June 5, 2021

Takin’ It Back To The HomeSchool

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This is our second episode with Ally Adair-Chung of The Conscious Family Project AND one of her clients, Katie. This is a real life homeschool mom of a high schooler! Listen for the inspiration to make the move for more FREEDOM from the system and create your new beautiful life with your children.

Show Notes

Ally’s Course https://conscious-family-project-academy.teachable.com/

USE CODE: FREEDOM100 to make it $97

Ally’s First Episode with us. https://podcast.thefreedompeople.org/podcast/you-got-home-schooled/

Our second guest Katie found Ally through Freedom Fighting! 

Transformation in the school system for many years, son is in high school. 

All about the COMMUNITY. 

Create your own way, there is not ONE WAY. 

FREEDOM to try different approaches. 

FREEDOM of schedule. 

It actually takes less time to homeschool than to do the homework assigned from the system. 

Algebra 1 Thinkwell https://www.thinkwell.com/products/algebra-1

Charlotte Mason geography https://simplycharlottemason.com/store/visits-to-geography-series/

The tools are not in charge, just make sure they are growing everyday.

Allows the child to really master what it is they are supposed to learn. -Ally 

What is it that you really want out of homeschooling? What is your vision for your family? Then methodology and curriculum and learning styles. 

You also need to be aware of how you, as a parent, learn so when you teach you cater to their learning style not yours. 

List of things you want to learn about as a family. 

You never know what’s going to unlock something in your child. 

“Expectations are a down payment for resentment” 

“True beauty is in them discovering themselves. Let them be who they are. Let go of expectations.” – Katie

Going through the system is NOT the only way. There’s a million ways to get to everything. -Ally  

“When you stop learning you start dying.” -Albert EInstein 

How do we instill the sense of adventure back into life? 

Ego will protect you, the system makes us believe either what you learn doesn’t matter or you fail.

Pick 3 things to learn this month. 

Start retraining your brain not to be afraid to learn. 

It doesn’t matter if you have the resources, are you resourceful?


Hello, all you lovely Freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat. I’m your host, Bradley. Freedom. Today’s guest is Ali Qadeer chung. This is our second episode with Aaliyah Dear chung of the conscious family project and this time we’re joined by one of her clients actually, Katie. This is a real life homeschool. Mom of high schoolers believe that or not, Katie and Cali talk on the show how they got started making the switch, what it looks like now. And of course freedoms gained from home schooling.

That’s super super cool. Great talk. Um We also talk about the role of your ego, the different tools and how to put that adventure back into life. That’s something we need more than anything Anyway, before we do, I need you to jump freaking on your phone and text in home school too. That’s right. Home school. And the number to text that in (844) 992-3733. That’s (844)992-3733. And we’ll send you out today’s show notes. Come on, let’s go. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Uh huh. Mhm. Yeah, and we’re recording, we’re recording everything.

We got, we got some good stuff. Yeah, that’s how you know you’re on the show. Yeah. Welcome everybody ali’s here. Yeah, awesome. Sweet. Uh So yeah, right on uh this is one of my favorite favorite. I was really excited about this just because ali um the last one, we had the last couple that we’ve had conversations have just been so inspiring and um we just released our podcast just last week. It was kind of uh soft launch of our podcast. We put up 10 episodes, one being yours.

Ali and actually we’re getting lots of really good feedback and people love that episode. Um and it’s just because people are really, really hungry for this information, right? Um And so I’m just super excited that we get to do this one again. Um I love it. I’m slowly making my way through her course when I o Malley is just like a breath of knowledge. Just so intelligent about all of this. I I love you all so much for a lovely way to start sort of you know what I think you’re talking about people being so hungry for it.

It is like that’s just the most beautiful thing I can hear because that’s exactly what we need. We need everyone to be hungry for this information, we need everybody to take this on and and just live with your kids love your kids. Like there’s so much that we could change in the world by taking this on and take a nap, yep. Yeah so I love hearing that. Yeah so we all know Ali and if you don’t then you should listen to that episode. But do you want to introduce who are other guest is?

Do you want me to introduce? Yeah or awesome? Yeah, I love you. So Katie was one of when I was like okay, I’m done, I’m going to get this information out to as many people as possible and I started creating courses and materials for people. Katie was one of my first clients through that system and her son is older and her husband is a police officer and she is one of the most amusing freedom fighters that I have worked with over time. Um we became very, we just became close, I feel like I’ve become friends with most of my clients, but Haiti holds a special place in my heart and we worked together for quite a while and their transformation from being in the traditional school system for many, many years and being a part of it as teachers, right?

Um, into uh, into home schooling has just been incredible to watch. And her son is now high school or doing high school coursework because we don’t care about age, we care about what they’re working on, right, what they’re ready for, what they’re interested in, passionate about. Um, it’s been such a joy to watch that transformation. So I wanted her to come on cause um, yeah, she is, she’s a freedom fighter who took this on and has just been rocking it. So, thank you. Thank you, Ali. And I kind of, I could not have done it.

I mean, we talked about it for years and years and years and then I think 2020 forced our hand. And I think I found ali randomly through another freedom fighter. and I think you have less than like 100 followers at that point, like when you started this, and I just was like, oh my gosh, she’s got so much knowledge, she’s got so much experience and she’s totally accessible and she messaged me back and you were just so humble and gracious with all of your information. And I think for me, my personality type is like, I know I can do it and I know I can be successful.

I just sometimes maybe need a little help with the jumping off point because it is a lot. And I think that’s where people get scared is to just start. And that was my fear was like, just getting started because there’s so many avenues and you broke down every single avenue so well you could articulate every single way I could have done it and gave me so much information and I was able to just run with it, anything with it. I was like, hey, I have a question like, what do I do here?

Yeah, it takes a few years to work out the kinks even after you take that, but that’s why, you know, that’s what I do and that’s why community and home school is so important. So you can continue that growth as you’re working together. You just hit the nail on the head for me community. I just had a big conversation with somebody and, and it was about the world and it’s horrible and bad and it all boiled down like a really great conversation, but it all boils down to community and that’s how we can be better is if we create community and to me home school and you’ve proven that with, even just when you were first getting started, um we had the, what was it, the marco Polo or whatever and just like that tiny little group proved to have so much community in that.

And I just thought like this is what it’s about, this is like how we’re going to be successful and this is how we’re gonna lift each other up and create these beautiful humans that carry on the future because we’re grasping at straws other than that. That’s what I think is so cool. I mean, I didn’t know people like al existed because I feel like people are on either end of the spectrum like, oh my gosh, so overwhelmed with making the step, like not having any resources or like google searching and then seeing like all the ways you can do it.

Like too much information, too much information. It’s overwhelming. Well and a lot of times what happens is when you go down that google rabbit hole, you end up going and picking basically somebody else’s home school, try to emulate somebody else’s home school and you’re like, okay, well they’re doing it that way, it’s working for them. So that must be the way to do it because we come from a system where there is only one way to settle in creating your own right. And so and that’s completely backwards.

It’s completely backwards to think about learning and growing as a human, as there’s only one way to do it. But we’re so trained into that thought process that when we start down that google rabbit hole we grasp onto the thing that looks like it must work because it worked for that family. We tried to emulate it at home and then everyone’s burnt out, miserable and ready to go back to school within because you built for someone else, you always have to start with what you want. And this is the this is that really really hard part.

When you’re getting started homeschooling you have to slow down to speed up right? I feel like that’s the hardest thing to do in life for most people. So you really do you need to slow down, you need to take time to figure out what it is that you want for your family, what you want your family life to look like, what it is, you really want for your kids to get out of school. And most people when they start this journey and they’re coming out of traditional school, their answer is usually something like well I want them to learn what they need to learn so they can do the next thing or I want them to but when you go under that because that’s what we’re told, we need them to do right, and it’s like okay, so they learn everything they need to learn in high school, we’ve seen what happens, let’s say they go on to college, then they’re accruing debt, then they get out of college and how many of our have zero jobs and a whole lot of debt and no idea what they want to do.

So it’s like if we keep going down, yep, no, totally, there’s so many of us who can’t buy a house is like there’s so many people in this generation right now who can’t buy a home because their student loans will prevent them from doing that, they’re just gonna keep working. It’s just such a vicious cycle. So when we we go into home schooling and we’re still, even if we’re ready to break the chains of the system, but we still have that mindset of what we have to get them to the next thing and that next thing is college or something like that, we’re still gonna play into that same game and you’re completely missing the really beautiful part of home school due to slow down and figure out what it is that you want and what you want your kids to leave your home with.

I know Katie has done this, but I have a system mission, a family mission statement system. I don’t know if you’ve done it yet Emily. Um but we talk a lot about what it is that you want your family to be and to do when they leave your home, when your kids leave your home. What is something, what are the things that you would feel like you failed as a parent if they left your home and they didn’t know or weren’t this kind of thing? That’s what you should build your home school from.

What is it that you want your Children to be in this world? Do you want them to be kind? Do you want them to be fighters? Do you want them to be entrepreneurs? Do you want them to be able to articulate an argument? You know, their perspective, whatever it is that’s important to your family? You have to get clear on that first before you pick any curriculum. Before you pick any method, before you get started, get really clear about what matters most your family, what you want.

Then you build a home school that gets you there, if you’re doing anything but that you’re gonna end up burnt out and and missing out on a lot of the beauty that home school has to offer and you’re missing the opportunity for them to become who they’re really meant to be and for your family. For family life, not to be something you’re getting through until they’re older. But something you all get to thrive in together right now in the moment, having a family can be the best growing experience, the most fun you’ve ever had.

As long as it’s your family and you guys are working towards what you love and what you’re passionate about. When we try to, when we spend our whole family life trying to fit into or cater to a system that wasn’t built for us. That’s where we have burnout. That’s where we have uh poor relationships between kids and parents, that’s where we have poor sibling relationships, um mental health issues, there’s a lot of stuff. And now I went off on a tangent, sorry, but google rabbit hole, just slow down.

Don’t do that yet, decide what it is that you want first. I mean, and to speak to that point, like Ali said, my son was already older when I found her. And so um we took on d schooling like full force ahead and like most of the people that I was seeing in these group chats with Ali, you know, on our marco Polo talks and stuff, it was like this unlearning of stuff and we were like, that was the easiest part for us. And I always remember telling Alley that like that was the easiest purpose, which was normally the hardest part for everyone else because we just like my son, you know, was already a teenager at the point that we made this decision and my greatest fear is like what Ali just spoke to is like when all of a sudden done and you reach these, um, you know, benchmarks in life, you know, you’re 18, you’re out of school, you’re, you know, graduated high school and stuff.

Like I don’t want my son to leave and never come home. I want us to have this like super tight close family bond. And so the schooling was actually the easiest part for us and, and I wasn’t afraid to work out the kinks of what works and what doesn’t because Ali also made it really clear and apparent to me that you have the freedom to say like, okay, let’s try this. Oh, that didn’t work okay. Like let’s try it this way. I never, I mean not never.

I mean I had moments where I was like, oh my gosh, am I even doing this right? Am I totally feeling? But I would also sit back and think 2020 was like the best year to go to home school because like if you’re ever gonna hold yourself like, you know these markers compared to traditional public school and home school, like you had a free pass like because no one is getting super insanely great, high quality education. Um you, you definitely were able to, I 100% feel like coming out of 2020 like we have the education here, I, every parent I know is doing their kids zoom schoolwork and stuff like and we weren’t doing that.

So my husband, I will still say like, I think he’s coming out of this with a better education that he would have if he stayed on june and he had no interest in in doing this distance learning. I mean, I hate to even call learning because there was no learning involved, it was just these arbitrary rules and markers, you know, to just say you completed something. But um, I think like to give yourself grace like 2020 was like the way to start anything going into 2021, we don’t 2021, school year, we don’t know like what that’s gonna look like.

We don’t know in the fall if they’re gonna just like pull it all back and and still have partial zoom classes and all this stuff. Like I still think there’s a lot of grace to be had to like still jump in, just get started. Like that’s my best advice. Just go for it. You don’t have to have all the answers. You don’t have to have this like beautiful plan and curriculum. Like figure it out because guess what? Even if you have the best laid plans, it could all go to crap tomorrow and you have to like adjust pivot, move on and figure out what works.

And we have conversations yesterday we had a really good conversation about what you know what the future looks like. It’s school is important. Yes. The content you learn is important. But more importantly it’s like what does applied effort look like? What does your future look like? What does having responsibilities and deadlines and being responsible and time management. All of those things like life skills are so much more important than like Ali said just this compulsory like learning like oh we’re all the same age, we must be in the same grade and we must, you know like hit all these marks.

So it’s just been awesome. It’s been really great. God you thought of home schooling before 2020. Yeah. My husband was a public school teacher and even when we had our son, we talked about home school, um, mostly because he was vaccine injured. And so we knew we were going to hit this moment where they would say you can’t stay or you’re out of compliance or um, so we, we actually discussed it for so many years. Um, and then when we relocated to Orange County, we weren’t sure we were going to get into the school.

We wanted him to be in the public school and we weren’t sure if private sector was going to be affordable, Um, or even an option for us. And so it was something that had definitely been on our hearts and our minds for so many years. And then 2020 was just like forced our hand and we were like, oh you want two weeks, you want two weeks to be closed. Like we just knew at that point we were like, okay, here we go. And it just like, and then ali came into my life and it just was all like, so meant to be well.

And I feel like to a lot of um, a lot of families, when they actually were watching the teaching going on, they realized that they were, when they were doing homework at home after school and when they’re doing all these things, they were already doing the bulk of the teaching. And I think, and that is not to knock teachers at all. I talk to you. Um, our teachers are some of the hardest, you know, I know there’s exceptions to every rule, but our teachers, our some of our people, the system is created in a way where even if you have a teacher with the most benevolent heart, who is willing to work as hard as they possibly can, um who wants the best for every one of their kids, They’re not able to make that happen, that’s not the system and how the system is created.

And I think my parents that I’m hearing from saw for the first time that they were fully capable and we’re probably already doing the bulk of the teaching through homework at home. Uh, so that was just like another side that people, um people were finally realizing that maybe they weren’t really thinking about what was happening during those eight hours a day. Now they got to see and they’re like, wait a minute, I want to send my child and most, most parents, if you didn’t come from an education, you know, career background, most parents don’t know the studies about homework, you know, like it doesn’t actually affect your child’s learning and growth and things like that.

It’s like really the studies point to when you get out of school, you should just go be a kid and yet our kids were stacked with hours and hours of homework. You know just well in considering how much time it takes to home school. If you were doing hours of home homework, home school will be less work for you. It really is, it really is, yeah, it takes a lot less time to home school than it does to do the homework they send home. 100%. Yeah, I love it.

So you kind of laid your foundation of what kind of goals you wanted out of home schooling, What does a typical day look like? Or is it totally varying for al or me? For you? Oh my gosh, well we um we kind of subscribed to, we try to stick to a four day school week. Um, but sometimes it’s five and sometimes it’s three and like that freedom is awesome. And so Ding, Ding, Ding! Freedom. Yeah. Well get up. We have a very, I would say, I wouldn’t say like a very loose calendar, but like Ali taught me to like if you make this calendar, it cannot be like the bible to you.

Like it has to be flexible. And so there have been days where we stick to it and we get up, have breakfast, clean up, make our beds, like do chores and then kind of get started going to walk, skateboard, whatever, do schoolwork. And then sometimes like the first subject like math, it’s just like, and we use a program for math. Like I’m not teaching algebra one, we used to think well and it’s been awesome and we watched the videos and work on it and sometimes it’s beyond my scope and sometimes my son just flies right through and it’s great, and then if it’s beyond my scope and his, we wait until the weekend when his dad’s home, you know, like, so it works out of town like monday through friday.

Um, and then I think my favorite is doing, we’re doing us history right now and just like, I think that’s so important, especially coming off the heels of 2020 like we’ve just had a really good time digging into that. And then we use um charlotte mason for geography, which I was the worst geography student of all time and I’m like so much more excited about it probably than my son, but I’m like, you don’t understand these pictures, these stories, like this is amazing to learn geography this way, not just like a map and here you go.

So it’s like a loose schedule but also really like involved with having conversations with each other because I would rather him be able to be in a group setting and converse with others and really know what he’s talking about then just like I did this lesson and I forgot everything the next morning. Yeah because if learning is not authentic, if you don’t have something to make, I mean if you just understand how our brains work, this is one of the things that drives me bananas about credentialing programs in general, they spend no time teaching teachers how learning happens in the brain, which we actually know about.

But in order to take something from short term memory to long term memory it has to have a connection to something else. There has to be some kind of connection to pull it into that next part of your brain. And the way we teach so often is very, you know, for a test for, you know, you’re doing this for an accolade or exactly and it’s not authentically connected to anything. So of course it’s not making it to long term memory, it’s making it to long term memory for kids who are getting a lot of reinforcement at home.

But that’s just furthering the divide. It’s crazy. I also love that you pointed out that that’s not the bible, right? Nothing. Everything we use in homeschool curriculum schedules, all of that, their tools and they cannot be in charge. The only thing that needs to be in charge when you’re home schooling is your relationship with your child and making sure that they are growing every day and the second that the curriculum or your schedule becomes more important than that you’re, you’re going in the wrong direction. We have to pivot like there are days I mean especially with, I mean it was like lockdowns and then we moved and you know we had days where it’s just like, you know what close the box, let’s just go on a bike grade or let’s you know go get an ice cream or something, you know like or didn’t you guys tile your entire house and still think school one week.

Yeah, a lot of projects. Yeah. We’ve done a lot of pride. I was like we were talking and I’m pretty sure he told ali like I just packed the home school card like we have two weeks till our movers come. But I just packed the home school card because it just was crazy. We had like construction workers in our house and stuff and it was like, but guess what, We didn’t like not learn during those two weeks, we just learned things that weren’t out of a textbook, so it was like plumbing a toilet and like how to light the gas BBQ and grill and um I think we did, oh my gosh, I think my husband did some other like woodworking stuff with him or whatever because he happened to be helped.

But yeah, like to me he was still learning and I didn’t feel guilty about packing the homeschool card before we moved for two weeks because it was like okay like we’ll make it up. It doesn’t it just it’s not that it doesn’t matter, it just didn’t matter in those two weeks. Like it just wasn’t the end of the world to us. Isn’t that so freeing though to know that you can rest in the moment knowing how much he’s learned because think about how many adults we know or even if you went to college, like how many kids couldn’t figure out how to do their own laundry, but you know, and like so many adults are afraid to call a contractor because they don’t know how to talk to a contractor or manage a contractor or you know deal with, We had a we had a plumbing leak from our upstairs toilet down in our downstairs toilet and my husband’s first thought after we figured out what was going on was to open the wall and show the kids so we could teach them now when they have that happen, but when they have that happen in their own house or when they’re renting somewhere or something like that, they’re not going to be worried, they’re not gonna get taken by somebody who you know is knows they don’t know what they’re talking about, right?

Those life skills are so crucial, so crucial and so beneficial. So we just had that conversation last night about, like I said before, you know, yes, the content of what you’re learning is going to be important in, you know, probably more important in social settings and professional unless like he wanted to be a mathematician or you know, a doctor or something, which he doesn’t show any interest in. But I said the life skills, you know, like these things are so much more valuable than, than were were actually telling Children in public school.

It’s just like accolades, you know, like four point or high. I mean when I was in high school, four point I thought was the highest and now it’s like you can get up to like five point I think you can possible, but yeah. Um, and and my son was an honor student and an athlete and even a week or two before I think the shutdown, he was being recognized at school and like that’s all great and stuff. We weren’t like, oh you better get this. Like we didn’t necessarily hanging on the wall either.

We just, you know, told him we love, you were proud of you. Like you definitely showed up and did what you were capable of doing. But it’s not the end all be all because I want him to go out into the world and the well spoken, well written, be able to put a resume together, be able to go sit an interview for a job and articulate, you know, his skills and what he brings to this company or whatever, you know. But so many more important things than, I don’t know, an A plus on your math test.

Like it just, it all just started to really fall into place and like I said, 2020 really like showed its cards and we’re like, yeah, here we go. Did you already know? Kind of your son’s strong points I guess? Or is that something you’ve figured out more? Yes. I mean like I said, he was in all honors classes so he was capable of doing, you know, all the subjects, a fairly higher degree as far as public school is concerned. But he, yes, I know. He’s always been a great reader, he’s always read way above his level.

Um So we wanted to encourage that writing language arts was always like really high for him. Math always came pretty easy to him, But it’s one of those things, it’s like, yeah, it comes easy to him, but he’s not like pumped to necessarily do a ton of math. Um but the things that we found out in home school like just having conversations and you know, he’s getting older, he just turned 14 in March and he’s like, I want to look into welding and I want to look into um aeronautical mechanics and things like that.

So we were like, whoa, like that’s really cool that those are not things that he would get I think in traditional public school because they’ve also taken away all those trades. So right now we’re kind of looking into um there’s actually a great Nasa intern program out where we live. So we’re looking and I’ve met multiple people who work there and so we’re looking into that, we’re looking into welding classes through the junior college out here so we can get dual credit. Um So even though we knew his strength to be discovered interests beyond strength, I love that.

But also the whole um grades thing I think is something to talk about and I don’t remember if we talked about this last time but we don’t. Yeah. Yeah. Please don’t. Please don’t. You might need the upgrade script if you’re going to go that route, you might need them for a transcript in home schooling and there’s lots of resources on how to manage that. You can always reach out to me, I’ll help you. But um when you think about even the concept of grades, we let kids keep going if they get a d if they get to see which left.

But in theory that means in theory what that should mean is that the child only learned a percentage of what they were supposed to learn or technically would need to learn to be successful at the next level but we keep moving forward. And um, so grades have always been a really strange concept to me because there was also like a lot of uh ridicule when I was teaching in the classroom, if a kiddo didn’t do well, and I knew they needed that concept to be successful next time we sat and we did until we learned it and got it right, which is what happens in home schooling and homeschooling looking at the grades because we’re like, okay, you got 10 out of the 20 wrong, that means we need to stop and go back and figure out what concept we didn’t master and work on that because the goal, if, if it was worth our time to learn in the first place, it’s worth our time to fully learn.

That whole conversation started last night, we had to revisit the section in math that he previously did because he got, I mean maybe he was rushing or whatever, maybe he really didn’t understand it, but that was the whole point was like, don’t accept the mediocre. Like let’s revisit it, let’s rewatch the lecture. Take new notes, reread your old notes and see where there’s like a disconnect. But yeah, that to me and that was a conversation about homeschool last night. He said this is a beautiful thing. And I told my husband this morning on the phone catching him up.

I said this is the beautiful thing is like if you went to your teacher, maybe if he had you allie like he would be like, oh my gosh, my teacher is going to work with me. It looks like extra on this. But most teachers would be like, oh my gosh, I have to get you know, X, Y and Z done before the end of the year and I don’t have time to go and revisit this. So I said, you have this beautiful opportunity to really understand and learn what you’re supposed to be learning and to master it and then move on to the next thing.

Because how are you going to be successful at the next part if you don’t understand, especially in math? You know, like things like that, where it really is relevant to the next point, like every time you keep moving forward. Yeah, Well, and if, like I said, if it’s worth learning, if it’s something of value, you want to learn it well, um and I think, you know, when we look at adulthood right now, or even if we look into the future, we have no idea what jobs are kids are going to have, that everything is changing so quickly.

We cannot train our kids right now for every job that they’re going to have in the coming year. Plans No idea. But if we can teach them that grit and that fortitude and that if something is worth it to them, how to go about um working through those tough moments and not just well, I got to see I’m going to move on, but okay, instead of looking at as looking at it as a c looking at, okay, well, okay, I obviously didn’t get that. I’m going to try a different tactic and teaching them the skills um sets them up for success because we have no idea what they’re going to need to learn in the future, but they are going to need to learn because there’s going to be different jobs than there are now.

Absolutely, yeah. If we’ve learned anything from the past year, it’s plans are a funny thing, like hunters, definitely. My son has definitely learned that it’s like plans are cool to set out and then if they change, you learn to adjust and move forward, yep, adapt and overcome. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, awesome. Oh, who’s that? Oh sorry what, sorry. I was hoping two doors away you wouldn’t be able to hear. Sorry about getting molars is rough. Uh But he’s been nursing all day. He’s okay with daddy for a little bit.

I promise. Hopefully you’re getting some sleep. Sure. Okay, let’s sleep. What our plans? Let’s sleep good. It’s just a short period of time. Yes, it’s fleeting. No one looks back and was like, remember when they were teething? Exactly. Oh good. Yeah. Sweet. Okay. Well what’s next? What have we got next to me? Do you have any questions? I can’t even see you. He has this bright light right across from me in my face. Uh I guess my question would be for ali when you get a client, do you do any sort of, I don’t know.

This is probably my own d schooling that I still need to do. But do you do like a test to sort of see like where the child is at or how do you know how to proceed? I guess such a good question. Um I don’t start with the kids. Um I well here’s the thing. So when we get to the place where it’s time to start choosing curriculum and things like that. Um When when you start looking at home school curriculum, what you’ll notice is they don’t go by grade level, You’re not gonna put in my child descended and needs this thing that’s not gonna happen and it shouldn’t happen that way.

That is preposterous. Like when we think about, I would never see a book for a 33 year old and say a 33 year old needs to be sleeping this much, eating this way, doing this, that that’s ridiculous. So um when you start looking at home school curriculum, it’s always by level. And what you need to do, when you’re trying to pinpoint what you need is they all will have what you need to know before this level or they’ll have like a quiz um to help place you and what we need to do is shift in our minds to what does my child No. Um And then what’s next?

Right. And so um yes, when it comes time for choosing curriculum, you will look at that based on the curriculum you’ve chosen and based on your unique child. Um But that’s definitely not where I start at all. Um I always start with what is what is the, what is it that you really want out of homeschooling? Um And what is it your what’s your vision for your family? Then we go into methodology and really identifying the tool, the route you’re going to take for your homeschooling journey.

Um And from there we we start choosing curriculum after we’ve also identified learning styles. So that’s another thing I do before we ever get to what we’re actually going to use, what tools we’re going to use for our child, because that’s what you’re asking about ultimately. Right? When you ask about testing them, you’re like, okay, that test should tell me where I start, What tool I use is kind of what we ultimately get to write. Um but we need to know how our child learns. We also need to know how we learn as adults because when we’re working with our Children, this is something I see all the time.

Um when a parent and a child are struggling, so if you’re doing homework with your kid right now and you say, oh my goodness, we fight. Every time everyone gets frustrated, we always have tears. This is usually the reason why. The way we teach, the way we share information is the way we personally learn. So if our child has a different learning style than we do, and you have like a child who is a visual learner, but you’re an auditory learner. When you’re sitting down to talk about multiplication, you are telling them everything about multiplication, you’re telling them everything, you know, you’re giving them every kind of verbal cue about how multiplication happens.

And in their brain their like cannot compute these words right, because they need to see something. So there’s so much work to do before you get there. Also, to be perfectly frank, most testing is not accurate. Um kids have test anxiety. Um there’s a lot of barriers to testing depending on age or language background, but like if you have a child who is a new reader and the instructions have words that they don’t quite know and then there’s making guesses. Is that a real test of their intelligence or what level There are no, absolutely not.

But having a conversation with your child, reading with them, that’s also why we do this, the schooling phase first, right, spending time reading books together, having conversations together, um doing activities, trying things. I always recommend that people get a big piece of paper, like a poster board and put it somewhere central in the house and together as a family come up with a list of all the things that you want to learn about and mom and dad need to get in on this too because if we’re not modeling how you can learn gauge and learning and love learning, our kids aren’t going to do it either.

Um, so you got a good one. Doesn’t that help so much? It’s transformative, this, this process. So I’m working with the parents and the thing I have them do with their kids during this time is get this big piece of paper and everybody writes down something they want to learn. Now. One of two things happens with the kids depending on how long they’ve been in traditional school. Either they jump in and they start pouring ideas out or they completely clam up. There is no way And sometimes the clam up is usually is accompanied with tears.

They’re terrified because they don’t know the answer. What is the answer you want from me is a lot of times what’s coming from our kids who are coming from traditional school, They’re like, wait, what do you want me to say? Like you want, you’re asking me what I want to learn, what do you want me to tell you? And they can’t come up with something or you have kids who are like, I’m not gonna do that because if I tell you something that I’m gonna have to do a lot of work to justify it.

So if your kiddo is in that phase, if they’re like not wanting to pour out anything on to this place, this paper, that’s totally fine, you do it and whatever. Kiddo is willing to put stuff on there, go for it and then set a time where you and your family are going to dive deep into one of these things and it doesn’t mean buying a bunch of material. It doesn’t mean getting curriculum. If you put something on there, like I want to learn how to make pasta, then watch a Youtube video together, you know nothing from the library and start making pay a together.

Make it fun, throw some some music from Spain on and making an adventure all together as a family. When you do that consistently over time, the kids who may be more reluctant, we’ll start to come up with things to add to the poster. This is how we start the real de schooling process in practice and that is more important and we’ll give you more relevant data on what you want to be using for curriculum and tools later on than any test ever. Well because when you guys are working together, when you’re reading stories and asking them about the stories and having conversations about these things, when they decide they want to make pan, you have to make the grocery list and you go and have to add up how much things cost and whether you have enough money, you’re going to pick up on so much more of what they know and what they don’t know, you’re also going to pick up on the things that are triggering frustration or worry, the things that they have apathy towards so much comes out and that is going to be the most effective tool that you have.

Um I always tell parents, you have to take on the position of being an objective observer. So instead of telling me because parents always start telling the story of how rough it is to do school together, like how hard it is to do homework will never be able to do this. We always fight with him work. That has nothing to do with home school as a completely separate situation. You’re exhausted at the end of the day, you’re doing something that’s been given by somebody else. You’re communicating on different planes, it’s a mess.

Um But when you start engaging and learning together, you’re going to build up that bond and you’re gonna get all the information you need. I hope that was helpful. Yeah. It reminds me how brad is on, that taught me how to make rice just like two years ago. I love it. I love that. That’s awesome. My husband couldn’t cook anything before we met. Like literally he would put salmon in like a toaster oven and call it like a meal. Um He couldn’t make spaghetti, like this is my meal that I could make.

Um And now he’s a better chef than I am. Like everybody prefers his cooking. He’s so good. Um So if you just you never know what’s gonna unlock something in your kids and these are memories you’re making for like your husband for that matter. That’s true and hey that worked out really well for me. You know, I think, I think ali like what you’re saying speaks to the quote of like expectations are down payment for resentment right? Like and that’s never been true than with our Children.

It’s like you have these beautiful little babies and then you, I don’t know what happened like a long way but you start to build all these expectations. But if you can just let that go and just let them be who they are. Like every little thing becomes like an opportunity. I see like any little thing that hunter shows interest in whether it’s cooking or you know, he got really into building custom scooters and skateboards and he would, you know, order all these like pal peralta decks and like boards and trucks and stuff and just start putting them together and he would save his money and recycle cans and go do stuff and save this money and he’s got super into and he’s like, I want to, I want to work, I’m gonna do this someday, like I’m gonna go work for the vault in L. A. I’m like, oh dear God, please not a lot, but they’re totally, you know, and so just like any little thing and now he knows he makes the best eggs of everybody in the house and you know, just like if you can just like let go of all the expectations, you’ll never be disappointed because you’ll see this like really true beauty in them discovering themselves.

Instead of like this antiquated notion of like my kids going to grow up and be a lawyer or a doctor. You know, it’s like, just let them be who they are. So just letting go of the expectations and seeing like the real beauty like you just said and every little tiny thing that they do uh a little grocery store, you know, like I I try to get 100 to go with me on as many like outings errands like as I can because you just see so many things where you just end up having a conversation in the car and they tell you something random and silly to them, it’s just something little in whatever to me.

It’s like everything. I’m like, yeah, tell me more. I want to hear all of it, wow. Making a big deal because then he’ll be like, mom, I love it. And also like there are states where you don’t even have to go to law school to become a lawyer. So you know, there’s every way to gag California. But it’s so funny because like I think we also associate like this idea of going through the system as the only path to certain things and that’s not true. That is not true at all.

Um I think I think we’ve been we just have gotten so myopic in our view of like the one way to get somewhere, but internships like you’re looking at and I would say most of my high schoolers are at least doing an internship if not have a job or have started a business. Uh that experience, I mean right now the companies are starving for people who have experience when they get out of school because all the knowledge from the schools, the colleges is not necessarily enough to be a productive worker in building.

Um So I just want to like if any parent was like, oh no my kid really wants to be a lawyer. So I guess I have to stick with. No you don’t. You don’t. There’s a million ways to get to everything. Um And aside from maybe medical school, but you know. Nd nd is better car pack. Let’s not go that route. Just kidding. You want to and also just really want to be a lawyer or do you want them to be a lawyer And you’ve been like spoon feeding them that their whole lives, you know?

So it’s just yeah, it’s this weird. I guess that’s part of the schooling for the parent process. It was like, well my expectations have always just been be kind be good, be productive citizen like just be your best self. Like whatever that looks like career wise, I will help you achieve that the best way I can. But I have no expectations of what your career looks like. How does he know? I mean I didn’t figure it out. I don’t I think I’ll probably change my career five more times before my best.

Well we change all the time right? I hope I hope I go back and figure out another trade or five more like growth right? The more you go, the more you change and hopefully the minutes you’re just you know, I don’t know. You’re like a smorgasbord of knowledge. Absolutely. Well what’s that quote that when you stop learning you might as well stop living like you’re dead. Yeah. Well you’re stagnant right? And that’s that. But that’s that’s and that’s where we talked about it recently. But what happened to the adventure or the the, the seeking of adventure or the want for adventure?

The desire for adventure in our lives, right? It’s, it’s been replaced by fear and wanting to protect ourselves, right? And we have a saying that if you’re, if you’re afraid to die, you’re afraid to live. So just be, I mean, because then all you’re really doing is just trying to mitigate death on some level and that’s not living right now. You’re just trying to like prevent things from happening to you. And is that any fun? No man, throw, throw caution to the wind, you know what I mean?

Have some adventure, do something that you don’t know what the outcome is going to be. You know what I mean? Because that’s when you learn, there’s quotes like at the end of my life, like I want to be like an old beat up jalopy car like well like burned down to the rubber like resting out like used up every part of it. Like I don’t want to be this shiny new car that just, You know, I got put on a lot. Like I want to use up every part of me.

But like our parents generation was like, you get a career to stay in it for 50 years, you know, and, and we’re not there anymore, but we’re also not teaching the youth that that’s okay to change your mind. Like my husband, I both went to college and graduated for two completely different things and, and then change careers, You know, in our 20s and 30s and I think that we also need to be sharing that knowledge with them that like get started. But that doesn’t mean you’re like dialed in and locked in until the day you die.

I will retire. Like feel free to go for it. Change explored again, expect out of exploration and that jumping off that proverbial cliff, you know what I mean? It’s more of a curb and it’s just another learning curb. It’s not, you’re not gonna die, you’re not going to be destroyed. Although the ego would love to convince you of that. You know, fear just fear. Fear. Fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, fear brad is like I would say self school, is that what you had identified with me? And I was totally like in the system.

Yeah, I got a bachelor’s and I would do it all over again broadway. Yeah. Hunger leave. I left that. Yeah. Well yeah, I was just kind of, it is I think it’s a better way for sure. I mean it but again when when you teach yourself everything going through what I mean is uh there’s you get this confidence that there isn’t anything that you can’t learn. So if there isn’t anything that you can’t learn well then there isn’t any time you’re ever stuck, never too late to learn it. Absolutely.

And all the time and it’s like exercising that that learning muscle, you know what I mean? And again for me it’s the adventure. I really enjoy doing things that are hard and that I don’t know how to do um because it’s that that excitement you get from learning something especially something that’s hard, you know what I mean? And I don’t mean regurgitating information in any way because that’s not something I’ve ever liked doing. I like understanding concepts of things and I like understanding how to apply certain things into the world because those are always been the things that have been you utilitarian to me, things that mattered to me, right?

And how do I become a successful you know, person, people not a person because that is a actually franchise of any way. We can get into all that stuff later. But people as a free peoples as a free peoples, right? It’s Yeah. So. So Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Back to what Emily was saying is that You can go and you can spend $30 $50,000 on your education. And Again I I quit school when I was like 15 years old and and I went I was back I had to go get my g or sorry my my diploma, but I went to a charter school so I was able to graduate.

I got I finished my last year and a half of high school in like three months, right? Because again, once it’s all can well again, once it’s all condensed into like what the information is, and And then I was actually excited to do it because I was like, Okay now, because to me school was always just especially by that time I was like 13, I was just bored out of my gourd with school, it was so much busywork. Yeah, exactly. When I was little, I remember being very young when I was learning to read and stuff and being absolutely in love with school, I was I was so excited to learn all the time and stuff, but then it just became like so repetitive and like, and I at a really young age, right?

And then I just wanted to go to school for the social aspect of it, right? And then sports kept me in for a while, and then once the sports ended I was just like I kind of lost interest in playing ball and I just wanted to kind of you know smoke pot and hang out with girls and stuff and then I was just like man I’ll get a job and I’ll just start teaching myself things, you know what I mean? That’s how it started and that’s still where we are, you know what I mean?

And I’ve had a level of success. It’s kind of crazy you know what I mean? Especially for something like that, a poor freaking kid from the ranch you know what I mean? Like um. Yeah yeah I know dad all that good stuff right? Whatever right? And it’s just and that’s for me it’s just been more about the adventure of life and throwing caution to the wind. Um And that’s what I would like to if there if if we can have all you everybody’s help here um how do we instill that back and you know, and this is a step towards it, right?

But if you guys could both kind of answer to this question, but what do you think is how what’s maybe an actionable step that somebody can do in their everyday life? That would say, ok, you know, let’s how is how are we gonna put the inspiration of adventure and of learning and self learning and and know you figure it out kind of thing, you know, and building that self confidence, because man, I’ll tell you that’s been my saving grace in my life, okay, about this, But I have a lot to say about a lot of this.

So I love this question, it’s such a good one. So, okay, when we think about why people as they get older ones they leave the system or while they’re in the system kids um don’t are so fearful to try new things. So fearful too fail, right? That’s the big thing. Well I can’t I don’t want to do that because I’ll mess it up. I’ll screw it up, I’ll fail. Why does that happen when you look at the system? Everything we are carrot and sticking everything from the very beginning.

Learning your letters, learning to read, passing the class, getting you know that everything is either you are working towards an inauthentic accolade, right? Like a letter grade which nobody cares about once you’re out in the working world ever asked you, right? No one asks you what did you get in U. S. History in ninth grade? I mean a great yeah. Um So you either are getting an inauthentic thing that no one cares about in a couple of years after this hard work or you’re in trouble. You failed.

It’s bad. So whenever we look at this idea of learning, we have been trained to either have it. Not really matter in the end if we work really hard or to get in trouble, if we mess up. So our ego, like you were talking about earlier, protects us and says, well okay, we better not try, stick with what we know because we’re either going to have to work really hard and not have it really matter or we’re going to fail and get in big big trouble. So our ego protects us so we don’t try new things.

So this is what you need to do. Actionable step is the same again for my family’s, even if you don’t have a family, even if you are not home schooling, If you’re a grandparent listening to this, whoever you are make three things that you are going to learn this month, you’re going to learn three new things, something something, learn how to make sour dough starter. Lernout, you something, anything that interested you that um you’re like, oh yeah, that would be cool, but you either like rolling it off the side like oh but it’s not worth my time or I’ll mess it up or it’s too much work, pick those three and honestly the ones that are most scary to you should be your top three and make a commitment to yourself, that you are going to learn them.

Get on Youtube, get online, go to the library, buy a kit there is, you can learn anything now, we have access to everything, So pick three things and get on it. You’ve got to re you’re gonna have to retrain your brain. That learning is not something dangerous, but it’s not something you’re going to get in trouble for that. It’s not and that it’s not something that has any meaning learning is one of it has the most meaning of anything else in the world. We have a garden growing right now and my kids know how to plant seeds and save seeds and take care of those plants.

The joy that you get from actually having something you’ve learned and worked on come to fruition and actually add value to your life is going to be far worth. Uh It’s gonna be worth far more than any pain or fear or worry that you may have in messing it up. By the way, I’ve totally messed up gardens like we planted everything and then like the squirrels ate at all, but we learn what to do about it. It’s okay. So make the commitment to yourself to pick three things and start retraining your brain and just know that your Ego is going to fight back hard because you have probably 12-18 years worth of training.

Um to be afraid to learn to believe that learning doesn’t really matter that it’s not truly value of value to you. So it’s going to take time to retrain your brain. But fight your ego, pick three things and go for it because the retraining is worth it. So worth it. Well said, well said now real quick before you go, I wanna interject here. So you said a lot of interesting things and it’s all based around finding information. And right now we are in the age of information, we’re in the information age.

This is World War Three that we’re in an information and uh we have so much information, right As the thing and and really what it is and this is a shout out to snoop dug my my buddy uh um and one of our business partners and stuff. But uh yeah he always says you know it doesn’t matter if you have the resources, are you resourceful, right? So there’s and you’ve got to be resourceful and you gotta learn like you’re saying right there, you know you’re gonna trip over and try and it’s like it’s hard and at first it is hard to kind of try and find out how to be resourceful.

But once you learn to be resourceful then you don’t want any other way. So that was just really really well put. Thank you. Thank you. Well and if that wasn’t what you just said was not a testament to homeschooling, I don’t know what else is because that is not happening in our system whether your private or public school, that opportunity to grow up with that knowledge, that self knowledge that being able to discern what is quality information, what isn’t and being willing to seek it out, that is nowhere else.

That if you want your kids to grow up that way your only solution is to is to show it, show them model it, do it yourself and home schooling. Yeah. Greatest testament to home schooling, life schooling. Self learning, whatever you want to tell you what we’re doing. Um Sorry go ahead Katie, I just had no sorry I completely I completely agree with everything you said. I I think before we started home schooling and then homeschooling like makes you really take like a critical lens to your own life and my big thing I was a straight a student, four point oh suma cum a lot in college like and my biggest thing was not being allowed to make a mistake because like what ali was saying is, you know, you’re either performing at the best or you’re a loser right?

Like you’re a waste of time. And so that causes life paralysis that really screws with you as an adult to not like we were talking about earlier, like changing your career, like who wants to change your career? You’ve got a good thing, Why would you go out and and potentially fail at something new because you have this complete paralysis of like, well what if I’m not the best that happened to me? I spent a decade or more just miserable in a job and terrified to try something new and so making mistakes was not this welcome thing in my household because a mistake was like the end, I’ll be all right.

And so to me, I want to talk to my son, I do talk to my son really, honestly, really transparently openly. Um perfection is not real. Make mistakes while you’re young because that’s when it’s acceptable. You know, I mean you’re gonna make mistakes when you’re old, but like make like the mistakes mistakes when you’re young, you know, like you can have kind of like a cushion I guess. But also like, let’s talk to our kids, like your human beings, like let’s stop. It’s like they’re puppies. I just so over that and just being completely like honest transparent, show them your mistakes.

Like the best thing I’ve ever done is like, look my kid in the eye and and like, I totally have to up like I totally messed up, I did this wrong, like I’m gonna regroup, I’m gonna do this now. Like show them your fault. Because how else are they ever going to grow and take these risk and be even like, I think as parents, we all want our kids to be way better than we ever were. I would hope that’s what we all want for them. But like how are they ever going to do that if they just think like my parents were up here, they were perfect and I’m just down here and like I can’t, you know, do anything well enough.

So yeah, on some level I think kids like they know, I think on some level kids, you know like that you’re lying right? And I mean it’s even if it’s like you’re just being dishonest with yourself, even if it’s with yourself, like kids are smart and they like they pick up on things right? And even if it’s like they can’t even verbalize it when they’re really young, they’re just gonna learn to mimic what you do. Like kids are freaking amazing man, they’re little sponges are absolutely and their mirrors right?

And their little repeater bills dude like they will they will do act right and they start to say things like right? I know this is our first or whatever, but I got a lots of nieces and nephews right? And so I’ve and they will mimic you, you know what I mean? And so even even before words and stuff, they don’t know how to verbalize their feelings or their emotions but they’ll they’ll learn to hide them or they’ll learn to hide their mistakes like you’re saying. And then now now nobody is in a good position and nobody’s learning. Yeah.

Very well put yeah the amount of pain that is in that cycle that we are If we when we really think about it, when you’re modeling that, that there’s, you know, I’m not I don’t make mistakes. I don’t have bad days. I’m not gonna, you know, it’s not that we dump on our kids, but not being honest about that. That’s what creates that pain in the next the next generation mental health, right? Yes. I’m like, new parent There. I feel like so many new parents just assume everything they’re doing is 100% wrong.

There’s so much pain that so many parents carry around from the very beginning because they have that because they have no idea that their mom and dad were crying in the bathroom with the steam shower going, trying to figure out what to do next. Like the Yeah, if we can, if our honesty and our willingness to look at Children as whole people, um can help prevent them from pain. If we can start thinking of it that way, the next generation is going to be so much better off and again, it comes back to ego, Let your ego go as a parent, your kid and what they do should be their choice there. Actionable.

You know, efforts and decisions to get to where they’re at. Not like we need to stop with this whole keeping up with the joneses. Like jimmy’s going to Yale and like nancy is going to Harvard, like we need to stop with this because there’s so much more to enjoy about our kids. You know, like I’d rather be like, oh my kids wouldn’t, you know, on his bike ride home and saw some trash on the side of the road and picked it up and threw it away. Like that makes me so much happier than the latter.

I remember being in a mom’s group when my kids were really, really little and my kids are still a little bit like really little and all of them talking about what they’re like, oh johnny loves stacking blocks, I’m sure he’s going to be an engineer. I mean these conversations we have and I was thinking I thought something was wrong with me because when I picture my kids in the future, when people would ask me a question like that, I’m like, how would I know what they want, what they’ll be, who they’re going to become.

I’m here. I’m like, I’ll be here, I’ll be here, I want what he’s there for them and who they are and I’ll facilitate them in whatever direction. But we have got to change this conversation there, toys, they’re not puppies there, it’s not our choice. They are full whole human beings. Um and we’re here to facilitate and guide and support them in becoming their best version of themselves that they can be. Um Yeah, so in the testing like you’re saying and I think that that also kind of um some of the tests right?

But I’m just saying like now all you’re trying to do is you’re comparing now testing is comparing, so now you’re just trying to compare everybody and again it’s more of the put everybody in a little box. And so because I was diagnosed with all kinds of weird crap as a kid, you know what I mean? And just because I was different and if you’re different, I didn’t learn for sure, I just sitting there, you know what I mean? But like anyway, yeah, so that’s that’s another problem with all these weird different tests and who decides what that is.

Anyway, and again, again, I call me crazy, but I believe humans are very individualistic and and and they are I mean we have thumbprints that are all different and right now they’re trying to whitewash everything and make everything the same. And so so you can’t even but I think we should celebrate our differences. That’s what makes us so beautiful. That’s what makes us God. That’s the God in us, man. Yeah. Yeah. And that’s where we come up with the incredible ways to change the world and make it matter. Yeah.

And it’s sad again through the through the indoctrination system, right? Because we know it’s not an education system, through the through the indoctrination system. We have learned over generations what you were saying ali is to it’s to it’s to d trust not trust ourselves and now look at what’s going on in a massive, massive scale. Is this gaslighting where you have like the corporate media, this mainstream corporate media totally trying to tell you that what you’re seeing, you’re not actually seeing, you know what I mean? It’s like uh oh no, I understand.

It looks like that, but that’s not what you’re actually right. And so then people are like uh and then his parents, right? Especially, oh, you’re a bad parent, right? We’ll call cps and there’s all this stuff all the time where parents are, if you don’t do that, if you don’t inject your kid with this, well then they’re not gonna be able to school to school and we’ll come and we’ll arrest you. And this is real stuff, right? And so it’s just like there’s so much pressure for parents and like and again, we just need to step outside of the system that we’ve woke up inside of, we found ourselves inside of this um this control system um and and that’s why, you know, again, ali I love you and love you what you do and and and just to really create solutions because that’s what we need right?

Like now, and especially where you’re at, you’re out, you’re out in California, Are you in California to Katie? I probably missed that. Yeah. That places like Kami, for Nya, unfortunately, I feel like that’s everybody the answer right now is unfortunately right? When, like, just a couple of years ago, it was fortunately, right? Well, I mean, I don’t know when when was that? When did they pass the vax? Seven years ago. Okay. Yeah. I mean it was it just blows my mind To your . 2 is like, this country, it’s like we’re trying to preach all of our differences make us so great and they do the people who really believe that, really do believe that and are leaving it, but then you have public education where it’s like no, no your differences, No, they have no place here, like you have to fit in this box, so it’s just, it’s like you can’t have it both ways, you know, like type of thing, but even even the health care system is the same to your point.

That’s the same. Again, it’s it’s a blanket solution for everybody. Oh yeah, this one injection is good for all eight billion people on the planet. Get out of here with that and again, this is where the decentralization has to start, it is taking place, everything’s dismantling around us for for good reason and what we’re doing is we’re the alchemists, as we’re down here, we’re taking all this stuff and we’re just creating good things out of whatever, right? We just we don’t have a again, I know that you guys even more so than us here, but they’re kidnapping kids here too, you know what I mean?

I mean, you know you you pop on a false covid test whatever they’re going to take your baby, even though it just came out of your body. Very weird things, right? And Oregon Oregon just today was the first state to pass the law for vaccine passports, Right? So Oregon just passed today that businesses will be required to use that. I mean this is where we are. So we now need these solutions more than ever and we need no and an alley can attest this because I was in Orange County just until the last october a few months ago, but I would go speak at the board of supervisors, I would go at March at rallies and stuff and It was such a bummer because I felt like I was begging pleading with people come out, please, you agree, come out.

And they always have an excuse. And it was like, boom vaccine, passport hit Orange County. And then it was like, Oh my gosh, like 800 people showed up at the board of supervisors. He’s like, we needed those bodies a year ago. Like we really needed you back then. And it’s like you didn’t have time. It’s like, but if you would have shown up and it’s like, I’m glad you did. But it’s like, let this be a lesson that when it’s on your heart and it’s not important to you whether it’s school jobs, because we’re thinking about, we’re talking about school, home, school, public education, but it does affect the workforce and like moving forward and our kids aging out of school into real life and working and yeah, what does this all look like?

And we have these like, Capricious Leaders with these arbitrary mandates and that’s why again, that’s why we have to start our own. This is what here at the freedom people. That’s what we’re doing. I don’t know if you you know, okay, but you know how he knows we have a job board and we have a business directory. We’ve got a social platform. You love it so much. I’m so excited. Thank you. Thank you. And and and now, I mean again, and this is this is something we really want to start to integrate.

Is these resources, we’re gonna put, you know, allie stuff on our page and all these because again, we have to create a counter economy now and we have to we have to create something for ourselves, because here’s what I’m gonna do. I know with my child is I’m going to teach her to be a productive human being outside, because I again, because I’m self taught and I’d never fit into anything, I’m the circle that everybody keeps trying to put in a box and it never really worked.

So what did that make me, It forced me to be resourceful one. Um Right, and so now that I’m now that I’m resourceful, and this is again this is where we just have to sort sort of like create this for ourselves. I digress there a little bit, but this is what we have to do, we have to create this now, because if we don’t, what is the what is the alternative are we just gonna say, oh okay, yeah, fine. I’ll say for for my my daughter to get a job, who wants a job anyway, jobs suck.

But in order for my daughter to get a job, she has to be injected with some weird experimental thing that Fauci says so get the oh my goodness. Yeah. And that goes back to the point of what allie said earlier was like what do we want to like what’s a big point that we you know, want to teach in home school and stuff? It’s like critical thinking. That was Uh after school thing that I could take for like 30 minutes a day after a critical thinking class. And I took it and I’m so thankful I did.

I thought it was kind of ridiculous at the point because I had an amazing dad and he already like was instilling those things to me. But I was like ok, I’ll take it because it was cool to hear how people thought differently than you and then how to have conversations about. But like we are getting rid of critical thinking like we’re indoctrinating Children because we don’t want them to think critical. And there’s already enough adults who don’t think critically as it is, which is why we’re in this position, why everybody was just like, here’s my freedoms.

Like please take them. Like please take my freedoms for my Children like with school. So That’s a huge one. Well, so you guys, there’s a couple other things that you may not know about that are happening in California and there’s something I want to say about it. But one thing is the Teachers Union here just removed empirical evidence review from scientific method and put in consensus. So no longer part of the scientific method being taught in California, that you need to review empirical evidence. It is consensus.

We also and sending people I know we’ll be sending people door to door to check on their vaccine status and encourage them if they’re vaccine hesitant. It’s insane what’s happening. But here’s the thing for everyone. That’s not the way this happened. The way this has happened. It’s been a very long play and a huge part of it is our school system. But the way this has happened is because every time something happened in the last decade, 15 years, people would say the same thing that stinks. But I can live with it.

It’s not that I hate that response so much. It just every little thing you could live with was a giant leap for them to get us to the place where our freedoms, our choices being made. I the calls I am getting right now from families here in California who are in a position now where they have to figure out how they’re going to either feed their family or like they can’t, they needed school for child care, they needed that to be able to feed their families and now it’s like, okay, do I inject my child with something that put them in the hospital last time?

Or do I feed my kids? That is where we are in California and we’re there because people were okay with this, it’s not that bad. I can live with it. So if you’re anywhere else or if you’re in California and you think you can live with the charter bill that’s coming up a built like if you think you can live with what the board of supervisors in your city, in texas or Idaho or anywhere else is doing, if you have that feeling like it’s bad, but I can live with it.

Stop right there and get your butt down to whoever is doing that thing and stop them now because that stuff steamrolls. Um, and we have to stop hearing about and people will like you or not because you speak out, just stop with that. Like just like your community join, join the freedom, you’re going to be hated no matter what by somebody trust me, why can’t it be the opposite? Like see what amazing things Katie’s doing, how much better her son is doing be like, I want to, Yeah, you’re right.

I completely agree. You’re so right. We need to change that whole dialogue and conception of, uh, yeah. But I know too many people who are totally like Alley just said and they will say it verbatim. Like I just live in my bubble. I’m okay because they don’t have a vaccine in your child. And so it doesn’t affect them directly. And so they don’t care. But yeah, that opens another congress. You’re right. I’m sorry. I’m like, we went negative. It’s a dark place here over here right now Guys.

I didn’t know that today, but if you have any inclination, if there’s anything about the school system that doesn’t sit right with you jump off what you think is the click. I love what brad always says you think is the cliff, but it’s just a curb and go for it because the blessings the magic that comes on the other side of freeing yourself from that and leaning into the beautiful person that you have in your life, in your home, um, that you get the pleasure and the joy of growing with, um, is going too far outweigh anything you could be concerned about missing from that system.

I guarantee it. I’ve worked with hundreds of families. I have seen nothing but miracles on the other side, nothing but miracles. It’s amazing. So, um, yeah, so that aside, if you, if you have any inclination, please take a leap, you can always make a change later, but you won’t, you’ll stay. I know you will, that’s like behind the chair. I have families are like, how did you get started? Of course. I always say, oh, you gotta look at valley and you hooked up with her. But I always say, what’s the worst thing that can happen?

You try it and you really legitimately or like, this is the worst possible thing. Okay, so you go back to public school, but I don’t think that’s gonna be the case. I mean, I get it kids and even my son’s like, like a public school goes back, like he’s really kind of like dipping his toe, like kind of curious about it and I’m like, yeah, but tomorrow, like today there’s like a new thing, like I’m out in California, so you just seem to build out his community more.

That’s, that is a cornerstone of home schooling, you have to plug into your community, you’re not going to be, so you’re not going to find the same kind of success in home schooling. The joy in home schooling without a community, you’ve gotta plug in. Um And I think what you guys are creating and bringing people together is, is such a gift because that um yeah, without community, it’s, it’s kind of a bummer. So if your kid is leaning back, it’s usually because they’re creating community, but a lot of what’s created in traditional school is not very authentic community, right?

Like you’re joined together because of your age, not because of, you know, music. Yeah. So yeah, don’t forget community, don’t underestimate that when when you’re doing your white posterboard work on building your community, you’ll get to curriculum later. Well, you know, and just on that, like, so really, that’s where it all starts as we segment everything by age. How can we stop ageism? You know, maybe we should start a big huge campaign stop ages. Um, right, I mean, you know, everything else is under attack because I mean, seriously, it’s like I know myself, I was always much more mature than my my peers, right?

I I just was. And so that that brings up a really interesting point about is there a way, I don’t know. But again, and this is where I just kind of taking away all these these social, like, you know, beliefs that are just so ingrained into us and, and beliefs in general. Um, it’s gonna take some work, but it’s, again, these conversations I think are a big, big part of it. Go ahead holly. The research though, supports multi age learning. Um, well of course it was God’s the theory and it’s it’s funny because I learned about that first when I was in my teacher credentialing program, I learned about the got ski, I learned about all of these studies and these theories and how much more successful they were.

Um, but that doesn’t go anywhere. Let’s say that it doesn’t actually apply to public education, but you just need to go to a home school park day to look around and realize how much benefit there is and all these kids of different ages, different interests coming together, you’ll see teenagers playing chess with nine year olds and three year olds coming up and learning the pieces from them. You’ll see, you’ll see teenagers, you know, helping kids climb trees, you’ll see a six year old teaching everybody. Or like my kid, he’s teaching everybody about editing.

We were at the beach with our home school community the other day and he like, was holding court, teaching everybody about video editing and the history Of how, like the Marvel Universe was created because he’s really interested. I mean, he was holding court, he was teaching everybody all the way up to 30 year olds. So, you know, we can all benefit from each other’s knowledge. And the evidence is there that we know that we’re just, I don’t know, not acting on it for some reason, right? Well, and and and you know the saying it takes a village to raise a child, right?

And I mean, and I think that there’s a big thing and that, and that’s just because not everybody knows everything. You can’t say that you’re going to get more a better rounded human human being, a better rounded people, right? You can’t say that you’re gonna get that from one point of view or two in a, you know, you know, you know, two people assuming you and your wife have have uh different views, right? Because a lot of people don’t, they just kind of accept or kind of morph into the other, right?

Instead of keeping their individuality anyway, the point is, is that that’s that’s kind of also my my theory and my theory is also what we’ve done with with segmenting, like we’ve taken our elders, right? We’ve taken our people with wisdom away. And we’ve kind of, you know, nobody kind of likes the elders. We kind of pushed them into these like little elderly homes and stuff and separate them from us. But if you look, I mean, what’s the best thing? Your animals, your pets, your grandparents and the Children all playing together?

Some of the best stuff, Right? And then how much fun is that when that’s around? Right? And that’s where again, we’re trying to really, really rethink community and and bring it in, bring it all in, you know, who cares what they decide to vote on? I know for us we no longer give them, they get zero of my uh to me, it’s all just a weird numb, dull noise. Now, I I just it’s so it doesn’t even I don’t I just don’t care. I’m so focused on what we’re doing, that they could say that they’re gonna start shooting freaking purple elephants out of biden’s.

But dude, I don’t care do whatever you want right? Because now they’re like now they’re like oh we got the aliens are going to come out and we got we’re gonna we’re gonna go to congress about right and it’s just right on time. We knew that they were gonna do a freak. It’s just like bro get out of here with it, you know what I mean? We’re busy. We we got lives to live down here. You do whatever you want in la la land. It’s all on the T. V. It’s all on the T. V. But everybody acts out what they see on tv.

Well that’s the thing is if you can. So my son has never had social media and we actually got rid of all social media last year because to your point that you just need it’s like it is to a certain extent right? Like you want to be informed, but also is there really? I mean the things I miss and I think I texted this to ali was like, I miss you and like when you would go live, because you would talk to things that were of real value to me, like things that spark joy, things that were valuable to me, things that I could apply to my life, but like otherwise, and that was like a time suck.

You know, it was just like when you feel like a hypocrite because our son never wanted social media, he wanted to be like anti social media because everybody else had it and I’m like, yes, heck yes, like do that. But then I’m like, but we would sit there and I would catch myself, open it on my phone and then be like, and like put it down because I’m like, you’re a hypocrite, you’re a terrible person. But yeah, so I totally agree. It’s like, you don’t know what you don’t know.

And sometimes that’s good and sometimes that’s bad. Yeah, there’s an ECG heart totally I think, or or maybe matt con actually, like, one of his talks was about like, if you can’t see it with your eyes, like don’t give it all that energy, right? Like, like if the if the if the caution tape is not at your front door, there’s nothing really to caution, right? Like um And and if you take that into account, especially right now, how many dead bodies do you have to step over every morning when you leave your door?

Right. I mean, according to the media, and if you look at like, or CNN news, they still have that damn ticker on the side of the thing. And I’m like again we don’t even turn that on so I don’t ever but you know you see it every night you’re like that’s still on. Like I went to go pick up food from the restaurant the other day and it’s on the tv and I was like they still have this going like remember they used to do it for all the wars.

I don’t know if you guys remember when it first started they first started doing it because then it was always stuck on the T. V. And they would always pump up how many people were dying and all the right fear fear fear fear death because if it bleeds it leads right That’s more like social media was like the same way I look at. Like I really have to look at it like social media to me it was like the way I look at celebrities, like I don’t glorify and praise celebrities like I don’t know you and I don’t trust you because I don’t know you and you don’t bring any value to my life.

Like I like to watch a movie and I like to watch a tv show or listen to music but like wouldn’t follow a celebrity on social media. And to me, social media became celebrity status. It was like just another like way into that and like glorifying strangers in their opinions and you don’t know anything about them or what goes on behind closed doors and you don’t ever have a chance of really talking to them on the phone or texting them or emailing them. We’re breaking bread with them at some point.

And so I was like this is it just became and then you see it in schools, you want more celebrities. 1000% 1000%. And that’s, that’s, again, why have we given our, like, our, our, like, our heroes, right? Like one of our friends, like my heroes, this athlete, and I’m like, really? That’s dude, you’re a grown ass man, and that’s who you’re looking to for your moral compass, to some dude that makes millions of dollars and hundreds of millions and you’re just like, uh, right, But again, that’s just when my husband was a teacher, he had a kid.

I mean, this was a long time ago to, this is probably like, oh gosh, 2008. And I didn’t, I mean, I couldn’t tell you if the Kardashians were big back then, but I guess they were because he had like, three kids, they had to write a paper on somebody in history, and he had like, three girls come with their proposal, their topic proposal. It was like on kim Kardashian, he was like, no history, like, we’re not celebrating just like, but like, that’s like in school were totally like celebrating that too.

Like Tiktok stars, like, I would be mortified as an educator to have somebody be like, here’s my proposal and it’s on this. Yeah. And if you’re ready to take action on these things and not have your go this direction, put them in front of amazing people, home school them and and show them what a true hero is. Let them study and be exposed to people who have solid character who go after what matters and build their life around something that has meaning. Let them idolize those people.

Let them be surrounded by that and not infest. There’s probably somebody in your own family tree. I’m gonna get drunk so hard for dropping Kardashian things everywhere. No, sorry. Yeah. Yeah. Well, that just goes back to, and I’ll change this though. We can all change this direction. We absolutely can’t. We already are by the intention, by this happening, what we’re doing. I mean, look what you’re already doing, ali you’ve already touched Katie’s life, right? I mean, like, it’s like, it’s already happening, right? I mean, and okay, maybe it’s not what’s on the, you know, the boob tube or the programming or the television, you know what I mean?

Like, maybe it’s not that these people transition, could you imagine that there might be? Yeah, Well, and that’s what we need to start, right? And that’s what we’re talking about. You know, the, what is the happy news? You know? And I know that there’s already people do it, but like, you know, and everything good that happened that day, and just like we’ve talked about so many times and have like, like you you know Katie you’re there, where are you? In L. A. You and where you at?

I’m in I’m in between central and southern California now. Oh, Bridge County. Oh, good for you. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, well I mean California in general is just tough on my way out. But yeah. Yeah. So where you are you up by like san Bernardino or? Oh no, I’m more north. I’m in uh we’re technically in kern county but I’m into Hatch P California. Okay. Very, very cool. Very cool. Yeah, it’s cold today. Wendy. Well, the point is is that each of us could report what was going on, all the good things and just Yeah and you just kind of process.

Well not that’s really what part of so we have our social platform, our social connection platform, it’s not media And anyway, it’s it’s connection, it’s a social connection platform. And, and that’s kind of what we have is we have groups and we want to foster that is like, let’s post things that are, that are positive. Let’s, let’s let’s let everybody know all the good things that’s going on again, even if nobody hears it. It’s not about that. It’s about the energy and we’ve got to put more good energy and, and, and our, our preference out there, uh, to help balance these, tip the scales.

Cause like we’re, you know, people are really trying to pull down pretty hard on the, oh, you’re a bad human and oh, you should be ashamed because you’re white. Oh, you should like, it’s just like, whoa dude, like E CN take a deep sea and letting people know that. That’s but it is normal. There’s a lot of us, there’s a lot of us out there who want the best for everyone, want the best for the world, want our kids to live full whole lives where their adventurous and um spirited and passionate about what they do and organic. Yes. Yes.

Organic human dot com. Alright. I don’t know. Just scratch that. We don’t have that yet. But we were talking about it, it’s like man, somebody needs, we’ve got to start another freaking website now. That’s like the organic human, you know what I mean? Just because it’s like holy crap. I mean now I mean dude probably like my sperm because I’m pretty organic is going to be worth like a lot of money. Yeah like yeah like I’ve got two sons, you’ve got a son game like we’re gonna have to I don’t know. Yeah.

No that’s what I’m saying like the next generation man keep it. Yeah, we got it seriously because because if if this injection gets into them I mean because we just don’t know what it is yet. I mean at all and and we do know that it’s a massive, massive fallout from it. And because we don’t know the full scope of it, we won’t, we won’t for years to come right. How how well we well and already the general health of people has been going that direction anyway because of everything else.

You know, I mean, I think it’s kind of funny but our group, our home school community when we get together and have like our valentine celebration or like do our little parties and fun things together like just naturally everybody were around eats a certain way and you know, brings goodies that are certain, you know, we’re, you know, our kids get treats but they’re treat their whole and homemade and you know, we’re not even that stuff just not even around, we can come out to avoid it and we can have conversations regularly like when they eat something, how does that make you feel like it’s just there’s so many facets, that’s why home schooling is a lifestyle.

It’s not one thing you do for two hours a day, this is choosing to live a life that is holy in your control and that, well nothing’s in your control. But you know what I’m saying, like where you can create the best environment possible and really be with your people, be in your community and um raise a generation of kids who aren’t sick, let’s stop that. There’s too many too many and educate your kids on like I had to talk to my son about like, okay, this is why we don’t get them.

You know, like we both carry this genetic mutation, you’re vaccine. Like he would school people like if they say something, he is like not even embarrassed or ashamed to speak up and be like, uh no, he’s like, I’m not getting that and he knows why and he can speak to it and that’s like empowering him with his own health and that goes back to talk to your kids, talk to them like human beings, stop talking to them like puppies and kittens. Like he was like, yeah, like he’s, you can just see me because then what if someday he’s like 40 and he’s like, I never got to go to public school and it’s my mom’s fault and I hate her.

Like he knows why we do the things we do and he is on board with it and we have conversations where he is empowered to make decisions. That’s a completely different paradigm than the way I was raised or anybody else, right? It was more like you were forced and it was like there was no explanation. And again, which was one of my main reasons, yeah, one of my main reasons as a kid that I rebelled, I moved out of my house at 15 and I did that because it was violent.

I mean and I anyway, I just it was a different time, but my point is is that I just yeah, you can’t you can’t control people especially nor should you want to. And again, that’s another thing is that we’ve we’ve domesticated are humans like to a point where they want the cage, they can’t live without the cage and there’s people like us who can’t have a cage like so it’s you know. Yeah, right. Yeah. Where the where the conspiracy theorist and uh you know a K. A. Freethinker, right?

And again, you just can’t even have that. It’s and look at what’s going on right now. I don’t know if you guys know who steven crowder is, but he’s got a show called louder with crowder and what’s going on like Youtube. I mean they’re just mass censoring everybody. We just did a talk, uploaded a video to Youtube. Didn’t even make it public yet and they took it out of our account. Um They censored it so it’s getting really bad and this is just the natural path is to talk with a naturopathic doctor, you know I mean again, but like let’s all let’s all start making the decisions and taking actions to raise a generation.

Not only will notice when that happens, that will do something about it because I think so many people right now, there’s a, what they, their understanding is of censorship, like they have a tolerance for it. They’re like, well it must be okay because they did it. There must be a reason. It’s like, no, you don’t understand, you have not learned that part of history. You have not understood what has happened when this has been used before, who has used this before and what it is in the precursor of let’s raise a generation, who knows who’s going to think and who’s gonna see it, right to take action?

Yes. Amen. Absolutely amazing, wow, wow. It’s already uh yeah, we’re way over. I mean, I hope that’s okay with everybody, but this seriously has been a very inspiring conversation. Um, and and really quick, you know, Katie, I’m not sure if you want to kind of let people know how to get a hold of you if there’s a way to get a hold of you if they have questions or, or, or social media, yeah, tally and she could probably pass it on to me. Yeah, that, that way.

Okay, well, ali personal phone number, which no, no, don’t do that. Please don’t do that. Yeah, trust me. You’ll, you’ll get weird things. It’s a thing. It’s a thing. Uh, well, let ali go ahead. Yeah, Ali, go ahead. You just go ahead. And because ali, she’s a glutton for punishment, let everybody know how to get a hold of so much better than me. So you can find me at ali Adair chung dot com or you can find me on social instagram, mostly at a conscious family project.

Um, you can find me at both places. I don’t know how long I’ll be on instagram, but you can find me on my website, awesome, awesome, Emily. Thank you too. That was really cool. This was such a fun episode. Um, again, it’s just so packed with the information that people need and Ali Katie, you’re always welcome to do another one. We’re going to continue this conversation if you want to rope in more people, um, whatever it is, you know, I don’t know, we like to really kind of, again, we’re action takers, so maybe kind of think of next steps right now, we have a project, a software project.

We’re building out from a friend. Her name is Heather, she’s actually a friend of uh Peggy Hall who were kind of partnered with. Yeah, we were kind of partnered with. Right? And so she’s been, she’s been amazing and supportive there everybody again, and so we’re trying to connect everything but Heather, she has a platform. She, she also has like curriculum and stuff like that, it’s called Celebration Education and and she’s building a platform. Yeah. Do you know heather ali I do know heather we met in sacramento, fighting for something else.

Oh yeah, she’s so sweet. Yeah. And she’s like she’s building a platform right now that will allow just like a parent to home school with her curriculum, right? And so so and again these are the, but these are the kind of and that’s a great solution but we always, and we’re always looking for more solutions and what can we do uh to actually take some some some action to say this is so you know, where can we an alley again, you’re already doing it, everybody is already doing it, we just need to continue what we’re doing and give people um the the option because I I really don’t think people have the option. Yeah.

Or they don’t know that they have their building, I’m building out with a couple other homeschool moms from across the country right now. That is going to be a search engine to find co ops, um enrichment centers, learning centers in your area by zip code. So we’re going to have that level very soon to, to help you find your people if you, if you want to consider this idea because we’re going to have, you know, charlotte mason books and textbooks and things like that where we’re gonna age out of them to maybe donate some people who say I can’t afford this book or what I could see it can get expensive.

Like I love to work with you or at least donate to that cause as well. I will think about that because we also have a um of books. We keep a ton of books, but we age out of them as well, so, and I always donate to whoever needs them. But yeah, any kind of curriculum that people could could use. Again, awesome. Thank you guys so much, Derek. Okay. This has been like epic. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. And to be continued baby. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All right, see you guys soon to be continued. That always so good to see you. Okay? Ali talk standing. Yes. Bye bye guys. Yeah. Mhm. Mhm.

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