August 18, 2021

You Gotta Take Your Power Back!

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We are so excited to introduce you all to Kristian Strang. Her story is divine and so aligned with us at The Freedom People. Kristian Strang is a bestselling author and spiritual guide. She has written ten books, including her recent releases: Sacred Love in Sacred Times and Radical Abundance in Radical Times along with her bestseller Love Now: Your Daily Dose of Love & Miracles. She has been featured in publications such as Bustle, The Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Thrive Global, Elite Daily and on the cover of the Sedona Journal of Emergence. She has also been a featured speaker on a number of podcasts and summits such as Spiritual Entrepreneur, Women Emerging and the Self-Love & Self-Care Symposium, as well as on her own podcast; Awakening: The Podcast. Kristian has facilitated metaphysical healings, trainings and meditations for thousands of women, couples and families worldwide. She’s currently completing her Doctorate in Metaphysical Psychology.

Show Notes

Kristian Strong had a 2016 vision for Nazi timeline to return, split in timeline

Kristian had a health crisis in 2008

Kristian’s responsibility to tell people conscious manipulation of people

Focus on New Earth
Story of scarcity

Don’t transform the distortion, create the new
“Stop feeding the monster and the monster will cease to be”

Hijacking of spirituality; History was curated

Earth is an obstacle course
David Straight

Canada free
13th district of US, SEC website

Political parties are PMAs

Get into gold/silver to unhook from the matrix

Status correction – energetically correcting your consent…removing entanglement to powerful psychic attacks

Facebook is a deep matrix of negative energy

Surrender to divine to lead you daily
Impossible to figure life out anyway

Organic human T- Shirt

Cycle of death, rebirth unconscious
Keep in state of fear to align with negative agenda
Humans are so moved by fear, afraid of death
Best kept secret video about death

Virus is a fear consciousness

Disease is not from germs!
Disease is a consciousness that the human activates or disease is injected into your body.

Our body is powerful, give it a chance.

Words have been hijacked.
Book Word Magic by Pao Chang

Black’s Law Dictionary

Sit down and Shut Up. Seek ultimate freedom for yourself.
Who are THEY?

Break out of guru mindset

Slaves vote, free people elect

Stockholm syndrome

Emotional tools to work with fear. Fear is one of the lowest frequencies. Fear is NEVER real. Do not make fear based decisions.

Quantum physics proves spirituality.
Interview with Dr. Courtney Hunt

Yeshua (Jesus)/Mary Magdalene spiritual guidance
Similarities from their time in Jerusalem, Jesus was calling it out in his day
Importance of being organic humans
If you give the body high quality ingredients it will clean itself, clear out toxins
Humans are advanced technological beings
Church hijacked Jesus’ story

Birth certificate origin in 1500s
Human soul energy, hypothecation of your labor

Trained in Body Talk, underground advanced technology
Dr Bruce Lipton recommended

Solutions to stay grounded:
Grow your own food!
Get out of the city; have access to nature, get barefoot on the ground
Correct Your Status, supports you emotionally, spiritually, physically
Do focused emotional, energy work; ask to be guided to a healer
Diversify your wealth; buy land

Take Your Power Back
Rage Against the Machine

How to find Kristian:


Hello, all you lovely freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the freedom people podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms, all the freedoms that we can think of any way as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together. I’m your host Bradley freedom and I’m absolutely honored to be on this journey with you. Today’s guest is christian, straying. Christian is a best selling author and spiritual guide. She has written 10 books including her recent releases, Sacred Love in Sacred Times and Radical abundance in Radical times along with her best seller, Love Now, your daily dose of Love and Miracles.

She has been featured in publications such as Bustle. The Huffington Post Elephant Journal, thrive. Global. Oh my goodness! It’s just too much to even mention what I can say is this is such an invigorating and inspiring talk. Kristen has already, deeply, deeply ingrained in the vibe and the tribe super honored to have her on and excited to introduce you to her if you don’t know who she is that is of course before we get started, I want you to text in the keyword christian and that’s K. R I S T I A N. To 844 9923733.

That’s 8449923733. And we’ll send you out today’s show notes from this most amazing show. Not only that, but it’s super important that you stay connected with us because stuff’s really starting to heat up, Come on, let’s go. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Uh huh. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Oh so sweet. Nice to see you Emily. Thanks for popping in. Yeah. Hi, so sweet. Right, Thank you so much. Yeah, you’re in Arizona right? In phoenix? I think Emily’s. Yeah. Uh awesome. Yeah. Where are you at? Oh you’re in Oregon. I’m in Oregon. Yeah.

Yeah, neither of us is in texas or florida, the two places that everyone is saying we should go to. Yeah. Right. Yeah, I I I like where um so I grew up here in Arizona and I I ah I don’t know, it’s it’s weird like the Maricopa county that I’m in the county Maricopa that we’re, that we’re in is the main one which is you know of course the most overrun and corrupt, right? Um It’s kind of crazy like even in Oregon California, I was just having this conversation last night.

Uh it’s really those big cities right that are just kind of overrun, but then if you go outside of the big city, no one agrees with any of that stuff. It’s it’s bizarro land for sure. It is super bizarre land and when you go into those cities you can feel it, it’s like you’re entering an alternate reality. It’s Yeah. Strange. Yeah. It is, it’s it’s. Uh it’s all very strange and Arizona has always been so traditionally read write or whatever you wanna call it. Um And that’s where again, just outside of Maricopa and even like here, I mean all the people I know everybody I know there are patriots and like, you know, we’re a bunch of gun toting people like hippies.

I’m a most peaceful loving human being on the planet. I don’t wish, I mean I trained to fight so that I don’t have to and I’ve done that for a very long time, right? And it’s just, but it’s like, yeah, and I uh personally, you know, but before we get into it, let’s just tell everybody who you are, say hello, hi, we’re recording. That’s right. Everyone, yeah, everybody who you are. And uh yeah, what do you do? My name is christian string and I am a spiritual guide and a best selling author and The great awakening hit me in 2020, you know, I’ve been doing spiritual work for a really long time.

And then in 2016 my spiritual team started letting me know like What you think is happening is not what’s happening. And so I started asking for more guidance and I actually um in 2016 received a vision that the Nazi Germany timeline would be returning Um to our experience. And yeah, exactly, exactly. So I started getting all of this guidance and then winter solstice of 2016 I saw the split and consciousness happening and I was shown that there would be this huge split in consciousness in order for the next golden age, which the age of Aquarius is ushering in To come into form.

And so my work really started changing once that happened. And since 2016, we’ve just been getting, I’ve been getting so much guidance about how we can prepare for the golden age and shift out of our entanglement with the distorted matrix that has been running. Sure, Wow. Yeah. Well said, yeah, so that that’s pretty cool. Um and how long have you been doing? Intuitive stuff? I I know you said in 2016 is when he started to change, but like, like, I mean, your whole life is this kind of one of those.

Well, I had my first spiritual awakening in 2008 through a health crisis. And so that’s what got me on the path. So I’ve been doing spiritual work for 13 years and And spirituality and health are greatly linked, but also a sovereignty. So that was sort of, you know, 2016, it’s kind of ushering me into the next phase of my awakening. And then 2020 hit, I was like oh shit, everything they’ve been telling me is like now happening, you know, David, I came into my world, all these, you know, once you open the door to know the truth, then it just starts.

Yeah, yeah, right. And that actually, I don’t know if, you know, but we talked to him yesterday or monday, whatever anyway, but we was saying that exact thing, or I was saying that to him, I was like, you know my who was one of the things immediate things that came into my awareness right? Because your awareness changes everything changes when that like when your world explodes or implodes or whatever you want to say right? It’s um and yeah, for me it was through plant medicines and all kinds of stuff and I was raised more homeopathic, you know, my mom kind of kept me away from, from my my grandmother like you know, brought us to the witch doctor if you will like are, you know, because it was, it was you know, we’re country folk and like, but this, you know Eastern medicine little man that like would put needles in you and stuff with like totally heal you, you know what I mean?

With like and the hospital and that was one thing gran my grandmother always said was like, you know, just don’t trust those people with the drugs, those are the bad guys, the uh, that’s scary stuff and here it is, right, all started started by oil industry the Rockefeller, right? And it’s just like all goes into this and you’re just like, oh my goodness. And so that’s really cool that you’re newly just blown up and that’s that’s beautiful, congratulations. Yeah, welcome to the freak show I guess I thought I was already in it, you know, right?

I know, I was like get out of the medical system, you know, don’t go to hospitals like you know, like I knew that piece but I had no idea the level of and I think what’s important to note is the conscious manipulation of the people and of the Matrix. And once you see it you can’t unsee it, right? Like I went into um I was telling your wife Emily about this, I went into the grocery store, a commercial grocery store for the first time in 16 months and and you can’t unsee the manipulation that’s happening and something as simple as, you know, a commercialized grocery store, but it’s in everything right?

You can’t turn on if you were to watch the T. V. Or movies or anything. It’s like once you see what’s really happening, you can’t unsee it and now you have a responsibility, right? So for me, I was like, I can’t not talk to my community about this. I can’t even though it’s you know, weird af and David Ike was one of the first souls that I was brought when I asked for like, you know, show me what’s really going on here. I started being brought his information and then I started having dreams that corroborated what he was saying and what others were saying.

I was like, here we go. I mean, it’s just it’s a whole, it’s a whole new ballgame. But our our spirituality is directly connected to all of this because we are divine beings and we’ve unconsciously consented to a Matrix that has been violating us, repeat and oppressing us and all kinds of things. So yes, beautiful, beautifully said again. Yeah, it’s um, it’s here upon us, right? And this is the, it is the greatest story ever told. This is the cosmic play, right? This cosmic dance that’s happening right now, right?

And it’s just um, it’s so beautifully orchestrated and I know it, you know, on one side it is destruction, but on the other side it’s it’s, it’s um, it’s building or building things on the other side, this new earth is coming from, you know, the phoenix oddly enough, but rising from the ashes are good things. Absolutely. And I feel like that’s where our focus really needs to be. It is important to see what’s happening in the Matrix because I know for me I was living in an illusion.

You know, I considered myself very progressive and I was, you know, like buying everything they were selling me on like I was totally in. And so it was important for me to see what these systems really are, who’s really running them, how this really started because you know, Western medicine is not, you know, it’s archaic that, you know, the telephone, I’m, you know, I’m driving today and I see the telephone wires like this is archaic. What are we doing? You know, there is energy in the atmosphere that has given us everything that we need.

There’s what you can pull water out of the atmosphere and yet were sold this story of scarcity and not enough. I mean, it’s just it’s so important to see it because once you see it, you can’t not see it. And then once that happens, you have to create the new earth just like what you and your partner have been guided to do what we’re all being guided to do to create the new reality because that is why we’re seeing it. We’re not seeing it just so we can be like, oh my God, what’s happening?

But so that we can actually be the change and do something different and create the new systems instead of trying to transform the distortion, you’re not going to fix that. And that’s used the analogy, you know, I’ve been saying for years it’s a broken bike. And more recently I’ve been saying it’s the titanic, it’s a broken that ship is going down, but you still have people putting gas money into it, right? And so instead of like just getting out, getting in a little boat and maybe rowing to the next nearest island and setting up shop and let’s go, everybody is sitting there trying to fight to save this thing and it’s uh it’s gone, there’s no more, it’s it’s okay and it’s okay.

And that’s really what what keeps it alive though is is we pay our attention to it right? 100% 100% when I first When 2021st started hitting, I kept getting the message over and over that I would share with folks like stop feeding the monster and the monster will cease to be. You know? So if we all just said like I don’t care. Do your passports, do you? Hararia. I’m not paying into that system, I’m not paying attention to that system. I’m fully focused on my community and creating something brand new. Mhm.

It will die. It will die. Absolutely give it no attention. Exactly. So the sooner more and more of us do that where we’re just so invested in our focus now and creating the new and disentangling from the old. So just pulling ourselves out of those systems and all the ways that we need to it will go away. It will die because the only thing that’s allowed it to be is our consent to allowing it to be and unconscious consent but consent nonetheless, you know. Yeah. Tacit agreement um kind of a cool little segue here, right?

Um So because I understand that your state national uh Beautiful. Beautiful. Um which is really cool. Um to know that you are actually awake awake right woke awake but not woke right now if J. P. C. Yeah. I love that guy uh as well said right. Yeah because that’s that’s really what it is is is just being really aware of of of the systems that have have you bound and literally in the bondage right into slavery and people again. And that’s where, um, the they write the cable, whatever you want to say, the ones who are manipulating this, this narrative and they have for a long time, they’re really good at taking things like, like yoga, like something spiritual and stuff like that and heading it off and kind of taking it and manipulating it and, and like kind of like it sexualizing it and not, not that sex is bad.

I’m just saying we’re making it like, instead of like, the essence of yoga is not tight hot pants. I’m not saying I don’t like the tight pants. I do, but that’s not the point of yoga, right? And that’s that’s where, again, it’s just kind of, oh no, look over here. You know what I mean? Let’s make it about the five senses. Let’s make it about that. Not about closing your eyes and going into your breath, right? Yeah. It’s it’s very thank you for bringing that in because there has been such a hijacking of all of it.

And even the church is right? So, you know, we’re finding out this whole story about history is, you know, all curated content. The churches were taken over. These are sacred temples taken over by the church hijacked, say they every type of spirituality got hijacked with this agenda. Now, my connection to spirit says, you know, this is the game we came to play on earth. We came to awake from, you know, awakened from this to see an awakened from it. So we don’t want to get too tangled up and like how could they do this?

But that is the first reaction, right? It’s like, oh, possible. You know the birth certificate, your, your mom is signing you into slavery. She has no idea that she is doing that. Right? So all of these things have been hijacked. It’s part of the deal we knew and we incarnated. We’re going to be facing this. I mean, Earth is like one of the most advanced planes of consciousness in terms of it being an obstacle course. It’s an advanced obstacle course and you have to be masterful, but we can do that.

We are, we are the most advanced technology. And that’s the thing that’s coming through a lot right now on the work I’m doing is recognizing that in this body were a spirit, in the body were the most advanced technology. Everything that the negative agenda creates is trying to mimic what the divine has already created. We keep going into our advanced technology and coming together with others like we’re doing here today and having because this is a conversation, but it’s a frequency. So we’re creating more of this higher frequency, right?

So if we start using our technology like this, the negative agenda stands no chance and it knows it. Which is why it’s been working overtime to hijack everything sacred right now. It’s crazy. Crazy. And that’s, that’s a very interesting thing you did, you said is, and that’s um, uh, do you know who David straight is? Um, uh, sort of, yes, he’s on the big time. Like he’s, he’s, um, anyway, we’ll share some stuff later and put them in the notes and all that jazz. But basically, that’s what he says is that, uh, evil holds up a mirror.

There’s two of everything, right? Just, just like your name, right? There’s, there’s your fictitious corporation name. Then there is the name that is associated or whatever related to the blood, flesh and blood woman, Right? And all court is held verbally why? Because of so nosy videos. It’s a thing, it’s the same sound. So when they call your name in court, you can’t say we don’t speak in punctuation or capitalization. Do we know? In that weird? They, and they will not correspond with you written because they know, and especially if you know, and that’s why if you’re smart and you do the right things, you can never even end up in a courtroom because they won’t let you in because you’ll, it will destroy them before they know they’re like, uh, they’re aware those people actually know. Yeah.

And that stuff is really cool. I like to see that happen. Um, did you just hear I saw this morning. Anyway, this about up in Canada. Uh, I just saw it too. Yeah. Were they the guy? He was like, I guess using the process right. He understands. Did you know that Canada is the 13th district of the United States? We have not know that. We have friends in Canada from, from Canada right now. Here getting their their status corrected to american state nationals. Wonderful. Okay. My Canadian people that dude, I’m it is so crazy all this stuff, right?

Because again, and if you go and I posted this stuff on our, on our telegram channel, but you can go and see on, I believe it’s the sec website um that that the the government of Canada is based in Washington D. C. And is the 13th district of the United States where we have the 12 districts and it’s the 13th district. Yeah. How crazy is that? So we found out in this David straight conference, we were like, yeah, so now we’re just, you know, just crazy on the legal stuff.

PMS five awaits were like all private now. Now we’re like, right, I’m taking all my, all my corporate stuff and all private. It’s just like, Yeah. And I’ve, and I’ve been aware of this stuff for many, many years but I didn’t know how to really get out of it. And it’s just 2020 was like a fire hydrant full of information and it’s still going, you know, and you’re just like, I’m trying to catch it all. But it’s just, wow, wow. What an exciting time to be alive, huh?

So exciting. And in 2019 when I did my status correction, I asked my spiritual team like is this going to be a thing? Because shouldn’t everyone be doing this? And I was guided in 2019 to do it. And my spiritual team said yes soon everyone will know about this. And now it’s everywhere and it’s so exciting to see this and the PM S. That is the way to go for anyone doing business. I’ve just started learning more about PMS and, and, and so what’s exciting about this is that we are programmed to believe there’s only one way, you know, you have to do it this way.

And actually, I think I’m sure you know this, but the, I think the political parties RPMs, right? So they, yes, using the D. N. C. Of course. And they’re all national american nationals by the way. The politicians. That’s right. Of course they are. Yes. That’s how they’ve been getting away with all this stuff forever because the statutes don’t apply. Absolutely. It’s incredible. So we are breaking free on so many levels, which is so excited. And so what our souls are here for because if you’re connected to the divine, you’re here to be sovereign and free.

That’s not, that’s not a distorted desire. That is natural desire when you are connected to who you really are right? And like you were saying, and that’s really what it is is once you realize you’re in the cage, the immediate reaction is freak out and try and find out like, what, where’s the hole that I can get out, right? Is there, can I this window that bar? I don’t know like, right? And that’s the initial thing. You’re just like, ah and then you get, I know of course all the stages of grief and I was very upset for a long time, you know what I mean?

Like I’ve built, I’ve built many, many applications and things based on just that energy, but it’s a good thing, right? You gotta take that because nobody likes to be lied to and then find out you’ve been duped, you know what I mean? And just kind of, wow, that’s good for you. So, so how I mean, how did this, how did that happen for you? Like, I mean Obviously in 2019 you said it happened. So did you just meet the right person or or tell me about that story?

That’s got to be cool. Yeah, well I started, so in 2016 I started receiving that spiritual guidance and then, you know, the guidance was get into gold, silver, real estate tangible assets. Start changing. So I started just receiving this guidance every year I would get another piece to unhook from the matrix and another piece and another piece. And then in 2019 my husband has been very tuned into this stuff for a long time. So he’s like, been, you know, listening to David Ike for like whatever, 20 years or something.

He wasn’t surprised by any of this, but this was all new to me. So then I started getting guidance in meditations that we needed to like completely leave the main street. Like I didn’t understand what was coming through or understand what was coming through. So I started sharing it with him and he was like, oh yeah, status correction. That’s what they’re telling you to do. And I’m like, what? So we just called in the way to do it and I know there’s so many different ways to do it, but we were able to connect with a gentleman who had a process and so we were able to go through that.

And now I have someone that I refer my clients to when they want to do that so that they have someone to guide them through the process because you, you want to get it right for sure. And there’s, there’s a lot as I’m sure, you know, there’s a lot of stuff out there. So it’s all about, I really encourage the folks I work with to, you know, ask in prayer and meditation, just bring me the exact most aligned way for me to make this change and, you know, there’s incredible people out there now that are doing it and are out about it.

You know, everything was very under, You’ve been in 2019 when we were looking to do that was very hard to find anyone but eventually we were brought the way for it. So I feel I feel blessed that once 2020 hit I was like Oh my team was helping me out because we would have been scrambling you know to do it like so many are there’s still time and I really feel like um You know we’re in this very intense portal of time through you know maybe 2025 or beyond. We’ll see how this goes.

But that you know changing your status is an important step to untangling from the matrix and and there are other steps to that we all need to be making well can you explain to people why why correcting your status is such an important first step spiritually. When I was shown the reason why that’s so important is because we everything is consent based here on earth. So and all it has to be is informed consent. So it’s supposed to be that’s correct. That supposed to be consent based.

Well it’s supposed to be fully informed consent. Like any contract any valid contract has to be fully disclosed by both parties. And that’s not happening with the sourcing of our souls. That’s right. So let me yeah let me be more clear because all the negative agenda has to do is make a movie about it through a T. V. Show. Like all they have to do is put it out there and they’re calling that informed consent. So there you go. Yeah that’s the asterix to that. So our our moms didn’t know when they signed over the birth certificate what they’re doing.

And so we’ve now entered into a relationship with these beans and with this experience, even though we’re, you know, we could say we didn’t we didn’t give consent, consent has been given so spiritually. It’s very important to untangle from that and correct your status who you are no longer in that abusive relationship and dynamic because spiritually energetically psychically whatever you wanna call it that gives that agenda control over your corporation and so you want to release that control and take back your power. So it’s even if even if folks never if they did the correction and they never had to use it for any purpose, right?

It’s still important at an energetic and spiritual level to return to your divinity and take your power back and say actually you do not have my consent to dominate my person in this way or dominate my my yes my vessel in this way. So that once I got to the spiritual part of it and I was receiving that guidance that I was in on it before. I was like well I don’t know do I really need it And we weren’t we weren’t fully in it. So I didn’t see it yet.

But spiritually once it was shown to me that there is this psychic entanglement that makes us, it also makes it susceptible to the mind control and the implants and all the things that are being put into the matrix and the psychic attacks. So when you step out of that and you change your status now, you are not receiving that because you’re no longer in a consensual abusive relationship with that negative agenda. So it’s it’s powerful on many levels. Yes. Yes. Yes. Well said, well said so like you got like, and I I just find it very interesting people like yourself.

But I’ve always I’ve always been very open to everything. I’m empathic. Very much so and stuff like that. Like energies of other people and stuff like that. But like I uh I get downloads I guess and I just follow my heart. But I’m I don’t get like, you know, I I know that some people have like what you have. So was it like, hey yo you gotta go meet this guy or did they just bump into at a grocery store? You know what I mean? Is it what?

What? Because that’s that’s divine intervention, right? Obviously there’s there’s these things and and I handle it differently. I you know, I’m more like just it’s more like a roller coaster. I have no idea what’s going to happen day today, you know what I mean at all? But my sad enough my practice is just to let let that shit go and just give it to God and just like or as role, you know what I mean, like, So I’m just curious like how did that happen for you?

Like I know you said you met some some some guy, but it’s like how did they land in your lap? Because that’s divine. Again, that’s divine. Beauty, Beauty Nous. I love that stuff. Yeah, it was all digital. So, I mean, I’ve been, I’ve been doing my work online for many, many years, so literally, I mean this is the power of the advanced technology of the human. So if you are sincere and you are asking the Divine however you define it for a direct connection, you know, a next step and this is something that all of us can do, you can just say, you know, show me what my next step is to untangle from the Matrix and to set myself free into the next golden age.

Just show me what that is, make it crystal clear to me. And so yeah, it came, it came online and I get an email and I’m like, oh I need to, I need to go deeper here. And I ended up going on a journey like you can do and those vortexes online and we found exactly the right match for what we needed. So it’s so easy and then I wanted a resource to give to my clients so that they had something as well. So I call that in and then met this amazing gentleman through telegram and he’s been doing this work for years.

And so now I give him, I give my folks and email address to connect with him because we try to keep things as private and, and are possible. Yeah. So I mean really all of us can do that and start doing that. You know, if you haven’t been doing it and you’re resonating with this, start doing it every day. What’s the next level that I need to untangle from? Because there are so many, you know, like facebook was a big, I think we lost you. Oh no, just cut out there for a second. Facebook.

Did what we lost that little piece. That’s okay, we can come back and get it. But uh yeah, another matrix that I didn’t realize that it was deeply entangled into my field that I had to untangle from was facebook. Yeah, I didn’t recognize like I didn’t then I was shown who really created facebook and what facebook has really been created for and what it’s about and the energy it’s holding it, it is horrible. So I was like, yeah, I’m out. You know, you just keep asking to be shown, you’ll be shown what’s the next piece for you that needs to be untangled from and it’s incredible roller coaster is a great way to describe it.

I believe in living spirit led, which is rendered to the divine to guide you every day. And so you don’t know what’s coming next. But it’s so exciting, right? I mean, but that’s adventurous and that’s it. And I talk about this a lot. It’s like we’ve lost our sense of adventure. It’s like, you know what we’re afraid to to die so and therefore afraid to live right? And so we’re just like, I mean, a lot of us, some of us again, I I enjoy the not knowing.

I mean, it’s um trying to mitigate life and and figure it out is exhausting and and fruitless and possible. Yeah. It’s totally impossible. There’s too many. There’s too many other free will choices. You can’t So yeah, render higher frequency and just let yourself be led. Yeah. And and what you said, and it’s back to this kind of this trans human humanism agenda and stuff like that is we I’m kind of I’m offended by it because I’m like, I don’t want anything unnatural because I want to see what I can.

My potential is like organic as an organic human. You know what I mean? And that’s an interesting word to hue of man, right? The hue of the color of man. That’s the color of law. All these things. Um uh so anyway, that was just something that, you know, I kind of wanted to interject there add to with what you’re saying is that it’s this that’s just part more of this agenda is to get us to To rely on something unnatural and say well maybe that you know maybe that can make me telepathic when you don’t already know you are like and it’s right now.

How open has it been in this past like 18 months? 24 months? I’ve never had more synchronicity psycho. Just it is um it’s beautiful, it’s beautiful. It’s so beautiful and it’s exactly how we’re meant to live. So I mean we see why the pollution with the M. S. And the pollution and the food and the water and the soil. Because if we’re in organic then we can’t access our technology. And if we can’t access our technology we don’t get to create the new earth and we don’t get to become more of who we really are.

We just stay in a cycle of death rebirth on lower plains of consciousness right? That is not our highest potentiality. And we know that. And and the negative agenda knows it too. Which is why they’re doing everything they can to pump the humans full of chemicals and toxins and fear and keep us in the state of fear right? Which again low vibration, the very slow moving stuff. Yeah Because that emits an energy that is a vibrational alignment with those beings. And that’s why it’s so important that we do our inner work so that we are not moved by fear humans are whoa and we saw this.

You know obviously starting in 2020 humans are so moved by fear and they’re so afraid of death. But if they really knew what death was they wouldn’t be afraid of it at all. Like setting you free. You don’t have to be here. You know like it’s just the whole thing is ridiculous. Also understanding and if you have a spiritual understanding you know that no one makes their transition or dies what we call death unless their spirit has decided that so you don’t need to be afraid of of a big scary virus which is really just a consciousness and it’s just a fear consciousness and you can choose to activate that in your system if you want you can also choose not to activate it in your system.

I mean this whole story around disease and death. I mean we could have a whole I’m sure podcast on that because I’ve been working as a healer for you know over 11 years and I’ve worked with every form of dis ease and it is not from germs, it is not a thing that is the program in the matrix that’s not how it works. Every single dis eases a consciousness that the human activates. The only other way you can get dis ease is if it’s injected into your body and and so hello we know what the injection but even then the human body is so amazing.

This advanced technology is so amazing that not even everyone who gets the injections will get the diseases. Like some people still their frequency is not going to allow for that because their consciousness isn’t there. So we have like so many new expansive places to go because imagine what it looks like. We’re not afraid of disease that we’re not afraid of death. And we can work with our advanced technology in a way that is empowering. Not frightening. Right. Right. No. Yes. Absolutely. And um we are such power, our bodies and if we would just give it a chance, you know, and that’s most of the times nobody, we’ve been so manipulated for such a long time, generations.

This has taken generations and thousands and this has been going on for a long time, right? This is the good and evil. Battle hitting, hitting the head. Um So so okay so real quick um the words and maybe you can answer this question. It’s a it’s a question that’s been coming up quite a bit lately for me. Um I grew up in many different religions and going through all different types of religions. I was baptized a baptist when I was like eight because that’s what my grandma was. Right.

All this stuff and then I uh and and I I always saw all the B. S. And all of it. Right. Um and so then when I got older I just wouldn’t I wouldn’t even say the word God for just because for me the the had that connotation attached to it of religion to me God meant religion right now then after many years of meditation and all this stuff right then I was like I became comfortable saying that word because then it had a different meaning for me now I’m starting to realize that maybe that word G. O. D. Has like negative meanings but it’s um kind of do you know anything about this?

And have you heard that about how the word God you shouldn’t say that word and it’s got some sort of negative connotation seems like maybe. Yeah. So I’ve heard a little sprinkling of this what’s so important is that each human or each being because I know I struggle these word human as well each being each soul connects into what is true for them because it is true that many of the words and physical objects have been hijacked by the negative energy agenda and there is discord in it.

Energy associated with certain names. And then if you call upon them you might you might be invoking something that is not aligned for you. So I don’t ever want to support humans and feeling more fearful or souls and feeling more fearful. I want to always encourage folks to go deep within your own heart and find because it doesn’t matter like the creator energy does not care if you say the G. O. D. Word or you say the diviner it does not matter. It’s it’s you know other beings?

Right? Exactly right? And that’s where the dogma stuff comes in right? And that’s where and it’s very interesting and it’s because like right now and it’s it’s even in these circles around um correcting your status and stuff like that. Now once you start to get into there and you start to understand law, land, air water and you start to understand blacks Law dictionary where our words come from the same being summons. And I mean like it’s complete insanity right? So anyway but what they’ve done is they’ve they’ve hijacked and made a dictionary of their words and what they mean now once you start to get into this um private realm where your your your own thing you start to create your own dictionaries were now I mean we have a big group, I want to talk to you, we’ll talk later.

But uh I don’t want to kind of show you the stuff that we’re doing to really push this movement forward. And um anyway people on our team. So so I just i i it’s really just like you’re saying it’s it’s about the energy for me it’s it’s it’s it’s energy behind things that really and so it’s it’s like okay well maybe that those letters those three letters put together this person defined each letter to be but who are they and why do I have to have the same relation?

Right? And that’s right and right and so but then it just as above, so below, so it just keeps going up and down and so you’re like, okay, well then really it just always comes to sit down and shut up maybe because you know, I don’t know, I don’t because it’s just you just right and just sit in the middle and just like, okay, you know what I mean? And just just try and seek that ultimate freedom for yourself. What you said there Brennan is so powerful because that is it like literally I could just do a webinar and be like, okay, so sit down and shut up her because it’s the same thing with the doctors and the scientists and the historians, who are they, who are they, what is their frequency?

Who are they connected to? You know, that’s what it all comes down to and so go sit and be in meditation and connecting with who you really are in the divinity within yourself and you will be led to the words, to the people, to the frequencies, to the podcast, to the spiritual teachers, to all of it that you that is actually an alignment for you because there’s so much distortion around. Well the doctor said and the experts said it was like, but that’s just another disconnected from source bean, Yeah, who cares?

You’re outsourcing your health, your outsourcing your spirituality, your outsourcing everybody outsources everything and that’s what we’re talking about before, it’s outsourcing your power, you’re giving your power away on a constant basis and saying, you you do it for me, you tell me what’s best, and we’ve gotten so without, of course, the word without, because anytime you seek without, you’re always going to be without right? And so it’s a very interesting paradigm and it’s one of my favorites to sit in. Do you know who Muji is, is kind of little little Yes. Yes. Yeah.

He’s like, one of my favorite, like, I don’t know, it’s probably about four or five, maybe six years ago, is when I found him, right, and I’ve been meditating for a very long time, and like, like, just his, the way he says something right, and the way he just, the way he speaks, you know, and for whatever reason is very simple, right? But it’s just being that observer and sitting in that space, right? And again, the more we sit and shut up and just sit there, things tend to kind of work out a lot easier than if we’re trying to act like we’re the ones driving the bus, because we’re not.

Yeah, 100%. I so agree with all of that so deeply, and I see this come into the freedom movement and in other areas where, you know, that same kind of fear, energy, people are bringing that, and so we want to be mindful of that because ultimately we are divine beings, each of us. And so it is up to each of us to tune in and then let ourselves be guided to the people, places things and opportunities that are really a match for us and to break out of the whole program is like, well, this is the celebrity or this is the expert or this is the blah, blah blah.

We have to break out of that because that is keeping us from our own advanced technology, our own divinity. And that’s why we’re here and we keep getting around here. You know, we we’ve got a meaning that we just keep rebirthing and death and rebirth. Like we can have a more fulfilling and satisfying experience here on earth and beyond. If we are willing to have the kind of conversations you and I are having now and to go deeper and do that deeper work. That that is really where it’s at for us.

And if we can we can energetically untangle from the matrix and then when we do our status correction, it’s really easy. You know, when we do that spiritual emotional work, then when we take the physical actions, it’s so smooth. Yeah. Well, that’s that’s and that’s something I’d really love to talk with you about is how do we, you know, better ways to mitigate the fear kind of things we’re doing is creating obviously community, right? And having people who have gone through these processes, right? Because that’s the first thing is mitigating well.

Well, what do you mean? So I can’t, I can’t vote anymore. Yeah, but that’s okay because you know, slaves vote three men and women elect, you know what I mean? And it’s okay and there’s things and but you’re not losing anything, you’re actually gaining now now you can play in both, in both jurisdictions, Right? Right. Public and private. People don’t realize they’re when they’re not, they don’t want to be public. They think that, you know, one that says the servant, protect the public. Well, that’s the serve and protect the state.

That’s what that means. So, so like, I mean, I guess aside from the personal touch, like because I call it crabs in the barrel, you know, I mean, we know that term and that’s, that’s absolutely what it is. And I mean we see it constantly. It’s it’s the immediate fear, Right? Boom. Oh wait, I can’t do that. People don’t want to leave their captive is um, their captive. Yeah, the captive is um, is captive is um, yeah, let’s go with that. Yeah, absolutely. I don’t know. I’m not into Western medicine diagnosis, but to make it simple for people.

It’s very Stockholm syndrome. You know, it’s very like I will protect my abuser and I will protect because I am anesthetized, which is exactly the point of the toxic food and the alcohol and all that water? Exactly the mfc, you know, that’s the point of it and we can awaken ourselves out of the slumber to your point about fear. The biggest thing I tell people is like do not believe your fear. If you are in fear, you are not connected to source, you’re not connected to your divinity.

So if you’re in fear, you need to stop yourself and I created and or was guided to create emotional tools to support people, to work with emotions like fear. And the first thing I would tell anyone is just don’t believe your fear, your fear, false evidence appearing real. That’s right. It’s never true. Never ever you are in a real dangerous scenario like truly dangerous. You’re not going to feel fear. Your guidance is going to motivate you to move, you’re gonna feel adrenaline, you’re gonna feel clarity, you’re gonna you’re gonna be like superhuman.

Yeah, that’s what happens to be afraid. Yeah. So that’s that’s such a big piece because fear is this thing that is running the majority of souls and it is the one of the lowest frequencies you can feel, it is nowhere near divinity. So if you’re in fear, you are not able to make clear healthy decisions. So you just need to stop work with that fear, Love it back into neutrality and then make decisions. And so when stuff comes up for people about leaving the Matrix, okay, that’s alright, be afraid being that be with that fear, but don’t ever take action from it and get the emotional and spiritual tools that you need.

So that you can navigate any emotion, any story so that you can be the advanced technology that you really are. And I mean we are incredible beings. Your incredible beings. Yeah, right? We’ve been sold on that lie. That’s right. And the only certain humans are super, you know, they have the superheroes and everything. Like we literally have all of those powers and and so much more. And if we spent the time developing that, that’s what we would experience. And it’s interesting, so knowing, knowing our potential, right?

And and you know, I guess that’s why you have to meditate once you start to understand because it can get frustrating because you’re like, well, I know, I mean, it’s the process of of of awakening, right? It’s not the destination, it’s the process and it’s a beautiful thing. It’s and it’s so exciting. I mean, and people like, what are you talking about? But I feel like it’s the most exciting time to be alive. When quantum physics started to come around, I was like, look, this is science.

Finally proving, proving spirituality on some level right? That it’s we and we have these powers and uh man, it’s um and then again they hijacked that too, right? And it’s everything is just hijacked and just kind of like misconstrued a little bit enough just so you’ll never get the point. Like you said, the original ones was religion, that’s what I truly believe. That was the original manipulation, because it’s here, that’s right here right there, it is, everywhere, Everything that what you seek is right there. Yeah, it’s so fun, so fun.

Um so now, what do you know about Yeshua? Oh, I love the draft, give me about this. So I too, was raised in a very christian fundamentalist scenario and then I was checking out all the different options and through my health crisis, um I had this spiritual awakening and um began to meditate every day and through that daily practice started receiving guidance from who we call Yeshua, who you know, the mainstream of called jesus, but they hijacked his story to, he told me, of course, yeah, totally hijacked his story.

Um and my, my deep connection is with Yeshua is beloved mary Magdalene and so mary Magdalene and Yeshua are part of the spiritual team that I work with and that I received guidance from and and they have been given me the real real on the sense, you know, they were pointing out similarities when they were in Jerusalem to what we’re experiencing now and showing me that they had seen visions of how bad it was going to get for us as part of their lineage and that like that’s why Yeshua and mary are supporting so many souls and that’s why, I mean, jesus is a big deal because the church hijacked of the negative agenda hijacked his story, but they are actively supporting their lineage in awakening and breaking free of the Matrix and not participating in the religion and the government and because they knew back then they knew what was going on.

Of course, of course they say that the birth and I in the 14 hundreds, I can’t remember the exact year, but that’s really kind of when the it’s called sourcing, I don’t know if you’ve heard that term, but it’s sourcing because they’re they’re they’re they’re taking from the source, the only thing that really exists on this planet, right? Are in this existence in this consciousness is the is the human soul is our energy and that’s why it’s the hype with occassion of your labor. That’s why they go to the source and they take you right then, right?

That’s from they they take your it’s called sourcing, right? And it’s just it’s But that started in the 1400s. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Yeah. This is where we’re at. I mean, but the beautiful thing is it’s all coming to the forefront and just like just like cleaning out, you know, an old dirty wound and whatever, right? It’s like it’s it’s nasty and it hurts and things are I mean, it’s gonna get worse before it gets better. I am, I am a huge optimist forever optimist and I do really believe that we are on the on the nice up thing, right?

I know we got to go through some stuff, but with all of us, like you said these conversations right now, I I think that we’re a lot better off then a lot of again, it’s a matter of focus, right? Where do you pay your attention? That’s right. And there are more of us now than there’s ever than there’s ever been. You know when Yeshua was walking the Earth, you know, he was the crazy one because it was him calling it out. Yeah, it was like giving a few people and that was like you know, and they were just like, oh you know, he’s crazy now there’s so many of us and it’s so beautiful and that’s why we came, that’s why we returned, you know, because we wanted to be here for this awakening and we wanted to be part of the awakening and seeing it all brought to light and then creating the new systems in harmony with our organic humanness.

You know, that was something Yeshua and mary were bringing me was were calling us organic humans. This was like a few years ago and they were talking about the importance of being an organic human. And then, you know, this past year they brought me these specific superfoods that they were like this has the consciousness to support the human body because here’s the cool thing if you give the human body high quality organic live Superfoods and you clear it up the poison, it will heal itself if this is a regenerating advanced technology.

You know, that’s the opposite of what we’ve been programmed to believe. But that is the truth. And I have been doing energy medicine work for over 11 years. I do all my work remotely. I’ve supported folks in healing of cancer and they are in another state in another room and I am here and I get into the zone and healing happens. How is that possible? Because we’re advanced technology and that’s actually how medicine is meant to work. You know, it’s archaic to carve into the body and inject into the body and you know, do all these things that that is not a match to the advanced technology that we are.

It doesn’t look like we’re going to put poison in you and that’s going to make you better. That that’s not how it works. You know? And so how do I mean? Obviously we know it’s just the manipulation and brainwashing. Mm I was of the masses. It’s it’s So what type of, Excuse me, what time of healing practice would you say that it is? So, I am trained in a specific modality called body talk which is a very leading edge underground. It’s been around for like 30 years underground healing modality.

I do believe in this is guidance that I received from Yeshua and Mary as well that any human who has the connection to source can heal themselves in another human for me. I wanted a modality because that gives me structure to work with and I just that was grounding for me and not really like worked for me. So I believe body talk is probably the only energy medicine and dr Bruce Lipton Lipton recommends like three modalities and body talk is one of them. So it is just a very advanced underground, you know, modality that um you know, athletes use but you never hear them talking about and you know, like there are people in the main mainstream that use it but they would never talk about it because it’s too weird.

It’s all quantum physics based, but it’s an advanced technology. And so these technologies like free energy and Body talk and all these different ways to heal. They’ve been around forever more. It’s just since we’ve been here, that’s right and humans just we’re just still waking up to it, you know, and I have to have a health crisis to find it. You know, Usually people are in some state of falling apart and collapse like our world is before they really get to the core truth and the core transformation Amen.

Yeah, and that’s kind of how we kind of started off, right, Is that that’s when your world implodes or explodes or whatever happens and and you’re forced to rethink and review things that you don’t have a choice. You can’t keep avoiding, right? And that’s usually where I found is those big crisis usually come because you needed a swift kick in the butt, you know? Absolutely, Which is why we can even change our framework around the crisis, right? It’s like it’s growing, this is growth, that’s right. But I was not going to get onto my path unless it got to me almost dying.

And so that’s what it took for me to be, I was in the middle of brazil thought I was going to die and that was the only way I was going to surrender to letting the Divine lead my life, you know, Does it have to be that dramatic? No, but are humans humans pretty stubborn and it takes Yeah, you know, so that’s just, that’s why we’re watching what’s happening here and it just keeps getting more and more ridiculous because the divine is trying to wake people up and so they just keep pushing it until we can get as many people to come online and remember who they are and what they came to do.

So well said amen. So uh what I guess what would you be your number one tips um for staying grounded? Because one thing that we really like to do is offer solutions, right? Like we’re let’s talk about what’s going on cool and talk about in a loving way and what we’ve done here and then Okay, awesome, well that’s what some solutions and so what what what do you think you could offer people that just you know, whatever you’d like to say, but what’s a good way to stay grounded, especially when things are nuts as they are.

Oh yeah and that’s one of the things I love about what you all have created because we have to be solution focused, we can’t just talk about what’s going on and be like okay by, you know, you need to talk about practical, figured out. Exactly. So I actually made a list of things that report folks and then whatever resonates for people who are watching or listening. So grow your own food. That is like that is so grounding, you’re working with the earth, you’re going to get spiritual benefit just from growing your own food and working with the earth.

And I know it’s tricky like I live on the Oregon coast. So we’re finding all these different ways and trying all these hydroponics and we’re trying all these different things to find what works. Just grow your own food. So that’s one of the most grounding things that you can do that supports your self sufficiency, your empowerment, It supports you on so many levels spiritually emotionally, everything. So grow your own food, Get out of the city if you can that that was guidance that came in 2016. Like leave the cities if you can.

I was living in Portland Oregon for 20 years. I was guided to move to the Oregon coast be in areas where you have more access to nature, that’s just so important because again, that’s your connection to spirit. So you’re feeling ungrounded, there’s all kinds of stuff going on. And certainly, you know, it’s been like that and it’s gonna be like that. Get barefoot on the ground to get your feet in the dirt, on the grass, whatever you can do to connect with the earth again, you’re an advanced technology.

So the bottom of your foot has the meridian, all your whole body can be healed through the bottom of your foot. So at your bare feet on the ground, the earth knows how to heal you. Your body knows how to connect to the earth. So that’s another piece that’s very, very important. These are just, I know you’re thinking like, well this is just like really simple basic stuff. But no, it’s so powerful. It’s literally like what will keep you grounded in all of the nonsense. Yes, it’s incredible.

Um, definitely correct your status and find the way to do that that will support you. That is going to support you spiritually, psychically emotionally, physically in every level. And there’s so many resources out there now, there’s no reason not to. The other piece would be to do some focused emotional spiritual energy work to support you during this time because we are here now, not by accident. Most likely we’ve done this before many times and we have wanted to be part of this. And so the more that you can work with your ancestral line, your deep emotional wounds around setting yourself free, the abusive relationship that’s happening with the greater matrix.

All of that is going to set you free. And there’s amazing healers all over the earth. You just pray and ask to be guided to the one that is most resonant with your soul work with them regularly. Your life will be so much smoother and easier doing that. Even in the midst of all of this, nice diversify your wealth. So don’t put all your money in cash, make sure that you’ve got a diversification. If you can buy land and be on the land and be more off grid.

Do it. Do whatever you can to connect with the natural world. That is really like if I could say the one thing that would be it because you are an advanced technology and the minute you take your power back, you’ll be able to ascend in incredible ways even during all of what’s here now and what’s coming. Yes. Yeah, right. I mean it’s that’s that’s what, that’s I think we’re gonna have to title this episode, Take your power back. You got to take the power back remember like uh what’s their names, man?

That’s sad man. That used to be Rage against the machine when I saw when I was younger, I like was in L. A. And stuff. We’d be breaking into their concerts right hopping fences and stuff going to rage against the machine because they’re all about, you know, we got to take the power back to people and now they’re all telling you to get this jab and you’re just like what what happened to all of it? And that’s what I’m convinced. They’re all robots and they took are the souls of all of our beloved like musicians and now I don’t know what it is, but it’s so weird.

It’s we’re in a bizarro and like I swear that they’ve done that and they have some cyborgs. I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure out talking to David. Ike I’m even more convinced it’s robots. I don’t know, man, I don’t know what’s going on. It’s so they’re so compromised and it’s so disheartening to see it. But it’s certainly not a soul that’s connected to the Divine. We know that for sure. Um I would say the same thing about the new york times bestseller list. You know, I’m an author.

I’m a writer. I always wanted to be on the New york Times bestseller list that is curated content and all of those authors have made deals and they are not who you think, You know, so it’s just this the awakening is big and it’s real and every soul gets to choose. And at some point their soul choose that chose to not be an authentic organic soul and to play their part, right? And that’s that’s something I find interesting. And I ask most people that and someone like yourself that’s you know, advanced.

Like how do you see this playing out? I mean it’s um is it possible for us to live out? Do you know what bashar is? Okay. So bashar, he talks about the eye of the needle and your preference, right? And all this stuff. And I’m I’m I’m very well, I mean, it’s just interesting right to kind of hypothesize. But is it possible for both timelines to exist simultaneously? Well, they are obviously we are right now our existence sustainable. I mean, I’m in I’m in conversation about this with the divine a lot because things are shifting, you know, the life streams are shifting, you know, so we there are different trajectories and then the collective makes free will choices that change the trajectories, my intent and what I desire to see.

And we’ll see how, because everyone gets to choose. Is that what I’ve been told is the 3rd and 4th dimension is dying off. And that’s what we’re seeing is a dying off of that that disconnected from source frequency. So my intention is that we will see a return to the golden age and it’s starting with us all of us that are doing this work and that as we shift our focus off of the beast and off of the monster and on the co creation of the new reality that that will become then the dominant reality right now, all the energy has been fed into what the mainstream is.

And so again, that’s why status correction and untangling from facebook and the medical matrix and the banking system and all of those things are so important because those are all the ways that we’ve been feeding that monster. So I’m an optimist at the highest level and that, I don’t know if it will happen in my lifetime, but I would love to be, I know that we’re on the leading edge of creating that golden age and may we see it and definitely made our Children see it, if not because we’ve done the work that we’re doing now.

We have our death experience. We will wake up in the golden age. So women, we went either way either way. Either way it matters what we do here though. And so, you know, the spiritual folks were like, I’ll just meditate and it’s fine and I don’t have to make a choice. That’s not true. You know, that’s not at all. And that’s, and that’s very interesting. A good point. Is that a lot of people, they’re like, oh, I’m just super spiritual. I’m not gonna do anything. Well, that’s like, um, that’s not true.

It’s, it’s kind of a weird thing. Uh, and it’s hard to have that conversation with friends and stuff, you know, I find because you’re like, well, you know, I understand that I really do. I, I’ve put in my work I put in the work I’ve, I’ve resolved, I’ve polished my stone a lot. I’ve been through dark years of the soul. I mean like I feel that brother. Yeah, right. I mean, but and that’s the work, right? And it’s good and it’s and it’s a beautiful thing and that’s when you start to look at suffering is a different thing is again, it’s more of that.

We were saying suffering is growth. It’s it’s it’s, you don’t even have to look at it as suffering, right? And again, it’s, that’s such a, I know the word has a negative thing, but if you look at it as a beautiful savannah, this is now my sad and this is my spiritual practice for the moment, whatever it is, right, has a different, different connotation to it. Um, so anyway, yeah, but can you tell everybody, um, like how can they find you? I wanna like your books, please. Everything.

I mean, yes, you are amazing and people need to know how to get in touch with you. Thank you so much. Yes, if you go to Sacred dash spirituality dot org. All my books are there until I have a healing called untangling from the Matrix. I’ve got a workshop coming up in september about being your own best doctor really want to support people and freeing themselves from the medical sticks. You know, we’ve got it free ourselves, we can self heal, let’s use this advanced technology, so I’m very passionate about that and supporting folks with that.

But yes, if you go to Sacred dash spirituality dot org, I’m there. I’m also on telegram at sacred spirituality as well. So definitely check me out there, but my website will lead you to all the things and it’s just been so amazing to have this conversation with you. Thank you so much. This was we went higher and everyone who was with us went higher, so yeah, no. Beautiful. Thank you and thank you, and let’s do this again. Can you stay on real quick for a second? Okay. Thank you so much.

And thank you everybody for listening and again. Um, check us out, man. Thank you so much. We’ll be back. Yeah, Yeah. Thank you.

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