July 28, 2021

The Return of the REAL Jedi!

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Mitch joins us again on TFPP and it does not disappoint. Mitch and Brad discuss current events with humor and a positive attitude. Listen to hear about the creepy crawlers coming for your children and how having a family is the resistance. I think it’s safe to call Mitch an expert on the Chinese Communist Party; listen as he links many of the United States events back to the CCP.

Show Notes

*The following are topics mentioned and links of places to start researching. As always we believe you should trust no one and always do your own research.*

UN to investigate racism in the US


ThriveTime Show with Clay Clark 

Agenda 2030 

David Straight

No men/women means no rights 

US Embassy iron fist https://nypost.com/2021/05/25/us-embassies-fly-blm-flags-to-remember-george-floyd/



 Amount of people killed from jab 



NIH moved gain of function research 





 Biden statement on Muslim 



Clinton sold NAFTA agreements manufacturing system to fuel corporate America off blood and slaves of China 



San Franscico gay choir song 



Teaching children how to masturbate 



Kellogs placing pronouns on box



Rockefeller vaccines caused Spanish flu




Alex Jones, Rockefeller’s operation lockdown



 Dominion systems funded by CCP



FBI asking us to report neighbors 



Tim Pool communist China girl asked about communist fist 




600,000 abortions each year at Planned Parenthood 




For profit from the state, CPS/DHS 

ONE EXAMPLE: https://www.dnb.com/business-directory/company-profiles.arizona_child_protective_services.9ac2b8f52aebc585bfc743578900bb0c.html


How The Specter of Communism is Ruling Our World 



80-100 Million armed Americans 



Martin Luther King, Blank Panther started by communist revolution


CRT, tools out of communist manifesto 



Empathy exploited, scared to speak up 

Guilted by radical left 

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by their character.” – Martin Luther King 


Chicago mayor blaming racism for murders 



Easy world makes weak men, tough world makes strong men 



Gay choir pedos 5 found 




How to Help Mitchell Gerber’s Mission:



Hard to Believe on YouTube 






Hello, all you lovely Freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the Freedom People podcast. We get into the nitty gritty ease of all the freedoms, all the freedoms we can figure out anyway, as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom. Together, we are honored to be on this journey with you and I’m your host, Bradley. Freedom. Today’s guest is Mich Gerber. That’s right, We got Mitchell Gerber back on the show again. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a follow up conversation from the last time we spoke, you might recall Mich Gerber is the guy Who is a certified badass.

Another one. We have them a lot here on the show who is living out a couple 100 miles from the Chinese border in Vietnam. Um he’s been out there for about 20 years trying to wake people up to the atrocities that are happening right now uh to the Falun gong chinese people And have been since the mid 90s. Another epic conversation here on the Freedom People podcast. We’re gonna jump right into this before we do what I need you to do is grab your phone and type in the keyword mitch two.

And that’s mitt ch. And the number two two, That’s 844, We’re gonna send you out today’s show notes. Not only that, but we have so much exciting stuff going on right now with the Freedom people. You want to be up to date as quickly as possible. That’s what I can tell you, is that we got lots of fire coming. Come on, let’s go. Yeah, yeah, we got all the comforts and beauty for now. You know, who knows, who knows what’s going on? What’s going to happen, man? It seems like, you know, everywhere you turn, we’re under a collapse of some sort, right?

So crazy. It’s crazy. Yeah, So what’s going on over there? What’s going on, man? Well, we’re just in lockdown right now. They just locked us down again. Um The uh Vietnam yeah, Yeah, in in Vietnam, about 200 miles away from the Chinese border. But this is getting crazy and crazy. I I just don’t know how to explain. I mean, we have light at the end of the tunnel, but a great, great disasters upon us, especially with the with the CCPS tricks and the globalist pitiful plot to destroy and and wipe us out Dude, it’s it’s yeah, it’s um and it’s going really fast, I mean, you know, here in the United States even, it’s uh it’s becoming very Communistic.

I mean much much, I mean like they’re really going in hardcore with it now, all in, it seems like there’s no stops, you know what I mean? They pulled all the stops anyway, pulling no punches and we’re just kind of all in right now and they’re just, you know, and they, you know, they the world economic forum, I don’t know, I don’t know if you heard, but they just announced that they’re going to bring the U. N. Into the United States to investigate racism, right? And so and and that whatever the reason they’re coming in here or investigate whatever, it’s just you can understand the globalism how much that is a shift in the global is like for example, when trump was in regardless of what people think of trump or whatever, but when he was in he would have never let that happen at all, you know what I mean?

No, like he knew the dangers of this globalist system that’s happening and it’s and they’re going door to door now trying to get people to take this jab and I mean, it’s just like, dude, it’s uh yeah, full tilt man, full tilt, full tilt and the infiltration of the chinese communist party bread into America, the illusions that many in the west hold about socialism. Um, you know, just mirror the experiences of countless impressionable young people who embraced communism in the last century, you know, from the soviet union to china and elsewhere.

But you know, these people now have such a lack of, of deeper understanding of their own history and their culture and traditions. And what I see now is the victim mentality is leading to this divisiveness and this, uh, this, this, this um, rehearsal for mass murder particularly with the cancer culture. You know, it’s insane and you can see it, you know, I, I, I’ve seen it for a long time. I’ve been on the front lines for a long time offering, my camera’s not doing so bad, okay.

And I’ve seen this for a long time because I’ve been on the front lines for 21 years, I’m about 200 miles from the chinese border right now, exposing the CCP s reign of terror. Yeah. Hell yes dude, yeah, no, keep going, sorry, I didn’t want to cut you off, but case you don’t know anybody who doesn’t know this is Mitchell Gerber and he’s a certified badass. He is like one of the, he’s the original gangster guy out there banging. What’s going on in a foreign country, left all the comforts of home, in a foreign country.

So yeah, mitch, thank you for doing what you’re doing and keep going please. But just so everybody knows that I cannot, under most people can’t even fathom to do what you’re doing or, or even fat they it’s just thank you man. That’s all I can say is thank you. Know brother, thank you. I mean, you, uh, you are a true patriot and it’s an honor to always be with you. I mean, I was with uh, uh, forgotten for his name. The thrive town show with play Clay.

Yeah, I was I was him. I was with with Clay and it was great to share with him and I just been on a couple other shows after you and it’s just been fantastic to expose this evil. It’s so hard to comprehend and heavy the stomach, but a new form of evil happening in china. They’re slaughtering their own citizens. They’ve infiltrated into the United States. So this notion of what, what has it got to do with me now is like, there’s no excuses now because you are seeing the diabolical plan that has been played out, revved up in in real time on steroids, right in front of our faces and as patriots, we’re going to stand up and do something regardless of whether you served in the military or whether you’re doing the podcast, like you are, uh we have to expose this evil and this is where the courage lies. Yeah.

You know, and that’s interesting you say that man, like, you know, I think maybe I was just exposed to evils early on or something. I don’t know. But I’m yeah, I know, I just know that there’s a lot of people who won’t even won’t even discuss it. You know, like like in those videos the last time we spoke, you you uh we have some videos in our dropbox and one of them, the one guy at the end, he’s just saying people are so afraid to touch it because they’re afraid they’ll become it right or they’ll catch like they’ll catch the evil, you know what I mean?

Like um and and I I that’s one thing I don’t share with them because I’m not really afraid of the evil so much at all. It’s more like because light can defeat any of that. It’s more about like what you’re doing is exposing it to where people will well kind of wake up to it, but it’s really hard to kind of get people pass that mental block that that there is this type of evil that exists even. Exactly. And nowadays that the morality is so bad, the lack of morality, the civility is on the verge of moral bankruptcy.

Um the degeneration of the human mind brad. It is so bad that you actually have people now in America. I call them the american communists on the radical left side that actually embrace the Communist Party and they hate America. They want to burn the american flags. There were desecrated statues and these are people who don’t even know, you’re not even conscious that they are becoming the red guard of communist china, the brownshirts of nazi Germany, this critical race theory teaching Children to hate one another, the sexualization and the demonization of our of our Children.

Um with this, with this uh with this agenda to manipulate the mind and to twist the mind. And this is all from the Communist specter. There’s a great publication out of new york city from the Epoch times called the Communist spectre is ruling our world. And I employ your listeners to go and read it or listen to it or watch it and really nails what is going on today in our world. And the, the spectre of communism that is backed by the by the evil globalists like the Rockefellers, Henry Kissinger’s of the world George Soros from the United Nations, the World Health Organization, they’re colluding Bill Gates Fauci with his emails to to communist china, moving the gain of function to communist china to create a bioweapon, then unleash it on to the world and now you’re, you know, now you’re being told, take a jab, take two jabs coming out with a third jab, you know, and then you and then you get and then you get you get don’t even get me started bread.

I mean, you know, I’m like a, I’m like I say, I’m like a chain sauce, you know, like a rock, really cut down those trees, you know, you gotta be down man, man or man. And so about paul Bundy man, paul bunyan’s like the yeah, but chopping down, dropping down, you know uh what what Jimi Hendrix a you know, chopping down trees with his ax man. Um the the absolute day Lucia propaganda that is so manipulative and deceptive, turning people against each other, inciting hatred, inciting a race wall pinning black against white, uh female man against women, uh, religion against religion.

It’s all the globalist project to to to divide command and conquer and then control. And this has been the flat for a long time with these, with the, with the United Nations, uh, in your agenda 2030, which has been now fast tracked to 2025. And I think even now to 2021 2022 because they see the amount of people who are waking up to this tyranny to this plot, this diabolical plot to destroy and depopulate and and and exterminate innocent people. So it’s crazy. And especially the Children read the Children, you know, I I’ve been teaching Children here.

Uh, and I’ve got on, I was in charge trafficking rate not too long ago and we rescued Children. But they have, they have, they are not only going over there, not going off, they’re not only going after people, um, of our caliber, particularly because we do not want to take the kill shots. We don’t, will not subscribe to this, uh, this communist reign of terror. And we do not tolerate rude behavior. Brother do not tolerate rude behavior. You know, so not only are they going off to us, but they’re going after our Children just and what I’ve discovered, you know, I guess today we’re just trying to everything.

You know, it’s a smorgasbord of absolutely just yeah, we’re talking, you know, because you know what we’re doing here man, it’s it’s about solutions and kind of well, well first is awareness and and then we like like to discuss solutions and kind of what what can we do and is there, you know, because because nobody likes to be left feeling helpless, right? Um and as you know, manu we talk about anything and everything and and I’m just again go do your thing. You know, when I saw the and it’s not hard to do medically research and dig down to find the evidence particularly now because all dirty lies come to the surface eventually.

You can’t hide the truth. You can you can instinctively reject it and you can choose not to know or choose to know. But when the truth is hitting you in the face, you know, you have to accept it. I mean, people have to now come to realize and take responsibility to either know or do not know. And I choose to know. You choose to know, your audience chooses to know. But what I was saying about Children is that we have seen that there is a community in natural immunity in Children against Covid.

So why in the earth? Why in the hell and in the common sense of logic of things? Would you inject innocent Children as young as eight months with these poisonous jabs? And my answer is to wipe out generations. These people are so diabolical and have intentionally created a plan to wipe out generations of of of people. And it’s just it’s it to me like uh what is going on? So to talk with the Children, you know, it’s Yeah, so and I don’t know um if you have, I don’t know what also it is, but I sent you a folder with some videos and narratives of this guy.

His name’s David Straight. Have you ever heard of David Straight? I think I have. Yes. So he’s also human trafficking guy, right? He’s big on the Children. Um, so I just about a month ago went to one of his law, He does law seminars like weekend law, um, to help people against like CH or sorry, against Cps, you know, child protective service, protective services and stuff like that, They’re actually stealing Children. So here in Arizona, we have, like, the phoenix Children’s hospital, which is one of the most, um, it is the number one hospital in the United States for theft of Children right now, Not just that, but what he’s also trying to expose is the registration of our Children to the state when they’re born.

So when here in the United States and and and and in most countries, when a child is born. And it’s funny, it’s called sourcing and what it is taking the kids from the source, right? You got to get the energy at the source, right? And it’s like the hypothetic ation, they call it the hypothetic ation of your labor, right? And it’s it’s basically indentured servitude is how it works. But you’re basically, your soul then is now has been, is being traded, not only on the open market around the world, but it’s it’s it’s being controlled by the the Queen of England and the Vatican.

And uh it’s dude, he’s teaching this stuff. It is like been the most mind blowing shit that I’ve ever come across. I can’t even say, man, it’s uh but just echoing what you’re saying. It’s it’s all about the Children. It’s uh and like now they’re trying to wipe out these generations or at least wipe out what makes us human, right? Like? Like wipe out any sort of taste smell, right? If you notice the corona bug wipes out and these are all just you know, hypothesis theorizing right?

But it’s like, you know, is that they’re wiping out and then now they’re saying you’re not man or woman, there’s no gender. So now if you’re not a man or a woman, God gave rights to man and woman. So if you’re not a man or a woman now you have no rights either. And it’s just this kind of grey nothingness of what makes us really people’s, you know what I mean? It makes life so beautiful and expressive and colorful and you know, and now they’re like racism so bad.

We can’t even pretend that we are different, which makes us so beautiful that we are different. I mean, You know what I mean? It’s it’s uh it’s very twisted. It’s very twisted. They have infected the minds, particularly the the american generation and the young generation, they twisted the minds and they basically hijacked it. I do not weaponized the fear of the human being, tardy Robbins. Uh once we’re sharing about how the two most prominent emotions of the human being which a human being first will run to not joy and happiness, pain and fear.

So these these demonic forces as I will call them have learned to weaponize the fear and you know, create a genocide of plots against humanity. And uh as twisted as they are, they think they’re doing the right thing. They think they’re playing God and the Almighty and uh they think they can just take human life, But there is a divine intervention. There are there are there are the jerry, the rise of Skywalker, the return of the Jedi is eminent. You know, we’re living in the we’re living in the Lord of the Rings where Middle earth is fighting against the evils of mordor, you know, so or the Matrix, you know, we’re living, you know, it’s crazy.

And to share on your point about the Children, I was in an international tribunal of Natural Justice, child trafficking court um, back to about a year ago, and I was discussing about the forced live organ harvesting genocide and china where they’re slaughtering innocent prisoners of conscience, which are shared on the last show. Um but yeah, they have uh we were talking, we were hearing uh testimonies from MK ultra victims to human trafficking victims, high ranking uh London bankers, one of the most highest ranking banking uh people in the world, Ronald Bernard, he was talking about how to get into these massive, huge circles that run everything.

You have to rape Children, You have to, you know, kill and rape Children. Um, and don’t even get me started with the Getty Museum. I’m sure you feel about the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, that’s holding at least two million in the underground compound underneath this massive compound, at least two million kids uh and women traffic throughout the world. You’ve heard of Evergreen, I mean, the Clintons have been very much involved in this um, with with with Haiti and and the Clinton Foundation. This is all part of pedophilia and child trafficking, Jeffrey Epstein, Hollywood, the multinational corporations.

Um so yeah, they are targeting the innocence and purity and don’t even get me started with the adrenal crow situation. That’s a whole other story. But you’re talking to a wild, wild, crazy. I mean this is this is the extent of I can do it because it’s so uncomfortable, you know, I don’t that’s me man. The solutions are to stay the line, hold the line, stay the course, keep exposing it and bull communities with like minded people to counter what is occurring. But how do you counter a massive genocidal plot?

Watching it play out in real time and people think, well, what are you talking about? Are you crazy? Are you insane? Many people who have taken the jab, the jubilee job, you know, I mean, uh don’t worry folks, they are saving us, you know, don’t worry, you know, just taking a safe and effective, safe and effective trust, trust dr Fauci, you need, you need you to promise lads believe Bill Gates as well. Oh don’t forget joe biden, don’t forget Kamala. The whole thing is a big joke.

It really is. It’s a show, it’s a it’s a it’s a terrifying circus at that. I don’t want to go to the circus anymore. I want these areas, damn clowns I’ve ever seen. Oh my goodness, gracious. So what’s the solution? I mean do we go to war with these people? Do we? I mean, no, I’m not aren’t we at war? I mean anything is is like what do we? And that’s I don’t think most people know that we’re at war. I think that you know when when they said when the um and you know, I I don’t know which communist faction it was, but they said that they take America without firing a shot. Right?

And so I think from that point was probably the Declaration of War at least in that war. The war with that with that entity, the communist entity you know because and did you know at least from what I understand july 1st was the 100 year. You know that also now the U. S. Embassies are flying the iron fist above us. Embassies, the black lives Matter. You mean iron fist? It’s the same fist, it’s the same symbol. I don’t paint whatever you say is behind it. And just they just so happen to also have Marxist and communist beliefs in the whole organization.

But symbol it’s the same exact symbol put them side by side. It is the red, it’s called the red fist or red solution. My iron communist fist dude flying above us. Embassies 100 year anniversary of the CCP and in California they’re flying the the communist flag of china. No it’s sick, it’s evil. Um Yeah when you are propagating cultural marxists beliefs that’s extremely dangerous because cancel culture is a rehearsal for mass murder because if they can ban you on all these big tech platforms, can you imagine, you know, once they start normalizing this banning and the suspension of innocent truth seekers, patriots law abiding citizens trump supporters.

Can you imagine now that now they can start normalizing it in society itself and therefore start to send people to the gulags sending this uh they’re sending strike forces, strike teams of of door to door uh bioweapons to your your house is now now you know, biden is sending out all these uh these strike force is basically to get you vaccinated, make sure you get vaccinated. But now I mean thousands of people are showing up dead now. The various reports from the C. D. C. Who are trying to hide the situation.

Only 1% has been reported. Some doctors and and and and professionals are saying look this could be up to 42 to 200 times the amount of people that are being reported. That 9000 people’s time 100. Think about that that could be up to 900,000 people that have been killed from the I would say it’s more even more. Dude I do. And that one CDC doctor just came out or who was it? Um yeah I think it was I can’t remember but they just just came out yesterday day before. Like that said that He estimates right now that since they’ve started the children’s trials that over 50,000 have died.

Children have died already. They’re not but they’re not being reported since they started doing the on the Children. I cannot believe that what are you doing? Like you I mean it’s just it’s so beyond comprehension that sometimes you can’t even process at least me and that’s why all I can do is keep my head down like you and we just try and keep creating some sort of solution. That’s it. This is your solution. Thank God for you. I mean, you’re the last of a dying breed. The last of an easy rider brother. Yeah.

I mean and anybody read anybody that pushes these shots. Anyone is criminally complicit. I mean, I see these people on CNN these fake news. Communist national network pushing these shots. Never ever discussing any deaths. The World Health Organization comes out and say that there is no death related to the COVID-19 injections. I mean these people are lying through their teeth, pushing these these cure shots and anyone is in violation Of anyone who’s pushing the shots are violating the Nuremberg codes, all 10 of them. Yeah, this is an experience.

This is a crime, this is what the greatest crime against humanity. The other crime against humanity is the CCP who intentionally unleashed a bioweapon from north Carolina. They moved the NIH with the NIH with the NIH because they knew that they to to to to go on with their diabolical plan. As sinister as this is. They needed a reign of terror. They needed a Communist specter so vile, so despicable that their where their history of killing is tantamount to two world wars combined of life being destroyed.

So they had to move it to communist china because they knew that that was the breeding ground for mass destruction. And then you had the mass media uh, weapons of mass deception which is which is the media communist. You know, it’s not, I don’t call it communist media there straight up just pushing this Communist message all over. And even and it’s subtle, right? And they’re not they won’t even say the word communism, right? Like, I was just watching the Rubin report, right? And he was he was talking about that that jan whatever Jan Psaki, the press secretary press.

And they were saying, hey, you know, why do you think all this stuff in CUba? Right? All the stuff from CUBA going down? And she’s like, she’s one of the press guys, right? I could not believe they actually asked this question because they don’t ask any of these questions. But the guy was he’s like, well, why do you think they’re actually, you know, trying to leave CUBA? And she’s he’s like, well, don’t you think it’s because maybe the communists communism, they don’t want to be under Communist rule anymore?

And she and she completely just will not answer anyone. Like say it. The other saying is like, oh it’s just because the covid lockdowns and you’re like, dude, what are oh my hello and mismanagement. I mean I mean my God, it’s the same thing as when biden was asked by a reporter about the Wigan Muslims and the ethnic cleansing and he just blew it off like a cultural norm. Now I talked to President. She is just a cultural norm, depending as a cultural norm. Yeah. That’s what we do time, we’ll just send our dissidents and our prisoners of conscience and anyone that disagrees to us to the gas chamber before we do that, before we turned into the boiler room we cut their organs out of their bodies and we sell them for massive amounts of profit making a multibillion dollar business on a skill to a state of sanction killed to all the genocide on demand.

Um you know, but not. It’s cool. Yeah. Is it cool if we bring that to America? Oh yeah, come on, come on man, come on, come on man. Clinton sold, you know clinton, you know Clinton uh what a beauty he is sold all the Nafta agreements. He wrote the national agreements and he sold what 9 94 1995? The entire manufacturing base of of America that was created and built up by the beautiful World War two veterans that came back after uh the Nazi, the horrors of Nazi Germany. And then he just clinton just sold the entire manufacturing base to communist china for the institutional life slavery system to fuel the consumer market and the corporate executives and the think tanks and the Wall Street guys and the bankers have made a fortune, uh, the blood and slave labor of communist china.

And now they’re doing the same thing with the organs, multibillion dollar business, Cutting out the organs of people while alive and setting the organs, you know, with 252 concentration camps, 36 death camps and over 2000 hospitals. And when you tell the radical leftist in an American communist this, they’ll they’ll, they’ll think you’re crazy. Even when you give them everything of the truth, 52 piece of evidence, they still push this communist agenda. This critical race theory, which is communist and Marxist, uh, infused, uh, as well as political correctness. This inclusiveness is identity.

Politics is transgendered nonsense, which is a mental disorder by the way, not that I’m a gains, transgender or homosexual. You want to do what you want to do in your own rooms and homes. Go ahead, but don’t come out and sexualized our Children. You want to have primary, go ahead. But don’t come out with all this fetish. Just, you know, you want to march a gay rights, which gay rights has been around for so long that you’re not getting sent to the gulag. If anything, I know you and me brad, even though we’re god fearing people and I believe in male and female, you know, and, and only two genders as you do traditional law.

Um, I was standing up for the law of, of american citizens the right to, to, to to be who they want to be and practice what they want to practice as long as you don’t harm people. But what, but this agenda of pushing things into school. I don’t know if you saw the SAN Francisco gay choir and that was messed up coming for, your Children were going to hold on and they’re happy and they’re now they’re just like, and they’re seeing an acquirer, like they’re putting into a musical about it.

I mean, here’s a dude, I grew up the same way man. I, I’ve lived, I lived in san Francisco for a long time. I, I grew up, I have best friends who are gay. I, I mean I still, I still have my two of my best friends, we’re gonna, we might even go live with them on their property dude, they’re gay and shit like, but here’s, I mean here’s the thing and it’s fine, but they don’t even believe in all of this at all. They’re freaked out.

Like no, we are men, we just choose to love men. It’s like, but there’s only two gender and again, they’re not, we’re not bible, this isn’t about like religion dude. And you know what I mean? This is not this is about again, wiping out what makes us Yes. Yes. Well the hue, the hue of man is a funny word. But what makes us man what makes us having, having having uh smell taste color again? That’s right. When you start to kind of gray it all out and whitewashing them.

All right. And you you can’t we can’t even talk about race anymore and make fun of each other about race because again, stuff like that is so so um inconsequential. You know, I mean, it’s kind of it’s just, you know, you poke at your friend because he’s a dork or whatever, right? But your friends and stuff like that, right? Or But yeah, go point point of privilege. My my privilege, my problems as a and if you miss gender me as an act of violence and we’re going to ban you brand, we’re going to make sure that your brad, your brand and your show is taken off the air because you know, you you called me a he when I’m actually he based on my chromosomes, but I’ve chosen to identify as an upper loompa in the chocolate factory with my pronouns easier and day.

And and then and you have to write and it’s just stupid. And that’s the thing because words don’t need words anymore. And that’s another thing. Check that, right? Think about that other. It’s words don’t mean what they’re supposed to mean anymore. And that is straight out of the car, communist slash Marxist freaking handbook dude. First of all, you got to mess with the language, right? That’s what the language. Stop the church. No more free thought. And that’s what they’re doing. And the first place was the churches and look at all those churches that shut down, dude.

And then burning the churches in in I think I think it’s in europe, that burning churches. Yeah. And um they’re they’re peddling this normalization of pedophilia. I mean, look at the books they’re publishing to teach to five year olds about anal sex and uh touching themselves how to masturbate, teaching how to uh teaching 10 year olds to touch themselves abortion, how to kill Children. And then there’s two daddies and two mommies confusing the child’s mind. Not like you already, because you’re growing up growing up, you have to find your identity, right?

I mean that’s part of growing up, right? Identity crisis after identity crisis all these things. But can you imagine, oh now it’s on you to choose your gender too. You know what I mean? Like I know people won’t gender their kids and you’re like dude, that’s messed up now. That I mean when when when you have the L. T. B. T. Q. Community, What making up what 12% of the entire population. And you have to push all this onto the normality of people because they want to destroy the traditional values, the nuclear family take away the guns uh weaponize the fear.

Make the American population dumbed down. Uh And and you know, you know, start to starve people to death because of the food shortages. Now they’re they’re they’re they’re emptying the humor. Damn. I’m sure you’ve heard about this. They’re destroying all the crops, they’re making it illegal to uh to speak up against uh gay rights and transgendered uh uh nonsense that’s going on Again. I’m not against it. Well, you know, the numbers on transgender and I can’t remember which. So I was, I’m quoting here, but anyway, it’s less than 1%.

But I believe it’s like . 6% of the population is actually a transgender, transsexual transgender person. What it is? It’s not that, I mean, obviously, that’s such a small number. Right? What it is again, it’s the media, this communist media that goes out and hypes it up and you’ve got all these mostly white freaking very privileged people out there, Right? Believe that they’re fighting for something good and that’s the next, Right, right. Exactly. And there and there. I believe that they really, truly believe that there, but it’s because they’re so brainwashed from the indoctrination from the CCP that got hold of our, of our education, our indoctrination system long ago and we have generations now of holy crap, this dude.

And I mean, I know people my age that I went to school with in Cave Creek, Arizona cowboy freaking town who don’t understand why communism is bad. They asked me, well what’s wrong with communism? And I’m like, what? Like I didn’t even sympathizers. Uh now they want to define the police, abolitionist. They wanted guilt by association, every single white person. It’s like, it’s like stolen valor. It’s like a veteran who goes to war three. There’s three tours, it comes back and you see a guy in that uniform that hasn’t been to war.

It’s the same as these people who have so consumed in resentment, hatred, anger and victimhood. And this is what communist, the communist specter praise on. They prey on the mind of the weak, They prey on the mind of the victimhood uh, and the and the trauma and they ramp up that trauma and they transferred the energy into and they’re feeling into anger. So they weaponize that anger, they weaponize that resentment, They weaponize that fear and then they push it out into the general public and people who do not know what communism is or have never lived under that kind of reign of terror.

I tell you, you’re owned. It’s a specter that controls not only your human body, but it’s your your your spiritual mind and it goes after your soul. It rips the very foundation of God out of your system. It destroys you. It’s called ethno side. It’s the complete destruction of your spirit and that’s what and and the and the and the reeducation, subtle reeducation of your mind. To the point that, yeah, what’s wrong with communism? Oh, you’re such a racist. If you if you criticize Black lives Matter or the transgender movement, europe, these are cults expanding their evil influences in a in a very Communistic way, and it’s now infiltrated into the United States, especially into the liberal university students, the multinational corporations.

I mean, you’ve got Kellogg’s placing pronouns on a box and I’m thinking, what are you guys doing? You’re not only violating traditional values, but like you said, brad. They’re destroying the human language. Yes, as we know it, english language as we know it well, and that’s that’s that’s the objective, right? One of them and what the funny what we talk, what we’re talking about here and we keep kind of starting to hone down in here, like the freedom people like, because we’re talking to people all the time.

You know, we’re on this massive mission for freedom, right? First everything is inside out, right? So we’re on this mission for freedom and and and what we’re kind of like always, always kind of hovering right back around is there’s two of everything and it’s it’s that’s what evil does. It’s like a mirror, right? One is convinces you the devil’s greatest uh achievement was convincing you that he or it does not exist, right? That evil does not exist like we’re talking about. So that’s number one hurdle you have to overcome, right, is that?

But then there’s two of everything. And something I’ve learned recently I found very interesting is there’s a reason that courts are held verbally and not written, right? And that’s because it’s a thing called so knows videos or videos so knows and the same sound, right? So I can say to you, even right now, I can say two plus two equals four, right? And you’d say yeah, two plus two equals four. And I’d say, OK, so T 00 plus T 00 equals F O R E. No, it doesn’t. Right.

But that’s Oh no studios. Right. And that’s why all courts, you know, all courts are held verbally. Why? Because they can manipulate you through word, right? They call your name and you think that they’re actually calling you the man the flesh and blood. They are calling the registered person who has been. And that’s why you never get any sort of remedy in court. Even if you do, you never do, the state always wins. It’s like the house, it’s like this the Vegas, it’s like Vegas the house always win.

Always because it’s their house, it’s their game. You’re playing their game. They they set the odds, they set the stakes, they said everything is 100%. And to add to your point, brother, the solution is to really unplug your mind from this brainwashing and indoctrination and subtle deception. And that is what the communist regime is so good at. That’s why the globalist control has created. Have have found the perfect solution or the perfect system of terror in the Communist Party. Like Rockefeller, the Rocket, the Rockefellers. I mean, they’re very much in power still there.

The entire medical establishment has been based on the Rockefellers and history is repeating itself. I mean, you saw the spanish flu. It’s not even from Spain, but they created the spanish flu to deceive people that this was some kind of pandemic that was brought back from the war. But it was actually the Rockefellers vaccines caused it created the war. And now the same thing that’s happening today. This is not a vaccine. This is it. This is a weapon. Yes, absolutely. Well, that it was it was the Covid was the first little piece of it.

And then the kill shot is the jab, and it’s not because they know if you’re here’s the thing, they know if you put the mask on and you’re gonna take the jab and they know if you took the first job, you’re going to take all the jobs. Yes. So, man, I was told I was listening to Alex jones the other day, I mean, he’s been being wrong for the very people thought he was a cook, he was crazy. But man, compared, you know, when you listen to the research, new research, what’s going on?

You see the the the amount of trained professionals and people that come on the show, he was talking about how Rockefeller, it was called Operation Lockdown, and this is playing out exactly what they want to do. Um and the Bilderberg Group in the world economic forum, these people are diabolical. Another man. It’s all together, that’s what and again, they’re all they’re the guys who actually, and that’s there’s like and you know, and I know there’s this whole talk of Jesuits, have you heard of like the Jesuits and all this stuff?

And like it’s supposedly that’s like the families that are behind them or something, you know, who knows? As above? So below, who knows how infinitely you go somewhere. But what I do know is they have the mouthpiece is out here like like George or George Soros isn’t the guy right? He’s one of these like he’s the guy still not the guy guy, right? The guy, I don’t know who the guys are, The guys like, you know, Charles anal swab, you know what I mean? Like that guy, you know, I I don’t, I mean, you know, but here’s the thing, here’s the thing is I believe the guys who actually control things, you will never see them in the light of day, right?

You would never know who they are. So like even these Rockefeller family maybe whoever’s behind them like whatever is going on like there’s got yeah of an of an octopus you know? But the time is coming that we will cut the head off this red dragon. Uh and and his demons cannot continue doing this. I mean there is a I mean look I wish I could give you a simple solution. But what is coming, what is happening now? Um I mean about 935 million people have already been uh injected with this hill shot poison.

Like you said 50,000 Children could you know have have died from this. Okay estimate from the CDC doctor. Right? Exactly. And then you have like dr sherry, 10 penny judy Mikovits, uh, a bunch of yeah, just yelling it and like yeah, yelling it. And now over 1000 doctors are seeing the World Health Organization and others for crimes against humanity, violating every code of the Nuremberg codes. Um, and now the CCP with joe biden uh installed, they stall and route the election using the Dominion systems funded by the chinese Communist Party.

You have the Cuban communist Party that has been just destroying their their their their their Cuban people using chinese systems to block internet, uh, in order to, you know, make everything go dark so they can carry out genocidal plot to destroy and kill and sent thousands of to the gulag. Um, and the people I was I was in a room, there? S a clubhouse. I don’t know if you know about clubhouse, but clubhouse, you’ve got to get involved in the new platform. I’ve been suspended from from clubhouse because of some kind of abusive policy.

So truth is now if you tell the truth, you’re now a psychopath, abusive, racist, misinformed person. You talk about covid 19 and the injections and how dangerous they are in the bioweapons on facebook. You get restricted. I just got bad from Youtube because you know, I talk about these um these things, you know these things because they don’t want to hear it and therefore those who ban the truth are criminally complicit with evil and jen, Psaki and biden and the C. D. C. And the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum.

They’re all complicit. These people are all complicit Justin Trudeau complicit, okay, the Australian government, the U. K. Government, they’re all they’re all complicit, you know, you had a you had a database of spies, there was leaked two million CCP operatives that have infiltrated into high ranking positions in the world, Health organization of multinational corporations, the big tech, the big farmer, the Hollywood elites, the politicians, the intelligent agencies. I mean even the FBI the other day said make sure you know if anything goes wrong with your neighbors you need to report them.

This is this is straight out the Communist Party as as survivors of the of the communist regimes from from europe, from eastern Germany from from uh north Korea. Yeah. Yeah. North Korea. Yeah that one North Korea. Who’s that one girl she like was a defector you I’m talking about. Yeah he was on tim pool recently and he actually asked her about the communist fist and she was like oh yeah she was like that’s that’s the total symbol for communism. She and like even this girl like yeah and and that’s the thing is you see you see people from cuba that live here now right?

And the most the most patriotic americans. We talked about this last time when you’re on the show and that’s what again, I think that you have in common and every other um uh immigrant that’s come here to the United States legally, right who’s gone through, they’ve taken an oath. Just like every military person. You’ve taken a note that you had to study about America and why you wanted to come here and all that stuff. Americans born here didn’t have to do that. And so what a prime place to come and twist people’s mind because they didn’t have to.

And man it’s that’s that’s nuts dude, that’s it makes me it makes me really, really sad. And also hopeful because that is actually the most the most, because we are a melting pot and we do have so many people here from other countries and because we aren’t a racist country, I’m going to say that again. We aren’t the most racist country. Okay guys, sorry, But institutionalized slavery system, slaves institutionalized racism in America, none whatsoever. There’s the underground slavery that I got coming on over the borders and they don’t talk about that now, they don’t talk about that.

And the 600,000 babies that are killed and planned parenthood, abortion mills of a year, all the time for prayer and you know, they get they get money from the state for profit. Every every state, um, every every city here in the, in the United States, every incorporated city has is a for profit corporation, every one of them. And so is every department that includes like the CPS, right? The Department of Public Safety, right, DPS and the DSB and all them freaking three letter agencies, right? To protect your Children, are there to steal your fucking Children.

You better watch out because and I mean, this is this is war. We’ve been at war and we just haven’t been awake to it when I was. Exactly. And when I was at the child trafficking court, they were talking about how Fedex DHL, they’re using all the using all these uh cPS, child protective services, the government agencies, they’re all using this to traffic the Children, human trafficking, the crisis at the border. What do you think that is? That’s trafficking. It’s all one big hub of human trafficking that trump.

Trying to stop. Yeah. And buy them dismantle because you’ve got your dealing with paedophiles and and globalist parasites that just wants to kill the very, very tree of liberty. Well, people are like, and this is we get this a lot, right? People like, oh, well, so how can all of these people, even if they’re not upset, they’re just like, man, I just can’t understand how all of these people are complicit, and you’re like, well, you have to understand it’s called compartmentalization, right? It’s the pyramid. You only know what you’re allowed to know to get your job done.

You have no idea what your boss knows at all. That’s how the military works. That’s how every system works. And so because you’re a compartmentalized idiot, right? It, and they tell you the story you have there, you have you listen to them or you don’t have a job now or you’re crazy freaking person, we’re just gonna put you ruin your reputation. So it doesn’t even matter if you talk right? Exactly, right. And then, Yeah. Right. Right. Right. Yeah. And so that’s how it’s done folks, everybody listening, all you people out there, that’s how this is done, right?

It’s done because of compartmentalization. That’s the way it’s set up. Just it depends how deep down the rabbit hole people want to go. Sometimes I found that people’s operating procedures, operating systems malfunction. When you go to deep something. Most people, most people, some people just can’t handle it. They can’t handle that. Shut off. They still can’t handle the truth. They can’t they can, the deeper you go down, the heavier you go down, they just don’t even deal with it. They can handle. They think it’s all hyperbole.

I think it’s called ejection conjecture. I think it’s just flushed. They think it’s conspiracy theory and they’re buying into the CIA is conspiracy theory create that created specifically to deceive, destroy and two into uh suppress the truth and call us crazies. We are the ones that are gonna be sent to the gulag. I’ve been told many times on these platforms or you’re a racist and a white supremacist because you don’t support our radical culture. We’re going to send into the gulag. Really, goodness. And this is coming from very ungrateful people who have no idea how much freedoms they have and that they blame everybody and they’re incredibly full of resentment and their victimhood.

And these are these are the new brownshirts and radical communist american communists. Uh I don’t even know, they’re not even aware of it because they’ve been they’ve been they’ve been controlled, the specter has controlled them. There’s a great publication before I forget, breath out of out of New york city called The Epoch from the Epoch times called The Communist spectre is ruling our world for your listeners out there. If anyone wants to read or listen or to watch uh crimes or if you just get epic times, you know, I actually Yeah, okay.

It’s I think it’s pronounced epic and as a matter of fact, again, tim pool, we watched him a lot. We love his show, but I think he was just talking about it yesterday on his show was talking about and that’s because he was pronounced. He’s like, yeah, it’s called actually it’s Epic Times. But you were just talking we’re talking about this exact thing, what you’re saying right here. Okay. So yeah, yeah, keep going on. So tell us more. Yeah, Epic Times. Uh the the Communist spectre is ruling our world phenomenal phenomenal publication that really exposes the spectre of communism and just just dissect everything, the cultural model, the Marxist revolution, the communist manifesto.

And when you dig deep into it, you see how rotten, evil and dangerous this is. And it’s all based on violence and lies and nepotism and bribery and inciting of hatred and divisiveness and what is going on right now in the United States with this radical leftist Black Lives Matter. And an antifa is all out of the Communist manifesto and and they’re brainwashed is used into thinking anti fascist, anti fascist. No, you’re the actual fascist guys, Right? Right? That’s more of the wordplay, right? That’s more double speak.

It’s that it’s the 1984 double speak, right? It’s like words don’t mean what they mean anymore. Black lives Matter. Yes, of course they matter. It’s just but right. And so then that’s how they can kind of twist it and say, oh you’re a racist because you don’t agree with communism, that’s what it is, right? And you’re just like, wait, oh hey that’s not what I mean. I was I was talking last night because I joined this this platform. I was invited to this platform when they come up with some interesting topics.

Anyway, I was I was in this room the other day how Black Lives Matter is openly supporting the Marxist and communist government uh government or Communist regime in uh we don’t know what to call the government a communist regime in CUba. And they’ve outlined that supported this communist Marxist regime and that’s evil. And I have a guy that was that was trying to compare the Black Lives Matter movement to what is going on to the wigan Muslims and saying, well how can you call Black Lives Matter Marxist cult.

When the rise of the of the week of Muslims is the same thing. I’m like what the guys you are now going through an ethnic cleansing genocide, You’re not being putting into concentration camps, Your families are not taken away from you, you’re not your your your marriage licenses, your bank accounts are not all being frozen, your kids are not taken away from you, everything is not being shipped of you and being scapegoated. Um so how can you compare it? If anything, you black people, you white people.

You americans have got all the freedoms in the world. I’m an american citizen. I got in America, I was the first in my family to have an american passport. I haven’t served in the military but I’m an American citizen nonetheless. 25 years and you do what you’ve been doing is more than service. You know that’s yeah man, I do my best nonviolently non politically. But with with all my heart to expose this communist specter and stand up to the spiritual the spiritual practitioners called the Falun Gong the house christians the the week of Muslims of the buttons.

And to warn americans, I’ve stopped being so goddamn naive and so ignorant and so stupid into believing that that capitalism is evil and the american state is evil and the and the red, white and blue is evil. I’m like yes, we’ve had genocide. Yes, there’s some, there are certain part of our history that is so twisted, so evil. No one is denying that. No one is denying that, but that’s not America, that’s not the american flag, that’s not the american people. Just like the chinese Communist Party is not china, it’s not the chinese people, it’s not the chinese civilization, it’s a rate of terror.

It’s an evil diabolical cult. Just could you help us? You know keep going, keep going, sorry. But I wanted to know if you could help us to kind of understand what the CCP like. So what is china, what is the CCP can control in china right? Because because we don’t know over here and I get that question a lot right? And I wish I was more educated. So could you educate us? Like because most people are like, you know, because again I have really good friends who are chinese and they’re lovely people and people like oh there are, so if you could explain that a little bit of help sure there was there was there was actually the survivor of communism last night there was a, excuse me that was talking to me.

She she fled to the United States and she was from mainland china and she was talking about how when you’re living under a C C T P, the CCP, you are controlled. You have no property rights, You have no gun rights. You have no private property. Private citizen, you’re not even a private citizen. You are controlled by the state and china, this Communist Party, a reign of terror that has wiped out more than two world wars combined of life. That’s 100 million people at least and has destroyed intentionally.

The culture, the traditional values that divine grace, um the spirit of the chinese people and any people it touches from so Stalin’s Russia to north Korea to Maoist cambodia to to to Vietnam to Vietnam. So let’s be careful. You are controlled. You are, you are police, you speak up against the government, you’re finished, you’re done. Everything is taken away from you. Um, but not as bad as in communist china, but under the CCP. It is a rule of terror that is so diabolical that it has destroyed more life than two world wars combined like I said and killed more, you know millions of innocent girls slaughtering and harvesting innocent people in their death camps.

So are they who like, so so is President President xi is that a dictator, dictatorship? Yes. So dictator she so but he does does he run all of china? So what’s going on? Remember with the whole Hong kong thing and because they used to be like sovereign right or are there supposed to be or something? Yes, they were sovereign. They got their independence from the british Hong kong. But they have been invaded by the chinese Communist Party. All those uh all those so called Hong kong police.

There were being the Hong kong students. They were the Communist agents, basically the communist agents that thousands of them came from china into Hong kong, dressed up as a disguised as so called Hong kong officials were beating down the protesters just like in Tibet thousands and thousands of chinese uh military officials ccP ages. They were dressed up in as Tibetans to take over. This is what they do. This is how they infiltrate. So that’s how they’re doing it here there and they’re doing this. You know, they are using the Black Lives matter and the antifa to bring in the communism.

They’re using joe biden and sucky and all these people, the United Nations coming in to destroy and dismantle the constitution, Take away the gun rights. But they couldn’t go there. This is the thing is because of the Second Amendment and Brother, thank God for the Second Amendment Man. Because that control that that protects all the other amendments uh supposed to. So you you have about what say uh 2 250 million americans. 300 now to about 253 100 million americans population. And you have what about 80 to 100 million armed citizens? That’s why they couldn’t do it.

You know, they I couldn’t come in forcefully and do it that way immediately. It had to be with no shots and it had to be through education and manipulation. And that’s what they’re doing it subtly. That’s the CCP, that’s the communist better. They’re they’re a gang of scoundrels and a band of cowards that will prey on the mind of the innocent and uh and then bring America down that way inside the revolution in America. You’ve talked about abolitionists, revolutionaries, radical extremists. These are the new Red Guard of Communist china.

The Brown search of Nazi Germany. There’s nothing good about the Black Lives Matter cult. There’s nothing good about the radical leftist cult. Yes, Black Lives matters is important. But martin Luther king uh Coretta scott king, Malcolm X. Even even the black panther movement who was started with communist revolutions as well by the way. But these people are rolling over in their graves, realizing this has gone too far. These people are extreme and they’re guilty, innocent white people and innocent trump supporters, christians, Catholics, law abiding citizens who are standing up against this radical leftist cult.

Uh they’re coming after them calling them Racists. These are scapegoating terms culture, cancer, culture, critical race theory. Uh, these are all tools out of and labels out of the communist manifesto of china. This is the CCP. Yeah. Um so the texas is standing up. God bless the Texans because that’s ground zero man. I mean, the san tastic florida with all due respect, I mean, in the in the in the state of the Union right now, which is collapsing because of the communist radical regime from china infiltrated into the United States.

Texas is the only state right now that is a stronghold against this evil, right? Everyone. And I implore every official or anyone who’s watching your show. If you are in, high ranking officials follow texas is lead. Yeah. You know, I mean, texas is about to succeed. They shouldn’t succeed from the union because there’s nothing wrong with the union. There’s nothing wrong with the constitution. There’s nothing wrong with capitalism. This these are normal, ethical, moral, uh, ways of doing business and ways of living. I mean, nothing’s perfect but what we’re experiencing and what we’re about to experience with this communist terror.

I mean, you don’t want that americans, don’t understand this. And I’ve also noticed brad the sympathy, the empathy has been exploited because because the the average american, there’s nothing wrong. They’re hardworking americans, they’re only trying to survive now. They’re only trying to keep their their livelihood intact. They’re scared to speak up. They’ve got nothing against black people. White people, jewish people, christian people, muslim people, but they have been scapegoated and demonized and guilt it by this, by this radical left in terms of, well you owe me reparations.

No, we don’t know anything. Nobody owes anybody anything except to do better moving forward and to be nicer to each other and loving towards each other moving forward. And that’s the thing. We can’t go and dig up the past and expected. And again that’s, it’s just like you said martin Luther King, he had a dream that his Children would be would be judged by the content of the character, not the color in right now. That’s what this critical race theory stuff is. Man. I uh it’s more closed my mom mind dude, like people good, amazing loving people.

And that’s what it is. Like you said it’s exploitation of empathy because people are like, well, I just care and everybody does care. But what they don’t, they’re blinded to understanding that if you’re teaching racism, whether it’s good or bad, you’re still teaching racism. This anti whiteness and what is this nonsense? But this is this is this is communism disguised as racism and sexism and this this trans humanism. Any other ISMs that you can get all the ISMs. Yeah. Political correctness in this cancel culture. All of this scientist, right?

Science science not like Fauci. What is about to say The science is settled. That right there is the most unscientific statement that there is. Why? Because science is never settled, joe ever. I mean like ever, even even when they think it’s settled, even when they went, even when Newtonian physics was settled, Well now here’s quantum physics. Even whether you want to believe it or not, right? And I had friends who would just completely science, you know, science degree people would completely ignore quantum physics for years a whole decade because they had such blinders on because they spent their whole career, you know, based on this one assumption, right?

Science is changing. Science is never settled. Okay, so that’s that’s that’s just another religion period. Actually a cult. It’s a cult. It’s like scientology. A cult. People are these are these are abusive radical cult members, expanding their evil influence truly. And I think the average american law abiding citizen is now seeing what is going on and I see a huge civil war brewing. However, the friendlies have not reacted yet as they are going to, to this communist reign of terror infiltrating into the american system, radicalizing americans to become american communists under these black lives matter.

Uh Marxist stuff and the Marxist flag the fist as we were saying the anti fire burning and looting and murdering, taking over Portland, which was once amazing city, a beautiful city and now is a shit hole. Okay, just like California, just like new york. Okay, just like Baltimore and Chicago. I didn’t really like that. I mean my God, Chicago. I mean I after july I’m just with this over the july uh Independence weekend, july 4th weekend, up to up to 70 people were shot and killed and murdered.

And she asked people, by the way, people, okay. And then and then a problem. Yeah, those black lives don’t matter exactly. And when she’s called out about it, about how how horrific she is and how pathetic her management is, and how disgusting her leadership is. And she’s like, I can’t even I want to live. I would let this person leave me across the goddamn street. She then plays the race card. Well, the reason why that going for me, it’s not because of the murder in my city and the decay of my city and the complete destruction of of my of my city.

Because I’m a black woman. I’m a black lesbian. No, they’re racist and sexist. That’s what it is. That’s what we that’s what it is. That’s why that’s why we’re talking about murders are actually mismanagement. No, it’s all because, right? And again, that’s that’s what they do, is it’s given people an excuse, right? Like me, whatever, Regardless. Like any, any time I have, uh a perceived disadvantage, I was always something inside of me and I was maybe raised this way by other strong men or something. But that was just, that was an indicator for me to work harder to overcome that obstacle.

It’s just you’re not, no dude, there’s people out there with no legs and no arms that are doing amazing fucking things in this world. And that’s the thing. Like you said early, we’ve been, we’re spoiled, we’re a bunch of spoiled brats and nobody knows it. Everybody, we have all these comforts in the world, right? And there’s that quote about how an easy world makes weak men and how, you know, like a strong a tough world make strong men, You know what I mean? It’s that’s real. And here we are, man, here we are.

So I’ll tell you, man, we’re on the verge of some interesting times. We’re living in interesting times, but brother, just hold the line, you know, uh keep the armor of God alive and well, and the fires of Nazareth burning wide man, because they’re coming for our Children. They’ve they’re open now we’re gonna convert to come for your Children. And you know when I saw that video, it creeped me the hell out. I’m sure it creeped you out. I mean, how what growing normal, a healthy person and man, okay, we’ll be singing, We’re coming for your Children were going to convert your Children, you don’t even know anything about.

And I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you a story brad before I leave. I was 15 years old and I was sitting in a casino with my grandmother, God rest his soul just playing the slots and I was sitting right next to her and I don’t know where I see this growing hand just land on my lap and I’m like uh my thigh, I’m standing up and I’m not what, what the hell is that? So I move away and five minutes later again. So I look up with this guy and it’s just grown man and I’ll never forget the look of of that predator, that predator look right.

And I showed him a fist and I told him, you know buddy, you got two seconds to get the hell out of here. And he left. And he went up very creepily away. And that night I was so creeped out. It was almost like my whole body was creeping with these these like like worms all over. My body was horrible, creepy, creepy crawlies man. But my point is I saw the same look From his eyes as from from his predator ship eyes, spiritual eyes in the eyes of these guys that are singing these 200 guys that are singing this song, we’re coming for your Children.

And what now? After five or 10 pedophiles have been exposed in this group. Okay. And the investigations are pedophiles full of pedophiles, full of child molesters, full of sexual predators singing this song and it’s allowed. And then the liberals are okay. I mean, look at look at these transgender, uh, Children that are missing the mind. I mean, I just thought, good morning America. There was a clip of Damon or Dave this, this young little boy, 11 year old boy who is now a cross dresser Because he’s, he’s talking in a strip club, you know, 11 and this and this and this.

Good morning. America is supporting this and they’re all clapping like seals. It’s great. Oh, wonderful. It’s sick. It’s twisted. It’s not normal. There was a time that was considered mental illness and you know, like, and I’m a do you cover that up? Yeah. Well now you’re transformed for calling it a mental illness. Now you’re a racist and sexist and a white supremacist and band. You get banned on social media for calling a vaccine, a bioweapon. And you get you get go band and reprimand and fight from your job for calling transgender a mental illness, which it is, it’s an illness. Yes.

It always was one. And even I knew transgender people from, since I was like, probably 19 years old when I lived in SAn Diego. We go, I was a DJ and we’d go and we’d play it like these like gay clubs and stuff because there’s lots of them, right? And they used to love techno and whatever. So, but it was like, you know, these, um these drag queen bars and stuff? They were always fun. But the thing is, is most of those queens back then, they knew that it wasn’t like, you know, I don’t know.

All I know is I knew trannies who wished that maybe they weren’t so far into it. I had someone like confiding me cry with me and stuff like that, right? So again, to me, it was always like, all right, just like it is it’s it’s a very small part of the population and we all love everybody, so everybody whatever. But now we’re not gonna tear down our whole Freaking Society based on that . 6% of the population. That’s what I have Apollo one to normalize it the way they are and then to bad people and then to invoke this act of aggression and violence against people because you miss gender people.

And if you don’t miss gender properly based on true science, um you know, they’ll they’ll hurt you and I’ll beat you and they become very violent against you. And now they are breaking down the english language, they’re breaking down the nuclear family, They’re passing these big laws in in in in Canada that says that if you don’t support the pride and the L. D. L. G. B. T. Q. Community, which is which is founded by pedophiles by the way, okay, they are founded by pedophiles. The LCG community, this this rainbow flag, it screams pedophilia.

It’s soaked in paraphernalia. Um And if you don’t, if you don’t then uh you know, you’re you’re considered like I said, a racist and um and evil and no it’s it’s very sick and I won’t I won’t submit to it. I can’t I don’t mind if you’re a transgendered Oompa loompa working in a chocolate factory, but but do you get in your own home, you wanna march? Go ahead. There’s nothing wrong, but don’t sexualize. I mean, well what does that even become a thing? You know, I’ve been thinking about that when did who gives a shit what people do in their bedroom and why is it like who, why does it become like public forum that we’re talking about, who we sleep with and what we do in our behind closed doors?

Again? This is not it does private information. Don’t make it public, right? And again, it’s yeah, don’t you know, don’t sexualized, don’t don’t sexualize in front of Children. You want to march for gay rights, like harvey milk in the 19 seventies or eighties. Who who who who fought and died for for for for for gay rights. He was a he was a he was a hero for human rights for for rights when gay people were discriminated against. I I fully understand that just like martin Luther King, nelson Mandela, whoever you want to call it.

I mean, but when you sexualizing the movement and your indoctrinating Children and poisoning the minds of Children and then banning anybody who speaks up against it, and then I will transform because I think it’s a mental illness, which it is this is calling for. It is it’s a mental illness and I will not submittal yield to that point. Why should I when it’s true in order to feel uh, sympathetic? No, because it’s not right and nothing is good enough for these people anymore. I’m not invoking violence.

I’m not going to tell everybody to hate transgender. I’m not saying that at all. I have, like you said, I have transgender friends. I when I see a transgender personal homosexual person, I embrace them as a human being because they’re playing their arms. Exactly. God First, you know you word of God first, Yeah. But this but this in inhumane, uh, sexually abusive agenda to sexualize and to normalize pedophilia. And it’s child abuse. And I won’t stand for it. Nor you brother. Amen. Amen. Amen. That’s beautiful. Beautiful.

And thank you. And you know what, I think that that’s the message, the good. Um, well, before any of that, uh, let everybody know how they can find you. And, uh, and you know, do all your, your plug in right here because we need everybody to be able to find you and support you. Please please support mitch and everything he does. Yeah, absolutely. And guys, again, I’m not against anybody wanting to live their life. Really. It’s the spirit of God, I just look at the heart of the person, but I am against this communist better.

I’m against this trans humanism cult. I’m against the radical leftist cult, cultural Marxism. Whether you’re a libertarian, a liberal, I don’t care whether you’re on the left or right, I don’t care, you’re a human being first, and I will protect you and I will support you and I will do everything to to to be peaceful with you. But this kind of diabolical evil, we have to stand up and it’s hard to stomach and people have been bad left, right and center, I have. I’m almost all social media and that’s okay because to fail to support the good and the failed to expose Evil Brother is unacceptable.

But what you can do is, um, you know, I would love them to go check out, stop organ harvesting dot org. That’s the work that we do, uh, to expose the CCPS crimes against humanity, stop organ harvesting dot org. There’s a great documentary that you can watch on Youtube free of charge called Hard to believe. Hard to believe documentary, just type into Youtube. And yeah, I would also suggest people to go to the avid, uh, researchers and transplant abuse dot org. That’s our two websites that we have, all the reports about the CCP harvesting, innocent people alive.

That’s my main focus. But to Thailand altogether. And I think people would appreciate and can relate now better too when I share with you, that’s not only to do in communist china, millions of what miles away it’s here, folks in your backyard and you might not even be aware in your schools, in your legislations, in your councils. I mean, look at the, look, the parents rising up. they don’t, Most people now are home schooling. The homeschool rates are skyrocketing. Thank God that you can’t even pray in the schools anymore.

You don’t even allow to, you called a white Supremacist. When you, when you pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, you’re a racist. Now you’re a white supremacist, your anti black, your auntie, you have to be re educated in this anti white campaign to re educate your white, uh, now it’s called white fragility and white identity and all this garbage. And I’m thinking you people have become the communist red guards around. The brownshirts are not to Germany. Next thing you’re gonna be marching innocent people like me and my say and you brad to gulags.

Right, okay. I mean, this is where it’s getting so people wake up and realize, man, and this is this is some serious stuff. I don’t know what to do. Call to arms. I mean for militias, look what’s going on in south africa right now. Holy molly man. That’s a look at that football collapsed, dude, This is, yeah, Well, I guess that that is, that’s what we can do. You know mitch is not go to arms. We’re not trying to be violent. In fact, what we can do is peaceful non compliance, right?

Standing up and saying no and peaceful non compliance. Okay. And that’s the number one thing that all people have. We are the power. We created government. Okay. God created man. Man created society, a society created government. And the lower you go down that list, the less power you have. So if we, the people have the power by just not doing it, This is the Foreign fathers, that’s why they created the constitution. Because I knew that this kind of thing could have happened. And now we have been infiltrated by a foreign terror and we’ve had our politicians and these american trailers, these american communists, uh, conspire and collude and align with this reign of terror.

And so I think there has to be a time where you’re going to see a call to arms the second great american revolution? George Washington. A new George Washington trump was the new George Washington, I think. And they’ve been very quiet on the western front. And when you’re very quiet and you’re seeing and you’re allowing this evil to run rampant. You know, that they’re about to launch a massive jelly offensive, firmly offensive, uh, patriot offensive to wipe out these people to bring these people and wipe them out, but to bring them to justice once and for military tribunals have been set up.

The restoring of the republic is eminent. The rise of Skywalker is eminent but they’ve had to see I think it’s the art of war from from from since our Yeah you go. Yeah. Uh yeah I L B U Z O whatever. I know just yeah look it up so we don’t look uh forgive me. It’s been a little bit of a rock to enough morning. But as you can see uh they have uh soon so the tactic is to draw out your enemy as as far as possible exposed them have them just completely regular tricks.

So now this kind of evil and everyone is that is complicit in these bioweapons passing administering these bioweapons, complicit with this critical race theory, this cultural Marxism aligning with the CCP, these communist traders. They are all being target, they’re all being martyred. This is a sting operation. Dr botanic who comes on Alex jones. He’s dealing with the CIA. And if you watched his interviews this is all this thing operation the ballots in Maricopa in in Georgia. The voter I. D. Ballots yeah all coming out and it’s all coming out now to a hilt and soon enough you’ll want to see these criminals be brought to justice.

And I have a feeling that trump Flynn um uh linwood mike lindell, Sidney Powell Rudy Giuliani um uh robert byrne the patriot movement there and I’m not saying Q. Is a bad thing because I think there is a deep state and there is a patriot state I think um the evil has used cure non and used these friendly uh intelligent agencies just like they’ve used the FBI to demonize the real patriots in cure demonize the real patriots in the FBI and CIA and other places because you have, you have a battle between good and evil and in every situation and everybody, there is a deep state and there’s a patriot state, there’s a, there’s a jelly in the system, working in the same intelligent agencies, working insane inside all the governments around the world.

And therefore there has been a massive battle going on. But I think, and I feel, and I’m hopeful that’s, that’s, that’s that, that’s that we’re about to see a massive restoring of the public of the republic. It’s going to like, it might be bloody. Um, what is, what is the, what does it say? Bye bye bye Patrick, Henry the blood of uh, oh yeah, Liberty. The Tree of Liberty must be watered by the blood of patriots from time to time. And this is what’s happening. Yeah, the patriots.

No, I’m preaching to the choir. This is not a conspiracy theory. I’m not calling to violence. I’m not being some kind of militants. Well, this is what’s going on. Uh, and and and God forbid there is a civil war. We do not want that in our lives. We don’t want our Children to face this kind of bloodshed and starvation and and tyranny. We want to live in peace with all our black brothers and sisters and and and and white brothers and sisters and muslim brothers and sisters and just human beings in general.

But this is I don’t think the evil is going to stop brad. I think this is gonna be a great disaster that’s looming over the horizon. But yeah, at the end of the day, good will triumph of evil and that’s what I’m hopeful of. So, Brother, God bless you, man, I bless you. Thank you. Mitchell, Gerber Mitchell Gerber, everybody. Amazing. A true true patriot out there doing freaking duty. The real duty man. This Thank you. Takes one to know one. Brother. Takes one to know one, you know?

Alright, my brother, We’ll talk soon. Okay, we’ll do this again real soon. Thank you. Thank you. Bye bye. Yeah, Yeah. Mm hmm. Yeah.

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