June 1, 2022

Create Your Own Health

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Welcome to Round 2 with Dr Benjamin Benulis just in time for his new book launch, Create Health! Dr. Ben is a badass, certified by The Freedom People. He is a fascinating man with a variety of knowledge and a great sense of humor. Listen as this former engineer of ten years tells his story of how he got into practicing a non traditional method of chiropractic.

Show Notes

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Hello, all you lovely freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the freedom people podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms. All the freedoms that we can think of anyway, as we collectively take this journey to Ultimate freedom together, I’m your host, Bradley Freedom and today’s guest is Dr Benjamin Banyuls, that’s right. We got round two with Dr Ben, I always love talking to Dr Ben on the mic off the mic. He’s awesome. One another great conversation.

He just released his first book titled create Health. We are honored to be able to help him get this out to everybody. Everyone needs to read this book and everybody needs to listen to this episode, we’re gonna jump right into it. But before we do, what I need you to do is head over to the Freedom people dot org and sign up to become a contributing member today. This helps us grow our community of like minded individuals so that we can all make sure and stay in touch when well when things get a little gnarly.

Also as usual, we are helping people take their businesses out of the public into the private save yourself a little bit of coinage on the tax and also, hey, let’s stop feeding that taxation boat that’s crashing huh? Come on, let’s go, oh, there you go. Yeah, that’s good, that’s better. Alright, so new books out. Yeah, officially, officially a a week ago today. So yeah, how’s it going. Um dude, I you know, it’s like one of those things, trust the process and the publisher was like, do this this and this and you’ll be an amazon bestseller and dude, he was right, like within two days I was number one health and wellness on amazon, so holy moly dude, congratulations.

Thanks man. Yeah, it’s a real that’s huge. That’s huge. And this is the second book um our first book, this is the first book I ever wrote. Yeah, yeah, I thought you had another book out, No, oh man, for some reason, I thought this was your second book, Okay, I created like little pdf guides on the internet and stuff like that, but never like an actual paperback book, you know, so what inspired the book? Um Well it was, you know, a lot of it was my journey and my story and telling it um and getting sick of repeating myself and uh you know, um just really, You know, I had my own health challenges about 12 years ago and I really wanted to like condense down a book that was just like, okay, if I went back in time to old Ben, you know, before he was dr Ben and just said, hey, read this and do what’s in it, you’ll be all right, you know, that was kind of, that was kind of the genesis of the book, so it’s really geared towards people who have an autoimmune disease and um have been, you know following doctor’s orders doing what they say, taking their meds and being like, okay, well when the hell do I get better, you know?

Yeah, yeah, you’ll be on that medication the rest of your life. But it is, what did I get better? Like what? And so, you know, a lot of these people who are, you know, I talked to people with 5, 10, 25 years into it, like, um, you know, kind of, you know, finally starting to realize that, um, that, you know what they’ve been told by their doctor just isn’t cutting the mustard and they’re looking for something else. This book is geared towards them. Yeah. Beautiful, beautiful. That it’s kind of a trap, isn’t it?

The whole medical profession, it seems like like you were just saying, right? Like, hey, I’m sure everybody at some point was healthy before they walked into a doctor ironically enough. Right, Right. And then then they get hooked on the floor or they get hooked on the idea, I guess from the, or the doctor’s words that say, yeah, you, your diagnosis is a death sentence, right? Or whatever they say, right? So then you’re just kind of, now you’re there, you’re in the system and do you just forget that maybe you came there to maybe be better.

I don’t know, it’s kind of an odd, you get what I’m saying and obviously you don’t know, it’s just hypothesizing here, but like kind of, what is the yeah, I mean, there’s a lot of things going on and we can unpack it, but like, a lot of it just comes from the perspective that they’re looking at of like, they’re just trying to treat your disease, like, they’re not trying to get you healthy, that’s like, that’s almost like absurd talk to them, right? It’s like no one ever goes to the doctor, hey, how can I be healthier, right?

It’s almost like, why would you ask that question? It’s um so it’s like, hey, I have problem X, Y and Z, solve it for me, you know? And so um it’s like, they’re good at like stopping things from happening in your body. Like, that’s what they’re good at. There’s suppressing symptoms like, oh, you don’t want to get pregnant and just take this pill, right? You don’t want to get your wife pregnant, we’ll snip snip this off you um you know, you don’t want to have high blood pressure.

Well, basically give you something to piss all your water weight away and then, you know, you won’t have blood pressure, won’t be as bad. Um It’s like, your appendix is bothering you, uncle Joey, you know, just cut it out. Um And so the problem is that when you have a systemic condition, it’s like, what are they gonna like cut every part of your body out, you know? Um Yeah, you have something like chronic pain, they can give you something to make you not feel it, they can’t fix the cause of it but they can you know knock you out with opioids and fentaNYL and whatever Lyrica um to make you not feel it but they you know oh what’s causing the pain?

Oh well that’s I mean we’re not sure and even if we did like we would not fix it. So Lyrica, is that a new one? It’s a it’s a it’s one you might not have heard of, it’s more of a nerve pain thing for people who have like very severe like M. S. And um like like neurological issues and stuff like that right? But all it does is basically cut off the receptors for that. It doesn’t nothing ever right? And that’s kind of what I was getting through.

This whole thing is back to your book here. Is that that’s not your approach. No, obviously no I mean it was for the 1st 20 years of my life, like I want to understand like I came from a pedigree or or you know a family of people that were like lots of medical doctors in my family, lots of ivy league educated people in my family. um so when I got sick in 2010 it was like well obviously I just go to the medical doctor and um and so I had this whole experience where I was like okay we’ll go oh we can’t really figure out what’s wrong with you or nothing so it’s not that big a deal.

We ran your labs, you know what, everything looks normal, so, you know, you’re fine, you know, it’s not, well maybe in your head, you know? Um it’s like, well we can’t figure it out. So it must, you know, must be like, if we can’t figure it out, we know everything, so there must not actually be a problem, you must be imagining it. Um and it was like, no, I’m I’m pretty smart and I know that I’m not imagining this. Um and I think a lot of people just kind of go along with like what they’re told um and they’re just like, oh, we’re gonna, we’ll send you to the next guy who will maybe know what to do, right, and it’s just like passing you on and passing you on and passing you on and it was like, I don’t know, I had enough of of a work experience that I’ve worked with, like competent people and incompetent people and I could tell the difference and I was like, okay, even though these people are doctors, they’re really freaking incompetent, like they just, they don’t know what they’re doing, they’re pretending like they do when they don’t have an answer, they blame it on something else.

Um I’ve seen this kind of behavior before and it was like everywhere I was going, I was getting the same, you know, kind of, and so that was when I, and I just thought like, I was a special case, you know, I thought that, like, whatever I had was so unique and you know, I I basically had chronic pain, chronic digestive issues, really bad skin issues, really bad fatigue, brain fog, and I just thought, oh, this is just unique to me. No one else is going through this, well, I was wrong with that.

Um but as I said, okay, well this is something I’m gonna have to figure out on my own. Um And so that’s kind of where like the gears began to turn because I just wasn’t getting an answer going the conventional route. Um And you know, now we’re seeing people, it’s like, like they’re just sticking around and like hoping like hell that they got an answer, you know? Um and you know, these people that have been doing the same thing, you know, going to see the same doctor for 20 years and it’s like, they’re not getting any better, but they just keep doing what they’re told.

It’s pretty sad because it’s not about health care. It’s it’s it’s right. I mean, like you were saying they’re not trying to get your health. It’s such a weird concept when you do think about it right? I mean if you actually sit and put your mind on it for a second, that’s weird. That’s really weird to just be chronically for the rest of your life, going to a doctor, right? And that’s what we do now. That’s just what you do, right? Well, yeah, it’s like a good thing.

It’s like, oh, let’s have more hospitals. Let’s like, you know, it’s like um it’s it’s yeah, I mean I’m blanking now and what I want to say. But yeah, it’s it’s basically this idea that like every time you go to a doctor, it’s a good thing. Every medicine you’re on is a good thing. And it’s like, yeah, okay, medicine has a place. But like if you’re constantly adding more and more of them and like just to kind of just to kind of, you know, hold the ship together while it sinks.

It’s like, it’s not not the best model. What do you think the future of, of of medicine? Is it is there a future in medicine? Well, and I mean for healthy people, that’s what I’m saying is is food the medicine or is there, I mean are we always going to have some sort of pill around? Um I mean, I think that um you know, the future is uncertain. I I see some good scenarios and I don’t really see pharmaceuticals in any of those good scenarios. Um but like I was just listening to um um I was like, oh, can I say some stuff that we might get censored.

I’ll just say it this is, is the freedom people. I was listening to the world economic forum and they had the ceo of moderna on there And he was saying, Oh we got $30 million 30 million doses and like we can’t find anybody to buy him. Like we got like this stuff is dying on the vine, right? Um and uh, and so it’s like that’s what’s going to happen is that more and more people are gonna be like, fuck this. You know, like I’m out, I don’t want this.

Um, and the institution is going to be there pretending they’re in this position of authority and everybody loves us and we’re the experts and less and less people are gonna buy in and eventually it’s just gonna collapse. I like that, that makes the most sense, man. It has to I mean the more or at least it would collapse for us. I mean, maybe there will always be right. Some some people right? And a couple of hospitals somewhere or something where that’s what they do. Yeah, you will you still need critical care and emergency care.

You know, you get hit by a car, you get, yeah, medicine is great for that. It’s just for for just treating chronic disease. It’s abysmal. Um, so it’s not like doctors are going to go away and there’s never gonna be any pharmaceutical drugs, but, and just right now with the system as it is where, you know, these pharmaceutical companies are the, you know, the biggest industries in the world and they make the most profit and they’re the most lobbying power and they have the most advertising power or it’s like 60% of the ads on tv or in the U. S. Yeah in the US are I mean a lot of their countries don’t allow. Yeah. Yeah.

One of very few that allows it but it’s like that gives them tremendous power to like basically, you know dictate, you know call the shots at the media. You can talk about that but you can’t talk about that because if you talk about that we’re pulling our money away. Um And as they make less money they have less power and um it’ll just kind of be a snowball effect where they’ll just kind of like well they’ll be dropped down quite a bit from where they are because it’s it’s complete insanity right now as far as the the the massive amount or how big they are like I don’t even know the the sheer volume.

It’s a trillion dollar industry dude sick care and it is sick care. Um and it’s it’s pretty, I mean you know, you got a lot of well intentioned people. Um So it’s not like oh that you know, I don’t I don’t like to think of it like all these these people like sitting in there, you know and up in a massive skyscraper like this twisting the mustache. You know figure out how they’re going to hatch an evil plan, they just want to make money right and they’re just like, oh, if it’s a drug we have to give everybody, well that sounds like a great marketing plan, right?

Of course. And, and, and, and if you’re on the good side of things, you’re not going to question things. That’s just really the way it is. And I say good. But I mean, hey, you got, you know, you’re a doctor. I mean if you’re a doctor, those are terms of nobility these days. That’s what you have now. You know, you’ve been anointed these things, oh, you’re a doctor. Well doctor or a lawyer. Everybody knows that for, how long has that been in our, our psyche as people, I don’t ever remember a time that it wasn’t a doctor or a lawyer, that’s what you’re going to school to be if you want to be a success in this world, right?

So you don’t really, and to your point, they’re, they’re not taught there. They’re rewarded for being regurgitate, ear’s not thinking for themselves, you know? And that’s where we get into this really hairy weird spot where overinflated egos of how awesome they are because everybody in the world tell them they’re so awesome right? But, and they’re like, well I must be awesome even though I know I’m, I didn’t really do much and I gosh, I mean they did a lot, but what they did was they basically like we’re able to learn a bunch of raw data and information and basically repeat what they were told and repeat a lot like a large amount of information they were told that that’s a skill set that not a lot of people have, I couldn’t do. Yeah.

Um, like I said in chiropractic school, I struck it was, it was mostly like medical school and it was a lot of records. I struggled, man. Um, like I, I had to work very hard to get these. It was, but then there are people who are just naturally good at just, um, you know, reading information and regurgitating it. And it was like, I, I just, I wasn’t passionate about that because I knew what I want to do when I got out of there already, right? Um, but it does breed this, this, this sort of person who’s really good at memorizing and repeating and sound looking, looking the part looking smart talking as if they know what they’re talking about.

Just talking about science and data as if it’s, you know, the gospel. Um, and so, yeah, exactly. And so it’s like, it, it’s almost like they bred this robot army of these drones who are just like shoot up the juice juice. Yeah. Um, and so, and you know, it’s all like, it’s just this weird perfect storm of a lot of bad ship. It is, Yeah. Um, it’s crazy. And um, yeah. Mm hmm. Yeah. And so this system, it’s just like, I mean, I kind of always, you know, when I got into this, you know, I was like, oh, medical systems going to collapse.

It’s gonna get too expensive. It’s gonna just get too bad of results. And people are just gonna be like, I can’t afford insurance for what, what does it do for me? You know, like I have this conversation with people all the time. I have to spend all this money, health insurance that I don’t use and like what’s, you know, just so people can with diabetes and get their toes chopped off, right? Dude. And it’s, it’s, it’s that way, look, it’s in our system employment, right? Like for a long my whole life, I’ve always been a natural path kind of guy, right?

But every perk in a job that you go to get, what do they say? A full medical and dental, right? Full metal. But I’ve been for years like, well I don’t use your medical, but it doesn’t matter. They don’t care. It’s not about that. It’s about them just having it in the system. It’s in their place. So they never have to run it, right. It’s always there. It’s so nicely fit for the whole industry just to, of course, I mean by design, right? Yeah. I mean it’s, it’s, yeah, The way money plays into it is very bizarre right?

Because it’s like, oh, you have this health insurance. Um, and you have diabetes. Oh, um, we’ll, we’ll pay for your toes to get chopped off, no problem. Oh, you wanna um like learn how to, you know, eat fruits and vegetables and do stuff like this and eat better. Well that’s not something we’re going to pay for. So you’re on your own for that. Yeah, sorry, We can’t do that. Yeah. Um So it’s like they can do the drug and the surgery, but um when even those things aren’t the best option, they don’t want to pay for it.

So it’s like people are stuck in this sort of like, well, I have the insurance, this is what the insurance pays for that other thing. And you know, it’s like, oh, maybe it would work better, but like that’s what my insurance pays, so I’m gonna just keep staying at this low level of health because that’s what, you know, that’s the cards I have, you know, and that that’s interest. So you’re in a very interesting position, right? Um with your profession now and like you said, you have patience and me being one of them, right?

That’s like, I don’t use insurance, right? And there’s got, and you’re gonna bet you’re going to see more and more of this, right? And I’d like, you’re like you’re saying a minute ago about how eventually the system’s gonna just lose money because people are gonna stop paying into it because they’re going to more and more people are gonna wake up to the fact that it’s not doing anything for them and I don’t know how much people pay for a month for insurance for insurance, but I know it’s not cheap, right?

And it’s going up and up and up, but for less and less and less, It can be 1-2000 bucks a month of person, you know? Um So, you know what I recommend is getting, I mean, I’m not an insurance expert and you know, but like, like if you if you’re in control, I have health assurance, okay, that I take the actions daily with my diet and my lifestyle to make sure that I stay healthy okay. When, you know, Covid bug came around, I was like, I ain’t scared.

I’m just keep doing what I’m doing. It’s been working for 10 years. Um And so it’s like, the only thing I’m worried about with my health is that if um you know, I’m walking down the street and some drunk driver, like, you know, decides to run to the curb and take me out, then then, you know, I want to have protection if that happens. So there’s things like catastrophic insurance, but I’m a worry about getting cancer, getting sick and missing work, Um getting, you know, diabetes or no, right, because that’s that’s not normal.

But we’ve we’ve been bred over these generations now that, Oh, that’s just normal. It’s common, but it’s right, chronic disease, all this stuff just, oh, it’s just, we don’t know how, it’s just, it’s just gotten worse right over the past 50 years. It’s all bs, I mean, it’s a consequence of the system that we’re living in and the food that we’re eating and all these things. But um, it’s like, you know, I hate to blame capitalism, but it’s like every time a dollar exchanges hands, that’s a good thing.

So if they can get you sick on the front end with the food or the drugs and then try to get you well on the back end again with the drugs, that’s like two times they made a book, whether you’re healthy or not. Kind of doesn’t matter. It’s like, how much money can they make? Absolutely. That’s what matters, right. It’s all about, it’s all about money. And that’s where it’s, it’s really hard for me when people just won’t, um, won’t even acknowledge the fact that maybe this is all for profit.

It’s like, oh, they would never do that, man that okay, so that they don’t understand then then fiduciary responsibility and, and that according according to corporate bylaws, they have to do what’s best for profit. Even your hospitals guys, your doctors, they are trained to do what’s best for profit period. That’s it. That’s what they have to do. It’s by law. It’s, it’s by law guys, it’s not like, it’s like, they’re just, and that’s why if you don’t act in the best interests of the shareholders, They can take it to the mat. Yes.

And that’s what that yeah. Well and it’s like the the the the evidence is blatant with like all these new billionaires are created during the pandemic and um you know like these pharmaceutical companies are raking in record profits and they have no liability and it’s like, oh but guys like it’s just they were the knights in shining armor and that’s their reward, you know, like normal. Yeah. I know they do a bunch of stuff and they, you know, pay billions of dollars in fines every year. But but this time when all the chips are down and they had the most opportunity to make the most money and the drugs that most people, well that’s when they’re just, you know, um that’s when that’s when all of right?

That’s when that’s when yeah, that’s when it all comes out, right? Yeah. Get out of here, right? And that’s and that’s a it’s it’s it’s interesting to see what’s happening right now. It’s if I feel the chasm is growing and growing between and I hate the thing of two sides. But it is, it’s like the two pillars of consciousness that seems to be happening right now. Either you’re conscious of it or you’re not and it’s I mean at some point, you know, people like to dig in their heels and you know, it’s like they’re just more and more invested in the lie and it’s harder and harder to wake up and just admit that they got duped. Now.

I can’t like there’s no way I could ever turn at this point, right? There’s just, I’m too far in, I’m way too far in. Yeah. And I’m seeing that and that that’s um, it’s very interesting. That’s why it’s, it’s this next guy, I believe not just myself, but some people in our freedom people here we believe were in in the kind of the lull between two waves or the kind of break in between two waves where uh, and I don’t even want to say too, because this has been going on for generations.

This, this fearmongering and these 9, 11, all of these things to, to keep us in this fear state have been going on for a long time, Right? So we just and that’s why I don’t know if this whole monkey pox thing, right? It was like they already went by all these vaccines, right? Is that was that what it was? They have all these vaccines, but they can’t get rid of them or something. Or they ordered a bunch of vaccines like billion millions of, you know, I haven’t been following it too closely.

Um, but yeah, they, at some point they Some government or someone like secured a bunch of supply of vaccines and I don’t know if it was actually a monkey pox vaccines or they’ve also said that there’s like an 85% similarity between monkeypox and smallpox and they’ve got all this smallpox vaccines like kind of sitting on the shelf, you know, maybe inventory needs to move on. Yeah, get it out. Um But I was listening to an interview with Peter McCullough the other day and he was saying that um the monkey pox specific shot that they have um has never been shown in a clinical setting to prevent the disease.

All they can do is show an antibody, like they give you the shot and then they dry your blood. Oh yeah, monkey pox antibodies right? Which we know now is like not necessarily a meaningful outcome, right? Because people are getting like, you know, they’re showing all these antibodies to covid and it’s like they’re still getting it or they’re getting it worse because there are these other types of antibodies that end up making the disease worse rather than better. Um So it’s it’s it’s kind of a it’s kind of a, you know, like we’re doing the same thing, but a lot less people are believing it now.

It’s just sort of but here’s the thing doesn’t matter anymore that so it doesn’t matter if they’re effective or not. That’s because they don’t care if they’re effective. It’s about profit. So I’m just saying They don’t the clinical trials are all out the window that went out in 2020, like and nobody seems to care, which is nuts. Well, they have their way of like kind of obfuscating the data and manipulating the endpoint and manipulating the study designed to go look 90% 5% effective, you know? Um And so it’s this like dog and pony show of data manipulation and um people like, yeah, a lot of people fell for it and a lot of people are still kind of going along with it because it’s like, well if we can’t trust the scientists, then everything we know is questioning well and that people really don’t like uncertainty, you know?

Um But yeah, I mean they can, they can pretty much, we’ve seen that they can pretty much manipulate the data however they want and um and then, you know, like even collude with government agencies to not reveal what they hid. Um So I mean, yeah, there’s essentially no integrity and scientific research anymore, especially for pharmaceuticals is really sad. It’s like it’s like really hard to know what to believe because so much of the data just falsified in that. Yeah. Well and and and that right? And this is our medical, but if we start to look at everything, it’s everything right now, you we don’t do, we don’t know what to believe what’s up what’s down the whole Ukraine and this and then this monkey, it’s just it’s constant, right?

And it’s by design though. This is, it’s they’re hijacking our reality right? Because are constantly iterating, what is the new thing? Yeah, what’s that new fear and and people just keep jumping on board, right? And at some point, but I think it’s wearing out. I don’t know what I would like when you have a disease called monkeypox, it really sounds like they’re jumping the shark when I saw that Dude, I was I thought it was a joke I and what I do because I don’t watch tv any of it dude, I’m pretty much cutting myself off now because I believe more and more now than ever, it’s our imagination, it is everything and it’s what we believe and they’re getting us to believe all the same ship through social media or through tv whatever newspapers, whatever it’s been for generations and generations of just we all believe the same shit and uh I’m really trying to pull myself out of that and just stay focused on the world I want to live in the type of world I want to live in because that’s the only out I see right now for my, for myself and my family and and and and our community is we got to stay focused on on on the beauty and and the love and we got to stay on focus on what things you’re doing, people like yourself, right, creating new book, right?

I mean we just keep going, right? And then we just keep stepping, keep stepping all that man, it’s just too much like again jumping the monkey pox get out of here and he was like, yeah, I thought it was a joke. Well I I remember um you know, it’s it’s funny how like jokes I’ve written have like kind of taken on a life of their own years later. Um but one thing I used to make a joke about was um dang uh I I would joke with people like, hey I’m gonna put a fresh cloth on the table here and you go face down, I don’t want you getting Face AIDS, you know?

And they’d be like, wait what the Face AIDS? But like imagine if they’re like the new problem Face AIDS, right? And people be like, oh my God, face I gotta go wear a mask. Face AIDS. They absolutely would. Yeah, because it came out of the tv right? Or the news or the trusted, whatever that is. And how are they still trusted is my question right. It’s like, oh by the way, let’s stop there, hold on back up a little bit. Yeah. Dr Ben, I don’t know if people know, but he’s also a stand up comedian.

I don’t know if anybody knew that, but he does do stand up from time to time. So if you’re ever in the area and you want to see dr Ben also make funny videos on facebook, He does typical doctor’s office visits videos are pretty funny. Um Yeah, so um yeah, it’s getting, you know, more and more absurd and um you know, there was some quote that a friend of mine read to me and he’s like the point of communist propaganda was that it was absurd by design and that if they can make you believe absolutely ridiculous bullshit and go along with it, that it basically it crushes your soul and that it like dehumanizes you and you’re like going along with it even though you don’t really believe it, but you feel like you’re forced to and and then it just, it just wears people out and then they just comply with everything because they’re just like um they’re just submitting, yep, yep, absolutely, that’s right there.

Their morale, the morality of their their soul has been smashed Forever. And I was talking to Emily about this the other day, it was like dude think about kids and stuff and how they’ve like dude, they’ve been able to gaslight Children are much easier to gaslight, right? So think about that and think about our elders now that they killed a lot off in 2020. Those elders like things that they knew to be true when they were and Hitler’s Germany or whatever it may be history. His story written is very interesting and so they can manipulate however they want, right?

And if you think about the way that and look what they’re doing now to grown asks people the gaslighting they get away with and people just go along with it. So now they know that they can Do anything dude after 22 and that’s why I was so staunch on the mass, right? And people don’t get it. It’s because that’s the line. If you show them that you’re going to put a mask on and walk out and be an idiot like that, what won’t you do, what fucking won’t you do totally.

They got you to cut off your oxygen supply and say it’s good for you sweet. And then, you know, and then also not only with that, but to really dehumanize you create all these like super stupid rules that essentially superstitions like, oh, you go into the restaurant, you gotta wear the mask. But let’s sit down at the table, You take it off to eat, you know, and then you just put it back on when you get up social distancing thing, right? And then you saw it in the all the ridiculous shit you saw people doing and these are real people, right?

That they’re just freaked there. That scared like really that scared that and where does that come from generations? It has to be generations of of us just, I don’t know, man, it’s, it’s scary. We’re in a lot of trouble in that sense. But that’s what I’m saying. If you look over there, But then you look at the beautiful things. I mean, you know, we look at just, we’ve got a lot of people that have woken up in the past two years a lot. I mean like, you know, I was somewhat aware of what was going on.

I mean I knew this whole covid thing was, was a ruse and I had, you know, heard things about the Federal Reserve and that stuff um you know, I have much more sense of like what the control system is. Um But yeah, I mean, I don’t know how many people have thanked me for speaking up. Um and uh a lot of people that, you know, went along with things in the beginning, even though they kind of knew that like they were like, well I’m just gonna do it, I don’t want to keep my job, I want to do you know what I want to be able to go into a venue or whatever it was that they wanted whatever rights that they have, they tried to turn into privileges that they want to keep my privileges that really rights, you know?

Yeah. Um you know, a lot of those people like, because I was outspoken and even though they like butting heads with me maybe, you know, two years ago, a year and a half ago are like, well, I’m glad you said something because man, I I feel so stupid for going along with it. It’s like I understand, you know, like um I’m I’m glad that I had the knowledge and the experience that I did going into this that, you know, to smell smell a rat from day zero, but a lot of people didn’t and um you just see it more and more.

I mean, you can remember what it’s may now, it’s almost june like this time, two years ago, you walk everywhere you went, people had a freaking science cloth on their face and now it’s like now that person that shows up at the event, it’s like one out of 100 people there with the sucking diaper on their face and I’m just like, and you’re like, isn’t that weird? And how are they with a group of friends and they’re the one, what type of, what is a cognitive dissonance do you have?

What, what type of separation do you have to have? Well you’re, you’re, you’re bought in your, your, you know, your pot committed your pot odds, right? You’re, you’re in, you’re in, you’re all in, I’m all in like, I’m, I’ve committed too much of my, my, my ego and my intellect and my right, I’m sure there’s arguments in the family, right? And you’ve probably got an argument with your brother was like, that’s stupid and your sisters like, no, it’s not. And so now for the rest of their life, they’re gonna wear it every day just to prove their family member wrong.

But I mean it’s like a nice have the tables turned because you know, two years ago, it was the exact opposite, I was the one out of 100 who was like, I don’t give a funk, I’m here. What’s up, breathe on me. Yeah I remember I was out in Sedona a few weeks ago and um we were just out on a hike at cathedral rock and there was this like 10 year old kid who was with his family, he’s dealing with a mask on and one of my friends is he walks by, she tells fresh air’s gonna get you fresh air, gonna get you.

That’s where we’re at. But I mean hey this is way better right? Like you know, it’s like there’s like and you know it’s going to vary, I’m sure if you go to New york city it’s totally different, you know? But like like there’s like people are waking up and there’s a transition happening but it’s like they still created or it’s like oh you’re gonna speak out, you’re gonna speak up, you’re gonna, you know, we’re still going to chop your head off trying to make you look like an idiot censure you whatever, right?

So most people are still like I want to keep my job and my friends in my social circle and you know, just live my life and not not um not get my ask kicked. So like I’m gonna just do what I can get away with and right now they can get away without wearing a mask, right? Like they announced it on the plane. Everyone’s like yeah take it off. Um So it’s like most people are still like they’re not you and I who are like, we’re just like never fucking comply ever, right?

But it’s like we’ve had to kind of pave the way for these other people that don’t want to but are scared to speak out. Um And so like it’s it’s it’s heartening to know that like yeah, there’s a lot of people who are just going along with it because they were scared to not comply. Um And we just we’ve grown this momentum over time. And so from the outside it’s like, well every time you turn on the media it’s like fear, fear, fear, fear fear Mass Mass Mass jab, jab, jab right?

And you’re like, wow ship hasn’t changed. Like people are still buying it, but then it’s like the the Moderna ceo comes on the tv and it’s like, yeah, we got 30 million doses you kind of can’t find a home for. So what are we gonna do, strategized ballparks some ideas about how can we use these guys. Yeah, I mean, you know, he won’t be able to use those shots for monkey, but it’s like they got to me, would they even, I don’t know, doesn’t matter anymore. That’s what I was asking before.

They’re like, oh well we can’t, but dude, do they even care to me, they’re all the same vaccines now and I know I’m being a little a little ridiculous, but to me that’s how ridiculous it is is like the doctor Peter McCully were saying was like, oh well that doesn’t even but do they even care anymore if it doesn’t if it’s effective or even the same vaccine for the same thing doesn’t even matter anymore. I don’t know man, Heavy metals and Bs. Right? I mean they repurposed drugs all the time and what Remdesivir was an Ebola drug, right?

And now it’s for rheumatoid arthritis, right? And that what they’re saying? It’s uh right, that’s what they gave my mom in the hospital that Remdesivir and tried to put on the event right, for that $80,000 ticket. Yeah. I mean, remdesivir, it’s now it’s like the you know the industry standard or the standard of care for covid whatever but but that’s not what it was for. It was originally yeah, failed Ebola drug just like a Z. T. Was a failed cancer drug. It’s like well you know, we put a lot of money in developing this and a lot of smart people like let’s just throw it at something else and then pretend money if you go back to how that works, it’s an investment, I was an investor, I invested in that and you know what our stockholders lost a ship ton of money on that, we got to get that back?

That’s what it is, that’s all it is, it’s not about health and how do we get that and hopefully it’s all over your book there, it’s not in the health, the health system they’re gonna screw you every time or the pharmaceutical, let me let me put it in the pharmaceutical health. Yeah. Um you know, and I really try to explain this in the book because I think most people are just looking at things from this disease paradigm of like how do I treat my disease? Right? How do I fix my problem?

And that’s that’s the thing. And just thinking that, oh my body is falling apart and I need some doctor, some savior, some drug to come along and be a genie in the bottle, I rubbed the lamp better, right? Um and it’s amazing how many people come to me and then they’re like, well this is what you gotta do, and they’re like, I have to change how I behave in the world. And that’s that’s a lot. I mean I know I’m suffering and I, you know, have all these problems but oh, I just thought you were gonna like, you know, something in a powder. Yeah. Yeah.

So I really go into the paradigm, I really explain a lot in depth of like kind of like our current paradigm and why it’s flawed and the new paradigm that I offer, which is like, you know, the medical model, this sort of quid pro quo, you know, this drug for this disease um you know, versus like a health model of like, okay, what are the action steps and like things, you know, behaviors that I can do to create more health for myself versus constant trying to fight the disease, right?

Because we’ve seen what, you know, it’s, it’s like, um, the statement what you resist persists. And if you look at America and the government and things we’ve done, we’ve like declared these wars on certain things like, oh, we have a war on cancer, right? It’s like, well now that was in the seventies. Now, cancer is number two leading cause of death. It’s actually number one in 20 of 50 states. So it’s quickly become like the cancer is winning the war. Uh, we declare a war on drugs, we’ll ship it.

Yeah, pharmaceutical, you know, over overdose deaths are the highest ever, right? It’s like, um, in the war on terrible God, we’ve got a hell of a lot of that. So it’s like every time, every time I try to fight a thing, we just create more of it because we’re focused on it, right? And it’s like, and you literally tell say things like, well what if we just worked on getting people more healthy and people like get piste off. You know, it’s like, it triggers them. Like we would have to have people eat healthier, oh, you can’t be telling them that they don’t want to change its their choice, you know?

Okay. Yeah, but okay. Yeah. But it’s not their choice to shoot something in there are more where science cloth, right? And be advertised to nonstop. Yeah. That’s another thing. How do people not say see that? It’s constantly sponsored by Fizer. It’s so ubiquitous man. It’s like um it’s it’s just so ubiquitous. It’s like subconscious now. Like people are like, you don’t ever really pay it. I mean like people get hit with all these ads and it’s like, it’s so they’re so saturated with it that it doesn’t go into the conscious mind at all.

Um Like you know, if you ever had that experience with like, you know, because I don’t watch regular television, you know, I watched, you know Better Call Saul on netflix or whatever. But like I don’t watch like regular tv and see ads. Um but it’s like you go in somewhere like jiffy lube, you get your oil changed and they’re just playing the tv in the waiting room and you’re like, oh the news and you’re like, it was like get me out of here. How do people just tolerate this totally dude. Yeah.

I just said you’re in a restaurant, right? You go sit out on the tv and you’re just like what the dude, It’s scary. It’s not, but it’s the constant bombardment of their narrative. It’s them telling you what your reality is. Yeah. I mean it it reminds me of like 1984 the movie when there’s just the screens everywhere and there’s propaganda. Yeah. And it’s like, you know, it’s interesting? Because it’s like, you know, I read, I read that, you know, I read a lot of dystopian science fiction as a teenager.

Maybe that’s one of the things that prepared me. I listen a lot of dystopian science uh read a lot of dystopian uh science fiction and I listened to a lot of rage against the machine. So which what happened to them, by the way, I’ll digress on that. Um So it was like uh But you know, you read these stories like brave new world where it’s just like it is this weird way where everything is programmed and predestined and like there’s just like tights societal controls, the Giver, It’s like they just this there’s like totalitarian governments just got like a stranglehold on everybody.

And you know, you know, it always made me think like, well how did they get there? Mhm. Like we’re seeing the end result. They don’t tell the story of how was this? They flip a switch because it’s really feeling like it’s like a slow slide, you know? And um I think it’s like that slide into that is accelerating, thank God, because if it had just continued at this like poison drip level, I mean it would take generations. And we were like, yes. So why do you think that, Dude, that’s amazing you say that because that’s my theory too, is that they had to hit the gas sooner than they wanted to?

They turned up the heat on the boiling pot faster than they wanted to. Why um Is it is it do you get why they didn’t have to like that didn’t have to did it? I don’t know. Yeah I mean I don’t you know and I don’t know if it’s like if it’s if it was really an intentional thing or it’s really just like a lot of people, you know trying to do certain things that weren’t in everybody’s best interest and there was just weird kind of like sh it storm collude like coalescence of it all.

We’re all fed off each other and accelerated But you know if I had to guess it would be the lab leak was a funk up like they you know they didn’t want that to actually go down yet. They were prepared to kind of do some shit with it but they were thinking like you know maybe 2025 or something. Yeah and that’s kind of where I was, that’s what I thought they would have let it kind of Because dude that 2020 woke everybody. I mean not everybody obviously but a lot of people.

Yeah so maybe they’re like Oh orange man’s got a good shot at a second term like release the virus. I don’t know really? Yeah. Um I don’t really know, I mean obviously it’s hypothesis were just hypothesizing but it’s just kind of like it’s it’s all uh it’s beautiful at the end of the day to the way I see it is this is us growing, we’re changing in order to heal the wound. You gotta clean that sucker out. It’s painful. It’s nasty. It’s disgusting to see the maggots coming out of that ship all that, right?

It’s gross. And that’s what we’re seeing, we’re seeing, we got to heal this somehow because most people weren’t aware of it. I wasn’t aware of most of this. I was aware of a lot of things for a long time, but nothing seemed to change at all. Yeah, for a long time until it wasn’t in your face and it was always you were able to be like, well, am I just listening to, you know, and I just I just be like, yeah, I am, I just being like it is my your you know, they say it’s your imagination is running away with you again, right?

And then you’re like, whoa, this is way past my fucking imagination and reality, right? And that’s where we knew it was okay, go time now. We knew it was like okay, but it’s uh wow, Yeah, like wow, this is actually going down, I couldn’t believe I’m and I’m putting myself back in two years ago, I was in an apartment, right? Pre baby and all that stuff and just like I I couldn’t believe that that they were that that it was going down and I couldn’t believe that people were buying into it, that was my or listening to somebody tell you to stay in your home, That’s what I couldn’t it wasn’t registering with me just because I’m a you know, fuck you guy.

I mean I’m just no, you know, and so I did I but it really way beyond what I’ve ever could have imagined. Um Right, takes in 1980 for the giver. It takes all these and smashes them into one and you’re like, oh we’re here. That was that was them just, you know, foreshadowing that, right? And that’s where did you, have you ever heard that stuff where they say um who’s the guy who wrote 1984 George? They were saying that he was actually a C. I A plant, right? And these are all like because you couldn’t have imagined it and that’s why our imagination is more important than anything.

Until you’re shown something, you can’t really imagine it, right? Especially something morbid and disgusting because I don’t think that that is the nature of who we are as as beings as species, as whatever we are. We’re heart loving things were probably thinking good things and tell people are constantly telling us to think bad things and then that’s all you get. Right. So think about that George orwell, all those guys just were planted to let us know, right, what is possible, but not the extent of where we are now, right?

Because I mean are any of them are their pharmaceuticals in it. Alright. Again, it’s maybe right, I have no idea right? This is just stuff that I’m like, wow, if that’s true, that makes a lot of sense because how would we know? Oh and Brave New World? There’s hell of pharmaceuticals, man. Oh Brave New World. Yeah. Yeah. Like talking about like as soon as the babies are born they’re shooting up with stuff and then everybody’s on this drug called Soma, which like makes them feel good and Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, that’s right, yeah. Oh my goodness. Yeah. I mean um the other books, not so much but that one was like yeah this is all medical, yeah, yeah. And you’re like, you know, people are grown in the lab and all this stuff and Yeah. But yeah, it is interesting, it’s like where did they, where did they come up with that? You know, 1984 was written in 1948 and it’s like man, but you know, there’s other books like um You know, Neuromancer by William Gibson was written in 1983 or 1984. You know, he at the time envisioned a lot of things that were like really radical.

Like this idea of like the matrix and the Internet is this kind of like 3D virtual reality thing. That was the first book that ever conceived that idea and everyone’s like, oh that’s fucking cool like, like yeah and it just it caught fire and then eventually, you know, 20 years later, you know? It was it was it was an idea that somebody put out to blossom for it to fruit right for it to grow and produce fruit. I mean hey I mean I was saying 10 years ago that the health care system was going to collapse, I didn’t think it would go down like this.

That would be just kind of like uh that’s what we used to do right? Right? That old obsolete system. Well it’s gathering dust in the corner now. I know it’s a trillion dollar business industry. They’re not going to let their not going down without a fight. Oh for sure. But it’s like the harder they push and the harder they the more they’re screwing themselves. Yeah the more the crazier looks like fucking monkeypox too serious with their ship. Everybody’s got to get up like 1/4 shot like that like this is just out of control.

I know I got some of my friends now again they’re they’re starting to wake up out of it. You know? There they got they got the jabs right? Of course and now they’re like another one another and right and now they’re just like they’re they’re disenchanted at this point right? And so like you’re saying more and more that they put and that’s what they’ve been doing. They they’re screwing that but they can be shipped to you know like yeah that was another, it’s like as soon as you tell them you can’t listen to this?

You can’t read this book? You can’t this person out on a lot of talk. It’s like well why? Well I want to hear what they have to say. Exactly. And you’re like and you can be like, wow, this person is a raving fucking idiot. But like this is I’m getting to here, I’m getting to hear information. I’m not supposed to hear. I want to hear it. Exactly. Even if it’s complete right um nonsense, right? But they don’t censor nonsense, right? They don’t censor what doesn’t because why why why why waste the time?

Right? So that’s why, you know, there’s lots of people out there on social network on social media instagram facebook saying some really weird dumb shit. They’re not censored. There’s they don’t put those fact checkers on their why? Because it doesn’t matter. It’s so stupid. It’s so dumb that everybody knows it doesn’t matter. And that’s because that’s not what their their agenda is. Their agenda is to tell us what health is agenda is to tell us what reality is agenda is to tell us what is good for us and what they can put in our body.

That’s their agenda. It’s not information and keeping you safe. Fuck you dude, who do you think you are to keep me safe? Keep safe? And the profits and and is is it all one, you know what I mean? Is it all the same? I keep going back and you look back to the bankers, right. They’re the ones who really started the pharmaceutical industry’s right, I mean uh was it the Rockefellers? Rockefellers? Right. Yeah. Was it Rockefellers? And but we’ll just stick with them. But yeah, they’re the ones who actually started modern day medicine. Right.

So if we go that, I mean I’m sure we could get some Alex jones gnarly stuff into it and go down this whole path right and end up at their frogs. They’re turning the frogs gay right? So so we could be there. But I don’t know man, it’s just it’s um it’s interesting to be able to for to see what’s happened over the past two years and be sitting here where we are and having this conversation to be able to try and hypothesize what it is and what what is the, right because what the W. H. O. Didn’t they just meet again in Davos?

Was that I think that was the W. E. F. W. E. F. That’s right, we’re in the economic forum. Yeah. Um and and it’s funny because in the video, like I saw this clip and they had like in the corner, it said world government, It’s like they’re not even they’re not yeah, they don’t care. I don’t think they need to and that’s again back to my point was once they knew to me 2020 was a test for them. They just, oh let’s see what they’ll do, you know what I mean?

Oh ship they’ll do that. Okay, let’s see what else they’ll do. That’s why in the beginning they were like even Fauci was like don’t wear a mask, it’s fucking stupid. All it doesn’t make you look stupid. You know I mean you’re it might make people feel better but it doesn’t do anything right? Like even but that’s why they were stumbling back and forth because they were like okay and then it’s it’s perfect way for them to use. Well the science is always changing. You know, it’s ever evolving.

So but it’s settled. Yeah, but it’s settled. But like basically we can tell you to do look one way one day and look one day the next and you gotta follow us because hey the science changes, right? So they can say oh monkey park, it’s not that big a deal. Guys chill out. It’s no big deal. It’s no big deal. And then three months from now I’ll be like, oh you gotta fucking die if you don’t get your smallpox shot, get your monkey pox. Like now now now now lockdown triple mask.

You know when people like oh it’s different than they thought the scientists changed their mind, okay, I’m going to do it. You know luckily that’s a way smaller percentage of people. But and you know the thing is is that it’s not a direct connection with their doctor anymore right? It’s not like I’m going to you and say, hey man, what do you think man? Nobody’s doing that. They’re just watching the tv taking it from a guy who’s never seen a patient. Right? And it’s it’s uh it’s really weird dude, this this is this reality that we’re in, right?

Yeah. Yeah. Well and and they control the narrative and they control the doctors enough that like these doctors, I can’t speak out, can’t offer alternative treatments. Face persecution, face, you know, loss of license, all these things. And so you know, it’s like they we were able to create this like top down authority, you know? But yeah, the drug commercials say talk to your doctor about blah blah blah blah blah. Unless we tell you it’s weird right? That that that connection with you and your doctor is completely gone now at that one.

And I don’t know, I see that that’s how we we should be getting back to anyway. You know the old doctor home visits and stuff like that, that kind of thing. Right? And that’s where with through our directory the freedom people when you’re on and stuff like that’s kind of where we’re trying to help facilitate something like that. That connection that that is outside of the public. Um when I say public, I mean the pharmaceutical companies, the government service corporations that run our lives whatever you want to say, that’s outside of that, that loop right?

Outside of that system. And now it’s we’re trying to bring that back, right. The one and one connect a they don’t need to know anything. Why, why have we, we’ve outsourced everything, right? Our health, our wealth, our education, our thinking is the most important thing you’ve outsourced though. Um and so I feel like sh it got so crazy that people were forced to critically think again, which is a good thing. Very good thing, awesome dude, man, I I love speaking with you. I really do. I love the conversation. Yeah.

Oh yeah, man, we’ll do more. Um So can you tell little just before we Sorry. Yeah, I can tell people about your book. Sure. So the book’s called create Health reverse autoimmune disease without drugs or side effects or their side effects. So, um you know, autoimmune diseases uh are diseases where the immune system is attacking some kind of the body, some part of the body and depending on what part of it is they give a different name. So if it’s attacking your joints, that’s rheumatoid arthritis of attacking your thyroid is hashimoto’s etcetera.

Um and so I dealt with this on my own 12 years ago and you know, we talked a little bit about my story of healing it with, with diet and lifestyle. So and there’s me, you know, the green smoothie on the cover, Here’s me with strawberry, banana celery smoothie here. Um and that was basically the strategy that worked. I mean I was at the time, I was just throwing whatever I could at it cause because the whole medical route was not helping. Um So I kind of just distill down that journey in the book and explain um you know my protocol and all that.

So anybody who’s looking to heal, who’s who’s done done the Remicade and Humira and all the stuff that doesn’t work and is ready to give someone else a shot um create health book dot com, check it out and um you can get on amazon to um but you know his freedom, people don’t like to support amazon, right? And um you know my website which you helped me build um has some like bonus trainings and stuff, if you buy the book on there that you wouldn’t get if you’ve got an amazon.

So sweet, sweet, beautiful. Uh dr Benjamin Bonilla’s an honor man, thank you so much and and yeah, in case we didn’t before, thank you seriously for speaking out and being the man that you are, it’s uh and making those choices right? Because that’s kind of what you hit on earlier is nobody wants to make those choices. Those lifestyle change choices. Why? Because they’re hard. It’s it’s because you’ve got to change yourself. Yeah, it’s hard, right? Like it’s perceived as hard and there’s a lot of marketing the show, like, you know, that makes people think, oh don’t eat healthier, just take a pill, right?

And they show the person like in black and white biting into a piece of celery go sucks and the person like popping a pill and like the £20 and they’re like, yeah, you know, um so, but you know what I mean? I fucking love it. Like, um you know, I, I wake up every day full of energy and I got up at 5 45 today, meditated, worked out the park, um like had peaches for breakfast, like freaking feel phenomenal. Um I don’t want to go back to do any of that stuff because I feel so much better.

Like I was sick and I was like, all I want to do is get better, but what I found was that when I implemented this, I got way more than what I thought better was and I had just so much energy and so much vitality and um just like, you know, I was in this fog of depression that lifted like so many other things got better in my life. It was like, no way in heck am I going back? It’s, it’s worth the trade off of not having Oreos.

Like I could give give a rat’s asks why I feel so good. Um so that once you, once you really internalize and you do it for a while, you’re like, man, this is like, it’s not like I wake up every day, oh, you know, I really wish you’d have a beer, but I’m not going to do it because my health is important. No, it’s like I feel fucking amazing and beer makes you feel like shit not right. And that’s that becomes that flip in your where you’re like, okay, I it’s it’s not appealing is the thing, right?

Like the the cheeseburger or whatever is your thing, right? It’s not appealing anymore that your taste buds buds changed over time, right? These things just changed. And I had to have that contrast of getting really severely chronically ill. Sure. Um Or I would have not changed. Um Same way we have to have this contrast of crazy worldwide pandemic government control, pharmaceutical malfeasance to us to be like, whoa, we don’t want that, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold the phone. I didn’t know I was so sick. Yeah. I didn’t know I had cancer. Now.

We know we got cancer. Yeah. And and now it’s like well we got to make some big changes here, okay. Um And if that hadn’t happened, like we wouldn’t have had this big like revolution, right? Um So I see it as a good thing. It’s like there had to be light shined shined onto the problem for us pursue a solution. And so that’s what happened with my own health. And I see like the exact same thing, you know? It’s like it’s like gay marriage, you know, it’s like why did we get so excited about it seven years ago because for years they were saying no gay marriage, gay marriage is bad, we gotta make rules, no gay marriage.

And everyone’s like, well why are you also talking about that? Yeah. And they’re like, you know, maybe maybe we should have gay marriage, right? But if it hadn’t been all these, you know, crazy people who wanted to outlaw it probably would have just kind of natural or whatever. No one would have cared. Yeah, like it would’ve, there would’ve been no gay marriage, but no one there wasn’t really a big enough conflict, but then there was like when there was enough people trying to stop it then people, it was like that contrast of like it shone light on it.

So um it’s it’s yeah, it’s corollaries to a lot of other things in life. Beautiful dude. Yeah, awesome man. Hey, thanks for coming. You’re the first one in the studio on the new office. Yeah, obviously, yeah, so just getting set up. Thanks man. Alright, awesome.

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