April 29, 2021

Looking Through Your HEART Lens – Matt Belair

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What would the world be like if everyone looked at life through their HEART lens every now and then? All of this and more in today’s Fireside Freedom Chat with Matt Belair.

Show Notes

Matt and Brad chat about a wide range of topics relating to current events, what led to the situation and several theories labeled “conspiracy.” Listen in for that great Canadian accent!

You can find Matt Belair and his podcast on his website. https://mattbelair.com/

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Hello, all you lovely Freedom People out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the Freedom People podcast. I’m your host, Bradley, Freedom. Today we have a very special show for you. Our guest is Matt Bel Air. That’s right. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m at bel Air on today’s show. If you don’t know who matt Bel Air is, well, sit back, relax. We’re gonna take a nice little journey into who he is, but just to give you a little overview before we get into it. Matt is a true mind, body and spirit warrior.

He has been dedicating his life to seeking and raising his consciousness as well as the world around him. What a beautiful conversation we had. I can’t tell you how excited I was to be able to talk to matt. Um and we actually had a pretty long conversation. Also really cool. This one is actually a video we were able to get our video issue worked out on some 1-1 interviews here from a remote location. So I really hope you enjoy it. I know that I did. Um Yeah, let’s get into this.

Oh before we do, what I need you to do is I need you to text in the keyword bel air B. E. L. A. I. R. One that’s B. E. L. A. I. R. One to 8449923733 And we’re gonna send you out today’s show notes. Come on, let’s go. Mhm. Yeah. Mhm. Mhm. Yeah. Mhm. Immediately into some sort of radio personality. Alright. Yeah. There we go. There we go. That’s there we go. Yeah. Everything that’s the that’s the secret to this auster. 100 times more authority right now. Yeah man in the belly of the beast, right?

Talking about, you know uh you know using zoom but owned by china and how like it’s it’s good. but we want to get off everything that is linked to any kind of corruption facebook freaking well google to right? So all of it. All of it. Yeah, it’s like everything that they’ve kind of man and we were all duped, we’re all complicit, you know I mean and I’m a software engineer and I spent years in san Francisco writing software, right? I mean, so I’m I’m more complicit than anyone and helping you know, I pushed it forever.

I set many clients up. I went around the world and taught people had to set up google and how to do all these things man. You know what I mean? So but now you’re just like oh now we can’t do anything. Yeah yeah yeah. We gave the keys to the kingdom. Well especially in the States. You know I’ve said I’ve said from the beginning of this that this is an attack on the U. S. You know what I mean? If you look back in history of the Iron Mountain Report and I just say so another one I forget the guy’s name, he came up here and there but he’s not like Rockefeller or the other guys.

He’s he’s like not as popular but he’s in the group and um he just talks about you know the plan for taking out the States. Then you can look at your Ebs Smirnov and his was in like 1937 or something and you’re in bed. Smirnov was I think the eighties or nineties talking about the ideological subversion. So it’s definitely directed at you guys. You know, I think anyway because what is Canada gonna do? You know where I am, we’re already in martial law which we saw coming year ago, we’re not doing anything but at least in the States you’re armed and you can move to different states, you know so people saw this shit coming.

Yeah so real quick just in case anybody doesn’t really know who you are. Can you let everybody know who’s matt bel air? Yeah sure man. Well I say the quick story is a group of martial artist, you know I was really interested in why we had war and starvation in my teenage years and when I was learning martial arts is learning about mind body spirit. So trying things like meditation and looking at consciousness and I also had a deep impulse towards learning spirituality. You know what what is enlightenment?

What does it, what does it mean to be alive? How do we make this planet a better place? And then looking at war and starvation, how is it so freaked up? How is this happening? How do we have nine million people a year starved to death. It made no sense. So you know my teenage years, I’m looking at anything to advance my consciousness which would be like lucid dreaming. So like almost like can I upgrade my consciousness is enlightenment a thing like what it like it was jesus christ real, what was his consciousness like And so going down all these kind of rabbit hole rabbit holes and also loved zen and eastern philosophy as well.

And so early twenties I went to whistler snowboarding because you know I want to snowboard more than anything and spent you know eight years out in the mountains, became a professional snowboard coach and the whole time I was researching these things, you know, why is the planet so messed up? And also what are the limits to human potential? I was always curious what is possible for an individual human, but also as a collective, What’s, what’s possible for all of us, How do we build, you know, Atlantis or, or a society of peace?

Right. And so this took me around the world. Um I traveled to over 20 countries. I trained with indigenous elders from different continents, train with Shaolin monks. I meditated with monks in Nepal and I wanted to put myself in the environment where the best teachers would be. Right? So you’re a former marine, which I think is like so, so insane. You go to that collective and it’s a brotherhood immediately, right? If someone else is a marine you’re like, yeah, I understand you because of that type of training.

Well, when I was in training with the Shaolin monks, I would equate it to the marine training. They just pushed me so far beyond what I thought was possible, you know, and and anyone that I trained with, we have this bond, right? And so, um, I wanted to be in those situations because that’s really where you see what you’re made of and you also get to see the power of the collective and how amazing people can be when they cooperate. So I think that that’s one of the amazing things about um, you know, training to be a navy seal or something like that and marine or anything like that.

And you know, I’d love to ask you this actually right away if you’re on my show, but um, you know, my thought with the, when I was growing up, I was like, you know, I’m not, I’m not for armies or arms, right? But now I look at, well, if that if that army is directed by the right people, it’s very important to have because you just get conquered. So how do we ensure we have the right army? Like when I was looking at what was going on with the US knowing it’s an attack on the US, I’m like, well thank God for the american army, right?

But in the wrong hands, right? Like maybe before and you know, like going into wars, which I don’t agree with for the wrong reasons. That’s a dangerous thing. That’s that’s like uh more of like a mafia. Right? So how if we can have it like defending the kingdom, That’s right. And just you need in ancient times. And even with the native americans, I studied with one of my teachers, he trained, forget what they’re called. Um It was a word that was basically the native american version of Navy seal.

And what he told me that they did the types of training was nuts. What he put me through when I trained with in Maine was not enough and I was like, I don’t think I can do this like, you know, it was so hard and so um but he said we had warriors, but the way that they did it, if they were going to go to the war, they had a grandmother’s council and that to me seems like such a great strategy is to implement your army.

How can you set up your society and your culture so that the warriors protect and they don’t become a force, Right? And that’s that’s been I think the issue in the past because this bankers, if you served the government and then taking control of the military’s. So I’m curious what you think. Well the bankers dude, that’s that’s the thing, that’s where we’re at, in my opinion. That’s yeah, it’s the bank’s man. Um Great question, Right? I mean, uh you know what’s good for the spider is detrimental to the fly, Right?

And it’s it’s kind of like, who’s good who’s just and that’s where the thing, Right? It’s and I, you know, I went through this a lot, right? Because yeah, I joined the marines. I grew up with guns and violence my entire life, right? It was just what it was, Martial arts, same sort of stuff. Um I joined the Marines when I was 17 left, right? When I was 18 years old, you know what I mean? And then I kind of uh I woke up to the fact that we were being lied to by the media, the news and this is like 1997 right, december 1997.

Saddam Hussein was doing all this crazy stuff, right, all the time. But again, then I started to realize that, dude, it’s it’s kind of like all puppeteers, it seems right, And it’s like, so you got the banks and all these bankers, these Federal Reserve Banks or Central banks, the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, right? I’m not sure, but all these countries, we have central banks, but they’re all owned by the same people, right? And so it just kind of seems like, You know, if you understand how it works as far as the money, well, it’s so in 1913, as far as the United States is concerned, 1913, the Federal Reserve Act was put into place, Right?

And that was December 23, the end of at the end of 1913, the Federal Reserve Act to put in place, right? And then there was a very big event that happened in 1914, right? That was World War One. And we’ve been in war and we’ve been in World War and Wars ever since. In the United States. The United States has been been in perpetual wars ever since. Why is that? Well, every time that we go to war, we have to borrow money from this Federal Reserve Bank, from the Central Bank on interest, Right.

People, that’s where the national debt is. That’s what the national debt is, that national debt is to pay the interests that we go to the bankers. Right? But again, the first mistake is everybody thinks that that Federal Reserve Bank is Federal. It’s, you know what I mean? Again, it’s in the name, right? But it’s as Federal, as Federal Express, it’s it’s privately owned. Um, and then, you hear people, you know, well, it’s closets closets mozzie, nothing. dude, all of that money is going to the bankers dude, you know what I mean?

And that’s right, and that’s to your point. It’s so so um, but you know, is is there, Yeah, I mean, I I trained back, I kind of digress there, but I digress back into, I mean I I I went through it, I I was always in violence and then like you, I found meditation, I found transcendental meditation probably about 16 years ago and I believe it saved my life. You know, I was a hardcore partier, you know, And I just didn’t really understand where I was, you know, even though I, I, you know, I was doing yoga and stuff like that, but a meditation really kind of helped me to settle down.

Um, and then kind of sink into it. And so then, so then like I kind of went as the pendulum swings the other way and I didn’t even want to see a knife for like years, right? I just was like, I just wanted to be and try and cultivate peace. However, there’s a there’s an imbalance in that too, right? So there’s this balance and now it’s more I love to train, I train to fight and why do we train to fight? So we don’t have to write.

And it’s it’s um, I don’t know, is there ever a just war? Is there ever, I mean in protection? You know, Absolutely right. I mean, if if it’s such a tough question for me, right to answer, I mean, it’s is there just wars? Sure. I mean, because here’s the deal as if somebody came to take my family, I’m not going to just let them have my family, right? Yeah, exact same time. I think governments go to war, not people. So Yeah, exactly. And, you know, you brought up a lot of great points there because it is challenging if you, if you learn martial arts or you learn, uh, combat, right?

It’s like I’d rather be a warrior and a garden and a gardener in the war. And so it it prevents that. Right? So now, the interesting thing, if you look at this global conquer scenario, because you brought up a lot of great stuff, like there’s the book, the creature from Jekyll, Jekyll Island about the Federal Reserve, I believe in Canada happened, uh, in 1967. I got you served from us and I guess we had a people’s bank and I’m just learning this stuff because I’m going deep down the rabbit hole of law and have gone through so many, um, you know, alternative histories, right?

Which basically conspiracy theory, whatever you think, right, Whatever they told you is probably the complete opposite. Even have you ever heard about this was a new one for me, like titanic. And they’re supposed to be all these important people on titanic and then they went down and then, yeah, so that whole thing was like, oh man, that one was a new one. Um, but, but you can just look at history and what’s been going on. And so there’s this, there’s several people have talked about this Bill cooper, former CIA agent and also the Iron Mountain Report and silent weapons from Nasa.

That was supposed to be a leaked document. So when when you’re you’re not sure about those, but then it starts happening, then you’re like, all right. It gives it more weight. Like we had a leaked email in Canada and it’s kind of been going you know exactly on point. So we’re like all right. I guess that is a leaked email because it keeps happening on point. Like it’s it’s probably not random but they need to conquer the US because the U. S. Had a strong middle class and you had the constitution.

So you were all armed. So if you’ve got even got through the U. S. Military which is tough in itself, if it’s pointed in the direct uh and for the people by the military, which is really crucial, um then you’ve got to cut through the american people, which is almost impossible and that’s why they’re coming for your guns now. So I feel like having strength knowing defense because the thing nice people don’t understand is that there are people who want to harm you and that is the biggest issue that we’re having right now because what’s going on right now is actually a luciferians, satanic system, like by definition, and one of the simple definitions is from Rudolf Steiner, who’s incredibly brilliant and he said anything that seeks to restrict or bind by definition is luciferians.

So if you have two opposing views and you’re just not trying to bind someone, enforce it on someone, if they’re not harming you, um then you’re you’re not on the side of creator nature, kindness, compassion, you could say, you know this crazy thing that I’m killing you from breathing, but if I don’t believe that you still can’t enforce it, you need to show me really strong evidence that that is, you know, that I can’t pick apart super easily, right? Because we are good, compassionate people, but I’m not just gonna bend the knee to nonsense when you’re getting manipulated, so if you try to put the handcuffs on me then you can get a punch and there’s a problem.

Yeah, yeah, he get punched in the mouth, you know, so we need, so this is what’s going on here. And I feel like um you know, if you look into law, which I’ve just started to dive into, I learned about our birth certificates, right? You know about that one or birth certificate, basically, shipping container, correct? That’s how they what are they? I came unlawful conversion. They call it like taking all our rights away. So we’re basically when we go to court um they’ve usurped maritime admiralty law onto the land.

But the interesting thing too, that’s so crazy, you know, Lucifer essentially. And I’m not religious, I’m super spiritual. Um But interestingly enough, apparently the contract on the planet is a 16 11 king James bible. Everyone I’m talking to, they’ll bring that in 16. They change the they change the words are they change the U. And W. I believe in the next version. And so when you go in there and you say person while in Black’s Law dictionary, I think first or fourth edition, it can also say monster right? Or if you say house our resident, right?

It makes you this corporate fiction. So you’re they’re using the same words in all caps. Like when you’re you say, oh you’re in the United States of America and they’re like, well yeah, they’re bringing the constant and you’re like, that goes against the constitution and they’re like, sure it does because you’re in the corporation, this corporate fiction that we’ve tricked you into our jurisdiction, which is essentially like a pirate ship at sea that’s docked on the land. It’s such a crazy thing. And this is the culmination of all that crap, all of this evilness put together.

And uh, it’s a spiritual war man between good and evil. It’s so, it’s so beyond what most people could think. And that’s why the waking up process for people like, oh my God, like dr john Coleman wrote a book of the committee of 300 That I posted recently where he talked about using vaccines for population control in 1990 population reduction. And you look at the Georgia guide stones, keep the population below 500 million. And so these documents and things you can find in old stuff. So I don’t know. That’s my, that’s my rabbit hole right now because I look at that and when I started to look at war and starvation as a kid, I wondered how the heck do we create a solution to this?

It is so massive and it gives a shit nobody gave me when I was a teenager, right talking about this before we went to college, all that stuff, nobody crap, nobody cared and whistler and even with this stuff only now some people are caring more waking up but it’s definitely not close to everyone and not close, but I do believe enough, I feel like it’s going to be a choice. You know, some people are going to get harmed, but a lot of people are going to create a very beautiful outcome from this because I don’t think you can ever bet against nature God or the universe and I think that’s what they’re doing.

They have usurped that connection between you know God, the creator than man and they’re putting government inc above that. Yeah. And even with like pharmaceuticals, dude, look what’s going on with the pharmaceutical come right. I mean they’re stuck right in in that as well, right? I mean there it’s causing this sickness throughout the world, these at least here in the United States, the pharmaceuticals, you know, I’m assuming it and I’m not sure how they are in Canada, but right, we’re really close and it’s uh it’s down that same, down that same path, man.

It’s um it’s it’s the split. So hope Iraq in Northern Arizona, I’m sure you’ve heard of it, you know, Gregg Braden is um so Gregg Braden talks about it often to Hopi rockets and etched into the rock. There is the split, right? And it talks of this time, but that’s just one instance of it, right? I mean this is the battle of good over evil, light over dark and there are people waking up a lot more to your point than 15, 20 years ago, right? I mean, nobody even wanted to listen when it was just about the Federal Reserve right now.

More and more people are kind of hip to the fact that the Federal Reserve Bank isn’t, isn’t exactly federal, that it’s more privately owned, right? But back then nobody wanted to hear it, right? 2020 was probably my best year, you know, I’ve been training for this bro, really, and I didn’t even know what my life was about really. And it’s starting to kind of take form if this is really what it’s for, because it’s for freedom. The same reason I joined the marines at 17 and I did have my my freaking skull blown apart, right?

And I was like, oh, okay, there’s no purpose to any of this, right? At that point, you know, and I was already a year into the marines, right? Already done all the training and all that. And so at that I was in the Fleet Marine Force at that point I just stopped caring, you know I mean, I kind of stopped caring about the marines and all that because dude, once you knew that it was a fiction, you know what I mean? It’s like waking up in the middle of a movie, right?

And you believe, right? And now you’re like, oh shit, I’m actually just in a movie. This is like, doesn’t mean anything. You know what I mean? So then like there was all that time I was trying. I was so I just, I’m a true seeker like yourself. Right? So I just, okay, well what is this? Right? Took years to kind of put it all together. But that last piece was definitely Federal Reserve. But here in 2020 man, a lot more people are willing to listen to my crazy ideas.

A lot more people are, you know what I mean? Like Michael Challenger, I know you know who he is, like his one small town. I I think that’s amazing right now. That’s we’re working right now, bro, what we’re working on is just creating the new and I think, you know that, right? Um, that’s that’s really where my thing, I’m an action taker and, and you know, I’m not gonna take anything lying down. So, you know what I mean? You want to own zoom fine. Fuck you. I’ll create my own, you want to own this. Fine.

Fuck you. I’ll create my own, you wanna whatever, right? And we’re talking infrastructure stuff now, right? With I’m talking to like some people were talking, I mean, because what happens when A T and T just says, well, you you no longer have internet, right? Yeah. Well that’s the that’s the american way, right? It’s it’s this engineering is to create you know, your own your own innovation and new invest in your own people. Like every country, it should be the same. You know, America was kind of built on that with the constitution, but every country should be the same Sweden Canada um you know anywhere and you know, to go back to a couple other things, you know that Iraq war, one of the things that I heard and I haven’t vetted it, but they had their own banks, I’m pretty sure that they had their own banking system and for this global thing to work, they need to go through the I. M. F. The international monetary fund for pushing.

So they so if you look at confessions of an economic hit man, they used to do in africa and they want to take out all those different countries. You do it economically, right? And that’s what’s happening there happening in Canada wanted to, you know, give this friggin universal basic income. So you put all these useless people on their knees. So they need the government handout. It’s it’s sad. So and then they’ll vote that way. They’ll vote that way because they want to. But it’s the same type of people who will willingly give away their freedoms for nothing.

They willingly give their their right to breathe clean air without even saying anything. Okay, Sure. You know what I mean? And it’s like, but that’s where you go back to the common law. That’s where common law right now is so important. We just interviewed on sunday, the county recorder here in Maricopa. She’s actually the one who did, did my mind and and my wife and baby, um, and and brought us back to the land. Right? So, wow, that’s amazing. Well, you guys are further ahead there. So, you know, I, and I’m interviewing all these experts on law as well.

Like I know common law is important, but I’ve heard that some people can get dinged by accidentally using common law and and messing up the jurisdiction, but that can’t happen if you use commerce. So law, merchant and commerce is what they’re using to enslave the planet. So just to be careful, people are learning like common law is good and it’s the law of the land. Um, but if they’re trying to mess with you, it’s all contracts and offers I guess. And again, Mark metallic and cow Washington.

And um, Christopher grantski has his own chris, I was going to say, I just watched that. That was good. Oh yeah, he’s awesome. So yeah, the state national, I we don’t have a path for that in Canada right now. We’re trying to figure that out. Some people say they do. Um, but I’m pretty close to a lot of people who know what’s up. And so we’ll see. I’m working on a process right now, but it puts you in the Republic, right? And then that way you don’t have to, you can refuse their offer, essentially to contract.

You can refuse to interpret contract, right? Because and that’s basic common law. Is that as contact between Yeah, Yeah. And yeah. Or like, you know, I see the common law and again, I’m no expert, but I was just like, the law of the land is under God don’t harm, right? If there’s no one on the other side, um, then there’s no one there to say, hey, you harmed me. Right? Well then you go to court, but other than that, it’s an actor, a statute. But if I have no more rights than you do, how can I tell you what to do?

Because that would make you my property? So just because there’s 10 people getting together making an arbitrary law, they still don’t have power over you. As long as you’re not going out there harming someone. It’s a suggestion because, and then people say, oh, well, what if you’re like speeding through like a kid zone or whatever. Honourable people don’t break the law like that, right? It’s like, say it was back in the day and, you know, we’d was illegal, right? If a person wants to grow a plant, they can grow a plant.

The government doesn’t get to tell them what they can and can’t do. And an honorable person is going to drive 150 through a school zone. It’s a dishonorable thing. And yeah, maybe you can get dinged for that because that’s, that’s way too much. You’re being a total, you know, a whole, so right. Other than that, the acts and statutes of all this madness don’t apply is specifically in and um, definitely medical intervention, you know, wearing a mask, like a slave mask. You know what I mean? So it’s crazy.

But the one thing I want to say to when you’re talking about Rockefeller, you know, rock, one of the basis of what’s going on here is germ theory versus terrain theory, which I think, you know about her. So that’s the original thing. They’re looking at why an apple rots, you know, louis Pasteur is a chemist as the germs come and get it and to ambush shop was a genius. Had four PhD said, no, it’s the terrain of the apple that becomes compromised. The disease comes from within the apple.

So napoleon Bonaparte popularizes germ theory, had martial law at the time. Um This is from dr timo, she has a really great presentation and dr burlando has got like a five hour one on this, that way, more details and facts. Um but then the other important part of this timeline is uh 1910 Flexner report. And that’s when like there was a gallop. A thick medicine and homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic medicine was um you know, herbs and you know, all this natural way that actually works. It was basically terrain theory.

You know, putting the body back to homeostasis, it’s going to fight off whatever right? If you treat the body terribly, it’s going to get disease. That’s just what happens. It’s common sense. So everybody kept choosing homeopathic remedies. And Rockefeller wanted more petroleum in these farmers. Imagine sell more. So 1910 he issued the flexing the report with Carnegie and that’s when he said anything. Homeopathic is pure quackery nonsense. So that he was powerful enough. A billionaire I believe at the time To imagine that a billion dollars now or 50 what you could do.

Like even when I’m trying to buy some land here, you could buy a whole lands and all. You can do enormous stuff. Then along the crazy amount that Bill Gates and all these other side say look what Gates is doing right and why would you buy in farmland? Right. So so you know when they did that report, that’s how they gave rise to the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry, which which then co opted medicine. So you have all these good doctors and all these good nurses going through a Rockefeller designed education from kindergarten, right through university.

And you can look at the work of john gatto talking about this and saying, look, what we’re doing here is we’re creating workers that are designed like depression, school system, you know, designed for obedience and following orders. That’s the school system we’re in. And so I just thought those are a couple of important points to break up because what’s going on with people is that it’s the Truman show, you accept the reality you’re given and the neuro linguistic programming. Um you know, it’s it’s very hard to accept new information that will shatter everything you thought you knew.

It takes a ton of courage to listen to somebody as a total opposite point of view. And um, you know, hear them out. And one of the things that I apply as I just ramble, don’t go um uh the formula for truth is something that people should consider applying. And so what that says is you can imagine like an X and Y axis, right? So let’s say you got uh, vaccines are good on one, right? And vaccines are deadly on the other. Well, when somebody gives you their perspective, just seek understanding.

Even if it’s a polar opposite because what people do is immediately shut it down. So if you have 0-9° And let’s say, you know, vaccines are amazing at 100 degrees. Even though I don’t believe that at all. Now, I used to think, yeah, sure. But I’ll listen to them and seek understanding and maybe I’ll learn something that I didn’t know, right? But if I shut down every single person for every alternative view, that’s 45° of information times every person I meet. But when you seek understanding, you’re going to know for sure if they have any kind of solid ground and what they’re saying, and you might know something, you might learn, something you didn’t know.

And so it’s a total different operating system and it also says that information evolves right stuff, you believe five years ago might not be the same thing. So information is always evolving and always changing. And so as you interact with people, you apply the formula for truth, you figure out why they believe that, right, what data they have. And then over time after you talked to so many different people, you’re gonna have such a higher degree of information and solid knowledge to go on to make your decision making.

Yeah, dude. Well, well, well said man. Yes, absolutely. And you know, how do how do we uh so one of one of my I guess main messages or objectives and what I’m doing is to instill uh power back into people right there so that they feel more powerful because what happens is I mean and back to kind of what you’re saying with the universal basic income now you’re just what what people are doing is kind of they’re giving away their power by making other people responsible for their existence, everything you’re you’re responsible for my health, you’re responsible for my kids health, you’re responsible for my education, you responsible for my kids education, you’re responsible for now my income and how I eat and everything for me.

What does that do to your self esteem man? It’s like right you have now you have no power to change it. So again, and I think that if we can I don’t know, start to um you know cultivate more more empowerment, more self empowerment within people than they wouldn’t be so susceptible to kind of you know anybody’s viewpoint without trying some to form their own, do you know what I mean? That’s that’s just like to your point, it’s the Truman show where people just there, I mean obi it I understand why write history is written by the victors and here we find ourselves like in some gnarly stuff man I don’t know I don’t know some rabbit holes but I don’t know if you’ve heard about the how maybe Hitler wasn’t so bad and the jewish and I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about that like how they actually control everything in Hollywood and it’s just like right I mean you can go forever, right?

Dude that’s so I’ll tell you like um I did I I ignored flat Earth forever, you know what I mean? This was people out dude. I was like that’s obnoxious. It’s obnoxious. But the thing is, you know when I went through it, I won’t say if the Earth is flat around because I don’t know. I can’t I won’t either. When I when I listened completely to several people create arguments and then I was like all right, I want to start looking into this. Um You know, I felt I learned so much stuff that I didn’t know.

I didn’t know how much money Nasa was funneling. I couldn’t find all these videos from the past that were totally ridiculous. So if you want the best money laundering scheme of all time, I don’t know what Nasa gets a day, but it’s not like $20 million a day. Crazy. It could be more. Somebody looking up. It’s it’s silly um How much money they get and anything I say back check for yourself because I remember in generalities, you know what I mean? Like, okay, it’s around this time for everybody to because like you said, history was written by the Winners.

Look at how much censorship has happened. You know, my podcast had 350 episodes on personal development and spirituality. I worked on bringing awareness to human trafficking. I worked on bringing awareness to forced organ harvesting going on. But I didn’t center my show around that I knew of the evils of the world and tried to participate where I could to find solutions. But the show was generated around planetary solutions, personal empowerment and the second this nonsense comes and I just want to know what the truth is, right. I’m dinged almost one of the first people off facebook off instagram.

The censorship is insane. And when you try to silence people, you know, then you know that there’s a problem. So, alternative histories, you know, make sense. And even with the, you know, history written by the victors, like the most dangerous one is the World War Two scenario. And going into that one is like Holy Smokes. There’s a lot of stuff that I did not know. And then some more stuff, you know, like All right. That makes a lot more sense. But you have to look at the history of of the banking systems who runs them?

Who runs Hollywood? We know that, but who runs all our media. We know that. And and you know, when I was with my native american elders, they said they prophesied a time where the rainbow monster would steal the minds of your Children. And so, you know, if we just look at history and we just say, ok, um you know, let’s let’s be open to anything, someone has to say, even if it’s a polar opposite of what we believe, like, like flat earth rounders. Because when I did that, it didn’t matter whether I believe the earth is flat around, I learned so much stuff.

I did not know like gravity. For example, I went to Egypt with the Residents Science Foundation and they basically said nobody really understands gravity or they can prove it right. People will say, oh well you, you go to an edge of a cliff and you jump off that proves gravity and I was like, yes, but then doing the flatter stuff, they teach you about density, right? And how well if you do that with a hot air balloon are a helium balloon will go up like, oh, that’s fascinating.

So even these different views are different perspectives, like that image sometimes that come up on instagram where it’s like a square on one side and a circle on another and from each view is correct. And I think that that’s true and it goes well, this is truth over here. But then you could go to infinite other angles and that would also be true. So it’s just we’re holding on to this very limited idea of what we believe to be true because our memory is suspect. You know, if you’re right, if you go, you know this from the seals are cops, right?

You come two seconds later and they’re bunking up. Really got a different story. So our memories, our suspect then alone, the history. But when we are on a planet, that does not make sense. When you look into it, when you sense something is wrong, you can look in these systems and you can actually find these people implementing them and what they do and they’re not good and we can, we can, we can call them out. And this is what this great awakening is. And the last point I’ll make is that, you know about that fight or flight or that spiritual thing.

This is why I know we’re going to win because you know, all these people following orders, They’re cowards there. That’s a mean word. Not everybody is a coward, but kind of, you know what it means. Someone more cowardly than others are Super Karen’s or things like that. Super virtuous. They don’t contribute anything. They want handouts. They don’t, they can’t um, uh, fend for themselves. Well, especially in combat, you know, this one of you is going to take out 1000 of them, right? Because yeah, they’re gonna be frozen. Still.

Nobody is going to be I mean, if that really came down to it well, in any situation like in public, because you stand in the truth, right? And your protection, you’re not in the business of taking away anyone’s rights, right? So that amount of power and righteousness, like you would you would take it. So these people who are following around are just being led and deceived. So they’re gonna have no influence on us, right? You know, ideally like when we build something else, it’s like you can go ahead and you can play in this piece of crap.

I’m gonna do this and you’re not gonna influence that because you you’re not made that way. And if you can get your act together, you are more than welcome and we will invite you and we’ll be grateful for your for you coming. But we’re not going to deal with your nonsense and we’re not going to comply to. And that’s why ultimately I think we’re gonna win this for sure. Well, yeah, I mean, what is what what is winning? You know, I mean that just hearing you say that I’m like, yeah, we want to win.

What does that mean is what’s the goal? But what’s the goal line? You know, I mean, uh, the freedom, right? I mean, I just want that’s why I’m doing this. And it’s not even for me and I was this way before I even had my daughter, which I just had to share, right? So it’s like, this isn’t even about I mean, now it is of course, because I have a daughter, but before it was just about the next future generations. And not just that, but I don’t know, there’s something intrinsically inside of me that just does not like tyranny and does not like bullies and the, you know what I mean?

It’s the thumb, this thumb thing and it’s just like, and now it’s now again, once they locked me down, that’s when I couldn’t stay silent anymore, right? And I was just like, oh, hell no. You know what I mean? Now, now you’re encroaching on my shit. Right? Before it was like, you know what I mean? Until through 2019, you know, hey, I, you know, I knew shit was all backwards and messed up and whatever and tried to talk to people every now and then when I had, you know, like, I see you in Sedona, you know, I mean one intelligent conversation in five years, you know, or something.

It’s whatever. You know, you just get used to it, right? And, you know, drinking a lot and playing, you know playing on the musician, so you’re in the bars and just having a good time, right? Uh And it was fine. It was but they poked the bear man, you know what I mean? Because again they locked me down and I was like, whoa, this is actually gonna happen, y’all because I was laughing about it from the beginning. I was in Hollywood the weekend. They shut down Hollywood, I was there, I was there that weekend and they shut all the clubs down and stuff, right, saturday night or friday night or something, right?

Then the weekend you and I was just like they’re fucking doing this. And I couldn’t I still was just like I was pissed right? I was just because I knew it was manipulation right? Immediately. I knew that this was because I knew they did it with the H one N one and I knew they did it with AIDS in the eighties. You know, I mean, it’s just fear mongering. Bs that they just they they puke it everywhere, right? And again, once you know that the media was lying to then it then it all just it’s all garbage again.

I turn my tv and stopped reading newspapers years ago, right? So I don’t know man, I just would like to know what what do we got to do to win? You know, again, what how do we but and maybe use these conversations right now, You know, again, we’re trying to create these alternative economies, right? Counter cultures, Counter economy. That’s I mean, we’re going to write I don’t like to focus a lot on what I don’t want. We like to focus on what we want. And so it’s like, okay, well we’re gonna support we’re not gonna, you know, boycott, we’re gonna buy kat.

So we’re by cutting places, What we’re doing is we’re taking our focus, we’re like, oh you’re not a tyrannical piece of shit business suite. We’re gonna come there every friday night now. Oh, you know what? Your hair stylist that doesn’t require mass Sweet. Now we come to you. Oh, you’re a chiropractor. That doesn’t require the mass that is awake and sees all this bullshit sweet. We’re coming to you and now that’s what it is now. We’ve created now even the person who comes and help us since we have the baby come clean the house and stuff.

We got him from our business directory. You know what I mean? So that we’re creating this counterculture and an economy. And so to me that’s already winning, right? We’re already fucking winning the thing. It’s just like, yeah, well who was who was I talking to? I can’t remember. But somebody we were just talking about how it’s already over, right? The like evil’s already lost. It’s just it’s kind of like a snake once it’s heads cut off, the body still moves, right, It’s still extinguishing its life even though it doesn’t have any more life force behind it.

It’s still kind of, you know, getting the last little bits out. I don’t know. What do you think about that? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well I love all that and I feel similar right? Like when I was going through just doing the thing and and understanding that this was all nonsense and and doing my bit here and there, right? But now they forced so many people to wake up and be like, all right, you know, this is what you actually want to do, so we’re going to create solutions and you brought up a lot of great points there, you know, I think one of them is, you know, not only for us, but what is the wind?

Well, you know, when I trained and learn from the indigenous cultures, they always talk about seven generational thinking, you know, what, what is my life and our actions gonna do seven generations down the line. And if we allow this to happen, it is a horrible uh mass slavery, unimaginable experience which we, as the men and women here cannot allow and we need to understand what we’re in battle with. So we need to understand the truth of what’s going on create and then focus, like you said fully on the solutions which which I absolutely agree with.

And so, you know, I’m reminded of like, uh I don’t know if it was like Aristotle or Socrates or one of them was talking about like he who controls the narrative controls the truth and you know, if you study joseph Goebbels from um you know, World War Two, and even, you know, in uh century itself documentary about Edward Bernays, you know, they’ve known about the psychological conditioning for years and been using it on us, so now it’s time to wake up and um I I hope I truly hope that that scenario is true and I’ve heard that from a bunch of people that I respect that, you know, this evil scenario, they they’re they’re already done.

Um but I’m gonna plan for the plan for the worst and expect the best, you know, and and perhaps the best because so many people have taken this, you know, death vaccine already, and hopefully it’s not as bad as Dr Delores cahill are warning Dr Penny are warning my friend Dr Burlando who treated all these people millions. Right? And so um if it gets that bad, maybe maybe this is the splitting of the time and the wind will be um creating powerful new cultures based on integrity and values.

And we we try again and figure out better ways where people you know, I think they tried that with the constitution and that’s what they’re trying to take down now. Like you look at this, these are nobody gives you those rights, You have those rights, right? Is inalienable. God Given rights. Yeah. That’s what I’m saying and that’s what I do now real quick. Do you think both have so many questions always? But do you think that it’s simultaneously they can exist? Can both of these can both of these realities simultaneous?

Were multidimensional beings? Right. I I mean, so technically we’re existing in multi dimensions as it is, is it? I mean, is this is this gonna be like a changeover period? Do you know what I mean? If if we are talking about an ascension process, if you will right light overcoming dark or or whatever we want to say um or or will that will that will that reality always kind of exist, I think. You know, it’s like, okay, y’all go do that over there, but we’re just gonna live be free beings.

And then at some point we couldn’t even see each other because our consciousness would be so different. Well, maybe what I think is going to happen on this planet is that people are going to take themselves out through harm. They’re going to the people who are doing it. People don’t wake up and cooperate. They’re gonna get enslaved are or die through harming the people who want something better. It might be slower than we want. But I’ve also heard a few people talk about maybe this is humanity’s ascension process in the sense where I was younger and I was really doing all these things like, you know, if it exists out there in the in the wu I probably tried it like meditating in the forest for months.

You know, cold training. Um you know, every anything I could do to crack the consciousness and go to like some sort of greater level. I’ve probably tried it and I still haven’t made it there. So I’m so I’ve kind of redefined. I think we are there. Yeah, maybe. Well, I I’ve always there, I’ve always given the example that like I think humans are dolphins conditioned to believe their goldfish. And maybe this is the remembering. Maybe we will upgrade in in higher senses and higher consciousness because when I trained with the Mayan elder, he said it’s common for us to understand we have 20 senses and I was like, oh that’s fascinating.

I never heard that before, but that was normal to them. And so maybe these things are turning on or maybe it’s just something so simple where we have been manipulated, right? And then we passively agreed to this really destructive system that shared the sheep of the people with us unwitting unknowing. You know, I call like the american culture in the Western culture. It’s like wally where we’re just so lazy and but 100% but they did it through media, they did it through food. You know what I mean?

They drive, they did all this stuff. So that’s what often the spiritual realms because it was done through manipulation, not fairness and truth. Yeah. And they say, you know, there has to be consent, but I’m like, how can they be allowed? Where where is the regulation for them to manipulate and harm so much? How is that? Especially when you’re born into it? Right? And that that’s where to me. I’m confused about that, right? Like, I mean, but I was just having this conversation with Garrett Cramer right, just earlier today, and he was talking about, well, where you ever really born, right?

It’s like you go to the simulation theory and stuff like that. Then we can get really weird. You know, we you know, we don’t even know what’s going on. So maybe maybe the solution is like we miss that. And then you and I are cooperating from Canada as everybody else has to figure that out. And we build these great communities and maybe we just start from here and we leave the best opportunity for my daughter and your daughter. Like, you know, we write about what happened last week.

Yeah, absolutely. And we’re gonna have to keep it dude, because right now, man, I think this is digital book burning. I mean, I know it is. Look, look what if we allow them to completely put everything digital, the rewriting of history can take place within minutes. Think about that, right? I mean, if I I mean just think about right now, did I can’t even get like I have all these digital videos that I bought from amazon and shit, but I can’t own a copy of them, They’re up on their servers.

So any time, you know, again, our memories are funny, right? And any time they can just go and edit movies. Right? So now in 15 years, somebody goes back and watches one of Eddie Murphy’s early movies and there’ll be no curse words in it or something, you know I mean? It’s completely whitewashed in some weird like to wear, you know what I mean? It kind of feels like this whitewashing. But again, I just I try and go down that road and believe that we’re just going to succumb to some weird social communist thing where we’re just you know, 2030 oh nothing, we’re super happy about it and just get on my knees.

I just cannot imagine that. Right? So that’s not even in my output thing, right? So just kind of like I yeah, they leave it the best and and and that’s exactly what I’m saying. We don’t know really the answer to that question, right? Because only the future will tell that. But what I can say now is I want to take action now, and I’m gonna make my life better, the way that I can now. I’m creating community, right? And that’s what we’re doing here is creating community more and more community with like minded individuals and people who are in the light.

And I and I don’t even like to use the light or darkness, I don’t want to be in in in in duality. Unfortunately, third dimension is duality. Without the duality, we’d have no third dimension, right? And it’s kind of like, the ego, the ego is there to destroy itself, ultimately, right? It’s gonna bug the shit out of you until you finally sit down and do something about it, right? It’s it’s gonna keep going. And that’s that’s what we’re seeing right now with the darkness, if you will, it’s eating itself, it had to expose itself for what it was, right?

And now more more and more people are aware of it and and and the people and again, i it doesn’t take all of the people, right? It takes to shift this, and I don’t even think there’s a choice maybe, you know, and again, this is more esoteric and stuff. But if this is the great awakening, if you will, or ascension and consciousness or removing from carbon based to, you know, um or from what is it? Yeah, Carbon based D. N. A. To crystalline based D. N. A. Right?

I mean, there’s all these things that I mean, just like you, I’ve been all the wo man, you know what I mean? Just because I’m just wanted truth, you know, for my whole life and and that’s that’s freedom and that’s what we’re sitting here talking about. So yeah, man, I’m that’s I guess that’s all we can do is try and right now create this what we want, and that’s that’s where right. I mean, that’s that’s that’s that’s the zen shit dog, focus on what you want, Let’s just head that way, you know, I mean, let’s just do that and not worry too much about what’s going on over there, you know what I mean?

And especially the way that they play it, because it’s all Bs dude, it’s all Bs the bankers are never get mentioned anywhere, You never hear about them, only by people who are in the know, right. If you’ve read the creature from Jekyll Island or if you’ve done any research about it whatsoever, you’ll know how the system really works. And I mean, you know what the um uh E. M. A. Or what is that, The monetary, World Economic Fund uh w Economic Forum. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

World Economic Forum, Bilderberg Committee of 300. You know, just a bunch of black holes getting together, you know and they blame it all on people like Bezos and Bill Gates. Right? But and again that’s why I don’t really care to talk about those guys so much. I mean sure they’re the assholes and whatever. It’s kind of interesting to watch the plays they’re making again this whole land thing with Bill Gates and stuff. And what is it right here in Arizona that he’s starting that smart city? Right? And I mean is he buying all this land to grow his like fake meat?

Like I I don’t know right? Because right now man these injections I believe are they’re turning people into soybeans. You’re turning you’re turning yourself into a Monsanto soybeans. Gmo you’re a genetically modified organism now. Think about that because it does alter the D. N. A. Even though they say it’s not or they say it does but it doesn’t, right? It’s also confusing the way they talk about it. I don’t know. So anyway I digress. The point is just focus on what you want. Yeah. Well you you brought up a ton of good points there right?

And we need we need to be aware of what the problem is to then focus fully on the solution. And that’s that’s a challenge. Like I don’t believe that we shouldn’t look at like what’s going on like we look but we don’t dwell right? It’s like okay we understand that now let’s go full tilt over here. And because this system is parasitical by nature right? They’re not creators they take from people who create that’s just like the over taxation system in the states and you know all around the world.

Um, but these parasites don’t do any kind of output. And so it’s going to eat itself, But you’re gonna choose to be eaten by that system. And the people who build something, it’s gonna start small, but it’ll grow like wildfire because people will come from such a horrendous situation if they wake up in time to come over here. Um, and hopefully they will because there’s a lot of manipulated people signing up for this vaccine. And then we’re going to see the deaths and then we’re going to see, you know, vaccine number two, vaccine, passport and we’ll we’ll be waiting.

But on the side of nature, God created the universe with our collective, you know, empowering ourselves. And so if anybody confronts us, we’re gonna have the power. We’re gonna have the will, we’re gonna have the education to move peacefully and be allowed to um you know create as we want. At least. I hope so because I don’t you know I’ve heard some of the more dire scenarios and I’m like I don’t think it’s going to get to that. You know I can’t imagine you know this group U. N. Forces are going to come in and you know you know in Canada with china like who knows about those, they terrify me but like I can’t worry about that.

But what I can do is create um you know positive impact where I am create awareness and and then you know I think it comes down to faith and like again studying the law. It’s been fascinating to learn that the 16 11 King James bible is what the queen swears her oath on right. And so you bring that into court around the planet because it’s still the monarchy or the british, whatever royalty basically control the whole thing. Um So yeah, in the Vatican? Well yeah and you terrible Vatican and bad Vatican right?

And you go into the Vatican, you see that like devil ghoul thing they have in there, like they got a massive crazy satan right in there like wake up, it’s nothing to see here. Yeah, so I know and it’s so nuts but you know, I feel like if we just are on the side of the creator, oh yeah, this sort of going with the bible, it’s like fake takes over fear. Like like you were in combat. Where did you go in combat? Never. Okay, how did what happened to your head?

What happened? What? I thought you said your head got blown off or something? You got oh no, no, I just meant that metaphorically because quickly because my buddy friggin, he got himself all jacked up twice. He never saw combat, but he fell out of a helicopter in a training mission. You know? I don’t know if you’ve got like you whacked in the head or something like that, you know, I was like, I was like, am I bleeding? Yeah, so well and you’re in a high level combat situation, you need to have faith, right?

And you have faith over fear and that’s what courageous men and women do. I’m not afraid of death, you know? And I like to say the caveat, if we were coming slow, I’d be nervous, you know what I mean? I don’t know if you just come in there with a band saw coming to I don’t want that, you know what I mean? Like I’m afraid of that. Have you afraid of that? But like generally I’m like, it is a mystery and it makes me a little bit like I’m not sure but I’m not like oh my God, I’m more curious than scared.

I am really. Yeah. Yeah. But what I am worried about is leaving a terrible world, you know what I mean? So if if in the in the bible has so many apparently had 365 times do not be afraid. So when we see this evil happening know that you have the armor of the creator god nature of the universe, life force, you know what I mean? And you will be guided you know and that’s what I think is going to happen. We need to really maybe that’s the upgrade.

Maybe that’s that pressure that makes diamonds. That makes us upgrade that were forced into this level of uh I don’t know power or awareness or even even just community right? Like the native american, they told me that you know three different ones a mayan uh zuni and a mega MMA. So they had a 20,000 year history 20,000 years. That’s not even close to what we’re taught, right? It’s all bs what we’re taught and it’s an oral history orally passed down through generation to generation to generation. So what I learned some of it and it was mind blowing.

They talked about you know other intelligences right? How there are many species here, How that that was normal for them. And so you know we don’t even know like even the elders that share and said they don’t want to share because of what the you know the british and whatever you know did try to conquer them, right? That’s what every human seems to have to do is have to conquer and not cooperate with other people, right? Which is the weirdest thing because dude, cooperation, not competition, right?

And I think that’s another Greg brain. And uh Bruce Lipton, I think I was one of their talks they did about cooperation versus competition. That we think that competition is what makes us better when it’s actually cooperation. Yeah. And so when when you when you look at their cultures, they were simple, they were of the earth, you know what I mean, That everyone was taken care of. And so maybe that’s what we’re going back to for a bit, right? And then we’ll have our like armies like people like you and me and saying look you’re welcome but you’re not welcome to freak this up.

And we know if you’re evil and that’s the challenge is these evil people are so dang manipulative, you know? And so they’ve got I think they’ve gotten to the apex of their manipulation and now they’ve gone for it and woken up all these other people that might have been on the fridge, might have been asleep. And now we’re like, okay, now we’re gonna build something so good or we’re going to stop this. However we need like even uh, Leigh Dundas, you know, looking at recent, she single handedly reversed.

They try to vaccine kids without parents permission Handley called them all out, understanding the law. You know, you can call them all out and hold them responsible. And there’s a guy cal Washington and Canada that I interviewed and he helped people get the smart meters off their houses. So my buddy josh Del sole does a documentary on the harm of smart meters. It’s very popular. A lot of people see it. I don’t know how many but lots. So then it gets all these emails basically. Like, thanks, dickhead, we know that these things are harmful now. What?

Yeah, great. What’s on my house right now? And he’s like, oh shit, Like I better I better figure this out. And so he gets connected to this guy cal Washington who um teaches them that it’s a contract that were being enslaved through contract. And so he teaches them how to do and notice a liability to make the individual responsible. So you can’t hide behind your city municipality or newsome bullshit, whatever he’s doing, or I’m the head of A T and D. So I’m not liable. No, we’re gonna make you liable.

If this comes on, you’re gonna be liable. And so he’s working on rolling that out in Canada and across the world. And so when I asked him about this enslavement stuff, because I’m looking at the internment camps and things like that is like how is this all offering contract? Like this does not seem like consent based to me, you know? And he goes, it’s their system that’s enslaving us, so we’re going to use that same system, it’s like a snake eating itself. And he also says, and again, all these guys, all the law guys know the bible top to bottom because you need to go into court.

But he says, um something along the lines, if they offer you one thing of poison and you know, it’s poison in the contract or whatever, whatever the offer is, you can offer him to back. So like, right? So you don’t even have to take it. It’s like, oh, you wanted to manipulate me with that. Well now you pay double, right? And so it had to do something with merging the law merchant and how that worked. If maybe you try to like this was back in the day, you have to do business so fast on your boat, right?

So you try to sell somebody a crappy thing for 10 bucks. Well that was 10 bucks, you got to pay 20 right? Because you try to rip them off, you shouldn’t have done that. Oh dude, that’s interesting. That’s why I haven’t heard that. That’s dude. But again and you’ve been, I know that you said that, you know, and I like I said uh I watched that last, your last episode with what’s that guy’s name was, gransky dude man, that guy and he’s so passionate, which I love the new Hampshire slogan, I didn’t know live free or die.

How about what’s in Canada’s, you know, come on in and take all my stuff. I won’t say a peep, you know it’s like you know that’s a bit of it dude. So what’s it like in Canada right now man? Dude, I mean dude I saw this thing dude just earlier this week I was like oh shit I’m going to be talking to matt. But like on monday they they were talking about how now they’re going to be able to pull you out of your car and ask you why you’re out of your house and like all this, I mean what?

And again this is like even though it’s fictitious, it’s like and it’s but it’s because we the as as the as the collective power of people allow it, do you know what I mean? And that’s why my big thing is to fund the government. You want this to end nobody pay taxes this year. Yeah. And apparently apparently to how yours is set up in, and and other ones as well that when they become corrupt, you can just dissolve it. I’m pretty sure that’s in your constant constitution.

How’s that work? You just dissolve it? Like, uh, and that’s what happens is that we’ve had these sketchy people get to the rise of power and we’re just dealing with that now. So, the problem with Canada is that were fully taken over by the, um, you know, the Bilderberg or the World Economic Forum were sold out to whatever agenda they want. Australia is really bad. Canada’s second Canada new Zealander, I think are two and three for the worst. And they basically, it’s the corporation, like the head of Canada Trudeau is just taking orders from whoever it is, the think tank at the World Economic Forum.

So whatever they want to bring down, we’re gonna be putting it through immediately and you guys are just further ahead. Um, and so many people, you know, hated trump. But I looked at his policies and he slowed everything down. Now. You have biden and who is not doing anything? He’s basically just now taking the orders from the business back to usual. Yes, business back to usual, announced full tilt. You know, what’s going on. And so, um, so, so that’s why Canada is so bad. And so the nice thing is, so they say, we’re not allowed out of our house, right?

Martial law, basically, you can’t travel this, what they say, you can’t travel out of your town, you can’t travel across province. But when you know the law, it’s still an act in the statue and all they’re gonna scare you with is a fine. So yeah, the police officer could come, he represents the corporation of Canada, which is a fiction. So if you have your knowledge, um, it doesn’t matter. And that’s why this is the Knowledge piece is so important. And what I’ve been explaining to people like law and uh fighting, you know, at least if you know, I wish I had your combat skills because it would make me feel more safe.

I never want to use it. But the fact that I can, you know, do pretty good in combat. I feel safer in public if somebody’s going to threaten me or my family, you know what I mean? Absolutely. And that’s the same thing with law. If you don’t know Jiu jitsu, I’m probably gonna be able to choke you out or break your arm however I want. But if I tell you what I’m doing, then you can’t do it. And this this whole thing is based on deception and uh ignorance and fear.

So we have to get out of fear and if all you have is faith go to faith, faith and community, faith and community because I know it can be dark but you know the faith and whatever way you want to contribute, you’re gonna get out of that fear because when you’re in your fear, you’re you’re being manipulated and we have nothing to fear but fear itself bro. That is I do, I’ve been and and that was my biggest message at the beginning, I was like because I knew immediately that was what people were going to do is be in fear because that’s all they were doing was but I wasn’t afraid not once dude and I mean I’m actually saying that yeah, I wasn’t afraid of the stupid fucking thing, but again, I’ve never been afraid of viruses.

I was raised homeopathic. So I have a different outlook than most people when it comes to health and things like that. You know what I mean? Um So I I don’t know man I’m just I’m just really blown away by How quick it’s but again we know that this has been going on for millennia, right? This has been going on for a very long time. The control and corruption um didn’t just start last year. Right? This has been planned for a long time. And what in the beginning you were talking about?

What report was it when I think it was in the 60s that said that China would take America without take without a single shot. Oh I don’t know about china but I do remember the Iron Mountain report. So the IRB Iron Mountain report was apparently commissioned by Kennedy and talking about how the U. N. Would come into the States. And they had to specifically take out the states because you had a strong middle class and everybody was armed. So you had to militias. So you always have to disarm the population and guess what their their own country always does it their own country disarms the population.

But now because there’s there’s no one is gonna be able to stand up to a U. N. Army other than the United States Army which is the most baller military there is plus the people. So um the people have guns right? So because you guys you guys are allowed to own guns at all like no BB guns, no shotguns. Yeah so they got way more strict last year because they saw this coming right so they said way more strict last year started take away and I didn’t own a gun.

Um so I, I didn’t care or know, but now things have changed and I started to educate myself. And uh, so it’s, we can’t do open carries and our, our rules are far different than yours. And so, you know, like, you know, a lot of your states you can do open carry, right? And it makes so much sense if it’s, if it’s not for people, it’s to, uh, as for the government to radical overreaching government. And all of the laws and statutes are apparently for government to all statutes are to limit government powers.

Christopher, gransky had just such a different way of thinking about all the laws and all the different things. So, um, and even when I told him was that Canada is not as far ahead. He’s like, it’s set up the same way here. You just got to figure it out. He’s like, it’s putting your mind around freedom mindedness, you know? And I was like that that’s what we need in Canada, that’s exactly it. Dude is getting, getting that and that’s what I would say, that’s what I’ve been saying, is that it’s about spreading this idea, right?

And because in my mind for the longest time and I still want to do this, I’m like, I’m gonna go buy a bunch of land and I’m gonna build my own shit on how I want it, you know what I mean? With the earth of the earth, you know, with sacred geometry, all of these things, right? I still want to do that, but that’s not, again, I I don’t want to create another centralized solution, This is about decentralization, this is about empowering everybody within themselves right through the roots.

We got to strengthen the roots of the of everything right and not. And and and it’s it’s this idea, it’s the idea of freedom. How do we in steel and still the the want, the desire for people to want to be free? Better yet better question. What distinguishes it? Like what what what distinguishes that in people? Why why are people so complacent? And Okay, right. You get like what what is it? Um is it just because we we’ve conditioned them for so long? I mean, you know, I through through through the indoctrination system, I know here in the United States are college, it’s just so bad.

It’s we’ve we haven’t taught, we’re not educating people are indoctrinating people to regurgitate exactly what we’ve told them to regurgitate, which those books are written by the same people were talking about. So it’s just like right? It’s and and and then they then they get paid billions and billions to get indoctrinated. It’s just it’s it’s it’s a whole crazy thing. So yeah, my question, man, uh how either first, what what what has distinguished the light of freedom and people? Yeah. Yeah. That’s that’s a great question. And it’s a really interesting thing to try to discern what exactly that is.

I think you’re right, when you when you’re speculating it’s the entire thing, the education system is designed that way, the prussian system of obedience, right? Obedience. And don’t question and fall in line. And and that’s the whole thing, right? You’re not you’re not based in critical thinking, um or or being self empowered. It’s always someone outside the view is going to tell you the answer. And so I think I really love what you’re talking about. There is like going back to the roots, and I and I was thinking of my own mind, I’d be like faith is number one maybe, and then like fearlessness, right?

Like that? Like freedom, freedom from fearlessness. So faith will take away the fear, you know, freedom, you know, takes you out of slavery, right? And then food gives you no matter what, if you can grow your own food and you can hunt, you can be human. All we know we need to know is a human, is how to get clean, clean food, um and clean water, if we can do that right, and we can get a shelter, we’re gonna survive, nobody knows how to do that. We’re so separated from nature.

So we need to get back to that core fundamental, every single person knows that. Then we branched out to community because now we’re all empowered, we all have that knowledge that we need to survive and thrive and grow and once everybody’s needs are met, which is kind of what’s happened, then we can grow from there, but what’s happened in this um capitalistic system, which I’m totally fine with capitalism, just not fine with predatory capitalism when people talk to us capitalism, Yeah. You know, people are taking advantage where I know that I can do this to get a bottom line, but it’s unethical, like we have to figure out.

Um and I don’t even know how you would enforce that or or figure that out, but you know, these checks and balances that that would just allow for those ethics to hold, because we can go to the stars. You know, if there are the stars, we can we can expand beyond this in in any kind of way. If it could be a dank simulation, I don’t know. And even uh you know, Tom Campbell, one of the top physicists on simulation, came on my podcast a few times and he just said, you know, yeah, because again, even if it is a simulation, which he thinks it is, is like, it’s an opportunity for us to grow as souls, you know, we need to grow up, you know, as individuals here and I feel like this is the ultimate opportunity.

So that distinction of freedom, you know, we can’t make that choice for everybody right? Like we can’t make the choices, but what we can do is we can honor ourselves and be that example and maybe it’s just soaked crazy right now, that’s all we can do. We want it for everybody. We want a world where everybody can thrive and have opportunity, but maybe people are not going to make that choice. But the second that maybe maybe some sort of nature thing comes in like a like a I don’t know, caterpillar turned into a butterfly where there’s like this point where it just kinda knows then the people that have led the path can help them along the way, but ultimately, if they don’t get to that point, all we can do is just show the signal of something different.

Man, We’ll put we’ll put absolutely dude, yeah, it’s on us, it’s on us and then then that’s really I mean it always is right and it’s fine, it’s just it’s like just more of what we were saying, more of what we want, more of what we want going towards what we want kind and we just got to live our truth, you know what I mean? And we can’t really concern ourselves too much and that’s where I think, you know, being compassionate people, I see it all the time and everywhere including myself.

You know you’re trying to scream at people, wake up would you just fuck I wake up you know what? Everybody is just trying to yell at people inside. It’s like that’s not doesn’t do anything, right? And I mean and again that’s where that’s where it was more like how do you turn on that desire in people? Right? And then maybe it’s just by being that beacon of light and just living this way and then once they’re ready once people are ready they’ll be like oh shit and then that will become attracted to that to that right?

And it’s right now some people are so people aren’t. Again I I have plenty of people getting that freaking that freaking back. I don’t even know that this experimental injection they have no problem get and it’s like dude they’re young and healthy people and I’m just not understanding any of that stuff. You know what I mean? Again it’s just so out of what’s the benefit? Like literally what’s the benefit and it’s just done you know? Do you know? But you know like maybe in some sort of alternative university become superhumans, right?

And then we could get it a few years later after we see that you know, it’s like dude and maybe. Yeah exactly. And exactly. And maybe it’s the other way around dude and I’ve started and that’s why I was like man, you know, probably not. You know, it’s like it’s like we want to be natural. Like if you look into like, you know where the weirdness where they want to go with the fourth industrial revolution and the technocracy. One of the things I heard is they want to make a synthetic enough so they can patent us, right?

And so if you look at roman law, I just posted a few things in there that’s basically they converted a human into a slave. So we’ve been converted into slaves, but we didn’t know. But when I was younger I was like, we’re definitely slaves. This is bullshit. Like none of this makes any sense, right? So, you know, it’s going to be an even more obvious conversion. Um So yeah. Well, but but think about it this way is OK. So like we were saying, these people are they’re kind of they’re they’re they’re making the choice.

And if, you know, there’s a lot of people who make the choice, like for example, to take something like chemotherapy, right? To me is the most ridiculous concept that there is. You’re going to flood your body with radiation to try and get better. Like it’s so backwards, right? And I just but again, that’s their choice. That is your choice. You can do whatever you want. You know I mean? So I mean is Bill Gates doing God’s work? Yeah, That’s that’s yeah, I think that was a eugenicist and he keeps saying if we get the vaccines right, we can reduce the But that’s what I’m saying.

I mean, apparently they have to, they have to tell you what we’re gonna do and then you’re going to consent apparently in the spiritual realms. That’s how it works, right? I’ve had gone, like I said before, I had battles with a few people, not battles, but I’m like, I can’t understand how all of this is consent because this is too deceptive. You know what I mean? Like what they put in food to kids, like that’s way too deceptive. Yeah. In the spring of the skies like this, guys, that’s not consent.

You know, chemicals in the water and yeah, yeah. That’s not consent. Flora, you know, come on. Like getting some spiritual, higher jurisdiction and help us out because this is ridiculous. Yeah. 1000 dude. Yeah, nobody’s nobody’s and that’s the thing is that that’s where I also have that question, right? At the same time, it’s like these people are literally telling you what they’re gonna do. You know that Q tip head Schwab dude coming out, looking all murmur, right? Telling everybody you see is, uh, the Star Wars outfit. Where’s all black?

And he’s got that Sigil speaking out of World Economic Farm. It’s like literally out of like an evil character out of Star Wars, you can’t even like, you can’t make it up. Like, come on. It’s getting so out there, dude, like it’s uh, and to see again the 2020 thing and the way the, the manipulation on a global scale was awesome. And I mean that not in a good way, but it was awesome. Like what the fucking you know what I mean? Like Uh huh. But nobody seemed to get that.

It was they’re somehow they’re like, well no, it’s just all the nations are doing their own thing. No, no, they’re not. They’re being controlled from a central source here. But again, I if you’ve never if you’ve never gotten out of your comfort zone, maybe, you know, again just kind of hypothesizing. But if you’ve never exploded your mind through psychedelics or through meditation or breathing any any number or or some sort of um tragedy, you know what I mean? Like sometimes trauma can I mean, you know for me, trauma helps wake me up out of things, you know what I mean?

And it’s like something happens to where you, but you know, I guess if you’ve never had, if that’s never then then it’s easy just to say, okay, you know, I am this Truman show and then back to that, right? The Truman show where he was able to go to the end of the water, right? You know, this dirt guy, little flat earth stuff here. So you know, dirt on the Youtube dude, I love that guy, He’s fucking hilarious, but like, you know, there’s again, man, I don’t know, and I don’t know, that’s the honest to God question.

I had this conversation though, I have friends who just think I’m the biggest idiot in the world because I would even entertain the thought, right, entertain the idea. But again, we, we’ve always taken things. Most things that we know today were wrong at one point, right? I mean, and so it’s it’s the, you know, the ego or something where people are, oh, I know, I know and it’s that I just know it or it’s just, that’s how we feel comfortable a lot of times, you know what I mean?

It’s just always all ego, right? Because they don’t want to learn, like even Socrates says like all I know is I know nothing. And he also said like, you know, I think it was either him or or satellite talked about being able to hold two opposing ideas, you know, as a sign of intelligence and so that’s what people are so closed mind, you know, for me it’s the better argument, right? If I listen to people and then when I find better information, that makes more sense, then it makes more sense.

But the bible talks about flat earth and many, many verses, you know what I mean? The firmament has talked about by alchemists, there’s a lot of stuff to it, you know, Admiral Byrd? Why can’t you go to Antarctica? You know, I mean all these things that you look at that exists, You you start to question what the hell is going on there? Why can’t you go to Antarctica? You’ll be met by a boat, You can’t do this fight. So there’s very curious thing and then you can talk about maybe it’s a triangle, I don’t know, but I know there’s some sketchy stuff going on, right?

I don’t you know, operation fish ball is a fascinating thing, you know, So you know, we don’t know. But you know what my, one of my native american teachers told me like you can’t leave here. He’s like none of us can. And what I thought about extraterrestrials, he didn’t say the earth was fun. He thinks he’s not, but he goes, if you had extra terror, maybe the ice ring or whatever Antarctica goes in a circle and maybe, you know, a few 1001 100 miles beyond that, there’s another land mass.

And Admiral Admiral Byrd who went there, said there’s other landmasses, you know, North America. And he has this leaked email that you can’t find anymore, or uh email freaking radio interview, Right? So that’s the guy who went there last, and that’s what he said in his own words. So it just makes you makes you curious, you know, and and we don’t know what’s going on, but you’re talking about something earlier, and it was talking about like what what what can we do? And I think that, you know, you’re doing it now right?

So sending the signal out one of the one of the ways I said, it’s like if the whole world is overweight, you know, they’re overweight, they’re out of shape, they’re, you know, they’re terrible. The best thing you can do is be in shape. So they see the signal of what that looks like because their way to get there, there’s millions of past, right? Millions of past to get in shape. Million passed to get connected to spirituality. And I think the biggest thing that we can do on the planet now is connect to our life purpose, to connect to what our dharma is, who we truly are.

And, you know, like, um I I used to do all these processes with people because I’d ask people when I travel the world like, you know, are you happy? You know, what do you enjoy in life? And so many people didn’t know what their life purpose was or how to find it. And I always thought that that was an easy thing to figure out. Um because I’d asked him like, what would you do if you had unlimited money, what would you do if you know, you couldn’t fail?

And I never considered these questions right? And so over time I discovered that your life purpose isn’t an end goal, it’s more of a direction. It’s like a compass. And due to doing that thing and the more we gonna line with that, the more stoked we’re going to be on our reality and the more positive impact we’re gonna put out there because it’s cooperative and it’s cohesive and it’s something that you enjoy. And like I had this one buddy that was so analytical and um, I knew I couldn’t ask him that question.

Like, what would you have, you have anything, you’d be like more savings or something stupid. Like I knew he was so analytical, I knew he couldn’t do it. And so, um, you know, I basically did a guided meditation or hypnosis into his heart and I asked him the questions through the lens of his heart and he gave me totally different answer uh, than than I expected. And um, you know, started crying in and it’s like older guy that doesn’t really cry and I was like, holy, this is something fascinating.

I started to do this with a whole bunch of people. The 1st 10 people I did, it were mostly men and nine of them cried. One of them apparently popped out of their body from a healing, um, and just a weird stuff is happening, but I’m not doing it. I’m just doing a guided meditation where I say, you turn on the power of your heart to find the answers. It’s not me, it’s you doing this. But what it does is give you a different lens. So they give an example, um, you know, in snowboarding, right?

People like, oh, I can’t do that trick. And I go, okay, Remember your favorite snowboarder, right? He’s like, oh yeah, what can he do it? Like? Yeah, I was like, okay, pretend you’re him. And then when we do a visualization, they can visualize it perfectly because they had a different lens. And so when we go through the lens of our heart, it knows it’s eternal and infinite, right? Our mind is so limited, it only holds a few uh, thoughts and its main function is survival, right? So if I say, what what’s your life purpose?

And you’re like, uh it’s to do this podcast or whatever the case is, but your mind goes, no, no, no, we’re not going to do that because for us to survive, we need to eat, for us to eat, we need to make money and you’re not gonna make any money from this stupid, so I’m not gonna let you do that. Um you know, we’re gonna distort the answer by 10 90%. And so this process has been one of the most uh successful that I have because I just want good tools, you know, you want strength, do a dead lift, also kettlebells rock, you know what I mean?

Whatever you want to do whatever your goal is, I want the most effective tool. And so I think that that’s what we can do for people is like for them to have the courage to know who they are, to contribute in some sort of way that’s meaningful to them. We wouldn’t be in this. So many people are just doing meaning less jobs to get fake paper, you know what I mean? That doesn’t mean anything that and they don’t provide any public value. So now in engaging in that system of valueless nous with your job just to get money for nothing, just to, you know, kind of, you know, and you have a family need to make money.

I understand that, um, you know, but if we were to reverse it, our culture and our way of living and how we support businesses would be totally different, you know, and, and ultimately, you know, I don’t know if you’ve had any near death experiences, but I’ve had quite a few. And, you know, ultimately the mirror is going to come up on your own decisions. You’re not going to get away from that. And, you know, if you’re going to die and say, I wish I did this, I wish I tested myself, right?

Nobody is testing the limits of life and their abilities. They’re playing as small and as safe and as fake secure because there is no security as possible. You know, and we need to be connected more to our potential and what we’re truly capable of, you know, like to be truly alive, to live fearlessly, to, you know, to engage with life fully, um, through our own value sets and, you know, the worst case scenarios, you don’t make money as you thought and you have a shitty apartment for a while doing, you know what I mean?

It’s not, it’s not that bad. It’s not that bad, you know, You know, Not at all. Yeah, so you can do it. You know, most people, they’re not engaging in that. I think that’s one of the best things we can do. So when you do that and you engage in your life purpose, that’s you being in shape for other people because it’s always cooperative, you know what I mean? And not suggesting we do because that business and that human wants to cooperate with the other person and mutually benefit them and their community, right?

And when we live in that way it’s it’s gonna spread, you know what I mean? The one small town thing always keeps coming back to me, man and it’s like and I was I mean been trying to have this conversation have been just naturally, but like, okay, why do we have this concept that we’re going to pay money to this, this government way up there somewhere, right? We’re gonna pay all the money up there and then hopefully it kind of trickles down back to our local where we need things.

Is that understand and be like, yeah well that doesn’t really make a lot of sense right? It should be more in inward out, right? So again, and this is where we’re talking about just creating our own little sub economies dude and like supporting that within ourselves and we can do that immediately right now where we are in our town and just do it and you can do it with your local barber, you know, whatever, go get your beard trimmed and be like, yo bro, hey no no mass sweet, I’m paying you from now on and now we’re friends, you know what I mean?

And so that’s amazing. So real quick. So uh I personally have never ever thought about being in office of any sort, right? Um like politically be just because once, you know that system and how broken it is, right? It’s like it’s correct. Do there’s no way to save it? However, creating these new systems. Um It’s like, well if it was my own town sure I might be a mayor or something like that, right? And it’s just something that is like starting to come come to me as far as now in that scenario, let’s say you were a mayor, right?

And you had your own town kind of, what would that look like to you? Wow, that’s a great question. And I think Christopher grabowski was talking a little bit about how to set up the system, you know, that each each municipalities government was had more power than the one above it because they’re the one directed to the people, right? So the people of the town could hold them responsible. Um So you know, I I love that. Yeah. If I was if I was the mayor, I would just want, you know, freedom and opportunity for everybody, right?

I believe in very, very limited government. And uh, you know, just keeping opportunity, you know, removing predators, you know, removing people who are causing harm and holding them accountable. You know what I mean? Who take but don’t give back, right? Who take and that’s that’s what’s going on. You just said it earlier, man is its parasites. Everything right now is a bunch of politics. Politics, right? Multiple tics just sucking at everything. There’s no production of anything. Yeah, exactly. And like, you know, like Vladimir Putin, you know, I think he’s one of the good guys.

I don’t know too much saying, I think he’s good, right? I don’t know enough. But just like because I saw this one video of him and he takes these Russian billionaires, He gets him in a group and he basically, you know, little boys them where he’s just like you got like treats him like he’s the dad and they’re the Children. You know, he’s just like you guys, you make enough money, you’re screwing over the people you stop that or this is what’s going to happen. You know what I mean?

You already have enough. You know what I mean? And he’s basically going on the policies and what they’re doing and everyone’s got to get their head down is like you stop that, you know, like what are you doing? And so you know that that’s kind of how I would run. I don’t know all the, all the problems are ins and outs, but I know we need limited government and more opportunity and culture where uh, we have opportunity to thrive. Right? So clean parks, you know, um honorable people, great education.

But all of this is corrupt to the roots, right? We change education. We change all this. We change media would change all this. And I can see my podcast guest. What would you do to change the world? And and my answer was always, we need to change media immediately. Every single thing you see in the screen because now Youtube exploded right from all this honest news. Then they delete them, right? Because real news like my friend runs a collective evolution joe Martino. Those guys were getting way more hits.

All the truth is we’re getting way more hits than the news than any mainstream. And so they created algorithms to limit all their content, right? Because people want the truth. They resonate with the truth. And so we’ll change all media, um, all all education and that’s where we start. And with that with proper education and media and clean food and clean water and and we say no to these parasitical systems that are coming from the very top world health, Monsanto, banking and commerce. Yeah, that’s the thing, currency. Right?

So what do you think currency? What what I mean? You know, obviously the world of crypto right now and all this stuff, but now I guess they’re banning crypto and Turkey, right? But then now they’re also saying, well, crypto is just gonna be your digital money bank that they’re gonna be able to turn on and off, you know what I mean? But then also crypto and decentralization, that’s kind of the essence of of Blockchain, right? Is decentralization. But then of course it’s kind of weird because you’re like, well, it’s decentralized, but is it really because it has to run on somebody’s servers somewhere and the pipelines somewhere?

Right? I mean, is it truly decentralized? No, it’s sitting on Aws somewhere, Right. So, uh, currency, right? To me, is a big one. You enslave slave nations through currency, right? And the manipulation of fiat currency, the fake banking crap that we’ve been put up with around the world for a long time. So, yeah, that’s what they did, right? They used the banking system from back in the day to conquer countries, right? Because, you know, Nathan Rockefeller said, you know, I don’t care who sits on the throne of England, because he who controls the money supply controls England.

And so, you know, we just need a fair way to exchange crypto was a good idea, and it is a good idea, and many people have done well with it and exchange getting out of the banking system, which is good. My fear is what you’re saying, there’s crypto means dead, you know what I mean? And so if we are going into a currency right, we used to exchange, go to the bank and say, here’s my silver or gold, Here’s $100 paper receipt. So you can get a real thing back like lumber if you’re going to build a house or stone to build a house or marble, all real resources that you could trade for, right, that actually had some value.

So now we’re all in this paper money and so they want to go to digital money. So that way the digital then goes on a chip in your hand. And so my concern with the crypto, um it could be good now as an alternative source, but they probably could figure out a way to make you not access that. And I’m no expert in crypto. It’s just kind of my sense of it. And so, you know, I I like the idea of gold and silver, but then again, you can’t be traveled around with if you are wealthy with tons of gold and silver really, because that’s not not great either.

So decentralizing it from corrupt organizations is something we need to figure out, you know, exploring barter systems and real trade. But yeah, you know, if crypto is the answer, that would be great. The challenge for me I have that also is that you, you you make it even more fake kind of right? You know, used to be. So it’s not even paper now, it’s kind of nothing, you know, it’s a digital championship screen. Right? And so, you know, where does that initial value come from? So, but we can, we’ll figure that out, right.

Whether it’s challengers one small town, which is a brilliant model, uh, there’s going to be a way where we can figure out exchange between people between communities and between countries because we don’t need the government to tell us that we can cooperate, right? But we have to understand that some of these cultures, um, out there, they don’t they don’t think of peace in the same way. We do write some of these american values in these Canadian values are not worldwide, right? But, but they’re beautiful. I’ve been in many different countries, Nepal and all these are very beautiful, but not everybody thinks that same way.

And so just understanding, you know what? Maybe sometimes there are predatory cultures that um, don’t don’t think the same way and, and those will be ones where we won’t do business with them, right? That’s it. Exactly. It’s like I’m not gonna give you my business because you know, you think like this really messed up thing and like I’m not going to say, you can’t think it, but I’m not going to support that, I’m going to say, I’m just not Exactly. Yeah. You know what I mean? Go, go play over there, that’s fine, you know, because uh yeah, unfortunately, and and even in our own culture, right?

Not everybody is good. So, you know, I worked in car sales and I saw two ends of the spectrum, but some people who just wanted to get all the money they could and some people who had a different business philosophy. So it’s it’s absolutely everywhere and you know, but the communities that will thrive, or those with those ethics, like Patagonia, I think, you know about the story of Patagonia, like making good decisions and doing the ethical thing to grow their business, you know, that’s what we need.

Um That’s what need. We just support, like you said with the local businesses and things like that. Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. What time we’ve already been on an hour and a half dude. Yeah. What the fuck? That wasn’t quick man. That’s wow. Yeah. No wow. Yeah, I wasn’t really paying attention to, its just yeah man, I’m so glad we got to finally kind of connect and talk like this. It’s um I we met five years ago um which was the same time I met Clifford. I I know that I’m not sure if that’s when you first met Clifford but that it was at that same I can’t at um um cosmic was cosmic disclosure, cosmic cosmic something I think it was, you know, to the cosmic one.

Yeah, that was my second time because that’s what I came because like, hey Clifford, like how you doing? I met him at a contact in the desert before that. Yeah. And I just kind of talked him and he was like, that’s what I went out to is so funny is like Clifford like what do you think? What do you think about like the talks? He goes, oh you guys don’t know anything, The star people in the Star Nations, they’ve been here long before us and they’ll be here long after.

And I was like, oh I was like well are you gonna tell us some stuff? He goes, we’re thinking about it. It’s so funny man. I love that guy dude, he’s so sweet human dude. Yeah, he’s the best man. He’s he’s out in Sedona still and I hope they get to see him again. He like, he told me the last podcast we did. He goes, if biden gets in, you’re gonna know what it was like for the native americans. That was like his last thought, uh dude.

And you know man, I I really Yeah, again, I try not to pay too much attention to it and I just want to like focus on on what we’re doing. However, it’s, I mean this last year it was uh you know, and at the same time, I guess at this last year it was just It was hard to ignore. You know what I mean? It was the most, most politics I’ve paid attention to in many, many years, right? It was um and again when when Trump got elected or whatever.

I saw it, you know? And I was like, but it was zero, it was 0. 1 of my consciousness at all. I was like, Okay, so another fucking idiots. And the okay, what did he do? But then when all this went down, right? And you know, I then I started looking and then I, you know, then again, I just because I have a free mind and I started trying to tell people, hey, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. This black lives matter stuff. All this stuff won’t put the brakes on guys, you’re being manipulated here, man.

That was just uh it’s good. It’s good. All those people who you think, you know what I mean? But again, those things didn’t come up the core values, right? And I mean freedom being one right and truth. And in in in a curious mind, man, there’s got to be at that curious mind where you’re like, ok man, uh I gotta look at this for myself, I’m just not just gonna eat whatever you feed me. Um so again, 2020 was was a very interesting year, man. Very interesting year and I’m super stoked that we got to talk and I really appreciate your time dude.

Thanks man. Yeah, I I hear you dude, I hate politics, They’re the worst. And I don’t know if it’s like two times two sides of the same coin or you know, there’s so many things that are that have um come up. But you know in the last year more people have woken up. So that’s a good thing. Um We’re aware of a lot more. Not everybody but people are getting that opportunity and if they want to keep cognitive dissonance ng themselves, that’s their own that’s your own prerogative.

But good people are an intelligent people are coming together and even just committed people uh people have good value, good character saying you know what is important, you know what I mean? Well the golden rule the truth right? The truth is important just because you believe something else right? And I and I’m not you’re not gonna let me speak and then you have to just believe what you’re saying when I have cleared into the contrary. You know what I mean? That’s why you’ve seen no debate dude.

And that’s what’s scary and you know what it’s not it’s not the censorship. It’s the fact that other people don’t find the censorship scary. That’s what’s scary to me. Like you’re like there’s there lighting fire on the books and they’ll set you right on fire to man. And there’s a scary quote that says once you once the book burning starts so to the people. But um like I said I think I think the strong like the strong people are not gonna let this happen. People are waking up you know and cooperating and doing their part like you’re doing And so what we do is we focus on the solutions and we call it the corruption.

You know, if you don’t like the mask in your school, figure out who the board of that is, take care of it organized with 10 people, take care of it, start your own school. Yeah you start your own freaking school, you know, empower yourself. You know what I mean? And uh and then look for people who are like minded and whatever community you’re in. I guarantee you there are many people so maybe you just have to start it. Like you you send the signal up for who you are in your town and what you want to do right?

And you’re going to find the people in that town who want to go shopping. Open their business. There are ways to open your business is in this thing in Canada and the US but you have to go figure that out. But people are, there are ways for that because I I heard about this a scenario in Bc. I’m trying to figure out how they’re doing it exactly. Because I don’t know enough. I know it’s possible, but I don’t know enough. I know it’s contracts all this kind of stuff.

But this person in Bc or Alberta talk down like 10 RCmp and made them look like fools being like you have no jurisdiction here. You know what I mean? I’m not subject to these acts and statutes you can get out of here. I’m not taking your paper paper ticket offer. This door is open, go right, you know what I mean? So it’s gonna be the same thing when when were apparently prime to have tanks on our streets, right? But again, even the Canadian military is apparently, is supposed to be contract base so you can travel as you wish if they stop you.

Um you know this tyranny is only gonna last for so long, so I’m just gonna go toward like minded people. I’m gonna put my faith in the creator and God, I’m gonna ask for to be shown a way to make a contribution. I’m gonna, you know, try to seek my community um and to be lead because this is this is the truth of what’s going on to see it head on and to know, okay, I need to put faith in something because this is way beyond my scope of understanding, right?

And if we can do that and then participate, where we see opportunity to participate, we’re going to be actively creating a solution and like one small town wherever you are, wherever that community is, that’s where it is. So just have trust and have faith and and take action. Don’t don’t be afraid whatever you do, don’t be afraid because it limits you know, your pattern recognition and your awareness and and that’s what they need and and if other people are afraid great, but but you have no reason to be, you will find a solution, have faith and um you know just do your part when, when you see the opportunity and the truth shall set you free my brother.

That’s badass dude. Yes, please thank you dude, thank you. Uh real quick before we go, can you tell everybody how to get a hold of you? Where can we find you? Yeah, so you can find out for now. Dot com is the best way. So with the podcasts are getting crazy centers, so there’s a members area that you can access, all the podcast is censored ones and not censored, you know, for free or by donation, there’s like really, you know, small amounts and if you need for free let me know, I’ll give you uh that um I definitely recommend people checking out the soul compass stuff because like if you want to know what your life purpose is, people ask me that all the time, that’s what that’s for.

And then all these archetypal, other hypnosis things. I’ve done self hypnosis and and guided meditations pretty much my whole life. But going through the lens of the heart is so friggin empowering that way through the day, it’s like your intention, you know, that’s like such a powerful thing. And so it gives you such a clear perspective and uh it’s very quick, so I highly recommend people check that out. And so yeah, you’re gonna have a lot of the podcast and most of them, you know, it’s interesting because, you know, for years personal development spirituality, which they’re all in the backlog and this year has been more towards law and current events, which Some of the current events aren’t so positive, but you will find a lot, you know, it’s mixed in there.

And so now we’re going to deep dive around law and I’m 100 just focused on uh solutions and the best solutions available now. And so it does seem like it’s understanding freedom and the concepts of freedom and law and sovereignty in a way that we can come back to our own empowerment that coupled with community food, water, shelter and uh and collaboration. And so, you know, that’s kind of where I’m steering the show right now, but uh you know, I love it, I’m getting deleted everywhere, so they should probably become a member if they want to take that bel air dot com.

Yeah, well they until they take that freaking thing down, like I’ve heard people getting patry ins and uh websites, the whole thing, It’s just crazy bonkers. Yeah, and that’s why we’re talking about infrastructure. Dude, we gotta, you know, there’s, I don’t know alternatives, but we’ll keep this conversation going. My man, thank you so much matt Beller. Uh I appreciate it, dude, thanks for doing what you’re doing. Thanks for having me on the show. I love I love the concept and um you know, I’m so grateful for you being a part of the solution, so you know, whoever’s out there, my suggestion is uh you know, from my friend David Lambert, do three contacts today, going your way to do it and and don’t tell anyone.

And if we just implement that as a society, especially now I think it might be the most powerful thing we can do. Yeah, awesome. Alright man, thank you again. Thank you so much inspiring. I can’t believe that went by so quick. Yeah, my pleasure bro. Thanks so much for having me. All right, well, toxin piece later. Yeah.

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