August 11, 2021

Are You Alive in the Jungle?

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Tom Barnett and Brad Fireside Freedom Chat round two is filled with digestible, actionable things to do in your life today. More talk of public versus private law and how to combat the nefarious agenda moving forward.

Show Notes

Matt Kahn, if it’s not in your visual real life does it exist? 


First Video that went viral


“Get so grounded in yourself you just eminent something more powerful than that dark presence trying to infiltrate” -Tom 


Old testament is a book on commerce; Guide to connect to Creator, not meant to be literal 


Tips for communication:

Answer a question with a question to maintain power

Do not refuse anything 

Do not stay silent 

Do not make claims


Consent or nonconsent 

Acit unconscious decision to agree 


Miranda Rights 

Under juris, voice nonconsent 


Private: rights, love thy neighbor, love thy Creator, jungle, need to know who you are 

Public: statutory, legal tender, city 


You can only serve one master; if you serve Creator you have no fear of public servants 

Nick Patterson from Melbourne


Tips to counter toxins:

Bentonite clay 

Green juice, lemon juice to take out metallic toxins in the body 


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Hello, all you lovely Freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the Freedom People podcast. Are we getting to the nitty gritty ease of all the freedoms. Your freedoms. My freedoms. Uh yeah. All the freedoms, I think. Is that all the all the freedoms? That’s right. All the freedoms as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together and I am honored to be on this journey with you. I’m your host, Bradley. Freedom. Today’s guest is none other than Tom Barnett. Yes, that’s right.

Tom joins us again here on the show and round two here. It was a phenomenal conversation. I love speaking with tom every time. Such a strong man in his conviction and he really understands or understands, which is very interesting that we get into there anyway. Um, it’s full of digestible, actionable things that you can do in your life today. Uh, there’s lots more talk on the public versus private and common law things that seems to be a very hot topic for all of us right now. Before we get started, what I’m gonna need you to do is take out those two little thumbs there you have.

And I’m gonna need your text into your phone. The word Barnett too. And that’s the word Barnett, B A R N E T T. And the number two 28449923733. That’s 8449923733. We’re gonna send you out today’s show notes from the Freedom People podcast. Also, it will be very, very smart of you to keep in constant contact with us through text because, well, things are starting to heat up. Come on, let’s go. Thank you. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Mm. Being things that are, well, that’s a weird thing to say. I was going to say because I know that I’m doing something truthful but fundamentalist, fundamentalist religious crew also think that they’re doing something truthful by killing people.

So I’ll have to be careful with how I say things. But within myself, hey, maybe it’s the same thing because I’m sure they don’t feel threatened either. But I know beyond the shadow of a doubt because of what I studied what I approved for myself many times and through others and through breaking down propaganda. I know that what I’m doing is beneficial to the world. And so for me, when I hear that people want to kill me or people don’t like me, it’s all that online stuff, the online world in the real world.

Absolutely not the same thing to the point where I have never, ever had anybody come up to me in the real world and say anything negative at all, it’s always been positive. So I’m sure that that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are people who think negative things. But I mean, I’ve said on a live stream the other day, I thought of popping the Prime Minister between the eyes with a rifle many times. It doesn’t mean I’m going to do it. It’s just that these are the types of thoughts that most of us have all of the time, of the many tens of thousands of thoughts that we have each day.

Some of those are the fact that we don’t like certain people. And so I have no doubt that there are people that don’t like me or would like to pop me between the eyes. But the reality of that actually happening is just not part of my reality anyway. Because likewise, I have these thoughts, but the reality of me ever doing that is like zero. So, you know what I mean? It’s just there’s a big difference between online world and the real world and thoughts in the real world.

Yeah, no, yeah, absolutely agreed, agreed. Um, so what, what are you, what are you doing right now? Well, uh, lots of stuff. So I’ve been running some workshops on communications, so how people can learn how to communicate more effectively and therefore not give away their rights. Also been, we’ve got a five detail that’s being upgraded, which were being, uh, holding up and protesting and looking at legal avenues to have a lot of the other towers decommissioned. There’s, uh, there’s always, there’s nothing, there’s never nothing happening around here.

So just how much he wants to sleep. Dude, that’s another Yeah, that’s another thing that, I mean, I’m really curious about one of our, one of our good, good buddies, his brother lives down there. Um I have some other friends that I’m talking to, they’re always sending me stuff, Mark, he knows you, I guess. Um uh Anyway, like uh and they’re all just like, man, it’s it’s well, and I also believe it’s a testing ground, right? It’s it’s new Zealand all the islands because you’re kind of fucked, you know what I mean?

Like, like and and also if you don’t have any weapons um Right, And it’s kind of a like uh I believe Canada look what’s going on in Canada New Zealand Australia right now, hardcore. I mean, I I don’t know how crazy is it right now, Can you, can you everybody? Well here, it’s not it’s I’m glad I’m not in Sydney. That’s definitely not uh from what I can tell you that you want to ramp things up there the same way that they did in victoria, in Melbourne last year.

So here though, around Byron Bay Area and the Gold Coast. Nothing’s yeah, there’s no craziness at all. I mean, you can feel it in the air though. It’s not really, it’s not looking good for the near term, but and like you said, man, if we had guns and just be a different story, I mean, it just different people. Yeah. Because then they think twice before kicking in doors, you know what I mean? It’s like, but now and that we saw that last year, immediately, people getting their doors kicked in and arrested for posts on facebook.

Remember like, I think that was in Australia, right? Or, uh, some of those were likely fake as Dean set up with a set up policemen and a setup. Things, just not all of it. Yeah, a lot of it’s just just to put fear into people and they go, oh my God, look what happens if you put something on facebook, your door will be kicked in, you’ll be arrested. But there’s way more to the two stories that meets the eye with, I’m sure it’s happened, but a lot of the stuff that got mainstream attention, I’m not sure it was real, but at the same time.

Yeah, I mean, yeah, if, yeah, if you’re standing behind that door with a shotgun, it’s a different story. You know, it’s like trespassing, see you later or I’ll blow you out back to the pavement. Yeah. Well, and that’s, I mean that’s what uh that’s what they said something about an army behind every blade of grass or something like that and that’s why you couldn’t really just take America the same way because everybody has as has the right to bear arms and can. Yeah, but America seems a lot more compliant.

It seems like you’ve got a high uptake of vaccination rates. Whereas here it’s still relatively below. Which is why they’re trying to threaten with the offer of military involvement. Which I don’t quite buy at this stage because they’ve been saying that since the start. So I don’t really know. Well let’s go back to what’s real what is real right? Because you’re saying like for me it’s like I don’t believe anything on tv right? It’s like it’s I mean you’re on the internet right now. So I kind of believe the internet, right?

I believe you exist even though we’ve never met, right? Um And it’s that’s it’s a it’s a weird thing um What’s the name? Matt Con, this guy, Matt Conn, he did a he did this one kind of talk about if it’s not in your visual real life, it doesn’t exist, right? That kind of thing. Where it’s like all the other stuff, right? And it’s like so it’s it’s sometimes it’s hard to decipher what’s real and what’s not, you know, uh I guess anything in the corporate media you can just say is not right.

That’s just complete construction of of narrative. And it’s yeah, that’s weird. Maybe that’s why they’re running that kind of story because they know if they tried to push it the way they’re trying to push here, people would fight back literally with you guys are armed. So I think maybe that they’re worried. Yeah. Yeah. So um yeah, it’s hard to imagine. Um Well aren’t they? What about the vaccine passport thing? Do they have any of that going on? I’m I’m sure not yet know they want to. They wishing for it.

But so far, I mean, so far, a lot of people aren’t scanning QR codes either. So there’s uh, you know, the likelihood of them getting a vaccine passport implemented successfully is I think that they’re behind on that. I don’t think that they’re really been very successful with that lobbying. So we’ll see. I’m not sure yet, but it’s really always just comes down to the people. You know, if the people stand up then they won’t be doing it. And that’s what it comes down to. Unfortunately, there is a lot of compliance with mask wearing and QR codes at the moment.

It’s actually more than I expected. I gotta say. I’ve got a bad track record with getting things wrong actually because when I first saw this corona stuff going around china and I’m like, that’s never going to come to Australia if we’d be that. And then two months later everyone shitting themselves. And, and that’s why I had to make that video, you know, calling people retards because it’s like, what are you people doing? You’re literally looping up your back in, just like just going, hey fist me, you know, just so and so then I said in our town like mullen Bambi Byron Bay area was like, if masks come, you won’t see him in the street.

But I was wrong again because you’re definitely saying way too many masks, way too many people looking for where they can scan a QR code. It’s just uh yeah, I mean don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of people not, but just the percentage that are, is actually a little bit surprising to me. Would you say the percentage of people that are wearing mask is more than the percentage of people that are getting jabbed? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I find that interesting. I like because it’s right, it’s like where is your cognitive dissonance lie?

Like are, you know, like to me if you wear the mask, you’re going to get the jab. If you get the first jab, you’re gonna get all the jobs they give you. Right? So it’s and again it’s about compliance, right? And that’s why I believe are the strongest thing that people have is peaceful, non compliance, you know? Yeah, totally. I agree to that’s the thing is that, you know, what’s interesting is just on the gun thing. I think that if if there’s a tool to use as just human nature will gravitate towards using the tool, for example, if we can just grab information from the internet will gravitate towards doing that and we’ll kind of bypass a deeper connection to knowledge, wisdom and information that we actually always hold.

And I’m wondering if easy access to weaponry would prevent us from using what is a more powerful weapon, which is our heart and mind either through peaceful non compliance, but also through getting so grounded in yourself that you just emanate something that is more powerful than, you know, that dark presence that’s trying to infiltrate things. Whether people are up to being able to uh, access. That is another story. But I also, I just think that, you know, I’m like guns the answer because I think that that is just operating on that wavelength of a very heavy, lower frequency, which is actually their food.

So if we’ve got out in the streets and we’re fighting where you’re not coming here just like mowing people down. I just think that that’s actually playing into that game and it makes it worse twice as opposed to being much more grounded and connected and uh really creating from our essence of being what it is that we are. I think that’s more powerful, more powerful guns. So yeah, well that’s that’s um absolutely. And that’s the thing is like I’m ex military and I but I’ve I’ve never I’m still absolute piece right?

It’s it’s just that that weird thing that that’s like you’re saying that that’s the absolute fallback when somebody is breaching breaching my house. You know what I mean? That sort of thing. Like, and I don’t see things getting there, you know what I mean? Um We’re doing everything in our power to make sure that they don’t right. Um So yeah, man. Yeah. Yeah. But we’re very well said very well said it is that that is 100,000% our heart. And and if if we could just stand in peace altogether.

But the thing is is that not everybody because people by the narrative and that’s that’s where the rub is. Right. I mean i if everybody was like, okay, yeah, obviously this is bs, there’s all these people dying everywhere. I mean from this jab, it’s just like insane, right? Um because influenza A and B. Right? Which I believe now like multiple places have confirmed that. Um and so it’s just, dude, I don’t, what can you say? Really? It’s we are in the freaking nut of land. Yeah. And that’s and that’s one of the elements that is meant to wear us down because that’s they know that the people who pull the strings, they know exactly what kind of numbers well to or to a degree.

I think maybe they might be surprised with how many people are surprising, but they know they’ve got the vast majority of people in their clutches. So they also know that what that does to the minds of those who are not very deeply grounded that are still in that middle ground of having only recently woken up. Don’t really. They know that’s bs but they don’t yet know their full power. They know that these people can swing either way and if they put if they allow enough of these masses that are controlled to just go, hey look, there’s too many of us then they go into fear mode.

It really takes the very grounded people to be able to go. It doesn’t matter what’s happening there. You’re gonna have, you don’t like the Spartans the 300 versus the 10,000. It’s like if you just got that resolve, it’s like come at it. You know you just better than you were more powerful than you then. But those ones that are in that middle ground don’t have that resolve and so that they know that so they can use that to their advantage. Because realistically one awakened soul in my opinion, this isn’t anything that I can quote a number, but I think we’re like hundreds of thousands of times more powerful than an un awakened.

So it doesn’t matter that they have the majority of the population. I think that that I realized human being is just like a powerhouse of um of intention and creativity and love and power and far outweighs. Doesn’t matter how many others do you know what I mean? Like hundreds of thousands to one. So I think that we still have the balance of power once again beautifully put my brother. Yes, absolutely right. I mean it’s it’s turning on a light switch or or you know lighting a lighter in a in a in a dark theater, right?

That one little light can light up millions of cubic feet of space, Right? One little light and so that’s and that’s where it’s like, you know um what do you think in this kind of, what do you think about the whole 144,000 number? Um You know like I I know, have you ever heard about that? Like the bible? I think it’s in the bible and all this good stuff about 100 and 44,000 people is and I don’t know if that’s what it’s gonna take to like shift, you know, I I don’t I really don’t know.

I’m curious what your thought is on that because it has something to do with what we’re talking about, right? I know of the number just not enough about it. I’ve just heard it in pulsing. Yeah, yeah, yeah, same, same. I’ve heard I’ve heard Yeah, I have. You know, I grew up in religion and we grew up around people who are raised in churches and whatnot, you know? Um ah how do you say recovered Catholics and whatnot? Uh But they’ll you’re right. And so they have all this information about like the bible and stuff like that and it’s really cool to have have information about.

And I’ve actually never read the bible, but from what I understand, which is funny because I now have my I bought my first bible, I was baptized a baptist. All I was religions in my whole life as a kid, which is why I called Bs on all of them, right? And it was it’s more about, again, I don’t want anything controlling me, right? So, but it’s really cool to have friends that have all this knowledge of the bible because now putting it together right now with all this stuff that’s going on, man, It’s it’s biblical.

Yeah, totally is. And I’m the same. I mean, I grew up in an atheist household and then was put through religious schools because they were the best schools, like academically, they’re the best school. So I was put through those and I got all kinds of anger built into me because I could just see what was Bs. But then, you know, then it takes time to realize that God or creation is not the bible and that’s not the religion. So it’s like all is the way that they’re separatist.

And then more to the point, religion is not the bible, religion takes the bible and then makes its own kind of cult out of it. So that’s why you had the feeling that you call Bs on all of them, but none of them were the essence of the bible. They were interpretations of in a way to control their masses. So when of recent years, when like you, I’ve gone back to actually go and hang on a lot of this stuff that I’m hearing in the bible, it’s actually why is it all kind of coming true and why is it all very realistic?

Why is the old testament book on commerce? Why is that? You know, it’s like holy crap, this is all real life stuff, this is what we’re meant to be learning and like who made the bible in the first place, you know, it’s just have you heard about jesus walking on water? And it being, talking about walking on top of maritime law, Talk walking on water, have you heard of that? I’ve never heard that before, dude, that’s such, that’s that’s cool. Yeah, exactly. To the point where you know, I don’t know that jesus was ever a real man.

I think that I don’t I don’t really know that, I think that it’s the christ is a is an embodiment that we all have in, it’s a representation of something like water is representation parting the seas as a representation, turning bread into wine and all this stuff, dying, resurrection, it’s all, it’s all it’s like not meant to be taken literally, that’s what the religion does, but when you get into what it’s speaking about, it’s actually just a guide to connect directly to the creator essentially so that we bypass the fake man made public world and we can maintain ourselves in the private with rights.

Yeah, that’s very interesting, right? God made man, man made society, society made government. And, you know, as you go down that scale, it’s the power, you know, the amount of power that you have, right? And that’s where it’s it’s so again, it’s it’s it’s once you understand, how were you know what I mean? Even that word understanding. But sometimes it’s good to stand under something, right? Because because it’s good to look under like if you have a car up, right? And you want to stand under that and look things, but you don’t ever want to understand another person.

Another human. Yeah. Their authority. Yeah. Yeah. So okay, so cpR right? Citizen person Resident. Right? Those those are all um So I’m curious and I, you know, without giving too much of your secret sauce away. But what are you what are you teaching your communication? Um There’s no secret, it’s just it’s just how to it’s literally the it’s also the way that we communicate. So I don’t know enough about the bible as a thing. I actually really want to do what you’ve done, but I don’t have the time and I won’t need to carve myself out some time to actually go on read through the bible.

But essentially my understanding is that jesus would always ask, he would answer questions with questions. For example, it never give direct answers to questions and that’s one way of communicating that maintains your power, maintains your rights. So when I teach communication, it’s just a few key basic principles, which is essentially one you don’t answer questions. There are sometimes very few uh situations were answering a question would be a beneficial thing to do. But by and large, if you just making generalities, you don’t answer questions. You ask questions because in commerce you’ve got a creditor and the debtor only two rolls.

Likewise, we have only two genders. As soon as you start moving away from either of those two genders. You are not. You don’t have any rights. Men have rights. Women have rights if you associate or identify with something else. That’s totally cool. But you don’t have any rights. So likewise, there’s a creditor and a data. You can only be one of the others, not both at the same time. So a creditor asks questions and direct interaction and a debt to answers questions and is directed in an interaction.

So essentially those are the two roles now within commerce, which is what we come under Any time. There’s an offer and an offer is anything, here’s a fine for parking somewhere, here’s a fine for doing 60 and 50 zone. Here’s you know tax, here’s um here’s you’ve got a vote here is you’ve got to get a job. Here is you’ve got to wear a mask. It’s all offers. So there are four ways that we can respond to an offer and it’s really important to understand what’s honorable and what’s dishonorable because a lot of the times we just think I don’t want any part of that, but we’re being dishonorable in the process.

So therefore under commerce and biblical principles, we are dishonoring the creator essentially. So it is it’s not just a matter of I don’t want any of manmade business, you’ve still got to conduct yourself honorably. So the two ways we can essentially handle an offer that honourable, a full acceptance which is sure, yep. No problem, I’ll do that, no questions asked. And the second way is a conditional acceptance, which is why I’m happy to take a job where a mask, pay taxes, pay a fine on these conditions that you can show me a B and C. Such as a source of authority to issue that, that I’m bound by, that by some kind of law that you can provide.

The way by which that that has been cooked up. And you haven’t just made up an arbitrary figure that you’re trying to push on me, uh, or anything else that you care to ask or you can negotiate, right? That’s honorable. The two ways that are dishonorable is refusing. That’s why when people say, hey, how do I refuse the vaccine? I’m like, you don’t refuse it. That’s dishonorable. Don’t refuse. Yeah, Yeah. Don’t don’t refuse anything. Don’t refuse wearing a mask scanning in, getting, getting a vax. Getting anything.

Don’t refuse it. I’m never going to pay tax. That’s refusal. It’s dishonourable. The other way is silence. Which is what other people do. They’re telling me about this. And uh just if I don’t see it, it’s not there. You know, that kind of thing. Silence dishonorable silence is actually works against us in several ways because what we’re essentially bound by or what we are given and that overrides everything is what’s called consent. So consent is backed up many times in the Bible. It’s also held by case law, which is Crude and versus Neil 1796.

And that says that man is not bound by man made laws without his consent. He’s only bound by nature’s laws, nature’s laws being loved by neighbor love the creator. You know, don’t cause I do know Helen essentially. So uh consent though, works in two ways, content is a conscious decision to agree or non consent then would be a conscious decision not to agree, not to refuse, but a conscious decision to not agree to something. So you might say tom you’ve got to do a podcast with me for five hours and I say, well, I don’t consent to that so that I’m not refusing.

I’m just giving my non consent. Now, we’re open to either negotiate or conditionally accept or something else. But what happens is if we remain silent, then there’s another term that’s technically a legal term that most people haven’t heard of and that’s called asset. So concept, remember conscience consent is a conscious decision to agree ascent, though is an unconscious decision to agree. So what it means is that if you give me an offer and I just remain silent on it, and especially if you offer me three times.

Another principle of the bible. If you’ve offered three times. Yeah. And I remain silent then technically I’ve agreed. And the reason that I have agreed is by way of not constant but ascent, ascent being an unconscious decision to agree. And that’s why it’s dishonorable in commerce to remain silent because it will go against us. So we can either accept fully or conditionally accept to remain honorable or if we refuse. Which is also arguing swearing being belligerent or we remain silent. That’s dishonorable. So not just in the man made well, but in the natural world as well.

So this is where communicate. That’s that basic element of communication, that’s where we come from. So therefore we don’t answer questions we asked. We answer questions with questions. We establish what the claim is, whoever makes the claim by Osborne and approved. So we don’t go making claims. If we let other people make claims that we set them up to make claims and then we hold them accountable. Do you have some evidence for that? Show me how I’m that applies to me or how I’m bound by law or ask a question.

Am I bound? Am I obliged to answer that question? For example, you know, always put it on the other. As soon as we make claims, I’m a man I’m living. That doesn’t apply to me, I have rights. You can’t do that to me as soon as we start jabbering claims claims claims. Well then we can’t tell the truth again from the bible truth can only be told out of the mouths of two or more people. So if we sit there going on a man, I have rights.

You can’t do that to me. I’m never going to get that. It’s like claim claim claim babbling. All babbling. Can’t tell. The truth has to be told out of the mouths of two or more people, which again from the bible requires a second witness. So that’s why we need to set other people up to be our second witness and to incriminate themselves. We don’t want to make claims, we don’t make statements. So what I’m saying brad is that the way that we communicate in commerce, for example, is almost the polar opposite of how we communicate between brothers and sisters, because that’s in the private and when we’re indoctrinated the way we grow up, we’re never talked about that public world.

So we’re taught to incriminate ourselves all the time to make claims all the time and to and to answer questions. You know, it’s polite and it is polite in the private amongst your brothers and sisters. If you’ve spoken to definitely answer the question, it’s polite, but in commerce it’s the complete opposite that to their almost two different languages, two different ways of communicating. So that’s what I’m teaching. I’m not teaching people how to get out of fines and mortgages and whatever else. I’m just teaching people how to communicate more effectively.

So they maintain their rights and they don’t give them away to others. You know what’s funny is as you’re talking about that, like the first thing that kind of came to my mind is the first Miranda right is you have the right to remain silent. Um Yeah. Which is funny because you’re saying that well, yeah, because that’s also it’s called tacit agreement. Your tacit agreement, Right? And that’s just by you saying nothing. You’re agreeing basically. Yeah, exactly. So everybody think about that one there. Ok. Yeah, exactly.

So what it means that, well, when they say you have the right to remain silent, anything you say may be used against you in a court of law, what they’re essentially getting at is that if you start making claims, it will be used against you in a court of law, but I wouldn’t remain silent. Well, you can be unless the question is asked. So then what I might say is, well, that’s fine. But this is a false harassment, false attainment. And I’m only I’m only coming with you under duress.

I do not consent to being arrested, for example. So if you say that you’re essentially just putting forward your non consent because if you remain silent, you are consenting to being arrested. But if you make claims, they will be used against you. So you don’t say things like you can’t do this to me, This is old false. I never did that. I didn’t do it. You know those sorts of things. Now you’re incriminating yourself and that will be used against you. But if you just remain purely silent, you’re also consenting.

It’s almost like a trick. It’s a double trick that they pull with that one. So your your First Amendment or whatever it is or whatever it is, it’s uh yeah, that right to remain silent is not that is a right, but that’s an incriminating thing to do as well. You’ve got it. If you don’t consent to something, you’ve got a voice non consent. Mhm. So, do you have any tips for people? Like it’s, it’s um there’s this innate fear and everyone with authority and uh and and in the United States, it’s been indoctrinated and grained into us since we were Children to respect authority and just do what you’re told, right?

And so, you know, and of course, you know, cops come up, they’ve got guns on them and big vest. You know, they’ve got bulletproof vests and they’re always, you know, dicks about it, right there. Never like, oh, hey man, how you doing? Right? I’ve never had a cop be nice to me ever. They’re always got right because it’s, that’s how they’re trained to be dicks. You know what I mean? And you’re like, so it’s like, you know, especially you’re the soccer mom, you know what I mean?

Like even me, you know what I mean? And I work on my fears on the daily man. I’m all about like digging into them, feared as much you can, you know, just because that’s the real disease we have anywhere is fear false evidence appearing real anyway. So do you have any tips or anything? Like just like how can you feel? And maybe it’s just not knowledge, I don’t know. Well look, it is that’s indoctrinated into us, right? So that can be re patent or reprogrammed definitely because through, you know, parenting the way parents are taught in our society to parent, which is from their parents, which has got a lot to do with the system and schooling and then, uh, you know, just what we’re exposed to through tv and that medium of film and television is and books and stories is all about the authoritarian figure than the hero’s journey.

And it’s all just indoctrinated into us. So it’s most people, their heart beats faster when there’s a cop in front of him or following him in the car even though they’re doing nothing wrong and thats indoctrinated into us. We just have to reframe what that is as soon as we get back to nature, that’s pretty much what it is. The way I’ve been describing it to, to put it this way is that there are two worlds that were born into. One is the world of substance. That’s the private.

In the private we’re living, there’s men and women. We have rights. Uh, there’s only two laws do no harm, essentially love thy neighbor, love the creator. But there’s a mirror image. Well, that’s created. It’s called the World of the public. And the public is the world of fiction. So private is substance. Public is fiction. So instead of men and women now, we have persons those are entities and names, those are entities. Instead of having rights. We have statutes. In the states, you have more than 23 million in Australia.

We have more than seven million statutes. Whereas in the private there’s only the two laws love thy neighbor love the creator. Likewise, in the private there’s in substance. There’s money in the world of the public. There’s currency and legal tender, fiction, fictional um currency. Yeah. So what that means is that in that world when we’re occupying that world, we come under all that statutory rule. Because as a creature of statute, as a name or as a person, we come under all of that. Whereas in the private we’re only bound where if to put it more simply the way you put it before you have the creator or Yeah, well then you have uh man, God created, created man, then man created government and society whatever.

And then government created rules. Laws, legislation, acts, code statutes. So and then and then the government created persons. So then you’ve got persons and statues down here below government, but you can only serve one master. That’s also from the bible, can’t serve two masters. Men was never supposed to create earthly kings. As soon as we started serving earthly kings and governments, we cut ourselves off from the creator from nature. So therefore from our nature. And that’s one of the reasons the world’s become more and more destroyed is because of that.

We serve the wrong master. We serve status, fame, money. We serve uh so called leaders. We serve celebrities, We serve kings and wealth and all that sort of stuff. We don’t serve the creator and we can’t serve both. That’s the thing. It’s like you can only be one gender, You can only be a creditor or debtor and you can only serve one master. So while we have turned our back on the creator that some people might say, well that’s not true. I go to church or spiritual and I pray and I meditate.

It’s like, yeah you might do that. But if you are also serving the system and the beast, you cannot you can only serve one. You can’t serve both. You can’t have a foot half in, half out. So it’s what what where is your heart fully? And so when somebody brings her heart fully into their own nature, which is nature. So God and nature is our nature. So when we serve that, how can we be in fear? There’s so many passage from the bible and I can’t print nick patterson from Melbourne.

He’s great. He’s really into the he does this really well. But it’s like if you walk this path and fuel will not be in the heart and whatever else. I don’t know what those are bullshitting at the moment. But it’s basically something along those lines. You know, you do the right thing. You’re in your true nature connected to to the creator. There is no fear, cannot exist. And so because you serve the creator, you’re not serving any of these public servants. They have no power over you, give them no authority because your authority comes from a much higher place than any of that, much higher place than government, much higher place than kings or or any earthly uh, status, wealth or realm.

It’s all from a higher place. Therefore you cannot have feeder. So when you say you do work daily on fear that I totally recommend that for everybody because it’s important. And that’s why I also fuel this time that we’re in is so important and a gift because if you’re just out surfing every day, just have barbecues with your mates and then just let’s just go have a party like where, where are you ever getting reflected to you? What kind of crap is still in your body? You know, you never find that.

So I really feel that this is a gift because a lot of us think that we’re at a certain level were either spiritually evolved or we’ve got a certain level of balance or understanding or I’m this grounded, I’m disconnected to nature and then you see police walking down the street or something and where a marked, what part of you then reacts to that. That’s a gift because you’re like, hey, hang on, instead of just being part of it and having a grip, you go, wait, hang on, I’m feeling, why am I feeling this?

Where is it coming from? Where is it in my body? Where do I feel it? What’s that related to? Ask your higher self? Where is this coming from? You know, like this is coming from when I was five and somebody was like standing over me pointing at me so great, can I relinquish that now? Can I let that go? Is that happening now? We can move through all this stuff, but we can’t do it while you’re at the beach, you know, having playing volleyball with people or whatever.

Well, you can, but it’s just less likely. Right? Right. And that’s why suffering is is the best thing for everyone. And that’s that’s where and we call it, we we we look at suffering is it’s as if it’s a negative thing where that’s what that’s what makes us, that’s what that’s what, like that’s where we get, you know, all the good stuff and that’s where I think that deep down we intentionally seek out suffering. We do you know, when I did it very consciously throughout my because I went off the rails a lot when I was a teenager and uh you know, a lot of anger and a lot of not quite understanding myself, my place or anything like that.

And I did speak out a lot of discomfort. I would, I would, instead of getting a lift home from school with other kids or whatever, I just walked the 20 odd kilometers in the pouring rain on the highway with trucks just whizzing past me, you know, like knowing I could die and then, you know, going out and just sleeping on the street and uh um, you know, just always testing myself, then going and taking up martial arts and sparring with the biggest guys, knowing I’m going to get whooped, like, knowing I’m going to be put through pain and humiliated.

Well, technically you could, but putting myself there anyway, so I’m like, if I couldn’t do this then what else can I can I handle? You know, like most people don’t seek discomfort and and putting themselves through through hard times like that. And I think naturally as men, we would seek it out more because prior to our life, maybe that’s why you enlisted in the military because we don’t have rites of passage. But when in tribal times, there was a rite of passage where you go out your tested and then when you come back, if you come back, then you are seen in the eyes of your peers, you are now a man.

You left as a boy, now you’re a man and now you’re seen as a man. And, but we don’t have that in society. So that’s why a lot of us take up fighting or enlist in the military or we, we do tough things. You know, maybe I’ll go jump off bridges, maybe I’ll ride motorbikes down the highway at 160 miles an hour and see if I can top out. And uh, you know, that’s like a rite of passage. That’s why we do these things and a lot of guys these days, because masculinity is on the under attack, a lot of guys aren’t doing it.

So therefore, how well do we? So when people say, how am I com, it’s like, well, even if military came to my door, I’ve been through way worse than that, it doesn’t bother me. So then that’s why I can, I’ve been to deeper places within myself and that will take me, like when you’re an athlete, like I used to train 4 30 in the morning, probably have swam six K’s and ran to case to the pool and back. By the time I’m having breakfast, not only have I done stuff before everyone else’s even awake, but I’ve done more in the day that will test me than the rest of the day will test me.

So the rest of days degrees, you know? And so that’s kind of the, that’s where we’re at. If you have not gone into yourself to really test yourself, that’s why you’re going to be feeling more tested with what we’re seeing at the moment. And it’s always an offer. Everything is an offer. How deep can I go? How much can I clean myself out? Which is the whole purpose of being here anyway. It’s not about convenience. That’s why we do that suffering as you say well and, and you know, alchemy, uh, inner alchemy, right?

Transmuting like this, these, these old um, fears or whatever it is, right? And you can transmute that and use that as power. It’s um, I find it really useful. um Because we do, we have like, I know, again, just even like you were saying, you know when a cop like polio urges, I always still today, I’m always looking for cops. Just always, you know what I mean? It’s like, it’s something that’s built into me because I was always smoking pot. I was always doing whatever I wanted to do, no matter what.

So I just always had to learn to watch out, so I didn’t end up in jail too many times or whatever, you know what I mean? It was just like, then then you’re not of trouble and you can’t do much of anything, hey, you’re trying to fight a little, little segue here because um I wanna wanna kinda chat a little bit about uh well, these spike proteins, right? And I’ve been talking a lot of people about that for a while, Right? Um and and that seems very interesting.

Also this um graphene. So, do you know do you know do you know the did you hear about the worms in the mask? Uh here here we actually I have a microscope. We went and got some blue mass. Right? And did the whole thing. There’s graphene worm, there’s those little black worms in there that react to hot, moist, warm, moist air. And uh that’s some weird stuff. And I was like, you know what, I bet this is what they’re putting in the jabs. Right? And now here we are, they’re talking about this graphene oxide stuff. Right?

And the spike, I mean, I just wanted to kind of know what’s your what’s your take is on on that? I know where. Yeah, please. Yeah, for sure. Okay. So there’s definitely spike proteins in the vaccine. There’s definitely ethel oxen and well whatever compound is in, there’s definitely graphene, all that stuff is in masks. But that’s why if you’re going to wear a mask it’s much better if you just wear a cotton, Where are you? Where are you on? Yeah, he’s on your face. Like do something that’s got more natural. Yeah.

So, um, so yeah, look, there’s the thing about all this though is that it does create fear. This was meant to be known. It’s meant to be known that there’s spike proteins in a vaccine. It’s meant to be known that there’s these more gallon fibers than other things in your masks and uh, whatever else. Okay. But what is not being told is how easily that can be mitigated by not wearing a mask. Not getting a vaccine. And but can you catch spike proteins? No, you can’t because it’s just it’s an inorganic compound.

You can’t catch stuff. You can’t have anything. That’s the whole, that’s still going down the germ theory road of somebody’s vaccinated, then you can somehow catch something that vaccinated people have. It just can’t happen. But what can happen is we have a resonant reaction to somebody else. So what that means is, let’s say you just vibing high, You’re in an awesome state of mind. You just feel super good. Your emanating all of that. If I’m around you, I’m going to feel good, right. If you’re a sour cuss and you’re just the most negative sink of energy in the world, if I’m around you, I’m going to feel tired.

It’s just a resonance that we have with other people there, Somebody has been injected with a compound that essentially is altering their RNA that is making them somewhat not natural anymore. Is no longer an organic being. Well then we’re going to have a reaction to that. Like it or not. Are we catching anything that we’re not? But what we’re doing is our body is recognizing this is wrong. This picture, there’s something that’s not right with it and your body is going to react to that in some way.

How is it going to react? Well, that depends on the individual. So if somebody is getting a regular menstrual cycles, well, that’s going to have a lot to do with the residents and the sympathetic response to somebody else. But again, what is a period in and of itself? Well, it’s a menstrual cycle. It’s dropping of of eggs, but it’s also a detoxification. It’s one of the reasons women do live longer than men on average because once a month they have a clean out. It’s a detoxification. So if there is something in your body and everyone in society, unless you’ve been eating all, all roar all organic, do breathwork meditating being sprayed on.

I mean, come on. Not being sprayed on. Unless, unless you’re doing that daily for the last 20 years, you’ve got crap inside of you and the thoughts that you’ve been thinking and the emotions you haven’t cleared. That’s all in there. So rather than it being someone else’s fault, it’s always us. So you’re, all of our bodies need to clean things out and sometimes there’s just uh instigating an offer for that to happen. It’s the same reason people will get flu at the same time of any year. It’s a flu season.

It’s because climatic, environmental and human conditions in other people, all signals to us, Hey look, we’ve been holding onto all this crap over here for a while. Time to let it go. You will undergo a flu. It’s the end result of a detoxification cycle and it’s in response to something else. A stimulus. So that stimulus maybe somebody that is now exhibiting something energetically. It’s just like this isn’t right. So the body goes well. I’m gonna, something’s got to happen. I’ve got to clean out. I got to dump this.

I’ve got to expel that or whatever. And that’s why you’ll have a sympathetic response to somebody who is vaccinated. It’s also though the reason why many, many, many people do not have a reaction. Like I know so many people that work in healthcare, they’re surrounded by vaccinated people. No sniffles, no farts, no nothing, no headaches, no nothing. Right. Nothing changes. Like my family’s vaccinated. I don’t get anything from them. There’s two things to that, which I’ll get to in a second. But basically it doesn’t, it’s not a given that you will have a reaction.

So if you do, you’re like, all right, what’s my role in that? Not what’s wrong with the world? What’s my role my role is? Hey, look, I haven’t looked after myself to the greatest capacity that I can. So my body is undergoing a clean out and after this clean out, I won’t have the same reaction because it’s clean now. So we’ve got to stop stressing about and thinking that it’s bad that I have a detoxification reaction to something. It’s not bad. Now. The other element they’ve read about not having reactions around vaccinated people is that I’ve spoken about this with the Orlando on the alphabetic podcast that we did.

And that is that probably, I don’t know what percentage it could even be up to half in. The initial batches of vaccines will be placebos. They have to have that because if they inject everybody with the class a poison and alter their genetics. They’ll all get blood clots and die. They can’t have that. They have to have the control group which is I got vaccinated. And what I’m fine. What are you conspiracy theorists talking about with all this? I got the vaccine. They got the vaccine were fine.

Your conspiracy theorists right? It’s like five G. They put five G. N. And then and then what they do is they don’t turn it right up. So everybody living around a five detail uh look at all you people that said that this was a weapon and we don’t have brain tumors by now five Gs in our town and we’re fine. They have to do that. They can’t put it in and do what they wanted to do straight away because otherwise everyone be proven right. It would be very obvious.

So they have to put it in at a control measure. So then when they turn it up later or then when they start eradicating the control group the placebos. Now it’s due to the delta variant because not enough people get vaccinated or whatever, you know it’s all they’re not idiots. The people that put this in place, they know what they’re doing. And then so recently as well a body from America sent me these articles from other places where there’s uproar because it turns out that the people who thought they got vaccinated had been given sale in and they’re like oh what’s this mistake on open?

And so now they’re demanding more vaccines. You know it’s just the way the psychology works. So knowing that they would put placebos in is now actually been ratified by the fact that they’ve got these articles saying look these were there were some saline injections, How did that happen? Oh my God, what a what a mistake. All these saline injections given out. So that’s why. And then they and then they can turn the five G up and create the same symptoms. Therefore it’s a new variant of coronavirus or it was because not enough people got vaccinated that now there’s this new variant and then that’s it.

Everybody now must must must get vaccinated. And then as people die from the vaccines and five G it’s not the vaccines and five Gs because they screwed up with their doses and gave people saline and not enough people were vaccinated and now they’ve got the reason to go forcing everyone to get it and everyone dying from the vaccine or five G is actually dying from the new eco variant or the penis variant or whatever is going to come out next or Yeah right. The penis variant do so.

But that’s what the new narrative is right now. Just like just started this past couple of days is it’s because of the unvaccinated that everybody’s dying. Yes. Uh that’s that’s it’s because the healthy are making people die. Not the poison. Yeah. As if that somehow possible when we went into a healthy person ever make somebody sick, how did this happen? Right. And I mean I think we know the answer is just I mean generations of of brainwashing men. Oh totally. Yeah and that’s the thing is that these people are going to Take themselves out.

It’s just um it’s gonna happen. There is going to be a depopulation one way or another whether whether it’s from 5G. or the vaccine or I mean it seems like it’s like everywhere we turn right now man, we’re getting popped in the face. Buy something else. Just just cranking honest man. Yeah. So yeah there’s there’s a lot I guess to what I’ve just given is a lot of just um not positive. So there’s ways though that all this can be mitigated one is that from a frequency perspective it doesn’t really matter what frequency is coming whether it’s five G. Or resonating with somebody that’s vaccinated or whatever.

If we drop a the fear which is a low heavy emotion and be uh an attachment to things. We actually lighten our load immediately. Lightening the load means the frequency rises. Which means that if we’re not in direct opposition or or in interaction with the frequency and we’re above it. It’s like tuning into a radio signal. You know if you try and tune into the FM and you just hear that all day. But you could tune into like awesomeness FM and you can’t hear the I suck at all.

It’s just bypasses that bandwidth. So if we ourself resonates at a frequency beyond what is they’re putting out, well, it doesn’t necessarily affect us. And then if we focus on creating, just forget all that and create, then again, we’re putting ourselves in a different place. So that means playing music, writing poetry, writing books, stories, doing stuff with your hands or whatever. Just being creative in whatever way that means dancing, whatever. And then as well, just making sure that we’re cleaning the body and the mind. So having things like bentonite clay for example, which absorbs toxins in the body.

Having uh using anything that helps reduce. Uh So let’s say you’re doing a lot of juicing with say green juices, lemon and some bentonite clay that helps to take out some of the toxic metallic minerals in the body that are going to react with anything that’s magnetic or is on that frequency spectrum or whatever. Um So realistically what we can do is a lot. So if we look after our body and mind, we spend time to quiet ourselves into lighten our load were creative and we spend time focusing on what it is that we’re creating.

Because I’ll tell you this, If we are 100% in any moment, we’re in infinity and immortality. In that moment when we’re like, what’s going to happen in a week if the military do this, What happened last week when they poison that? What’s this? And we’re going around and we’re in there well, but we can attain, we can begin infinity and immortality in any moment. So if in that moment we are fully in our truth and fully embodied and for some reason we died. Well it doesn’t matter. It literally doesn’t matter at that point, it’s only one were taken out of that that we also fear it, which takes us again away from our nature.

So for me, even if the world got way worse than I’m expecting, but I’m in my moment and I’m in my truth and I’m living my truth, I’m not falling for that and and then like a tidal wave comes or bullets come or five G waves coming. For some reason it affects me. But I’m like right where I’m supposed to be, well then I’m already in the eternal anyway, like a physical death is not, I don’t fear that. So so it doesn’t bother me. You know? It’s I think if we run and we live on our knees were always scrambling with dad anyway, so I’d rather be living playing the guitar.

Like let me write a new rift before I leave or something, you know, let me watch the sun or let me like kiss somebody or something, you know? But let me do that and then I’m living, I can’t it can’t be taken away and what we are anyway, our essence is immortal anyway. So you know, that’s I guess that’s the other offer to find that out. Yeah. Like what if what if when you die you wake up right. Exactly. The nice question for people you know to ask in the beginning of things, you know, just kind of, it’s a mind shift, right?

Like well what if that’s not the end, but may be just the beginning. Go ahead. No, that’s it. You finished it nicely. That’s a perfect way to uh Yeah, so dude amazing. Um you know I’m, we’re about at the hour um I don’t know if you’re, you got time or if you want to keep going or you got you got you got another 10 minutes. Okay perfect, perfect. Yeah, so in closing, yeah, that’s kind of like what what what we want to talk about as always is what are the, what are the solutions?

I know you’ve got lots of cool stuff going like um uh I saw you um on with matt bel air on the uh on that was the law summit. Yeah, last summit. Yeah, so yeah and I love matt. We, but he’s been, I’ve known him for a while. Um we met actually in Sedona years ago but but what is it, what would you say your biggest accomplishment is? Yeah, getting to know myself actually, that’s that’s my biggest accomplishment, it used to be the trophies that I was winning or the whatever, you know?

But it’s now it’s just getting to know myself better and better each time I get there I’m like that’s my greatest accomplishment, we said that last time and that’s what the one that was my my my um my advice to anybody is know thyself number one because like it and it solves all of these things right then because then when you’re you’re in you’re standing right and you’re actually your status standing and and capacity right? Or or is a jurisdiction but status standing, capacity right? And where if you’re in your because dude, if you’re if you know yourself you’re connected, you’re rooted.

I mean healing true, healing takes place, um miracles take place in that now space. The only space, the only time, the only moment there really is. Right, so that’s a beautiful thing, man. That’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. Um Oh what about harp dude? Sorry. Oh no, go ahead, go ahead. You had something to say. Oh well I was just going to say quickly that knowing who I am part. Um Well, getting to know more, I don’t pretend that I’m there yet, that I fully know who I am.

I’m still on that journey as well, you know? But every time I get to a deeper part of me, I’m like that’s awesome. That’s my greatest achievement. But the way I’ve been describing the private and public world, which is private is substance, living, men and women laws and the public being all the fiction. I’ve started describing it like this, that the private is the world of the jungle, that’s the world of nature and the public. The man made world is the city. And most people were living in the city these days and we need to get back to the jungle.

But part of being in the jungle is you need to know who you are. And that’s why I say that, getting to know who I am is my greatest achievement, because in the jungle, if you think you’re a bird and you start jumping out of the trees, that’s not going to go good, and if you think you’re a silverback gorilla or the lion, you think you’re the king of the jungle and you’re not, that’s going to go really badly. You’ve got to know who you are so that when you find your place in the world you are in harmony with everything.

You’re not, you’re not somebody’s prey because you’re part of the natural things. You’re not trying to you’re not going to piss anyone off because you’re not pretending you’re something, you’re not and you’re not kidding yourself and therefore not getting food. You know, you’re not eating what is right for you because you think you’re something else like, right? So that that element of getting to know yourself, I think is really important because it is getting back to nature and your place in nature. And once you’re there, then that’s like, which I don’t feel that I’m 100% there yet, but once I can feel it, so it’s like once you’re there, it’s, oh wow.

That’s that’s everything. That’s you completely in harmony with everything with the silverbacks, the guerrillas, the ends, the elements, the trees, everything, the fungus, it’s all, it’s all there. Them. And then you’ve got that’s why you’re untouchable. Yeah, man, like glimpses of it. Yeah. Like if you’re getting deep meditations and stuff where it’s just like um nothing, you know, the nothingness but the everything this, you know what I mean? And and and it’s it’s a beautiful space, man, and and more and more that we can uh cultivate that, right?

Then the more and more we can bring that and, you know, you know, cal Washington, right? He he was talking on an interview of his, he was talking about how he’s like, he’s in Canada where it’s super mask everybody and all that stuff, right? And like, he’s like, I walk around, they don’t even see me, you know what I mean? He’s like, well, and I do believe that, right? It’s just kind of like, you’re protected in this way just because it’s it, you know, that it doesn’t apply to you it and they know, right, when you’re in that that that amount of of standing, it’s a beautiful place to be and I’d love to you know these because this is something we’ve been really learning because again here at the freedom people, what’s our ultimate goal is to free people and we really believe it’s the sourcing where we need to go and stop from the birth certificates and all that good stuff.

And so we’re actually building some some software some documents software to auto populate documents for people and stuff. We’re trying to accelerate the process. Yeah. Um Well dude, I mean we’re trying to do what we can but so before we go can you let everybody kind of know where they can find you and uh and all that good jazz. Yeah sure. So I’ve got instagram and telegram tom, Barnett dot tv telegram. You might find me twice, make sure it’s the channel that you can subscribe to. Don’t try to send me messages because I don’t get them.

Um instagram facebook is just my name tom Barnett Youtube. I think my Youtube channels back. So if you send me this once you’re done with it I’ll put it on Youtube on my channel and get back to your because yeah I think it’s back. I logged on the other day. Yeah I think I don’t know I think they just let me have it back because it was just completely taken away and it didn’t exist and now I can go through my videos. I don’t know if you can if public can see it but I can see it so we’ll have to test that.

But yeah but other than that it’s my website tom Barnett dot tv which is where all the content is where everything that’s got deleted and gone is still there. And you can subscribe to the mailing list which I think the most important thing because that’s when all the other platforms when they go you can still get access to information And from the workshops that I’ve been doing on teaching communication. I’m editing all that into uh it’s going to be probably like 10 hours or more of material of just the basics because it’s the basics that matter the most.

It’s not about how can I extricate myself from the system at the highest level unless you know how to speak and hold yourself. And not only that, it’s like getting so deep in yourself that when you speak your words status to the world, I know who I am. Not literally saying, I know who I am but you might say I don’t wear a mask. And when you say that those words say I know who I am and people won’t mess with that that’s the part of being in the jungle and finding your place.

So that’s going to be available on the website which will be in probably 2-3 weeks dude awesome man. I’m excited I can’t wait for that. Yeah everybody definitely go over check out tom Barnett dot tv and sign up with him. Um As always brother. Thank you so much. It’s it’s an epic time. Every time that I speak with. Yeah man we would love anything more than obviously do this again and any support that we can help bring that way and this way. Um Kind of like you were not really feeling much of the day any of that because we’re too focused on on all the good stuff so yeah.

All right. Thanks. Good to see you too. We’ll talk soon. I’m not sure. Yeah mm. Mhm.

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