August 4, 2021


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This has been the most exciting Fireside Freedom Chat so far for The Freedom People. David Icke is the original “conspiracy theorist.” Amazing to be able to talk with him during this time when so much of what he warned people about is happening. He could be shouting I TOLD YOU SO, but he’s quite humble and speaks truly from his heart about love consciousness. Listen in for some reassurance and guaranteed goosebumps to know you’re with the right kind of crazies. Keep an eye out for his newest book Perceptions of a Renegade Mind, available in the US soon.

Show Notes

*The following are topics mentioned and links of places to start researching. As always we believe you should trust no one and always do your own research.*

This is a unique podcast of mostly listening to David speak on topics not spoken about in other places, therefore few notes. We encourage you to listen or read the transcription and get David’s book when available. 

How David stood with resolve while taking a lot of shit in the early 90’s on the world stage… He’s a stubborn bastard that doesn’t identify with this human life. 

 “Therefore when what we call death is simply a transition of consciousness from that focused attention we call human into back into infinite possibility.”


 Fauci Fear

Satanic Symbolism

 “I’m not cooperating under no circumstances are not cooperating with this because a renegade mind has self respect and self respect is the bull walk against tyranny”


BOOK: Perceptions of a Renegade Mind


To learn more about David please visit his website here:

Hello, all you lovely Freedom People out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the Freedom People podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all the freedoms as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together. I’m your host, Bradley Freedom. Today’s guest is none other than The one and only David ike That’s right. Ladies and gentlemen. David Ike the original gangster, The original Truther. Mm came on the Freedom People podcast. Mm to chat with brad, wow. What an amazing, amazing time. Amazing day.
An amazing opportunity for me. I can’t even begin to explain how much fun this was. If you don’t know who David Ike is, we’ll give this a listen and I hope it gives you a little bit of insight to who he actually is. A man of love. That’s the message I get every time I hear and listen and speak to David. Ike I really hope you enjoyed this conversation just as much as I did before we jump into it. What I need you to do is grab your phone and type in the word Ike and that’s I. C. K. E. I want you to text that into (844) 992 3733.
That’s 8449923733. We’re gonna send you out today’s show notes and trust me, you’re gonna want to stay connected in the quickest way possible for everything we got coming. It’s fire. Come on. Let’s go. Mm. Mhm. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Mhm. Hey? Mr Ike. Can you hear me okay? Hello? How are you? I’m doing wonderful. Give me 1 2nd here. Get this. So maybe you can see me. Can you see me? Hold on a sec. I’ve got a work, that one. Get rid of this mm. Things all over the screen up here.
How are you? Hey, I man, I’m doing amazing. How are you doing, David? Yeah. Good man. It’s uh in in circumstances Very good indeed. Right. Yeah. What are the circumstances, insanity, I think sums it up, man, without a doubt. It’s a, wow. I’m beyond elated and honored. I’ve been following you most of my adult life. Um when I was in the late, in the late 90s, I was in the military, woke up to the fact that the news was lying to us and then of course, once you’re consciousness and can open up a little bit more, leaves room for other things that come in.
And you were the one of those things that came in in my life in my early twenties and made me feel not so crazy. Uh, So thank you. Seriously, thank you for the bottom my heart. It’s it’s crazy. That’s lovely to hear because that’s why you’re the reason you do it, you know? Um And uh you know, it’s uh it’s letting people see that ah because there are at odds with mainstream society, doesn’t mean they’re crazy, It means mainstream society is crazy, not them. Hey man. And I mean well you’re kind of proving that you know uh when you first agreed to come on the show, I had days with billions of different things to ask you.
And it’s it’s kind of like really? Um the biggest thing that I wanted to ask you is how have you, I’m most impressed by you with your resolve, your ability to stand there and take shit. And I mean you took a lot of fucking shit for a long time, David, I mean like on the global stage, you know what I mean? For all of us and you took it was like you were being sacrificed for that. And so I guess like, how, how how have you, how have you kept that resolve?
Is it is it what what what’s kept you in this? Well, it’s a number of things really. Uh first of all, I am a stubborn bastard. Um I think on my gravestone it might say he was a stubborn bastard with good connections. That that’s pretty much it because what happened to be in the in 1990 is the top of my head blow off. And through 1990. And through 1991, when it really blew off early 91, I did get connected to something because, you know, especially in um in this period we’re going into, Because there’s got, there’s going to be it’s going to be brutal and there’s going to be a lot of loss of life and it’s not going to be for COVID-19, it’s gonna be from the Jab.
And it’s going to be really important for people, the push backers. And we’re going to get demonized like crazy in the, in the next few months and onwards in the next couple of years. But also, you know, people who are going to have to face the consequences of having the jab. It’s important to realize that This is just one tiny band of frequency within an infinity of possibility and potential and an infinity of ah realities to explore. So, if you get caught in the I have one life and the 23 score years and 10 in biblical terms, or you know, whatever it is then and then the lights go out.
You can you can get into a situation where you know, this, this one life mentality. Uh it focuses and concentrates everything. So what people say about you becomes very important to you because you’re concentrating and concertina ring your sense of life within this narrow period. You can also be terrified of death. If you think death is the end, you can think that, that even if you think that, you know, you’re going to be judged by some judgmental guard, you know, death is can be terrifying. AM I going to stoke the fires of hell and all that stuff?
I mean, what, nearly 1963 on a Tuesday? It was a wet day that Tuesday when I did that. Um, and all these things and and it gives you a perspective that’s very LTD and very short term. But when you realize the evidence is overwhelming, I have had enormous evidence in the last month. I mean, just unimpeachable evidence that actually life goes on. This body is a vehicle for the true i consciousness to experience this tiny band of frequency we call the human world. And it’s so narrow, it’s ridiculous the band of frequency that we can actually see what is called visible light is utterly, utterly, ridiculously narrow.
So the vast majority of infinity is denied to us because that the body five cents systems only decode within that band of frequency. Uh which means that we’re basically blind to infinity while we’re in a human body. But the reason that near death experiences experiences when they leave the body describe, I’ve read so many accounts over the years. Um They describe a totally different reality when they leave the body. Why? Because their consciousness which has been experiencing this world um as had its attention focused in this tiny band of frequency because that’s what the body does.
It decodes that band of frequency. So when you leave the body that uh decoding of that tiny band of frequency stops because the if you like. The biologic computer has finished its cycle the body and you are released as consciousness. Um You know get away from this idea of bodily form consciousness. You are released from that uh focused decoding system and now you can suddenly be aware of vast the vastness of reality. Outside of this narrow band of frequency, it’s like basically um entering this computer and this computer will only decode there’s certain area of whatever you’ve got on the screen but outside the computer you know where do you want to go?
So it’s like it is like being being being focused in a computer during the human life. That’s what human human life is. See the way the body decodes reality is what we call human. And the biological computer of an elephant will decode the reality in the program of the body of an elephant. So the elephant acts like an elephant and a duck acts like a dark and a mouse acts like a mouse. And humans act like humans. But outside of this decoding system of the body, we are consciousness.
And therefore when what we call death is simply a transition of consciousness from that focused attention we call human into back into infinite possibility. And it’s so important to hold that when all hell breaks loose terms of the number of people are going to die and all the abuse that the push backers, the non fake backs are going to get that We just realized that this is a brief experience within a tiny band of frequency, as I’ve said many times, the body has a cycle, We have eternity.
That’s the difference. And what what this global cult that I’ve been Uh, exposing for 31 years now wants to do, its very foundation is to focus human attention so much in the five senses of the body decoding system that we are not influenced by the greater consciousness beyond it. So, we, um, for instance, are encouraged, told that we should identify the I who we are with the labels of a human life. I am a man, I’m a woman, I am at this religion, that religion, that race, this race, this sexuality, that sexuality, when they are not who we are, they are.
The experience is the real I consciousness is having. But if you can focus people’s attention in the five senses, anything beyond that, it’s the paranormal. That bloody maddie is anything beyond that is kind of Discouraged. And so what do the five senses do They They decode a certain boundary frequency, that’s all they do and they are they connect us into this band of frequency in terms of a sense of reality. So I’m now um looking into this room and basically the band of frequency that the five senses decode visual senses for for instance, um is what we call for this.
Actually holographic, it’s not a solid physical, it’s it’s holographic. The solidity is illusory, but um the fall is what is the frequency band that it basically uh the code. So I’m seeing, you know, a filing cabinet, a window, a computer, a table. Um And I’m seeing empty space between them. That that’s what the five senses do they do not decode further into the field of frequency? That includes what they perceived to be empty space. But if you could go further into that frequency, you’d realize there isn’t any empty space, but actually everything, all of us, it are connected by a field of consciousness, a field of energy.
And at that level, we’re all part of the same uh consciousness with different expressions of the same consciousness, we are different points of attention within the same consciousness. But because the five senses only decode form, everything appears to humans as apart from everything else, nothing seems connected. It’s me and it’s you. And on one level, that’s true, we’re different points of attention. We have different experience uh sequences, Therefore, we we come from, you know, slightly different ways of looking at the world, are very different ways of looking at the world.
But but at this energetic level, we’re all one. Now, if you can, and I’m coming around to finishing the answer to the question. It’s a long way of getting around there, but it’s a lot of backgrounds to tell when you, When you, when you identify and this is what happened to me in 1990. I went through this massive kind of awakening when you identify not with the labels of the human life there, your experience, but with being the consciousness that is having the experience, what is happening is your self identity.
The way you see yourself is massively expanding. I’m not those limited labels. I am the consciousness having those labels. So what happens when you do that is your your awareness. Your consciousness expands at the same rate as your self identity. So someone who is completely stuck in the five senses and perceives themselves as little Me with no power. Powerless Little Me. Well, they’ll live a powerless Little me life because they will create that reality. Your perceptions become your experience. It’s like a feedback loop. Um but when you see yourself as because you’re going to be operating on a very narrow band of frequency, because your sense of self is a there is narrow.
Therefore the frequency range that you’re operating on will reflect that narrowness of self perception. When you expand your awareness to I am consciousness, I’m more consciousness. I am potentially all it is has been and ever can be if I open my consciousness enough. Um then suddenly you’re connecting to other levels of reality beyond this very limited world we call human, and then you can access and connect with levels of consciousness that is vastly beyond this world, vastly more expanded and and can see what’s going on uh and sees that everything is connected, but also sees actually what’s happening in this human world, rather than seeing it as a series of random events that you can kind of make any sense of.
And I kind of got really connected into that In 1990 91, 91, particularly early 91, when I had a series of experiences that blew my head off and my um, everything changed for me. Um, I was still, you know, David, and you know, I went through a period of about three months when I didn’t know where it was, because the thing that hit me was so, so massive and very difficult to assimilate. But after that, I was still me, me that people knew, but I saw the world in a completely different way.
And so from that perspective, the ridicule and the abuse, which was incessant and in this country, absolutely historic in nature. Um, you you knew, you knew you the direction was you were going was right. And, you know, I came to this conclusion amid it all. Look, um I can see that lives eternal. And the worst thing I can do by going with this is to bugger up one very brief experience called human. So I think I can handle that. So I’m going with it and I just followed it and basically what it involved was going with your intuition.
This intuition here is what connects you out there and what the what this global cult is after in terms of control is getting you in the head and getting you in the belly emotion and thought. And when when you open this, you find you can you can access this intuition and you look at the body language. I’m thinking, I’m thinking, I know, I just know and you see the body language that’s going the point of when knowing comes from. And when you have intuition, it doesn’t come in a sequence of thought that leads to a conclusion.
That’s what that does. When you have intuition, knowing you get the picture in one goal, you can see the picture in one goal. There’s not a series of conclusion, a series of thought that lead to a conclusion, you just get it, you know. And so for instance, I got here just after the turn of the millennium that we live in a simulation and the walls of the simulation of the speed of light. And about what about May time, this summer Scientific american, I think it’s called came out with an article by a guy with lots of letters after his name.
But you must be very clever. And he said that the evidence would seem to suggest that we do live in a simulation and and the limits of it are the speed of light. Uh, and that came to me in one go just after the turn of the millennium. So you know, this, this is what you can do when, when, when you go and it’s not, it’s not someone like buddhist or anybody sitting cross legged on a mountain, anyone can do this, anyone, it’s a natural state to be connected out there and to see the vastness of who we are as opposed to the myopia that we told we are.
Um, and, but just imagine if you, if people were in this more expanded, uh, state of consciousness through an expanded sense of self identity, uh, how the hell would the covid hoax have been pulled off? It’s the myopia, the five cents prison cell that sees everything as apart from everything else that sees only a physical life. Uh, that’s, that’s how it’s possible to, to pull off this completely mass mass hoax. Because if you um uh, Stuck in the five senses, then basically five cents information is all that you’re going to receive and that’s controlled by the, by the cult, through the mainstream media Silicon Valley and all the staff.
So you’re, what the idea is to isolate you in the five senses and and disconnect you from other levels of your consciousness and then program that isolated five senses with a sense of reality they want you to believe. And if you do that, then then you got him. But so when people talk about an awakening, an awakening is going on and my God, it is, It’s the awakening from this five cents prison. And suddenly people can see things I hadn’t seen before. Suddenly dots become patterns and pictures and so what we’re looking at now, just to finish this point, how do you go on, keep going man, now keep going, what are you kidding me man, finish this point.
What we’re seeing now in this clear division in society are those that are stuck in the five senses and therefore operating on a tiny amount of their potential awareness and those who are awakening more and more to a greater awareness and because of that they can see what they can’t see and when people over here who can start to see it say oh my God why can’t they see it? Well they can’t see it because they’re stuck in the five senses and it’s like it’s like the chinese internet system which is firewalled off so that chinese people cannot access vast amounts of the internet, It’s the same principle, The five senses, the fire ward five senses are very limited in what they can perceive and so yeah that’s why the evidence is overwhelming.
But so many can’t see it. Yeah. And you know this is a question that I’ve been kind of kicking around hypothesis whatever you want to stay for a while is I the more and more I get connected or however you want to say I find memory memory to be more of a non local. What I mean by that is it’s more like Wifi than it is a hard drive. Like exactly like it’s here like you know what I mean? And that’s why I like you. Your brain doesn’t just fill up with memories and then stop.
It’s right. You know what I mean? And so okay, cool. You said that. Thank you. That’s just something I’ve been kicking around for a while. Like that’s just the feeling that you get like you said this isn’t there is no emptiness that this is information, information everywhere. Yeah. That field I talked about that connects everything. You can you can you can very easily symbolize that his wife. I mean, let’s take let’s take let’s take the analogy of the feedback loop between perception and experience. If I go on this computer and I go into the wifi field and I pick up, not that I do have a wifi building, but but if I did, you would go into the wifi field and you would select from that field, things that related to your perception, because you’re going to go to this this website and not that website and that website, not that website because of your perception that that decides where you go in the uh in the wifi field and the wifi field carries the entirety of the internet, but you’re only picking to go to bits of it based on your perception.
And this is exactly the principle of what I’m talking about. If you have a narrow myopic view of reality then, because every thought, this is well known, every thought, every emotion, every feeling it generates frequency, you know? Uh depression and anxiety and fear sure lose. You never heard that term lou sh I wanted to ask you this, it’s called loose, but I guess that’s the off gas of Fear, That’s what it feeds the dark. I again, you know, the opposite side, I don’t pay too much attention to that.
I’m too busy building the new stuff. But like, I, I do know that there’s obviously, like you talk about this cult, right? That is that is doing something. But from what I understand, they feed off of the off gas of fear is lou sh Yeah, well, I can, if you want to I can I can go into that. What’s behind this cult? Yeah, absolutely, let’s go. But but so so my perceptions are going out as a as a as a as a as a frequency that it’s a it’s a frequency field that I’m generating based on my perception.
So if you if you are in these low vibrational states like anxiety and what have you in fear, you know, you you might say something like, oh I feel so heavy today. And the heaviness is the density. Your field, your energetic field is going into density because it’s vibrating slowly because of these low vibrational states of being not least emotional. And then you hear the language when people say, oh you know that they’re full of joy and happiness and up for it and they said, oh I feel so like today because it’s a faster frequency and there did you feel therefore is vibrating to a higher frequency and it has this you have this lightness, this joy about you.
So in the same way as you, your perceptions lead you to pick out of the wifi field what you put on your screen. So our perceptions interact with this field of possibility and probability. This field of consciousness that connects everything we interact with it in the frequency band that relates to our perception. So Little me, I have no power, is a very narrow low frequency band because of its perceptual state and it will interact with the field of possibility and probability just like the Wifi field and it will it will manifest a reflection of its perception.
So people say, nothing ever happens to me. Life service are boring. Like you know, I mean, you know every day is the same and you know, nothing ever works for me what your way? Nothing ever works for you because your perception is nothing ever works for you. It’s it’s a feedback loop. Your perceptions create reality. But when you when you go through this awakening, this is why people start to see things. When this happens when you go through this awakening, what’s the awakening? It’s expanding your awareness beyond the five senses and beyond the, you know, the subconscious immediately around the five cents.
And suddenly you’re now interacting with the wifi field, if you like, in a very much more expanded way and therefore what you can manifest as an experience vastly vastly uh expands with it. So one of the things that certainly happened to me, I’m sure it happened to you because it happens to everybody that does this really is that when you start to awaken and you start to break out of the perceptual prison that you were in before you start to see synchronicity in your life. You start to see coincidences.
You know, your life becomes, oh my God, what’s the chances of that fancy seeing you here because of this? Uh this is a conversation right now, by the way, is this for me? Just yeah, synchronicity. How the hell am I sitting in front of David? Ike right now, Anyway, please keep going. So what you’re doing, it’s not magic. It’s simply that your expansion of your consciousness is now interacting with greater swathes of the field of possibility and probability that why I feel and therefore you’re able to manifest these amazing things that you weren’t able to do before when you were there.
And you can see why this cult, this global cult of secret societies, seven secret groups and satanic groups with an interlocking central leadership um wants to keep people in the five senses because once we break out of that, you know, we can still of course the five senses lock that connectors with this reality. You don’t get rid of them, you stop them being a pretty master. And and you you you you filter their perceptions from the greatest level of consciousness. And suddenly the perceptions of the five senses start to change as well because they have now got another source of information and not just the buddy media and the education system which are programming them throughout their life.
So we um we are looking at this awakening now that the awakening is simply that just expanding your awareness and you do that. I would say my experience anyway, by expanding your self identity. Stop stop self identifying with the labels of human life they were experiences. That’s all they are. Uh and so racism, racism is a nonsense, and racism doesn’t have to come from someone in a white body, by the way. It’s just racism it from any any any source, anybody of any race. Uh, Oh, that’s the thing that’s missed, of course, on purpose.
Um, so, so when you when you look at what’s been happening, look at this won’t mentality which has been funded into existence by the cult. It’s a cult operation. I mean, the won’t mentality is demanding everything the cult wants in its agenda. This is why the won’t mentality, the biggest public anyway. The biggest public supporters of the covid hoax and the Covid Thatcherism. They’re the biggest supporters of the human climate Change hoax. These are all aspects of this global culture agenda and the won’t mentality what used to be called the left, but it’s not the left they hijacked.
It has um is the biggest supporter of it without, you know, any surprise tour, but where I’m going with this is look at what the work mentality has done. It’s subdivided the previous human labels, man, woman, whatever into smaller and smaller subdivisions. So now you have this long list of letters in which people feel the need to self identify officially with a letter, sometimes to which which self identifies their particular, detailed, detailed uh, expression of sexuality. You know, I’m a so and so, I don’t care what you do in your bedroom.
Yeah, But it’s nothing to do with me. And I don’t want I don’t need to know that that’s what you are. You need to know, that’s what you want. Why do you need to know that? Because, you know, you go into the labels and then you go into the subdivisions of the labels and your sense of identity gets smaller and smaller and smaller and further away from the true I, which is um uh ultimately a stage of infinite awareness if we expand enough. And and so you can see the foundation of of the whole cult agenda is to hold people in this five cents myopia.
And the endgame of this, just to finish, the point is um is connecting Ai to the human brain and the human body. So ai becomes the human mind. And by definition, is a five cents uh suppressor um of expanding consciousness. That’s the that’s the idea because once you expand your awareness as we can see with the push backers, you know, around the world, gaining all the time. Um once you, once you break out the five senses, it’s like blah. Why did I stay it before? How could I have yet?
Yeah. So then the biggest nightmare of this global cult is is that humans awaken from the five senses because then they’ll see it all. Yeah, well and uh yeah, yeah, it’s it’s um so, so what do you think? So I’m the oldest of five. None of my siblings are like me. Um I don’t know about you, but you’re, you’re pretty unique in yourself. What what is the, what do you feel? I mean again, what what is the, the energy inside of us that’s directing us in these in these certain ways?
Right. Right. Source energy, God, whatever you want to say. But there’s something obviously that’s directing me to give you the bird or not you, but you know what I mean? Give give the society the bird and say, I don’t care what you think of me. Like you and we’re gonna say the truth, we’re gonna, what we feel, what we know. You know what I mean? My heart is saying this and like but there’s something that brought you there and brought me here where there’s, you know, and I’ve been lately, I’ve just been saying, thank you and giving gratitude for all the peoples that are wearing the mask and that are taking the job because in this cosmic play, this go around, I don’t have to be the guy doing that. Right?
So, so thank you for doing that, y’all? But do you get what I’m saying? Like what is it and why? Well that’s a, that’s interesting. You know, I’ve been on this, this, this, this, this journey, I could call it a journey and from 1990 to present day, there’s been a hidden force that has been um handing the puzzle pieces to put together, to put this jigsaw puzzle together. If I if I just sat in this room using my five cents conscious mind, you know, my my human brain To try to work it all out then instead of a like, you know, 2020, 25 books up there, Um that they’re probably be on book # two, and that wouldn’t be very accurate.
Uh but I have had this force that’s been and it’s synchronicity, you know, you, from the moment that started for me in 1990 I was walking into people, I was walking into documents, I was walking into books, I was walking into personal experiences and and and there was an absolute coordination too, the information that those various things were putting in front of me, and I was able to put all this together, because if you, if you break it down as I’ve gone through this um This sequence of uncovering this over 30 years, you go through different sequences and basically what you’re doing is you going deeper in the rabbit hole, You’re going deeper and deeper and deeper in the rabbit hole.
So you start off and you realize that actually the people running the world and not actually the ones running the world. So then you say, well, how do they do it? And you go deeper? Well, this is how they do it. And then you see that there’s a non human element behind it and what we call extraterrestrial element behind it. But then then then, you know where I’ve got to now, because I’m always looking for where something is coming from and what’s generating it, what’s the foundation of it?
Yes, we see all these different levels of it, okay, but what’s the foundation of it? Um and so I started going back in in history to try to find a point where this cult began and you know, it goes back further than this, but you can comfortably go back to Babylon and sumer and Egypt and these ancient societies um and then you follow it through, it went through Rome, this this cult was behind the roman empire, that’s why it’s still behind the Vatican and then it became moved to Britain as a foundation headquarters, if you like.
And then you have the british empire whenever this cults located, there’s empire as follows and eventually through the the colonization of the world, out of europe, not least out of Britain, the british empire in which they said the sun never set. Um this cult went global and when the colonization appeared to end and these european countries rolled back their official control of countries all over the world, what what the cult did was left out in those countries, the secret society networks and the key players and family family lines that have controlled those countries ever since, but covertly rather than overtly.
Um now they’re moving to over again with the Covid, but some So the question I asked was when did this start then? And who’s coordinating it? Or what’s coordinating? Because there had to be, you know, you you can go back to assume you go back to Babylon Egypt, whatever, Rome, whatever. And you see people coming in serving the cult agenda, going out, coming in, serving the agenda going out. So people have been coming serving it, going out, being born, dying. In other words, in terms of their body until there has to be a coordinating force, right?
That that that that spans this, there has to be. So I started looking for it. And what I found was that all the different religions and the different cultures which are not traditional religions, they all have a common theme. And it is that there is a negative force, call it negative force. Um that is manipulating human society in a very malevolent way. And on the other side that there is a force of good and benevolence, which which which is pushing the other way. So if you look at Christianity, you’ve got the christian god, uh but you’ve also got the devil and satan and what they call the demons.
Then you go to the Knost IX who were not official, you know, mainstream christians and they had the same concept, exactly the same concept going back to Egypt of um there there satan was they call they call this uh personified, this is someone called the al gore Bay off. But the Arkansas. The Arkansas is a greek word meaning rulers and the Arkansas, the christian demons. Uh and then you go to the gin and where they talk in islam about people in the beings, in the unseen, manipulating human society.
And then you go to the, to the zulus and all these different other um uh cultures and you find the same recurring theme, no matter where you go of a force of good, in a force of positivity, a force of love, love and a force pushing against that. And evil is an inversion of that. An evil compared within the totality of infinity evil is a, it’s almost infinitesimal compared with love, which holds the whole thing together. And we find ourselves in this in this band of frequency, in which this cut evil goes on a different names around the world is actually uh, seriously manipulating.
But it’s only in a very small area, very small band of frequency. And then I came across, I just got a book just come out. It’s just, it’s going to be out in America any day now. Um, it’s getting getting a container shipping space now. It’s a nightmare in this current situation. Anyway. Um, what’s the name your book please call? It’s called perceptions of a renegade mind. And it’s, it’s how a renegade mind sees the world and we can get into that as we go along. But the, the last chapter is called is called escaping Latika, which I think is one of the most important chapters have ever written in a book.
We take a, what’s that? Well, um, the cree tribal people in America, they have exactly the same concept of this negative force that that has a malevolent agenda of humanity and they call it will tickle. And when I read the books about vertical fascinating stuff, you realize, hey, this is the same as that, the same as that, the same as that. So it’s absolutely a common theme. So I started looking at this boutique oh and what was said about it and it’s equivalent under other names. And I started to look at the world of, of, of Covid and you can see it this boutique oh is a, of a state of consciousness.
That’s, it’s not massively a wide in its frequency band, but it’s very concentrated. It’s very, very inverted, distorted. And if you look at the word evil, which is the word live written backwards, which is very appropriate because evil is the absence of love. It’s the absence of life really. And so this consciousness is operating in a certain frequency band. Very low vibrational. Here we go. Here we go. All the dots connected to speak for long enough very low frequency band which is based on fear and all these other things.
This would see cole brought fear into the world um because it is fear for various reasons. I explained in the new book with Chico is fear. It’s fear and what this is why it uses fear as its greatest weapon of human control. Because what it’s trying to do, it’s trying to um so manipulate human society that people fall into these low vibrational states of frequency through fear through anxiety through depression. All these things. And what’s happening is as they fall into those those low vibrational states they fall into Atika.
And once that happens, what what would Techo does and you know the crazy talk about this is it. Um it seeks to attach to your subconscious mind and it then feeds thoughts, perceptions or blocks on thoughts and perceptions through the subconscious. So when it enters the conscious mind, people think they’re having their own thoughts and coming to their own opinions. You will have noticed. I have to stand there and kind of bite me tom stop me like self laughing when I hear people say, I’ll tell you what I think is going on.
This is about this whole covid thing. And then what comes out of their mouth is basically the official narrative word for word. And you think, no, no, no, that’s not what you think is going on. That’s, that’s where things going on. Yeah. Which you think is your, your, your, your, your opinion. But it’s not, it’s the opinion you’ve been given, but you think your own and this is how it works. So let’s look at this boutique. Oh, um, from a, from the point of view of covid.
Um, well the hey code, You have the psychopaths that are running it. You have your gateses and your vouches. And I mean she’s a mass mass murderer. The psychopath. How is he still in? Dude? I, when this first went down okay. I was born in the late seventies. Right? But I can remember being a small boy and watching Fauci on tv spread fear, right? Because as a child, two things always right. What we’re talking about love and fear. That’s all that’s, you have a choice at any moment.
You can choose love or fear period. Everything else is offset to those. Go ahead please. What do you, what have you just said? You’ve hit the nail on the, on the button. Um, with Chico love love to any moment, right? And, and that’s it. And the more you do this, it’s almost like exercise, right? It becomes um, like you observe the fear right? Like, and that’s all I see it now. It’s just a big wall of fear kind of thing, right? And you, you observe that and it almost inspires me to love harder now, right?
To like to love even more like I’m full tilt in the love side, you know, I mean full tilt. Yeah, this is this is this is this is this is this is what’s going to fill the new world because this is going down. We’re going to have a brutal 23 years, but this is going to promise you that. Absolutely. But the, you look at Fauci what you just said it again, that guy, he spreads fear. He spreads fear. What are all these confusion, right? It’s like they think they’re well, would he come here?
It’s confusion. Fear, it’s chaos fear. And in version one of the great things about with Chico, it’s an inversion of love. Evil is the absence of love in my definition. And therefore you look at how anything that would echo impacts upon becomes an inversion becomes an inversion. So here we have a covid uh response which is said to be about protecting public health when the inversion is, it’s destroying public health and a vast scale. And you look at the, what the satan is, do the satan is of critical, their expressions of political.
Uh, and all these people do their sacrifice and stuff. That that’s the extreme expressions of Utica. And look at their symbolism, they invert everything. They invert the pentagram, they invert the cross um which is, which is not about inverting the cross because Christianity the cross is an ancient esoteric symbol. They invert everything. So they invert the cross. The invert everything. And this is why the nazis, they took the swastika and they spun it. Uh you can see the swastika out in japan all over the place, but it’s not, yeah, it’s like a buddhist symbol.
You say, it’s a buddhist symbol, just kind of twisted. Yeah, exactly. So because the nazis were an expression of a tico. So if you look at this covid situation, these super psychopaths like Gates and the Rockefellers Rothschilds and all these people that are involved in driving this, they are extreme expressions, atletico really extreme expressions. And so they’re psychopaths because psychopathy is wathiq oh, it’s this consciousness which attaches to people and they become psychopaths if it attaches powerful enough, that’s powerful enough. So you have uh this um, this situation with psychopaths where there’s something called the hair test which named after a guy who invented it.
And it’s a list of traits that if you have enough of them, you’re officially a psychopath. And the top two are no empathy and no compassion and lying, lying as much as you you need to to get what you want with no compulsion at all about how much you now look at those three traits and you’re looking at the traits of those driving the covid hoax in fact running the world, but driving the Covid notes in this in this case. So there you have witty coal that is running this.
Okay, now you look at the mainstream media and you look at Silicon Valley and you look at the people involved there now, what are they doing? They’re all with Echo, I mean people like Zuckerberg and Dorsey at twitter and Notley runs twitter uh And and the people that run uh google and Susan Wyshynski, the ceo of google and Youtube. These people are with tico, tico. They’re they’re very, very unconvinced. The robots. David, I don’t know, man. Like what is going on there? Like biden? Is he a robot like I don’t under like watching them like they don’t they don’t look human anymore, man.
I do go into this in the book. You know, one expression of this this boutique oh, control is cyborgs. I mean when I when I look at Bill Gates, there’s no one bloody own. There isn’t. There’s no you look in their eyes there’s no life because there were T coal. Which is which is which is the inversion of life, there’s no life. They’ve got no life in their eyes. They’ve got no they’ve got no love. Yeah, they’re light has gone exactly completely. So then you come down to these people in the media and what are they doing that they’re lying on.
I mean, the media have always liked, but in the Covid era, the lies and the coordination of the lives worldwide. Absolutely extraordinary. I mean, you know, the things they say that are not true are coming out by the minute. Um, so then you have people are quite prepared to lie in support of the psychopaths agenda with no compulsion whatsoever about lying. And that’s what ICO But here’s the here’s the other thing in in in in lower levels of what ICO control, not not to the level that you will be a psychopath or a a genetic liar, but that but you’re still attached to it.
You’re starting to look at the the asleep and the ones that have taken the job without question. The ones that have believe what the government tells them without question. There also they’ve also been witty code uh in the sense that an attachment has taken place as they’ve fallen into these low vibrational states are frequent, not least through fear. And they start to be affected. And one of the ways that obviously what what’s the coal doesn’t want is its agenda being questioned. So it shuts these people down so they literally don’t can’t can’t process information to form a conclusion.
You know what awakened people do that are not in the Wet E Cofield is they they take information from different sources and they make conclusions from it. But the asleep take government statements, official statements, mainstream media statements as a conclusion in and of itself. There’s no filtering goes on. They say it. So they believe it and this is how Atika works. And so you have this other situation which is on the face of it, bizarre and that is where people are living in families. Um, and the family unit overwhelmingly perhaps in its entirely except for them has bought the covid lie in the covid hoax and one member of the family.
This has happened to doctors who have spoken out. One member of the family says, actually, I don’t buy it now. What you would normally expect in a rational, sane situation is, well, we don’t agree with you or explain to us why some discourse. Some sort of discourse. Yeah. Or at least, you know, okay, well, we don’t agree with you. But you know, I think we think you’re bloody crazy thinking that. But but what has happened and this has happened all over the world? Suddenly these people are just ostracized.
They’re cut out with the family one was talking about, he’s front door key was taken away. What? This is totally irrational. This is insanity. But if you are in a, in a what Ico controlled in effect possessed state of awareness, consciousness or lack of awareness, then that is not going to want you to do anything but be very, very antagonistic and very, very um a dismissive of anyone that’s pushing back on the political agenda. And this is why in this pit where we’ve seen it already. But in this period we’re going into, you’re going to see the the asleep used massively as the foot soldiers of the cult through the governments and their medical pyramids to, to attack and demonize and support anything that um, is, is targeting the awakened, the untapped, uh, what Eco’s gone.
But so when you, when you awaken, well Tico doesn’t want, you know anything. It doesn’t exist, right? And that that’s the greatest that’s the greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing everyone. It doesn’t exist, right? Exactly. And holding up a mirror and saying, I don’t exist is literally a state of consciousness. That’s what it is, a very distorted state of consciousness. And when you start to awaken, when you open your heart, when you’re talking about it, when you go into the realms of love, you know, I’ve been on these uh these these massive marches in London, hundreds and hundreds, thousands of people walking through the streets of London protesting again for freedom and stuff.
Um, and we had a fantastic advantage of Abbas where, you know, your speech, it was great. And uh, you know, I’ve been on protest marches over the decades going way back, you know, against wars and stuff. Um, but the energy of these gatherings is something else. I’ve never I’ve never come across anything like it on saturday into focus where it was, it was the most powerful expression of this energy that I’ve come across. And what you see when you, when you were among people like this issue see smiles, you see laughter, you see mutual support, uh expressions of love.
It’s that this is this is what’s going to turn this around. Uh for reasons I’ll go into in a book, I’m going to write in the winter. It’s this this is going to be turned around, but we’ve got a brutal a few years to come to the point. The point is that the the consciousness that I’m talking about, you know, that that is seeing, it’s high vibration of consciousness. It’s not affected by Batista with Chico can’t connect with it because the frequencies are so different, different and therefore suddenly people who go through this awakening, you got uh what what does this word?
Tico frequency band relate to the five senses and the subconscious around second five cents. So when you move out of the five senses alone, you’re moving out of quantico control of your perception. And therefore you start to see things you couldn’t see before. Um uh And this is this is what we’re looking at. And what’s the answer? You open your heart. What’s the answer you love? What’s the answer? You you feel joy. You are joyous in the knowledge that you are a point of consciousness with an infinite reality that is infinite, eternal and will forever explore the infinite possibility of infinite reality uh Infinitely.
So this is just a little local difficulty in a tiny band of frequency called the human world. And once you get that perspective, because we’re all gonna die eventually, thank God we’re not going to die, but we’re not going to divide the bodies. Thank God, I’ll tell you what I want to live here forever. I think I put me on dad. So you mean there’s a great quote by martin Luther King Who talked about, he was 38 at the time. It was a long quote, but basically this is just a bit, You can be 38 years old and you can face a challenge to stand up for some great cause, some great, some great uh, principal, right?
But you are frightened of what might happen if you stand up for this cause. And so you don’t, And he said, you can go on and live until you are 90, but you will. But the secession of Life of your body at 90 will merely be basically the physical succession succession of death. A spiritual death that happened when you were 38. So you so, you know, you stand up for a cause and something happens and you know, you leave this world of 38, Oh, you leave this world at 90 by keeping your head down.
So I mean, you know, sorry, 38 for me, I’m going with the 30 and you want to live forever. Go ahead, man. This is why, you know, I started off when, when, when we started chatting saying how important this understanding that there is no death and life goes on and God, you know, the reality is beyond this one. I mean, this is this, We were really, really in the shit are we, are we really are. This is a that this is a real challenging place because of this boutique.
Oh, don’t let anyone get the impression that beyond the walls of this political world, it’s all like this. It’s not. This is a real extreme negative place. And a lot of us have come in at this time to to to rid the place of article. So, so we can have a world that we we um, we would all love to have one of love and respect and joy and happiness and the pursuit of of your the pursuit of your thing that gives you a passion. What joy we need more of that. Right?
Yeah, yeah. And all those, all those states are high vibrational states. Uh, and if you look at what’s happening in the Covid era, because if you go into the big, big picture of this, this portico knows that this challenge is coming. This challenge is coming. There is there is a intervention starting to to really come in And it’s coming in the form of high vibrational uh, energy uh, to to change the nature of the field and to rid the uh portico domination of this field. Um, and and that’s why, you know, we’ll get to 2024 ish.
And maybe a bit earlier. And you’re gonna start to see very clear signs that this this this this thing is going down even, you know, when it seems to be in control, you’ll see it going down because the the power of this, which Echo is to control this field. I talked about earlier once this field moves into high vibrational states, it can’t can’t control anymore. It’s got it’s got no power to control. And therefore the manifestation of this field goes from Mexico, which is control and to to to freedom and love and joy.
This is coming. It really is. I mean I’m, you know, if I’ve ever said anything, it’s true this is this is coming. But it’s it’s going to be a big challenge in the, in the short term. And uh, a lot of people who’ve made low vibrational decisions about the job. Unfortunately I got well, so unfortunately I’m going to take the consequences. But unfortunately they’re going to leave the party in continue to To another another reality which is far nicer than this one is currently. So. Right. It’s very important that people just start to look at the fact that life, life is eternal, Life goes on.
We are consciousness, we are indestructible and we take form for certain experiences. But we are the consciousness of having the experience through the form and then everything changes. You lose the fear of death. Why? Why? Why as the Covid era had so much control over people? Fear of death, death. Fear of living. Yeah. Well that’s part of it, right? If you’re afraid to die, then you’re afraid to live. It’s it’s just the way you exactly. But you know, they said there was a deadly virus. So what do people think I might die?
My kids might die so suddenly fear protect me from what I fear. So authority says you’ve got to do this. You gotta lock down. You got to do this. You gotta do that. Oh yeah, okay. To do it or put a mask on. Yeah, we’ll do that because the fear of death, but I’m from, I’ve never had a fear of Covid, not doesn’t exist, but I’ve never had a fear of Covid because um, you know, and therefore I’ve not had a fear of any of this stuff.
And and somehow this is a miracle mike this, this is a miracle. Absolutely. It is somehow over the period of the Covid era from the spring of 2022 now, I’ve not worn a mask. I’m not social distance. People want to get out my way. Good luck to you make, but I’m not getting yours. I’m not trying to hug. Come on. So, uh you know, I’ve not seen any of this stuff. Um not put toxic, toxic shite in the, in the body, not in any of that. And, you know, in these big events in um in Trafalgar Square’s been three.
Now we’re going back to august september last year, people come up to you, you’re hugging people, you’re hugging hundreds and hundreds of people all the time. You go on these massive marches. People are coming up here all the time, You’re hugging them and that stuff. And I’ve not had a bloody sniffle, so there’s a miracle for you. Uh somehow I’ve survived. Somehow, I don’t know, amazing, isn’t it, the ones that aren’t frightened of it, they don’t get it right, But then the ones who are running out trying to protect themselves or getting it over and over again, or getting they uh see and this is where I was raised a little bit different, you know what I mean?
And and my my again, whatever, whatever God gave me the energy to have perception, to see things differently. Growing up, I just always saw these jabs and these pharmaceuticals to be the cause of the problem, not not the solution. Um And so when you grow up that way, it’s just a completely different outlook on the whole thing, right? And so yeah, I love it, I love it. When people say, so, you’re an anti vax. A you know, a lot of people go, oh no, I’m not against vaccines.
No, I’m just questioning this one next to me. So you’re an anti vaccine? Yeah, Absolutely. 1000% man. Yes, I will never enjoyed myself with a foreign substance with mercury in it. One of the most deadliest substances known to man and everybody’s knows that it’s been in that vaccine, not just this one, all the vaccines for however long, it just blows my freaking mind, man. So you’ve got you’ve got an immune system, which is that, which is a work of absolute genius. Uh and what you do is you undermine it from the, from the day you’re born, you say, before the immune systems actually formed in a child, you bombarded with this toxic shape and and and the immune system will never be what it could be for the rest of that child’s life.
But it’s what it is is The five senses don’t question. So the five senses is the questioning. The questioning consciousness is the expanded consciousness. The five senses don’t question what they do is they accept and repeat. So um it’s like it’s always been like this therefore it’s that’s how you do it. It doesn’t say, well hold on a minute is that can we ask some questions about this? But you know they, The five senses don’t do that. So The five senses will look at the education system and they’ll say oh yeah well what happens is you’re born and then when you’re three or four you go to school and then you go to school and then you go to school and you go to school and then you go to university and then you go to college and stuff.
And what a conscious expanded mind does, it looks at it and it goes, yeah, but what are they bloody lonely, nobody thought that. And what’s the benefit of filling a child’s mind with irrelevant facts that if it needs them, they’ll they’ll find them. They’ll be able to find him when it’s adult, if it needs when there’s trees to climb and there’s there’s there’s there’s things to do, the consciousness to explore, all this other stuff. Yeah. So, so that’s what a awakening mind does. It says, you know, I know five cents mind.
That’s what happens. But why does it happen? What end and then then then what you realize of course very quickly is that the the education system is just a perceptual programming operation. That’s what it’s for indoctrination system and that its worldwide we have bred a bunch of regurgitate, ear’s, that’s what you’re saying. People who can regurgitate but they have no thinking mind which to me is the most exciting part of life. Learning new shit and discovering and exploring and being adventurous. All that now is like you can’t you can’t be adventurous anymore.
There’s because again that goes back to what we were saying that means that you’re living life now. That means that’s joy, excitement. Yeah but that’s a good point. You know uh the idea is to live life but what asleep people do is let life live then that’s what’s happening. Life is living, there were Ticos living then and awaken. People started start to live life. So if we if we look at that um that there’s there’s the asleep level mm and then there’s the critically thinking level and then there’s the renegade mind because there’s a lot of people that critically think and see things and work things out.
But having worked out what’s happening, they still accept what is happening. They don’t refuse to cooperate with it because you know they are frightened of the consequences or they don’t want to upset anybody or they don’t want to be criticized and all that stuff. Um They worry about what people think of them, they’ve worked it out a bit but you know actually doing anything about it. But the renegade mind is different. The renegade mind or renegade heart is a maverick. Always a maverick. A maverick renegade mind says, okay I can see what’s happening and I’m not cooperate with it.
I’m not cooperating under no circumstances are not cooperating with this because a renegade mind has self respect and self respect is the bull walk against tyranny. It always has been because self respect says I don’t care what you’re telling me to do, I’m not doing it. We’ll do this year, we’ll do that. You would bloody well do it mate. I still ain’t doing it that because I’m gonna hand you myself respect if I do what you tell me, just because you tell me when I know why you’re telling me to do it, I know the consequences that where you want to take this.
Um So if I if I if I do it just because you tell me I’m handing you myself respect when self respect is handed over what’s left submission, that’s all that’s left. And this is an interesting point because it’s all psychology. I mean you look at the the networks so called scientific advisory networks that are advising the british government. They’re dominated by behavioral psychologists. All these all these regulations. They’re not about health care about psychology, this master about psychology. And what one of the things is one of the things that they they hide behind is he incompetence and stupidity now are they’re incompetent and stupid politicians and officials. Absolutely.
But I’m talking about people running this but they hide behind that. So um when they for instance give you covid regulations that are obviously contradictory are obviously blatantly stupid. Are obviously not based on any science. Lock yourself away, Don’t get any sunlight. It They will tell you that the biggest way to kill this virus where the biggest want to kill this virus is just stop talking about it because it doesn’t exist. But let’s let’s say they say the biggest way to kill this virus is sunlight and then they tell you you better go sit in your home for 23 hours a day.
So you know the contradictions of that. The point I’m making though is that they’re meant to be seen as contradictory, and they’re meant to be seen as ridiculous and stupid and bearing no resemblance to reality. Because if they can get you to see that and you still do it, they have a hoovered up Your self respect and they’ve they’ve got you into a state of submission. And that’s why when this started in, all this lockdown stuff started in the spring of 2020, I I said I’m not doing any of it, I’m doing any of it.
I don’t care what the consequences are. I’m not doing any of it because if I know it’s nonsense, I know why they’re doing it. I know to what end they’re doing it and I’m not going to cooperate with my own enslavement and enslavement of other people. So I’m not doing it uh and up to now consequences well enough. But you know, I think I’m gonna look these people in the eye big time in the next few months. But anyway, um I won’t do it because if if I do do it, when I know why it’s being done, then I’m handing my self respect over and I won’t do it. Not.
Again, minds will never hand over their self respect. They’d rather die first. Amen. Well, here’s the freaking renegade minds. David. Ike Amen brother. And you know what’s so funny? Is that or whatever? But yes, sir. That right? When you’re saying that, I can’t remember where maybe it was when you were on with brian Rose or whatever, but because I was the same thing as soon as I was like, first of all, if you put a mask on, then you’re letting them know you are submitting. So nobody put a fucking mask on, period.
What are you doing? Hard line in the sand. My body, my choice. What happened to all the shit, Right? So anyway, but to hear again, once again, here we are in this 20 year cycle or whatever it is. But just to have you there, right? Because again, it was me and my wife and all of our friends left us, right? Everybody because of course, they’re completely into it. And me and my wife are the only ones who, like, nope, right? But then again, here we have David. Ike who is like on our side, right?
And it was like a one way, one way mirror. So I couldn’t say thank you. And like, yes, we agree. And we’re here with you and we’re not acquiescing. You know what I mean? We’re on the other side of the the pond here. You know what I mean? We’re down here in Arizona. But again, thank you, David. Thank you for you resolve for standing up for being here. Still man your, your original truth or my brother, like, I just can’t tell you how amazing it’s. Thank you.
Thank you. I think I’d mind will never cross the line to tyranny because, um, fascism is never brought in by fascism. Fascism is never imposed by fascists because there’s never enough of them factotum is imposed by the population. Acquiescing to fascism, which is a very different thing. Uh, so we have to realize that authority doesn’t have power has no power over us. The power that authority appears to have is the power we give it in the form of acquiescence. How kind of relative handful of people dictate the lives of nearly eight billion.
It’s impossible if the eight billion refused to cooperate and to hand over their self respect, which is what it comes down to in the end. So we we have the answer. I mean, pure mathematics and but but there are other things going on. And the power you see the power of Love and the power of that comes from it. Because because love is the absence of fear. Love in its true sense, doesn’t have fear because it knows from the bigger picture of reality and eternal life that there is nothing to fear.
But I love the power of love is so unbelievably vastly greater Than the power of what we call evil. The inversion of of love. The absence of love called Evil, that it’s not going to take 50% of the population or even anywhere near that tell this around. It’s not because because because because of the difference in the power of the two states of being. Um and so so that’s our solution. We’re going to have a lot of challenges in the next little while. But I would say to people, please, please just hold hold that that thought that knowing.
But on the other side of this, this is going down and it’s a wonderful opportunity, isn’t it? Because this boutique, oh in all its expressions in this through this global cult, this global coal and the secret society network, it’s just a physical, if you like, physical expression that we take other sort it is. That’s what it lacks compassion, no compassion, no, no empathy and all this stuff. But this this has been operating from the unseen all the way through known human history. It’s been manipulating human society in a direction.
But he’s been doing it from the unseen. It’s been doing it kind of subtly. Um, it’s been doing it from the hidden, but in the the Covid era, it’s gone center stage where people can increasingly see it. And so here’s an opportunity not just to, you know, stop the Covid fascism. This is an opportunity and it will be taken. This is what’s going to happen, uh, to rid this reality of this witty co consciousness once and for all. And it’s like if you want to hold a ball in a tank in an unnatural position, then you you hold it on the bottom of the tank and to keep it there in an unnatural state.
You have to keep it, your hand on it. You have to keep holding it there because it’s not where it would go normally, wouldn’t go there naturally. And this is this is symbolic of this suppression Of consciousness into the five senses cutting off the multidimensional influence. But once that once that article has been weakened and loses its power in this reality, you don’t really have to do anything then. Because what you’ve basically done is you’ve taken the hand off that board and immediately the balls on the top of the tank floating on the water because that’s its natural state.
And that’s what’s going to happen to humanity. There’s some fantastic times coming fantastic times on the other side of this, uh, rather challenging period. Amen. Amen. Thank you, David. Thank you, man. Yeah, I love listening to you. We we listen, we’ve seen all your shows on Guy. Are you going to do any more of those? We just again, you’re talking our language, the love language. You know what I mean? A lot of people can’t hear that. You know what I mean? And it’s the static noise and it’s like and that’s where Yeah, again, you resolve all these years has been inspiring so well, it’s been fantastic.
I’m really glad, I’m really glad your wife is on board, Because there’s a lot of people unfortunately are in relationships now. What has not got it. And uh, wouldn’t work there as well, and there’s no way. And, you know, it’s funny. It’s like, we’ve only been together a couple years, you know what I mean? We just moved in together, uh, in January of 2020, right? And into a small apartment. I’m a musician, right? And I was yeah, for a long time. I never thought anything was going to change. David.
I really didn’t, man. I just kind of, I was like, you know what I mean? You get you. And I don’t know, did you ever experience this? Like, do you just get tired of trying to explain to people? You know what I mean? And then finally I just stopped talking for years about any of it. It was just like it’s not worth it like you know what I mean? 2008 happened and I thought for sure 2008 I was going to be it. I was like oh man it’s all popping off.
And then then we actually bailed out the banks and all that stuff and I was just like oh my god. So you know what I mean? It was just Yeah but but that was all part of centralizing uh financial powers right? Yeah. On the road to where we are now. Uh You know maybe there’s been there’s obviously been times when um you bang your head against the wall for long enough you get a headache but my headaches have only lasted. Um you know the time it takes to go to bed, really?
You get the end of the day and you think, you know, so many times over the years, what’s the bloody point? Uh, you know, when I, when I’ve gone out in the early days and, and I’ve spoken spoken words of wisdom to a hall of empty chairs. Now, you’re speaking in front of the hundreds of thousands, man. You know what I mean? Look how I mean, jeez, So, you think, you know, what’s the point? And you go to bed? You think almost the point you wake up the next morning, right, let’s go, Let’s go.
Yeah, And that’s and that’s what it’s been like really? Because something within me has always known this was leading somewhere and it’s always known that ultimately it’s leading somewhere fantastic. And so I don’t I don’t have any reason to change that feeling now. So choose love everybody. Ladies and gentlemen, everybody, thank you for watching. This is David. Ike, however, I just wanted to say, I think out of this amazingly beautiful conversation, the solution, because that’s something we’re very solution driven. I don’t know if we have like you would, but we have a job board, we have a directory.
As soon as all this went down, I immediately got to work in building the counter economy. So, if you want to do this, well, we’re doing the opposite. It’s just what I do. I’m like, you, I’m just a stubborn bastard, man. I’ll never, that’s exactly what we need to do. The people that are pushing back. We need to create. And it’s happening here where I live on the other y in England, and we have to create our own our own networks of support and networks of people who have certain skills, you know, whatever.
I mean, I know people here looking at buying land for food and stuff. Um This is this is very important that those that are awakening and push backing that they we build support systems for each other and when, when people fall and you we pick them up and that’s what we need to do. Beautiful. Now, real quick before we go, do you wanna kind of let anybody know how they can get a hold of your find. You, if they don’t know, we’re gonna have notes and we do all that kind of stuff.
But if you wanted to like, advertise your book or anything cool, the perceptions of renegade mind, it’s going to be in America very shortly. Um And, you know, it’s not one of my massive books I’ve written this for, to get people up to speed very quickly, but it also goes into the real deep areas like politico and how it works. Um, and it demolishes the covid hoax completely demolishes it. Uh, so, um, so there’s that and there’s David out dot com, which is the hardware, the news stories go up every day with putting context and all my videos got there and then there’s iconic, which is, uh, it’s kind of an alternative netflix.
Um, a vast array of videos, documentaries, original documentaries. We also license other documentaries to, to play on the channel. Um, and there’s, you know, news story, news news programs as well. My son Gareth fronts up one called right now goes out friday. So that, that’s just taken off massively and it’s not just about, you know, conspiracy, all the things we’ve been talking about. And in fact, I’m going up to Darby where the studios are Next week to record a 14 part series on the nature of reality. And we’re we’ve got an animation team that’s that’s going to symbolize through animation, you know, the world that we can’t see so that you can see how everything actually is.
One without where the five senses can’t see that. So it could be fascinating. Uh huh. So it’s it’s right across the whole range of alternative subjects um that that are covered there. And it’s uh my son Jamie had the idea and he’s he’s done a fantastic job. Pulling it together. Beautiful, awesome, awesome. Well yeah, I love you. Thank you. I love you too. Alright. We love each other, We’ll get out of there, that’s it. Um And uh yeah, let’s end on that. Thank you so much, David.
Um We’ll be in touch everybody the Freedom People dot org. Come and sign up. And uh we love you. Thank you so much. Hi, David. She is my cheers. Bye bye. Yeah, Yeah, yeah.

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