June 19, 2021

Firm In The Principles of Liberty

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This Fireside Freedom Chat was lit with the torch of liberty! Hear Anthony’s opinions about Freedom, Liberty, the education/indoctrination system and how he was able to stay true to his principles while in the system.

Show Notes

Meet.thefreedompeople.org coming soon! 

Ursinus College in Pennsylvania 


Freedom and Liberty are the basis for this country. American Revolution fighting for freedom from British rule. Freedom of choice to make decisions, based in reality that humans have the ability to reason, with the ability to make decisions as to what we believe is best for us. Freedom agrees with the fundamental pillar of conservatism that protects individuals. Recognizes the truth that each individual is unique with different backgrounds. 

Declaration of Independence, life liberty, pursuit of happiness. 

Libertarian leaning conservatism ideology. Conservative means conserving the individual. 

Why do you think the modern day left wants to control education? Indoctrination system. Students are taught to hate America. 



Ben Shapiro 


Dana Loesch


Young Americas Foundation combating indoctrination, family values, strong national defense, Declaration of Independence. National Student Conference. https://www.yaf.org/

Ultracrepitarism speaking as if you were an expert outside your area of expertise. 


US Marine Corp founded in a bar Tun Tavern 


BLM Founders self admitted Marxists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpLItQnrgec


Capitalism is responsible for industrialization of our modern world. Rooted in freedom and liberty. https://www.free-dom.us.com/blog/2020/08/01/why-is-capitalism-the-best-system/

Anthony’s Principles of Libertarian Party Podcast Episode https://theanthonyshow.buzzsprout.com/1469452/8473235-moving-to-the-libertarian-party


War on Drugs. Never ending pursuit of what? 

Vade Mecum latin for “go with me.” 



Anthony’s 3 Point Philosophy:

  1. Natural unalienable rights from our Creator
  2. All men are created equal regardless of race, religion, gender or ethnicity. 
  3. Limited government for the protection of the rights of everyone. 


Taxation is theft. https://livefreenow.org/ There is no LAW requiring 99% of Americans to file and pay income taxes. 


St. Paul in 2 Corinthians 3:17 “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”



Where to find Anthony:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/realanthonys/


Listen to The Anthony Show https://theanthonyshow.buzzsprout.com/



Dating Show: Mind of A Woman 



Hello, All you lovely Freedom. People out there and welcome to today’s fireside Freedom Chapter. I’m your host, Bradley Freedom. Today we’re chatting with Anthony Anthony from the Anthony show, actually, which is really cool. He’s really interesting. Dude. I was uh, it was fun to talk to him. He has like these libertarian conservative views I guess is how he puts it. Um, he’s really for his um younger age, I guess. I want to say for his Sprite fel young age right out of the freaking belly of the beast.

Also known as the indoctrination system or, you know, some people call it college anyhoo uh, he kept his his he stood his ground. Um, really proud of this dude. Um anyway, um, we’re gonna get right into this awesomeness. But before we do, what I need you to do is grab your phone and take those thumbs and Text in the word Anthony one To 8449923733. That’s the word, Anthony 1 to 8449923733 And we’ll see in due out today’s show notes. And uh yeah, come on, let’s go. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Uh huh. Yeah. Yeah, so it’s gonna sound awesome no matter what um we were you know, you know, I don’t know if you know, but zoom is owned by china uh Oh I know, yeah google’s owned by google, right? So google meet and all that. So so um you know, and and I don’t know if you know this, but Microsoft bought um What is that one starts with an a Skype. Microsoft bought Skype. Really? I was just about to say because I used to go quite often, yep, and that’s and that’s Microsoft, right?

And I fucking hate Microsoft. So um so I I uh so we built our own so that’s kind of what you see here. That’s why if you go to meet that the Freedom People dot org, this is our own chat video chat service that we’re starting up. Really? Yeah, yeah, yeah, so we wanted to um uh Yeah, again I fuck all those guys dude and seriously fuck them all so hard dude, it’s like it’s getting so bad bro that were um yeah man, this medical tearing me.

That’s happening right now. Dude, kids are being fucking kidnapped right here dude by the hospitals because of fake covid tests and shit. Dude, it’s uh it’s go time right now. Hold on one second, I gotta close my studio door, wow hey. But then I got to say that’s great though, that you’re starting your own because that’s what has to be done, man, starting our own products and own services, especially with all this censorship that’s going on, you know, and when free speech is constantly being violated. And again, I understand that the Free speech Amendment was First Amendment was for restrictions against government.

But what’s the point if there’s no culture of rights, if you can’t respect each other’s ability to have a free speech and free opinion, you know, what’s the point then? There is none. There is none. And that’s what that’s kind of what we’re saying. So, yeah, is that we’re trying to start this foundation, right? We need we need a foundation of freedom. If there is no freedom, there’s nothing else if we don’t preserve our I mean, they’ve been trump trampling on our our freedoms and rights for a long time, right?

But now it’s getting to the point where it’s like, okay, well, you don’t even have, like, you know, autonomy of your body. Now, now, we’re going to tell you what to put on your face and what to inject into your body and this is a hard fucking stop now, dog, you’re gonna lock me down. No, you’re not. Uh fuck you. Exactly. There’s no way. I mean, there’s an especially when when you bring that up about injecting injections into your body. I mean, there’s there’s so much, especially coming from the hard left.

Well there where they will talk about like a claim that were anti vax or something like that. That’s not not anti vax, its freedom of having freedom of choice. There’s a huge difference between being, for example anti vaccination and being and supporting the freedom of choice simply we don’t want to be forced to put anything into our bodies. Do you want to have the choice whether you want to do it or not, and regardless of what side you’re on there? I mean, again, that’s a great point, man, is that we should have that choice regardless of what you have.

We should all agree with that, you know what I mean? Or we should all agree on that one little thing. But before we get too much into this freaking awesomeness, Dude, can you tell everybody a little bit about yourself and who you are? Yes. So my name is Anthony Shaka. I currently actually just just graduated college class of 2020, although my actual graduation ceremony will be taking place next month, which I’m very much looking forward to. Um but I currently host the Anthony show. It’s available on Apple podcasts, Spotify and wherever you get your podcasts.

And then I also host a dating show called Mind of a Woman. Yeah, that’s a lot of fun. So that’s also on Apple and Spotify as well. And then I’m currently right now I’m working on a draft for a piece that I’m gonna be submitting to a number of publications. So I I write to as well, of course, it’s about politics from the from the libertarian conservative perspective. So ha ha ha ha ha. Very cool, very cool. What got you started? So, I mean, I I came from a the school I attended was Ursinus College, it’s in collegeville pennsylvania just outside of philadelphia and it all together was a a really good educational experience.

But I gotta say it was pretty unbelievable that I was the only I was the only one that I remember in in school that even remotely supported President trump, for example, like as far as diversity of opinion, it was just not there at all. And it was it was just crazy for me and I happened to to make it through school and still stuck to the libertarian conservative principles regardless. And I just, you know, realize that it’s it’s definitely time, especially now seeing where the country is headed.

It’s time to stand up and speak out even more. So that’s what led me to do what I’m doing with the shows and writing things of that nature. So got to give you a clap on that one that I do. That’s good shit, dude. But seriously, man? Yeah, man. But it’s it’s kind of like the question of this is just like, dude, like, I mean, we can get into it, but because I want your opinion is how did we get so far separated? You know what I mean?

Um, so, so real quick and I like to ask this question of all my guests. Um, it’s it’s my favorite, um, it’s very open ended, but what does freedom mean to you? So, first of all, freedom and Liberty are the basis for this country as we know it? So if it were not for those who fought in the american revolution, fighting for freedom from british rule, we would not be here right now. Mhm. So and then I guess secondly, as as far as it relates to freedom, for me personally, it’s simply freedom of choice, the ability to make decisions absent limitations, restraint or force, for example, from, say, the federal government, which constantly lately has been infringing more and more upon our freedoms.

But freedom is also, and I like to mention this as well because it’s freedom is based in the reality that humans have the ability to reason. So along with that they have agency meaning we have the ability to make our own choices and decisions as it relates to what we believe is best for us. Yeah. So freedom essentially why, why I’m such a surefire advocate of freedom and liberty is because freedom inherently agrees with the fundamental pillar of conservatism that protects the individuals. So recognizes the truth that each individual is unique with for example, different talents, different abilities, different backgrounds and different desires.

Exactly, precisely and the basis. Of course, for all of this, it lies right in the Declaration of Independence. So life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness were endowed by our creator with unalienable rights. So the pursuit of happiness itself requires liberty because within liberty is the freedom of choice. Yeah, bro. Yeah, 1000%. Man. Well said, Well said, Yeah, absolutely. Um let me know if I left anything out. No, I mean, it’s it’s that’s an open question. And I mean, and I made you know, I mean, that’s and the reason I asked we like to ask that in the beginning is just because it’s interesting to see what people have to say.

And the main objective of our show, the Freedom People podcast is to um to explore all of these things and find out because I really believe that the common thread and again, I to me, I don’t care about race, religion, sexual orientation. Again, all this ridiculous stuff that people man, it’s like, it seems that they can keep roping us back into such low vibe. Very small thinking things, right? Because again, the racism is so small minded and so small thinking all of these things, they’re they’re they’re they’re just so small.

So, okay, so then if you we could a little bit, I’m gonna kind of go back to what? So, so you just graduated from college, which, and you’re again, for lack of better term, we’re gonna say conservative. And I don’t like these terms really, I don’t like the whole left right thing or any of that. But right now, that’s just kind of how we seem to find a way that we understand what we’re talking about here, right? I always say, I mean, I always say when I’m asked, I always say libertarian leaning conservative because that description, at least as far as I understand it is rooted in ideology, not so much like if I say Republican, that’s a political party that’s created by fellow men.

Whereas ideology, for example, especially as it relates to liberty is not right. And even the term like the term the word conservative, right? I mean, that means to conserve right. I mean, exactly. And I think that at the basis of all of us, we should all agree that we want to conserve some things. I mean right, preserve and conserve. I mean again, individual. That’s what it’s all about. Yeah man. Right. Individual. Yes and thank you bro. Another rick and solid point there, man. Is that what we’re trying to do right is just instill the the power back in people, the belief that they have the power.

You know what I mean? It’s like they’ve given all their power away constantly by saying you’re responsible for everything, right? You government, you’re responsible for me and my family, everything. I mean literally everything these days. So anyway, but like so so you again, man being again the term a conservative or whatever, right? A how one? How do you make it out alive? Right out of the college? But like but like there’s there again the divisiveness like we were saying, you know, this is what I want to get back to, is what in your opinion, where you what what is what is the divisiveness, Why is there such a imbalance I want to say in opinion, Right?

Is it the media, is it is it because of the indoctrination system? Excuse me. You know, that kind of thing? Yeah, I mean, to address the first part of the question there, how, how I made it out alive. I mean, it was, you know, it was interesting to say the least because it, even though I was the only one who had my views, um, I have to say that the professors, I had actually were very fair, especially when it came to grading. So I never felt as though, even though I could tell like it was, it was interesting because I could tell that my professors especially disagreed with, for example, what I would write in certain papers, but I still got a zoo on those papers, you know?

So I gotta say I gotta hand it to the school for being for being fair in the way they dealt with, you know, my views, but as far as um and and again, what was the second part of your question there? Uh Oh yeah, so is one, how do you survive? But the second part is what in your opinion, what is it that’s kind of driving this this this the I want to say diversity in opinion, but uh that’s even a bad term here. But the divisiveness, what is driving this like?

Right, Because I mean again look at colleges right now it’s overwhelmingly socialist agenda and, and, and um rhetoric, right? This Marxism and communism and before I freaking gave the bird to facebook and jumped off, I was trying to explain to people why communism was bad and I could not believe that these grown ass adults were asked me why communism is bad and they were being serious. That was the scary part. It wasn’t that they were like, oh I was, you know, being a jack ass about it.

They were literally sincere, why why is communism bad? And I’m talking people like, you know, you know, again, these are grown folk so we should be. Yeah, well, well let me let me answer your question with a question. If you don’t mind, why do you think the modern day left and for example, our current government, the biden Harris administration in particular want to control education. They already do. I already do. So you know, Pfizer, you understand how, where our education and I again, I call it an indoctrination system, not an education system, because education means that to me is free critical thinking, right?

So it’s indoctrination into our system and right? And that’s why I look at how doctors and the medical system, right? We kind of hit on this in the very beginning, but like they were kidnapping babies right now, bro, because they’re saying because the mom had a false positive coronavirus tests, which again, they’re all bullshit. They still haven’t even haven’t even isolated this thing. Right? So, again, we don’t have to go there, but it’s just like, right? So, to answer your question with my question to the question, it’s the indoctrination, right?

So that’s where it all starts though. And you’re saying why there was a lack of diversity of opinion because you have these patently false ideologies and principles, principles that are being taught in public schools, for example, when it comes to like critical race theory or when it comes to uh, ideology concerning gender, for example. And, and besides that, you have students who are being taught to hate America saying that America is a bad place is founded in racism. It’s, it’s irreversibly damaged. So when, when you’re taught all of that from a young age in public schools and then you come into college, I mean you’re not, there’s not going to be much diversity of opinion.

And thankfully, I mean, I didn’t have, I went to, I went to private schools my entire life, fortunately. And so I was never, I never had to deal with the public, public school teaching in that way. Got it, got it. That’s pretty cool. That’s pretty cool. Uh, that’s unique. Um, yeah, you know, and again, it’s, and when I, when I was saying, how did you get out alive and well, what I meant by that from college was, how’d you get out like with a, with a critical mind?

Because again, it’s that indoctrination system. Again, you have to be a very independent, strong man and a person to be able to do that. Do you know what? Because dude, I mean, everybody wants to be accepted and liked, you know what I mean? And part of the crew, you know what I mean? It’s part of who we are as a species, as part of our, you know, so, so kind of, how did you, you know what I mean? Like it just seems like it would be pretty difficult man to deal with.

So yeah, I mean, even though I was like I said pretty much on my own with the beliefs that I held, I still, I got a lot of my support and information, I guess you could say from outside sources. So I do a lot of, I mean for example, I read a lot all the outside of the school, you mean exactly outside of the school. Exactly. So and I listened to a lot of um, like podcasts and radio shows. So I’ll listen to, for example, Ben Shapiro and dana Lash or two of my favorites, but I listen to every day.

Um, and then on top of that I was involved with a, an organization called Young America’s Foundation. I don’t know if you’re familiar, they’re all about combating. For example what we were just talking about the indoctrination that’s occurring on college campuses, but then they’re also all about fundamental american principles like, you know, family values, freedom and liberty, strong national defense, supporting the constitution, principles of declaration, all of that good stuff. So I was involved with them and then I would and they had like they had conferences that you could attend for free.

And so I was at I was in Washington, D. C, at their national student conference, I was in santa barbara California at the President Ronald Reagan’s ranch. Um, I was in at their headquarters in Virginia and all of the students that were there were also like minded individuals and you know, they also liberty, but a lot of patriots. So there was outside support that that I had, that wasn’t obviously there at the school, but that I still had nonetheless, right. But you and and and the thing is, and I guess what I was getting at is that, uh, I guess you’re again, you’re a strong willed man and these are the things that we want to instill in people, right?

And that’s why we’re talking to you and we want to talk to more people like you. Again, people who are just, you know, not afraid. I mean, and again, even though we all want to be liked and all that stuff, there still is like this, hey, you know, this is right. You know, I do wanna be liked, but this is right. And we and, and I I have some sort of life force in me still that’s saying no, this is my choice and it should be everybody’s choice, right?

And and it just seems like the there is this massive also part that is completely not awake to that in any way. And they’re just willing, again, they’re willing to even give away the basic right to breathe clean air away without even questioning. Yeah. And, you know, you mentioned something there about, about being liked and how that’s something that’s, you know, as a human species. That’s something that’s important to all of us naturally. And I was absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. And and it’s just troubling because, you know, I mean, I have friends still who don’t think like I do as it relates to love for freedom in America, for example, libertarian conservative principles, which is fine, you know, I don’t believe in um well, what I was gonna say is, is even though I have I have friends in such who disagree with me politically, like there are still other things that that unify us, for example, like sports and music.

But but again, that’s also being infiltrated now by politics. It’s just so frustrating because even the things that are that are supposed to unify us now are divisive politics is being injected into that as well. So it’s like, it’s just it’s frustrating on that level too, because that’s one thing that I I always um found in common with with friends, like we like the same sports team or like the same right? Later DJ. Right? Right. Exactly. Like, and that’s a great point is the music and uh I D. J. And I play music, right?

And I and I was out before 2020 I was out playing in clubs and all that stuff and All these friends that I had, right? I mean, these these types of conversations never came up, right until 2020, brought a whole lot of new conversations to the table with people. And uh you know what I mean? And and now I’m I’m I’m finding people strangers um that I around the world that I connect with much, much better than I did with people that I’ve known for years. You know, now I don’t even speak to them anymore at all, like at all.

And that’s just because again, this basic, very basic value of freedom, right? Everybody seems to want to tell everybody else what to do. Yeah. Even even in and I’m gonna say this because I steal this from, I’m gonna admit I’m stealing this from Ben Shapiro right now. But he uses this term on the show all the time. It’s called Ultra Crepin. Darion isn’t. So it’s speaking as if you were an expert outside your area of expertise. So for example, you were talking about sports like Lebron James just deciding to act like he’s an expert on policing.

Yeah, I’m putting that picture up and saying your neck and then pretending like that’s not violence. Dude, I mean, come on bro, dude, that’s a little sketchy. Yeah, it’s extremely troubling. And then just to tie it back to what you’re saying about being liked. Like, I mean, I talk about I have a number of friends who I talk about basketball with, you know mama huge basketball fan and I love Lebron James as an athlete. But I almost have to I feel like I almost have to say when I’m talking with my friends, it’s like, yeah, I love Lebron James, but politically I don’t like Lebron jeans.

Shut your mouth. One he shit again. Why? But to your point, why is it bled into everything, dude? All right. Everything. Yeah. The things that used to bring us together, but again, and I think goose bumps. I think we just came up with a little fucking you know, little maybe a reason there is because again, that is what they’re doing. The churches, look at religion, everything. They’re dividing everything no matter what used to be. So anyway, that we used to come together, look at what was the first thing they did, restaurants, churches, bars, any of these places, You know, the United States Marine Corps was founded in a bar tun tavern, Right?

So pennsylvania tun tavern, pennsylvania is where the United States Marine Corps is founded in a bar by a bunch of pissed off people like us and fuck you were done. You know what I mean? And that’s of course why they have to stifle all of that, right? Anything, get out there there, You’re not allowed to, you know what I mean? To get along. We can’t have you getting along. And again, divide us by all these small, little tiny things like, like low vibe, things like racism and gender and like all these things that just really don’t fucking matter.

Dude, in my opinion, it’s fine. And all of that even is it’s all it can all be pointed back to control. I mean, we’re here talking about freedom and liberty, all of that, which you were just talking about, you know, trying to divide people, trying to take away the social institutions, for example, it’s all about an attempt to get those people to rely on government as opposed to their own social freedom. Individual choice. Yeah, exactly, socialism, communism, Marxism, all those that are currently seemingly infiltrating society, right?

Yeah. And that the BLM, you know, the BLM founders like their self admitted marxists. I mean, they and their and their backing that up backing up on private property. Yeah, but did you hear what she said? Oh, but that’s not all my mind, that’s me and my family’s money. It’s like, Dude, that that is that’s capitalism precisely, precisely. I just cannot, I could not get I mean, I’m not nobody seems to even see the problem with that. Yeah, it’s not surprising because obviously capitalism is responsible for the industrialization of the modern world as we know it.

You know, there is no greater economic philosophy than capitalism absolutely rooted in freedom and liberty. Yes. Yes. Now now, is it perfect? No. But does that mean you throw out the baby with the bathwater and just say, okay, well, now we’re gonna digress all the way back to freaking communism? Yes, there is no perfect system, but that, of course, is the best. So as well as we know those available as we know, correct? Yeah. Um, okay, well, how would you describe your views? So, you know, you kind of hit on it before the label a little bit, But yeah, so I, like I said, I always say libertarian leaning conservative, and I stress that because I’m still actually it’s actually a little hint, you know, whoever is tuning into the show might get a little sneak peek into my next into my next podcast episode.

But I’m actually I’m actually working on the show that goes through the principles of the actual libertarian party, because I am thinking of registering as a libertarian from currently registered as a Republican. But I’m actually thinking of switching, um, and I say libertarian because a lot of what the libertarian party is based in, obviously by the name Freedom and Liberty Individual choice. For example, one area where, um, I fundamentally disagree with the Republican Party is the war on drugs. I mean, how money is constantly being just thrown out in this never ending pursuit of of what a time when nobody is no longer using using these substances.

I mean, it’s just totally ridiculous. So, again, it’s more control telling you what you can and can’t put in your body. Exactly. So I always say libertarian leaning conservative for that reason. But we’ll see if I’m actually if I actually end up converting to a full unregistered libertarian. But yeah, I came up with and this was something I talked about in in one of my previous episodes, I called I talked about a body mika, which is latin phrase for which is latin for go with me and of academic, um, is actually something that you can have as a reference point.

So, I came up with a three point philosophy for myself that I can always go back in reference when it comes to defending my beliefs. So it starts with for me, number one from our creator, Almighty God come natural, unalienable individual rights as stated in the declaration also number to all men are created equal. So that’s a universal affirmative. All men meaning all humanity regardless. Men and women were not discriminating percent exactly All men, regardless of like you said gender, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, whatever it may be.

And then number three is because we have those unalienable rights from our creator. And because all men are created equal, a limited government stress on limited government is necessary because there has to be protection of rights and there has to be protection of everyone and recognizing everyone is equal under the law. So that’s the three point philosophy that I sort of resort to when I’m asked about my beliefs, awesome. So the dude that’s Very well thought out too. So number three, right? And this this is this is my um, my big stick right now and talking point has been for about a decade, is I I’m and that’s just so you can kind of understand where I’m coming from is I do not believe that a centralized government is the solution.

I do not believe that the current government as it sits is going to be reformed, like I don’t think there’s voting in or voting out. Um, so basically what I believe is that we need decentralization and I mean that in a sense of medical everything, right? Um, and it needs to be more localized, right? Like, and, and maybe maybe we’re just as a country, right? And again, this is just a question. I’m all for federalism. Well, that’s what what if we all right? What if we all had our state and our state was more like we were like an EU kind of thing where it was each country, each state was its own country where individual, right?

But again, even even then, it’s kind of like, well, well, and I mean that’s getting closer, I would feel right again, for me it’s it’s a hard concept for me, or it’s a hard pill for me to swallow to say yes, we’re going to continue to keep giving money up to the centralized source, right? And then it’s somehow we’re going to trickle down and then benefit me now in my immediate area, giving giving money, did you say? Yeah, well, sorry, who’s giving money? There we go. Well, but here’s the thing.

No. And because you don’t have to pay that again, we can get into this. But that the federal income tax is one okay, we can go down that rabbit hole. I got books, I got books. I don’t know if you know these books? This one here. You ever heard of? The creature from Jekyll Island? A big book? I can’t, wow. Okay. I’m always looking to add to my reading list. So, yeah, the Creature from Jekyll Island, You want to know how the Federal Reserve and everything was started this right here. Boom.

It’s a really big book. Right? But anyway, um, anyway, so, so we can get deep into that rabbit hole, Right? Um, However, taxation is theft, Right? Right. And because that is forced taking money from people, or It’s not really, it’s not really if you know the laws and how things really work, right? You can go to free live free now.org. Go check that out. You’re welcome payment. But he’s actually an attorney. He’s uh, he’s uh, he offers $1 million dollars to anybody that can show him the law that actually states that an individual has to pay the federal income tax.

And he’s been offering that for over a decade. I’ve known the dude for a long time anyway. So it’s all right, okay. So kind of digressing back to where we were there. Um, there’s something else that you mentioned, boy, that’s that’s a fundamental tenant, especially of the libertarian party, too. And that’s why I was one major reason why I was thinking of switching. And like I said, I’ll elaborate more on that in my upcoming podcast episode. But yeah, I mean, the taxation is theft, that principle. I mean, I support, right?

So we have this procedure entity at the top, right? And right now we’ve got biden and Harris who uh, again, they are the day of the mouthpieces for actually, who runs things and we’re that’s the bankers, and we can get really deep into the rabbit hole. But this whole, this deep state is a lot deeper. Then people really understand the biden, and again, even the federal government, the United States federal government has been infiltrated and taken over long ago by this deep state. So and again, that’s why I’m saying that whole system keep it drown with it, choke on it.

I don’t care. That’s the titanic. It’s going down. It’s sinking. You can stay on the ship, you can stay up there with the band and you can sit there and hold your elections and try and vote things in vote things out, not happening. It’s still going down. It doesn’t matter. So my my call to action, my again, sticking this whole thing right now is just let’s let’s work on how do we start our own and how do we live right now in our own personal lives as free men and women?

Uh, and you know, whatever you want to call yourself, I don’t really care. That’s not the point. The point is, is that are we going to stand for our freedoms as individuals? Right? And again, how do we instill that, that desire uh in another person would be like, yeah, I want to live free, You know what I mean? Yeah, I mean, you’re speaking speaking to that point, it’s it’s something I just I really cannot get over is how many people seemingly do not want to live free.

It’s like they want to get more intrusive federal government in their lives. What makes you think that these people can run your own life better than you can? Isn’t it amazing mind blowing to me? I cannot get over it. Yeah, you hit the nail on the head right there, bro, It’s and you hit the nail on the head right there. It is essential that people get told what to do Yeah, you know what I mean, like, but uh again, and that, that’s kind of what my question was earlier, man, as I was trying to get to is what makes you, you bro, what what gives you and you and I share this uh and it’s in a spree decor, right?

It’s we we share this this freedom, this call to an end, the balls to stand up for it, you know what I mean? Because I also know lots of people who don’t want to wear the mask, but they don’t have the balls to stand up and say no right or you know, you know what I’m saying, like, so I don’t know man, And again, this is an open ended question and it’s a question that I want to keep going. Um we have to cut it short here.

They’re just this is a great talk. We’re gonna have to do more of these if if you’re open. Um because these conversations are important. Yeah, exactly. Oh, for sure. And I’m very happy to be here. I do want to thank you by the way for having me. I should have said that in the very beginning, but I’m very happy to be here. So I love associating with the freedom people, fellow fellow individuals, who love and respect to liberty. So that’s great. Um but I did want to say, touching on liberty and touching on just what you were saying is like, is these principles go back, I mean, so far, I mean, I don’t know how verse you are in going back to biblical times, but even ST paul in Corinthians wrote where the spirit of the Lord is, there is what Liberty?

Liberty. Yeah, Well there has to be again, it’s synonymous. It’s truth. God is truth source God, whatever you want to say, it’s truth, its life, its love, its its abundance. And that’s another thing is abundance, abundance only exists is this belief and lack that. Again, these powers that be have got us to believe in this, you know, that everything we’re lacking somehow or lack everything is a lack and we have to struggle and it’s, you know, competition is the only way where that’s the opposite. The only way is actually cooperation, not competition with each other.

You know what I mean? Um I uh so I have another question for you. So and then yeah, this is it’s kind of last one here and we got on the list, but it’s really important and I know I want to have more time to talk about it, but I have to do a part two. Where do we gotta do a part two? We’ll and we’ll part two. Part three. And again, because to me these conversations are something that need to be continuously had, right? The opposition is not giving up with their rhetoric.

Do you see CNN taken down there like a fucking pages? That’s crazy bro. They’re still got this death count or something. That dude. Yeah. But are they are they saying how many people haven’t died of the flu? Now? We could Oh I know exactly and I mean we could get into that anymore. I don’t know if you saw the hidden hidden tapes recently released from James O’keefe and project veritas. Absolutely. Executive producer at CNN just openly admitting on Tinder dates trying to get away not only that but that there that they were deliberately trying to damage for example, donald trump and then at the same time if you, and the thing is if you want to do that, that’s fine.

If you want to run a hit network on donald trump, go ahead or hit network on conservatives, but don’t pretend to be factually objective, trusted voice and news or whatever most trusted name in news. It’s just an absurd get out of here dude, It’s so bad. I mean that’s the part that bothers me the most. I really don’t like I said, I’m, I’m pretty much a free speech purist if you want to call me that, you know, um, I, I really don’t care if you want to run a network, whatever you want to talk about whatever you want to attack or be honest about it.

O be honest about it. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying man. And that’s why it’s like, you know, like I struggle with this and I don’t want to say struggle, it’s just like, you know, cursing right? And especially with this, you know, now that I’m getting and podcasting and stuff, right? And I’m never trying to offend anybody at all ever. I’m, I’m a guy from love dude, I’m in meditation, I meditate hardcore were very spiritual people, but I’m also the guy that says fuck you and you know why?

Because dude, don’t censor me dog, stop censoring me, You know what I mean? It’s more censorship. It’s like, dude, we gotta stop with everybody with the little weak ears. Dude listen, listen to people and listen to people, listen to other points. You don’t agree with dude, that’s a big one, you know what I mean? That is a huge one for sure. And you can’t do that these days there, you can’t like again. And some of my favorite actually, yeah, some of my very favorite calls, I want to say my favorite calls, but not all the time are people that I don’t agree with.

You know I mean? Because now we’re getting somewhere, you know what I mean? Now we’re kind of working over ground, it’s in that middle ground somewhere, you know what I mean? That’s where stuff is done, that’s where the fun is. And I think and I think going off of that, I think that is what is just extremely important is having those conversations and trying to educate people because there was a study that was recently released. I think it was actually from young America’s Foundation. And I was talking about where where they found that that so many college age and young people actually agree with the principles of freedom and liberty when when they’re actually asked about it directly impressed on it.

But when they’re indoctrinated when every everyone around, you just agrees with the same thing that they were taught when they were young. You know, like you’re saying just, it just kind of fits into just being liked. Everyone wants to be like, so just say, oh yeah, I agree with that and just everyone is accepted and there’s no dissent and everything is just perfect, right? Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, exactly. And but again, that’s, that’s not life dude, life’s messy and weird and, and it’s a, it’s a journey and journeys aren’t safe.

And that’s another thing, man, is all dislike in the name of safety. Well, did you know that? We all also could lower all the death rates on the highway by 80%. If we drop the speed limit to 20 miles an hour literally, there’s been a study, I think it’s 25 miles an hour. If we dropped all the freeway right from 75 miles whatever to 20 miles 25 miles an hour, we could reduce all the traffic deaths damn near almost all of them. But we don’t do that. And you know how many hundreds of thousands of people die on the on the road, Right?

So it’s it’s way worse than the flu or anything else? Well, it comes that comes with freedom of choice are are individual ability to assess risk, Right? And and take that risk. We’re like, Okay, yeah, sure. We know that deaths are gonna go up 80% because the we’re flying down the roads, but we’re willing to take that just so we can get places faster. So again, man, there’s I digress, there’s so much we could keep going and I know we’re already at the 9:00 freaking mark or nine on my time.

It’s uh what noon your time do not here. Yeah. Yeah. Good stuff out here in pennsylvania by the way. I know you mentioned the founding of the marines there at the bar in pennsylvania. Yeah, I’m in pennsylvania. So yeah, so do you know where tun tavern is? You know, I don’t I was actually going to ask you about that because I don’t know where it is now. Dude, I’ve never actually been there. I’ve only been to pennsylvania once when I was a kid um before I was in the marines.

Um, but if you look it up it’s, it’s now it’s like, it’s not even a pub anymore, but they have a, like a little sign there that says, you know, memorial kind of thing. Hey, this used to be where it was. Yeah. Um so, uh, one more time just so for everybody who’s listening, can you tell them how to get a hold of you? Oh yeah, of course. So yeah. So I primarily just used instagram at the moment at real Anthony s. Um, and then I do still have parlor, my handles the same name, but obviously we’re dealing with some censor censorship on parler and their web web domain being attacked and things of that nature.

But then also, like I said, the Anthony show is on apple podcasts on Spotify, uh, stitcher, a number of other podcast platforms and you can always tune into the show and then same for Mind of a woman, the dating shows also out on apple podcasts. I’m excited this year. That one man, I’ve heard your other podcast. Yeah, but I haven’t, I haven’t heard that. That’s really cool. Yeah, I mean I, I diversify so it’s a lot of fun. I always have to have great conversations with my female guests that come on the show and talk about some of their past experiences that as it relates to dating.

That’s all ships. It’s good stuff. Yes, interesting stuff to say the least. Sweet brother. Okay well Anthony man again, I really, really appreciate you being on the show. Um and uh keep fighting that freedom and we’ll sign, we’ll we’ll be in contact, will set it up and we’re gonna do a part two. Hey sounds good thank you so much. I know you, I know you call this the what Fireside? Freedom chat. Yeah. Say man the fire is warm, it’s warm. Was it lit with the torch of Liberty?

It was now sir. Was now now. Alright, beautiful, awesome brother. Thank you man. What an epic conversation. We’re going to do more. I got more questions. Yes, thank you so much man. Thank you brother. Thank you bye bye. Mhm.

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