June 12, 2021

How Many Drugs Does It Take to Get to The Center?

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Andy Girard has many amazing stories. He has lived a crazy and full life already. He’s quite entertaining in retelling some of those life events and is on a mission to spread love to the world. There’s something for everyone in this episode, whether you need a laugh, a cry or some inspiration.

Show Notes

Drug Suboxone https://www.drugs.com/suboxone.html

Drug Gabapentin 30-40-60 pills at a time https://www.drugs.com/gabapentin.html

3,000 MG of cannabis edibles story-

“You can always eat more, but you can’t eat less”

“We can accept God becoming Man to save Man, but not Man becoming God to save himself.” – Vernon Linwood Howard

“Know thyself, everything is inside out. So important to love yourself.” – Brad 

“Within the construct of linear time one of the final human challenges is to understand the will. Before moving into the next dimension each of its three stages must be integrated. The first lies within the creator’s impotence to be a momentum implying the creation that your world strives to comprehend calendar time. The second stage is the inception of intellect where thought is separated from no one. The third stage thoughts and feelings are integrated into a grand finale of empowerment and an inborn sense of divinity.” – Unknown


“Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger to see things as they are and courage to see that they do not remain as they are.” – St. Augustine 

Apathy is a real problem. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/apathy

“We can only be free if everyone is free. Truly free. And we’re only as strong as the weakest among us.”Andy

Schools + Communication Towers https://www.opednews.com/articles/During-Shutdown-5G-Being-I-by-Beverly-Jensen-Absence_Dept-Of-Education-ED-gov_Education_Educational-Facilities-200322-906.html


Mask worm video https://www.brighteon.com/dashboard/videos/f9dad357-6221-447b-9732-86cd65a381dc PDF Graphene Worms https://docs.google.com/document/d/19IZsJXBZCYcTOliPDcA3-yRG2NdncsVgzG5uj4o6Q90/edit?usp=sharing


Rage Against The Machine Goes Woke https://www.nme.com/news/music/rage-against-the-coronavirus-people-are-sharing-this-killing-in-the-name-hand-washing-tutorial-2622954


UN One World Together at Home 

Abby Cadabby Sesame Street



Yankee Game Trump Flag https://nationalfile.com/video-trump-won-flag-unfurled-at-yankee-stadium-liberal-tries-and-fails-to-steal-it-while-hanging-in-midair/



Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn42WTbzY-0zf3vvZJyDCMw

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Hello, All you lovely Freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms. My freedoms, our freedoms. All the good freedoms were trying to really discover what freedom is. Mhm. Maybe free some souls out there anyway I’m your host, Bradley Freedom. Today’s guest is Andy Gerard. Andy is a freedom fighter building community out in north Carolina. Um He was so gracious to share his story with us. Um Story of addiction overcoming addiction. Um Some pretty amazing fetes so to speak and he’s coming overcome and we’re really really excited that came on the show with us.

Um I really think that you’re gonna enjoy this conversation. It was a blast anyway before we jump into all the goodness here what we’re gonna do is have you get out your phone and type in the keyword Andy 2844992 3733. That’s Andy 2844992 3733. And we’ll send you out today’s show notes. Come on, let’s go. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Nature just like you and and And fuck all them and you know, 100% like we, you know the original plan. So we’ve recorded, I don’t know, I’ve probably done 40 talks or something at this point, right?

Um but what what our plan was was to build up as much as we could and flood Youtube and stuff like that and try and get a viewership some sort of followership that way. Um But which is impossible. Impossible. And that’s the thing, man. Now, the censorship is just so hard core. And also, I I just don’t want to give them our content. I don’t want them to monetize me. I don’t want to be there fucking you know, I’m I’m I’m I’m living man, I don’t want them to monetize me like some fucking deceased corporation because I’m not right.

Like some token that you’re not, you’re you’re a human being in the flesh. What bro? Yeah. Dude, I I love your story. I haven’t, I want to hear more about it, but I resonate with former servicemen who get out and realize like we have a good, have a good friend named will in this. Um so freedom cells dot org. I don’t know if you’ve heard about this, but like it’s basically the tool that I used to get connected with like minded folks And there’s this guy will here in North Carolina and he was therefore, he was a mechanic.

He worked on F 35 and he was like basically servicing these, you know, these death machines and um and they were involved in bombing innocent women and Children of Libya. And you can still see like he’s in a much better place psychologically and emotionally and mentally than he was before. But you can still see when he talks about it. Dude, It’s like he’s carrying £180 rucksack. You know, it’s like the body language kind of slouches and I just feel like I talked about war and war is a racket and General Smedley Butler and you know, people like that who told us that, you know, there were being used as an enforcement arm of corporations.

There’s nothing more, nothing less than what we are. And he was like, what the most decorated us marine of all time? General Smedley Butler. And I try to just explain that to people. And um, I really feel for these people, it’s like they take the youngest, poorest people who are in complete despair. And in many, in some instances there’s people that are not in total despair and they’re just conditioned through these video games in propaganda in school and the Boy Scouts and all this. But like I feel man where it’s like they start with good intentions or some maybe don’t even start to like go and fight for freedom necessarily.

They’re like they’re gonna pay me and they’re gonna feed me and they’re gonna they’re gonna clothe me. So I’m literally living on the street and my mom, my single moms working three jobs. I can help her out if I do this. And then they get in there and they break Yeah, I was talking about the parallels between mm Covid 19 and the satanic ritual that it is compared to the same process that they used to dehumanised and breakdown soldiers right? Where it’s dehumanized. Break the individual down to such a point that they are, they no longer identify as themselves.

There’s something else they’re part of this hive mind, this, this team, this group where it’s yeah, that’s what the mask was doing, right. It breaks the individual down on a soul, spiritual emotional level, so much so that now we have neighbors that we once loved and trusted, calling the cops on us for not wearing a mask for businesses that aren’t, you know, enforcing these ridiculous regulations, mandate statutes, codes which aren’t laws are not laws, so they hold no water is Peggy Hall beautifully and consistently just rips on, you know, with with great fire and fury and passion as we need.

Because uh even in these freedom communities, like I’m not gonna tell anyone how to live their lives or or what to care about or you know, how you should feel about a certain thing. But for me personally, with my journey with, you know, overcoming a heroin addiction and overcoming like suicide ideation, like I know that what we’re missing is care. Like the cremation of care, that’s what we were talking last night. That’s what bohemian grove is all about. The cremation of care, and suddenly the creation of care, and those individuals who are social engineering our world so they can absolve themselves of all the guilt and pain and suffering that they have inflicted on people, you know, in place of their own agenda.

But it’s um it’s the cremation of care in all of us. You know, they want to suppress feelings and that’s I think what we’re missing, it’s like a lot of these freedom and and folks are thinking right there thinking, but they’re not feeling, you know, they’re walking by a two year old in a mask outside and they’re just, they don’t even see it, they’re not bothered by it. I’m saying for myself personally, I’m not speaking for anybody else. The day that I walk by A two year old in a mask and it doesn’t absolutely piss me off.

That’s the day that I’m gonna be concerned, because I’m less human at that point. Amen brother, you know? But I want to get your perspective on like your experience in the service and kind of how you woke up and did they? I’m sure they coerced you and force you to do different things. I heard you talking a little bit about your story, you woke up in what, like 90 year? What, 40? Yeah, yeah, I’m, I’m 40 how 42 40 to 40 I always got a double check man age thing. Never really mattered to me much, man, It’s like time is a construct that they, it’s so flexible dude in my head.

Um, yeah, man, of course. But before we get started, all that, man, uh, we got to let everybody know who we’re talking to, you know, for our viewers and our listeners. We, um, hopefully this video freaking corrects itself. But yeah, man, first of all, tell everybody who you are bro. And uh, yeah, let them know your name and kind of, where do you live? Kind of, um, how to get all this and just let us know about your story brother. All right man, Well, thanks for having me again dude, I’m really blessed to be here and grateful today for another, another day of life.

You know, at one point in time I wasn’t grateful to be alive and it wasn’t too long ago. Honestly, my name’s Andy Gerard. I’m originally from Massachusetts. I’m 36 years old. Um I used to be a heroin addict as I just mentioned and you know, over had some had some problems of just being indifferent to life. Like there was a time when yeah, you know after I get off of heroin, I got addicted to Suboxone, which is the drug that they give you to. Wean off of heroin, I got addicted to that.

And then I wasn’t doing heroin anymore. And then I kicked the Suboxone and a crazy episode where I took like 3000 mg of marijuana edibles and it was like, I don’t know if you don’t know if you oh my God dude, that’s how did oh my dude, I’m telling 30 30 mg for me and I’m like, you know what I mean? Like kind of those weird like uh Yeah. Close. Yeah. But what? 3000? Is that what you said? 3000? Yeah. And it was actually like, it was by accident, it wasn’t intentional.

It’s like I bought these uh actually this is a crazy story. I’ll tell this story as we sort of, Yeah, do whether it’s pretty, it’s pretty, it’s pretty fun. I was I was driving Uber at the time and that actually, that was something that really helped me heal, was like these conversations that I was having with these individuals where there’s no better time to actually be honest and raw. And then with somebody that there’s something about that driver passenger relationship where it’s not consistent eye contact And you know that after 30 minutes or an hour, you’re probably never gonna see that person again.

So it’s a perfect opportunity to get some stuff off your chest or to be a great listener and let them get stuff off your chest. So it was perfect. It was at a time when I was trying to heal, trying to figure out why I was doing the things I was doing and um, so I went to go and drive Uber one night, it was a thursday night, it was massachusetts. It was, I think february, It was like the end of February 2018 and uh I’m like, I start driving out towards boston, I lived like an hour and 20 minutes from boston, um start driving out towards boston, it starts snowing like a motherfucker And I’m like, there’s no way that I’m going to go and drive, drive an hour and 20 minutes just to start and then like, you know my car, I’m like, I’m not working in this.

And So I was like, I hit up my buddy that I normally get these gummies from these like 60, they’re like 60 mg packs of gummies. And normally I would take like three packs of those, like so 180 mg. I would take like my tall 180 mg. Yeah my friends used to call me, my brother, my friends used to call me Andy the elephant because like my tolerance lot. Well it wasn’t, it wasn’t just like with cannabis, it was like I used to take like 10 Percocet thirties, oxygen and thirties at once.

Like I would just just swallow them and destroy your stomach. Dude. Dude, well actually the there was another drug I got addicted to after the Suboxone and stuff, but it was called gabapentin, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of these but they give those to drop like recovering drug addicts for like anxiety and depression and all these things and I actually started taking them because I got shingles on my forehead. It was like a golf ball sized welt on my forehead and it was like super painful and it runs down this like nerve in your, in your face and like it can actually, it’s caused many people to go blind.

So I was starting to get concerned about losing sight in my eye and all this stuff. I started taking like 30, 40 60 of those pills at once. What the fuck dude, like I was saying man indifference to life, like one night this is how fucked up it is to like how fucked just how fucked up the mind is. Um Like literally I would take these pills but I would take pictures, like you’ll find a video on my Youtube were like I didn’t really get deep into it because it was like 5:00 AM, I wasn’t sleeping but I thought I wanted to get some stuff off my chest.

But the thumbnail for the video is a picture of a bag of these gabapentin is and it’s like I used to know this lady that would give me 500 plus of them every month. Just give them to me. I would be taking, I started taking like five or six at once and then all of a sudden couple days later it’s 10 and then a couple of days later it’s 15 and then all of a sudden I’m Taking 30 40 60 at once. But this is how fucked up the mind is dude, Where does that amount?

How does that lady get 500 at a time to give you? I mean these were prescribed, these were prescribed thing, right? That is fucking out of control, outrageous bro. And the fact that they’re calling that medicine is just ridiculous. But the fucked up the most fucked up thing about the whole thing is that I would literally take pictures of these things as I’m doing them. Like I would take a picture of these pills like in my hand so then I would like go back later and then kick myself in the teeth even more about it, you know what I’m saying?

Yeah just something more to bash yourself with, right? So yeah, self deprivation, self loathing all these, you know, hallmark traits of someone who clearly hasn’t turned inward, identified the root cause and sort of relive those things, understood them and then and then overcame them because that’s the path that was the path for me. But the 3000 mg right? So I’ve kind of all over the place here but I’m driving out to boston, I turn around, I hit up my buddy and like you got any edibles and like I’m just going to get high.

I had to, I was supposed to bring my parents to the airport the next day, they were flying to California to go and visit with my brother and and dude, 180 mg 240 mg was a walk in the park Kaczynski, you know, walk in the park Kaczynski, that’s like you could eat bro, you didn’t hear him. This is a story where he ate 3000 mg. Sorry, Doug snoop Dogg just walked in. What’s up? Doug you can turn on the mic man. Yeah. Anyway, he’s just telling a story right now about how he ate 3000 mg of cannabis, Holy mother goes, but he was, he was like, hey, I can eat 1 82 100 to 40 whatever, No problem. What?

He would eat that on a regular? Oh yeah, 1000 carry on. So, so um I hit up my friend, I’m like you got any edibles? He wasn’t around. So I’m like okay, I got this barber that I had, that was also I was also getting animals from and I was like yo Ricky, I was like you got any cannabis? And He’s like, yeah, I got these Emoji Chocolates. He said there are 1500 mg each. I texted him back and I was like, you know, you know, I was like, I was like, that’s what I said, I was like even in 150 mg, right?

And he’s like, nah, 1500. I was like, damn son. And there were only 10 bucks apiece. So I was like, I was like, what the fuck’s happening here? But I bought three of them, about about two for me and one for my brother because I figured okay, these two chocolates will ask me like a month, I’ll just cut them up into little pieces and I’ll be good. So I get I get the chocolates before I even get home, I like cut this little piece off. But like if you think about it, like a quarter of one of those or like an eighth of one of those, just like 350 mg.

That’s insane. That’s so, so I take a little piece, I would call it about an eighth, right? And then an hour I get home, I turned the tv on and watching some movie or something. I fall asleep. I wake up about an hour hour later and it’s like, I don’t know, 11, or something. And I’m like, I’m like, I don’t really feel anything, it’s about an hour and a half in, so they can’t, they can’t be too strong, I’m like, I’m gonna go eat another piece, I go and eat another piece and then all of a sudden I eat another little piece and then another, and then all of a sudden there’s like three in the morning, I like go down to smoke a cigarette and I look in the trash and I see both rappers in there, I’m like mhm.

I was like, oh shit, I was like how did that? I was like did that, did that just happen? And this was before I was like tripping my balls off and I’m like, I’m like, oh you better buckle up, so I’m just gonna be a bumpy ride, you know, I was literally like talking to myself about this and then, so I go upstairs, I’m like super fucked up, I lay down in my bed and I’m like, I just start like melting into the bed and all of a sudden, I’m like, I put my hand on my chest and like, I don’t even like feel my heart beating and I was like laughing to myself, I’m like, wow, I’m like, I’m so calm right now, I’m so calm right now.

And like, all of a sudden, like, I don’t know where I start hearing like these bellowing cries from my brother and my mom, my brother had told my mom something really intimate and deep and personal, like that had happened to him when he was a little child. Really deep, dark shit. Now my mom, my mom, I knew about it, I knew what happened to my brother, but my mom didn’t. So the very first time my brother tells my mother is while I’m climaxing, I’m like, I come outside of my room and like the my parents house, you walk in the house, you go up the stairs, it’s like an open foyer, it’s got a little, you know, platform at the top.

I’m like, I’m like looking down there and I’m wondering what’s going on, I’m like, and then I just literally was like, no, it’s like no. So then I start freaking I go from not being able to feel my pulse, I’m like, I’m so calm right now, right? The ego, that ego to like, I just start like freaking Dude, I thought I was legit losing my fucking mind, I could like, I could feel like things in my brain like you could, it was almost like two pieces of steel were rubbing together, like in my brain and I was getting the sensation and I was like just tweaking out and I remember the sun is now coming up and I’m supposed to bring my parents to the airport in a couple hours.

My brother doesn’t have a license, you can’t bring him and like I go and sit down next to my dad and I was like dad, I was like, I think I’m losing my fucking mind and in my dad’s like rubbing my back and stuff and I was like, he’s like, are you okay? I’m like, I don’t think so. I’m like, I’m gonna go try to smoke a cigarette and see if this works, see if this helps, like calm me down, That didn’t fucking work. Dude, that made it 50 times worse.

And then, and then I come back up the stairs, I had to like rip my sweatshirt off, I’m sitting on a love seat like in my living room now it’s now morning and my parents know something deeply off with me. I’m freaking the fuck out dude, I thought my my heart was ripping out of the right side of my chest. I’m shooting back on this love seat. My dad’s trying to calm me down. My mom’s on the phone with 911 bro. I was like she’s like my son, my son is dying, oh my God, he’s dying.

I was like cause I was like I think I’m dying. Yeah yeah what the fuck? So that so the E. M. T. Show up and they’re like they come up to me and they’re like they’re like what do you take what you take? And I was like I was back on this, let’s see him like what away my brothers over there saying, telling the E. M. T. S. That he took a little piece, tiny piece and he was tripping his balls off and I was like, my, my, my poor parents dude, I’ve told this story a couple of times.

I’m like, oh my sure what my poor parents dude, but actually it gets better. So they take me out, it’s the, the end of february massachusetts as cold as balls. They’re wheeling me out on a stretcher. I got like a t shirt on and there was snow on the ground. The sun was super, super bright, so the sun is just beating off of the snowpack and it’s so bright. You know how people like, oh, I saw the light man when I was, that’s literally what I was experiencing.

They put me in the back of the ambulance and they give me some kind of sedative tablets or something and I just, they had me strapped to the thing because I was so erratic and out of control, and they give me something and all I remember is like, chewing on these things. I was like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. And then one of the MTs is like, what, what did you give him? What is he eating, man? He’s like, oh, I just gave him some sedatives and then I’m driving to the hospital and I was like, actually, as they were wheeling me out of the house, I’m screaming family, family, my friends, my friends always joking around with me.

They’re like, they’re like, when I talk to it, they’re like family, because I tell this story all the time where it’s like, I just remember on the way to the ambiance of the hospital, I was like, I saw, I’m like, oh my God, this is it, this is the end, What the fuck man. But the best part about it was like um it actually prompted me to quit Suboxone. Yeah wow. And I wasn’t gonna I wasn’t ready to quit Suboxone then I just quit cold turkey and bro it gets better from here.

Like that’s awesome going I yeah, I mean I really, I really want to smoke a joint right now just so you know that we’d stories always make me want to smoke. I don’t really smoke joints inside. I’m I’m I’m hitting my little hippie stick here right on this, you know just so everybody knows that Yeah, makes me want to smoke weed. Hey listeners are out there like man, I really like this story but is it weird that I want to smoke a joint? Talking about wanting to die?

Yeah, I wouldn’t I wouldn’t discourage use of cannabis or edibles or anything, but I would definitely discourage people from overmedicating. Dude, that’s some scary shit. Yeah there’s actually, my my friend was, my friend Brett was one of my best friends used to get these cookies and on the very back I forget that the brand. But um on the very back and said it was like a cartoon picture of a guy and he was like in a he was in an alleyway next to a dumpster, passed out and they said um always remember you can always eat more but you can never eat less.

So that’s a lesson that I would, you know, sort of provide for the folks listening. But I wouldn’t discourage anyone from from from using it. But in the same in the same way right after uh right after uh they legalized it in Denver, I was I was up there for a few months working on some software, uh and they had huge billboards everywhere that said don’t call 911 And it was like, it was a picture of like, you know, a soccer mom looking all freaked the fuck out, saying don’t call 911 It was like this, you know, toll free number to call when you were freaking out, because they’ve got so many.

And then that’s when they started passing the law, that they couldn’t make the candies bigger than 10 mg, right? And then that’s when they, because people were just eating it. Because you do. I mean, the first time, I mean, I think I was like 14 years old, the first time I overmedicated on pot tea, just like, you know what I mean? Because like, you we just didn’t know you just drank a bunch of tea and the next thing, you know? You’re freaking out, man. Yeah, it’s so it’s so tricky because like, when you’re inexperienced, um depending on whether they’re homemade brownies or you know, made from a legit company and their medical, every one of them and every one of our bodies has a different way of processing it and actually depending on what you were eating leading up to it.

Like I read something somewhere where if you eat fat, like something super fatty before you take cannabis edibles, I think I heard it on joe Rogan actually want to sell out. He is, but but he was saying that if you eat something fatty before it actually like it like signs too, it boosts it. Um I don’t know the fat and butter is right? That’s how like whatever you make any edibles anyway, you make butter first, right? Or some sort of oil because it binds to the fats and pulls out the THC, right?

Yeah. Yeah. So so um basically after that episode it prompted me to quit Suboxone, which was huge. It was a huge huge step for me. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Right. Um So then like a week later I’m like I’m having the craziest withdrawals from Suboxone and I’m like now I’m medicating with more cannabis edibles. I like totally just I was a disaster. But I was medicating with Valium and muscle relaxers because I was so fucked up instead of just properly detoxing myself, like really going away from the farm is altogether no, I’m far me jumping.

Yeah, I’m going to use this for do this and then this and then Yeah, for sure, like within a week later from that um I’m like feeling a little bit better. One of my friends hits me up, he’s like hey do you wanna go play basketball? And I was like um I was like oh sure you know, maybe I won’t play basketball because I’m feeling like shit, but maybe I’ll go and hang out with you guys, get out of the house. So before I leave the house I ate like I swallowed like two or 3 10 mg Valium.

I had like probably seven or 8 muscle relaxers And I had like three packs of 60 mg cannabis edibles before I left the house. So I leave the house. I’m I was doing I was a disaster man, I was a disaster. And this is this is why I tell these stories because people can change, people can get out of a dark place, even people like me a complete fucking disaster. But so I get I get to the gym and I’m totally fine by the time I get there right, it’s just within a few minutes.

So I’m down at the gym, I’m shooting around and like my friends are playing full court And I’m like all of a sudden dude, like 40 minutes later, it literally is just like boom, like a fucking tidal wave, I could not reach the hoop from like a lay up, I couldn’t reach the hoop from like two weeks, like two ft away and I just like looked around and I was like, it’s time for me to go. So I like do the irish goodbye, I leave the, leave the gym, leave the gym, I’m walking down this road, I’m walking down this road.

Dude, I fell like three times like on my face. But it was like one of those things where you know how like when drunk people fall down, they don’t get hurt because they’re just like, yeah, you’re all rubber. So like I fell down on my face like three times. I remember the second time I fell down, it was that right in the middle of like a four way intersection, a a really small town, but like two or three cars like roll up to the stop sign. I just remember them like looking at me and I’m like over there like I’m like still like trying to get off of my face and I’m like looking over and I see these people looking at me not even like offering to help me or anything like that.

Like what the fuck is going on? I was like, what the fuck. So then the third time I fall on my face right in front of a church, right in front of a church, just kind of like, I don’t I don’t I don’t subscribe to like, you know, an external savior or mainstream religion because we know what kind of issues that has caused us and, you know, so, but I just remember looking up and and being like, this was when I was still kind of, I would say an atheist at this point where I didn’t really think everything was of intelligent design, but I just for whatever, instinctively, like looked up and was like, I’m sorry, and I ended up going into this pizza shop that, like, I know the guy who owns the pizza shop and apparently I was in there super fucked up, and he was like, letting me borrow his phone to like try and make a phone call to get a ride or something.

I don’t know why he didn’t just give me a ride home, but he didn’t. So I end up leaving look at his pizza shop, you know? Yeah, that’s true, that’s true. But so I end up I end up leaving there and I walked down the street to where one of my friends lives, which wasn’t too far away, he wasn’t home, but the door was unlocked. I ended up on his couch and I guess there was like one of his roommates were home and I was on the couch yelling, help me, help me.

I can’t even imagine what that I would have. I don’t even know like yeah, I would have slipped into like another dimension or something. I think that that much. Yeah, because I’m very sensitive to stuff. Yeah, I think I think we all are and I think my story kind of proves it. And um so basically I got over that and then I remember later that night, I think I went back home and took more muscle relaxers and more edibles. I was like falling out of my bed.

My brother and my best friend chris said like I I fell out of my bed like three times. I don’t even really remember it all that well, but I was like, I was just, you know, like a total fucking disaster and then actually got really scared because a few weeks later, um like it was about six weeks after I stopped Suboxone altogether. Like I was having conversations with people and I would literally just like black out and I would be talking and I would get I would get hung up.

I literally couldn’t get through a sentence, I would have, people would have to like remind me exactly where I left off and I would have to like piece together things and I was so terrified that like, I was that that I fucked up my brain and it was beyond repair. And I just remember like thinking about that and like really having compassion for like people who have dementia and alzheimer’s and stuff that like forget, but I got through that, I was like, I still struggled with like being addicted to porn, jerking off, like I was so lonely and I was so depressed and I didn’t have any love in my life.

And so I went through this real, you know, real difficult time. But I’ve I found my girlfriend in 2019 just randomly when I was I was still going hard on the edibles. Um but then I found plant medicine in December of 2019 and that was what started the road to recovery for me and then and then 2020 dude, I went I went deep in the plant medicine experiences, like think about it man, to wake up to like all this stuff, the madness of the world, like, in any year, it would be an absolute just it’s a trying time waking up, you know this and happened in 2020 for me Dude, we’re like, I was having these like transcendental like plant medicine experiences in the middle of all this, where like my entire family like thinks that I’m absolutely insane because I’ve never really talked about these kinds of things before and they like, they sort of respected me in my opinion and stuff, while more when I was a drug addict and I was lying and manipulating them every step of the way, and now that I’m speaking up against what everyone else is doing, they’ve pushed me away in many respects and like, I’ve had to be the one that like has sort of kick started the whole forgiveness thing, you know where it’s like I’m not I wasn’t seeing it sort of coming from them and I was like I have to be better than this, I have to forgive them.

They’re just in a deep state of hypnosis and mind control and you know like I feel like we have to get back grounded and love and compassion and empathy because the propaganda machine, the MK ultra mind control, the mind manipulations, it’s so real, it’s so pervasive, it’s so intense, it’s subliminal it’s tricky, it’s not that easy to recognize and so it’s like we didn’t always think this way, you know like I just woke up like in the last four or five years, I mean there’s been people out there Warning Me. I mean I remember I worked for a guy in 2012, He was like a building inspector and he’s telling me all about 9-11 truth and everything.

And I was like I just wasn’t hearing it. I was like you guys are fucking nuts dude. Like you know and there’s all these conspiracy there. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. It’s almost that term that was created by the CIA coined by the CIA right? Sure, anybody thinking outside of the box Yeah. To anyone that was challenging the warrant, the Warren commission and JFK’s you know, assassination. You know, within a week, within a week after he warns us that there’s a conspiracy. So mon, so monolithic so you know, so pervasive, so powerful, so intense.

You know where it’s like guys that he warned us about this, I mean he might have been part of it, right? He comes from a criminal mafia family and they got their money through prohibition and you know, all kinds of toying with all that kind of stuff. So they were racketeers in their own right. But he was trying to warn us, look what doesn’t mean that. He was saying that’s the thing is like like family, his family. I mean you can’t family and you can’t right? I mean and and and for him to kind of say that.

And again, obviously I’ll just hypothesizing right? We have no real idea. And here’s the thing is it’s like I I don’t know, it’s it’s a good spiritual practices to believe what’s real is only what you can see with your own eyes, right? And I know that that’s a kind of a weird thing to think about. But if you really kind of start to practice that you realize when was the last time you walked out your door and stepped over dead bodies because of this whole covid thing.

Now if you watch this CNN tv thing, they’ll sell you on that that belief that there’s people dying. I mean just they have this death ticker, it’s hundreds of thousands of people and you’re right and it’s just like, so yeah, man, I digress. But anyway, so, so that, but that that’s an amazing story I love to hear and that’s just recent. So, so that’s that’s kind of okay, okay, cool man. Just, I mean literally, man, I was um I didn’t understand the root cause of my behavior until august of last year.

I made a video, I think it’s called the exposed bill gates and I was like, I’m in the woods. Um I’m like just sort of riff in on a bunch of things that were bothering me. And it was like right before I um I embarked on this in the psychedelic world. They call the hero’s journey because They call the hero’s journey five g or more of psilocybin. And so I’m in the woods. I’m trying to get all this stuff off my chest. And whereas I’m looking for the video, I can’t find it.

But I was basically, you will put it, I’ll put it in the when we put out the podcast, man. Yeah, well, yeah, we’ll put it in there. Let me see, december, november. Yeah, I absolutely will. I’m just looking for the title so I can direct people. It’s it’s really uh interesting where, okay, here it is, exposed. Bill Gates exposed Bill Gates. I wish people cared more about child trafficking, child or satanic ritual abuse. Then who’s wearing a mask? That was, that was like my sort of the, you know, the context of my, my video.

And I was really tapped into that sacred gift of anger. And but my point is I didn’t understand the root cause of my behavior until I had this journey. seven g of psilocybin in the middle of the woods. seven g. That’s a lot. Dude, that’s a big dose. And believe me, they call it the hero’s journey for a reason. Yeah, absolutely. The heroes to hear his journey like eight. So like 3. 5 and over. But I mean, yeah, whatever. I mean that’s still but seven is just again, you know, for an elephant maybe that’s not a lot I guess.

I don’t know, bro. I’ll tell you what, I don’t think, I don’t think elephants exist for psychedelics or magic mushrooms. Let me tell you because I had my I had my, my world rocked and this was like I said, I was I was going into the woods thinking about the satanic ritual abuse of these Children. Think this was at a time when Black lives matter. We’re burning cities to the ground. My my my cousin was told me to kill myself. My mom said I wasn’t good enough for love.

My brother wouldn’t talk to me. My grandmother thought I was nuts. Um I was I was searching for answers like to try and make sense of what the fuck is happening around me right now. And why was I doing all these crazy things before? And what happened was the very beginning of the trip was like the darkest, deepest shit you could ever imagine. Like I was seeing Children’s toys and they were just like floating on by me and they were so vivid and so real. But I also heard the bellowing screams like every single child in the world that was being tortured, raped, abused, murdered.

I was hearing it, it was like an audio hallucination and that trans and that was so painful. I was curled up in the fetal position, bawling my eyes out for like just feeling feeling the pain of these Children and that transitioned into my trauma that I had no idea it was even there I was molested as a little boy four or five years old one time that was all it took because that’s all it takes. That’s all it does take, of course, right? So it happened like right before like I started wetting the bed and bed weddings and actual response to early childhood trauma, which I found out.

But so now I’m reliving this thing and it happened underneath my bed and like I was just thinking like you know, there really are monsters under the bed, you know what I mean? And so I’m I’m now I’m really fucking pissed off and sad and crime eyes out, sort of, blaming in this, in this experience, blaming my parents, blaming all these people and wanting to kill somebody. And then I got from that state of mind instead of being to forgiveness, all in the same experience. That was that was the moment when I said, what the fuck?

That’s the god within. That’s the divinity that we all seek. That’s like, why I I named my podcast, Go Within to get out before this even had happened. Like, you know, really? I named my podcast that before, before you had that experience before I had that experience. It’s just like, that’s cool. It just came to me and it literally needed to do that obviously. And after that, and after that moment I pulled my knife out of my pocket, cut a giant hole in my brand new tent, I didn’t zip, didn’t unzip my tent or anything and get out all calmly.

I fucking cut a giant hole my tent, my brand intent on your way out the first time using it ever is a really nice tent and I just like exploded out. Dude, fucking literal rebirth, like I was experiencing like, I was like, you know, like, and, and literally dude, there was the craziest thunderstorm ever, and when I was hiking out there it was the bluest sky, there was no forecast for thunderstorms or anything and it’s pouring out and I’m sitting there with my palms in the sky and now I’m asking for forgiveness, I’m saying I’m sorry, I’m sorry because we all contribute to this too.

I used to like, Remember after 9 11 When we were, another satanic ritual is what 9-11 was right, knocking down, knocking down the towers. I remember being 16 years old in homes and home home room. They we just got out of history class and walking down the hallway and this kid nick nationals, we’re under attack, we’re under attack and I’m like I’m like what the fuck is going on? They set us down in front of the T. V. S and we see the fucking second plane hit, which you know, we could argue whether or not there are planes or whatever.

I don’t want to do that because we know we were lied to. But but the thing about it was I remember how I felt seeing people jumping out of that fucking building, a 16 year old kid seeing that like that’s trauma based, mind control. Absolutely, Dude, that satanic ritual, you know? And so I think about it over and over and over everywhere, Right, Right. And of course every radio station or sorry, tv station had it playing boom boom boom, right. And it was just it was it was it was horrifying man, it was so intense dude, but what I was saying was we all contribute to the evil After 9 11 I was calling people Muslims towel has some people in my town, we’re taking it a step further saying sand ***, you know all this stuff man, where that’s what I mean by we all contribute to this this sort of evil upside down world that we’re living in and until we can do that for sure, until we can take accountability for that, be gentle on ourselves, forgive ourselves and sort of understand why, You know, why was it why was I doing that?

Because I saw people jumping out of buildings and they told me brown people did this, and I was 16 and unsuspecting and indoctrinated into thinking and believing that the government and the military were our friends and they were here to defend us and protect us and give us more freedom. We all right, where it’s like government is slavery and it’s the biggest scam in history, and we know about the public prison camps, not public schools, but prison indoctrination camps. We know all about what they’re doing. Just they’ve never made it more clear by the way, in 2020 that they don’t give a fuck about the emotional, psychological and physical well being of Children.

I mean, people or people in general, people. Exactly. So, just to finish off that whole, like, spiritual journey and awakening, there’s a quote that I love by vernon Howard word says, we can accept man, um or God becoming man save man, but we cannot accept man becoming God to save himself, right? Right? So profound. It resonated with me so intensely that, like we we search for that external savior, someone else, it’s got to be someone else, man. It’s just bad luck for me. Or you know, I can’t you definitely can’t do it on your own.

You need people around you that are going to support you and be there for you unconditionally without judgment, without prejudice. And, you know, just showing you love like that mountain yourself, you do absolutely, man, we can journey that and I’m fortunate enough, right? The hero’s journey, right? I mean, that’s this is what the hero’s journey is. It’s it’s it’s it’s taking on something that’s difficult and overcoming it, right? And with and with a sense of adventure, right? And but that’s life, Life is adventure, and we’ve kind of taken that out and uh I really want to highlight, I mean you’ve said so many good things right there, but I really wanted to highlight uh um what you said because the core of everything that I try and explain to people right, is know thyself, right and well anyway, that everything’s inside out, period amount of compassion, love joy, everything’s inside out.

And so the amount that you can have for yourself is the amount you can have for someone else and everyone else around you. And that’s why it’s it’s so important to love yourself. And I mean physically loving yourself, hold yourself, say I love you too, that part that is in pain and that hurts and you’re just sitting there like like man, what is this? Right? And trying to avoid at all costs that thing that you’re trying to avoid If you turn inside and say I love you and hold yourself just like you would hold a two year old that just fell down and was distraught in itself.

Then you, that’s when real change starts to begin in yourself. And then of course in your world, right? Because there’s one Earth, but there’s seven, 8,000,000,008 billion worlds, right? So I just wanted to highlight that, that that is profound. Um truth right there. That if if all the listeners out there and everybody could really understand that you just know that I myself find that got within and then you’ll understand everything else makes perfect sense. Absolutely. And I want to I want to read a quote here. Um I’m not even gonna say who it’s from because people are going to just misinterpret based on.

So that’s one thing I’ve realized too, is like when you read quote from and you like credit accredited to certain people, it gets completely, you know, the actual quote itself, then it becomes about the person, right? So I’m gonna read something here that Yeah, so within the constructs of linear time, one of the final human challenges is to understand the will before moving into the next dimension, each each of its three stages must be integrated. The first stage lies within the creators impetus to be a momentum implying the creation that your world strives to comprehend within calendar time.

The second stage is the inception of intellect, where thought is separated from knowing In the third stage, thoughts and feelings are integrated into a grand finale of empowerment and an inborn sense of divinity. So it’s integrating those thoughts and those feelings and I really feel like many people, even even people that are our allies that are really thinking clearly and questioning things, they forget about the feeling, you know, they forget about the care, like that’s what I was saying earlier, where it’s like, I’m not gonna tell you what, how to live their lives, man, I’m not, but for me personally, I’m going to allow myself to feel the anger like that sacred gift of anger that we have.

Where it’s not petty anger, it’s not about, you know, being upset that the patriots lost, you know, in the Super Bowl or or whatever. You know, like most people get upset about, it’s this is righteous indignation, the sacred gift of anger. Because there’s another quote that I love, Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are Anger and courage. Anger to um anger too. See things as they are encouraged to see that they do not remain as they are. So it’s like those are the kinds of things like yeah, you want to be able to control your emotions, you don’t want to be upset all the time and this and that, but I think we need to feel because that’s exactly what they don’t want.

Like you see all these movies, right equilibrium um equals these movies where they’re painting, you know, Brave new World where it’s like, oh you’re upset, take a soma, you’re, you know, you’re happy, you know, your joyful take a it’s like that’s that’s literally what we’re living in. I mean people are so honest a size that you know, they can’t feel and that’s the cremation of care and it’s like apathy is a real problem in our world and like if we can’t care for other people, it’s like I always say we can only be free, like if everyone’s free, you know, like truly free.

Yeah, and we’re only as good as we’re only as and we’re only as strong as the weakest among us, you know? So if we’re a society that’s just willing to throw away drug addicts and homeless people and people who are struggling mentally, then then what does that say about us? Do we actually deserve all of this stuff that’s happening to us that’s happening now, because we’re just willing to walk by that homeless guy on the street and go pick yourself up by the bootstraps your fucking loser, get a job.

We have we have no compassion and no empathy for what that human human being, it’s possibly going through. And it’s like, yeah, of course we don’t. You never know what someone else is going through. Like I always say to people where it’s like, okay, yes, self responsibility, yes, self ownership. Absolutely. I’m all on board with that. But sometimes people in a really bad spot if that guy’s out on that bridge and he’s got one ft over the edge, Sometimes he needs a fucking hug and a smile and have somebody tell him that he’s good enough and he is worthy enough to be here, right?

And that’s something that doesn’t require that much effort and it doesn’t require, you know, like that much inconvenience. It requires a heart and feeling and care and that’s, and that’s what, like what I’ve been doing. Like, you know, like, uh, when I was driving for lift, I remember I was in wister massachusetts in the middle of the winter and uh, I parked at this gas station and this is like a really bad area and this gas station people go in the bathroom and shoot up heroin and stuff and it’s pretty bad.

But there was this, there was, yeah, there was this homeless guy and uh, he was he was asking for some money and stuff and I gave him like two bucks. I don’t really like to give them that much money, but I gave him like two bucks. I went in my trunk. I had like a couple slices of pizza, ham sandwich and apple, some water. I had an extra pair of gloves and an extra hat. I gave him all this stuff and I literally cried with the man.

I gave him a hug and told him that like he was good enough and worthy enough and deserve to be here. I said, regardless of what you’ve done, I’m like, because I know what these addictions are, it’s guilt, it’s pain, it’s remorse, it’s it’s all, it’s all of these things that we really kick ourselves in the teeth about. Like I was saying taking pictures and going back to the pictures and kicking ourselves in the teeth and I cried with this man, I don’t know if he got out of that situation, but I said please get yourself some help.

You know, I’m like, I’m like you have to take this and this was back when I wasn’t even totally healed. Yeah, that was still thinking you’re healing the cosmic heart. And that’s the thing is that that’s uh the belief in separation is one thing, right? And and so by you doing that, you’re actually resolving things within yourself as well, right? And all of us helping to heal that cosmic are now maybe he’ll go and do something right again, even if it’s just a peaceful loving thing the next time instead of something um destructive because he’s destructive within himself.

Yeah, dude, that’s beautiful man. I love and that’s that’s why I’m just really we’re honored to have you on the show man. And it’s people like you who create actual real difference boots on the ground, right? And that’s, that’s uh yeah, mad respect, Tony. I love that. Thanks. Thanks a lot man. Actually, you know, you don’t want to um, I see like, see my role being like, because I’m working to get this right walking ball of irony. I am, I started working so back when I wanted to kill myself in 2019, I was working in a cardboard box making factory, this company, West Rock and this was like, this was after I was driving Uber for a while and then realized like I can’t sustain this, I’m not making any money mitt did a study of Uber and Lyft drivers and found out that they were making less than minimum wage.

This is how badly these companies take advantage of these guys. But the problem is most of these drivers aren’t aware of it until it’s like too late. They’re not tracking their expenses that well they months in and then it’s like they just see that they’re making $300 a night, like, you know, in the app and they think they’re doing really well. But when it comes down to brass tacks, like you’re not after they all their expenses and listen to this, I had to pay $5800 to renew my registration because of it was a 58 $100 told bill what toll bills just for driving on the roadways as an Uber and Lyft driver.

Um so yeah, right, And they, they don’t reimburse that shit, Right, Right, that’s all. Not at all. But so, so I was uh I was working for you but I realized it wasn’t working out, I was like I need I need some health insurance, I need some like something. So I just took this job making, I had a friend that worked at this cardboard factory and I was like I’ve worked in a factory before, I knew how miserable it was. I don’t know why I did it but it just it just started getting 12 hour days for 12 hour days.

My body was breaking down from like all the drugs I was using those gabapentin. I was still going hard on those gabapentin when I was in there, I’ll take like 30 gabapentin before like I got to work and then like I have some crazy pictures of like my my like swamp ass and I was getting like from like just like it was it was such a hot, it was so miserable Dude. I was literally had to like four or five times a day. I would have to go in the bathroom and put like baby powder or like Vaseline.

Like it was, it was miserable. I was stupid. I was struggling. You want here in north Carolina right now. I am now, you know, but this was in florida. This was in massachusetts, massachusetts. Sorry, that’s right massachusetts. You guys, there’s just point is there’s a lot of humidity out there where you know, we’re uh Oh yeah, but it was, I mean this factory was so hot dude, it was so miserable. And I remember one night, one night I go home and I was like there were colors like in my like on my butt that were like just should not exist on a human being.

Like I don’t even, this was these, these colors like weren’t even not in the color spectrum, That’s how bad it was like purple and red. And it was like, my ass was like, doesn’t color like I was like, this can’t be good man. And I know it’s like my body is detoxing the drugs and just the, you know, the state of mind that I was in and the environment. So like all these things and then, and then like I put, I get out of the shower and I went and made the worst mistake of my life.

I put bio freeze. Have you ever seen the bio freeze stuff? You ever heard about this snooper pain? It’s for pain. So you put it on your skin and it’s sort of like, it’s almost like a icy hot, but it’s like more intense. But so I put caps. Okay. So I put this stuff on my on my like taint and like on my, you know? Oh my god. And it was it was the biggest mistake of my life. It was such a problem. Oh shit. I did that once when I was a kid with icy hot.

I was I was doing my eyes dude after football practice or something based something one day and it got on my junk dude, I lost my shit dude. Yeah, that didn’t happen again. Uh Keep getting derailed with all these crazy stories, but everybody, this is entertainment. Yeah, absolutely. So I’m driving for Uber, I take this job with this box company and after like three months I’m like I can’t fucking do this anymore. And like my body is breaking down. I had a friend that I used to work with back at E. M. C. This tech company like in corporate and I was like I hit him up, he’s working for CBS.

So uh person who’s addicted to every pill under the sun ends up going to work for CVS health, who is one of the biggest criminals in the world and I’m still working for them. So this is my dilemma. I’ve I’m on a leave of absence from them because I told him I was like just struggling with this whole situation, I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t work and all this kind of stuff and so I’m like I’m just in that position where like I wasn’t fully awake to all this like all this stuff just how evil the farmer.

I mean I knew it like in my heart and I knew about certain aspects of it but I wasn’t consciously thinking and like of their role in hurting people and with these with just with prescription drugs in and of itself and pumping all these, you know, all these types of medicines so, and now CVS there right in the middle of this Covid thing, they’re, they’re, they’re in the Lions. Then I knew about, I knew that the Covid was gonna be a huge thing in the US back in like february beginning of february because it was like they were starting to stand up infrastructure within the organization to like, you know, accommodate a big, big time investment and Covid and Covid related before, before the lockdowns before any of it.

So now they’re doing the, you know, the mass testing and they’re, they’re giving away free vaccines and I just, you know where I stand. No thanks and stuff dude. Yeah, I know. I know. And we have like, and that’s I I have so much that I want to talk to you about. We’re gonna have to do many episodes. Um Yeah the cbs are actually and that that’s a psychopathic thing that’s happening right now. People don’t seem to remember the Nuremberg trials which I obviously wasn’t alive but I remember history and I remember reading about these things and the atrocities that took fucking place and you can’t course people Into taking medical treatments but they’re doing it all over the place.

The kids bro they’re saying 12 years old and above 12 and above can make this decision without their parents. What do you know how how is that? And there and there what is it? Gavin Newsom’s now got millions. They’re putting millions of dollars to bribing people to get this experimental freaking injection. It is the most It was $150 million dollars in vaccine prizes. Right? Dude. What what In the actual uh yeah that is uh the whole medical industry, um the indoctrination. So like you said so astutely earlier, the indoctrination system, we don’t have an education system, We have an indoctrination system.

And especially um in the medical community. And that’s the thing. It’s also these doctors really don’t know, they think they’re very highly educated because they’ve been put on pedestal for so long but they’re being taught how to be drug peddlers. And I was talking by my grandmother, right? And so it was just always my grew up like and so for me it’s easy to understand and for others it’s not. So that’s why, you know, I I really want to you know, I’m happy to do these these talks and podcasts and just to try and help other people if you’ve never heard it before that you know, these pharmaceuticals are actually what’s making you sick, This is what’s making us all sick as the pharmaceuticals.

They’re not they’re not helping us in any way. Um Right the pharmaceuticals, the exposure to radiation that we see. I mean these kids do this guy, I live I live right down the street from the middle school and what’s directly next to the middle school, a massive massive massive five G. Tower. There are all the schools, all the every school, every like every school has massive com tower’s next home right? And I didn’t really notice that until I don’t remember who it was somebody Alex jones or somebody, I don’t know, I was watching something somewhere and they were just like go pay attention and then you start paying attention you’re like no shit dude, they’re everywhere dude.

And the schools why the schools, why the schools now and again now they’re back. so why do so I went out and bought one of these little microscopes you know those little microscope things right? I put the blue mass under the frickin things dude and there’s worms in there bro homie, there’s worms in these mass, okay so this and this is also I think this is also whatever these graphene things right? Somebody sent me in a pdf that they’re graphene something called graphene and I I think that that’s also what they’re injecting people with right now is is the same sort of nano technology shit.

It’s not even right it’s obviously bro there’s no there’s no medical um backing in any way scientific but again they all of that is such garbage it’s scientist um and medical is um at this point that it’s not anything that’s healthy in any way and everything that they told us to lock down to for our protection in our health. Again, I’ve, you know, I’ve never, I stopped listening to them many years ago, so, but other people just dove in so hard. And then that’s when I, I was like, okay, well now I have to stand up because if they really think they’re gonna lock me down or something, don’t they got another fucking thing coming, I’m on fire now.

So, and you’re, you’re in Tempe, right? Yeah. Tempe Arizona. Yeah, I actually have a friend that lives there really. And he used to be a very, very, very good friend And I drove him. He was moving to Colorado from Massachusetts. I helped drive him out there. Right? This is how close we were at one and he lost his father, his father killed himself, hung himself. His poor mom like found um, found him like hanging in the garage and stuff. It was so sad but he um I drove him to Colorado and he like blocked and befriended me from like social media.

That was the only way that we were really keeping in touch because of because of everything that was happening last year. I had a real deep, I had another friend bro, another friend that was really close with, he posted a picture of a pink Floyd mask and I was like I was like oh that’s kind of ironic huh? Like you know hey teacher hey teacher leave them kids, what happened to that? No dude and that people don’t understand what happened to rage against the machine. Fuck you, I won’t do you to tell me And now we’ve got the fucking band out there pushing vaccines and all this shit.

It’s dude we are in the upside down world and we’re gonna have to just talk our ways out of it. Dude these influencers which I mean it’s no secret and it’s so obvious that they are all a part of it there if they’re pushing their products their agenda if they’re pushing you know ideas and concepts like social isolation with Children you know that they had that uh that event last year where it was um the U. N. Sponsored by the U. N. Bill and Melinda Gates Global Citizen.

It was called One World One World together at home and it was this I remember that I remember they had a little sesame street character called Abby Qaddafi and she she comes on she comes on and she goes when I’m upset and I’m having these big feelings and I can’t be around my mommy my daddy there like I just and my friends like she’s like I just give myself a self hug. So they’re promoting social isolation and remote learning like social distancing masks. And now they did that concert the beginning of this month the vaccine concert concert to unite the world.

Did I just I just saw a video of a baseball game right? We don’t watch any of that sport anyway but but like I can’t do it but they said it said vaccinate new york. It was a Yankees game. And did you see where those dudes they threw out that huge sign that said trump won like a huge flag and they got kicked out of the baseball game. It was really cool anyway. But yeah right on the field that said vaccinate new york huge freaking dude and come on and it’s so obvious that it’s freaking obvious.

But again that’s how we know that the mind control is so deep, you can’t see the forest for the trees man. Yeah no, no it’s dude, it’s it’s really bad. It is, it’s it’s like I’ve been saying a lot, it’s just it’s omni present and so it’s so in your face, it’s everywhere in charlotte, they have like every other billboard is like an atrium health billboard and says hashtag this is my shot and it’ll have like a an old black grandmother to hug, this is my shot to hug my daughter, this is my shot to educate my kids, this is my this is my shot to travel again.

They got one giant, they got a giant digital sign that says mask up, wash up sleeve up, get vaccinated, they got another one that says it’s got a doctor and it’s probably 100 and 50 ft sign like vertically and it’s got a doctor and he’s masked up and he’s got his arms crossed like a pompous, arrogant, you know, the new, the new, the new priest class. He’s, he’s wearing this mask and it says safe, effective. Free get vaccinated. Like, I mean, dude, it’s everywhere and it’s so free. That’s another thing.

What do we just want you to please just take the damn dude? Yeah, we’ll give you free donuts will freak whatever. Dude, we’ll give you, you see these, you see these sons everywhere. It’s like, yeah, you’re on the freeways dude. Yeah, no, I? D No insurance. No problem problem. Yeah. Oh, that’s so, it’s not a problem. Now that I don’t have idea insurance for every other thing that I do in this life and the society, it’s a problem. Exactly. And we needed, and we needed, you needed to be 18 or older to fucking, to vote, to do anything else to drink 21 older.

But now fuck all that dude. You want to change your gender? You want to fucking stop your hormones do that fucking at 12. Cool. You want to fucking get a fucking vaccine shot at 12? That’s life altering that. You don’t even know what’s going on. Cool. No problem. That’s our new world. So All right. Hey man, we gotta go, we’re running a little late. But dude, this is uh Andy, we’re going to do more of these dude. It’s an honor brother. And keep doing what you’re doing. And we’re gonna we’re gonna stay in touch and we’re gonna do more of these and and uh keep keep keep this guy rolling, dude.

Um But before we leave, Dude, I want to make sure that everybody knows how to find you and get a hold of you. Uh go ahead and plug what you need to know. All right man, well, thanks again for the conversation. Thanks for letting me sort of rant and get some stuff off my chest and share my story. Um, I think we all need to share our stories, like stories are empowering and you know, when you overcome great odds that people need to hear about it, you know, it’s, it’s not about me, it’s never been about me and never will be.

Um, but I think my story can empower some people, so that’s why I share it. Um, but you can find me still on Youtube. Youtube, go within to get out. I have a backup channel, go within to get out censored, But basically you’re gonna find most of my stuff now that I’ll be posting, go within to get out on odyssey. Yeah, because they’re not censoring, they’re not restricting my videos. I don’t have any, you know, I’ve almost 500 subscribers on YouTube. I’m trying to get them to come over to odyssey but I’m gonna keep posting there.

I am on fed book at Andy Gerard, you can find me there if you want to communicate their, I’m still on there a little bit. I’m on Instagram at a Gerard 978 um, and then I’m also on twitter, I don’t really see myself engaging too much with these things much going forward. But if you want to try to get a hold of me there, I’m on twitter and go within to get out. And also I have another account, I know it’s a lot, but I have another account on, maybe I should just try to consolidate it to one.

But the last account on twitter I have is geo engineering watch massachusetts because I’ve been keeping an eye on the skies and that was one of the things that really, really bothered me and I think it’s like they’re spraying us like rats man, the proofs here, all the information here, feel like Alex jones. Sometimes I got the documents there right here. I’m trying to get onto another alternative. I’d be freaking out if I was into, he’s been doing this for a long time. Yeah, I don’t trust that guy though.

Yeah, no 98% accurate and then 2% is totally misleading saying, you know, going from all the answer to 1984 17 76 now he’s like oh martial law, give us marshal law and give us trump and like no, I don’t think, I don’t think statism is the way statism got a freedom, freedom only. So that’s that’s it for now man, I um I love the love what you’re doing. I actually love what you’re doing. I wanted to get some of the amazing things are people are doing in north Carolina, but maybe that that will be the next one.

This was the introduction, the next one. We can highlight the projects that we’re really working on here. Because similar to what you’re doing is people trying to stand up like websites for freedom minded businesses, like I love what you’re doing, man. And actually, I think I got you a new recruit today, a woman who sells kombucha, she’s gonna sign up with. Beautiful Yeah, please man, anybody that that’s looking, you know, we’re with, we got the new job board up. Um and you know, we spent this past 89 10 months, I don’t even know now building out these platforms and stuff again, because we we I had a feeling that this wasn’t gonna stop.

Um we had a feeling this wasn’t gonna stop and it was going to continue. The tyranny was not only gonna get worse. And right now it’s kind of like right now the boot is lifted off the throat, just a little bit right enough for people to breathe and there and again, if you’re not a student of to know what’s going on, you don’t know, but what’s coming next is even harder push. It’s just you really, you’ve forgotten what it was like to breathe a year ago, freely, right, literally and figuratively speaking.

So now what’s coming next? Is that next one? So that’s why we built these platforms and yeah, man, we’re thank you and thank you again for your support and for everything. You’re doing good for freedom. Absolutely, man, I’ll just leave you with this 11 final thought is um Marcus really has said, it never ceases to amaze me. We love ourselves more than other people, but we care more about their opinion than our own. So let’s let’s let’s keep in mind that we shouldn’t care what other people think about us.

Face the ridicule, face the shame, be courageous and spread that love around and we can change this thing. Yeah, dude. Absolutely. Well said Brother, I love you. Thank you man. Huh? Yeah. Yeah.

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