June 2, 2021

It’s Time to Become LIVING Men and Women

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Are VIRUS something to fear?? Are you an actual LIVING people or a DEAD fiction? What are you even talking about? This and much more on today’s Fireside Freedom Chat!

Show Notes

Are you Living or Dead?

Our video platform meet.thefreedompeople.org will be public soon!

Tom is a holistic health practitioner, psychology, nutrition, chiropractor, videographer. On April 1, 2020 he made video about the COVID hoax, thought only 20 people would see video, wanted to laugh at his friends being dumb.

On Viruses:
We are nature, nature is not out to get us.
Merely marketing.
What is to be feared, is what we do. Nature is giving us the gift of some assistance. What you are doing is inviting viruses in.
A virus is not alive….simply a fragment of a cell, sole job is to clean.

On Bench racing:
People lying to themselves is my pet peeve.
People have so much to say, talk talk talk their lives away – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Science is coming up with an idea, testing it, then looking for contrary evidence.
Everybody likes to say what everyone else should do before taking a look at themselves.

Mike Adams The Health Ranger https://www.healthranger.com/index.asp
Tommy John check out our episode with him!

Australia the corporation is registered in Washington, listed on UCC.
THE UNITED STATES and AUSTRALIA are owned by the crown.
Lawless land, no equivalent of Bill of Rights.

Teaching people how to communicate. Communication skills go through life.

How to communicate in commerce.

Elements behind an offer, said, written, heard in mainstream, consent. Get away from politeness.
Take responsibility for where you are before you can move forward.
Be honest with yourself.
Lawyer deems you incompetent.
Key don’t answer questions and don’t answer to be a name. In commerce there’s only two roles. Laws and rights come from the Bible. Creditor and debtor are the only two roles.
Creditor + directors and asks questions, debtor answers and takes orders.
Where do you stand in the world?
“Well, I don’t answer questions” is neutral.
Do you have some evidence for that? Am I a photograph? Never answer to being a name.

They want to bond every soul
Certificate of live birth gives rise to the birth certificate (entity). Proof of a living soul.

Document that gives rise to certificate of life birth- originating document has no name for anyone. NO NAME crown.
Affidavit to correct.

Panterra de Oro

Where does consent come from > where is the valid contract?
Full disclosure..invalidates from the beginning.
Most people are not adults, they are fearful. How to fix their own food, protect, health. Benefits and privileges the state provides.
Creator, man, government should be below man. Person is below government. Man was supposed to serve the Creator, not an entity.
When governments were created they were sworn to protect people. Once they created persons/entities they corrupted people.
Use a birth certificate to your advantage. Communication vessel. Dead realm = public, birth certificate is the conduit. Living can’t see the dead. Operate in the private while also in the dead.

First thing to do when you find out you’re born into bondage.
It’s not about being free of shackles. Why am I not fulfilled?
Navigating yourself becomes more powerful than them!

Book Word Magic by Pao Chung

Fear makes people irrational.
Some people will go up and some will go down.

Is Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci doing God’s work?
Book of Isaiah 45:7- I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.


Barometer for what’s going on inside you.

Waking up is the first step.

Freedom is there to be had, but you have to work towards that. You grow everyday.


Hello, all you lovely Freedom. People out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat. I’m your host, Bradley Freedom. Today’s guest is tom Barnett. That’s right Tom Barnett. Tom Barnett is a certified badass in the field of being a man. How about that? On top of that, Tom is a holistic health care practitioner uh into psychology nutrition. He’s a chiropractor. Um It just goes on and on. This was a freaking amazingly beautiful, fantabulous freaking conversation. I really hope that you’re going to listen to this in its entirety.

Um I’m sure you will. You’re probably gonna have to play it back 10 times. I don’t even know this was such an amazing talk. Um now before we jump into this full frickin steam ahead, what I’m gonna need you to do as you know the deal, let’s grab your telephone and what I need you to do is text into the number 844 992 3733. That’s 8 449923733. I’m gonna want you to text in the word Barnett. That’s B. A. R. N. E. T. T. Once again that’s B. A. R. N. E. T. T. Come on let’s go. Mhm. Mhm. Yeah.

Yeah you can. Mr tom Barnett thank you so much for joining us. Would you mind telling everybody a little bit about who you are and and what do you do? Yeah. Sure. Well thanks for having us brad and uh I’m a holistic health practitioner, a videographer and photographer as well. But what happened was you know, a bit over a year ago when coronavirus started to become a little bit too much of a joke. I thought I’d needed to make a video just to send to my friends to make sure that people knew it was a scam and it was ridiculous and they will be in a bit silly and then that video ended up going around the world a few times.

Uh since then I’ve been, you know, just delivering more information on that. So uh yeah, my background though is in holistic health, physical therapy, psychology, nutrition and uh that kind of thing. Awesome, awesome. Right on. Yeah, because that was actually kind of one of my questions, I wasn’t really sure um if you were a doctor or what, but you’re holistic health practitioner. Um awesome. Yeah, I studied, studied formally, but it was just, it was nonsense. I quit after about three or four years of college because it was just, it wasn’t good.

It was really, it was actually not just wasn’t good, it was awful. Uh the way that it’s run the, the educational materials, it’s just, it’s not good. So I just couldn’t handle that anymore. I was trying to find a different way. And so that’s how I found myself through my own experience as well of actually getting really ill myself. And none of these experts who are doctors and specialists in their fields could do anything about it. Nor would they even answer questions. So that’s what led me to find real answers.

So what led me away from the mainstream and what turned out to be theory and false theory at that led me to finding true answers, which, which you have to dig to find because it’s usually not on the surface. They’re amen, bro. Yeah, that’s, that’s some real talk. Um, definitely what they feed you, uh, is probably not what you should eat. Um, there’s, uh, what is, um, uh, gosh, what is that? There’s a band actually, um, on john Butler Trio. I don’t, you know, that jOHn Butler trio, I believe he’s from Australia or something.

But that’s, that’s one of his songs is uh, he’s like, you know, don’t eat all the bullshit. They, I used to get high for a living. You know, it’s our, it’s a really good one dude. Yeah. But anyway, but that’s what he’s saying. He’s eat all the bullshit that they gave me. You know what I mean? And that’s exactly it because that’s readily available obviously. Um, and also, man, it’s, it’s, there’s, there’s a little bit of adventure in life that makes you want to dig, right? I mean, and so you have something like that.

Um What what really? Uh, I guess what drove you to speak up because so many won’t, To be honest, there was nothing brave. A lot of people have this idea that what I did was really brave. But it wasn’t, it was me just thinking my friends were retarded and I wanted to laugh in full on. No bravery, no nothing because I honestly thought only 20 people would see that video. That’s what I honestly I wasn’t doing anything brave. I wasn’t standing up. I was actually just being a bit to be honest.

It wasn’t I mean it was the right thing to do obviously but the intention behind it wasn’t anything admirable because I wasn’t standing up for anything and I wasn’t yeah that wasn’t the intention, you know? So since then I’ve been standing up so you weren’t aware that you were like in in the mass minority and when doing that video? Yeah wow. Yeah. And so that must have been pretty early on then. Right? Um because uh I ended March, it was actually I ended up posting that on the first of april 2020 which I remember because people thought it was an april fool’s joke.

But it wasn’t, it just happened to be the day that I posted it. Right, right, right. I don’t do things. Right. Cool. Yeah. Well that’s awesome man. I’m again, I’m super stoked that you said something. I grew up Honea, path picking things that sort so I’m on the same level with you and um, could you help people to understand the virus thing? Because I saw another one of your videos actually it’s the one that made me want to reach out to you is like, I got to talk to that guy because it’s about how viruses are are solvents, right?

And I’ve, you know, again, I wasn’t taught to fear virus because again, I would, I was raised homeopathic, so we, we weren’t really taught to be against really anything like that. Um, so if you could help like people understand and even me more like what what is this virus? Why one? What is what were you saying as far as what is a virus and or what are very is that a word virus? What are viruses and like you know what I mean? And and and why why we shouldn’t be afraid?

How about that? Yeah definitely. Well the reason we shouldn’t be afraid is that we’re we are nature. Nature is not out to kill us. It doesn’t have like humans are meant to be here. That’s our killer mechanism is a virus or bacteria. It’s just not it’s how it’s marketed to us but it is only marketing. So the well nature has many many ways to keep itself imbalance and when something’s too far out of balance it out of the realms of nature’s laws or nature’s rules then it tends to bring it back down or back down to the earth back to the ground or back to nature.

So anything that has a decomposing nature, such as fungus, bacteria and parasites are there just to perform a function? They’re certainly not invaders, there nothing to be feared. What is to be feared is what we do. So if we put junk in our bodies and junk in our minds and we create junk chemicals in our body, well, guess what? The body is not going to handle that too well on its own and it needs some assistance. So Nature isn’t infecting this way to anything. Nature is giving us a gift of some assistance.

It’s like here’s a bunch of cleaners for free. I’m gonna put them in your body and they’re gonna help clean you up. But you don’t fear them. You should fear what you’re doing. It’s what you’re doing that is inviting them in. So what that means then is that way when we live within the bounds of nature’s rules and we live in harmony with ourselves and our environment. Then these things are only there to serve us. They’re always only there to serve us. But they’re not going to cause any harm to us when we’re in balance, they only cause dis ease in our body when we are out of balance.

Therefore they are teaching us not harmony us, they’re teaching us where we are out of balance. So then the question is, well, what’s a virus? Well, the difference between fungus, bacteria, parasites, anything that is there to break down, it’s organic. It’s something that’s living and something that living can also die and what’s it going to die from? Well, either starve it is not getting enough food or sustenance or it’s too toxic or it can’t breathe or whatever the same as us. So if we are to toxic were too dirty inside that job to clean us up was too big of a task.

Those living organisms can perish in the process. Trying to break down mercury, cadmium arsenic lead, you know, toxic copper or just the toxicity of our thoughts because we’re so just we’re not there. We haven’t figured out what we are that will kill off an organism, not just a small organism, but as the old expression as above. So below the macro is the extrapolation of the microphone. What have you if we’re killing off these microorganisms because they have our environment, then we will also perish. It’s just a mirror of each other.

So if the if the work is too heavy duty for a living organism well, and thats why a non living organism was not an organism, but a non living solvent is created in order to do the job. And that’s a virus. A virus by any definition is not alive. It has no circulatory system, no nervous system, no like eating and pooping system. It has none of that. It is simply a fragment of a seller. It’s basically a bit of protein with a bit of fat on. That’s pretty much what it is.

And it’s sole job is to clean is to break things down. And so it’s the equivalent of if we’re so dirty that sending living things in is going to make him perish while we send in something that’s non living, you know, like a robot or something like that. And it can do the job and not be harmed or die from the fallout of what it’s actually of its job, which is cleaning things up, wow, man, that’s a freaking miracle in it. And that is just a weird on itself.

And that’s really freaking cool. Uh to know that that that your body produce. I mean, we all know the human body is amazing. Or at least we used to know that we used to, you know, I understand that the body had an innate amazing thing. Uh but you know, as we know, it’s being kind of trampled on right now. It’s so weird. We’re in the twilight zone, my man. But you know what your what brad? It’s like, it’s that’s what you were getting out before. Why shouldn’t we fear what we shouldn’t fear?

Because it’s absolutely Iz But that is that is such a divine amazing process to know that that mechanism is there and that the body can produce hundreds of thousands of different viruses based on what’s going on the body, The cell tissue that might need some help. You know, is it in the lungs? Is it in the heart? Is it in like the liver, where where is it, where is it in the body? It’s so specific, there is no accident. Like that’s not, that’s no, you know that is such an intelligent design.

It’s like why would you not revere that? How could you possibly fear it? The only thing you should fear as I say is yourself, it’s like how messed up am I with what I’m doing to myself and how I’m perceiving the world. That’s what you should fear. But the biological mechanisms they should be revered, not feared. Amen dude, I love, I love that, I love that. Um you know, it’s something that uh we saw you talking also about was bench racing and I love that saying and I kind I kind of interpreted like, you know, kind of backseat driving or you know, armchair quarterback or bench, you know, whatever right behind guy or whatever.

But could you, could, you kind of talk more about that man because you know, I’m an ex marine ex, you know, so I’m, I’m kind of on the harsher side of things. I enjoy the raw truth. Um and so I’d like to hear a little bit more if you could on the bench racing. Yeah, I mean I was never in the marines or anything like that, but I got a similar background. I really can’t stand when people are just fluffing around beating about the bush and never getting to the point or pretending like people lying to themselves is my pet peeve can’t stand.

So yeah, so bench racing is essentially, it’s that part where we all just sit around deciding what should or shouldn’t be what’s right, wrong having never done it ourselves or we’re not stepping up and actually acting on it. It’s all just talk, talk, talk, talk talk. And actually if you like music, red hot chili peppers, I forget the song, but it’s like uh people talk, talk, talk their lives away. People have so much to say talk, talk, talk their lives away. It’s like they don’t they don’t hesitate.

There’s no introspection. There’s no there’s no uh to quote another. I think it’s Bertrand Russell because the whole problem with the world as the fools and fanatics are so sure of themselves and the wives are so full of doubt. So why aren’t questioning even what they’re saying? It’s the only thing I’m saying now, Brad is something that I’ve said for 20 years. There’s nothing new that I’m saying. It’s like people go away, you’re saying all this stuff now. People love it. I’m like dude, no one was listening to me for 20 years.

So that’s why I’m not like that’s why I don’t have this need to be heard because I’m like I said it, I said at all, I’m not saying. Yeah but it’s like I’m only saying it because I’ve put it into practice many many times. I’ve tried to prove myself wrong because I’ve done it without having a monetary. There’s no money at stake. Like I haven’t tried to defend a position because my livelihood depends on it. I’ve said no, I want the truth so I’m going to prove myself wrong anyway that I can.

And so I’ve been around the circle many times and like I said nothing new under the sun and what I’m saying is what people have said for centuries before. Yeah, sure millennia. Exactly. And so, so yeah, the bench racing part is when people sit around and just try to throw links everywhere and, and try to tell you you’re wrong without ever got out of their seat without ever having put anything into practice or experimented on themselves or gone and read anything other than mainstream text. It’s like they’ve never done that.

They’ve never Come up. This is what sciences scientists coming up with an idea in forming a hypothesis or theory around it. Then it’s regularly testing it. Then it’s looking for evidence of the contrary and asking how that would be something different and like where is that inquisition? That’s what science is. Yet people start going on 99% of scientists around the world so that you’re wrong. And it’s like, come on, where is it? Where is the inquisition? It’s like scientists umbro its scientists and it’s not science. It’s it’s just it is right.

It’s this new term and I never even really thought of it like that. But it is it’s just it’s like a religion. It’s there is no backing up. Nobody does any sort of research for themselves, man. It’s uh Yeah, that’s interesting. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, and it’s like, it’s like somebody watching the UFC and then just going, oh yeah, like that you should he should just do that or you should have just like done that too, I should arm bottom, we should have escaped. Or it’s just like, you’ve never I know you’ve never been on the mats because you wouldn’t say that unless you’ve been on the mats.

You know, you don’t understand what it’s like and everybody likes to say what everybody else should be doing better before they take a look at themselves. So that’s the bench racing element, which is rife, especially with the internet because it’s so easy to get on the keyboard and just go, yeah, that’s phenomenon, right? That’s a new phenomenon. I mean, well, I’m gonna pass, right. When we were kids, there was no internet, and if you said something, you get punched in the face kind of thing, you know what I mean?

It was like, and you had to be there in person, you had, you had a real life avatar, not this fake avatar. Exactly, yeah. You have to, if you said something, you have to back it up because otherwise people will call you out on it, and if you couldn’t prove it, you’d be like, well, he’s just, you know, you would be looked down upon for a long time until you’ve got your integrity on your respect back. And uh, yeah, now it doesn’t even seem like the uh, it’s, yeah, it’s very odd.

And, and, and I guess there’s been been some instances where people have been paying groups to kind of talk shit and things like that and to be kind of a dissenting voice of the dissenting voices, you know what I mean? Trying to kind of just just like trolling, you know, professional trolls, you know, that just kind of get paid to go around and just be be assholes, right? But again, have have you ever noticed these people they’re all there ever doing too, is preaching that mainstream narrative or that corporate narrative?

That’s, that’s all they’re doing, right. And that’s, it’s never anything from the contrary or some, you know what I mean? Like no one would ever be like, oh yeah, because it’s the viruses, the solvents man, you know, and just throw that out and like where do you get that from? Right? Because again, it’s all just force fed to people. It’s readily available, turn on your tv anywhere. That narrative is everywhere and people don’t realize that they’ve been usurped by this message and that they are just so full of that message that they can’t, you know, anybody like yourself.

And this is what’s been really scary man. Is that like, you know, Mike, um Mike, health health ranger? Mike, what is Mike’s last name? Um Oh my gosh, But anyway, he was he was he’s he’s a natural natural path doctor and he was censored before Alex jones was censored, right? And that should say something, right? It’s it’s it’s more about our health. And like you were saying, how how many years were you in the you said three or four years you were actually going, trying to go through the medical route and you’re like, wait a minute.

You know? And and I we talked to dr Tommy john sorry, Tommy john, we’re trying to drop that doctor for him. I’m still buzzing my head. But we were talking to him and he realized that Pfizer was right in the school books, right? For medicine. Fighter was writing the books for medicine and for these medical students. And he’s like, okay, wait a minute. You know what I mean? For him, that was like an explosion of the okay, something’s off, right? That’s that’s right. That’s the freaking fox guarding the Henhouse.

So, so, so, okay, we’re going to switch gears here for a second if you don’t mind. Um, I heard you talking about uh, you know, boarding the airplane under women’s name, owner, a woman’s name. Um and things of this sort. Now, a little background. Your were corrected. I’m I’m a man, I’m a living man of the land. Um, I had to get my status correct and things like that. Um and I, the things I hear you talking about are right in that realm. And so I was wondering if you could kind of hit a little bit on, what is, where, where are you at with that, where you at with that with flying or with the Oh no, no, no, sorry.

With like, um with, I guess, I guess it’s the sovereign movement or you or or the knowledge, the knowledge of land, air, water law, the knowledge that you have. Again, I I don’t know where you’re at in that I just today heard you talking about it and I was like, I got to ask him about this because it’s something I’m really big into right now. Um Again because we just got me my wife and my daughter corrected um this year. Um And and so we’re really into it out here in Arizona, we’re, you know, we’ve got rallies and everything going on, people are just blowing up about it.

So because again, Australia’s like our our like our our brother, you know what I mean? It’s it’s like there’s so many things, right? Because you’ve done something about the Australian dollar in the U. S. Dollar or something there like the same, we have the same dollar or something. I don’t know, there’s something about Anyway. Anyway, I’m rambling now, please. Yeah, well, we’re essentially part of America because our the Australia country, the corporation is registered in Washington. So that’s kind of like the tie between Australia and uh in America.

So we’re listed on your your UCC essentially. Okay, that’s probably why you use our fiat dollar then. That would mean yeah I mean using Australian dollar which goes up and down in value based on the U. S. Dollar. It’s not the same currency but it’s coming from the same uh yeah it’s the same fiat system that it comes from. So there are a lot of similar ties were pretty much owned by you guys but it’s also you guys were all owned by the crown, you know, so that’s uh that is the Vatican, right?

Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. So where run, so where I’m at with that is Australia is quite different from other places because Australia is a conquered nation, which means it’s a lawless land. So what that means is that there is no law in the land that can get between an agreement between two people. So that works in our favor, from a commercial point of view when you know how to use it. But it’s tax against us because we don’t have the equivalent bill of rights or anything else that can protect us.

So it means you really, really have to understand your commerce in order to be kind of safe in Australia. Much more so than Canada America, where there’s bills of rights that gives us give you a certain level of protection, which we don’t have. So what where I’m at with it, which is what I’m doing with people at the moment, like when people have been asking me to teach for about a year and I’ve just been saying not doing it, it’s too dangerous. It’s like it’s too dangerous to give people part of the puzzle or to even put yourself out.

There is somebody who educates others, you get targeted. So there’s a number of reasons that I haven’t wanted to do it, but recently I’ve got into doing it and the reason that I got into doing it because I figured out where and how I can do that with in an honorable way where it’s not just like letting people buy courses and notices templates and whatever and getting themselves into trouble because what I want to do is give people enough to get them into trouble and then they’re lost or they’re coming back to me to hopefully get me to sort it all out for them.

And I’m like, I can’t do that, don’t have the time or energy for that. So what I’m doing with the bread is I’m teaching people how to communicate because the communication skills are essentially go across the board through life, through law, through commerce or everything. And that is learning the difference between uh it’s essentially learning how to communicate in commerce. So what is the underlying element behind an offer? Behind anything said to you? Behind anything written to you? Behind anything you might hear in the mainstream? How does consent fit in?

How does being honorable in commerce fit in? And it’s the communication, it’s like learning how to hold your position, so learning how to have a conversation where in english we’re taught to be polite. If you ask me a question, it’s impolite if I don’t answer you or if I ask you a question back or I start directing you. But in the world of commerce, we’ve got to move away from this politeness that’s indoctrinated into us in society and we have to learn how to communicate from a creditor, debtor perspective.

And that’s what I teach people. I don’t teach in specific laws, I don’t teach them how to get out of parking fines, speeding fines, how to do anything like that or getting out of debt. I literally just teach people how to communicate and that’s where I found a sense of uh I can feel comfortable and honorable in doing that because therefore all I’m doing is teaching people how to get a sense of themselves and then they can apply that to law, they can apply that to getting out of debt or out of a fine or something to that effect.

Wow, wow, awesome man. Yeah, that’s really cool. That’s because that’s what you need to do anyway. And again, that really just goes back to people like you can teach them to fish, but you can’t fish for them, right? I mean you can but it’s counterproductive. And so if we can just instill that, you know, whatever happened to the curiosity of learning right? Or the excitement of learning yourself to go and explore, right? What happened to that that excitement, I guess everybody’s too afraid to die to live, right?

So. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well the other thing is is that people are only just waking up to it now since rights have been stripped away from us at alarming rate, then people are going to hang on and then they hear about something like, you know, common law or equity or commerce and they’re like, oh, there’s a solution. So they want to know it all now and they want other people to do it for in because it’s like that were new to it and you know, I started doing this a long time ago.

It’s just it’s there’s, you’ve got to take responsibility as well for where you are. Like if, if, um, if a platoon of zombies are coming over the hill, I can’t immediately know that I wish or want to know how to load my own rifle and how to shoot. Like that takes time to what that skill, It’s not something you’ll pick up in the moment that you need it. And that’s the same for any skill you can’t learn to swim while you’re drowning in the ocean. You have to have gone.

I want to develop the skill of water skills. You know, I want to be comfortable in the ocean. I want to know how to stroke. I don’t want to know how to breathe and that takes time. And it’s the same with law. Like everyone wants to know it now because now we have the enemy at the gate, but it doesn’t work like that. So there’s an element of responsibility of going, well, hey look, I’ve just been watching Tv and filling myself with junk Food and junk food in the mind and everything for the last 2030 years.

Hey look, this is just where I’m at. I should have been learning this sort of stuff, but I wasn’t. So you’ve got to take responsibility for where you are before you can even move forward. And that’s the important aspects because otherwise you’re going to be asking people to do it for you when it’s never going to work out, you will always be left hanging if you’re gonna ask somebody else to do it for you. So uh, there’s information readily available and it’s really up to the individual how quickly you want to move into it.

And also remember to be honest with yourself, it’s exactly like martial arts. It’s like you can think you’re great at it. But if you get on the mat, you’ll quickly find out whether you’re good or not and law is the same, Be under no illusion that you can just flash some notice at police or government or whatever and think that it’s going to do the work for you because you’ll get a rude shock if you in the, in the battle, in the field of battle, if you do something that you’re not capable of, it will come back to bite you.

So I don’t say that to put people off either. It’s just a reality check to know where you are and to be always practicing role playing with your friends. Role playing in your mind, understand where you are before you go out trying to use anything in the real world because if you use it wrong, it will be used against you. It’s like don’t pull a knife or a gun on someone unless you know how to use it, because if you don’t and it gets taken from you and used against you, it’ll be fatal.

So you’re better off not pulling out in the first place. So, I mean, you get that, but it’s just important for people to understand that principle. absolutely, 100% that’s one thing that I found in and all of this movement is that people don’t want to tell you how people want you to learn for yourself, right? Because then you actually understand it, and we’ve all been just kind of, you know, indoctrinated to believe that we need a lawyer or someone to represent us, right? And then just kinda and but they’re not for us, Therefore the corporations, which is something that people don’t understand, is that the lawyers aren’t on your side, even though they’re on your side, they’re really not, therefore that defunct.

Dead corporation. Right? So it’s really interesting stuff, man, It’s very interesting stuff. So, so, uh do you have any things that you can share with us for your early on learning or or what are some things that um you know, hey, look out for this, don’t trip over this stone, You know, that one sucks, You know, this will stub your toe. Yeah, definitely, yep, there’s a few, there’s a few major keys with that and also, you know, with a lawyer, they, if you have somebody represent you, you’re essentially deeming yourself incompetent.

So you’re now you have no standing. If you don’t, if you don’t present yourself, you’re you have no standing. So, so yeah, what’s what’s really key is you, first of all, you don’t answer questions. Second of all, you never answered being a name. Those two underlying principles key for everything. They underscore every element of commerce that you want to take. Why is that the case? Well, in in commerce there’s only two roles. It’s like in the real world there’s only two genders. And as soon as you start thinking, you’re some other gender, you have no rights because laws and rights come from the bible and that comes from natural law.

And according to that, whether you, whether you think it’s right or not doesn’t matter rights belong to men and women, no other genders. And with commerce there’s only a creditor and there’s only a delta. They’re the only two roles. There’s nothing else that exists. So a creditor direct, a creditor asks questions. A debtor takes orders in a day to answers questions. So when you can, when you can essentially pick your standing, it’s like where do you stand in the world? You have to know that you have to know where you are like in the jungle.

You have to know where you are in the pecking order. Otherwise you’re in no man’s land and you get picked off and you just, you’ve got to know where you are. So you have to choose that you’re a creditor or except that you’re a data. It’s only those two. You can’t piss and moan and complain about anything in the middle. So a creditor will always ask a question. They’ll never answer it. So if you’re asking me, you know what’s your name or what’s this to do that and whatever you’re a judge even you don’t I don’t answer the question.

I answer a question with another question such as well what makes you ask that or what’s what’s your source of authority or who are you or something to that effect? I’ll never answer the question. And if I’m left with nothing that I’m like, let’s say I’m new to it. And like, I honestly don’t know a question I can come back with. I’ll say, well, I don’t answer questions now, I’m making a statement and that’s neutral. It’s not saying yes, it’s not saying no being very neutral. And I’m standing my ground.

So the other element is that you’re not a name. As soon as you answer to being a name, the name is the entity for those that don’t know like us, we are the living, we’re flesh and blood and soul, we’re living being. But the name is an entity, it’s fiction, it’s dead, it has nothing living about it. And so if we agree to being, if I say yes, I am tom Barnett, I’m agreeing to being the entity. Which means that I am essentially engaging, engaging in joinder, which is joining the flesh and blood to the entity.

And I’m also agreeing to being surety for the name Surety meaning that whatever this entity, this dead thing is liable for whether it’s money tax are fine going to jail, I am now surety for that. Which means I can be, you know, my labor will provide the money for that, or my flesh and blood will be put in jail for the entity that’s Surety and joined up, which we don’t want. So, if somebody says to me, are you Tom Barnett? I say, well, do you have some evidence for that?

Are they not even point to an ID and say, that’s you? I say, is it? Do you have some evidence for that? You know? Isn’t that a photograph? Isn’t that a piece of plastic? And my photograph? Yeah, I’m a driver license and my passport, Is that what you’re saying? Because if you’re saying that you’re gonna have to back it up with some evidence, otherwise I’m gonna have to put a counterclaim against you for false claims against me, you know? So I never answer a question and I’m definitely never answer to being a name.

Gotcha, Gotcha. Now, remember one point, maybe you said that there was almost never. But may be times when you would answer to a name now now, but let’s let’s kind of back up a little bit. So just for our listeners, like, just so people kind of understand how at least here in the United States and I’d assume that it’s right, it’s that’s what’s another beautiful thing is that That um so I’ve known kind of about this stuff since the late 90s when I was in the military and I had my awakening, found out that the the news people relying to us, the media was lying to us, right?

And then same sort of thing that everybody’s had their awakening. Oh my goodness, my world isn’t what I believe it is, Right? So here in the United States, you know, you’re kind of when you’re born, you’re put into bondage, sold into slavery if you will, for the hypothetic ation of your labor, which means the hypothetical future labour of you right throughout your life, which is then bonded. And now, and it’s so crazy how it’s sold over and over and then any sort of bill that comes in, Right?

So, but anyway, but that all happens through the name correct, and it’s all because of the name, and that’s why they really want you to name your child and stuff immediately and you have to in the hospital. That’s I mean they’re on, you trust me, they’re on you immediately before the baby’s born. You know what I mean? Which baby’s name? We need to get this, we got to get the birth certificate file. Now now now now is it the same sort of way in uh in Australia. Yeah. Yeah.

And they even start to threaten you or mock you if you’re trying to do anything other than do it into the system. You know, I had a friend recently asked because he was you know, he knows about the certificate of live birth which is the document that gives rise to the birth certificate and he knows about it. And he was a bit worried because they were having a home birth and it wasn’t going well. So they had to go and get it delivered in the hospital and was like where is it?

I need this document and he was being too pushy with it and it was just like but but they were trying to hide it from him. Oh we don’t know what that is, what are you talking about? We don’t know what they definitely do know what that is, but they know people aren’t supposed to get it. Which is weird Because if you retrospectively call up births, deaths and marriages and say I need my live birth certificate that you pay him $35 and they send it out to you.

So they shouldn’t really be trying to hide anything like that. I think what they’re trying to do is retrospectively they don’t mind giving it to you because you have already registered the birth to the state. So what they don’t want people doing is not registering the birth of the state. However I’ve heard though that even if you don’t they still register at birth anyway, they’ll do it without tom they just did that to us. So I me and my wife, we just had our first child um she’ll be two months old tomorrow, right?

So we were hippies, you know, so we were going to have a home home birth, we had everything, home water birth, we had it all ready to go emergency situation. Um she was born 55 weeks early, right? Um had the umbilical cord breach, all kinds of stuff had to go to the hospital anyway of course. Already know about I was already corrected and stuff like that. So I already knew about these things and I was um just you know kind of dicking with them a little bit and just kept asking.

I’m like well what if I don’t want to register, you know? And I just kept we kept putting it off first. We first we were just going to ignore it right when we got there are plan was we’re just gonna tell them that we’re gonna wait till we get home and name her when we get home, we’ll take care of all that later. Well they weren’t having that for sure, for sure, weren’t having it, right? So they just kept on and on as you know right on and on and on.

And then it was like day four or five that we were at the hospital and um not even that long. Um But anyway they came in, this girl came in and she was like okay I have to file it now, I have to I was like and then that’s when I just was like what if I don’t want to? And I got kind of like you know, pushed back and she was like okay fine left. Well then three days later we found out that they had filed it for us without our knowledge, without our permission without a name.

So so right. And that’s kind of why I wanted to get into this um Now that you kind of know the story, but that’s why I wanted to get into this. Is is that why would they even register? Why do you think that they would register that birth certificate without a name? It has no bond, there’s there’s no surety attached, right? There’s no no they still do, they still bonded based on there being a living soul on earth. They want to bond every soul that’s possible for them to do.

So yeah, so it’s um there’s a few things here when you said they did it with no name. That’s actually if I was in that situation as you were just speaking, I was like I’m going to register. It is no name. You can always change a legal name later, but no name. So the reason I would do that is that there’s the certificate of live birth that gives rise to the birth certificate. So if people don’t know what we’re talking about, the birth certificate is what you have.

And it’s like, you know, it might not even be in all caps, but it all be in boxes in the english style manual which which essentially says like what something means. Anything in a box isn’t there? It’s dead. It’s a coffin. So that’s your entity is the birth certificate, The certificate of live birth. That gives rise to the birth certificate has something on it which will say to the effect of is the new born stillborn or living and it will be circled or ticked or whatever where I marked living.

So that is the proof that your daughter is a living being. That’s the document that you want. The birth certificate is the entity. That’s the tradable bondage thing. That’s the entity. The live birth says that you’re a living being, which means that you don’t come under all of the statutory entity kind of uh you know, rules and codes and acts and penalties and all that kind of thing. So then the funny thing is is that there’s a document most people are not made aware of. Which is the document that gives rise to the live birth certificate because the live birth certificate still has a name on it.

The original, the originating document has no name on it. For anybody. Nobody’s name is on that originating document. And that’s the one that is no name. And that’s what comes under the crown. So if you start to look into some of the crown law side of things which I’ve seen, mixed results were. That’s not my favorite thing, but it just does have some validity. But that’s what that is. That’s the kind of the crown document. So then what? That you’ll probably never get that. But when you were saying, I’m like, well what if you registered your birth as no name because that’s what it says on it.

No name. Right. Yeah, that’s what it says. It says no name and then has uh has obviously the mother’s name, but they didn’t even put my name or anything. It was just uh well it will have nowhere to be signed. The live birth. And or the birth certificate has a signature from one of the parents. But this originating one has nothing and that’s what’s called no name. Crown, because the crown has no name. The crown is like the overarching right entity, right? Like kind of a corporation sort of thing. Right?

So that’s the original bonding certificate. So uh my point being is if you were in that position, I would actually get my kid registered if they were forcing something, I knew they were going to do it anyway, I get no name on it because I think that that might be a valuable document. That’s only a theory. At this point, I literally just came up with on the spot doing that, blaming me. If it doesn’t work to your advantage, I’m in theory that would be something that could work to your advantage is to have that on there.

So either way, um, see I don’t, I can’t get my live birth certificate because I live in Australia and I was born in England. I came here when I was like eight months old and I’ve tried to contact births, deaths and marriages and there’s no likes to hard, it’s by oversees all this kind of stuff. No, you can’t contact all that kind of stuff is a bit difficult. So you can do what you’ve done brad and do a status correction. You can even just do it by way of affidavit, by way of an unrebutted affidavit that you are living.

That can take place of the, take the place of the live birth certificate. If you can’t procure that for any reason. Otherwise you can just contact births, deaths and marriages in the country that you’re born in. And you can request your certificate of live birth, which they’ll send you right after you’ve been registered. And then so then what we have to do is we had to go through this whole process. It was a bunch of different documents and that’s to basically kind of resend all of that right?

And kind of resend that all everything that you’ve done till date. You kind of have to resend all that. And I still don’t really understand about because I mean isn’t basic just common law is it too it’s a contract but between two or more parties that are you know complete aware completely aware of the situation and the contract. Right? So then you know and that’s where I get a little bit confused. I’m reading this book um right now it’s it’s pretty intense. Have you ever heard of the Pan Pantera D’Oro um group?

Has that got to do with the Gemstone University? Yeah. Yeah Gemstone yeah but I haven’t read it or anything. It’s just some crazy it’s it’s just it’s just wild it’s what we’re talking about. But anyway it’s just I’m just kind of I don’t understand how that that that originally happens like because obviously like if people knew like if my mother knew what she was doing she would have never done that. You know what I mean? Like I mean right just like I don’t think most people would if they knew what was actually going on so how is that a valid contract or is it just not valid and they’re just saying fuck it we’re doing it anyway.

Yeah it’s not it’s not because there has to be full disclosure. There has to be the consent of all the parties. There has to be so there was never full disclosure so therefore it invalidates it from the beginning. However, however, It’s not a fair system and possession is 9/10 of the law as they say, and they’re the ones with the military to back up the guns that backs up their fake rules and stuff. So we don’t really have the standing. We think they do. But this is an important point which I should bring up is that I’m not sure that a lot of parents would actually forego signing if they were given full disclosure.

I’ll tell you why most, most people are not adults. They’re fearful they’re not they’re not in their own standing. So if you were to not sign on to the benefits and privileges that the system offers, which people latch onto out of fear, do they know how to procure their own food? Do they know how to fix their own wounds? Do they know how to fight? Do they know how to protect? Do they know those things? Probably not? Most adults do not, well, most Children in adult bodies do not know how to do these things so they’ll go, you know what that sounds like?

I’m gonna do it anyway, because without it, I can’t access the benefits and privileges that the state provides. So when man was never supposed to create government in the order of the hierarchy, there’s the creator, creator created man and man created government. Government sits below man. Then government created persons or entities which sit below a government. So that’s where the distinguishing point is. Here’s the government. If you’re a man, you’re above the government. If you’re a person, you below it, you come under their rule. But the problem is, man was never meant to create government.

Man was supposed to give his um uh he was supposed to serve the creator. He was not supposed to serve an entity or a government or anything like that. From the bible, it says that you can’t serve two masters, you can only serve one master. So as soon as we created earthly kings, we stopped serving the creator and we started serving men and therefore we can’t serve the creator. So from a legal perspective, it just means we’re coming under all of this rule. Now, when governments were created, governments were forced sworn to protect their people and that still exists today.

However, they change, they invented persons which are entities. People are the living governments are four sworn to protect the living. However, once they created persons and entities, well, I don’t really have to protect them. They can just, I could just stop. So once. Yeah, I guess technically what you’re saying, my mom at that time my mother didn’t have rights. She was an entity herself, yep, that’s partly it. And what it also comes down to is the birth certificate is not a bad thing. I’ve used my birth certificate to discharge liabilities for debts like gas and utility bills.

You can use the birth certificate to your advantage. It’s actually what it is. It’s a communication vessel between the living and the dead realms, the private realm of the living and the dead realm of the public. The birth certificate is the conduit that connects the two because the living can’t see the dead and the dead can’t see the living. It’s just like a rule. That’s why if you’re in court and you start saying, oh, I’m a man and I’m this and that and you can’t do anything.

To me. The judge who’s in the world of the public can’t see or hear the living, therefore they don’t hear you. Therefore what you’re saying is nonsense and babble. So you need to play. And if you write a legal notice with I am the living man of the such and such and then you direct it to the corporation. The living and the dead can’t talk to each other. So therefore it’s an unintelligible letter or notice. So you have to be able to work things in in the right way for it to actually have an effect.

And the birth certificate you can use to access you can still operate in the private in the living. But you can use the birth certificate to access benefits and privileges in the public which in the world that we live in is honestly the right way to go for most people. Because unless you are fully self sufficient, fully self responsible And you can, you know what I mean? Like how many people on earth are like that? Not many. Not many. I mean? And you know, I mean including myself and I, you know, I’d like to be 100% we’re moving towards that more and more as much as we can.

Especially after 2020 it was, you know, obviously it was just like, okay, well, this is yeah. Well, yeah, I mean, this is legit actually happening really, you know? So okay. Uh, so yeah, I mean, obviously we’re looking at land all that good stuff. But uh, again, I’ve been preparing for this for 20 years. You know, like, like you I’ve been saying the crazy stuff, but I was especially in the medical fields or medical stuff, I’ve been the crazy, what is it called? The kooks or whatever you want to call it, you know, forever.

So, it doesn’t really bother me. It was just 2020 was more, you know, kind of All right, well, it’s go time, Right? So we got to try and at least grow our own food and all that. But it’s, I mean, to be fully self sufficient right now and not depend on any sort of government entity. I mean, right now they own electricity, water, uh, food, uh, anything you can think of, right? And especially if you think about it in the sense of corporations and how now it’s this oligarchy around the world, these world, oligarchy is just kind of running everything. Exactly. Yeah.

So, we need to, the first thing people want to do when they find out that we’re born into bondage and slavery as they just go, I don’t want that at all. I don’t accept that I want out of it immediately, because you would think, how could I possibly have agreed to that? But on on on many levels we did contract to that, we did consent to that. So it can take many, many years, even a lifetime of undoing that. And that’s okay. Once you understand that, that’s actually okay.

That you’re not meant to get out of it immediately, that this realm isn’t necessarily supposed to be having in that way, that there are trials. There are things that we have to go through to learn about ourselves. Because at the end of the day, the more we go through things like that, the more we’re just learning about ourselves and that’s the whole purpose. It’s not about being free of shackles and driving a Ferrari and living on a beach front mansion, and that’s not what it’s about. You know, you might think that that’s it, but you will have that for a month and then you’ll be like, why am I not fulfilled because nothing’s changing in here.

So a lot of these elements that were presented with are actually gifts like getting sick because you’ve got a viral infection or a fungal infection or a parasitic infection. That’s a gift because now you get to learn where you’re out of balance with nature, where you’re out of balance with yourself and the more you get into balance with yourself, the more you just get this harmonious residence that starts to become more powerful. It’s more powerful than money, It’s more powerful and rich is, it’s more powerful and the status and social, like all people love me and it’s more powerful than the oppressors of the system.

It’s like counterintuitive rather than going after them and fighting them on their level, it creates more of the food that they feed on. Which is fear, anger, apathy, anarchy. All that sort of stuff, protest that’s all. If you understand what all those mean, all the words mean. Even you wouldn’t want to engage in it. So it’s not about that, it’s about finding out how you navigate yourself and becoming more than they are more powerful than they are and therefore you get out of it without having to get out of it if you know what I mean.

It’s a very paradoxical counterintuitive thing, but that’s how it works. Yeah. Absolutely. Have you have you ever read the book? Word Magic? No I started I actually got it and I read about 20 pages and I liked it. I recommend it to a lot of people. Yeah. Well I mean yeah because it’s it’s funny because I my my wife actually started reading it and she was like, she’s like, this sounds like you, she’s like everything in this book, right? Well, but it’s it’s true if you if you understand energy and effort, right?

And I’ve been practicing Tm transcendental meditation for About 15 years or so now, right before that though, it was a complete madman, right? Again, military, you know, hardcore party or all that good stuff, hardcore drinker, all that stuff. I’m not saying that sounds bad, it’s just that was just kind of my only life and there was no quiet. And then once you start to go into the quiet, just like this, once you start to try and find truth, right? And then that ultimate truth is you is that centerpiece where everything emanates from the inside out, um not the other way around, right?

Where it’s we’ve been trained to believe everything’s like our savior is outside in, right, that everything is going to give me that pill. You know that pills gonna then he’ll me inside, give me anything outside in outside in where as if we realize the more that you love yourself is, the more that you’ll love other people, right? The more patients you have with yourself, more patients you have with other people and a lot of that double play in the double talk and word. Um, yeah. What is it?

Gas lighting and stuff is uh, is on overflowed dry overdrive right now. It’s, it’s, it’s pretty insane how much in and it’s back to that corporate media, how they’ve gotten people to completely do what they know is intuitively, who have to know that covering your face with a mask all day is not healthy, right? I mean, you intuitively know these things. I mean, we have to know this, right? And it’s just like, so there’s, what is that, what I mean? Is it just purely that or is I mean, and, and, and next question, are we in, is this an ascension, is this, are we waking up or you know, are we going up?

Are we going down, man? There’s a little bit of both. Uh, yeah, that’s an individual choice because yeah, I’ll get to that one. The first one though, is that it’s theories, fear makes people irrational. So you put enough fear in people and they’ll just staple a turd to their head if it thinks they’re going to protect themselves. And it’s also because they’re a child. So the government or Fauci or Gates or anyone like that is their parental figure. It’s like if you’re a kid and your parent tells you to wear a heart because of whatever reason or tells you go to bed because of whatever you just you’re not you don’t have your feet in the world.

You might even think is that right? But you’re not mature enough yet physically emotionally spiritually to know the right answer or to defend yourself. So you just go along well my parents must have my best interests at heart. So the child in the adult bodies that are around in the world I think that even first of all they’re in fear so they can’t think rationally, they’ll staple 10 masks that they face if they’re told to. And the second thing is is that they think they are such a child that the parental figure is the government and the T. V. And Fauci and Gates and uh and the celebrities that are telling him to like stay home, stay safe and put a mask on.

Otherwise you’re selfish. Their their their parents. So they’re just doing what they’re told. And as far as are we going up or down. I actually think it’s both. I think the world is going through a shift in itself. So as far as the energetic of the plane of the earth and the star systems and everything that we’re a part of it’s going through a shift. It always goes through ages. And then as the energy of the place shifts, so two needs to shift the energy of the inhabitants of it.

So those of us that are that are going into ourselves and growing and expanding, we’re going to expand with that and energetically match it. Those that are not doing that are going to perish. So some of us are going up, some of them going down and there are a lot of people that will perish because what that looks like is what are they doing? So what are they doing? They’re going to take a vaccine. What are they doing? They’re still going to listen to the T. V. What are they doing?

They lock themselves inside. You know they’ll obey. They’ll obey. They’ll obey. And it’s that obeying is the action that comes from that inability to raise their own energy. So rather than that being the thing that parishes it latches onto something in the physical world which is taking a vaccine for example and that will be the parish. Not necessarily everyone’s gonna die directly from the vaccine but they’ll die directly from the underlying element of what’s getting them to take it and the other orders that they’ll follow as a result.

How will that vaccine play out over time? How will it inter relate to the extra frequencies that they want to put into the atmosphere. How will it into relate to the being around in a certain environment, like smart cities and, and taking other poisons. And so it’s uh, that’s what I mean. I’m just spitballing this. I’m not a god. I don’t know what’s actually going on are going to happen. But I feel that it’s both, I feel there’s an ascension and because there there has to be an equal and opposite, it’s going to go up and others are going to go down. Dude. Yes.

No, I do. I beautiful. That’s exactly how I feel. I and it’s not just even that, it’s, it’s kind of the deep knowing right. And of course if you look like here in Arizona, we have the Hopi indian and there’s a place called Hope Iraq right here in Northern Arizona and there’s a this old old rock and it’s etched in there and it’s to split and the Hopi indian have passed down from generation to generation, the story of the split in the timeline, but it’s just not the Hopi indian, I mean the Mayans, right?

I mean all these cultures for a very long time, I have said, kind of the same sort of thing, in fact, what you’re saying, it’s the end of the age and these ages are shifting and we’re shifting and and this split, um it’s the chasm is growing further and further, right? And I’ve said it quite a few times, I know all my listeners know I feel this way, but that if 2020 didn’t, wasn’t the catalyst to wake you up, I’m not sure that there is that catalyst. Okay, so now here’s a freaky freaking thought, man.

And right, so, so if it’s, if it’s the, if it’s the destiny of the planet for this to happen, right? So if it’s a destiny for some of us to ascend and some of us to descend is Bill gates and Anthony Fauci doing God’s work. Yeah. To a degree. Absolutely. Because uh even the, even the book of Isaiah says, I create the light and the dark, I create good and good and evil. I the Lord do all these things. That’s straight from the bible. So yeah, I mean, that’s why I don’t like I don’t have anything against these people to be honest, because they are only there as a measurement or a yardstick as to what my values are a catalyst.

It’s a catalyst. Yeah. And if I, the thing is, is if I have a polarity around them, like I hate them, they don’t deserve to be here. I wish somebody would go and drag him out and beat him to death in the street. The degree to which I have a polarity is the degree to which part of them is in me what part of me represents them. You know, it’s only when we have no polarity around somebody else like a foul. She’s just found she’s just doing anything as part of God’s plan.

Then that’s the degree to which I’m I have reached that level in myself where I am actually impartial and I’m part of that. Soon as there’s a polarity where I hate them or they shouldn’t be here, I’m judging them. I’m also judging that part in me. So I know that I’m internally clean to the degree that I don’t hate Gates and Fauci or wish they weren’t here. I wish it was different. The degree to which I have. That is the degree to which I’m not clean inside.

That’s the thing And all this stuff like were saying earlier is just what’s going on inside and it’s a barometer and it is a catalyst. Just like wait, if that I don’t agree with, then I’m not ready yet. But there’s something what it mean needs to wake up still, you know, that’s how people should be approaching it and until they get to that and I totally agree with you with what you said if the last year or so it hasn’t woken people up. It’s like the degree to which things are just ridiculous now with the stupidity of some of the rules, like the restaurant rules and the, and the, and the mask rules and then they do this, but you don’t do that and it changes and then it’s like so ridiculous if that’s not an indication that something is there, Like it’s almost like they’re trying, they’re like this world is not going to survive unless enough people wake up.

We thought they would have woken up by now. How many times make something so obvious and they’re still not. So now they’re just going dudes come on, we can’t actually come out and give you the answer because that’s breaking the rules. Like we’re not allowed to do that, we have to show you. And so I was like we have to do what you do, you know that? It’s like they’re trying it’s like they’re doing us a favor. Like come on guys, you know they’re wearing the mask deal.

Oh they were full of shit, come on they’re actually taking it up the ass now. We bet they’re bending over there doing it, they’re doing it. Yeah like anal swabs guys. That was supposed to be, it’s like we put that in, we put that in South Park for you anal probes and stuff. It’s like come on, you laughed at that and now you’re doing it, come on. It’s like guys wake up it’s like I think they’re giving up on it. I think they’re just making it snow stupid.

They’re like whoever hasn’t seen it by now is just like a lost cause just let them go, okay? No right? To reject. Just eject eject right? And it’s man. And it’s it’s and it’s it’s a beautiful thing because you know obviously you have some, you know, some level of I like to call it polishing the stone right? You’re just you’re it’s you know, resolving resolving things within yourself, right? But anyway, the ego, its ultimate, its ultimate destiny is to kill itself is to to kill it, right?

Well once you are aware of it, right? Because then it’s just gonna irritate you to the point where you start doing something about it, right? You start paying attention to it and going inside, right? And it’s a beautiful thing, and that’s how I see kind of this all playing out on the, you know, in the macro as above. So below, as we said, the micro macro is just, it’s a very exciting time to be alive, you know, and that’s something that I kind of like to, you know, try and end with is is something that’s positive and you know, because I’m we’re solution driven people were doing this because one I I want to talk to people uh and and connect with like minded beings and um kind of, you know, be a hub and a beacon where everybody knows because again, we’re the freedom people and the reason we’re the freedom people, because that’s very agnostic, and I don’t care again what you are if you if you if you want freedom, and that means freedom on all levels, right?

Because We’re not free until we’re 100% free, and never even heard other people say that we’re not free until we’re all free. One of us were not free till we’re all free, kind of thing, right? Um and again, I guess it goes back to we’re all connected and and uh, you know, the the light and the dark is the same. And so, to have these judgments, and that’s why when you were talking about Fauci, you know, we got a t shirt on our website says, fuck Fauci, right?

That’s fucked Fauci. But now I’m like, maybe I should just, you know, turn that into I love Fauci. You know what I mean? My listeners might shoot me for that one, but you know what I mean? It’s like because it is it’s that and you just need to resolve it within yourself. Right? And again, I have no, not even hate for Fauci, but you know, one of my immediate things was I was born in the seventies and I can remember in the eighties the fear being right, because as as kids, especially now, you know, right, going back, we’re not all funked up with all the fear yet. Right?

And so I can I can remember him on tv and the fear and it was a member of the blacks, it was the blacks and the gay people that we had to hate. Now it’s again, now it’s all racial now it’s the white people that are back, it’s just so backwards, but it’s the same exact thing just happening all over again, you know what I mean? And it’s just like 40 years later, repeater ville, but just now stepped up And and but again and and 2020. So what can you say?

Yeah, That’s positive that we can leave on a positive note. And why is all of this a good thing? Why was 2020? Good? Well, you know, it was like I said, it’s a catalyst. It’s not about what’s going on and every day of the year is supposed to be blue sky and sunshine. We’ve got to have winter, got to have rain. We’ve got to have thunderstorms, we’ve gotta have floods. We’ve got to have it all. And so we’re experiencing that and to the degree that we experience all things is the degree to which we experience true life.

Like we’re truly living and that’s what we’re here to do. You said it before, you said people uh what do you say? You said it really well. It’s like they’re afraid to live there actually living. Yeah. They’re so afraid to die that they can’t live. That they Yeah, yeah, yeah. Because again, it’s the same way right as above. So below, if you’re afraid to die, then how can you truly ever live? Right? Because now all you’re ever doing is trying to mitigate death. And is that what life is?

Totally? It’s playing, its playing not to lose as opposed to playing to win. So we’re like, the more that we experience like this, the better that’s 2020 was great for me. Like I’ve met so many great people. Uh it really yeah, really brought me into line as to what I’m called to do at this point in time. Yeah. Before that I was just doing filming photography, which I was enjoying. It was just for me and now I’m doing something, I guess that’s helping other people. And that’s, that’s, it feels more like a calling than just shooting models on the beach, which is really fun.

And I’d rather be doing that right now. But at the same time, I’m not really giving a lot of value to the world by doing that. And so there’s a deeper level of satisfaction by serving more people doing this than there is shooting models on the beach. So, so yeah, that’s what 2020 is done. I think it’s given everybody a sharp shake up as far as look, the world wasn’t what you thought it was. You thought you were always going to be able to make money. There’s always going to be clean food and water coming to you.

But now it’s gone all that’s actually a very fragile system. So then it’s going, well, hey, what do you want out of life? And what can you do to make yourself more sufficient? What responsibility can you take for yourself? Which sounds like work, but it’s actually, that’s the rewarding part of life. So really, I think we’ve been served an absolute favor to reconnect to ourselves determine what’s actually important in our lives because how many people thought they could never take a day off, got forced to lock down because they couldn’t go to work and then they’re like, well I’m still alive, Everything’s still all right.

Hey, it turns out I would have not had to work that hard, you know? And so there’s, I mean, obviously that was negative consequences that as well, but I just mean the shift in the mind is the important part. And so for me, look, it comes down to consent always as well and waking up is just the first step that’s not free. You’re not free once you wake up waking up is the part where you realize freedom is there to be hard, but you have to work towards that.

So each day that you work towards that is a better day. You grow every day as a result. So for me there has been no real negatives. I just, I really feel that we get to choose our own uh our own having our own hell. I don’t think it’s somewhere we go after this life, I think we created in this life and it based on what we choose. And so for me, I’m just saying from my point of view, everything has been like a blessing hey man, well said rather well yeah, thank you so much.

I dude, I really appreciate your time. This has been um amazing, amazing. And again, just to know that there’s there’s so many more people like yourself out there that that we can start to connect together and hopefully instill much more hope and and what do I want to say, community and people right, Because again, a lot of people that I know, especially the ones who just woke up in 2020 right there, they’re really thirsty for community and to know that there’s you know that they’re not crazy, right?

Because again in the beginning, especially something so so intense it can be, especially if you don’t have any support around you, you know, your family calling you crazy and all those things, so I really, really do appreciate your time man, like I I know you’re a busy guy and you and you should be and you’re doing an awesome message and really quick, can you tell everybody like how to get a hold of you and I want to make sure that, um, that people know where to find you and where to get more information?

Yeah, sure. Some website is tom Barnett dot tv, Everything that’s ever been deleted from public channels is still on there. Uh, there’s a mailing list. I would recommend going to the uh signing up to that. I don’t really send out any emails, but it’s just there because I will actually start doing a weekly Email soon, but uh look, I’m on a two week banned from YouTube, 30 day off Facebook. It won’t be long till all those channels aren’t accessible. And so like you’ve done with building this platform, people need to realize that I think email is the last thing to go and you can’t complain if like you and me and other people get taken off completely because they’re really coming after us and then you’re like, well where do I get my information?

So don’t be lazy, get onto email this, get onto people’s private sites because it’s where you’re guaranteed to be able to still access the information that you want. Yeah, dude, Yeah. Well said, yeah, absolutely. That’s um, we, we have to come up with these like other solutions in any way that we can and like you said, make an effort like it’s time to again, this is, this is even if it’s just that make an effort to go to tom Barnett dot tv and put in your email address instead of just some in your phone, right on twitter or brick and Youtube or somewhere where it’s just these, they’ve got us in these like cattle herds things so we gotta get out of a man and I think we’re all doing a really good job.

Like you said, we do we have a platform, we have a like a social media platform, a job board and also uh business directory. So again counter economy dude, we don’t we’re not we’re not we’re not gonna take it laying down, that’s for damn sure dude. Yeah, I’m setting up the exact same thing. Which is because that’s the thing like we want to be able to support when you know people are on our side, you want to support them. So rather than going to like jim bo’s tire shop to get your tires and then he’s like a vaccinating like new world Order guy and then you can go to like brad’s tire shop and you’re like no brad’s on our side.

Who you gonna support? You want to support your own? Absolutely. Well, that’s that’s what we’re doing. So yeah. So do you know who Peggy hall is? I’m not sure if you know who she is. Yeah. So she’s, she’s back and she were partnered with her. So back last year, we were like, because that was the one thing. Again, I’m in software. That that’s the my, my job, my Clickety clacks, right? How to make dollars or whatever is is through software. And so we were like, well what do we do?

And we knew about Peggy. And so we started talking with Peggy Hall and created the directory and that’s exactly what it is now. Now. It’s really cool. We’ve got a few 100 listings on there now and active listings and people are using it here in Arizona now, we’re actually hiring people are new realtors off of our directory. And again, we’re creating our economy. We have to if no one and and in any way that we can support you, help you please let me know I have a team.

We have a really badass team are helping Peggy’s team, helping all kinds of people um in this movement because uh we individually all need to do it together if that makes sense. You know, I mean it’s it’s kind of like the nodes of the roots and we all and and just having everyone and obviously we’re not gonna save everybody nor do we want to. But to your point earlier there is the split and I’m gonna live in a world that I want to, that’s just plain and simple.

I’m not going to, that’s just my mind won’t even let me do it. Right? So I have to find And carve a path that’s going to be for me and my family and yours. Right. And then again, that’s why we’re all connected, man in 2020 is a beautiful, beautiful year for connection. That is for sure. That is for sure. Well, said I love it, awesome brother. All right, well, thank you so much. Thanks for coming on time. And uh yeah, if there’s any way again, please, please let us know how we can help.

Um I’ll send you a text or an email uh and uh we’ll go from there. Well, doing That’s brad. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

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