July 21, 2021

I’m Going to Jail. Who is going to feed my dog?!

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Who is Nari? Nari works with Peggy Hall of The Healthy American. She is all about freedom of choice, freedom from tyranny, medical freedom, and freedom learning/education. Nari’s life is pretty exciting as she lives in downtown Los Angeles. She is representing her own thoughts and not The Healthy American. Certified badass Nari and Brad have a great conversation about what the heck is going on in the world.

Show Notes

*The following are topics mentioned and links of places to start researching. As always we believe you should trust no one and always do your own research.*

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“I’m a cockroach, can’t kill me” -Brad 


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Spain saying not to fly because of blood clots in vaccinated 



Hello while you lovely Freedom People out there. Welcome to today’s firesign freedom chat on the freedom People podcast where we get into all the nitty gritty ease of all the freedoms as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together. Honored to be on this journey with you. I’m your host, Bradley. Freedom. Today’s guest is Nari choi who is narrow, you may ask, you’re gonna find out Nori works with Peggy hall over there at the healthy american dot org. We love your shout out to Peggy. She’s all about freedom of choice, Freedom from tyranny, medical freedom and freedom and learning and education.

Now his life is pretty exciting as she lives downtown. Los Angeles right in the thick of the wars, the war zone down there, man, she is a certified bad ass. Before we get started, when I need you to do is grab your phone and type in the keyword Nari N A R. I. And you’re gonna send that to you guessed it? 8449923 That’s 8449923733 And we’re gonna send you out today’s show notes and also you’ll be connected with us for the most immediate information. All right, come on, let’s go. Yeah.

Mm. Yeah. Mhm. Your platform, the video recording. I mean the this guy good. We were gonna do it on that, but right now because we built a new one. So we had the one up there, which is great. It’s just we wanted to also released android and IOS app And branded a little bit better. So we redid one, put it up on our dev server And for some reason after like 50 minutes recording on dropbox stops because we’re implementing a new feature to wear. You marry, for example, you could just log it, you can just go to our meat because we’re trying to get the setup for everybody, but we want people to also own their recordings like we don’t want to repeat.

Oh no. Oh cool. What I’m saying? So it’s like when it when it’s done recording, it’s gonna go directly to your dropbox. It doesn’t come to us or anything like that. Right? Again it’s just more security. So people feel a little bit better. You know, I mean again and we don’t want it, we don’t want that’s the whole thing. We don’t it’s kind of like more like yeah, well decentralized. And also it’s just it’s kind of like like lie a bit not liabilities. Just like that’s your content, your data.

We don’t want it. You know what I mean? And it’s just like it’s it’s kind of like we don’t want to hold people’s credit card information either. You know I mean? It’s just like it’s not stuff you want to hold on to, and that’s how we see all content. It’s your content, right? So that’s part of the freedom platform, right? That’s one of our, Yeah, so it’s going, it’s going, it’s uh we were hoping by the David Ike thing on the August two, we’re hoping it’ll all be done.

How excited are you about that? Yeah. You know, I don’t I don’t even know. It’s like, at first I was like, oh, my God, well, I couldn’t even believe it’s going to happen. And now I’m just kind of like, you know, it seems forever away and so you just don’t even think about it. And so because he’s like grandfather on some of these topics, you know, like the global takeover, Like he’s been talking about this for years. Yeah, a lot, a lot of different subjects, so that will be interesting for sure.

And you know, I’m a big guy on love and heart centered messages and, and last year, I don’t know if you saw any of those interviews with him and brian Rose, um, from London Real tv. But anyway, he did, it did five different interviews and they were, they averaged probably 3, 3. 5 hours each. Um, but the 2nd 1, that’s, that’s when the big censoring started from Youtube Because the first one was fine. But then the 2nd 1, millions and millions of people joined. I think it was the second or 3rd, 2nd 1 and then they like cut the stream, the stream.

Well I’ve been hearing he’s got, he’s been censored like, like never before in his entire career. Oh yeah. Well because he was always so weird, right? I don’t think that the opposition or whatever you want to say. Whoever sensors, people, I don’t think that they really like, we’re like, they’re like, you know, people think he’s too crazy. We don’t have to, you know what I mean? Because they’re not they’re not really, they don’t censor nonsense, right? Because but then as soon as it could be real, right?

And then people like, no, no more talking for you sir. Yeah. What’s more scary is the doctors and stuff, Right? Isn’t to me that’s what’s more scary is the censoring of all the all the natural doctors and things like that. I mean if you’re gonna if you’re gonna censor people talking about aliens and stuff, I mean whatever. But once you start like censoring doctors, like actual doctors and I’m not even talking like ones that they would consider health nuts. I’m talking like straight up like Harvard doctors now there.

But it’s also like coming into question, you know? Like just because your sensor doesn’t mean you’re speaking the truth right? Because like my qualms, you know, I don’t know how you feel about America’s frontline doctors, but I’m like I mean I don’t believe I know who I know who they are, but I just didn’t I mean I don’t know anything about them. I’ve never met any of them or anything like that, but like they’re getting a lot of um you know notoriety at the same time there being censored.

You know like they’re supposedly being censored but at the same time like they’ve never been so popular ever. I don’t even know if they’ve actually existed before, but it’s like everybody knows the frontline doctors now. And to me like if you’re not addressing the core issue of the isolation of the virus, like what business do you have prescribing medication for? You know? Like uh well they’re prescribing see? And that’s the thing is I I unfortunately I just haven’t had any time to even look into them. I know that we we uh there was they kicked off their tour or whatever here in Cave Creek Arizona actually the bar that I learned to play pool at when I was a real small child.

And I know that sounds funny but back then you could go into bars when you’re a kid, I wasn’t drinking obviously. But anyway so it’s called the Buffalo Chip in Cave Creek Arizona a saloon straight up cowboy bar. Anyway so lots where they huh? How old were you? Like how between eight and like you know. Yeah like my dad would take me in there and he’d set you know, step dad whatever it set me up on the bar and say you know, play games and stuff and give me quarters for the pool table and for the deep box and stuff, you know, and it was a small, very small back then, now it’s a lot bigger and they do like live bull riding and all that stuff and and just crazy stuff, any who they did the little kick off thing there and and Emily and I went, went up there, but we didn’t even stay for the opening talk.

It was uh it was supposed to start a lot or anyway, so maybe that was our opportunity to learn a little bit more about what they were about, but I just don’t know anything about like prescribing, so maybe you could help. But before we get into it man, Nari Nari to get this money. No, I love it. This is what we do here. We’re just talking man, we like to talk right, We’re talking about solutions. So before we get way too far into it, hi, tell everybody who you are.

High the spirit. Hello Nardi. And uh, yes, I’m, I’m just married, but like of course I do a lot of work at the healthy american with Peggy hall. Uh, so honored to be working with her. And you know, we’re all about freedom, freedom of choice, medical freedom, educational freedom, freedom from tyranny. So yes, the healthy american dot org. And um, you know, I’m not necessarily here to promote our plug, but you know, that’s, I guess that’s where people do. Yeah. Hey, we’re sister, we’re sisters, you know, his sister companies or sister movements.

There we go. Not like bowel movements, but it’s like sister movements. You know, sister, we’re trying to do good stuff for the things out there. Huh? No, we plug you guys all the time, man. We put you in our newsletter and you guys do the same, you know, and that’s piggies always saying nice stuff and it’s, it’s beautiful. And so we obviously appreciate everything that you guys do. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We love you guys too. And we’re happy to do it too because I mean, you guys are the ones that really just took it and ran with it and you guys made it happen.

And now it’s like a, uh, you know, I I see that you guys are growing and it’s amazing just to see the, the positive changes. And I’m sorry about all the sirens. I live in downtown Los Angeles and yes, a war zone. And there’s always, if you don’t hear sirens, that means there’s something that means something is wrong. So. Yes. Yeah. Okay. So, well, let’s get back to where we’re talking because I’m interested, I’d like to know more like, so the hell are, sorry, the frontline doctors.

I think I understand what you’re saying and this does happen. And, and I think that that’s where people start to get kind of question kind of like motives and, and um, really, who’s behind things and what’s going on? You know what I mean? Um, because you know, you know how us here at the freedom people were really about, you know, if if nature didn’t make it, don’t take it kind of thing. And that’s the Doctor Sebi thing. You know? And that’s like, it’s that with this whole injection is just so crazy where it’s like, like if you’re a person of faith, for example, right?

And you see like these christian groups and everybody like these churches who are massive pushing this thing, it’s just like to me that you’re saying that God messed up and did not know how to do this. We have to rely on some pharmaceutical company who can do this for profit in order to make us healthy. Just seems so out of whack. Yes. Yeah. And you know, Oh, but before I get into anything, I just have to put out a disclaimer that whatever I say is my own personal opinion, separate Peggy hall or the healthy american organization, you know, even though I, you know, on that close terms, but I’m nowhere representing any of the thoughts for or yeah, so I just had to say that because it has been getting a little bit crazy, but and my thoughts are so radical as it is.

A lot of people do um subscribe to like hydroxychloroquine and I’ve ever met in and you know whatever these doctors who are saying that such and such cures such and such, but we’re not really addressing the real issue here. And the real issue is that the virus, the Covid 19 has never been purified, it has never been isolated. And now the question, I mean, have you heard of dr Kaufman, Dr Kaufman and Andrew Kaufman? Absolutely, yeah, yeah, yeah, like they’re the ones that set it off like into the, I guess into the public realm where they were They had a roundtable with not Dr 10 penny judy Mikovits.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Did you see that episode? And they were kind of like debating has any virus ever been isolated? Like that’s the weird thing, right? Like, and that’s because virus aren’t even living, you can’t catch a virus and you know, the, you know, the only way you can catch a virus. Uh Yes, exactly. Remember the scare in the eighties where they’re like don’t put your a phone change thing or like the vending machine change things because they’re going to infect you with HIV like needles. Absolutely.

I remember yeah, and that’s the thing is I remember Fauci doing the same thing in the eighties like to me this was like AIDS all over again and I said that to Emily immediately as I was like because it just brought me back to like like the fear when I was a kid because I can remember watching tv and I was I was young, right? I was born in the late seventies, so you know, I was like around eight years old and stuff like that, right? Eight years old and younger, right?

Was when that was really kind of going down, you know, and all the fear mongering and it was all the gay people and the black people you have to be afraid of, right? And it was Anthony Fauci is face doing the same thing and it was no kind of creepy that it was, it’s like 40 years later, we’re like, what is going on? Dude, It’s happening all over what? To me, it’s like they’ve been running these tests like these trials and little pockets before they made it into a global, you know, like a global plan.

But the plan all along was a global takeover. But they were just testing it like, you know, not even HIV, but like Ebola, not Ebola. I’m sorry because Ebola is actually real. Um, Zika remember zika on flu smallpox all these things and that’s Yeah, absolutely. And I’ve been saying that forever is I believe that my grandmother taught me this was that vaccines are what caused everything. It’s not the other way around you. Yes. My grandmother what? My grandmother raised me a homeopathic. Yeah. She was like, don’t take any of their stuff ever.

None of it. None of it. Right. Well, she you ever vaccinated or no. My mom gave me but three. Yeah. And I was young and and right. Exactly. Or five, maybe it was five or what? Right? It was very minimal amount. I mean, it was like, it was compared to today, right? And that was my mom. And that’s because my mom, even though my grandma was that way my mom was still an independent person and still got indoctrinated into the medical system, right? She she had five c sections. Right?

And so all this stuff. So it was like she she went down that path. But I I I never did, I was more like my grandma’s, I mean, you know, as much as you can, you know, once I got old enough anyway to make my own decisions and things like that. But my family doctor, our family doctor was still a chiropractor. He was um an Eastern medicine chiropractor, dr McCoy Duncan, nice, you know. But yeah, like so going back to that round table discussion like I happened to just be tuning in and it was so fascinating because it was unfolding live right, like where they were just talking about the virus being isolated and though all of them agreed that covid 19 has never been isolated.

Dr judy Mikovits was still saying that. But yes viruses are real and HIV viruses exist. And Doctor Andrew Kaufman was like, oh really? Where can I find evidence of an isolated HIV virus? So they started like debating and it was like, it was semantics, you know, she’s like, well you can’t really isolate the virus but you could actually see certain patterns and characteristics of the HIV wants to sell is infected. And he’s like, no, no, no, no, no. If you can’t actually isolate and separate then how do we know what is what?

And I’m on that. Yeah, so he was basically saying like, oh, so you’ve actually isolated viruses, I want to see like where is there evidence of any virus ever being isolated? And you know, I started going on that path and obviously we know that this theory has been around for many, many years before even um these doctors were talking about it at that round table, I found out like books from the eighties and seventies they were talking about, oh this virus theory is crap, it’s absolutely you know, and I’m just thinking to myself, wow, like, even from back then, and just to come across this information now, but like, I’m gonna circle this back to the front line doctors.

It’s like people think that just because you’re censored, you are somehow speaking the truth. But If you’re mixing 90% of truth with 10% lives, that is still 100% alive, right? Because that means your gatekeeper for another layer of truth, that you don’t want people or maybe not even knowingly, who knows? I don’t know if that’s what I’m saying is I don’t think that people are as a as woke or aware. And I’ve met I have met some like nurses and stuff, for example, frontline nurses. America’s frontline nurses, right? I’ve talked to them and stuff like that and And wonderful people is everybody, is that where they’re at, right?

I mean if you just woke up in 2022 the stuff that we’re right stuff I’ve I’ve known about most of my life. Right? Well we’re talking people are just waking up maybe they’re just kinda at that level I mean or or they’re controlled opposition is what you’re saying right? It has to be either or so but that’s what I’m saying is even these frontline doctors like I don’t I can’t remember the head lady, the head doctor. Um Anyway she’s like the front the front of the frontline doctors right?

She’s like my second one. The one that was of the african american one where she’s like no I row in front of D. C. Remember. Yeah well and seeing that and well that’s the thing is like the african american lady uh the black lady that was like the one speaking. Well she’s not even, I don’t think part of the crew that’s doing that, right? And so here’s the thing is that there was a whole bunch of them and there’s only a small group of them that are going on this tour thing, so Oh yeah, and I do know of course there’s always drama between people and stuff and that’s why, to me it’s not so cut and dry and simple because it’s like, well maybe the black lady, maybe she is 100% trying to get all that stuff out.

But now these group that the small group right now, of course this is all just, I’m just hypothesizing here, but maybe they went off and they’re doing this thing and there, I mean, and whether it’s um what I want to say, a malicious or not, whether whether I think it’s advantageous for them to not ask any deeper questions and just to kind of stay where they’re at, and just to kind of being the limelight and get lots of money and whatever, you know, to your point there, they’re heroes, you know, for coming out with the opposing side, but that’s what I’m saying is like if we’ve if we are actually await to anything from the past, like trauma that we’ve been through for the past almost two years, it is that we have to test and check everything right, and we we really have to do our own due diligence and um you know, connect with yes, your creator, like, as for me, I’m a christian, so like, I pray all the time and I don’t I don’t trust anything, you know, whether it’s right side, left side news, you know, like, I don’t because I don’t believe that everyone is knowingly controlled opposition, but whether you’re being used or you’re knowingly playing into the game, it has no difference in the aftermath of the result is that you’re still leading people astray whether knowingly or not.

So if you are going to stand on stage and you’re going to say like take this, take that blah blah blah blah, are you going to be responsible for the adverse of adverse effects of those medications? I mean, yes, a lot of people are saying like hydroxychloroquine works I ever met in works like zinc, vitamin C whatever. But the question here still lies in the fact that what are we actually treating? You know, like is it something from the job? Is it a virus? Is it something from the air?

Is it something from the waters? You know, like I’d say all of it, you know, really poisoned everything, man. I agree, I agree. But you know it’s just like a like you put all your faith or like you believe these doctors because they’re censored and then yes maybe they’ll have something that actually works and then they and then a real evil person could come in take control of that group and say oh now let’s promote this medication or let’s promote this alternative medicine and just like that.

You could wipe away thousands of people that are believing oh my gosh! Frontline doctors are telling the truth because they are censored you know and I’m just on that path like don’t believe anything. You know like look yeah I think one of the tightest episodes she was even saying like what is A D. N. A. You know like there’s no real like we have that double helix a little um coding. And she was even questioning like oh where did we even get this idea that a DNA looks like this?

Because I was searching for pictures and papers of what an actual DNA looks like. And there is no, you know, so, so I think that was fascinating to like even the smallest uh, bits of information that we just know as fact and truth. Like we actually, I don’t know, you know? Which is the question. Yeah. Um, it’s, it’s, I mean, yeah, like we’ve just been every like, I mean for me, I’m finding out like everything that we’ve been taught since childhood has been a lot, you know, like all the conspiracies like um, in I’m in that loony bin right there, you know.

Welcome welcome. Welcome to the rubber room. Right? Yeah, real. It’s true like uh, like, you know, I mean what other subjects like all the wars, the monetary system, our healthcare system, uh their system. And Yeah. And and all the false flat, you have the sick care system. We have a sick care system is exactly, it’s a sick care system, right? And it’s just to keep people sick, right? And keep you on all these medications and things like that, right? And we’re talking like it, yeah. It’s it’s wearing a space.

We’re in a spot. This is. Um And and to your point though, it’s it’s time that we woke up to everything. I mean, I I don’t think, and that’s where I I I love about you. I think most nari is that not a lot of people have this, but that drive that I have. It’s the same drive that I have for truth for truth, right? And it’s you’ll go down any road that you think you’ll find more truth down and I knew it, but you’re not gonna be susceptible to being like, okay, well now I’m gonna believe in like, you know the purple elephant guy that I’m gonna drink all the kool aid and stuff, right?

There is a difference between that, you know what I mean? Because there are people who get manipulated very easily, but right? But someone like you will just keep going towards the truth no matter where it leads you. And I think that that is so amazingly beautiful of a of a trait to have that people, it’s an adventurous trait, right? Think about that. You like adventure. I mean, you’re not afraid to like because you don’t know, it’s totally unknown, right? All these things. And not many people have that excitement anymore as humans, we’ve lost that everybody’s so afraid of freaking everything, Everybody’s so worried about dying, that they’re not living.

You know what I mean? Well, you know, the actual real scary part here is that everyone believes that they are in pursuit of truth. Like even the brainwashed people, like they’re not going to say, oh yeah, I’m happy being brainwashed. Like they think they know the truth. They think they’re in pursuit of the truth, right? Like, um, you know, again, like frontline doctors or any other person that’s leading the movement, Like we’re all thinking, okay, well, this person has the truth, That person has the truth. So yeah, I think the real damaging, um, not damaging, but the real trickery here is that this, the influx of all of this information being poured in from every source, every angle.

It really makes it hard for people to dig through the truth. And not to mention, we’ve been like, purposely dumbed down for the past 50 60 70 years here in the United States. So I mean when was the last time you walked outside and you saw someone reading a book? You know, because I remember growing up and I remember seeing people reading newspapers like riding the bus with books and um you know, people who own free phone. Yes. But now it’s all like, well how many books can you keep on your device?

You know what I mean? But it’s like they’re not it’s like it’s so easy to change books when the digital information yeah, when it’s digital, it’s so easy to scrub things, change things, you know like they’re doing that now. Yeah, they’re doing it now. Like I came across this crazy uh information like have you ever seen the Bart Simpson uh conspiracy like videos where they’re like, oh they predicted 9 11 in 1999 and trump winning trump like they predicted trump winning. They predicted like did you see that one where they did, oh it was like the executives around a table and stuff like that.

I think it was in that one where they, they were basically saying let’s create a virus and kill everyone. I saw that one too, but here’s a fascinating part. So I was, I was thinking like many months back like I’m like, you know, I wonder how true that actually is because of course when it first came out I was thinking oh my gosh and I’ve known about the 9 11 1, you know that’s the most infamous one with the 2 20 years and the on the scene. But so that was many, many years ago but before like a couple of months ago when all the trump started trump things started coming out and all these different little tip, it’s like, oh, how does Bart Simpson, like how it does the Simpsons?

No to predict these things, like they must be a 33rd degree freemasonry, blah, blah. But the most incredible piece of information I came across a couple of weeks ago was that Disney um hired, uh, what is it, like a, what do you call those, a cartoonist or like to go back and redo stuff? Yeah, but not for Disney though, I mean, not for the Simpsons, it was for Disney’s like, like old older films, like they paid this guy a ton of money to go through all the Disney films and all the archives and put in ken trails in the background, Right?

Like it would look normal. So it appeared that that’s what’s supposed to. Yeah, so it was like 10 years ago, right? This guy was giving this interview 10 years ago and he was like, Oh I had to go back years ago to put these kem trails in there, but it kind of hit me, I’m like, you know, if they were able to do that 10 years ago, like I wonder if you know that’s probably happening right now, you know, who’s to say these people aren’t going back after the fact after these events have happened, higher something on Yes, I believe that too, you know, so it’s like, wow, I mean the layers of just, it just keeps getting deeper and deeper and deeper, you know, because this whole time people are thinking, oh my gosh, the creator of the Simpsons has some secret knowledge and you know that he’s a part of something about which I don’t doubt Hollywood is a cesspool of like you know, some evil evil people with evil agendas that may have secret knowledge for the future, but to be that accurate with things and you know, like, I don’t know, I don’t, I mean, I do feel that a lot of it is manufactured for people to believe that there is this like, powerful outside being that’s controlling, I mean there is, there really is like, it is a power struggle between good and evil right now, right?

Like God and satan and all those things. However like do these people here really have that, like, oh can they, do they have a crystal ball that I love this, this is awesome, Getting okay, let’s get into this. Yes, no, I love it, because then this just brings me into like what about like Nostradamus, remember Nostradamus? Yeah, it’s like, like about the Twin Towers falling, I mean, there was all, but like obviously, I don’t, I wasn’t around when he wrote that and who knows how many times and that’s the thing is that could have been manipulated.

Many look at all of history, I truly believe, not that you have to believe this is the truth, that history is written by the victors, so whoever has been able to manipulate the, like, right now, the media is manipulating the narrative, whoever can control and manipulate that narrative, that’s that’s history, that’s truth, right? Yeah, so at least, and that’s like, so, I mean, they could just be as things happen going back and just like, kind of, you know, I mean, wow, wow. Yeah, like, you know how, I think it was either Soros or Warren Buffett, where Oh no, I’m sorry, it was the book 1984 there’s a quote that saying uh like, living is not allowed, like, having fun is not allowed, Like you just have to be constantly be living in the moment where whatever is happening at the moment is the realist news.

Like obviously I’m botching up the entire pro but basically saying like, there is no past and there is no future. You were all subject to what is happening right now, where we have to constantly react to things, right? Where we don’t have time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. They want us in the state where we’re in this like perpetual war zone where we’re getting ready to either fight or flee. And that is the total demoralization of humanity right there, because you don’t really get to enjoy anything.

The things that life is right? Yes. Well, God, God’s happiest when his Children are at play, right? Or what? Right? I didn’t mess it up too bad. But yeah, you know what I mean? Like, And I truly believe that and that’s why we should be enjoy, enjoy, we should enjoy life as much as possible. And what they’re doing right now is there? They’re really graying out life. Have you heard of the or so I’m gonna mess this up. But we’ve talked about it, but it’s basically, it’s a very thin line that kind of connects all your smell vision and everything like that.

It’s like called the shellshock Rachubka or that’s like tomatoes and eggs. Should I’d really like to do that. I can’t remember. But anyway, anyway, so basically the agenda is to kind of gray everything out just like the genders, right? If if there’s no man and woman, no male female. And everything is just kind of grayed out, right? And you’re you’re not really sad or happy and there’s really nothing and your again, so what happens from these, these coronavirus is, whatever, whatever is going on, you lose your sense of smell and sense of taste, right?

Like what a bland world to live with. No with no smell or taste, Right? And uh, you know, and if everybody that then nobody would remember, look at Bill Gates, he’s going around buying all the farmland up and that’s what he wants to do is build all these factories to produce fake meat, right? It won’t taste like real meat that won’t taste right? And again, it’s kind of like they’re just wiping out everything that would make anything of a, of a, of a human sense or the people’s we’re here and there was so much colour and expression and smell and life, but now it’s just great.

And there’s no men, no women. You know, I mean, everybody is just kind of like a sexual and weird and licensing everything. They’re sterilizing everything and we’re all going to be living in like a chipotle walmart like compound. Um, getting our constant injections to, you know, submit to like authority. But remember that book, uh, did you ever read that book? The giver or the movie? The giver? It was, it’s like a very short read. But it talks about this type of world where like there’s everybody has a role like the mothers are the ones that create the babies and that they give it off to the families and no one is a lot of question. Anything.

Everyone has their assigned roles like Hunger Games, you know, Hunger Games. Um, Pleasantville. I don’t know if you remember that movie, that black and white movie long time ago and then you have to cross over to like a or something and then it was all colors and butterfly. But it was uh I mean they’ve been talking about this plan in plain sight for so many years that I mean you know if you think about it like that, it’s like what are we to do but to really pray for humanity right now?

Because I mean, you know, I don’t want to put a damper on any of the movements that are happening. But like for instance like protests right? Like I have real issues. They’re not because they’re not good. Do you know? Do you know um they want you to protest right? Because distraction? Well it’s a distraction and and and it doesn’t actually solve anything. All it doesn’t it reaffirms, it, reaffirms what you don’t want. It’s kind of a it’s kind of a backwards. It’s un intuitive to most people.

It’s intuitive to the heart though. You know, your heart knows that that doesn’t, you’re like, yeah, that just doesn’t feel good. It doesn’t feel right, right? Yeah. And you want to express your anger and you want to, you know, let someone know, you know, I’m standing for this, this is not right, It just gives people the illusion that they’re doing something. But in actuality it accomplishes absolutely nothing. And and and if you look at it uh, with more forest site, I think it does more damage than actual any kind of good because yes, we’re going to protest, protest, protest, but in the end, like, should nothing change, then, isn’t that more demoralizing for the people that went out to protest?

And they’re like, oh, I thought I did something. Well, you know, I guess I can’t do anything anymore. I hope at that point then people would be like, well then let’s start doing something that means something, right? If you can you imagine if 50,000 people just said, okay, you know what, screw it. We’re gonna go and build these people some homes over here. 50,000 people got together and said, you know what, screw it. We’re not using your thing, we’re gonna go all support this restaurant and this block in this house you get like, I know, you know what I mean?

This is what we’re what you’re saying. And um yeah, like what is it? Uh I always tell them like if you want to really protest, like get a group of people don’t pay your taxes or go to work and raise all hell. Every time they make you put on a mask, take a task, do a temperature check. You know, go into. Yes, exactly. And that’s what Jackie Fig was saying in one of her text messages, like, she was like, oh you can’t go into the movies because you know, you’re not you don’t have a job and her response was okay, you can’t come in here because you don’t have this okay.

And then she’s like, well once we all just say, you know, we’re not gonna do business with you people, that’s when we start taking our power back and I agree with that, you know, like you don’t, you don’t just go write a sign, hang out with all these people that you love to converse with and have a good time with, yell at people on a bullhorn, thinking you’re actually doing something and then expect any kind of lasting change to happen, it’s absolutely ludicrous and I’m totally like, I’m fed up with it, I’m like, you guys are just wasting time right now, like 100 plant something, you know, make some action steps and I’ll support you.

But yeah, like I’ve been, um, you know, like I’ve been following and you know, a lot of my acquaintances, you know, they’re still added every week we’re gonna protest. I’m just, you’re like, well, hey, you some of that energy to be constructive and build stuff, let’s go build stuff and that’s what we do here at the freedom people and you guys at the healthy american, that’s what we’re doing, is that, and that’s why we work so well together because we’re action takers, you know, and it’s like, okay, well, we’re going to do something, you know, we’re not absolutely not going to protest.

Have you ever read the book Word magic? I know we’ve talked about this before, but the book, word magic is amazing. Um, you need to, well, it’s about what we’re talking about. It’s about energy and how all of this stuff works. And one of the things in and there is about how protesting is exactly what you’re talking about right there is that it’s actually counterproductive to everything that you’re trying to do right? It’s where people don’t understand by complaining about something actually brings more of it. They think that what they’re doing is getting rid of it and trying to hush it away.

But all you’re doing is giving it more power. The real power, the real power is to take its power away by giving it zero attention. Yeah. zero of my my energy. Yeah. You know what is it? Do you know that experiment that with the water? Have you ever heard of? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Hidden messages in water. And then weren’t you? The one that told me that later on people found out that it was a fraud? No, no. And here’s the thing though. I I don’t know why because I’ve done the experiments with rice.

We’ve done here. Yeah, we’ve done them. I did that in my many years ago when I watched it. Yes. No it works. And if you have a plant just put two plants next to each other and say I love you every day to one and go rub its leaf And do nothing to the other one. See what happens. Yeah. And you know like going back to the whole complaining aspect right? Like you know they tell you if you want to train your dog or your cat or your Children, even the best way to cut out negative or unwanted behavior is to completely ignore it.

You know, like don’t give it any of your energy, your attention, nothing. And that’s actually the most effective way. And this holds true for I think every part of like I was bringing up the water um and the rice experiment, right? Like for people who have no idea what we’re talking about is like this doctor, this japanese doctor, doctor emoto from, I want to say like in the 90s or something, like he was one of the first uh photographers of water crystallization. Like while water drops were crystallizing, he was able to take a microscope and put um take pictures of it.

And he found out that all the words that had positive words taped onto the Petri dish formed beautiful crystals. And all the ones that had negative words on it, like had deformed crystals, right? But I like this step, I like to experiment with the rice because that’s something that we could all do and we could do. You know the school that I did it with Children with my class all the time. I’ve done it multiple times and the results were always the same. We had three different cups with cooked rice, you know, maybe up to like halfway full a clear cup and you would seal rapid and then put like a nice word like love or peace or harmony.

And one of the cups and then another one like a negative, like bad word, you know, a curse word or you know, I hate you. And then uh, yeah. And then the third one was the one that was ignored, like just no word, nothing and never paid attention to it. The part that fascinated me the most was after every experiment. This was always a result. Like the one with a positive word had like almost like a floral lei smell and it was the least rotten bunch out of out of the three.

Always always right. Like it was you open it, you’re like, oh it smells pretty like it’s it’s almost like perfume me right? The one that had a negative word was you know rotten, you know, you know, it smells bad obviously. But what was always so fascinating to me was the cup that never got any attention. The rice, it always rotted the fastest and it was, it was always the blackest. Like it was always the most rotted and it rotted the quickest. So to me that shows are like even if you give something negative attention, it still takes on a life of its own.

And like what you’re talking about like complaining right? Like you’re still putting, you’re still giving it your energy. Yeah, exactly. Like some powerful energy and this just goes to show like if you really want something to disappear, just you know, take it on if you don’t mind it, don’t matter. Right? Yes. Yes. Yeah. Well, you know what right there? Think about this though, man and you know, kids like a kid, they’ll no attention or negative attention is better than no attention. Right? And I think we instinctively know this, right?

As as people’s as flesh and blood. Men and women on this planet as little Children. We know that. Think about that you I mean a kid who’s abused will live longer than a kid that is neglected. Yes, Absolutely. Right. And again, that we can use that knowledge to say, okay. That thing we don’t like or we don’t want completely ignore it. Just completely, it doesn’t even exist. Like you were saying where Jackie figures say okay, but then just walk right by him or don’t even just don’t even like acknowledge it.

I don’t know, it’s really interesting that some cool talk right there. I like that we gotta, you know, like that’s what I mean. I think it’s now to a point in this uh fight right now that you know, we’re all in this fight right? Like of course, like I hated to I hate saying we’re all in this together. Like it really makes me so like Peggy talks about this all the time too, and I’m like, I hate that phrase, but as far as fighting for truth and freedom. Yes.

Like I have so many of my brothers and sisters alongside me, but in our approach were so different and that’s fine. But I think, you know, collectively it would do us some good to actually think about things, you know, like don’t like it’s so easy to get caught up in the emotional aspect of you know, I need validation of this injustice that’s happening right now. Like do you see this injustice? Like if you do then make some noise but no, it’s uh you know like what we’re saying, it’s not productive and what really, it’s really gonna take strategy planning, you know, like testing things and questioning things and really working at getting to the bottom of the truth and what is actually effective and what’s not.

And you know in that sense, I feel a lot of us have still have a long way to go because you know like these rallies are starting up again, these protests are starting up again and you know, it’s like I’ve been doing the mask was shopping for a whole year and you know what was the most effective um strategy in, in getting the shopping done was going with a small group of like two or three and just talking to them like talking to the people not picketing outside and like muscling our way in and you know people that only just polarizes the groups even more right like, yep.

And yeah but yeah that’s so that happens at like one o’clock in the afternoon, two o’clock in the morning, you know it’s crazy over here, but like I just heard that they started um making the vast mandatory for all the homeless here in L. A. And if they don’t take it by august 1st, they have to, they don’t get shelter the job. Yeah so they have to like how twisted that is, yo this is where we are as a society wow. So um and it’s so heartbreaking because we see the most vulnerable are the ones being taken advantage of the most, you know and it is just really, it’s really upsetting like they are like all the people that are desperate to hold onto their job jabs, their jobs are going to be the one taking the job, you know like and that’s you know more than half of America like everybody needs a job but some more desperately than others and they’re going to.

I know and that’s why we built the job, that’s why we built the job site we were hoping to have by the way, I check it, it’s just about getting businesses on to to post jobs, you know what I mean? That’s our biggest that’s our biggest always, that’s our biggest hurdle, you know and I don’t want to take this because we want to talk to you not about our stuff, that’s what, that’s what the jobs obviously the job boards right? Um And so yeah, you know, I I’m not sure what more I mean it’s about getting, it’s about awareness if people knew that it existed more and more people, right?

And that’s all it’s about. It’s on us to really just get out the message more is really what you want. But that’s exactly what that’s for is so that hopefully people won’t have to. So you know, I mean if there was enough employees, employers that went up there just posted their job and said, hey we won’t do any of that to you. We won’t infringe on your on your soul. It’s just such a weird thing to even say rights anymore. This isn’t this is basic humanity. This is basic like niceness to each other and things like that.

Like obviously you cannot say that you I know for example what’s best for your body. How could I Nari and I know you personally how could I know Ari no no you know how could I brad? No you Nari what’s best for your body and we know each other. I love you but I know my wife I don’t even know what’s best for her body. I don’t you know what I don’t live in it. So so it’s like how can they Yeah all this the concepts are just so out there.

To me it’s it’s hard to grasp literally. I mean I think one of the times when we went out massless shopping and it was like in the thick of things where it was you know reaching that point where we’re we’re pissed they’re pissed and it’s getting really loud at every event. And this one lady she was you know trying to have a logical conversation with me about why we should be masking right? And of course they love to throw out there. Well you’re being selfish. You have to think about all the people that are sick and I’m thinking so then right there I said to her, you want me to worry about your health?

And she said yeah that’s what everybody was doing. And I was like how could I worry about your health? I don’t even know you we just met and like the question was just so like astronomically. Like she could not compute it’s a short because it’s like yeah it’s it’s such you have to be that that’s the cognitive distance. You have to have that block on for this to even take place. Yeah, exactly. And that was I think that was the first time anyone was anyone confronted her with, Yes, I’m being selfish because I know what’s good for my body and you know what’s good for your body.

So it wouldn’t make sense that I would have to care about your health. And she was like, you’re still big time right now. There’s no way around it, right? But I can’t with you people, I can’t with you people you trump supporters. I’m like, I don’t even like trump. But that’s the thing is that and that’s where it all got clump together is if you’re just a person of freedom right now, now you’re anti government if your freedom, which is weird because that’s also what’s happening in cuba right now is they’re they’re running around yelling freedom and they’ll be calling they’re being called anti government, which is real because they’re in a communist Socialist state, right?

So yes, they are. But freedom should not be anti government in America. That should not be a thing here. We’re supposed to be based in freedom and obviously we’re not we’re based in government and false false profits. I mean, and you know, like it’s funny that we’re talking about communism because I actually recently got into a tiff with this or like an argument with a guy in one of the chat rooms and he was saying something about like the CCP and blah, blah, blah, Yes, of course the Communist Party of china is an enemy of ours, but I was like, let’s take it a step further.

Like, you know how we love to say like, you know, yes, uh I mean, I don’t even know how, how truthful this theory of Africans being sold into slavery, but let’s say that was the case, but the truth is that there were people in Africa that were selling their people to the United States, right? Still happens today in North Africa still happens today. Still happens today in North Africa. There black people are still selling other black people today for slaves in North America. North Africa in every country.

Are we not slaves to the system right now? Think about, let’s think about like who is like is the chinese Communist Party the real enemy here? The real enemy is within right? Like the people that have sold us out to the Chinese Communist Party or to the pharmaceutical giants, like the, like everyone’s enemy is within their own country that sold out their people to big pharma money, money, money, you know the world economic forum. Right? So we have the world economic forum, the all this stuff we, and they’re even out there saying this is what’s going on.

I mean they’re telling you, hey, 2030 we’re telling you everything and it’s just still uh did you see that part in agenda? 2030 where they’re like, oh, the Population has reduced to like 50%. You saw that, right? Yeah. Well, and how did that happen? Right? And you’re just like, wait a minute. But again, then you look at Bill Gates and Bill Gates has been telling us for this for a long time. If we do a good enough job with vaccines, we can reduce the population. I mean, it’s not like, I mean, this isn’t like we’re not making this up this stuff that’s on TED, right?

So, um, yeah, I don’t know, man. I don’t know. We’re working our way through it and sorry, we’re working our way through it. I know, and what else can we do? But like yeah, and this just, you know, I like to always circle back to this though after, you know, venting of all the injustices and all the crazy psychotic things these people are imposing on our daily lives, you know? Yes, it’s one thing to fight back. But in honesty, the at least in my opinion, I I am totally for the best.

What is the best offense is the best defense and the best defense is best offense. So like you you’re not just spending your time and energy protesting or fighting or whatever, you’re really planning to, how am I going to survive in this world separate from this corruption, like this corrupt government? Um, You know, again, which is why like a lot of us are rescinding our Social Security numbers or whatever, whatever or like the path to um what is it becoming a not a citizen of a person of the United States?

Is that the common terminology like this? In person and residents? Cpr that’s okay. Yeah. Either a citizen, a person or a resident. So we’re not a resident, right? Were we a resident? Well, it depends, it depends. So if if you’re talking about the public right? And this is stuff we talk about with Jackie and stuff. There’s two, there’s two of everything. There’s a public and the private. So that that’s why if if you look at the California Bar association, if you look at their creed on there, it says to serve and protect the public right?

Not to serve and protect the people is to serve and protect the public, which is the government, the state, they’re there. And that’s where people don’t understand if you hire an attorney, their first allegiance is to the bar association, not you. Yeah. Right. And that’s where people don’t understand. That’s what the difference between public and private. Private means, like you don’t even interact with the government at all. That is what private is and they can’t touch you. So, um, but if you are a citizen, a person or a resident, then you are, that is in the fictitious, that is in, in the public side.

Those are all terms that they have coined under blacks dictionary law dictionary on how to enslave people. I know very little about the common law, like I’m just, you know, uh, yeah, but like, I always go back to this conundrum, right? Like this dilemma here is that if you’re in a world full of people that is abiding by one set of laws and then you’re like the very few that is abiding by a different set of laws, like it’s not actually going to make a difference. Like that’s why I’m still stuck, right?

And so, but that that’s so But the laws you speak of, like, sure, there’s certain laws that we all have to live under, there’s lots of laws, the law of whether you want to dispute it, not gravity or density, whatever. There’s certain laws, right? Law of attraction law. Like, all these different laws right? Now, if you want to start talking about corporate bylaws that corporations or the governments have passed, and again, it’s not the people who passed them. I personally did not agree to any of these things and I will not be subject to that, right?

And again, that’s because I’m not gonna pay the gas fees for this broken ass ship anymore, right? This titanic is broken is right? And that’s what you pay taxes, you’re paying the gas fees for the fucking the circus, right? So that’s where, that’s what I’m saying. It’s like, if you are the only person that is privy of these, like these special was not the only ones. That’s the thing. Like look at all, do you know that all of the politicians are our state nationals? Why do you think?

How do you think Hillary Clinton got away with everything for so long? You’re being were being manipulated on the insane levels, like, again that we have been kept in the dark for a very long time. You don’t think these judges are state nationals? You don’t think these? Oh yeah, no, no. And and only that, but their their attorneys, like 70% of Congress or whatever it is. A lawyer. A liar. Oh yeah, yeah, liar is a more appropriate because I was always like, getting, you know, I’m like, oh, I’m all about this, I’m gonna go dive in.

But then my other foot is on that, on the other side where you see these corrupt judges, right? You see these corrupt politicians, um the sheriff’s police officers. And does it actually make a difference if if they’re completely like these dumb idiots that don’t know what the heck you’re talking about because they they’ve never been taught at, they’ve never, you know, been taught 11 jurisdiction of land air water, right? So if they don’t know, and they’re like, well okay, like for instance, like the judge then um put rick martin in jail, right?

Like that. And she was obviously either dumb or corrupt. None of these are good, but that is a likely scenario i without it happens all the time. So first of all, first of all, what you want to do is make sure you never end up in a courtroom. There’s a few reasons, right? First of all, if you write the proper documentation before even go, you will never end up in a courtroom because they won’t have you in there because once you have secured all three of your jurisdictions, you leave the judge nothing less to a adjudicate.

They have nothing, they cannot control you. If you have your land, air and water, secure all three of those, you will never even see a courtroom secure, like, what is the, what is the, what steps do you like? What do you have to do to secure land? Air, water? Great question. Great question. These are No, no. Yeah, Yeah, no, no, that’s great. It is because I gotta get going on because you know, I’m going through this process and I’ve had my status corrected in a couple different ways in my lifetime now and they haven’t worked properly the way you know what I mean?

Like Jackie, you know Jackie, she’s like, she’s battle tested man, that jesus, she’s a badass dude. Yeah, I love her. So anyways like, like um and and right and so by learning and so, so anyway, so yes, it will help me to kind of explain maybe a little bit, it’s pretty long winded, but basically basically it’s land air, water, right? Air is above everything. Air is where your trust law. So that that that does everything with trusts. You know what trusts are, right? So trust, if you go and you you have a proper trust, no one can touch that, no judge, no government, no, nothing.

So that is your air, so you’ve got to secure your jurisdiction of your air through trusts, right? Then you have the land right? Land is contract law through the land and water, or is it water? So this is where, so the land and the water, right? So you just, what you need to do is secure those three jurisdictions through. You can’t be a popper. I understand that, right? Do you know what a popper is? A popper is somebody who’s carrying around basically money, but no, sorry, um who’s not carrying around any lawful money, but carrying around These these notes, like the doll hairs that you have in your pocket, right?

Those are those are legal tender. Those aren’t actual lawful money. Lawful. The only lawful money is gold and silver, period. That’s the only lawful money. So you need to carry 40 pieces of silver on you, right? There’s this whole kind of thing, you go into court, right? If you ever do go into court, you have to have all these three things. You gotta have your gold, your bible and you gotta have your trust in hand and you have to have your it’s called an implicit trust and that means that you have you know who you are, you are so generous, you are the executor of your trust and they cannot shut because that’s what they’ll do.

The judge will first and I don’t know how far you made it in the David straight videos, but if you go through all five of those, you will be the most well informed uh three. But like I have to sit down and start taking some. No, it’s a you know like I just I know for long term this is the way right, like going under common law is away. But like I’m always backpedaling because because I’ve been arrested unlawfully for mass both shopping and because I’ve seen um people getting fired for not putting on the mask, not jabbing.

And we know that this is all illegal, right? But it is still like they’re just gonna muscle their way into into corrupting the entire system until you make them pay and you make them pay through banking laws. Do you know that courts run banking laws? Do you know that the definition of a court is a bank and the definition of a judge is a banker? Yeah, I know that Blacks law dictionary check it out. Anyway, that’s my point. The point is you do everything you can you can You make them pay and that’s really what it is.

Through through 30 days, 15 days, 10 days, right? And and just like they do right, they give you a bill for 30 days and they say you have 30 days to pay it, you don’t pay it within 15 days and they give you a give you another notice, right? And another notice and you do the same thing to them. We’re going through that process right now. So anyway, the point is is that I know people who get paid $10,000 anytime they get a speeding ticket. What like for real $10,000. Because they take them to jet at the court and they’re like, you had no authority to give me, never goes to court, never goes to court.

No. Again, this was all done through banking law. That’s how our system is written. Believe it or not. It’s all through banking laws. Everything that we understand to be a judge and all that stuff into your science. You’re you’re being science, right? So what they summons you into a court by a man in a black robe? It is the most satanic ritual bullshit that there is also another thing. So two plus two equals four. Right? So T. 00 plus T. 00 Equals F. O. R. E. What? T. 00 plus T. 000 No, no, it doesn’t. Right?

So my my point is it’s called this, it’s called video. So knows or so knows videos. Video so knows what are the two? It’s similar sound, right? Basically what I just did there right there with you is if you say two plus two equals four, most people say, yeah, because they’re thinking a certain way, the number of new plus the number two equals the number four. But do you notice all court is held verbally? Why? Because you have two names? There’s two of everything. Remember? But they they’re they’re spelled differently but they sound exactly the same.

They are punctuated and capitalized differently, but they sound exactly the same. So when you go into court and they call your name, do you ever say I’m here by special divine appearance, your honor? I’m here as the, as, as the executive of the trust, of that, of that john Bradley holloway thing or whatever it is, you get what I’m saying. So and again, because that’s why they hold court in verbal, not written. That’s why before you ever even go to a court, you write your documents and you let them know who you are and they won’t even let you in the court, guaranteed.

I oh my gosh, Yeah, you’re so right. And it was because I was looking up, have you heard of bill, thorn throw mountain or thornton? He is like another uh professor of common law and he’s like super well versed in that. And we were talking about the license to drive a motor vehicle. And he was saying, versus versus the private versus a private car that you travel in. Yeah. And he’s like, you know what a motor vehicle is? It is, uh, you know, motorized vehicle that you use for commerce.

So if you’re not, if you’re not participating commerce, you don’t need a license. And I’m thinking, wait a minute. So, yes, like, I understand what you’re talking about, but, you know, it is almost like it is almost like it was set up this way on purpose, right? Like, and to me, it’s almost to the point where, okay, so we know the other side of things, right? But does not change the fact that it was set up this way. And, and that’s why I’m still hesitant, because it’s like, it was set up this way, like, knowing that there’s these two.

Or no, no, no, no, no, no. Right? Because now the corporation laws are the ones that hijacked the common laws by duplicating. Right? So think about a police police or policy enforcers, it’s in their name, Policy police, their policy, their their revenue generation collectors. That’s what all police do. Okay. All these laws that they’re okay. First of all, there can’t be a crime if there’s no victim. A victimless crime is like saying oil and water mixed together. It that doesn’t make any sense because you can’t have a crime without a victim.

So there cannot be a victimless crime. Okay? But that’s what they say now, how they kind of try to play it off. So, well, the state is the victim. You ran that step that stoplight or you didn’t put your seatbelt on even though that’s not hurting anyone else. Right? No, no, there’s no if there’s no freaking person that got injured, right? If there’s no victim there’s no crime, there just can’t be. But now they’re saying, oh well that hurts the state. Why does that hurt the state?

Well, because now you’re not paying your fines? Well, it’s like, well anyway, so the right, so but again, and they can continue to charge you these fines as long as you are saying, yes, I am a citizen, a person or a resident and as long as you are identifying as one of those as in the public, then you are under corporate bylaws which are privileges, corporate privileges that can be taken away at any time and that’s what you’re seeing now and that’s why all of this and that’s why we need at least 50,000 people per state that can become awake to what we’re talking about and change their status so that we can actually implement our county level and state level governments that will be independent from the federal government, who seems to think that they can come in and just do whatever they want.

So what do you think about all those people that got arrested and thrown in jail for um being pulled over for not having a license plate on their car? And then when the officer knocked on their door, I mean on their window and was like where is your license are? Like, well I don’t need a license because I’m under common law, like whatever dialogue that they have to present. Obviously most of these police officers have no idea what they’re talking about, Like you’re full of crap like get out of the car, I’m taking you to jail. Wait. Yeah.

And then you charge them $10,000 per hour for every every every time they hold you or you. And I think you can even put per minute you build the state. I know that it sounds crazy and if so if they do something like that, listen if they do that and then you build them and they have to pay you $150,000 for what they did, they won’t do it again or if they do then you do it again double the price. And I know that you and I know it’s hard to understand.

I know. I know because we’ve been slaves for so long. I’ve known about this for 20 years. So for me it’s I’m just thank God there’s finally a way for us to do it because 20 years ago there was no way to do it. We were trying to create our own currencies. We were trying to I mean it was it was talk about you know, 1999 2000 2001. It was very chaotic times in this space. So here we are now. We’ve got like people like Jackie who have been doing this helping people for 20 years.

You know I mean all this stuff like. Yeah. So do you think there are more people um under the common law system that they’re making them? They’re making it Of course and they’re gonna make they’re gonna make everybody as scared as possible and they’re going to show you and they’re gonna find these incidents. Did you see the Paul enslaved video? Do you know Paul enslaved his his video of him? Yeah there’s a 20 minute videotaped everything. He got pulled over handed the cop. And trust me the first cop was pissed.

He handed the cop the paper said actually here I need you to read this. And it was stating what you just talked about how a motor vehicle is defined in the universal cut right? The U. C. C. Code is defined as somebody who is driving. How what is driving defined as driving? Is someone who is working under commerce. Which means that you need a if you’re driving a tractor trailer if you’re driving a bus or if you’re an Uber driver these days right? Something like that because you you need a license for that.

That’s the only time. Other than that you are a private citizen traveling from point A. To POINT B. In your private via your private vehicle not a motor vehicle this is your private car. So they can’t they have no reason to pull you over. Do you know that every time they pull you over and they put on those little um emergency lights they’re committing a felony because they’re they’re they’re creating an emergency where none exists. So that’s a felony immediately. Because there again, they have no right to to in in to restrict your travel in any way.

And that includes all of this stuff with travel documents. I don’t know if you saw, but we interviewed Tom Barnett here on the podcast, but he’s a dude in Australia. He’s boarded the freaking he’s boarded airplanes on other people’s passports and everything. So and a woman on a woman’s a woman’s passport because he understands what we’re talking about right now. He understands it. So well, it’s called you’re standing it’s three things, your status, you’re standing in your capacity once you have those three things, you can be an independent, true child of God here, God, man, then society, then government, so do you.

This is like when I mean, I’m all for this. Like, as I mean in my mind, I know that this is the way we need to go, right and but because because this is now only coming to the forefront now, it is really scary to you, to you, right? Remember this is this has been around for a very long time. Lots of people trying to been captured, it’s called capturing your straw man, right? So people have been trying to capture a straw man for a long time, people have successfully done it right?

I mean we know people trust me, there’s some really really, really cool stuff. Once you understand what claiming your minor estate means, there’s some really, really cool stuff that starts to happen, you have to like get acquainted to this. Uh like how long did you study too? Be like really confident? Okay, yes, this I could do this and I could pull it off. Well, so Uh huh. I don’t I mean again, it’s just because 2020 connected all of us freedom people together. So I’ve met more freedom people in the past 18 months than I think probably the last 18 years. Right?

So right. And so all these people now coming together have all these systems that they’ve been trying to create for a long time and are actually now creating full systems that we’re all starting to piece together here at the freedom people. And as we’re walking people through our journey, as we go like this conversation, right? I mean, we’re gonna keep telling people first file your affidavit of repudiation. That’s just letting people know, letting the state know that letting the public know that you know what’s up, I know that you know that you know that I know and uh I do not I do not, I do not consent and that’s so that’s the first thing you do.

You file that, then you get your you get a new passport right? Which is your american state national passport right? Which now you are no longer a citizen, a person or a resident. Now you are a uh independent free person, a sovereign being on this land in this land of this land right from like you were born, Where were you born in California? I was born in Seattle. Okay, so you’re Washington Tony and I don’t know what the heck. Yeah, yeah. I don’t know. Uh but I I know which I and I understand your fears, Nari and you’re not the only everyone is trust me.

I mean it’s it’s a very very scary thing um for someone like me, I’ve been waiting 20 years for this. So I’m I’m elated and I’ve been arrested many times. I’ve had my head thumped, I’m not I’m not afraid of those pieces of crap dude, and I will not live in one ounce of fear at all though I may walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, especially from them turds. Dude, you kidding me? Dude, They’re a bunch of weak, weak, weak, weak, weak, weak, weak, weak people.

Yeah, you’re absolutely right. You know, actually after, you know, there’s one thing after I was arrested, actually, like the realization of the fact that these people really had no concern and no desire to do the right thing and to abide by the laws that they put forth themselves was a real awakening moment for me and I was actually terrified going to jail because mind you, two weeks before that, I had just interviewed this woman who was Giving her testimony how when she was being trafficked in California in the 90s and early 2000s, she went to jail in Orange County, which is the neighboring county of where I got arrested.

And their their deputies actually like intermingle, like they their jurisdiction is in both of the counties and they share their deputies apparently. So what she was saying was that she because she was a transient right? Like she, you know, didn’t have education, she didn’t have documentation And the officers knew this and she was raped in that jail cell every single day for 70 days. And she uh she was just like the entire police department, like the sheriff department, they are they’re in on these um they’re in on every dirty deal that’s happening beneath the surface, right?

And that’s that’s the big problem. Yeah. That’s that’s so that’s terrible. And that’s why I was like, oh my gosh, I’m going to jail and how do I know if I’m ever going to come out again? And I’m thinking like, who’s going to feed my dog? Like, it’s almost like, wow, they’re they’re just letting us know that they are, they don’t give a crap, they’re not going to abide by the laws and they really don’t want to do the right, they don’t care to do the right thing.

So yeah, like, and that I think is the greatest mental hurdle for me is your biggest reason to correct yourself and protect yourself. It is, it’s two of the same, like, it’s the same, you know? Like, I know what you’re saying, you’re like. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Yeah, Yeah, no, I know what you’re saying for sure. Yeah, it’s like, yeah, I want to for that very reason, But because they’re so openly crust and craft it’s almost like does that even matter? You know? And well and again, the way you do it is by you either you go after them personally. Right?

So if a cop does this to you, you can go after them personally. Okay, so do that. And or you go after the insurance company that bonds the city. Each city. Do you know that? It’s there all for profit corporations. Right. Have you ever heard of a incorporated verse in an incorporated town? Right. There’s incorporated unincorporated towns all over, right. In California, everywhere. There’s towns that have not yet sold their souls out for big government money stuff. Right. Uh huh. Anyway, so those unincorporated, they don’t have one, but all the incorporated towns incorporated towns, they have done in Bradstreet numbers. Right?

So you can go to Dun and Bradstreet and you can find for exactly, for example, Alameda County Police Department, you can find their Dun and Bradstreet number. You can find cps, uh, they’re, they’re all for profit corporations, which should be a huge red flag to people, but it’s not in any way. So anyway, that’s why we have the revenue generator collectors, the police, their policy enforcers to collect general and generate revenue for the state for that company right there. It’s a government service corporation basically is what we have running everything everywhere.

Sure their for profit. So of course it’s advantageous for them to do all these things. That’s what I’m saying. But what, what is every corporation have to have, they have to have some sort of insurance bond right insurance company. So there’s an insurance company that will have some sort of, like, for example, if a sheriff is being really poopy. Right, Well, a sheriff usually they, what they have is they’ll have some sort of clause in the insurance company in the insurance policy will be a clause in there that will be like for for, you know, civil liberties infringements or whatever, you know, in case cop does a bad thing or sheriff does something bad, You know, we could say, let’s say it’s worth $5 million, a $5 million sweet Build them for $4.

9 million stop, these corrupt politicians slash sheriff’s whoever from doing it again. Because you think because here’s the thing is if they get three strikes, if any judge or sheriff gets three strikes, then they’re completely out, then they would actually have to put up their own house for insurance, continue their position, something personal. They would have to personally insure themselves to continue and that’s just not gonna happen. And so that’s how we’re going to defeat this. That’s how we’re going to do this. And that’s actual action. That’s why David Straight says are only two jobs.

Once you get corrected, you’re only two jobs moving forward or to correct the mistakes they make and make sure they never do it again. And you correct those mistakes by again, he gets pulled over, he gets $10,000 for every time he gets pulled over. Why? That’s his, what he builds for his time of educating that little police officer that he is not to restrict people’s movements. He’s actually trying to and he When I saw him last, he he was already up to 50 grand this year because he drives around all the time and he likes to drive fast, so.

Oh my gosh. So has he been put in the slammer at all or never? Not him. No, but he but he CPS took six of his kids. So he’s also he’s also, yeah, that’s one of the big reasons he’s doing this is because he’s trying to stop the human trafficking because that’s where it all starts. Like how does this tie into human trafficking? I don’t understand. So it’s called sourcing called sourcing. They’re stealing our kids at the source. You are an indentured servant through the hypothetic ation of your labor.

When you were registered with the state, your birth certificate, what’s called, it’s called registration. You were registered with the state which means ownership was given to the state, ownership of your minor estate was given to the state. And now you are not the executor of your minor trust. Neither of your parents, it gets kind of deep. But that’s that’s basically what it is. So you everybody’s sold into slavery is the high path occassion of your labor. It’s indentured servitude. When you’re born, you’re registered. So now you get a social security number, your super slave number, right?

You get that little bad boy. And that means that hey now they can take out loans against all of us. That’s how it works there. Taking out loans against the energy sources of the people and that’s the energy source. And how do they do it at the source? And that’s why it’s called sourcing their sourcing our energy from the right when you’re born, you are birth. Do you know what else? They burn the ships ships are burned in a birthing room by a doc tender, by a doctor, by somebody who’s attending, attending the dock.

And then they send you out foot and your loss. But see you’re considered dead and lost. It’s called a dissident. A dissident of the of the estate. So basically you are not dead but you’re dying right? And you are you are sent out to sea right? Minus your cargo. And then until you come back and claim your minor estate, that’s what this whole process we’re talking about is when you file your your affidavit repudiation, that’s the first step in climbing claiming your minor estate, Coming back to say, okay, I am now in charge of my my trust and my estate, my God given Unal e.

Nable rights, which includes all minerals, fish trees, everything of the life God gave us Dominion as people, right? So everybody who’s been born as a people on this planet that was given those God given rights and they were taken from us when we were Children. And so it’s now it’s time for us to go and claim that back until and start thumping them on the head. Any time that they they step out of line, I’m just muting myself because of the sirens. But what happened to his kids?

So then what did he get his kids back? Yeah, this happened many, many years ago, but that’s why he’s been on this big fight for a long time. Yeah, that, I mean, he’s he’s like um he’s he’s ex Special forces military, he’s got safe houses all around the US that he helps protect um these traffic victims, trafficked victims come to his like seminars and stuff and you get to meet. I mean, it’s if this is like, no bullshit real stuff, this is what we’re here to do right now is that we have to stop the slavery and the human trafficking and that’s the we have to go to the source to do it.

Yeah, we have to stop the sourcing from the source. I mean, I, you know, like, I’m yes, like what we were talking about in the beginning, I’m for the truth and I’m going to go after that no matter. You know, I don’t I can’t say no matter what the cost because yes, but yes, no matter what the cost, because that’s the only way to life, right? Like what is the point of living if you’re under a spell underlies like it there is no sign of living without the truth and you know, yeah like I I actually really appreciate this conversation because it gives like more motivation and more courage for me.

Like my whole thing is just I one of my biggest problems about the system is that I don’t want my tax dollars going to like uh the jab, you mean sending people door to door to promote the job. That’s where all your tax dollars are like, hey the jobs, you know, it’s not, you paid, you paid your tax dollars to have it produced and the and here I am going to jail for masculine shopping right? Like well let’s see my taxes like it makes absolutely no sense.

Like when did I get to have a say in where I want to put my tax dollars, you know, I’m happy to pay taxes because I believe people should, you know like we live in a society with paved roads with supposed law and order. Um But it’s getting to that point where you know that it’s being spent for doing evil deeds and to entrap people and to enslave people and I don’t wanna I don’t want to play into that system anymore. You know? And like uh like you know when I was first talking to Jackie of course I was like yes, we’re all for it.

And then and then like the doubts start creeping in. You know like yeah that’s evidence appearing real. I know it’s a bitch and that’s that’s where we all have to overcome that and here’s the thing larry like you have blossomed so amazingly like you know what I mean? Like Well you know I mean look at you. You know I mean it’s like you just I mean you know you have to you have to we all have to process right? I mean this is new information, so don’t be hard on yourself man, trust me.

Like the truth will will find its way to everyone. It’s it’s finding its way through you. You introduced us to Jackie who is an amazing resource. So once you’re ready, like she’ll she’ll she’ll have I mean and all of us together is what I’m saying, like we’re a big family and because we have information that she doesn’t believe it or not, right? I mean and she has information that we don’t right and how and we’re gonna kind of collaborate and let’s put together a badass plan for all the peoples and how can we actually make this a reality where we start to take back all of that’s going on right now because again it’s it’s not okay on so many levels like and we’re talking the most sinister evil stuff on the planet, we only want to even give energy to so we don’t give energy.

They’re all I know is we got a lot of work to do, a lot of work. Yes. Yes. And I just want to say Frida you know there’s like one uh music on that scene in Braveheart. Yeah, like it just gives me chills every time I think about it, but that’s like that’s the Lionheart in all of us, where we’re just like yes we’re going for it and uh I’m gonna you know, I feel I know that eventually I’ll get there but I’m like you know I’m taking like that’s the thing just well yeah like I said just give it time, you know like there’s a lot to process and then like to explore and you’re just like, wow, okay, a lot of information.

Like and and again, it’s not as easy as we think, even though we’re, you know, lying heart badasses going, it’s sometimes it’s really, really hard to let go of old old belief systems, you know, old programming. I mean, it’s like, you’re like, but wait a minute. It’s my whole reality. It’s like if I don’t have that, what do I have to hold on to your like, I can’t hold on right? And so then sometimes it’s nice, it’s essential that we take it slow and stuff like that and just let it come to you.

I mean it’s gonna come to you when you’re ready, right? The teacher appears when the students ready, right? So the master appeared true. It’s also true that like, knowledge is the real, You know, like I have to do my homework. Like I still have to, like I’ve, I’ve had David streets videos playing in the background while I was doing my work. But this is stuff that you actually have to sit down and take notes and really just a process and you know, like, like saying with the masculine shopping, like I knew it was wrong, but I never stepped out to do it until I learned the laws from Peggy, right?

Like tell you were fully informed. Yes. And it gave me the confidence like, okay, I know the bounds of the, the, you know, I know where all the fences are in the playing field, right? So I know how to play the game. So I’m going to do it and that really gave me the confidence. So yeah, I definitely believe, you know, once I start really like hammering down with, you know, I gotta re job my study skills and memorization, I’m gonna do it. But yeah, I’m excited for the future and excited to build a new type of community, which is what we all always bring it back to like uh where did you get 50,000 people per where did you say?

Well, that’s yeah, that’s the per state. So that’s that’s just a goal we kind of set for ourselves was to get 50,000 per state. And because, I mean, how could we do that? Right? And if we were, because if we were gonna do that, how would we do it? Um It’s not that we’re going to do it, we are doing it, we’re implementing it. Like I said, we’re implementing some software and stuff like that, that’s gonna take all of this what you’re doing because because I know myself and most people, it’s nice to learn as you go, right?

Because unfortunately we don’t have 30 years for everybody to sit and research what everybody’s researched over the past 30 years. We’ve got, you know, maybe maybe two or three, Um, because we’re again 20, something for and then the seven years of, you know, so who knows? I don’t know. All I can say is all these timelines are actually playing out, which is weird in itself. I don’t focus again too much there. What I’m focused on is where the rubber meets the road and how can we actually make some effective change.

And I mean like the real real change that is actually gonna to the source, not the stuff on the top, right? Not all this stuff, not all, not all the mass but not the, not the backs, cause I’m not any of that. I don’t, I’m going to the root root source of where this is happening. How how we can protect ourselves as individuals and you know, you can do that is you become a diplomat, become a foreign diplomat. Wait, is that is that what happens to you?

Like is that what you have basically? Yeah, you have you have limited diplomatic immunity once that happens Because again, you have to understand. Yeah. You become like a diplomat like you can, you’ll be your own diplomat license plate on my car. Yeah. Yeah. Ask Jackie about it. Ask Jackie. She helps people do this. This is what she helps people do. But again, so but again, we’re securing on all levels, right? And that’s where I I like you. I’m very cautious because I’ve like I said I said many times before.

It’s not many. I’ve been arrested like three times. That’s not many, right? But more than once. And I don’t like being arrested ever. I don’t I don’t want to be arrested ever. Right? So now we’re trying to make sure that we do things very very smartly right? Because I can’t provide for my family if I’m not around and things like that. So I can’t be as reckless as I used to. And I don’t know. And it’s not just for me, this is for our next 1000 generations. This is like this is really, really important what we’re doing here. Yes.

And I mean legit like this is the crossing of the thing if we don’t stop what’s going on now, what what’s going to happen in 10 years? What is what is it gonna be like? Like you were just saying what how they’re already erasing things like as fast as they are in 10 years. I mean nobody will remember a life with taste. Nobody remember. It’s so sad. It’s insane. Oh my gosh! But I was just thinking like what do you guys are you guys able to? I know we always talk about such crazy projects like all the time but you know I know so many like what do you call it?

Uh like labor workers right? Like you know task grab it right? Do you know that? But like is it you know I know we have the job board but at the same time a lot of the feedback that I get on my end is is there an app right? Like is there like an app that I could you know? And I was just thinking about this task rabbit thing because so many of so many people are getting laid off from their jobs because they’re getting their exemption request denied and they’re still like, well I’m not gonna, you know, kill myself to keep a job.

So yeah, they’re getting laid off and a lot of them are like, again, one of the most vulnerable groups of people, like people who are like english is not their first language for instance, like we have a lot of Hispanics here that um that are manual labor’s right and without them, like this economy is going to go to crap and they, well they don’t they, you know, there’s a lot of families that they’re like, oh, you know, I don’t want my parents or you know, I don’t, I myself we don’t want to take this, but how else are we going to get work?

Right? And I was just thinking, I mean, I was just talking to one of the women that I was, you know, we’re strategically planning out something and she’s been a cleaner at this office for a very long time and I was like okay well you know why don’t you just put a little add on the freedom people job boards saying like you know many years of experience, I’ll come to your house and you know, no masking, no jabbing blah blah blah blah. And the younger the daughter right?

Like she’s the younger one, she’s like oh you know that would be so awesome but like a task rabbit but like an app you know and I was like that is such a great idea because you know like everyone is going mobile these days and one of the convenience of that is like it’s just a quick like I don’t know, I don’t know well job board can do all that, it’s mobile friendly. So the job boards mobile friendly And I mean it’s I mean you can do that and they hire that person like through the oh you’re saying but actually hire people through there and stuff like that, you know?

Not not converse but like yeah I wanna hire this person and then like the money transfers like I mean I’m sure that’s like a long term project, but I’ve already heard like 23 people saying um if there was uh task rabbit version of people are in between jobs or figuring things out how many people, right? How many people did we think would use the job board? Right. I mean that was like a big one. Hey let’s get it out, get it out, get it out, we got it out and nobody uses it.

So what do you think is the issue here? Like is it because people don’t know about it? You know, you think it’s because people don’t know about it or because people are like, oh well the economy is open now so why do I have to go? And that’s that’s part of it and that’s that’s where it’s it’s like I think people still have this like belief that things are going to get back to some sort of normal but that’s they’ve been telling everybody over and over, you know, the corrupt politicians, there is no more normal like that’s gone.

You are now going to be a lockdown fool. That’s gonna just be taking injections on a regular schedule from now on because that’s how the pharmaceutical companies are going to keep their big yachts and stuff like that. So that’s your new dogma and that’s for some people. And again, that’s where if people don’t start to learn to adapt and overcome, well then they’re just gonna, I mean it’s just, it is what it is, but there’s people like us, you know, we’re just going to adapt and overcome, you know, we’re cockroaches, you can’t kill us, we’re gonna, we’re gonna survive in any environment.

I’ve always like, I could be a cockroach because I eat like the worst things. Like it’s like days old, I’m like, it smells good, I could eat it like no issues whatsoever. Like oh, the expiration date was last week. It smells fine, I’m gonna eat it totally fine. Like you are the human cockroach. I’m like, yes, I am. But I mean, you know like I’m still like, I know the job board is going to take off because I see people like, like before when the whole mask issue was an issue, they they’re like whatever, it’s just a mask, right?

But now I see a lot more people um you know, looking for alternative ways. Either is different job or you know, so I do always tell them, hey, go into the freedom people. But you know, once it gets going, like I love to tell the story how back in the day when I was starting my business with my then boyfriend at the time like we spent maybe eight months getting our first customer after the first customer, it was just high flying from then on. Like the product is good.

The service is good that people are going about timing. Yeah, exactly. So I do I know that it is going to take off very soon and you know, like once we’re like off the air like, well I’ll fill you in on some Yeah. Well there’s and well that’s the thing is I think it’s the more desperate people get than than the more and unfortunately that’s when are when are when are platforms really do well is when when when the more people get locked down and they’re like, I don’t want to be like that.

So then they then they seek alternatives and that’s to your point. And that’s kind of what I was getting out before. Is that even though like, even though we were like, oh well it’s gonna, but we just started the job board. I mean technically speaking like we think, I mean it’s like six weeks, maybe two months older, so it’s two months old, less than two months. We haven’t, again we haven’t even really were told and I just think people don’t know enough and like you’re saying, I think that yes, 100%.

That that is that’s very real as well that, you know, again if as people feel the boot lifting off their throat a little bit so they’re like, oh I can breathe again, cool, I’m good. I’m good. I don’t need to do anything until that boot starts coming back down on their throat again and even deeper. And that’s what people don’t understand is it’s the small and consistent erosion of your rights that you’re it’s the slow boiling of the frog that people just are not. You know, I’m gonna put myself on the job board.

Like my services are for sale but like doesn’t stop. That didn’t sound good way. I don’t know. But I don’t know. But like, you know like I love to paint like paint uh you know like with rollers or you know like I could do manual labor, like I could help you garden, I could come and clean your house. Uh I could do whatever. Like I’m not um I just love to work. I love to and and manual labor like I love putting my sweat into whatever I’m doing.

I think it’s necessary for me especially because I don’t have access to a gym anymore, you know like and um yeah, like I want to, I want to help like people do things around their house and do whatever and like I think you know, I am I am going to I don’t know, but like how would I post that on your job board? Like hello, you just go sign out. I’m putting myself, I’m putting my thinking like that like you know and this is and this is good and you know, maybe we and this is something we should talk about.

Like I really like the idea like you were saying of kind of doing that task rabbit where people could kind of like like just like book right right in the app kind of thing. And that could be something we absolutely and that’s that’s the beautiful thing is that we have the basics there and so we could add these features. Um But for you so like for example as an employee or is I don’t even like that word, but as somebody as a job seeker you can just go and sign up and then once you’re in there you can go and post your resume so what whatever you want to put in there and now now now you’re up there is that And then also let’s say you also had a job you wanted to offer, then you can also register as an employer um which is the same ui same login and everything.

You know you have to re register but now you just go and post a job and now you’re also that so yeah it’s a it should be fairly simple but we’d be happy to walk you through it as you know. No I mean I’m sure you know the funny thing is it’s like I would love to get paid to clean someone else’s house but I’m also looking for a person to clean my own house. I don’t know what it is. It’s just I would rather pay someone to do my own house.

But I’m also but I also want I don’t know. Is that weird? That’s weird right? Like why don’t I just do my own house? Yeah but well maybe maybe you just enjoy cleaning other people’s okay. Yeah but that’s seen that’s the beautiful thing man you know hey it’s okay teach their own are you if you want to clean your house or you don’t want to clean your house, clean someone else’s and have them clean yours. Maybe you just, maybe that’s just a little even trade swap, find somebody else that’s the same size, you know, dwelling that you have and just say, hey, you want to clean each other’s homes, you know, I feel like I’m not a good cleaner of my own house, but I think I’m a good cleaner of other people’s houses like because my house is always on a perpetual mess, I’m like, I’m just gonna hire someone to do it, but I feel that it’s because I’m just not a good cleaner of my own house, you know?

Um Yeah, so I think that is a little bit weird, but anyways, yes, I’m going to, I am going to post that because I was thinking about it like, you know, of course I do my work with Peggy and it takes up a lot of it actually takes a lot of time. But in like I was thinking to myself, I can’t really go to the gym anymore. And I don’t want to give my business to people. That literally was like get out. You know like you know what, I want to go now.

We’re friends now. No. Yeah, exactly. Like screw you. But so like I was thinking what better way to get in some manual labor like physical activity and make money while doing it. Like I could propose shopping for people. I could uh you know like I don’t know water your garden or trim your flowers or whatever. And I love doing that stuff. And I love like a days hard work. So, I am I am going to post that. I just have to think of a clever way to say say, you know, it’s for you.

All right. This has been amazing. I can’t believe it’s almost two hours. Well, I really love talking to you. But before we get going, could you let everybody know? Do you want to shout out? I mean, do you want to kind of let everybody know where they can find you back to you please. So amazing. This amazing movement that we’re working on at the healthy american right now is the freedom Learning program where we are encouraging all parents that are in the know obviously and that are not even you know, they have an inkling that something is off with the school system.

Well, it is so off. It’s so wrong. We want all our parents to take your Children out of school and enroll into Freedom Learning. And you can find out all about that at the or the healthy american dot org with the on the front the healthy american dot org Freedom learning go under the freedom learning tab. And you’ll see a free session there that gives you all the information, the basics of what freedom learning actually is, the philosophy, anyone could do it. You don’t need any training, you just need to have the desire to um give your Children the best opportunity to thrive and and be happy in this crazy world right now.

It is literally like I can’t and I’m not just saying this because I I work with Peggy and I worked for her. It is literally the like it’s the best solution out there because I mean to say that a teacher knows what’s best or like a uh the government knows what’s best for your kid uh like over your own parenting and what you want to teach your Children is absolutely ludicrous. Um So yes, like that’s one thing like I really want to uh you know end this session is like all the parents that are out there that are struggling or they’re anxious about what to do with their kids become this semester and rolling back into you know.

Yes, you could apply for a religious exemption. Yes, you could uh fight with the school but it’s only going to be an uphill battle. It’s only going to get worse. It’s not gonna get easier, it’s only going to get worse. So take your kids out of school now ride this wave, settle in. You know, you have all the time in the world to give your kids the education. Like there are so many people that have not gone to school, not gone to university and they are living exceptional wonderful fulfilling lives like we are brainwashed into thinking that the best thing we could do is get a little piece of paper and sit in a cubicle behind a computer all day and like give all our earnings and all our time to a big boss up there right?

Like that is the most corrupt brainwashing of our Children is not needed. Um Please go to the healthy american dot org. Freedom learning and you’ll find out all the opportunities to give your Children like an exceptional life and and that is and it starts with you. So that’s all I had to say. And yeah thank you so much for having sister. Yeah. No that was perfect. Yes thank you. Thank you for ending on such a strong note. Uh we agree we concur 1000% with what mary just said um we’re all about the home school and again thank you, thank you.

Thank you so much for being here and being this bright light and everything you do. We love you. I love you. We absolutely, we’re family. So thank you so much. Nari, thank you for having me on here brad. I mean, of course we love you guys as well. Like we are family. We want to see you succeed. We celebrate in each other’s success and I’m so happy like we’re in each other’s corners, you know? So thank you for that. And yeah, So it was fun until next time.

Until next time, guys. Cool. Yeah. Mm hmm. Mhm.

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