May 18, 2022

When You Flee Communism, You Fight for Freedom

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Soslan Temanson fled Russia in 2006. Soslan is living in Wisconsin and fighting the communism takeover here in America. Listen in for some great stories of Soslan’s experiences while in the Air Force and dealing with government agents. He has an amazing passion for freedom, God and truth! We love hearing what’s going on from our freedom people’s boots on the ground.

Show Notes

Hello, all you lovely Freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the Freedom People podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms, all the freedoms that we can think of anyway, as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom Together, I’m your host, Bradley Freedom. Today’s guest is sauce, Lynn tomlinson Sausage and is living in Wisconsin and fighting the communism takeover here in America. He actually fled Russia in 2006. So he’s got some really interesting point of views.

He’s boots on the ground. We love doing these type of interviews to give everybody that sort of platform. We love all of our freedom fighters out there, each and every one of you. This was an amazing talk and I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I did before we jump into things. What we need you to do is head on over to the freedom People dot org and get engaged in our network. It’s a lot of fun. There’s someone for everyone here at the freedom People were really enjoying everyone.

Thank you so much for engaging. So again, head on over to the Freedom people dot org in sign up with us today. Come on, let’s go. Yes. The big things we want to talk about. So let’s uh like before we get too crazy. Yeah, this is pretty good. So before we get too crazy under the things, let’s uh, can you just introduce yourself and let everybody know who you are man. Oh, absolutely. So I am sorry, Slanty Manson. S O S L A N T E M A N S O N and I am adopted from Russia.

Came to actually, no, not adopted. I fled from Russia in 2006. Okay, Okay. And I’m a patriot fighter. So like I fight for freedom. I love it. Heck yeah, man, heck yeah. So that, that, um, so that, that should give you, I guess maybe a little an interesting insight to kind of what’s going on in the world. And I’d really like to know, uh, why are we sitting here, man? Like, what, what, why are you on fire right now? Right. I mean obviously we’re sitting here talking and you’re, you’re out there like, hey, wake up right.

Like, well, you need to do something. Well, absolutely. And you know, the whole thing that I find out to be interesting is that, you know what I’m finding out is that, look how far I’ve never seen so much hatred for a country, you know, and the hatred that you expect like, you know, from our enemies. But I never knew that the enemies are actually from within and those are the dangerous part and those are considered your rhinos by the way and how your so called republicans saying, hey, we’re all for you guys.

But then, oh, behind closed doors, Oh, we’ll be right along with you guys. You know mitt, Romney Liz Cheney are perfect examples. You know, they say one thing and then behind closed doors there right along with chuck schumer along with the demonic party, you know, and as an individual, that’s as an individual that’s like face oppression from being born in Russia facebook. Look at facebook for instance. You know, recently I used to do a podcast called, remember God loves you and I’ll meet you at the finish line, which is I moved over to Spotify because they picked me up and apple podcast did because facebook officially uh, stopped.

They halted me from posting or commenting on anything on facebook because I was spreading Russian disinformation and get this. The stuff that was spreading was about God is about my minister. It’s about overcoming a massive stroke I had and about coming overcoming a heart attack I recovered from that almost killed me in 2019. And so that was when I was in the military and it was because of the inoculations that they give you. And so what happened? Can we hit on that for a second dude, hold on.

That’s you just dropped a bombshell, man. Wait, what are we on filter? No, no. Can we be unfiltered? Oh yeah, Okay. I have to be very cautious as I don’t know where this is going to go, but I have to be very cautious as a, as a hospice minister and stuff. So that’s why I have to say, hey, are we, I’m filtered or not because I get completely free speech. That’s why we started this 100% sweet. Yeah, absolutely. And we put it up on our website where it can never be taken down.

Um, Yeah. So whatever, you know, I feel like that you’re not gonna be doing that later shows in the near future because I like I love, I love you guys already because you know, it’s hard for me to spread my message because, you know, as an individual that attends a committee hearings and as an individual that attends it, you’d be surprised about, you know, you’d be surprised at how much. So let me tell you about the hatred I have for that people have for me. So I was in gateway pundit and I was in the article Gateway pundit.

They slapped me as an FBI operative and as a Russian agent and stating that I broke the windows and they put a picture of me on their own videos. Anyway, it’s a complete farce. It was a complete miss. It was miss allegations and it was like it caused to put a damper on my reputation as a hospice minister and as a potential candidate running for office. But the end of it, the fact that we have our own politicians in Wisconsin stating that we have a built in Wisconsin right now, all of us in closed sessions and here’s a here’s a big difference between closed sessions and open sessions if you’re in closed sessions, the assembly or the state Senate do not have to, they do not have to disclose what happens and what bills are passed because it’s all percent closed sessions so they can pass whatever they want to.

And then by the time you already know the damage has already been done. So what we’re seeing and what I found out to be a problem was that in Wisconsin, The UW Madison for instance, they legally charged 18 different students for writing a paper differently from what the professor’s wanted them to. For instance, the professor wrote, Why do you hate America? And so literally the professor of us, the professor of government gave the topic of why do you hate America? Alright. And 18 students rebuttal that 18 students out of that class rebuttal that and then the professor turned them in and said that they were spreading misinformation and hatred.

And so then the UW Madison as dean of students who was Tommy Thompson, they charged the students With violating of the first amendment. And now those 18 students were removed and legally charged for something that they didn’t do for. And we see that in our county Sheriff’s for instance, I live in Market County, right by Dane county, our Sheriff’s department. They arrested a 16 year old girl that’s posted something about Covid and stating that do not get the vaccine because it’s not fully, we don’t know what’s all inside of it.

Next thing, you know, Sheriff. Well, I can’t say his name, but the sheriff went to her house, arrested her and said that she was violating uh spreading misinformation and that’s in Wisconsin. And so what happened was that the case, our judge uh charged her with kind of spreading misinformation and spreading like going against the First Amendment going against all these statutes. It but it took all the way up to the Supreme Court to have the whole case overturned. That is psychotic to tell you the truth. That is not the state I came to.

And it was funny because when I was in, so now here’s how this correlates in Wisconsin right now they’re having there’s this bill in Wisconsin that now you can no longer teach the constitution at the at the collegiate level and at the high school level and that if anyone, if I teach over to teach about the constitution and what it was stands for and all that, they could be liability charged and criminally charged and loss of teaching license on both sides. So what happened was I testified in front of the committee of the Rules of Education committee and you know what and I said and I told them about my story and said, you know what, Here’s what I said, I said the fact that we are here is completely wrong.

You know, why are we talking about the constitution and why are we stating that we should not teach the constitution because of what good it does and you know how it protects us and how it protects true americans. And but once if you don’t get it your way, then you say, well, screw the constitution and we gotta get rid of it, rewrite it. But it does, it works both ways. You just can’t attack at one side. Well, a Democratic senator, a Democratic assemblywoman that’s been in there for, who knows how long she’s like, you know what?

I have never seen a person in front of me that has so much hatred for Wisconsin and that they came from a communist country and spreading communism in this capital. She’s like, you are a disease. And she’s like, and you know what? Your time in the military service was worthless to me, to the whole state. And she’s like, and I wish something bad would have happened to you in Iraq. So you won’t be here. That is your state Assemblywoman, Autumn Madison, Wisconsin. Now, I want to get your thoughts because what are you thinking?

Because you’re like, it’s complete insanity, but that that makes again, we are in a communist takeover right now. It’s not a Communist were already communist if we’re not gonna take over or already a communist country. Look at the markets look and the and the fact that we have people like representative multiple representatives inside of Madison stating that, you know what? Why don’t we they even threatened to add an amendment to get me out of the state of Wisconsin because I was spreading communism in Wisconsin. But luckily we had some people that had some somewhat good republicans state that they were out of line and that you can’t do that because of certain statutes.

But at what point is that gonna to have them thinking that way, it’s way out of its way out of connotation. You just cannot be doing that by any means because that’s you’re going out of guidelines and you’re violating, I don’t know how many rights and after that after the committee here. And I said, man, where did this go wrong? And I’m like, oh, I know where it went wrong, the colleges, your universities. That’s what went wrong. Because once a because once I started teaching hatred and once they started teaching like something different about Marxism and communism, that’s where it bred a whole brand new generation which we’re stuck now with teachers and we’re stuck with teachers and this new generation thinking that communism is okay to have and that you know what it’s okay to limit certain people’s freedoms, you know, as long as they are protected, its complete flip flop.

And another thing that I found out is that I noticed that people that fled communism have more, they’re more patriotic than people that are like actually lived in America and you notice that, well, I noticed it to me, I don’t know about you. But oh absolutely, man. Yeah, we’ve had, I’ve spoke to uh here on the podcast, we’ve had a few Hlinka coloma. Um But I that yes there from communist countries and they know exactly why they are standing up right now and saying no to all this stuff, right?

Like these mandates and all these things like yeah, these these government service corporations are 100% then that’s why that story you just told about it going all the way, having to go all the way to the Supreme Court before it was like, okay, no this is ridiculous, right? And the reason being is because all of the article one, all of these lower courts are completely kangaroo courts now they’re completely overrun. Um And and the reason being is because it’s not in the equity courts, right? It’s not going to the article three courts is where you need to be.

And so that’s what here at the freedom people we do is we have solutions where we help people to get under trust and file injunctions against the state so that that they have no jurisdiction over you, right? Because they are their service corporations right there. They’re not it’s not the republic, right? So that yeah, that was thinking like and turn that over. So that was a long time. So those are the solution, that’s what that’s for us. That’s what we think about it is all of that is complete freaking insanity right?

But at least we know the upper courts are still working right? That’s somewhat yeah. Yeah, those are still for now for now. Yeah, they’re going like crazy and like, you know when you’re under a corporate, like for instance, America is not, I don’t know if you like, so for instance, America is actually a corporate, like right now we’re under a corporation and you know, and incorporated and see and yes, and so and see that makes it a little bit hard to kind of and I understand that like, you know, with everything that’s going on, but it’s like, it’s like interesting, you’re like, man, how does, how do we fix this?

You know, how do we? And I was there at january 6th, don’t get me wrong, you know? And I’m like, okay, we have to fight, we have to give back like we have to give this country back to the people where it belongs. Because I definitely can tell you if we if the incorporate, if the sovereignty and if we give back to the, if we give back to based on the constitution, we wouldn’t be having frivolous spending, we wouldn’t be having transgender people, the I call it the alphabet people, we wouldn’t be having the alphabet people telling us what to teach in our schools and we wouldn’t be having like People that identify themselves as animals inside of our schools and our schools as teeter tottering to them and further and further yet.

We wouldn’t under a sovereign country and under uh, United States. Under the constitution. The original constitution, the 1776-1. We wouldn’t be we wouldn’t be going after test taking, you know, now our school district officially stopped testing because it was considered racist. It was considered racist. Yeah. No, it’s completely out of control, Right? And that’s that’s how we know. And for us, yeah. We spend very little time even in that at all, we were building the new we’ve that’s where we focus. So, so we’re taking back our counties because the 1st 1st thing you need to do those free the individual.

Everything’s an inside outward movement, right? It’s not like outside in, so we first have to change the the individual free the individual because right now it’s it’s a sickness. It’s a slave mindset. The we asked for permission to do everything right? And and government is the nanny state, right? It’s a huge nanny state, right? And that’s why all the schools they do, they cow down to this to this. Why? Because if they don’t then they don’t get their funding right? It’s like all of this covid bullshit, right?

The reason why all of them bent and countdown right? Immediately. Because if they would they wouldn’t have got their million dollars in the Covid like Bill. It’s just it’s complete all Bs and even the churches to yeah, Final One C threes. That happened in the fifties, Dude, that it’s Yeah. And that has to and I’m against 5013 CS. Because if you don’t I’m strongly against it because the moment the moment that you like are under 513C. You are chained by the neck or you’re chained by the neck and the chain holder is the government.

And so the government tells you what to say and what not to say that the government. Oh no. Yeah. And and and that’s the whole thing is that and you even find that under certain denominations to, You know, for instance, you look at the Southern Baptist Church which they last summer in 2020, in the summer of 2020, they officially adopted critical race theory into their uh, their pastoral training. I didn’t know I did not know that to me. All religions are and I don’t want to say, okay, here’s the deal.

There’s I don’t want to blanket anything. There is no black and white, right? However, most of the main religions today are control mechanisms. We we should all know that at some point, Right? I mean, it’s there. I mean, look at the the Catholics and the molestation all that and no problem. No problem. Right? Just didn’t affect them one bit. They didn’t lose a dollar. They probably even got more money, right? Because now they got all the pedophiles loving them and not only that, but they’re also getting paid for trafficking.

A whole bunch of people like just a cps. Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah right there for profit corporations. Cps for profit corporation. Yeah. And that’s what people don’t realize, man. That’s what the information dude. I’m so glad you’re man, you’re very educated on this is great. And like for and for example the whole like CIA and stuff, you know they’re the ones that actually went in there actually infiltrating from within the like the drug cartels and stuff. They’re actually the FBI operatives. You know you’re portraying and stuff.

That’s why I think, you know, look at look at all of it dude, you know, freeway rick. You know the whole story about the CIA and and the crack in in L. A. In the eighties right rick and the C. I. A. Supplied him with the crack, right? And it’s just um yeah we’re. Yeah. Yeah. Most people don’t realize all of that stuff like the Black Ops and all those sort of things that the amount of budgets money that’s in budgets for those things that actually there’s a budget but it’s a Black Ops budget and so you don’t you we just don’t get to know what they do with it, you know?

And as a and not only that but like even has military stuff uh you know as being in the military, former veteran, you know being a former army reservist and then an Air Force you get a lot of background information. I don’t think you get a lot of background information. So you’re like you get to know a lot of things, you know, and there’s a lot of things that are hush hush. But one thing that you what surprises me about it is that, you know, you see it, you get a whole different perspective, a whole different lens of what like, because once you’re in the military and stuff, you’ll never get rid of that lens.

You know, you’re like, okay, maybe this is like too good to be true. For instance, the $40 billion and the $2. 5 trillion that was all sent to Ukraine. And you’re like, man, why do we get why are we giving so much money to a country that we have never invested? And I’m like, oh that’s right. When the CIA and FBI when they set up kIM labs in Ukraine, the 30 different bio labs in Ukraine under churches, hospitals and all these other things and when you set all that up, what do you think is gonna happen?

You know, and what I hate to say? But what Vladimir Putin is doing is that he’s revealing the the crime family which is biden the Clinton family because, and he’s revealing the one world order stating that, you know what you need to be aware of this and this is how it’s gonna affect your pocketbook because if you’re truly a country that really cares for people. We the war would be over and done with the weeks ago. There would be no no under president trump. There was no war.

That was a problem. Like how is it that just and there was peace in the Middle East and there was like you know there’s peace and you’re like you would never thought that this would have happened. But I guess when you have, when you pocket off of a country and but I just want to say President Zelensky is one of the biggest cowards you’ll ever meet. You know if I ever saw that man, I would punch him in the face because you know why because he has no respect.

He is too busy going to grow. He’s too busy asking the bidens $20 billion asking America $20 billion this morning at 8 30 this morning. And then you know and then also asking for nuclear support like nuclear weapons. And of course the biden administration there. Oh of course we’ll be happy to give it to you while the veterans and stuff they get while the veterans and while the poor americans Oh well well we got worried with the war and stuff and blame the mega king. You know blame President trump for everything.

No that’s completely flip flop. That’s called putting american lives and that’s called incorporated but owned by George Soros you know this morning. You also had George Soros giving money to what’s her name? The one that thinks that she oh Stacey Abrams $1 million. I mean that’s you have to look at it. Why are we getting influenced people, why are we getting money from people that oversees that hate our guts. But they’re giving money it’s all because we were under a corporation. Yeah and we do the same and the corporation and the Corporation of America, we do the same exact thing through the election.

We did in 2014, that’s how President Zelensky got president because we meddled in their election. You know, he was like they did the whole thing about it was a TV show about him becoming president of Ukraine. Yeah, he starred in that in a tv show called the dictator. Yeah sucking right. It’s pure insanity but yeah and it’s the way they spin it man. It’s it’s um yeah man well again thanks for coming on. It’s nice to have a breath of fresh air dude like someone well right, I mean it’s just a different perspective.

Well I guess when you know scott McKay and you know like Peggy hall like you know when you all when you’re like in close contact with scott McKay and Mike lindell because I was the president of the trump campaign. I was with Mike lindell and I was with you know I got to meet all the, you know I got to meet all like your higher profile people and they told me a lot of things, you know for example the tribunal courts that Sasha Stone told me about you know there that are happening in the white house, in the basement of the white house you know and how that’s actually not if you really look at it, that’s actually really not biden.

That’s actually there, it’s an actor, you know what and I’ve I’ve heard speculation on that too, you know what I mean? It’s just it’s complete um what do you think about the whole thing? I want your perspective, I’ve been talking too much. I want to know dude you’re here to talk I’m here man, we’re here to talk to other people, hear me talk all the freaking time. Dude, they don’t need to hear more brad. I feel bad. Yeah no dude keep going dude. Yeah but just so yeah, I mean I think personally I think it’s um it’s it’s kind of like watching a reality tv show all of it right?

And so I don’t give it a lot of because to me it’s there, they shouldn’t exist there there, they’re not supposed to be here to write to me, they’re kind of like yeah so we we just focus more I focus more on like what we’re building and how we can like get back our country right? But that’s not the way it’s not trump’s not gonna fix it, biden is not gonna fix it, nobody’s because that system is fun no matter what exactly we the people, the individual we have to take responsibility for our life back to what we’re saying, man.

So yeah, but again, that’s my perspective on it. But yeah, man, you, you talk what else we got bro, come on well, and the whole thing is that, you know, and I’ve been touting this and I’ve been like, you know, I go and speaking of going and speaking engagements and I like speak and you know, of course, you know, being a hospice minister, you have to toil the line, you know, you have to kind of, you know, you have to have like say there’s a right time in the right place, you know, for instance, not this weekend, but the following weekend, I’m gonna be as an event, I’m speaking, I’m one of the keynote speakers and I’m going to speak about the importance of getting involved.

You know, the importance of, you know, how we need to support pro patriot candidates, not your established candidates, because for example, um, I don’t know what state you’re from, but we have the Wisconsin governor, Oh, you’re all kudos to, that’s a free state right now until, you know, California moves in there, which part phoenix or Scottsdale phoenix Scottsdale phoenix. But yeah, I mean, the board is already being overrun, Dude, the south border or south border, it’s it’s crazy. Um And the governor won’t do anything besides sit on his hands and Suck Dick, Yep, that’s his job, that’s all of their jobs, right?

We know that that that that’s that’s what their jobs are right now is to yeah, just 100% just sit there and suck on the communist weiner and do whatever they’re told at this time and that’s okay because they think that they’re winning, right? They think they’ve got their whole thing. They think that, oh, you know, I don’t that’s that’s a different story and that to me, what they’re doing right now is they’re hijacking our consciousness, our our imagination is more important than anything, right? So hijacking our imagination and our consciousness and and telling us what’s true and what’s not what reality is and that’s why I spend and I we really um I want to I guess preach whatever that let’s let’s not focus on that, let’s focus on what we’re building, right?

And then that way we can use our imaginations and our creativity to find ways to create the new earth while that whole thing is collapsing, because that’s what’s happening and they’re they’re I believe they’re flailing and they’re doing everything, they have this plan 2030 we all know the agenda, right? The great everybody knows that they’re they’ve told everybody it’s out there the right they wanted out. They want, right? Because they have to. So that’s what they’re they’re going towards, Let them go give it a good shot, man, sweet, we’re gonna build the other, we’re going to build the new and we’ll see who comes out, because here’s what I believe in God, and I believe in light and I believe in the love to me, they’re all the same thing and they’re gonna take over that’s gonna win over everything at the end of the day, we right now, it’s a ship show, I get it, but that’s how I feel about that.

And we’re already winning though, aren’t we? I think we’re already winning, but like, at the same, but at the same time, you know, it’s, you know, when you get involved in stuff don’t be. I mean, that’s the whole thing is like I find out that a lot of people are discouraged, you know, like, well, you know, you know, speaking in front of people are like showing up at protests or like, you know? Well, there’s a big difference between, you know, showing up at protests and, you know, being a Blm antifa and people that there’s a big difference, you know, I’m all in favor of protest, but you got to do it in a legal way and you’ve got to do in a peaceful way.

You gotta do it like the the Fourth Amendment way, you know, adjourned peacefully, not adjourn um peacefully, but then qualify as peaceful, but then, oh, it’s a violation of First Amendment, if you’re a Republican, you know, and that’s, you know, and that’s the whole thing is that so like, for instance what I noticed is that you you have Rebecca Kleefisch who is running for governor. Uh, and you also have uh, kevin, Nicholson and tim Michaels and timothy, Ramthun. Those are the four candidates running against a democrat that hates hates the state.

And that’s put Wisconsin laughs with Covid and put people in nursing homes and it’s liable for killing them. Um, but either way you can notice, you can tell like, which candidates are established. You know, you look at look at Rebecca Kleefisch, the way that she talks and the way that she interacts with people, it’s like she’s scripted, You know, and look at the people that she surrounds herself, she’s to established and that’s the problem. We have it within the Rhino Party, you got to get away from the establishment.

Um, for example, you look at Ohio, and you look at Indiana all 22 Patriot candidates that President Trump endorsed, won the races are going to the general elections. That’s where it’s that’s where it begins. And that’s where it starts. Because you never know if you do not take the time to run, how, you know, you’re gonna not make an impact, you know, or get involved. You know, all you have to do is just either go out and adjourn peacefully and you have to make an impact and either through committees and you’ve got also network through you’ve got no people as well And you just can’t sit on your hands, for instance, when I back, when I got back from the border 2021 when I got back from the border in April I went and saw my representative, you know, I thought he was a patriot.

He said he was a patriot. He said he was a republican, But when I knocked on his door and I went and I said you know why isn’t anyone knocking? It was like at 10:30 AM on Wednesday was April 12. And you know, I found out and you know, I found out when I went in his office his face turned pale like as a ghost because he was playing NBA two K to 20 and he was playing Xbox and then he was also playing drinking a diet coke and eating ice cream on our tax dollars.

Now give me a that pista shipped out of me because I’m like, excuse me. Yeah. And our way out. Yeah. And all I asked for, I’m like, okay, what the hell happened to $108 million that we got for using Dominion election voting machines in 2020 and he had the audacity to sit in front of me and say, oh I know president trump was going to lose four weeks before the election. You know, four weeks. I’m like, are you serious for fucking weeks before the election, why don’t you why aren’t you doing something and that’s what I found out.

That’s why Wisconsin is that’s why idiot boss or Dodo voss or rhino voss. That’s why he’s saying no, there was no election fraud, there was no election fraud. You know, that’s why he’s pushing aside because he knew that trump was going to lose and then he knew that he took that Zuckerberg bucks and so that’s why he’s pushing it off the side and he’s blaming others. You know, he’s stating that weird conspiracy theories, he’s stating that there was no such thing as voted from that joe biden won legally, you know, and that it was an illegal election.

And so you know, I’m like okay well I’m gonna go to our state senator’s office. So I went to our state senator’s office and I knocked on her door and she opened up and she’s like she said frantically, she’s like can you give us five minutes while we put all the food away and all the drinks and stuff and like and the tv away. I’m like why? And she said, well we had a party and stuff. I’m like what do you have a party for sure because of how basketball housewives, It was like a finale sees it was the final season and I’m like, are you like, are you kidding me?

I’m like, you know what time it is it is 12 o’clock is 12 in the afternoon and you are not tax dollars. I’m like I’ll give you five minutes? And so she’s like, she’s like running frantically in her office and subject pretend you guys are working. You know, we got a visitor, you know, we gotta pretend we’re working. You know, and somebody like what do we do about the food? I don’t know what to do throw in somebody’s office. I mean what kind of a government? It’s like a circus show.

I’m like and that’s our state level. I don’t even want to imagine what happens at our national level and the sheet that and she said her and she’s like, are you a conspiracy theorist? I said, you know what if you think I’m a conspiracy theorist that seeks the truth and that reveals the truth and that and I’m like, you know what? Yes I am because I believe in the truth and I want to get the truth out there and what you are doing is being deceitful and I’m gonna get your, I’m going to make sure that you are exposed to one or the other.

So then uh then I had the privilege of being escorted out in handcuffs. Okay. Right? Of course, dude, you can’t challenge them. Dude. They run everything. Well they think they do, but they don’t know they run amok dude. So, but we’re here to stop that ship, right? Yeah, absolutely. So and you know, and and it’s like, you know, I think there was like a switch in my head because when you know when I was you know when I was like overseas and I was at bible site, I lead the bible saying it was so weird because you know, I stood up and next you know, I fell to the ground and I had a massive stroke and I’m like, man, I like I had a near death experience actually.

I almost died. Yeah. We kind of started in the beginning and I was like, what happened? So what happened was so I, so I was stationed overseas, I was stationed in Tokyo Japan. And so because I was stationed there, um, I went and I’m like, okay, what’s all there to do? I’m like, okay, there’s fun things to do. And I got myself affiliated with three different churches and, and then during that time I was not after I got deployed and after I got back, they kind of cut my deployment status as non deployable and here’s why Because apparently you $3.

2 million 2016 election. And so what happened was I was stripped away of my recommendations stripped away from my rank and I was dehumanized to a point where um, when I was in the office, people would throw quarters and pennies at me until like they’re like, hey, why don’t you perform for us? The Russian jew. And so yeah, it was and then, and here’s our military is corrupt to don’t worry, our military is corrupt. It’s all part of the same thing. The military industrial complex and C. And the fact that you know I’m like what about the one team one fight?

I’m guessing that’s missing out. Huh? And so I think what happened was that you know and I gotta scrutinized for talking. I got scrutinized for eating too much, I got scrutinized for drinking too much water. And you know, I got to a point where our leadership, you know, they’re like can we just can we pretend like there’s a suicide but can we just kill salsa and do us all a favor and have someone to kill him because we don’t want him here. And that happened. And so there were speculations where actually I was poisoned and multiple multiple of the doctors think I was poisoned by our government because I was revealing the truth on why the suicide rate was so high in our military.

And I was getting to the point and when you when you dig down deep enough you’re gonna piss people off because you’re going to say why are you digging? Oh I don’t know because there’s something I want to get to the truth and when you get to the truth chest, they’re gonna knock something out of you. They’re gonna put something like with the tranquilizer so you stop digging. So what happened was on Wednesday october 2nd I had you know after physical and we have P. T. And stuff and then I had the weirdest breakfast, you know what, I’m gonna get to two bowls of oatmeal and two bowls of grits and they’re like very small bowls and I get about four glasses of water with one cup of coffee straight black.

But it tasted very weird and it was because the guy that gave me the food, he’s like, oh we got a special plate for you and I’m like, why? I’m like, that doesn’t make sense. And I’m like, I’m just like everybody else, you know, because we want to say thank you for your hard work and stuff so we want to give you a special treat. I’m like okay, so I should have known by then. But what happened was that food tasted very odd and it was very weird.

So and what ended up happening is that I ended up like getting sick that that whole day after I got to the office, I rode my bike to the office and I’m like, man, I do not feel so hot and it was kind of a slow day, it was like a very slow motion day and I’m like okay why is that everything kind of going so slow? And then lunch got around, I wasn’t I wasn’t feeling so hungry for lunch and stuff. So I kind of stayed back at the office and and then I slowly got worse and then you know after work I said, hey can I get right back because I’m not feeling good at all and I need something is wrong, I’m not, you know, something needs to be done.

So what happened was after I went home, you know, I’m like, hey, you know what? I contacted a buddy of mine who I wasn’t going to go to a bible study with them. Like, hey, you know what, I’m not gonna go to bible say, you know, and I believe this was the grace of God, you know, telling me, you know, you, you have to go because if I didn’t go, I don’t know, I probably dad. Um, but I’m like, hey, he’s like, you know, you don’t have to speak this time, you don’t have to lead.

All you have to do is just go in attendance. I’m like, okay, I’ll go. But I didn’t know that was gonna be my last time being in my dorm room or being at stationed in Japan. I didn’t know it’s gonna be my last time under that kind of a free circumstance because at 8:30 pm I stood up and I collapsed and I’m like, man, that’s weird, why did I stand up and collapsed? All of a sudden, I thought I stood up too fast. So I tried three different times.

Three more different times. It was four times together. But the fourth time I completely lost all feeling, I went completely numb and I, my, my speech became so slurred that my whole side, this whole side of my face became so droopy and I noticed like a very tight compression of my heart and I just was out, like, something bad happened. And so long story short, I went to the hospital and the weirdest part was, the doctors didn’t know what caused the stroke and heart attack to happen at the same time.

They did. It is it’s like, they’re like, they don’t know what caused it, but they do know and here’s a whole thing. Normally, if you have a stroke or heart attack, though, here’s the difference, here’s why they don’t really know what caused it or what caused this whole health from that, they thought it was that. But the difference is is that I got worse while I was in the hospital because they put me on, because my body wasn’t eating very much. And if you if you have a stroke and stuff, um the way that people normally give them nutrition and stuff is through applesauce, you know, But my body wasn’t taking applesauce and it got to a point where my kidneys stopped functioning.

And so because my kidneys stopped functioning, I had so much toxins built up that it went up to the brain and it did more damage on the brain. And so then, so then that’s what covered up the stroke thing, and then it just went down a snowball effect to a point where I like, where I didn’t know where I was and then I think I was in a coma because I had this out of body experience where something bad happens, you know, I’m like man why am I like, you know it’s weird.

I was like I was at a park bench during the middle of day and I was like dressed up and I was like very You know the Holy Spirit, I think that I had a close interaction with, I was like you know, why is this happening? Like how could a 20 year old be going through this the 20th or 21 year old? Like what did I do wrong? And this gentleman said all you have to do is just hold steadfast to your face because you don’t know what kind of people are going to impact because your fight is somewhere else. Two.

And I didn’t know that my fight was going to be back in the homeland protecting this, protecting America from communism and that’s where I’m at. So then I kind of and then to know that I was actually out for about two weeks, you know, I think that I was an induced coma. So they don’t think that was keeping me alive was liquid I. V. Because they put me on a feeding tube but the feeding tube was backlogged because my body the stomach and the intestines would not process anything.

So actually backlog defeating two. Yeah, I almost and the fact I actually almost died, I lost so much weight. It was the fastest weight loss program I’ve ever been on almost £200. I’ve actually know almost £150. I was 2 10 and dropped all the way down to like high nineties. Yeah, I should and the doctor said I should have been done uh the way that my body, how much damage was done to my body and how how quick it went, I should have been done and and after once I got better and after the but going through rehab was not fun.

You know, I just want, I just want to tell you that going through rehab was not fun. It wasn’t. But you know the people I interacted and the people I touched hearts with and how they’re like, man, you should like, you know, you should start a podcast because you know each of the, each of the day, you know, you know when people are like lonely in the hospital, like when after visitation is done and stuff, you’re still there. You know, you don’t just go when people going and so I would start wheeling around people’s rooms.

I’m like, hey, you know what, I’m like, hey, you know, I’m not like nice to meet you, I’m like, hey, this is what my name is and but at the end I’m like, you know remember God loves you and I’ll meet you at the finish line and then then I didn’t really know what that meant until I read Hebrews nine where you know, we’re all on a journey and God has a purpose for each and every single one of us and that when we pass the finish line, we’re going to receive the crown of glory and we’re going to receive the famous phrase of remember, well done my good and faithful servant.

And that’s what kicked off my ministry called. Remember it’s a hospice thing because the people I was in were elderly people and um, and it was hard to say goodbye to them, but then I’m like, okay, how do I? And then I started telling people about my story and I told like, you know, people like, hey, you know those two I am and you know, this is why I’m fighting for, this is why I take things grant take things granted and stuff. And so you know, like, wow, we are so impacted by your story.

I’m like, hey, you know, they’re like, you should really go and tell people, you should really go public speak and that’s where I’m like, okay, I tried it the first time and, and so I, the first public speech, the first thing I ever did was like, I’m like, it was the shortest thing. I’m like, hey, you know what? We’ve got to protect America and in the end and thank you very much and you know, but then I’m like, okay, maybe I can actually have to mature and maybe I have to actually fully do it and you know, it was after like, and for me, I’m a very slow thinker, you know, because whatever happened and stuff actually damage the receptors to like, you know, when something bad happens, I take time to think, you know, you know, and it’s not like I’m all nilly willy, but it’s the reason why I want to think is I want to comprehend and I’m like, I want to say, okay, what kind of a crowd am I dealing with and how can I impact?

But at the same time, you know, make them positive at the end of the day, you know, and so, and this way, and that’s what kind of attracted eric trump to contact me and you know, it’s his team to contact me and say, hey, we want you to join our campaign because you know, we, we went to North Korea with us and you know, we want you to, you know, be speaking with us. I’m like, absolutely. And that’s why guys holding mike lindell mm hmm. And his psychiatrist who, who I dated it was a short term relationship.

Right, awesome man, Okay, well, so before we get going, I want to give you like something I’d like to ask is solutions. What do you see for solutions? I know we kind of hit on something you’re saying get involved, but what else you got? Well I got so the kind of solutions that, you know, I have is not only get involved, but like don’t be afraid to step out, like don’t be afraid to get outside your skin. Like comfort zone for instance, you know, because the moment that you get out of the comfort zone is a moment that you’re impacting people’s lives and then you never know what kind of, you never know what kind of lives you’re gonna impact if you get out of your comfort zone.

Because I’m like, you know, when I thought about it, I’m like how do I look like for the longest time, I’m like how do I get impact people’s lives? You know, while I was in the military, I’m like how do I stop the suicide prevention program? Like you see all these numbers and you’re like, you know what’s going on? And even if we can correlate it to today, I’m like how do I how do I, what do I do? Like, and it’s like, okay, well maybe okay, I have to get out of my comfort zone, I actually have to meet with people, I have to actually attend a party, like a party meeting.

I actually have to utilize some of my resources to make a change because the moment that you start interacting with people that think I like a lot like you is the moment that you can start building a relationship to a point where it becomes like interlocked and you can’t no matter what happens, you can no matter what happens, you’re gonna be there as a team because one team, one fight and we need to be as a team together because we’re under not only a physical battle but we’re under a spiritual warfare as well.

So that’s why we need prayer warriors and we need other people to like join us and that’s why I said hey we have to have yeah, you know with teams, you know, we have to get involved and get our comfort zone. And another thing is that we also have to educate ourselves, you know, and a lot of things I see is that people that go out and stuff, you know because I don’t want to be like the left, you know when the media comes up to you, I don’t want, I don’t want the media has come up to me and the moment that they shut down on you, they shut down the view on you if you know your information because the moment that you know your information they say, hey we’re gonna cut camera because you know too much and there we go the what feeds the media is you go to the unlike the left where they don’t know what they’re protesting about, you know for instance Amy coney Barrett how people are protesting inside of her house and said, well she doesn’t know what’s like having a kid while they forgot to look at the fact that she only adopted to people and she had five kids of herself, you know and then it was kind of cut short, you know and that’s educating yourself is huge, you know and you’ve got to educate yourself, you can’t educate yourself through the CNN or Fox News or through any of those, you can educate yourself through like Newsmax american war room and through like uh these individuals smaller podcasting is you know, you got to get acclimated because they didn’t know the truth because they’ve done the research, they do their homework because they have to kind of figure out, you know what’s going on.

And another thing is if you think there’s a border problem and you watch the news, they’re not gonna think there’s any problem that you think it’s a minor problem. What I did was I’m like how is how is it affecting the border Patrol agents? So what I did was I called Michael and I’m like, hey why don’t we take a go down to san Diego san Diego poor of authorities to like just be there for a day and sure enough we went down there for a day, we got to tour the border, we got to see what it’s like going inside the process and we got to see and there was a major problem.

So it’s also going there yourself investigating yourself, going to the Supreme Court and stating, oh this is what’s really happening, you know this is why and you come back and you educate and that’s how that’s where the education comes in. Sweet man. No that’s three good ones. Are you kidding me? That’s epic. And you even like hey, you know the spiritual man, like you said, we gotta stay fast in faith man. No it that things are working out right because again they want to hijack us and tell us that they’re not right, this is all the fear and then you know the back and forth the left wing right wing same bird dude, same thing, it’s all busted, right, so epic dude, that was perfect, that was perfect.

Oh one last thing man, how do people find you? Do you do you currently have a podcast still or what I do I do. So um so what people can find me as someone Spotify and Apple podcast um and if people want to like so through there um I have and I’m also on twitter, I finally got twitter um so it’s called but most people can follow me on and when I do my podcast and stuff I do remember excuse me remember God loves you and I’ll meet you at the finish my podcast, it’s a podcast, it’s a journey about my life and stuff so you’re welcome to follow me if you have any Spotify or any other or nothing is that um if you look up Jocelyn and uh on your search engine it will show up on facebook and it’ll show up other things.

But mostly people can find me on, I’m more interactive on um instagram I would say and also on Get Her and the Truth Social. Okay, so and I’ll send you and I’ll send you those links to you so you can put it absolutely put those in there along with that. And I want to say thank you so much for the opportunity and hopefully I’ll be, hopefully I’ll get invited back. Yeah man, Absolutely. Of course we love, we love this and this is kind of, you know, one of the ethos is again, what we’re trying to do is we want Boots on the ground.

I want to talk to Boots on the ground. We got to talk to really cool people that are, you know, you know, all up there or whatever. But dude, that’s not, I want a representation of our people on the ground, you know what I mean? So we all the people are freedom people or should be anyway. Amen to that. So already thank you so much. And remember God bouncy and I’ll meet you at the finish line. Hey, see you there brother. Thank you. All right man, cheers bye bye.

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