June 15, 2022

Overcome The Fear Of Symptoms

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Welcome to Round 2 with Dr Benjamin Benulis just in time for his new book launch, Create Health! Dr. Ben is a badass, certified by The Freedom People. He is a fascinating man with a variety of knowledge and a great sense of humor. Listen as this former engineer of ten years tells his story of how he got into practicing a non traditional method of chiropractic.

Show Notes

Dr. Melissa Sell teaches men and women of all ages how to overcome the fear of symptoms and adopt the mindset of healing. She started her career as a chiropractor which evolved as her and her partner began to study the mind and then eventually found the studies of Dr. Hamers which is known as German New Medicine.

Hello, all you lovely freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the freedom people podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms. All the freedoms that we can think of anyway, as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together, I’m your host Bradley. Freedom. Health freedom is more important than anything at this point in time or just about right up there with everything else. That’s the most important thing like law, education, all those things, spirituality, all those things that we just outsource, healing and health is right up there.

That’s what makes this next guest dr Melissa Cell. Such a spot on guest for the Freedom People Dr. Melissa cell began her journey in 2005, she started to learn that the body is programmed for health not disease, It’s called German New Medicine, something very, very interesting. I really enjoyed the chat. I know you’re going to as well Before we get into this amazing talk head on over to the Freedom people dot org and sign up to become a contributing member today. You can contribute for as little as $0 per month.

It’s awesome. Come join the groups. Come join the conversations, Come on, let’s go, introduced me to you. Uh and the german new medicine concept. Um it’s fascinating. Um yeah, so yeah, before we get too crazy far into anything. Um, could you just let everybody know um well give your background who you are and and while we’re talking, Yeah, cool. So, um I’m dr melissa cell and the doctor part is I’m a chiropractor and I graduated chiropractic school in 2012. And so that was my background before I ever came across Dr Hammer’s discoveries in dramatic new medicine.

Um I was working in helping people get healthier through lifestyle changes, so chiropractic care, exercise, nutrition, detox, kind of the whole alternative health lifestyle. And through that I I saw a lot of great results. A lot of people helped a lot of people got healthier. Um But even within that model, I would see things every so often that kind of threw me off, you know, people who I thought were living perfectly healthy lifestyles, doing all the things that I was recommending. Um even teachers within the community.

And then randomly they’d have some type of diagnosis like cancer and it just be like very confusing. Um and everybody kind of is aware of people who don’t do any healthy lifestyle measures and live really long lives. And so, you know, there were these outliers, there were these confusing factors, but you know, on the whole, I thought that I was teaching the truth about health to people um in changing their lifestyle now in 2017, I came across the work of dr homer and it flipped my whole world upside down, changed everything, everything I thought I knew about health.

Um And in a way so profound and so logical, very biological is really dr Hammer’s discoveries is it’s their natural laws of how our biology functions. And my background in chiropractic allowed me to see that because one of the things um the founders of chiropractic talked a lot about innate intelligence. And so something I had very firmly um in my mind is that the body is intelligent, the body is wise, the body knows what it’s doing. The body literally built itself. And here we’ve come along with our human minds over the last several 100 years and we, you know, have studied the body dissected the body, we’re looking at it and but we understand so little about it.

And so the body, we have to kind of default to the body in a sense because like I said, it built itself, it made all of these organs. And you know, in the conventional world when something goes wrong when there’s a lump, a bump, a rash, a tumor, a cancer. Um the idea is this is wrong, this shouldn’t be happening, we need to cut it out. Um In the alternative health world it’s oh you ate something wrong or there’s a toxin and there’s a poison and so your body, your immune system isn’t working right.

And so that’s why this lump or bumper whatever is going on. That’s why this happened. But Dr. Hammer’s discoveries change everything because he found that the body doesn’t do anything meaningless, nothing malignant. There is no evil in nature. It’s all meaningful and purposeful. And this came about as a result of his own personal tragedy, which was he lost his 17 year old son to a gunshot wound. And then he developed testicular cancer and he knew that there had to be a connection between the loss of his son and the cancer.

And he worked in oncology and started interviewing people and hearing their story and so beyond just stress beyond just a stressful event. And cancer, because that idea has been around for a while um in psychosomatic also, you know, hans earlier and the stress adaptation theory that stress in the body. The idea before is that it lowers the immune system and that allows cancer to grow because the idea is that the cancer, the immune system keeps the cancer in check. But that’s not the case. According to dr Hammer’s discoveries, he found that so specifically, every man who had testicular cancer had a lost conflict, lost someone important in their life.

Um, every woman who had a glandular breast cancer had a very profound worry. Conflict, everyone with lung cancer had a death, right? Conflict. Everyone with colon cancer had an ugly indigestible situation they were dealing with. And so it’s like, okay, there’s more going on here. This doesn’t seem random. This doesn’t seem like just stress, it seems as though the body is intentionally adapting particular tissues in response to particular events. And then next step beyond that, that really systematized this and allowed him to see that there is um order um and programming going on behind all of these tissue adaptations is he looked in the brain.

So he saw people having, you know, emotional experiences in their life and and tissue adaptation. So a cancer on their body. And so he said, okay, there’s got to be something going on in the brain because the brain is the central integrating center of the outside and the inside. And so he started looking at brain cT scans and found that there are circles in specific regions of the brain. And the circle is always there when the person has a specific event and a specific organic change. So when a person has a lung cancer, there is a circle in the brain stem and they had a death right conflict.

And so he mapped out the entire human body and found that with the exception of poisoning injury and nutrient deficiency, all sicknesses and illnesses are the result of these biological programs, significant biological special programs which are these adaptive um programs that our body has evolved over time to survive. You know? And so every biological program has a survival purpose. And so that’s kind of the capsule summary of of me and G. M. M. Okay, so then that yeah, that was kind of my question and I think you packed it in there.

That that’s kind of what german new medicine is um is that what you’re explaining right there? Yeah, so german new medicine also dramatic new medicine um also called, which is doctor homer, he kind of came up with this new term to get away from the medicine connotation um which is roughly translated to Germanic healing knowledge, which I really like because this really is it’s the knowledge of how the body heals. And he discovered five biological laws which um really allow us to understand how the body adapts, what happens, how our tissues behave in certain situations.

Um And so if you’d like we can we can get into the five biological laws as a means of breaking this down and understanding it. Yeah, yeah, absolutely, I’m yes, I’m very interested in these sort of things. Um So but who can we can we just who is this doctor, you keep referencing dr Hammer who dr Reich geared homer and so he was a german medical doctor and he was very innovative, he had some patents on like a really really sharp scalpel. Um He you know, he was one of the youngest licensed medical doctors when he graduated at the time.

And so you know he’s this young brilliant medical doctor who you know his family, he was practicing in Italy um you know, I guess one of his dreams was to just you know practiced medicine for no charge and so that’s what he had been doing um after you know, he got these patents and so he was innovative, brilliant, he also had a doctorate of theology. And so he was a very wise, um an interesting man who suffered a tragedy like I said of his his 17 year old son and that was what set him on this trajectory to making these discoveries. Wow. Okay.

So he would, we would consider him like that. He’s the founder of. Okay, okay, awesome. Okay. Yeah. So now that we know we got him down, we’ll get some information, post some links and all that good stuff to some books. Whatever you may have you can share. It would be awesome. Um Okay. Yeah. So please continue. Said there’s five by the way, I really like the biological, that’s uh I like I like that a lot because like you said nature ironically enough this morning in the shower.

I was I was thinking about how they, you know, I say they whatever this this um the offer, this offer for reality out there is that you know what I mean that we are separate from nature right? And that and that it attacks. But that’s not, that’s just not the case anyway. It’s just funny that of course. Okay so please continue. It’s a biological system and you know we we are born from nature and nature has adapted over time to accumulate all of this wisdom of how to how to survive.

Like literally think about all of your ancestral line that it got for you to be here today. Every every ancestor that adapted to some stressful situation. Not having enough food, not having enough water. You know, All of that wisdom is programmed within you because it had to be, you know, because nature learns how to adapt in order for our offspring to survive. And so it is it’s very nature driven. It’s very biological, it makes sense. And the body only does things that make sense. Nature only does things that makes sense.

And when you look at it um and start to understand it from this ontological context. And that’s really what dr hamer did is he zoomed out and he looked at this bigger picture at our physical tissues and their development over time. You looked at the embryology, you know, I think it’s a da Vinci quote, if you want to understand something, you have to look at how it began, how did how did it begin? And what, what is it now? So when you look at a full grown human body and you see a tumor, you know, the human mind says, cut it out.

What type of tissue is this? What does this tissue do? What is its purpose? Every organ, every tissue in the body serves a function and serves a very profound purpose for our survival. And so they are different programs turn on in certain stressful events. So the first biological law, it’s the psyche brain organ connection. And so the psyche brain organ, it’s a unit, it’s all one. And the psyche isn’t just like your thinking, mind, your psyche is your entire sensory detection apparatus. It’s everything that’s picking up on everything um, in your surrounding right now.

And what is it? Therefore, it’s to detect? What do I need to do in order to survive? What do I need to do in order to survive? Do I need to sweat? Do I need to run? Do I need to produce more digestive juices? Does the heart rate need to be higher? Lower? What do I need to do to help you to survive? Because the body is programmed with the life principle and life wants to live and life wants to reproduce. And so all of these biological programs are around these basic things of just living, surviving and reproducing.

Um, and things have gotten more complex over time. So the psyche detects what’s going on and the moment there’s a shock. Now, the thing about a shock, this isn’t just regular stress. It isn’t just, oh, I’ve got to take the kids here and I’ve got to do this and I’m rushing around, I’m so stressed out. It’s not that it’s a profound moment in time where you are caught off guard. You feel isolated, you feel kind of all alone. It’s very like there’s something that you can’t ignore that has come to your attention and it’s a shock.

You weren’t prepared for it. And in that moment your body knows that you weren’t prepared for it and has a program to help you? And it depends on how your unique arrangement of your psyche perceives the event. And so we can all experience the same objective event, turbulence on the airplane. You know, somebody is holding up the bank were there, but everyone’s gonna experience that event in a different way. Some someone might have a death, right? Conflict. Um, you know, a speechlessness conflict. Someone might not have a conflict at all, depending on the arrangement of their psyche.

And so it’s not a 1 to 1. If a person loses a child, they’re definitely going to have this kind of cancer. Um, it’s more of a however you perceived it, however, your ancient biology, in addition to your personal experiences how you perceive it. So that’s kind of a nuanced aspect of this. So, it’s very, it’s very subjective then. It’s it’s which makes perfect sense. Which would go back to what you said early on is why can this person smoke cigarettes their whole life. This person didn’t smoke one and then they get lung cancer and die, you know, in the year.

You know, it’s just okay, yeah, okay, keep going, smoking does not cause cancer. The sun not cause cancer. And as soon as we weaponize these things and we get people afraid of these external things. You know, we enter into this world of duality of, oh, there’s evil. Evil in the sun. How can there be evil in the sun? How can you possibly gives life to all that exists? Sure. If the sun causes cancer, we’d all have cancer if that’s how it worked. You know, if if smoking caused cancer, everyone who smoked would get cancer, but it doesn’t work that way.

So it is we have to look at the subjective experience of the individual and so the psyche registers something’s amiss. There’s a shock, There’s something going on and it perceives which biological program should be activated. And so what happens the psyche, the brain, the organ. So there’s an impact in the brain in a very specific region depending on the content of the conflict. So it’s different if you have a I can’t swallow this conflict. The throat is gonna adapt and get wider so you can swallow it or spit it out.

If you have an I can’t digest this morsel conflict. The body is going to produce um tumor and extra cells in your colon or in your intestines to produce more digestive juices so that you can break it down if you are feeling um like you are separated from someone, the skin is going to adapt. And so we have very different experiences as humans. We have all sorts of there’s like 500 different um roughly 500 different biological programs that can be activated depending on the specific flavor of the thing we went through.

So the shock impact in the brain and then there’s tissue adaptation on the organ level. And there’s three things that can happen. Either we build extra cells so that we can create a protective barrier or produce more digestive juices or thyroid hormone. So like glands can get bigger. That’s what they do. They get bigger. So they can produce more of whatever juice they normally produce to help you survive. They’re there for a reason and they have. It’s kind of like it’s like an emergency program, you know?

And so when you experience a certain type of thing, the body can turn on all these different emergency programs and it puts the organ into hyperdrive. And so the organ goes into hyperdrive to help you to survive the situation. Um and then when you resolve it, the body puts it back to normal, which is we’ll get into that with the second biological law. But that’s the psyche brain organ. We either build extra cells, erode cells. So there’s loss of cells in some of the programs or there’s loss of function.

And so that’s basically how the the first biological law operates. Okay, so that’s one of five. Okay, beautiful, wow. Um wow. Okay. So yeah, well, let’s let’s keep going, I have a question about like, you know, because um like multi dimensions and things and how how does that, I mean, you know, and I and you said it that everything in your body is there for a reason. Right? And and not go against it and not be so western medicine or you know chop it out kind of thing?

Okay. All right. And so then that first one is really the the psyche kind of connection is what you’re saying. Which is your whole body as an antenna, just the feeler, the whole thing. Your whole experience is in your meat suit, yep. Yeah. So that’s the psyche brain organ. There’s always a shock. There’s always a shock that initiates these adaptations. Um and so we get into the second biological law, which is the law of two phases. And so all of these biological programs, if there is a resolution to the conflict, operate in two phases.

And so this is how this works. So we have a normal day night rhythm. Um you know, during the day the body is more sympathetic, active. This is fight or flight. This is when you are hunting and gathering. This is when you are you know surviving and doing the things that you need to do. And then in the evening the body shifts into parasympathetic which is rest and digest feed and breed. That’s how this works day night rhythm. And so normally we’re up and then we’re down.

But the moment we experience the conflict shock, the thing that happens that catches us off guard. The body shifts into heightened fighter flight. So sympathetic phase. And so this is where you are preoccupied with the conflict. Your body tissues again depending on what exactly happened. Um the body tissues are adapting and your mind is constantly racing, how how do I fix this? How do I fix this? How do I fix this? If you’re sleeping? You fall asleep at night and you wake up at three am wide awake, it’s because your brain is waking you up so you can resolve this conflict.

And so that’s why a person who’s dealing with insomnia where you wake up and you just can’t fall back asleep. Your your brain, your subconscious mind is like, hey hey you gotta fix this thing. What are we gonna do about this? How are we going to resolve this conflict? You know, and it’s metabolically and energetically expensive to be in heightened flight or fight for an extended period of time. You know, your body is using up these resources and you can, you know, you’re adapting, adapting, adapting. And now the moment that you resolve the conflict and so conflict resolution can take many different forms often it’s just the situation changes.

The thing you were worried about is no longer an issue. You know, your child was in the hospital and you weren’t sure if they were gonna be okay and we finally turned the corner, they’re gonna be just fine. Okay, that was that was the resolution. You were worried, worried worried. So let’s give that example. So a woman who is very worried about her child because their child, you know got hit by a car or something happened. Um every moment that you’re worried, if the body perceives that as a worry nest, worry conflict the breast glands.

If it’s a right handed woman, it’ll be her left breast glands will get bigger. And every moment that she’s worried the breast glands are getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And the purpose of this is biological, it makes sense. Um It’s to produce breast milk because if your child was bleeding out in the plains, you know, hundreds of years ago, you didn’t have, you know, access to um nutrition just, you know, up at the corner store at the hospital, you know, you all you have is your own physical tissues.

And so the biological solution to this problem of a child who’s bleeding is to produce breast milk. So that that that child can have hydration and nourishment and not die. So you can see it makes perfect sense. And so it’s going, the breast gland is going to grow and grow and grow. This even happens in men, if if a man has lost his wife and his offspring, he’s worried for his offspring because they can’t eat, a man can literally grow breast glands and be able to lactate because that programming is just embedded into um into the biology.

Um and so the moment that the conflict resolves. So again, the child’s gonna be fine, they’ve turned the corner, everything’s gonna be alright, oh, what a relief, But now you’ve got a bunch of extra breast gland cells And so the body has a plan for that and the plan is to use our bacteria. So bacteria and this is actually kind of gets into the fourth biological law. The bacteria are there to help us. Our bacteria dr homer calls them seasonal workers so they they hang out and stand on standby in the body all the time and they’re only activated when they are needed.

Which is when you’ve you’ve gone into fight or flight for a period of time. Then you’ve resolved it. Now you’re in parasympathetic. Now you’re in this deep healing phase that’s when the bacteria turn on. This is their time. And what do they do? Just like bacteria and fungus in the woods, what does it do? It decomposes dead and decaying matter. And so the tissue in the breast that’s no longer needed needs to go away. And so the bacteria and the fungus is the micro bacteria like tuberculosis starts to decompose the tumor and so it eats it away and you know you might have discharge and swelling and inflammation.

This is typically when the person thinks they’re sick is when they resolve their conflict because now you’re fatigued because remember you’re in heightened fight or flight for a period of time that was metabolically expensive. Now you’re in rest and digest now you are in the the healing phase which is you’re going to be fatigued exhausted, swollen because all healing happens in a fluid environment, so you’re swollen, you’re in pain. This is when someone goes, oh no, I’m sick now. But this is and this is the big reframe.

This is not when you are sick, this is when your body is repairing from a period of adaptation where you were in, you know, the sympathetic mode, You were in a conflict. Now, your body is in the restoration. And so that’s like the big reframe that people need to get is that when you start becoming symptomatic, when you have a headache, when you’re fatigued, when you’re coughing, when you’re sneezing, when you’re, you know, having all of these symptoms, your body is repairing and that reparation will go on for as long as it needs to, if you were in conflict for a month, you’re gonna be in healing for a month.

If you were in conflict for six months, you understand that there’s, you know, you, you dug a hole for six months, you’re gonna have to refill that hole for six months. That’s basically how this works. And so, understanding that helps a person to kind of predict how long is this gonna take. You know, and and that’s what people, they’re like, oh, I can’t be sick for another day longer. It’s like, well, you were in conflict for two weeks, just, you know, these are laws. It’s mathematical. And so when you start understanding this is this biological languages, like the math of your body and you can’t escape the math of it, you can’t try to cheat it.

You can’t try to shorten it, you can’t try to cut it out because it’s just, it’s biology. It’s math. It’s law. Yeah. Yeah. Beautiful. Natural law. I love that. Okay. Oh, one more thing halfway through the healing phase, there’s a big squeeze. So you get to this point of, like, maximum swelling. So the body is swelling swelling, swelling. You can almost think of this as like the pregnancy, you swell, swell, swell. And then you get to the point of maximum swelling, you can’t swell anymore. And then the body has a big surge of sympathetic activity to squeeze out the fluid um from the organ level and from the brain.

So this is typically if a person has spasms or a sneezing fit or a coughing fit, um it’s because the body is at the greatest point of swelling and you’re about to turn the corner of the program. This is a heart attack also will happen at this point of maximum swelling. Um The heart attack actually is very different than what we conventionally have been. You know, led to believe it actually comes from the brain, there’s brain swelling, which puts pressure on the heart rhythm center and depending on how intense and how long the conflict was.

You know, that determines whether a person is going to make it through and survived the heart attack or not. Um If a conflict has gone on for longer than nine months um related to the coronary arteries. Um longer than nine months when that heals the body is going to have a heart attack that is likely going to be fatal. Huh? Got you, wow. Yeah, that’s interesting. So, so, you know, like, like what about generational trauma? I mean, I’ve got so many questions. I can just go on and on.

But you know what I mean? Or or even just long time family trauma. So, and and I guess, you know, one of the answers, I mean, people release what they release when they release and how they release it. You don’t necessarily need the other party to release anything, right? We all know that experience I guess of letting go of it something and it feels really nice. Yeah. It’s very interesting. Okay. But yeah. Okay. So that was that was number two. Yeah, that was number two. Um Now number three is the anto genetic system of tumor and tumor equivalence.

So what that means is all the different tissues of the body perform different functions. Um And so when you are just an embryo, when you’re two cells come together and they multiply and multiply and multiply, they differentiate into three different layers and these three different layers of tissue go on to become all of our organs. But just how you know, houses made of different materials. We’ve got bricks, we’ve got, you know sheetrock, we’ve got um lumber. We’ve got all these different parts of that’s how our body is made out of all these different parts of pieces.

And our organs are kind of interwoven in this really beautiful way. And so the tissues operate differently depending on their when they developed. So the oldest tissues of the body, these are the most basic tissues. The first tissues that existed were those of the end of term. And these are controlled from the brain stem. And so think about the most simple kind of organism that exists. Um All it does is taken nutrients. Expel nutrients respirator in some way it breathes and it reproduces. And so that’s what these basic programs are all about.

They’re all about these basic survival and reproduction there about taking in a morsel. So a morsel of food, a morsel of air, a morsel of light and processing it. And so these tissues when they are in conflict, they grow. And so I’ve already given a few examples of this. The breast gland, the thyroid gland, the digestive system. Um These will all grow during conflict activity. The tonsils, the prodded glands. What they do is they grow, grow grow when you are in conflict to produce more of whatever juice they happen to produce.

Um And then when that conflict resolves there were, remember so the tissues grew during the active phase in the resolution they are then decomposed using the ancient bacteria and fungus. So the tubercular bacteria that’s how that operates. Then the next layer. So the next layer is the old method. ERM So there’s the endowed ERM ERM and the ERM the meso term is divided into two categories old and new. The old behaves more similar to the endo dermal tissue. And so this is controlled from the cerebellum. And so dr homer describes this layer evolved when organisms went from the water onto the land.

We needed this protection. We needed this layer to help us keep in water to preserve water and to protect protect us from you know from things like UV rays from the sun, we needed more protection than we had with those basic tissues. And so that’s when the derma skin evolved. That’s when this layer and it’s all about protection and so on. The example. I love to give for this one because this is very relevant for me. So the deeper layer of our skin is this protective layer.

And when we feel soiled when we feel attacked, when we feel defiled in some way the body builds up an extra barrier so we get extra cells in that region um this can present as a melanoma potentially if it’s if the melanocytes are involved in their um in this protection layer it can also result in acne. And so feeling attacked or feeling soiled is the source of acne. You know I used to think it was diet related. I used to think it was just bacteria on my skin but when I put the pieces together with this wisdom from dr Homer I saw oh it’s an experience of feeling attacked or feeling soil.

That’s why you know sometimes I pluck my eyebrows and then just get a zit right there because I had an attack conflict or my dog would lick my face and I’d get a break out there or I’d eat some food that I used to think it was the food but now I’m realizing it’s because I had a correlation I thought that the food had bad oils in it or the food was bad for me in some way. And so I would feel soiled by it and my body would in an attempt to protect me from this, the soiling from this food would create a barrier.

And then when that resolves then it decomposes it. And so when you have a pimple with pus in it it’s because you felt attacked or soiled your body adapted to it and then it decomposed those extra cells and this is just the result of it. This is the healing result of the conflict that you experienced. So does diet have any ah any place in in german new medicine in the place of supporting the body and for you know providing quality nutrition for our our strength. So but it’s not about preventing disease and this was one of the big, you know, mind blowing things that was totally different for me because I was teaching people that you need to eat this way in order to prevent disease.

But like I said, remember all the people eating this way that would get a disease. And then it was like, well what the heck? Well that’s because you can be eating a perfect diet. I could be eating the perfect diet, I could be doing all the detox is all the cleanses. But if I experience a biological conflict shock of a nest worry for my child, my breast will create cancer. It will grow and you can’t prevent that because it’s biological. It’s part of when you have this experience, it doesn’t matter if your diet is perfect and that’s why helping people to kind of come out of the idea that diet causes cancer.

You know, is so helpful because a person who’s doing the perfect diet but still gets cancer, what are they to do other than than to feel like they’re cursed or it’s genetic or, you know, some other random reason. And that’s the thing is nothing in that this is the thing about dr homer he’s very scientific and everything he wrote down, he verified again and again and again and again, it’s reproducible, nothing in conventional medicine is reproducing even. Exactly, yeah, that’s that’s very yeah. And even an alternative medicine, it’s not, you know, like we can give you the perfect prescription of diet and exercise and nutrition, but the variation in results.

Um it shows us that it’s not a reliable system, but dr Hamer’s work and that’s why I’m so drawn to this is the reliability, reliability, the reproducibility of these programs that he discovered. Um So that’s the old message. Um Again, tissue growth during the active phase, then tissue decomposition during the healing phase. Then we move into the new message. Um and this is the connective tissues of the body, so the bone, the muscles, the joints, everything that gives our body structure and the conflict theme is value.

And so when you are feeling, when you’re devaluing yourself feeling not good enough, I’m not fast enough strong enough. I’m not able, I’m not a good mother, I’m not a good wife, I’m not a good partner when you’re beating up on yourself, the body wants to make you stronger. That’s what this whole category is about is about becoming stronger, becoming bigger, becoming more able and more capable. And so during the active phase of these adaptations, there’s tissue loss of the new meso dermal tissue. Um So there’s erosion and the whole purpose of this is to renovate your tissue from the inside out.

So let’s say you’ve got a house and you are, there’s hurricanes or something in the area and you’re like, okay, we need to reinforce this house ideally, you’re not just gonna put boards up on the outside, you have to get into like the inner structure of the house and reinforce it from the inside out. That’s what this program does. So there’s erosion of tissue during the active conflict of the muscles of the joint. So if you’re feeling the shoulder is related to your partner, if you’re right handed, your right shoulder is your partner shoulder?

Your left shoulder, is your mother child shoulder. So if you’re feeling like a bad spouse, um like you let your spouse down and this has happened to me where I’ve gotten to, you know, an argument with my partner and then felt really bad about it. Like it was my fault and I shouldn’t have said this, I shouldn’t have done, you know, So I’m beating myself up, you know, I’m feeling guilty, I’m feeling I should have been a better partner in that moment. And so my my tissues again, Here’s that shock.

Here’s that realization and says, I can help. And it helped by renovating the tissues of my shoulder. And then the next day when I’ve got a sore shoulder when I didn’t do anything physically, I didn’t hurt myself but my shoulders like a king, like heck, it’s because my body is in that repair phase and it’s building my tissues up from the inside out to make me stronger. And so that’s how this works, tissue lost during the active phase. Then tissue repair during the healing phase. Um So that’s the third layer And now we’re at the fourth and the fourth is the ectodermal.

So this is the most recently evolved layer of tissue. And so the ectodermal are the lining of the ducks, the external skin. And this has to do with separation and also our role in the pack. So our territory also sexual conflicts. And these tissues erode there’s loss of tissue during the active phase. But the biological purpose here is to widen the opening. So if you’ve got like the bile duct for example, and you’re experiencing a territorial anger conflict or an identity conflict, there’s erosion, there’s widening of the duct so more juices can get through the duct.

And then during the healing phase there’s restoration of the duct which can cause things to occlude for a period of time. It can cause certain juices to back up for a period of time because there was erosion widening. And then basically like a healing scab is taking place. Um And so that is what happens during the healing phase. So that’s the third biological law. It’s essentially what tissue am I working with, How does it operate? What can I expect from this set of symptoms? And so it’s a it’s part of this compass so that you understand why is my body doing what it’s doing?

Beautiful. Okay. Um yeah, so you know uh how long would I mean? So if I die if I died is conflict resolved, right? And this kind of goes back to the generational sort of thing. Like you know what I mean? Like. Well well um will I bring in generational stuff? Can I get it from my parents? Do you get what I’m saying? Like can I take on their their stress or whatever? Let’s say if I’m in the womb, right, And my mom’s going through stressful things uh well that pass on to the to the baby right, sort of thing.

And then okay right. And so then if I die and you get what I’m saying, like is this like past lives stuff? And when when we when people hear people talk about, you know, we’re resolving generational things and energies and anyway. Yeah there’s a there’s a couple of schools of thought on this. Um And so there are people who have taken dr hamer’s work and have kind of tied it with ancestral type of trauma. It’s my understanding that dr hamer was more of the mind that, you know, your conflicts are yours in the sense that like from the moment of your conception.

Yes, of course you’re in the environment of your mother’s body. Um You know, you came in the cellular components of your came from your father’s body which was in his own environment. And so yes there is like a genetic potential for you know a similar conflicts to your parents either just by the energy frequency within your D. N. A. And then also the way that you are raised. And that’s why people tend to have similar conflicts in families because you’re raised in this kind of this soup this energetic soup of your parents issues and your parents parents issues and everything together.

So um you know but that’s what you’re saying but not necessarily pulling it from like you know carrying it on from past lives sort of stuff right? And that that makes sense. It was it’s much more which I I really enjoy because for me then that means well I have more control and I like I like that feeling that it’s it’s all my my doing. That’s the thing is I I’m not a big fan of genetic determinism or ancestral determinism as you know as oh just a result of fate, my you know my ancestors and I’ve I’ve got this burden now that puts you into victim any any amount of victimhood um is I can’t control this.

I you know there’s nothing I can do about this. And so you know looking at this really as when you understand this came from me, it’s my experience even if I was in the womb and having an experience that my mother. And actually there are some great stories of people who you know developed condition. So there was a woman and she during her pregnancy that got held at gunpoint. And so that’s a pretty huge trauma and the and the baby has an experience of that trauma. And the child was born with clubbed feet.

And so club feet, or when, you know, the feet turn inward. And that indicates a weakness within the connective tissues of the ankle. And so what would cause a weakness in the connective tissues of the ankle? Okay, what is the purpose? The purpose is structure and value? The child felt like they couldn’t get away. They couldn’t escape. I wasn’t able to move away from this danger. And so that’s that self devaluation which the child experience, not in a psychological way, but in just a totally primal, I can’t run away from this danger sort of way, which means I need to be stronger um which the child went through this adaptation where the the first the ankles become very weak because the biological program is tissue loss prior to tissue restoration, which means that the child didn’t resolve the conflict in the womb.

Because how can you there was a danger. It was scary. I literally can’t get away from it. Um and so some of these things, they are a little tricky. They are a little bit like, okay buddy, what what am I supposed to do with this now? But you know, that’s where we get creative and helping people to become strong. You know, like even a child that’s feeling very disempowered because, you know, um early life interventions. So the birthing process itself, what they do to babies in the hospital that’s like our first experience of, you know in the womb, we can be bombarded with ultrasound, loud noises, stuff going on with our mothers.

Then we’re out into this world and we’re being manhandled and poked and prodded and bright white room that’s just like circumcision. And you name it. Yeah, I was circumcised. Yeah. And uh and and what’s that? What’s um my mom had c sections, cesarean. My mom had five of them. Right? So yeah, that’s in again, it’s a big procedure that hospitals love to do. So. And so yes. Okay. Got you, got you. Okay, beautiful. And I have another quick question. I don’t want to stop the flow on the on the five because it’s so awesome.

But like so is there is there um well no let’s let’s just keep going. I’ll save my questions for last. Okay, so the fourth biological law is the anti genetic system of microbes. And so microbes are not the enemy. They are there to serve us. Like I mentioned earlier, they are seasonal workers. And so they operate in certain specific tissue layers in response to when they are needed. And so they help to either decomposed cells that are no longer needed. Certain bacteria actually helped to rebuild. Like the bones of the body.

The bacteria are these little little micro surgeons, little helpers and they’re they’re doing a job. And so that’s you know the whole idea that it’s oh the bacteria cause this infection, it’s caused this problem. They are the firefighters, they’re there at the scene to do a job and all of me medicine has misinterpreted what they’re doing to say oh they’re the problem we need to eradicate and eliminate you know these these microscopic things because they’re what’s causing the problem. They are not the problem. They are actually a solution.

And by understanding that you get out of the fear of any germ you get out of the fear of you know so the whole idea of viruses and viruses obviously have been like a big topic of conversation and dr homer said viruses if they exist they serve a function in the ectodermal tissues. And so if you’ve heard of Dr Andrew Kaufman and look at the the X. Awesome. That makes sense to me because the exorcism is simply an area of adaptation. And so when the ectodermal tissues adapt with erosion and then tissue repair.

Um the debris that we’re seeing when you zoom in on that that’s what they’re calling a virus and all a quote virus is is evidence of adaptation. You know they’re seeing this stuff this these exorcisms these particles and all it means is you have a specific type of conflict. You had a territorial fear conflict, you had you know some type of conflict. Your tissues adapted and that’s what they’re calling a virus. So that’s the fourth. And the fifth is actually a quick one and this is but it’s the biggest one which is nothing in nature is meaningless, Everything has a purpose.

But the nature doesn’t make mistakes. Our biology is has been perfecting itself over millennia in order for us to survive. And so it’s the survival legacy. It’s the sacred understanding that our body is on our side and our body is all about life and reproduction. And so it doesn’t make mistakes. We are making mistakes and our interpretation of what the body is doing. But the body in and of itself is not doing anything without a purpose. Everything is biological. I love that. Right? Yeah. And when you say it like that too, I mean, yeah, it’s uh it makes perfect sense.

It makes perfect sense. So again, so many. So then what what does the role of a doctor play in german new medicine then you know what I mean? Is it is it? Yeah. Please. Well if and when eventually it is legalized in the sense that you can actually use it in a hospital setting. That will change everything. You know. But unfortunately we haven’t been even allowed to do that dr hammer, you know um was very vilified for his findings and persecuted, had his, you know, license taken away thrown in jail because if this information actually made it out there, it would literally change absolutely everything.

And so you know um if there were a true doctor of this, this this type of understanding, they would work with the body, it would be completely different. They would understand. So a person would come in with something going on. The doctor would understand exactly what’s going on and why help them to determine, you know, where they’re at in the biological program. Um, and you know, eventually, it would just be so wonderful to have the support of emergency medicine and intervention. Because these conflicts there just because the body is doing it on purpose doesn’t mean that it can’t get very intense.

You know? And so the body is doing it for a reason. And sometimes people say, oh, you’re saying, oh, cancer is not a big deal. It’s like, well, the cancer can still be a big deal because if it’s grown to a certain size, it can block openings. It can, you know, press on ducks, press on vital areas. And so it may be beneficial actually to have a surgery. You know, it’s not that it’s anti surgery, it’s just anti anti biological surgery. When you’re going against nature when you’re saying, oh, you know, and I think that it’s horrible what conventional medicine does to people because it plants the idea of like a ticking time bomb in your body.

And I truly, I consider it, um, biological terrorism to tell a person. And I mean because it’s what’s more terrorizing than the idea that something in your own body is working against you and is going to spread, you know cancer all over. And the idea is that the cancer is evil and bad and wants to kill you. And so it’s this enemy, this warfare model. And so a person who’s in that position, who gets a diagnosis, it’s like, what do I do my body this, they tell me that this cancer is gonna spread if I don’t, you know, do all of these things that don’t seem right to me that seem anti, they’re against my nature to put poison in my body and to burn my body and to cut my body.

Um, but this is what they’re telling me to do. So, you know, what is a person to do? And that’s why, you know, hopefully one day a person will be able to go to um, a healing center where they understand the biological laws and can work with the body. Um, You know, but as far as um unfortunately, there aren’t like medical centers that use this wisdom, people are having to piecemeal and trying to figure out how can I, you know, have one ft in the system, one ft out of the system to get the benefits.

Perhaps if I do need a surgery, you know, I mean, that work with people who are in that position where it’s like, I just want the surgery. I don’t want all the other stuff. But the surgery would be helpful. But it’s kind of like they don’t want you to do all of heart surgery. They want you to do the chemo the radiation, the whole protocol. And and so that there are there like a lot of difficulties in navigating with this new knowledge because, you know, you want to do things that make biological sense.

But everything about conventional medicine does not make biological sense. Amen. Yeah. So they’re right. Um, so I’m not sure how familiar you probably never even heard of us, but the freedom people had something that we do. We have a business directory. Actually, we found our current chiropractor, dr Benjamin Bonilla’s. We found him actually on our on our directory. He does what’s called uh, network. Have you ever heard of network? So he does network. Right. Yeah. And I’ve never heard of it. And I’ve been going to chiropractors my entire life.

I was um blessed enough to be raised by mom and a grandmother who were against drugs or pharmaceuticals for sure. Right? Absolutely. So, I was raised by a natural path kind of guy. Um, homeopathic doctor, right? Sugar pills and all that kind of stuff growing up. So I was blessed in that in that sense. So I never really, I’ve always just been like, absolutely not right. It’s just weird. And if you’ve ever taken any of the pharmaceuticals, you know, they just make you feel terrible like terrible.

They’re not they it’s it’s attacking your body, right? And that’s back to kind of this, it’s nature. It’s this war on nature and that somehow we’re attack not just ourselves, but because how long has this war on cancer been going? I mean, decades, Right, generations at this point. So that now we’re primed inside to believe that, oh well if we can nature we can attack ourselves and obviously we can do that to others and now I’m getting other people sick, right? And now we’re gonna kill grandma. Right?

And so it’s um it’s very interesting how this is any hope. So the freedom people, what we do is that’s uh it’s a big big mission of ours is um we’re creating a way for people to directly connect with with health care professionals, whatever you wanna call healers. Um and things of that sort because we know people set up P. M. A. S. Private ministerial associations which help people practice in the way that they do completely separate from the government. Now the the and this is something that we’re working on right now is how do we find that?

You know, the surgery side, like when somebody you lose a leg, I don’t care how much praying, meditation, whatever we do around it, right? How much german new medicine to stop that bleeding? If you don’t stop that bleeding that that somebody’s gonna die, right? We don’t really do something, they’re they’re gonna die. So there is that right? There is that level. Um And then I guess one could argue, well if that happens, they’re supposed to die, right? Don’t even help them, but I don’t think we’re quite there yet to start letting people just die because they got in a car wreck and they lost an arm, right?

So we need to find that as well as how do we find these these um medical centers or how do we create them? Right. And that’s something that we do, is we just at the freedom people, we we didn’t see solutions. So we started creating them. Um and that’s and this is right. And so yeah, thank you. It’s it’s it’s a beautiful blessed, I don’t even know how this is happening because this isn’t where I thought I’d ever be. Um But here we are. And and it needs to happen.

So my mom, she died in december, which is so crazy. So my left shoulder has just been like, I can barely do a push up, which is when you so when you said that like and she Went 40 days in the icu uh you know, they locked the doors of the hospital, like they gave her the remdesivir with the vent kind of thing, I mean or we were they never put on the vent because we were fighting like crazy, but they immediately put her on remdesivir, which you know that it’s the $80,000 treatment thing or whatever, right?

And dr pam uh was papa, was she the one talking somebody who had, was it was crazy. We were living at real time. And she put out a video about Arizona where in Arizona and this was happening and she put out a video about it happening in Arizona. I was like this is happening to us right now. I was the power of attorney. They locked the doors of the hospital. They wouldn’t even allow our we hired a nurse right to be our medical advocate, right? A a nurse, right?

As somebody who’s been in the nursing for 25 years out of texas, super sweet woman, they wouldn’t even allow her on the phone with us in a conference call with the doctors would not allow her in there because they just completely Railroaded us and whatever they said was what they said. I had we had to file injunction orders, we had to file affidavits of truth to stop to get them to not put her on. It was just so then they just kept her there for 40 days. Nobody no visitors, nothing.

It was so anyway, uh then uh last year my daughter was born, we were supposed to be a home birth. We didn’t know at the time, but we had a licensed midwife. And because she has a license, if she didn’t do certain things, then she could lose that license from the government, right? And it’s so anyway, we went through this huge traumatic experience with her birth, emergency C section right, which never really had to happen, but it was just crazy. So we have a lot of motivation to make these things happen and that’s thank you so much for coming on and being able to talk because you know, this is something that we’re exactly um what you’re saying there is is how how it’s we need both, right?

And and we don’t and as far as like some sort of preventive maintenance on your life, I I give zero to telepathic medicine and I mean a big old goose egg. So, like the only thing I think that there should be there for is is traumatic this like, you know, emergency stuff like, okay, that’s what the emergency room for, not your cold, right? And stuff like that? It’s just insanity. Okay, my rants over anyway. So, so what do you see what what personally what is your the biggest transformation that you’ve seen?

Um and and and see it because I know, I mean you’re you’re obviously I mean you implement this stuff in your life, right? And I would assume that you would I don’t want to speak for you, but do you implement this in in ways that you help patients? Um and things like that? Right? So that’s what I’m talking about is like you’re obviously doing it. So how do we get more people doing what you’re doing and how do we get you know what I mean? Like there’s a way for this to happen and I believe it’s direct to the patient back to the home.

You’re my doctor now, I’m not you know what I mean, home visits, whatever, that kind of thing. You’re my doctor now, I’m not going to see this this specialist and then that specialist and the specialist, like the body didn’t come separate, you know I mean it’s like they act like it came in pieces and then they all called the oh let me call the cancer guy, let me call this go the skin guy. Yeah, bring the skin guy. We gotta put the skin on it. Didn’t that didn’t happen like that, but this is how our medicine is like become medicine whatever.

Anyway, okay, so it’s over. So yeah, so so the thing about this work is it is um this is the medicine of freedom because you can apply it on yourself and you can see it for yourself. You don’t have to take anybody’s word for it. So for me, I I heard the idea about it and then I started to experience it. I started when I you know, had a zit when I would have a sore throat, had a sore shoulder, I worked backwards and that’s what I recommend to people, I’m all about education and people learning this for themselves.

I don’t want you to have to come to me to say, oh what about it’s like you need to learn it for yourself. You need to learn how your body works so that you can be empowered at least one person? And every family should have a very good understanding of, of the dramatic new medicine so that they understand this is what this tissue does. This is why this is happening. You were upset for two days, you’re gonna be having symptoms for two days. This is how this works and having these wise people in our society and everyone can learn this for themselves.

Next time you sneeze, next time you sneeze. Pay attention to what annoyed you a few minutes beforehand, because sneeze is the epic crisis. Remember that healing squeeze that I talked about? It’s the epic crisis of a stink conflict. So stink conflict could be, I don’t want to smell this? Oh that was gross. I can’t believe, you know, like I let this chicken rot. No, that smells disgusting stink conflict. Um actually someone in one of my groups just shared that she went to get some cucumbers from her fridge and they were just completely mushy and she was planning to use them.

And so, and after she threw them away, she had, she sneezed and she’s like, oh I, you know, it’s seeing these connections, it’s noticing what you’re upset about what’s frustrating you, what are you losing sleep over? What’s the problem in your life? And then when it’s resolved, what happens? You know, is it diarrhea? Is it a headache, is it pain is making these connections? This is how you become empowered about your health by developing this awareness and really what I do with people is I help them to develop the ability to see what’s going on in their, in their mind, in their psyche in their consciousness.

Because that’s where the conflict really lives. When you, you know, in nature animals just kind of resolve things naturally. Very practical. But humans, we get all up in our heads about it and we think about the problem and we’re mad about it and we keep reliving it and so we have to kind of get into this inner world and find a solution, find the way out. What’s the resolution? What’s gonna bring peace to my spirit? You know, when that piece is there, the conflict can resolve and the body can go back to normal, you know, because um it’s especially with these chronic conflicts, the ones, you know, you have a conflict.

This is actually very interesting when it comes to allergies. Um so allergies, it’s not the thing, it’s, you’re not it’s not the food, it’s not the mold, it’s not the external thing. It’s that in your nervous system, the moment that you have that conflict shock where you’re caught off guard your body takes a snapshot of everything going on in your environment, the temperature, the the time of year, the people, you’re around the sights, smells, sounds, all of these elements can get encoded and then when you encounter one of those elements again, the body remembers the conflict and can reactivate the indigestible morsel.

And then you have diarrhea. When you eat the bread, it’s not the bread. It’s that the bread was in your system the first time you had the conflict. And now your body is just you know using it as an early warning signal. You know. Same thing with seasons. You’re not allergic to spring. You’re not allergic to pollen in the spring. You had a stink conflict. And now every time you smell pollen, your body remembers, oh remember when we smell pollen there was annoying frustrating thing we were dealing with.

And so it’s biologically tied. And so it’s not the external thing. It’s how it’s relating to you. And we know we can have a family where a couple of kids are allergic to the pollen that everybody else isn’t. How does that even work? How can some kids in this family be allergic to a food when nobody else is. It’s because of that subjective unique experience. And the ways that these conflicts have become encoded with certain external environment cues. Mm. So so our our infants born allergic to anything.

Well, again it depends on what was in their mother’s system. What conflicts did they have? So they potentially could be um You know it’s it’s all about the experience. Ah wow! Well yeah. I mean yeah. And the more and more you think about it and it just really integrates, its, it’s cool, it’s very very cool. This is uh awesome stuff. Um I I know we don’t have much time. There’s lots, but you know I wanted to give you a chance. So um do you have a practice and and and you know please tell everybody how can they get ahold of you?

How can we find you? You know, you don’t have a directory listing on the freedom people, How else can people find you? Yeah, so I um my Youtube channel is a great place to start if you’re like okay I really want to learn more. I’ve got a lot of videos on there. It’s a great place to jump in um because I really do I encourage people to learn this for themselves. On my blog on my website is dr melissa cell dot com. Um I’ve got a blog post where if you’re like where are the resources, where are the books you can go to that blog post and you know find the resources to start learning it for yourself.

The work that I do um is with this practical application and helping a person to you know see the conflict in their experience and to unravel it. And so I do one on one, consults with people. I also have a library of courses um and the courses are self guided and they’re intended to help you to understand this conflict at a deep level at a biological level and then to come up with creative solutions. Um I also do a group coaching meeting, we uh meet every Tuesday just to reinforce these ideas to talk through it, to talk through, you know, just being so solution oriented and it’s taking this personal responsibility for everything about your experience and then it’s weaving in this biological knowledge and knowing how your body and why your body does what it does and it is, it’s all about just living in this this lifestyle where you are responding resourcefully to whatever is going on with you, you know, and it’s learning to trust yourself to trust your ability to overcome whatever comes your way, because that’s the thing is when your body is adapting its because it’s like, oh no are we going to survive or we’re gonna be okay.

And when you build this kind of inner reserve of confidence of resourcefulness, resourcefulness, you know that no matter what comes my way, I know I’m gonna be able to work with it to overcome it to transform it for my good. And when you have that attitude, you have a very conflicts become much much fewer, you know, like it’s it’s not as intense, you’re able to resolve them quickly because unexpected things do happen, it’s not about protecting yourself from conflict and you know, never having a shock again, it’s about recognizing and resolving and seeing it and being able to kind of bring it into perspective more quickly.

Um and, and, you know, it’s challenging depending on the situation. So you’ve got a family member in the hospital for, it’s like, well how do I not be conflicted about that? How do I not feel? You know, and, and it’s about downgrading putting things into perspective, seeing it from a new angle and new light and so that’s what I do with people, wow, yes, that’s what I’m talking about, right? And so are you gonna call it something? I mean, is this like, cause it’s it’s right? And this is like, it’s a whole new, this new earth that we’re all creating and all this beautiful stuff.

I mean, this is like a whole new, like practice name of a genre, what what term? And I am I looking for, you know what I mean? Like a genre is not the word, but, you know, it’s like a whole new yes system. But you know what me, and to me, it’s all going back to the individual anyway, right? And so, and and you being the healer that you are, you’re gonna have it in your way, but having this german new medicine knowledge as a, I think it’s essential.

It is, yes, I’m glad you can see that because it is, it’s not something to say, oh yeah, that sounds cool. It’s like, no, this is foundational, this is absolutely, people need to know this, and that’s why, you know, every, every podcast that hits me up. I’m like, yes, yes, yes, because it’s like, people need to know about this. I was shocked. Um, you know, this has been around for 40 years. He made this 1981. And so, you know, it’s and nobody knows about it. I didn’t hear about it until 2017.

I was offended. I was like, what? This information? This? And I didn’t hear about it in chiropractic school. I haven’t heard anybody say it. It was a random occurrence that I even heard it. Some lady randomly mentioned it on the podcast, and I was like, what is this? I’ve never heard of this. It wasn’t even someone teaching about it. And so that’s why, you know, I have, you know, shared it so, so much, because I just feel like it’s everybody needs to know if you have a body, you need to know these laws amen, right?

If you have this physical body, right? The esoteric. But even the esoteric, I mean, it’s, you know, the inside it’s it’s Yes, absolutely yes. To all that, right, and what have we done? And we say this? I say this a lot, but like, we outsource all the most important things. We’ve outsourced our health, our education, our law. So everything we just now rely on and we don’t think about it, but everything, the most important stuff. We’ve outsourced our health, our wealth, all of it. And uh that’s where I think that this is so beautiful.

It fits right into everything that my personal growth. And because I’ve been my own doctor, my whole, I don’t go to doc. No way. No way. It’s just uh, it’s just funny when you think about it, I’m gonna go some dude like that, whatever. Just as a regurgitation machine, it’s whatever. And it doesn’t know me or at all. He has no no insight to my esoteric, no insight to how I feel inside. There’s just no way even, you know, they give you a little chart one through 10 how the pain chart or whatever, right?

And you’re just like, I don’t know. I’m trying to whatever. It’s fine trying to figure it out. Right? So it’s again, it’s beautiful dr melissa. Thank you. Thank you so much. You’re very welcome. And I encourage your listeners to check it out further. Yeah, my blog, find the resources, study it for yourself and then just pay attention you. And that’s the thing is everybody I talk to you. They’re just like this just makes sense. And you kind of know it in your bones when you see how well, of course, of course my body would help me.

Of course this tumor isn’t there for no reason. Of course, that makes sense. You know, and and it is it’s this biological, why would my body do something against me, My body wants to survive. Why would it kill me. And that’s the thing is it doesn’t the body is programmed for life and it will keep on living and keep on adapting because that’s the, you know, the innate life principle is to to live and to reproduce. Right? Well, look what they’ve done again. They’ve hijacked our consciousness.

They’ve hijacked our imagination to make us believe that we can nature’s attacking itself. Yeah, that’s crazy. All right, Well, maybe we can get you come on again. I thank you so much. And yeah, everybody go check out dr melissa cell. Thank you so much. Thank you. Alright, bye bye.

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