know so it’s kind of like so like the business ticket we can go to the best ticket because that plays a big role in this. So that to me my understanding of the birth certificate is it’s it’s like a stock certificate. That’s what they called a certificate. Right? Yeah I’m buying. And so when you go buy a stock certificate you know from a corporation you become uh you have a beneficial interest in that corporation.

So so that cooperation is the better because they have to pay you understand you. Yeah so the problem is that when people are use that birth certificate as identification identification they become like a debtor. You know you’re not supposed to do that. You’re not supposed to use it as you know, you know not the data you thought because you have a beneficial interest in that corporation. So for example here in the United States of America um that birth certificate is the the United States. What the United States is the the data, the corporation.

And then that certificate is like the stark stock certificate. And so we are the you know, beneficial beneficiary. So we have a beneficial interest in that corporation, the United States. But the problem is that they turned it around against us now with the better. And so that’s how they that’s how they enslave us. And in that crazy that even very basic thing if you words mean things it’s called a credit report. Not a debit report. Why? Because you’re the creditor, you actually issued credit by your signature and you gave permission for them to monetize your debt over and over and over and over and over and over again.

The monetization of debt. Right? It’s, wow, well done by these guys. Huh? It’s super smart. Like if you think about it like the whole thing right? The birth certificate. I’m so glad you brought that up because that’s that’s where it starts. It’s called sourcing. They go to the source and they take their their high publication of the labor and they’re just stealing souls at the source. That’s how they that’s how they still are currency because they don’t by banks. They don’t have the power to produce currency.

And I said currency, I’m talking about the life force, the energy. You’re not talking about the doll hairs because because we give value to that that currency, you know because we have the power also have the power to produce labour to lose energy. It is the energy that that that money that currency symbolizes our energy or labor. And so that’s how they, you know, and if they didn’t need that, if they could, if a bank could produce that life force, they won’t need us to go to the bank and sign a signature or banks.

They’re dead fictional entity and they don’t have that power, right? You know, so this this is getting deep like this is getting to like the esoteric the knowledge where you know it it goes it’s connected to to get to it goes all the way back to the garden of Eden the fall and all that. It’s all connected. It’s pretty crazy when you when you see the whole big picture. It is. Yeah. So so what do you think of this man? I I heard this recently which was really cool that the stories of jesus walking on water is about him understanding water law.

He understood he could walk right? Once you understand that you’re in maritime law, right? What if once you comprehend that, right? I’m this is marriage that then you can literally walk on water. I mean not literally figuratively obviously walk on water because you’re walking on top of the maritime law because it does not affect you if you’re a private, if your private it’s only the public. Yes. It’s there’s so many layers of meaning and in the when you start reading the bible is just it’s impossible for one man to know everything because there’s so many hidden layers.

You know that could be one verse can have over 20 different meanings but it just comes down to the different layers. For example when you read like what you said that one might be related to law and then one might be related to morality. And so it’s yeah it’s just many hidden layers and that’s why see the bible, it’s it has all the information in the bible. It’s it’s all there. It’s just that it’s hidden so far. For example if you if the universe was like if you can find a the hard drive of the universe and you put the bible and you put the bible in the hard drive, it will manifest the whole universe and all the, the memories and everything in it.

Because hitting in the bible is is like everything is in the bible, we start deciphering each letter when you start deciphering each letter of the bible um like the letters of the alphabet, it tells you the story of how God created the heavens and the earth and then you know it goes to like because it is, you know you want to go into deep into this please. Yes dude. Yes. Yeah. So if you if you just study the letters of the alphabet, you can see the story of creation in it.

For example the letter A. It comes from the letter alpha, so is alpha. But when you go back to the hebrew letters as I live, I live. Okay. So al if it means a bowl strength like like a like a bowl. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah that’s why the uh the axe. Yeah. So it represents the masculine principle. Okay and then the letter B. Is derived from the hebrew letter that which means house or room. So that’s the, that represents the feminine feminine principle. So the combination of the letter A. And let it be great.

So let’s see. So the sea is the child of the letter M. B. So the letter C. Comes from the Hebrew letter Gmo and the letters C. Is right from the Ebola Gmo. And the letter C. N. G G is also derived from the latter Gmo. So G. You have G. S. God, you know like God, let us see what do you find the letter C. And if you find it in the world christ. Mhm. Okay. So right there, you can see how the letter of the alphabet.

You got to let A B. And C. And it’s it’s telling you how the world the universe was created through to the alpha, the beta, the house, the womb. And then the child is born through the womb and the child goes out to create you know, price card, the universe is that? Yeah. So it’s all, it’s all in the letters of the alphabet and it’s all been planned out by God. He planned this whole thing out. And once they start figuring out that the letters contained the hidden knowledge of the universe, I was like, wow.

So yeah, wow. Okay. So um and just recently I’ve been running into more and more people who’ve been saying that the word God is bad because the G the O. And the D. Together just those three letters. But that and this is where once we start to really comprehend what we’re talking about and a free mindset versus a slave mindset and we start to be free people. We understand that definitions of words have right Blacks Law dictionary. Most of our current english language that we use is based around the Blacks Law dictionary, which most people don’t know, but it’s legal kind of right?

So citizen person or resident, all those three mean that you’re dead entity. You are, you are the corporation, right? So all of these like um different meanings. And who says what the point is is my question is to you, is is it really about what your intent of the word or letter is? Or does the intent of the person who defined that? Whichever definition they gave it at the time have more power then you’re intent. I think it works both ways because the intent it plays an important role to your attention and but when they manipulate the what they want to change the mean of the world, they can just use the definition to buy change the definition.

And that’s how they can use that as like an excuse two because they come after you. Because like the losses that that’s the problem with definition is is whoever has control of the definition has a lot of power. Yeah. Yeah. So for example if they if they just changed the definition of the words of the constitution, they can you know take control of the constitution if they just changed the definition and that’s why it’s important to that’s why I wrote my book, I have that book about definition in it because I want people to pay attention to the definition. Yeah.

Because he c you know, we we’ve been through down this road so we know how important the definition is because for example like the word person, right? Most people they think that when when they go to quarter and they talk about person, they think that’s a human being. Because when we when we’re communicating when we talk about person, most, most people they think that most people when they say person the taliban human being. But when you go to court and they say person to talk about the corporation, that’s the problem, you say so.

So the other guys, all they need to do is just change the definition and then they cannot trick us. Just, it feels um you know, and I’m uh funny enough, so yesterday and I’m experiencing this feeling of being caged, right again? So when you first have your awakening, you have, you know, at least I did. And most people I talked to there, like you realize you’re in a cage, right? And so maybe the initial thing for me was, okay, well, how do I get out of this cage?

Right? Like that was my first thought was, oh my God, I’m in a cage, okay, How do I get out? And after years of trying to try all the little holes and stuff everywhere, you’re just like we’re kinda locked, right? And it just became like this, what do we do? You know what I mean? And so, and that’s just my question is like, it feels like we’re kind of locked in this and in your opinion, is there a way to unlock this? Yeah, it’s um right, it’s right.

It’s the answer is in the it’s in the bible where they tell you how to free yourself from this matrix, it’s in there and the way through it is uh, is through christ, it’s still christ, when you, when you understand how christ has that power, this, this goes back to this goes back to the fall when we when we felt when we were first created and God created us, we were on we had our Dominion. So we have the Dominion over all the earth and we were angelic and this this is my understanding of it.

So this is getting to like the spiritual side. So so in genesis when they talk about when God created man in his image, they’re not talking about a physical man. Okay, they’re talking about a spiritual man, which is the soul and the soul is both male and female. So when people don’t understand that, they think that the bible sexist, it’s not because it’s the soft see the soul man. So in Karnik coming uh male body or female body because the soul doesn’t have a gender, the sauce, you know, so it’s talking about the soul.

Well when we uh when we didn’t listen to God week and we uh you ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that we created the committed sin and that sin, what it did was it basically poison our mind. We became impure. And when you when you’re not pure then you’re not, you cannot stay in that garden. And even because the Guardian is is sin free. Okay, so we saw we had, we had to be driven out of the garden of Eden and we and we fell and then we lost our Dominion, we lost our ability to control the adam take the elements and all that stuff and then we fell to earth and now it’s in the world human.

What human explains how we we fell to the hue of man the color of man whatever human because that you this is I’m deciphering each letter. So you got the man the spectrum in right. And then you got the you the you it comes from the vibe of hebrew bob and the vibe it looks like a like I’m like a tennis racket. You got the circle and the handle in the circle that represents the head and the handle that represents the spine. So the head is the heaven.

So so the soul travel down the you the you the valve allows the salt to travel down to earth. So earth is the body, you got heaven and earth as above. So below. Right? Yeah. So that’s you so that you allow men to travel down the soul to travel down to earth. And then the age is, it comes from the head, the head which is um, so the hat is, it’s like a fence, it looks like a fence. Okay so it’s, it means like confinement. Um it’s like a fence that confines everything.

So, so when the soul came down you remember the you to attach the man, lots of soul come down and then you got the age the age attached to the user becomes toward human. So the so the fence uh, can find the soul and flesh in the material world. So that’s human. Thank you. Yeah. So that’s human. So that, so when you say you’re human, what are you saying is that you are a fallen man. Okay? You are a person, right? The poor person means human being.

And you know, legally they say it means natural person or it can mean and statute turn it means that co operation of the stargates in black star dictionary when you read it and the natural person, that’s that’s the human being. So that’s why I keep saying my videos that I’m the spectral man. I’m not the natural man or the human and the special man, which is the soul. You see, that’s what I that’s right. And this is another very interesting thing that I see happening is this whole uh gender identity and dysmorphia kind of thing or whatever it is, whatever is going on right, It’s a distortion.

It’s almost like the graying out of man agree. They’re kind of trying to gray it all out. It seems like that that seems to be to just to stop everything that makes us this human this experience, right? Because because that’s what this is. We’re all God’s were apertures right? At which God experiences itself through, right? And that’s why it’s all different, right? One world. We are one Earth, 7,000,000,008 billion worlds, whatever it is, right? Because it’s so different. Yeah. Yeah. So to truly free yourself from this Matrix um you need to understand who you are, you need to remember that your soul creating the image of God and then you have to learn how to walk the path of craze because christ see when we lost our Dominion, christ came and if it was if kristen came down we were we will be like down here for for probably forever.

Okay so he came and died for our sin. And what that did was um Mhm. A free us from sin. So but we have to go through him in order to be free of sin. City. Can we define that real quick? Can we define the word sin? What is so Eckhart Tolle? I’m sure you know who he is, he defines it as an archer that misses the target as a sin. Um I’ve heard the definition that it’s anything that you do against yourself as oneself as a sin.

Ah What is your definition and what we’re using here because it would really help. Yeah. To me soon is I mean there’s just many layers of it. Okay but to me sin, is that is that a negative energy that causes death? That’s uh that negative energy that causes death to everything. So that’s what sinners? Nice. That’s new. That’s new. Yeah, that’s awesome. Okay well let’s continue then. Yeah keep going. So now that we kind of know what sin means in this context I mean and it kind of all means the same really.

Whenever you hear that word, I think people right, which is an interesting thing, Why does sin still hold the true meaning to people? Did they know their soul? Are they like? Okay I know that I send. So what the sin does think of the sin? Like sin like um like a like oil, like black oil. Okay, so so the soul is like it’s like the sun, like when they it emanate light, it shines like the sun appear. So it’s like that. Okay, that’s why it was. So it has its fanatically there was so is so S. O. L. In latin soul means the sun.

See you see uh so the soul is that’s a the central sun. That’s the sun? S s um like a sun. It shines like a son. And so when the when you send the oil comes down and start collecting around the soul and it darkens the soul and that light, the light of God start to become dimmer and dimmer in Denver. And the demo the soil becomes if then the sources to forget and start to forget and become she to focus in the material world. It becomes lost and don’t remember who he is and that’s what’s going on is that we forgot who we are, We are lost in this material world and we think that the material world is the true reality.

When the material world is just a projection of our thought, it’s the illusion. That’s the illusion, the true reality is a special world. So everything is backwards. Alright mirrored. It’s a mirror image. And I’ve heard people explain it like evil holds up a mirror, right? And it’s everything is, there’s two of everything, like even the name, right? What we’re talking about, like, so this is by saying he wants you to focus on material things. I’m not saying that material thing is evil, but it’s just that when he said he wants you to focus only on material things so that you don’t know who you are.

So you don’t focus on spiritual things and in the bible talks about that to focus on spiritual things. So, do you feel that like that’s so religion. But look what? And I don’t want to say all religions. But I mean, most religions to this date that’s kind of been there. Their objective is to to take you away from the truth, right? If you understand they’re always saying God, it’s outside of yourself. Where if anybody who’s really woke up on any level, you know, it comes from inside, it doesn’t come from anywhere because anything outside is yeah, it’s uh everything, anything that’s outside is just a projection of what’s inside see.

So the source, it’s kind of like when you look at, when you go to a movie theater, right? And use and you got the projector, right? The source of that, the film, the film that’s like the source of the image that’s being projected on the screen. So the external world is like the screen and then you know the projector that site the source I was projecting. So reality works similar to that. So our mind is projecting the external world and that’s the illusion. And this this is hard for a lot of people accept because they’ve been they’ve been programmed to think that the material world is the true reality is not.

So is there an objective reality? Okay, subjective. I think it’s it’s like both then within us when I see right? Amen. And then this is where it really gets interesting for me as well, is that it’s like is there an objective reality? Like, but what does that even mean? Right, does that? Right. And then this is where it really starts to even start to get for me anyway, is intelligent design. Are we on a flat plane, which makes a lot more sense? Or are we on a ball?

That’s doing the heliospheric thing, which whatever, but if we are on a flat surface, um then that would suggest more of something with intelligent design and there’s something right? And and again, I don’t even want to get in the flatter stuff because people freaking I actually have flatter dave coming on later everybody like in the next month. But anyway, because I I this is I just love to think and talk about possibilities. I’m a philosopher at heart, man, like I just, you know, because then the more you explore it’s just so much fun and so I love to talk about all these things, but anyway, I’m kind of getting on a ramp, but just I mean what does any of that?

It’s does it mean who cares, is their objective reality? Is there or is it like you said, that was so beautifully put, man is like the objective reality is just in you. But I mean, can you see my reality? Is there any way for your you could actually see my reality? Yeah, I think there is because we are we are connected. It’s an ultimate truth, make objective through consciousness. We all connected. But it’s just that when we lived down here we just the illusion of separation, you know, separation is an illusion, but it’s I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, you know, it’s it’s nice to have that illusion to to experience your own self individually Instead of us as a collective, as one.

So it’s a that’s that’s one of the reason why God created this. Uh the natural world. I refer to that as the natural matrix. And then the artificial matrixes that’s created through the same, manipulating our mind, our minds to project a false reality. But the natural the natural matrix, that’s like the universe that God created that have forced to play to play in to experience matter so that we can growing and evolve, we can grow as spiritual beings. But then satan messed that up. And he used and then he used that he he was able to control us too.

Good words. Words because words programs in mind and then your mind projects a false reality. So through for example, I like to talk about, I like to refer to those programs as mine viruses. Okay, I think this is this is very important for people to in the stand on a very deep level because that’s what they’re using in cancers right now is through the media. They they use these programs and these programs. What they do is that they program your mind. So I refer to those programs as artificial programs.

So think of it like a mind like a virus when you buy a computer right? You have for example you buy like like a pc. The natural program is the so you know Windows Windows uh you know software that’s the natural program. But when you start sitting on the line you can get uh viruses and that messes up the program. So now now the computer is projecting this false reality now. So your mind works like that. So these artificial programs as projecting being broadcasted from television, that’s why they control the media.

It’s being broadcasted through the mainstream media and its programming people’s mind to project a false reality a reality that support satan and his demons. So that’s what’s going on. And to take it even deeper. These programs, they are just magic spells because words have magic powers. So these programs a magic spells and they are people are being hypnotized by the spells of satan. That’s why I saw that’s why it is so effective because their spells in your book, you even say you call it, you say spelling, we call it spelling.

Yeah, Yeah. They tell you what’s going on because when you when you put words together, right? Let us into words. It’s called spelling when you take out the I N. G. Where from the words bounding become spell like a magic spell. Uh Yeah, so that’s why when you say bad words or like you you use foul language is called cursing because your curse, you’re cursing people. So now that’s very this is a question I have because I I cuss. And that cussing C and I grew up where I never curse anyone but we say all these bad words.

But but again, it’s like what are those were and right and its definition and stuff and I’ll say all kinds of words and which is weird. I don’t even want to see him right now. But like you know what I mean? Like I and and and again it’s about me becoming more impeccable with my word and becoming more, I mean the word let’s say F U. C. K. Right? But that word supposedly came from fornication under consent of king, right? So is or maybe it didn’t maybe that word came from somewhere else, I don’t know.

And I’ve been trying to track down these words and especially since I read your book, right? Since I read your book and again trying to be impeccable with my word and knowing learning all these things that words really have meaning and which is why they’re trying to opposite kate all of these words right now right? And they’re trying to make things things that are not. So anyway, are there actual cuss words? Yeah I believe so because um it comes down to the worst like the history of the words and how deeply it is ingrained in our consciousness.

So when like for example like the one of the, what did you just say, the word? That if you kill one it’s so deeply ingrained in our consciousness that even when you just when you say in a way that’s a joking kind of way, you still have that effect. It’s not as strong as if you say if you set it with the intention, you mean yeah it’s not as strong but it’s still generate that negative energy. It’s just not as much. So where is there a list of words that you’re not supposed to say or that have this meaning, right?

And that’s what I’m saying because again it’s definitions change all the time. So and you’re right? I mean that word is ingrained in me. I was, I mean I grew up, I grew up with a bunch of rednecks, man, a bunch of cowboys and bikers and very foul language people. Um and yeah, and it’s so ingrained in me for sure. Yeah, because it’s so deeply ingrained in us that sometimes when you say it, you might not, you don’t mean it, but then all the people when they hear it that react like in a subconscious way it subconsciously it generates that energy deep within them.

And so it still caused that negative effect. It’s just not as strong as if when you say it with intention, right? And that’s because that’s causing something in another being, right? So let’s take this. Um do you like country music? You know what? Okay, you like country music, right. I have a friend, he hates country music hates it thinks that it is. I can’t even stand to hear it. Right If he’s offended if he hears it. So I I related to that is does that mean country music’s bad?

And we should not ever play country music? That’s my question. So then that’s where I, for me and this is just my sattana this is my journey right now and, and I know I need to use less customers that’s for sure. But regardless of, of whatever that is. Um is there like, where would we even find the words that you’re not supposed to say? And then at some point would someone just change the definition anyway? Or are are these absolute truth? Things that we’ve talked about, right?

That we know that there’s absolute truth. So Yeah. Yeah. I think they were throughout generation. It does change these words. That will change. It’s just that in our generation right now like they assume words that really causes a lot of negative effect on people. And so it’s it’s best to uh not use it so much or if you can stop using because it just caused too much problems around the whole in our generation. Now, maybe 100 years later those words might change. And then people would like to hear it doesn’t affect the way that affects us in this generation.

So worse they do change. Yeah, they do change. And so that’s the consumers that we should avoid saying because it generates too much negative energy when other people here and those those yeah, those those negative energy, what they do is they manifest more negative experiences into life because our words creates our reality. That’s very Yeah. You’re right. Yeah. Yeah. And I wonder and maybe it’s just because I was raised in such a violent, my childhood was very, very violent stuff. And so yeah. And I’m saying this from from experience, I used to, you know, say I used to say more negative words back back when I was in my team and stuff and when once I started learning about others the power power words and I start changing the way they speak, it changed just by changing the way I speak, the words I used it already programs my subconscious already and sometimes we know that because you know you’re not even aware of you know because it’s your subconscious so you don’t most of the time you’re not aware of it.

So it’s program in my mind and my life starts slowly changing for the better and I noticed that I don’t experience a lot of negative things anymore. Mm but it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, it takes time. That’s interesting. You just said that um negative suffering I believe is good um is a negative experience good now. So suffering. Yeah suffering is growth. Is that is that kind of how we yeah like to me negative experiences, it’s not always always bad because because negative experiences come into your life to teach you lessons.

So a lot of time teachers lesson but this this is this a there’s like a line to draw to it. Yeah you don’t because all the bad experience because there are certain experiences that like it’s not a census, you know someone like try to harm you and you know nobody want to go through that. Yeah but if someone just comes in and kill you that’s even worse. You know there’s there’s a line that needs to be drawn to. but yeah, the negative experiences, a lot of the time they come into your life to teach you lessons, so so you can grow and become stronger then Yeah, that’s a beautiful thing, and that’s um yeah, and that’s very true, and it helps to put that, put that, that awareness on something like suffering, which which has such a negative connotation to people, but the buddha wouldn’t have been the buddha without suffering right there is that it’s ultimately and that’s kind of what I’ve been talking about the past few days, is that um it’s ultimately the demise of the other side that’s going to constantly push a certain agenda because then that’s just going to push consciousness even further, right?

It’s it’s kind of like, it’s the destiny to wake up and the dark forces are, are acting in service of that. Yeah, when you, when you look at the bigger picture, you can see that too, I can see that too. Um they’re playing their role. I mean if they don’t have a role to play in this, in this play, that we end this divine play, that’s going on. Yeah, it’s a cosmic play that we’re in right now. Yeah, so they have their role to play and we have and we have our role to play and they help their helping in a way they’re helping us to, to wake up and become more um to seek God, so that we can become what we are destined to become.

Mhm And so this the story that we in this play that we in its sometimes some people refer to it as the greatest story ever told and see most people don’t realize that we are in the we are in the story of the bible, like the whole bible is it’s been written and we’re just playing it rolls in it. Yeah, so we are in a cosmic play right now. Amen dude. Yeah, so I see a lot of good things coming, there’s a lot of good things coming.

I know a lot of people, they like to talk doom and gloom, but we are going through the hard times right now so that we can we can enjoy the glory that’s coming after after this. So it’s it’s coming soon. We don’t have, it’s not gonna last for a few more years, I believe it’s just going to last for another year maybe, but I don’t see it lasting for like more than five years. That’s beautiful. Yeah, a lot of great things are coming. That’s how I see it.

Thank you, Thank you for saying that pal, seriously man, and we’ll end on that. But I mean before you know, I just that’s such a positive message and that’s always something that we want to end here on the freedom People podcast is what we’re tired trying to do is come up with solutions do or do not, there is no try what we’re doing is we’re come up with solutions and and and make people feel a little bit better because it’s understandable that if you did not have the level of awareness that you had and stuff like that, that it can seem very doom and gloom, right?

And that is one side of the coin, it is just like everything ending, there’s a new beginning. Yeah, yeah, because we are the new, the new paradigm is manifesting in order for it to manifest. The old paradigm has to collapse to the same point and that’s what’s happening right now. So a lot of negative things are gonna happen but people have to look past the negative and see the great things that are coming after the collapse of the old system so there’s a lot of great thing coming and so I want people to stand up for the rights and keep praying turned to God, pray to God and just stand for the rights and help each other and so so we can be united instead of because the dark force wants us to be divided. Yeah.

And they’re using the mainstream media to divide us so instead of falling for their tricks, we need to unite and love each other and help each other. Yeah. Amen man, that is so beautiful, that’s very, very true and and and man I just say I just had a conversation, same thing. Just it all comes down to love, you know love or fear, right? That’s that’s the two things that everything. So you choose you choose Powell. Thank you so much, my brother. Oh before we go please let everybody know how they can find you.

Yeah they have a Youtube channel esoteric knowledge that me or esoteric knowledge on Youtube. Usually if you if you search for as a technology it’s how to find so you can search for my name, Pao ching and then I have a website as a to acknowledge that me and I also have a rumble channel as a technology. Beautiful, beautiful. Yeah and also we’re gonna put all of his information in the show notes as usual. We’re gonna put everything so you’ll be able to find fine pal. So definitely texas into 8449923733 and we’ll send you out all the show notes and all that.

Um Powell again honored thank you so much. Thank you for your service. Thank you for that. You are invited me to your show. Thank you so much. Thank you have a wonderful evening. You too. All right, bye brother. Yeah. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah.

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