December 29, 2021

Creating Financial Freedom from Within!

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Kury Reynolds is a former pro golfer who took some time to comprehend the crypto world. Anyone can get involved, all you need is an app on a smartphone. Financial freedom and the ability to change the system from within is upon us! We love you :D

Show Notes

Africa over 80% have smartphone, 20% have a bank account 


Free remittance payments through Twitter and Strike 


Crypto wipes out the middleman 

12% current adoption rate 

15-20% goes up exponential 

Current dip is sure sign the financial market is in 

HEdge funds are selling off, will reallocate in the spring 


Bitcoin leads the market


Crypto will globalize, decentralized 

Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador 


SEC refuses to approve a ETF coin 


Social coins will become the greatest value of the crypto revolution 


Stored value, bitcoin over 200% 

Take across borders

Spend anywhere, with debit card connected to bitcoin 


CBDC- government programmable money, Master manipulation of money 

China banned bitcoin, kicked miners out

CCP owns mining companies 


Michael Saylor – for Businesses to learn how to accept Bitcoin 


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Hello, all you lovely Freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the Freedom People podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms. All the freedoms that we can think of anyway, as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom Together, I’m your host, Bradley freedom and I’m absolutely honored to be on this journey with you. Have you ever thought to yourself, You know, stuff around me doesn’t really seem right and um I’m tired of being in the rat race and I would really like to do something about it. Well, that’s our next guest. Our next guest is curry. Reynolds curry is a former pro golfer who took some time to comprehend the crypto world that was swirling around him. Um the beautiful thing of crypto is that anyone can get involved. All you need is an app on a smartphone. What a wonderful conversation this was. And we really do appreciate curry coming on and taking the time we’re gonna jump right into this awesomeness. But before we do, what we need you to do is head on over to the Freedom People dot org And that’s the Freedom People dot org. Sign up to become a contributing member today and help support us and everything that we’re doing here looking for a p M A from your business. We can help you go to the Freedom People dot org, get in contact with us. You’re looking for a job, you got a job board, looking for a place to advertise your business. We have a business listings page looking to correct your status. We can help you. There. We are. The freedom people. Come on, let’s go, Oh, mm hmm, mm hmm, Ryan. So Ryan was our captain. Um, we hired him to take us from ST thomas to ST Croix last year. Um, and we spent, well, gosh, about 10 days tooling around ST Croix and then back over to ST john’s and you know, he asked me, uh, he was always up early and I was everyday early doing some work before everybody else on the boat got up and he started asking me about crypto and, and I told him what I was doing and planning to retire at the end of this year off of this stuff and he got into it. So I taught him a bunch of things and um, now, you know, we, we talked quite regularly now. Right. Beautiful dude. That’s okay. Cool. Yeah, man. No, that’s great. Yeah. Um, Ryan’s been a good friend of mine for many years, so that’s awesome. I’m honored to have you here. Um, this is pretty, pretty easy, man. Again, it’s, there’s, this isn’t live or anything. So it’s just you and me just kind of sitting here talking. Um, and yeah, I mean, just For everybody’s knowledge, including mine, just let everybody know who you are man or, you know, disclose as much information as you’d like. Okay, well, um, I’m, you know, been a golf professional. I actually turned professional in golf when I was 19 uh started playing professionally. I did 10 years playing golf for a living. Um In the meantime I worked a lot of winners in the golf industry um After my daughter got to be aged three and I hadn’t made the P. G. A. Tour while I was making a living, I was traveling constantly, I decided that it was time you know to settle down and and take a job in the business. The last 20 years have been basically running golf courses or learning to run golf courses followed by running golf courses. Um And uh you know uh About four, well about 2017. Um You know I’d heard of Bitcoin before that Had kind of gone down the rabbit hole a little bit but wasn’t ready to invest in 2017. I was in between golf jobs. Um And was kind of Realizing that you know in my late 40s, after a lot of years in this business, there was no retirement, there was really no future. Um not that the golf business is a great business, I love what I do, but it became a point where what am I gonna do if I really want to enjoy life. Um And so I kind of went down the rabbit hole there. Uh I did what probably everybody does with cryptocurrencies as you buy a bunch of shit coins thinking they’re going to go to the moon and you’re gonna get rich overnight, uh lost a bunch of money. Um and uh, you know, of course Bitcoin and the entire crypto market then tanked in 2018. Um, and uh I took that time, you know, one of the advantages I have of choosing to work where I do, which is in Wyoming, um I have some months off and so I started to take that time to understand why I lost all the money I did when I started this and to research and do some things and understand um you know what the real freedom is in Bitcoin. Um and, and, and I think the most basic statement about it is Bitcoin is freedom. Um it’s freedom from, you know, the banks telling you what you can do with your money to uh having, you know, people uh, in the financial world, you know, accredited investors. It’s the biggest bunch of bullshit I’ve ever heard. Okay. All it is, is a way to keep the wealthy wealthy and the rest of us as serfs. And uh, what was amazing about this burgeoning market was anybody can get involved. You just need a cell phone. Um, and a little bit of, you know, the ability to download an app and start to get started and then the, you know, the want for knowledge and what I learned in that time to is the amazing amount of it in this community of people who are willing to give away information for free. You know, you never get that in the traditional finance market, everybody’s trying to sell you some peace of ship program that they have developed and and yeah, you know, the results may vary right, which, which is with everything. Um but you know, here in the, in the crypto community, there’s so many very successful people who are willing to just give you the information for free. All you have to do is search it out and want to learn and I I see this as an opportunity to change uh you know, not only my financial future, but the world’s financial future. Um there’s so many people that are unbanked or underbanked that are going to thrive in this. Um and that’s kind of brought me to this world where, you know, I’m retiring at the end of the month, um I’m now full time crypto and uh and this is my world is to now attempt to get in a position where I can share this information with others and help them earn some financial freedom man. That’s a that’s beautiful curry man and that’s really, really awesome of you. That’s um that’s a wonderful, wonderful sentiment. And yeah, I mean, so there’s a couple of things there, I’m what when you said like people who are underbanked and or or not Banked and what do you mean by that? What does that mean? Well, you have so many people around the world, you know, Africa is a great example um and in particular there’s one crypto project that’s really trying to change that which is Cardigan Oh um in the African, you know there are a lot of people probably, I think the statistics are over 80% of them have smartphones but only 20% have banking accounts or you know, access to financial services. Um And I think that even the bigger one is and we see it in the United States all the time to places in South America or africa where you have a family member who is here in the us who is remitting via Western Union or Moneygram. Uh They’re remitting to their families overseas and what’s happening is Western Union’s just raping them 70% Remittance fees Um you know 50-70% is pretty common. So you got, you know, some poor guy wants to send 100 bucks to his family and he’s paying a $70 fee to get it to him. Um And in one fell swoop this year, twitter along with the strike gap with Jack Mahler’s. I pity anybody who owns Western Union stock at this point by use of the Bitcoin and Lightning network. They have moved to where free Remittance payments can be done over twitter or through the strike gap and then twitter actually uses the strike app um and it’s coming with WhatsApp now um very soon WhatsApp, you’re gonna be able to just send money for free across the lightning network to anywhere in the world. Um And that’s where this is such a powerful technology is that people who have had no way to get into the bank into the financial world or you know, just to receive money. Um you know, they had to go to a Western Union office sometimes uh you know, miles hundreds of miles away to pick up a pittance of a check and then they still have to go get their cash from them. There’s a fee there, you know, the this Cryptocurrency wipes out the middle man and it’s gonna give freedom to people to grow up again. Another story that is so powerful is, you know, yeah, we all know the Nigerian email scams. Right? So they, Nigeria has been basically blackballed from any financial services. So for a legitimate business person in Nigeria, the only way for them two conduct business around the world is through Bitcoin. And what’s happened is if you look at the nations with the largest adoption rate, Nigeria has the largest adoption rate of Bitcoin because someone there with a good or service that is wants to get it to somewhere else in the world. The only way for them to do it is peer to peer through Bitcoin. Mhm. Uh this is gonna rapidly and it already is is going to change the world’s economy. Um no more fiat currency debasing killing us uh and the lower end of of economic fortunes. Um This is going to allow people to do business period appear with no restrictions, no friction. Yeah. Yeah. No it’s it’s amazing um So yeah let’s let this so much awesome this year. Okay so really quick for a lot of people. So a few months ago we had somebody on from Bitcoin. Tucson uh Tucson Bitcoin. Excuse me. Um And and there he he strictly um into Bitcoin only right? Um And and a lot of people, oh there’s there’s confusion around the whole thing like what is a Blockchain? Is there only one Blockchain? Like um what what is like you know what’s the difference between Bitcoin and card? Oh no like you just said right like like there’s there’s so much out there and I have a personal question or you know it’s it’s on this topic but personally I have a question on this for you real quick. Um So so so my concern is that Bitcoin just and that’s where like coin base E. So you know the K. Y. C. Know your customer. So now it’s all it’s all being tracked at least Bitcoin ethereum I could say pretty solid that those and a lot of the crypto stuff that I’ve been into over the past couple of years is that you you buy those from a from an exchange like coin base. Let’s just say for example or Bryants right? Like a big exchange, you go by there and then you kind of you move them around to where you can kind of maybe not be tracked and it’s kind of like laundering your coins but it’s kind of like hey I thought I was already uh not being tracked and it’s kind of like well you kind of garbage kinda aren’t right and and that’s and that’s right and that is the the the the other side of that is that it is the Blockchain. It will never go away and that transaction will always be recorded forever. Always right. Um which is interesting stuff to think about when you start to think about the Blockchain and and contracts smart contracts, things like that. But but my just a question to you is is how do you see that um just that little bit there and and could you explain to our listeners and viewers just a little bit kind of your take on that on on the difference between say something like Bitcoin or cord ono or or um Manero for example, something like that. Yeah. Yeah. So so Bitcoin um which we really, I mean it is digital gold, it’s the gold standard. The beauty of Bitcoin is the open source public Blockchain. The fact that transactions are transparent on the Blockchain and you know one of the biggest funds about Bitcoin is it’s used by criminals. Well you’re an idiot if you use Bitcoin to transacting your criminal okay but it also that transparency Uh is what makes it so great because one of our financial institutions done for years, you know, they’ve lied to us. For example the 2008 financial crisis, you know everything’s okay by bear stearns two days before it crashes. Um nobody gets to see behind the scenes except those that are behind the scenes with Bitcoin. Every transaction is visible. It’s very obvious when large amounts are being moved from one place to another. And because there are centralized exchanges um we see money movements, it’s very easy to kind of predict even the market and the price fluctuations in Bitcoin. Now the next stage you go to in the cardinals, the ethereum is the smart contract platforms of the world, this is where the world’s financial system will be moving to smart contracts of the future. Again, getting rid of the middleman but they might operate in a much different way. Currently ethereum is just like Bitcoin, it works on proof of work but what we’re finding the adoption rate in the adoption curve is so fast, I don’t know, you know, any listeners out there that do transact and in ethereum will understand the transaction fees are astronomical. Now they are transitioning to proof of stake and proof of stake allows much greater scaling The more nodes you have, it allows much quicker transactions, you know, they’re when Bitcoin or ethereum excuse me, 2. 0 is fully implemented. They’re talking about transaction speeds uh you know up to 200,000 transactions per second. Currently it transact sit around 30. Um so yeah and it has to to scale right for context. The visa network uh you know runs at about 25,000 transactions per sec. So proof of stake is the future in terms of moving and the proof of work is the most secure. I mean Bitcoin has proven time and time again that it can’t be hacked, it’s immutable. Um it is the ultimate in storing your wealth. You know there’s 21 million coins. They’ll never be more depending on who you talk to. 4-6 million of those are lost forever. Um It is the ultimate and scarcity. It’s the best way to preserve your wealth. The smart contract platforms are the best way to move money around the world uh and take part in financial services, uh decentralized finance which allows you to be the bank where you provide the liquidity to exchanges, You collect the interest fees. Um And this is what terrifies the right of the traditional financial world right? Because suddenly what good are they for for us and they haven’t been good for us, right? I mean you want to throw, you know who you know I mean for God’s sakes, I just got notice from my bank that they’ve changed my checking account and now if I don’t up the amount of my, you know that I’m holding in there, they’re gonna start charging me more feet and I’m like, you know that they don’t realize. Yeah. Hey thanks for holding my money and using it and they, you know, they use our money man. Yeah. Well now it’s not even fractional reserve, sorry to cut you off here. But you know about that Actually took the Frak zero. Yeah zero reserved now. Yes. So I mean they basically, you know, we talk about the Fed printing money but they’re printing money now. Every bank, every time they give out alone, they’re just printing money and they can’t they all sit there and tell us economists can’t tell us why we’re 6% inflation, which is another bunch of ship because we all know we’re at 15-20 at least. Dude, it’s insane dude, go I mean go buy anything, go buy gas now. It’s nuts. Dude, everything just shot through the roof. Yeah. So real quick on that though. So you you hit just hit it right there right. These these institutions, these fiat institutions, they’re not gonna just let it go right? Like was it jp morgan Stanley, something like that has a massive stake in Bitcoin, right? I mean several banks now and what they what they’re trying to do, their kept playing catch up. This is probably the first time in financial history that the retail investor has been able to front run Um you know, and if you’re in early and I’m gonna tell everybody you are in early if you get in now because we’re at about, we’re we’re running about 12% adoption. Okay. So it’s when, you know, if you follow s curves, it’s when you hit 15 to 20% that it goes up exponentially and we are running about twice the speed of internet and cellphone adoption in this space. So it’s coming fast imminent. Yeah, it’s imminent, man. And this huge dip right now. I mean, I don’t know, I’ve, well, Of course there’s lots of speculation on so many things but this 2022, coming into that it’s yeah. Yeah. Well, my take on this dip is that this is a sure sign that institutions are in. So what are manipulating the market? Is that why? Sorry, Is that Okay man? Yeah. So, so you have um, what do, what do hedge funds due in december? They have to sell and show profits to continue to get more invest. They are risk on the first two quarters of every year. They are risk off at the end. So the fact that all all the metrics say the adoptions going up the interest in Bitcoin and, and you know, and I’ll talk a lot about Bitcoin because it is the king and it leads the market. But I mean on top of that the development and watch changing in 2017 we had a lot of promise that these projects could do things. These projects now do things. I mean you have V chain which you know is used behind the scenes for logistics. I mean it can you talk about our supply chain problems. The use of the chain could very much help the world solve these logistical problems. Um You have so many other projects that are working on financial services. Um I just there’s a new project called scallop that’s going to come out in the U. K. That is full banking service but with decentralized finance. So you get when you open an account with them a what is essentially a ledger which is a hard wallet. You hold the private keys to your account. They do not access that. They can’t tell you. They can’t freeze your account, they can’t tell you you can’t spend your money, you have access to your private keys. I mean all this stuff this development is so rapid that we’re seeing a major decline in the market in december. And that is a telltale sign that the big money is in. They’re selling to take their profits which if you if you want to follow the flow barring any more black swan any more covid 19 bullshit. Um you know who knows what next variant will be number 57. Climate change is the next big big one. Exactly. They’re warming that up to keep the people in their little fear pots. Yeah. Yeah. Anything to keep us scared right. And and and whatever it can be. Yeah. Yeah. Barring any major disaster in that. I think we’ll see these hedge funds and corporations, you know, you got to realize too, You know, Michael Saylor and Microstrategy’s was the first corporation to come in in 2020 followed by Tesla followed by square. Um, you’ll see It takes these po especially publicly traded companies about 6-8 months to get all their ducks in a row with the board with the, you know, compliance officers to be able to allocate. Mhm. Now, if you follow any institutional investor, long term institutional role, paul is a great example. They all think there is a wall of money moving into the space at the beginning of next year because again, hedge funds are selling off now, but they will reallocate to risk in the spring. And then you have all these corporations, um, that will be moving into this space. And, and so I think you’ll see a recovery and, and this is totally breaks from the traditional aspect of there’s four year cycles in crypto and that was always set by the Bitcoin halving. I think we’re done with that. Um, I think it is a heavily volatile asset. You know, if you watch this every day, um, if you are not able to detach yourself emotionally, I mean, it’ll tear your heart out, you know, and, and, but if you take a macro perspective and you look at the long term, the crypto market Bitcoin in specific does nothing but go up into the right and it continues to track with adoption and adoption is the key, the network effect, you know, um beyond the good projects. Look at what the network has done for ship coins like dogs and sheep. Um you know, here’s these meme coins, they’re just all about dogs. But the ability to grow a network around those has made them both top 20 coins in terms of market cap. And and to the point where you have, you know, the Dallas Mavericks except dogs for payments. You and AMC to accept dogs and Sheba for payments. People are using this and foundational e in terms of, you know, in the respect of financial freedom. Ultimately money is what with the next person is willing to accept for a payment. Absolutely right. And you grow your network big enough, anything can be accepted. Um now, is it sound money? No? Right, okay. Um but but there is other sound money in this space and and it’s unfortunate that anything that grows, there’s a lot of scams out there, there’s a lot of people trying to take advantage of of this of course, but in the larger macro perspective, this is fundamentally going to change the way everyone in the world views money and in a a very interesting way, you know, the globalists have been trying to make us a global economy forever and nation states fight and they, you know, nothing seems to work, trade deficits, etcetera, but in a very unique way, crypto is going to globalize world world monetary by the individual, which is a beautiful thing. And it is it is decentralized. And that’s that’s that’s where I think that man, and just in general, right? And here at the freedom people, that that’s just something we do. We’ve got a job board, we’ve got a business directory, all this stuff. We’re our own little network and we we we think more people should be creating these networks, right? Everything should be decentralized all the way down from our government. I mean, look at what’s happening, right? And but it’s it’s by the nature, right? I mean, it’s just gonna cipher or hoover vacuum up whatever you want to say, most of the resources to the people at the top. And again, that’s where we’re seeing kind of like, it’s all crumbling everywhere. And this is now, dude, that was awesome, the way that they hit because yeah, this is the individual connecting globally, not globalists coming in on our lives, you know? Right? Yeah, yeah. So this is a way for the world to connect without interference from the powers that be and and they don’t like that, right? So what do you know? They hate it and they’re gonna come after it and they they are they’re attempting the I m f you know, a grand example is the el Salvador, you know, God I mean if anybody gets a chance to you know get a twitter account and follow naive but kelly guys I mean talk about a unique leader follow who naive but kelly the president of El Salvador is and how it’s El Salvador. Is that where they wanted to, are they mass accepting Bitcoin? Yeah they made it currency. So they now have two currencies there. They’re very crappy fiat currency and Bitcoin. Central bank controlled freaking manipulated currently playing garbage with huge inflation and what they did was they they developed the chievo app which utilizes the lightning network which is virtually free transactions so they’re able to use in their instant so the whole knock against Bitcoin is it can’t be used as payments because transaction fees are too high and it’s too slow with the lightning network solves that what he did was any citizen that Downloaded the Chievo App got $30 uh in free Bitcoin, they have started to mine Bitcoin utilizing geothermal, you know the whole knock against Bitcoin, it burns a lot of energy. They’re using geothermal to use their volcanoes. So now he’s announced Bitcoin city and yeah, Bitcoin city will be based around mining and what he’s doing is he’s selling, he’s selling a billion dollar um so bond from them that now most bonds you know we see what’s 10 year treasury note pays about 1. 4% today it’s shipped, I mean you’re losing your ass, he’s got a bond that they’re selling to develop Bitcoins to city and they’re gonna buy half a million dollars a Bitcoin and the other half of millions going to go into the infrastructure building the power plant that’s gonna mind the Bitcoin and starting to build the infrastructure in the city And the bond pays 6.9%. But at the end of the 10 years they’re going to give a dividend on the mine Bitcoin. So estimates are that that that bond that 10-year bond will pay somewhere between 100 to 140%. That’s a hell of a lot more attractive for an investor than hey, you know, I just bought a bunch of 10 year notes from us Treasury. I’m gonna lose about half my money on it. But you know, that’s good. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah that’s a winner. So you know, and the I. M. F. Has gone after him like crazy. They’ve threatened to cut off aid for uh, you know, the I. M. F. Funds. A lot of these smaller nations even on the, you know, the covid experience and they threatened to cut off aid. They, I mean literally almost weekly they make some threat against him and he just, he goes on twitter and every time Bitcoin goes down he tweets, I just bought the dip, You know this guy’s, he’s fantastic and you follow that with, you know politicians in our country. You now have Miami running Miami coin um you know talk about a city, they want to become the hub that mayor is being paid in Bitcoin. Uh I’m going to miss his front and his last name Suarez but I think it’s Francis Suarez but I could be wrong there, forgive me if you’re in Miami and I botched that. But yeah and you have the new mayor of new york. Uh they’ve brought in new york coins. So you’re seeing this in a micro level in the United States that while our government is ruled by the big financial institutions and they’re going to do everything to suppress it. I mean God the sec has been terrible um explain to me how Canada can have a spot big pointy T. F. For a year and a half brazil Australia spot btc, Bitcoin E. T. S. And I. And yet the sec refuses to approve one here and it’s because they know that mass adoption is one step away in the United States and its that instrument. So they approve of future Z. T. F. Which the the financial institutions can manipulate and this is how they’re keeping it as low as they can. But on the on the micro you have all these mayors now starting to get together and develop their own coins for their city and you know Miami coin has been hugely successful. I believe they’ve They’ve contributed 30 million in the I think they’ve been um seven or eight months, they’ve had Miami coin 30 trillion To the city’s coffers or 30, excuse me, 30 million to the city’s coffers and they expect with adoption down there that uh, you know, five years from now they can eliminate all local taxes. Well, there you go. We’ll see. Okay, so this is, yeah, very interesting. Um, mm hmm. Okay, so my question, I got a lot. So, but there’s, I’m learning about the debt, the debt, the debt based system. Right? Of course I’ve been learning most of my life about the financial system just because I’m in it. I’m not a financial advisor, not a, not by any means. And that’s what I find very interesting about yourself, which I, I think that all the listeners and viewers should be really interested in in, in kind of your story. Hey, he’s a professional golfer who now is retiring because he learned this sort of stuff on his own right. I mean this is stuff that you were out there and again, it’s information. There’s so many people out there. I mean look at you, you’re willing to come in here and help anybody come on talk and there’s actually a lot of resources like you said out there who are willing because it’s exciting and people want to share the wealth and people are, you know, generally good. Um, so that’s amazing. Right? Just to even know that just even somebody who played golf for a living come in and do this. You’re not some sort of guru, fiat currency dude or something that knew how to do this. So everybody pay attention to that. You can do this too. Um but more so like what is so we as as human souls are the only things that create anything. We are the sureties. We are the gold. So it’s it’s kind of backwards when we walk into a bank and we ask for a loan, they should actually give us that money and we pay that to pay up because we actually are the sureties, the underwriters, that’s why it’s called a credit report, not a debit report, right? And once so my my my question and I don’t know if you have an answer, but it’s like so is what, what backs crypto like, So for example, have you heard of genesis? And you might have because I know I sent it over to you of one of my coins, but genesis is actually backed by physical gold somewhere, which is an interesting concept I think. Right? And by the way, so so the freedom people were also creating our own network coin or our community coin is what it’s called, right? So we’re creating our own community coin which we’re trying to kind of work with kinesis or we’re trying to maybe even just adopt their their methodology, but we’re not sure, right? And I’d like to know what your take is on, we the people back things. That’s what backs things period. It’s not even the gold or the silver we back it we build stuff not banks, not its institutions, nothing. That’s why they have to have the this natural citizen, natural person signature or an autograph of the natural person to do anything. Right? So, so what do you think, man, like what I mean? And is there a way to collapse the debt based system and go back to some sort of like legal or or sorry, not legal but lawful money system or or some sort of something where it’s backed and and like you’re saying, and maybe this is it, right? Just something that can’t be can’t be faked, right? Because I mean, you can even make new gold, can’t you? I mean, I know there’s some sort of chemical process where you can make gold, right? So yeah, gold. And Well, the thing is what what happens, You know, you know, in the 70s we had all the oil problems, right? Oil crunch what would happen? Technology developed, you know, oil get over $100 a barrel a few times in my lifetime. And every time a new technology comes out that finds more oil, right? The ability to to to create more oil, get more oil in the ground. Gold is the same way every time gold begins to get scarce, there’s a new technology that allows them and you know, and and gold we don’t know, I mean they’re gonna be mining gold on asteroids someday. Right. Right. So there’s no finite amount is what got you. And also there’s tons of value and technology tons than what does technology do. It makes everything cheaper over time. Okay. The faster technology grows, it makes everything cheaper. But we have not had a financial system ever. I mean gold with the gold based dollar was the closest right where we had some backing and uh you know, it limited the government’s ability to inflate our dollars once we went off of that Fair game. Okay. And the only thing that’s maintained the dollar, you know, in my opinion over the last 20 years is the fact that it’s the only thing you can pay for oil with. Very interesting. Yes. So the petrodollar is what keeps the dollar is that you know, the world’s reserve currency. But with Bitcoin here you have a mathematically guaranteed deflationary monetary system now does the dollar go away? I don’t think not with the power of the United States, but should it be, should they be buying Bitcoin and backing the dollar with Bitcoin? Absolutely. I I don’t think that I think are governments around the world are too power hungry to ever do that um naturally, but eventually it’s going to be forced upon them. The world’s reserve monetary system is going to be Bitcoin unless something better is created. And that’s that’s hard for me to see in in in the near future. But again, 20 years ago, nobody saw Bitcoin coming. So potentially there will be something better to come out. But it is painfully apparent that the current financial system can’t continue the way it’s going more and more people are getting poor. Um you know, while you have very wealthy people, the percentage of poor people is much lower and eventually the poor people stand up and what you’ll see, you know, you can, you’re going down the best whole community coins like Raul paul again and I will mention him a lot. Uh he has a real vision crypto which is an amazing daily videos. It’s free to everybody. Um you know Raoul’s 30 years uh you know with Goldman Sachs and and and he’s still an adviser to these major people. So he gets this, his take is that social coins, network coins will become the greatest value of the crypto revolution. Uh you know, and and once your community is large enough again the discussion of dogs being accepted. You know, and that’s what Miami coin in new york coin are like if you get businesses to say yeah I’m going to accept this as tender for my goods. That’s all you need to have money. So you know you have you have a store of value which There’s no doubt Bitcoin is the world’s best store of value. I mean year over year, it averages 200% over the last 10 years in value going up. So you can’t store value better than Bitcoin. You can take it across borders. Uh you know on your phone you can spend it just about anywhere. Now there’s a lot of means if they don’t take Bitcoin two get a debit card that uses your Bitcoin So there’s it’s it’s imminently spendable. I mean try that with a gold coin these days. Well yeah not only that. Yeah but I mean dude think about it. You can billions of dollars in your head. You don’t even need your phone. All you need to know is that 12 words. That’s right. You just need to know your yeah your wallet private so they can strip searched. I mean take every I mean unless they go into your head and extract that out of your memory. And and that’s and that’s the thing. You know people that that discuss the financial uh implications of a C. B. D. C. Which is government’s way of saying no no we can do digital better. It’s the same crappy feed. You could always do everything better can’t they? Isn’t it obvious what’s really frightening brad? What scares the hell out of me is giving the government programmable money. I mean now I go into the grocery store and I bought 2 12 packs yesterday and I want to buy more beer. They can shut me off once they have programmable money. Yes. Yeah it’s more, it’s like the digital passport stuff dude. Yes. It has to be decentralized. Not centralized. That’s right. Yeah. They’re always trying to centralize things back. Of course they are. That’s that’s the job of the evildoers or the or the leeches of society, right? They can’t create anything for themselves. So they have to leech it off other of of, of living souls. Yes, it’s just this madness man off the backs of our hard work. So, so, so that’s where they come from with the, the C B D C stuff, the, the bringing into, hey, we can do this and you don’t need Bitcoins. Well that just even shows that we need Bitcoin even more and they’re doing it china is a great experiment, encourage anybody to actually research what’s going on with the C B D C and china. So they banned Bitcoin, which is amazing that there’s still, I think like one of the biggest miners or something. Well they kicked all the miners out and but don’t, don’t get me wrong, the chinese government still owns them. They just kicked him out. Yeah, the CCP, that’s why I was gonna say, you know the CCP still they still own those mining companies, they just, they wanted to look to the world. Say, see we’re doing something about the environment so they kicked him out but they’re still getting the Bitcoin, But it’s very interesting because I think it’s something like 15% of the world’s Bitcoin wallets are still in china, right? So it’s being used there. But they went on the C B D C kit and so they are literally telling you now think of what this does, the people who get it. So okay, here’s your CBD CS, but if you don’t spend them by the end of the month, they’re gone. So this is the master way of manipulating economy, basically putting an expiration date on your money. So in times when the economy is slow right, we need to pump the economy so we’re gonna put an expiration date on everybody’s money and you have to go spend your money or you lose it. And at the same time when the economy is rip roaring and they need to slow it down, they can put in a, you know, they can give incentives for okay. But I mean that is the epitome of central government centralized control, no freedom at all. Yeah, it’s sickening, you know, and and and so Bitcoin solves this and and you know, I’ll throw another name out for people to really take pay attention to is Michael Saylor, who again was the first one to get into it. He has a website called, you know, Hope dot com and it is a it is a walkthrough for all businesses on how they can put Bitcoin on their balance sheet exactly how to do it, show me another financial sector in the world where that information is readily available and free. Right? No, of course not. Okay. And that and that’s what Bitcoin does because when your money isn’t being devalued, when it is only going up in value, it only behooves all the actors to get in and teach everyone else. Mhm. It’s a much better society. It’s beautiful, right? And again, the the individual is empowered and that that’s a that’s a big thing. That’s our that’s our ethos. That’s the core of everything that we do with the freedom people is to free the individual because you can’t it doesn’t go the other way. Everything is an in in inside outward movement. Ah Everything. Lovejoy fear. Everything comes from the inside outside, right? And even your spiritual awakening, whatever it is, all of these things is an inside out. We think there’s an appearance that it’s outside in. But if you’re not looking within you will always be without. And that’s a way good, very good way to look at things, right? And so that’s where we’re just power the and empower the individual, right? Then the individual can empower their family, can empower their neighborhood, their community, their counties, right so forth. That’s what this does. Dude it decentralized, connects us all globally, but still keeps keeps us independent and and sovereign, which is a big, big deal man. Absolutely. Absolutely. And it’s it’s it’s the greatest it’s the greatest revolution of maybe in mankind’s history. I mean, this is right up there with the invention of the wheel you know. Yeah for sure for sure. Or fire or something but. Right. Well I mean and and just having this conversation with you is really just sparked a lot of new things inside of me and because I don’t know if you know a lot about what we do as far as um you have you ever heard of this suv fund and and um bondage and when you’re okay so we actually helped people to control their minor estate. So when you were born, when you were born you were actually sold into bondage and you were it’s through the birth certificate through the birth certificate they actually create a corporation Of of you. It’s a it’s called your straw man stuff like that. Anyway $1 million $1 million dollar loan is taken out on the hypothetic ation of your labor. Right? And so it’s it’s your hypothetic ated labor that you will produce over your lifetime. Well then they take a $2 million federal reserve bank account. So believe it or not everybody if you have a social security number you have a bank account in there with millions of dollars in it because it collects about 44%. And the executor ship is given to the Vatican. So right now the Vatican is executor of most of the trust on the on the planet. So what we we help people do is to claim that. So then you you assume that we help you put that into a trust a foreign entity trust that you control right? The name of the game is owned nothing control everything right? But anyway I’m trying to really associate how all this goes because that’s again that’s our our our number one. We want to free the individual and monetary is I don’t know if there’s a more important way to do that right? Because it’s our energy that we’re exchanging and that’s what this is. It’s our it’s our soul with and that’s all right. We could be using puka shells or what was the first one wampum wampum shells was it was the first currency in north America right? Or the that supposedly whatever but there’s called wampum shells right? And so whatever we could trade whatever. But it’s really what we’re trading though is the hype of it’s it’s our labor it’s our energy source. What you’re getting banks governments that take any institution, they do not create anything. All they do is leverage the people, right? Politics. Dude, the multiple ticks, dude, sucking everything off of you, right? It’s like dude nuts man. Like and how this is going. So I’m dude just by I mean because we the people are are are the surety. We we back at all. We create the technology, we write every line of code that happens. And that’s right. And that’s where like you were saying, technology actually frees us now. It can enslave us to it’s a sword. Everything is, everything has two meanings. Guns aren’t bad, swords aren’t bad. Uh Fork isn’t bad a car isn’t bad until you pointed at somebody and decided to hit the gas and run them over. That’s an argument I make. Right. Is that? Yeah. You know what? I think that cars are more deadly than guns. Why? Because I think your average person nos or people’s knows how to operate a vehicle more than they do a gun, right? And so it’s much more deadly to have your suv pointed at a parade of people perhaps. You know what I mean? And that’s right. Exactly. And that’s what that’s what I’m saying. So technology and that’s where I’m a technologist. I’m a software engineer. I’ve been doing technology from most of my life and I love technology. Um and I also love sovereignty. I believe in freedoms and personal choices, right? So it’s like I believe that like yours technology can absolutely free us man. It makes everything cheaper. We can like take care of these mundane details where we can spend more of our time educating ourselves and our Children and the right, right? And and building maybe, maybe maybe we grow our own food so we’re not, you know, dependent on some chemical induced, you know, whatever these centralized powers decide they’re gonna poison us with. I mean it’s it’s nonstop man. So this has been amazing just because for me, I’m like, okay, cool. So actually the technology itself is what backs it right? Like all these cool, like you were saying there’s so many cool um projects out there. I mean, you know, hard to name many, but there’s there’s um it’s just the the the ethos or that I don’t want to say that the substance I got so far from this conversation, it’s been amazing. Is is that is that okay? I’m starting to comprehend how maybe because there’s lots of lots of things that the only lawful money and this, right? Because the bible is a contract law, its contract with the bible. So, and the only lawful money is gold and silver right now, but why is gold and silver mean anything? Because we, the people say it means something. It’s not that. I mean, and I guess there’s your utilitarian purposes, right? For gold and stuff like that connected. Sure. Sure. So there is something there to um So anyway, I’m this is that I was just trying to get out there that this is really connected a lot for me curry. I it’s uh or at least opens up new information for me to where I’m like, okay cool. Now I can start to think well and just like our our our community coin, you know, what is that going to look like and how does that? And I love your input on that. You know, you just touched on this, you know about growing our own food. Right? Um What souls this mess we’re in, this, this supply chain problems. Well maybe we shouldn’t be growing lettuce only in Mexico. Okay. You know what the centralized farming stuff. Right. Right. So so you know community coins in general, you know whether they’re they’re on a social terms or whether they’re you know used for. It’s what utility do they have? Okay. And now if I can, if we’re living in the same neighborhood and I can exchange my coins to you for your growing lettuce to help feed my family and then maybe I produce chairs and you know, I’m exchanging those. Well this is the monetary system internally. Right. And community coins by adoption, you know, grow bigger as they become more util utilizing and gain more utility and I think you know what we need to see and and I think we are to a small extent it’s starting to break through to people that every community can produce. You know, things that we are getting from either overseas or from thousands of miles away. And there’s no need to do that. Um, and then you bring in the social monetary network. We don’t need nationalized money that devalues at 15 20% a year. What we need is a medium of exchange where I can exchange for your goods and you can come get mine and so forth and create these own internal with the underlying and bottom line. And this is why the city coins are so interesting because they’re backed by Bitcoin. Mm hmm. So they run on the block stacks network, which is a layer two solutions. Bitcoin. So you have this immutable, uh, decentralized, incredible digital energy in Bitcoin backing these smaller networks. Sounds a lot like the gold backed dollar. Right? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. But you can’t make more Bitcoins. Exactly, beauty of it. Like we’re never going to extract more out of the earth somehow. Or a chemical reaction is going to create more. Right? Like you said. It’s immutable code in 20 Yeah, 21 40. That’s it. There’s no more Bitcoin being produced. The only, the only incentive then for network operators, miners to continue running the algorithm to back will be on network fees. Mm hmm. So the ability to, once they, once they mine a block instead of getting the reward, they will get the some of the fees within that block. Well, When you consider that there’s only, let’s let’s say they’ll only be 17 million. Bitcoin by the year 21 40 that are being able to be passed around the other four million. We know are gone. They’ve been lost in wallets and whatever. When you consider there’s only 17 million what am I gonna be able to buy with You know . 1 Bitcoin? Yeah right. I mean yeah I mean that that could be right there right. And that that’s where it’s hard I think right now even even for for me um and I know lots of people but man it’s difficult to because you’re looking and you’re trying to buy crypto but you’re I mean we base everything off the U. S. Dollar right? And so that’s our like we’re like but in six months that’s that’s that’s that’s what do you what do you think of this? So I mean and this is how I’ve it took me a while to wrap my head around this but so I get the question all the time when I talk to people about Bitcoin or what how much is a Bitcoin? And I used to answer you know I could look at my phone what it’s selling for for the day how many dollars? Alright anyway last I checked one boy Bitcoin is still worth 100 million Satoshi is it has been since the day it was conceived, It will always be worth 100 million Satoshi. Now the question is what can I buy With my Satoshi is or my Bitcoin now if you want to go back 10 years ago you know I could take my friends out to dinner Bitcoin and have an okay meal with one Bitcoin, you go back four years ago, I could buy a nice small or mid sized vehicle with one Bitcoin today I can buy a nice midsize suv with one Bitcoin. And so everything is getting cheaper to me. What used to cost 100 million Satoshi, he’s now costs 1000 Satoshi is So if you picture Bitcoin in that regard and you start to develop everything as long as I have Bitcoin, everything in the world will become cheaper to me over time and if I hold dollars, everything in the world becomes more expensive. Right? Right, right. Yeah, yeah. So which which form of money you think is gonna win in the end? I mean people we we can we have a lot of sheep in this world who just go through their lives with blinders on to what’s really going on. But yeah people in general overall are pretty smart and when the more people that well wait a minute you know I had this 0. 1 Bitcoin and now I you know I used to be able to buy you know uh dinner now I can buy like a small country I can but yeah it’s like wait a minute this makes sense, you know I want my money to do that right? You know it’s gonna this is where the you know they call it being orange filled right? So and and I and do not you know I don’t know how you feel about Jack Dorsey. I was I was incredibly infuriated with this testimony to congress over the censorship of twitter. Um However I think Jack was a guy who was tied the hands of his corporate handlers even though he was Ceo and the fact that he resigned from twitter to go into Bitcoin development solely. Um Well if there’s any guy who knows how to get the word out and really move the narrative of what this is now and he wants he wants to create a smart contracts. Smart contracts are available now on Bitcoin so they are going to create a defi world with smart contracts on Bitcoin. Um I only see you know nothing but adoption growing even faster and faster for this. Especially when you put a guy like that who is so good at developing social networks. Mhm yep. He’s gonna be able to yeah. Oh yeah no yeah my head is just like spinning with so I’m like well okay so right yeah there’s just so much man and it’s I mean I I spent hours a day to and and and I don’t think everybody has to do that. I envelope myself in this and I saw it at you know as the future but for crying out loud if you don’t own Bitcoin just by a little bit protect yourselves. Yeah against what what our government is doing to our dollar. Well those are doll hairs like you’re saying man, and they’re they’re not worth what they another question, man, real quick is what what do you how do you see? Because what I see is the opposite. I look at the stock market every now and then, not because I’m involved in it at all, but just because I’m I’m watching them the manipulation of it as as our local economies are being destroyed somehow. The stock market’s getting, you know, it isn’t maybe because they’re all heading to their bets on everybody, the economy going down. I don’t know what it’s like, let’s let’s think about this is about 90% of the stocks are flat, okay, over the last 10 years, Only about 10% have grown. And where are they? They’re in the technology sector. Okay. The overall stock market is barely beating inflation. Okay, So, but and and and our housing market, right? Housing market is barely beating inflation, but it’s making it impossible for us to live because I can’t afford a house anymore, you know? Um and that’s why I’m moving to the caribbean because it’s cheap, you know? And so I have, but this is all due to inflation, it is not caused by more intrinsic value. There’s no there’s still more houses being produced, right? We can build more homes. We have a lot of land here, we have a, you know, an immense amount of land. This is caused by inflation equities go up due to inflation. And what you’re seeing is the technology sector is carrying the stock market because it’s the only industry that’s growing bombs. I mean, amazon, right? So you have, you have this massive uptick in technology and then here comes Bitcoin, you know, we have, Yeah, a limited supply, Okay. You know, and and if if you look at the charts on this, the supply to demand, I mean, it’s like this, it’s just going straight down. Yeah, five years from now, you know, centralized exchanges aren’t gonna be able to get Bitcoin. The only way to transact your Bitcoin will be peer to peer because the miners are no longer selling because they were introduced to Wall Street so they can get all the funding they want. They don’t need to sell their Bitcoin to pay for their rigs anymore. Mm hmm. They just hold their Bitcoin like a savings account and borrow against it. There you go. And so you’re you’re gonna you’re gonna hit a point a level where, you know, and I say five years, I’m highly optimistic on this. It could happen in three. It could happen in 10, but eventually we’re gonna hit a point. The only way I’m gonna have to call you and say Greg you got any Bitcoin. I’ve got, you know, uh the x amount of ethereum uh and I’m running low on Bitcoin. Can we swap? Because the ability to to get becoming two exchanges that was provided by the miners Once you eliminate the minor selling which they pretty much have, they used to sell. I mean gosh even in the run up to 60,000 early this year they were selling uh you know in the neighborhood of 4 to 5000 Bitcoin a day, they are now selling less than 200 Bitcoin a day. And the whole mining community they’ve all been they’ve all been gifted public funds so you know they trade their they don’t need to sell it. It’s gonna it’s gonna create a paradigm where you know being able to go on coin base and buy a Bitcoin may not be able to happen five years from now. Yeah man. And so here’s here’s I mean uh this kind of begs another question for me anyway is is uh what if you don’t have crypto what about the people that don’t have crypto? I mean like the people who don’t have crypto. So this is very very interesting because what have we seen happen this year play to earn gaming so and even you even have the coin app which pays you in coins which once you accumulate enough you can get crypto for those coins and what it does is it geo mind so you you You tap the app, you scan a little card that you buy for $12 to prove it’s you and you go drive around and it tracks you and it geo mines coins. It’s a geo mapping system and when you have enough you can trade those in for Bitcoin ethereum or the X. Y. O. Coin which is the company that does the geo mining and then take those and move them to exchange. Get cash if you want. Or you can accumulate your Bitcoin that way. So you’re seeing again the utility of companies paying um and look if if you want part of your paycheck in Bitcoin get the strike up. You can easily have your paycheck deposited to strike and get an amount in Bitcoin in the mountain cash. So the on ramp yeah the on ramp to be able to get these things. I mean that’s how that’s how those mayors are being paid in Bitcoin. The ones that all had their twitter war a week and a few weeks ago about who was going to get paid more in Bitcoin. They’re all using the strike app and they’re being paid direct deposit to strike. Which brings out a whole nother you know again talking about our energy right why the hell do we have to wait two weeks to get paid in this day and age. You plug into the if you plug into the Bitcoin network you can be paid for every minute you work. You can watch your wallet balance go up all the time and that’s, that’s again, I mean, you want to talk about incentive to move to that system, but, but underlying that, you know, again, we talked about the unbanked, right? And there’s so many in south America and africa that now they found a way whether it was peer to peer now they’re, they’re either trading goods with someone who does have Bitcoin or there, you know that I guarantee you there’s not a lot of coin based accounts in those countries. But what there are is there they’re getting people who have Bitcoin, it’s been brought to their community and now they’re trading their goods and services much like the community coins we’re talking about, right, right? You know, freedom is, it’s freedom, It is true. Freedom, Yes, Yes. It’s you setting, you know, you’re, you’re setting the price right? You’re not, you’re not allowing the central identity to tell you that this is okay. And I see this coming to America on a bigger scale, what’s really going to change some things is in the Heartland, the farmers and what do you mean? As far as like explain, Well, we, we have so much, you know, whether it’s government subsidy or being paid not to produce, right? Which is happening, right? And they, yeah, they were produced, they were paid to throw all their ship away killed, right? So yeah, well now, hey, wait a minute they can create their own markets and get paid this way peer to peer boom dude, yes, with a monetary system that only increases in value, so why do they need the government to subsidize their farms when they have a monetary system that gives them the purchasing power to do what they want to do with their farms dude. And if we can do that, if we can get off the government teat that’s really what this and again the powers that be really don’t want it to happen. But life will find a way people, we people the life people, we will find a way to get away from any sort of parasite and that’s really what the politics, the politics, right? Those ticks they are in the parasite of the people. Uh well the institutions right again all these governing bodies man, wow, curry. Mr curry dude, this is awesome dude. Seriously, I appreciate it, I know the whole community does everybody really appreciate you taking the time to come out here and talk with me and all of us. Um and and let’s do it again soon, please. Yeah. Yeah. This has been amazed that there’s, I have so much in my head right now, I want to get it out and then we’ll bring you back on, we’re gonna have lots of questions coming from the community. I know um and uh we’ll make this happen again, I’d love to do it again, especially after the first, you know, first of the year when things really, I think the dynamics going to shift in this market and I think you’re gonna see a lot of amazing things. Nation states, more of them adopting um this is gonna get big in the news soon so I I really appreciate you giving me the time to, you know, address your audience and and share this with a lot of people. The honor and privilege is all mine bro. And usually right now, I mean, you know, I I know we’re kind of doing the incognito thing, but if you wanted to like plug anything here, do you want to find find find you? If not they can just find me and then we’ll do it that way. You know, I I I don’t I only observe on twitter again. I’m happy to share any information. I guess you can find me on facebook. I do have a facebook page, Don’t expect an answer real quick. I don’t monitor it much. But but if if somebody really wanted, you know, had a question for me, it’s, you know, it’s curry Reynolds on facebook, I’m probably the only curry Reynolds in the world. So it’s A. U. R. Y. Yeah, so uh and I’m, you know, happy happy to answer any questions. Um but really, you know this is again um I want to share this, I don’t I don’t want to plug anything, I don’t want to make money off of this, I think it’s for the best for everybody. And that’s what makes this so beautiful dude, This whole push in this economy and everything that we, the freedom people and you part of the freedom people and this is what it’s about. It’s about freedom. It’s not about like because again those doll hairs that you keep in your pocket that you’re so fond of, they’re not going to mean squat if you don’t have the freedom to spend them. Awesome brother. Thanks curry. I appreciate it man. Thank you brad. Take care you too. Mm hmm. Mm hmm.

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