June 30, 2021

The Truth Warrior Legacy of Brandy Vaughn

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Tina came and hugged us in the studio for a great conversation and beautiful warrior energy. She is the current president of learntherisk.org after founder and her good friend, Brandy Vaughn died a very suspicious, untimely death. Brandy was speaking out about the dangers of pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Tina shares her same mission, integrity, and passion for Truth.

Show Notes

Melissa Diegel Medical Kidnapping case 



Citizen, Person, and Residents have no rights, only privileges. 

Lenka episode 


Your Body Produces virus https://tombarnett.tv/2021/02/17/can-you-catch-a-virus-original/

Movie Idiocracy https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0387808/

Book Word Magic: The Powers and Occult Definitions of Words 


Jason Cristoff 




DisneyLand measles 2015 



Problem, reaction, solution- Hegelian Dialectic 


California went after exemptions, SB277


Video tour Brandy Vaughn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mB3RANEzxcs

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet https://drbradstreet.wordpress.com/


How to contact Tina if you want to help! 


Online store for info cards. 



Mark Passio 


“If I were to have an untimely death, I will be far more powerful on the other side.” -Brandy 


Hello, all you lovely Freedom People out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat. I’m your host, brad. Freedom. Today’s guest is teena Marie. Teena Marie is the current president of Learning the risk dot org after the founder and her very good friend Brandy Vaughn died of very suspicious and untimely death. Brandy was speaking out about the dangers of pharmaceuticals and vaccines and uh just suddenly ended up dead, super healthy. A young woman highly suspicious, any who um Tanya came in, gave us a nice big hug.

It was awesome to have her here in the studio. Um and she just shared her missing with us. It was it was a really great talk. If you don’t know who Brandy Vaughn is, What we’ll do is we’ll put a link in the in the notes. In the show notes. Um which by the way, make sure that you Text in 8449923733. The key word risk. And that’s the key word risk and that. You’re gonna send that into 8449923733 And we’ll send you out today’s show notes. Come on. Let’s go. Yeah. Mhm.

Just suits against people because then they come after your kids. Absolutely. And you can’t even question there’s a case right now where the mom, it’s almost three years, three years ago. Her son Jonathan was taken from phoenix Children’s hospital and he was he basically ended up they shipped him off to the dad because they realized she wasn’t gonna be quiet. She was speaking out. She knows David straight as well. That’s what they do first. They take the good parent first. Yeah. Well they sent him to his biological father in West Virginia because um they were split up and they started and they had a good relationship though to co parent, although he was always here, he didn’t really go to west Virginia get autism.

So right out of the gate, this boy was hurt because of the system and she ended up um, she wouldn’t stop speaking out. So they kept threatening her parental rights, but she’s a very much, you know, God is her highest power and she knew she was speaking truth and she knew she was doing what she needed to do to protect her son. So as soon as he was getting closer to turning 18 years old, which is when the kid could actually file a lawsuit against phoenix Children’s hospital, she gets arrested for child abuse.

And so she’s been, it was before the covid pandemic started that she um started, they started coming after her. They came and took her from her home. Um and they’re saying she was charged for child abuse and medical neglect, saying that she failed to provide medical forum, which is a lie. Her attorney wouldn’t let her bring anything into the courtroom and basically she’s just getting the run railroaded because they’re trying to protect the hospital and she was, her sentencing comes up the end of july. She actually, they found her guilty.

Of course, yeah, there’s and there’s two cases like that, there’s another one Melissa Diegel, she and if you go to medical kidnapped dot com and put in phoenix, tons of cases come up, but melissa deedles another big case where they she had ended up moving after they took her daughters, she ended up moving to florida in both these women lost their, they severed their parental rights. Uh Melissa moved to Florida, they extradited her out of Florida and brought her back here just before the oldest one was turning 18 and they charged her with child abuse.

Both these women have some same judges have been on the case. Same like people from the CPS, um the supervisors at CPS, uh same prosecutors, like it’s a definite money racket and the same corrupted players will be on these big high profile cases and people have no idea what their tax money is going to. Like I went and sat in court watched and I’m just like mind blown that that is what’s happening behind closed doors and the parents can’t speak about it. Well, most parents won’t speak about it.

These two were, but most won’t speak about it because they threaten their parental rights and that they’ll never see their kid again. If they speak out, they pretend it’s to protect the child, but then you can go online and you can actually look on these like adoption pages where they’re pimping out kids to adopt through Cps. So they’re allowed to publicly put these kids are not apparent. Yeah. They can publicly sell them, put them on an open market. Yeah, exactly. Child trafficking is happening right under our noses all the time. Yeah.

That’s why I get frustrated when I and I do not like, you know, the border crossing child trafficking either. But a lot of people realize that that’s happening. They don’t realize it’s happening right within the state, right under their noses from the people, from the people right here from american citizens, quote unquote. And again, like we were talking about before, what is a citizen? A citizen has no rights. Cpr citizen person or resident. If you’re one of those three things, you have no rights. You have what’s called privileges from corporate bylaws.

Corporate bylaw privileges and they can be taken and that includes your property. Yeah unless you claim it. And that’s another thing, you know, like David straight was talking about that possession is 9/10 of the law too. Don’t let them take your kids. Number one never give your child up if you, I mean if at all possible. I mean obviously there’s times where it’s just not possible. But uh yeah he’s like he just don’t let him go. Well had you heard of the Chandler case? Which one where the police busted down the door at like one in the morning?

We just heard about that. That’s a good friend of mine and she knew what was going on with medical kidnap because she had court watched with me before and she had went to D. C. S. Oversight meetings before. So she knew that this stuff was going on. Her son had a fever, takes them to a naturopathic doctor because she thought she needed the paper trail. And I keep telling people don’t don’t go for a paper trail. Don’t make moves that are out of fear. Like follow your own mother’s instinct, your own intuition and make decisions based on what is authentic to you.

Not because it’s a fear based decision because I think fear based decisions always go wrong or often can go wrong. You have nothing to fear but fear itself. Everybody loves that right there. Yeah so she ended up going into the doctors and they said oh you know just take him home you can give him some Motrin ville whatever they suggested in her head. She’s like well I’m not doing that. And then then she started talking too much and she’s like oh it’s because he’s not vaccinated and just like start saying too much.

And the doctor was suddenly like, oh well let’s take his temperature again, They take it again, they don’t show it to her, and they suddenly claim, oh it’s 100 and five, you need to go to phoenix Children’s hospital right now, and she says, no, that’s a DCs hub, not going there. Then the doctor says, well then you need to go to ban her Children’s hospital. And in her head, she’s thinking that is to, you know, kids have been taken from there as well. So she leaves, she just, I don’t think she vocalized at the second time because she knew that, okay, this is not, I’m in very dangerous territory now.

And so she ends up leaving, calling calls me and I’m like, Well how is he doing? She says he’s in the back seat and he’s dancing around the sister and I went to the um pharmacy and I picked up a thermometer and it’s only at 103 and he’s in a good mood. I said then go home. Here’s your mother’s instinct go home. Why do you want to sit in the hospital where people are sick And they’re going to make you wait around and and it’s a dangerous place to be because of the medical kidnaps two biggest.

That was the biggest. And so she goes home and then explains to her oh and the doctor threatened her if you don’t take him to the hospital that they were calling Cps. And so she loved to play that card and she she stuck to her guns and she explained to her husband what was going on And he’s not as he’s not at all on the same page with her but not against her either. He’s very supportive husband. So he agreed with her, they’re not opening the door, these are their Children.

And if these people come we’re not opening. And so then they start coming and start contacting the neighbor through the neighbor. They called them, he answered the phone, he said my child is fine. You know We could show them through the window but he’s fine, you can go away like we’re fine. Leave. They come back at around one in the morning and they bust down the door. She says there must have been 20 between fire department and police and cps Must be 20 people in her home And they take his temperature.

And at this point it’s 100. 7 hardly a medical emergency. Not at all. And so she’s pleading with the PMF team through the fire department. She’s pleading with them saying please please you can see that he’s fine would please stop this. And really under real law, under constitutional law, they are supposed to stop it. Someone is supposed to intercede and stop when a when a criminal activity is happening. At this point it’s turning criminal activity on their part because this is not a medical emergency. Everybody could see it wasn’t medical which is a felony in itself.

Do you know that it’s a felony to create uh notification of an emergency if there is not one. So every time a cop pulls you over and throws on their emergency lights, that’s a felony. Yeah so that’s what was going on. And so she they end up not they had an expert a order which is basically a stamp from the judge. You know they didn’t wake up a judge at one in the morning, they just have the stamped order and they for the one child and they take all three in the middle of the night, all three of her kids get whisked out the door for each child that crosses the threshold.

I think it’s around $900 that cps gets just as soon as they leave, as soon as they cross over and they’re in there just for that, that’s where the money racket starts And for 10 days they were in three different homes, they were separated. These kids have never been away from their mom, like she’s such an amazing mother for three days. They are sorry 10 days the three kids are all separate homes and she was just and you know I remember thinking she hasn’t been speaking her truth because she would always be worried like tell asking me to like you know either ask her to tell her husband about certain parts of what’s going on or she’ll be holding back on social media and I really wanted to speak her truth.

And so I thought, I think that this I just felt like that this was some sort of um spiritual awakening for her that she’s why she was going through it. But I wasn’t gonna say that to her because I’m not stupid this woman, she’s going through Hillary now, not about to say those words to her, but she said it to me while the kids are gone. I’m getting goose bumps talking about it within 2 to 3 days. She’s like Tina I think that this is happening because I haven’t been speaking my truth and I am never going to do that again.

I’m not holding back for now on, I’m speaking truth and I’m not, I will not put myself in this position ever again. She knew that she was in this territory of still being fear based and it just hit her. That’s why she was probably going through this. And I was like, well I said I was thinking the same thing, but I wasn’t going to tell you that I would have waited till well after the kids were back. And so she was just such an amazing um just amazing.

She was so and she was pregnant in the middle of all this, pregnant with her fourth child. So, a rock star going through it all, they never gave um DCs that baby’s name when the baby was born because of course, cps now there were still lurking around and so they never got that. There will be a lawsuit. Um There’s they will hopefully pay for what they’ve done to this family about going after the insurance companies. Uh No, so remember what we were talking about how every, every city, right?

Every incorporated city or town, whatever it may be, Every incorporated city or town has a has a has an insurer or bond, they have to have insurance. Um, and they all have some sort of right uh, limit on what you can. Like, for example, if sheriff violates the constitutional rights of someone, right, they have to have a policy on that, right? Well, if there’s three strikes against any of those policies, they lose their they lose their insurance. Yeah, So that’s and this is something we just learned from David Straight.

So, and in his law class, because that’s what it is. You’re just in this law class. It’s crazy. But that’s and whoever is doing this stuff. And I know this woman, we just, excuse me, just interviewed her. Her name’s Hlinka. She’s uh, she moved here when she was 19. From communist. Um Yeah, from a common uh, was a checklist. Slovakia. So back then it was like communism blah blah. Anyway, so she knows what’s going on now. She’s a sovereign. She’s an american state national right? Uh and uh and she’s on fire right now.

Anyway, she’s written books like um she’s you would love her. She’s amazing. I’m gonna share her information with you. Um Anyway, I digress. The point is is that that there’s ways to go after these people that that makes sense to them because you have to understand their corporation, they have these in, they have insurance. And if you can get after the insurance and the insurance will trust me, we’ll go and stop that. Or or then there then what’s going to have to happen is that then you’re gonna have the sheriff having to put up his own house to carry his own insurance, right?

And that’s not gonna happen, you know I mean? And and anyway, that’s just some advice and I’m not sure. But we’ll talk more on that. Okay, So really quick. Um we’re already, you know, awesomely 15, that was 15 minutes, you know, fast. That is okay. But hey, we digressed off into something. I don’t right out of the gate. But I know I love it. Okay. But you gotta tell everybody who are you, what’s your name and what’s got you on fire today? I am Tina engine thrown. But on social media I am known as Tina Marie because I was trying to hide my last name for a while, but this past year that it all came out.

I’m all in now. Yeah, and I I’m fine with that. Um I am now the president have learned the risk dot org which is educational website to educate on the dangers of pharmaceuticals. And our main focus right now is vaccines, all pharmaceuticals. Amen. I love that. Cool. All right. Uh well, thank you for being here in the studio. This is really, really cool. It’s it’s rare these days. You know, most interviews get taking place. I was excited. That was in person because I’m always, I like the energy of being in person more than I’ll do.

I mean, I’ve done a lot of interviews on zoom and these days, I mean it’s like with all these lockdowns and stuff, it’s kind of, well, I’ve never been locked down, but yeah, I’ve been more traveling this past year. I’ve ever really, I went all the way to Georgia is in Illinois. I’ve been California six times. I no, as soon as I heard that we were supposed to be locked down, I was like, or, and the other thing was the social distancing is like means I got to connect with people more now. Yeah.

I’ve seen people with no mask and be like, hey, and I’d get their name and their number and I was organizing freedom Dinners and I met so many have so many friends in my contact list and I put their first name and their last names. Freedom Big Family. That’s growing. Hey, the freedom people. I love it. Yes, absolutely. And it’s, uh, and that’s one beautiful thing and we say it often here on the show, but that’s one beautiful thing. That’s, that’s happened out of 2021 of the many beautiful things.

But uh, it’s brought a lot of us together. I might not have ever known you maybe at some point because I’ve been, you know, again, I was raised homeopathic. My grandmother warned us of all the all the pharmaceuticals, anything right? I was raised eaten sugar pills and stuff like that from our chiropractor. So like, and that’s why for me, it’s not ever been like with you with the like, you know, our bodies produce virus. It’s it’s soap, it’s our solvent that your body produces. It’s really cool.

Like we have nothing to be afraid. And what they’ve done is they’ve they’ve connect they disconnected us from nature. They’re like, that’s nature over there and its correct trying to hurt you. But that’s me. I it’s so absurd. I look around and I’m like, really? Like, I really, I feel like we’re living in that movie idiocracy and I’m stuck in it like that 20 times. I used to tell my kids don’t say the word stupid, that’s a bad word. I’m like this past year, I can’t stop saying the word stupid and like just so dumb.

Like how can people be falling for this? It’s so dumb, blunt and obvious. And once you peel back some layers and that’s the thing is is that what 2020 didn’t really help us to understand how many people haven’t really pulled back any layers at all. It’s just they’re just completely in the in the matrix. Like they don’t even, it’s a hook line and sinker. So and it is it’s tv programming, you know, programming, they tell us and tell a decision. Yeah, you have to tell you all over the place.

Uh And and once you start to get in the symbology, especially into law, I get back to this law stuff and how all court buildings and all this, how it’s laid out, how it’s all currency means water currency. It’s just everything is, you’re just like, what in the actual funk is my world just exploding into, Yeah, spelling. It’s our language is a spell like it’s all, you know, what does that? Have you read that? I haven’t, but I would love to, I want to learn more. Oh my goodness, that’s a good one.

Um Well I didn’t read read much of it. My my wife did girlfriend. Yeah, I was introduced to some of that Jason christoph. Have you heard of him? I love him. I met him. Um I was following him on facebook for years, but then he was at an archipelago the one year I went and I ended up doing a rant in the main um at the main dinner, I was asked to do a rant and actually del victory was right after me. Uh I always do the right and I name dropped Jason christoph because he was a huge factor in my waking up to deeper levels.

And one of the things he would talk about was the trickery on the language. And one of the examples he gave was even like when we cheer on rock and roll, like yeah, rock and roll, it’s the, it’s going back to cheering on our own slavery because the slaves would roll the big rocks, the big boulders. So yeah, rock and roll music. Yeah. So he was like a huge, I just love the way he writes and articulates himself and he covers so many layers, layers and layers.

Everything is connected and he covers it all and absolutely yeah, so he’s well introduced me to that beautiful, Beautiful. Yeah, it’s fun. It’s fun. It’s, we’re learning a lot. Um I have to say and back to what we’re saying that that’s how we’re all connecting and creating these communities now because I believe that it’s it’s what we’re supposed to do, we’re supposed to be waking up, you know this is, this is part of it, I think we’re here for this, I think especially those of us that are more awakened and I never say woke because I feel like it’s a, well it’s been taken now, I used to have kind of a thing.

Right right right. It’s a process. Are you ever really? Whoa, I don’t think so, I don’t think we don’t really, what does that mean? The answers till we’re out of that, is there is there a destination? Right, It’s like just more refinement, right? You’re just always refining and being and I call it, you know resolving your just yeah what’s that? Turning base metal into gold alchemy, you know what I mean? The alchemist, did you ever read the book? The Alchemist? But I’ve heard of it, Paulo, saw whatever that I can’t remember anyway, that’s a really good book too, but it’s it’s that’s the stuff that you do, that stuff that I do, that stuff that we’re really good at, especially if you’re you know been on this planet and had your freaking teeth kicked in a few times, you know what I mean?

That’s like what you were saying about your friend she, when something traumatic like that happens, something that hurts you. A couple of things happen. Either one you break and you fold or to you catapult into your weight, right? You take that crappy energy and you convert that into gold and you do something with it. You find some enlightenment, you find some some insight, you know what I mean? It’s it’s a beautiful thing and that’s why suffering is essential. People are always trying to avoid suffering right at the same time, that I don’t think we all know this and especially someone like you, that’s a student that’s kind of understands what that means, that that’s when we grow, that’s when we do our best stuff, you know what I mean?

I don’t I know it happens for a lot of people in that way, but I don’t feel like it happened that way for me and I don’t think for you, if you were kind of raised the whole myopathy and what not, you probably were already well established on this path and just kept growing for me. I don’t know, it was always something intuitive that I didn’t put a name to, but like I was telling you earlier about crossing the border as a child, I would think like what right do they have to ask for our papers?

There’s an invisible line in the girl. Like, I just didn’t make sense to me. And so I feel like I always intuitively knew things were off and I was always curious, and so when I would hear things that were countering to the narrative, I was willing to hear it out and think for myself and critically think through it and not just embrace what was mainstream because that’s what someone told me. I’m supposed to believe. I always had that ability and the more I would actually, my awakening started.

Um in my early twenties, I was always into self help books and just always trying to grow. I think I was always curious what my purpose was, purpose meant something to me, but I didn’t know what it was and I didn’t like doing things unless it had purpose. And so in the early, I think in my twenties, um I just had, my second child, my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and he wasn’t going to do chemo and I didn’t really know anything about that. But I immediately supported him and started to research because I felt like there’s got to be something that can be done and the more I dug into that I was like, oh yeah, it’s all corrupted.

That’s when the corruption like factor started coming in on that crap. Oh yeah, they’re poisoning, they’re trying to cure something with poisoned with radiation. Yeah. And then if you look at chemo, one of the side effects of chemo is cancer and people are doing this to themselves. And that’s probably the main The main side effects. Exactly. It always comes back. It’s going to come back. I mean, there’s probably statistically a few people that have, you managed to not have it come back, but for the most part you’re damaging the body further.

So that was my start to waking up was on the cancer issue. It took another 11 years before I woke up in the vaccine issue. And that was just because I was in California with after my fourth child, I was a blind follower up until then and after I had my fourth child in California, the doctor started freaking out because I was late with the shots and I was like well just do it today then as I was checking in and she says well we didn’t book it for that so it’s going to have to be done another day.

I said fine. I’m like what’s wrong with you people? It’s fine. Do it another day then because I was just a blind follower, it was not pro vax. Then I get into the doctor and he starts freaking out saying if you don’t do it today you’re gonna sign a paper that says you’re putting his life at risk. And I was like what is going on here? I have four kids and in Canada I was always like I lived in from Canada and so when I was there they were they just like district. Yeah.

So when I lived there they would they were you know, they would kind of suggest some and if you didn’t want to do all of them there was no big deal. If you came in late it was no big deal. Especially you know 25 years ago when my first was born. So I was always I think it’s my saving grace with the older ones. I think there could have been far more damage done but there was damage done in hindsight. I just didn’t know it at the time because I was delayed.

I never gave them all and I didn’t do it out of the gate when they were young. I did it when they’re a bit older to go to school. So any with my fourth he’s threatening me and I said well fine do it today. Then he says I’ll make time, it’s that important. He goes to make them. My mom comes in who’s visiting from Canada and she’s like would you believe they are still talking about you in that front office area where I can over hear them in the lobby like you’re a bad mother over these stupid shots being late And then I was pissed.

I was like what? And I said I said would you believe that this doctor is still hounding me about the shots? Like I’ve been just him and I have been arguing in here. He just left to go make them. I said that’s it, I’m leaving. So I I buckle them up into his car seat. My kids always laugh when I tell this story because I sell it so much behind me and I’ll be mocking me. And then she buckled me up and I came in and I said um this most unprofessional office I’ve been in, you will not be giving those shots today.

And he says well then you’re gonna sign up. And I said and I’m signing nothing. And I walked out the door and that was when the red flag sounded for me. I was like I’m gonna go research this. And then I dug in and what I did for my research is I didn’t just look at articles. I went into the comment section. I wanted to see what real people were saying. I wanted to see what others had to say. So what I learned along this process. But there’s a lot of pharma trolls that are online that are getting paid to try to scare people like, oh, you hope your kids die.

And like just crazy about that this last year. I didn’t know that, that they’re all over. And so I learned the difference between that and the real stories where a mom was saying, you know, my baby was fine and then we got the shots and they stopped, they were speaking all these words and then they stopped speaking or some of them some of the babies died. Like I just went through comments and and just kept learning more and more and then I would start telling friends about it.

I didn’t know what an anti-Vaxxer even was. Even at this point I was just like that because I put it all together what had happened to my older kids, all the normal childhood childhood illnesses didn’t exist not that long ago, but that’s right. The behavioral issues that I was dealing with that were like they were trying to put them on heavy pharmaceutical drugs like oh he’s got A. D. H. D. Always got this and they were trying to medicate them all the time, the old my older ones.

And so I finally woke up I connected all the dots as to what had happened to my older kids and I just started telling people and then the Disneyland measles struck and I was like, do you know what that is. Some people don’t Disneyland measles is when A bunch of people were um they ended up with the measles at Disneyland and I think it was like in 2000 and I’ve heard right. And just a bunch. Yeah, 2,014 maybe it was. And uh, I was like, Oh my God, this is like propaganda.

They’re trying to scare people in the papers. So like I’m piecing the propaganda together now as to, I saw what was happening. I saw they were doing this because they had another agenda. And so I created this group online that was called Disneyland platoon and it was a secret group. And I would, every time I saw someone else speaking out and educating on vaccines, I would say, hey, I got a group, you want to come join the group because if we speak out together and assist each other, people like to follow a group, they like groupthink and so we need to create that group thing because we’re not really alone.

There were these are not isolated cases of a look at that crazy anti vax are, there’s tons of us. We just need to link arms and do this together. And so I created this group so that if I had someone on my page that was being crazy with their pro vax nonsense, I wouldn’t even need to engage with them sometimes and I’m telling my secrets, but others would come in and I let them educate because sometimes your own family and friends don’t want to hear you, you know nothing.

They want to hear it from someone else. And so suddenly I had all these people telling their stories and sharing links to information. And it got to the point where nobody was going to say anything on my page if they were pro vax because I had such an army that would come in to help educate and we were doing it together. If we saw an article we posted in that group and together we would go and we would educate elsewhere. Um, like on any article from, you know, different communities or towns or whatever newspaper articles, we were there educating together.

Then a year after Disneyland measles is when California started coming after uh, our rights to an exemption. So what they did is they created the fear, created the problem and then they came up with their solution. Now the reaction solution, there was going to be no more, there’s gonna be no exemption. So this is when I decide I hate politics, but I’m going to jump in, I’m gonna fight for this so that my kids don’t get kicked out of school. I went up to every state capital.

So you were in California, You were living in California. Southern California. I was in northern Cali in the bay Area. Yeah. And so I went I drove three hours up to sacramento, three hours back and I engaged in that fight for our rights. And I watched the corruption unfold because in one of the hearings, the speaker of the house that senator pan, I wouldn’t have that vote today because if you have that vote today, it’s not going to go through. I would wait a week and he looks like a puppet dummy that he is and just stands there like uh and then someone whispers in his ear and he’s like, okay, I’ll hold off on the vote.

We find out later from others that are more closely linked to the political um stuff that goes on that it was a pharma lobbyists that spoke into his ear to let them know what to answer. What they ended up doing is swapping out the two politicians that wouldn’t have let it pass and swapped into different politicians and behind closed doors. A week later they voted on it and it passed shocking. So after I went through all of that, I was like, okay, my intuitive gut instinct about politics is right, it’s all corrupted.

I don’t trust any of them and I never engaged in politics or any of that. I’m going to go fight for my rights or ever again, I don’t. And then I started to stumble into more freedom friends like through my networks that were ahead of me in the Game of Anarchy and Voluntarism and understanding law and sovereignty and the more I woke up to the deeper layers of what was going on, the more I disengaged from the political part of fighting for our rights. And I knew I needed to educate my passion that I going into this was really the vaccine issue because I knew my kids are saved.

I don’t need to beg politicians, my kids, I’ll protect them. I’m never gonna vaccinate them. There’s no God gave you that responsibility, not them so minor fine. That’s not good enough for me. I don’t want it to just be, my kids are fine. I want all kids to be fine. And there’s still a lot of ignorant people out there that need to be educated. And so I figured I’m going to educate on this until I’m blue in the face if I see a mother. So I was going to create like a little information cards that had information on vaccines and like plant seeds out in the public um, and speak on it as much as I could.

Well in the meantime in California, we were going to do a rally and I, a friend of mine talked me into doing a rally at the Golden Gate Bridge because nobody else was taking it on. And I think they’re having rallies in other areas. And so my friend was like, we really should do it here too. Will you do it with me Tina? And I didn’t want to because it was way over my head. I’d never do anything like that. But I caved and I was like, sure that’s how I met Brandy Vaughn, founder of learning the risk.

She reached out to me and said I would like to sponsor the rally if if I can with learn the risk. And I would also, you know, I can help you get speakers And we’d love to help you guys. And I said, you know, I love your help because we are in wearing over ahead and that’s how her and I met. And I connected with her immediately because I knew she was 1,000% authentic. She had told me some stories of working with some of the choice groups in California and they would not let her, they would push her away from speaking.

They were always trying to keep her behind the scenes. She would see them saying that they were going to do certain things and then that wouldn’t happen. Like she was just seeing a lot of shady behavior. And she also said that she saw um, some of the like strategies and ways that they would um, in pharma when she was working her background, I should backtrack a little bit. Brandy Vaughn was a mark whistleblower. She was working for Merck and selling the drug by ox and thousands were dying, hundreds of thousands were dying on this medication.

And they were behind the scenes training their sales people how to keep pushing sales. And that’s when she was like, she felt like she had blood on her hands and got out of the industry. And so she she saw those similar strategies of what they were doing to, you know, to trick doctors to, you know, the strategies that used within pharma. She was seeing that within the medical freedom movement, she was not trusting a lot of people. She could see that the truth was not fully coming out.

They were watering it down. They’d say, oh no, don’t talk about the ingredients, don’t talk about the fact that there’s poi it’s poison. Don’t say that. That’s too, that’s too harsh. You can’t do that. You have to just say you want choice. And she like me, even though we hadn’t before, we hadn’t met, we were on the same page. Choice wasn’t enough for her. She also knew her son was protected. She was never going to her, her son. And you know, inject anything into him. It’s that we wanted others to protect their Children as well.

Like future generations need to be protected from the lies in the propaganda that are out there. So when we met and I started to talk to her and just see how authentic and real she was, we ended up my idea of making the little cards and what not just kind of flipped into her bigger idea of having a website, putting up billboards and we basically joined forces. I was more behind the scenes where I normally like to be. Um, and she was the one that was at speaking engagements and I was, you know, behind the scenes, I was doing some of the graphic design for not all of it.

Um and I was just doing, I was sending out all the mailers, I was doing a lot for her and I would travel with her sometimes, we were really close, so she ended up coming to visit our family in this past thanksgiving and nine days later is when she was found dead in her home and I found out the day after her passing and was basically sent into a whirlwind of crazy, like just so much, it was like, I felt like I was in a bad murder mystery movie, everything I was doing to try to honor what I knew she wanted because she would always talk about her concern about having an untimely death.

Yeah, I remember watching the video, I saw the video of her walking through and then also walking through and showing when they broke into her house and she was like and she was like I she she was always concerned, there was a lot of intimidating things that they had done to her. Um and she talked to every time I was with her she would say if anything were to happen to me would you please raise my son? And I would say of course Brandy, I always tell you that, I always tell you that.

And then she said I need to get it on paper. So she said this last time when she was leaving and then she did say she went a little further this time. I mean every time we got together we would talk about the you know, the inner workings of the freedom movement and who we would in person. We didn’t do a lot of texting about this kind of stuff because she was really careful about what she would send because she knew she was being watched. I mean there were times that we’d be out together and she’d leave the phone and she told me to leave my phone and we go out for a walk to talk about things.

She knew she was, you know. Yeah, yeah. So she had talked about, I mean there’s several people within the movement that I knew she didn’t trust. And we had talked about those people and she this time mentioned that there was a local woman that’s a friend that if anything were to happen to her, that that woman could have him temporarily, but that she didn’t fully trust her. And I think that the woman that ended up having him in her home shortly after the passing is the one that she was talking about.

And this woman, when I first talked to her was like, yeah, he needs to get to europe right away and he needs to be in school full time, none of this flying around all over the place. And just the way she was speaking to me on the day I found out Brandy passed, I was like, it’s going on here, like, then I thought well maybe it’s because maybe I, you know, I was it wasn’t, it was over the phone, she was in California and santa Barbara, where Brandy was, and I thought well maybe she’ll be better in person, but the vibe was just terrible because she was being so, like, caustic and negative about how Brandy was raising her son, her son and I raised my kids in a similar way.

My kids are all like very awakened, they’re all like have been two rallies with me, I’m not just sitting around as much as she was, but my kids do travel with me more road trips and um, I home school, like that’s part of the reason she wanted me to have her son is she knew I had other Children and he, you know, would have other kids and she always wanted a family and him to have siblings, which never happened. And she said that nine days before as well, she looked, you know, they were playing games together in the living room and she’s like, this is what I’ve always wanted for him.

So then this woman is saying how he needs to be the grandmother in europe and like just being real negative and I just was getting bad vibes like right out of the gate and I out of the gate was also um fundraising for her because a year before her passing almost to the day, a year to, to the same month she had done a facebook post and it is on her facebook page. Still, I actually pinned it to the top because I was her legacy account holder.

Um, so I pinned it to the top, but she had said, I’m not suicidal, I would never take my own life. My son means the world to me and I mean the world to him. Um, I have a perfect bill of health that she had done. You know, forgetting life insurance, she had went for testing and what not perfect bill of health. She went through and said, I want a second autopsy. If anything were to happen to me, I want, you know, fundraising to be done. I want private investigation.

So I immediately start to jump into action to honor what she wanted immediately. And I received a phone call on day one of my finding out From this woman who was like in part of the Medical Freedom Movement, who I knew she didn’t fully trust because we had just talked about this woman nine days before and she said that fundraisers just for her son, right? Because that woman that has him, she needs it to feed him. And at this point it was about $20,000. I was like, how much does he eat?

No kidding because, well, it’s not about that, but she needs it for other things too. It’s going to him, right? I said no. First of all, Brandy wanted me to raise them and I don’t need to fundraise to raise a child. Nor should anybody need to fundraise if they’re going to take on a child. That’s ridiculous. And I also said, and I don’t know if I had said it to her, but I knew from doing a lot of the medical kidnap, um, court watching. I knew that you’re not supposed to put a child’s name out there because they will threaten you being taken away from the child if their name is advertised to the public.

So I was refusing to make this just for him. Plus the fundraising was for what Brandy wanted a private investigation like the most pressing thing in those early days was getting a private autopsy, having a private investigation and honoring brand and continuing learned the risk. That was part of it too and honoring what Brandy wanted. And so this woman said to me, well if you don’t make that, if you don’t put that fundraiser in just his name and then she listed off the big known leaders in the medical freedom movement who are really popular and everybody loves them.

Like they’re celebrities, they weren’t going to support the fundraiser unless I did what she wanted and put it just in her son’s name. And I was like, nope, not happening because I know Brandy didn’t trust any of the people you just listed. So and Brandy would never succumb to what you’re trying to do right now because she was her own person. She was her own lawyer. She was a warrior. And so I thought you are messing with the wrong person because Brandy’s true friends are going to honor what Brandy wanted.

I had the support of Brandy’s best friend from childhood who um she was there for her son’s birth, her and I linked arms immediately to try to help honor what Brandy wanted. She was getting pushed aside. I was gonna pushed aside anyone that was truly trying to honor Brandy was getting pushed out of the and brady didn’t have any blood family to be found in the early days because her mom had already passed her dad. Um We’re unsure she was, he wasn’t a part of her life.

She had been estranged from her dad for a long time and he had a very troubled past so nobody knew where he was through someone. I a friend of mine that I had hired to help. He tracked down her uncle whom she was also estranged from For like 15 years. But he ends up calling me and we have a great conversation for about an hour and he said, you know Tina it sounds like what we I will support you. It sounds like her son needs to be with you based on what you’re telling me.

He we need to get them to you because that’s what she wanted. And I said to him, you know, and if if if we can convinced the grandmother over there was trying to get them and end the system prove because I actually had affidavits, I had tons of affidavits from people that had either overheard Brandy say she wanted me to have them or had overheard me say it after she had left because I had just finished telling, you know, so I had tons of affidavits and I also had character witness kind of affidavits of me as a mother because there was someone in the Medical freedom Movement who was trying to discredit me.

Yeah, expose documentary came out about me and I was like, and he kept saying online how this and I had him blocked and anyone I didn’t trust, I just blocked because I knew I didn’t have time to waste on all this drama that was really like Igniting online. So I would just block them. But of course I was hearing it because I have a lot of good friends in activism that were like telling me what was going on and everyone is freaking out. And so I couldn’t wait for that documentary camo.

I’ve never watched all of it, but I have seen little bits of it. This guy we know 1,000% her and I just talked about nine days before she thought he was shady. She did not like him. It’s basically an enemy of hers. Um he got into her home and he interviewed this so called friend that had her son and he interviewed the son. He got into her home and we have like a screenshot from another close friend of Brandy’s that showed that guy’s name and said he’s shady as F and he was being brought into her home by these people that had who had you know they were like vultures into her personal affairs and they were discrediting me with the sun and he was like yeah she was raising all this money for me which it was never for him.

It never said that it was never for him. I clearly laid out what it was for, although I had willingly helped a little bit with the rent which they were trying to prolong keeping the house for a long time. Not for an investigation either, just so they could clean up things out of the house, no investigation. But he was like holding his hand and he’s like yeah she collected all this money for me and all she gave was $2,200 towards the rent and she kept the rest they had And then he started talking about the road trip that they have been on.

Oh yeah, we took a road trip to the Grand Canyon and it’s being cut. You can see that this video is sliced a lot too. They made sure that he didn’t say they came to see us for thanksgiving and spent a couple of, you know, three days were with us and then went to the Grand Canyon because they wanted to make it seem they were basically trying to paint this picture that I was just some volunteer that they popped by her house on the way to the Grand Canyon and I’m like you’re not popping by when you’re in, you know, south of phoenix to go to Grand Canyon, it’s like a 4.

5 to 5 hour drive. But yeah, they’re just trying to paint this picture and this guy does make documentaries and he’s good at it. And so somebody that’s not a critical thinker that just looks at this well done documentary at face value might believe it. But anybody is a critical thinker that would go further. And he’s the first one actually that out of my last name. And I was like, I should just change it my facebook page because now you’re going to send a lot of people in my direction, which I haven’t been done yet.

I don’t really care though. It’s out there. I am going to not live in fear. I’m going to stand in my truth and I swear to the day I die, I’m going to keep learn the risk alive and I’m going to honor what Brandy wanted and these people are going to stop me. I have, I’m fearless in it And people ask me that all the time. Are you scared? Because a lot of people think her death was suspicious And it was I say the least dude, that’s that is just it is especially say it had been natural causes, which I don’t believe for a moment.

And they screwed themselves in the foot by all this shady behavior happening surrounding it. Like they were withholding to learn the risk phone. They learn the risk computers like I ended up getting the computers back. But they were and I end up getting the phone line back. But they were they were trying to withhold everything. Why would you do that if you’re trying to honor your friend, all these people that were circling in. If you’re trying to honor Brandy, why are you getting in the way of everything I’m trying to do to fully investigated, investigated and honor what she asked for, right?

I’ll never understand. And I lost the uncle along the way as soon as he started making phone calls and muslim. One of these people got in touch with him. I don’t know if they paid him off or what, but never did he respond to me again? You did at the early days. And then I had a private investigator reached out to him and at one point he says to that private investigator, you’re gonna have to contact my attorney. Which was another person we don’t trust in this whole thing.

That was her neighbor across the street, right? He was on the scene after her passing as was this woman that took her son. Those two were there, they moved the body and she gave him all of Brandy’s paperwork including the learn the wrist stuff. And when I got on the phone with him I was like who authorized you to have the paperwork? And he didn’t have an answer. And he actually he was so eager to talk to me until I started asking questions that didn’t fit for him.

And then he suddenly slammed the door on me. And so he’s another one that I don’t trust that was involved. It was just a lot of strange activity that was surrounding and that that’s who the lawyer ended up or sorry, that’s who the uncle then says this is lawyer which is this guy that we don’t trust from across the street. He goes, oh he won’t talk to the private investigator anymore. Speak to my lawyer were like what is going on? He acted like because they’d been estranged for 15 years that he wanted to honor her and do what she would have wanted and suddenly he just evaporated out of the scene.

The grandma, even at first people were telling her to stay away from me that I was they were saying I was going to try to kidnap her son like this crazy stuff and she said I was telling them that this is crazy, that Tina’s close friends with her. I don’t know what’s going on. This is also weird. This is the grandma in europe And all of a sudden she goes silent on me. I think they were threatening her that if she talked to me that it would delay them, her getting the son of her grandson.

Now the way she end up getting grandson. Yeah. And I keep hoping most manipulative again professional liars, liars and thieves. I was up against professionals. I mean these people were slept, there were 10 steps ahead of me every step of the way, but they don’t have the truth on their side and that’s why I’m opened. I, I never wanted to be doing interviews and like I was happy behind the scenes and sometimes like thanks randi, but for her I’ll do it and for the honor of her all that she worked for and her hoping someday her son will dig out the truth himself as well.

And I hope that the grandma is maybe going to see some of these interviews or hear them and I hope that she will reach out to me because what I’m hoping is at some point maybe her son could come stay with us part of the year and then go there because she really wanted him in America. They had lived in the states for or say they would went to Barcelona for two years and she had so much regret for moving him there because in school he was feeling like a foreigner, like kids were teasing him and he was a foreigner, he was a foreigner and he wasn’t happy there.

And so that’s why she moved back was for her son. That’s why she wanted me to have him, She did not want him back in europe. Plus the way this vaccine thing has been going on in the covid um planned emmick. Her grandmother being in France is in one of the countries that they don’t have as many vaccines, but they’re really strict about the vaccines. And so she didn’t want him in europe, she didn’t want him there. And so I’m hoping maybe grandma will see one of these and like come to or senses like I hope she’ll realize that something is off with what was happening, that she was being manipulated.

Um Brandy, the father of her son. They were never married, she had been married to someone in Amsterdam and they were separated and she the divorce wasn’t final, and she had started dating this guy and ended up getting pregnant. He did not want her to keep the baby, so she took off and without him even knowing it had her baby two years later, she lets him know that this baby and let the and but he never was really, I think he met him once or twice, she said it didn’t go well, he didn’t want to be didn’t really want to be a part of it.

And so the grandmother though was willing to be a part of it, and actually her ex husband’s parents were also like kind of surrogate grandparents to him as well, so she would go to europe and she had a good relationship with the bio grandma, so I don’t I feel like he’s not it’s not that he’s not safe there unless she ended up getting them vaccinated because to go to school but I think that she’s a loving person, I think she just got duped by a whole lot of people.

But what they ended up doing is they had to get in Amsterdam um because they were married, the ex husband was still on the birth certificate. And so from what I know they had to get him off the birth certificate. And so and then do paternity tests and get biodad on the birth certificate, I’m not sure if ex husband already had gotten him off the birth, what already was off the birth certificate before she passed or if it happened all in the middle of this. Uh But I do know that bio dad was not on the birth certificate upon her passing.

So what they had to do is get him on that birth certificate. Do you believe after the fact would you believe within three months they’ve got this guy on, not only on the birth certificate but he’s here to pick him up with his mask on And at the birth at his 10th birthday party, his dad’s there with the mask on and he comes to pick them up using his biological rights basically to come get him. He was from the UK. He comes to pick up his son and drop him off in um France at the consular with the authorities so that they could take him and get him to grandma and he continues on his merry way over to the UK. So he wasn’t even he’s just using his right to get him to come drop him off in France to the mother urged to his mother.

So he’s with his grandma wow, wow, It was a lot of crazy. I get it felt like I was in a bad movie and what’s the timeline on this I mean? So she passed on December seven, she was with me for Thanksgiving nine days later. She’s passed and december by March. I believe he’s on his way to europe. It was March me. Yeah, I think it’s March, maybe april I’m going a bit of a blur for me. Oh and we also got the closest friends to her.

Got booted from the memorial by these people that were running the show locally. I got booted, they changed where the memorial was going to be at the last minute and they had the guy that she couldn’t stand that did the documentary expose on me, They had him filming the memorial that they were putting on, He was at it. So maybe it was a blessing in disguise that it all got hijacked and we weren’t at it because I don’t think I could have stomach that this guy she couldn’t stand was at her memorial.

Um but they had people with cue cards and this one woman was like what was it that she liked again? And someone else yelled volleyball. I was like uh apparently this isn’t a little documentary that this guy did about her memorial. I didn’t see that either. I’ve just heard from other people because I don’t want to see it, make my stomach turn. Um But we had a real authentic heart to heart heartfelt um Memorial at the beach with close friends where we all took a moment to speak about her and honor Brandy and they had their own somewhere else with a bunch of people that didn’t weren’t even close to her.

But they had her son. Why? I never did get to say goodbye to her son before he left. I did get to see him a couple of times. One time through this woman that had him um in the early days we went over there, her best friend from who had moved to Mississippi just recently. She flew in and I drove over and we went to me and go for a walk and that woman said oh you guys can’t the friend that had him, She said you guys can take pictures of him because I don’t want them all over social media.

And then a couple of months later, who’s got them all over social media? She does because she’s got a guy doing a documentary in the home, putting the kid all over social media. And I even called like the top of cps in California to get something done about what was happening. They did nothing. They suddenly they didn’t care that a kid was being pimped out all over social media. It’s like, what is going on here? They hate that. Usually if a parent does that, they sure do hate it.

How come this woman is getting away with it? Wow, wow, wow, What an insane story. Uh and and and uh you know, and and truth and I mean, unfortunately this is how corrupt of a system that we’re in and we’re just now starting to see it really spew out into everyone’s lives. I mean everybody and and the cps, people are not your friend. I promise. You do not give your kids up to them ever if you can ever ever avoid it. And I mean, obviously there was no way, I mean governments and this was like a setup, you know?

Yeah. And that’s, you know, and that’s the whole thing, right? What do you know the what’s that saying? I’m here from the government and I’m here to help. And that’s when you’re supposed to run the other way. Exactly. I don’t know why anybody trust a politician or anybody involved with the I don’t know how anybody can’t see through this crazy that is going on in this world. These people cannot be trusted. And this was Brandy’s worst nightmare playing out before my very eyes. I had so much guilt in the early days and I know I was doing my best, but I feel like I’m powerful at times that I know enough that I can stop this.

But I really was up against professionals and I couldn’t stop what was happening. I couldn’t I couldn’t undo all I could do after I had to give up trying to protect her son. I stayed engaged in as much as I could. I hired a lawyer like I was engaged in it at least trying to get him away from the woman that had them. Even if it was just temporary. I was that’s all I was at. And I think they convinced the grandparents I was trying to take them away from them and I knew I didn’t have a leg to stand on with that.

I just wanted to get them out of this woman’s care who was pimping them out all over social media because I didn’t trust her right out of the gate. But after I had to start, you know letting go and I’m still not completely letting go of investigation. But that’s really slow rolling now because a lot they hijacked they stopped us from the, everybody kept saying they were gonna allow the second autopsy but they kept delaying and delaying and delaying and delaying delaying. And I even knew in my head I was like they are going to delay this until that father comes here to get them and then they’re gonna say oh too late we don’t have time we have to hurry up and cremate because so their son can say goodbye to his mom.

That’s exactly what they did. So but I did hire a forensic scientist um top pathologist at a new york who worked on the Jeff Bradstreet case. He was another suicide doctor who really didn’t commit suicide. And I he was able to go through um some he was able to get parts of the first autopsy um from California. And he did confirm because there was this rumor that started out of the gate within the freedom movement that it was her gall bladder. Oh it’s just her gall bladder.

Nothing to see here was her gall bladder and I was like no I wasn’t. I was just with her. She was eating fine. Like people don’t just suddenly people as healthy as her don’t suddenly die from the gallbladder. He proved he has confirmed that was in percent that her gall bladder was 100% perfect and fine. Had nothing to do with that because even after they came out and said it was um blood clots in the lungs that she died from these people within the Medical Freedom movement, we’re still trying to like string that to the gallbladder.

As to the re like they were still trying to stick to that initial narrative they had about it being her gallbladder and trying to say, oh yeah, you know, I can’t remember what they even how they were stringing it together, but we did confirm that it wasn’t that and we are still um working on pieces of the investigation but it’s very slow rolling. And then the other thing that I have had to really jump into is saving learn the risk. Her website had been sabotaged about six months before she passed and she was still working on hiring someone to get that fixed.

Which I had to end up not allowing that person to do it anymore because the people that had her phone, we’re going through and calling and contacting everybody in the phone and I just didn’t know who had been infiltrated and I didn’t I wasn’t trusting anybody. Yeah. I still don’t have the website back. I have luckily I had someone save everything for her off the first website. So I have all the files. I have everything I need. It was even getting it from her but I have everything I need to get that website back up and running and I just need to find someone I trust to get that together for me that’s been what’s slowing me down.

But I I and then there was like we had to figure out, you know, because it had been sabotaged things that I had passwords for before. I didn’t have them because I forgot to ask her while she was with me and she would never send stuff like that. We had to do that kind of stuff in person. I had to unravel. It was like a 10,000 piece put tiny piece puzzle and I had to unravel and put things back in place to access the store like everything and I and we did a lot, I had a lot of help and we managed to get a lot of, but there’s still so much to do and that’s what I have to focus on now.

Like I, I had to let go of what I wasn’t able to do that she wanted me to concerning her son and I just had to funnel my energy into saving, learn the risk and you know, saving other Children from harm, which is what she would have wanted. Yeah. Amen Good for you, wow. Yeah. You’re a true warrior. Good for you. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. It’s not easy. I know it’s not easy. It’s lonely. It’s lonely when you’re saying shit and everybody else is, uh, thinks you’re nuts.

I am lucky I, when I moved to California to Arizona, I was very, um careful about how I gained new friendships because as soon as I was ready to leave California, I already had a lot of more awakened friends and freedom friends and people, you know, on the vaccine issue, especially because of going to state capital and like fighting for our rights over there. I had my new, my new tribe and then I got panicked when I was moving to Um, Arizona four years ago. I was like, Oh my God, what am I gonna do?

I can’t meet people the old way. Like I just, I wouldn’t have the tolerance for it. Like just slowly trying to meet. So what I did is I created another group and every time I saw someone speaking out that was from Arizona, it was like more of a crunchy um, women’s group. I’d say, hey, I’ve got a group for Arizona and I throw them in there so that as soon as I moved here, I threw some dinners and what not for the people in that group. And then, and some of them, I’d actually from that first group, I was telling you about, some of my Arizona friends were in that group like four years ago already more than four years ago, many years ago.

So we had already been online friends doing activism together in that way. And the one friend, her name’s Shannon, she knew I was looking at houses here and she was like just give me the list of what houses you’re looking at and I am going to come there and just give you a hug because I really want to meet you. And then she told me I have been praying like since I’ve known you online, I have prayed every day that you moved to Arizona and she is one of my biggest supporters and like really helping me with everything with learn the risks, like she’s amazing and we’re super close friends and so all of my friends are wide awake.

So when this whole pandemic thing struck, I, my my army was with me like I never was in isolation, my Children were always around other Children with no mask, like we just got together more more. I love it. Yeah. Great. Yeah, right. 2020 was, yeah, I didn’t experience that because we were locked in this apartment complex thing anyway. Um and no kids or any of that yet, you know, I mean, newly really early childhood newly hit anyway, newly blessed, let’s just say that because wow, what an amazing blessing.

Uh but yeah, awesome. Well, um really quick, can you tell everybody like how to get a hold of you and how how can we support, like what’s the best thing that anybody who’s listening first of all want to know how to get a hold of you? So social media, anything like that or do you, if you want to say so there are learning the risk. They’re used to learn the risk group that’s been taken down. Um, there is a, learned the risk page still there. I’m, we’re on instagram.

I’m on facebook under teena Marie. Uh, you can also write to info at, learn the risk.org. Right now. We are doing a fundraiser for her birthday in honor of her birthday. She would have turned 45 in March. I’m putting together fun. I had put together a fundraiser that we want to get 10 cars wrapped with, learn the risk information. The first one should be done the end of this month. I already have a volunteer. I have two more that are potentially wanting to get it done. We’re not quite there at the funding fundraising yet.

Something happened to the fundraiser. Again, I’ve I’ve had to have to keep putting my fundraisers back up and fix whatever people are sabotaging, but it is still there and it’s working properly now. Um and that can be found at learn the risk dot org. Um and we take Cryptocurrency now and there’s, we have an online store where you can buy um info cards like, you know, the size of a business card and I encourage people to get on there, get them, we leave them in like the credit card slot of gas machines, you know, so the next time sometimes they pull it out, it’s a seed planted, even if they throw it away, they saw it.

Um we leave them, you know, in restrooms. If I see a mom with a baby, I walk up and I’m like, excuse me, And I’ll introduce myself and tell a little bit about brandy and encourage them to educate. You know, I never, I’m trying to empower people that, you know, you’re the mom, you’re the boss, the doctor is not in charge, You’re in charge. Please research and I get really good feedback. Like I really have very rarely had someone angry with me for doing that. And I will often if I seem at a cafe or I’ll just go, excuse me, I have a little one there and sometimes they tell my own story, but just a little bit, I just give a little bit and try to make a connection with them.

And personally, I think the energy, you know, people read that you’re, you’re being genuine and a lot of people are curious. So we do sell that on the website. We have lots of resources and great books on the website. Um There’s one called shattered dreams, a book that we’re carrying that. Brandy wrote the forward for that book in there. Um, and we just tons of tools and what’s the web address again? Learn the risk dot org And if anybody wants to um offer up their car to get wrapped as well, write to me at info at learn the rest dot org.

And maybe in the subject line say car wrapping. And we’re still looking for about seven more people and then we still need to, can that be anywhere in the us, anywhere in the us? I could probably pull off Canada as well because I’m from Canada, I’ll go that extra mile to make. Canada is part of the US. did you know that the 13th district? Yeah, pretty neat. Yeah. It’s really a one world new world order that they want. That’s where they’re coming. I call it prison planet now where you know the more it’s like you know we should not be fighting with everybody around the world we should be connecting because that’s that’s and that’s and that’s um it’s called Lucia.

Okay and that’s the negative energy. It’s the it’s the byproduct of negative energy and that’s what they feed off of. They can’t feed off of positivity. They cannot cannot feed off of that has to feed off your fear. It has to feed off that negative energy which has a name it’s called Lucia. I didn’t know that. I didn’t either. I kind of like I knew I’ve always known that we need to stay energetically violating high. I knew that were powerful and that I knew they feed off our fear as soon as I’m not the word, right?

I’m just like the word. I didn’t know they had a word, but it’s but we know that. Yes, absolutely. And that’s, that’s more of where we’re always just focusing and that’s what we do here at the freedom. People’s, we’re focusing on what we’re building. We fight nothing. I fight nothing, literally, people don’t understand. They’re like, oh, you can’t be fighting that front. I’m like, you know, and, and it’s because they, you know, and, and, and, and I get stuck here on this one because I always say that what you resist persists.

And they’re like, well, why are you resisting the mask? And I’m like, fair now. And it’s because that’s, that’s an attack, that’s an attack racing freedom. I’m very embracing my God, just going towards freedom and right. And it’s, well, and also that’s assault. That’s like when somebody on your persons to and and that’s making a medical recommend. There’s so many things that are wrong with it. Keep wanting to write into is the A. D. O. T. Like for the freeway signs. I’m like that has nothing to do with the traffic.

I’m always like flipping the mommy to, oh I do the same thing. Oh absolutely. I’m either trying to ignore them so I’m not in that negative energy state. Oh yeah. And and see and that’s like to me, I’m honest and the more and more connected I get with with God in me the light in the more that I’m with that I’m just more and more unapologetic and and and I want to be respectful of people, right? And and like you know the cussing, you know the words But again, what are these were and why are they so offensive?

Where is this dogma? Right. Where’s the dogma come from? Fuck your dogma. Sorry, that’s just me. You know what I mean? And that’s my that’s that’s the rebel in me. I’m older ones. Never heard me swear. They’re like 23 25. The two older, my youngest the seventies was like mom, well this is the time for it. It’s just a word, right? And people are like, oh when it’s appropriate. Well, well this is a 2020 and on appropriate for the next seven year, 10 years. So you know, so that this is all biblical too. Right?

So and this is a holy war. This is a war of the spirits. They’re trying to snatch the souls. They’re trying to stamp out the God. That’s why I believe this injection is really geared towards stamping out the God in us the light. I saw a comment where someone said they felt like their sole was being sucked out of them. The mark of the beast joe. Yeah. And that’s where people need to look at Mark paseo that we were talking earlier. That will go into more depth on all this as well.

He really covers the spiritual warfare end of it and they really digs in deep into the foundational reasons this is all happening. It’s mind blowing. But it to me like right now it’s so absurd. Like now I was the one word that I tell because not stay stupid and I’ve been saying that more all year but I’ve been really saying it’s fucking so stupid. Amen right? Well and it’s just because it is that absurd. It is so absurd that it’s it’s um it’s laughable. Like I sometimes look around and I’m just like I’m also like I think it’s like some kind of joke on all of us because they couldn’t get me before and at the early parts of this I’m like toilet paper, oh it’s a shitty situation, right?

And that was the first thing that came to my I started laughing, I was like okay because it’s a shitty situation, psychological warfare. I mean they knew us looking around, we couldn’t unsee all these mass suddenly. Like I just felt like they pulled the carpet from under us because those of us who knew what was going on and like they get everybody this time they get but I only had moments of fear just for like a day or two and that was only because my oldest was still in Canada at the time and I thought oh my God, they’re going to force the vaccine and he’s never gonna get it and I’m never going to get in.

I’m never gonna see him again. Like I was yeah of course. And then I was thinking about Dr Toni bark was a doctor that Brandy was really close with. That passed earlier into the year like just shortly after the pandemic had started and my mind went to but she did chemo we don’t understand why. But so the chemo got her. Yeah the doctors. Even though she’s more awakened doctor to the vaccine issue she was still it was everybody with her colleagues or family. Yeah. But anyway she I thought of her in those early days I thought God she’s so lucky.

She gets to miss this. And then I thought well that’s a weird thing to say because obviously she’s dead and I’m saying she’s lucky. So that’s when I realized I’m not afraid of death. I really had this now you can truly live and now I can truly live and it just it all dissipated like all that fear that I was building up about my son. It just went away in that moment that I was like I’m not afraid of dying, I think that’s gonna be wonderful. And I’ll be like because living is not living, it’s we’re still alive with brandy is with me.

Like in those early days I would think about something about what I needed to do and my entire body would surge and I’d be like or people were calling me to tell me their dreams that Brandy came to them in a dream. I had two people within the 1st 24 hours to people called me because Brandi came in their dreams saying that that um she wanted her son with me. And I also had a psychic who works on these kind of cases, reach out to someone within the movement to try to track down who had her son.

And that person found me even though I didn’t have her son and asked if I was willing to listen to this person. I’m like and I just then I just kept getting these goose bumps and surges because I was like oh my God, Brandi knows that I am open to receiving messages in these kind of ways and that is why this is happening. And I would just like it was crazy. I have never felt someone’s presence more than I did in those early days after her passing.

She and her last line when she did the list of what she wanted. If she were to have an untimely death said that I will be if basically if she were to have this happen, I will be far more powerful from the other side. Uh Yeah, well that’s real, That’s real because stuff like that like um energetically will carry on and people again and if you’re afraid to die and that’s because you don’t know that there’s eternal life that you can never die. So and that’s so they don’t know what’s comin, you know what I mean?

And that’s why this life live in righteousness, motherfucker and live live real purpose. It’s not just buying a house and having all these worldly goods, like truly live with purpose when these people are doing all these little, taking jobs to be masked nazis that sprouts or whatever. I was like, I would never do that. I would rather live in the streets and take on a job that is her hurting others. Like knowingly working for this beast, I would never do it. And I believe there’s enough of us that we don’t need those kind of jobs if you come together with your community and more awakened people and people that understand freedom and how important this is for not only us but future generations, it’s all about, there’s nothing to fear.

We will be taken care of Amen. And that’s I mean and we are and that’s the thing is that Our community is strong. Like everybody’s got like certain skill sets within these communities, you know what I mean? And like for example, the freedom people, we were able to build a job board and a business directory of now. Now there’s platforms for us because this is still 2030, okay? And and there’s a there’s a reason that that anal clash, anal swab swab, that guy in the whole, you know, 2030 agenda thing, right?

The agenda 2030 and the the great reset, right? There’s a reason it’s 2030 right? It’s just seven years because there’s seven years of turmoil and this kind of was trying to say earlier, starting to anyway, is that that this is this is a story and there this is so the awakening, the official awakening since then, I don’t know something that’s where all the fricking, It seems like all the rules and stuff that were kind of there that we’re kind of holding it on are now gone. All gloves are off if you will, right?

And now, and it’s I guess something into 2023 is from that 20230. 7 years of turmoil. So we were we got were we’re in a pill battle and I’m fully aware of that and I look forward to it. I like things that are tough, I mean, and this is the toughest thing we’re going to have to do. And someone wrote once in on my facebook page in the comments, those of us who are free will be saved. And it really like a goose that gave me goose bumps and I thought, I don’t like, I’m not living in fear.

Like I know that there’s these agendas, but I really do feel like those of us that are doing the hard work to just just do what we’re here to do. I feel like we’ll be protected though. I may walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I shall fear no evil. Yes. And that, and that’s the thing. And I’ve never been religious just because I grew up In so many different religions 70 event as I was baptized a baptist molested the Catholic. Just kidding, but it’s so terrible.

But that’s another thing, right? And look what you do when you cut off natural things. And it’s just um and and again, that’s you have to understand the power when they came out, the Catholic church came out with all the kid fucking and still, no problem. No problem. And I know people within the freedom movement that still stand behind these churches, even though it just doesn’t make sense to me, and that’s where everybody’s at where they’re at, right? And that’s where you can say, okay, and that’s where here again, at the freedom people were we run our race and we call it a we’re just running our race.

We are about freedom. We do not attached to any group, anything I don’t care. And that’s where it’s like, you know, everybody’s sectioned off that we don’t care. We are on the ultimate truth and freedom hunt period and wherever that takes you, it takes you and, and God bless us and God speed because it’s, we don’t know, people will align with us, the people and they do, they are look at all that. I mean, and it’s like, I mean some really cool people man there, my family, that is my family now.

I mean, I I had to let go of trying to convince my parents and you know what’s happening with my grandmother. I’m just, I’m so, I’m so upset because they knew better and my they allowed her to get the covid shot and she promised me it wasn’t going to happen and they’re just doing it to keep her in the assisted living place. It’s like to me selfish reasons when you and they didn’t let her out for christmas. And I was like, how could you even allow your mother to not be allowed out for christmas?

Like what are you? And that’s another one of my pot pet peeves, why why do we section off our elders are the people who were supposed to learn with, who should be with our grant and not with her putting a muzzle on my grandmother, who just turned 95 yesterday and I couldn’t be there with her because if I go to Canada, I’m gonna end up in jail is so bad in Ontario right now. But I had, so what I ended up having to do after all this stuff that I saw them due to my grandma and that they’re doing to themselves.

And I was smugly told, well we like to travel like they know that it’s bad, they know not to do it, but they just want to try right off the cuff. I said, what about my Children’s freedom? What about their future freedoms? Does that matter to you? And she ended up hanging up on me and I, I’m not even hurt anymore by it because I’ve had to release it. And honestly, my soul, family, my tribe, the people I have met over the years, they have respect for me.

They actually like what I do and we connect and we are on this on this journey together and I just had to release. I feel like I’ll see them on the other side and they’ll understand on the other side what I was doing here. So I can’t keep trying to force relationships with people don’t, I can’t, I will never be silent. And so to be having a close relationship with my family would mean I would have to put myself on a shelf and be a shell and I’m not willing to do that.

Don’t do that because example truth, you gotta be your truth and exactly, I won’t silence myself to make them comfortable. It will not do it. My Children’s freedom is far too important. So I had to like release these people that are supposed to be, you know and I care about them and I love them but I have to love them from afar because they can’t let people be energy vampires to my good. It’s all good. It’s all good. And here we were, we were talking about it when you first came in.

It’s like this is this is the great cosmic play, Okay, we’re all actors in it. They have to play their part to put so that we can play our part right as above, so below and the yang, you know in a way my family probably has helped others absolutely invented about this publicly, which they hate. But you know what else overheard it on social media. I have publicly put this out there because I was so like, I cannot believe it, but I have released it, but others came in below and we’re like, me too, it’s like the me too, but only connecting on the fact that I have a lot of activist friends that are faced with the exact same thing and they feel alone, but none of us are alone.

We’re all facing similar things with family or past friends. I’m lucky I actually have a lot of past friends, even my childhood friend from when I was four years old, she lives in Switzerland. She’s on the same page as all this. Like I have a lot of pretty awakened friends from my past. So I feel like energetically, as far as friends are concerned, I have always attracted a certain type of energy into my field because I have so many. I really lost no one on this path.

That was a few acquaintance friends. But I’ve never lost no soul family. Because you can’t use. You can’t lose true friends. You can’t lose your soul family. Yeah. Amen. All right, Well, um, well, can we do this again? Can we do more of these? Yeah. Because we want to do fobs and we need to kind of do. It’s an ongoing conversation. Yeah, but I’m hungry. Are you hungry? Let’s go. Let’s go eat some food. All right, well, I love you, Tina. Thank you. Thank you for having me.

I am so grateful to Rachel for Yes, me too. Me too. And again, this is how we’re all connecting and, and and uh, just so all your listeners out there. No. Do you speak in a connection? We have We got the Freedom People dot org, which is our social connection platform. We’ve it’s growing, it’s booming. We’ve got a few 1000 active people on there now. And also job board and directory. Uh, yeah. The Freedom People dot org and Tina. Thank you again so much. And we will talk very very soon.

Thank you. Bye bye. Yeah.

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