January 26, 2022

Community Update Numero 1

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Today’s Podcast is our very first Community Update! That’s right, just us, Brad and Emily chatting a little bit about The Freedom People and the solutions & services that have manifested themselves over the past 18+ months. We’ve had our heads down building for so long. It was nice to reflect on what we have so far.

Show Notes

Hello, all you lovely Freedom People out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the freedom people podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms, all the freedoms that we can think of Anyway, as we collectively take this journey to Ultimate freedom together, I’m your host, Bradley Freedom and I’m your host. Emily. Freedom. Obviously you can see today is a special appearance from Emily we are doing a little bit something different. Um we wanted to do a community address.

We haven’t done this before, but it’s something we want to start doing more often so that everybody has a clear insight um or we can have a better connection, I guess with you. The community. Yeah, I don’t even remember what we talked about it. It was like a day ago, but so busy. I don’t know if you’ve been listening and have no idea about really anything else we do or bend to our website. Ah this will tell you all about it, right? Yeah. Yeah. It’s uh this is just kind of a nice, nice overview of what’s going on and where we’re coming from kind of things we’re trying to do and I really hope you enjoy hearing us chit chat.

We’re gonna dive into it. But before we do, what we need to do is head on over to the Freedom people dot org and sign up as a contributing member today and get involved in the social groups. It’s really, really cool. Uh you get some P. M. A. Protections and you’re able to connect with other like minded freedom individuals. We also have a job board and a business directory. So once again head on over to the Freedom people dot org. And that’s the Freedom People dot org.

Come on, let’s go. Yeah. Mm hmm mm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm mm hmm. Mhm mm hmm. So yeah uh freedom people ethos the ethos definition. I like this we we we started trying to really define it fleshed out. So we the freedom people believe in truth, love and freedom for all peoples. We believe each individual is on their own unique journey to freedom. And uh yeah that that’s true, right? I mean we talk a lot about that how it’s the uh freeing the individual that’s our mission is to free the individual because the individual is the whole and vice versa, so as above, so below and right.

And and if we could if we could free the individual and empower them and then they can do the same to their community, uh their family, their community etcetera etcetera it came from because sometimes we get a little bit frustrated when there seems to be cognitive dissonance in an individual. So we have to meet them where they’re at because they don’t even know both freedom. So so we meet them at what they think freedom is right now, then they get there, then they find out there’s a little bit more okay.

And that’s the journey. Yeah. Yeah, it’s an awakening process for sure, and that’s where I feel that, you know, we’re going to get into it, but I feel that we have a pretty good array of of and three points for anyone, like, you know, you could kind of listen to the podcast, maybe listen to the older ones and kind of dip your toe in to the psychosis. That is freedom people movement, just kidding like, well, I don’t know, you know, I mean, depends on who’s looking, you know, I’m sure to someone’s perspective, I mean, of course to someone’s perspective, we are we are psychotic, doing, doing crazy shit.

Yeah, yeah. Ah yeah, and then that’s, that’s that’s and that’s what it says on the next line here, is that with every moment one will grow closer To 1’s true spirit, you know, we recognize that God made every man and woman perfect to help create the perfect world or you could even say imperfect, but there because perfect there is perfection or either ever there nothing’s perfect or everything’s perfect or everything is a miracle or nothing. Yeah, right. And it’s um yeah, I’m I’m I’m the guy who thinks everything is a miracle.

Oh, hunky dory shit, and despite life showing me the counter opposite and a lot of times, you know what I mean? But it’s, it’s yeah, it is what it is, ah yeah, yeah, I want to say, oh you can help by being you free the individual, free the family, free the community, free the world. This is our mission. This is our ministry. I love the freedom people. Yeah, we could do like the intro there. Huh? Well, I mean, yeah, this is we we just wanted to do this to connect with the members, yep.

And um, say thank you for one because they are the backbone obviously of everything. That’s why we’re doing everything we’re doing is for the community. And, and again, and it’s it and for the world for for for ourselves, right? We want an economy, we want a world for our family where, you know, they’re the, the fear not, not in fear. It’s it’s crazy the fearmongering, right? And all the mask wearing all that crap. Like we don’t want our kids growing up and she already is, I mean, she already is growing up in it and I’m, I’m not sure, you know, when we’re going to be able to experience and maybe maybe that’s just because of where we’re at.

You know, some people say you go to texas or you go to florida and you can’t even tell there’s like it doesn’t even exist. And I hear the people say, no, that’s not true. There’s mass everywhere. So, and I don’t really know right now. What do you think? I don’t know because we haven’t left in a while, but heads down for so long. You know, hoping to travel this year. So anyway, the point is I feel that we have a pretty good um entry point for just about anybody at their level of awakening.

Uh and in in the process of of of their full expression of freedom because that that full expression of freedom is is so amazing and beautiful and uh I mean not that I even know what that means, but I have an idea. I think I like to feel that I have an idea anyway. Mhm. So yeah, so happy New Year. Everybody that’s uh we wanted to say um better late than never. You know, we’re busy. She’s like a dog. She’s funny. Oh yeah, so happy New Year.

So yeah, we just wanted to buggy man, fairy tale is still going on. Yeah. Yeah, pretty impressive. It’s been two years. It would matter like nothing would change for us if they admitted everything and we would just get really busy probably because everyone would be like, oh they were right, okay. Yeah, maybe. Yeah, I don’t know. Or maybe everybody just think, oh you don’t need to do it. Which I mean our end goal is people, I mean some people may or may not know, but our end goal is really to to help people to to take back their soul and uh the hypothetic ation of their labor and how we’ve been bonded and sold.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah, I’m jay, how are you feeling? I think you want to eat. Mom’s chords. We tried not to. Mhm. Yeah. And so ah One of our first solutions we have written is pretty pertinent to these uh babylonian insanity times is jobs. We have our our job board and we’re leveraging that to help um obviously facilitate freedom jobs. We we we want to, you know this counter economy as we talk about, we want the ability to live in a world that isn’t spreading fear and so we need the economy to do that.

And you know, having non Gmo peoples is a great thing and that’s why we’d like to to really have people leverage the job board, it’s free, you know, so that that’s one thing that we’ve got? Um Then we also have groups and groups are awesome, right? Groups are are a lot like um And I hate using the analogy but it is what it is is uh is like facebook groups where you have public private and hidden groups and so you can go in there and and really do cool stuff, especially because it is under the protection of our P. M. A. So that’s pretty neat. Yeah.

And well related to jobs. Mhm. You gotta think outside the box or a little cage and you can use jobs as not even you know looking for an employer but think about being your own boss now. What skills do you have? What can you market kind of like craigslist and not as weird. I always have like a negative connotation with texas. I don’t know why. Uh and same with groups like it could be used as a little, I mean small business, what would you even call it?

Shop within your group? You know, market your services or products. Take payment privately. You don’t care. All kinds of stuff. Yeah, you can do all kinds of stuff. Um, this podcast. Mm hmm. I would say it was, Success is successful. We just started, here we go. Not even know. I mean, I wonder like was it april was when we started april or May is when we started releasing the first first episode. MS whiny. But who is your favorite guest? You have a favorite. Oh man, I don’t know all the conference.

I don’t know. It’s hard. I mean, you know, I the most surprising was David. Ike I think that was the most surprising. Yeah, I don’t know how that happened. That was pretty cool. Um, so yeah, I don’t know, just, I really enjoyed every one of them. Really. It’s, it’s, it’s just going through the process of speaking with people about these things, you know, and getting their perspective and seeing the common thread that I feel that it’s all around the world because these people are, you know, quite literally all around the world everywhere from David Ike, who’s in England, right, whales or whatever.

And then you got tom Burnett tom Burnett in Australia and Mich Gerber good in freaking Vietnam. Thanks Christopher James in Canada. You know, um, what’s his name? Cal Washington also in, in Canada matt bel air. I mean, yeah and all these people at the same. But the thing is, is that, you know, everybody knows uh stuff is crazy. But also there’s, there’s hope and love and joy and I feel that it’s a, for me it’s been a very inspiring process because the reason we started this was because we wanted to, you know, help balance the airwaves.

I remember talking about like that and we got to balance the airwaves and help like maybe shed some truth and, and, and hope and stuff, you know, and, and not just that, but then some accident actionable solutions, you know what I mean? Then the podcast has helped, helped to really feed that. And so, uh yeah, thanks for asking a good question. I mean, it’s hard to say who the favorite guess was, but it was also inspiring and learning right? Because it was our, our, our, our our ascension process to our growing process, to our awakening process.

Yeah, yeah. I can’t even believe how much has happened in two years. Yeah, yeah. I don’t even know what’s going to happen next. I mean, and it’s beautiful, right? It’s always like, you know, people ask the question sometimes if you could read the book of your life, would you now? I know the answer. I would not. Oh you mean ahead of time. No, it would take all the fun out. I mean this is, it’s about the the, the journey and that’s and that’s that’s the thing that that that I know we talked about a lot um is or ask the question what happened to all the thrill and adventure in people, right?

And it’s but that’s it’s fear, right? But that’s the thing is excitement is, is close to fear and so people don’t even want to be excited anymore, you know what I mean? Because it, you know, it’s all, I, I don’t know what’s going to happen. So if I don’t know exactly what’s going to be laid out and over the next 12 to 14 months and blah blah blah and you’re just like, uh well, hell no man, take that first step. Um and and aside from that, it’s about the journey, you know what I mean?

Like, like unknown, just going out into the unknown. Um you know, figuratively and literally is, is exciting and it’s also there’s, there’s inherent danger to it. Sure, I guess. Um I got to get joe Rogan to bring fear factor back. Yeah, well, petition for that. Yeah, yeah, well, petition Spotify, you know right now they’re all trying all the doctors are trying to take them down and stuff and we’ll just start trying to petition to bring back your factor, make your normal again. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Well it is normal fear. Yeah, it’s pretty normal again. Oh, Oh yeah. Mhm. Normal. Normal. Not normal again. I get what you’re saying anyway. Uh Yeah. And then how it all started the directory, which is now places Yeah, it’s gonna be I mean we’re working towards that right, still working on the jobs and places getting migrated into the main platform. So that’s that’s the thing we’re trying to get get that handled. Um But yeah, places, places is where it all started. It was the freedom Directory dot com.

Uh You can still go to the Freedom Directory dot com and takes you to the directory but yeah, yeah, yeah and places is great. It’s we use it. Yeah, we found our house helpers and then also we found dr Ben we found Yeah. Ah what else? I mean, I’d like I mean whatever, but the point is is that I we’ve created platforms for use right? We created solutions, people wanted solutions, we gave solutions there there there there for everybody to use, you know, and the places um and then like to kind of uh I don’t want to skip through the places too much, but I’m so excited about cancer because that’s like our latest thing and that’s something that that every business can leverage and when we bring it over into the freedom people dot org we’re going to but when we bring places into the main the main thing, we’re gonna also integrate concert zero, which is uh means Cantero means to connect in latin, but that’s our new business connection, marketing, business automation platform, considerable marketing dot com.

And that’s pretty cool. That’s exciting, right? Because that’s the way it’s gonna tie in and it it gives like form, so you can do automatic follow ups with people scheduling um pipelines for sales, pipelines, flows, um Man, S. M. S get phone numbers right there in the um email, yep, yep, that’s this is a huge piece of that that we didn’t even know was coming and it came in the weirdest way. Yeah. Um so that’s pretty amazing. Uh and that that that I’m excited about. Mhm. Also Amos would help businesses.

Huh PMS. Yeah. Great businesses. Yeah, that’s another thing that that’s another thing that we’re doing uh like that’s service. That’s so we have those, those were really just our products, you know, I guess if you want to call them that are free products, a job board, this podcast here, I don’t know if you call this a service or or a product or just noise but then, you know, our places directory obviously is also a business places directories, also a product can Siro is a product but now once we get into the law arm of of of how we we help members.

Um This is the services side of things. Mhm. Yeah. And P. M. A. Is what’s a P. M. A private ministerial association is how we set them up. Private membership associations is is much more um commonly spoke about and things like that and that’s I I I feel um it makes a lot more sense and it’s it’s it’s much more digestible to the the general public is a private membership association and a lot of people would know what a private membership association is if they know like the Elks Lodge, right?

And the V. F. W. Ones, we use a lot for examples um because they’ve been around for a long time and they’re they’re everywhere. Um And so for example a V. F. W. Can be in a dry county in Oklahoma where no alcohol can be sold. Um but then inside their private club they can sell alcohol and that’s because it is out of the jurisdiction of the public, which is a beautiful thing, It’s it’s very exciting news. Um And there’s lots of lots of businesses, lots of places leveraging this all over the world right now.

We just got some cool images in uh from people showing us in France, people are now turning their restaurants into P. M. A. S. And things of that sort. So uh that’s it’s an amazing tool that we have at our disposal as as private people’s so we can protect ourselves from government overreach, which seems to be rampant right now. Yeah. And then I mean for like the other service that we’re offering right, right at this moment as a status correction. And that’s that’s our leah platform and leah’s liberty in action.

And that’s our soul retrieval and protection system. For people who I don’t really know much about correcting your status. This might sound a little odd. There’s uh other podcasts. We have the Christopher James one um cal Washington. Those are great ones. Uh ah tom Barnett. Those are good ones because he’s super knowledgeable on the subject. But but basically when you were born you were sold into bondage. How about that? I’m just waiting. I hope Canada someone drops this truth bombs soon. I have no idea. I don’t know.

It’s it’s it’s hard for me to tell with these these um Yeah, I mean, you know because they they’re in the system and they are not not in a bad way or anyone that doesn’t know because yesterday and the day before I think she on her instagram stories was dropping all the truth about vaccines and circumcision and how she researched herself in came to the conclusion to not inject her child son. Right. Which is smart. So that’s a big following. And so that was right. And that’s that’s amazing.

Yeah, that is amazing. And and I I mean that for me that doesn’t give me a lot of hope about like exposing the whole birth certificate registration, the registration of the human soul and high pitched occassion and the executor ship of the all the trust on the planet by the Vatican. So it doesn’t give you hope. Well, just because mm hmm. Somebody waking up to the fact that there’s like these vaccine, there is no such thing as a safe and effective vaccine that there there’s they’re they’re dead.

They’re deadly. No matter what. No matter what they say. Anyway, the metal gets to the baby’s brain. It doesn’t want something. No matter what you say, you inject that. It goes to the baby’s brain. People are waking up to that fact, right? But that doesn’t mean they’re gonna wake up in my in my my experience that just woke up, look at our friends we just met Yeah Ashley. They woke up in like two seconds to all of it. Cool. That’s I don’t think that that is like um a very common thing though.

And that’s what I’m saying. So just because you see Canada and saying standing up saying yeah, vaccines are bad. Maybe maybe next thing you know, tomorrow should be like, oh yeah. And by the way, your birth certificate is your bond and you are you are actually a millionaire right now. You can go ah and that’s that’s something that I find very exciting, right? And you do too. It’s it’s kind of like a treasure hunt. And even if it’s even if it’s like um you know, not real quote unquote whatever real is.

But even if it’s not like real it’s it’s the adventures fun, right? It’s like kind of fun to track all this down. I mean, and we know we know what we know is real. Like we know the foreign express trust setting that up. We know that’s real. We know, you know, uh we know that you can go on treasury direct dot gov and look up the value of your bonds. We know that you can go to GM EI utility and look up where they’re being traded. Yeah.

We know clearly a difference between the United States Postal Service and Post Office. Yes. Yeah. And that’s another thing that’s happened this year that we haven’t really talked about like at all. But like, I mean look at all that stuff and and Jackie Fig God rest her soul. You know what I mean? And my mom, God rest her soul. Right? But like but this this whole thing of becoming a postmaster general and sovereign nation, we’re getting all this. I mean a lot has happened. Yeah. Like a lot. Yeah. Yeah.

And baby. Yeah. Which we haven’t mentioned yet I guess. I mean you can use utilize groups, doctors, nurses that are now without earnings. Do your own thing in the private it’s so, so needed, yep. You can engage and and if you, if you need some help just reach out. You know, you can go to the freedom people dot org and connect with us with the little chat bubble at any any given time. Um we’re here for you guys are members. We we love, we love everyone. We want this this world to turn around.

And it is, it is, it’s just and I don’t even know if it’s about turning around. I think it’s living your preference. And I I do believe that there can be coexistence. I believe that I’m not sure that those that want world domination, believe that and you know, and that’s right. And they want to control everything and stuff. So, but so if it’s got to be that way, then it’s gotta be whatever. Me personally, I’m just gonna keep going towards the goal, which is freedom and and building the new economy the best that that we can, you know, with the, with the help of of our team and and of our our members, you know, and and so we’re super grateful for for everyone.

Yeah, It’s been fun, hard and well, 20, I think it just keeps getting better. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah, for sure. And that’s because we’re just focused on building what we want. We’re not really focused on what we don’t want. I mean, we recognize it and make fun of it and all that stuff every now and then. Yeah, you gotta make fun of it. I mean, come on. But, but but like yeah, just keep on keeping on eye on the prize, keep heading up that mountain, keep charging that mountain.

Okay, well we love you everybody. Thank you so much. All right, bye. Mm hmm.

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