October 13, 2021

The Changing Of The Tides

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After a divorce about 20 years ago, Cal Washington started his journey to figure out what was really happening in the court system. He took a course on commerce and began to put the pieces together. Endless thanks to Cal Washington for using his experience to help educate fellow men/women.

Show Notes

Words mean things! 

Word Magic https://www.amazon.com/Word-Magic-Powers-Occult-Definitions/dp/0578589842 

Black’s Law Dictionary (version 4 or earlier)

Read sentences backwards and from the middle. 

Run-on sentences generally hide something. 

Includes can be expansive or can be contractive as well. 

Registration’s root word is regi…handing something over to the King. 

Black Plague lots of orphans pledged to work in order to live at the house. 

1930’s Bankruptcy 

Ancient Merchant Law https://www2.rgzm.de/navis/Themes/Commercio/CommerceEnglish.htm 

Letter from Colonel Mandwell House to Woodrow Wilson http://usa-the-republic.com/banks/Edward_Mandell_House_Predicts_Creation_Of_STRAWMAN.pdf 

Your signature is money! Book https://www.amazon.com/Give-Yourself-Credit-Money-Doesnt/dp/1453645365 

Storage fees in jail, fees for everything and by signing they get paid. 

If you don’t sign they can’t prove you were there. 

Unedorsed warrant is a commercial instrument. 

Changed the weapons to smart meters, vaccines, information, etc. 

Josh Del Sol, Take Back Your Power movie https://www.takebackyourpower.net/watch-take-back-your-power-2017/ 

Smart meters are offers to contract. 

Frequency of 98 mega hertz can burn your skin. 

Aluminum oxide sprayed in the skies. Close proximity to get in the body. 

Smart meters are connected to 5G. See the whole and more makes sense. 

Virus doesn’t make sense because it’s a means to an end. Had to create a situation so people can voluntarily take something. 

We are like flocks, we can easily change direction. 

Commercial process using statutes, constitutions then moves into commercial document. Truth is expressed in an unrebutted affidavit. Once truth is established there is a tort, harm being done. If it continues then there will be a charge. 

Lex Mercatoria https://www.lawteacher.net/free-law-essays/commercial-law/the-theory-of-the-lex-mercatoria-commercial-law-essay.php 

Use commerce against them. 30 day billing cycle. 

Law Merchant works because it has its own checks and balances. Used to be fast because of high tide. 

Equity Law Maxims


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Hello, All you lovely freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the freedom people podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms. All the freedoms that we can think of any way as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together. I’m your host, Bradley Freedom and I’m absolutely honored to be on this journey with you. Today’s guest is cal Washington. Yeah, that’s right, cow Washington. We got him to come on the show and talk to little old me and I had the best time ever.

Um such a compassionate and a strong man. He spent Months in jail without any due process. Uh he’s been at this for 20 years. I don’t want to give to a too many details. It was just a really wonderful conversation and I really know that you’re gonna love this because this is your most uh sought after and requested subject by far Common Law, right? That’s what we can call it, is common law or how to really free yourself from the system. Uh Because that’s our main objective here is is complete and utter freedom.

Uh So yeah, before we get into it, what I’m gonna need you to do is I’m gonna need you to grab your phone and type in the word cow that C A L cal you’re gonna text that into 8449923733. We’re gonna send you out today’s show notes. Trust me, you want him come on, let’s go. All right, Yeah, Mhm, Mhm mm. Mhm. So thanks for being here. Mr Kyle Washington. Yeah, I want to tell everybody who you are and kind of kind of what you do right now, I guess. Okay.

Um I’m just kind of a normal guy who went through a divorce and came head to head with the court system. The divorce turned into a child support thing and I was sort of appalled at how things were going in there and didn’t really understand yeah, what was happening in there because of my understanding of what I thought court was and it wasn’t that and so it was really a journey that started with that and you know, try to figure out what was happening and why and and all of that.

So there was a lot of anomalies in there. And so I read a lot of acts, you know, try to act like a lawyer, you know, do arguments and and had some really good arguments, but they all seem to fail. And I couldn’t understand that either because I had really good arguments and I could see, you know, looks on judges faces, they were like, whoa, and but you know, it was always just it never went anywhere. So I it was a couple of years in and I took a course on commerce and that’s when the light bulbs went off because I already had some quite a bit of an experience.

I had quite a few failures for lack of a better word, not results I was looking for, put it that way and it all made sense in light of this commerce thing now I could see what was going on. I couldn’t see everything, but it gave me enough to go, okay there. I think that’s what’s happening. And so I started pursuing that avenue and you know, got all kinds of different reactions. Judges running out of the room, judges, you know, not coming in the room cases, you know, dropping, um, judges changing, retiring what, you know, whatever politicians leaving.

And it just became like, okay, this is what’s really going on. And I’m, you know, and so I just studied more, you know, tried more things and you know, came to conclusions and moved on from there. Yeah, you have no beautiful. Beautiful. That’s awesome. Can, can we, can we talk a little bit more about that? Like, so, um, one of the things that we’re really trying to kind of hammer home right now with people and members and stuff like that is the difference between private and public, right?

And, and, and, and there’s a very big difference. And, and, and I think that maybe that’s kind of part of what you’re speaking about anyway. And, and kind of like, how did I don’t want to say public versus private, but I mean like words mean things, right? And, and uh, and unless you have a blacks law dictionary or something like that, you’re really not gonna comprehend the words that are being said or being used, especially in courts, right? Because we think they mean one thing, but then they mean something totally opposite.

So can you talk a little bit more about like, so because you are obviously when you went in for the divorce and stuff, you had some preconceived notions on what was, what court was, right. You didn’t think it was a bank or anything. You’re just like, well like, well why is this like, you know, why is this failing like this? And then then was there, you know, again, you took the commerce course, which really kind of, and I write, once you understand what it all is right in commerce and you’re like, oh, okay, now that makes sense.

That’s really cool. First I’ve heard that one. Um, so yeah, so if you could just kind of explain a little bit more to the listeners, I know probably everybody knows you and knows me probably knows a little bit about this, but it’s important for me. I really would like people to understand this part right? To comprehend this part of what we believe it is and what it really is. Yeah. Well you touched on a thing and that’s the definition of words and if you really start to get into this, it led me down the path of trying to study the english language even I wasn’t, you know, in high school, I really didn’t like english and I wasn’t that good at it.

I’m not a fast reader but I’ve become adept at it and I spent the time and I would look up words and you can find Blacks Law dictionary online, various versions of it I suggest for four or earlier because there’s some words in there that they may disappear, but also just looking up in, you know, Webster’s or a regular english dictionary, you’d be amazed at the definitions of words and if you stick a different uh definition of a word in into a sentence, it takes on new meaning and then you go uh oh so if they if they had that definition in mind, that’s what that sentence means.

And we assume that it’s the, just the general one. But the words have many definitions, not all words, but quite a few. And if you put the word in the sentence and then you have other words in that sentence, you have to kind of jumble them all up. Okay, if that word means this and that word means that, then what does the sentence say? If that word means this and this word means that then what does the sentence say? Read the sentences from backwards as well and from the middle, out and middle back.

I learned I learned that as well. So especially if you have a statute of uh, when you have a run on sentence generally they’re hiding something in there. If you have to read a sentence and you can’t remember what was said in the beginning of sunspot. You get to the end of it, you’ve got to go back and you gotta diligently seek it out, look where the commas are if they’re already right. Yeah. And remove some of the extra words just you can get to the you know, what is the subject, what’s the what’s the adjective, what’s what’s making this thing move?

Um Is this optional? Um Does the word may mean must you know all these things? So yeah, it’s um it is the word must alone, right? Even the word must. What does that really mean? And it turns out that it really means. It’s voluntary. Must is a funny word. That doesn’t mean that you are. Uh And what is the word that you’re obliged? Obligated, right, obligation. Um What is it? Uh Anyway, Very interesting. Well, one of the, one of the first ones that I where I learned how this was happening.

Uh The word includes is a really a key one. So if you see includes includes can be expansive and that’s how we usually read it, you know? But it should say also includes but it says includes includes includes can be contracted as well only includes. So they make they use that against us because we make assumptions that it’s whatever we think it would be. Plus all these other things, but it actually is just that thing. And so you’ll you’ll find all these tricks that they do. And one of the first tricks was on the registering of of Children.

It’s one sentence. You must register your child within 30 days on form blah blah blah. Right? The must can go to the form, you must form if you’re going to register your child, it must be on this form. That should have been two sentences or or more words in there to make it uh break it up so that it’s right. Yeah. No. Oh man. Yeah. So when you see that that that ambiguity I first you know I thought you know it’s an oversight but I went and as I got a depth that you know writing documents et cetera, I realized how much time I put in using like with the words and I started to think about it.

The people writing acts are are generally lawyers or something like that. And there are really adept at this, don’t tell me they didn’t know what they were doing because I know what I’m I’m not I don’t think I don’t just do this for a living, right? So I want no they’re doing this on purpose. They’re using words to give an idea gets put in your head but it’s not really saying that it’s yeah, so super media um manipulative yeah. Super super manipulative man. It’s been like well and that that there you go, let’s talk about the birth registration.

What in the heck like or the word registration. What does the word registration mean? That means what to give ownership to another. Is that is that literally what it means? Or temporary ownership or what does registration mean? I can’t recall the top of my head. Do you do you remember? Yeah it does that and and the root word is Reggie which is illegal word means the king. So you’re getting something over to the king. Yeah that’s yeah that’s all registrations are like that at all. But yeah yeah your marriage birth cars everything and once you start to go down this rabbit hole man like like even just trying to get your M. C. O. For your vehicle like you don’t own that you do not own your car.

You don’t own your land if you think you do unless you got a land patent and you’ve gone and got that. I mean it’s it’s uh this rabbit hole is deep man. It’s deep. It really is. It’s it’s quite astounding. Um you know obviously if some very smart beings did this but Very evil as well but it’s quite clever. It is it is especially and you know I’ve heard I’ve heard different dates but from what I understand right now I’m the current understanding anyway understanding whatever you want to say is that it was 1666 was the birth registration when that the suv act or the birth registration act was kind of put in place By the Vatican right now.

Of course, I don’t really know about that. But then I’ve also heard somewhere in the 1400s that it was also enacted right, wherever this birth registration or this this registration where they uh we call it sourcing right? Because it’s it’s really the high publication of your labor. So they’re going back and they’re just kind of they’re snatching our souls at registration and there they’re hypothetic hypothetical eating our labor, right? So I’m just wondering like if you really not like when did that start? And and uh yeah really just like yeah that that well the the idea of it started I think around the black plague when there was a lot of orphans and and they had work houses and so that the kids were pledged as orphans and they were.

Yeah, so they had to work in order to to live at that at the orphanage at that workhouse. And there was It’s quite a sordid story. But I guess there was something about 13, I’m going on distant memory because I haven’t looked at this a long time, but around the age 13 you could um like get yourself out of there if you knew what to do, but of course they don’t tell you and half of them couldn’t read. So um you know, they were kind of indentured to this thing for almost your whole life, you know until you became a real adult, but um it comes from that, so we’re pledging our Children as if they’re orphans and therefore that’s how they’re doing it.

Um when the birth registration actually came in, I don’t really know. I know it came in in full force around the time of the great depression. That’s when they really started the birth certificate thing here in the US. Or was that like is that is that was that a world like when did, because that’s where I’m kind of curious did it start that? Because again I’ve heard so many different dates. I’m just trying to kind of figure out what the real I mean, but who really cares?

Right here we are, we find ourselves where we’re at and here we are. So what do we do moving forward? Right, is really kind of how do we get ourselves out of this mess? And how do we, Because again 2020 really helped helped a lot. Right. Um this is the great awakening, right? This is people are waking up and starting to discover this birth certificate thing. So it really really took took hold in the 30s when they did a bunch of things at that point in time. And there there are people who think there was a bank A bankruptcy ended in 1929 and we went into the yeah and into the third Installment of that 70 year bankruptcy, which would have taken us to 1999.

Now, it’s in kind of a no man’s land. So they’re just trying to continue it on. Um But the birth, like when people really started registering was in the 30s like that, it was, it was a thing that kind of really happened around that. It was happening before, but it really became almost like a laR right. One of those mandates or whatever they use, right these terms that that again, if they get you acting like a slave, right under the cpr citizen person or resident kind of under those terms that put you under that public capacity as like a uh, um, franchise, right?

A franchise corporation, uh, which is in California, they even call it the California franchise Tax board, that’s the taxation arm for the government of California. It’s called the California franchise Tax board. And I never, I never understood it. Now. I’ve been at odds with them for many, many years, right? Just because I’ve never liked any sort of tyranny or repression. And I knew that they were lying to us and they were, I knew that they were treading on us, right? But I just didn’t understand the private and public part and that’s really just come full force the past couple years. Right?

And that’s uh anyway, that’s just really interesting the way that they’ve done that, right. The birth registration, all they did was turn you into a corporation because they couldn’t manipulate you as a, as a being, right? As a soul, correct? They create the corporation and yeah, I I use the word merchant. They can’t, you turned us in the merchants, it is a corporation. But if you think in terms of merchant a lot more things will make sense. So um they can use ancient merchant law against us.

Um and I say against us, it’s meant to be balanced. But if you don’t understand what’s happening, it can get very unbalanced. So um correct if you read the there’s a letter and I don’t know if it’s real or not, but it’s a letter from Colonel Mandell House to Woodrow Wilson, just a short little letter. But that explains the pledging of the kids and using law merchant and amassing, you know, huge wealth. Mhm. Off the labor of everyone else. Right? And and and and and it’s funny because that’s what corporations do anyway, right?

Big corporations, they they take somebody’s labor and then they just make more money off of your own labor off bunches of people, right? I mean, amazon everybody does it, it’s kind of part of the way that the current corporate structures work, right? But then when you think about it on this level, it’s just a whole other thing. It’s it’s you don’t even know you’re doing it right. It’s like you don’t know that you’re, most people don’t know that they’re in their ventured servants, right? Or merchants like what you’re saying now that’s and that’s a very interesting way to put it merchant.

They turned us into right through our vessel. And it’s it’s it’s just um, man again, back to the words, right? And it’s sodium sodium videos, right? And it’s like sounds the same. And that’s the latin, latin. That’s why all court is held verbally, right? Because we don’t speak in punctuation or capitalization, right? So they don’t, unless you say, hey, I’m here under special divine appearance. Then they again through cartoon assume, right, assume that you’re there under general appearance, which is your there as your strawman or whatever you want to call.

You know, you’re your merchant. There is the merchant. Yeah. So, so what got you into all this man? I mean, I mean, I’m sorry. I mean the smart meter stuff, what got you into the smart meter stuff because I know that I know how what got you. Obviously it was you’re divorced and I tell you that’s the most common story. I get it because I got forced into court. And then I realized, I mean, again, if you’re not gonna take it lying down, Well, then then you gotta learn something.

Yeah, because that the divorce industry and it is an industry, um, is quite organized more so than the tax. Like I live in Canada more so than the tax, um industry. Yeah, They, you know, they’re they’re really well organized. They have, uh, they have a rhetoric called deadbeat dad, which works against you. So, you know, society looks at anybody that wants to fight for lack of a better word, Child support your instantly a deadbeat dad. And it’s not the case. Um, there are deadbeat dads, But it’s a really small percentage.

Somebody said it’s around 5% sure. Sure. Yeah. Right. Right. No, I know tons of people, I have tons of friends who who, um, not not just the divorce, but then also CPS man and, and not not just friends, but family. And CPS has been up in my family’s, but most of my life, man. Um, and that’s another for profit corporation, which should answer lots of questions for people like why and and we’re allowing them to do this through tacit consent, but we are allowing it to happen. We’ve agreed to it.

You know, we’ve we’ve we’ve we’ve created the situation where that can happen. So because we don’t understand what’s happening. You know, we relied too. And there’s a legal maxim that says ignorance of the law is no excuse. So it’s there. But especially this law merchant, it’s really well hidden. It’s, you know, because it’s they say it went out of out of, you know, out of vogue in the middle ages, but it didn’t just stop talking about it. But it’s live and well, and yeah, more so than ever.

And it, and it’s even more so because it’s that thing where it’s like, what is the greatest thing that evil can ever do is convince you that it doesn’t exist or what? Right. And that’s it And then when you start to try and talk about it people you’re just crazy. I mean I’ve been called crazy my whole life right? Because I’ve been just trying to tell people basic stuff but now it’s even weirder right? Yeah but at the same time because of 2020 more and more people are willing to listen to Also. Yeah. Right.

I mean yeah it’s like even even even before 2020 there was already an awakening because when I first started some of the things I’d say you know in a room or whatever you just see the eyes glazing over and maybe one person kind of going yeah and then you know as time went on it was more like half the room and then the whole room and it’s like okay people are waking up and this is before 2020 awesome awesome. So you’ve been doing this for like I mean when did this all go down for you?

I guess you’re divorced. Well the divorce was about 20 years ago. Okay so yeah you’re not it I’ve been in this for 20 years. Yeah so I’ve seen some stuff um and I’m seeing a lot of stuff regurgitated from a long time ago like now because people are just kind of waking up your certificate and all that so um but there’s you know it is it is a bit of a rabbit hole you know you got to kind of get some knowledge if you’re especially if you’re going up against them directly you got to know you got to know what’s going on otherwise.

Yeah it’s really really difficult because you paid I mean you paid they put you in jail right? I mean I know they were pretty harsh on you and put you in jail because but I mean you knew what you knew what you needed to do and you didn’t sign. Is that correct? Is that because you wouldn’t sign? Uh well that when I was in I was in jail a few times but the one time that was the longest was 60 days and I didn’t sign anything in there going in.

I was already pretty um I was already pretty well out. I had already cancelled the child support thing not council olympic. They stopped which I don’t think anybody ever gets them to stop but they got them to just stop coming after. Yeah the judge I’m sure said no more. We’re not you know don’t bring him in here anymore you know we’re done we’re done so that one had disappeared but and then I was doing the driving thing and even that one um you know I was getting around it and driving without plates on my on my van for two years and still you know able to function and then they went and picked me up to see if I if they could really shake me down and hold me without bail Because I’ve never done more than one night in jail before.

I’ve done many times but it was always you know 24 in and out kind of. Yeah wow okay so then they just came and just snatched you up and said now we’re going to see if we can break them. Yeah how man good on you dude. Yeah and and even on the first day there what they got me on a long weekend so they knew they could they could hold me till Tuesday and they thought three days would be enough and and the prosecutor even said well let’s see what he’s like on Tuesday in other words the judge let’s lock him up and torture him, see what he could, see what he says on Tuesday.

And I came in just exactly the same and I just I wouldn’t back down and they tried all kinds of tactics but I’d seen most of them you know and if I hadn’t seen them, I knew you know what was coming, I’d already been quite seasoned at it. So um they had they had a lot of trouble so now can you explain to people why why you wouldn’t sign anything because everything is commercial and and if you understand um commerce your signature is money. Um and that’s you know I mean I’m giving you a real, you know accounting shot here.

But your signature is how it gets monetized. So going in there, you’re actually stored there. So there’s storage fee, there’s fees for you to be taken from the jail to the courthouse. Um There’s fees if you want to use a doctor, all these things anything, you have to sign stuff and that’s how they get paid because they can, you know off of your, you can say it’s off your trust. Um It doesn’t matter. But that’s how they get paid is how much money was spent on this storage guy.

So if I don’t sign anything, they can’t prove I was there. Uh Beautiful. Beautiful. Yeah. And then from what I understand it takes us three signatures to put you in jail and to keep you there. Like somebody was telling me, um I was in this other law course but it was basically saying, well like you’re saying one that is you are the the underwriter. We are the underwriters for everything that happens because again a bank, an institution is a dead entity has never created anything. Can’t create anything.

It’s it’s not what creates things. People create things. We the people the energy source, right? And so the monetization of that. And then something else about like it takes three signatures. A judge or prosecutor judge an attorney or or you or you and if you don’t sign, then they can’t put you in jail. they can do what they did to you, right? But then eventually they have to let you go. And I didn’t know if you knew anything about that about that. It takes three signatures to put someone and everybody everybody in jail right now, is there by their own hand basically or their attorneys?

Um I have to think about that. Um There’s always a warrant for usually a war rant. Yeah, but here they don’t they don’t sign them until after the fact they’re called un endorsed warrants and they say it in open court like yeah, it’s an unsigned warrant and that’s a commercial instrument. You can’t it’s like it’s like trying to pass off a check with no signature on it. It’s just you can’t but it’s been going on for how long? And that’s the thing man. It’s like Canada’s bad dude, you got I can’t I mean it’s bad everywhere, right?

I mean, again this is uh they’re coming, they’re coming hard. I mean they’re full court press right now, right? So Well there for a full court press. But you know, from from my vantage point after being in here 20 years or you know, at that 20 years of my first real encounter of it, it’s coming down like and they’re desperately trying to hang on, it’s like a chicken with its head cut off and their and they know it’s coming down. So it’s like a Chess game and there’s seven moves left or eight moves left, and the master knows that.

And I think they’re at the point where they can see this is we’re done. Amen bro. Yeah, goose bumps, man. Because we are we’ve I feel the same exact way it’s eating itself at this point, right? And as long as you’re conscious enough and aware enough to understand what’s going on and stay away from any ridiculous medical procedure or anything like that, you know what I mean? Like I think that this is the new earth that’s being created. You know what I mean? It’s it’s um that’s that’s the freedom people dot org, that’s kind of what we’re we do.

We have our big thing are stick if you will is solutions right? We’re all about the counter economy. You want to go that way? Absolutely fine. No problem. We’re not gonna fight you. I’m not gonna spend actually any energy towards you at all. We’re just going to spend all that energy and creating the new right and that’s and i it’s uh again, the people don’t seem to member like things like the Nuremberg trials and they don’t seem to remember all of these things to ski experiments, man, like all of these And this is recent history.

It’s not like we’re talking about thousands of years ago, this just happened in this century, man, like in the past 50 years, dude, and it’s just like it’s um the and I’ve said this before, but it’s it’s just brilliantly done the manipulation, right? And not, I mean it’s completely evil like you’re saying. But it’s just yeah, they just they changed the weapon and and so you don’t see tanks and cannons rolling down the street. It’s done commercially with smart meters, five G vaccinations and information. Information. Yeah. Right?

Where information warfare and that’s why I like even like they’re canceling people left and right. I don’t know. You know, Bruce Lipton is not sure if, you know, he’s a he’s a cellular uh a genetic biologist, genetic biologist. Anyway, been falling for years. He’s awesome. But he just put out a video where they’re censoring him, right? I mean everybody’s getting censored, right? So it’s just this information right now, this is the war. It’s like people are actually believing what comes out of the boob tube. I mean and and and there and they repeat it, right?

I’ve got friends that just regurgitate the information. It’s safe and effective, safe and effective and it’s the same and you’re just like, whoa man, Hello? Hello. Yeah, take a look at some films of Hitler. Do you think he had these massive rallies for no reason. Think of that guy with the access to tv dude. Yeah, it’s the same thing. Yeah massive brainwashing? It’s uh right and again it’s like people are like well how how could that, how could you do that to someone else? Right? Well now you know, and you see this and this is like Australia, you know, you see these images and stuff and people just getting beat down and pepper sprayed and stuff because it’s for your health and safety.

Where have we gotten to? Right, this is like, Hello. Right. Again, the original thing that meant something year 18 months ago. It’s not even the thing anymore. It’s not, it doesn’t matter now. It’s just wow. So okay. But I want to go back. That’s the five G. And stuff. That’s something I’m really interested. Um, to find out like how you came about and I’ve seen some of your talks and things like that. But like how you really came about realizing that our environment is as polluted as, as it is and not not just the physical environment, but I mean I guess you could call the waves in the air physical as well, but, but the, the, you know, the radiation in our environment and how do you kind of come into all this?

Well after my 60 days the province ended up only $60 million dollars and it was in the news and everything. So a lot of people were seeking me out and I met a guy and we became friends after that and then he put out a video on the smart meters. Um, that’s josh del sole and yeah. Yeah. Take called take back your power. So I I knew him before he did the movie and I even helped him get an editor and all that mutual friend and so he was put in that movie out and he after a year or so he called me up and he said you know I’m I’m showing this movie but everybody’s walking out of the out of the theater like we’re all gonna die you know so there was no solution that was just showing the problem and he says you know is there something you can do?

Because he knew I had done some some of that lost stuff. So I looked at it and I knew about the smart meters just from his movie and talking with him. So I knew there was some danger but I was not an expert on on on smart meters and so I looked at it and I saw what they were doing that. So yeah there this is all commercial they’re getting they’re putting offers out and getting tacit agreement. That’s how they’re doing it. I could see it and so then I I wrote a document for him.

He had a group in Seattle and um they wanted to do something so wrote a document and sent it to him and he says well can you come down and speak and I’m like no I’m not a hello. You know you can have the document but I’m not a public speaker and I don’t want to drive down to Seattle it’s you know it’s only a couple hours but still anyway. So he convinced me to do it. And that was one of the times where the whole rooms woke like was just being like, you know, it wasn’t that big room, maybe 30 40 people.

But they all got it. And I’m like whoa what happened here? Right? And then one thing led to another and then you know, started because I was exposed to smart meters when five G came out. You know, I was around people who were following it and uh yeah, I gleaned the information. That way awesome, awesome. Okay so that was the smart meters, right? And then that that kind of like because I mean you mentioned the water, the it’s I mean once you start to realize one space it’s kind of like you’re like wait over there over there over there and then you’re like it’s everywhere. Yeah.

And they’re all connected. Here’s the mean by that Here’s the thing because of what I know about 5G. I knew they were gonna do a vaccination long before Covid showed up here. Really? Yeah. Can you explain a little bit more because they needed to get that. It’s there’s um I Tripoli um standard and it’s called the internet of bodies. It’s like you can look this stuff up. It’s a it’s a real thing. So they wanted bodies hooked up to the internet and they’ve they’ve done it in small, you know, small degrees Through medical devices uh etc.

But they wanted to have a widespread, you could you could just tell that’s that’s one of the main things of 5G. So is this like graphene oxide stuff? Is that is that what do you think of that? Is that like what’s Okay? I mean is that making us antennas? I mean or or what is the vaccine? I mean again, I know there’s so much speculation, who knows? But I mean this graphene oxide now seems like it’s a really pretty, pretty big thing where doctors multiple from around the world have done these studies now saying that yes, they’re finding graphene oxide in these experimental well yeah, it’s multifaceted because even your your hair follicles can end up being an antenna.

Uh huh. GMOs GMOs everybody’s now a Gm. Everybody’s soybeans. That’s what we’re doing. Right? Well it’s not even GMOs, it has to do with frequencies. So um frequencies that if the wave pattern is a certain height, anything that’s that height, that amplitude will sympathetically vibrate with it. Sure. So I I think it’s at 90 Hz or not hurts um megahertz, they can they can burn your skin and it doesn’t physically burned but you get the sensation of burning because your hair follicles are actually vibrating. If you look at the Montag thing, If you understand what happened with that Montag ship.

Yeah the waveform was about six ft and therefore whole human body was was uh yeah, so it has to do with that. So the graphene oxide. Yes, I would say it is definitely has a purpose. But there’s other things in there too. So it’s it’s multifaceted. Yeah. Well and again, that’s why when I say GMO, I mean they’re modifying your they’re genetically modifying the human being because and here’s another thing you can’t patent nature, but you can patent a soybean that you’ve modified, right? So you can take nature, modify it and then patent it.

Which is why they’ve done, you know, Monsanto everything for so long. Right? And overtaken everything with these patented things. Another thing with cannabis, why do you think cannabis for so long was just you can’t, they tried many times. They created this thing called Marinol at least here in, you know the USDA created Marinol which is a synthetic cannabis, marijuana, whatever. That’s a derogatory term, but a synthetic synthetic cannabis that doesn’t work. And why? Because it’s not nature, man, we’re nature for nature. And yeah, pot works well, it works every time at all and it still has worked for thousands of years.

But then you take it and you try and make it into something that’s not natural and it doesn’t work and people still aren’t catching onto that, that that concept yet that the pharmaceuticals are the problem and they’ve been the problem like at least that’s my, how I see things and it’s just ray october but yeah, I want to talk about, yeah, these just what’s going on right now. Just completely blows my mind on so many levels. But okay, so, back to what we were talking about as far as So now that what did you mean by the five G. And how did you know that five G. Because from five G. That a vaccine and maybe not even a vaccine or you said vaccine.

So how did how did you correlate those two? It would have to be either a vaccine or some kind of implant or some kind of pill or something had to go on the body because they were spraying, but that’s not efficient. Right. Right. You mean with the trails and stuff like that, So, and that’s what the aluminum oxide or whatever. Yeah, they got a ton of stuff going on there too. But but it’s not efficient because it’s just, you know, if you’re not outside or you know, um, you’re not getting the full dosage.

So I knew they had to had to had to get, you know close proximity with this stuff in order to get it right in the body in some way and what what better way. And and they have got decades of training people that vaccines are safe and effective. Right? And again, it’s really funny when you think about it though, like mercury has been known to be in these things forever. One of the most toxic substances known to man, right? And it’s uh how are we not questioning these things. Right?

So, okay, so you knew that they needed something in in in the bot to be to be the antenna. Not so much to to be, yeah, something had to hook up to the to the to the network. So there’s there’s various ways of it of doing that. So, um, but it’s really the network has to be able to speak to the to the body directly. Like you have to be hooked. They want you they want us all hooked up to this thing. Yeah, Absolutely. And it is it, uh, from what I mean, again, what I’ve read and stuff like that is that there’s ways for them to manipulate your consciousness through these sort of things. Right?

And I don’t even know like what I mean, a smart meter does two. What is a smart meter due to you like? Right. I mean, is that what is the technology and the smart meter? That is, is it? Well, it’s it’s again hooked up to the 5G. They’re all connected. It’s one thing. That’s the thing. We have four agendas, but really it’s one that’s the most of things, Right? Yeah. But most people look at it from one aspect. That’s why we went four different ways because unless you see the whole thing, you you don’t know the five G. Has to do with the Covid vaccine vaccination.

You can’t make those to make sense. No. So, but once you see it as a whole now you see uh then you can see exactly what they’re doing and a lot of things a lot more things make sense. So the whole covid like the actual virus doesn’t make any sense because it’s a means to an end. It’s not we all think there’s this thing and then they this is the solution to it. But the solution was the was the was the the goal agenda. Yeah, it was the goal in the first place.

They had to create a situation where people would voluntarily take this thing. Absolutely. So as you can see on the tv it started with this, you know people are going yeah, it’s just like yeah I’d like the shots of just people fainting in the middle of their own neighborhoods like yeah, do you see that anymore? No, not at all. No. No that was just for the shock value to start to get to get the mind to really buy in right? And then they and then they use toilet paper for about a couple of months to make you I’m telling you know I know I remember scarcity I was making it.

I was just again it was like why toilet paper? It’s a shitty situation. Right? Again, it was just their use of toilet paper why toilet paper, why not water or something that like you to make you pay attention. Yeah it’s really innocuous but everybody paid attention. Yeah you’ve got to get you have to get you have to get the focus and then once you’ve got that focus you can you can say anything you want and the group mind will believe it. Yeah and not just believe it but then that becomes the reality and then they regurgitate that to everybody else and if you’re not doing that now then they’ll come after you right?

And that’s how it became this whole so polarized so quickly when you have people that maybe didn’t buy into that immediately right? Maybe maybe they missed that tv maybe they missed that video whatever. I don’t know. But then then they’re just asking questions and now all of a sudden you’re cancelled for asking questions right? And and uh that’s happening big time again with the doctors and stuff like that which should be a huge huge red flag to a lot of people. But it is it through because of is it are people already zombies?

Man? Are people already? I mean I know in some sense sure but like I don’t know is that the phones the how are they controlling everybody? So it’s like we’re we because we actually are flocking people were actually one so once you have the flock going in one direction everybody goes that direction. There’s no questioning it. You don’t ask why are we going this direction the flocks going this way so that’s what you do. Yeah so you can and it’s mayhem. And, and so, but at the same time, that whole flock can easily um switched direction. Yeah. Amen.

That’s very interesting, man. Uh, so, um, so yeah, so I have another question for you. How did you get into, like, I guess, um, let’s say this. Where was was how do you manage your success, I guess is the best thing I can say for the, for the five G for the spark meters. What, how are you guys kind of, um, is it through affidavits? How are you guys going going about this? This and kind of, yeah, we’re using a commercial process. So it’s, it’s operating, we’re going to statutes and um, constitutions, et cetera in each country, but we don’t really rely on those.

Uh, but that’s, again, that’s where people can relate to it because that’s all they know, right? So, um, and then it moves into, its really a commercial document at, that’s where its effectiveness really starts. Okay, so in commerce, um, truth is paramount in commerce in the old law merchant. And truth is expressed in an affidavit. It. And unrebutted affidavit stands as truth in the matter. So in the, in the contract or in the agreement, this is that this becomes the truth and, and once the truth is established, then there’s a tort, um, like a harm being done, and if they continue to do the harm, even though I’ve expressed it, uh, then there will be a charge, a daily fee. Okay. Okay. Okay.

And so, and then that’s how you’re kind of doing it with the smart meters you’re saying? And is this the way that we combat? And that’s kind of where my leading question was supposed to go, It’s like a kind of what can we do to support and because it is that the individual, right? The individual me as as and just informing them and then they need to go to their local right or whatever their their power company and saying, hey, I want this off of my house.

Is that the objective, is it to try and you get what I’m saying? Like are we trying to get these things out right? Because I mean we just, there all they are, is like you’re saying these are all nodes for the connection. So if we can get them like how is that the individual, Is that what we’re trying to do here? Yeah. So that because they’re in their cleverness instead of using tanks and and all that. They went with commerce and because we’re all merchants, Merchant Law prize, which goes back to that whole birth certificate things.

So they have taken that whole thing that’s been happening for the last, you know, almost 100 years or so 80, years and they’re using mert old merchant um law merchant is what it’s called Lexmark vitoria against us and they’re getting our tacit agreement. So in their cleverness, they weren’t expecting somebody to figure it out and then use the commerce against them. Right? Because you’re using their own stuff again. Right. Right. Right. Right. Through the, is it the, do you use the 70 to 30 15 10? Is that what it is? Is that the banking law kind of where you have 30 days to pay the invoice or?

This is something, Yeah, yeah. We use we don’t we don’t rely on on those statutes that we did. We definitely do a 30 day billing cycle. So uh Yeah. Right, okay. So and that’s that’s so we we corrected our status and that that’s that’s how we corrected our status was through an uh contributed affidavit, right? So we filed um with the Secretary of State of my State of Arizona, right? And then the Secretary of State of the United States Attorney General and the President of the United States Senate all to them.

But because they’re they’re already they’re fraudulent. Everything’s fraud. It’s they’ve been working and fraud, they can’t ever respond. It’s kind of an interesting paradigm that you’re in, you know what I mean? This is this is why Law merchant worked when you study the old Law merchant, it was based on this and you would never try and you would never try and fraud somebody because it would come back on you. So it it had its own checks and balances in it. It kept everybody on the straight and narrow because the penalties were quite um severe and not like death or anything.

But you lose all your stuff and it was fast. Like the court’s move in hours, not months. It was like a vigilante. Yeah. Well this is the thing that moved because of commerce and the transient nature of the merchants of the time. Plus the boats would leave at high tide. You had to have something figured out before that. Yeah. So you had sometimes you have three hours before high tide and that bolts gone and you you may never see it again. So it moved very quickly and you didn’t try and take advantage of somebody because, and you know, the boat could be, there could be a warrant for the boat and the boat to be sees all that, all that stuff comes from that.

Like they would seize the boat. Yeah. Oh absolutely. Yeah. So um you just didn’t try and take advantage of somebody in, in the commercial world. They all understood how it worked and it worked really well, but they took that and used it against merchants UNknowing that they’re merchants. Not only they, yeah, they don’t know their merchants, but they don’t understand merchant law either. So it’s like you’re, you’re done. That’s why your signature ends up being money most of the time and you don’t even, you’re not even aware of it. Yeah.

And you’re the underwriter. We are the underwriters of everything And that’s why that’s why it’s called a credit report and not a debit report by the way. Just these little things. And if you start to analyze small things in your life you’re like, wait, okay. All right. Yeah. And that’s because that’s all that means anything. It’s the monetization, high publication of your labor of your debt. Now. It’s all about debt monetization. Right? So your signature now just creates more debt and they just monetize that over and over and over and over. Yes.

So because there’s there’s these things going back to those times called Bills of Exchange and they’re very mysterious things. What the closest I can say that most people understand is a is a check like drawn on a bank that’s a bill of exchange. But the definition of a bill of exchange has have four things. And that is a date somebody owes somebody an exact amount and a signature. It becomes the money. That’s the thing. And and the merchants all knew this and and that’s how that’s how they kind of expanded the the the money system back in the in the back in the middle ages.

The merchants, they had the illusion of being rich. So their their promise to pay. It was just like I could pass this around because Lord blah blah blah blah is good for it. And everybody. Oh yeah, he’s good for it. But never go to Lord and get to see if he’s even very well, that’s kind of, that’s what’s happening now, That’s exactly how it works. It’s just on a big scale, you can’t see it, but it’s the same thing. Yeah. Yeah. So that’s and that’s very interesting, man.

I love how you guys are doing that. So, um have you have you heard uh or know much about Equity Law? Yes, I do. Um I haven’t studied it because again, I came through the commerce thing and what I did study, I went, well, this is just law merchant. Okay, right. And that’s why I’m saying it kind of sounds very, very uh similar, right? I’ve read the maxims of the Equity law, right? And all that stuff, and and it’s my life, I mean, obviously, right, it’s it’s it’s again, it’s just as a as a flesh blood and man, you are not bound to any laws that you do not consent to write like, that you don’t personally consent to.

Um That’s just, and that’s something I’ve been screaming for many years. I was like, I didn’t agree to that. Right? Again, I’ve been a cannabis using my whole life, I love cannabis, and since I was a kid, it was highly, highly illegal. And I was like, well, who why you’re right, Even just little questions like that. I was like, why I didn’t agree to that, like, but right? So there’s something inside people, I think innately if your if your freedom based person, right? is that you’re just like, like this doesn’t make a lot of sense, right?

And now it’s like making no sense any of it, especially with these lockdowns and right lockdowns, a term they use for prisoners man, you know, I mean like this, it’s, it’s, it’s in the mindset, right? And it’s a, they’ve already got you into a, into a, into the slave mindset now they’re going to get you into a prisoner mindset in one fell swoop and nobody seems to really um be wiser to any of it, you know, and, and and that’s the thing and they did the same thing in Germany for your safety, get on that, get on that train.

I mean there’s pictures of all of, of all the luggage, these people were not forced on there. No, no, they, yes, they came with luggage, yes, and they’re like you’re saying that that’s what they did, they said, hey people are begging for it, people have been lining up and this is another weird thing about this whole jab thing there there, they uh they’re doing it at bars, People are, I mean we were at lunch the other day and next door, there was another place that was doing a jab fest or whatever and they just come over with extra jabs and they’re like, hey, hey you want one, you want one, you want one like dude, and these are just, it’s very comical, it’s and if it wasn’t so sad would be be very comical, you know?

Yeah, it is, it is sad. But yeah, you can see that all, all the stops are out like it just, it is so out there and people still can’t see it because they’re they’re glued to that tv and they go and get you know, more programming every day and they can’t break away from it. So um what do we do? What our solutions? I mean I I know that you’re kind of kind of working on your front there with the five G which is huge. I mean and that’s that’s your your working at four angles, but that’s just 11 little thing, right?

I mean or is it or is that really the Endgame again, is it the control are we talking trans humanism and and the internet of things and just everybody’s hooked up right? And I know they’ve been selling it. Oh how cool would it be just to walk outdoors and say I need a car. I’m like, well not cool at all man. I’d like to have some anonymity. I want some have some space, you know? Well again, it’s always a deception that it’ll sell it like the apple then it’s something else.

Yeah, yeah, but by then it’s too late. So um yeah, it’s it’s about getting control of the DNA of adam and um really it comes down to, you know Biblically speaking, it comes down to the the claim of Lucifer to be God. That’s really what it comes down to it and it’s being played out here and that crazy to it. And that’s, that’s something. Um so, and I say this often some kind of videos. No, but I’m a man of like God, I’m not a religious man, right?

Um but I’m a man of Spirit of energy of God. If you want to say God source energy, whatever, right? But this year or these past couple of years, like I bought a bible now, right? I went and bought a bible and it’s sure I had bibles in my life, but this is like, it’s different right now. I know this is where I’m gonna file my marriages are deaths like things inside of this, right? These it’s private now. And if you look at the bible is more like contract and a contract law, it’s oh man, it’s it’s uh it’s so I opening, you know what I mean?

Right? Really? It really is. This is like everything they’ve talked about the stories, right? It’s and it’s um it’s playing out and we’re here for this, right? Which is also something very interesting to be said, right? And it’s and that’s why I have so much compassion. I mean, as you said, we’re all one regardless if you’re the far whatever side of we are, that’s us too, I am that, you know, so we are that too, that’s all of us. And so I have so much compassion and gratitude for the ones that are making the ultimate sacrifice right now by playing that role, right?

If if we’re looking at this is the big, you know, cosmic play that’s happening right now, there’s some some of us who are on one side kind of playing one role and some of us who are maybe on the other side playing another role and I give gratitude for the other side playing that role so that I don’t have to play that role right for me, but would you know, you were even playing that role if you’re playing that role right? Like does the sheep? No, it’s a sheep or you know, does does dinner?

No, it’s Yeah. And all of, all of those things are just a mere image of what’s going on in each one of us, like we all have that going on, whether we want to admit it or not. So that’s what it’s that’s yeah, that’s what’s happening. So the more you can come to terms with your own, you know, being and get centered and focused, you know, following God instead of following the world or Lucifer Lucifer, the more that will become a reality and more people do it because there is still that group mind when we are still one.

So even in your own mind, you know, you do things that you don’t you wish you hadn’t, you know, and why did I do that? Like, who’s, who’s not ever said that? Why did I do that? I wish I had a better decision there. Yes. Well that that’s that’s the whole, the whole players right there inside each one of us. And then it’s sad enough. Yeah, man. Yes. And that’s exactly, yeah, man, Well put it is, it’s that daily, it’s our daily practice to write. It’s and it’s always, there’s always stuff inside of us and there, right?

And I, I maybe if you reach that ultimate, whatever, maybe you would even cease to exist on this plane or that we would be able to perceive you because to exist in this dimension or this plane, we need some sort of tension, it’s like a guitar string, right? In order for it to play, it needs tension. So we need that polar opposite the yin and the yang. We need both. Right? And so it’s really integrating. I think it’s not, people kind of see it as, oh, I’m just going to eradicate that from my life.

And it’s more of an integration, I find well, again, you can eradicate it and but that’s what you’re correct there is that tension. And there is that Imperfection that that allows things to be in three D. Because if once you reach perfection, then you’re a singularity, right? Yeah. So that is the goal and this is, you know what we’re playing out here is, who is we’re gonna fall like who do we want to emulate, who do we want to become? And and you can see it in society.

There are those who end up being um mass murderers. Sure, because they’re following that voice, those voices inside of them instead of the and so, you know, to them, it’s like, why can’t I do that? Like, you know, it just doesn’t make like I wouldn’t make sense to us to be that, right? It’s and that’s and that’s where I have, like these theories about character and what our character is, right? Like we have, we have like free will, right? But only within the bounds of our character or if you think about in programming, like, you know, in what’s what’s built inside your model, you know what I mean?

Like you’re, yeah, you have, you have free will, but you can’t like, I don’t know, I don’t know. I don’t think I could do what ted Bundy did or or Jeffrey Dahmer or something, just like go chop people up and eat them and stuff like that. I don’t know. But for me, I can’t even imagine that, right? But because I think it’s outside of my character, at least in this lifetime or I don’t know, maybe I was a people eater back in the day. I don’t even know, right?

We don’t, but it’s very interesting all this stuff to think about, right? Especially because this is the awakening. This is our spiritual awakening and that’s something I found so much about the starting this podcast was The spiritual aspect of it, right? And again, as I said in the beginning, connecting with you because that’s something that I can just feel in you when you’re talking and things and I think you probably said it and stuff that that’s what really helped you to kind of get through jail and stuff right?

Or 60 days of kind of being treated like poop is some sort of like spiritual. Yeah, yeah, definitely. And um you know, it got me through and I, you know, I couldn’t see the end. So that’s another thing they don’t tell you there, you’re not there not like, oh you get out on that date, so you’re just, oh man, that’s got to be torturing itself. Yeah. And then when you, when you meet other other inmates that are in the same re matt, like a remanded, uh these are everybody that’s there is pending court and you’re and you saw how couldn’t get bail okay?

And then, and then you meet and then you meet somebody, oh yeah, I’ve been here five years and you’re like and you don’t want to ask because you know you don’t pry into people’s stuff in there, but it’s like what is happening here? Like how are you still in here after years in this situation, the same situation I’m in like what’s going on? Like I’m just going, whoa, this guy has no idea. This is wrong. Like, he’s allowed to have a, like a trial in, you know, within a reasonable amount of time.

He probably doesn’t even know it. And they’re just railroading him just to let them sit there and charging, you know, getting all the money. Tacit consent man, cal Washington. Thank you so much. Can you, before we go though, man, can you tell everybody how to find you? And again, we want all of our members to support you and do whatever we can to help help further your mission to man. Yeah. In power movement dot com. That’s our, my website and, and we have a support desk that, you know, answer questions.

We have a like a membership. We do a membership sort of thing to stay in the private so that everything. Um, yeah, yeah. We’re a P. M. A. As well. Yeah. We have our forms. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So yeah. So we have a membership fees. It’s low, but that establishes that whole bubble that we can do a lot of things from. So beautiful, man. Okay, so in power Movement and that’s it. Well, it will be in the notes. It’ll be in the show notes. We put it in the show notes and stuff.

So we’ll link to you from our website and all that good stuff, man. So, uh, again, thank you so much cal it’s uh, it’s been an honor. And I would love to speak to you some more. This is my pleasure to be here. All right, thanks. Have a good one. All right. Bye. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

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