April 24, 2021

Coaching as Consciousness – Garret Kramer

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What does it really mean to be conscious? Is personal responsibility not what we think it is?? All this and more in today’s Fireside Freedom Chat!

Show Notes

Garret Kramer talks with Brad about some high level consciousness. WARNING do not want to be distracted while listening to this episode. Lots of great thought provoking questions and theories included in this fireside freedom chat. Garret talks about Freedom with a capital F, his new and last book coming out soon, the ego and of course the current events of COVID. Who. We. Are.: Silencing Ego, Returning to Source, Knowing Ourselves. By Garret Kramer “Your own self realization is the greatest service you can render the world” -Ramana Maharshi

Hello, all you lovely Freedom People out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat. I’m your host, Bradley Freedom Today we’ve got Garret Kramer. That’s right. We got Garret Kramer on the show. Such an inspiring conversation. It was an absolute honor to speak for. As long as I was able to with Garret, it’s a little over an hour. So we got a little bit longer. A fireside freedom chat. I’m almost an hour and a half I think actually. Um but it’s packed full of love and compassion and talks of freedom.

I really hope you enjoy it just as much as I did before we get into it. I want you to grab your phone And text into 8449923733. The key word Kramer one and that’s K R A M E R. And the number one, You’re gonna text that into (844 992 37 3 3. We’re going to send you out today’s show notes. You don’t want to miss this one. Come on, let’s go. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah, hopefully more and more of us can connect and that that’s really what this is about. It’s about connecting as many freedom people as we can.

Or people that just share this core value of freedom, you know? And some level of self responsibility, Right? And I I truly believe with self responsibility comes freedom. And the more self responsible you are, the more freedom you want. Uh Well, we can get into this if you like. Yeah, now we’re recording. Yeah. Yeah. Whatever. Well, but I actually think that I think it could be the other way. In other words. I think I think that’s self responsibility is a concept, but I don’t think it’s a truth.

Whereas freedom is who we are. It’s our very nature. Freedom is in my mind in other words, for the self capital s or source or awareness or consciousness or you might even say God presence. I think freedom capital after his affair. Word to use when we talk about who we truly are now where responsibility is a concept. But frankly I think we have to be careful that we don’t mix this concept in with freedom because a concept can never be true. Concept is just a concept. So Germ theory is a concept.

Uh terrain theory is a theory, right? When we start to say which one is true is when we’re going to start to just batch each other in the head, not you and me. But this is what was on. They’re both theoretical. Now we can surely look at the data and say, well it looks to me like we live our lives based on germ theory. Medicine is based on germ theory being true and that’s the problem. What the whole pharmaceutical industry is based on something that they can’t prove to be true.

Now you want to say okay maybe someday they could prove it to be church. But sure as shit have not done that yet. So we have to be realistic about this and say there probably never gonna like if they haven’t done it yet, I’ve never seen a pink gorilla but I’m gonna leave myself open to them. I may see a pink gorilla something but probably I’m 59 years old. The odds are one on tv. It’s probably not going to happen but I’m going to just leave myself open to the possibility and maybe it’s going to happen but probably not.

Okay so contagion theory even the theory or concept of personal responsibility and we can get into why that’s a concept and not a truth if you like, but it’s simply not. And actually I think that speaking as personal responsibility, you know, I’ve been around the consulting counseling, coaching world. That’s my career, my whole life. I was an athlete, a player before that and a hockey prep school hockey coach before the high school hockey coach. And I can tell you that no performer just limiting it to performers for a second athlete thrives when we’re burden or responsibility is placed on his or her shoulders.

No, they thrive in the truth. Freedom. Mhm. And if we start and this is my opinion and it’s a contrary opinion. Too many who are on the so called same side as me and I don’t really, I’m not saying I’m right here. Okay. Anybody said like anyone who’s standing up for freedom is cool with me. Like I’m fine with it and we don’t have to agree on the words or exactly how we teach it. No, definitely not. Should we shouldn’t we shouldn’t. Yeah, because then that means you’re a freethinker.

Exactly, and and I don’t want my wife or my Children to agree with that. It’s a problem, right? Yeah. Everybody’s just to get along to get along kind of thing, right? And that’s proud of the problem. Right now. Actually, my wife said to me, you know, I trust what you’re saying. And I said, wait a second, babe, I don’t want you to trust what I’m saying. And this is we’re talking about the virus or something about it. I don’t research. You go you trust yourself and go in.

Don’t trust what I’m not even, not even my best friend, I don’t even want her to do that. I want her to get in there and and go for it. And then you tell me you make up your own mind and that’s very important. So, anyway, one of the issues with personal responsibility is Mhm And I write about that. I’ve written about this extensively and I write about this in this book that if I could ever get the reason held up is because I held it up because something had to give during this busy time.

Like I just I’m like, I have it right here on my screen. I just give a little like we’re in final edit someone. I’m almost there, man, page 2 76 to 85 I’m right there and but then it’s got to get one more proof reading all that before it goes in. But anyway, so I talk about in this very book actually, um that until we eradicate the materialistic live and what I mean by that is what I mean by materialistic lie or the paradigm of materialism that we live in.

What I mean by that is not like materialism. Like I like I want possessions that that actually springs from what I’m going to say, But more like materialism as in duality as in separation as in this idea that there is me here and you outside of me separate from me. Okay. And that and again, that belief which can’t be proven because how would I know you Without me? You can’t exist separate from me. I wouldn’t I wouldn’t. I have no evidence of you without me. Of course, it’s a submission to say that once we get done with this podcast, that we’re going to, you’re going to be where you are and I want to be where I am now.

It’s a reasonable supposition or concept. But you still even the phone you where you are can’t exist separate from me. So no separation. No one’s ever experienced this separate subject and object. No one, right? But we live in this notion that There is me, this little speck in the universe and there is all this other stuff. A million other specs, including 7. 8 billion people. And and we live under this paradigm. That isn’t even true. It’s not even true. And under that paradigm that I am a separate being and you are a separate being.

In truth, we will always find conflict because ultimately, I’ll be out for me and you will be out for you because we’re separate beings, defending for ourselves. Personal accountability and personal survival, survival, Darwinism, all this nonsense. Right? So those in my experience in teaching this for so many years, breath like I can see your face and your reaction to what I’m saying, You never have heard it this way, Maybe. But there’s something that that’s in you that’s saying, wow, this is great. Like I kind of get that and know us and those of us.

And it was saying with me before I was turned in this direction, like full, like I always had a sensitive but I didn’t know what I was sensing. You know, like I didn’t know it. And and and that’s why young people generally relate to this message Because young people are closer to that truth to source to God, quite frankly than most who are my age, like 59 and older or something, because we’ve been so indoctrinated to be separate little peons in this world that we can’t see through it.

So when something like this virus cropped up and this is a story that you may have heard me tell uh tell before. But it’s worth hearing again I think is yes please. I’m I’m I’m home and at this time I think Yeah all my kids who are who are at the time 28 26 and 22 or 23. Um because of their life situations with this pandemic and air quotes here um They were home they came home You know 1 1 they just came home and because I couldn’t work ones that once a college baseball coach, my other sons in med school actually my daughter works in Miami.

Um and they just came home and um I was down so I think in the gym and I CNN was on or some news program was on I still watch CNN a year ago, 14 months ago. Lots so and they were talking about lockdowns and you’ve got to isolate and I literally turn the tv off. I went upstairs and I said to my family this is something not right here, something’s not right and what I and they asked me to explain I said well quite frankly I’ve got to learn more about what I’m sensing right now.

Is that this is a lie because how we’re going to separate from each other, where are we going to go? Like I can’t I can’t separate from myself. Like where are we going to go? How is this even possible? There’s just no way that a suggestion of distance. Social distance can be a reasonable suggestion because even the sound of the car that appears to be coming from a road 100 yards from here looking out my window on this window here, that sound appears in me. It doesn’t actually appear out there here.

Of course. Absolutely. Yeah, I get that car happens here, me. So the idea of distancing what you can’t distance yourself from yourself, where you gonna go. So this was a fatal error that those who have bought into the materialistic paradigm, hook line and sinker think of the so called talking heads on tv whether the mainstream media or the government have have fallen for and they don’t understand that. So they’re making they’re suggesting measures or techniques that are literally wheel spinning. And it’s proven because nothing worked. Of course not, of course, it’s not the wheel spinning, nothing takes place outside or separate from you even a virus.

It can’t happen. It literally is impossible. It’s like saying um a whirlpool in the sea, He’s going to jump outside of the sea. The world will arises in the sea. And it’s made of the sea. It’s not going without it, It can affect the sea. It is the sea. Right? When you, when you hear people say, well, viruses are in us. There were made of viruses. Now this the exact bushes of the world and absolutely yeah, talons of the world. They started to say this. And I’m like, whoa, now they’re on now.

They’re speaking truth. They’re speaking from a consciousness only model standpoint. And if you listen to Zack, he talks purely a consciousness. I mean that guy. Yeah. I mean just, I mean he needs you to tears man. Just listen to him. You know, he’s just powerful. And it’s funny because my son Jackson, who’s in med schools. I said, I said, hey, listen to this guy. Watch to one of his early podcast during the situation in the and he messaged me, I remember the text like this is what a doctor should be.

And he reached out to Zach and wants the intern for him next summer. I’m like, man, we’re on now, we’re now we’re rolling here. Yeah. So, I mean, Jackson always wanted to be a surgeon. He was a college ballplayer. He wants to be a surgeon in his mind, He wants to be a surgeon, but we’ll see where, we’ll see where it takes him. So, when I started again here, Zack and tom and even tom Barnett from Australia talking like I was like and and Andrew Kaufman. Yeah, I started what something is going like these guys are on it.

There’s something here and it really marries very well with all things share my being. All things are made of my being. All things are known by my being. And as opposed to the a model of separation, this virus. We’re at war with this virus. It’s the enemy. This is ignorance mask as wisdom mask, masters courage. Quite frankly, it’s absolute ignorance and I’m not blaming people for having that standpoint. That standpoint is programmed into us from the time we’re born. Absolutely just it. I mean, I’m not excusing it by the way.

Right, Right, right. I’m not excusing that what you’re explaining, You’re explaining it, You’re not excusing it. You’re just explaining why and how. But yeah, no excuse absolutely using myself when I fall for the lie. Because I do too. I absolutely do. To be honest, I fall for it too. But we need to we need to look at that and say we’re just missing it. We’re just missing it. And we always know when we’re missing it because when insecurity arises, it’s simply our sign, we’re missing it. Not complicated.

It just means to just, oh, I’ve overlooked my infinite eternal itself. Okay, fix the insecurity. I don’t need to get a shot or use a deep breathing technique or go drink, have a drink or something. I do. Oh, thank you. You know, that insecurity is simply my reminder. Like I’ve overlooked the essence of self. I’ve taken you brad to be some a person who exists outside of me. When in fact, I am the C and you’re made of me, we won we share a being a people that applies to viruses that applies to anything animals that applies to nature.

And we totally have missed the boat on this. And and that is what I knew that look, look, that’s that’s why I knew something was off about this. It just didn’t add up. And in this book I mentioned which by the way, I’m not here plugging because I’m gonna please do. We actually, it’s one I wanted to ask you about it, you’re kind of actually just answering all the questions we have as you talk, so it’s perfect. Just keep going, please, I’m not here to plug it.

In fact, as I say, in the very beginning of this thing, I’m I’m really writing this as a legacy, is definitely in my last book and I’m writing it as a legacy and I actually plan to set up my own distribution of this book and I’m going to give away the book more than I sell the book if I sell it at all, I don’t want to make money on this book. I’m not it’s not the point of it, like, literally, but the book, the book is not about the pandemic or anything, although it’s amazing when my wife is reading through the manuscript, she was like, wow, like you’re predicting some of this stuff because I clearly say towards the end, I clearly say this hints of it, but I clearly say that unless we write this materialistic lie, the world is going to explode. Sure.

I mean, I’m not, it’s going to we’re still we’re still going to be okay. Like consciousness can’t be destroyed. Who we are, The true self isn’t gonna go anyway, right? There’s no way that materialism, this belief or idea that you exist separate from me, which isn’t true. Can can stand the lie cannot stand. So that’s right there. That that’s what I’ve come to understand as original sin. What original sin means is the belief in separation because from that then there’s right, I mean that’s your foundation and like you were saying that and it’s like the foundation of medicine or current al empathic medicine is based on a lie or again and then some an assumption that just might not be true.

Well, the assumption like that. Yeah. Like you’re sensing like like assumptions or or concepts as we said before, theories, ideas. This is all necessary and fine. Just using words here. But when we when we turn the theory or the concept into a belief, we then say it’s true, you collapse the wave right now. You’re collapsing the wave function and you’re saying right? And the quantum talk then you’re saying now this is truth and then and so it is right. And so you just kind of pinned your whole self into that corner of belief.

Exactly now you’re living a life based on belief and to believe is to not know if that’s why I suggest that everyone don’t believe what I say. Like literally don’t don’t believe what anyone says, including me. Absolutely what we would then say as you said earlier, like explore for yourself as I said, delays my wife, you’ve got to look at this for yourself. But what we’re really saying in the suggestion to explore for yourself, like sure we because we’re so programmed to be separate people. We we take that to mean oh I got to dig into this and find out what’s true and look but what we’re really but once we do that, what happens is we start to without even knowing it.

Like even researching something like viruses. Okay so basic right now and it’s easy to talk about. So yeah, yeah. What happens when we start to really look at it, explore for ourselves. We’re not really learning stuff. What we’re actually doing is stripping stuff away. So we’re stripping away the conditioning our culture around viruses in this case. So we’re stripping away all this belief that we have absorbed from culture mistakenly and that all that belief has shrouded the truth and has shrouded or veiled our ability to see for ourselves.

So what we’re actually doing and this is why Zach Bush and Tom and Andrew are still so essential right now, is they don’t really give you more if you really look at it, they’re stripping all the nonsense away, getting back to the core of getting back to the core of it. And that’s a brilliant teacher. That’s a brilliant councils, a brilliant parent coach, friend, lover ship, whatever. Yeah, absolutely. Back to source. We’re getting back to who we are. So what happens is we say, explore for yourself.

People take it back from a personal perspective. Okay, cool. But eventually, as belief starts to get broken down, as belief starts to dissolve, we get closer and closer to source, closer and closer to peace, closer and closer to love. And now the idea of separation is laughable. Yeah, well you keep peeling the onion, right? We’re peeling that onion and that’s what I’ve made the magic pill in the onion layer by layer. And that’s why I always say explore for yourself, like I must write that on a post like once a month.

And it’s so funny because even though you write that, people say, oh, why are we supposed to believe you? I said, how many times do I have to say, I have to put this on the bottom of every single you do in big bold letters every time. Yeah. Well that’s the thing, a lot of people and that’s the thing I’ve I’ve said and I’ve always said, I can’t say always, but I I started a practice of transcendental meditation probably about 15 years ago. Um But what it was is know thy self, know thy self once, you know the myself.

It’s the same self. You realize it’s the same self. And then we all get to that same truth, which is the absolute truth that we’re talking about, right. And then you can’t be you can’t be fooled from there. From that point. You can’t you can’t be you can’t be led around, right? Because not just that it’s you don’t want anybody else’s opinion. I mean, you do because you enjoy listening to other people’s opinion, but you don’t want it to form your own. That makes sense. Like you don’t need the confirmation from someone else, right?

It’s it’s yours and it’s a beautiful place to be. Yeah, Before I answer that, they’ll check this out. Just said it. So, there’s a quote in between the author’s note and the introduction of the table of introduction to this new book. And it is your own self realization is the greatest service you can render the world myself. That’s just what you just said, man, Yes, yes, Ramana Maha, she said that. Yeah. And and that’s how the book opens with that quote, which is what you just said, which is amazing in itself.

That’s just how this this is what drew me to you was what you say is so much and again, and this is where I’m being well and we’re being led to the same people. I didn’t know who Zach Bush was before 2020 I didn’t know. Andrew Kaufman. But I I mean, I listen to these guys and I resonate with what they say, just like you, I resonate with what you say. And I came to where I’m at because I came to where I’m at through self exploration. 100%. I was raised without a father.

I never had any sort of influence anywhere, right? And I’m just I’ve taught myself everything my entire life. That’s and that’s the kind of power that I I really want to help to instil in other people. I want other people to be strong. And that because I think that that’s where we are right now. Is that again the antithesis of what you’re talking about and what your books about? Well, I think I think that it’s it’s just wonderful to hear hear you say that. And I think that what, you know, as I look within myself and see people, and I think that if anything, what I’ve, you know, look, I’ve taken a lot of criticism.

Not only when you when you talk about, there is no actual separation, there is no actual individual. In truth, no separation, there can’t be an actual individual. That’s all conceptual that very sharing. That is not going to make you Tony, I’m not going to make me Tony Robbins, I’m never going to be that figure. The personality, right? Its the persona, its the persona. That’s kind of that that that because the consciousness only model, which is what I would how I would describe it is subject to so much backlash because you’re because you’re you’re actually calling out the ego for what it is, You don’t look so great.

So this this illusion called eagle, like the mirage and the sea doesn’t like wants to be a real thing, it wants to be water. So once you call it out, it’s gonna come, it’s gonna kick back at you. And and I I’ve learned to be very comfortable with that. Like, I’m fine with it. Quite frankly, it’s been going on my entire life because I’ve always had some sense of this, and it was, even though I was a good athlete and I suppose I was somewhat popular because I was a good athlete and I guess a decent leader on the ice when I was playing hockey, um because I was, but I was also good, so it’s not, you know, whatever.

And come from a long line of good athletes and my kids are all good, it’s just fine. It’s well, it’s one part of our life, part of my life and our family’s life, but um, in pointing out these the materialistic, live my whole life, so to speak, I I have, I’ve been, you know, you as well, as we said, the ego will kind of come at you for that. It’s just not going to be an easy, it’s not going to be an easy road. There’s and there’s reasons for that. Absolutely.

In other words, in my mind, just saying it like this just as a concession. God doesn’t, you’re not called to call out the materialistic lied just because you are like you really got to handle it. Like you’re going to be put to a test. Like you really have the cops to hang in there with this because this is no joke here because this is it. This is, we can talk about contagion theory, you know, terrain theory, all this stuff all you want. But materialism is the source of all the other lives.

So materialism is the source of all ISMs. So it’s the one is um, that once it goes the hell house of cards is coming down including what’s happening in the world right now. Think about, I mean it’s national. So, so if you’re called to come after that, you, you’re going to be tested. I, I talked to my Children about this all the time. My sons, as I said, my oldest son’s a college baseball coach and they could have a tough loss or something. And I’m like, hey, you just, you hang in there, you just gotta walk through this fire.

You keep going. You didn’t choose a profession where you’re not going to be subject to criticism from press from parents whose a column from, from that for the fans. I mean, hey, let’s go. Let’s see what you got here. Anyway. So, um, we are called to point people back to source, ultimately back back back to source. And what I’ve noticed is that or would I, how I would describe as like, why are you getting involved? Garret? Why are you a somewhat spiritual teacher? Non duality conscious only model teacher counselor speaker, writer, getting and mixed up in this covid nonsense because I’m I’m also on the island about that.

There’s not many teachers like me who have jumped into this fire, so to speak, like people that they’re pretty now and I’m not saying it’s wrong to not speak of it, like, like if you don’t want to, that’s fine. But so I’ve been asked why, like, why are you doing that? Like, you put out the materialism is a lot like the world is just, it’s all the sea. Like why would you even address this? And my answer to that is is a few answers. But first of all, I’m here to support all these people that think that they’re going crazy.

Like they literally think they know something’s not right about this. They can’t quite always put their finger on it and they’re told that they’re bad for not agreeing that they’re wrong, that they whatever they’re being gassed with like crazy, like people know something’s wrong, but then they just keep telling that their intuition and eat and there is wrong and so they’re wrong at the core of who they are and that’s part of I think the the agenda here is to stifle out God to stifle out the life, to Sisal, stifle out that source energy that you would then understand who you are.

There’s something definitely um because all everything is being done I think is pointing to that, you know? And again, I’m not trying to get all conspiracy theories or anything, but if you’re talking about the Holy War, we’re talking about a Holy War, I mean again this is light and dark whatever you want to say. But that’s how I kind of feel is. It’s the egos game like you just described the egos game. Yeah, that’s like the ego. Yeah, egos game, ego egos game is to convince you that you are a separate LTD and lacking individual and you need me.

So therefore are we witnessing the death of the ego? Right. Are we witnessing a third dimension, represent or um the third dimensional reality? Um manifestation of the death of ego? Well, it’s a weird thing to say, I know what you’re saying, but it’s a weird thing to say or to that’s a way to conceptualize it as we’ve said. Because the ego doesn’t is never alive. So we can never experience the death of ego. We could well, what were merely what we, what we’re experiencing perhaps is simply recognising the ego for what it is, simply the belief.

Or if you want to say the idea that you and I are separate individuals, the ego is that ego is the offshoot of the belief that I am a separate self. So the ego is the product of that. So what we’re doing is just raising awareness to what exact to truth. You can raise awareness. What we’re doing is we’re stripping away the veil on awareness. Yeah, awareness and awareness. Consciousness. I use those words interchangeably. Um God is another one. God’s infinite being would be in other other words, but in essence the way I would describe it is awareness or consciousness does not have levels.

It is the only thing that is not an object, that is the only thing that doesn’t have objective qualities. So awareness just is however, awareness to know a world, will we say it like this purposely veil itself to know itself? Yeah the ego then creeps in and says, oh no no no no no no no no this veiling is actually true. So I actually you are clark Kent, you’re never superman, you’re really clark where there’s no such person as clark Kent. Clarke avail a constant uh do you know who he is?

Do you know who Muji is? Sorry to cut you off, but you know who he is? Yeah. Yeah. So uh one of my favorite gurus, I love Muji but uh again he he says that I think just so basic and easy, right? It’s just the observer observing the observer kind of thing and that is like source truth consciousness is that is that it’s always there and it’s never changing, it’s always the same, we are that observer and we like a dreamer, like a dreamer, all of this is playing out within us right now now, very interesting going back to the idea of responsibility that we see that those characters in the dream don’t control the dream, but even more important, the dreamer doesn’t control the dream, so this this entire experience, life, movie game, whatever you want to say is playing out within us right now, but we are not like the puppet master of this game, there is no puppet master and this is vital to understand.

And as we’re both experiencing as we look at it, like very freeing way now as I’ve taught athletes and performers for years well knowing that and then jumping back into the game, knowing that that’s the essence of being yourself, jesus said be in the world, but not of it, that’s what he meant to go back and know yourself go back in the world, but not as a person, not as an object in the world. I don’t have a you don’t ask yourself in the, in the in the in the game or in the in the experience and the human experience, you don’t lose yourself.

Then go back to know thyself perfect. We first know ourselves, who are you and Muji would talk to teach this. Uh, Ramana Maharishi, Gene klein. Uh uh these are all these are all terrific, non duality teachers, far better than me. But, you know, I’m just a I’m just a sport guy who kind of saw this and and they think, cool that I’ve taken this to performance, like, they don’t know how that even would happen. And to me it’s natural because I was I’m a coach at heart like that, right?

Who I am, and that’s why my son at a very young age is kind of working his way up the ranks because he can go baseball in in and out and he was a good player. But ultimately he knows who he is. He’s a coach. He and he could stand as consciousness, stand as that and then go back into the world and simply serve and yes, so what we’re experiencing now in my mind Is one of 2 things. It’s the same thing, but it will play out. I wanted to wait, let’s say it like that. Yeah.

Materialism, the ego, the idea that I am separate ego is toast now using time, which is another concept, but we’ll leave that for now. Sure when it’s toast. Like I keep telling people about this book. Like I wrote this, I didn’t think it’d be happening six months after I wrote this. Like I didn’t, I thought this is like going to happen 100 years from now. I didn’t think holy shit that I didn’t see them, not even little. I read this last section of this book, it’s crazy. Like I’m saying like, this is gonna be ready because here it’s gonna But I did not think in my wildest dreams, we’ll be hearing this quick.

So I have to put the book on hold to deal with it like, never did. I think that was so anyway, so we are experiencing the annihilation, the dissolution of the materialistic paradigm, which is the ego, is the ego is or was the ego just an expression of that is what we’re saying? It’s all it’s all happening within the c made of the sea. But yes, the material ego is the belief that I am a separate person. I view life from the perspective of a separate person, not from the perspective of the observer or consciousness as moon, she was saying so.

And that is what if you ask anyone, who are you, they’re going to say, I’m Gareth or I’m brad or I’m a, I’m doing, I do podcast mom, I’m a dad, right? I’m a plumber. I’m a carpenter or whatever. Maybe I’m a conservative, right? Yeah, yeah. Those these days. Right? I’m a factor anti max. All right. I mean, it’s just label label, label, label sure. There’s all the workings of the ego to try to divide, to try to separate us. Uh, so that when someone labels me anti-vaxxer, which is a pasta, preposterous label, like you’re just not allowed to ask questions anymore about anything.

So it’s simply an ego based tactic to try to separate me and have me be the enemy. And it’s preposterous to say because I’m declining a vaccine that I’m anti anything, right? It’s not even, not even a consideration because I’m not anti anything. All that’s happening within me. I’m the dreamer. Why would I be anti anything? Right? Exactly. I’m not anti anything. I’m pro things, right? I’m I’m pro pro thinker. I like I’m pro brain. I don’t know. I’m pro I’m pro I’m gonna do it. I’m going to be true to myself.

You know? That’s cool. Fine. Me being true to myself doesn’t add up for you. Hey, I still love you. It’s cool. I’m not It’s cool to yourself. That’s cool. I’m true to myself and I’m not so happy with myself. Like I can mess up to, I’m not like perfect here. I make 26 a day, it’s fine. So if you think that’s wrong, just tell me and we can, we can talk about it and criticize me to the cows come home. It’s fine. Don’t blame me though, because if you start to blame me now we gotta issue because now we’re in separation, criticism actually is vital to our survival criticisms.

I talk okay, vital because all criticism is ultimately self criticism. If you say, hey, hey gee, I don’t think, I think you kind of lost the plot here on this. If you call me up in a week, I say, hey man, I think you kind of lost the plot on this. Like tell me more like Yeah, yeah, yeah. And and that’s you’re just a modulation within the c made of the sea, Made of me so beautiful. All criticism is ultimately self criticism. Where it can start to get murky though is when the world will start to blame the sea.

Like it doesn’t make sense. That’s it. That’s the veil. So right there. And this is where I think when I when I when I say self responsibility, it’s that it’s not to not blame anyone else. And maybe that’s the wrong term want wrong word, but it’s it’s I I take responsibility for my for my existence and I always have like 100%, but I dont ownership maybe. But I think my sense of you is like, what you’re really saying is all of this is happening within me. Made of me.

So, who else? Where else? There’s no blame to give? Right? Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Like, there’s a check. Self blame is part of the lie. So, that’s where it gets off. So, is that dog? So, is that dogma though, is self blame dogma. So, okay. All right, cool. Because no blame is saying Garret just screwed up. Well, Garret has never done anything, so Garret really. Garret just the idea after in the dream. So, he’s not he’s just that. Or you could say he’s an actor in the movie, like, you know, Michael Corleone in, looks like he’s killing all these people in the Godfather, but that’s just the role.

That’s that’s just the script, he’s following me. So, we can’t blame Michael Corleone and that would be preposterous. We can’t even blame. We can’t blame anyone. It’s all happening within the movie, right? They don’t change the script of the movie. Movies just playing out as it will. So, self blame is a byproduct of materialism of overlooking what’s really going on here, just like me, blaming you brad for something would be the same thing and we could get caught up in it. But again, when we get caught up in it, no, this this this sensation of insecurity.

That’s just a blanket word for kind of, off. We’re being off would arise always when we start to when we start to separate, divide and separate, we start to get insecure. Now, unfortunately, we take the insecurity to be, we take it to be, oh, it’s arising. That off feeling is arising because of what donald trump is doing. Mm right. Kramer is doing right or what Anthony Fauci is doing or something. Right? When in fact the insecurity is reminding you. No, no, no, that’s not what’s happening. You’ve overlooked at Anthony Fauci is a modulation within you.

Made of you. Now you don’t have to agree with this. Like the sea doesn’t really like whirlpools, let’s just say, But it knows that ultimately the whirlpool is made of itself. So just don’t resist it. Don’t kick back against it. Let it do its thing and it will then return to its plastic state. The problem is we we resist and we even talked even those who know something’s going on here. Got to resist. We got to resist. No, no, no, no, no biggest mistake we can make is to resist.

Call it out, call it out. Stand this consciousness stand as truth but don’t resist. If we resist it will persist. And we know that we know that we’re if we get insecure and get anxious and we try to fight it. It builds. We know this and we all have experienced this. We know that when we I don’t know in sport, if a player is in a slump and they try to fight the slump. Just yeah, more and more and more and more. Yeah, we just know it.

We know we know it. Yet we’re taught to fix the insecurity rather than see it for what it is. And because we are programmed to fix the insecurity, we we step on the gas pedal with our tires and mud until we can’t anymore until we’re exhausted and then we let it be. And what happens when it resolves itself? Why don’t I just do that? Like, you know, six months wouldn’t have been a marital issue. I love her and all this stuff happening. And I, and we recognize that hey, um we just overlook the nature of ourselves going back to the superman clark an analogy.

It’s like superman doesn’t need to chase Lois Lane. Yeah, but when he dresses in a suit and puts a hat on and whatever, all of a sudden he forgets that he’s superman and he starts chasing Lois Lane like, what are you doing dude? You’re superman, you are right. And all of a sudden Lois’s then attracted to all things will always dissolve back into source back into consciousness. That just really reminds me, have you ever heard of Don Miguel Ruiz? You know, he is uh he wrote a book called uh Not The Voice of Knowledge.

It’s uh love. What that something um oh gosh, I’m killing you know, the four agreements is amazing, but it’s something about love. It’s um it’s but basically he makes the analogy that you’re you are love and you’re always trying to chase love, but you are that love, right? We’re always seeking love again. Everything, everything is an inside outward movement, right? It’s not outside in and that’s that’s I think a major um misunderstanding there too. Is that again? Everything that we ever need is inside. Just to your very point when we started, Right, was that that actually that sound that’s coming from over there is coming from in me, it’s not actually outside of me, it’s there. Right?

So it’s beautiful. Funny. I was once uh I took umbrage with something that he with somebody and someone said something and I was doing a day long meeting, I think it was in London and uh someone took umbrage, someone says like, and I may have spoken like in a louder voice than I was using. So I got kind of stern with this guy, which you do sometimes and he goes, he goes, your tone shows me that you’re full of crap or something. So you spend, he’s telling me this like the way he interpreted a tone is now placed back on you somehow. Yeah.

So I said, wait, let let me ask you a question. So where does this tone you’re speaking of take place? And he’s like, he knows it’s kind of a trick question, like and then some of the audience goes, hey, it takes place within you dude, like, oh right, so he’s he’s bitching about my tone when in fact that tone can only arise and dissolve within himself. And and and the tone is just a tone again, it’s just a tone how he, how he reacted to the tone.

Was his programming, his his his bias. Yeah, but but ultimately that bias springs from his his his presumption or his condition belief that that tone is coming from an object at a distance from him, when in fact, not only is that tone arising within him. So is the appearance of Garret on a stage appearing within him. So is the whole room appearing with him? So is the whole world appearing within him? It cannot appear anywhere else? How would that even be possible? So, think about it, all of what I’m seeing right now, including the computer including this phone over here, these books and the window behind all this, This is taking place not outside of me.

These objects are not taking place at a distance from me. They’re taking place as we would describe it within me. And this is what the world is totally overlooking. We have this too possible perspectives from which we see the world or we or we experience one Is the perspective that 99. 99 of people would say is true and that is you see the world from the perspective of a separate human being. The trouble with this is just like contagion has never been proven. It’s actually for the same reason, that commonly accepted perspective has never been proven.

It has never been proven that you see the world from the perspective of a separate person and as crazy as that sounds and will sound to people, luckily we didn’t go right at the top of this podcast that everyone would have jumped off, right, it kind of saying this is a cool conversation now, we can go with it a little bit, so, so it is no one, not, not any business sits or a neurologist, scientist, doctor of any sort can prove that that we see the world from the perspective of a separate person, it literally cannot be proven that that is true, just like it can’t be proven that human being is conscious.

That’s another thing that cannot be remember I said before about levels of consciousness while human beings are conscious that it would make sense, that there would be levels. But since it can’t be proven that human beings are the nowhere the one of experiences are conscious, it can’t be proven frankly in neurology. This dilemma has come to be known as the hard problem of consciousness. They actually have a name for it because they keep trying to figure out how the heck are people conscious when in fact they’re not, they are consciousness, We are consciousness itself. Funny.

So the other option is we are seeing the world from the perspective of the whole. So the universe, we could say I am the universe and all of this is happening within me, Made of me known by me and it’s not me, Garret or you brad. It’s, you may even say us, it’s inside of us now. Inside is not a perfect term because it’s all made of the sea. So there’s no real inside of anything inside of the city, it’s like, but you use the term, it’s happening within me and stages have said, look within for the answers you seek for as long as there’s been stages because we are so conditioned to think that the world happens outside of us.

We were kind of counteracting that conditioning and saying, whoa, wait a second, is this really happening outside of you? How would that be possible, rather couldn’t be happening inside of you or within you? And I clearly don’t mean within a body. Unfortunately, when I was younger and I heard Vermont um Ohashi or john klein saying, look within, I thought they meant within a body first, because I had been so programmed to be a body and it didn’t make sense to me, like how could answers be in a body, how could the world, the universe be in a body like that’s not, it’s just kind of so, I kind of went with, it kind of sounded cool, but it was never really adding up for me until I realized holy shit I am not a body.

I am the universe. I am consciousness. I am that I am that I am period. I am. And when we start to wake up to this essential fact quite frankly brad, the only thing we know to be true is that there is no separation. So we we then say well if there’s no separation, this has to be happening within me that you have to be. You have to share my being. We share a being. And I think this conversation in our work in our own way is simply reminding the world of that because that’s what we’ve forgotten.

Including viruses. Man. Like come on, come on. Where should why can’t they isolate the virus Because you can’t isolate anything. Right? It’s like isolating consciousness, right? It’s that same level. I isolate this jar of water if you really want to get down to it. If you really want to look at it. I can even isolate this. Like even in a very scientific sense, you have this water, you have this hand and you have the air between them, right? But it’s all molecules right? Moving nothing solid. Nothing.

So it’s all consciousness. That was one of the first things we learned in school member. I mean under a microscope like like metal, why does metal heat up faster? Because the the atoms are closer together and they vibrate faster. Right? And we we know this just I mean that was the basic things. But somewhere it was like weird we forgot. And it’s like and it’s not like we just forgotten was that there are forces that be that are banking on that that are are continuing that that again, the the uh, it’s the the monetization of the original sin.

You know, I mean it’s that’s kind of what’s and and right now it’s just pretty gnarly. So real quick. I have a question for you. This amazing stuff. So in your opinion, What would one do to take that first step to knowing myself or knowing the self? So just to just to kind of eradicate that belief or the original sin. There’s, there’s several ways, um, there are several, there are several ways that that journey can be initiated, but ultimately they’re all the same. It’s just different descriptions.

So, first of all, if you’re not, if you’re not interested in it, then my words won’t mean anything. I don’t mean you, I mean anyone who’s listening or watching this one, like there’s nothing, it’s like, it’s like telling someone to before they take a vaccine to before you do that, explore it. Look into it, we could say it and it’s not illogical to say it, but ultimately we can’t change anyone’s mind. So, so however, So step one is the desire. Well, Step Will all desire All any desire you ever had in your so called life or I’ve ever had in my so called Any desire.

Any desire is the desire to know thyself masquerading as something else. Yeah, all the and and in fact your only desire is to be desire less and your only desire to not have desire. No, because when we stop seeking. Yeah. Then your everything comes and you’re a piece. So when a goal scorer with him before, when he or she stopped seeking the top of the ball, finds your stick and your it’s in the neck. Like what just happened? I was running around like a nut all of a sudden I just helped bill for a second and I scored three goals like it was nothing so far in your head and your ego. Right?

Yeah. Wayne Gretzky tried to be a coach and teach players this, but he didn’t quite understand what it was, he was doing himself and that was the issue. So it was funny because he didn’t quite know and he even went away from himself. My daughter was a college hockey player and why do we have so many discussions about this? It was so much fun and ever a player who just hung out around the net and just was filing her nails and scored a million goals. It was Chelsea Kramer and every coach trying to get her to be work harder and she was laugh and keep scoring, breaking all the scoring like this.

And 11 time funny story, one time I think was after a sophomore season in college, like the the season ending get together, the coach actually kind of knew what I didn’t support. Company goes, how are we going to get Chelsea to be grittier? So I turned to her and I said, let me ask you a question Carly and all due respect. Like, how many goals do you want her to score? Like how many more gore spoke the seasons, the single season scoring record at this college, like exactly what you’re looking for here.

She’s supposed to score life and she didn’t know what to say like and I can promise you it was as a hockey player, ice hockey player, my mistake, my mistake was being the same natural scorer as my daughter. But buying into that mentality, I’m to be something I wasn’t and starting to hit people and go into the corners and get my ass kicked when I was really a speed guy with good hands and it resulted in knee surgeries and facial, all kinds of stuff and it and I was a decent player in college and stuff, but nowhere near like I should have been or like my daughter, so very like I as as someone, you know, I love my daughter more than anything, but I was going to do everything in my power for her, not that not to happen to her as a, as a person because I knew what it did to me and I and I and my sons are both college baseball player, so it was a little different in that sport, but in, in scoring, this is very evident, it was something in my daughter and I actually had so much fun with throughout her whole career, on the on the field that’s really people that you were able to be conscious and aware and pass this kind of a long, you know what I mean?

And this that’s beautiful, man, That’s a great story. Yeah. Look, she’s not she’s she’s you know, my my wife has fought barely 52 I’m six ft, Chelsea’s like 55 but she’s petite kid. I mean she’s not this bruiser who’s going to go start what? Right? Like she’s she’s a she’s a speed demon that once I got a good deal and she’s a good score. And she look if if her nature was to be that really you however you want to describe the funniest thing is she played that season with a broken thumb that needed surgery after the season is over.

So I don’t even know what she but be that as it may, um, it’s all fine. But if that was her, who she was, then that would have been fine. But I don’t want anybody. My message all any person is hey, be true to you beach because when it’s all said and done, that’s all you got, you know, no one is lying on their so called deathbed saying, oh, I want, I want more money or I want more fame or I want more sex or I want more.

What they’re gonna, you’re gonna say was I true? Was I true was true to myself and only those who are most true to themselves will face the most backlash as Chelsea was doing from our very own coach, which is hilarious and in essence. So after your question about like how do we, how do we um what’s the first step to knowing ourselves first as you said, is the pure interest in it, Like that’s and in that interest being front and center and then I usually go right at it.

Like I say, I asked people who are you, who are you and then they will, you will get answers. Invariably everyone knows there’s something about that question that means I’m not Garret or I’m not brad, like you wouldn’t be there, it’s someone like me who’s, who’s teaching, whether it’s an audience or just one person. So they’re going to kind of know, it’s something about that. Your question is not what it seems, but they will still generally just as I did revert back to conditioning and then, so it’s my role, it’s my role two question that conditioning.

So we look at these beliefs one by one if necessary, but ultimately they start to, they start to drop together one by one, if necessary. Are you truly an american truly? Or someone tell you you’re an american? Oh by the way it’s nothing wrong with being american. I dig being american. No we’re talking about labels we’re talking about for sure. Or did someone tell you you are that? Oh wow, that’s interesting. Right. So in other words if you’re from Nigeria and I’m from America, those are both beliefs that we were taught.

Oh right. Okay. Are you truly a man like or is that just another leap? Oh is that the first label? Right. That’s usually the identification that most people have first. Right Man or woman. Am I am I am I fast, slow handsome. Tall. Sure All of these are black, white. I mean just all consent. Like about that for a second. Like think about we’re actually promoting Mhm. We’re actually trying to counteract discrimination by promoting discrimination, discrimination, diversity. Like diversity is the ultimate some smart stuff there, buddy.

Uh The ultimate is so smart. We can’t we don’t realize how smart that is. You know, there’s there’s something there. I tell you man, diversity is untrue what you’re looking at when you see a group of people or things whatever animals, whatever as consciousness. You’re looking at love itself. You’re not all these world pools in the sea, as we said, are the see there’s no such thing as diversity, but the eagles gotta so wrapped around his finger, so to speak, that we’re using the lie to try to fix the lie.

I mean, come on. That’s really we’re using a vaccine to try to get healthy poisoned. But that’s But look at chemotherapy, chemotherapy. What How ridiculous of a concept is that my father? I mean a man. Yeah. I walked. Just go down and I didn’t you know, trying it’s fine like right, it’s all in the play and it’s all the things we’re talking about, it’s got to play itself out is what we don’t we can still call it out what it is. So we do if you look at these these beliefs and we really look at them hard and and we could get you into a belief like this, get ready for this one like. Mhm.

Derek, do you love your wife? Wait do you really are you capable of loving an object and you look at it and you really look at it and by the way, there’s nothing wrong with love in your life. I my wife and my Children are self, everyone loves the phone. But I have the phone. I like who was just speaking to Alex Jack? I talked to Tommy john last night man. Yeah, these are these are great. These are these love. These are beautiful modulations of consciousness right here right now.

Seven o’clock his time this morning. Nine o’clock mind because he’s in colorado and we hung up the phone. Love you love your body, Love you jay. That’s hanging up the phone. We hang up every time. Okay? However, can I really love an object? Is that possible? The answer to that is no, because the object is a modulation within myself. We are love you and I are love. Now there’s nothing wrong with saying, I love you. Certainly. It’s wonderful to say it. I help my son tells his players that on his team.

I know he does because that is and it’s all beautiful. But we look at these things and we really take a look. We get all the way down to this. Were you born? uh will you die? Because that’s an easy one. We don’t know anything about that. Everyone knows that death is something that like we’re so afraid of. But we don’t even know anything about this thing. But the question which is hilarious in itself. But that question becomes even more nonsensical when you look at this question is were you born neighbors as well?

Yeah. I mean I’m here. Oh no, no. Did you have the experience of being born? I don’t know. So then it’s a belief that you were born. Yes. It’s a belief. Well but I see my kids being brought. No, no, I didn’t ask you about your kids. I’m saying can you recall the experience or do you have the experience of being born yourself? No. Mhm. I don’t. Mhm. And what we know about consciousness is it doesn’t appear or disappear. The true self consciousness, as Moon Ji says, doesn’t go anywhere, just is just it.

And if you really look at it, you’ve never had the experience of being born or appearing and you’ve never had the experience of disappearing or dying. It literally is a belief that we are born and we will die and imagine right now the world is caught up in in running from something that can’t even happen. That’s how crazy this is. That’s the virus. Right? Again, it’s the belief in the invisible boogeyman which might be done. But ego has got us in its grip. So sure all of us to a certain extent.

Because if I really look at that, I’m going to say, well that sounds all good and I know it’s true, but if I’m if I’m honest, which I will be I lose touch with that more than I’m in touch with it. However, I know what happens when I’m in touch with it and I know that I would turn back home and I know that that’s true and I will always, well, even though I’m not experiencing that and the moment I still know who I am, so it’s like, I can see all this separation.

All these separate things, right? But that doesn’t make them true because the belief that their actual separate things is gone toast. However, I still see the separation and I’m not going to deny that you’re still aware of it, right? I still so the belief in these things goes. But the program delusions remain and that’s okay because they allow us to have this conversation and it’s fine. I’m not going to pretend otherwise and I can pretend that I can jump in the game and have a ball. My son’s team in a double header yesterday.

My wife, my wife and I watched the second game and they lost this game and I was pissed. They lost the game. They’re having a good season. They beat this team three out of four. But so Ryan called me those, some of my guys think it’s okay, we won three out of four. I’m like, do you fuck no boy, that a boy. But at the same time, there’s the knowing that this is still happening game with that. It’s a game, right? You can’t take it too serious, right?

Yeah. If you take life too serious, you’ll never get out alive. Right, Liz says to him, because she doesn’t chime in much on the sports that but she says to him because he’s got a speaker, right? It’s one game which is really saying is, you’re superman, get your active, you’re right. Yeah, well fine. Yeah, like she’s saying, but she’s saying that like in very practical terms, which is perfect and that’s she’s a she’s a terrific teacher in that way without even knowing what she’s saying. It’s just one game which sounds basic.

But what she’s really saying is, hey, get some perspective here, remember who you are, okay. And of course this morning, very interesting. Initially what I called me, he was driving to the to on campus, their practice and or whatever his office and he says, he said, we’ll be all right. Like I’m really getting my pitching is really coming together. I’m really starting to see it now. I’m like, ok, okay, now we got this because even in that loss, I kind of saw it too. Which you kind of got, you really got a sense of how these playoffs and how the end of the season is going to play out.

Like you see where his pitching staff is starting to really solidify who belongs out there in crunch time. And I thought that was kind of cool even though it came at a loss, which at the moment, like I said, sucked and I was like, oh my God, how are they losing this game? Right. Told by someone, both my all for my kids. I said, you know you guys, it wasn’t easy being a parent watching you guys play. But Ryan choosing this career, this is rough man. Like this is no picnic because this is his career in these games, like, so you can really lose right before I lose track of what’s happening all the time, until my insecurity will build up to an extent that I have no choice but to say, hey, get a grip here.

But as Liz said, it’s only one game. Get a grippy. Or what she’s really saying though, as I said, is who are you right? Who are we write together here? Yeah. So what we’re doing here, you know, we’re we’re asking the fundamental question, who are you? Who am I? Who are we in any way you want? Another way to say that Bradley be on whose behalf is this experience taking place? Very good to remind yourself that it’s not taking place from the perspective of a limited, lacking separate person.

How would that even happen? So that’s another way. Last one I’ll give you is um very often when we um lose track of who we are. Oh, we get stuck in a decision. What should I do? Being stuck in? The decision is always a symptom of, I’ve overlooked who I am, but that’s okay because that’s what happens part of the game, part of game. So we’re stuck in that decision. The concession that I recommend what I mean by concession is just a kind of a strategy dropping off the perch of purity just to spit us back back home.

A concession would always spin us back home. Whereas a technique of just using words would always send it further out into the line. Got to like positive thinking would be a technique. Sure. So instead of removing layers are kind of adding more on Exactly. And you because you’re if I’m going to think positive, then I’m in control of my changing. Which is just ridiculous. Sure. What knows? They look at the thoughts arrived, they just come up. Nothing you’re going to do to stop it. You tend to stop it.

But no, not gonna happen, become an observer is much more effective. Exactly. You could And that’s because it’s true because you are the observer that control. If you think you are, you can I could just prove all that in the second we won’t get here. So so asked. So if if we’re stuck in that, that oh, stuck in a decision, what should I do? Knowing that we’ve overlooked the essence in fraternal infinite and eternal essence of our own being simply make the choice that best reflects who you are like and you are love, you are peace.

You are consciousness. You are God’s infinite being. Make the choice that best reflects that once that So here I am, here’s that here’s the choices. Once I make the choice that best reflects who I truly am peace, love, freedom. And once that choice is made and you make it, you sit there, oh my God, I never had this choice to begin with. This is always who I am. So you’re home, you’re home and and that is an incredibly effective concession. Especially right now, I can’t tell you how many times over the past year I’ve reminded myself of that and I reminded my friends of that and people have called me like I cannot tell you because man is it is this situation right for confusion?

And so we just, who am I make? The choice that best reflects that, which I truly am. You will literally never go wrong. It’s impossible. Wow! Garret man. Uh wow, wow, wow, What a great talk. Um so really quick, one last question I have for you is could you please let everyone who’s listening know how to get a hold of you and how can people find you and get more of this information? I just got one of these things on instagram that I may be disabled. So that may not be a big place. Crazy.

What what where are we at? How is it that someone like you can’t, it’s just it’s such a weird place man read the post that they were telling me that we’re that they were taking, they took three posts down today and I couldn’t even see which post. But then I think I got a clue. And what’s so funny about that? Just as an aside is like if I was going to take down some of my posts, those are the wrong ones. Like they’re just not even being smart about it.

Like they like they don’t they don’t understand what you’re saying. That’s the thing is that you’ve got these fact checkers who are so far away from any of the godliness that you’re speaking. Like if they’re really trying to beat me, they’re just they’re they’re the work there. They think that’s a team that I would remind people that like this these guys they their clue. Like, I feel bad because dude, like, you’re taking down the wrong post, like you got the wrong one, but it’s fine. Okay. So I just clicked okay, but I’m not going to whatever, it’s fine.

So anyway, you know, but instagram, like this instagram thing is hilarious because up until a year ago or eight months ago, I had like, instagram wasn’t really a thing for me. I don’t even use right. I just love that that community. Like, it took me to be honest, like, I’ve had a long career and before this happened, this book was gonna, I closed Winter Sports. I still have some clients that I work with. But my career was pretty much about just flying around the world, given my one day meetings, which I love and talks and, and I wrote that we’re gonna write this book and then kind of just do that, you know, just talk to help people, you know, whatever.

And in all honesty, like meeting people like Tommy and alec and ali his mother and gosh, on and on and on. Um uh you I tell you like, this has been special to me, like, like, because I’ve always really had an interest in health and well being and taking care of myself and my family and my wife’s this way too. But I never quite brought it together with the consciousness model only model that I teach and that is very near and dear to me, and this has been an opportunity for me to do that.

And it’s really been special. And I’ll tell you, like, the people that I’ve met, I’ve heard from, other people tell you probably have as well, you probably say the same thing like the people I’ve met in the last year. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. That’s what 2020 is done, right? I mean 100% it’s brought us all together like because I I’ve just always been kind of uh I guess I guess if you’re a free thinker, you’re an outcast, that just seems to be the way that it is right?

I mean, just your whole life, right? Because you’ll question things and usually that’s not popular, questioning things is not popular. People just want you to kind of go along with whatever is going on, right? So yeah, being being here now and and being able to connect with again, like you Tommy john all these people, it’s just uh again, we’re finding our my tribe if you will be man. And those people is like, here we are. Like, it’s so funny Tommy, like talking about Tommy, I worked with his father when he retired from the Yankees, Tom, he got into the kind of consulting field and he came to me, we played golf a bunch of times together, and then when I met Tommy Jr, I had the same name, I didn’t even know that was his son, that their father’s son one day.

Tommy puts a post down, he mentions his father, I call out like I said, wait, are you telling me that’s Tommy, john, sonny’s son. Yeah, like what the fuck? Like tom like tom? He’s thinking it was in his office two years ago, hanging out, talking sport and kind of coaching and the men, you know, stuff and I’m on the golf course with him. Yeah, What was so funny and he’s like, boom man, boom, like holy is so like, it’s a beautiful thing. Yeah, but you’ll find that what you’ll find in in in this, in and and the people that you mentioned in in the wider communities, everyone is just so freely themselves and everyone’s so wonderfully different modulations of the same thing.

Like it’s so cool if you really look at it and I think that that’s that’s a that’s that’s just been fantastic. It’s like my, my my dream of of um yeah, coming back to the true self is just playing out before our eyes and I think if we can just hang in there, sure stand as love, stand as courage, freedom. I’m not saying don’t speak out against the light because you absolutely, I would never not, I wouldn’t I’m not april or not. Um but in the back of our minds, if we can just see that this veil is being chipped away, it’s receding, It’s going, it’s going well, we just keep at it.

I think, I think that as I said, either materialism, materialism going to go, as we said, it’s a lot cannot stand. The question then becomes, does the world go with it? Or do we live in harmony? And I either way, we’re gonna be okay. I want to just remind everyone of that promise, we’re gonna be okay. We would all as well either way. But perhaps over the last year I’m starting to see a glimmer just in, in people like you like meeting and they’re all younger than me, which I love so much like I like that is the young generation younger than you and even younger than you.

Like way from for for me, like I just talked to my friend Allie who lives in London, London in the UK and her son Ali was in the car when I was talking about my way the office today and I’m like Ali and I told Ali like I know Ali a little bit, just turned 12 and like he’s it molly is it? We’re doing this for Ali. Ali is going to change the world. Ali is going to change the world. And absolutely, that’s why it’s so important that we we are stand as and for freedom and truth and we hang in there to set that example for our youth is essential right now, absolutely essential because they are bombarded with the opposite and we’ve got to set that example to and then they’ll recognize it, they recognize it clearly.

AlI will recognise it, that the youth, the young will recognize it and they will and that will allow them to stand as themselves. So we’ve got to just hang in there a little longer and this thing is going to flip man. Amazing. Amazing. Thank you thank you so much. So what’s what’s your instagram though? What’s your instagram? Even if you do get booted off my my website is just my name dot com Kramer dot com. Yeah so you can just get get into the website like my Youtube was shut down so that’s not on there anymore.

I haven’t written but so the website’s pretty rudimentary now could come off there and I don’t plug my books on my website so you won’t see any of that. However there is a contact form on the right and then once someone contacts me then we could just then it’s a standard email or text exchange or Beautiful or what? Yeah well thank you so much again. Gary. Uh that was very inspiring. Um Full of love and information. Um and I hope we can do this again. I would love to talk to you more.

There’s there’s so much more. And again, this is this will always be a talk of expiration of consciousness and all this good stuff. But uh freedom is definitely the hill that I’m here to die on. Because without without this um foundation of freedom there to me, there’s nothing else, right? I just had my first daughter as well. So um just not really. Yeah. You know, here we go. So thank you. God bless you. Doctor. Or sorry, I don’t know why. I think you’re some doctor. Are you a doctor?

That’s probably why you’re so smart. You’re not a doctor. Yeah, because I mean like one of these things on these days, I’m just like, man, I uh when I was in college playing hockey, I I thought I would be, maybe one of the things I would do would be a doctor of psychology, and I made it um I think two weeks through the first psychology course until I dropped out, right? Like, this is well, dude, thank God you did. Have you heard Tommy john’s story dr Tommy john have you heard a story?

Right? And he’s like that? And that book was owned by Pfizer. He was like, okay, that’s it. I’m out here, just we’re in it, we’re in it for sure. Alright, Garret. Thanks a lot, buddy. We really appreciate you. Thanks, bye bye. Yeah. Mhm.


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