February 9, 2022

Their Narrative is CRUMBLING

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Dr. McCullough is board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular diseases, and clinical lipidology. He cares for advanced patients with common medical problems including heart and kidney disease, lipid disorders, and diabetes. He has become an expert on COVID-19 illnesses and welcomes recovered patients into his practice.

Show Notes

Practicing Internist, cardiologist in academic practice in Dallas TX

Trained epidemiologist and much more! 

Develops protocols for COVID-19 and is heavily relied upon to support Pandemic Response for America.

He is one of the most published person in his field and one of the most published people on COVID-19. 

Dr. McCollough was on the Joe Rogan show, who was censored on Spotify, yet why? Dr. McCollough feels Joe Rogan was censored b/c of his audience. There are several others, such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who has strong opinions about vaccine safety for years before the pandemic, yet they were not censored. 

“Vaccines are not safe, they are not working.”  People know this. “They cannot be mandated – and no one wants the mandates.” 

“According to VERS 21000 people took the vaccine and died.” 

“It’s a FATAL decision.”

“The vaccine is GENETIC THERAPY.”  

“Most people with the Omicron variant are fully vaccinated.”  

“This is like a war.” “How can anyone have trust in vaccines?”

Pfizer, Moderna… all the manufacturers don’t seem to be concerned. Governments, Schools, Employers, Military are not concerned.  

“Question has to be asked – why aren’t more people concerned?”

Brad brings up hospitals and shares his personal experience with his mom’s hospitalization.  She was given harmful medication; no visitors; hospital door were locked. Crazy situation – and it’s Real. 

All of this is adding up to “something very bad happening in the world to large populations.” Not only vaccines, many prongs to this. 

What is MRNA?  

Genetic Therapy; Gene transfer technology.  They transfer genetic material into human cells.  Loaded on lipid nanoparticles, which go everywhere in the body.  This should be of great concern for people. 

MRNA injections will produce a dangerous spike protein everywhere in the body.  In high levels, this is lethal.  

Insurance companies – been promotional of vaccines.  

Brad mentioned “mass psychosis” and asks how we stop this.  

Dr. McCollough says “relatedness”  – having celebrities or others who can share the message on what’s really going on. 

“Mass vaccination with catastrophic consequences”

Dr. McCollough has never been challenged on his reviews/documentation. 

Several False Narratives from the beginning…

Dr. McCollough offers solutions to END THE PANDEMIC! 

He shares what he will NOT Tolerate and is sure he will prevail. 

NUREMBERG CODE discussion.

Discussion of heart injury & blood clotting involved with vaccines.

Resolutions for anyone who has taken the jab? 

Worldcounselforhealth.org – few solutions offered

Dr. McCollough and Brad discuss Myocarditis and heart in 

For more information from Dr. McCollough – America Out Loud – McCollough report. 


Hello, all you lovely freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the freedom people podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms, All the freedoms that we can think of Anyway, as we collectively take this journey to Ultimate freedom together, I’m your host, Bradley. Freedom. Today’s guest is none other than dr Peter McCullough. Yeah, that’s right. Somehow we got dr Peter mccall to come on and talk with us about uh in case you’ve been hiding under a rock and we kind of say it a lot.

But the holy moly what’s going on out there with all this censorship, we know it’s bad. Leslie. Well, I don’t even know what I would say especially, but right now with all these dang freaking people getting involved. White house sensor and Spotify. Come on man. What’s going on Anyway, Dr Peter comes on. We had an awesome conversation and I can’t wait for you guys to hear it. Before we jump in there. I want you to head on over to the Freedom people dot org and sign up, become a contributing member today.

If you need to correct your status or any other business services, personal services anyway that we can help you on your journey to freedom. That’s what we’re here for. Just click that little chat bubble on the bottom right hand corner of the screen and send us a message and we’ll reach right back out. Come on, let’s go, okay mm hmm, thank you. Thank you. Awesome. So um for you know, the people who have been hiding under a rock or I know stuck without any sort of media.

You want to tell people who you are. My name is. Dr Peter McCullough. I’m a practicing internist and cardiologist in academic practice in Dallas texas. I’m also a trained epidemiologist. I spent about half my time in patient care. About a half the other half in as an author as an editor, clinical investigator, Editor in chief of reviews in cardiovascular medicine. The senior associate editor for american Journal of cardiology. President of the Cardio renal society of America. In the last two years I’ve had complete focus on Covid 19 as my principal academic and clinical activity.

I’ve seen examined patients with Covid 19. I’ve innovated with respect to early treatment protocols. I’ve published the protocols I published that they work uh there now as a copyrighted outpatient protocol called the McCullough protocol protocol. I have testified the U. S. Senate twice. Multiple state Senate’s. My opinions have been relied upon worldwide. I’ve been fair balanced on my assessment of pandemic response and frequent contributor to Fox News Newsmax Oa. And all the major news networks and I think one of the reasons why I’m relied upon is that I’ve been very fair and very accurate with the data.

I have not extended any opinions beyond the range of the published information and that’s been helpful to guide America forward in pandemic response. Hmm. Yeah. No. So you, wow that’s a lot. So you might say, you know what you’re talking about when it comes to stuff. I’ve published over 50 peer reviewed papers on COVID-19 in the literature. I have many, many more on the way. I have over 650 publications overall in the National Library of Medicine. It means I’ve looked at a lot of data over the course of my career have been the chair of data safety monitoring boards.

About two dozen of them so many, many have said that I actually have probably more experience with data and certainly more academic experience with Covid 19 than anybody in the world. No, absolutely. Um, yes. And, and I would agree with that. Um, you know, it’s uh, it’s a, it’s a weird time that we live in right now, the simple fact that all this censorship that’s happening right now, I mean obviously everybody knows, uh, or again, if you haven’t been hunting on rock, maybe not. But uh, if you’re aware of what’s going on right now with the whole Spotify thing and this, the, the censorship in this.

Um, I mean you’re a doctor, it’s, it’s not like you’re just some kook out here just trying to wildly spread misinformation right. This is like even if even if even if you had a differing opinion, we were totally off base. So what you’re a doctor, you have your right to an opinion. Right? Or when did that? I didn’t even express opinions, joe Rogan reached out to me. I I spent about a month preparing. I showed up with curated continuing medical education approved slides. I gave them to Joe’s producer.

I stuck right to the peer reviewed information and the published information on the pandemic. I was asked about the pandemic planning and I referred jo to peter and gingerbread, Innsbruck, Covid 19 and the global predators were the price that has all the citations on how the pandemic was planned and the response to the pandemic was planned. So I I stuck to the published information. No one that Spotify asked me for my slides. I don’t even know if Spotify has doctors that are on its medical team. How could they possibly know what scientific citations were actually uh in question.

I never was contacted by Spotify. There was never any challenge to the data that I presented. Uh and it’s interesting because Spotify is a common carrier and joe they, you know, joe Rogan’s podcast is on Spotify, but so is robert F. Kennedy, robert. F Kennedy is a very popular podcast and he’s strongly and staunchly uh concerned on vaccine safety long before Covid and Spotify didn’t say a word about robert F Kennedy. Why would they specifically go after Joe Rogan? Yeah, that’s a great question. What do you think?

I think it has to do with audience. Joe Rogan has a huge audience is bigger than mainstream media and I think Spotify likely was influenced by external forces. We know that there were some other musicians that it’s interesting Neil Neil Young and Princess Harry and others. They specifically identified Joe Rogan but not robert f Kennedy. I thought that was incredibly curious on how Joe Rogan has been a fair balanced journalist, Joe didn’t express any medical opinions he’s had on before. He had bret Weinstein on NPR Corey months later, he had me at robert Malone, he’s had a range of opinions had Sanjay Gupta from CNN, so he’s very fair balanced.

Why why would Joe Rogan be targeted but not robert f Kennedy, you know, there seems to be a lot of idiosyncrasies in the past couple of years and everything that’s being done. Um like you said, you know, there’s proof that this was kind of um like planned, right? There’s there’s there’s there’s proof it’s this is an opinion, right? And, and I’m not sure that that’s getting through and maybe it is and maybe that’s exactly why it was censored so hard, right? Because he’s had a lot of people like you said on there, I mean, and now from what I understand they, the last I heard whatever they removed 70 episodes or something like that of Joe’s from, I had an updated slide presentation for Joe, but I didn’t tell him fundamentally anything different, that I told Tucker Carlson in May of 2021 that that there was active suppression of early treatment in order to promote the vaccines and this is all in the open.

You know, spot youtube and twitter and others. They are part of uh you know broad announcements that they’re going to do everything they can to promote the vaccines. Uh they are going to squash any information on vaccine safety. Any information, early treatment. The BBC announced the trusted news initiative that’s in the open. They were you know, plan to do the same thing. Youtube has a medical director. He announced the same thing. This is all in the open. It’s not concealed in any way. The the the the important observation is that americans know it.

Americans know covid 19 is treatable. Everyone seeks early treatment. Americans know the vaccines aren’t safe and they’re not working. That’s the reason why no one’s taking vaccines and because no one took vaccines, that’s the reason why there’s mandates. So it actually it all fits together. Same thing in Canada in Canada. The truckers are shutting down the country why because the vaccines aren’t safe and they don’t work. So people know there are, you know been rally after rally in europe I had on dr christoph today on the McCullough report in America loud talk radio McCullough report and there are now hundreds of thousands if not millions of Germans who are just walking together now they’re not allowed to publicly gather but they are walking in silence why?

Because they know the vaccines aren’t safe and they’re not working and they certainly cannot be mandated. No one wants the mandates. No, no. I mean, I don’t think anybody really I don’t want to say anyone because obviously there’s a population seems like a large part of the population that wants to be told what to do and wants someone else’s will and forced upon them. But I would say, I mean us generally, you know, free kind of people. We don’t want anybody’s will imposed upon us and we want the decision, right?

Because then it’s our it’s our life. It’s our choosing. This is I mean, we’re really close to communism. I mean, this is like but especially a fatal decision. So taking the vaccine sadly in the US CDC various system, there’s 21,000 people who have died for them, they signed up for the vaccine and it was a fatal decision. We know from analysis from Rosa McLachlan that 50% of these deaths occurred quit within two days, that 80% occur within a week. The same thing has been shown in the yellow card system and the uterus system.

So it’s a fatal decision. That’s the reason why people are so upset about Children making their own fatal decision. So, you know, in many states now and in countries they want a 12 year old child to basically make a decision that could end their life and and people are find that unacceptable. It’s unacceptable that a product would end somebody’s life. But then actually haven’t injected them against their will. That’s what is creating so much tension worldwide. Oh yeah and the uprising of the women. You know, we’re noticing that.

And that’s what I was talking to Susan about earlier is like this is it’s that’s all the mama bears are waking up and they’re really they’re really pushing this freedom movement. I can tell you. You know, it’s it’s it’s beautiful to see. And it’s also it’s frightening. You know, of course. I mean the fact that we’re here that that I mean to smoke a cigarette, you have to be 18 to you know, to join the military to die. And I mean it’s there’s all these things, I mean to drink a beer, you got to be 21 years old, right?

Because you’ve got to make a conscious decision to even drink a beer. And now it’s okay to inject it. Like you said, with something that can kill you, especially a genetic vaccine. So this idea, you know, it’s genetic therapy. We don’t know what’s going to happen in child’s bodies. Long term, we know short term doesn’t look good. Short term now we’re approaching 1000 scientific publications on vaccine injuries. 200 on heart damage in young people. I mean this is a massive literature that’s building out there. So everything we’ve learned about the vaccines since the release is not good.

Uh were published data now showing the vaccines never really covered delta paper by Young ju and colleagues in Jama showed only 20% coverage. That’s negligible. Now with ο. There are no randomized trials and no data to suggest that omicron is even stopped at all by uh the vaccines. In fact, the majority of people with omicron are fully vaccinated. The irony, the irony of it, right? And uh, I don’t know. You know, and I hate to say it. It’s just it seems by design. It all kind of seems by design.

It’s like um, you know, and I grew up different. I I um, I was never well I was we were I was vaccinated. I was I was born in the seventies though. Right? So I was vaccinated with like two or three things. And then my mom, one of us was injured. I’m I’m the oldest of 51 of us was injured. So we never got vaccines. And again, you know what I mean? And it was a kind of a thing in the family. Right? So we just knew it was a family that They’re not safe.

Like they said they were right from the 70s kind of thing. Right? Where then in 86 when they passed that what is it, what was that bill that they passed? I can’t remember the name of it. There was a protection against vaccination for the manufacturers. So they had no more liability protection. But you know, I’m with you. I I accepted all the vaccines through the childhood schedule. My kids did. I never questioned them. But now that the covid nineteen’s effects that come out, uh, there’s been several, you know what?

21,000 people have lost their lives in our U. S. System worldwide. The number of people lost their lives, maybe more than 100,000. Uh, we have a paper by Plantas Actos and Seligman from Colombia suggests the US number maybe 187,000 that have lost their lives as a result of the vaccine. Are US CDC bears has certified over 40,000 are permanently disabled. Now, this is like a war. How can anybody really have trust of vaccines? Advisors seems to have no concerns, Johnson Johnson moderna astrazeneca outside the United States. So the manufacturers aren’t concerned.

The governments aren’t concerned. The schools aren’t concerned. The employers aren’t concerned. The military’s not concerned. The only people are who are concerned are those who could potentially face these risks with injections into their body? The question has to be asked. Why aren’t more people concerned? Yes. Yes. Uh, why aren’t the one, uh, you know, why aren’t the ones that seem to have the ability to lock people in their homes and take away their jobs and their food? Why aren’t like, Right? That’s really where we start to get the meat and potatoes of this thing is it’s like, okay, well, then then there’s an agenda.

There’s another agenda somewhere. Right? And it and it can’t just be at this point it can’t just be negligence right? It can’t just be uh that they’re stupid. Right? I you know. Yeah I don’t want to be. Well people have asked the question, are the vaccines really about Covid if they were about Covid, you know, wouldn’t we have safe and effective products wouldn’t we have adjustment of the products for the new variants? Wouldn’t we have safety review committees. Wouldn’t there be you know report cards given the push for the early treatment push right now to keep people out of the hospital where it’s like they seem to be wanting to drive all the people in the hospital.

You know my mom just passed, she was in um in the hospital for 40 days right? And I see you know visitors right 61 years old after day four they were trying to put her on event remdesivir an event remdesivir event even though it was already known, it was already known that remdesivir causes kidney failure and 50% of everybody they give it to and that’s already known or it was the C. D. C. Instead stop using them. But then they said well the NIH said it’s still good to use so they injected her with that we had to file paperwork.

I mean the hospital doors were locked. I was her power of attorney. I couldn’t do anything about it man. It’s this is real and this is this is tragic and I’m so sorry for your loss. Almost every family now has sustained a loss and you know at the historic U. S. Senate panel titled a second opinion on january 24th chaired by Senator Ron johnson. I co moderated it. It was clear paul Merrick who is considered the father of Critical care. Doctor Merrick has published more in critical care than anybody in the history of the world.

Told America based on his review, his detailed and cited review of remdesivir that it causes more harm. It causes more deaths than it saves. And it’s an unfavorable situation that causes both hepatic and renal toxicity. Uh so we have remdesivir, we have patients not being treated well in the hospital, we have suppression of early treatment and now we have unsafe vaccines. So so all of this is starting to add up to something very bad happening in the world to large populations. It’s not just the vaccines, there’s actually many prongs to this but all of it is resulting in harm.

And the world the world knows it, people people are marching, people are now activated. And what’s galvanizing them is medical freedom. Indeed. Yeah. No, you’re right. Um and it’s it’s it’s the it’s the nature of the ego to eat itself to end itself and it’s it’s it’s you know, it’s kind of like it exposed itself and that’s again I was having this conversation earlier. Susan is like most people would have not woke up to these to the fact, right? Because this is it didn’t this didn’t just happen overnight.

This didn’t just happen two years ago, right? It wasn’t just, oh now this has been going on for decades and decades, the pharmaceutical companies, you know, and and now profit and it’s gotten so big and I really believe that that’s kind of the main driving force right now. It seems to be right. And I mean the fact that Congress owns Stock and Fighter and I mean these guys and I mean it’s it’s um it’s it’s weird. I know, but people have said, well it’s driven by conflict of interest or just the companies that we know of.

But let me tell you the same, the same mindset is going on in countries in Southeast Asia for instance, where the vaccine is Signe Avec bye bye corona by the coronavirus vaccine by Sinovac, which is a china company. So I can tell you what’s going on is much broader than what people think it’s worldwide people are in lockstep. They’re thinking the same way people in their minds. It’s in their minds to hurt other people through suppression of early treatment through medicines and procedures that actually cause more harm in the hospital and through a range of vaccines and either don’t work or directly harmful.

So it’s almost like a three pronged approach. But it’s in the minds of people to do it to other people. Yeah. No. Yes. Yes. Well said. Yeah, I guess the the prophet thing. Sure. That’s one of that’s probably a nice thing. But there’s got to be I mean, write something now. Can you could real quick I have this question. What could you explain to me in the audience? What like what is this M. R. N. A. Like what is the gene, what is, what is this gene?

Does it alter your genes? Are we actually talking about altering or is this just could you explain a little bit more? So the Messenger RNA products, Fighter Moderna as well as the ad no, viral products, astrazeneca and johnson johnson. They’re considered genetic therapies. Gene transfer technology programs. They actually transfer genetic material in the human cells. So I think everybody should be immediately concerned about that. They are loaded on the lipid nanoparticles. It’s known before the vaccines ever were released. It’s known as lipid nanoparticles go everywhere. They go to the adrenal glands, the ovaries, the brain, the heart, the bone mail.

That should concern everybody. So if I just said their genetic treatments that are going to go to all the vital organs, including the brain. We don’t have we don’t have vaccines that go to the brain. People should be immediately concerned. Immediately concerned. Uh, you know, I knew this in the summer of 2020. I published an op ed article called the great gamble of the Covid 19 vaccine development program, I was concerned, this should be very concerning to people. Then when I tell you that these genetic products then commandeer mosaic of cells in the body to produce a dangerous external protein, the Wuhan wild type spike protein from the coronavirus.

So if I told you that your genetic programs, we’re going to install the code to produce a dangerous protein that we know in high enough concentrations in the wrong people is lethal. Wait, so wait a minute. I wouldn’t get anywhere near one of these injections. This sounds absolutely terrible to have spike protein produced in the brain produced in the heart of the bone marrow. Create all these organ injury syndromes that are being published widely in the medical literature. People would say this is an organized disaster. This has a very, very dangerous mechanism of action.

Then if I was to tell you that the immunity that is generated is very limited against the spike protein is very short lasting and it’s not specific and it’s not covering the variants would say, wait a minute. Why should I take an injection of gene therapy technology? Then if I was to tell you that we now know the spike protein that’s produced is installed in the human body for over a year. Takes over a year to clear this stuff out of the body. So it was shot one and shot two and then the boosters, there’s no chance of stopping spike protein accumulation in the body.

And as this dangerous protein accumulates in the brain, the heart. Go on Meryl, The the ovaries and reproductive organs. We are looking at almost certainly mounting levels of chronic disease, disability and death. And we’re already seeing it. You know, the actuaries now in across North America are seeing a 40% excess mortality ages 18-4049. And now a major insurer in the Netherlands has seen the exact same thing. And it’s not due to covid, they’re very clear, it’s not covid the respiratory illness. People are dying of something else in this age group at astronomical numbers, anything more than a 10% shift is enough for the insurance company to start figure out why because they have to change insurance premiums.

Well, you know what, what’s funny enough and that’s what’s going to be the driver, isn’t it? Because that’s the driver of healthcare now, which I found out when we ended up in the hospital accidentally with are the birth of our daughter. We wanted a home water birth. But long story um, yeah, insurance dictates healthcare in this country. Um, period it’s it’s what it is And regardless of any variations, right and uniqueness of the patient or the situation, they have to follow protocol. And so the insurance companies and the health systems as well as the majority of doctors have been complicit, they’ve actually been promotional of the vaccines and despite all the safety information coming out the lack of efficacy.

they promote promoting the vaccine, there’s still health system emails indicating the vaccine should be promoted. So it looks like there’s no um evaluation or reconsideration now that this adverse safety profile has come up that the there was excess mortality starting January 22 in our program with only a 27 million people vaccinated. If we had a proper data safety monitoring board, it would have shut down the us program in February. But instead, no, no safety program, no safety stopping mechanism and complete and total hubris by these stakeholders has driven mass vaccination with catastrophic consequences.

Yeah, it’s complete insanity. So, so if if if the insurance companies though, right, right now you’re saying, hey now they’re looking at it and going, hey, like at some point it’s gotta shift. I mean, again, they’re they’re in contradiction with themselves, right? They’re like, well, well we’re promoting the one thing that’s actually killing us our our pocket pocket book. And that’s right. And that’s usually monetary is the only way that, you know, in this system anyway, that people start to listen. And that’s what I was saying, like, so they’re the insurance company, If it’s negatively affecting their bottom line, then can they keep promoting?

So do they keep promoting it? And then they just adjust their insurance stuff so that they can keep, they’ll always make money, right? It seems, insurance companies always have a beautiful way of coming out on top, regardless You’re right. I don’t know if they’re gonna differential e apply or just apply increased rates across the board, but it’s clear something else is going on. The only thing that’s changed in 2021 is the ill advised mass vaccination program. Oh man. Uh so it seems to be mass psychosis and I believe that you said that before.

How do we break it? We have to pick relatedness. We have to pick some things that are not confrontational and people can relate to maybe movie stars, actors, actresses, something uh to have people start to get a grasp on what’s going on. We don’t want to see continued loss of life, uh complications, injuries where, you know, over 30,000 young men have been, I had heart damage to the vaccines. How many more young men can take the vaccine before somebody says enough’s enough. Well, we’ll find out as people continue to take the vaccine.

If everyone just stopped right now. If everyone said no to these vaccines, the whole thing would crumble and actually the pandemic would get better because the vaccines, there’s three analyses, one by super mainly in camp and Bt all showing the mass vaccination program are leading to more cases and actually more debts. So, the vaccine program is backfiring worldwide. So the sooner we actually stopped taking the vaccines, the better for public health. Yeah, No kidding. Right? I mean, it’s uh, wow. Okay. So, yeah, I mean, I guess just having more and more of these conversations, right.

And, and again, you’re, you’re over target their doctor obviously they wouldn’t have come after joe and all that the way they did, right. And that’s obviously, that’s the theory we have. That. That’s, that’s why, that’s, that’s why um, why they came after joe is because of you. It wasn’t so much joe. It was your message and you being creditable. Right? And, and and knowing what you’re talking about and being honest and telling the truth. I think that’s what they don’t want more than anything. I think that’s right.

I think it’s suppression of the truth. I tweeted to uh, press secretary jen Psaki as well as president biden that I’m happy to review my scientific slides with them. You know, they’ve been fully continuing medical education approved embedded. They were presented at the Association of american Physicians and surgeons meeting and be happy to go over the data with them. Uh, because that is the, that is the medical data. And so, uh, there’s no hyperbole. There’s no opinion. And uh, you’re right now, interestingly, I’ve never had anybody directly confront me regarding presentation of the data.

No one’s actually ever challenged me and said, you know what, you were wrong about this paper that I would never, there’s only been kind of backhanded cowardly types of attacks by bye fallacious fact checkers that are they that they themselves are spewing misinformation. So the fact checkers have been fact checked actually by dan O’Connor at trial site news and they show they’re all linked to the vaccine stakeholders, all of them. So uh so they, you know, I’ll present data. Uh let’s say a paper on myocarditis and the fact checker will say, well the vaccines don’t cause myocarditis.

It’s like, well the paper says here are the data and so, you know, the fact checkers. Uh and there’s even if there’s even been doctors who have written ah various types of blogs on the internet and they study every word that I said with joe Rogan and what I say is listen, I’m kind of glad that that a doctor reviewed every word and they’d be sad to to find out that I’m not reviewing every word that they spoke or read uh that I’m an authoritative doctor and I have more publications and more experience with data than any of the bloggers out there.

And I’ve told others, I am happy to engage in a roundtable discussion, but it’s gonna have to be somebody who has substantial experience. You know, steve kirsch who founded the Covid Early Treatment fund and on the vaccine injury fund. He has an open off author offer for uh $2 million. If any one of these people will sit down and just have a conversation about vaccine safety and efficacy if someone wants to make the case that the vaccines are safe And effective, that they’ll collect $2 million, no one will show up, Right?

Yeah. Right. And that’s again, that’s it’s it’s not about health and safety, it’s about control at this point, Right? I mean, it’s what you think that if you think if someone actually thought the vaccines were safe and effective that they would show up and collect $2 million you know, Senator Senator johnson at the second opinion panel on Covid 19 in Washington, january 24th invited all the public health staffers and officials, not a single one showed up. And it was five hours of evidence based testimony. It was dozens of practicing doctors, scientists and um nurses, patients and others and nobody showed up to hear, in a sense the medical truth.

It was five hours of medical truth bombs and they didn’t show up. And that’s again, it’s not about finding out what’s going on with the whatever if there was a virus and this whole thing and all this. If it was really about that, you think that there’d be constant um deliberation right from experts on in round tables and these sort of things that you guys did, which was brilliant by the way. Thank you so much. It was beautiful. It was it was it was emotional and it was so very informative and truthful and it was it was a beautiful thing, right to see you guys actually doing that.

But and at the same time, you see that, well, they didn’t even want the other side and whatever you want to say. But a counter to the whole narrative, they don’t have one person that will set up in front of the other and, and have this conversation, right? Not even Fauci, he, I mean he has to go up and testify, but he just kind of lies in front of congress and then they have an argument. But there’s no like actual talk between, hey man, is this actually happening?

You know, just like we would actually do if, if we were in a in a bunker and there was a thing about to eat us or something, trust me, we’d figure out something really quick right to come together and get rid of that thing. But it’s, it’s not, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s like the schoolyard bickering, right? It’s that kind of, and it’s, I don’t even know, it’s, it’s such an odd, odd reality we’re living in right now. There is, you know, there were several false narratives that I think we’re very intentional.

The first one was asymptomatic spread that anybody can give it to somebody else. And it doesn’t matter if you think you have it or not that created so much anxiety and created just bizarre behaviors and it was learned that sick people give it to susceptible people. It’s conveyed through the air. Yet people were focused on hand sanitizers and they were focused on social distancing and masks and you know, even common sense would tell you if two people don’t have the virus, you put a mask on them, it’s not gonna make a difference.

And so you don’t think about just common sense. If you look at a mask mask expert Stephen Petty has calculated 18% of them. Air goes right around the mask. You should take common sense that the virus can go right around the mask and then the masks only filter out three microns. The viruses, one microns. So the virus moves in and out of masks and 95 you can keep going on and on. So, you know, the absurdity of this of of closing the schools masks, lockdowns. That should just from a common sense perspective, raise issues.

These uh the narrative that the virus should not be treated early and that it should preferentially just be treated late when patients are in the last gasp, people should question that and say that doesn’t work for other illnesses. You know, why are we doing this here? Let’s follow the doctors who say to treat early. And then lastly, the vaccines, Once we started to see people dying shortly after the vaccine, common sense should tell people listen, the vaccines aren’t working out, People are dying in large numbers after they get the vaccine.

So this is just common sense, just common sense should set set things right? So the common sense answers are don’t wear masks, don’t social distance, just treat high risk patients early. If they get Covid. And then the final common sense conclusion is get rid of these vaccines. So that basically means go back to normal and just treat Covid 19 and high risk people. It’s a pretty simple solution to end the pandemic well. And you know, and that’s the funny thing is is there is, um, I know that you have so much backing, right?

It’s it’s not just you, I mean you’re one of the brave ones who will stand up and say it right. And he will kind of be out there and and saying it. But now now we’ve got a bunch of you, you know what I mean? Like over the past two years now there’s a bunch of doctors out there who are saying that we’ve got, I mean the frontline doctors, all these different organizations now, people who are saying raising red flags, Right? So yeah, how do we take back the narrative?

There’s about 17,000 doctors who are now thinking in common sense, straightforward terms. It’s interesting when Joe Rogan was attacked, there was a letter signed by 270 doctors. And it turns out like 80 of them weren’t even doctors. They were just, you know, yeah, bloggers what happened? So all I can say is I’m the most published person in my field in the world in history and one of the most published people on Covid 19 and certainly one of the most frequently requested commentators and tested, you know, test experts that testified in Covid 19.

I’m happy to engage in dialogue. I am happy and open to talk to each and every person who has views and we can ultimately vet them all and come to a path moving forward. But what we will not tolerate and what I won’t tolerate is censorship, attempts at personal injury, attempts at professional Reprisal. All of these will be vigorously fought. And in fact I’m convinced I’ll prevail because I have the medical truth. And in the end, those who are trying to support for instance, suppression of treatment, you know, they have no ground to stand on.

In fact they’re causing great harm and have caused great harm. Those are promoting the vaccine have caused great harm. Well, whatever happened to the Nuremberg code. Right? And and like to me even that like you’re you’re not allowed to course people for medical treatment. Right? But this is I mean like you were talking about before, this is coarse mint on a whole nother level. And then to do it to miners do it to Children man. It’s I mean now now they’re like giving it I mean right here at the school next to us and they have they have banners and they’re doing it at the schools now, right?

It’s just like what what happened so fast so quick fear, You know, I mean, it’s fears the ultimate driver and a lot of this obviously it’s irrational. It’s irrational. It’s not evidence based, it’s it’s completely dangerous. The Nuremberg code is there for a reason because Nazi doctors committed atrocities on citizens of Germany. Just as as if doctors right now in the United States are in a sense complicit with it with an atrocity on mankind. And the violation of the Nuremberg code is of tremendous concern, violation of the declaration of Helsinki.

Can you imagine the next person who signs a consent form is not informed about the risks of vaccination, including immediate death? Uh, as well as the organ injury syndromes that we’ve seen uh, in in tens of thousands of individuals, they’re not informed that they can be permanently disabled and that 40% of 40,000 Americans have been permanently disabled after the vaccine there simply told to take the vaccine. No wonder the truckers have Canada shut down right now. No wonder I don’t want the vaccine. I don’t know a single person who wants to take another shot of vaccines.

So, I mean, that brings me to my next question. How do we hold these people account? Mean, look, because I mean, we’re talking, I mean, how how do we hold these people accountable? Right, well, this is a great rise of the independent media, including your station. There’s no doubt about it that now the independent media is going to take over and I think that’s the reason why Joe Rogan is such a threat. My interview with Joe Rogan, There’s probably approaching 50 million views of a three hour uh dedicated program.

Can you imagine a typical show on CNN is less than a million viewers? No wonder they’re going after Joe Rogan. And he I think Joe Rogan represents basically the uh the spear of independent media. Yes. Well said. Well said, yeah, no, that’s that’s beautiful. So so we kind of I guess we can hold them accountable. I mean, I guess we can take the narrative back. We’re starting to and it is there. I mean, I I don’t know. And you know, I guess neither of us are lawyers are in that crap anyway.

But I just I mean how do you how do you I mean, is it another Nuremberg trial? Are we talking Nuremberg two point Oh, I mean, how how how do these people get held accountable for like committing these atrocities or do they? Well, in the mass psychosis, that means that the mass of people are involved that includes doctors, includes lawyers, judges, we have suspended jury trials. So right now we should assume the courts are in the mass formation. There isn’t a sense of corruption of the courts.

So it’s not the legal system is not going to save us and the medical system is not going to save us. But what will save us, Especially with this threat? You know, this threat is not a threat that’s crumbling our houses or or or you know, it’s not a it’s not a nuclear holocaust. This is basically the threat is a injection of vaccine. So what would stop this threat immediately is if every person in the world said no more and if simultaneously every person said no, this entire thing would crumble.

It would just crumble, it would be over with. So people have to realize that only they have control over what goes in their body, no one else can control that. So it’s interesting the whole population in the world has been put up to an issue on medical freedom. This is about personal autonomy. So it’s so interesting how this has developed. This has been uh developed as basically a question will people stand up for their own personal autonomy or will they cave? Will they cave in and succumb to tyranny?

And so it’s only those who have the strongest mind who have the strongest strength of will and who really love freedom enough that they’re willing to say no. And so many people tell me dr McCullough, I just want to keep my job or I just want to go to school. I just want to travel and they’re willing to give up they have freedom and then sustain the personal injury and the risk of death that the vaccines offered for privileges, right? They’re giving up their freedoms for these privileges that then can be taken away at any time, right?

And that’s what we are what we do here mainly at the freedom people is is our ethos is to free the individual, free the individual, you free your family for your community, for your county. But to get the individual to stop asking permission and to stop, we call it the slave mindset. It’s and it’s it’s really hard to do right. It’s hard to get because when your when your opinion is fed to you, when when your beliefs are fed to you and when you don’t have to think right, and that’s what we’ve bred.

You know, over the past few generations now we’ve we’ve got no critical thinkers really, you get rewarded for regurgitation, right? I mean, it’s um we are where we are um because of I mean we we put ourselves here, right? I mean we have no one to blame but ourselves. Which is great because then we also can look at ourselves and solve the problem. That’s what we’re saying. It goes back to you got to free yourself as an individual and then right? And then find that constitution inside that says no.

And there’s that word again, just know it’s really simple. Everybody should try it. No. There’s a movie trailer out and the title of the movie is called doomed to repeat it and you’ll see my clips in there and some other clips, but one of the other um actors in the movie said that previously hard times created strong people. And now good times have created weak people. And so actually the good times that we’ve had in the last several decades have reduced. They produced people who are very weak in terms of their minds.

They can be intelligent, they can be productive in their jobs, but they actually have weak minds and they’re very very subject to intimidation. Uh they’re subject to basically getting sucked into a false narrative. Uh There was manipulation, control, manipulation. Yes. And it’s just it’s extraordinary to see so many intelligent productive people uh so weak in the lines. And it’s it’s it’s amongst all of our circles now, you see it over and over again, it’s only those with the strongest mine and then even even a more rare subset who are sufficiently courageous enough to step out and like in any other crisis, if if this was a physical war and there were bombs going off and bricks and mortar crumbling, it would be a few courageous people that would step out and fight the same thing.

We’re not we’re not in a physical war, we’re in, in a sense, a mental sociological spiritual psychological war. And it’s only those who are strongest amongst us with the strongest minds and the greatest degree of courage who are stepping out. Yeah. Well said. Well said, Yeah. Um we were in a discussion, it’s it’s like they’re we’ve we’ve given like, you know, what do you grow up to be a doctor or a lawyer? Doctor lawyer, Doctor lawyer, Doctor lawyer, right? And so they’ve been they’ve become terms of or um you know in terms of nobility, right?

So now we’ve kind of anointed a whole generation. But now and then I’m again very intelligent people. It’s not that it’s just they never really questioned who trained them. Like where’d you get that education from now? Yeah. You went to Yale, you went to Harvard, you went but but who actually wrote the books? Like who wrote this education that you’re you covet so so much right? But and you find out, I don’t know I had dr Tommy john, do you know who dr Tommy john is? Um He’s a professional baseball player.

Uh He injured his his arm. He’s there’s actually a famous surgery now, it’s called Tommy john surgery for pitchers in baseball. And that’s from him. His dad was a really famous baseball player. Anyway, he um in his his mission to heal himself, he found out that it was actually fight sir, that was writing the books for the college, right? For the medical school that he was studying from or whatever right? And that kind of was what woke him up out of his sight, right? Right, right, you’re just like, oh my goodness.

Like wait a minute if the drug companies and for him he just kind of put it all together and he was like, oh my goodness, I’m not meant to really get better right here, this is like everybody’s trained a certain way and they mean? Well it’s it’s not like we’re you know what I mean? People are good people. I I truly believe that like in the core are good people right? And that there’s a really good book called like Good people do bad things. Um But it’s it’s that you know it’s they everyone believes right.

It’s the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And so we’ve bred this whole hey, you’re a doctor, a lawyer, awesome. Nobody can question you. You know like Fauci you can’t question him. He’s the science right? So you can’t even question science and has gotten we’ve gotten is the really weird position to where the smartest and the and you said it in there, we have the best and our brightest they got were there out of stuff. They they’ve got no ammo to fight intellectually anymore or something. Right?

It’s a it’s a very interesting space. Again. That’s very interesting. You know the U. K. Have dropped all their mandates. Just overnight countries. A couple of countries in europe have to and I can tell you without any mandates. I can’t imagine anybody is going to take a vaccine without mandates. I can’t imagine anybody’s gonna wear a mask? No. You know so you think you think we’re close Like do you think doctors are are still afraid of catching covid from patients? Oh yeah doctors are terrified. I mean they’re forcing the vaccines on the most vulnerable patients.

Can you imagine a patient with heart failure who’s barely hanging on to life? We know these vaccines cause heart injury. There’s 200 papers showing the vaccines cause heart injury. If this person is waiting for a heart transplant, the last thing we do is give them a drug or a vaccine that causes heart injury. Do you know that cardiac transplant programs across the United States are mandating the vaccines on the the transplant candidates and if they refuse, they get booted off the transplant list. I can tell you that that is a example of the human mind is not thinking correctly.

It’s not thinking. There are warnings that say don’t use them because they cause heart damage. And yet they’re giving them to the people who are most vulnerable to sustain heart damage, the cognitive dissonance. And we’re finding that it’s it’s it’s very interesting because it seems so a parent now, right? Whereas I never really even I noticed this and and I love people and I, you know, I’ve been right. I think that I studied people pretty well, because I studied myself, right? So that that I’ve never seen it.

So, um um it’s it’s kind of beautiful in its own way, right? How how uh it’s like a prism prismatic can become, right? Its like everybody’s like how how can you know that this causes heart failure? But you’re going to give it to the person whose heart’s failing? Right? Right. So, you know, So this is indicative of absurdity. So, it’s been said, for instance, you know, two people who don’t have covid wearing masks. Well, of course masks aren’t gonna do anything uh giving a product that causes heart damage to a person with heart failure.

And you can go on and on giving a vaccine that has a dangerous mechanism action to a pregnant woman, a vaccine that’s proven to cause blood clotting. That’s the last thing we want to give to a pregnant woman who, you know, causing blood clots in the placenta to the baby is catastrophic. So when we see these absurd actions, we know we’re actually in mass formation psychosis, which requires us to have a prolonged period of isolation. We’ve had that number one, number two, have things taken away from us that we had enjoyment.

That would check that box number three, that we’ve had constant free floating anxiety, which we get these messages all the time to make us more anxious. And then number four, that we’ve had a single solution to quote a narrative that’s offered by a body from of authority that is our government’s and its worldwide. And so we actually are in mass inflammation. That explains why people, people aren’t thinking straight right now, wow, wow, just, wow. I mean, I don’t know. Well, um so in the unfortunate event that someone has taken the Fauci Fauci.

So they call it or whatever you want to say this like this, the jab is there uh is do you know of any sort of treatment, is there detox treatments? Is there anything that that people can do? I mean, or like you were saying that I know naturally we’re saying it takes a while for it to process through the body. But is there, I mean, you know, it probably takes over. It takes over a year to clear out the body. Uh remember the governments who fund research, They don’t even acknowledge the vaccine injuries can happen.

So there’s no vaccine injury research going on because they don’t acknowledge that injuries can happen. So, so we don’t have any research to suggest what to do. Anyway. Uh so there are no proven detoxification programs, no vaccine funded research going on injury research. The only thing I can tell you is that your listeners could go to the World Council for Health, World Council Health and then look at there’s a few um suggested protocols for vaccine injuries to tox ification. But clearly the person who’s thinking about detoxification should have said no to the vaccine to begin with.

There you go. Right. And and right, here’s the thing is, can you write, I can’t imagine somebody who’s like, you know, just kind of on the fence or something. And then, I mean like it’s the coercion and stuff like right now, it’s it’s almost like, I mean, I don’t know if you saw that Shaq Shaquille O’neal interview that’s going around but where he was like that’s forced again, cognitive dissonance. Where that woman, how can you not see that? That’s for you. It’s a it’s a if you don’t take this, you’re losing your job.

How is that? Not forced? It’s forced. You know, I I gave I’m giving public programs and I’ll go into towns and there’ll be 500 to 5000 people who show up pack rooms. I just present the scientific slides, answer questions and we held a private doctors meeting in Wichita Kansas with all the treating doctors. And one of the questions that was asked is What percent of your patients took the vaccines because they thought the vaccines would actually help them medically and what percent took it because of force or because of social reasons trying to go to school work um etc, they thought it was 5050.

So at least half of americans probably took the vaccines for non medical reasons they wanted to travel, they wanted to say. And so I think they are going to be furious when they get covid 19 which is happening. So the vaccines don’t protect and now that when they sustain injuries or long term consequences are going to be furious and said, you know, I did this so I could travel where I did this because you know, I needed to extend my job for three months I guess it was it worth it, right?

And that that’s that’s the complete insanity of the whole thing that you will lose the ability to feed your Children if you don’t do this thing. How is that not forced? That’s pretty dang near holding you down and injecting it into you And if if you take it you may lose your life and then you can’t feed your family. So the decisions are are anguishing. No wonder no wonder the truckers are trying to shut down Canada. I mean this has brought this to extreme levels of anguish if the vaccines were safe and effective.

Honestly I don’t think anybody would have a problem. And you say listen take a shot. What’s the big deal? It’s just because they’re so dangerous. Most dangerous biologic products ever used. And do you know the percentage of people who are getting like Myo or pericarditis and he sort of do you know now we know the exact numbers now. Myo pericarditis. More than 30,000 in the U. S. C. C. Bear system. So that’s what’s been reported right now. Is that true that it’s only 1% actually or something? I can’t remember.

But they say it’s a small percentage gets actually through or reported or something. It’s it’s it’s it’s grossly under reported. And one of the things with my card I just I think it’s really worrisome is the fact that um It may be relatively um low in terms of symptoms or no symptoms. So the current number of miles card itis pericarditis as of January 28 is 31,185 and that’s a that’s a staggering number of people getting EKGs and echocardiograms and cardiac M. R. I. And blood testing going on medications and taking out of sports.

I mean, this is a wrecking machine and I testified in the US Senate. I said one case is too many because they occur in young people who don’t who don’t have any chance of benefiting from the vaccines. It’s just a straight up large scale hazard that they’re facing. And it seems like they’re pushing like trying to normalize like cardiac arrest and Children and stuff, right? I’m starting to see these kind of reports coming out and stuff saying, hey, you know, kids have heart attacks to and things like, and it’s um wow, it’s, wow, that’s really again, absurd attempts to normalize one false narrative is that, well, if you get covid 19, you get a myocarditis too.

And that’s been disproven. Now, there’s a paper by joy and colleagues out of ST louis and J. C. C imaging clearly showing that you don’t with community Covid, you don’t get myocarditis or cardiac injury. Now, people sick enough to have covid in the ICU, they can have a positive troponin as they would with pneumococcal or gram negative substance, but that’s not myocarditis. Even the chinese were publishing papers about that that this is basically an elevation and proponents of myocardial injury pattern, but it’s not myocarditis. Other attempts to normalize things are are you know, this this this false narrative about, well listen, if you take it, you protect others.

So the Children, I said listen, go ahead and take it. You know, if you want to protect others what it doesn’t stop transmission. And a patient by paper by saying garage among colleagues. 39% transmissions from fully vaccinated, fully vaccinated. But yet there are grandparents that refuse to see their grandchildren unless they’ve taken the vaccine. You can see how this is how this is happening. Yeah. And and and it’s happened. It’s I mean my family’s been torn apart. I mean, I don’t know one that hasn’t, you know, it’s really been divisive.

Okay, one last question for you. I really appreciate it, man. Thank you so much. Okay. And this is because this has been going around in my circles is um, can you help me to understand the difference between germ theory and terrain theory. Oh boy, I’m not expert enough to text you don’t know either. So I’m having a hard time. I’m like because everybody’s like, well because you know, I didn’t know there was more than what I didn’t know. Well listen, you know a fair guest will tell you when he or she Yes, that’s amazing.

That’s beyond my range. You know, I I go on, I just came off national news before I jumped on with you. I will always be fair with America. I’m always fair balanced. I don’t have any conflicts of interest. If I did, I’d report them. And the bottom line is, I’m just trying to be truthful. But let me finish by saying, thank you so much for the interview. You can follow me on America out loud talk radio, the McCullough report. I follow a weekly report to the nation.

You can follow me across social media platforms. I’m the Chief medical Advisor voluntarily for the Truth for Health Foundation. I’ve been interested in vaccine safety and efficacy. Um, interested in ways to, to fight the mandates and and really join the movement. This there is a freedom movement. You represent the freedom people. If anything can galvanize americans. They’re on both sides of the aisle. It’s going to be freedom. Hey, like you said, the freedom people and that’s what we are. We’re all coming together to make this happen because we have to make our new world.

I don’t think they’re going to stop they, whoever they are, they have an agenda, whatever that maybe we have 12 and that’s freedom. So the Freedom people dot org Thank you doctor so much. I really, really appreciate your time. Thank you. It’s been amazing. It’s an honor, cheers. All right. Thanks bye bye bye. Yeah. Mm hmm. Mm hmm

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