June 23, 2021

Are We all Just Money Prostitutes?

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Lenka is a freedom fighter to her core. She immigrated to the US from Slovakia, and lived her story of the “American dream.” Only to realize America is infiltrated by the same communists, Lenka started to speak up against the system, was labeled as a lunatic but really it was her love for America causing her to speak up. When 9/11 still didn’t wake people up she was frustrated to not be able to speak the truth and she felt totally suffocated. Lenka was led to the holistic community after getting cancer. She learned allopathic medicine is a legalized drug dealership system. Lenka teaches the mind, body, spirit connection to build a strong immune system. Recently Lenka started The Freedom To Breathe Agency and has been warned/deplatformed because of the COVID trojan horse.

Show Notes

Interesting times, different dimensions 

Muzzled slaves https://haveyenotread.com/occult-ritual-transformation-and-coronavirus/



Plastic waters, turning frogs gay, https://www.newswars.com/proof-gay-frogs-are-real/


Plastic Found in humans https://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/heres-how-much-plastic-youre-eating-each-week




If we have to fear the ones securing our freedoms and personal liberties something is wrong “

Story of biggest liberation, enslaved by the system https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oJz2iVwLVRo6PLlJVccWjp38F6O7RUFg82oQGZvOzm0/edit?usp=sharing


1933 America went bankrupt; government stole the gold. 



Government gave up land and people as collateral when you sign up for social security 

Became a minor, ward of the state, subject to statutes 

Look at birth certificate, all caps name is corporation 

Persons don’t have rights, just privileges 

We are sovereign man/woman, we do not need to ask for permissions 


Independence is priceless 

We have the ability to bend reality, everything is energy, and we manifest it into reality 


Light is always more powerful than dark, dark is seductive and addicting. 


Taken Oath to United States of America https://id.uscourts.gov/Content_Fetcher/index.cfml/Oath_of_Allegiance_1716.pdf?Content_ID=1716


Becoming your own doctor is the most powerful thing because nobody can own you.

Become your own lawyer next. 


If you do not know your rights, you have no rights. 

Men are created equal by Creator with unalienable rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for which we institute governments to protect these rights by contentment of the governed. 


You are sovereign at birth. 



  1. Know who you are.
  2. Know what your rights are…
  3. And how to defend them.
  4. Then start assembling! 


Master Plan 2021-2022 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YhEeTV0NooxUAtZdQzNr9S0y0vIzbI1lKp0gtK2py1w/edit?usp=sharing


Humanity is rushing into a higher level of consciousness which is already here. 


Freedom to Breathe Agency is a constitutional agency. http://www.ftbagency.com/

Hitler didn’t do it on his own….

Ask yourself, what am I doing? Selling my soul for some FIAT currency? Or doing the right thing? 


Four professions God warns about; banker, attorney, doctor, organized religion 


Masks are satanic in symbolism https://weliveinamadworld.com/are-face-masks-covid-rituals-occultist-symbols-for-submission/


Canadian arrested https://townhall.com/tipsheet/rebeccadowns/2021/05/09/pastor-arrested-n2589177


There is no controlling empowered people. 


What to do:

Bring yourself back to the land. Change political status. 

Serve on perjury of oath against constitution 

How to find Lenka:



Hello, All you lovely Freedom People out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat. Mhm I’m your host, Bradley Freedom. Today’s guest is Alenka coloma. That’s right. Hlinka coloma. If you don’t know who Hlinka is, well you are in for a really big treat. Um Hlinka was actually born in Prague in the Czech Republic, moved here when she was 19. She’s written a book. Really amazing book. Um man, I’m just really excited for you to be able to hear what she has to say. And uh if you haven’t heard of her, I’m really excited and honored to be able to introduce her to you.

Um before we do, of course what I’d like you to do is grab your phone and take your thumbs and I want you to type in Hlinka and that’s L E N K A. And the number one, that’s L E N K A. And the number one, I want you to text that to 844992 3733. That’s 844 9923733. And we’re gonna send you out today’s show notes of this amazing conversation. Come on. Let’s go. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Mhm. Along those lines is that music is made in the space between the notes, not the notes. Right?

So those are the kind of lulls the emptiness. Yeah. That’s yeah it is. Uh Yeah. Without one. We wouldn’t know the other. Right? And so it’s kind of a weird place to even try and think of not to have suffering. Yeah. And you know like we are in such a such an interesting times really are like it’s just like I think we have so many different dimensions going on. I don’t know if you feel it. Yeah and and like today you know I had to take my job because she’s dealing that.

I think maybe that’s why I kind of was like a little bit uh felt tense energies. Um but like going out there and seeing all the Muslims slaves and I actually enslaved one man today, I felt really good about it. I really, because I just got at him, he was this younger dude, you know, all build up, you know, and they have no courage, they have no courage. So I just and went after him and finally he unmuzzled. I’m like, yes, I don’t want and that was just you know what he tells me, my wife works in, er I know it’s all the bullshit, so I’m like, so what are you doing here?

What are you doing with being muzzled, met up dude, met up, go with these Ieper. And when it was from a woman, you know, I’m like, if you’re, if you and I told him if you are afraid of anyone, I’m here to protect you. All right. You know what’s so funny? We were just having this conversation. We have it quite a bit is we’ll see it often where you will see a couple or maybe a couple with some kids write a family and the kids and the woman will have no mask.

But then the man will be wearing a mask and we’re seeing this and and we talked about it quite a bit that we just, I know more women that have more courage and more balls, you know, quote unquote than men. And it’s really, really sad. I don’t know what happened and how we, you know, totally emasculated men. Somehow. I’ll tell you why It’s also part remember everything is part of the plan, right? It’s all the plastic. The plastic waters. Okay. Turning the frogs gay. I’ve heard about all that stuff, right?

It was because the plastic is um uh synthetic uh synthetic estrogen. Okay. And so what it does, it’s designed on a purpose. It basically suppresses the testosterone in men. So men are completely, you know, they just they don’t have their testosterone anymore. Ha ha ha ha. And yeah, I’ve heard it in the water. They’re saying now you can find it in most humans. Like it’s it’s just part of like our soybeans and everything. Why do you think it’s it’s planned on reason? Because they don’t want strong man?

Because that’s that’s dangerous. That’s dangerous society and this is what you’re dealing with. Yeah, believe me. Like, I see all these guys and and I’m like, I’m like, I could just like, I can make them crumble without, you know, even touching them. It’s it’s insane. Mhm. So Hlinka. I’m really, I’m honored for you to be here. This is so amazing and exciting for me and for us here at the freedom people. So thank you, thank you. And before we get too far into it, could you just let everybody know who you are?

And uh oh my God, how do we even start? Well, so I am. Um I’m a freedom fighter for the most important part. I’ve been, I’ve been fighting always something, you know, injustice. I, I fight any injustice. So since I was a little kid, I was always protecting the ones, you know, who couldn’t fight for themselves, who couldn’t speak up for themselves, uh animals, Children and it goes on and I immigrated to United States, I can’t get nothing. So I’m really the uh story of the american dream where you just come here, you have nothing.

But you have great work ethic ethics and you have big dreams And you can move mountains. So without any college degree or anything, I became very successful high tech professional. Uh you know, working for Fortune 500 companies traveling the world. Um and I was working in, you know, men dominated industry, which was really crazy back then. But I just, I always set on something, you know, something unique and different because I like the challenge and in the process of it, I you know build cancer in my body which got me into the holistic healing.

So I had to learn everything about the immune system but constitutes health. I come from a medical doctor, family and it’s one big lie. It’s legalized drug dealership. I you pay on that aspect as well well. And uh you know after a few years of living in America here, I realized that something just seems so familiar where I came from, from communist Czechoslovakia. And I realized, oh my gosh, America is literally you know, has been infiltrated by the same globalist, by the same communist, by the same people who hate freedom, who do not, people who don’t want to see people thrive and and empower nations.

Um and so I started to speak up on what’s wrong with our system. And of course I was labeled as The biggest lunatic conspiracy theories and that I should go back where I came from. People didn’t realize that it was really my love for the country. And so when 9-11 happened I thought oh my gosh, maybe now people will start waking up and I will not sound like this crazy, you know, conspiracy theorist. Uh but that didn’t happen. So I had to zip it, you know, and it was very frustrating life because I had this amazing life, but yet I couldn’t speak the truth.

It was literally like I’m being, I was being suffocated inside of me. And then when this whole Covid 19 started, I just knew, you know, I am, I specialized in immunology actually psycho natural immunology. I help people relate to build the wholesomeness, you know, the whole mind, body spirit to really build strong immune system not only from a physical but also emotional standpoint to build the self mastery where we become really creators of the reality we want we want to create. And so when Covid 19 rolled in, I knew it’s a trojan horse.

You know, this is this is the final strike and we have to go and fight and thank God there were more people who saw what I’ve been speaking for so many years. And so that’s where we are today. I, we started in a organization called freedom to breathe agency. We were the very first one who came out with uh a facemask exam card that went viral. Uh the platform me, they, you know, I had the death threats every day and I was featured on all the main mainstream media, you know, CNN time newsweek, you name it.

Um and uh you know, it was kind of my introduction into being really at the front front line of fighting for our freedom and I was joking you know that it took David ike some 20 years to be the platform and it took me only six months. So, and since then, you know, I get constantly censored and and uh you know, they try to silence me, they try to intimidate me. They, you know, but they are finding out that I have a very special powers and that I have very bad strong voice and that I help people to basically do the same thing.

That’s beautiful, That’s amazing. And God bless you, thank you. That’s it’s amazing for um you know, and and there’s there’s so much to unpack there um but first I’d like to kind of ask maybe what was what was your first kind of realizations or inklings right? Because it was obviously much longer than I, you know, I’ve been talking about it for 20 years and I was like man, but obviously what, coming from somewhere like that right? Coming from the communists upbringing then coming here, what was it immediate where you immediately like oh no man, there’s some stuff here or was it takes some time like do you remember?

Or is it now just all just one blur. Yeah, it was it was very interesting because first, you know, I was of course very excited to be here, you know? And so I just, I just kind of was focusing on building my career and building the american dream, you know? And fitting in, you know, I really, it was like kind of the thing to fit in. But very quickly I started to realize that oh my gosh, you know, this is just, you know, people don’t see the truth, you know how their government is really oppressing them.

And it was very frustrating because, you know, people will be saying, well, we are the greatest country in the world, we have the most freedom and personal liberties, you can imagine. And you know right there, I’m like, okay, but look at the system, right? We have the highest incarceration per capita in the world, right? Where some between 40 to 70% of the prisoners are actually have not committed any crime. And it’s just just just just little things like this, right? I’m like, and it’s just, You know, I’m very intuitive, I’m very connected with the source.

And when things are not making sense, it’s just literally is like screaming inside of me. And so I, I lay in books. I read everything that you can imagine. Um, and research. You know, I asked questions and I remember that was probably like 20 years ago when my son, my first son was just a baby. I came across this one video I remember on YouTube and it was basically talking about the, uh, the fraud, how, how our people get kidnapped into this fictitious legal entity through the birth certificate. Right?

And I remember that it was like dark at night. You know how you do these studies and research late at night, right? I came across it and I’m like, oh my gosh, this is crazy. Like, and I remember, and I was watching it like over and over and over and I’m like, and I just, my brain just I couldn’t wrap my brain around it. But then it was like, oh my gosh, this sounds just like that it’s truth, you know? But yeah, that was really, I couldn’t like, you know, match it with anything else.

But I remember that very specific moment and from there, oh my gosh, I just, you know, went down the rabbit hole. And yeah, it goes very very you’re with that. Remember what year that was? Yeah, like some 20 years ago. So, you know, uh wait, nine, mid nineties somewhere. That’s what it was for me to. That’s that’s kind of crazy about same timeline. I didn’t really know what to do with it. I I mean, well for me it was I just found out that the media was lying.

You know, um uh that was broken all the part because I was there because of the media really. I mean, back then the internet. So you got all your your your news from the news. I mean, that’s that’s all that really was right? So yeah, it’s it’s it’s incredible and and you know, what’s even more incredible to me is that most people just go on living there, you know, happy lives and they have no idea what’s being done. But I I know that deep down within people, they know they know they know that, you know, like if we truly had the freedom and the personal liberties and this amazing country, people would not fear government.

People would not fear police. People will not fear I. R. S. Etcetera and all these agencies, right? But people who live in fear, I remember I was living in fear from them and that you that you tell us right there if we are having such if we have to fear the the one who should be actually securing our freedoms and personal liberties because that type of government, right? Something is wrong, something is wrong. Yeah. Well said I really do believe also deep down people know something’s not right.

Um and and and when you don’t when you don’t address that, then you’re you’re lying to yourself and you’re negating yourself and it makes things worse, you know? Um And uh so yeah, wow. Okay. So so it was really just kind of the birth certificate. Huh? Because that’s a worldwide thing and this is and you know, it’s um you know, David straight. Yes. Okay. So yeah, so we’re watching his stuff. I’m actually going to his workshop this weekend here in phoenix. Oh fantastic. Yeah. He just had a workshop in yuba city.

I was actually supposed to go there but I didn’t manage for Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yuba City. Huh, interesting. Um so yeah, so um just and then that’s I guess we can kind of segue into that real quick because I also know that you’re you know like myself, you’re also a national um and maybe maybe for our guests and listeners if you can kind of explain what is that? What does that mean? Okay, so this is one of the, I think the greatest stories people really need to quickly get accustomed to because it’s the story of the biggest liberation.

Most people do not realize that they’ve been enslaved by the system. Uh this happened um You know, America went through several bankruptcies and this was in the 1933 when America was bankrupt because you know, the government stole the gold and all that stuff. And so uh they were they were in pickle, they were in pickle and uh the international banks bank stirs, you know, they needed their uh their money back. And so they came up, the government came up with a great scheme of basically giving up the land and people as the collateral for the bankruptcy.

And so they did. Uh they intrigued american people into through the Act of Social Security to sign up for Social Security to sign up for the support from the government. But what wasn’t really disclosed, it was not done with full disclosure and the content, the content of the of the american people that by signing up to be part of of the of the corporation that they are basically giving up their rights, their unalienable rights that are secured to them under the Constitution and Bill of rights specifically.

So this was in the times of Great Depression where they were, you know, there was no jobs, there people were starving and so it sounded really fantastic that the government created all these jobs and they could have these benefits. So it sounded really good. And I know for sure from some of the stories, I was reading that many, many of these people who signed up for, they thought what a great thing they actually did for their families. And it’s actually to the contrary they literally gave up their freedom and personal liberties.

They became part of uh of the of the system of the corporation and because of that now uh they have to abide and they are subject to the statutory law which is the contract law. So they literally became a minor, they became ward of the state and they became a subject of the state. And um if anyone has any any questions on that subject, all you have to do is look at the birth certificate, you know, you’re anything that’s uh that’s put in capital letters is a corporate entity.

And so they they take people living breathing men and women and they turn them into legal entity. And legal entity doesn’t have rights. Legal entity has certain privileges and certain immunities that can be taken away at any time. So most people don’t realize that they are not really free. They are subject of the corporate government which is the facto government and they do not have rights, They have privileges. And so that’s that’s the difference between us citizen and and american state, national um the the way how our forefathers created America was that we are sovereign, that we are sovereign, men and women, that we have rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

We do not need to ask for permissions. We do not need to ask for for licenses because these rights are guaranteed to us under the constitution, the Supreme Law of the land. But people have been tricked and because it has been done, you know, since 1919 1933 you know, now it became the standard and no one even questions it. But the problem is this is this actually goes back to the the highest incarceration per capita because you don’t obey by the statutory law, by the contract law out of which, you know, these mandates these edicts.

These statutes are most of them are repugnant to the constitution and people have no clue. All right, very interesting, very interesting, isn’t it? It’s really, it’s really fascinating, you know, and, and I always, um, since I was I was I was a little kid and since I was born, I always tell people I was born sovereign, I literally was born sovereign. I never bowed or worship any authority. I was always responsible for all the good and all the less good that happened in my life. And because I had the responsibility and let me claim the responsibility, I knew that I can change it because if I did that now I can change it.

But if someone else is responsible for me, well then I’m just a victim. I’m victim. I’m a minor. I you know, really, I do not manage this this thing called life and I never liked that position. I always like to be in charge so really quick. Something to that. You know, you’re obviously a beautiful strong woman that’s just like not, you know, taking any excuse for anything for her existence. What is it? Why do you have that? What what do you think that that is? I mean I know people like that as well.

It’s just like there’s something where it’s just like I don’t want your government handout. Right? Right. Because I guess, you know, you know what it is, breath. It’s all about. My independence is priceless. Like I would not give up my independence for anything for anything. This is why I love the comfort of my family And very nice life that you know, my parents created for us and I left all of that for you know, to create something on my own right. And I came here, I was 19 years old.

I had $10 in my pocket and I was the most you know, blessed and fortunate girl, you could have meat and I was on a mission. And this is how I I’ve done everything in my in my life. So my sovereignty, my independence, my freedom is the most precious thing that I have. And I guess what what where you know, and it’s a great question, where does it come from? It just comes from, you know, from from my belief, from my faith that I was put here on this planet for very specific reasons, very specific purpose that only I can accomplish that I can complete.

And I know that it’s big, it’s big big as life itself. And this is how I always went about life. And this is why and literally I tell people that you know, we have the ability, we have the inner power to bend reality because everything is first energy, right? Everything is energy. And then we take that energy and we manifested into physical reality. So we all have that power. We all have the capacity and the ability, but not everyone is able to actually utilize it, right? Right?

We’re always manifesting always, always whether we are aware of it or not is a whole different issue, right? And then once and that’s what you’re saying is once you become know thyself and I that’s my biggest thing, know thyself. Um just and we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Those two things. That’s this whole past year, I’ve just been trying to preach that over and over and over, falling on a lot of deaf ears, but that’s okay, right? That’s not what it’s about. It’s about shifting the energy, like you said, it’s everything is energy, vibration frequency, that’s what we are.

And even David straight talks about it. And that’s really cool. He talks about the three different levels at which humans or beings kind of vibrating frequency and that this whole greatest story that’s ever been told, that we’re right in the middle. I mean, goose bumps, right? And I know that it’s like people like brad, you’re crazy as F. Y. R. E. What are you talking about? This is nuts. Life’s over. It’s not it’s just getting started. They don’t know, we’ve been enslaved and we’ve been in the dark ages for so very long.

We’re coming out of it. And these are just the growing pains of that. Absolutely. And this is why they call it the great awakening. You know, what we are experiencing is the greatest awakening of consciousness. You know, humanity has ever experienced. And this is very exciting. But I always tell people what we have to remember. The dark forces can be very um very, you know, I wouldn’t say you know powerful because they are not because light is always more powerful than than the darkness, but it’s almost seductive, you know, hosted that it’s addicting because many times just right, when people are out there just, I always like to do like little is dropping, you know, you’re like just waiting or you are just like walking by and you hear people talking, what do people talk about?

They talk about their problems and their disease and how other people heard them and their eggs and their Children and they literally become addicted to their traumas. And it’s amazing to me to actually observe it off. And and and I’m like always asking people, do you enjoy this, do you enjoy talking about your cancer and, and, and all the problems you have and stuff? Why don’t we ship that energy and focus on the healing part because you can heal? But you know, uh, energy. Yeah, that’s, yes, that’s, that’s our big thing here.

We’re like, you know what you want. And we’re just, and I know that you and I had an amazing conversation the other day and, and that’s why I’m just again honored to have this conversation with someone like you who is a true freedom fighter, who is a true freedom fighter. And, and I know that we spoke about this, but I’d like to bring it up here. Why we’re having this conversation about how there’s something that is, is uh, you and I have in common that other, um, people who have immigrated to the United States that also have in common and that’s what we’ve taken an oath to the United States of America.

There’s a lot of people born into the United States of America, they’ve never taken that oath. They never had to take that oath. They don’t know what it’s about and they don’t know and so that, but then they go through these, this, this uh indoctrination system that we have now, right, which is our called our college and universities, right? And whatever. Now, it’s just indoctrination into, to hating America. And it was very, I mean, brilliantly done right from a very statistic, take America down point of view.

So it’s very brilliantly done. Um, but yeah, you know, it’s uh, it’s just a little bit too much. Um anyway, my question to you is do you, do you remember taking that oath and and what do you think it’s going to take? I mean, I don’t think we can go around and tell every person or go and you know make every person in the United States of America take an oath. But what would it take to kind of get other people to understand that America is a good place and there’s just these dark forces right now that are trying to tear down the thing that you came here for.

Yeah, yeah. So we have to remember the constitution and when people, I would strongly recommend everyone to look at the constitution, if you look at it, the constitution is this little booklet. Right? And um it’s it’s that’s the Supreme Law of our land. So that little booklet is the Supreme Law of the Land which has very specifically outlined our rights within the bill of Rights. And when we really study it and we read it and we take it to our heart, I can guarantee you anyone with open mind, we’ll see how it was written by a divine hand.

It was literally written, you know, it’s it’s like this amazing uh gift and treasure America has because that constitution literally gives you the right to pursue anything you want to pursue in life. You don’t need anyone’s permission. You don’t protect that right? You’re born with that right? You are born with that. You are born with right to get up in the morning and make earnings for yourself. You don’t owe anything to anyone. That’s your birthright birthright to go and make earnings so you can feed yourself and your family, Okay?

That’s your that’s your birthright. Another another birthright is that you can go uh and and have a property and no one can take that property or search their property unless you cause someone someone harm you. You damage the crime has been committed unless crime has been committed. That you have right to to travel on public roads without asking and standing like a peasant in front of D. M. V. And asking for permission to drive unless you are in you know commerce and it goes on and on.

You know how about here in America you all I mean in California you have right to also defend yourself and protect yourself if someone is trespassing onto your rights so you have the right to bear arms. But now we we we allow we allow these dark forces to literally stripped us one right at the time. And now we are arriving at a point where they literally are after the last last result which is our own body, the most divine possession, the most divine property we own. And now they want to dictate us that we have to wear a muzzle, that you have to get vaccination.

You know my health is my responsibility. I am not responsible also for other people’s health. That’s everyone’s responsibility. And it’s not the job of government to keep us healthy or sick. Because if they were so interested to keep us healthy right, wouldn’t they be telling us, oh go outside to get the vitamin D. From the sunshine, take your shoes off so you can absorb the powerful electrons from the earth, drink, alkaline water, exercise. Eat out, be around to to boost your your to boost the herd immunity.

No, they are not interested in that. They tell you, oh they tell exactly the opposite fear. You know, keep on this Petri dish that’s accumulating all these pathogens. Uh and don’t go to see your grandma, don’t go to see other people because they are dangerous. You can contract something from them from them and just stay home and just right away heartbreaking, isn’t it? It’s hardening. And here’s the thing though, you know what Lincoln this is what I tell people. Nobody has taken your rights. You have given them away.

You have right, you have given and this is free will you have free will. All they’re doing is suggesting and that may be strongly suggesting but they’re suggesting and you said, ok, fine, I’ll do it. And that was the mast thing that really just got my my fricking hide was like immediately people just said okay fine. And I was like, well what do you mean? Okay, I could not I didn’t think that would fly. I I honestly when I see people and they are having this muzzle and that’s what it is.

It’s not a man, it’s a muzzle. Uh if you look at in the history, this was actually invented 2300 years ago by the Arab community where they discovered that if they covered persons phase, they were stripping them of their identity. They were making them submissive and this is known and all we have to do is we have to look throughout the history that it has been used on so many occasions and now it’s supposed to protect us from, from a virus that actually you cannot even contract because viruses that piece of RNA or DNA.

It doesn’t jump from person to person. Especially making bodies produce them. It’s it’s a soul like come from us and that’s how they can manipulate us and it’s such a uh, the whole germ theory has been debunked over and over and over. But that’s what they use. And again, this is not science. There is no science. it’s scientists. Um Right. It’s it’s like religious cult following that just completely follows this corrupt for profit medical community. That’s right pumping like to your point earlier pumping drugs they’re drug dealers, they are legally rescuers.

These drugs are illegal but their drugs are completely legal and pushed exactly. You know this is the most frustrating thing right? Like because I asked people just when you turn your your Tv on which I don’t recommend. I don’t have Tv in my house but if people do just turn on and listen listen to the commercial for any drug okay they will tell you oh you will not have pain in your your joints but you will have to exchange it with possibility of getting leukemia attack or deadly infection.

And the problem is the way how they do it is you know, there is actually a U. S. Patent, it’s a supplemental programming. That’s why it’s called tv programming because you have all these people right? And they are just in this loving you know emotions and loving voices and and everyone is happy and everyone is blissful and they will tell you, oh yes and you can get leukemia but your joints will be perfectly fine and you sit there and you are like are you serious? Is everyone listening?

Is anyone listening? It’s with it. I just I tell you I really I call this that we are literally living. Um you know it’s a comedy of the of the human actually that’s what I that’s what I call it and people actually buy well and if you look at it bread, okay so think about you know how brilliantly this has been designed, I have to give it to them, I have to give it to them. They did not forget one venue, right? Like since we are born, what are we taught since we are born?

Since we are born, we are taught how to respect and honor the authority, right? You have to respect your teacher, you have to respect the police officer. You have to respect the man on the T. V. And it’s the constant respect and don’t ask questions. Don’t you do what you as you are to just obey, obey, obey. Right? And then what’s the other thing when something hurts in our body? Right? This was the greatest discovery I’ve made through my through my healing journey. Uh my mother is a medical doctor.

So I was I was right within you know that the drug dealership organization and I remember specifically that any time something was wrong with my body. Oh we have to go to the specialist or you know, my mom would come and it was immediately the diagnosis and all that stuff. And so since little kids, we are we are raised that the doctor, the doctor knows our health, not us, not us. We are just these, you know, uh stupid creatures there to know our body. How could we know our body?

Because these doctors, they go, you know, eight years to school and they put a white suit on and a doctor title and then they have all the diplomas in their offices and these elaborate systems and they then use like this is the most hilarious. Like you go to a doctor when I started to see through all those lives, right and all that hypnosis, it’s certainly hypnosis. You go in and you have a stomach ache. Okay. So they examine you and all that and it comes oh you have um I don’t know what you have.

You have gastritis. Okay. Yeah, no, no kidding. Because I have a stomach ache. So this is just using latin or greek war to describe the discomfort. That’s all it is. But the moment that happens, what happens with the brain is you immediately feel stupid because now you don’t understand it, right? So the doctor takes over you and now the doctor owns your condition and now only the doctor can hear it. Oh, I when I discovered actually what they are, how they are, how they are using neuroscience tricking people’s minds where people literally surrender their uh their powers away.

And then when I when I broke myself free from from the legalized drug dealership system. Oh my gosh! Now, and I wrote about it in my book, which is behind me, which is beautiful. Thank you. Which is really incredible once people gain their power back and understand their own body. Oh my gosh, that’s a major victory. And that’s that’s what we are dealing with. This whole scam dynamic is because people don’t own their bodies, they don’t know their bodies, they don’t own their bodies. And so we are uh it’s actually very excited because I think a lot of people are waking up and they are like learning how to reclaim their powers back and becoming becoming your own doctor.

That’s the most powerful thing because no one can for you, No one Can Fool You. How amazing is that taking your power back? And how about becoming your own lawyer as well? That’s interesting a little on that. Yeah. Oh yeah. So from from healing healing my body discovering I’m my own doctor, that I no longer be fooled by people in a white coat. Right? Then I went into the rights I had to start learning my rights with everything going on. And you find out that it starts with knowing your rights.

If you don’t know your rights, you have no rights. Okay, very critical. And that that it comes to that connection, you know, we have the source that God that the universe the quantum hologram, however we want to define it, okay that we came here as this powerful being fully equipped with everything. We need to thrive to thrive. So that starts from there. Right? Then we know that the constitution comes from the same concept that men are created equal, right that we hold these truths to be self evident, that men are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for which we institute governments to protect these rights by content of the government. Mhm. Okay.

That says it right there, Right? My rights. My rights come from birth at birth from God, from the source, right? And I have the right to pursue life in any way I wish desire, as long as I am not hurting another another men or women or a child, another being that I’m not causing clause I’m not causing damage including our planet earth. Right? It’s a common. And that’s the only thing that is a crime though. And the thing is is that now we have so many different laws and statutes and policies, right?

As we know, police are just policy enforcers. That’s why it says policy police. So. Right. Right. So that’s that’s kind of where, you know, Yeah, if you could kind of talk a little bit more on, I’m just kind of here we are. We find ourselves and we have all these laws. But now everything seems to be a crime right? Like very so very important to remember. So this is the concept of constitution. They are you are free, you are sovereign. This is how you come at birth.

You come as a free man and woman period because all men are created equal. There is no one higher. There is no one below. We are all equal and we have the same rights. Okay. But this is the problem. They design a system to systematically keep these amazing babies that come empowered from the source from God right? And they are ready to thrive. But the society including their parents, everyone is stripping them from their rights. And there you arrive you are at the age of 20 and you are like the people I see out there, they are so timid.

Like the man I was telling you earlier today completely timid. There was no one telling him uh at that at that store that he needs to wear muscle. But you know what? He told me that he just wants to he just wants to be polite and I said this is not the time to be polite. They are stripping you of your rights. You need to stand up sir. Man up a lot. Again it’s just what is going on. It’s just it’s it’s sad like you said you know the estrogen all these crazy you know genetically modified soybeans.

You know it’s just uh yeah we got to get the power back and you hit up on it earlier and I don’t want to jump around too much. But you hit on it earlier was just by by saying by taking responsibility, you gain power by saying okay, I this is my fault by saying that now you have the ability to change it, right? So I mean you’ve got books written and I mean obviously on this subject and like like I mean you’re doing your part. I mean we’ve got a podcast trying to spread your message.

I mean, you know, and it just um how do you see this turning around people? It comes from from each of us, right? We need to stop. Also thinking this is the other problem. People think that someone is coming to save the day that there is some savior coming. Well I have big news. No one is coming to save you. The savior will be you and I Uh huh That’s it. We the people, let’s remember we the people, this Republic is beautiful. Republic belongs to us with the people.

And we are on a mission now to restore our digital government. That hasn’t been in place since 1861. People being enslaved. They’ve been fooled, they’ve been tricked. It’s all fraud. And we have to remember that frog appreciates everything. Uh, the globalists have been exposed. We have all the documentation and everything. So what’s the first step? People need to claim their rights back. They have to become sovereign again. And I know that that word sovereign, You know, some people like, they imagine these white supremacists, you know, and people who have no like governmental structure, anarchists.

I’ve heard anarchists to, you know, I’m like, you have no idea. You have no idea that that’s what America stands for for Sovereignity. That every man and women are responsible for their life. There are no handouts in America. Wake up people that’s called communism, right? Well, and that’s what they’re doing now, right there trying to force me look what they’re doing. They’ve already done it and they’ve already got all these jobs out there that are people, employers cannot fill positions right now because people would rather stay home and write.

I know and but I have you know, I always tell people you might like it for for for for a moment, okay, but you will not like where this is headed to, where this is headed to and what we have to remember. You know, I like to go back to the what I didn’t finish there was that the constitution is the Supreme law of the land and anything that’s repugnant to the constitution and specifically the bill of Rights is no and void as it was ruled by the Supreme Court famous case are marbury versus medicine and this is what we have to go by.

That anything that violates your rights is new and avoid and cannot be enforced any of your right that they are trying to convert into licenses, registrations and charging you for fees. The fees for it should be is not enforceable and yet and yet people quietly comply when the police stops them for not stopping at the stop sign or whatever it might be. But there is no crime committed, but there is no crime committed because for crime to exist, there has to be an injured party. So I like to ask, okay, so you collect, you find this person $450, whatever it might be, who is the beneficiary?

Right? Who people tell people? People tell me, oh the state, I’m like oh the state got hurt for me not stopping at a stop side. How what did we get hurt? You’re hurting the revenue if you don’t pay. Well, that’s obviously that’s what it’s all about. It’s all about, this is how, this is how we are arriving. That incarceration is very profitable business. We are dealing with private courts, we are dealing with private prisons, we are dealing with privately owned agencies, call the police department. All the governmental agencies is incomparable.

Did it’s incorporated and they are incorporated. They don’t go by the supreme law of the land. They go by their bylaws. Its corporate corporate bylaws, like it’s kind of like Costco, okay. Costco starting to dictate to you what you should be doing in your house with your house. Would you listen to them? Would you, would you, would you listen if a Costco employee just like kick the door open? You know, like certain three letter agencies have done, just came into your house and started to search your house.

Well maybe if it was walmart, you know I like to be but this is I know it sounds crazy. Absolutely. No, but that is yeah, this is this is what we are dealing with, right? So it will take every single of us who we need to learn our history because we have to remember that only when when we understand the ramification of the past, we can understand the ramifications of the present and when we know the past and we know the present. Now, we can start changing future.

We if we don’t we will just keep going in the same cycle and be chasing the same tale. And then people wonder and then people wonder why do we end up with the same results? And even worse because people think that they take a piece of paper and they put it in election box and now they’ve done their job for their republic. Mm right? No, you have to you have to learn for us who you are. You need to know your rights how to defend them. And then we start assembling, we need to start restoring our usual government.

That’s how we are going to get our republic back. Hey man, that’s beautifully sad. I love it. Yeah. Yeah. And we could talk on this for hours and days. It’s one of my favorite subjects ever. And it’s just because again, to your point, this is the greatest story ever told. Uh we’re living it right now. This is good versus evil. This is the darkness versus the light. This is like Star Wars happening right now. This is everything. And like you’re saying the ascension, we’re all growing up right now.

And I mean like in a much bigger way, right? Um uh and so uh yeah, we could talk on this forever, but I would not I want to know a little bit more because I haven’t been able to get into it. I know that you sent it to me, but I’d like to know more. And if you want to talk about it, kind of what this 2021 22 22 master plan is okay, well, you know, we have to remember that we are in spiritual war, right? This is all about, you know, humanity rising into higher level of consciousness and we have to know that what we want to achieve is already here.

It’s already here. All we have to do is we have to decide for it. So the de jure government that I’m talking about, which is of with the people, for the people, by the people, the government that’s actually serving people not like what we are dealing now with these career politicians that go in having nothing and they walk out multimillionaires and billionaires. Right, bye bye extorting from us, right? Putting us into deeper debt as a country. So we have to remember that you know, we are done with that.

This is built on treason. This is fraud and fraud appreciates everything and they know it. They know it. And and we have to remember that the light is much more powerful because that’s much higher vibrational frequency than the darkness. Right? So as we on an individual level, we rise within our calibration. We pushed through the acceptance and we get into into that higher level of consciousness where we realize that this is not about poor me, right? Because I I believe that we here in America, we are really pretty well.

You have to remember what are four fighters had to do to bring us where we are today. They gave everything including their life, right? And what we have to do is we have to step outside of our comfort zone. We have to look at ourselves, Am I truly the sovereign and I am I d empowered american that my forefathers gave their life for? Am I really like when I get up in the morning, what am I doing for my republic? Not always asking what is being done for me, right?

But what I’m not doing for for my republic, Right? So we can actually restore and create a true freedom and personal liberties that we haven’t had for some 160 years. And when we do that, you know, we will have, we will create such an amazing nation that is that is, you know, raising Children to be empowered beings where we teach our Children how to be their own doctors, how to be how to master self mastery, right? That that they are responsible for their thoughts, feelings and emotions, right?

That they are in charge. Can you imagine? And we empower our people to go and pursue your passion, Go and do what you love to do because that’s the only way you can then be truly resorted because it’s no longer assure. But you are being of service. You are delivering something from your heart, not because of greed and because you want to get over the person next to you, because we are constantly fighting and competing and then we die. You know? So this is this is all shifting right?

We are all changing. We are connecting, We are uniting and and this is one, this is one thing we have to remember. The people that are in these movements and across our nation that we have to start coming together. Okay, We can I see still so much division which is heartbreaking right now. It’s crazy. And when we all need to be together right now, I’m seeing so much everywhere. It’s a you know, it’s all part of the process I guess. You know, it’s a part of the process we have to remember.

You know that that’s what we signed up, right? Because if it was that easy, we wouldn’t want it. You know, So so there is no risk. I want to remind everyone. There is no risk. We came here for this. But now it really depends. What are you going to do with this opportunity? Are you going to really rise up and be the legendary person you came here to be? Or are you just going to just like come here you know and work your 9 to 5 jobs on your iphone and drink Starbucks and then like and then sit and complain about your life and how bad it sucks. Yeah.

And then die. Yeah, I know, I know that that that’s not me. You know, there’s no adventure there, right? And that’s something that we talk about. It’s like it’s kind of people, you know, if if you’re afraid to to live, if you’re afraid to die, you’re afraid to live if you’re afraid. I mean it’s it’s the same and you just gotta, you can’t just live your life mitigating death, right? That’s not. But it kind of seems like that’s kind of what’s happening here. It’s like, oh well don’t do that because you might, you know, shave off 0.

3 seconds of your life at some point. It’s like, well that’s that doesn’t make any sense at all. You just keep going. You know, have some fun and have some fun with life and find that adventure, you know, where do we find? Help people get that sense of adventure back where I don’t know what’s going to happen and you know what, we’re going to have a good time doing it. Exactly. People give it all right, we will give it all that. This is how I function. We will give it all.

We will we will really try to help as many people on their transformation journey towards a higher level of consciousness. Because I I you know, it’s so it’s kind of interesting because I remember, you know way back then and you read these you know these kind of quotes and and and what people have said, you know that to be of service of two others and and to uh you know like there’s not a better feeling like that and and I can tell you like I was sometimes looking at it, you know when, when you are, when you are just grinding and you want to buy the next thing and you know get the next title, but then when we let go of that and we really realized that we are enough that we are all these beautiful divine beings and that it becomes really not about just the self validation but about you know, how can I help another being to rise higher.

I I tell you that’s the most satisfying feeling I get at the end of the day like with the man today right was 11 single guy and I tell you he will not forget me, no, he will not forget me, yep and this is what we do and there is no applause there is no you know, but you know what, I changed the course of this man’s life and I know it Because he will now think he spent 20 minutes with me, okay when we were waving, you know, and uh but that he was trapped in, he was trapped with me, but he was he was willing to listen, you know, so I blessed him, I blessed him with the truth, I blessed him with tough love, but you know that’s what we need to give each other and I know that because of that he, you know when when we were kind of departing, he was smiling and you can see a smile, right?

So I always tell people, you know like it’s about these little things and and these um encounters that every everyone we meet, it’s a divine encounter. It really is, and and we can change a person’s direction, we can change their their their journey just by, you know, by lifting them up by by empowering them by, you know, speaking our truth and not being afraid, not being afraid. Yeah, it was a stranger, Yeah, that’s beautiful, and that’s another kind of thing that’s being, well obviously with this, you know, locking people down and stuff, is that in person or the the something that’s really exciting is is being around strangers, you know, like, like that social kind of, you know, because I mean, you know, I still have obviously my wife, my daughter and you know, my mother that we see often and stuff, but we’re, you know, once they we’re not masked people, so we just, you know, fine, we’re not gonna go then, you know, so that kind of, that’s missing somewhere and that’s gonna that’s uh I have a I have a an inkling that it might kind of continue to go down that road now we talk about this a lot.

There’s a split, it seems to be like this split and there’s there’s light or dark or you want to say the mass and the unmasked or the vax or the unvaccinated or whatever, you know? And it seems like whoever is in their camp now right, that chasm is growing and growing. Do you ever see how do you see this working? Do you see like the people like ourselves who really would like our freedom? Are we able to coexist on a planet like that? Do you get one on the planet I mean can we say, okay, well you know you all take like half the US so well to keep this half of the U. S. And then I like Costa rica.

So you know, you know what I’m saying, I don’t know what I mean. Or or is it like, hey that neighborhood over there is like totally, you know what I mean? Like Nazi Bill and but over here we’re like, you know, I’m just kind of I’m really curious on how we’re gonna see this play out, you know, as you know through steve and all that stuff and I have so many different questions. But this is a big one that I really would like to know, you know, your your your your view here and maybe an opinion on how do you see?

Yeah, well, so we know that that our planet has been, you know, undergoing with shift of energy is right and you can see it very clearly enough that it’s really good to camps, the people who totally are going with the narrative that we have this vicious virus which is which is killing people, it’s attacking us and thank God for the hero doctors and the government that’s trying to protect them and then and then it’s the ones you know, who actually do their studies and they know you know how to how to protect themselves and that we have immune system.

Um so so we have that camp right? And then we have the people kind of in between that they are kind of curious, right? And so we are helping those people with their ascension but it’s going to be interesting, it’s going to be really interesting because we have to remember that we are dealing with generational indoctrination and conditioning of masses and masses which is which was part of the plan but we have to remember that these these people we are dealing with, they just are at a different uh different point of their spiritual spiritual journey, right?

So we have to bless their way, we have to bless their way and there there will be probably a lot of people that will perish through the process, right? If all that information that we know about about the jab is going to come to flotation, you know, and so we cannot really be stressed about that. These are, you know, we’ve tried, we’ve educated, we you know, there is so much information out there, ignorance is blessed. We have to bless, bless their way their choices now and now we focus on the ones which are kind of still in between, right?

It’s just they haven’t decided. And so with them we have to help them to make the leap of faith and now we have to really work hard on securing ourselves and and and building that sense of community that that we are together because to be honest bread I know that that we got this bottle, okay, I know that that we got it and all we have to do is we have to really start uniting, start uniting, you know, let’s stop fighting because divide and conquer. How many times in history do we have to actually be going through this?

So we learned that’s the old trick played divide people, you know through their religious beliefs, through through their fears and their ego and there you have it right? Then add you know some other other things and this is this is how you this is how you conquer. But I have faith, I really have faith that the people who really get this and they know what is really going on, that this is really that’s a shift in consciousness for humanity for our planet. And we’ve been in such a embryonic stage really.

This is literally we’ve been we are in dark ages, we are in dark ages and we are shifting into into really the world of healing miracles and infinite abundance and and you know I know that I love it, I love it. You know people already do and it’s it’s and you can live your joy and your passion right? There’s tons of people on the planet that do it. It’s just right now that’s kind of taking the back seat to all the and I don’t want to say right now.

But if anything on the T. V. It’s been like that for decades where you turn the tv out it just it’s a master in the house like throw it out of the window. Absolutely Yeah. A vision, television programming, programming telling dad oh my gosh this is like I tell you if people just opened their eyes and just so it’s it’s it’s in the it’s in the daylight all that is in the daylight. And so so what we have to remember it’s literally the dark forces are playing with people right?

Who can really it’s an I. Q. Test. It’s an it’s an it’s an rising and intelligence who can actually decode this right? Who can decode? And we have to remember it’s kind of the yin and yang right that the light plays with the dark and that when we stop resisting the darkness, that’s when we are actually winning because we you know anything we resist persists. Right? So in order to know the light, we know we need to know the dark and we need to stop resisting that.

So, so the way how we look at it is okay. You guys did a really brilliant you know, plot here right now. We know your game. We know what you did. Okay. But guess what? We are in the light. We are we are walking in the light. We are walking in the truth. We are walking in the law. It was the constitution, the supreme law of the land. So what is there to fear? What is that clear? Right? Fear itself, Fear itself and there there we have it.

And so this is really where our faith comes in. That’s all it is. Yeah. We need that’s where faith comes. It comes in. And I know I tell you when I when I walk into places, I am the authority, I am the authority. Because I ran on truth, I ran on light and analyze. I run on justice and that’s called standing. You know, you’re standing right? So standing and jurisdiction or capacity right jurists, right? And that’s the three thing status standing. And that’s where you’re saying first things first because this is our journey, you know, Hlinka, this our journey.

The reason we started this podcast is by well one because I needed a way to kind of get all this off my chest and I need, needed an outlet. You know what you give friends like you know what I mean? An opt in so they can be like, okay, I’m gonna shut it off now, you know I mean? So so but but it’s really to unclog uh, you know, just uncover what is freedom, right? And, and and we’re just, we’re doing our very, very best and having these conversations, uh, there’s, I don’t know if there’s a better way to, to really do this.

It’s exploration, right? And we’re really kind of exploring and what we’ve really uncovered thus far, and we’ve only been out at six months, so we’re brand new babies, right? But this is like, it’s a state of mind, it’s a state of mind. Freedom is a state of mind and being no your rights. Like you just said, right? It’s it’s it’s something that you were born with. I don’t know, I must be something that you’re born with and some people wake up, like, I’m telling you like, some people the 2020 I I love meeting these soccer moms who woke up and like they call him the red pill thing and and they’re just like, they’re like, what we’ve been lied to and like, I know, you know, but now there and again, it just seems to be the females that seem to be waking up and maybe this is the shift, maybe this is part of it, you know what I mean?

Like um I really don’t know but I I can tell you that that’s what I can report and that’s what I’m seeing is more and more strong women like yourself who are just really standing up and and and making this charge and it’s impressive. And just again, thank you so much for doing everything you’re doing. Um uh I know we’re running over. Are you okay on time for a second? I’m fine. I’m fine. I flow, you know like awesome, awesome nowhere to be. I always am in the moment and if as long as we are having fun, you know that’s what matters.

Alright beautiful. Then I would like to talk real quick about the freedom to breathe agency because I know that that’s something that that you do and um yeah, could you explain what that is? Yeah, so freedom to breathe agency is the constitutional law enforcement and compliance agency of with the people in the times of tyranny. I remember you know when I started to realize really how intense everything is that we really do not have right now law enforcement unfortunately, you know that most of the, you know deputies and police officers uh code enforcement like this is this is what the gestapo did, you know uh when when they came to my family’s home and took over the house, you know, it was done through code enforcement through you know armed coercion, right?

And and and and my family just had to pack up and leave and this is what we are doing, this is no different, this is no different. So there is it like I love law enforcement, always stress it. I love law enforcement when they are doing their job. But right now they are serving the de facto, which is not under the constitution that secures our rights. So we need to recognize what we truly have and I know that they are good people, good people in these agencies and organizations, but they need to wake up, they need to wake up because you know, it was the same thing in Nazi Germany.

It wasn’t a few bad and when I say bad people, few people who were the wrong tours. But it was the millions, millions of doctors experimenting on human beings, the educated teachers, shooting people into their graves, the study engineered engineers designing gas chambers. Okay, Hitler didn’t do it all on his own. It was all these people, you know, Vladimir Lenin uh defined them as useful idiots when he was through suggestion. Right again there, I mean, well, well, I pushed its to push their agenda, right? It’s to push their agenda.

And so these people in these agencies, especially the law enforcement, they need to wake up because this is their republic too. It’s not just my republic, just my freedom, it’s all of ours, all of ours. No, no, sorry, keep going, keep going. So there comes a point in time where you have to reach into your heart, into your soul, right? And you have to ask yourself, what am I doing in this life? What am I doing? Am I just selling my soul for some, you know, fiat currency?

Really, am I or am I actually doing the right thing? Because you know, if people are just selling their soul, they are just just prostitutes, money, prostitutes, that’s what it is. And I don’t want to offend any prostitutes out there. Absolutely, because actually they might have a way better because what’s going on right now is it’s the snatching of the souls, right? Because because in that this is where we’re talking about the spiritual war and that’s that’s what, so, um, we just had a daughter, we were natural people, we wanted to have a home birth or water birth.

Um, beautiful things went bad, we ended up having to go to the hospital and have an emergency C section, all this stuff, right. Um, but as you know, I’m I’m I’m a national and stuff like that. I didn’t tell them, um, for a number of reasons, one, I was a newly corrected national or whatever, and I was anyone who point is is that from the moment we arrived there, we’re in an emergency situation, like emergency situation because we would have been there. Trust me. And they’re constantly from the moment we arrived.

What’s her name? What’s her name? What’s her name? They wanted her name, right? And they wanted us because they wanted us to fill out the birth certificate immediately before anything in the whole time, right? So three or four days into it. We were just saying no we’re not going to name or we’re not going to name her. Anyway. Long story short, we didn’t do it but they they went and filed it for us against our knowledge, against our will felt without a name. And I I was asking someone else.

I was like, I was like, well why would you know another expert in this area? I was like, well why would they do that without the name? Because the name is what bonds us is what bonds us to to to the bondage, right? To the higher education of our labor and stuff like that. That’s the name. But I was like, but it’s a, she’s a no name. But they’re like, it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s about souls. They just want the souls now. It doesn’t. And that gave me freaking goose bumps.

And that’s so creepy link. I mean, well, and, and, and it all is, is connected. Look at, look at the organized religion. Why do you think? Okay. It was, there was actually one of the big surprise surprise to me, like seeing all these churches on every corner in every town, right? And what are people thought there, right? Yeah. How to be on their knees? Yeah, obey, obey. It’s more like a day. Oh, and that’s where they really get you because, and that’s, that’s, that’s what or organized religion.

And that was, I think David Street was that there was only a couple of professions that God warned us about. And it was organized religion, lawyers. I think doctors. Another one. Anyway. The point is, is, is it, um, yeah, I digress. I’m just seeing it all over. It’s, yeah, it’s all connected and, and this is where I get many times in trouble because, you know, it’s sometimes a little bit too much of truth for for a lot of people. But I always ask them, okay, if we were such a, such a nation of faith, Okay.

We have 205 Christians across our nation. Right? Where are they? Well, that’s because I think what religion has done is turned people against them, right? Because you are a lowly peasant that could not nearly, but they don’t understand that God, the light of God is in them. It’s that’s what all of the If you read the book, that’s what it’s saying is that God, you are everything that I tell you, it’s within you is within you. But people people will fight me. People will fight me when I’m telling you about jesus christ alone was telling you that you can do the same and even greater things than than than I. Yeah, but no, you can’t say that.

But you’re like, wait a minute. But he said that I’m not saying that those are jesus words, right? And people people Yeah, I know that’s blasphemy. That’s blasphemy. Yeah, that’s blasphemy. Yes. You’re like, wait, okay, so me trying to get close and have a relationship with God The God in me, right? The light that powers me is the same light that powers the sun, the moon, the stars, the trees. All the same energy, right? That’s God. No, you can’t even come close to that. You are just a lonely lowly lowly piece of crap and you should just be on your knees and obey.

And just you’re lucky. You’re not struck down by lightning right now. Right? Right. And you and you sit there and wait there on your knees and and and he’s coming. Yeah. To save you to say if you’re lucky when you die though, you have to be dead. But don’t worry, you don’t worry. In the meantime, we are going to take over your country. Okay? We’ll just be on your knees. Okay? And pray pray that mask on. And it’s just it. But and people knew the symbology of masks, they would not wear them.

It’s this slavery. It is 100% panic, satanic bondage and that’s what again anything that binds is luciferians because the opposite of freedom. Anything opposite of freedom is Lucifer is darkness, right? It’s the other side absolutely bound or your unbound. So so there we have it there we have it, you know, all these people who have been practicing and their sunday, you know, bible studies and all that stuff and they’ve been studying the bible the whole life. But yeah, they just happily put the muscle on and and you know, and go on. Yeah.

And then and then ridicule people who aren’t Yeah, they’re arresting, you know, in Canada like that. You saw that like they arrested the guy on the street. He’s a he’s a because remember he ran him out. What system scary stuff. Well, and it and it’s once again, it’s all connected. It’s part of the planets to strip people of their powers. Because because if you empower people, they are not, there’s no control, control control and that, you know, and we have to we all we have to do is we have to really study the history and we have to we have to open our eyes that this is nothing new under the sound, the historic will continue to repeat itself until we graduate from that lesson.

So what’s the number one thing someone can do right now to, I mean there might be listening to this and it’s like, wow, okay, well what can I do to really, I mean is it, you know, where do we direct them? But how can we get, how can somebody get started okay themselves maybe getting some self confidence or Yeah, great, great question. So, um I also, I also I have a private website which is Lenka coloma dot com. So I I help people to get in touch with themselves who they are, the spiritual really transformation to to really rise higher.

Start learning their rights, who they are, why they are. Then the other thing is that we really need to start bringing people to land, right? We have to and I’m not saying that some document is going to change your heart, right? But first to own it in our heart, who we are, you know, where on the ladder we are, we’re on the chain of command. We are right, It’s some man or king or women on top of us or are we equal? You know, are we endured by our creator or by by a governor or a president or a health officer?

Right. So we have to first straighten that out and then you know, we have to, we have to fix our political status. I really believe in that, you know that it’s a 200%. It’s a wonderful thing. It’s kind of like it’s like confirms it. You know, it confirms it and it gives you something to your hands. You know that you can just show people listen, I got recorded. You know, it’s it’s here. It’s not the rise that I am a living breathing woman. Since I guess that can be, you know, confusing fact, you know these days. Alright. Right.

But you know what? That’s the funniest people won’t like identity. Yeah. People I will identify with a piece of plastic but not like with their living soul. You know, it’s um it’s it’s a very interesting. Well, and to me, you know, so my message always to these three agencies, you know, it’s like, okay, well, okay, prove to me that I am not living breathing woman. Yeah. Just prove it to me that I’m some fictitious legal corporate entity. Yeah, prove that to me, right? So that’s what, that’s what we have to do.

We really have to help people to remember who they are to remember. You know, what was the status? So are you talking status? So we correct our status. Right? So, so now another question, right? And to kind of go in line with this because I know that you’re out there fighting the good fight with steve and you guys are out there. I mean trying to help go educate sheriffs. And I mean, I I know that you’re mean thousands and thousands of affidavits you guys have served. I mean it’s the amount of work and every year is just phenomenal.

But it’s like is do you find that it’s doing any sort of education to these? I mean, these high paid officials, I mean, these guys that are making half a million dollars a year is a sheriff somewhere. I mean, I mean they’re they’re they’re good things are good for them. I mean. Yeah. Yeah. That’s that’s unfortunately what we are finding out. You know that because they have a lifestyle right? They have a they have a wife who likes the lifestyle. They have kids like the lifestyle. And so they are kind of trapped.

And they are selling, selling their soul. They are selling their freedom. So to be to be honest bread, you know, we have to just serve them on poetry of, oh, that’s it. You know? And so you are we are putting them on on record that you are boring against the constitution against the republic and with the people, you are a traitor. You know, this is a high crime. And and uh, you know you rather wake up because I tell you justice will be served. It’s only a matter of time.

So yeah, we are serving these uh declaration of truth uh we are forming and of affidavit. Uh but at the same time, we are really telling people that we have to come back to our digital government to our republic, right? And we need to start assembling ourselves because that’s that’s our constitutional right? Yes, it is, right. It’s a it’s a it’s a duty and it’s a duty. Yeah, yeah, for sure. For sure. It’s a duty, right? Maybe that’s what we’re all here to remember, you know? And that’s that’s um you know, uh there’s so many so many unknowns right now, right?

With the fallout from, you know, this this the shedding these, you know, these spike proteins. Do you watch Del Big Tree? I don’t know if I can. So. Right? And we’re talking, I mean they do amazing, amazing work over there and and you know uh it’s really interesting that I mean are you know what are people gonna die off? And now it’s like, okay, well now we got like you know all this, I don’t even know, there’s just my head swirling right now with so many different possibilities.

I think, I think what we have to remember is what’s happening, right? So, so the corporation um uh when bankrupt once again, right as we saw in 1933 so now we are dealing with another bankruptcy and when we are dealing with bankruptcy, you know, there is always a plan how to cover it up. Right? So, so that’s what we were dealing with in 1933 with the Act of Social Security. And now the new plan is to basically convert the currency into a credit system. That’s why there is such a push on the vaccination. Okay.

Because it will basically, and I’m not saying it’s maybe through the first Jeb but it will be through the through the next booster and or maybe the third one where we are, we will have the nanotechnology right? Where we’re people will be incentivized and they will be told, hey, you know now you don’t even have to worry about your valid or carry your money around because money carry terms and you can you can you can get dirty now you just, you just carry your wallet insight of your skin and people just load you up with credit.

Isn’t this amazing? Look at the convenience. Even more convenient, you don’t have to do anything Now you don’t have to take a card out of your wallet, You don’t even have to tap, right, you don’t have to do anything. But the thing that they will not tell you is that you will be first of all, 24 7 on 24 7 surveillance. Right? So you will be you will have the Big daddy uh, looking over your shoulder now everywhere you go. And you will be also rewarded for a good behavior. And you will be punished for a bad behavior for bad behavior.

Like maybe talking to brad or no ink. Lenka. Okay. And now we will take your credits for the day. So guess what? You cannot leave your home. You cannot go to get groceries. Uh, this is happening in china. It’s not like this is some far off weird thing. It’s called the Social credit score. And it’s been happening in china for a long time. And it’s uh, there’s interviews out there. You can see if people are saying, yeah I can’t get on a bus, I can’t buy a train ticket, I can’t buy a plane ticket.

They get again. They just say okay well your bad boy. No no no travel, no food. Like that to me is like oh my gosh this is like right and that’s what I’m saying. So there’s gonna be people like us who are not I will fight to my Deng. But I mean there is nothing that there is nothing else. So right just like people and I know other people like us. So um you know were ex military. So I mean there’s it’s just like um we’re not we’re not gonna stop, we’re not we have to and the thing is is is in peace and love because what we are about we’re not about fighting anything because that doesn’t get anywhere anywhere.

We’re about building and we want to focus and build on the new that’s where we’re focused, right? So it’s just like, okay, so we’re gonna keep going this way and then that’s going to keep going that, right? Right? The light gets lighter and the dark gets darker, right? It’s balanced, Right? Is it can’t be any other way. Is Bill Gates? Here’s another question for you is Bill Gates, uh and all them psychopath? Or are they doing God’s work? Oh yeah, they are there on the the other spectrum.

I’m just wondering because like we as we said, like, it’s and I’ve asked this question of other people and and um because it’s it’s a really weird place to be to think about, but like, you know, if it’s God’s will, right? Whereas we talk about everything is of the light and the dark gods, all of it. All of it. So Right. Right. It absolutely is. And so this is they’re doing it. So I don’t have to is my point. They’re taking sacrifice. So I don’t have to because if someone had to do it, I’m glad someone else not me, that’s taken right?

And we have to remember that the darkness is there. We came here for for both, right? We came here for the contrast because because we came from the light and that’s where we are returning. We came here to experience this journey, this drama, whatever we want to call it, the show, the show. You we are not attaching ourselves right to to to to to some kind of outcome or any any of these experiences. But we have to remember that we have also an opportunity, right? We have an opportunity to shift it.

We have an opportunity to create something that has never been here before. And this is what like gets me going every every morning that I have an opportunity to do something new, to create, to empower to to help, to support and you know my little way, you know whatever it might be right, but at the same time we have to remember that we have to have the darkness, we have to have the darkness otherwise without the darkness, how would you know the light? You wouldn’t? And that’s that’s what the light wants.

Okay, so I always explain to people that you have to remember that you know when you are we came from light to light to be returned, but when we are in the light, you know, it’s just imagine like being on this island where there is like everything types of food and abundance of everything, a pleasure, you know, Beautiful girls and alcohol and whatever you want right? While the first day it would be Oh my gosh, incredible! Right? That’s probably the first couple of weeks would be great. Yeah.

The first couple of weeks you will be in full intelligence with everything under the sun, right possible. And then after the two weeks you will be like, yeah, I kind of want some diversity like I struggle, I need some struggle, right? So you would naturally created anyway before you would know you will be right here where there where we are, right? So we came here for this, right? And so we need the Bill Gates is and all people of the world because they are pushing us into into creating something.

What hasn’t been here for the show for the show while we are here because we know that there is no risk, right? You can’t die. Yeah, you cannot die. So, you know, we just play we just wait. So like every day, you know, this is my famous saying that like every day I go on adventures, I go on adventurous. You know, like I go to push the boundaries. I go to play with the darkness. You know, sometimes I get arrested and handcuffed. It happened. You know what?

It makes me stronger because I go right after them. Well, it happened only once. But you have to go through that experience. But guess what? That deputy that they dad? Oh my gosh, He’s in trouble. Yeah. Were you already a national? Yeah. I wouldn’t have manager. We’ll see because I want doesn’t matter all. You have to know who you are. That’s what I’m saying. If you understanding to understand and I don’t not understand because you don’t understand anybody. But if you understand enough of of of what of your standing, right?

And that’s your standing because I know people who don’t have their don’t don’t have their status corrected, but they know, what do they are, like, I’m a living breathing person, I don’t care what you say, you cannot do that, you know, I mean, it’s it’s a very um empowering place to be and this has been an empowering conversation, this has been, I have to say probably uh man, you don’t want to offend people, but this has been my favorite, my favorite talk, so you won’t mind to it, you know, and you know, and this is what, this is what we do, we just are ourselves, we are having fun, we uh we are helping each other and empowering each other because we are, everyone is somewhere else on their, on their spiritual journey, right?

And I always, I always tell people, you know, if I tell you I had to I had to do this like a few 1000 times. Yeah, Yeah, right. I we don’t know how many times, but we’ve been here many, many, many times, and because there’s something inside of me, like that’s inside of you, that remembers things, something when it doesn’t like, internally, I just know that that’s not right. And I don’t know, like it’s not because I I can, you know, happened to me yesterday or something, but there’s this innate knowing, like you were saying, and even if you’re not aware or to uh in tune at all in that, you know, in that at all, like, That’s where you still know something’s wrong, you know what I mean?

And and people are denying that, and it’s causing worse things to happen, you know what I mean? That’s right. Because the universe always speaks to us, Okay. Because all the 70 trillion cells in our body have a receiver and transmitter. Okay. So we are constantly communicating. We are downloading information and we are uploading information. Uh and when we become aware of it, you know that that the universe is really speaking to us, right? And it’s speaking to us through our intuition. And so like, same, same thing with you.

I remember since I was, you know, like since the plastic battles, you know, the plastic water bottles came out. I just knew that it’s not right. And I told people it’s dangerous, don’t use it. Don’t do it, right? And they were asked me, well, what’s your evidence? I’m like, I don’t know. I don’t know. Like I don’t have the scientific information, but I just know that it’s not good. And look, look look at it right? Like, like it’s just like, you know, the uh, the higher intelligence that we’ve all been equipped with speaks to us all the time.

But what we need to do is we need to quiet the noise in our mind because that’s the noise of the society. It’s the noise of all the people and their limited beliefs, their perceptions, uh, their assumptions, their Presumptions. And it creates so much noise, so much noise in the mind. So we cannot here, we cannot hear our heart that’s connecting us to the source to speak. And that’s the problem. Yes. Met met and that’s where meditation saved my life. And I really believe that I was, you know, so very um uh, my mind just, wow.

It was never able to shut it off. Ever. Uh, and then uh, I was alcohol and drugs big time, you know, trying to quiet most of my life and felt coping coping escape that noise, you know, without a doubt. Oh yeah. And then but that when I turned 25, that all kind of stopped and I started fainting, I started having panic attacks and like just randomly fainting and waking up on the ground. Like I mean, but that’s what when you know, you know I mean, because I my my childhood had really kind of stressful, you know, violence and just, you know, the kind of just madness.

And then Finally when I hit 25, it just my body had enough and it started shutting down. And so then I had I was kind of forced to find alternative, right? Um and uh so within the next couple of years I was by the grace of God was given, you know, people in my life that this woman showed up and she taught me how to meditate how to sit, sit still and to let those though that’s that incessant thought stream, right? That that’s and to step outside of it and observe and not be of it and that once you have that separation right, then then from there it’s all just growing from there, right?

Or more understanding if you will uh or more um peeling of the onion. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s it’s it’s in you know the de mastery really is in being in that meditative state. Like not that it’s something we do but that’s something we are right? And it’s really beautiful because when we are in that meditative state it means that we are focused, we are channeling our the energy of what what we are doing is in that moment on that thing. And it becomes really beautiful because that’s when we really can make the most out of it.

Because we are not scared reminded, right? Let’s say let’s say you are creating um you are building building a computer or something, right? And your thoughts and all your energy is creating this new computer. But you are not thinking about what your wife is doing with your kids is safe, right? Like if your parents are going to make it through their disease. No, you are there in your creation with your creation. All your juices are flowing into it. And you are create this masterpiece computer in like a few hours.

Because you are channeling all the 100% energy into what you are creating. And that’s when that’s when really people you know manifest. It’s such a speed of light because they are they are meditative. You know, they are in that in that higher level of of of um state of being that nothing is distracting them and it’s really beautiful. And so so if we can if we can then master you know once you learn how to meditate and what it does not to make it as a practice but bringing it into your life as a state of existence. Yeah.

It becomes a lifestyle um It becomes a lifestyle because I tell you honestly like I was horrible meditator. Like for me an idea sitting in the middle of room with my legs crossed, I could never do it. But what I did I brought it into my life and I and I learned how to meditate in whatever I was doing that’s beautiful and that’s very beautiful. So like I’m sure you know Eckhart totally right? And he’s always talking about the power of now right? Or then doing one thing at a time, right?

It’s really just doing all um um yeah, like just that, that focus and and if we can’t get back to that, that little basic, I think that it’s, it’s very difficult to know who we are, right? And that’s where I know thy self, and that’s where meditation, and that’s why I said the Grace of God saved my life, even if I was still living today, I that’s not the point what I’m saying, you get what I mean, right? It’s like I found God through, through that, right?

And I found myself, I found life, right? I found that’s what you find, and then then when you can start to hand it over, right? And that’s like, my big thing is I, I regularly say I call in the light of the universe to bring forth my greatest reality for the well being of all that I am now. And so it is, I’m not just a I love you all that kind of thing. And it’s it’s my reminder to to to to let go of the reins as much as possible, right?

Um and and try and and be more of of the of the of the tool of the utensil, right? That’s that’s kind of being used or the brush that is doing the painting, not so much trying to paint, you know what I mean? Because then it always comes out looking like a two year olds coloring, like, you know what I mean? And if you just let go let go and let God, if you will, then it’s pretty amazing to see what can, what can manifest. Oh, yeah, Absolutely.

And that’s that’s being in that alignment. You know? It’s being in that alignment. And and then just allowing yourself to flow without resistance. Mm That’s and that’s that’s a great word. The flow, the flow state, and this is what people call flow state, right? And that’s athletes. I mean everybody and I’ve there’s a book out there, I read a few years back called stealing fire. I think it’s called stealing fire. But basically it’s about the flow state, right? And they talk about psychedelic drugs and things like that, and and like what what navy seals and how to navy seals get into the flow state where there literally talking is too slow.

So you can’t it’s all on instinct and stuff. But what is its through repetition? So, those guys do through repetition, Right? Whereas and it’s it’s all kind of that same thing. And once you can what And that’s where mastery comes in, right? And mastering anything. It’s just repetition and repetition, repetition to where all you’re doing though is you’re removing yourself from the equation, right? You’re removing that persona and letting God just flow through and the more that we can remove ourselves and let God flow through is when that’s when brilliant shit comes out, that’s when all the good stuff happens.

Yeah, that’s right, that’s right. And then, and then we let go of that, of that fear, right? Because we know that we have the whole universe, you know, and the spiritual world behind us. I’m like, oh yeah, you want to try. Uh that’s grateful. That’s full circle because right, when you came on your, like, they’re starting to realize I got special powers, you know what I mean? And you know what? And it’s so funny because because people always tell me, oh, you need to be conscious, you know, like, like the other day, uh I actually, because like, the plan I sent from my gmail, right?

I don’t know if you noticed, but some people got back to me and they said, oh, like you have to be careful. You send it from your gmail and I’m like, and yeah, uh yeah, I don’t know. Yeah, I’m unapologetic. I’m not afraid of. Really? I mean maybe I should be, but I’m not like you, I just know that God’s with me. And so, and at the end of the day, what are they going to do? Yeah, Yeah. Take this life. I mean this body and I tell you, and I tell you.

And another truth is that, you know, because I’ve done this over and over many times and we already play this thing go before, right? I’ve been through this rodeo before, right? It’s like, you know, like if you would take this and I don’t complete my mission this time, guess what? I would have to only come back and I’m gonna really piss you off next time. Yeah. And that would be even more powerful. So it would not do it. That’s funny. I think I I say that same thing all it would do is just make me a little bit more more incessant in the next life.

I’ll be a little more insistent in what I’m doing and a little bit more on your butt. So yeah, but I don’t want to do that. But whatever. Yeah. Whatever, right? Whatever. Whatever. Yeah. And you know, and it’s like I because I know my rights and because I know how to defend them using the law, you know, which is the best way because this is very powerful but nonviolent ways, right? And that’s exactly what the dark forces do not want. They want you to be aggressive and and that.

No, that’s not me. I don’t need to do that. I’m just loving person. You’re a queen. Were kings and queens, right? We don’t get upset. No, no, we do. What’s what’s needed. Exactly. Exactly. That’s right, man. Like, wow, beautiful. Um Thank you so much. Uh yeah, thank you. Yeah, it’s um, I knew this was gonna be good. Everybody steve was like, man, I can’t wait to listen to it. So yeah, um it’s been a real pleasure. Amazing. Amazing. But before we go, um uh could you please let everybody know how to get a hold of you?

Yes. Yes. A little bit about your book. Please plug the book in here too. Yes. Okay, so please talk. I always get reminded please mention this book. So this is my book. It’s a it’s an international best seller in six sub categories. It’s called Unleash the supernatural and it reads unlock miraculous powers to transform your health, wealth and relationships into a life of unlimited abundance. And so I’m sharing my story how you know, I overcame the impossible came with nothing, you know how I became my own doctor, my own lawyer, uh my own creator and everything and how you can do it too.

So it’s kind of like little teaser then people can find I do actually transformation programs with people. So that’s Lanka coloma dot com. Uh And then and then we have our Freedom Fighting Agency which is F. T. B. Agency dot com. So that’s frank tom boy agency dot com. This is where we empower people to teach them their rights, we have tools, you know, I’m doing a webinar seminars, I love to teach, I love to help people to really become unstoppable and unshakable creator. They came here to be beautiful.

Oh my goodness, wow, Hlinka, thank you, thank you, thank you. And um absolutely, I I know that everybody’s gonna get a lot out of this talk and you know, if if we can I’d love to do more and I can’t wait to meet you in person, but you know, I believe that this is just the beginning of uh you know, we’re getting our crew together, so to speak, awesome, thank you so much for having me, you know, like bless your heart, it’s incredible that you guys are doing this podcast and you know, you have amazing energy and I know that with us joining, you know, we are, we are uplifting humanity, we are showing people the way, so thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.

I feel very honored and I definitely, you know, let’s do it again. Let’s pick some specific subjects, you know, and dive deep because there is so much information. There is some, so very much and, and, and it’s, it’s um, needed. Very much so right now, we’re are most our most popular. Um, our conversations right now are about uh sovereignty if you will or the common law because people, people, they again, they might not know exactly, but they know something right? And they’re like, I’m drawn to that.

I’m why am I draw ah there’s some truth there. Because that’s the thing is that even if people don’t like you, they’ll be drawn to you because you’re telling the truth. And I found that out a lot in my life because I’m the guy who I don’t mind being the asshole. Excuse my language. I don’t mind. I’m okay being that guy. As long as I’m, I know that I’m telling the truth, at least my truth and the truth that I know to be true. You know what I mean?

So I know I absolutely, you know like being, being authentic is the most beautiful thing a person can be because if you are trying to be anything else, you know, you are just a copy of something else and you are doing this honor to the society, to your soul to yourself. So yeah, I encourage people be be authentic. You know, don’t be afraid to speak, speak your truth. Don’t afraid to be, you know different because that’s what makes you beautiful and with that amazing. Thank you so much.

Like uh thank you You too. Bye bye. Yeah.

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