September 29, 2021

Have We All Been Fooled!?

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We are ecstatic to introduce Flat Earth Dave if you’re not already familiar. Yes, we may just be flat earthers. Listen to find out how we got here and what questions we don’t have answers to. We just don’t quite trust the science on this one.

Show Notes

Owen Benjamin video 

Fibonacci sequence 

Zero G Flight 

17,500 mi/hr ISS 

Built by diff countries in space, no photo/video of construction 

Why the Lie? To keep us in fear, control

Flat Earth Unplugs from Mental Matrix  

Whole world can fit in Texas 

102 year old Ruth was taught the Earth was flat in the 1920s: 

16 emergency landings prove flat earth 

Globe busters 

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Hello, All you lovely Freedom people out there and welcome to today's fireside freedom chat on the freedom People podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms, all the freedoms that we can think of any way as we collectively take this journey to Ultimate freedom together. I'm your host, Bradley Freedom and I'm absolutely honored to be on this journey with you. Today's guest is none other than Flat Earth Dave. That's right, super excited and ecstatic to introduce Flat Earth Dave to my whole, through my family, my community because uh yeah, this is something that's, I know it's a weird one to even want to talk about and think about, but that's kind of why I like it if you know me at all, like stretching my brain out as far as I can get it.
Um and something like this that we take for granted, like, oh well of course we know it's around where of course in the past they knew it was flat and any who, who gives a crap about all that, that's not what this about this about. Just exploring some really cool new ideas and he's got some really compelling arguments and um yeah, we love them and this is really fun show. Uh I think you're really gonna enjoy it. So before we jump in, what I need you to do is grab your phone and type in the keyword Flat Earth and you're gonna send that to 8449923733.
That's 8449923733. And we're gonna send you out today's show notes. Uh Not only that, but you want to be connected with us. We've got some really cool things happening. Um Just this last week R. P. H. J. P. E. A. And P. M. A. Or come on, let's go. Mhm. Mhm. Do you wanna rock? We can rock it dude, I think we already recorded. Let's go Dave honored. Thank you so much, flatter Dave everybody here on the Freedom People podcast. Uh Holy shit, honored to have you here man.
Um Yeah you're you're the first guy that there, you're the guy that did it for me man. I was just like there's too much you put it dude, I love your putting out content. And yeah man, how long ago did you realize that you were in on a spinning space ball flying through an infinite cartoon vacuum? Two years ago? It's been uh that's when I started, you know what I mean? I was like I was like you said a similar story, People were telling me all that, I was like dude, get out of here with that garbage dude.
I was like there's all this other shit going on, like like that's just nonsense, right? And then uh then I then I then I met flatter Dave on a video to youtube video dude. And yeah man, it was that Benjamin Owen watching that and watching his Benjamin. Benjamin. I'm sorry. Yeah Owen. Benjamin watching him kind of like like freaking go through it. I was just like, oh man, is this real and then yeah, yeah man, oh and Owen was great. We really capturing his awakening live and then I put that compilation again.
It's one of my favorite videos I often featured on the app just for new people that haven't seen it yet and it's great. It shows how you can lay down your ego and go, you know what my whole life spent alive, but now I see the truth now I can really take charge of my life. Absolutely. How's life been since you realize your life besides losing family and friends and being ridiculed besides that. Isn't it more amazing isn't it? Is it open up your mind to expansive thought?
Well, absolutely man, because I've always been a big fan of you know, philosophy in general, but like the whole, you know, are we in a hologram? Are we, is this, you know, intelligent design and that just makes a lot more sense. Not only that, but for me, you know, that's a sacred geometry stuff. Right? Well the Fibonacci sequence things that you see in nature and are things that we can prove in natural as above? So below now because of that this, it makes me think that were like like honeycombs but like like aliens are next door not, wait, wait, you know what I mean?
Or even inside or whatever, but the stories that were told I'm absolutely total Bs. And now with these jokers acting all these billionaires acting like they're going to space and shooting his car up into mars and whatever. Dude get out of here with all that. It's just it's becoming cartoony like very cartoony right? If you look at the Brazos flying flying penis um They this is what they showed us. Look at this motion that this thing is making, this is what they showed us. I mean they are laughing at us, their child, their Children.
They're showing us absolutely it's ridiculous. It's the dumbest thing ever. And then all they did was they don't even believe they did it in his thing. This is just a a regular zero G. Flight where they're flying around he looks like he's about to throw up. They got the girl with the long hair flipping around. This is pea brain who made this video just putting himself in there showing how how easy it is to fake this nonsense. Yeah so that's all he is is in a zero G. Plane and you can do it five grand.
Then you can go take a whole bunch of zero G. Flights and you can float around for a few minutes right? It's just it looks very very cheesy to me the whole thing and like you said the flying dick is kind of fun. Yeah so it's absolute insanity. Yeah. Yeah so where do you want to go? Oh man, I don't know. Let's I mean, I want to start. Well, the only real question we have um for is is the international space station. So you know, like last year or the year before whatever.
Before all this craziness went down. We were watching the International space station, quote unquote whatever it is and it might be International space station, but it's just not in space. I mean whatever that even means. Right. Um so yeah, what what what is it that they're showing us? I mean that thing's going really, really fast across the sky, but it's also not that far out there. It's going on 17,500 mph, they tell us right? But the observations that we see um Make absolutely No sense. Sometimes we can see it going from Horizon Horizon in like five minutes.
I forget all the math about it, but none of it adds up. And so I should be able to see it. You know, the amount of time I'm watching it, It should be all the way over in California from the East Coast. And that's impossible. And then people don't don't see it along the path. What we're seeing is a um We modified military aircraft with LED lights on the bottom. Maybe even holographic technology. I don't even think it needs that. And uh and it's just making these routes and there were a whistleblower said there's five of them and where they're captain they just basically you know if you watch where you see the s s there's times you see and then it just disappears and no one can see it again because they turned off their lights are going to get more fuel or whatever it is.
Um And then the other thing is the size of the I. S. S. Make no sense. Right? So by the way, what I'm showing here is this is the only cartoon of the space station being built. It's never never was never built on earth. Different countries made different parts and sent them up in the space where they are assembled for the first time in this ridiculous ridiculous thing. They had to make adapters that go in between them because like Russia made one part and America made the other part and they didn't make the same door.
So they created an adapter never tested on Earth and just send it space and built it and during the construction they didn't bother to take a single photo or video of the construction and they say people live there are like you get right I mean that people are people are there now as we speak and and china china or japan china just made a new space station and they forgot to take any pictures of its construction. Okay. And now there's people up in the chinese space station and if you just go look at the videos from it it's the most ridiculous stuff ever.
I mean you know just on our is all the stuff they're faking look right here there's nothing here and now there's a stuffed animal and now she's manipulating a fake stuffed animal. This balloon is real because it's filled with helium it's a beach ball filled with helium. And what she's doing is manipulating C. G. I. Objects in real time just to full people. Right? These guys are you know he dropped the ball why to go down? Well he squeezed the helium out of it a little bit right and that guy went to reach for it and his harness stopped him from reaching it literally he reached you can't get there you gotta go back, you gotta go back, gotta go back dude all that stuff and the delay thing that delay that that's the biggest joke in the world.
One way delay. I mean come on bro. Yeah I just put a video up on that. You saw that. Did you watch it on the app? Did you with that? One of the stuff? Yeah I got your app a couple years ago. Yeah yeah so the where they're like you know do you Houston you know do you hear us? And the guy's like 45. Yes we hear you. Do you hear us to guys like yes we do right away like before I finish the sentence before he could even get it out all the way I know that happens all the time.
There's just so freaking stupid. I can't imagine that they're that stupid, but they might be, or, or they're just rubbing it in our faces like, you know, let's give them a chance. Let's see if they can actually figure this out. Well. And that's, that's kind of where, you know, um, we're big into law and natural law and all that stuff and helping people to correct their status and protect themselves in a private domain, etcetera, etcetera. Well, it's the same sort of thing. Is that literally the way the system works is let those who would be deceived be deceived. Yeah.
And that's basically what they're saying. If you're dumb enough to believe this, well then keep, keep, go ahead. Somebody took this clip. I was showing this, I had this guy who was swearing that the space is really everything. I'm like, why don't we see the land he goes because you're over the ocean. I was like, is it possible that this is deceiving you? And uh, and, and he's like, you know, whatever. And I'm just like, watch, I said watch, and I said, this isn't from the space station, this is from our front yard.
We just turned the camera upside down and use the solar panel and he's like, oh, and I went on Tiktok, it's got like millions of views. So, so again, it's ridiculous. And then this thing that's another joke, that's the space shuttle, um, tank falling back terrorists, does that look like it's falling? Or a little bit of balloon that looks like a balloon. Yeah, they are balloons. Nasa is the largest user of helium in the world. This is being filmed By the guys that are on the shuttle that are still rocketing into space at 17,000 or 21,000 mph.
Okay, they're going up. This thing is falling back to the earth where it's gonna burn up because it's falling so fast. Okay, watch right here, a tissue is going to blow by in about two seconds. There goes, Okay. That shows you that this thing is barely moving. But they're filming it. They're going up to 20,000 miles an hour, there's things falling and they're filming it, filming it. No problem. No problem. Okay, this is a helium balloon. Okay. This is ridiculous. And it's barely, barely, barely, barely moving. Think about this, you know that when the shuttle comes in or you know, rock comes in, it's got the heat shield and it heats up to red hot *** and the, and all the stuff, It's coming in at 16,000 mph.
But when it's going up, it's leaving a 25,000 miles an hour. Doesn't need a heat shield when it's going up. But even a faster speed dude, Hey, I never thought of that, holy moly, I can tell you the global answer to that is because when it's going off the air is getting thinner and thinner and so it's it's going away. It's when it's coming in, it's going into thicker and thicker air. It can just make up stuff, I could be a globe er and just make up anything like you just make up stuff and none of it's verifiable.
Well that's like to your point man many times is that it's it's much and and for me now it's much easier for me to conceptualize now and prove flat than round. It's so complex, right? What do you think? This is an actual space shuttle or bouncy house filled with helium that looks like a bouncy Yeah, you pointed out, right? And it's just like, yeah, it's so absolute ridiculousness. What they, what they show us what people believe. This is a light show, This is all helium. It's going up this tank.
The reason it goes upside down is because this is a little heavier than this. And so these rockets are helium balloons also and there's just maybe there's a little bit of thrust of things just going up because it's a helium balloon, it's shooting up into space, it's shooting up and it goes it goes away and then we don't see it in the show us a cartoon, that's all it is craziness crazy, you know, another thing, so here here's here's and I asked my buddy, I got a buddy, he's a pilot.
Um and uh and I like to talk to him a lot. He doesn't really like to talk to me about it just for me to shut up, right? And it's stupid to talk about, right? So because I was asking him, I was like, so a few things, the one is the if we're if we're really spinning at 1000 miles an hour at the equator, right? Then when you take off, like let's say you're taking off from Panama airport in Panama and I want to fly to phoenix Arizona, the ball is spinning 1000 miles an hour.
But then do I have to adjust my spinach? And he says no, it's because you're trapped in this thing, right? And I just had a conversation the other day about the same thing. He's like, yeah, if you drop, if you're in a train in between trains and you drop a marble marble will stay there and and and right not moving. That's that's kind of his thing. Right? And so did you get what I'm saying? Like he's Yeah, but that that he's just throwing words out there. That doesn't make sense.
If you take off from Alaska where your rotational speed is maybe 300 miles an hour. You fly to Ecuador and you want to land on a runway this oriented north south that's moving 1000 miles an hour sideways where does that marble on a constant speed of a train come into effect because that marble is only going 300 miles an hour. It gets to Ecuador, where is it getting the extra 700 miles an hour of sideways spin to go right and there's the world the air is the air is taking you.
Air blows left, right, up, down, the breeze is going all different directions. They're not locked to the earth. They're sitting here. Air pressure were in on this flat plane were contained, can have air pressure without a container. There's some sort of container and that doesn't work on a spinning, ridiculous flying space cartoon ball. Well, that's right, yes, and that's that's exactly my point to him. And and basically, but his answer is that your were spinning inside of this thing, but it just doesn't make sense. And the more the more that you're trying.
But you know what if it makes dollars, it makes sense. Dave, I can tell you that that's uh that's true and that's why I say, you know, with all the crap going on in this world right now and all of the tyranny and all of the, you know, deception and you're into this um you know, letting people reclaim their rightful um you know, ownership of this world. That's what this is all about, This is about hiding the creator, hiding who you are hiding the reality of this world, limiting your creation machine.
That's your mind, your imagination is what creates this, this reality of yours, this is your life and it's contained. They put it in a ball and then they're keeping the fear and then we're playing on their monopoly board. Okay? And napoli board where it says that the bank runs out of money. Just write some on paper and keep playing. Okay. That's ridiculous. We can't win with those two things. You have to know where you are, who you are, what you are, why you're here. Maybe not even the why.
Just figure that out, but just who you are, what your purpose is. And then stop playing on their monopoly board. And they're done. They're finished. We were the ones of the power. But we keep giving it to them by using their money by using by believing their nonsense and limiting our ability to manifest. Okay, look at me at the beginning of the movie, at the beginning of the Matrix. He's he's trapped. His mind is trapped in Matrix. He's limited and he doesn't know who he is. And then at the end of the Matrix, he's unplugged from the mental mind Matrix.
And that's what flat earth does to people. It unplug them from that control system. And then they take back, put Neo from the end of the movie. Put him next to me at the beginning. Movie totally different people, totally different people. Okay, so found his power man, he took his power back 100%. And and people, you know, people say what was flattered for you. My life is phenomenal. Even during this chaos that's going on. It's like this is my life. I could live in fear or I can live it to the best that I can doing what I'm doing, talking to people waking up people like you, thank God, you woke up, this is fantastic.
Now you're waking other people up. Everybody needs to do this. There's no more time to hide in the closet closet. Flat earthers are also the problem. You need to speak up. You do. You just say it's okay, It's fun to talk about it. See, that's the thing. Even get ridiculed. And that's again, that's why I have so much respect for someone like yourself, You know, David, I people man who just in the face of people just talking shit. I mean, and catching just so much that you're just like, fine, right?
And that's it's there's something that's empowering about that too, man, that I think that people, once you really stand up, even even if it's just to stand up to say, well, I have questions because I think that that's the first biggest step for anybody, right? It's just a admitting that maybe just, maybe you've been fooled. Just, maybe, you know, maybe so many people like won't even get there. You know, I mean, it's just absolutely not. Maybe I'm not on the space station. You know, maybe I'm faking this weightlessness, okay?
Hello? Maybe, or maybe I am on the space station. Okay. Whatever you want to believe. Give me a frickin break. Let me ask the question, are there any flatter friends in your physical life? My wife, your wife? What if you found out that your neighbor was a flat earthers, would you be happy? Yeah, I think so. Yes. Do you know why? Because then I know that they have an open mind, you know what I mean? Even even if it's completely wrong, I don't give a shit. The point is, is that we're exploring it.
Do you know what I mean? And that's that right now, that's a big thing. We can't do with all this censorship and shit. You know that that's just where we are. We can't we can't question anything. Dude, look, look at the freaking scientist. Um I know I I have a video of this doctor that just literally laid out what's going on and I I I'm trying to uh I can't load upload it to Youtube and uh it will be a bit shoot. I'm literally just got it.
It was like, so it was so difficult to download because it's not on a regular sight and and uh it's amazing. So that would be on my bitchy channel. But you have my app, right? Yeah. So I'm going to share my app with you and show you something real quick. This is coming I'm not sure if you're aware of this and uh we're literally in the final stages of testing, hopefully will be up within a week, maybe less. Um, maybe I'm hoping this week. Um, new button, top left one on this set up is a handshake, You hit it and up comes a map of the world and these are other people that have my app.
Uh, Oh yeah, buddy. So if I zoom in like, let's say what's going on here, Zoom in not that one. there's people like, here we go here. You'll see that these dots, there's actually more dots and you realize because there's people that are just close together and then you can tap on one of them and send them a message bam and you could, you can locate other flat earthers near you. No way, man. Absolutely. And so check this out. We just tested this out. I have maybe 100 some odd testers around.
I think it's around 100 right? That some people over here, some people. And uh, and in Australia, man, you see that there's, there's more, um, this is just my 100 testers and they, they, they're already meetups are happening. People are carpooling to the conference. Um, people are, you know, in south Carolina, excuse me. Um, people are literally meeting people in their towns already. This is just with my 100 testers When this goes live, there's gonna be 1000 dots for every dot that you see. Okay, it's gonna be over 100,000 dots on here, it's going to be insane.
All right, So the app does tons of new, the new red dot over here is my um it just tells you I have some messages, so I got new messages and uh there you go. That's how it works. Nice man. That's awesome. So the app, the app is uh is as you know, it's three bucks and you don't have to be a subscriber in the past to anything and you don't for this, if you want to send messages to other people, you have to be a 99 cent subscriber, 11 bucks for the year.
You're buying me a margarita with maybe a dollar tip depending on where you're going. And then that's it and it's uh it's great and uh it's worse than everybody together. It's so much fun. His app is so much fun. The videos that you you always have on there and stuff like that one was that balls out physics or whatever, like physics. Yeah, I'm doing actually a series of those right now. Um because there's so many people that they're actually old videos, but there's so many people that haven't seen it.
So what I tell people is every day, you know, there's a new video just while you're having your breakfast, watch the new video each day and it will open up your mind. It's literally like going to the gym for your mind, right? People get up, they go to work, they come home, they watch tv, they watched sports, they talk about the weather, they talk about politics, they listen to music and whatever. If they're lucky and then they go back to work okay this is gymnastics for your mind.
Once you start using your mind and you can start seeing the world, you'll start manifesting the world the way you want it to be. Amen brother. Dude, that's exactly it. That's one of the things that I think is a missed. Another misconception is that life is happening to us right where it's the other way around we are happening, we are creating life right? We are the wonder presenting it right and that and that's one of the things they're trying to keep keep from us right is that it's what we want to manifest we can do and especially now bro with this mass awakening and this is part of the information I believe so well said it's gymnastics and I would encourage everybody even if you're like fuck this is the dumbest shit I've ever heard just go watch a couple of videos and here's the thing, if it's the dumbest shit you've ever earned and you know what a Bitcoin is, I'm offering three Bitcoins I believe that's over $150,000 for one proof of the globe but you have to take the app challenge, you have to watch daily video every day for two weeks or you can say the archive button and just go back and watch the previous two weeks, right?
All in one sitting. And then if you still think the earth is a globe, send me the proof and you win Bitcoins. You heard bigger Ladies and gentlemen, three Bitcoins every bit of it. Yeah, you're right. I'm offering another reward. A 100 bitcoins for anything dumber than the helio centric model. I have to say. It's pretty intense, right? And I love how you put I mean, because it's so very true and that's how they keep knowledge and information hidden. Well, it's only a very select few who can speak this crazy, insane language like Tyson, right?
And who's Bill nye, the liar guy. Bill Nye, the lion guy with the bow tie. Yeah, yeah, it's like and and these guys are plastered everywhere. I mean Bill Nye was that, do you know what uh electric daisy carnival is E. D. C. You ever heard of that? It's like a huge, like millions of people at this rave, right? Or whatever, right, huge thing in Vegas and he was like a speaker in front of all these people and it's like the indoctrinate. I saw it for what it was.
I was like that deuces, but what the heck? But that's what they do there. It's in the culture. They take these couple guys that are speaking the same gibberish and they're the ones the only ones who can really explain how the entire universe works. They've really captured that they with these music festivals is really how they're capturing a lot of the minds of the PM like, you know, there's there's people that are, you know, going out and getting this thing because they want to go to music festivals, right?
It's amazing. That's scary stuff. I cannot believe we're at the state of I mean right, how do we go from two weeks to to to slow the curve to show me your papers. Yeah. Easy, easy. What's going on Youtube? So we don't want to talk about that stuff. But if you want to find out about that stuff, you can go to stop Look think dot com stop look think dot com the stuff that's not allowed on Youtube from from the thing that we were just talking about to all of the other deceptions, like the new york thing that happened in september and the Connecticut thing that happened at the school and and see even that right there.
How crazy is that that we have to like sense ourselves? It's like it's here's the thing people that don't know uh that the world is a lie that they're living alive, they don't even know that their censorship on Youtube because the censorship is centering them. They don't know any of it completely brainwashed completely brainwashed. I have friends that all they say safe, effective. They're repeating over but will not listen the cognitive dissonance right now is uh absurd. It's it's uh it's impressive. Well done to the evil side but we're here so take it back. Yeah.
You're talking about the I. S. S. Before when you look up at an airplane and the sky you can barely see it. It's tiny. You can't even see the engines. Okay. Right. It's an airplane. That's yeah that's an airplane that's five miles high at 7 47. So if you double the height of it, could you see this? Of course not. Absolutely not. You have to believe when you're seeing that light that look that tell us the ISS that it's 200 and that it's 50, 50. 50 times higher. No, I see. That's that's why I said it didn't make sense for like 50 times higher.
And then people that think they see satellites satellite about the size of a jet engine. Well you're seeing a jet engine which you can't see here at like 100 times the height. Okay. The numbers don't add up. But here's the thing. People have are unable to process that information there fluoridated and they're indoctrinated into the regurgitation camps that they go to that they call education and so they're just like oh no. You know it's a light reflecting off of it like traveling. You're not really seeing it. You're seeing the light that was traveled there a billion years ago.
They just memorized nonsense and regurgitate it. It's unbelievable the distance that they tell the stars are are ridiculous. We couldn't see a star that the light our away let alone years light years away. Ok. It's nonsense. Yeah. And the fact that all the constellations are always and uh in the same place, the north star, I know that you that was one of the things you did right? Experiment. You put a steak with a whole right? Yeah. I had a pipe. I had a pipe where I looked through and I went right to the north Star.
And no matter when I went out there for years, the north Star was always in that whole every night. And I didn't do that to prove the earth was still I just thought it was the coolest thing ever. Right? And that's right. And that and that's another thing. The water and the bending like that picture of that, that sphere and the water like it's a perfect it's perfect sphere, right? And there's nothing in nature that does that, you know that right? Like a perfect sphere, sphere does not really exist.
There's those weird balls we found, right? Whatever that are in the earth. But I mean it would be more like a teardrop shape of anything, right? Because that was another argument that I've gotten was well water does do that. If it's suspended in air like a water drop large bodies of water, anything bigger than a bucket of water lays flat at rest period. Okay or even your margarita, even your margarita, there's like it just is what it is man, the Georgia guide stones, you know what you're familiar with them right?
Yeah. Besides what they mean, Everything there's a whole there's a hole and when you look through it what do you see, you see Polaris and it doesn't move and if you do a time lapse, the stars go all the way around it. It's been up for over 40 years. Were traveling 4. 5 billion miles a year. Okay. How the heck is Polaris still lined up with that whole the players wouldn't line up with it after they're finished drilling it the second they were done drilling it would move okay but the global will go oh it's because it's so far away that the parallax doesn't matter.
You have 4. 4 billion miles a year, times 40 years. Okay. And and and the star never moves. Although nasa will tell us they can tell the distance of stars because in june the look at the two stars that are in alignment with each other and then in january or december when we're 186 million miles on the other side of the sun. They can see the difference in in uh you know in in their in their relationship which is called just based on the word I just said it um what's it called?
It's when something moves in the distance at a different speed. It's called parallax. And so they say that they can tell the difference of stars because of the parallax of 100 and 86,000 miles, 186 million miles. But the 4. 4 billion miles that we travel every year be with a billion with a B. Doesn't cause any parallax it. Again, they're not, I don't know, I would go back and forth. Are there that um are they just treating us that were that done? I think it's allowed incest. Yeah, I think it's the latter man and the more and more again that we start to learn about how law, what law is versus legal, legal versus lawful.
And like there's again, it's a mirror universe and they're letting you, if you if you're to be fooled, they're gonna let you be fooled leaving being fooled. It's kind of like this rule of the universe of the evil people, They can do whatever they want. As long as long as they tell us consent. Yeah, they're telling you anywhere, you know, I used to laugh at them like, come on and I realize more and more look into it, it's like it is totally the way this, this is how I see the world that we're here having an experience here in this realm, okay, um where we have a soul, which is a spark of the creator, let's just leave it at that.
And our goal here is to maintain control of our soul and expand the mind of the creator. That's it. Okay. And you do that by not breaking anyone else's free well, and if you break their free, well then you lose control of your soul, right? And so they're trying to steal our soul with the solar system, but they're always telling us, they make it so obvious what they're doing. Um it's in all the words, it's in everything that they do. I mean when you're registered as a being to your giving ownership, it's there's this whole craziness, but people don't don't do the work because you know what?
It's hard, it's much harder to think about things, right? And like, like you, you've said this a lot, you know what I mean? Like you, I could come up and tell you something because I'm in a cool little white coat and tell you something and then you just believe it because now your day is done. You don't have a belief is easy. It takes no effort. Belief is the enemy of knowing as crow Triple seven Radio says. Um, are you a subscriber to Crow? Yeah, I love Chrome and of course you can't miss one of those.
I tell people They have college age kids don't send them to school, send them somewhere to have some fun and make them listen to one episode of crow every day until they're done with the 300-plus episodes. Okay. And uh whatever the number is and that then then I'll hire them because it'll be smarter than any college kid I've ever seen. Exactly. Well exactly because yeah because like you said it's an indoctrination system, not an education system are. Yeah. Yeah. It's ridiculous. This world is uh people are so separated from nature and from what this place is.
Excuse me And especially the big city man, you know, and that's the thing is most people don't realize that most of the population a great great number of the population lives coastal E which means everybody lives in these big cities. I've lived in san Francisco, L. A. All the big cities right? Or at least over here on this coast and like it It's much easier to sell you on the lack and the scarcity if you know what I mean. If you live in those, I understand if 90% of the population is at all on coast.
Have you ever driven across the United States or Europe or anything? Dude, there's lots of lots of empty, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing. But they have everybody scared that we're running out of space and we have no food, no resources and that's yes, the whole world can fit in texas and with plenty of land. So there's there's that's the whole thing. We're running out of resources were running out of fuel running, you know, we're gonna be blown up with nuclear bomb by kim jong young, uh you know, the sun is going to explode, polar reversal, All of this.
Just to keep us in fear when none of it is true. There's unlimited resources, unlimited fuel, unlimited helium. They said that there's a helium shortage, so we can't have giant ships floating through the sky, right? They tell us all of this nonsense, it's all to control us and they control us with two things by putting us in a restricted ball. That limits your imagination and controlling us with their fake money. We're playing on the monopoly board. Absolutely, man! Well said, Well said, and like you said, we are the power at any given time.
We all just said no. Just over the same day, it's over. Just over the same day, it's over same day, people are wearing masks because other people are wearing masks and the rest of them are wearing masks because they've been there under a worldwide spell. They're under a spell. I mean nothing about this whole, you know, let's not talk about that too much. But it's all it's all nonsense. Stop letting that fear mongering. Yes, I love it. It's fear mongering. And that's all fear false evidence appearing real.
Call it whatever you want. But that's we have nothing to fear but fear itself. And whoever said that is the most that that is the most on point. Two things I tell people, we have nothing to fear, but fear itself and know thy self sit down and meditate, learn to go inside because this will tell you way more about truth than anything outside out there for sure. Yeah. So that this this whole people like, well, you know, people have known the earth is a globe for 2000 years less than 100 years old.
The deception less than 100 years old. You see my interview with Ruth, 102 year old woman. Yeah. And so they're literally they're getting rid of all the old people. This is the great reset that's happening right now. And uh you know that that this is what they do this, this is what they do um every 100 years. So rewrite history. It's their digital book burning right now. Like you said, they're killing off all the old people. So now because and that's another thing that they've done to us, that they've separated us, right?
With all these old folks homes and stuff like that. We we need our elders to live in our communities with us. We need them around, but they've separated and segregated everything. And everybody and the people that were alive before this changeover happened, they're not they're they're over 100 now. So there's not many of them left. I mean, but you got to look at his one thing we learn from history is people don't learn from history 17 20. This thing 18 20. This thing 1920 this thing everyone is wearing Face muscles and getting the thing in their arm and everyone died.
And 2020 wonder what's going on there. Nothing, nothing to see here. Nothing, nothing. Yes. Let me ask you a question. Yeah. Is this lake spinning at 1000 miles an hour, orbiting 66,000 miles an hour and chasing the son of a half a million miles an hour. Of course gravity dude, gravity, wow it is in the morning. Yes, I love it dude. And I love yeah, I love having my mind blown because it's still do it a couple of years and it's still fresh. I mean that programming and I love breaking my programs do.
That's one of my favorite things to do is blow my mind apart. So like but this is like one of those, you know, again, it's it's the fabric of your reality. The fabric of your existence as so told to you. Yeah, this is what they want us to believe. And you know, like why aren't there any videos of the space station being built? Like you would think right with none. We videotape everything on the planet. Like why wouldn't we? That would be the most filmed event ever.
Because mission control be like all right, johnny zones will move this over here, move that, grab this, nothing. Nothing you watch a spacewalk. They're doing nothing out there to spend out there for eight hours to tighten one nut. Oh that fix the and the names they have for the stuff out there. It's just all nonsense. None of it's real now. What about the moon? Why haven't we been back to the moon? Because we never went to the moon because the moon isn't a place to go. So what do you think like?
Because it wasn't the sound is now I've heard that they they fired a sound at the moon and and reverberated back right kind of like it was hollow or something. Have you ever heard that cool story bro? Right. Well. Right exactly. So cool story. Who said that story? Yeah Nasa was the liars at Nasa. Yeah liars in here. What does this do doing? So he's trying to pick up his hammer and he can't because the wire is that he's hanging from won't let him reach down that hot that far.
I think he's hanging from a like a big balloon. He's like in a giant warehouse and there's a huge helium balloon tied to him and he can't get the momentum to get down. Was it you that posted the leak videos of like like the set there on the set and the lights came crashing down or some shit that that's that's everywhere. You know how true I knew that stuff is but it's it's still it's funny I mean if you look at any of the any of the stuff you know the moon orbiter I mean this thing is that's a spaceship.
Okay, look at this thing. It's like a tweaker shelter and this is the orbiter meeting up with the, with the lander. This is ridiculous. All right. This is, you know, it doesn't look like a meth heads like favorite wet dream due to a front yard project. Yeah, it's it's it's unreal what people do. And if you look, you know, why do they astronauts from the politicians have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame because they're actor knots dude. Yeah. And why? Just before the moon missions did all these guys get together Nasa advisor, uh astronaut sci fi author, movie director and administrator of the project.
Why are they nothing to see here man? Nothing to see here. Just, you know, just a coincidence. Um it makes absolutely no sense. None none, none. The whole thing. And the more and the more of these things, it just keeps kind of making more, comes clearer and clearer, right? And and that's that's even when, when you know something, once you become aware of something you can't become unaware of it, it's like have you ever dated a girl? And then next thing you know, and she drives a black, you know VW and the next thing, you know, all you see is black VWs everywhere, but you never saw black VW in your life, right?
It's kind of like once it's in your perspective your perception, it's it's in your realm and that's what I think Hollywood, that is their job is that that's why I look at the Matrix, that's a damn documentary man. 100% 100%. This is the flight path from Perth to Buenos Aires flight aware says this is the the best route but you know it's too dangerous to fly over Antarctica so you have to fly around it. So they have some islands out here, there's plenty of islands or this way. Um But in reality this is the route that they take, they go all the way up to the north, you have to go to um either Miami or Houston.
And then then they stop in L. A. And then they stop in Sydney. Then they go across or they go over here to europe Singapore. And Perth takes 26 hours. Why didn't they just cut across the bottom of the ball like that? The answer is because we don't live on the ball right? Yeah. Yeah. This is one of my favorite things that you do. Could you spend a little time on this? Because that map like they're showing like this is very interesting and I know there's that book, what is it?
How many uh makes sense on a landing? 16 emergency landings proved flat earth. And it's literally one of the greatest, greatest proofs ever. You can get it for free online pdf just look it up or go to lulu dot com or in the app under the book section. Um it's right there and you can order it. It's a great coffee table book because it's just fun to put pick up. But if you wanted to go this is the flight path to eastern Australia. But it's going to go to Western Australia.
It goes all the way up here, all the way over to the far east in Singapore and down. Right, So why would it do that rather than just cut across here, bam Okay, that's the shortest route. But it takes that crazy route. And the answer is because this is the route it goes all the way up across far east Singapore, Western Australia. His straight line mm just like I showed you airplanes fly straight level over the Earth plane. Yeah, that's why they're called planes, right? That's why they're called planes.
Nobody flies south and comes up on the other side of the, on the other side of the earth. The ZQ pilot said who's going to do the first southern circumnavigation ever. Okay, interesting. Let's watch it. And so he left North Pole um went out here to to Alaska California, out here in these islands, these islands over here to santiago and then went down to the to the supposed South Pole and then there's the weather was too bad. So he turned around and came back and went up through brazil and we're like, oh well he didn't get it, well he did it and Guinness book, gave him the world record for southern circumnavigation.
Well like what? Right he did Southern circumnavigation. Put that on a flat earth map. This is all he did. He ran over here, touch the goalpost and then he turned around and came back and that's circumnavigation. That's circumnavigating the globe or just flying around the frequent world pond. Mm So is it a filament that's over top of us? They call it a firmament. We don't know what it is. We don't know. Some people say there's no dome. Some people say you know that most of us believe that space is liquid spaces water.
So think about if you're watching a pot of water boil um you got a bubble on the bottom. Now put yourself in that bubble, right, flat bottom water above you. A dome but not a physical dome. Just pressure, air pressure holding the water. The continue the water is the container. Um So is there a physical firmament? I think there is something physical, something glass like. But I don't know, I can't go there. Um you know, and if we could explore Antarctica and possibly get out to you know the mountains out here, maybe the firmament attaches over there.
You know the encyclopedia Americana from 1958 Talks about at 80 80° south or 85° South. That the dome ceiling is at 13,000 ft. That's interesting but try to find that encyclopedia again. They're they're literally moving all of this stuff away, you know, out of our reach. Absolutely. And that's that's kind of what we're saying is like now because everything is becoming digital right? And they're putting it, it's so much easier now to just rewrite stuff, you know? Absolutely. I'm a big collector of all of these books like like Jim fetzer has a series of books called, you know, we never went to the moon.
Nobody died at that school in Connecticut. Nobody died here. Nobody all these books and they're all band on amazon right now, collect those books, they'll do one of two things for you. One, they'll be collector's items and be worth millions or to get you put in jail for owning them. We're not that far off bro. I mean it feels that way. Right Dude, if if they're going to forcefully make you take some sort of medical experiment thing and I don't know man like uh the guy with the cowboy hat talking about it, he goes, people say, you know, if they force them, you know what, that we should flee for the hills.
He goes, I ain't fleeing nowhere. He goes, if somebody comes to my house so forcefully put some poison inside of me, I'm gonna kill him. Yeah, he must be american. Yeah, I'm gonna kill him. That's it. I ain't going nowhere like that's a good one. It's a great, it's I watch it, watch it every day. So I start like that. It's like, okay, I'm good, I can do this. I can do this. I don't recommend killing anybody. Don't kill anyway. All right. This is not advice, Right?
But I also don't recommend you kicking in someone's door to first fully inject anybody with anything. You know, someone to talk to me with a lethal weapon. If somebody is attacking me with a lethal weapon, I will use appropriate force to stop them. Absolute. And that's what we that's and actually had a conversation this weekend about that. Like what is because I'm a real spiritual guy. I mean like I'm a former marine, but I'm also spent 20 years of meditation and you know, plant medicines, all that good stuff trying to wake whatever up.
So I don't know man. Yeah. Yeah. I'm a peaceful guy. But if you come in my house, that's right. My that's my in. You want to maintain your piece. You want to maintain peace. This this is what I love. $50 million 1972 to build this homeless tweaker shelter. And in 1964 before that they were able to build this the work of art. The yeah, I mean it doesn't matter what you show this to a global, they're like, oh that's not real. That's not real. No, that is real. This is what they supposedly want to space and yeah, I mean you could you could you could manipulate the, I mean dude, even 20 years ago before the internet right?
30 years ago. I mean CNN they had they had the monopoly on the on the on the narrative which which they still do but uh there's um on the app if you hit the web button top left button is globe busters 24 7. It's literally the alternative to CNN throw that up on your T. V. Okay and to let that play in the background all day you'll be happier better, more educated person than if you you know CNN Fox all of those news stations are not against each other. They're all on the same page.
They cause cancer. If you watch them you will get cancer. Whether I'm casting a spell on you or not doesn't matter. You will get cancer. Okay if you watch them you will die. But that's the objective it's fear because that it's dissonance, there's resonance and distant and they're there to make you dissonant against yourself as a being like this whole thing about carbon right? And carbon, carbon you're like well but we're carbon so all they're trying to do is they get you to hate yourself as a 100% 100 carbon is good.
Carbon is good plants to grow better with more carbon and they'll make more oxygen north south circumnavigation. Never been done east west you know easily done. Been doing it forever. You know people that don't understand east and west are circles around the magnetic center. The compass always has to point to the center. So east and western circles, that's true on a ball Earth or a flat Earth. I'm trying to push this compass west and I have to keep turning. So you have to follow these circles around those are east and west point east.
Right now point east point lead point is uh that's south point point point in a different direction. That south, that's south, that's south, there south is every direction that you're pointing. Because if I'm here and I'm pointing this way self if I'm here and I'm pointing this way that's south. South is every direction away from the center, Every straight line. I'm trying to go dead reckon west and immediately I'm going south because I didn't correct to the north south is every direction away from the center. Mhm.
That's how you can circumnavigate, you can leave new york, where's new york? New york is over here and I can head east and I'm following my compass steady, steady, steady, steady all the way around and I'm back in new york and I think I went around a ball, but I just went east around a lake. East is a circle west is a circle south is a straight line. You can't go south and magically pop up on the other side. Although that was the end of the video right there and it magically popped back.
But I go south. I'm just going that way and I don't come back, get it. I do I do it makes perfect sense. I do. And man I I how can we get our pilots to? Really? There are many pilots know pilots are waking up left and right but right now you know there they can't talk about it publicly because they lose their jobs. We interview the KLM pilot and she was um fired the next day. So you know they want to keep their jobs. The Qantas pilots, they know the most because they have to do these southern routes and the southern routes give it away and they all talk about it amongst themselves but they don't talk about it publicly.
There's flat earthers everywhere. Okay. The flat earthers are everywhere but they're they're just not talking about it. They're like well you know I'm just living my life, I'm pretty happy and Qantas pilot and making good money and travel the world. Oh if I say something, what's it gonna do for me? I'm gonna wake up the world know people are people and they're not gonna, you know most aren't gonna wake up and a lot of people don't have the mental fortitude to go out and do what you and I are doing.
Yeah, tough stuff. It's not tough. I love it. No it's not. I mean I for someone that isn't trained like or two it's you just you're always going to reach that immediate. Well if I can't go past that, right? Anything else before you have to wrap up? We only got a few minutes left. I know, I know. Um man, uh you covered everything. I think I I I'm just again honored that you showed up here for me. Thank you. No problem. I love talking to anybody about this because you never know who you're gonna talk to.
He's gonna talk to somebody else. If everybody would just talk to one other person, we'd all be set. Okay, man, man. Yes, absolutely. That's another thing that I really like about you and your message. So everybody knows is that there's the spiritual aspect to it. You know what I mean? It's it's that's how they're getting away with this. But this is a spiritual war. Whether you believe it or not, doesn't matter. That's what it is. And that's how they're getting away with it. Because they've taken people so far away from spirituality.
Um, then they they've led them into this godless universe, infinite universe where they're weakened, they don't know what the hell is going on. This is a spiritual war beyond what most truth is beyond what you and I even imagined it is because this insanity that runs this world is it's insane, insanity is insane. That makes sense. So, again, it's a spiritual war and whether you wanna admit or not, doesn't matter. They know it? And that's how they play the game? Well, yeah, and that's the thing, right.
What is the greatest accomplishment the devil ever had, right, is that he doesn't exist kind of deal, right? And that's but they turned us against nature, right? And that's that's what kind of what we're saying about carbon and stuff. But what did they tell you immediately on this whole thing? Lock yourselves inside. Don't don't go out in nature. Right. Which is where? Yes, we're the healing. That's why I don't go to the gym, but you can't go to the liquor store since you're locked at home. Right. Right. Right. Right.
And don't get some light and don't think vitamin C. And don't do anything like that. Don't do anything. Just trust dr Fauci, he's the best Dave man. I do. I really appreciate your brother. Thank you so much. Everybody check out the app. The friend finder is going to be a game changer coming out. Hopefully in the next couple of days. Um and you can, if you forget the name of the flatter sun moon and zodiac locked up because it is a long name. It's by Bluewater Bay, don't buy the knock off on the on the google play store because um it is not my app.
So people don't send me an email telling me my app stinks because my app is the highest rated app in the app store. You can scan this QR code or to go to Flat Earth Dave dot com. Flat Earth. Dave dot com. And that's what you'll find my website there and links to the app and everything else. But the app is the best way to learn because you search google for any of this stuff. You find nothing, you won't find your interview, you won't find anything. Yeah.
And if you search, you know Flat Earth, the name of my video, the name of my channel, you're gonna get the the propaganda stuff from Neil um from the guy that calls himself. Professor Dave was just a snarky idiot strawman argument guy. And you're gonna get all of these propped up videos that will just tire your mind out. Make you give up the app will show you the way and I just read the reviews. Don't buy the app, don't buy the app. Just go read the reviews that will turn you into a flat out there. Yeah.
And for God's sake stop listening to Wikipedia, you know like on Youtube under anything that's flattered related itself. It's ridiculous thing. You're like, dude, that's how I know. Yes, there you go. I know we're onto it. Yeah. Perfect. Perfect. Alright man, thanks, send me a link when this is up and I'll put it on the app. Absolutely Dave. You got a brother. Thank you so much appreciate that. Yeah, yeah

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