April 20, 2021

The 8 Essentials to Life – Dr. Tommy John

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What are the 8 Essentials to Life and how do they apply? Find out in todays Fireside Freedom Chat with Legendary Baseball Player and Ultra Rad Doctor, Tommy John!

Show Notes

Dr Tommy John (who now prefers you drop the DR) and Brad chat about the medical industry and philosophy on healing. You have to listen in for the 8 Essentials to Life, we aren’t giving you any shortcuts this time.


Hello, all you lovely Freedom People out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat. I’m your host, Bradley. Freedom. Today’s guest is dr Tommy john that’s right, definitely one of my most exciting conversations to date at the Freedom People podcast And overall 2020s. Really given us a whole new direction and inspiration life. Now, if you do not know who dr Tommy john is, well, sit back, relax and listen to this because you’re going to get to know him real quick before we get into this amazing conversation, I’m gonna need you to grab your phone.

Take those two little thumbs you got there and type in this Tommy and the number one Tommy and the number one. And you’re gonna send that to 844 9923733. That’s 8 449923733. The Word Tommy and the # one We’re going to send you out today’s show notes. Also head on over to the Freedom People dot org. Sign up with us, this is gonna be epic, come on let’s go. Yeah. Mhm Yeah yeah Hello? Hello, what’s up? What’s up bro, fucking sick dude I am doing fabulous dude 4 20 at 4 20. What’s up? Sorry I messed up on the, did you get my email about five?

Yeah dude that’s cool man dude my bad dude, it’s all good you know I’m gonna 5 30 I totally jacked it up so um and it’s kind of an important, it’s all guests are important but this guy is hard to get and I yeah dude dude don’t sweat it at all, I’m dishonored, we’re doing this at all bro. It’s uh I appreciate it. Yeah man well you know you’re a fucking rock star in this world dude and I try to keep myself humble but I love that I will write that down somewhere. Yeah.

Put that down when people try to take me down. I appreciate that. I appreciate you bro. Thank you. Thank you. Uh Yeah girlfriend, Could you shut down the the music real quick, Thank you. Uh Yeah, so what’s going on dude? Um That’s cool that you’re even here, it was such a like a big old swing, you know, for the fences hey, you know, you know what I mean? To me, I’m just going on telegram so I don’t know how much you know about us, but me and my lady friend here, uh we started the Freedom People dot org, right?

And uh there’s a business directory and um and we’ve got like a social media platform, we’re also releasing a job board uh this week. Yeah. All freedom based. I don’t know if you know Peggy Hall um Yeah, so we were on her show earlier this month and she’s been we’ve been working with her since december kind of back and forth. And she’s really pushing pushing what we’re doing. Um And so then also what we did is we started this podcast for education um just like what you’re doing dude, freedoms are being not that they haven’t been being taken away from us for a very long time, but now uh since last year it’s it’s fucking go time dude.

And so were World War Three man. So we’re Freedom people dot org. Yeah. Love freedom people dot org. Yeah. The freedom people dot org. Okay perfect. Yeah, let’s see what I got, I got, I got questions, we’ve got a lot of questions here dude, let’s do this. I’m an open book. Anything you want. Uh where is this thing? Here we go. Yeah man, that’s awesome. Ah Oh yeah, this is like one of my favorite. How long do you expect? What is your life expectancy for yourself? And I wanna wait, wait, wait.

Yeah, but it’s like a functioning one away self reliant, not responsible on anybody. Like I can feel like an experience this life and I go, I don’t know how I go out, but it’s gonna be a nice peaceful transition. But 108 and at 100 on my 100th birthday, I’m gonna get a jacket that’s like a century club jacket. That’s like I’m 100 let’s go. Yeah, like those gold jackets, right? Like what is that? Right? What does that, the fucking golf jacket? What does that think? The green one? The green one, the gold one was Happy Gilmore.

That’s right yeah dude, I love him but I want to start celebrating like functioning at a late age. I told two people in my office today they’re like we’re late fifties, I’m like you’re literally halfway through, halfway through and it’s like this huge doom and gloom like were designed to go to like 1 21 31 40 like start taking care of making that your reality, not that living forever is the goal but getting high right? Like why not make that your benchmark and then come off of that. But we don’t think that way.

So I want to bring back And make like a 100 like hot, that’s the new Black walking like hot, like talking shit. Well no dude, I agree with you 1000% and I think that we’re very limited um and it’s just society how we’re raised everything. Like look at, look at even retirement, they’re like, oh well just think your life is gonna and retire around 60 you’re going to die. I mean and we plan our lives around that instead of like dude like I have no fucking idea how old I’m gonna live but to your point I know that I’m gonna live a very um full life and and and I want to be alive, I don’t want this fucking I’m not I don’t want to be on 50 pills dude, sitting around pissing myself dude.

Is that living? No dude, that’s existing on some fucked up health care system. Excuse me, sick care system that they’ve got us in. Uh I think I said that I posted not long ago, like not dead doesn’t equal healthy and that’s what we’ve got now, as long as you’re not dead you’re healthy. It’s like wait what the hell are you talking about that? That couldn’t be further from the truth. And so we’re just afraid to live because we’re afraid to die. It’s like we’re all going out of here like we’re talking about.

Yeah dude. Dude. Dude. Yeah exactly man. And that’s that’s that’s so funny. You say that my baby mama here uh check Emily. She’s she’s the other half that started the freedom people. Um But she that’s one of the first things she said last year. You know she she kind of during this thing, like a lot of people, it woke a lot of people up out of whatever is going on right? Uh to a lot of these belief systems that are, you know, core belief systems. I want to say, you know I mean like you know the government’s telling you the truth.

You know the news is telling you the truth. They’re 100% truthful. You see the new CNN stuff, right? I mean it’s coming out that they’re super truthful like, but 100% dude, I was in the marines, so I was stationed down there at Camp Pendleton, right? And in 1997 I was fucking out there and that’s I had my awakening man, I found out CNN was lying to us dude, and it was like, that’s when my whole world just exploded dude, So you know what I mean? It’s just and so here we are, and I’m just happy that everyone, I’m happy for 2020 believe it or not man, it was actually one of the best years of my life by far dude.

Like everything that’s come of it, like, like now I have purpose, I mean before this, I mean, I love my life, I was having a great life, right? I’m a DJ as well, I’m a musician, so I was out in the clubs fucking DJ and you know, partying, having a great time dude, you know, I’m a software engineer, you know, I’m an entrepreneur guy, so I’m doing all having a great old time man, I was having a great time, but I was also kind of um I become complacent, complacent, right?

Because to be honest, I got I got tired of trying to convince people that what I was saying wasn’t psychotic, you know what I mean? From from like 1997 to about, I don’t remember 10 years ago, I was like, well nobody even, nothing’s going to change. And I remember feeling helpless about a lot of things and so I just started working on myself, you know, meditation, yoga, all that good jazz. And uh now we’re waking up bro, so next question, can you talk about your age essentials, please? Oh God yeah, good question.

So first of all I didn’t create them. They’re not mine. But I’ve just observed a lot from the people who are doing the real work of putting people into positions to heal the incurable, right? The things that are supposed to be radical and miracles, which are just, it’s the default, it’s just what the way we are. Um and then I gathered them from talking to every 90 plus year old who seems to be living a pretty vibrant life. And I asked him, what’s the secret? What do you guys do?

What is this? Pulling all this information on everybody that chooses to hell, who wants to heal? They always came down to these eight. They always talked about these eight and I was like, I’ve simplified in 20 years of practice, everyone’s complicating everything I’m simplifying even more now than ever and the body just craves, simple but done in this real consistent, savage way. So I took down these eight and what I recommend people who anybody’s listening, you write a paragraph or a description of what these eight means to you and it’s got to be intimate and specific to you, not to be judged by anybody else.

And then you take you to those eight and you split them in two categories medicine and toxic. And I got this from dr cassie Huckabee, the medicine and toxic. And you’re gonna rate your actions during the day. So the first one, the first one, a belief in something greater than yourself. Number two purpose number three relationships. # four Breath Meditation. Prayer. Number five. Um natural light or I’m starting number four is sleep, number five breath meditation prayer. Number six outdoor light exposure, just outdoor exposure. Number seven nourishment, number eight movement.

So you go into each of those and you just see what they mean to you relationships, the ones that benefit, support your belief in your purpose and the ones that challenge you to be better. And so you go into those columns and you look at those people who are medicinal in your life, who are medicine. You know, maybe it’s family, maybe it’s not, maybe it’s a loved one lover. Maybe it’s not. You know, you got to look at and then you put it whose toxic and you try to literally take out what’s toxic and either converted to medicine or cut it out totally cut it out.

So you go through this whole list and the list is listed linearly, but it’s like quantum. It’s all folded up on each other where they’re all linked. You know what I mean? Um, and then you just start to to put your consciousness around what those means to you. And every day just little steps, take one toxic out at one medicine in focus here and and celebrate when you do something in those in that list. Be sure to celebrate the small stuff. That’s something I really do for myself.

I mean I freak out when I find a penny. Like dude, it’s money on the ground. Like this is all right, You know what I mean? I mean? There’s like literally something small that needs to be celebrating. You start to focus on the fine, the fine stuff, you know, and you really get down to the level of a cat and you see the world under a plant, how it’s this whole ecosystem like, oh my God and all you did was kneel down to pet with a cat, which is a relationship one, right?

So it’s like all of a sudden you start to piece all this together, you put your entire body into a healing state, which makes your life medicine. And then all of a sudden the symptoms which are really not sickness or disease at all, it’s just the healing response. All of a sudden your body finishes healing, You’re no longer aware of that process and you just leveled up your life, whether you’re 90 or 12 or married with kids or single or living in the northern hemisphere or southern hemisphere student, it doesn’t matter.

But now The way you look at those eight, it empowers people puts it back into their hands. And that’s scary for some, because with that responsibility comes that power, right? And with that power comes responsibility and some people aren’t ready for it. Some people don’t want it and that’s totally fine. You know, you have to understand that you’re 100 and 10 accountable and responsible for your health expression like nobody saves anybody, nobody heals anybody. There is no healing force outside the body period, like it just doesn’t work that way, you know?

And so um when you get into that state, that’s when it’s like radical remission is like no that’s just default, that’s just how the body is, you know? And so everyone’s like, do you take an inventory of the eighth? I always have it in my head. And so everything I’m doing is either on that list or if you ask me why I’m doing something, I’ll always have a reason. There will never be because somebody told me to ever will I do The same point or just on Tuesday, I’m just doing it like not ever.

Well I just do something. Yeah five drop living with purpose bro. That’s it. Uh Living with purpose. Living with purpose, nothing. No that’s it. Like every step is a step with intention and if it’s not because I used to do so much shit that didn’t serve me, it didn’t, it was like you were supposed to write, I’m just done, I’m done with that whole supposed to phrase, I like my energy, my time, I’ve seen people transition on, I’ve seen people like it’s too valuable to me, this life is too amazing and valuable for me to spend it.

Doing something that doesn’t make sense to me and that’s where I’m going. Like everyone’s like how do you know what is going on in the current climate, how do you know what decisions to make? Because it doesn’t make sense to me. Like whatever my choices are are going to make sense to how I live my life because I’ve evaluated and work so hard that things are just so clear now. And you said 2020 I made a video. 2020 hands down best year of my life. Like hands down. I’ve leveled up immensely and I’m not hoping people perish.

No, no, no, I’ve improved like what the hell? And the trauma response are, healing response is always greater than every trauma we never would have made it here. So if we’re wired for greater than any trauma we’ve ever experienced in our, in our like jean like okay, what a great trauma. Thank you idiots. Like you just triggered a healing response in humanity that’s greater than what you could pose. Oh delete me off instagram. I will come back stronger. Thank you. Yeah bro, that’s, wait that’s just, that’s your weights bro.

It’s it’s just like anything else, man. That’s that’s beautiful. Yeah so like I was just kind of giggling because I saw your video of you and the uh the infrared um giving commands dude. And then it made me then then then it made me then it made me think of how I thought that it was a 5050 chance that you’d show up naked to the interview. So I would damn it. I know. Or sudden obits dude. I was I’ve got to clients in here right now and I’m sorry I don’t think they enjoy that too much.

Uh It’s hilarious that those videos now and like the new name and everything is inspiring. They’re just like I’m getting naked in more ways than one and that’s truly what it is, right? It’s like dropping all those personas that you were supposed to because society said your valuable with this mask and not even the mask mask. I mean like with what you’ve put on to be a good person, right? Right? Or an obedient person, you know, right? Or all the certificates, like you were saying, You know what I mean?

I went to school, I did all this, I did this and really they mean dick Dude, I know people with highly, highly, I want to say educated right through the, through the, I called the indoctrination system. I do not believe we have an education system in this, in this freaking whatever is going on. Uh, Yeah. So anyway, I digress, man. Another question. Um, how’s your practice doing since this shit? Which kind of rolls into it? Right. Yeah. So I never shut down. Um, I stayed open. I’ve lost a lot of people, but then I’ve gained a lot of the right people, you know what I mean?

So what’s crazy is, um, there’s people coming down from LA, there’s people just wanting not only the help of the, of the student, I becoming what I do, but just to connect with people that are, that are speaking the same language, you know what I mean? They’re just in a place and the offices real open and friendly and not everyone’s on the same phillips like, but it’s accepting, like everybody can have a different viewpoint and everybody can talk like I’ve got information all over the place, but not everyone has to agree with it.

So the practice is literally more right people and it’s trimmed off others that just didn’t sync up. And so it’s totally cool. But again, my purpose went beyond the office because we started the nonprofit with Alex zack and and you said your purpose, like my purposes laser didn’t even greater to what I was doing before, which was, you know, help people make enough money to serve your freedoms and just be good. Well, okay, I can help more people now. Now I’m gonna go, oh my God, now I’ve got this platform that I can speak and people are like all over the world wanting here, just see somebody living open naked and free, right?

And then we also have a nonprofit grassroots that were, you know, kicking ass and trying to connect everyone globally. So it’s all, it’s all where it’s supposed to be. You know what I mean? I’m it’s good. Yeah, I’m really loving your message man. That’s a big message we have here is just uh you are responsible for you, everything, your whole existence, not just your health bro, like everything, that shitty thing that happened to you. Yeah, you are responsible for it, believe it or not. Um And again, so that’s kind of kind of what we’re doing right now is we’ve been connecting with the front line nurses of of of America of us and the front line nurses of Canada also um what’s her name?

Nicole, do you remember girlfriend? She’s that nurse that went from from Utah to to new york and then she was on the new york post, she was crying saying, hey, they’re murdering people. Her name is Nicole stuff. Anyway, she’s like kind of uh now like the face of the front line nurses point is what we’re trying to do is we’re building counter economies were building counter everything. Uh I’m not waiting for permission from the government, who is my overlord or something. What the fuck is that? How did we all become such bitches?

You know what I mean? And I’m sick of that shit dude, I’m just no more. I’ve never asked for permission anyway. I’m not gonna but anyway, so that’s what we’re doing. 100% focused so we’re again, so I just went through a crazy thing with my daughter in a hospital. I haven’t been a hospital in many years, right? I grew up homie empathic. I’m all natural always that so just don’t spend a lot of time in hospital so I didn’t really realize how bad it’s gotten anyway, if something happens like another emergency situation, I’m not taking my daughter back to that that type of environment.

Dude, it’s scary, man, that’s some crazy shit. Dude, those people have zero conscience. It’s dude, they’re mass zombies. They’re fucking all mass zombies. Uh I’m just anyway, so so that’s what we’re trying to do man, We’re just trying to create our own right and just just like okay and it’s coming faster than we thought man, we’re getting connections with people and like trauma surgeons and all these things and also not just that but the locations and there’s a lot of people who are backing us on this man.

It’s it’s uh so anyway to kind of roll into that like if you were to build your own hospital, like a hospital, what would it look like to you? Yeah, jesus. That would be just the community. I mean it would it would be an extension of the community. It wouldn’t be this this like special sick place like. No, what are you talking about? The hospital is the community. You know there’s like one medicine man or one medicine woman that help that no nature that no nature connected to you.

They know it all, there’s no segregation of systems, there’s no specialist in systems and nobody’s talking to each other. Um Open air plant medicine, herbs like uh sunshine used this medicine like fresh air grounding. Um I mean you name that movement connection, like embracing like not looking at anybody as sick or disease, but this massive healing response that the whole community celebrates as an opportunity to heal. Not this funky thing to hide and shy away from and something’s wrong with you. Um So I would look at it.

It’s not even like a, like a building. It’s just like, it’s just a global community. Let me rephrase what if you cut your leg off? Oh that’s what I mean, like a trauma hospital Again, the medicine man or woman. So I’ve asked this people because I’m not going to give any credit to telepathic medicine. zero. What about a gunshot zero. What about a car accident? zero. They claim that they’ve got something over natural paths. When I talked to a natural path that doesn’t have her head up her ass.

She’s like, no, I can go in and you don’t need antibiotics, you don’t need insulin, you don’t need any trauma, anything. They can all be trained and do it. They just aren’t allowed because they want that whole Alex sex in the army. They taught him in eight weeks how to suit your bullet wounds and create like, oh, for sure, Without a doubt, this whole thing like, well, I’m a medical doctor and I know how to insert a center line. Like what? You don’t have anything on anybody.

So again, leg cut off because I asked this if I get shot because I want to know because if something happens, because I always said, well, emergency room though, for emergency care, they’re great. And I started to second guess that seeing and you just confirmed it with your experience, right? So I’m like well well well but here’s the thing but so what happened is our daughter was born? Uh So she was she was breached. So we were gonna do we had an at home water birth scheduled for here at the house right?

Like um and then five and five weeks early. Uh Emily here goes into fucking uh goes into labor. And so anyway then the midwife’s like yo you have to go to the emergency room, we go to the emergency room, they’re like okay bro. Yeah so we have to do an emergency c section. The baby was the baby was breached and had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck four times. So and that so like that sort of situation, how would I deal with that? Like right and this is what I’m talking about, so and I think that you’re gonna get there with it because this is generally I mean literally your this is really why I wanted to speak to you most is about this because I need more people like you who have been you’ve been you’ve been a C. But it’s somebody that I trust in the space like my my doctor dr McCoy junkin, I’ve had him, he was my grandmother’s doctor, right?

He’s in Eastern medicine, we grew up that way, right? But there’s not many more like that around man and and that’s why to me you’re a rock star and you’re one of my heroes. I don’t give a shit about any of those but somebody who’s going to stand up and has the balls, the fucking actually say what’s going on Dude is one of the most rare things we have these days, so this is what I want to know I mean, you know, and hopefully we can get more conversations, But yeah, so my my person who confirms intuitively, she confirms to practice my doctors dr Castillo, she’s the only natural path I trust, pretty much all others are bogus, the schools are just pumping them out.

There, there is no doctor that you can try, I mean it’s so few and far between out of the millions. So when you ask her, because if I experienced trauma, I’m going to her in her apartment, I don’t care if my legs cut off or whatever, She knows how to cut open, she knows how to cut her, she knows how to do all that. And on the extent of some of the more complicated stuff they can learn. So there’d be this transition period where they could learn trauma care brain.

Like, no, no, no, no. They just made it that way on purpose, and they made it like legal. They make it like law, and they make all the words very hard to understand, and you’re like, no, that’s just the fucking head. Oh no, that’s just your head, bro. And then I was like, well what about antibiotic? Like some of those, she’s like, no, there’s herbs for that, we can use it. What about type one diabetes, because they hang insulin over, you know, we can do that. Like, they can’t say that per se, you know what I mean?

They can’t say it now, but I’m saying, well in this new Earth we’re transitioning forward. There’s one doctor, there’s one medical professional that has it all for the extreme. Other than that, like, it’s not and it’s not naturopathic, orale, empathic. It’s just medicine. There’s no more divisions, There’s no more like surgeon and no the doctor. But that was created, right? And that was all created by the bank stirs dude. And you know what I mean? Yeah, I want to get back to that, you know what I mean?

So it’s not even chiropractors, acupuncturists. No, there’s none of that. There’s the one person that has access to it all and putting it back on the human to be the And even so for those real radical radical moments, the one medicine man or woman knows knows how and it’s skilled. You know what I mean? So there’ll be a transition would be pretty freaky because somebody like, you know, my my mother was in a car accident. They say that I think Allah Paddick. Like right now there are only few.

But if we switch the training to the schools or the things that you guys are creating like other systems, right? The medicine man or woman would know how. So your car accident, we no longer even participate in any part of that system. In any capacity. It’s over, it’s over or or here’s the thing too. I was thinking about this, I chose to ride in the car. I chose to go 84. Yeah, I chose to do if I get in a gnarly accident and I go to my doctor and she’s like T. J. I can’t then I am going to choose to pass.

Do you know what I mean? Absolutely like, so I’m okay with that. I don’t know where other people are. Do you know what I mean? Like I’m there with you car dude. And and again that just goes up to you know, radical ownership and I wouldn’t even call it radical, it’s just ownership of your shit dude. Then that’s what I agree. And so that’s where I kind of was looking like, well if there is this limit, but you know what, then this is where I’m passing. This is my, my, you know debt for writing.

Like I could have walked or I could have chosen some other thing and it’s like, you know what, it’s totally cool because where I’m headed, its pretty rad. Yeah. In my opinion. Right. Right. Yeah man, awesome, awesome. Well shit, we still have some time here. Cool. No, we’re good. We’re good. Hold on 1 2nd. Do your thing. You wanna hang mixed in with her and then calves diggity band done. All right. Alright, cool. Uh So, so just just I’m curious like, so are you from southern California? I was born in Fullerton. Okay.

Uh stayed here till first grade and then we went east coast florida, Minnesota indiana. The Carolinas Georgia are all over and I haven’t been back till 2015 when I moved back. So uh born born in the states like California, let me go and was like, all right, but you’ll be back. Yeah. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So, so so what? Yeah, no, I dude California and that’s I spent most of my adult life in California because I love it that much. Like uh, but I was in san Francisco and I was again software and I wanted to do my own start up and it was just, it was just way too expensive to live in san Francisco anymore.

I was just like, whatever, not worth it, the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze, so to speak. Um, so, okay, so how did you become, what your, did you have a father or an uncle or some sort of um, you know, mentor or? So that’s a good question. So I was very observant. I think all Children are observant, but I I liked watching. I was fascinated by all things just natural. Like I loved being outside. I loved pets. I would I would observe just everybody’s different reactions to everything, how everybody went at sports, differently, how everybody ate their food, differently, how everyone walked.

Like I was just observing how everyone carried this uniqueness to them. And then I would model myself after the ones that I I liked and I started to follow that. And then I got into sports and then I got into some injuries and it was like, I started to look at and peel back the whole healing response from a soft tissue injury standpoint. Damn. So then back in like 2003, I retired from professional baseball and got into uh this training and rehab system where we were pulling the curtain back on soft tissue injury and the The bottle of physical therapy and you saw the same stuff going on that’s going on now.

Only it was like from an orthopedic standpoint, like, wait, the whole system’s just jacked. And this was early 2000s, like, it is literally perpetuating some of the worst outcomes and people. And this is just like limbs, you know, like, wait a second. And then my brother got into the psychiatric world. Um, and I got to train his psychiatrists. And so I got to see where he’s coming from because there’s no way you would get into that field if you had a like, unless you were just completely Hoodwinked.

Like, if you had just any kind of common sense, you wouldn’t look at the body that way. And so the way he spoke about my brother, I’m like, this just doesn’t, I got to see where you’re coming from. Could I see your textbooks? So he gave me a couple of textbooks and I wanted to learn, they’re published by Pfizer and I was like, wait a second, this was like 2000 and eight, and I’m like, okay, okay, I’m done. Like, I’m good. And so that’s when I was really like, this whole thing is just a big sham and all realms, not even there is no form of medicine, that’s legit and it’s not for our benefit.

So I’m out. And then I went back and got a chiropractic degree and put it all together and it’s kind of from a soft tissue injury standpoint. But again, like us having our physical bodies be in tune to be able to express our spiritual, intellectual, mental and emotional, right? Like, everyone’s like, why do I train, Why do I do this? Like, have you ever cried? Did your abs hurt? Yeah, like a guttural cry, like, your physical self can express joy and sadness appropriately, and if we can express that, maybe we process it more healthfully or I’m gonna fall down or my ability to fight an infection from my resiliency and my grit.

You know what I mean? Like, there’s there’s those things that I’m kind of tying it together and then the deeper dive shit, like crazy stuff that’s just out of my scope. It’s dr cassie Huckabee hands down. She’s got people putting themselves in healing states from stuff that’s incurable, right? That they’ve been told is incurable. And she’s getting the fallout from people that have been cut burned shit. Just cut out just, just the way they treat the body and look at the body. It’s as if it’s something to be controlled, manipulated.

You were born, you know, defective and separate. Yeah, it’s completely cut off from any spirit, which is ironic because all the hospitals have like crosses on them and they’re all named like some sort of jesus shit or something, but there’s not one god person in there and you’re like, usually a church and I know it’s the biggest disconnect from what human spirit actually is. It’s so odd. It’s so odd. So, so, okay, so baseball actually is, is how and just waking up from that and you’re like, whoa, what?

Yeah, and busted you out and then, and then you started pursuing this dude, That’s awesome. I love that because that means more than anything. And I, like I said, I just really like your your current message of getting naked, you know what I mean? And yeah, and and taking that self responsibility um and and I also noticed that you’re you know, you’re pretty esoteric in the in the sense that you know what I mean, you talk about some ego and all that good stuff, which I’m very interested in, you know?

Um I’m at Kartal kind of stuff like that man, been a big fan of his for a long time. Um So question about ego um uh what would you say the role of ego is in trauma? In trauma? Yeah. Oh gosh. Or or yeah, I guess yeah, I guess right. Like they say it’s like past trial, childhood trauma, right? And all this stuff, but I mean and it’s kind of like I mean is ego trauma is trauma ego or are they don’t know right? Like I don’t know where that fits, I just know.

And that’s the thing, I don’t one are are As far as we know, people did the best they could with whatever, you know. And what I won’t say is like a victim of anything from 0-9 years old, like our body’s ability to adapt. We could do no even like some of the gnarliest stuff, but you’re still here, right? Like somebody’s like, but you’re still alive then you can adapt for sure. And I just, even if it’s you know, we we had some pretty horrible stories and everyone’s got stories and some more horrific than others, right?

But when I’m sitting here, I’m like, okay, wow, I went through that, I I went through that I experienced that I perceived that now it’s on me to use it as an opportunity as a lesson, as a guide because there is no disease feeling. There is no bad part of me, there’s no flawed part of me ever. Is there a flawed? Thank you bro. Thank you, thank you. Fuck that dogma shit Dude, I’m so tired of that stuff too. Like trying to drill into you that you suck or somehow you’re wrong and you’re just for existing like you were saying it’s just that’s kind of the narrative.

Yeah, I can’t you know, and I just think we’re too nature doesn’t make mistakes and neither does our body and other communication with the forces outside of us to end us to on us we’re so linked up like one big huge organism, right? I I fail to see that that there’s flaw in that it’s too beautiful. I’ve seen too many things that are just too amazing. Look at the freaking sunset and think we’re flawed in some way. I know right man. So so so now that we’re here, I mean you know we’re not again we’re not monetizing our podcast or anything like that so fuck them.

I don’t give a shit. I want to talk about the vaccine. What do you think man? What or sorry I want to talk about this experimental M. R. N. A. Injection not a vaccine. Um Dude whatever. I have a big problem with all vaccines in general but specifically like what’s going on right now with this whole like what’s going on? Dude this whole push I mean that’s the thing I don’t with the way I live my life and the way I’ve what I’ve been through and who I uh you know connect myself with whatever they’re rolling out doesn’t make sense to me.

And so when I say I can’t I can’t because everyone’s like I know the information I know M. R. N. A. You don’t know shit. You only know the stuff they gave you admit that you don’t know, dick stop acting like you’re an expert in really bad things. So this whole like I know I know you know what they gave you. Stop. So what I do know is that that mode makes no sense to me. It just doesn’t register on my brain. So when people like are you getting it?

Like absolutely not why it doesn’t make sense to me? And then that’s it. Why do I have to explain anything further? But then when I say something like I will die before getting this, they’re like are you serious? Yes. Because if we allow anything to pierce our skin against our will, it’s over. It’s over. There’s no dude. People have already taken away the right to breathe clean air Tommy and and given it away. They’ve given it Dude, I mean to me that’s where we are. That’s what made me dude, I was like what people are actually gonna do this?

People are actually gonna say okay, I’m gonna put this over my face right? Right. So that’s the that’s the blind, right? Like that’s the thing for me. I mean the line was a long time ago but like so I don’t know like what it is. The industry doesn’t make any sense to me because it’s so corrupt. I don’t think virus has ever been. Isolator showed a common disease from people way smarter than me proving that. So it’s like it’s just my life and that’s how I live and it doesn’t make sense.

And I’m not going to get on somebody for living it differently, right? Like coach is your thing. I’ll choose my thing. I I like where I’m at, I’m not hurting you. I’m actually helping you by being my best self and that’s it. So as far as where we’re headed, I’ve stopped doing the research on the details because I don’t trust the source. Like everything is all controlled information. I’m like, wait, this isn’t even, I’d rather watching eighties movie than read any article on this vaccine or whatever you wanna call it.

Emergency use authorization, medical experiment. You know like I’m gonna be and I say this, everyone’s like, have you seen the latest on Bill Gates or have you seen? And I joked because I’m like, no, I’m too busy sucking my balls literally. That’s way more important dude. Absolutely dude, infinitely more important than worried about Bill Gates. It that’s it. You know, I’ve got other things to do and that’s really how do you, because I’ll get people, how do you stay so positive, I am honestly so obsessed with living this unreal life.

There’s no room for the other stuff. Like I don’t even have space to hold it in. And so Yeah, dude, that’s kind of where I’m not. Yes. You know, energy for all that shit, right? The 100 focused on what we want, not what we don’t want. It’s fine. We know it’s there, but we’re focused here. So last question, I’ll let you go. I know you got your coming up. But uh what do you know about common law and correcting your status? You ever heard of anything like that?

Uh No. Uh my buddy was talking about it and you tell me I didn’t know anything about it just came up with my horizon like two weeks ago. And that’s all I know is my buddy was talking about it. Got you. Well, yeah. So. Well I mean that’s that’s another thing that I’m really trying to help kind of pushes is that education on what that is. Um Me and my family were all corrected, which means that we are no longer under, we are no longer under the rule of the slavery.

So it’s it’s crazy crazy. But when you’re born, basically what happens is you get you give ownership of your child or your you were given ownership to the state. And then at which they give you a receipt or they give your parents a receipt which is known as your birth certificate. Now what you are you are collateral for the rest of your life to the bank. That is what you are. And that’s how every time we go to war we have to borrow bank from the Federal Reserve Bank, a centrally owned bank at interest, right?

And I can go on and on. This is what really I do when I was in the marines when I fucking this all blew my school off Tommy. I was just dude. Anyway, um Dude, I know you got more. We’ll let you go. Thank you so much dude. No, no, no. I want to know real quick. I let me know. It’s the process of paperwork. Like I’ll send you links. Dude, if you want. Dude, I dude actually, you know what I just on sunday we just interviewed the Maricopa county recorder.

The woman who recorded us, who got us brought back to the land. We just did an interview with her on sunday. I’ll send you that if you, I mean whatever. You know, I got links dude, my buddy brought up to the same thing, you talked to somebody who went through the steps and made himself this free. And I’m like, why would the government allow that though? You know what I mean? They don’t have a choice. They don’t have a choice. It’s it’s all your doing. All you’re doing is.

So what happened is you unknowingly and unwillingly got into a contract, right? All law, the common law of man, the God’s law is contract. It’s based on a very simple contract of two willing, willing and knowing participants in that contract when you were born into that, you were not a willing participant. So all you have to do is you just correct your status and you bring your status back to the land. But dude, I’ll send you links. I have links. I got questions. Do we gotta do this again because I got a question, please please please business owner.

And uh, dude, I know I have. I have multiple businesses, Dude, multiple. Right? We got to get into it again then. Yeah. All right. Thanks brother. I appreciate you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, cheers later, you guys later? Yeah.

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