June 16, 2021

When California Goes WOKE

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Nick Yaya is the host of Free America Podcast. It was the events of the past year that made Nick become more active in Los Angeles. NIck came from the entertainment industry, pursuing a career in Hollywood. He knew lockdowns were BS from the beginning, so he researched and shared information online. Congratulations to Nick earning accounts deleted on Facebook and Instagram, and two strikes on YouTube. He started the Free America Podcast to reach more people, one episode a week, and has been doing podcasts for about a year with guests of all backgrounds.

Show Notes

Filed complaint against grocery store for violating rights and committing battery. 


Impediment of movement is kidnapping 

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Fauci back pedalling 

NIH Funding gain of function research


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Spike Proteins 




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Operating out of FEAR is a reptilian brain, not using logic.  

Nick’s Theory: Large hadron collider at CERN; theory that they did tear a hole in the time/space fabric! https://home.cern/science/accelerators/large-hadron-collider 

Mandela Effect https://www.healthline.com/health/mental-health/mandela-effect#why-this-happens 


How to Find Nick Yaya and The Free America Podcast: 


Instagram https://www.instagram.com/freeamericapodcast/ 

Gab https://gab.com/FreeAmericaPodcast 


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Hello while you lovely Freedom People out there. Welcome today. Welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat. I’m your host, Bradley Freedom. Today’s guest is Nick Yaya. Yeah, that’s right, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway, Nick Yaya is the host of the free american podcast. It wasn’t really until last year in 2020 when Nick really woke up and just started to understand that something wasn’t right uh started calling Bs from the beginning. Um he’s had a long career in Hollywood before this and so he’s just really kind of jumped in, started putting his fricking feet right into the fire of the podcast world.
What a guy really enjoyed having a good time. We joked a lot and uh I think that you’re going to really enjoy this as well. Uh Yeah, yeah. Before we do want you to go ahead and grab your phone and text in the key word. Yeah. Yeah. And that’s A Y A Y A 28449923733 That’s 8 449923733. Text in the word. Yaya. We’re going to send you out the show notes for today’s episode. Come on, let’s go. Yeah. Mhm. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Mhm. At California Superior Court. Uh I mean are you allowed to say what what business?
I mean not that it really matters, but like, so what do you know if marijuana, are you familiar with Erawan? Uh Really their only up here in L. A. You’re hearing down in San Diego, Right? No, I’m in Tempe Arizona. Oh sorry that’s right. Tell me that. So essentially they’re kind of like a whole foods but on a smaller scale and you know, so they provide all organic and you know, good stuff expensive, you know, it’s all practice but but but good stuff and yeah, they were really Adamant about enforcing the mask mandate even for people with medical exemptions of which I am one.
And uh, we, me and several other people including Nari decided to go and test it. And as we approached the, the building, they closed the doors, the glass sliding doors and locked them and essentially locking in the other customers. Whoa, what’s happening. Exactly, exactly. And it’s similar and similar for for us as well. I mean any any impeachment of movement considered uh, like it’s kidnapping or it is also trying to think of the word um, anyhow, so there were several violations including, you know, civil rights, you know, the americans with disabilities act title three title two of the Civil Rights Act in 1964.
I mean on and on and on and on. I mean there’s California civil code 51. There’s um, there’s the, one of the main ones that we were aiming for one of the, one of the inch Morris not made one more. The more interesting ones was the California business professions code 2052 which is practicing medicine without a license. And what a lot of people don’t know including most of these businesses is that medical masks are considered medical devices according to the FDA. So for someone to say to you, you need to put this on your face there, there’s a medical intervention and they are practicing medicine without a license.
So I didn’t I didn’t name that stuff in the complaint, but you know, kind of keep those things in my back pocket if needed. It’s been pretty rampant this past year. I mean, um, again, it’s pretty, it’s pretty unreal how much people um have given up their rights, Right? And that’s what I I say, nobody did anything to you. You, you, you gave it up, you know, easily and not all of us. Right? And again, there’s people like yourself, like Nari, right? But again, if everybody said shit, you know, gave the middle finger then uh, then there would, it just wouldn’t be that way.
And, and um, I, you know, I was in for a rude awakening obviously about my faith in you beings. But anyway, so hey, for all our listeners and viewers and what not to like you want to tell everybody who you are and and what kind of brought you to where we’re at right now. Cool, no problem. Yeah, my name is Nick Yaya and I am the host of the free America podcast and I wasn’t always such, but it was the events of this past year that motivated me to become a little more active both in the, on the internet and the, the online community, as well as in my actual community out here in Los Angeles, which is where I’m based.
And yeah, I came from, you know, the entertainment world as an actor, trained for many years as an actor and was pursuing a career here in Hollywood with regard to that. And there came a point early last year, right, When I heard of this lockdown and all this nonsense, I knew it was bs it just, it just really, just sounded like something’s not right with this, right? And so I set out like many other people too, to kind of get to the bottom of it, do some research and um, and then share that information with people online, like platforms like facebook and instagram.
And I found the duchess wasn’t, I just wasn’t getting to enough people was having like these, you know, one on one conversations with with somebody and I would basically argue and I couldn’t, you know, convince them otherwise. And I’m sitting there spending hours typing and I’m like, you know, I got to do something, something more, I can reach more people, but I can also, so it’s easier for me to communicate, you know, as opposed to typing. I can actually talk to my friend of mine’s like, dude, you do a podcast.
I’m like, man, I don’t know, man, I I got really nothing to say. He’s like bull, man, you, he’s like, you can talk, you can talk the ears off an elephant. So I was like, okay, so I gave it a shot. And man, I’m coming up on like a year now, doing one episode each week and there’s a lot of fun and I have on guests from basically all over the political spectrum and people who I agree with and disagree with and bring them on. And kind of, you know, discussed, see where they’re at, see what their positions are on these issues of today.
You know, whether you talk about racism or covid or the presidential election or what have you and yeah, so that’s about it. That’s, that’s in a nutshell who I am, what I’m up to these days. Beautiful man. Beautiful. Yeah. So, so basically you’re talking about all the things we can talk about, which is why I wanted to talk to you. Exactly. I, you know, in the, in the intervening time I’ve since been banned on facebook and instagram had those accounts deleted. I received two strikes on on Youtube and in the interest of maintaining the material I already have there.
I chose to not post anything more to Youtube. So I’m just gonna leave what I’ve got up there, didn’t want to get a third strike. And and that was essentially, yeah, because I was talking about the election. I was talking about Covid and there there was one in particular where I sent them. They said, do you want to challenge this? And I was like, yeah, it was about it was about the vaccine. And I said, look, I said, these are these are untested. It’s it’s highly possible that this could seriously damage or kill people.
And I said, the fact that you are are suppressing this information makes you complicit in crimes against humanity and murder. And so I implore you to reconsider your decision. Now. They did. They actually rescinded the strike. And I was like, cool, that’s a huge win, right? But three weeks later they give me a strike for that same episode. was, Yeah. And I was like, I was like, look, we we had this discussion, folks, I even sent him a copy of the email that they sent back and, and they just said, no, we maintain our position, the strike is there.
So after that I was just like, you know what screw you guys man, I’m out of here. And I went to find other platforms like rumble and bit shoot and kind of transferred over everything on my website to link to those and um, and that and yeah, that’s where I’ve been ever since. So yeah, beautiful man. What got you started? Just curious man. Like what you guys? Yeah, sure. Uh, same. It’s just really kind of the same thing. I wanted to give, same exact sort of thing when I really didn’t know how many, um, people I had in my life for communications with whatever that were um uh sleeper cells, man, I mean like, like that it was it was just so weird.
I for me it was hard to process that what what was actually happening and I was again all the racist stuff and I was like, you don’t understand that’s racism like that, what you’re talking about is racist. Like this whole all this like uh yeah, I’m just like you’re teaching people were different because of our skin color. That’s racist, no matter which way you go, like you don’t understand and it’s just so blurring lee but and then you just try and talk, you know I mean? And again, like even kind of on that same sort of tip, it was just, you know, trying to explain to people that BLM wasn’t exactly what everybody’s saying that BLM s and and what BLM is telling you there are Marxist organization.
And then I would telling my Friends these people on Facebook, just again and I’m okay being badgered, you know what I mean? I have my whole life because in the 90s I just started telling people that the news was lying to you and stuff like that, people hated me because you just, you can’t, you can’t mess with people’s core belief systems, you know, right? Just like go back anyway. Like morpheus said to neo that some people just don’t want to be awakened and they will fight you to the death.
Absolutely, yeah, they’ll take you the other way, just as hard as you’re trying to show them. Hey, no, wait and Yeah, yeah. I mean it’s cognitive dissonance at A level I’ve never seen before. And I was, there was a guy out front of this place we’ve been protesting recently is a restaurant that the city of Burbank put a chain link fence around and has arrested the owner three times. We’re just trying to enter his business. And so we’re out there protesting and there’s this guy out there with a sign that says free masks and he has a box full of masks you know and he’s wearing two of them and he’s got his shirt says I’ve been vaccinated.
I’m like well dude why are you wearing masks? Well it’s because of all you people you haven’t you know your your filthy and you haven’t had your vaccine. I’m like okay dude I said here let me let me throw one at you. See what you think about this? I asked him, I said you heard last year that the flu like completely disappeared? Why why do you think that is? He says well that was because people were wearing masks? And I said, okay, alright, cool. Well then answer me this, If masks prevented the flu from spreading, why didn’t they prevent Covid from spreading?
And he was like, well because the Covid happened after the flu and he was and he started backpedaling and making stuff up. I go dude, no, it doesn’t make sense. I said is it is it perhaps possible that they misclassified the flu as Covid 19? He was like, no, no, no, the Pcr test and this and that. I was like, oh the Pcr test, right? The ones that are 94% false positives, right? Yeah, that’s what we’re going to go on. Yeah. Even the guy made the PcR test is saying you can’t use this the best for that.
It’s it’s quite ridiculous. It’s a it’s a circus. It dude, it is on a daily basis and it’s like it’s gotten to the point like you said the other day you’re like you’re like dude I’m done being a shepherd. Yeah and I’ve reached the same point I reached the same conclusion. It’s like you know what man we’ve tried for this past year two Educate inform share with people the data, the studies they do there are 209 different peer reviewed studies now that show that mass don’t work and they’re actually dangerous and it’s like it’s like people are like I don’t care I just do what dr Fauci says, I just do what you know our public health director.
I hear Barbara ferrer says you know I do you know I follow the science and I’m like pro you follow a talking head on tv you’re not following the science. Well said bro it’s nice. Yes. Well said that it’s scientist. Um Right it’s it’s there’s there’s no actual like proof anything that they’re saying in any way. And and and have you seen the latest with Foci have you seen night now? He’s like backpedaling all kinds all kinds of crap. Dude with a year ago we were telling people that the NIH was funding this gain of research function gain of function research were again oh you’re just a conspiracy.
There is the same shit 20 years same shit. And here’s another thing I don’t know if you remember this but I remember Fauci and the AIDS in the eighties. I remember that I remember the fear I was a little kid right because I was born in the seventies. But I mean but you know so I was I was like 78 10 years old you know what I mean? Kind of when the whole AIDS epidemic thing was going on they were really pushing the shit out of it. It was the same thing, it was Fauci on T. V. And for whatever reason this last year kind of pop it just like brought me back you know one of those movies you’re like right back into like oh my God man there’s just fearmongering the crap out of and they were doing it then and it’s like it’s just it’s you know immediately you’re you just it was it’s crazy that it’s still this is part two man part two.
And today we’re finding out about spike proteins. Have you heard about that? It’s not virus as we know your body produces virus, right? Virus or solvents your body produces like soap, right? Your body produces virus and that’s why again they can use it they have for a long time with the flu and stuff. It’s it’s not something you catch, it’s something you produce. So it’s something really weird where they can manipulate you, right? If you don’t understand how it works, then then the doctor who you’re supposed to trust, who you don’t know is being funded and educated by the pharmaceutical companies who they so happen to be pushing those drugs to you.
And there’s no correlation like at all. And they’re like, no, it’s because of those drugs that were we live so long that we do now. I’m like, uh maybe, maybe not. Maybe if there was no drugs, maybe we’d be all healthier maybe, you know. Yeah. You look you look at the physical, the uh people’s physical appearance over the past 30 40 years. You know, if you look back at pictures from like the sixties or seventies of people on the beach, you don’t see a lot of fat people you know you look now I mean I swear to God like every other person out there is overweight and morbidly so it’s not just like a little o kind of thing, it’s right, what is that?
Right? And this is this is from this is from big food, big agriculture, big pharma the you know the FDA which is populated essentially by people from those industries from the pharmaceutical industry and from you know the the agricultural industry which are both tied together you know the like Monsanto for example and Bayer who bear who’s the aspirin people just bought them but they produced both ends so they produce the poison on the front end to poison the food Which is part of the plan of, part of the depopulation plan in agenda 21 and then on the other side they provide the so called cure or the treatment rather for these diseases that they create.
So it’s a beautiful business model from their standpoint, it’s hell for us. But they’re making money, hand over fist, they create the problem and then they provide the solution. And it’s it’s like the Hegelian dialectic all over again, except in this case is having to deal with health and actually harming human beings and taking advantage of us on our way out as they as they depopulate us. So they get wealthier, they depopulate the earth, it’s mission accomplished and everybody’s happy. So yeah, there’s there’s some evil bastards really, to be honest with you.
I mean I’ve seen some of the internal memos from these companies talking about how can we test this, this pesticide on kids? You know, it’s like, it’s like they love harming Children. And you look now what they’re doing with these, with these vaccines and thank God for groups like America’s frontline doctors who are stepping up and and asking for an injunction to prevent these drug companies from from essentially experimenting on Children, you know? And that’s that’s what yeah, that’s exactly exactly. Did you, did you hear what happened in Canada yesterday?
I don’t know. They set up um vaccine spots for kids where they’re giving away free ice cream. Oh, I heard about two kids 12 and older and they don’t need their parents consent to get the shot. It’s like what creepy. I did. I saw that politicians, we anything, anyone over 12 we don’t they can make their own. Actually they said they were going to leave it up to the person giving the injection, Right? 12 year old was Of sign mound of sound mind. It’s like what in the dude, what the fuck?
What happened? How did this happen so quick? Dude? Like we went from like, you have to be 21 to drink a beer To 12 years old or even younger. Now they’re saying to even start some sort of home hormone treatment that would change your life forever. I mean like, you know, my wife, we, we just had our first child, you know, um, she was like 18 or 19 or something. She was like, I want my tubes tied. I don’t ever want kids, you know? And she’s like, thank God I didn’t do that.
Or maybe she was like, I don’t know what age, but the point is is It was a hell of a lot older than someone at, you know, 12 or eight years old trying to make some sort of like life altering decision. It’s a very odd place. This is a very, very odd place that we’ve we’ve found ourselves in so quick. Yeah. And and the majority of people don’t seem to to see the problem there. Well, this this is what they mean. They’ve been planning this for decades and this this has been in the works for a long time and they’ve been they’ve been incrementally implementing this, this project, this program over a year, over year, over year.
But what we’re seeing right now is this acceleration where they are they are moving in a very fast, very steep trajectory towards their their end goal, which is population control and reduction, which is essentially genocide. And while before they were doing that with food and with drugs now they’re going to do it with this vaccine. Yeah. Right. This this experimental genetic therapy and you mentioned spike protein. So yeah, you know, we yeah, we just heard about that this morning actually, in a call, I don’t know if you know David avocado wolf is um he’s like a natural path guy.
He was out in L. A. For a really long time. Just moved to texas. Anyway. Um he’s like a guru guy. I had an awesome human being. I’ve known known about him since the late nineties. Uh anyway, we were on a on a call this morning with him and he was he he was talking about he knows some people and stuff like that and um what it really comes down to it’s now it’s it’s spike proteins. That was the whole thing. That’s the big carrier. That’s what can last a long time on surfaces.
That’s why you see when people were doing on the surface spreading and stuff like that. It’s not virus because virus don’t live. You know what I mean? Everybody that’s why nobody never made sense to anybody who understood how virus actually work and stuff like that right So never really made sense. But now I guess it just came out and I can’t remember exactly so I don’t want to speak but what I can say is that it’s there now understanding its pro spike proteins and how they deliver it’s the delivery method through the M. R. N. A. Injection.
And that’s the thing is that it can’t really hold but when they injected into you and it causes guess what blood clots all these things that we’re seeing. Um Yeah beyond disease. Yeah man it’s it’s really um it’s morbid it’s really morbid when you start to think about it you know um yeah these people these people are evil and the problem that the majority of the public has is that they can’t get their minds around the fact that someone could be that evil, you know what I’m saying?
They’re like, there’s no way they would do that. There’s no way our government would lie to us, or the mainstream media would lie to us, you know, they have no reason to it would affect the ratings or whatever. Uh, you know, or the government, you know, is there to help us. Yeah, right. Uh you know, the government that’s understated Job, that’s the state of Job on paper, you know, on the document we call the Declaration of It or not, the United States Constitution. It says that, I mean, that’s the number one job security for our security.
That’s what Yeah. And protect our rights to protect our rights period, that’s going to be there for anyway. And now they are failing miserably at that job, and it’s time for us to reevaluate our relationship and and potentially alter or abolish that that entity and form a new government that is more amicable towards us and our needs and our and and serves us because right now they’re not serving us, they’re taking advantage of us, they’re harming us. And I mean, dude, I’ve even considered taking the United States to court and ensuing them for for damages for pTSD and anxiety and all these things that I’ve experienced as a result of the actions that they’ve taken over this past year. Yeah.
Amen man. So, uh, you were, you obviously you were in Hollywood, um, which is again makes you kind of a, a unique spectacle of your own. Like, how did you, I don’t even understand like, because that is part of the programming, I would say a lot of the programming and you want to talk about overtime and they what do they call it? Television tell a vision programming, they tell you it’s programming and when you go back and because again I turned off the tv years and years when I was a kid, they would boob tube, you know what I mean?
And don’t you know, but again I just when I feel found out it was making me feel shitty, I stopped watching them, you know what I mean? I was like I I can’t watch that shit anymore. It wasn’t making me feel very good anyway, I digress on all that. But yeah. So what how how did you get out of Hollywood man and what do you see from your perspective? Yeah. Please Sure. Well you know here’s the thing is that is that you know I had to make a decision when this thing hit or when I started putting out this information on my social media because that’s what casting directors and people look at when when you’re getting hired.
In fact I know what happened. I got hired for one job working this uh it was like a tv special something that was gonna be on Fox and there was going to be Senator Barbara boxer and these and this puppet of mike pence and I was supposed to be his aide there at the at the White House and she this cashier to cause me. Yeah man. The producers love you. They wanted the writers love you. They want to bring a wait hold on a second. Oh yeah boy this is really awkward.
Uh The other person we had in mind just came through and we decided we’re going to go with him and I really do apologize but what I think happened was is that she was sitting there with me on the phone, pulled out my social media took a look at all the shit I was posting and went, oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, we can’t have this guy, you know, working with us, especially near a Democratic senator. So, uh, so, but yeah, I had to make that decision, you know, am I going to and I got to pursue this or am I gonna stand up for truth and and help, you know, help people essentially assist people with it with this truth.
But yeah, from, from what I mean, from what I saw and the people I worked with, it’s weird because mostly behind the camera, all those guys are conservative, you know, people on the production side, it’s the people on in the front of the camera who are mostly liberal. Now there are a few out there who aren’t you know Jon Voight is well known as well known conservative and outspoken and but there there are a few there few and far between in terms of conservative actors that are out of the closet.
Sure sure sure. I just saw him the other day. Right? Silver spoon dude remember? Yeah yeah yeah he was doing a thing at Costco man, he’s like he’s like hardcore like you and Nari and shit just out there with his phone like I’d like dude it’s cool, you know what I mean? Like something doing it you know some some uh yeah already the yeah there are some but a lot of them have had to strike out on their own like guys like Antonio Sabato Jr he just created his own uh studio called conflicts like netflix, you know where the next but conflicts studios and they’re going to do all conservative uh, films.
And I don’t know if they’re doing television, but it’s all conservative, you know, it’s kind of christian in his approach. And uh, so there are, there are guys out there. But yeah, it’s really tough and I kind of had to make that decision. Like, can I do I really want to participate in this. You know, I wrote an entire television series called Hell Incorporated. And essentially, it’s like, it’s like a lot of stuff that’s happening right now, essentially the the corporate end of hell, that is, it controls every aspect of life here on earth.
And so it’s corp there, they basically infiltrated corporations and governments and religions and they use these entities to affect their agenda, their goal here on earth. And, and I was ready to go with this thing. And I was, I was pitching it to producers, I was getting, you know, production companies and the closer I got and and the more I started thinking about it, like the things I started hearing about netflix and like there, you know that movie they put out with cuts or whatever, you know this child or is that was the last thing for me.
I was like, dude, what? That’s just like, that was weird. I didn’t think I was approved, but I mean I’m like, you know, that was just weird like really, that’s your original. And they were like, yeah, we’re proud of it. And then they doubled down on it and I was like, uh and then we canceled our subscriptions. Yeah, me too, me too. And yeah, it was it was stuff like that that just made me really think twice about whether or not I want to participate in that.
And you know, even though my message, uh you know, is is I mean it’s actually it is satire and it’s done kind of like the same, you know, South Park, like ribs on both parties, you know, right and Republican, you know, kind of keep it fair and keep it funny, but but I thought, you know what man, I just that what I would have to sacrifice to make that happen. You know, basically, you know, they talk about selling your soul and that’s exactly what it is, man, you want to make it in Hollywood, you do have to sell your salt and at this point I don’t think I’m willing or able to do that.
Yeah, you don’t seem like, yeah, you’re really kind of capable person and that’s what kind of, I don’t understand about a lot of this. It’s this is all these people who but yeah, it’s out of touch. Um I I believe that these, these actors these high paid crazy and that goes for the athletes as well. You know, it’s it’s I don’t think that they should be our moral compass and that seems to be what are people a lot of people are taking as their moral compass or are these people?
And you’re like, yeah, like, like Lebron James all of a sudden he’s like how he’s an expert on these things. Yeah. And I mean, I don’t, you know, people are allowed to have their opinions. I shouldn’t really. Absolutely man, Yes please. But they need to keep in mind the influence that they have over a lot of people and I think some of them take advantage of that and they they use their position of power to shift the way people think or people’s perception of a particular issue, especially when you’re talking about racism and and a lot of these, you know, woke celebrities and it’s it’s really it’s just disheartening to see that because what they’re doing and I don’t know whether they know it or not.
The smarter ones may but what they’re doing is dividing people even further. That’s this whole BLM movement is divisive about racist in its nature, right? So to see them do that and use their position in an irresponsible way is is disappointing. But um what was I gonna say is is that you know but it it bleeds through now into into television. Like I haven’t completely turned off the tv. I’ve stopped watching commercial television. I haven’t seen a commercial probably 12 years. Yeah but okay it’s just you have to know what you’re aware of it.
Then you can watch Tv and be like oh look at the programming right there. I mean it’s so obvious you know what I mean? Like oh damn they’ve been doing it since the nanny right Well yeah and now that now they’re just more and more obvious about it. I mean cases they’re just beating you over the head with like Clayton now it’s yeah it’s not even like there’s the show the Watchmen on HBO that came out recently which is essentially a serialized version of the movie and the comic actually and it was so overtly woke it was it was painful to watch like I I enjoyed the story but dude at every single opportunity they were inserting some kind of racist shit.
It can wipe people out to be these demons and that we’re all a bunch of you know it’s not easy it’s just like it’s like come on dude I just want to enjoy a fucking story. I don’t want beat over the head with this woke shit right right now everybody is so freaking racist. Yeah, it’s all bs man, it’s it’s right and it’s it’s intense. Yeah. Yeah it is man. It’s like, so now I’m trying to figure out other ways to relax and spend my time. I’m looking for a hobby.
So if you have any suggestions I’m looking to you holly. Where are you in Hollywood still? Where you at? I’m just, I’m just outside. I’m just outside of their, in this afternoon. A valley. Yeah, yeah, so in and around and that’s where I was born. It’s where I grew up and lived there most of my life. I’ve lived, I lived in Atlanta for about six years and sacramento for a couple. Which sucks, especially when you’re so close to san Francisco. You it’s so funny you say that because like I would, I would like, I would uh, I would ask people kind of survey people on occasion.
You know, just do a little snap poll. You know, what’s your favorite thing about sacramento? Well the number one answer was it’s close to san Francisco and it’s close to Lake Tahoe. Its proximity to a place where you are just somewhere else. Right? The two most popular spots? Yeah. Somewhere else. Yeah, it’s hilarious. Sacramento is what they call it, right? No. Uh, but uh, and spend a little time in central America, like Costa rica and Nicaragua for about six months. And that, that I’ll tell you what man, if you, if you get a chance to get outside the country especially, I don’t recommend going to Central America.
But I mean if you go to some of these places that are less well off than the United States. Dude, it gives you such an appreciation for even the simple things like a smooth road to drive on or, or a grocery store that has everything 24 hours a day. It’s amazing. People don’t realize that they don’t have that. We are, we’re very spoiled. Yeah, totally. I lived in Costa rica for a bit myself. Yeah, we’re talking about, yeah, I and I dig it. I really, really enjoyed, I was in a small little town on the, on the coast. Yeah.
Samira, it was a little town called Sandra. It was Tamarindo. It was so or tamarindo is so yeah, it was like a five hour chicken bus ride south of Tamarindo. It was a little little beach town called Sandra. There was like a like an english speaking school there and a massage therapy school. So there was always like fresh chicks you know? It was like, it was crazy dude, it was it was a good time at the same time, it’s very sleepy you know? And so after over sometime I I had to come back, I went back to san Francisco, I I moved up from san Francisco, I was like fuck this place, you know what I mean?
I just could, you know every now and then I just couldn’t handle it anymore. It was just so much shit and I was just you know? But then I realized I was like dude it’s the whole world and and I’m not running anywhere where the hell am I gonna go? You know what I mean? And so now I’m actually not too far from my old hometown, you know? So it’s like this is where I’m from and the same kind of thing and I’d rather be here than California.
Although California is uh, man, especially southern California, man. I was in the military down there and I lived probably eight or 10 years accumulative down there and I really, really enjoy it. But um, yeah, that place, dude, like, dude, I was just poop. Dude, it really is, I’m with you on that. And the unfortunate thing is, I mean for one, it’s like, it’s like I’m from here is where my friends and my family are. So, you know, kind of, there’s, there’s attached in that regard and then their stay out the weather and, and access to, you know, beaches and mountains and desert and all kinds of, I mean it’s great, it’s great to live in that regard.
But yeah, the government here sucks and they are destroying this country at this, this state and it is like a country you guys are big as a country. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We are fifth largest economy in the world. And so, and then, and then they seem to have just twisted the minds of the people that live here. I mean, a lot of the people here are just what I found this has really brought the worst out in people this past year. Just the, the entitlement, the, the, the superiority they, um, the non flexibility, the non the non, like, you know, they don’t want to work with.
Like, it’s their way and their it’s so crazy that they don’t understand the hypocrisy of what they’re saying. It’s again, it’s kind of like what we were saying before, that’s very racist. Well, that’s also very not liberal. You’re supposed to be a liberal, that’s not fucking liberal at all. You’re being very fascist. Like what you’re telling me? I have to What? What? Hello. And is that because of the programming over time? Through the nanny and shit like that, Right? And I don’t know, Hogan’s heroes, and I don’t know, it might be everywhere.
I don’t know, but like, how, you know, and I know there’s lots of answers, but it’s a unique perspective and that’s kind of what, what’s awesome from you? Because how many years again in Hollywood have you spent? I started out in 2010, Okay. As doing as I was working as a background actor as an extra. Okay. And then in 2014, I escalated things. I wanted to get to do some principle work. I mean, I had done some when I was a kid, I’ve done a few commercials, I almost got Ricky Schroeder’s job, in fact, yeah.
Came down to meet him and one other kid and he, you know, as we know, got it. But Anyway, uh and then 2014 I started training and going to acting classes and doing a lot of student films and whatnot and short films and things like that. And so yeah, quite a while. I mean, 11 years you look really 11 years in june. You look really young. I was gonna say so because I mean, no offense, Ricky Mr Schroeder guy, I love you to death, but this guy looks very good. Yeah.
I don’t know how, I don’t know if it’s genetics or maybe because I’ve stayed out of the sun. You know, I’m mostly a night person, but I don’t know. I mean I’m 48. So nice man. Yeah. Yeah. I got real lucky because I’ll tell you what man, not none of my friends look as young as I do. Seriously, people mistake me for my thirties. Like there was this girl at this party I went to, she she kind of hangs out with the group and she goes to a lot of the protests, super young.
She’s like 19, you know, and they’re they’re having a housewarming party and she’s like, oh my God, I can’t believe I’m hanging out with 30 year olds and I’m like, she thinks I’m 30 wow, okay, cool score. Right, right, So, um but yeah, man, you know, it’s it’s tough going to begin with and now there’s really not, I’m just really I just don’t I don’t I don’t feel it, you know, I love to entertain people, I love to share stories, but but my heart’s not in it because of just how how, you know, screwed up that this town has become with, you know, with all this, this this wellness.
I dude, I look at some of the scripts my my my agent sends me and I’m just like, I can’t do this. She wanted me all right. And this is there’s no nothing against gay people. But they sent me a script and and in the breakdown it says that talent should be prepared to be physically engaged with another actor, meaning that I would have to kiss someone or simulate sex or something with another man. And I was like, I go, you know, I don’t have a problem with pretending to be gay playing gay as a character, but I said I could not sell it as as gay if you asked me to kiss another man because it just wouldn’t happen, man.
I’d be like, yeah, yeah, I know, yeah, that’d be a little sure, sure, yeah. And I I can’t do it. I mean I do I don’t know how how heath ledger and what’s his name? Did it? Right. Uh Yeah it was that Brokeback Mountain uh who was that guy? I don’t remember anyway. Yes, I know what you mean. Yeah that was uh that was impressive. I mean uh to be honest I’ve never actually seen the movie, I’ve just seen like you know, I never saw the whole thing either, just talk about it, you know?
And I’m just like like yeah no I’m really not interested in seeing that. You know like dude say man then the thing is I have I I love I have so many good gay friends. I you know what I mean? Like it’s not even that it’s just you know yeah, I’m not into kissing dudes and stuff. I don’t know is that okay? But no, not anymore. If you’re not willing to suck a dick at any moment and you’re okay sucking dick, then you’re just some sort of fucking homophobes that wants all fags that I and you’re like, whoa, take it easy man.
I’m just, I just don’t want to suck the dick. Is that, is that okay? That’s the dude. That’s what it’s coming down to. I mean that’s essentially you just nailed it right there. That’s essentially what they’re saying, you know, with this, this critical race theory is that if you don’t admit that you have privilege because of the color of your skin, you’re a racist. It’s like, what? No, how am I racist? I’m the one, you’re the one who’s making it about skin color about skin. You noticed?
I don’t, I’m sorry. That’s not Yeah. And people are like, oh, all the white all the way. But again, if you want to look at the numbers, okay. First of all, when the amount of unarmed black men killed by police is very, very small. Super. Yeah, it’s a much bigger number of white, unarmed white men, but we don’t want to pay attention to that. Again, it’s it’s a scale and it’s because we are a mostly white country, we are and you know, just like Africa is a mostly black country, I mean in Africa is a continent, but you know what I mean?
Like let’s say Zimbabwe right, a predominantly black country and you wouldn’t go over there and start yelling because there’s not enough white people, you know what I mean? Like in like cooking, you know what I mean? It’s just it’s a very odd thing that they’ve been able to do and again it’s it’s the programming. Like you said, if you look at all of these uh these shows, you can pinpoint where they just keep laying in there and like you were saying a very sometimes so thick that you’re just like bro, I can’t even I can’t enjoy this.
It’s like come on man, not everything is about race. You know, like we used to like uh not not really think about that stuff and you used to be able to joke about it and we used to joke and and and and celebrate our differences. What happened celebrating our differences. That’s I mean you look at shows back in the 70s, like all in the family or or good times and and overtly racist and and and had no shame in showing it. At least his character. I know the guy himself was not but but not now and not violent.
People weren’t like, right. It just wasn’t like what they make it out to be. Yeah, because you could you could talk about it, you could discuss it back in the day and those shows would bring up things that that could actually start a conversation and and get people to debate and talk about things. But now it’s like taboo to even bring it up in a in a film or tv and but if you do it’s got to be against white people. It’s got right now and that’s totally okay.
That’s the weird part. It’s okay to be racist as long as it’s towards white people and then these asian people keep getting thrown in and out of like what group they’re in there like okay so yeah, asians to man, yeah, they’re being marginalized to, oh actually no, fuck them, they get all the good grades so no, they get none of that. But they’re over here though. They’re definitely and it’s just like, it’s only the anglo saxons that that’s the and it’s just so confusing and weird and there seems to be a multi pronged attack on white people from not only groups like BLM, but then you’ve got the Department of Justice claiming now that white supremacy is the number one terror threat to the United States.
So it is like internally, so they’re looking to label anybody who and they really there were something that says, you know, anybody that followed trump or voted for trump Anybody that was there in the capital on January six. These are all terrorists and and I’m it’s it’s kind of scary, some scary rhetoric when you think about it because they could easily um start just rounding people up. I mean there were that close to that and I don’t know about you but I’m prepared. I’ve spent the last year purchasing several firearms and the ammunition to go with them.
And I think anybody was smart. Did I mean it was just like, well because we watched, we witnessed the collapse of security, right? And you can’t just start defunding your popular or your your police when the population needs more police. And that’s exactly what happened again. Everything happened exactly the opposite way. That should have happened. Everything that they told you to do for your health was the exact opposite of what you should have done for your health, right? Get sunlight, take vitamins open all the gyms, gym should be free to give you a six month gym membership.
No fucking Mcdonalds you fat piece of shit. Stop eating those things. You’re dying. That’s not real food like but no, none of that. And it how many people of, of, of heart disease every year? And you know what? Yeah, it’s number one, it’s the number one killer of americans for sure. But probably a lot of people around the world. I know heart disease is the number one killer but that has a lot to do. Like you said with our diet with the things that with the lack of exercise and all that good.
And again, it’s not people’s fault. It’s not their fault. I didn’t mean to say like, oh you’ve got, but it’s, it’s we have been programmed that this is good. What is good and readily available and affordable? Right, Right. That’s and that’s just it right there. Right. You hit the nail on the head. Did they make it to where when you have a choice between something healthy and expensive or something tasty and cheap? Are you going to go for what me or you Obviously right. But for the majority of people out there are faced with the financial difficulty first of all, of just trying to put food on the table.
What do you think they’re gonna do? They’re gonna go for the cheap alternative and it tastes good and the kids love it and whatever and it’s yeah, you’re right. They so and that that should make it very blaring, lee obvious to people that that it is not our best interest that they have at heart. The fact that they were suppressing doctors talking about how to keep healthy by using vitamin C, vitamin D zinc are using readily available and widely used drugs like hydroxychloroquine. You know, and and the drugs that don’t have major I’ve ever met in another one.
Very cheap, readily available, been in use for decades. Doesn’t have any major side effects. But yeah, they silenced at all. So it’s the added to that added to the fact that you know, they didn’t want people to exercise or get out in the sun or breathe fresh air. They wanted to breathe their own carbon dioxide on and on and on. It becomes obvious that that that that is the agenda, the agenda is to make us sicker to make us more dependent upon the drug companies and the pharmaceutical companies.
And did you see the worms in the mask bro? Dude, what’s up with that? I have, hold on, where is it? Uh whatever it’s over there, I, I bought a mic microscope off of amazon $40 just to test it. Oh my God dude for real. Oh my Yeah bro. Uh it’s weird, it’s I have multiple videos of it. It is microscopic little tiny things that when it’s hot if you blow hot like hot air on it, they move, they move. And now from what we’re understanding with the spike proteins and these nano worms and five G and all this, I don’t know, man again, I I’ve never heard of five G. I couldn’t say anything about that.
My mind is wide open and it has been for many years. Right? Me too. You know, I’ve I’ve dabbled in conspiracy theory. I’ve also dabbled in conspiracy back research. I’m a researcher. I’m open to all kinds of things. Five G. I’m going to have a guy on the show in a couple weeks to talk about five G. Awesome. But I’ve heard a lot of people like David Ike and others talking about how this could be used as part of a binary weapon where they give you one part in the form of this spike protein or this, you know, injection or even through the mask with these microscopic worms and they make their way into your system or into your brain and then Boom are activated by the 5G.
I’m worried that it is. There’s a because I’m a little you know I I’m a creative person and sometimes I you know I kind of think I project in the future what could happen and I really do. There’s part of me that thinks that there really could be a zombie apocalypse on the horizon with with this because if they’ve got these things into people’s brains and attached to their neurons they could affect their their uh their emotions. They could you know put thoughts into their brain to tell them what to think.
They could turn them because people you saw people already turned against at least me for not wearing a mask like well what’s next? They would just program and say kill all white people also is, you know, okay nonsense, but 55 G. S very interesting. You know, and, and like I’m open to all kinds of things like, like flat Earth for example, I’m not, I’m not a big, I looked at it like I give everything the benefit of the doubt. I look at their evidence. I look at what they, what they stated, Okay, I’m not buying it, but, but hey, you know, have at it and there are are curious things about what they bring up and, you know, and so I love talking about all of it because here’s the thing is, I don’t know, I’ve never been in space, like, and there’s very interesting things. Yeah.
You know what I like to do, this is this would be great. I’d love to do like a go fund me or raise enough money to put somebody to put like, one of the leading flat Earth proponents on, like, Jeff Bezos’s Blue origin rocket, or, or Ellen Virginia, whatever. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So put them on one of those and shoot them up into, you know, sub orbit and in the space, or where they can actually see it flat. Did not know and prove once and for All right. Yeah.
And if they’re right, and we if they write and the Earth is flat and that there’s some kind of, you know, sun orbiting around like this, and there’s this, this dome over us. We got bigger problems than the Earth just being flat, but wouldn’t change anything for you. Well, here’s the thing. It would it would confirm a lot in terms of this actually being more uh that we’ve been lied to about our history and that this is more of like a simulation because anybody with the technology to be able to construct something like that, is it?
That it would totally skew everything from our understanding of what we perceive to be God, or what people have claimed to be gods and angels and so on and so forth. In the past, it would shift a lot. Um, Yeah, like I said, I I find it fascinating. I often entertain the thoughts, but I’m not necessarily convinced, but definitely open to always looking at all options, putting it all on the table. Because as soon as you say, I know everything you’re done, you’re done. I mean, some of the stupidest people I met are educated people.
You know, they have gone through college, they’ve gotten all their degree and, and, and they are indoctrinated. Indoctrinated. Not educated, sir. Very good. Very, very true. Absolutely. And but the problem is that they think they know everything right and they don’t, like I said, so they’re there there may be educated, but they’re fucking idiots. Yeah, but there’s no there’s no um like critical thinking, no independent thought. It’s like regurgitation. I can read that book and fucking spit it right back at you. But like you know what would you do in this?
Like again? But we’re dynamic beings and shouldn’t we live dynamic? I don’t know. And again it’s it’s it’s scary to see where we’ve gone man. But um so are you guys still doing like mask free shopping. Kind of like a hard segue here. But I want to know are you still doing that or now doesn’t even matter. I mean last I heard trader joe’s is like yeah no more mask and then they’re like, oh wait well yeah, we as as like a major group. We haven’t done it in a while.
Uh I know that from time to time there are, there are some that do go out as like groups of three or four people and still stay active and doing it and recording it and stuff like that. I had to kind of take a bit of a back seat because I was having real issues with anxiety surrounding it. In fact, I mean I, you know, I was very, very lucky to have where I was living. Um not long ago a grocery store in my neighborhood, a Ralphs grocery store as well as a target who accepted the fact that I do have a medical condition.
I showed them my letter and I and I said look, I cannot wear one and they ordered that. And so I was very lucky. But I found that whenever I would venture out somewhere else and I would, I would go in someplace and they would demand that I put on a mask and I would start to to, you know, in with my spiel like, well this is a violation of this law that long civil rights, you know, are not practicing medicine without a license. But what I found was all of a sudden like the adrenaline would turn on and my heart would start racing and I couldn’t talk and I would just, I would, I would could have trouble breathing.
I was breathing. Was basically having a panic attack any time that I would go into a grocery store or some other store other than where I was going. So no, I personally had to stop participating for, for that reason it’s um, and it shouldn’t have to be like that. You know, it’s weird. It’s yeah, that is that is the weird, right? We’re not weird. That’s weird. That that’s the weird stuff. I had a guy just the other week attacked me with his shopping cart and throw shit at me and you know, he says he’s gonna kill me if I get him sick.
And uh, there then I was, you know, and I, I engaged him, which the number one rule is do not engage the people, but I did and it escalated and they kicked him out, but they had to call the cops because he was waiting out front ready to kill me. And uh, you know, the other day, I’m on an outdoor, um, little little shack where you can get hot dogs. But they got all these signs up mass mass mass. I’m like, I’m fucking outside guys, Come on, make sure you have a mask.
No, my doctor advised me not to wear one, thank you. So I’ll get a hot dog. And I mean, uh they’re like, well here and they put the mask on the, on the, on the thing and I just, I just ignore them and something my money, how much is that gonna be? And they’re just like, all right, they served me right? And the guy behind me is like, oh, it must suck to have such bad genes that you can’t, you know, wear a mask and you’re so sick that, you know, and I’m just like, dude, I can, but again, I felt the adrenaline starts and, and and the anxiety coming over me.
I’m just like, fuck, here we go, I can’t even get a fucking hot dog, you know, without right outside without getting harassed by some sheep. Oh, man. And that’s why I’m concerned that it could quite, dude, I’m, well, my concern is that I think a lot of people see this coming is that there’s gonna be a big impact this coming this fall, this, this next cold and flu season if you call it that where people are exposed again. And um, so we’re talking about it in terms of they’re being a virus going around and I know you have a different, the immuno compromised, it’s still going to be immuno compromised.
This injection is compromised and now these people aren’t going to even have an immune system to do. Uh huh, correct, correct. It’s according to some of the people that I’ve been listening to, it, you know, produces, it basically gets rid of your innate immune system and replaces it with this this new immune system that only targets one specific viral or spike protein and that’s it. So anything else that comes in, anything else you’re exposed to is going to cause you to have it either an autoimmune response or you will have a cytokine storm where your body would overreact.
And what they’re going to do, I’m afraid is they’re going to blame this on all the unvaccinated people. Yeah. Oh, absolutely, Of course, of course. And then then they’ll be able to pass the laws to say it’s mandatory, right? And you’ll see a lot of people getting violent, uh, you know, they will just happened to you, man, Right, It’s gonna it’s gonna escalate, it’s gonna escalate to the point at which there is going to be major violence. And I’m very concerned about that. I’ve I’ve considered, I don’t, you know, I know the laws out here really aren’t, um, you know, uh, what’s the word I’m looking for?
That? They’re not they they’re not they don’t help gun owners, Right? Oh yeah, you’re not the First Amendment friendly or Second Amendment friendly. Sorry. And I’m just wondering, you know, well, how do I protect myself of amount in public and, and people want to kill me? What do I do? Can you like, Well, yeah, do you ask them to please stop nicely that have to do? Right? Right. And the problem is that if, if I’m carrying a gun on me and I shoot someone to protect myself, well, I get charged, you know, and attempted murder or murder if I killed.
Well, yeah, I mean, even these people that earlier in the year who were just trying to protect their homes and things like that when rioters were coming around, um, then they were, yeah, uh, uh, it’s really just kind of gross to see everything in such an upside down way. It, dude, it really is like an upside down world. Like we’ve like we’ve we’ve passed over into some different dimension, some parallel universe where everything that is right is wrong, everything is wrong is right. The Nuremberg trials, like people obviously have forgotten about everything.
Like again, like you were saying, you can’t bribe people, especially kids with ice cream, what to take a experimental injection and with without consent without full knowledge. I mean it is um and you know, and I feel bad for people that have been manipulated into this by the mainstream media and by the government, they’re they’re basically operating from a place of fear. And and if you’re operating out of fear, your cognitive abilities, your ability to really diminished. Exactly, exactly. You’re operating at that, that that really primal level that, you know, they call the reptilian, right reptilian brain.
And and so they’re not making good decisions. They’re not using logic or reasoning. The, the higher brain functions to to assess the situation. They’re just going strictly off of fear. And I feel really bad for them because they’ve been manipulated into that. But at the same time, um, we have given them ample opportunity to to look at alternative evidence and I have been able to convince some people, I’ll be honest, I mean, but the majority of people are just completely unwilling or unable to accept anything. There was a study done by some, I got some Russian scientists back in uh boy that something mid century last last century and they found that if you expose somebody to A lie for a period of about 60 days, no matter what you show them or tell them afterward, even if it’s the absolute truth, they will not believe you.
And I’m afraid that’s that’s kind of like the psychological operation that’s been, you know, taken against the american people, against the people of the globe really, in this case. And it’s it is putting forth this agenda of the new world order, of the great reset of people like Klaus, Schwab the world economic forum and their agenda there globalist agenda. And they’re pulling out and Right. And one way, the only the last bastion of hope for freedom in the world is the United States. And I used to think that was hyperbole.
I used to think everybody says their country is the best, but having traveled to other countries and listen to stories from other people who have come here from other countries, uh, it is absolutely true. And so that’s why they’re trying so hard to take us down with these psychos with these psy ops and the cycle and these internal strife tearing us apart, getting us to hate each other. It’s all over the most trivial bullshit things. It’s all a part of the plan man. And you know, I just real quick, I was gonna say, I have this wild theory.
Are you familiar with the the large Hadron collider at cern? You know, the big the big particle collider that they Yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure. Yeah. They were saying right. And I was reading years ago that that they were people were concerned that they were going to tear a hole in the time space fabric or they would just annihilate everybody. They would annihilate reality. And I have this theory that they perhaps did tear a hole and in in the time space fabric and that we have shifted into this alternate universe where Up is down, left is right and right is wrong.
This is exactly what we’re seeing right now. It seems as if I’m like, like some of us didn’t, it’s almost like the Mandela effect where some people remember it one way and other people remember in another and it’s like those of us who won’t wear the masks and who are thinking these vaccines or even which they are, are the ones who, who weren’t affected by the transition to this. Or were the ones from the original Earth and all these other people are the ones on this parallel earth.
And we got shifted over into their world. And now we’re kind of like stranded here in this in this weird, this weird alternate earth. I don’t know, it’s like I said, I’m a writer, I’m a storyteller. No, I love it. Yeah. Well, and I mean it’s it’s definitely something you know, and we are multidimensional beings. So who knows man, I, I um I love all of it. Well, really quick. Can you let everybody know like how to find you and like give out your social media, you know, do all your shameless plugging man right on.
Yeah, happy to thank you. So my website is free America podcast dot com. That’s of course, one word. Free America podcast dot com. And you can still find free America on, on instagram. Uh they have deleted my personal account on instagram, but you can still find free America on instagram. Just just search free America podcast. You can also find us on, on me we as well as gob under the same name. Free America free America podcast and you can do your videos on rumble at bid shoot and bid shoot if you type in free America or free America podcast.
So that’s where you can learn more about what I do and hear more about the stories and listen to some of the interviews that with some of the guests we have. And hopefully I’d like to have you on the show as well sometime man. Because I mean you’re, you’re like this fountain of knowledge about everything I hear you talking about. I’m like, yes, yes, yes. So yeah. Well yeah, I’d love to Absolutely. I’d be honored man. Yeah, yeah, for sure. Cool. For sure dude. It would be, it would be great to have you on.
So thank you and thank you for having me on, on your show and we’ll do it again. We, there’s plenty to talk about again for us. We say this a lot, but this is a, it’s a continuing conversation. Um, because you know, having discussions starts to bring up ideas and that’s what we need is we need ideas and we need uh fresh ideas, and I think we’re working our way towards towards them. Absolutely, well, it’s thanks for people like you giving us this platform to discuss these things and to get the thoughts on the table and come up with ideas because you’re right, uh we the world needs help, man and we need to we need to do something.
So we are my brother. Amen, dude, we’re doing it, we’re in it. We’re already doing it. Here we are, for sure, cheers. Alright brother, have a great night, man, Thank you so much. You too. Thanks all right later. Yeah.

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