June 9, 2021

It’s All About the BitCoins Baby!

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Fiat currency is dying and other currencies seem to be taking it’s place. Alex is with us today in studio to talk abut all things Bitcoin. Join us on this edition of our Fireside Freedom Chats.

Show Notes

12 Federal Reserve banks. https://www.federalreserve.gov/aboutthefed/structure-federal-reserve-banks.htm 

Dollar was removed from the gold standard. https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/fdr-takes-united-states-off-gold-standard 

Time preference = the length you set your goals. High time preference means short term decisions. Low time preference is looking into the future, creating stability.

Bitcoin history -started by an anonymous programmer in 2008. 

Digital cash was happening decades before but Bitcoin was the first that worked. 

First use case was buying drugs on the dark web. 

Turkey banned bitcoin. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-04-16/turkey-bans-cryptocurrency-payments-saying-risks-are-too-great 

 Fiat meaning. https://cryptodefinitions.com/dictionary/fiat/ 

Wampum shells were the first currency.

Nick Szabo Shelling Out Article https://nakamotoinstitute.org/shelling-out/ 

Money is a measuring stick for value, money is 100% necessary for society to function. 

Money Visualization https://demonocracy.info/infographics/usa/us_stimulus_package_10_trillion_2020/us_stimulus_package_10_trillion.html 

World Reserve Currency https://www.investopedia.com/articles/forex-currencies/092316/how-us-dollar-became-worlds-reserve-currency.asp 

60% of world’s transactions are priced in dollars; yet the US makes up 10% of world economy (Fact Check: closer to 20%) https://bibloteka.com/why-us-dollar-is-the-world-currency/ 


Consumer Price Index https://www.bls.gov/cpi/ 1.4% inflation rate 

Purchasing power of dollar is going down 

There is only 21 million Bitcoin -gives value because inflation is not possible. 

 Bitcoin is not fully private, public ledger can see transactions from wallet to wallet. 

Cash apps or coinbase exchanges make you put in your social security number, forced to work with the state. 

XRP is a centralized crypto owned by Ripple. 

 There’s over 9,000 alt coins SEC unregistered security company used it as a fundraising tool promise of a product that they will deliver 

Bitcoin was entirely working when launched.  

Etherium no set rules, no idea how many in circulation… 

Node’s computers operating services are on AWS. 

Is anything truly decentralized? 

How difficult is it to attack? 

BItcoin isn’t one key voice. 

Rules of bitcoin are set in stone 

21 million that exist

Difficulty mining -adjusts every 2 weeks 

4 years mining subsidy gets cut in half 

Don’t have to ask permission to make a Bitcoin transaction 

Nigeria illegal to convert local currency into Bitcoin which created spike in Bitcoin https://news.bitcoin.com/nigerians-shun-local-currency-seek-to-protect-wealth-from-inflation-and-currency-depreciation-with-foreign-currency/ 

Money is failing- people will go to whatever is stable… 

Staking is putting up money to hold coins to trade or swap 


 Scams -Monetize fame on twitter Bitclout 

Bitconnect ponzi scheme to get more people, more money 

 60% of America didn’t have $400 savings https://abcnews.go.com/US/10-americans-struggle-cover-400-emergency-expense-federal/story?id=63253846 

Forced to take risk 

Bitcoin only cash app, Swan or River Financial https://cash.app/ 



Temptation to buy alt coins 

Control of your money is sovereign 

If you leave the Bitcoin on an exchange, it’s more volatile, move it to a hard wallet

Cold card ledger 

Run your own node, running a computer with protocol 

Buy guns to protect yourself 

 Alex’s Shirt “If you trust the government, you don’t know history” from https://wearechange.creator-spring.com/listing/know-history-don-t-trust-gov

Millions sent to Pakistan for gender studies


Platforms from The Freedom People





Matt Hill Start 9 Labs https://start9.com/ 

Create self hosted servers, Matric Messaging, Next Cloud, etc. 

We’re Not Gonna Take It- Twisted Sister https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xmckWVPRaI 

Start moving in the general direction of sovereignty… 

Start by not using GOOGLE. Use DuckDuckGo search engine https://duckduckgo.com/ 



Local Bitcoin meetup


Hello, all you lovely Freedom. People out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat. I’m your host, Bradley Freedom. Have you ever thought about Bitcoin? You heard of it? Heard of that stuff? Ever ever thought about maybe maybe checking in on it. Kind of seeing what Bitcoin might be about. Well we got some good news for you today on the show. We’ve got Alex from Tucson Bitcoin joining us uh here in the studio actually and uh we got Emily in the studio and little baby MJ. Um so yeah, stay tuned.

It’s a really, really good show. Um Alex is super knowledgeable on Bitcoin and I would really recommend that everyone take a little bit of a listen and see if Bitcoin might be something that tickles your fancy Anyway before we do what I want you to do is grab your telephone and take those two little thumbs, thumbs and type in this word. Bitcoin one. Bitcoin one. We’re gonna have to text that into. 8449923733 That’s right 8449923733 Text in that word. Bitcoin one. And we’re gonna send you out today’s show notes.

Come on, let’s go mm. Alright just ask what does freedom mean to you? Oh yeah, that’s my favorite, that’s like that’s my favorite question asked everybody before we get too crazy into it, we want to let everybody kind of know who you are and uh yeah what’s your name? Who you are sure my name is Alex de Shankar, I am the host of the Tucson Bitcoin podcast and I uh do you work helping people teach or helping to teach people about Bitcoin? I run uh meet up in Tucson, it’s kind of like an outreach and teaching normal people about it, trying to steer them clear scams and because those are pretty prevalent in the industry right now.

Yeah, it’s ridiculous have way too many conversations with people about them losing massive amounts of money or um you know, stuff like that. And then I try to work with businesses and content creators to start accepting Bitcoin because I think if we create a circular economy using a decentralized money that isn’t manipulated by 12 people sitting in a smoke filled room, we’re gonna be doing a lot better. So 12 people. Why 12 people? Uh There’s a 12 separate Federal rivers, red Federal Reserve banks around the country. And uh it’s the chair of Each one.

That’s 12. Beautiful. Beautiful. That’s awesome. So uh so do you mind if I ask like how old are you? 25, Okay. So you’re relatively young but you know about kind of the bank, the bank stir the thing behind it, right? Which still is not common knowledge. Um ironically enough it should be, but it’s not common knowledge. So kind of how how did you get into it, man? Yeah, I mean I got into it. I was in working in social work, so I’ve been working in social work for about seven years, doing all sorts of various things, mostly around uh substance abuse issues.

And I was going to school studying to become a therapist and I realized that I was going to be poor if I live like all my coworkers and I wasn’t gonna be able to retire. And I saw that happening a lot with people that were, You know, older working in their 70s and 80s and they didn’t have any retirement savings. So I figured I needed to start now if I was going to have, you know, a good feature and I started learning about money, went through the Dave Ramsey program, um, started, you know, learning uh, all sorts of different things dove down, you know, what money is that led me to Bitcoin and that was like a spiritual awakening for me.

And I shifted course and dropped out of school studying social work and uh, have gotten full steam Bitcoin sense. Yeah, awesome, Good, good for you. Was there a certain book or a person? I know you said you took the Dave Ramsey course? Yeah, yeah. I went to one of his seminars up here in phoenix and, and I uh read total money makeover and at the time I was a fitness instructor and was living paycheck to paycheck and being, I didn’t have to be, but I was choosing to live that way.

And um, and uh, you know, one of the things he talked about was uh, you know, being financially unfit is like being physically unfit and as a fitness instructor that really got to me and I realized how unfit I was being. But yeah, for Bitcoin, I read this book called The Bitcoin Standard and the, the moment it really clicked for me was when the author was talking about time preference and how money influences time preference. And you know, I saw that in our society, you know, there you look at what happened ever after since the dollar was removed from the Gold standard and it’s just been um, you know, all sorts of bad things happening, like incarcerations going up rates, going up wealth inequality, going up, personal savings going down.

People, you know, young people living with their parents, uh, you know, prices, all of these issues that are correlated to money. And, and he was tying the way that money actually works to influence in time preference. So like um you know what time preferences is like you know what you’re the length that you’re like setting your goals so when you have um it’s kind of flipped backwards. So high italian preference means that you’re gonna make short term decisions. So it’s like I can finance this really nice car, it’s brand new.

I’m going to be in a lot of debt but it’s a nice car. Um And I can get it right now and that’s a high time preference decision. Or like I’m going to go wild on black friday shopping and put everything on a credit card and pay for it later. Low time preferences like looking into the future of like 20 years ahead of like you know, I I’m going to have a kid so I want to build savings around it. I want to um you know create stability in my life and create, you know, I’m gonna say I’m not going to go black friday shopping this week um so that I can put money away for the future. Yeah.

Very cool. Yeah man, that’s awesome. Yeah, I’m you know I’ve known about Bitcoin for a long time, but it was it was mainly just for buying drugs and stuff like that, right? I mean it wasn’t really. Oh yeah biscuit. Yeah. Fuck him up boo. What’s all that about? Um Yeah it was more more you know just for kind of just being uh anonymous, you know and trying to send money and tumblers and I mean it’s it’s the Wild west, right? All kinds of craziness. Um Was that on the dark web?

Yeah. So how did Bitcoin start? Do you know the history? Yeah, it’s a it’s a really cool history. So um there was anonymous programmer named Satoshi Nakamoto. Nobody knows who the person is or if it was a group or you know there’s all sorts of theories that it was the esa which would be absolutely hilarious to me. That would be uh Like if they that’s a long play. That’s an interesting one. Yeah. Yeah. But um he came up with this concept so that I mean if if you’re really gonna dive into it, the history of Bitcoin is much longer than its inception in 2008.

Um it goes back to their various um developments in cryptography and with digital Cash that had been happening for decades prior to Bitcoin. And Bitcoin was the first iteration of digital money that worked. Um And uh yeah, I mean that’s what’s so cool about it and uh so yeah, we don’t know who the creator is, but I mean it’s got a really rich, interesting messy history of uh you know, I mean you anything that’s decentralized is going to be incredibly messy because you’ve got people of all different opinions and the fact that it survived to this point and and flourish like it has been pretty incredible.

But yeah, um probably the first use case was buying drugs on the, on the dark web and and the fact that big queen was able to facilitate and is currently able to facilitate that just shows how powerful it is because you know, the the nation states want to stop that damn an agenda of course or the war on drugs being one, right? There’s a war on drugs, but then also there’s obviously an attack, well again, the powers that be want to keep the centralized system, obviously they make a lot of money off of it.

So I don’t know what would be just, was that, was it Turkey? Who just right, Ban Bitcoin was or crypto altogether or something? Was it Turkey? Um How can they? They can’t Okay. I’m like, shut off the internet in one country. Emmy lou That’s a great question. You know, here’s my other question. How can they shut us down? Like they have they can’t because we allowed them to And to me that be the same answer, is it because people would say, oh government says it’s illegal, so okay, we won’t use that.

You know what I mean? At some point, the people, we, the people we’re gonna have to stand up and just say big old middle finger, you know what I mean? We’re not going to bow down anymore. So it’s a mindset, mindset. Freedom is to teach people first. Huh? It’s like the mindset because that’s it’s a weird thing, right? I mean because look at fiat our fiat currency right? Which fiat means fake anyway. Right? So it’s already fake, but at least it’s paper right now, we’re talking about these coins that it’s not even paper anymore now, it’s just like numbers on a screen somewhere.

Technically that’s all dollars are as well, right? But I mean technically not because there is a literally not I guess because they have a paper right? There’s paper to it where there’s not like a not like actual coins. Right? So how do you feel about that? Or I mean how do you see or I guess not maybe not you but how do you see people feeling about that? Like is that the scary part? Like are you trying to have to dispel the fear that you know because I mean or you tell people how to get a hard wallet, you know, go get yourself a hard wallet and then you have stuff on there.

So now you have something physical um or is that even uh an issue that anyone comes up with? That was my biggest question was like we’re moving from something that’s already faked the fiat to something bigger, right? But again, now what gives currency its value is is we say it has value, right? Are backing or anything in the world? Right? What gives anything value? We say it has value like gold but gold has utilitarian uh purposes and stuff like that, right? So we can say okay well that’s why that has value.

But in the long run the first, do you know the first currency in the United States? Or excuse me? In North America and the United States did not exist thinking this. But in north America was a wampum shell. They were called wampum shells, right? And that’s what the north americans would trade, right? So it’s kind of but that was because they were pretty right. I mean they were really cool and pretty and I’m not sure if they had any utilitarian purpose, but again, we we also trade things because of beauty, right?

Not necessarily that has a utilitarian but you look at all these coins now man and I know I know you’re just strictly Bitcoin but I’ve been looking at all these you know banana coins, cake coins, freaking it. It is holy wow man. So I think your question from all that was what is people’s biggest fear. Well yeah, well I get my like yeah, I guess like well we’re moving from from a fiat which is fake but it’s paper at least, right, and who we were just having this conversation, or at least I was, I don’t know with someone else.

And they were like, well, it’s hard for me to understand how we’re gonna move for something that’s fake, but at least it’s money and it’s paper to something that’s now just numbers on a screen. Yeah. Yeah, I mean that’s a great question and a lot of people have issues with that and it’s unfortunate because we’re moving in the direction of digital everything. Um you know, so like, people will bring up the, well, first of all, you know, you have a good um grasp on monetary history I think, and I think that’s really important.

There’s a for anybody that’s wanting to read about wampum shells, there’s a great article by Nick Szabo called Shelling Out and it goes through the history of money and it’s like a good our readers so to give you a good grasp on it. But but yeah, as far as like value goes value subjective, you know like there’s this coin right now called Does yeah and it has a bigger market, Captain twitter and it offers no utility whatsoever to anybody right? So that so people are given at the value like the stock market. Right?

Right. Exactly, that’s what I’m saying. So it’s all kind of just inflated by people’s um okay uh you know not percent but their their desire for desire but their their belief in it right there, they’re kind of belief in in that right? But that’s how currencies work now right? Like the dollar. Why? Because people they’re trust their trust in it right? Once people start to lose their trust in it then it starts to lose its value. So anyway keep going. Yeah. Yeah and and that’s kind of uh I think a good view into where society is at right now where there’s just kind of like nihilistic viewpoint of like I’m just gonna yellow into something that is just incredibly stupid and uh you know hope that I make some money out of it and I think it’s you know really unfortunate but this is what happens when currencies are failing and we’re you know in the mid stages, you know maybe early stages but definitely like well along the way towards the dollar failing.

And so when you look at what money is, money is a measuring stick for value. So like you know people, one of the things that drives me crazy people say like um I hate money, I just wish we didn’t have it in our society and it’s like I I think what you actually hate is bad money you know and what it creates like what we have right now with all of this corruption and awfulness in our monetary system. Um And good money is actually an incredible thing but we absolutely need money because you know say you’re a shoemaker, you’re not going to go and price a car and shoes, how many the form of exchange something that’s you know a middle exchange kind of thing.

It is 100% necessary for society to function. Um Even even smaller scale societies are um and it just creates these incredible efficiencies that we can have these you know wonderful relationships with each other and like actually transact and make cool stuff. Um uh But yeah where Bitcoin comes in, the really cool thing about Bitcoin is that the monetary policy is set in stone. And so you contrast that to the fiat currencies which are incredibly volatile because we don’t know what jerome pal is gonna come out and say next week, you know we don’t know what biden’s plans for the future are with, you know taxes, what they’re going to be with um All of these other things and they just expanded the money supply.

But something like 30% in a year. It was. Yeah. Yeah. The dollars, the amount of dollars were printed we printed Like the the numbers vary between 30 and 48 or 49% of all dollars that are ever printed. Which is crazy to say they were printed within seven months last year. Yeah. And how many trillions was that bailout that we just saw? 10, 10 plus trillion rabbit. It’s those numbers are so large. I don’t know. Well I found that website, I’ll put it in the show notes That vigil visualized how much money that is like on pallets.

Oh yeah. That was insane. Yeah that was good. And then it showed like a chart of how much money is on order to be printed and it’s like didn’t seem so so in your uh what do you think is holding this, what’s propping up the the current dollar? Yeah. I mean we’re really in a unique position with the dollar. So I mean you can contrast what’s happening in Canada right now um where they don’t have the luxury of um having the world’s reserve currency. So I don’t don’t quote me on this and go look it up for the exact numbers.

But pretty sure you know 60% of the world’s um Transactions that are happening are priced in dollars. Um while the US. only makes up about 10% of the world’s economy. Um so what that means is that you know, all of these other countries are utilizing the dollar um You know for their transactions so that they’re holding it, you know and they’re also propping up their currencies with the dollar which gives it value. So the more people that hold it and have faith in it, the more value it has.

So we have this luxury where we can expand the money supply exponentially and not experienced the inflation that other countries are seeing right now. Um So like if you look at Canada is just absolutely invisible but that doesn’t mean that we’re not experiencing inflation here. The price is right, prices of goods have gone up and they’re continuing to go out. Yeah. So inflation is a you know a really tricky one. and uh you know we get gas lit by the media and by economists and by the Fed, um you know, they changed the numbers to hide inflation.

So like if you look at 2020 The consumer price index, which is what they used to measure, inflation was at 1.4%. You know, and I think the average person knows that like that’s not the case, that’s not reality, right? Like home values have gone up exponentially. You know, most millennials are priced out of homes today food has gone up. Um I mean just about everything, you can go put put some stuff in an amazon cart and wait a couple of days and it’s daily things are moving up, look at the gas prices, I mean, but again, that that’s there’s other things right with the whole pipelines and all that stuff with the new new administration.

Again, I I don’t really like to talk too much about that fictitious piece of crap, but it is what it is. Yeah, so inflation is hard to measure because you’ve got a bunch of different goods in the economy that are changing in value, you know, for different reasons due to um supply and demand, you know, so we’ve had all sorts of issues with supply chains throughout 2020 getting shut down and, you know, demand falling in certain areas and, you know, so it’s hard to get an accurate measure of what’s actually happening, but if you look at things on the long term horizon, um, the purchasing power of the dollar is consistently going down, prices are consistently going up, and that means that people are essentially that don’t benefit from that system, like, you know, wealthy individuals that control most of the, you know, have ownership of most of the assets, um you’re essentially getting poorer and poorer and so you know, certainly the more dollars you hold, I mean, and I’ve been saying this for years, it’s like, okay if somebody put 20 bucks in a, in a same reason account Right 5 50 years ago, that’s definitely not worth more dollars now.

You know what I mean? I mean if it just sat there right? I mean there and because there’s just no way To keep up with that inflation, well 2020, hopefully exposed to most people. I mean toilet paper was like something which I thought was very funny joke because dude, what a shitty situation. I thought maybe we were going back to like bartering and trading. Well some people were at some point it depended how desperate you got. But I was kind of excited. I was like finally people will realize like what really matters toilet paper and that but that was always buy you what you need especially fake money.

But yeah okay. Yeah. Yeah so there’s that so you know as far as like Bitcoin being digital and you’re not being able to hold um some physical something so there’s some serious benefits to it. So like say you buy gold there’s no way for you to verify how much gold there there isn’t supply and how how much of the supply you own. You know? So like say you have announced you can’t say I have one ounce out of a pound out of like 16 trillion. I just picked a completely random numbers right?

So did I was just saying right right right. Yeah with with Bitcoin if you own one Bitcoin you know that you have one out of 21 million right? And that will always ever be, will never be inflated right? And I think that that’s that’s what gives us a value right? And that’s where and also like yeah like you’re saying benefits I mean I can walk across the border with $10 million dollars in Bitcoin, Yep I could not walk across the border with $10 million dollar bills will be very very difficult.

Yeah you get in trouble if you went across with more than $10,000 actually. Oh without a doubt. Yeah what are you doing? Right? Um But now if you have one Bitcoin you’re like almost 60K. So it’s uh it’s pretty cool man, it’s been really cool to see what it’s done. And did you hear something, have you heard about it becoming um not private anymore or something of that that that in the past few years something. Do you know what that’s about? I’m kind of new to all this. Yeah. Yeah.

So Bitcoin is sued anonymous. It’s not like a fully private um digital currency and I think that’s really really important for people to know. And so essentially what that means is that it it operates on a public ledger and so anybody can go and say that or go and look up all the different transactions happening on Bitcoin and see that um this amount of Bitcoin was transferred from X. Wallet to why wallet. Right. Right. Right. Right. And the block, the way the block works is it’s it keeps the what is that the idea of the last block?

Right and then that’s how it changed it together creating the Blockchain. Yeah and and so where it becomes not private is if you go and you buy it from an exchange so like if you go to coin base or cash app or any of the popular exchanges and you buy Bitcoin, what they make you do is they make you put in your social security number or upload your driver’s license like finance at us. You know I mean. Got you. Okay. And so you know these entities are forced to work with the state you know and so none of your data and that transaction is private.

And so if you’re like go in and buying um drugs on the internet or you know doing something like that and you’re using your coin based Bitcoin so you you pull it off a coin base and you transfer it to your wallet. You know that wall is associated with you because the exchanges. And so there you know there’s these ideas that Bitcoin is not private. There are ways that you can use Bitcoin privately uh that are not that incredibly difficult. There there are technical um but I mean like say for example if you bought Bitcoin for me right now for cash that would be essentially private because your wallet wouldn’t be associated with um uh with you and then you could transfer that Bitcoin to me anonymously.

Exactly and so I think that’s where it gets really excited and what I kind of dream about is we have to contrast Bitcoin and Bitcoin privacy with the current system. So like you know we were talking about amazon earlier, you know you go on amazon you upload your your debit card information and they have everything on you, you leak so much information. It’s crazy. Yeah and it’s really problematic where um you know when there’s hacks and I think just about everybody has been implicated in a hack like that where their data is just flying all over the place and they say this is for money laundering, but that’s essentially treating everybody like a criminal before they’ve committed a crime, which is, yeah, but again, to me that’s like the war on drugs.

Again, it’s it’s this whole, that everybody is a bad guy where I think it’s kind of the opposite. And we were just having this conversation where governments go to war, people don’t go to war. Like I’ve talked to many people in all countries do not all countries. Obviously I’ve been to all the countries, but I’ve been a lot of countries I’ve been to India have been Costa rica Mexico. I’ve been in these places, right? And like what I can say, europe all these different countries, but like the people that I’ve met, the one consistent thing is that they’re all, we’re all pretty much the same man.

Most people just want to want to try and earn a living and live their life and don’t be messed with, you know what I mean? Nobody wants to be fucked with any of that, you know? And that’s a good that’s a good life. Most people are like that. So that’s where my conclusion was is that people don’t go to war, governments go to war and and and that’s kind of what they’re creating here with this whole thing, right? And again, it’s everybody’s a bad guy, right? But maybe not everybody is a bad guy, you know I mean everybody is a good guy, you know?

Um ah And I think that that’s what we’re heading towards is the awakening and kind of all that stuff, right, enlightenment and people becoming more aware of this even of their currency, right? Um Most people don’t know that their currency has them controlled right now right? That that our currency and and how difficult it really is going to be to break away from those powers because right now they’re trying to you know, X. R. P. Right ripple and from what I understand X. R. P. Is the centralized decentralized currency.

Is that correct? Is that kind of what like these big banks? Right? The Chase and some things behind that? Right Jp morgan’s all them I’m assuming probably but now I heard they got to hold a Bitcoin somehow or something. Yeah no I mean Bitcoin is completely decentralized and you know people will attack at it but those are pretty bad arguments generally but um and I could go into wide central or decentralized but yeah, x rps are completely centralized currency. Um It is run by a company called ripple and they essentially pay all these banks to make it seem like they’re actually doing things but they’re really not just this bit awful.

So then what was that whole, you know sec. Right? So they because they write and then I guess now because X. R. P. S just went so I’m kind of a collector of little coins right? I just tried like when X. R. P. It was really low, I bought a few 100 of them right? And it’s like whatever if it ever does anything but I was hedging my bets right? Because to me that’s the other side of what what we’re really trying to do which is trying to earn our sovereignty and our sovereignty.

There are currency because right now it’s slave were indentured servants to our to our to the monetary system. It’s kind of crazy but like so if we can get that side right? But then the other side of the X. R. P. Right? So I’m just kind of wondering what he’s saying that he can prove that Bitcoin is decentralized and X. R. P. It’s not so we should not have X. R. P. Well but I mean you can still make money off the X. R. P. Is my point, right?

And that that’s kind of what I was saying like like you know what I mean? Again so we’ve made a couple $100 off just that $200 right? We’ve made over 100% of our our our investment on just that X. R. P. Right? But again it’s kind of like again I was hedging that because I was like well you by by a bunch of Bitcoin and buy a bunch of these X. R. P. Right? Because one’s gonna do good I mean or maybe they’ll bolt too good. And that’s where I’m.

Maybe maybe we can coexist you know and and if you want to be part of that system or a controlled system you can you can partake and be part of that. You know what I mean? Maybe that’s that’s kind of where we’re heading into as a species like whatever you want. She knows. Yeah. Yeah. You know we’re really moving in an interesting direction right now. I am definitely an only big queen guy. Um And I you know when I first got into it I bought all the other all coins like you know card oh no X. RP theory.

Um You know because I didn’t really know a whole lot about it. I didn’t really understand you know the ethos of what Bitcoin was um To say that none of these other ones are going to exist are um I don’t think is like a fair assessment because I don’t think anybody can prove um or really know where things are going. Like i if you look at like the early internet to be able to say that you know we’re going to have what we’re going to have today.

Like nobody would have been able to protect predict Tiktok or virtual reality or you know the way the video games operate today or? That’s crazy. That’s crazy industry. The games, those those people make a lot of money and and those games dude. Yeah. So I think there’s like a, you know, definite possibility. But but what’s problematic with the all coins is they market themselves as something that they’re not most of the time. So like you look at the market, there’s like 9000 out there. Um And it’s a game of hot potato that that is often times to play it.

So like we’ll use X. R. P. For an example. So um they have a centralized company that created it that um when they listed the token they had the majority of the tokens and every little bit they sell off more and more tokens to people and that’s why they got in trouble with the with the sec, you know because they identified it as an unregistered security. So you know that means essentially as the company was using it as a fundraising tool. Um So a lot of times these tokens that you see are listed by companies that have a promise of a product that they’re going to deliver like safer cardin.

Oh you know they listed their token years before they had a working product and they still have yet to really fully achieve the working product that they promised but they’re selling it to raise money to pay for the product development, and so that is completely different than Bitcoin. So when Bitcoin launched, it was an entirely working product, there was no pre mind, there was no like founders reward where they owned the majority of the tokens. Now, early adopters definitely had an advantage because they were able to mine it and have more tokens, but it was open to everybody.

Um, and it opened up, you know, for everybody to develop on it, you know, everybody to argue about where Bitcoin should go, how, how it should be used and it wasn’t um, centrally steered by these companies. And so, you know, there there’s ones that are just like butter, you know, complete scams, um, which is like the majority of them, I think there’s some that are well intentioned, but probably will be unlikely to succeed and I think, you know, the way we have to look at it is um we’re looking for a protocol to work and so there’s not like 20 different or 10,000 different internet protocols that are out there right now.

There’s one and a lot of these projects claim that they’re going to be able to do these things um that are really like magical and spectacular, but most of these things can be done on Bitcoin or will be able to get done on Bitcoin. Somebody comes up with something truly novel and interesting, they can put it on Bitcoin and so why I am so bullish on Bitcoin is because of its network effect of how many people that are using it. And that’s what um I think is the biggest reason it’s going to win because it had that first mover advantage and I think it’s going to retain that uh dominance.

See over time, you know and all of these other projects have yet to prove that they actually really functioning right? Well that question I’m not sure, I’m sure you know, but like ethereum right? So isn’t that something where it has some sort of like software program that can be attacked? But again, see to me I don’t understand how but you know I know software development but this stuff is like crazy the way that it works right? Like and I just don’t understand what how what I also heard once that every coin other than Bitcoin is a counterfeit coin that’s just trying to take value from Bitcoin.

You ever heard that? I’m sorry but I can’t remember where I heard it but it was very interesting to hear because I was like kind of makes sense right? I mean because that that did start, but then then you hear guys like again, like a theory I’m saying, oh well, well our coin is really cool. Are I don’t know the theory of the Blockchain, Is that there is that the actual uh the rails, if you will, that it runs on the black, the Blockchain itself, not the coin or the token.

And that that’s kind of where like I know how tokenized authentication works and stuff like that. But again, how do how does I understand how it can be used as a currency or something? But what utilitarian purpose can like a theory and provide if any. Are they just saying that? Yeah, so the theory is really interesting because they never really have had a cohesive argument for what they can do. Um It changes every once in a while um and they’re all back and forth, Most of it, the nodes which are the computer’s operating, the software are run on amazon web services.

So like, when you look at defy you know, if somebody pulls the plug, all of that goes got under, you know? Well, and that’s another question I have then. Is anything ever truly decentralized? What pipes are you what servers or is it I mean? Right. And like, like you were saying like, um and Playstation’s used to do this early on right there, asking if you wanted to take part of a, like a kind of, you know, community networking sort of thing, right? Like a like a peer to peer kind of something. Right?

I don’t know if you remember that, but PlayStations used to give you the option to keep your playstation on all the time and it would basically use your PC as a node for processing something, I don’t know, something inside. Right? But again, this was early on before I really understood even block chains or anything like that, so I’m just kind of wondering, what do you think about that there? Yeah, so as far as like decentralization, um when you’re looking at decentralization, what you’re really looking at it is how difficult is it to attack?

You know? So like you’re like an ethereum, there’s a handful of people if you put them in prison, the project’s pretty much over with Bitcoin, it’s not the case, like there’s no um you know, corporate office or something, there’s no one voice out there, um you know, and they can take major players down and the network will keep on turning and going. So like you look at the internet, for example, you look a bit torrent, you had all of the world, the world’s powers and establishment trying to go after bit torrent essentially and the best that they could do is just throwing random individuals that they caught in prison.

It didn’t go over very well for them and that’s how I see Bitcoin as is like it is so incredibly difficult to change the rules, you know, like if Mark Cuban or in buffet jerome Powell, president joe biden, all of these powerful people and all the guns in the military or like we want to change the rules of Bitcoin, it would be incredibly, incredibly difficult to do and practically impossible. So that’s, that’s really what you’re looking at with decentralization. How hard is it to attack? Can you take out a few people, how easy is it to change the rules?

Um, What are the rules like? So yeah, when you look at the rules, the Bitcoin, you know, the big one is that there’s 21 million that will ever exist. You look at the mining subsidy, you look at the difficulty adjustment on the mining, so it’s just how difficult it is to um mine, you know that adjusts every two weeks based on the half hash power. You look at the um uh the having event that happens every four years where the mining subsidy gets cut in half, you know, things like that.

So essentially the monetary policy of Bitcoin is set in stone, which is really important. So you know it’s a fixed supply and that’s something that’s interesting about ethereum is, it’s, it doesn’t have a fixed supply and they can’t even verify how many coins are in circulation right now, you know, which a lot of people, it doesn’t matter, you know, they don’t see it as a big deal. Um Well, but that seems like even like even more kind of like flimsy than a fiat. I or I don’t know maybe not because of who controls the fiat but just kind of like having that moving goal.

That’s again that’s one thing that really drew me to Bitcoin because I do understand currency and I understand how that works. So then when you understand that there’s a finite amount of those and they’ll never be anymore. Then you understand that there’s then there’s some value there, you know what I mean? Like there’s um Yeah and you made a really good point in the beginning to about how you know even if you own gold you don’t necessarily know how much of the whole pool of gold you own right?

So that’s pretty interesting too. Yeah kind of going back to that idea of gold. So like what makes Bitcoin so powerful if I wanted to send you Bitcoin, nobody could stop that transaction and that’s incredibly powerful. Now if you look at like physical uh you know commodities like gold or silver. You know it is really difficult. So if I wanted to send something to somebody in Nigeria nobody could stop me, you know from something that transaction they could they could find out it was me and throw it and throw me in prison.

But it’s a pretty powerful thing to have done. You know millions and and hopefully in the future billions of people interacting that way um where they don’t have to ask permission, They don’t have to go through third parties. You know they’re controlled by the bank stirs that third party. Yeah I mean the banks are essentially been deputized by the federal government you know and they could just lean on them and do whatever you know they want and they’ll um I have to do their bidding. So you look at this like with content creators um losing their ability to operate on Patreon or um you know, wikileaks is probably the one of my favorite examples where Paypal Visa Mastercard, you know, all the payment processors pulled funding from them and Bitcoin kept them alive because you know, you can’t can’t stop it.

And that’s a beautiful thing. That’s what that’s exactly uh and here at the freedom people and uh that’s that’s our main mission right now is sovereignty for all humans, right that we need. And again, first things first currency, man. It’s it’s you know, I mean if we don’t have an open free away to exchange like that. Is there a way though that how is it set up now that you transfer dollars into Bitcoin? Could they stop that at any point? I I mean I really don’t think so.

So like, you know, there’s been a few really good examples of this right now. Um We’re watching it happen in Nigeria, so they made it illegal to um convert their local currency into Bitcoin and what ended up happening was it created a major price spike in Bitcoin locally as people are transacting peer to peer. So one of the things that like, you know, we have going on right now, that is absolutely um it’s really good for Bitcoin and really bad for humanity in general is like the money is failing and people are going to make decisions and go into something that’s stable, whatever it is.

You know, if it’s cinder blocks that are going to be more stable than their currency, they’re gonna use cinder blocks, but you know, Bitcoin is a superior money then the fiat money just based on its um uh characteristics in general. And I think that’s why people are gonna slowly gravitate towards it. But you know, you look at the all coins um to you know, and they have those similar properties as Bitcoin is being able to operate peer to peer, you know, So there’s this quote unquote stable coins, you know, there essentially just the fiat currencies turned into tokens essentially and those are booming all over the place.

They’re really popular in china, sending money back and forth between china and Russia because there’s like really strict rules over how much money you can have and you know what you can buy and and it’s an easy way to get around it. And so I think um you know that that just shows how bad our fiat currencies are. Right? Yeah, well that’s a scary place, man. And I think that that’s kind of on a little tangent here, but that’s kind of where we uh I believe is coming here.

That’s what were the systematic breakdown, Right? And again, that’s where they want the fiat gone. So I believe their nose diving the crap out of all the fiat currencies around the world, check it out right there, nose diving, the crap out of them, make everybody superboy, and then they’re gonna put you on digital currencies. So then, and then that’s going to be tied to a to a social credit score, right? Just like it is in china right now, Okay, and that’s what’s happening here on a slow burn, right?

It’s it’s now it’s been shoved into high gear and that’s what, 2020, we watched it all locked down. Boom, boom, boom. Now they’re gonna put everybody on this, you know, it’ll be a never ending stimulus package which now comes in the form of which is damn near digital anyway. I mean, again, it’s do you ever see that actual dollars? I mean, unless you go to an A. T. M. But even that, right? I mean now it’s just numbers on a screen. That’s all they do is they create new new new currency by just adding numbers on the screen.

So, I mean, that’s how banks work, right, fraction reserve all that works anyway. So, so how come that’s scary. Dispensaries don’t take Bitcoin or do they? Some of them are they’re starting to and they’re going to have to and that’s and this is this, this is where some gangster shit is going to have to happen and people are going to have to get some balls and stand up because either we’re going to get completely usurped or we’re going to stand up and that’s, you know, and you how people do that.

Yeah, yeah, Yeah. I mean that, that to me, so I, you know, I don’t use drugs and I’ve worked in drug addiction rehab, but I am for the complete um I wouldn’t even say legalization, but the complete decriminalization of drugs, I think you should be able to grow apart just like you’re able to grow up tomatoes and you’re able to, especially a plant that’s like never hurt anyone, which is completely ridiculous. But we have alcohol or my big one is pharmaceuticals, right? Those drugs are okay and pushed like this new injection drug that they’ve got going around this new pharmaceutical, right?

And they’re pushing like crazy, right? Like that’s okay. There are things kill motherfuckers all the time. Do you know how many people die every year from farm? Just bad pharmaceuticals. Just and they once they admit Right? They if it’s in the form of a vaccine, they won’t admit it. There’s zero vaccines are completely 100% safe. It’s the only pharmaceutical that’s 100% completely safe. Anyway. I digress on that crap. But anyway, back to what you were saying, right? Because right? But so I want to kind of get back to what you were saying, right?

And being able to exchange and these these so I don’t understand how all these little currencies around. Um and I I obviously do because people are putting their money into them, right? But again, even one of these little stupid banana coins or whatever, right? Whatever it is like. And they have these it’s called staking. You know, at the staking is right where you basically, you put up money and you say, okay, we’re gonna hold these coins in here, right? And so it gives you a bigger market cap and all that stuff, right?

And then you get rewarded in more of those tokens, right? Or those coins which then you can trade back into other coins and then back out other coins, right? Kind of things swap. Um So I guess I guess I guess I don’t really have a question. I think it’s just the only thing I can really see is that to your point is that, you know, Bitcoin, you know, I mean it’s all about Bitcoin question. Yeah. Well maybe not. I’m curious about the scams. How do people present them or fall for them?

Yeah. What’s a big scam? I mean there’s been so many over the years. Um there’s a few reasons recently and I try and ignore it as much as I can, but I can’t help but having conversations with people about these because people are curious and they’re interesting, they asked me, so there’s a one that’s going around called bit clout right now that’s you know, somehow people monetize their fame on twitter or something I’ve heard about. Um and that that’s the recent one that comes to mind. There was this really popular one, I don’t know one that was going to call it popular, but it got a lot of noise a few years ago called big connect um that was just this big Ponzi scheme of like you put money into it, you get more people into it and you get more money, you get more money is more people put into it and then it blew up and people, but but here’s the thing is like people are realizing how easy it is to just print money, you know, that’s that’s what these all coins are doing you know as you can, I’ve had people reach out to me and it gets really obnoxious but like if you’re on linkedin and you have anything with Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin and you’re um title, you’ll have these people reach out to you and be like, hey do you want to list a token?

Do you want to create a token? And all you have to do is I mean there was a while where you could buy a token on Ebay for like $60,000 and you can sell it and you just put a bunch of marketing money into it and you make all these promises and you come up with these phony partnerships and you talk about like how Bitcoin is antiquated and you have this new revolutionary technology, it’s going to take over and you’re going to get some suckers, you know, somewhere to pull money into it and to tell their friends, you know, and then you can just dump it on them.

And so that’s, that’s essentially the business model of these scams and they do all sorts of things like, you know, they’ll run campaign campaigns on twitter, on Reddit, you know, if you’re like, you know, they post something about it and you um, calling out for what it is, you’ll get down voted into an oblivion. Um, so it people look at it and they think that there is some legitimacy to it. Um, for that reason, because it looks like there’s a development, it looks like there’s a community, it looks like there’s engagement, it looks like, um, yeah, it’s just like this huge, huge bummer and they do all sorts of other things, like they’ll pay for market makers to trade it back and forth, to make it look like it has liquidity, right?

That’s and that’s what I’m kind of saying, that’s why I’m not sure how how legitimate all of that is, you know what I mean? Or is that because it just seems like, I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem cool. Yeah, and and kind of looking at how we got here, um people are being forced into all sorts of risky positions and they don’t realize it. So like if you look at the housing market right now, you know, there’s essentially freed Um money, you know, and you can finance a house for almost nothing and uh you know that the currency is going to inflate and that that that you take on is going to be worth less in the future and that if you run it out um it’s the same exact thing that happened in 2008 is people assume a lot of risk because they’re forced to because they can’t hold onto the currency.

So you look at like even the traditional investment Mechanisms like you know your 401K. There’s a lot of risk associated with it because this economy that we have, you know, it drove me insane When people when Donald Trump was in office and people would just ran about how great the economy was doing. You know, when 60% of America didn’t have $400 of savings, that’s not a good economy, you know, and you’re you’re looking at um all of this stuff that’s going on and why we got here and you know, people are taking risks because they know they’re going to be in bad positions, they have to take risk.

And unfortunately right now is the time when people should be de risking because we’re on the verge of a calamity economically, like it’s either gonna big time and you want to not have risk, you don’t want to have all these crazy things that have the potential to liability. You just don’t want liabilities right now. Sure. Yeah, bringing in as much as you can. Yeah. Wild, Wild man. Wild, cool. Uh huh. Wait yeah, I mean there’s a bunch of different ways. It depends on what you want. So what, you know, there there’s um ah we brought up privacy concerns earlier, which you know is a good one.

I think people should be educating themselves on it pretty thoroughly if they are concerned about that, right? You know, if you’re worried about privacy, the best way to do it is by it from an individual period appear, you know there’s some Bitcoin ATMs that you can go to around town and up until a certain point you don’t have to put in your information and essentially docks yourself to the feds. Um but if you’re just a normal person and you just want to accumulate Bitcoin and just sit on it um I would encourage you to go to a Bitcoin all me uh service like cash app or swan Bitcoin or River Financial um One where there’s not all of this temptation to get into these old coins because you know when you’re watching one go up 500% in a week, you know there’s gonna be a lot of temptation to to to buy it but you know if something’s gone up that quick you’re probably going to be on the losing end of that one.

Um So that’s why I suggest Bitcoin only um products like that, like those few and through a reputable app that’s only using Bitcoin. Yeah, but you know, it buying it is one thing what you do with it after is the really important part. So you want to work towards self sovereignty, you want control of your money because this is the entire ethos of Bitcoin is not having to go through and trust all these third parties to hold it for you. If you leave it on exchange, there’s a potential that the exchange will go bust.

They’ll get hacked. Um They’re reliant on whatever the government tells them to because the government has guns and they’re not going to say no to the guns or go to prison. Um because they’re standing up, they don’t have your interest in mind, you know, so you need to take it into your own hands. Probably the best way to do that is with the hardware wallet, kind of like you were talking about earlier, brad um and when you’re choosing a hardware wallet, you want one that’s been around for a while, you know, that has, has been exploited, has been updated, has been uh proved to like be reputable.

Um So there’s a few, there’s a cold card ledger trays, er those are the ones that are genuinely generally suggested and then from there, you know, there’s all sorts of different steps that you could get into. Um you could run your own node, you know, which is a lot of fun. It’s not that difficult to do. I really enjoy it. Um What does that mean? It’s just running a computer that has the protocol um on it. So that means that um you really don’t have to trust anybody, you know, in that process.

And you can link your hardware wallet to your note. But you don’t want to keep most of your Bitcoin on the, on the note because it’s connected to the internet. So it’s it’s a little bit more um yeah, a little bit more likely to get attacked than a hardware wallet. Um, but yeah, by guns. That’s a good way to protect yourself for sure. Amen. By the way, I love your shirt man. Or sorry, your hat and the shirt shirts freaking awesome too man. Yeah. Obviously if you trust your government, you don’t know shit.

I’m gonna even go a little bit further at this point in life man. It’s like like all the false flag attacks, like most people don’t know that Every war that we’ve ever been in has been under the guise of something false known as a false flag attack on 9:11. You name it Gulf of Tonkin. Yeah. Oh yeah, for Vietnam. Yeah. I mean, look what just happened. I mean, look what happened in 2020. That was 100% psyop false flag attack. Not no more people died than the year before. The year before that the past five years, the matter back go back, right.

five, people variation in every year. Right? I think it’s 2018 or something like that. We had more than we had in 2020. And anyway, it doesn’t matter, man. But again, we’re just watching it happen over and over and over again and you know, hard stuff, you know, gold, silver, anything physical. You know, I’m always falling back to that. Um, I love to grow food. I encourage everybody to know, you know, basic basic gardening skills, basic uh, rifle skills, you know what I mean? Handgun skills, stuff like that. Anything you can kind of get any basic survival skills in general.

Um, I think it’s super important. But this, this Bitcoin stuff is again the currency we need, we need currency. And It’s crazy to think about that. There’s only 21 million, right? Because I mean That’s a lot. That’s a big number, but it seems dwarfed because of all these big big numbers. We, you know, we just were hitting on earlier $10 trillion plus $10 trillion American people, everybody be fine and wealthy. But you know what we did is we send it all over, you know, we get all the for this, for this, going to these corporations, these corporations in this country over here to help them with their, you know, gene therapy.

You know what I mean? Like, you know, um just it’s uh not gene therapy. What is it? Uh, you know, to change your the gender studies, gender studies stopped, Right? I mean, how many millions did we send? It was tens of millions of dollars, right? We sent to Pakistan or something. And you’re just like, dude, what? That just shows you a complete like disregard for any sort, right? That they even they know it’s Bs But but it still seems to work somehow, right? People still, I mean, I still use dollars.

I mean, still me. You know what I mean? Again, that’s another thing where private banks were working on our own. We need a people’s bank as what we’re working on with some other groups and stuff like that. Right? Again, building sovereign systems, Dude, that’s what that’s what we’re trying to do anyway. To, Right? And that’s kind of like, so I don’t know if, you know, but on the freedom People dot org, we have like, we have a job board. So like, you know, uh, employers who are trying to who aren’t gonna stomp on you all your rights and stuff like that, right?

We’re kind of building these things, but at the same time, those are on servers, right? We’re not on a A W S or any of that stuff, right? But still their servers and they’re not it’s not decentralized. And I’d love to find a way to make these decentralized platforms I know that or to decentralize the platforms we’ve created over time. If there was a way to like, you know, take the, take the servers and somehow replicate them on other nodes and make it just make it so where there is no one source of anything. Right?

Um that’s the kind of stuff that’s interesting to me um and more so even under that, I mean talk about infrastructure, right? If if A T and T says, well you no longer have internet, well you can have all the servers you want, but all right, what’s that going to do? Yeah. This is like the major battle where and I just had a guest on the podcast. His name is Matt Hill and he’s got a company called Start Nine Labs. And that’s essentially their mission is to create um these self hosted servers that people can easily deploy with one click to run matric messaging, which is like super encrypted messaging to run Next cloud, which is kind of like an alternative to all the different google docs and and all that stuff, you know?

And so you’re going to be able to, yeah I I have one, I love it but you’re able to self host all of these things. Um and we’re in a battle right now where everything is either going to be extremely centralized and you know when that happens and when you give power to these monopolies, they’re able to do whatever they want to people, you know, they can just because what’s the alternative, you know like we just watched that happen with parlor where they can just like shut shut it down and this is really really important for people to understand is like we need to be supporting companies that um Are moving in that direction, you know more towards Liberty, more towards um empowering the individual uh that are not abusing your data and collecting it, 100%.

you know, this is why I’m so so incredibly um excited about Bitcoin and why I think it’s like the most important thing, because we’re either going to have a currency that is sensible and centralized, or we’re going to have one that is censorship resistant and decentralized, and we’re either going to have totalitarian dystopian nightmare that’s worse than this past year, or we’re going to have, you know, potentially a very free future, like, and I like to look forward to and see that it could be possible in the same way that, you know, the printing press broke the church’s monopoly over society and open up to the renaissance and uh the Industrial Revolution and the enlightenment, you know, and that’s that’s what I look at the internet as as it can be, but it can also be used as a tool for control and manipulation and um Absolutely.

Which we’re watching it do, right? Well, it’s just like any tool, right? And that’s that’s how I look at guns, right? A gun is a tool. It’s just like a like a circular saw or, you know, a handsaw or you know, um jigsaw or any other tool that can really do some damage to somebody. Or even look at this, your vehicle, your vehicle’s utilitarian tool. It’s a tool, right? Uh, and I think that most people, you know, especially people who don’t use guns can probably operate a vehicle a lot better than they can operate a gun.

So that vehicle is actually a lot more deadly than a gun in the under the foot of the right person or any person really these days, right? If you know how to drive a vehicle. So, so it’s the same thing, man, It can be used for good about anything. Anything can be used good or evil, right? It’s really how how we use these things. But the important part is I think that we all agree on is that we we have to keep some sort of level of sovereignty, right?

I mean, look at our health sovereignty, our body sovereignty right now. They’re like ah you can’t breathe clean air and oh you got to put this stuff in your body. All right. And I mean, even they’ve been doing it like with drugs right, for a very long time, you can only put certain drugs in your body there okay with those drugs that are like highly highly addictive and deadly as f right? But then like not like a pot plant where it’s never it’s nontoxic never killed a person, but that completely still schedule one drug, right?

It’s just again, and that’s why at some point I really believe the american people need to uh and I don’t even mean american people, I just mean the people of the world would just really need to kind of stand up and just say we’re not gonna take it anymore, we’re not gonna take it, you know that kind of thing. Yeah. What’s going on? What happened to all the people man? What are you seeing? Why? What why I mean? Because you’re younger. I mean, you know what why is everybody a bunch of frickin pussy’s man?

Why? We’ve raised a bunch of like dependent sissies dependent? I don’t even know what the term is, I don’t want to call them because you know, pussy’s are really tough by the way, you know, So I don’t want to call him that I want to call them like you know, just uh week, week, it seems like people are very weak, nobody wants to, even the stuff that you’re talking about is really scary to people, you know that right? A lot of people to even fathom like I know very smart people who will not even look at Bitcoin, right, wealthy people just because it’s too much Dude, that’s it’s, you know what I mean?

It’s uh everybody’s in fear. It’s a big fear thing. And then 2020 was a, you know, a great indicator of how much people are in fear and I were in fear of each other. Fear of breath. Yeah, I think what’s really important for people is to just start moving in the general direction of freedom and sovereignty. Um so there’s very basic things that you can do uh like choosing to try and not use google is a good one. So like using duck, Duck Go, it’s a search engine, it’s really easy.

Bitcoin and technologies like this, it’s like driving, you don’t have to get into how the car works and really understand the in depth details of what is Bitcoin, what is a node, what is this and that. You know, if you can run a Venmo account or a bank account then you can use Bitcoin pretty easily. That if you can take a picture on your phone then you can send it. If you can read, you can make sure the address is right but it takes practice to do it.

So like most people drive, you know, most people are capable of driving but it’s really really intimidating when you’re learning how to and so you take these baby steps in the direction of like, You know, you don’t go out on the highway going 80 you know right out the gate right? Yeah yeah starting a parking lot, you go slow and and how that translates to become when you buy it By $10, you leave it on the exchange, you watch it go up and down and value in fluctuate. And that’s the first step that’s like driving in a parking lot.

Second step you know is going out on the city roads is transferring your first doing your first Bitcoin transaction. So plugging the address into the exchange wallet and sending it to maybe a wallet on your phone or hardware wallet and moving in that direction the same thing goes with all these other technologies like it is getting so much more um accessible to the average person. I mean there’s a company that I really like called fold where you have a debit cards service, so you just deposit money into it, like a bank account um and you can transfer it from your bank to them and you go when you swipe your debit card at local stores and every purchase that you make, you earn little tiny bits of Bitcoin on.

That’s cool and I think they’re they’re a game changer because that that’s like one of the most exciting thing. I just sat down with the ceo a couple days ago and um and he’s really passionate about educating people and getting it into people’s hands because once you once you start interacting with it it becomes a lot more interesting and you realize it isn’t this like crazy scary um you know wall that you have to scale? It’s just this thing. Cool. Yeah dude that’s awesome man. And this call uh this call your here in studio.

That’s really cool. Not many people get to make it here in the studio especially these days, right? Uh with the planned emmick bullshit. But uh yeah man and that’s what it’s been really really cool talking with you because you have like this this really great outlook on it too and it’s it’s it’s um it’s positive and inspiring, you know, and if any of the listeners, you know are feeling that same way, what I’d like you to do is grab your phone and I want you to text in.

Uh let’s get let’s get Bitcoin one, say Bitcoin one actually, you know what? No, I like Alex, we can say Alex Alex Bitcoin, type in the keyword Alex Bitcoin. And text that into 8449923733 That’s 844 9923733. And we’ll ship you out uh today’s um show notes just because again we we want to try and create solutions for people, right? And so and then that’s something that you know, especially in these times where it’s just like your head’s blown back with all the stuff happening and people are depressed and it’s there’s we’ve we’ve got enough of the we we know shit’s bad, you know, we we know that we’ve got enough of that.

What we need more now is is is people with a positive outlook and people with solutions and things like that and that’s what you brought and so I really appreciate that man Alex, I really appreciate your time. Uh I I could sit here and talk hours and hours and hours, literally hours and hours about this just because it’s I think this is probably one, you know, freedom to me this is just part of that, right? And that’s why it’s the Freedom People podcast and not the currency freedom podcast, but because we were talking about freedom of everything, right.

And then then one is is the mindset and I know we kind of talked on that early um with you as well and it’s really and I think you did a really good job here is trying to help dispel some of these fears, you know what I mean? And and that’s that’s the big thing is education all right, because I think that once people understand it’s not as big and scary and and and there’s a bright future here and there’s a reason for this, right, it’ll it’ll really help people adapt more and and you can create some sort of solutions, man.

Yeah, yeah, like I love what you’re your project is with the Freedom People website, I was checking it out, I think it’s really cool and that’s what people need to be doing is associating there’s no such thing as a sovereign individual, their sovereign communities. Like we need communities of people to gather together and we’ve got some cool ones with the Bitcoin communities, We’ve got really, really cool communities popping up all over um the country in the world of people that are like minded, freedom oriented, and you just need to get with those people and and start moving in the direction of sovereignty, like there’s, you know, we cannot do things alone, like we’re relation all people by nature.

Yeah, Dude, and that’s 1000%. And that’s why yeah, go to the Freedom People dot org. Uh sign up, sign up for the social platform, you know what I mean? If you’re looking for support, local business, if you know a business that you that isn’t making people wear masks and stuff like that, have them sign up on the directory and start using it. We use our directory all the time. It’s it’s a beautiful thing. And that’s why we wanted to create it. You know what I mean? Because we I don’t want to support Costco.

I we haven’t been there since that whole shit show. You know what I mean? And again, I use amazon right now. I don’t want to use it was on, you know what I mean? But we’re trying to create this and that’s what again, we have to kind of create our own our own r and this is where we’re creating our own economy. We’re creating our own group, our own people like you said, these are our communities and these are local communities. That’s why I’m so glad you came up.

You know, I mean, we’re so, I don’t know how much you know about the sovereign movement all that, but were corrected. We have our status corrected. So we’re state nationals were no longer part of the United States, right? So we’re state nationals and we we we we are in touch with the state and county recorder, one of the county recorder’s and the state record of Arizona. Um Dennis, he’s up in Sedona and we’re really creating serious this did we have to, we have no choice is the point.

So we just had our baby, some crazy stuff went down, we ended up in the hospital for six days in a place we didn’t want to be and all this stuff and and we felt like we were prisoners. It was kind of a really crazy place, dude. And and so it just really put a fire on under at least me for sure. And I know her. But just that we need to create some sort of sovereign systems even with our medical and everything because now they’re literally just like saying, oh, you’re popping positive for Covid, we’re gonna take your baby from you.

And this is where we’re at now. And this is happening here in Arizona. And so that’s why it’s, it’s go time. This is World War Three and this is no joke. And that’s why we are creating these systems, right? And this is information war. We are information warfare, right? That’s what it’s all about. You have this one side saying, hey, stay centralized, you know, socialism, communism is a good thing, which if you’ve ever looked at history and anyway, you know, that’s not true, right? But that’s just where we are currency is the first step though.

It is the most exciting because then you stop paying taxes. Right? Well, once you become sought well, yeah, again, so if you, if you, once you become sovereign, then you are no longer liable for any of that. Now. To be technically speaking, you can go to live free now dot org. You’re welcome. Hey payment. And you go to live free now dot org. And they also, he’s offering half a million dollars. Maybe it’s a million. Now, I don’t know a million dollars. Anybody who bring him the law that states that it’s that, that you’re supposed to pay the federal income tax now, we can go down that rabbit hole like crazy dude, I got insane stuff about that.

But regardless of all that, we need sovereign peoples. Because like you said, there is no right now, you can become a sovereign individual, but you’re not really sovereign unless you’re in a sovereign community, right? So we have to create these communities. And that’s why, again, super stoked that. You came up to me to some person because that’s that’s first is it’s connecting with, I mean, we kind of went the other way that that’s just because that’s the way the internet is, right? We started connecting with people outside of the state and now it’s starting to come back in, right?

So that’s where we’re at. We don’t have to get totalitarian, Well, we kind of are in the midst of it right now, but we don’t we don’t have to get to um soviet union or nazi Germany. Like we have the potential to create a much more freer, fairer and open society if we do something. And that’s the important point and something to get really, really excited about. Something that I tell myself over and over again is we live in a pivotal point in human history and we have the ability to really shape the direction of where we go and you know, that’s what people need right now.

They need a sense of purpose and meaning and yeah, that’s where I was going earlier with the toilet paper excited that people were like, finding other ways to do stuff, but then they just fall right back into stimulus money and all that garbage. But some of us didn’t. Yeah, I Yeah, yeah, but the toilet paper thing, man, it was a fucking toilet paper thing. Just still, I was just like, what do you what, why toilet paper? Like, y’all like, it wasn’t it wasn’t like the beans, you know, the canned food, it wasn’t like something where it’s like, you know, you have to put something in this side for something to come out that side if you’ve got nothing to put in here, what the fuck is the point of view?

And and I always made the argument, I’ll just jump in the shower, I mean like, you know, stick my button upon puddle or something, I don’t know, California, that’s a good point. I don’t live in California, that’s a good, that’s a really good first step. Yeah, Yeah, but don’t come California Arizona either, you know, I mean, you know, that’s the thing that’s welcome to come here. But the thing that’s also cool is like a lot of people leaving California, there’s been a few transplants that have come to up to phoenix that have connected with recently and their very freedom oriented people.

So I think like the idea of there being an invasion of these people that are going to change everything. Yeah, that’s not that I don’t really think it’s that big of a deal. And the reason being is because the people that are leaving, they’re leaving because of a reason, right? They’re like, they’re like screw this. We don’t want to be told what to do, right? Because the people who do want to be told to do trust me, I have friends who never leave. They love it. They true.

They believe everything that’s being told to them. Hook line sinker. Bill Gates is the best man in the world. He’s looking out for you. Uh huh. Microsoft sucks. Dude, that’s freaking nothing more has ever been freaking said. And that is the freaking truest thing ever. Thank you, man. Uh Yeah, that whole rabbit hole, man. Yeah, we can go on and on and on and on. But yeah, right? I’m trying to do what? Right? Okay, awesome podcast. Yeah. Just you got to tell everybody how to find you once again, you know I mean?

And plug all your stuff shamelessly man, it’s, that’s what we’re here for. Yeah, I’m Tucson underscore Bitcoin on twitter. My podcast is called Tucson Bitcoin. Uh what I would suggest for a listener if they’re interested is get to your local Bitcoin meet up. We have two in Phoenix which are both really solid. There’s the um I think the phoenix Bitcoin meet up in the easy Bitcoin network and then we have one into song called the Tucson Bitcoin meet up and uh you know, if you’re in a small town, feel free to reach out to me, I’d love to help you out with getting one started in your local community, I’d love to get one started in service to Flagstaff Pinetop, you know, all that, you know, even Safford is tiny.

I’m willing to drive long distances to help you out. Um, because I just really see this as a powerful movement and uh, yeah, but that, that’s where you can check me out and some stuff. Uh, okay. Mj, we’re done. Thanks everybody. I’m not sure. Yeah. Mm hmm. Yes.

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