July 14, 2021

Let’s Go On An Adventure!

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This Fireside Freedom Chat covers all kinds of topics as Brad and Emily chat with Andy Girard. Listen for some current news and what rabbit holes we are diving down. Let us know if you want to join in on Andy’s campaign to Antarctica! :)

Show Notes

*The following are topics mentioned and links of places to start researching. As always we believe you should trust no one and always do your own research.*

Dorian Yates DMT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoiGdktgRw0


Circumcision http://circumcisiondebate.org/past-and-present


Hitler vs the Jew World Order https://www.bitchute.com/video/2AuypcHCeC2m/


Questioning the Holocost is illegal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legality_of_Holocaust_denial


Red body hue from gas poison https://12bytes.org/articles/history/rescuing-israel-the-holocaust-index/rescuing-israel-the-holocaust-the-bodies/


Born + registered http://annavonreitz.com/longformbirthcertificate.pdf


Hypothecation of your labor 

Traded bond https://www.gmeiutility.org/


Facebook group -Common Law Shamanism https://www.facebook.com/groups/192256851235426/


Common Law Wise Wordz Public telegram https://t.me/commonlaw


Jurisdiction vs. venue https://www.lawsuit-information-center.com/what-is-jurisdiction-and-venue-learning-about-lawsuits.html


David Straight http://davidstraightlive.com/



Documentary -NonCompliant https://rumble.com/vjk8jv-noncompliant-movie.html


David Goggins Can’t Hurt Me https://www.amazon.com/Cant-Hurt-Me-Master-Your/dp/1544512287


Inner earth DUMBS https://projectcamelot.org/underground_bases.html

NASA to deceit/to fool 52 mil per day 

Flat Earth Dave app DITRH https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz6s_ScG0PZThdwhKsUFSRw


MTV Masonic television https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6-jh7-DqAg


Antarctica Treaty https://www.nsf.gov/geo/opp/antarct/anttrty.jsp


Anne Frank hoax https://nationalvanguard.org/2015/01/anne-frank-hoax-exposed/


Renegadetribune.com http://www.renegadetribune.com/


Human Centipede Movie https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1467304/


“I’m a cockroach, can’t kill me” -Brad 




HellStorm The Death of Nazi Germany 1944-1947  Thomas Goodrich Book https://www.amazon.com/Hellstorm-Death-Nazi-Germany-1944-1947/dp/1494775069


Married to State…search marriage in this document and see references  http://www.annavonreitz.com/annavonreitz.pdf


Spain saying not to fly because of blood clots in vaccinated 



Hello, All you lovely Freedom People out there and welcome to today’s by your side. Freedom chat. I’m your host, Bradley Freedom. Today’s guest Once again is the wonderful Andy Gerard. That’s right. Andy Gerard is on the podcast again. Along with Miss Emily Freedom, the three of us kind of get into a little talk about everything from I mean was Hitler really a bad guy. Uh Okay everything from Hitler is a bad guy to circumcision and Dorian Yates. So we really hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did.

But before we get started, what I want you to do is grab your phone and text in the keyword Andy to that’s Andy and the letter. Uh The number The # two That’s Andy and the # two. I’m gonna have you text that into (877) 992 3733. That’s 8 779923733. And we’re gonna send you out today’s show notes. Come on, let’s go. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. What was that like for you guys? Scary. Yeah it was pretty intense. Well we didn’t know until you know an hour before she came out.

I heard I heard a crazy story back when I was uh listening to joe Rogan quite a bit so I can’t fucking stand now. And I actually just did some just came across a crazy research but I’ll send it to you brad. Um But he’s he’s totally in on like like I was looking at some of this research video covers like who his sponsors are. He sponsored by um 23. And me and the Ceo 23 me is like you know they do gene editing and everything like that and collect people’s D. N. A. And the Ceo of 23.

And me is and uh well Jiechi, she’s the sister of the Ceo of Youtube and she used to be and she used to be married the co founder of Google Sergey brin who is a jew. But he uh that that’s just one of his uh one of his sponsors so I can’t stand Rogan anymore. But well strain was I heard some guy, I think it was Dorian Yates was telling a story about some guy who did DNT and they videotaped it and for like 15 or 20 minutes the guy was like on the ground.

He was an older guy. He’s like on the ground and he was like sort of like catering like a fish. Are you talking about 55 M. E. O. D. M. T. No just regular D. M. T. Uh But uh basically he was like he was like gasping for air and he was like sort of grabbing his, grabbing at his neck and afterwards after it was over he was like he’s like wow, he’s like that was the craziest like thing in my life. And when they told him what he was doing, the guy had a traumatic memory from when he was born because he had his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and like Mhm.

It fucked him up for his whole life. Like he was he was a bad drug, He was a he was a bad drug addict and everything. And uh for many for like many years and I did not mean to say that like scary guys. No, no, not at all. Well I’ve already been to like an energy healer to try to clear all that birth trauma, so hopefully it is taking. Yeah, it’s just it’s just crazy how like I mean we don’t really think of it in terms like that, like when we think of trauma, we’re like, that’s a baby, right?

That’s a living breathing human being and like you think about circumcision and the impact that has on boys. Um like I was watching this crazy documentary right now, going to get my head wrapped around it, but basically it’s called Hitler versus the Do World Order and and basically like there’s so much information that shows that like Hitler was maybe not the bad guy, He was the only leader at the time that was, that was wanted peace. He did not want war. He was saying that he was like disarm his entire military if if everyone else did.

Um and and like there’s like I was just literally, I have pages and pages of notes here of like jewish ritual murder of Children, like dating back to like, I mean over the years dude, I get I get shit tons of that information Andy and I mean, I mean shit tons and that’s yeah, yeah. Well yeah, like Hitler kind of do it alone, right? Regardless of whatever, right? Even if he was, even if the that that that story that’s been told to us, right? Because victors write history, right?

Yeah, so and that’s and that’s the thing is like, but and this is what I again, I’ve been asking everybody, I I asked everybody this weekend. I was at this conference that we kind of started this call to talk to people, but nobody’s really joining. So whatever, we’ll just talk about this. Um so, so um I’m trying to get my head wrapped around this because this is this is huge because I’m trying to make sense like my whole life, like even even now, like uh I think on our podcast, uh we mentioned like the Nuremberg trials and stuff like when you and I talked and so a lot of times when we bring up what’s happening now, we make parallels with the nazis, right?

We always bring up the nazis getting on the, getting on the car, right? Yeah. I even I have videos of saying this and stuff like that. But when we do that, we sort of continue on and contribute to the whitewashing of what really happened where, in my opinion, from, from the research that I’ve just been exposed to recently. And I wanna keep continue further with this to wrap my head around it. But um, I mean there’s all kinds of stuff that shows like my, one of my friends, he has a really small Youtube channel and he has a Youtube channel still up.

I think, I think you can still find this video, But it’s, his channel is called active research. And he made a video called six million Jews. And it was something like, because that’s the number that they said right, were exterminated, um, you know, during the holocaust or whatever. So he made a video and showed that there was like Something like 20 or 30 references to this number of six million Jews Like 20, like 15-20 years before Hitler was even a thing before he was even in power. So like they were sort of like laying the conditioning and the framework for The extermination of of six million Jews.

Like you can find it in like the New York Times and like all these major influential, um, you know, media outlets and stuff at the time. And um, it’s just, man, it’s crazy for me to think of like, you know, like this this documentary shows how the jewish rabbis, they circumcise Children then they suck penis. Yeah, no I’ve seen I’ve seen what made me think about that was the trauma you guys brought up umbilical cords and I was just thinking about early early childhood trauma. Dude, I so so dude, I was thinking about those jewish rabbis and I know it’s crazy that we’re talking about this, it’s I’m happy we’re talking about that because dude, so so who who runs Hollywood?

Who runs Hollywood right now? Yeah, yeah. Who runs all the banks? The jews? What the fuck right that you’re never allowed to question that? Never, but you can’t feel legal, it’s actually illegal in some countries to question the holocaust, you’ll get thrown in a jail cell. Yeah, like you can’t even talk about that, it’s just wow, that’s just a glaring red flag to me, I never even thought about it like that, where it’s like oh think about it like oh if I if I asked a question I was there is the earth really round and if that was a crime in this country, you kind of wonder, I never really thought about that, like why can’t I ask the question?

Did the holocaust really happen the way they said, you know what actually put you know what actually put me onto it? Had me like starting to really think about it was last year I came across a random ass documentary in a discord chat. I was in this like Natural law discord chat and somebody posted this documentary was like from the early nineties I think and it was a young jewish boy and he was like I want to know what happened to my people. He’s like, he’s like I want to know one way or the other.

He’s like, I’m going into this investigation from, you know, unbiased humble place and I’m gonna just investigate, you know? So he goes to Auschwitz and he’s like, he’s taking a tour of the place and he’s asking the curator of Auschwitz all these questions that this guy just cannot fucking answer. Either deflects or just denies like providing any answer at all. And then he finds out that the supposed like shower rooms where they would like, you know, gas, the jews. He goes into this room and he finds out that like there were like these partitions, He’s like, wow, it was like um he basically found out that it was a room that used to be like an administrative office or something.

It had like during the war when they supposedly were being exterminated in gas, there was like a wooden door with like a 1. 5 inch gap underneath. Uh So like if you had that kind of thing. No like just think about it if you have a gas chamber you’re you’re gonna want it to be like hermetically sealed with like a steel door. You’re not gonna have you’re not gonna have a wooden door on it. So he finds out through these, he finds out through these hit through his investigation in that like there were these part wall partitions in there.

So it wasn’t like originally a shower room, there was a different door that was put on after the war. And then the story was that they would drop these canisters in from the ground level. So the room was like subterranean right? And then the ss officers would open up these hatches these windows that were at the ground level and drop the canisters. And this is how, so they wouldn’t you know they wouldn’t know about it. He found out in his investigation that those windows are those hatches were not built until after the war was already over.

So there’s there’s all these interesting things. And then there’s one other, Yeah. And there’s one other thing about like, so when bodies die from carbon monoxide poisoning or gassing in that manner, the body, when it postmortem, it basically looks like this super dark red hue in the body. Like you can it’s a noticeable Hugh if you like, you can actually go and type uh you could look it up online anywhere. I’ll send you some photos but it’s a noticeable change in the body. You would see it and all the bodies supposedly were exterminated.

The jews. There wasn’t one single trace of this like pink poisoning like postmortem at all. I’m just like learning about all this stuff and I’m like, man, I think some of us like that information. Yeah. When you’re done with that rabbit hole, there’s um, what are we watching on? There’s a series on one of the streaming things from the history channel I think originally about Nikola Tesla and these people research and it’s really fascinating. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. That that that’s a cool, that’s a cool thing to But anyway, back to the back to the Hitler stuff dude.

Like, like it’s it’s very interesting to me just because like kind of back to what you were saying, it’s become such a well, of course Hitler was a bad guy and that’s just kind of, you know what I mean? Again, it’s and you know, 2021 is the year for questioning everything obviously. And but even last year we watched this, remember it was like 4. 5 hours, we watched a 4. 5 hour long documentary about this and then all this year, dude, more and more information is coming in this, I’ve got this guy down in um a couple of people down in Australia who have just been feeding me this information.

Dude, it’s it’s crazy. It’s crazy. It really it really is, man, I m I’m increasingly beginning to think like it’s a grand conspiracy, like not not just deflection, deflection, it’s like, and then they can write the history story patient as fuck. Oh yeah, this is a long play dude, this is a long play, but that’s why dude, there’s something that’s, it’s this is biblical, man, you know, this is a Holy War dude and this is this is a good segue into what we’re here to talk about, which is like correcting your status and, and what’s actually happening right now is the stealing of souls and who’s behind that dude, the fucking crown and the Vatican dude.

Did you know that? It’s crazy. So when you’re boring, when you’re born, you, you’re basically, what happens is from the, from the moment you’re born until the, until your parents register you with the state and you get a birth certificate for that little amount of time. You’re a um an american state national or a state national of of the, of the state that you’re born in. So if you’re born in florida, it’s a Floridian, right? Or like I was born in Arizona. So I’m in Arizona in, right.

What are your girlfriend? What is your shit? She’s a wisconsinite, right? Because she’s from, she was born in Wisconsin. Or would I be in massachusetts, massachusetts? I don’t know. Dude, go check it out, dude, I don’t know a fucking boss tonight. I don’t know. I don’t know. So that there’s there’s definitely a name for it. But anyway, so everybody, right? So when you’re first born, you are born that now what happens? They register you, your parents register you and they do it for you, right? Or they do it for you.

Like, you know, our situation like we were just telling you. So, so our original plan was to have a home birth. We had to go go there, right? I’m privy to all this or I’m I’m savvy to all this information. Not pretty, but savvy to all this information. And so, you know, I was already like corrected or hand my intent to correct my status already in and all that stuff when we were at the hospital. So I know the whole thing and I kept pushing it off, pushing it off just saying we don’t know what we’re going to name her because I mean dude again in there for an emergency fucking situation and all they could do is say hey what are you gonna name her?

What’s her name? What’s her name? I’m not shitting you dude she’s sitting there and where do you inject it with? Yeah dude you know what I mean? It’s just the whole time. What’s your name? What’s your name? What’s her name were like we’re not gonna name her right anyway we’re not gonna write name her right away. After three days they just went ahead and filed it without our consent and without our notice and we found out a couple of days later. Oh yeah they submitted it for you already.

We just submitted it has no name because here’s the deal. So what happens? And this is what it’s basically what it’s called, is it’s the hypothetic ation of of your labor. So and think about it like this when you’re born, right? And that’s basically indentured servitude is what it is and that’s why everybody is a slave or a battery. And so that’s why the Matrix was quite freaking, almost quite literally now any documentary. Um So not not not a not a film about a documentary, right? Because you’re like oh my goodness, okay so we are actually, so that’s what they do.

And that’s that’s why when you’re born you were brought in, your mother goes into a delivery room where then she uh you are delivered by a doc tender a doctor, right? That’s where the word doctor comes from. A dock tender because you are a vessel, right? And they set you out to sea. Right? And then, and what happens is that you’re a state and your trust is now managed by the United States Corporation. Yeah. Your birth certificate becomes like a traded bonds. Yeah, absolutely. Dude, hundreds of thousands of times, yeah.

Oh 10 tens of thousands of times over. Dude, I can give you a website where you can go plug in one of the, I saw that website you foot. But when I tried to pull it up on my um and I tried to pull it up on my phone, it didn’t, I didn’t see the hourglass that you were talking about. Um when you, when you sent the link, you’re like uh yeah, the uh I’m not sure. I haven’t looked at it on my phone, but I know on on the web if you um if you go and yeah, if you go on a regular browser on a desktop or whatever, there’s a you know a search icon, one of those little, yep you click on that and then you know it just drops down and then you put in your social with the hyphen numbers with the hyphens in between the numbers and it it will come back and show you all how that’s been traded over and over and over.

Um Dude there’s there’s just so much information about this Andy it is quite freaking overwhelming and it’s quick rabbit hole. I I I’ve I’ve been talking to a few people about it because like there’s um there’s this one guy um he’s like he just got arrested in Tennessee, he tried to do the Common law court um Like he basically got thrown in jail for 30 days for taking his Children camping and it’s just one of those like family court kind of things. And he was trying to he was trying to move in law and he was basically like um he has the judge, he’s like my like my a slave, I’m actually jumping on a call tonight to talk about it.

I don’t know you might actually be interested in joining this call because these people, I’ve been doing this shit for years. Um They have a group on facebook called uh what is it um Common law shaman shamanism or something. Um And there’s another group on telegram called me. See if I can find it, I’m in law. Common Law wise words public. Let me see if I can add you, I’m not on facebook. No this is telegram so I’m gonna see if I can add you to this chat.

Uh huh. Yeah Common law wise where you cannot add. Okay um because of their privacy settings. Oh my. Oh yeah I don’t allow. So can if you can you can just like uh send me the link in my chat or in a in A. D. M. Or something or whatever, just put it in the chat here or whatever and then we’ll I just a copy of the telegram like is that what you’re saying? Ah mm. What? Yeah copy the invite link message. Oh is that how come I’m in some groups that I don’t remember joining people probably yeah people just add you randomly.

I wouldn’t turn that off because I was like I got tired of that, let’s see if this works. But yeah they talk about all this stuff and they do a call um I just sent you a group, I see it right there. Yeah they do a call every Wednesday and every sunday and they talk about all this stuff and tonight they’re going to talk about the situation that’s happening with this guy Phillip kemp um and uh like how he’s, how they’re basically they’re not upholding law. So the judge basically um took off the robe because the guy Phillip kemp got the judge, you said uh you got the judge to basically say you know a man to man.

And he basically, the judge took off the road from intents and purposes and says as a man, No, he was going to lock them up and so they’re going to talk all about this, you might be interested in that. That’s at 9:00 tonight. I can’t really explain this shit that well, I’m just kind of getting into it and I’m, part of me is like wondering part of me is wondering though, like, yes, this uh situation we’re in is so next level. Like feels like they just uh taken any sort of concept of what law is or Gosselaar natural law in the constitution and just fucking lit a match to it and it feels like it almost feels futile to me in some respects.

I mean that’s obviously coming from a very ignorant um point of view on the matter, I’m not as well versed on it, but just seeing how this guy was treated, how I listened to his court case. I watched the video, this guy that was like analyzing, I’ll send you that video too. I don’t know if you have time. It’s a long one, but I heard the court case and it it seemed like everything this guy did was by the common law book, you know, it didn’t make a misstep at all, and they still threw him in a cage and it was like goddamn you know.

Well yeah, yeah and that’s the thing is that that and we’re learning as well right? Um I was just at a week of this weekend long conference right? This is where we found out the candidate was the 13th district of the United States. I have a friend down here when she’s a new friend but she’s down here right now, she’s Canadian, she had to freaking breakaway right because she’s a business owner and she they wanted to arrest her because she wasn’t forcing masks and things like that.

Um So she fled to, she fled down back down here. Right, well she has another house down here so it’s not like she fled but so she just came back down here and now she is actually correcting her status as an american state national. Um Now also did were in more quickly sorry quickly um Type of touch something in that chat. That common law wise words because they got one of those bots in there, you just have to read a message to prove that you’re human. Like great anything in there Like it says within three minutes to prove that you are not a robot.

So just type anything in there. Yeah. Cool. You go. There you go. Alright well yeah what were you saying about your friend from Canada? So she’s trying to correct her status? Um Yeah. Sorry? No it’s fine. Uh Yeah so she’s she’s down here correcting her status as an american state national. Okay. She’s not going for good good at the same process, yep. Because it’s part of the U. S. It is like okay Alaska is part of the 12th district. Canada is part of the 13th, Wow. So does Canada have one of those done in Bradstreet?

I’m sure they do just like the United States government does in Washington D. C. I would think so yeah you should look it up. It was that thing he did over the weekend was solely for the purpose of like correcting status that there were. Yes. Yeah. So but and and and it’s well yeah that’s the first step um in this whole process. And the reason being is that um a lot of people that are out there doing these things. The reason that they’re getting thrown in jail and things like that is because they’re not covering all of the jurisdictions of law, right?

So law stands for land, air and water. Okay Law land air water you know that? Okay cool. So air is the highest form of law that’s above everything right? Then you have the law of the land and then the law of the water or maritime law, right? So air is where your trust live and all that good stuff, right? Um and and again, you know, excuse my ignorance to anybody who might be hearing this now or later or whatever, and I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Full disclosure. As always we’re learning as we go, so if you know better, whatever, let us know. Um However, as we understand it right now, um that that we want to correct our status, but under all three jurisdictions, right? Most people think jurisdiction is like a location of a of a case or something like that, but that’s not that’s actually called venue. What we’re talking about is jurisdiction, which is one of three things Land air water has to be under one of those three. So what you what really, what we’re, what we’re in the process of doing is correcting our status under all three jurisdictions so that we leave the judge nothing left to adjudicate.

So now this judge, if he’s just saying, hey, I’m gonna fucking just throw you in jail anyway, hey, cool man, no, not a problem, throw you in jail. Then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go out through the insurance company because just like we just said right now we know, did you know this as well that every, every municipality, every city is a for profit corporation and it has a dun and Bradstreet number. Have you ever heard of Dun, Dun and Bradstreet? Yeah. Okay. So you know, it’s like the credit reporting agency for businesses, right, Okay.

So basically what you do is you find out who the insurance company is that’s bonding and ensuring that judge and then you sue the fuck out of the insurance company for what he’s doing and the insurance company will make him stop. That’s how they do it right now with sheriff’s, they’re doing it all over the country. There’s ways to do things. Um, it’s just, you got to be smart about it any, any success stories, um, regard tons. How do you think? Why do you think florida and texas turned right?

The mask mandates and all that because of exactly this, Because of exactly this, what we’re talking about, there’s tons of them out there is just again, it’s not being covered in the media and I understand why you would, you know, have that feeling of desperation or or or futility. Um What I can tell you though is from our side There’s more to be hopeful now than there ever has been. So we’re through the shit of the shit now, it’s all about. So the next seven years up till 2030, right?

So the there’s seven years of turmoil after that first three years after the awakening. So I believe it’s it’s 2023 is the end of that three years. And then again, 2030 is a date for a reason. Why do you think that the whole new world order wants to have this um greater or the great reset or whatever, the funk they’re trying to fucking with what is his name, anal Schwab clash, anal Schwab guy, whatever. Anyway, so the reason they’re picking 2030 is because after after 2030 it’s supposed to be 1000 years of peace, right?

We are in the shit of the shit coming out of the shit. We are the flower that’s about to break through the garden in the manure, right? And it just is what it is, but that’s what’s happening. Um And so we have the next, you know, roughly 89 years now um That it’s our job to wake everyone, not even wake people up. What were our job right now is to get everybody to take back, take back their their souls to to reclaim their their life and their their life force back from the uh the clutches of these evil fucks really is what it is, man.

It is, it is all about energy. That’s what it’s all about. They’re trying. That’s what the Well that’s the only thing of value about think about it. That’s the only thing of value on this. Not gold, not silver, not any of anything. I don’t give a shit, right? None of that. Do you know why? None of it? Because without the human, there is no energy. So without the human there’s no one to even do anything with the gold. There’s no one to produce anything that would make that gold sellable or, or tradable, You know what I mean?

So, so that’s why it is. It’s 1,000% about our energy, right? And again, the hypothetic ation of your labor high publication of your energy for the rest of your life right now, above and beyond that is where And this is what I’m saying. What we But think about that. So, what? That’s why? And and David straight he says it all the time. It’s all about the Children, right? He’s do you know that he’s under he’s under um, uh, this order or whatever executive order right to stop child trafficking.

He’s got two executive orders right now to stop child trafficking, right? That trump put in place, believe it or not. But anyway, so he’s got these these Exactly. But again, think about it. We’re talking about the energy and what do you think cps their number one job there a for profit corporation, just like everything else, right? There a service of this for profit corporation. So all their job is, is to steal Children and fucking and have them consumed. How cool is that? Uh, do you know who was one of the biggest fucking, biggest, biggest, uh, human traffickers on the planet is google.

No, but that wouldn’t surprise me. I wonder what their punishment is. I hope it’s bad, but it’s there and this is where, you know, I don’t we might never see it in our lifetime, Emily, but it is going to happen. Yeah, yeah. You know, we might not we might never see these people that do these evil things punished in this in this realm and the way that we we view typically viewed punishment. But well what and what would you want would you want them to be like, you know, murdered.

I mean to, I mean it’s like kind of like, I mean where does the, where does that does that, that sort of people is beyond my comprehension. Right. Well I’m just saying where does the death stop though? You know what I mean? And and and and I know that it’s not but I can’t really be destroyed right? Like that their energy, but that’s God too. I know that’s what I’m saying right? And that’s where everything is of the one source God the as above, so below the dark delight the yin and the yang.

There is no not one without the other, however there’s Yeah. Yeah and they’re just throwing fits. I don’t know, I don’t know the answer to all that. What the only, that’s why what I focus on, what we focus on is what we’re building here and how we can say people right? I don’t really write, it’s like and we don’t give them. I know, but it is nice to kind of sit there and like kind of kind of think about right is like well what are these guys like, you know?

Yeah, it just makes you want to make sure that you’re fighting for a reason. I mean not that you need a reason. We’re not fighting for anything. We’re building, we’re building things, we don’t fight things, we build things and that’s what and that’s that’s our main thing and that’s what we’re doing Andy, like we’re building relationships like the relationship we built with, you know, the friendship we made with you just because because of this, because we’re all freedom lovers and and it’s because we’re going towards something, it’s not because we’re running from anything or not.

We’re not fighting dude. Though, I may walk through the shallow end of the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no fucking evil dude, and that’s how I feel and I’m not a religious person at all, and I’ve never even, you know, I was actually the other way for so long just because I saw what organized religion did to people. So but now, like all of these things now, when you think about it is the bible is the law is the highest form of law.

God’s law. God created you and God gave you So it’s God man. Government, and right now government has wedged itself between God and man, and this is where this where it has to stop and we’ve got to stop allowing this to happen, but it only happens because people don’t know what’s going on. Mhm. Right. I mean Yeah and and that’s why it’s just education man, it’s education and it’s it’s a shitty fucking business to be in but I like shitty hard things, you know I was in the marines and things so it’s fine.

I’m just fucking Well yeah comfort is our discomfort is our friend um Find comfort in the uncomfortable bro. That’s what Yeah. Yeah I actually read um David Goggins book can’t hurt me. I don’t know if you notice. Oh fuck yeah dude he’s a bad ass. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah he just talked to that, living in the shit you know um sort of You know his story and his story is very empowering. Where yeah when he was running attracting when he’s like bleeding and shitting himself and fucking yeah he had another he had another 30 miles to go when he when he just shit down his leg and like and he uh he had broken bones in his foot and he like did the last I think 30 miles and like like a 10 minute pace or something, it was fucking nothing.

But yeah his book, his book is uh you know for me it was definitely profound in it kept me hanging on in a very dark moment, you know? Um and uh I’m very grateful, I’m very grateful for him, I wish, you know, I I don’t like to really expect things from other people, especially people who tend to like get you know famous if you will because he’s kind of one of those famous guys, you know? But I haven’t heard anything from him about government tyranny or you know, like he’s just uh so I mean I remember last year feeling like disappointed in him, I was like I was like bro, I’m like where’s the, you know, you’re trying to motivate people to fire live.

Yeah, like where’s your, you know, but he’s a lot of those people in the military, the ones that don’t wake up tend to remain status And then the one you know that that do tend to just go the other like, like you a lot of other people that I know but um yeah, I was like, man we need to we need because I haven’t haven’t heard him ask one simple question about Covid or like come on man. Like you could be a, be a great voice to have man, but everybody’s at their space at their spot.

I wonder about certain people to like if they know but they are just they don’t want to speak on their platform or if they just really don’t know. Yeah, no, that’s that’s definitely it’s, it’s hard to have that. I got them, I’ve been praying for discernment, sort of like have been duped by so many um, you know, alternative media sources and uh you know, um personalities and things like that, podcasters were like, I was like thinking, he’s thinking I knew these people and that they were super genuine and then I find out something later and I’m like, that’s why you don’t trust anyone else really, you’ve got to find that discernment, you know, when somebody gets really big, like in this world, and if they’re not asking certain questions, it’s like, you gotta tend to ask what’s going on there, you know?

But it’s hard, it’s really hard. It’s like give me the discernment to navigate my way through this crazy maze that we’re in because you know, it seems like some of these people are really genuine and just like authentic and then come to find out that like joe Rogan’s podcast is like the real estate thing you’ll ever see. And that was a guy I yeah, like actually that that documentary, that research document was telling you about uh was saying how like um Elon musk is a sponsor uh oh Rogan’s podcast and there was like one guest that went on Rogan’s show and said um it wasn’t even must, but it was some guy, I forget who it was, he said I did just get a Tesla, so I’m supporting the podcast.

Um and then they’re all stooges and and then he find mosque loss goes on smoke, that blunt on his podcast and tweets funding secure at 4 20. That was literally Elon musk manipulating stock prices. Yeah. Like on joe Rogan show that was literally Elon musk. And then you see joe Rogan, you know, flip flopping on the moon landings and pumping nasa and SpaceX and interplanetary space travel and all this kind of futuristic bullshit that you know, it isn’t even real space. Space isn’t even a place. Well, I mean it’s well in inner space like the inner world, right?

And that’s the inner Earth stuff. Do you ever, you ever, uh, you know anything about that? Like the inner Earth and maybe what’s inside of um, like they’re saying like where the Antarctica is and all those underground bases and shit. Have you heard of uh, what are those called? The dumbs dumbs? Yeah. Oh I heard a theory to the other day that what if space is like another ocean and the moon is actually the reflection of what earth is. That’s interesting. See that dude, then that’s the man I love, I love thinking about all of this stuff and, and, and you know, because it expands your mind, you know what I mean?

Even if you’re like, even if you get super crazy down a fricking rabbit hole and you’re like, it’s just like, well, what the fuck is that? Right? And it’s like, you know, but again, it’s okay and you should be able to do that. And, but now with all this censoring and stuff where they’re just saying, now you don’t even have the right to think about things we don’t want you to think or talk about. Uh, it’s a scary, scary place, which I know we talked about that on our last show, but that again, where it becomes where it becomes a, where it becomes a problem for me, like with Rogan, uh you know, the largest podcast, like the biggest podcast in the world when he promotes things like nasa and interplanetary space travel.

When like you even have um, I know a lot about Nasa and their bullshit in their lives where like the actual word Nasa, you talk about words and genetics and Entomology and stuff. The word nasa and he hebrew means it literally means to deceive to fool. Yeah. So, and they actually admit that like, Yeah, they we they got $52 million dollars a day from that they extort from us. And then they sell these images and these notions that we’re going to be inhabiting some other planet. When it’s like, we can’t even get people to leave their couch.

Do we can’t people leave their couch. And there’s there’s one more interesting point about the whole nasa uh rabbit hole and earth and what I think it is and stuff. I think it’s flat, full disclosure. I think it’s flat. I’m leaning that way too bro. I’m leaning do do you know flat earth? Dave? I think it and I feel it. I am familiar with him a little bit deep in the rabbit deep in the rabbit hole guy like yes. Yeah, he does the flatter. Like the podcast.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I have dude and again again like dude, I I didn’t believe it for a long time. You know what I mean? I was like get the fuck just kind of like his story. Yeah, it was like get out of here. That’s the most ridiculous. Yeah. Dude you like dude get out of here. All right. Seriously? I was like I was like are you fucking high? Like I remember I remember last year In the beginning of 2020 when I was going hard in the paint with like all this stuff questioning like people about the safety of vaccines and all these kinds of things and people would come back and with a rebuttal something to the effect of like, oh you’re just like all those those flat earthers.

And I was like, I remember my response, my visceral response. I would start sweating and then I would be like, I’m not, I’m not like the flat earthers. So now that I look back on, I’m expecting that reaction that I had. And to be totally honest with you dude, I never once even thought about why I believed right. Uh There’s another word that I’d like to dissect in the middle of the word believed in the word lie. So why why did I even believe right that the earth was round?

Why? Because the second I came into this world we’re just bombarded with propaganda and little hit globe here globe they’re globe here globe they’re globe, they’re globe here globe there in every you know movie production you’ve ever seen how many movies and tv shows about space you know about you know the M. T. V. They they basically went on this crusade to make the moon missions cool again so they’re like MTV music award, you ever seen those? They’re like the moon man right did you know that MTV is operated out of a Masonic temple That would make sense Dude dude that was a lot about iconic, it’s literal Masonic television dude that shit’s no bueno bro it seems kind of hidden in plain sight but where I’m going with like because I’m hard I think all of us that harder explorers were creative or inquisitive.

We’re explorers. You know when you were kids, you wanted to go and explore the woods and you wanted to go a little further the next time. Me too. Me too. But where? Why? I’m so I got so angry about this whole like this lie in my opinion, about the globe. Alright this global. I in my opinion why I got so angry about it was because here we are In 1955. Admiral Richard E. Byrd Operation Deep Freeze goes and takes uh exploration trip to Antarctica and he just he comes back and he goes on tv and he discovers that and claims that there was land uh never before seen or explored.

That was the size of the United States. So and and also They signed the the Antarctic Treaty in 1959. Originally it was 12 nations that signed onto it. Now it’s something like, I don’t even know the number. Now, it’s it’s some ridiculous amount of nations that have agreed that there is no independent exploration of Antarctica. So it’s kind of like lord of the rings where and there’s there’s other um restrictions on getting to like the North Pole and getting to the center. So it’s almost like you imagine Lord of the Rings where they keep you from the center and they keep you from the outside.

So they’re keeping us in this middle sort of section. I could never focus watching that movie. But Lord of the Rings. Yeah, it’s a tough one. It’s a tough one. But basically what it is, they’re they’re restricting you to a certain area. So here we are. If we what would be it could be very feasible if you think about it, Like maybe uh say 10,000 people, right pool money together and we get on a chip and we have all the surprise we need. So when we get to that sort of ice ball that that’s out there that we think is out there, we can’t even prove it.

But there’s photos and videos of a really large ice wall. And then the flat earth model, that’s, that’s what they show is like this 360 Degree Ice Wall. And basically think about it. We could actually get on a ship, go up there, have some sort of other, uh, you know, all terrain vehicle that’s winterized. Whatever we have the right supplies, we could go and explore and see what’s out there. And that’s actually feasible. You don’t have to get into a rocket and and just fly up into some place that we’re not even sure exists because they have never proven that they’ve the moon landings, complete bullshit.

But like there would be people guarding the ice wall. I’m sure they have. Well, it is, it’s militarized. That’s what I’m saying. So just say for 1st 2nd, hypothetically take that out. That wasn’t there. If it wasn’t militarized, we could do that, we could just go there. That’s not that big. That’s something if we have the financial resources, which if it wasn’t militarized, I’m sure there will be enough people if they knew that there was land on the other side, the size of the United States, more places to live, more resources, you know, all these kinds of things.

And we don’t even know, how long, how far does that stand out? Does it end there? Or is there more undiscovered places? And that for me in my heart and in my like sort of my spiritual being as a human, I’m like angers me, you know, like we could be this columbus if he even existed. I don’t know if he did or anne frank, like all these people I’m questioning, did you look like supposedly the anne frank, uh doesn’t make sense with history and records and I don’t know.

Oh really? Haven’t heard about that. But I mean, I wouldn’t surprise me right, because it’s part of the whole um you know, the jews are the only victim ever throughout the course of history narrative where now I’m kind of realizing that they were sort of these really evil people and kind of always have been, you know, with these really terrible rituals of human sacrifice and circumcision and the molestation of a of a baby of a newborn baby right away. That’s trauma based, mind control. You know, like I was explaining to you with that guy in the beginning with BMT Trip, you know, that wasn’t even something that was purposeful, It was an accident having umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and it affected him his entire life and he was like a complete drug addict mess his whole life and he had no idea, you know, Whereas these um you know, these jews and these rabbis are intentionally traumatizing the child because they’re they’re claiming there’s some holy sacredness to it, you know, it’s and they’re trying to justify and explain it, like in the most hideous of ways, it’s just, it’s crazy to me and you know, and they control everything like you said brad, they control the media, they control the banks, they control big pharma.

The head of Pfizer is a jew. The head of Moderna is a jew. There’s videos of jewish people saying crediting uh this new vaccine to jewish people like it. I mean it’s it’s every the banks, the media, Hollyweird, you know, have you guys ever heard about the um I was just reading an article. There’s a great website that talks about a lot of um that’s like the heinous vile nature of the jews. It’s called renegade tribune dot com. And I just read an article last night about, it was written like four years ago.

But um it was all about like um just some of these movies that they put out. Like if you guys heard of the movie the human centipede, uh it’s the most uh this article is called The Monsters of Hollywood. And there’s this movie called, I think it’s uh was it the human they see, yeah, it’s called the human centipede. And basically it It takes two girls and one guy and they surgically attach them to each other as to mouth in a centipede type fashion while on vacation in Germany.

And there’s like, it basically paints this doctor as if uh Germanic men with like blue eyes and it paints him as like this evil nazi, right? So the jews own Hollywood, They’re financing this movie and it paints this mad surgeon and the surgeon’s name is Haider. It’s kind of like Hitler, right? You see where the uh psychological tricks are so subliminal and and like very, very sophisticated where they’re, they’re trying to paint anyone out that’s sort of a lunatic as being an evil nazi. And there this guy, these these women, they get a flat tire and they need help and they stumble upon this guy’s house and this guy is just the most sick vile person in the world and he like surgically attach is them to one another.

Uh It’s disgusting and it’s like who the fuck thinks about this and who puts it out there in the world for people to like see this. And then there was another movie. There’s another movie um called a Serbian film. I haven’t seen it, but this guy is just doing a review about the movie and there’s a trailer about it. I’ll send you the article. Um I was having a hard time just reading the article and watching the two trailers, but uh basically it’s like this former porn star, um a retired porn star Milos, a middle aged man struggling to provide for his family who was lured back into the industry for one last film.

He’s been offered enough money to set him up for life, but in return has found a faustian pact with the director of book. Near my loss will have no control over the scenes in which he appears basically he uh listen to this highlights, highlights include the rape of a newborn baby, a scene in which the star decapitates a woman and continues to have sex with their headless torso. A child being forced to watch the protagonists received ratio Children watching pornography, raping his own six year old son and the sexual molestation intercourse with dead people like totally, totally normal. Right?

I mean, that’s like, you know, sunday afternoon, right? I mean like what the fuck dude, these are, this is what we get from Hollywood. You know, necrophilia and pedophilia. Uh who the fuck gets these thoughts? What actors go and decide to act in these films? I was beyond comprehension, man. And again, that’s why I try not to spend time me. I don’t even like, I mean, you know, once you’ve seen enough, you’re like, okay, I don’t even need to go much deeper into that shit for me.

And I’m like, okay, cool. I’m like awesome. Now I know that’s there. Then I got a lot of work to do, you know, I got a lot of building to do, you know what I mean? And like, so that then that’s the way I look at it man. I’ve always been, I’m a, I’m a former marine, you know, active duty marine. Like, you know, dude, I’ve always been a warrior. I don’t, I don’t know. I just don’t have that kind of sitting, uh or maybe it was beat into me.

I don’t know. I was raised on a ranch with some tough motherfuckers. Dude, I don’t know man. You know, But it was all, there is no, never say die. You just okay, that’s their sweet. I’m gonna go this way, oh you’re gonna block me, they’re sweet, I’m going this way, you’re gonna do that sweet dude, you’ll never fucking dude, I’m a conquered, you can’t kill me bro, it’s going to be very how we all go, that’s how we all got to be like I don’t I don’t I don’t live in the darkness of no nothing is like I’m trying to like uh just keep it like in the conversation because others are as we as we move out uh and explore these you know, soul illusions that you’re talking about like all these all these different, you know all these different all these uh all these all these different you know solutions that we need to work on I think as we, you know transition into doing some of these things I think along the way like let’s let’s keep this in the forefront of people’s minds and let’s not forget, you know, the that movie I was just describing the uh Serbian film, it’s called, the writer was jewish.

Um you know, it was lifted, uh he was listed as an influential Jewish New Yorkers Award from 2011. So my point is let’s just keep talking about these things and just let people know that hey, these people are trying to, you know, paint themselves to be the, these victims of all time, right? And we can’t question them ever. But here we are there, the heads of all these major institutions that are lying to us that are stealing our money, that are making us sick, that are stealing the souls of all the humans on the planet and using them as batteries. Absolutely.

So I just think, uh you know, I’m not, I’m not getting too caught up in it, but it’s like, I just think it’s worth a call out, especially regarding the World War two, Man, World War two, like the german people were brutally splaying and murdered by the millions, like with our, you know, firebombs and there’s a great, it’s a great documentary out there. If you can find it, I don’t know, you could probably find it on all censored or I forget where I watched it. I don’t know if there’s odyssey or uh, I think even honestly might be, um, might be sort of shadow centering in some, some form.

Um, I heard that odyssey is owned by a jewish person as well. But I think you can find out all sensor, the documentary’s called Hellstorm and it was a book by this guy Goodrich and he talks all about what really happened during World War Two. Um, not so much that the, you know that the jews not so much about the jewish situation, but that like Russian soldiers were basically raping and torturing and killing women and Children on the eastern front and uh americans, the french and the british were doing the same thing on the western front and moving like just raping women and Children and killing innocent people and you don’t ever hear about that, that’s a great documentary.

Hellstorm, I’ll see if I can find that out then that to you as well. Yeah, dude, that’s great man and all this stuff is amazing bro. And like um you know Emily and I, we’ve been talking about maybe um away, like if you’d be down for it um to have you kind of do like, I don’t, I don’t know how we, we can work it, but we’ve, we’ve been because dude, you’re so on point with shit and we love your personality and you’re really good at this.

We would like to do like a kind of re occurring thing where we have a, like this re occurring kind of segment with you or something. Um just because I mean, you know, just okay, cool man, Yeah, let’s let’s let’s let’s let’s kind of start putting that in the creation bucket. Um uh because I did you hear what I was saying Emily? Oh, sorry, go ahead. Anyway, so I was just saying how we talked about maybe doing like, because we’ve we’ve been talking about for a long time trying to find somebody and you’re really dedicated to this anyway.

It be, it’s just like this, it’s kind of like us just jumping on and having a phone call, right? And just kind of talking about all of these things and and maybe kind of relating it to what’s going on with current events and solutions, right? Because it’s that that’s what that’s what this whole the freedom people is all about as we are, we are trying to track down and and obtain ultimate freedom. And right now, I think I I mean, I feel I know that we are closer than we’ve ever been, obviously just because by nature, that’s what it is, right?

If you’re heading hopefully we’re heading towards some sort of goal, which is it up freedom. So, as as well, you know, that like, again, this last weekend, not just this last week and from that, but you know, for the past 20 years, all of this stuff now, it’s culminating into this this information in this understanding that we are actually trying to steal back, not steal back. We’re trying to we not try, we are taking back our souls and and that’s like this, it’s this biblical event that’s happening right now man.

And we were all on this planet and and we’re you know what I mean? Like you and I like pretty similar, I mean you’re a freaking elephant and all that stuff. But dude, I’ve been like I’ve been I’ve been like highly suicidal like when I was young dude like trying to drink and and drug drug myself to death. Dude, I was fucking psychotic most of my life, you know I mean? So we have a lot of a lot of kind of you know similar but like the tortured soul but that tortured soul then then gets gets um uh what about it?

Do you know what what’s that term? Uh alchemy do you know out the term alchemy alchemy means literally means turning base metal into gold, right? But it’s alchemy of energy. Alchemy of of ancestry a well um trauma, right? We’re healing like this ancestral trauma through us. We but we were able to survive it, you know, we didn’t die yet. I mean we’re all gonna die, but I’m just saying we didn’t die from those things. What we did is we resolved more. We resolved that energy, I call it resolving or alchemy, where we’re taking that shitty energy and you know, we might have been down for a little while, but now it’s it’s creating something from that, right?

It’s the phoenix and that’s where we live, right? So it’s the phoenix literally from the ashes were creating the new man. Yeah, I love that. Well you said man um you’re from phoenix, My nephews, um my nephews name is phoenix, as I mentioned to you on the podcast last week and I think it’s yeah, it’s just trying to um sort of turn that darkness into light because, you know, we all go through it, we all go, we’re all traumatized in many different ways, some way worse than others, but it’s not a competition on the contest.

Being alive and being alive in this world. You’re, you know, you’re just expect you were just explaining um about your your daughter, you know, like, you don’t truly know how that might affect her in their life, but we, the fact of the matter is we all go through it and it whether we reincarnate here for a specific exact reason, I don’t know the answer to that question, but it almost feels to me, deep in my heart there’s no way of proving it, but it almost feels like I chose this moment for a reason.

Like, I have this sort of lionheart, had this passion to, you know, try and help others in any possible way I can, you know where I’m I’m an extremely compassionate person, I’m extremely empathetic and um these Children need a voice, you know, like I always just it goes back to the kids for me man, like you said about your friend earlier, forget his name, but it always goes back to these kids, like they have no choice in the matter what happens from here, and I just I go and spend time with my girlfriend’s little niece and nephew, two and four years old, and I just see how they’re being shaped and molded by the television screens and these ipads and stuff, and it breaks my heart because if I can get them outside and we’re playing outside and stuff there, the happiest kid, they’re smiling, they’re laughing there there, I’m chasing them around, you know what I mean?

Uh If they’re so full of life and they’re they’re they’re not pure like innocence where they haven’t been corrupted by the world and they need a representative man, they need they need people like us to take the take on the ridicule, ask the tough questions that’s about, you know, whether or not the holocaust really happened and you know, whether or not the earth is round or flat, like you know, they need us to ask different questions because going along to get along is what got us in this situation and we need free thinkers, we need people pushing that envelope on creativity and imagination as long as it’s not harming anyone else, right?

Like do no harm, non aggression principle. Natural law, right? That’s what that’s all that. As long as I was gonna say, I like to think the opposite in that the Children are born with the all knowing and if we just don’t indoctrinate them, they can teach us they can lead us out of the, out of it. Yeah. I love that that moment. I didn’t never really thought about it like that. But yeah, if you just if you just leave him alone and sort of just treat them with love and support them and let them do their thing.

Uh I probably love that. Like the idea of self directed learning, you know, self directed education where you’re just like you’re just there and you’re like you put a few things around them and see what they gravitate to and then you sort of foster and support. Yeah. That whatever direction they yeah, whatever, whatever direction they sort of decided to go in and it’s like I just wonder like what would my life looks like but I wouldn’t be me I guess so we’re here where we are, where we’re at for a reason and you can’t you can’t change what happened.

So like gotta try to understand what happened. And I understand I like understand better than understand because you never understand anyone. You may did you say I comprehend? But I don’t know, I do not understand you, I do comprehend but I do not understand you or anyone but God because again now we’re talking about who is ultimate law, God and then man than you, so you are the god is your creator. And just like if you have a child, God, you are the creator of that that which you create you control.

That’s why you got to create your own documents. That’s why you never ever let an attorney represent you, ever represent you, they’re just representing you under. For the corporation lawyers are for the it’s all in maritime, they keep it all in the water law and all that shit and they just they just totally steamroll people all the time. That’s what it’s made to do. Yeah, absolutely. Um you should uh you should jump on that car. I’m gonna jump on that call at nine, I don’t know at the time.

But uh I guess what I’m uh uh six, we’ll know what 99 year time. Right? Andy, yep, yep. Yeah, so six our time, it’s three hours difference. Yeah, we’ll see what we’re doing. Making dinner. Probably. Yeah something maybe. Yeah we’re gonna need some dinners. Yeah, I need to go get envelopes too. Yeah dude this whole process is, it’s a lot of, lot of craig dude it’s crazy to learn how to do all this man. You got to file an affidavit. The first thing you do is you find file your affidavit of repudiation, right?

And basically what that’s doing is saying I no longer choose to be a a franchise corporation of the United States corporation, right? That’s the first time, first place to start. And then then what you do is you get it, you actually get a different passport um that as an american state national um instead of a United States citizen, because the United States citizen is always one of three things a citizen, a person or a resident and any of those three things are not actually living breathing entities.

They are dead entities, right? Which is a corporation. A corporation is not a living breathing thing. People with inc Sure, I get the argument but like Yeah, but cbs cbs isn’t a person Exactly breathe. They can’t can’t speak right? And and guess who runs them? The lawyers. So do did you really want to get to the brass knuckles? Who runs everything, lawyers? Not one thing goes on in this world without a lawyer, Especially in the corporate world, Not one. And I’m, you know, because we know that like for example, phoenix has its own dun and Bradstreet number, right?

Like we were saying, so, so if you really want to get at these guys, like we were saying, you just go to the insurance company, right? So so it’s once you understand how that kind of base that little basic kind of stuff and again, it’s not any this isn’t this is law, this is we’re just learning about law. That’s it. Land, air, water and jurisdiction and what what judges No, that’s what we’re learning right now, right? But nobody’s ever ever allow us to allow us to understand this why or understand this.

Excuse me, back to your point, right? Yeah. Right. Because it’s meant to be like this. It’s it’s deliberate deception, right? Of course it is. And it’s like a they do make a very, very complicated uh, under to understand your way out of it. But um, I really think you’ll benefit or enjoy this. Don’t feel enjoy it. But because like they’re these guys in this community is common law group are saying that like, um, like this case, this particular case uh, is basically for kind of for all the marbles if they if they don’t uphold law Um in this, in this particular case of Philip Camp. Yeah.

3rd they basically, they, you know, back in 1858, supposedly they understood everyone understood how to move in law. I just had a conversation, a brief conversation. My friend JD about this earlier. He’ll be on the call tonight, But he was basically saying that most people understood this back in like 1850. And then over time they slowly started like uh chipping away, chipping away and like, you know, um taking it away from people’s consciousness and not educating people on that anymore. And now they’re sort of going for that jugular consciousness and love.

And in order to do that, they’re gonna try to take away our ability to move an actual law in God’s law and create the creator’s law. You know, so this call tonight is gonna be an update on his case. Um There’s people going up to Tennessee to like go there and support him. Um I might try to try to make the trick, but uh I think he really might benefit from the call um and I can send you a video about um some stuff about the details of the case.

Some of them are escaping me right now, but I really think you might benefit from jumping on this awesome. That’d be great. Yeah. Red rover. Red rover or I think about, is that in that that group that you sent me the earth? This common law group, yep. Okay. Yeah, sweet. Now we’re already in it, awesome sweepings, baby, jesus. Thank you. Thank you. That’s a good call man. That’s some good stuff right there right there. That’s a good, that’s a good, good yeah, that’s what that dude, that’s some dense information man, you know, uh obviously update on your job situation because I remember you.

Oh my God, I like, yeah, no, I uh I do want to share because I’m like uh I have no idea what I’m gonna do, I’m like running out of money and I’m supposed to go back to work in like a couple of weeks and uh I’m just like, I drive by cbs like, you know, there’s a CVS on every street corner in charlotte and uh the other night, actually friday night I was driving from uh where is that coming from? I was going from my girlfriend’s brother’s house to this freedom sell community that we have, where we built this community garden.

Um and we go like basically every friday there’s like five or six of us that meet up and try to talk about building bigger gardens and how we can maybe help the community, um or how we might be able to all break free from working for the man. Because there’s like one, there’s like one guy, he makes furniture, works for himself, so He has some autonomy. He’s like 67 though, he’s a little bit older. We have another guy who works for spectrum and then someone who’s doing doordash and then there’s another lady who is a writer and a waitress.

And so we’re trying to figure out ways of like, you know, um, as this situation starts to kind of get worse and the food, the food supply kind of tends to um get more and more strained as we’re seeing, how can we fit into this. We’re kind of talking about trying to uh create a service for like working directly with farmers. Um, like the local farmers market around here and doing some kind of like a siesta food delivery thing where like there’s still a lot of people, like there’s so many people that go to this farmers market and they’re all wearing, they’re all wearing masks and stuff too.

You know, it’s like we can, we still want to help those people. You know, it’s like I don’t care if you’re wearing massacre taking vaccines like you should be eating fresh food. It just it doesn’t I can’t make sense of it because it’s is that cognitive dissonance thing where they’re like going to local farmers markets because they know the you know the food giants and the food industry is a complete mess. But anyway that was kind of a long tangent where I was just saying like I drive, I was driving there and I drive by the CBS and you know how it lights up at night, the sun and the sea, the sea was out and the P. Was out so it just said V. S. Harm asi on it and I’m like because like every day I always ask for clarity and creativity and imagination and you know income and shelter income I can feel good about now like drive by the CBS this particular one and this is V. S. Pharmacy and I’m like just sort of I laughed but it like enraged me as well and I’m like, I like, I don’t think my heart’s gonna let me go back and put another days working for them because just that crisis of conscience, you know, like it really is on a deep visceral level and I’m like, what am I going to do?

I’d almost rather, you know, be a janitor and struggle then like go and put another fucking minute of my time in for them. So I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Oh yeah, I have similar. I got a letter in the mail from trader joes who is my employer technically traitor joe’s you work for them. I know well I wouldn’t wear a mask. So they put me on medical leave, which it was this whole thing and it was like, right when my dad died. So I was like, I just accepted it.

I was like, fine. Cool. Well now, yeah, they’re taking it away so they’re like, you can’t really beyond this anymore and it’s like, fine. I don’t want to go back. My only thing is like the difference in my four oh one K of being fully vested at the end of this year is like a couple grand. So it’s kind of worth it to try and drag it out. But then at the same time, energetically I’m like, well, is it should I just resign? So yeah, I feel your pain.

I just, I just like recall like it’s crazy because since this whole thing started last year, I uh, I made up a bunch of shit and lied to them and like in april I told them I had Covid and uh I told them that they were isolating me in the hospital somewhere. Uh huh. So I only, I’ve only worked like three months and in like over a year somehow I’ve been able to sustain myself. But they sent me a the disability uh insurance, sent me a note and said that like I reached my maximum benefit over, I got to know because I wasn’t suicidal.

That was like literally word for word. I saved the paper. Really? Yeah, because I might have told him I was I hope, you know, actually there was one, there was one time when I had a a little bit of a, it was like having a um actually it was a mushroom experience I had, I was starting to get this erratic fear that my my parents or something, we’re gonna like commit me into like the third floor, you know, or whatever, like locked in a padded room. And then I was like, oh they’re going to see all these lies that I told you.

Just like, uh no, I was like, I was just thinking them like I really did need time to like figure this whole thing out because I told, I don’t know if I told you about the the divide I had with my family. Whereas like my cousin was telling me to kill myself and my brother wouldn’t talk to me and my uncle, my cousins, father told me I should get kicked in the head and my mom told me I wasn’t good enough for love and all this shit.

And I was, I was like, I was like, what the, I think I mentioned on the podcast. So I was just like what the fuck? Like what is happening? And that was when I like when did the seven g of psilocybin? And because like I was just, I was asking for answers, man, I’m like, I’m like, these people that I know and love, I know they’re under a bad mind control and they’re just like in a state of hypnosis and under transgender spell. I’m like, so I have compassion for them.

But I was like, I really need answers. I was like, why is this happening? They treated me better there when I was like a heroin addict and I was lying to them and manipulating them and like, now that I’m like doing, trying to do the right thing in life and I’m not doing these drugs and I’m like, I have a girlfriend and like they won’t even, you know, just because I’m asking different questions in them and I’m I’m loud, you know, I’ve been very loud about this, like, there it seems like there sort of um you know, turning their back on me in some ways where it’s just like, yeah, I was actually uh made a video the other day, I know a couple of months ago where I was I was driving up to Raleigh to this health freedom rally, and I used to have this nightmare when I was little where, like, I was out, I was out and about and I was like, they were like, these monsters, and they were like, chasing me down, like, and I was like, running away from them, right?

And I remember in the dream, like, I get to my house, like, this house that I grew up in my childhood, and I’m knocking on the door, knocking on the door and like, let me in, let me in, let me in. And like my whole family like comes to the door and they’re like looking at me like they don’t even know who I was, like, they don’t recognize me and they didn’t open the door and time and then like, you know the monsters like caught up to me and then like I would and then I woke up and then I was like, I always kind of wondered what that Yeah, that’s where I always wonder, I’m like what are dreams really is I was just like in the same life, but another body like because if there’s no time, like it’s all happening right now, it’s crazy.

Yeah, I wondered that too. But then I was like, yeah, then I was trying to make sense of like what was happening with that whole like sort of feeling of abandonment that I’ve had to reconcile with and you know, forgive and heal from which I have, but um I just kind of look at them and be like wow, does it kind of does have a lot of similarities to what’s happening now to some degree, you know, they say no matter what I believe, like they’re always gonna love me as their son and I I mean I I believe that, but I have a different definition myself personally, what true love it, you know, unconditional love would be, you know, you let me talk and like you let me sort of right, you let me at least express myself and if you still don’t agree fine, but at least that may express me, I’ve received a lot of my grandma, I love you unconditionally, but I cannot can be and I’m like okay, so having having a child out of wedlock with the state because you know that that’s what it is.

You know that that’s another thing dude, you know about marriage right? And how marriage works if you get married with the state, you and your your spouse are never actually married, both of you are married to the state and then when you get divorced, when you get divorced, you don’t ever divorce each other because there was never any and you never get divorced from the state. So like anyone who’s been married multiple times is actually a polygamist. Ha ha because they’re married multiple times to the government to the state, wow.

How crazy is that dude? And again all those are accused sip numbers that are assigned to you and then used over and over and over. Um Yeah. Pretty nuts. Hold on. Okay, that’s loud. Huh. Uh wow. Yeah I’ve similar experiences and work and family. All right we’re gonna have to we’re gonna have to go and there’s been an hour and 20 minutes. It’s always like a fucking I know that’s why I’m saying we’re gonna we’re gonna Andy seriously let’s well let’s follow up. But it’s total bullshit. Like oh everything everything everything anyone ever said before the word but is total bullshit.

I love you, I love you. But you know but and and that’s the thing it’s a it’s a it’s an interjection. It’s you don’t want to ever in interject like that. What you do is you want to say something inclusive if you’re trying to be inclusive. So one of the big things I do with myself with language anyway is I I’ve replaced the word but with and you know and so instead of saying to someone you love saying I love you, but you just say I love you and you irritate the fuck out of me, you know, because and that doesn’t like negate that.

I love you, where is better, right? It’s inclusive. You want to be a nice, it’s not exclusive. That’s a nice tactic actually. Um Actually, one of our, yeah, one of our, one of our friends um brad, his name’s brad. He’s in he actually he was he successfully changed his status to State national and he got the state national passport and stuff. So he would be a good guy for you to talk to you as well. He’s very um analytical and yeah, he’d be a good person to talk to, but he was saying, you know, how a lot of times in these groups we rail on the masons for being, you know, for a control that they have over our world, but there’s a reason that they’ve been so successful because they actually have excluded certain people.

So in certain instances excluding someone isn’t necessarily a terrible thing depending on, you know what I mean? So it’s like we should have, we should be aligned in, Well, that’s where the discernment which you actually, you actually started off with is you, you’re, you’re saying I want, you know, and that that’s a good thing to, to kind of um, to, to pray for her to ask for right is more more understanding is what it is understanding. Sorry. Yeah, I was I had a long prayer today in the shower.

I was just like, yeah, like because I I really have to decide what what, well I got a shit or get off the pot, like when it, in regards to the cbs here, like I got to either decide to try and extend this leave of absence a little further or go back and actually, if I went back, I know the first month would be fucking easy as hell because last time I went on leave and came back, it took them like Seven days just to get my computer up and running.

So they think about that this Fortune 500 companies can’t even turn my, can’t even turn my, I? D like back off the system took him seven days and they paid me for it. So, so during those seven days, I was like, going out and doing investigations and actually, I got a great video from yesterday, um uh monday. I’m gonna post that on my odyssey channel because Youtube just gave my second uh, community guideline strikes. So I can’t even post, Yeah, it’s a badge of honor. It’s a badge of honor.

That means I’m uh, that means I’m over an awards ceremony of things like this. That means that means I’m over the target. And then I’m actually doing something good for the world because they’re trying to silence me. But literally I go to this lake. I was trying to have a party at this lake here in charlotte and I wasn’t planning on doing a video. But I pull into the lake and there’s a news van there. I’m like, oh, I’m gonna go talk to the camera guy and the journalist a jerk.

The journalist. So I put my sombrero on, I put my uh, put my, I put my side, I thought my sign on and I go over there and I’m reading this document 18 reasons why I won’t get the vaccine. And I’m talking to the cameraman, the camera man. I said, I said, man I’m like you want to have a conversation like I won’t even put you on camera. And he’s like he admits he goes, yeah, it’s genocide. The cameraman says this right? Is this genocide that he won’t take the vaccine?

And then like a few minutes later the reporter comes over and I was like asking her if she would have a conversation. And of course she was like this really smug. Oh sure. Yeah. She’s like I got the vaccine I believe in it. And I was like what if I told you? I was like what if I told you that you know over 4000 people are already dead from dead from this and this is the government’s own website out. And she was like, she’s like sat down in the driver’s seat And she was like doing her makeup and she’s like interesting.

I was like interesting. I’m like I’m like I’m like there’s over 4000 people that are dead and you think that’s interesting? Well dude and that’s that’s less than 1% and right now it’s well over 5000 reporting and then there’s already somebody it was just um just revealed that they’ve they’ve been actually removing dude. And here’s the thing like like I think it’s Russia and somewhere else do their uh spain telling people not to fly if you’ve had this injection because of the blood clots because right the blood dude it’s like hello hello hey man.

And again this is where I have so much gratitude for for for them because I believe that they’re doing something that I mean again if everything is God and if if somebody has to to to to take this injection and and sacrifice their life so that we can uh find better consciousness and and and become, I don’t know, that next generation of humans. Well then God bless you and thank you. Thank you for serious. Uh, but I’m fucking glad I’m not doing it. Yeah, me too. And I wish I wish no ill will on anyone that we need to free choice sucker.

You know what you’re saying That which was like interesting. All right, well that’s how people fucking feel about it. Then go ahead dude, that’s your shit. You know, I mean? You know what I’ve been, You know what I’ve been saying? Um because like I was asking a question a lot. Um I think I even brought it up on your I’m on the podcast where it was like we’re going to be a society that it’s just willing to throw away homeless people and drug addicts and people are mentally ill and suffer.

Elder label R. L. The elderly if we’re that kind of society and then and we’re out there every day sort of perpetrating evil. Um do we deserve all this? What is the what is the number one? Do we deserve all this? Number two? What is the actual price for not waking up? What’s the price one pays in life for continuing to trust criminals? People who have lied to us over and over and over and over and over again. And you’re continuing to trust Pfizer and the media and the government and and I A. I. D. And HHS you’re gonna continue to trust these people when they have a long storied criminal history.

What is the what is the cost because as you know or understand and as I totally understand there are consequences for everything we do in life for every action and for every non action we take. So if they’re going to you know number one trust these people and take you know sort of desecrate the gift of God by going and taking these toxic injections when we have an innate immune system that we were blessed with from the creator. You know, if you’re going to desecrate that, then there are going to be consequences for that.

And when people die, a lot of these people are people who are ridiculing and mocking and shaming us, like for us being stupid or us being crazy or whatever, you know, So I wonder is that the price and is that the price they pay? So so we can sort of so the human race can survive, right? And that’s that’s exactly what I’m saying, man and all these bad actors, right? And that’s all they are. It’s just acting and if you really want to get into the spiritual stuff about it, this is all just this is just a play.

We are acting inside of this, right? I mean, ultimately no one can even die because we’re God right at the core, right? And this is just an experience, this is just this experience that we’re having, right? And we believe that and and and for us, our actors right now, we are we we are we’re the righteous ones trying to fucking save humanity, right? Or so, right? I mean, if you think about it from that standpoint, if you think like the Truman show and we’re just here fucking actors acting the shit out, you know, I mean, it makes a lot more sense, right?

Where’s the doorway fucking dude? It might be at the end of the D. M. T pipe dude, it might be at the end of that. It’s in it’s in an article, man, it’s 10,000, let’s get 10,000 votes together. Let’s get a dude. And and if they’re gonna murder all of us and we go up there and then so be it. Let’s let’s yeah, let’s go on an adventure, man, let’s go on an adventure. Gotta do. We’re Vikings. Do we got to be fucking pirates again dude, Let’s build ships and I love it.

I want to go man, I want to go find the door with yeah man, it’s in space, it’s not above our heads. It is, it is down here, it’s it’s accessible, it’s somewhere and it’s not that far from here, it’s a boat ride and it’s an A T. V. You know, snowmobile right away man, let’s go. I love it. All right brother, we love you dude. Andy seriously man, thank you again so very much. And uh let’s talk soon. I love you. Love you too brother. Well and recording I mean this recording when you get a chance so I can listen.

Oh yeah oh yeah I’ll just send you the raw file. But the thing is is they’re there but they’re big because they come in this so I try and chop it down or not or compress it anyway I don’t we don’t edit any of these. You know what I mean? Even let M. J. Talk I guess if that’s because I mean whatever. Yeah say hi I’m j I had a lot of fun. Alright us too man. Later brother. Later and everybody. Yeah yeah yeah.

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