December 15, 2021

We Are The Ones That Are Going To DO IT!

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Greg Befort is retired from the many roles he has had over the course of his life. Greg has been in the Air Force, in civilian law enforcement for 13 years, taught at the academy and community college, state of Nevada peace training officer, and then director of the program. Greg’s varied background in local, state and county government are unlike any other guest we’ve had on. Listen to why they were all not good experiences.

Show Notes

Reptilian brain; when in fear you can be controlled 

Occult means hidden 

I know who I am.

Obfuscation of truth is lying. 

Cannot forgive mistakes of character 


Taxation is theft 

Government is slavery

Ignorance- ignore truth, belief in authority 

Apathy- im comfortable 


Stop complying!

There’s only one law- natural law 

Objective truth = objective reality 

Social darwinism


If not looking within you’ll always be without 

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Hello, all you lovely freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom. Chat on the freedom people podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms, all the freedoms that we can think of any way as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together. I’m your host, Bradley Freedom, and I’m absolutely honored to be on this journey with you. Today’s guest is Greg Meffert. Greg is a retired Well, retired from the many roles he’s had over the course of his life.

Greg’s been in the air force in the civilian law enforcement for 13 years, uh, taught at the academy and the Community college, state of Nevada, peace training officer, and then he actually became the director of that program. Uh, Greg’s very background in local, state and county governments are like are unlike any other guests we’ve had on. Listen to why they’re not all good experiences before we do. We need you to head on over to the freedom people dot org and sign up as a contributing member. Today, you can contribute for as little as zero.

The benefit of that is that you become a member and protected under R P M. A. Um, if you’d like more information about that, do the same thing. Head on over to the freedom. People got bored. And on the lower right hand corner, you’ll see a little chat bubble, and you can talk to us there directly. Come on, let’s go. Mm hmm. Yeah, I appreciate it. The invitation. This is a really the The pleasure is all mine. I love what you’re doing. I love the net work.

I’ve got to watch several of podcasts, and it’s right in alignment with the things that we’re doing here and have a suit so beautiful. Beautiful for this. Heck, yeah, man, That’s something I really want to get into. Is is because because you are kind of local, you’re in Arizona, And this is, um, you know, a big a big, big part of our drive is to to Well, we gotta we believe in freeing the individual first, and then your your family, your community, you know, all the way up to the county.

Um, you know, uh, anyway, but before we get to started, man, can you let everybody know like your name? Uh, and kind of what you do currently and all that good stuff. Sure. Absolutely. Yeah. Well, my name is Greg Meffert, and I’m retired. Scared. Um, I’ve had a lot of rules in my life. I was, uh, started military out of high school. What the Air Force got out of that one into so being launched enforcement in about 13 years. 15 years doing that, I was during the pursuit. I was struck and injured by another officer.

Struck me with the patrol car and, uh, ended, uh, causing some injuries. And I ended up medically retiring from that at all. Mm. But fortunately, I’ve been teamed for long, fortunate, right into teaching at the academies, teaching at the community college. Then from there, uh, I took a position with the state of Nevada with the Commission on Peace Officer standards and training, uh, with a federally funded law enforcement training program. Um, I started as a training officer there and then ultimately went on to be the director of that program.

So I had and ultimately I ended up retired and from the Watch County Sheriff’s Office after running a public safety training center up there for about seven or eight years, so I got a pretty very background a lot in local, state and county and federal government work for them all, Uh, and I don’t have a real good experience with any of it, so I’ll just start off with that. I think I’m qualified. I think I’m qualified to speak. Uh, based on the experience I’ve had and the things that I say are things that I’ve had personal experience with, I don’t You know, I I believe I’m standing on the truth.

And, uh, that’s part of the reason why we’re in the mess that we’re in now. People don’t recognize the truth. They avoid it at all costs. And that and morality, I think, has really kind of gotten us where we’re at. So, um, my wife and I moved to Arizona here recently. We’ve been traveling, uh, for several years, Uh, came to Lake Havasu City because her mom and dad lived here, and, uh, we lived here for the last 2. 5 years. Um, with the whole covid debacle, Uh, when that started happening here in Havasu, out of all places, you know, we moved Arizona because, you know, we left Nevada because we saw the direction Nevada was born after having lived in California.

You know, being a police officer in California left there, went to Nevada. So Nevada. So let me go. You know, south on us and, uh, thought, well, Arizona’s that’s it. You know, we’re going to go there and have This is a great place, and it is have us who’s a great community. But unfortunately, our local leaders drank the Kool Aid just like all the other ones did. And the minute they started, the tyranny started rearing its ugly head here. That’s when, uh, I decided to get involved.

Well, a man. We’re glad you did. There’s that. There’s a lot there. That’s that’s beautiful. I would love to, um, get on so much of that just because you do have the experience. Um, and you’re not just kind of, uh, talking out your gas, so to speak. Um, um, yeah, yeah. So So where So you that’s crazy. Is there any town that wasn’t kind of overtaken by this? Well, I think you know, you look across the country and you have a spectrum, you know, like everything else.

You know, you have varying degrees of tyranny. Um, you know, they’re blue. A lot of blue states and big cities and stuff that had, you know, ultimate lockdown, you know, and all the restrictions and with it, then you all the way down to places like I’d consider Havasu much freer than many other places. And I have to say that I believe that that’s a direct result of the group that I’m involved with here locally to house the Patriots and our willingness to step up very early. Recognize this for what it was and push back against our local officials.

Like you said, Brad, you know, it starts with us individually, and that’s the thing we’ve been teaching all along. And we’re an education group. We’re not a political action committee. This isn’t about Democrat Republican anti vax, pro vax. This is about freedom and slavery. Whoa, boom, right. It’s either, right? Right. That’s that’s Yeah, Well, that’s what we’re kind of seeing, right, because we’re seeing, like just, uh, it’s a It’s a very, um, at least for me, it’s a very clear line. It’s just either. Either we have our individual freedoms and freedom of speech is a big one, especially right now, because we see that just getting hammered right now, right?

The freedom of speech kind of issue. So, yeah, we’re that’s exactly what? What we want to be as well. So, um, we really praise you guys for doing that and and just to kind of hit on, you guys did. And so I we saw your video, obviously. You know what I mean? It’s kind of been going around. It’s awesome of you standing up and talking to the mayor, right? You were talking to City Council or is that what it was? City Council meeting? Um, and you had mentioned that Hey, we were here a year ago and telling you this, and it doesn’t seem like it seemed to stop them.

They’re still here We are a year later, and it’s like it’s it’s it’s it’s even more ridiculous. And now you know, they’re coming up with this whole dark winter, right? The the narrative going around and and and you know, and it just seems like more of the Bs. And anyway, the point is, is my question to you? My biggest question to you, And it’s something I wanted to ask you last time we talked on the phone is is what do you see As, like, a good solution?

Um, I mean, you know, or like, other than us ourselves, Is there a way to turn around the government’s or do new ones need to put and put new people? Maybe not even the governments? That doesn’t even sound right. But maybe just new people Or, you know, I just What do you think, man? What do you think on that? Well, it’s a real complex topic. I mean, we could probably just spend hours on that alone outside of ourselves. Like I mentioned before, that concentric circle starts to grow.

It grows to your immediate family, your friend, friends and relatives, your community, your city, your county, your state. And we found that this ground up grassroots approach is really the only way to have I really don’t give a ship. What’s going on in Washington, D. C have no control over that, nor do I want to put my toe in that cess pool ever again. But what I do have control over and what we can impact is what’s happening here locally. What is happening within ourselves and what’s happening around us, the environment around us.

So we took that approach from the very beginning and and I believe that that’s a big part of the solution. The second part is I think, that we are where we are now. Humanity, and I’m talking the 10,000 ft view humanity in general. We are where we are because of two things have been destroyed here. One is the truth, like I mentioned earlier, and the other one is natural law or moral law. That’s the other thing that has been decimated. And our forefathers told us from the very beginning, you know, the Constitution was was built on the principles of natural law.

Basically, God’s law call it divine law. Whatever term you want to give to it is the universal law that governs The behavior of humans. While we’re in this 3D reality, there are laws Just like the law of gravity. You can believe in it or not. It doesn’t care. Go step off a 12 story building and see what happens to you if you don’t believe in gravity. But those natural laws or that moral law basically is 22 prongs do no harm. Take no ship. Masculine, feminine and the masculine and the male, the divine, the male and the divine feminine principles.

So if if everybody would live by that alone, you know do no harm. And that means as to go to the back to your answer about the solution. Government is government is not the solution. Government is the problem. Um, my thing is that yes, I believe that there are other alternative ways of doing things. The government doesn’t build roads, people who’s going to build the roads and we don’t have the government. Guess what, folks? They don’t build the roads. Yes, yes, yes, my uncle Right here. A lot of your uncle.

Yeah, exactly. All government knows how to do is take And take and take and they never give. You know, we’re in where we’re at now, too. Because of imposition and acquiescence. The government imposes people acquiesce, government imposes, people acquiesce. That’s why we went from 14 days to flatten the curve to now, 20 months later, when the mandatory vaccinations are you know, biological agents, Whatever you want to use the I don’t like vaccine because the research I have done shows me that’s not what it is at all. But now we’ve done to you lose your job if you don’t take this under the threat.

This is coercion just straight up coercion. So there are other ways, but they don’t. The government certainly doesn’t want you to know about those other ways. They don’t want you even imagining that there’s any other solution other than what the government provides you. So there are alternatives. Voluntary is, um you know, I’m a big proponent of of voluntary interactions and contracts between individuals and communities. We set up our own, uh, you know, farmers markets the things that we’re proposing here and and have a suit to do locally to help replace those substitute, uh, systems that have failed us everything from education to the government, the military or medical industry, every single one of them now have been Baird les been laid bare for us to see the corruption, you know, and the ineptness and the fact that it’s a big club, we’re not in it.

They don’t care about us. There’s a matter of fact we’re and in all likelihood, to them we are most likely worthless eaters. and breeders. And if you get down to the very lowest levels of Satanism, which I believe is running this this world right now, you have you Genesis. You have people that believe that they have the right to tell you who should live, who should die, who should procreate, who shouldn’t. So that’s another topic we could get into. And you and I have some discussions about some of that and spirituality and the occult.

Those are all things that, uh, you know, the anarchy. You know, there’s a term that a lot of people, you know, the minute you throw that out there, you get this look on your face like that means chaos. That means Whoa, you know, um, no. Our key doesn’t mean chaos. It doesn’t mean no rules. It means no ruler. And our key? Yep. You know, it’s from the Greek and is without. Arkan is ruler without rulers, we still need to have rules to function in society. But we don’t need a king or a queen or president or a shot or anybody else ruling over us.

And that’s what we’ve been conditioned to believe all along. It’s not the human beings are good or bad, but we’re programmable and that They’ve done a hell of a job on us over the last 18 months with this psychological operation that they pulled to put people in this mass psychosis that that we’re in now. So there I know it was a long winded answer to your question, but I believe that there are opportunities. There are solutions out there, and, uh, but the first thing that we have to do is under no, the truth ourselves first, about what’s happening around us in this get past the illusion and then wake other people up, Do the best you can to wake other people up, because again, we’re not either good or bad as humans.

But we are is programmable, and they’ve done a number on us. So that’s one of the first things that people have the hardest time grasping. I’ve been duped. I’ve been fooled, and that goes back to you know, my prior occupations, you know, and both in the military and law enforcement and in government. Um, I was part of that, and I’ve had to do a lot of painful soul searching, you know, to come to the realization that I was complicit. You know, in that system, you know, whether there’s a military or law enforcement or government employment.

I was complicit in my own slavery, you know, and the slavery of the people around us, just by the roles that I played. So anyway, no. No, that’s amazing. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks. I just want to hear you talk, and I would like to hear, uh, here you talk some more because you you speak a lot of truth and all my listeners hear me all the time. So But I But, uh, is there Is there anything that you could, um, say? First of all, maybe some tips and stuff for the listeners, like on fear?

Because that’s that’s really where we find ourselves in a position of fear mitigation. It’s just new information. Um, you know, people like feeling comfortable and like that, they know their environment, right? And that that’s where what’s kind of funny, that’s the antithesis of this is that humans thrive in uncertain environments. And and I’m sure yourself you know, anybody who’s ever been in or or gone into a situation, you are unsure of what was going on or what the outcome would be. Now I don’t think that lots of people get into that situation enough to where they feel comfortable being in there and learning to thrive because especially the way that we’re coddled in this world, right?

I mean, it’s just kind of true. I mean that What is it? A soft world raises soft men, right? Creates soft men, right? And it’s true and right we’ve we’ve become so, uh, so babied and so spoiled that that we we think that, like you’re saying like, anarchy or something, where there’s not somebody, your nanny to tell you what to do, what’s right and wrong, Or or you might stub your toe or burn your finger, right? And so we’re kind of in that position is just, um it’s kind of amazing.

And so anyway, that’s long winded question, man. But what do you think about fear? How do you do you have any tips for people? And how do How do how do they kind of come to that point? Because, dude, that’s a huge thing you did that’s huge. And to even be able to admit that is even bigger. That’s huge you know that kind of. So any tips would be amazing, man. Well, I guess a lot of it goes back to my younger days. I was an athlete in high school, and I learned early on that my mind I could tell my body to do anything I wanted it to do.

I learned from a very early age how important it was to condition my mind. As much as I condition my body as an athlete that transferred over into law enforcement where we would go into situations where we’re absolutely crisis situations, Um, and you had to learn to control that fear. If you couldn’t control that fear, you were not only worthless to yourself, but you were worthless to the other officers and the other people around you. So as I started the I guess, uh, growing as an officer and learning a lot more about the human psyche, I began to understand how critical it was when I was training officers, not just to train them on the physical mechanics of how to shoot a gun.

Gonna take somebody down to the ground or, you know, any of those type of things. It was just as important, equally as important that I taught them how to control their mind and to understand the mental dynamics and the psychology behind what they were doing. Otherwise, I could teach you how to do this stuff all day long and in a panic situation. Situation in a crisis situation. If you haven’t prepared your mind, you’re going to fall apart. So when we would go into crisis situations as law enforcement officers uh, true crisis situations where people have been shot stabbed, you know, they’ve lost a loved one, whatever the case is there in such a state that they cannot control themselves.

And we understand that fear that that that you know that reptilian part of your brain, that lower portion of your brain, which is responsible for fight or flight and things of that nature gets overrun in a crisis situation. And so we had to steer people. We would have to think for them and give them direction and help them out of that crisis situation. So a lot of it, a lot of the things that I have done over the years to help me personally Overcome Fear. one, I take care of myself the best I can my body, my mind and my soul because this is as much a spiritual war.

And you and I talked about this Brad as anything. They have already captured the minds of many, many, many people. Um, they’re going after your bodies and they’re going after your soul. So if you don’t know the enemy and if you’re not aware of what’s going on around you, you are going to be in a state of fear. And that’s what most people experience during. You know, the beginning of this covid crisis, nobody was like, Well, what’s going on? And, you know, at first I was even like, Well, yeah, it’s possible that it is, you know, But then all the contradictions that I started seeing right from the very beginning, and as a cop, former cop, one of the things we learned how to do is detect deception, you know, and as a detective, we learn body language.

We learn that people lie to you when they contradict themselves, and when they’re inconsistent between their behavior and what they say that they’re going to do so. I kind of recognized early on that number one we were being lied to. What was the reason? Why are we being lied to Where is this going? Um, so but having that knowledge once I started to understand what exactly was happening here, I no longer had that fear. You know, I no longer have that innate fear about was Was I going to get sick?

My family going to be okay once I started realizing what was happening. Um, you know, you know, like son Susan know your enemy. You don’t know yourself first, but then know your enemy. Um, And once you do that, once you know what’s happening, you know yourself inside, and then you know what’s happening outside of you. Then you’ll win. A 100% of the battles, is what he said. So I’ve kind of taken that philosophy, and and one thing I would tell people is do not live in fear. You know, if you are a Christian and I give you a little bit more of my background and how I’m probably unique in a lot of ways.

I went to a Lutheran school for eight years, Um, a Christian Lutheran school. Um and you know, for those of you that read the Bible and understand the esoteric meanings in Scripture. You’ll understand what Christ said when he when he talked about fear not, You know, you hear that? That’s one of the phrases you hear the most throughout the Bible, you know? Fear not. They know that if they can keep you in that state, that low, reptilian state of fear and confusion, you are much easier to control.

You know, I did it when I was a cop. I saw people in that state, and I was able to control them and actually get them, you know, to where we needed them to be. Um, they’re doing the same thing, but for nefarious purposes, that occult knowledge that they have. And again there’s that other term occult a cult doesn’t mean, you know, you’re Hollywood version of sadness and robes out burning cats out in the forest. You know the cult It simply means hidden, you know, a cultist.

It just simply means hidden. It’s neither good nor bad, but its knowledge that’s been hidden from us for centuries, centuries. This information has been passed down. Bloodline, families, rulers, and call them what you want. I call them the Predator class, but they simply have information that has been hidden or occult it from the rest of the population. And big part of that is how to control the human psyche. The other part is natural law and understanding the laws of nature and how they work. All they do is all they have done is created a power differential between us at the bottom of the pyramid and those at the very top of the pyramid who have the knowledge and use it for their own, um, flat out evil psychotic purposes.

So, uh, there’s there’s there’s one way, you know, the deal with fear. There’s there’s and there’s kind of my take on on fear and And what I What? I’ve, uh, I’ve learned to deal with, But I’ve learned to look, I’m 61 years old. You know, I’ve been around. I know who I am and why I was put on this earth. Um, and they can take my body. Uh, there’ll be consequences. I can guaran damn tee you, uh, you come to my house and try to, you know, take my freedom.

I don’t care what color uniform you’re wearing. Whether it’s a blue one or a tan one or a camouflaged one. Um, doesn’t matter to me. I will treat you the same way I would treat any other person who comes to take my freedoms and protect myself and my family. So, um, I know who I am. I’m here now to to, you know, to plant seeds. That’s why I tell young people in our group I’m just here to plant seeds. You know, seeds. The truth gets you to start thinking about the things that you used to believe in.

That you should probably no longer hold true in your mind, like governments. Good. They take care of us, You know, the belief in authority. You know, all of those things that you know that are holding us back from our freedom and where we need to be as humanity. We are not evolving. We’re not. We’re not evolving. And if you look at the trajectory of where we’re going to humanity, it’s not pretty. So, uh, you know, part of what’s happening here, you know, we deserve you know, and people don’t like to hear that.

Uh, sorry. I’m not here to make friends, and I tell people this all the time When I you know when they why would you You know, how do you get up in front of the city Council? Say the things you do something? Look, First of all, they work for us. I don’t work for them. Um, and second of all, the truth is belligerent, and they don’t like to hear it. And when you start telling people whether it’s a city council or people in general, you start speaking the truth.

People don’t like it. I mean, you’ve experienced this, I’m sure, Brad, and especially with the things that you’re doing on your show, you’re going to say some things that you know are gonna sting like hell. But it’s still the truth, right? Right. That’s not That’s not right. And that’s not the intent. The intention is never. I’m never trying to like, hurt anyone’s feelings in any way, right? It’s not like I’m being a jerk or something, trying to be a mean person to people. It’s It’s just that I’m very direct, and I I’m I’m not gonna I’m not very good at sugar coating things I never have been, and I’m not good at you know, dumbing down things and diluting information because I think it does a disservice to anyone, right?

It’s not country country music that is offensive. It’s you that is offended by country music. You know what I’m saying? And I use that analogy a lot. It’s some people love it, and that’s again, back to to to free speech, you know, and that’s a huge thing right now is like It’s not what I said. It’s how you interpret things to take it. However you want to take that that’s up to you. Unless I’m directly attacking somebody, that’s different. But if you know us having a conversation, people are going to be highly offended by, uh, you know, anything.

It doesn’t matter, and that’s the point, right? It’s People need to learn to start to take responsibility for themselves, and that includes information that they hear. They need to learn how to process that. And, uh, you know, it just is what it is and again, but it’s never, you know, malicious or trying. But like you said, now we’re considered belligerent because and the more that the tyrannical overreach happens, the more and more free speech will be considered belligerent and truth, right? Well, and, you know, my big the big thing that, um I see that was a lack of accountability.

And when I get up in front of the mayor and the city manager and tell them you have lied, you know, there’s a lot of different ways to lie off you. The application of the truth is one of the biggest ways that politicians particularly get away with lying, you know? So they lied to the citizens of Lake Havasu City, and I caught him in a lie, which is how I got involved in this whole thing. And they were They also violated moral law. Not only did they break the law, constitutional law, criminal law, but they also violated moral law.

So and they like to do this one. And they like to do this one. So when I get up in front of them and I say you lied, you lied. And what you did was immoral, and you know it. You’re going around and and think, claiming you have the authority to determine which businesses get shut down and which one stay open. That you have the authority to tell people to put masks on, you know, and that somehow, and they dressed up his proclamation to make mhm look like this proclamation to make it look legal sounding.

I knew the difference, and that’s when I got involved. And so when I say you lied and people get, you know, upset, how could you do that? That’s mean, you know, that’s mean. No, you know, that’s not mean. That’s telling the truth. And for a lot of people, that’s just too uncomfortable it creates. I’d just rather stay in my comfortable little safe space here and absorb the lies. I’d rather I don’t want to hear it from some guy in a T shirt and shorts and a ball cap on, Uh, you know, coming in front of the City Council and telling me these things, I intentionally dress the way I do.

When I go in front of these people and talk to him intentionally, dress the way I do, you get you get more respect that you don’t earn first of all, and you haven’t earned our respect. As a matter of fact, you’ve lost your right to govern because of the actions of at least the two of them there now. They addressed the City Council. They stayed silent, just like all the legislators and the senators and congressmen did. When all this started, you heard crickets. None of them. None of our state senators, assembly people, none of them.

When all this started rolling out, nobody stood up and went against Ducey or the governors of any of these other states. Well, the city mayors or the county commissioners are for, uh, none of them nobody. No district attorney’s no attorney general’s. None of them went after these guys for clear and blatant violations of our constitutional rights, many of them. So that lack of accountability is what drove me to get up in front of them and put them on notice. You lied. You broke the law. You violated moral law. Here.

We can forgive mistakes of competency. The citizens of Lake Havasu City are good people. They can forgive mistakes of competency. But you cannot forgive mistakes. A character, you know, if you lie and were immoral, you can’t. You can’t deal with that. I can’t fix that. You’re a bad person, and you shouldn’t be in a position of authority and whether that’s a mayor or whether that’s the president of the United States or some king in some country. You know, these people that claim to have authority over other human beings, this whole concept of government back to what we talked about before.

There are other alternatives, and we have been conditioned to believe in the belief in authority. And it’s a religion. And it’s called statism. You know, it’s called Steverson, simple as that government can become and taxation. There’s another humanism for theft. It’s just theft. Quit euthanizing it. Let’s start calling these things what they are government is slavery. Look at the Latin, you know, uh, you know, Entomology of the word of themselves. Yeah, Governor Gunnery, you know, to to govern ment meant the government mind Government is to control the mind.

Entertainment is to hold the mind entertain ment, MNT. Anything that has been met is the Latin derivatives meant mind Mhm. So you know, people first of all need to There are three things I believe that have caused us again to be where we are. One is ignorance. People will ignore the truth and I accept the lies. Whether it’s the belief in authority and the government should be able to tell us what to do. You know, they should be able to put a needle in our arms if that’s the right thing to do. Okay?

The belief in authority. You know, apathy is the other one that we saw. Well, if it doesn’t affect me, I’m not going to stand up and say anything out of that fear. Fear of losing my job for fear of being ostracized or, you know, cancel culture or whatever, Whatever it is, that fear that keeps people from speaking out against this, uh, most of it is apathy. I’m comfortable. I got mine. Hey, no reason. We’ve got thousands of retired officers and military people in this town who took an oath to defend the Constitution, were now retired and are set back on their asses.

And hey, I got my I got mine. There’s no reason for me to stand up. I know what’s wrong, but hey, no, you’re cowards. That’s the 3rd element. Ignorance, Apathy and Cowardice. And I’ll tell them to their faces. Your cowardice. Is this the legacy you’re gonna leave your kids and grandkids and I got 10 grandkids before kids be damned. I’ll we dance. Yeah, If I’m decent and it’s been eroded, it’s been slowly just right. And I’ll be damned if I’m gonna allow that to I’m gonna hand the same thing.

Mess over to my grandkids and my kids, you know, not going to do it. So stand up. That’s the message. Just stand up. You know, I speak out the universe was spoken into existence, right? Bible? Or if you, you know, you’re a Christian? No. Yeah, the word. You know, you gotta speak up The other thing, I tell people, How about you just not comply? Quick Complying. You don’t need to go out. You don’t need to come to the city Council. Speak if you can’t speak, if you can’t write a letter if you can’t donate money to what it is that we’re doing, you know, go and support those who do speak.

But beyond that, I’ll stop complying. Stop complying. That’s our biggest. That’s our biggest tool that we have is peaceful, non compliance. Just stop doing what they say. Yeah, yeah, it’s pretty simple, but it’s also very powerful, very powerful. So accountability. That’s a big one. I like that one a lot and kind of what you’re talking about. There is a difference between legal and lawful, right? So what’s legal is not lawful. And that’s because legal is is your public. That’s the right. That’s your corporations. The state of Arizona, the city of Havasu.

Those are all for profit corporations, with Dun and Bradstreet numbers, right? So that’s and they have corporate bylaws. That’s what these that’s what Those laws are legal, right? It’s legal, and they’re all mandates and all these, you know, requirements and all this stuff. But to your point, you’ve hit on it a lot is that. Then there’s there’s what’s lawful, and that just means do no harm to others. You know, love thy neighbor as you love yourself. Just very simple, you know, just stuff that we we know innately inside right now.

The funny thing is, is why do all of these things have to be for profit corporations? What is what is? Why do people form a corporation in the first place for protection? They don’t want to be personally liable. That should be your first clue Any in anything right there is. Wait, wait. That that just means that maybe you’re doing something dishonest, Like like I personally, I want to be held held liable for all my Kraftwerk, anything that I do, anything that I put out. Yeah. I mean, obviously I’ve got my damn face on the camera now and everywhere.

But I’m just saying, like like that’s a big thing, right? And I feel like us as individuals, we’re all expected to be held accountable for any of our actions. So and that’s really where I think we’re trying. I’m trying to distill this down to Is you standing in front of that City Council and this is where I think we might be able to help you guys. I I don’t know, but this is stuff that we’re doing and stuff we’re doing with hospitals right now, but it’s the same thing.

It’s corporations, corporations or corporations, and you can hold them personally liable, especially through insurance. And there’s affidavits and all kinds of cool stuff. I’m sure you already got. I know Lincoln Coloma is a big, big supporter, and you guys probably already got her file on all kinds of stuff. But there’s gotta be a way to have them held personally accountable for the things that they’re doing. You know what I mean? Because I think that that makes people you know, if your if, you know you’re being held personally accountable, that it kind of makes him do stuff better, right?

Or or just a little bit more like, uh, honest, you know, whatever you want to say. So So what about, uh Do you have you guys tried anything like that? You know who Hlinka is, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. And I heard him from Southern California. They’ve been up here. Uh, we support what they’re doing. They for what? We’re doing a great group of people and true patriots down there. Um what my experience? Uh, I’ll tell you right now, the the justice system is broken. It’s been broken for quite a while.

We have two sets of justice systems in this country. One for the house, one for the have nots. And that’s the reality of it. I’ll give you an example. Yeah. You know, I don’t care. When I discovered what had occurred here at the city, uh, first thing I did was went to the police chief and and met with him in his command staff over what had happened. They sent an officer make a short story here. They sent an officer to the gym that I worked out in under the color of authority, um, stating that they were there to just inform them here to write tickets.

Okay, we’re just here to let you know the governor’s gyms are supposed to be shut down. The minute they did that, and a gym manager told me that I said, Oh, this is wrong. We’re going to have a chat with the police chief. So I wrote a letter. She told me exactly what happened. I wrote the letter. I said, Here’s the violations here, here and here. What happened when he said, Well, you know, we were just there, didn’t enforce anything, didn’t do anything Well, no, chief, that’s not the case.

And she came and testified at the City Council meeting right behind me. When I got done testifying and said, the officer told me he wasn’t there to cause any problems. Later that day, he called me and said, Hey, what are you gonna shut down? She said, Well, I thought we were good. Well, no, you know, the city manager wants to know when you’re going to shut down. So they weren’t there under the direction of the governor. They were there at the direction of the city manager manager.

See, when that covid trigger was pulled when we declared a local emergency proclamation that set in motion funding. I know this. I’ve lived it by declaring that local proclamation that started the flow of funding. The problem was, we didn’t have one case in Havasupai Covid. At the time. We didn’t get the first one in Mojave County until a week later, so he declared that the conditions were there to declare a local emergency proclamation. That was a lie. It was a lie. Resources were not streamed. We hadn’t even had.

Why not only that. So they violated 18 U. S. C. To 41 to 42 which I brought to their attention, which is sending an officer there under the color of authority to coerce a business into shutting down. That’s a that’s a that’s a felony. And if you conspire to do that, that’s a felony. So between city manager and the mayor and the attorney, there’s been felonies committed, Um, and that’s initially how I got involved with this thing. But I went to the back to the accountability issue that we were talking about before and the lawful and the legal aspect of this thing.

There is only one law in nature. There’s only one. The creator of the universe is the one that makes the loss, whether it’s the physical laws of the universe, gravity and the things I talked to, thermodynamics, all the things we’ve talked about before, or natural law, which governs the behavior of humans. Why we are here on this earth and the consequences, moral law and the consequences for violating it, which we are experiencing now. Okay, so that you don’t need to teach people. It’s innate. Like you said, we know right from wrong, and lately we know that.

But our consciousness, most people’s conscious, their level of consciousness is so low. Vibrate Torrey Lowe. There is such a low state of vibrate torrey consciousness that they can’t see the truth. They can’t think for themselves, and many of them would prefer not to. Well, then, if I think for myself, if I make these well, then I’m I’m accountable. I don’t want to be accountable. So all that big daddy government, Big Mommy government tell me what to do or the health experts or whoever Tell me what to do, because I can’t think for myself. Alright.

Prefer not to? Yeah, man. Yeah, It’s, um I’m just kind of free for No, no, no, no, no. I am, too. I I just I love the conversation. I love talking to answer your question. No, no, no, I I don’t even really, I had a couple, but we already went through those. I usually don’t even it’s just there was a couple I wanted to ask you, which we did, but no, I just kinda wanted you just keep going. But so So, like, we talked about like, this didn’t just happen overnight, man.

Right that we’ve raised a couple of generations now of of, um, of compliant, regurgitate ear’s right. Like, and I call them regurgitate because that’s really any of these. You know, um, big, huge professions, right? I want to say the glorified professions, lawyers, doctors, right to being two of the biggest ones. Right? Um it’s you’re really good at regurgitating information. You get packed full of information and then you have to re spit it back out, right? And let’s not even say the professions. But just in college, in school it’s all about complying and then regurgitating information. Right?

So we’ve raised a bunch of non thinking, compliant people. So So then we can see how that kind of right, But that’s what I mean, MK ultra. And I’m just kind of asking your question, you know? Where do you think I mean? Yeah. I mean, we can go back to the 14 hundreds right in the C S u V. And when they started manipulating the SUV fund and taking the souls of people, Yeah, I don’t know. But when did I mean it’s just crazy to think about where we’re at, and then just where did this?

I mean it just this past 18 months. Like you said, it just it seems like it has gone really, really, really fast, um, down into this communist hole, right? Because this is a commune on me. Dude, this is world communist takeover. It’s it’s not anything else. It’s, And people are disguise it however you want. But that’s what’s happening. On the deeper level, at least I feel Yeah. Yeah, I think you’re absolutely right. You hit the nail on the head and I want to go back because I don’t think I completely answered the question where I was going with that is I basically put together a case for the violations that I described before I sent it to the Mojave County district attorney’s office.

Got a call from the deputy d A. He was talking to me. Hey, you got a case I’ll put you on as my You know, my testifying officer. I mean, we had this laid out right until the d a. Got ahold of it, and then I get a call. Hey, look, this is federal law. Federal violations. You should send it to us attorney’s office. Civil division, Phoenix. Okay, So they send it to civil division in Phoenix, they say, Oh, no, this is a criminal matter. You need to send it to the criminal division to the FBI and and no investigate for you right there.

I knew it was going nowhere. None of this was going anywhere. Um, so the justice system that we have here now and I’m telling you from a prior experience as well as recent experience, um is not designed for us. It is not designed. It’s designed to protect the corporations, the city governments, the state governments, the federal government’s. It is not set up to defend our freedoms. And I’m seeing no evidence that there’s any court in this country that is going to step up and fulfill the role.

See, nobody’s coming to save us. And that’s the other thing. I try to tell people bread, you know, quit looking outside of yourself for Donald Trump or some other politician or the government or or somebody else religious leader to come and say Whoever quit looking outside of yourself, your husband, your wife, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, anybody, Stop, Save yourself. Everything’s in here. Christians who? You know. True Christians don’t do this fake Christians and there’s a ton of them. They’ll march up, they’ll go up that mountain, they’ll hike up that mountain and they’ll pitch their tent halfway up, you know, and and wait for Christ to come and save them.

All right. I’ve taken this as far as I can go now. It’s you. Christ, You can come and save me from here. You know, it’s the same concept with evil. Well, you know, it’s evil is something outside of us. It’s some force. It’s some, uh, you know, uh, you know, evil thing that that that controls us. It’s not me. It’s not what within me look, evil is simply anything that destroys freedom. You know, in my opinion, I look at the definition of of evils, anything that will destroy anything that destroys freedom, you know?

And if you look at we have on our website, uh, we have all kinds of resources for people because most of them don’t understand the constitution. They don’t. They haven’t picked up the Constitution or the bill of Rights for decades. Don’t didn’t understand it when they did. Don’t know their rights, don’t know, all right, from a wrong. And so our job is we’ve been providing resources for them to educate them about what their rights are, what they’re not, um, the role of government and what’s been happening to us here to include the spiritual aspect that we talked about before?

Because again, in the military, they use the term asymmetrical warfare. Um, full spectrum domination. That’s exactly what we’re seeing. Here is things that you see coming out of military and CIA intelligence. What’s happening here to us? Full spectrum economic, You know, uh, psychologically, physically messing with, you know, supply chains. Um, you know, this is a slow demolition demolition of everything that people thought they believed in. And then what’s gonna happen is problem. Reaction solution. Guess what? Government and B they’re gonna sweep. You can be the saviors now, as long as you just give up the rest of your freedoms will come in and take care of this chaos that we created.

You know, that’s how you know Hegelian dialectic and the problem reaction solution work, you know, with government. Yeah, I know. Yeah, indeed you do, right. So, like you said, man, it’s, uh you know what you’re talking about here. Um, So So to put a cap on the answer on that little subject there, because I do want to go back to that. But like, um, yeah, is there anything that we again? And this is the analogy I use? It’s like we’re we’re feeding. We keep paying attention, you know?

And the word on a spiritual level, we can do it, but paying attention, right? All all that matters on this planet is the human soul or bearing witness. Right? And And yeah, even though I’m not attached to an affiliated any religion, just because I was I was baptized the Baptist. I went to, uh, seven. I was the Seventh Avenues for years with my mom. I went through. I was my childhood went through so many different religions and and I saw the hypocrisy and all of them, right and again.

And that’s actually one of the things the Bible warns you about is organized religion. Um, that and doctors, lawyers. Right and again, these are things and and false gods. And these are all things that I I feel that that we outsource and the things that we most definitely should never outsource is our first your health. Nobody can ever tell you how you’re inside. It’s kind of crazy to go outside of yourself to ask somebody. Hey, how do I feel? You’re gonna tell me if I’m good. You know what I mean?

That kind of thing, but that’s what we do. And especially when we start talking about psychologists and none other thing we outsource is our legal. Our legal issues and things that we need to take care of. We outsource that to someone else, right? And we need to be represented right again. So it’s just I don’t know, to me, the solution is for us to I guess maybe we start a second kind of I don’t know. And maybe that’s what splitting off here because I really do feel that there’s that chasm has is growing so wide now, Um I mean, how I I don’t know how you could be on still on the fence.

You know, you must have very wide legs, man or something. I don’t know how you’re still on the fence, because that fence has got to be so wide now. I mean, well, again, I think it goes back to those three things that I I talked about before. Um, let’s you know, I always like to, you know, I’ll use the Wizard of Oz. You know, the mhm. You know, the analogy, the use, The Wizard of Oz, you know, again, ignorance, apathy and cowardice. You have the Scarecrow, the Lion and the Tin Man and the lion.

So yeah, I really believe that it starts with ourselves first and and until we understand and adhere to the tenets of natural law, first of all, people have got to they have to know it. And that’s another thing. And another one of those secrets that have been kept from us. We’re living under well again. I mentioned earlier system of Satanism. I’ll define Satanism as, uh, not again, not the Hollywood version that most people do people out sacrificing cats are doing. All that stuff goes on. Don’t get me wrong.

Satanic ritual abuse and and child trafficking. All that thing. All of that goes on and we got some sick, evil people doing those things. But really, my definition of Satanism is it kind of goes like this in a hierarchy. And this isn’t anything, you know, that I made up. These are all things. Nothing is new under the sun. You know, I look at Satanism as first of all as egotism. You know, egotism is the only reality that exists. Is the one that’s going on right up here.

In my mind, that’s the only reality that exists. There is no objective reality. Then you go down, you know? Then you’re you’re solipsistic as well. Which means there is no such thing as objective truth. There is such a thing as objective truth. You just need to discover it well. And if there is no such thing as objective truth and there can be no such thing as objective morality and that’s the crust of where we are right now in this country as moral relativism you have, we have people who believe that there should be a group of folks whether they well, their richest their their their politicians or their come from royalty.

Whatever title you want to give them whatever reason you want to put them up on a pedestal, those people have the right to dictate, um, right from wrong. And, you know, you look at Man’s law. Slavery used to be legal, right? May be used to be legal, was not moral. We got a lot of laws that are legal, but they are not moral and and shouldn’t be on the books at all. Not lawful, lawful, right, legal, but not lawful legal, but not long. So you go for you digress.

From there you go from moral relativism now down to social Darwinism, and that is that Well, you know if there is no right or wrong more relatives. You know, if there is no right or wrong, well, then we get to make up where we get to decide. It’s the survival of the fittest. It’s the most ruthless, the richest. Whatever label you wanna put. Social Darwinism is where we’re not here at that level. Then from there, there’s only one other place to digress down to, and that is you. Genesis.

And those are the Genesis, the people, the gates and the other people who believe that Well, if there is no objective truth, there is no objective morality. We get to decide what’s right and wrong. Um, is the survival of the fittest Here are the richest. Then we get to decide who lives and who dies, who gets to procreate and who doesn’t. That’s where we’re headed, folks. And unless we wake up to what’s occurring around us, we’re gonna end up with another pull pot or Stalin or a Russia or a Hitler, um, ruling over us.

And we all know what the outcome of that those scenarios are. Um, hence the Nuremberg Code. Yes, but we’re totally ignoring right now, By the way, right, So it’s again. It’s just the it’s It’s just it blows my mind, man. How it this is recent future people remember the Holocaust. I remember all that. No one seems to remember what came of that. You know what I mean? There was good things that came of that. And those good things were called the Nuremberg Code, right? Those those Those articles in that Nuremberg code man where no one can be coerced, they have to be has to be voluntary and fully informs you.

You have to, uh, and none of that is happening on any level right now. You know what I mean? I know you do, but like the with the with the media kind of being all all and again, it’s, um it’s brilliantly done. But here’s the thing is that we do know that it’s again personal responsibility. I don’t blame the media. I don’t blame the corporations. I’m not blaming any of that. I’m I’m blaming the individual, and that’s because you need to figure out your soul. You gotta go inside, man.

You gotta sit there because your moral compass is inside. It’s their truth objective. Truth is inside. It’s not out there. You’re never going to learn it outside of yourself. And that’s why the term without, If you’re always looking outside of yourself, you’ll always be without. If you’re not looking within, you’ll always be without, Right, So So, yeah, I just got an issue that we have we’ve got, You know, we’ve got a world of order followers, you know, whether you’re in a corporation or your police officer or a military person.

You know, when you’re an order follower and this is something I had to except within myself. I was in order Follower. I was an order following the military. I was in order for fall or as a police officer working for the government. I was in order, and I did it for a paycheck. When you are willing to follow orders by nature, you are not a moral person. If you’re willing to follow orders, you have set your consciousness, your ability to discern and distinguish right from wrong upon a shelf.

And when you do that you’re an immoral person. You’re following somebody else’s order. You know, I I asked. I asked people who is more and more who is more morally culpable, the order giver or the order follower and people will, well, the order giver long wrong. The order giver is culpable, I said. Who is more culpable for violating the order Follower is because they’re the one that actually conducts the action that causes harm to another sentient human being. So it’s always the order follower. They thought the officer that went to that gym under orders to shut that Jim down, set his consciousness up on a shelf.

He knew it was morally wrong. He knew it was legally wrong, but he was willing to do it. And and that’s the problem, whether you’re in the military and this is the thing that that I’ll be focusing a lot of my attention on here in the future is law enforcement military guys because, um, a lot of them, uh, they they are not necessarily here in house, but a lot of these cities they committed atrocities that they knew were wrong. They also stood down when they knew that they should have taken action against BLM and some of these other, but they took orders and they knew it was wrong.

So when you when you do that again. You sacrifice a lot of your soul. Every time you violate your moral conscious you a little piece of your soul gets eaten away. So one of the things I want to do is put together curriculum and material, um, to address law enforcement military people, uh, to let them know one. You’re talking to somebody who’s been through it before, because if we can’t get them on board, think about this. If we can’t get law enforcement and military onboard to not follow orders when they’re those weapons have been turned inward towards our citizens.

Now, military law enforcement has been weaponized against our own people now. So if we can’t get them to wake up to what’s occurring here, um, think about where we’re headed, think about where we’re headed World of hurt. So my goal is to get some, get some curriculum, gets the material. I’m interested in doing the things that you’re doing, you know, with the podcasts. And you’ve had a lot of success and a lot of traction. Jeez, you you interviewed David. Ike, right? You interviewed David. Ike. Holy sh it now.

I mean, that’s, um and we thought the same thing holy ship. What’s he coming on? Our podcast. I watched that interview, man. That was That was incredible. That was incredible. But so you’re doing some great things, and and and that’s something that I intend to do, too, is you got to get out there, man. It’s not enough to go and stand in front of the City Council and and talk to my our patriot group. I need to I need to make sure that my voice, your voice, everybody’s that there’s speaking for freedom, part of the freedom movement.

Here we have a platform because they’re slowly chopping out a way to, you know, censorship is huge, you know? You know this? Yeah, that’s and that’s part of this. What we’re doing right now, um, is so we’re helping like, for example, the healthy American. We’re helping her redoing her website, taking it off of squarespace off of anything that’s like being censored. And we’re creating all new stuff. And that’s what the freedom people dot org. So that’s something that actually we want to talk to you about, um is so the freedom people dot org.

We finally got groups set up, so it’s there like Facebook groups. But we’ve also what we’ve implemented or implementing here in the next couple of weeks is is they learn it’s a learning platform, Um called learn dash. Anyway, it’s a learning platform where you can go and create classes and all that stuff and and have people go through and take your courses. And we would love to have you on and set something up like that because that or in any way that we can support you. Greg is really what I want to say.

But this is one way that we know. And we’re trying to help people like yourself to give you a free platform to go on that, you know, that’s not gonna be taken down or censored. But you’re able to, um, to acquire people and then teach whatever you’re teaching your freedom stuff and and we’ll show you all about it, man. But again. And you know, if you want some help learning how to set up the podcast, we’d be honored to help you. Uh, come back on, please come back on.

I know we’re running short, but please, please, because I’ve There’s so much I want to talk to you. about because I agree that what you just said right there. This is something that is so passionate inside of me right now. Is is I have friends in law enforcement and cousins and, you know, and all this and and none of them really will speak to me right now. But I would love to be able to sit and speak to to some officers or just anyone, right? And and and or even if they just here, if you know the officers and you’re hearing this, it’s it’s not.

We’re all people and and we need to learn that this is about us, the people. This isn’t about corporations and their stuff. And and if we can just learn the difference between private and public, we can protect ourselves from the public, and they can just stay and and and be in their little public space. But in the private, we can have our own private, too, and I know that we can find enough people you know and again. So don’t wanna get too far in the weeds. But that’s that’s something that’s so passionate and so thank you for hitting on that man.

That’s perfect, because That’s such what we’re in the world of hurt, man. If we cannot get our brothers and sisters that are of the arms right here at our door, if we can’t get our sheriff right now, we we we comprehend that it is the police and the police’s job. Their policy enforcers. That’s their job. We get it, we get it right. But the sheriff man at least needs to be on our side. We gotta have our sheriff. That’s of the people. That’s our lawful protectors. Well, and before I close, I know we’re running short of time.

I wanted to you talk about the sheriff, and I’ve got to talk about the C S P. O and the work that Sheriff Richard Mack, Uh, and Steve Hello? Those guys are doing. I’m a member of C S P. O. A. And I’ll tell you, Sheriff Mac, I’ve met him personally, have the utmost respect for him, and I stand on the shoulders of people like him who are trying to make sure that those law enforcement, particularly the sheriffs and I met with our sheriff, um, that they fulfill their constitutional roles.

They have more authority than the president has in their county, they can kick the federal government out of their county. Uh, they have that much authorities. So, yes, the sheriffs are really important. And I got to tell you, I would highly recommend people if they’re not familiar with the C s p o A and Sheriff Richard Maxwell. Whether you’re law enforcement or not, it doesn’t matter. You can have civilian memberships, and, um, they need They need to support and help. And it’s well worth it. Yeah. And what is that?

C s p o a dot org. Is that Is that what? The website? Yeah, I believe that. That’s what it is. CSP away dot org Um and, uh, you can go there, take a look at the material. Sheriff Mack has been all over the country. Uh, he’s had a lot of success where he’s gone. Just I can’t say enough good things. Yeah. Seemed, you know, shout out to Steve to Mondello as well. You know, he’s man. He’s been a ballot in this long time with Sheriff Mack.

He actually is the one who introduced us. So, um, 1000% all the viewers go over there. What’s that Steve, I got to tell you, that guy is a hard charging patriot. I mean, he’s he’s, uh He’s and he’s I consider him a friend To Steve is, uh, has just been an exceptional guy. Exceptional patriot to work with. Same same. Yeah. So thank you again, Greg. And we’re going to have Well, we’ll do this again for sure, but well, I’ll talk to you. I’ll call you soon, and and we’ll talk about more about we could go on for you and I I know we could go on for a long time, buddy, but I I know you got to go.

And I again I appreciate the opportunity to have this platform. Um You do tremendous work, Brad. Just keep it up, buddy. You’re you’re you’re you’re You’re doing the good work, the great work. And we need more people like you. And I hope I can learn from you. Yes, absolutely. We wanna we wanna please, anyway, that we can support, man. Absolutely. I’ll call you soon. All right. Thank you so much. All right. Thanks, buddy. Cheers. Bye bye. Yeah. Mm hmm. Mm hmm.

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