January 12, 2022

From Time to Time…Look Up!

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Craig has been studying, researching and following this topic for years and we were excited to have him over to share some of that knowledge with The Freedom People. The more you know…(reading rainbow graphic here :D)

Show Notes


Johnson speech – Lyndon B Johnson, Former US President 

“He who controls the weather, will control the world” https://archive.org/details/he-who-controls-the-weather-will-control-the-world-lyndon-b-johnson 

World cloud layer


Dane Wigington – https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/


Controllers – hegemonic power, dominance 

Raytheon schedules the weather, NOAA, NWS

“Gag” orders on news anchors



Exxon Mobile


Weather Modification cuts off moisture to the west. Dry = Fires. 

Weather “whiplash” equal and opposite 

Weather warfare- hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes controlling water, food 


Cloud layers – stratosphere, ionosphere

High pressure – manipulate moisture + jet stream 

Specific areas like water reservoirs, lakes

Sporting Events (NFL Superbowl, Golf Waste Mangement Open


Over 70 years 

Patent method of producing rain fall https://climateviewer.com/2014/03/24/geoengineering-weather-modification-patents/

Aerosol spray via special disbursement valves 

Aerial electrostatic system for weather modification 

HAARP High Frequency Active Research Program

Ice nucleation – snow at 45 degrees in Montana https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/the-engineered-winter-deception-chemical-ice-nucleation/ 

Misinformation – The Smith-Mundt Act https://www.congress.gov/bill/112th-congress/house-bill/5736

Hello, all you lovely freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the freedom people podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms. All the freedoms that we can think of anyway, as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together, I’m your host Bradley freedom and I’m absolutely honored to be on this journey with you. One of the greatest blessings we have here at the freedom people is meeting other like minded people and each and all of your members.

It’s, it’s one of our greatest joys in today’s guest is craig. Chernick. Craig is just your average joe guy who decided to look up every now and then and became very interested in what he saw happening in the skies. It’s called weather modification, believe it or not, it’s happening. It’s been happening for a very long time. Um, this is a very interesting conversation. I think everybody needs to listen and watch this. It was a great time. But before you do, what I need you to do is head on over to the freedom people.

org and sign up as a member today. You can become a contributing member for as little as $0 a month. Uh and also enjoy all the freedoms and protections of APM. A. We’ll see you soon. Come on, let’s go. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah, mm hmm. Yeah. Well, first of all, you got to let everybody know who you are. So what’s your name and why why do we have you here? My name is craig Chernick. I am here to talk a little bit about weather modification. Uh huh. Okay. Uh and what is, what other modification?

Weather modification is a very easy process of flying airplanes through clouds and the atmosphere where the moisture is and putting different elements in that do certain things to move moisture around. Um to cancel moisture, to cancel the lift in the clouds. That produces storms, mm canceled the lift in the clouds. And what what does that? Um, you can take something like the word surfactant, which is soap. Um and you put that in some water and you pour a little salt on it and everything dissipates it goes away from that area. Huh.

And so they’re just, that’s kind of what happens in the atmosphere. So well, let’s maybe step back. So harp what what what is, who are harp, what is harp harp? It’s a real thing, by the way, people, Okay, this is, you look at it all up, it’s an instrument research instrument and its high frequency active research program and they take radio waves, microwaves and direct them in places that they don’t want moisture or that they want to move moisture. Okay. And I guess, I guess maybe even step a little further back.

Why why would we want to do any of this? What is like what? Obviously harp is is funded? Right. It’s it’s government funded. Exactly, yeah, sure. Of course, but. Right. Right. Right. Right. Yeah, yeah. What’s the difference? It’s kind of weird now, right, where everything’s melded together um with, with private business and the public, it’s it’s all very weird. But so what is the purpose control? Um I believe it’s hegemonic power is something that a human wants um when they have everything and they want more of it.

Um So if you can control the weather, you can control the food, you control the water, um control money, you can control the people, the masses, the world, literally. Yeah, so, and and right, but that’s really not what it’s sold to the public as or or because again it’s it’s, it goes, just goes back to even even kIM trails 10 years ago. I mean, maybe even less, it seems, I don’t know, it seems like more and more people really woke up now to stuff, but, but now the government admits just like everything.

They do, they do everything this way when they say, oh no, we would never do that conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory. Then when it comes out and they’re busted, they’re like, okay, well we’ve been doing it, but it’s for your health and safety. Right, Right. And then, Yeah. Right. Exactly. And now they don’t even give a ship and it’s just full on blast in the skies. I mean the skies here in phoenix over the past, I don’t know, a few months, it just, it just seems like it’s been stepped up extra and all the different patterns like the checkered patterns and stuff that they’re doing and the sunburst thing.

Did you see that that came out of the southeast the other day? I have a video of it, but it was like a sunburst pattern. Different patterns, do different things in different parts of the atmosphere, stratosphere, ionosphere have different cooling effects, different movement from wind. Um And so you’ll see the setup and then you’ll see maybe like phoenix here, we have an international airport, so maybe they’re buffering north and south of phoenix in order to create a channel of open air so that we can land our airplanes all day for our fancy people.

Ah ah I don’t, I say maybe a lot, but it’s true, literally the program is to create a buffer zone between um hard weather that we wouldn’t be able to fly into necessarily with our international needs. Um Also the creating these scenarios um we have monsoons here, you’ll see giant towering beautiful clouds and then you’ll see a plane fly out of it. And that’s the lift part where we started talking about where they’ll take the lift out of a monsoon and we don’t get the rain, man, it just doesn’t seem smart.

No, no, no. Um Do you remember I don’t know if you played baseball as a kid, Did you remember looking up and seeing these kind of guys maybe here and there. You see that little little bit of information trail, right? But it dissipates immediately, That’s the thing. And that’s where that was my argument years and years ago and trying to explain The people that they’re spraying our skies with chemicals and you could even go on the website. It was there, but they were just denying it public.

The media, you know, which is the government’s propaganda arm. That’s 100% what the media is today. Uh, by far it’s just nuts. And has been for over 20 years, at least smith month act. What is that act? Um, is where, um, the government was or wasn’t allowed at certain points to propagandize media. Currently after the Obama administration, that smith month act was lifted and therefore our government is able to propagandize its own people unlimited lee without saying who they are. I did not know that was that part of when was that part of the, uh, whatever the patriot act Or or that, no, that was that was 2001 of the Patriot Act.

What was the other one? The one Obama passed. Um, I can’t remember. But it was, uh, yeah, I mean, I’m sure all the listeners and stuff will know, comment below. Yeah. But yeah, so, I mean, man, man, it’s it’s a lot to kind of kind of think about in process. Right. Especially to somebody who’s never really heard any of this before. Right. Um, Absolutely. Do you how often do you speak about this? And do you, I mean are you in public ever talking about this? Do you, do you run into people that are just completely, I mean, I I mean obviously we do, but like any experiences, they’re absolutely um I take a lot of pictures in public um trying to just make myself aware, make the people around me aware that I’m taking pictures of the sky. Yeah.

And maybe to look up themselves or something. Yeah, I like that. Um a really cool way is in the middle of traffic when you’re sitting at a red light and you just stick your camera out the window pointing straight up. Yeah. Everybody else is going to be like, Yeah, absolutely, that’s the greatest. And you’ll see people just dumbfounded, you know, why is he doing that? And then they look, and they see these planes flying by and they kind of put two and two together, two and two together really fast.

Um and they get that look on their face like, oh my gosh, this is like is this a missile, what are they doing? You know, I, why would you not start thinking about, what the heck are they doing up there? And who are the, you know, who are they people that are in these planes? Well, um, mostly airmen that, you know, go through our own training programs. Um you know, we have a lot of programs uh right, like right here at Deer Valley Airpark, we train a lot of pilots, new pilots and there’s a lot of jobs that they send them to.

And do you take the money? Are you already in the military and so you have no clue. No choices. What do you get to do every day? You’re a pilot, you’re flying this plane for us. Um And we can also get into things like um how most of the equipment inside the planes is automated. Um You don’t have a choice. You can’t push a button, It already comes on, shuts off during what it’s supposed to, it’s like remotely controlled or gPS. Yeah, so it’s automated, wow. Those are all patents.

Um Yeah, that you can find, Yeah, that’s the patents. Um uh Maybe I should say where I get a lot of my geoengineering watch dot org. Um Dane Wigington, beautiful man. Yeah. I’ve been corresponding with him since 2000 and seven, email. Um Yeah, and I’ve never met him, I want to shake his hand and give him a hug and he’s done so much for them. He’s watched Shasta. Mount Shasta and um the lake there Dwindle in the past 20 years. Two to nothing but dead treetops and dirt. Bottom floor lake.

It’s so sad man. It’s so sad. Do you know Zach Bush you know dr Zach Bush is? I don’t know man, he’s amazing. But um he he talks about what’s, it’s not the trees and stuff. It’s the soil. They’re they’re killing the soil Everything. Even even like the Monsanto soybeans and stuff and that’s why they got kicked out of India, right? Yeah, because they were killing it kills the soil. It’s and those are the lungs of the planet, not the trees. And that’s what Zach Bush says.

He’s like that’s why we’re in so much trouble. He’s like that was the dust bowl, right in the early 19 hundreds. He’s like that was caused by the use of pesticides and it killed the soil and then nothing could stay attached, right? And then then of course they caused the problem and then they come back and say well we can help you solve it with more chemicals, right chemicals caused the problem but will help you solve it with more chemicals, don’t you worry? Yeah, every 100 years we’ll do it again to Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

And just it’s just and there it’s um it’s concerning man. Like it’s it’s very concerning because obviously that’s pesticides that they’re spraying up there and then we must be the pests, right? So and aluminum and barium and strontium and silver and um almost of them oxides so they can be sprayed out of air in an aerosol, yeah, in aerosol form of course. And that’s that’s what Yeah and I mean and that’s the thing dude. It’s like you’ve seen for I mean at least I have for you know at least 10 years plus photos of the equipment and everything everywhere and yeah, you have some, and nobody believes that every, it was all just a conspiracy theorist propaganda propaganda people and we’ll put this up on the, on the, on the website so you guys can check out all this stuff.

This is a really cool one. Um, really recently, um, Dane went up with a group and they went behind some of these planes and actually trapped the air. So they have actual for right out of the butt of it, right out the annals of the plane, wow. Yes. Um, they just did a few documentaries. One of them was the dimming, which, um, this is why we see the yellow kind of sky. We never see the crisp blue. Um, which actually we, we had this morning because the air is so gorgeous after all the beautiful rain for 24 hours.

We’ll see was that manipulated or even here’s what I’m saying is like to me, all they’re doing is they sprayed all the chemicals, then they reigned the chemicals, then they rain down and now it’s just going to land in the soil and turned to a dust and now it’s all every, and again, we’re being, we’re being eradicated were being, our soil is turning a little bit more copper color than normal. Dude, People have been talking about stuff in their pools turning weird colors and stuff like that, like having weird problems. Yes.

Um, actually we, um, we used to have a pool, we just moved recently sold their house. But Um I used to clean pools when I was younger 20 years ago and um having a pool in the past 10 years, I’ve seen the change in the types of um of algae and such that are, they seem to be so much more potent. They’re hard to get rid of um the chemicals you have to use more. Um and I believe that is because of the saturation of the different types of metals and such that are raining down.

Um Yes, this was a snowstorm for principles. Yes. They did make rain and beautify the lands right before we had the super bowl here. Um I have documents of it. I I take pictures. Um if you put it on the timeline, you can see that every year when um the waste management open cones um we have some gorgeous weather during the middle of the winter end of winter. Just it’s not normal. Yeah and that’s when that’s something that I’ve noticed is um growing up here, the monsoons have seemed to, first of all kind of disappeared.

Um But when we do have them, they’re not when they used to be or it’s just weird and the smell, the smell was always the most nostalgic thing for me was the smell of the desert before it rained. It had that very sweet smell of the desert, right? And like everything opening and like I just, yeah it was. Yeah. And it’s not like that anymore. It there is not that that smell’s gone. Dude. Like I don’t and and it’s everything’s weird right? Much much much bigger shift over 20 years, you know?

And that’s what I’m saying. And I do do you know when they kind of started? And I know the harp, they have those huge freaking like places with those antennas that are just like and they have them on boats now they have them on boats. So they’re like we can move around. Uh I’ve heard something like uh about the earthquakes being planned or maybe that was something with dues direct energy weapons or something. I so yes, that’s also um there get lasers. We have lasers. Sure. Yeah, we’ve had laser. Yeah.

I mean when I was in a kid in middle school we had lasers in class. Right? So then obviously we’ve had lasers for a long time. And the technology and that’s what I’m saying. That’s where I just watched this documentary about um where the towers go. Have you ever have you ever heard that book about that book where the towers grow? This this this woman um doctor wrote it. But basically it was why was their paper was there? But the buildings were gone. So it didn’t burn paper.

And so what else does something like that technology we use every day a microwave. It’ll cook the ship’s out of food, right? It’ll sort of cooked flesh but it doesn’t burn the paper. Right? Very interesting right? And it was and and when I was watching that I was just like holy crap because they were reanalyzing the whole thing from this perspective the whole right? And obviously lots of video footage of everything and stuff like that. And man, it’s it’s uh I’ve always been like a yeah bullshit dude on that dude on 9 11, come on bro.

Like first of all even no matter what it was right? And I was one of the ones who just always thought it was demolition taken down. But this this documentary goes through and says how it couldn’t be because there was no seismic activity like zero. They said it was like a jackhammer at the street and they analyzed the seismic activity at the time of the impact of these. And and if it was controlled demolition there would have been and I mean all the way in New Jersey they would have felt the shockwave of the of the explosives but no one did right?

And it’s trippy dude. And I again I’ve been watching like loose change and stuff man. Like like early on like the yeah that zeitgeist all those man, it was just yeah yeah, very early on blew my skull up. You know everything’s kind of been planned. Yeah for a long time and that’s right and it has been and and um and then now here we are and that’s what I’m saying, even with the weather and and it’s hard to tell if we’re we are the minority or the majority and just because the media, the narrative is so tightly controlled, do you know what I mean?

So and your, what would you say? I mean, I don’t know, I mean more and more people who wouldn’t call us maybe crazy anymore. Maybe there’s the suspect, but not like all those fucking conspiracy theories because now us theorists have been kind of like factors. Yeah, we are, we are the fact checkers bitch and they’ve they’ve stolen that from us. That’s what they want. They don’t want you and I to talk about this. They don’t want um they don’t want us to walk down the street and video, They don’t want us to um they want the fear, they want us to be fearful and maybe even the fear that they want is that there’s impending doom from wild crazy storms of course, of course.

But then again, I think they’re just creating them like the giant tornadoes the other day after we had our beautiful rain. You know, you get that slipstream from from Hawaii, that nice warm air coming up towards us and then you get that cold, they’re coming down from the north pump those two together with a little bit of harp or some km trail buffering dude, that’s another thing that was in this video and this in this documentary, they said that the on 9 11, the way that the the hurricane stopped and held position for like three days straight.

And then as soon as the attacks were over, then it went up off towards Iceland and Greenland. We’re continuing. Dude, it was, yeah, and that’s again, that’s where it’s all starting to kind of like come together, I get goose bumps talking about because it Everything, you know, the conspiracy research or whatever over the past, you know, 30 years of my life on off all all fronts, right? Once you, once you find out they’re really lying to you, you know, I say 30 years, but it’s been 20 some, I don’t know, right?

Since 97 is really when my head really blew up. But then, because then once you you’re like, oh my goodness, that they’re they’re controlling my reality through through the news. Once that then then you’re like, okay, I gotta where else are they lying to me? And I think that that’s a natural, you know, reaction, I mean, I mean, anybody can relate if you’ve been in a in a relationship where somebody was cheating on you or something, right? And it’s just like when you find out maybe they lied to you about something and then you’re like, well, what else are they fucking lying about?

Right? Right? And then that, right? And and and it’s, man, it’s all of it seems to be kind of coming right with the the the weather manipulation being able to do that. Um whether they were direct energy weapons, but we’re uh we’re taken down demolished buildings, right? However it was done. I think now it’s just becoming more and more apparent to even, you know, your your your normie. Is that, yeah, the normal person starting to figure a little bit out. Um Yes, uh inflation, inflation ties in with these things.

They’re just gonna keep printing money because they want to keep doing all of these weird things to us. So, yes, they have a ton of money, but they want more. So here’s the greed, we’re gonna control your weather, we’re gonna control your water, We’re gonna put all the ships out to sea and leave them there. You can’t get food, you can’t get supplies and rations. And do you know how to grow food? Yeah. Yeah. Well, I mean. Yeah, exactly, and that’s the thing, right? Like uh, in the early 1900s, it was, I can’t remember the numbers.

So excuse my, but it was a very high percentage of people in the United States had a garden at home. Very high. It’s a a good portion of food came from your what you grew yourself. Right. And that was less than 100 years ago. And now it’s like uh good, good nobody, I mean, and and of course, and and also we’ve been trained this way, we’ve been trained for convenience. Um And and expecting everything now and very cheap and consumerism. Yeah, yeah. That’s been pushed very, very heavily because it’s if if if you’re stuck in the physical going, going to the nonphysical, right, It doesn’t really have as much appeal and on some level until you discover it.

And if you know, and that’s why I think it’s an amazing feat these days. And not to say that it wasn’t. But but we then that’s this is more of my theory, right? About the awakening process. And I think that that’s what’s happening out. It’s just on a mass scale where everybody is waking up, right? And and some of us have been awake to certain aspects of things for a while, you know? But it’s it’s it’s a rainbow, right? It’s it’s everything from like, you know, your Fauci guy.

Who is he well intended. Fucky fucky Fauci. Fauci, love the shirt. We got one on the website, by the way, Funk Fauci. But yeah, yeah, because that guy, man, again, the fearmongering and that’s where and for me in the beginning of this whole thing, I had like a pTSD moment being a kid and in the in the mid mid, mid eighties and watching Fauci, it was it was the AIDS thing, but it was almost it’s crazy how it’s almost it’s deja vu dude. Yeah, yeah. But and it’s the same guy.

Same guy. He almost looks the same to, you know what I mean, a little bit older, but he almost looks the same dude. He’s again, but it’s and i is it him? That’s the thing. You know what I mean? Again? He’s just a little piece, a little. He’s a yeah, he’s the sound piece for the whole thing. He’s just the face of it. You think that the people who are controlling ship behind the scenes ever have their face ever ever on anything anywhere? No, no, no. We would like to know.

Yes, you are. Right, Right. But you know Fauci, because he’s the guy at the end with the stick him or trying to throw a baseball, right? Whatever. Sorry? Right? Sorry. Uh Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, Fauci ran over, but absolutely thank you. Well, I, I wanted wanted to address that. It’s wonderful, um, to be able to have an outlet. Thank you so much for bringing everything that you have with love and peace and harmony and um, a voice. You have a giant voice. Let us do these things. Oh man, no, thank you.

Yeah, it’s it’s our pleasure. Um we’re honored. I don’t even know how it kind of went down. You know, we just got really, um, motivated, um, I won’t live in a because I, and then that’s the thing. I’ve known about this for a long time, but admittedly I was back on my laurels dude. I was just, I wasn’t uh, at some point you just get, you know what I mean? Like you just get tired of trying to convince or talk to people or why do we always think we have to listen to the government?

Right, right. Um that’s that was one thing that came out of this right away from me was um yeah, I was sitting around, not sitting around waiting, but um just doing the day to day life and then why would I listen to something that I don’t really want? I wasn’t looking for you to give me this. Um, I’m not going to seek out all of these these things to make, to take away from who I am and who I’m going to be in order to delve into your fear, your, your um, you want you want me to stay in the house.

No, I don’t stay in houses, that’s not where I’m, you know, I’m not a dog, I’m not confined, I’m free to live and to, you know, to tell people about these things. My knowledge of this is super limited, as far as the extent of it the way, um, you say these puppet masters are who are these controllers? Um, there are people with so much money that the England and and all the british and all these, all of these things that we weren’t alive for lead us to where we’re still at today, because if we don’t stand together as people and talk about these things, they’re just going to run us over and we’re going to be sitting in houses, we’re gonna be waiting for them to give us our rations were going to be pleading for rain right now.

I wake up every day and I look out and I see these, these straight lines in the clouds or I see the, the bumpy wavelengths in the clouds. And I just know that this program is not over. This program Is only 70 years in the making so far the first patents For 1891 For the farmers. Um, something I really, I mean 1920s is when we started creating clouds, Um, in the 30s is when we actually started the, the words weather modification. We’re patent patent 34 wow. So this is the beginning and, but you’ve got to think that these people, how there’s got to be a turnover these families, these rich, um, people that are telling her, what are they gonna die off. Yeah.

And and I mean if we’re talking about our society as not giving a fuck, then their Children aren’t? Or are they, who is going to take this over? We are. Well, and that’s the thing, I don’t know. And to me, it’s something more more the way I kind of uh feel it happen, envision it. I don’t know how to really, You know what I mean? The way I um kind of with my mind’s eye, I see it is is more kind of like the Vatican where it’s these, it’s it’s not one family.

It’s not like the Pope comes and goes, right, like they have 1000 presents, right? The Vatican will always stay in control and be in control, right? And that’s where they’re the executive to all the trust in the world right now, the soles, Right? So to me, that’s how I see whoever’s calling the shots and who’s running stuff, You know, it’s more like that in my opinion than it is. Yeah. Then it’s like, well, once this Roth, once you know, whatever, whatever, big douche bag or, you know, anal Klaus, Schwab guy, whatever when he dies.

Oh, he then it’s over. No, I there’s something that’s like way deeper and more uh, systemic in, in, in, in nature just like stuff we don’t see like, like there’s a shadow shadow, shadow government, something happening somewhere, right? There’s still so much smaller when you think about yourself as an ant on the planet. Um, and then you go and you take a ride up by 17 and you see how much land there is still um, do tons everywhere. And that’s what I’m saying. Dude, we’re not that, but that’s part of the whole agenda.

Uh, and again, the powers that be like, um, you know, David ike right? He came on our show right now. He, it was awesome. Talk to him, but he he called, I think it was called Lucia, I think it’s called loose, but it’s it’s what attica attica and it’s called, it’s called there’s this but that’s that’s the loses the off gas of fear. And that’s that’s why they’re constantly, that’s what they feed on. That’s what keeps it going. And that’s why it’s not the it’s not the blood of small Children anymore now. Right?

No, it’s not, it’s well, it’s it’s right. Exactly. So it’s like, it’s right. I don’t know if any of this can go to Youtube. I don’t give a sh it, but but like, right. And so yeah, man, it’s just there’s so much um it’s hard to say and it’s hard to really, really, right? Because it’s theirs no definitive proof really of anything except for what we’re experiencing, right? Which is this fear, constant bombardment of fear constantly. And it doesn’t matter what it is right now. The next thing is going to be uh climate change, right?

And that’s that’s their they’ve already lined it up. It’s been for many years. It’s been lined up as the right, right? Yeah, Yeah. Yeah. And it’s coming in hard and of course because they can control the weather then they can make it whatever they want, they can see things are getting colder. But everybody’s getting talking about global warming, right? And it’s like, no, at 45 degrees in Montana. And um Colorado. Yeah. And then why? And then Wisconsin has none. Uh that would be deep ice nuclearization to say that a deep deep ice nuclearization.

No kidding. What does that mean? Uh it’s a patent also that one happened in the early 90s. And now we’ve boosted that up to include um electro um, so we’re we’re pumping really cold materials into the clouds and then you electroshock it and drops it all out. I don’t get it. I haven’t done a lot of research, but the most recent one is um the intelligent systems for weather modification on a planetary scale. And that was just this year. All right. Um yes. Um aerial devices and process for weather for control.

And then 59 was the generation of electrical fields. So you take the electrical fields, I honestly size the water molecules and the really cold air and they all stick together and then they drop out in those gigantic balls of ice hail big ones. Yeah, but hale didn’t used to be like that big. No hail hail was yeah, it was cold up there. So it’s stuck together a little bit. Of course they were like marbles though, right? Not the size of like softballs. But now if you can dry ice, how cold is dry ice?

I don’t know exactly when it’s really cold though, Put it in the clouds. That’s what happens. You know, it’s it’s just it’s taking something and creating a chemical process to make it worse. Simple when you have a ton of money and a bunch of complaints. Right, Well, and the the ability to control perception and and you find that through movies, you can you find that through every everything is so tightly controlled um on on on the narrative and and it’s the underlying narrative and that’s the thing is if if you haven’t stepped away from that and you’ve been part of that, you know, again we just watched the Matrix for the new one.

It’s so fucking good dude. I was like what’s coming? Well, I think it’s beautiful just because it’s not any of that crazy um there’s none of that crazy propaganda, right? Like Neo is still a man not some cross dressed dude or something, you know what I mean? It’s it’s like so and I don’t want to I don’t want right well right well and that’s what it all is right? It’s all about the trans humanism and selling it that way, right, neuralink all these things. Oh how cool would it be if No, that’s not the way it’s gonna work.

Dude, you are now their slave puppet. I mean if you weren’t already like Buy you think you’re going to put a chip in you somewhere in your body and have autonomy somehow. Get out of here, get out of here, get out of here like you’re you’re sadly mistaken, you’re being sold and and again that’s their selling on on the medical treatments, you know what I mean? You know my mom just recently passed it after like 40 days and I see dude there, but it it’s sold that I’ve ever met in, right, that’s sold that I’ve ever met in is just a horse de wormer and people were dying in hospitals, Rolling Stone magazine put this out, right as a factual statement that and it was all made up, all of it was made up, right?

But that’s just to spread this misinformation and the fear that would have saved my mother get I I mean, I can’t obviously can’t guarantee anything, but what we can tell you is there are many, many other cases where the cases that that they were given ivermectin, even on the vent, like dying almost dead and given ivermectin and made it through. So it’s it’s every aspect of our life and that’s the thing is that we’ve got the people who have never, never sat to meditate, never even thought about it, never any, because I’m telling you know, thyself is the key of everything out of it and sitting down with medicine and getting out of your head and because shutting that off is the most important thing because if you can shut that off, then you can accept something maybe from your heart or somewhere else, then the system that’s constantly just barking at you that this is your reality.

This is your reality. This is what is real, out here, out here, anything out here, nothing here, right? And so it’s it’s built that way and then the Matrix, this the first one we’re watching the first one again this morning, right? This is christmas day after christmas right? 2021. So so we’re then we put on the first one and and we were getting ready and just kind of listening to it through the house, right? And and they’re like these people are in the system and the longer they’re in the system they will they will fight to the death and then they’re like we want to free everyone, but if they’re not already free then they are the system and they’re going to do everything in their power to rip you down and take you down with them and that’s the crabs in a barrel, you know that the whole they were trying to get out and that we’ve experienced that a lot in the freedom here, I mean my whole life I’ve experienced because I’ve been trying to tell people not my whole adult life let’s just say right, I’ve been trying to tell people for a long time, you know, you’re being lied to you bro, but nobody wants to hear it and then you know it’s it’s more it’s so much easier just to tear somebody down and tear their character down then even like try and think about what they’re saying, that might be crazy, right?

Like Alex jones, everybody knows that dude’s nuts, right? Everybody he’s screaming and yelling. But dude, he’s gonna write a lot of stuff. Dude, I believe he does his own independent research, wow what? Yeah. Yeah, it’s crazy. I’ve been doing that a lot too. But you have to you can’t you? And that’s the thing is don’t man and it it makes makes me sad that everybody is just happy to be force fed rather than to me it’s so exciting to explore and learn what happened to that to that zest of life that used to be there in in people stacked on top of each other now sitting in our cubicles with our tablets and we’re not experiencing nature and we’re not experiencing the difference between the beautiful green trouble free that’s that’s created through normal rain systems that come through on a whatever the heck chance basis that’s going to be for nature um to bring the nutrients and and to bring the birds have to migrate the our planetary systems are shutting down faster than we can even think about it.

I mean you and I talking here and just in the short amount of time, guaranteed something something has gone completely awry in our planetary system. That that was on the very edge. The brink of something that was brought by human caused change doesn’t have to be human caused weather modification. It doesn’t have to be human caused food shortages human, it’s all of it together and if we don’t fight if we sit back and and not not have that that fight in our hearts still because we channel our our our love for for being grounded to the earth the earth that that raised us the these supports us.

Yeah we stand upon it right now and that’s that’s it’s and and that’s a beautiful practices to give gratitude for the earth you know just dude whether it’s a round flat triangle who gives a ship it’s thank you for being on the ground and talk about steady something stable and steady in your life. If if you you know and I’ve experienced this this practice that I had for a long time because I struggled with like depression and anxiety massive amount. I mean for a long time like I was having panic attacks too like fainting at work right, waking up on the ground like just like you know tunnel vision that kind of thing like just and I had to find ways and for a long time it was alcohol and drugs is what that was what I knew my whole life was to just drink. Right. Right. Right. Exactly.

But I would never take their drugs was just funny. Well that’s not true you know again and again and that was totally terrible though after a while you’re just like those drugs are really bad for you like like bad bad like you could say coke’s bad and these things. Yeah sure but dude like the farm. Eas whoa whoa because they really do something to your soul and that’s the thing is the more I think the more um you know closer to the God in you that you get and the you know the more loving and warm you are to yourself and your heart the less that you want to do that and the more you can you can feel when.

So and that’s where it’s, it’s something it is in the pharmaceuticals and that’s where I’m at. I I was listening to this, this priest, this italian priest, it was translated, it’s up on our telegram channel but it was this priest giving a testimony of of how it felt when they got the jab and how it was like satan was staring him in the face dude for like days, weeks or something. It was crazy story creepy but it’s like how I feel inside like after I’ve taken Vicodin for a couple days or something, you know what I mean?

Like that subtly obviously I’m not seeing satan’s face right then, you know what I mean? But like it was like something evil inside it right? Yeah, so there’s something there dude like uh it’s just weird it’s and and again we have this system that’s it’s very easy to sell people when you’re stacked on top of each other of the lack and the sickness and all of this stuff right? Especially because people don’t go outside right and again, what did they do? They tell it in the very beginning of this thing they did everything that is the antithesis to health that we know of, that we that was preached all the time, get healthy food, exercise out of the sun, gets lots of sunlight, you know, be outdoors all of that.

They just And then cover your face and not only that, but you know that the human body, so 70% of all biological waste comes out through the breath through the lungs. So think about that. So if your body is trying to get Bad stuff out right, it’s coming out through your mouth 70% of the time. And so if you cover that and make it nice and wet through your Yeah, and then you keep breathing it back in. What do you think that’s going to do that causes bacterial infections right?

My sister now has a lifelong bacterial infection. She’ll never ever be able to get rid of because of the mask at work. And this is happening all over again, but you’re cutting the freaking oxygen off to your brain so now you can’t think straight and it’s just like write all the things that should be healthy uh were were just completely denied. And and again this is where it’s just really hard for me for you know, I have I have family, I’ve got friends, people who are you know, al empathic doctors and in that field who are still so they defend the system so there to there to the death even though it’s killing everyone.

I think that comes from not only they want to help people, they want like that that’s what they say, they’re lovely people right? But the institution that they went through to get them there is gonna sway that a little bit um sponsored by Pfizer. Thank you. Who do you think writes the books for the schools, the medical schools, the pharmaceutical companies and so they’ve been trained by these people and it’s just like but it’s and it’s really really hard you know and I get it. I do I do it’s just man that’s the control system we’re in and it starts everywhere.

It’s every aspect and the weather like you said it’s gotta I mean and whatever they’re spraying in the skies and that’s where I think all the heavy metal poisoning right? And like Alzheimer’s dude. Yeah. I mean just spray it all over the whole population. Make everybody have to go into assisted facilities or oh I don’t know maybe take pharmaceuticals for the rest of your life which is the objective. Yes. Yeah. Yeah because they don’t want you dead, they don’t want you healthy, they want you in the middle and they don’t want um family shaman or a family medicine man or or your family doctor like a doctor that only would come to your house and see you that and that’s what we’re bringing back.

We’re bringing back the doctor’s home visits were bringing back all this private stuff. dude, yeah, taking out the dude, the government has no right to tell you how, how your body dude, those are things we should never outsource and I know I said a lot on this show, but it’s true those are do not outsource your education, your health, your uh what what else do I always say? I don’t know, but it’s very important that these your legal right? It’s very important not to outsource these in your spirituality, right?

And we we, we outsource it everything to this church here you can you you you’re responsible for my spirituality and we get you know, I I get that asked that question actually quite often as well. Well if you don’t have a church to guide you, who’s going to guide you, you dude, if you listen, if you actually sit down and meditate, right? Not pray, praying is talking. If you would just stop praying for a little while and start meditating, listening, okay, meditation is listening, where prayer is talking, stop talking for a little while and just listen right?

If you do that, do that for a while and then tell me how much your life changes because now there’s this innate wisdom in you God’s in you, right? I’m not saying that you should claim that you’re the son, but you are the rays of the sun, right? So all that energy is parking out through you. We are apertures right? We are apertures which God experiences itself. That dude, hello, right. And it’s so right there in front of everybody’s face. But we’ve all been trained by someone else by something else.

This is right. Yes. It courses the way we live. If we don’t take charge of who we want to be inside, which we are, which is that’s where that’s where you know thyself, right? It’s in the bible. Guys don’t listen to everything. The government has to say, please don’t. And that’s the thing is right and I, and that’s where, you know, organized religions are again, I’m not saying all of them, but the most, most of of how it works is it’s there to manipulate yes, it’s to manipulate you away from the truth.

It’s outside of you. Everything is that’s that’s the lie is that everything is outside now. Um, I don’t know who to blame, but we have, um, we as human races have taken out different communities and um, just hold people’s um, by just swatting over with our militaries and I feel like that. Um, I don’t know how I was just about to tie that in. But the way that we’ve gone and just completely said, no, this is the way we’re going to do this and you’re not going to have your like the, the indians, the native americans of this, this earth that we’re on right now.

We stole everything from, we just plowed this over and said no, this is the way we’re going to do it. And so there goes the family medicine, there goes the, the hardened um, learning about the earth, the way the earth produces on a seasonal basis and gives us all the things that we need, without looking out, why, why do you have your hand out? You mean your hands should be out to help somebody who’s down and and to, to, to uplift the community and um, you know, one of my favorites is from the bible, this this thing about having a plank in your eye and, you know, trying to help somebody with a splinter while, you know, you’ve got this giant plank sticking out of your head, you know, take care of the problems on the inside.

You have them, we all have them clean your house first, yes, clean your room first, whatever. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then start, you know, looking around and reaching out to sea because now you’ve got a little bit more grounded in your cup can flow with over and that’s that’s and that’s where a lot and I, you can’t say always, but, you know, a good good amount of the time, that’s what it is, is that the people are giving from a, from a position of lack, right? So it’s kind of like and inevitably, inevitably, wow, can I talk today, inevitably will come back and kick you like, it just does something that’s the adverse of what you want to happen and that’s just because it’s coming from a place of lack whether you want it to or not, it’s in the whole scheme of things and there’s balance right, and that’s where you’ve got to find it in yourself.

The happiness is from here, it comes from inside because everything outside changes, it’s going to change. No, no one can make another person happy. It’s, it’s inside out, hey, I’m happy and I’m over joyous because I found it in here, not because of some external situation or you know what I mean, because you could be in the really shitty situation and still feel great, you know, all of these situations. Yeah, yeah, I mean, look what’s going on and to know this, and I think that that’s even part of it, man, I think if you’ve been in this long enough, I mean, you’re forced to find some sort of like, ah way to reconcile inside some sort of inner peace to know that these things are going on, but to, to to keep going right, to not offer yourself or something, you know, I’m not sure what it is, but like, because there’s there’s some level of, like, you know, again, I think that it forces you to find yourself and on some level, which is a great thing, right?

And it’s self serving, it’s, it’s self serving in that way, where it’s like, okay to know the truth of something and and uh and be be chastised, you know what I mean? Because again, it’s not, you can’t go to the local pub and be like, hey, you know, this is what I think. You know people you can but then again, you’re just you’re facing ridicule. Yeah, you’re going to sit there with with with people that are gonna say no, it’s this person and they’re doing it for this reason.

And when you sit and talk about something that you know a lot about and you’re trying to bring it to people who don’t know or are super skeptical. That could never be. There’s nobody that can do that, mm hmm. That’s what brings the chance to have a discord a discourse. Um a chat. Um communication. Um it’s not one way. It’s not I’m telling you this is what it is. It’s alright. Well, I do, yeah, I do get what you’re saying and I do understand that you have never heard of this before, but I’m here with an open mind and I don’t want to have a block, even though I’m going to have um opposition, I want it right on, you know, let’s talk about this, let’s say, you know, um let’s let’s even take a walk outside and and talk about it and I’ll explain some things to you.

Let’s go look at the sky for a second and I can prove it right outside. Whereas a lot of times you get just instant wall, you know, no, that’s not it, I can’t do that and that’s not for me. Um but there’s a lot of things for us to learn and that is one big thing is communicating two ways, not just listening, not just telling you this is what it is. Mhm. That’s how we’re going to talk to more and more and more people and be able to loosen their their ear or um infuse um more than just listening to or waiting for the next cue in life.

Let’s make it ourselves. Yeah man. Yeah. Well said dude, well said yeah and I mean, yeah, and I mean that’s something I’m guilty of, I think, you know everybody is and it’s, you know, it’s just kind of telling people this is the way it is. You know I mean? And you feel justified in it. You’re like, well I know what it’s like to be punched in the face by an abusive abusive relationship. I don’t need to go back into that. I’m trying to help you to realize you’re getting punched in the face and it’s abusive and you need to step outside of that abuse, right?

So then you feel justified, but that’s still there. They’re not there. They’re doing their thing and here’s the thing I whatever it is, however that interaction goes or whatever it it plants a seed uh they met you for a reason right and I’ve I’ve had that happen to me years later, somebody will coming back and just be like, dude, you know, I know whatever it was, it was you woke them up to something that they just weren’t ready for it, but they were obviously they were ready, they were ready to hear that they weren’t ready to accept it, but they were ready.

They’re the ones showed up in that moment with me, you know, I mean we made some sort of co agreement somewhere to meet up at that time and even it was a two minute conversation and they put me off and walked away, you know what I mean? It’s like that’s okay because it something happens where it feels like and that’s all it is, is just seed planting. And because if you don’t, if you’re not even aware of it, then it’s not possible really. It’s kind of crazy, right?

That’s how we work and that’s why a lot of times in the movies and the media and all this stuff, They foreshadow just just like Steve Orwell, right? So in the 1984, right? So that that there’s they’re saying that he was that was a planted book and it was because they wanted to foreshadow what was possible, like if we were always just experiencing rainbows and stuff and everything was beautiful and we were we were coming into our awareness and a liveness and coming into there’s no way they could have controlled that at all.

So it’s it’s it’s you create these, oh this is possible. And then here we are, 30 years later. Right. Right. And, and it’s it’s, it’s happening like, so it’s, it’s very interesting to think about those things too. We had a warning from, um, are Lyndon B johnson, former US president. Um, he said the world cloud layer is something that we have to look out for. And a direct quote is he who controls the weather will control the world. And that was during his speech, um, 1930 something, I don’t remember now.

And um, that’s pretty crazy. Back then. We were already doing this, um, uh, Believe planes started flying in the 20s. I don’t remember exactly. Right. Well, in the early 1900s. Right? As when the Wright brothers? Yeah, I don’t remember exactly what year. But yeah, that was only here in America. Well, yeah, there was. Yeah. And that’s, and that’s an interesting thing that around the planet and that’s where there’s evidence of, of connectedness in in awakening or, or um, ascension in the way of new ideas, right? And in technology, right?

And that’s where everybody’s like, technology is bad. It’s not, technology is amazing. But the wheel, everyone would agree really, really helped us out. And we probably want that technology around and we build on technology. It’s not it’s not the technology that’s bad. It’s it’s the the the person using the technology, right? It’s not the gun. That is bad. It’s the person using the gun behind it, right? It’s, it’s not the, you know, I mean a car, I can take a car and I’m going to talk about this lightly.

A car is much, much more deadly to your average person, right? Or people man, if you’re a man or a woman, not a person. So you know, it’s much more, you know, uh deadly because dude, I can, you could drive it through a parade and and injure and kill a lot of people like that. Whereas like maybe you don’t know how to use a gun, which I think a lot more people probably know how to drive a car than use a weapon, a firearm anyway. So I don’t know man, I don’t know.

So yeah, we can keep chatting. I don’t even know what we’re chatting about now. We’re just talking about stuff which I think it all ties in it all ties in because um, yeah, why why do we listen to um, hearsay? Why do we listen to scuttlebutt is what we called it in the military. That’s what that’ll kill you want to call it the scuttlebutt. Um, That was one thing I remember from boot camp is they told us. Don’t listen to rumors. If if you’re not getting a direct order then that doesn’t exist, right?

So same thing with yourself. Um, if if you’re, if you’re waiting for the next order. But you’re starting to see things out there in the world, take it upon yourself. Don’t wait to learn, don’t wait to, oh wow! Why are they spraying stuff out of these planes? How come those clouds look so repeatedly? Right? You know right, there’s no natural formations of clouds and when you see things that aren’t natural in life, you question it right? Or you should you should you should wear and that’s that’s where I think dude, that’s a beautiful, beautiful sentiment and that’s what I said and that’s that our ethos here right, is to free the individual right?

First because you’ve got to free the individual first, right? And that’s the whole thing. They’re like ah you know sacrifice yourself for the whole, which doesn’t make sense because you’re part of the whole so if it’s not good for the individual, it can’t be good for the whole. It’s it’s a it’s it’s a paradigm, I get it. But like we need to kind of focus and that’s why the only other option is to go inside and to free the individual and free yourself, learn all these things yourself, right?

Life is life is about that and life to me, you know and that’s what we’re working towards and that’s what we’re you know, it’s as far as our communities right? And that’s where we talk about first freeing the individual, then your family and your community, right neighborhood community however you want to go about it. But then that’s that’s really what we we just want to free the community to raise our Children and that is life living is not going to a job to make doll hairs that they siphon then off of you, they can then siphon your wealth and then it’s supposed to drip back down to you somehow.

And it’s how and then how does that even, it doesn’t make any sort of sense. So right and so but here we are, we kind of woke up into it, right? It’s crazy and it’s like you you know, I know I’ve been alive for 40 some years but it just feels like I just woke up, you know what I mean? Just like it’s every day it feels like a new day you’re waking up tomorrow and it’s like okay well but now here we are man, you know we’re now it’s happening now it’s happening, we’re having to create these new economies, you know where it’s dude, we wake up in the morning and we grow our food and we we we educate our Children, we educate ourselves, right?

And and we we learn music, we do all these things and that is living, you know you work on your your your home whatever it may be whatever you want to do that is like life, it’s not right? Yeah right, right? And your future and the future of of I don’t even want to say the of man and woman, you know the future of what we can be because we don’t, we don’t have to be here. We’re pretty special were really special to be here. It’s pretty cool.

And I don’t want to see, I don’t want to see things disappear. I don’t want to see, um you know the the beauty of the bird’s flying go away. I don’t, you know, the sprouting of the grass every year and watching those little blades, I mean they’re so tiny, they’re so delicate, they’re so fragile. But we’re gonna because we’re human, we’re going to change things because we want to write what, why? Why are we going to allow that change to be so bad? Well you just said it.

So what’s funny is that word human? So you know, Hugh means color and man so human is the color of man, right? So we’ve gotten so far away from man and woman that we are the color of man. So we’re kind of killing our ourselves because we’re going against ourselves. Right? And that’s so, and that’s where what we’re talking about is going more back to that not to say that we, you know, now we’re going to give up running water like that right now. You know, we’re not giving up our technology, we’re going to leverage that technology to do the busywork to so that we can do things that that that aren’t possible that a machine can’t do.

There’s beautiful things, we could do, that machines can’t brings up something kind of not good, busted out this weather control, you manipulating of moisture. They can literally bring it to, let’s say like our lakes over here, those are our reservoirs that hold water. Um You’ll see storms hanging out over lake pleasant, you’ll see storms hanging out in different places. Um Where um solver project, they own billions of gallons of water and giant holding tanks underground. Um Central Arizona project, another company who owns our water. They channel our water um They write and they also are what they’re so they decide what’s in the water. Yeah.

Yes, neurotoxins etcetera. Absolutely. Um But the part of it is is um we don’t have any normal running streams anymore. We don’t have any normal systems of water flow. Um because they’ve all been taken over. They’ve been manipulated down into damn systems and and reservoir systems. So if you can put um 10,000 gallons over here and 10 million gallons over there and refill up this this reservoir um and not have any rainwater go through this river system that used to be here because it’s damned off to go. Let’s say, I don’t know from the top of the country to the bottom of the country like it used to through the Colorado and another such flow.

Um Well now you own it it’s dammed up and um that’s that’s part of this control of controlling the weather controlling the water. Um There’s one place that you can go also um Youtube on Youtube, Youtube is, um, his, his call name is one pacific redwood, the number one, um, not the, not written out. Um, and he goes over the weather patterns and he shows where the heart is hitting and where the, this particular low is being manipulated by a high and, and how these, these water flows are being put in certain places in order to cap off no water to the west, no water between these grids and these grids, wow.

So they can do that. That’s scary man. So yeah, okay. Well you know what, what we like to talk about is solutions you gotta do. Is there anything that like, let’s, so let’s, let’s, yeah, let’s talk about some solutions before we go because I, that’s something, you know, we like to obviously, I mean we’re, we’re big into that. So we want to empower the people. So what, what are things, what do you feel that our solutions are things that the individual can do or even, you know, maybe outside of the individual.

These are, these are the things that, that I, I don’t know, I mean besides talking about it, taking pictures, sending them to your senators and I’ve been writing letters to, to celebrities and it doesn’t even matter. I send pictures, you know, my pictures and hey, can you talk about this? Is this something you can do now we have a gag order. We’re not allowed to same with our weather people on. Um but um I have approached whether our weather people here that for our local news channel and um I’ve had the conversation with some of them, they will speak, but they’ll, they’ll listen to you anyway, but right, but they won’t, they won’t, they won’t talk about it on, they can’t, I’m sure there’s no way right.

Yeah, yeah, they’re very complete talk about those again, talk about just the end mouthpieces, right, just spewing whatever they don’t, it’s and we’ve seen it now. I think plenty of people have seen these clips now of of the compilations of them saying the exact same key phrase catchphrase, right? And that’s the key words and catchphrases that they’re always doing everywhere, dude, always right. And it’s again, it’s just keeping that narrative that lie and just you keep repeating what did they say if you repeat a lie long enough, it becomes truth. Sometimes.

It’s truth after that you’ve heard enough and it’s weird and especially when it’s coming from all your trusted institutions and stuff and that, I think that that’s you, you said it. Exactly and I think we’ve said it a couple times to talk, man, is it? That’s really what it’s about, is just talking about it and I love your, I love that solution of just hey, you know, next time you’re sitting in a busy light or just standing around a bunch of people or something, just, and you see the things that just look up and just say, yo everybody see that, whoa.

And just act like you don’t even know, right? And you’re just like wow, what is that? And just try and bring more and more you know, awareness to because it’s a big deal man and if we don’t start like speaking up against it and and do Yeah, and that’s something that we’re really trying to work towards his what what type of things can we? Because we had like cal Washington on from from Canada and he does stuff with the five G right? He threw affidavits and stuff, he gets five G. Um the smart meters and stuff taking off of people’s homes and yeah, so and that’s where I think that you know, we might have it because I didn’t I did not consent to that, I don’t consent to it so not without a full freaking uh you know, hey let’s talk about it, but that’s my sky to home. Yeah. Yeah.

Take back our skies. I like that, you know, hashtag take back our skies bitches, can we say bitches on the end of everything on the end of everything? Like take back the sky bitches that gives it a hashtag hashtag yeah. Um You know going to um the places where they take off with these planes uh military yeah, you can get the flight records and you can know where they fly from every day um and I’ve I’ve never done it. But I know people who have gotten together and shown up.

You can’t get in, you can’t go to the gates and you get to the gate and it’s federal land, you can’t do anything. But hey, there’s 10 of us here. We don’t like what you’re doing. It makes noise, they don’t like it. They’re gonna send out some, you know, some puffed up guy with a badge and he’s going to try and get you to leave and do that over and over again. What are they going to do? Yeah. Just irritate them. Yeah. And that seems to be the only thing um when you’re dealing with the military industrial complex or the the medical industrial complex, they’re huge.

Um but so are we the masses were numbers. We bring together our love are people with love and somebody will have an idea. Somebody will have an idea that maybe the people that do the research can’t have right now. And but we’ve got the research. We can find the people. Here’s the information. Right? Let’s do some more research on our own as as our and more information will be out come from this. Beautiful. Well said man. Thank you know. Thank you dude Craig. Seriously. Um And also I mean if you want to shout out and tell everybody where they can find you.

Just so everybody knows that the reason I know Craig is because we found him on our directory. He actually helps us out here at the house and stuff. So it’s uh it’s go check him out please. Him in a wife are amazing. If you’re in the Arizona phoenix area, they do amazing work. And we’re addicted to clean, addicted, addicted to clean. Yeah, addicted to clean. You can find him on our business directory. And that’s where else can we have A dot com? Also clean dot com. Addicted to clean dot com.

Hell yeah, it’s very basic, but it’s there, that’s all you need man. It’s a business card these days, Right? Yeah. I mean, yeah, nobody’s trying to win awards right now with that stuff and back in the day it was. But that’s right, beautiful man. Well again, thank you. Thank you. I really appreciate it, man, appreciate you as a man and and thank you. Thanks very welcome. Thank you for having Alright brother. Thanks. Bye bye mm hmm. Thank you.

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