July 27, 2022

Take a Walk on the Wilder Side

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Tiffany is a member of The Freedom People and we quickly learned how awesome she is! Tiffany Wilder is a revolutionary teacher, human rights activist, founder of Wilder Paradigm and fierce freedom fighter. With 10 years working in early childhood education and special education in the California public school district, she is now using her experience to re-structure the broken, corrupt educational indoctrination system. As for many, 2020 awoke something in Tiffany and she is now a sweet path to raising consciousness for all creating the new earth!

Show Notes

Hello, all you lovely freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the freedom people podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms, all the freedoms that we can think of Anyway, as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together, I’m your host, Bradley freedom. And today’s guest is Tiffany Wilder from the wilder paradigm, freedom based education, community education school. It’s it’s it’s a brilliant, beautiful solution for today’s messed up education or as we call here, indoctrination system out there.

Tiffany is the epitome of a revolutionary teacher in today’s age. She’s a human rights activist, a fierce, fierce freedom fighter. She’s got over 10 years working in early childhood education and special education in the California public public public school district, wow, she is now using that experience to restructure that broken system. We are beyond excited to have her with us. And this conversation was one of my favorite, We know that you’re gonna love this as well. So let’s jump right into it. But before we do, we need you to head on over to the Freedom People dot org.

Sign up today to become a contributing member to our social network. We’ve got a whole group of people with groups having a blast. We’ll see you in there, Come on, let’s go well, and and well, let’s start here. So before we get into it. Um, first, like let everybody know who you are and yeah, everybody know who you are. All right. Hi, I’m Tiffany wilder and I’m an educator that is starting a new learning education paradigm called wilder paradigm. So, you know, I was in the system for so long and I saw so many things wrong and always thought somebody’s got to change it.

So I’m somebody you awesome. Yes, you are. That’s amazing. Can you tell us a little bit more about the school and kind of what first of all, what does that mean? What does that, what does all that mean? Yeah. So, oh man, where do I start? Um, so I was in the public school indoctrination system as I like to call it For over 10 years and loved working with Children, knew it was my calling. However I witnessed so much abuse force coercion, just, I think the biggest thing for me was seeing a child come into this world with this natural love of learning and somewhere along the way it gets completely squashed in the system, you know, because the learning is not fun and it’s forced and there’s so much, you know, woke ideology being pushed on kids nowadays and with everything going on the past couple of years with the forced masking testing, um, that I’m allowed to say vaccine on here, whatever you want. Yeah.

I figured with all the forced nonsense that, you know, those of us who are awake know of, um, I really, I really couldn’t do it anymore. It was so out of alignment and um, just watching the way people behaved and like working with kids that had autism, seeing them, you know, pulling the masks off their face, asking for mask breaks and teachers forcing them to keep it on. It was just disgusting. And uh yeah, and so first day of this past year began and I just said I’m not doing it.

I’m not participating in any of this. I came to work with a mask off and um immediately got placed on leave without pay and did a did a little post about it, you know, not thinking anything that post went viral. And I started receiving death threats hey. But then also a big chunk of community that was so supportive and other teachers telling me how they were so inspired by my story that they were going to follow suit. And I’ve watched their journeys and actually one teacher um has a P. M. A. Now and is doing beautiful things and yeah, it’s so great.

Um so I realized, you know, we’re essentially as we’re being ostracized from this old world system. We’re going to have to start building our own and that’s where I decided to step up and really start creating that in the education sector because people are going to have to do it for so many different everything. It’s a whole new world and new world. Absolutely. And what a beautiful opportunity because they feel like so many of us knew for so long that we were living in Congruent with our truth and you know, the beautiful existence were meant to have here and yet, you know, we didn’t really know what to do about it.

But this opportunity, that’s why I tell people these past couple of years have been amazing. And what a great time to be alive because yeah, yeah. Because it just kind of lit a fire under all of us to go, okay, it’s time to reimagine and recreate and what do we want this existence to look like? So, I band together with this group of local moms that was kind of in the same boat of wanting their kids out of the system for different reasons. And we pulled together a little class.

I think we started with like five kids And now I have 13 kids and a list of people that want to come in. That’s what I’m talking about. Yeah. Divine intervention, man, it’s meant to be. And you are the divinity that intervened, right? It’s so beautiful. I feel like I’m just a conduit. You know, I was finally open to it. Yeah, I try not to take too much credit for it. Yes. I’m I’m willing to do the work, but at the same time, it’s just because I went okay.

Like I’m gonna have to walk in integrity and truth and tell me how that’s you see now that that’s you know, you can’t sell yourself short because that’s something there’s there’s there’s will in that, right? That was your will to say no. And that’s the thing is that it’s it’s not enough just to not say anything. It’s you gotta stand up for what you believe in and that’s what you did you believe in. And that takes a lot. You know? It does and in the beginning it does right?

But then after it’s like, okay, well it was fine, but you know, to work up the courage to walk into school without a map. I’m just I I know what to face the ridicule because you knew it was coming, right? It’s like, you know, you knew it was coming. It’s like, so there’s a lot of bravery in that night. I can’t explain to you how much it means to us and to me as an individual man, but how much it means to us as a group for you, people like you doing what you’re doing.

It’s um it’s phenomenal, thank you. Thank you. I really get that. Of course. So don’t sell yourself short anyway, keep going. I didn’t want to catch up, but it just to let you know that’s a lot of you are and and we’re all the same, right? I mean, I’m not going to take, you know credit for being the sun or anything like that, but we are the rays of the sun. We were there were there were the brush on the end. We might not be the energy but we are the paintbrush, right?

And so we have to, there’s a it’s a it’s a co it’s a coworking sort of thing. Absolutely. And it’s just being willing to step out of that fear and that comfort bubble because I keep telling people on the other side of fear, you have no idea what awaits you, I knew I knew what the repercussions are going to be when I went into there, but I knew my integrity is so strong that I cannot be somewhere that’s out of alignment for me. And so I just got to a point where like I can’t be tied to somewhere for money or for security or whatever, other reasons were holding me there.

So I just went okay here, I’m gonna do this because it’s the right thing to do and I keep telling people speak your truth lock in integrity and God will provide. I mean I I couldn’t even imagined I’m so much happier I’m getting to teach in the way that I know is you know, serving not only myself but these Children, but it’s like this beautiful symbiotic relationship where I’m able to facilitate for them a learning experience rather than be this dictator. No, I like to say that a little more, I mean we’re used to the term teacher, but but really at the end of the day, I think our job is to facilitate and give them the space because learning is natural, that’s why I tell parents, you know when they’re afraid of homeschooling anybody can homeschool their child, your child is capable of so much more than you realize if you just step back sometimes and allow them.

Well, sad, wow. Yes. Yes, no kidding. Learning is not, learning is impossible. It’s not like to not learn, it’s uh how could you just stepping outside of your door, you’re gonna learn something right? And it’s, we’ve been indoctrinated for, I mean for generations right to believe that you send them to the school and that they’re actually teaching, but they’re not, you’re right there just their dictators and they’re just saying that you do what I say to do because and it’s not because it makes any sort of rational sense or anything like that, but it’s just because I said so and so then what are we breeding a bunch of yes men and women, a bunch of yes people can’t do that.

So you are changing that, that’s what I’m saying. So it’s not just that it’s like the education of our Children is very, very important and what they’re gonna learn moving forward. It really is. And more importantly than the education of Children is the instilling in Children of critical thinking. Well not really instilling, but just leaving that because they have it in them critical thinking questioning right? Because I started to realize working in the systems very with very young Children in preschool I get why so many adults are falling into the trap that they are now and you falling for lies and believing everything that they’re seeing on the news and the media because well what are you learning when you walk into school you sit down and yeah, you don’t question authority, whatever the teacher tells you is real.

You know, in my class, I always ask the kids to question me. What do you think about that? And we have these discussions and you know, I as an adult cannot be so pompous to think that everything that I’ve learned is correct. And they sometimes bring some beautiful lessons to me. It’s having this yeah, this open dialogue and conversation and teaching kids that you know, they have this strong intuition and they have value to add to this world. And it’s not just like here’s this person that you deem above you, right?

That’s why we get so used to being told from authority, right? What? Don’t trust our inner authority. Yeah, stomps that out. That’s what you’re saying is why at a very young age they stomp all that out of you. So then by the time you’re an adult you don’t have any of that left your. Exactly. That’s why I’m like, okay, I can have compassion for where people are at because it’s so it’s so frustrating and it’s like, you know, the load of garbage and the the obvious lies that are being fed to people you look and you go how are people not saying that?

But on top of the fact that that’s how we’ve learned to operate is to trust authority. I also think that it’s so heavy for people’s psyche to be able to admit the mass amount of manipulation that’s happened in their life. And, and I get it, that’s, that’s horrifying to look back and think, you know, I’ve been, I’ve been lied. Yeah. On right. It would make you feel stupid like, oh man. Yeah. And on such a grand scale because once you admit this little piece, right, that this little bit with the whole covid thing, you got to look at everything.

Yeah, you got to look at everything. And it’s like, I don’t, I’m not ready for that because it’s gonna just turn your world upside down while people like us who are like hungry for, you know, Yeah, truth and knowing that there’s something better for this existence. It’s like, we’re like, yeah, rip that rip that ugly. I look at it as like a big uh matt that like, you know, people dust things under the rug, that rug is so big and we’re just kind of like doing this right now, peeling it up and it’s just like us that thing, take it outside, let’s get a new one.

Let’s make a new rug that’s so full of garbage, The rug, it’s done. It’s completely done. And that’s, and this is what I actually spoke with jim yesterday from food forest abundance. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of that. But uh, yeah, really cool. So, but it was, we were having the same conversation where it’s like, how did all of us have the same the same vision, right? And that’s why, you know, we are all connected and and this is something bigger. It’s just like airplanes and flying. Right?

The wright Brothers were only a couple of weeks ahead of people in in France and right. And I believe it was France and all over the world. People were having these same ideas of, of growth, right? Because that’s natural for us and all of us is it’s and that’s why it’s so beautiful to meet people like you that’s on the same, we knew and we just knew that we got to create the owner and like you said, well I’m not somebody right. And that’s what most people do is they sit and they say, well somebody will fix it.

Well, no, not until somebody I guess yeah, somebody will, her name is Tiffany. She’ll come and do it. Sure. Yeah. You have to be willing also to not get intimidated by the big picture because for me it was always like, I don’t know how to create a new school. So what I do, what can I do today. You know, I’m going to take a step in this direction and the beautiful thing is just things line up and the right people come into your space when you’re really trusting and when you have pure intentions for what you’re wanting to offer the world and I don’t know about you, but it’s so amazing to see the synchronicities that have been happening with lining up all of us, I mean I meet people in the most random ways that is just way too beautifully, it’s divine, it’s divine timing, divine all this stuff, it just keeps and like you said, it was the first thing you did, I it’s gotta be this is that when you first, when you make that first um commitment like you did, you said I’m done this is it, then everything starts, you know what I mean, that no matter what you have to go through hell brian fire, whatever it is, that’s fine because you’re like I I don’t care, it’s it’s better than whatever is there, it doesn’t matter, like I gotta leave no matter what’s there and you just go and then everything starts to line up like that’s what happened for us, the same exact thing.

It was just like okay well we, it was just there was no choice, right? You kind of get put in that point where there is no choice, so you’re doing that and once you make that decision then it’s like, okay cool, now now here’s your support, here’s all the people you need and that’s why I say these past couple years have just lit a fire beneath us and forced us forced us to move forward and get that confidence and like, yeah, we can do this together. And it’s been so beautiful to be, seem to be witnessing people stepping up to the plate on so many levels and just watching us come together in community, because that’s what’s happening right now, there’s no coincidence that we’re all being connected to one another, and we have different things to add to the piece, right?

Or add to the grand beauty of what we’re creating. So, um, it’s, yeah, it’s definitely been a process in in the education sector, because I’ve done a lot of work d schooling adults, because we have a lot of indoctrination in our childhoods, you know, for those of us who have gone through the system and just, you know, in this world, it’s it’s like, it’s hard to reprogram some of those things. So, um, getting parents used to a new idea of what’s important to learn, right? We we see these Children that have these passions and excitements about certain topics and what the system does is says that’s not important, what you’re excited about this is on, and, you know, focus on this academics, in math and, you know, because all of us as adults are running around proving angles in our life, right?

You know, we’re using that makes a lot of, right. Yeah, not at all. It’s it’s just like, let’s keep feeding the system, that’s why it’s indoctrination because it’s it’s designed and everybody’s like the system’s broken. No, it’s not, it’s working exactly like it’s supposed to Oh no, ah I don’t know why I did, it froze up like they’re onto us, Shut it down, shut it down. Yeah. Anyway, anyway, I digress. I don’t remember what I was saying. It was something good. We were talking about something that’s good.

They’re out there trying to they’re stumbling us up, man. No, it’s it’s all happening exactly the way it should, I do know that, oh, everybody says that the system is broken, right? But it’s not, it’s working exactly like it’s supposed to it’s designed perfectly. Everybody’s like the system’s broke. No, it’s not. If you knew what was going on, you’d see how efficiently beautifully, Well, it’s working for the people who created it absolutely well. And also look at, look at what we define as intelligence, right? When you look at somebody in society, they, you know, somebody that can regurgitate wrote information.

They’re like, wow, that’s a really smart person. Like is it? You know, if they don’t have that intuition that critical thinking skills, they can’t survive. And that’s the one thing that I’m really focused on within my education paradigm and my class, It’s getting back to reconnecting with the earth, learning how to survive garden, my kids are learning to garden, they’re learning how to resolve conflicts on their own at age four years old, you know, they can walk over and resolve something. I know grown ups that don’t know how to do that and why are we saying that these academic topics that the government shows are more important than these life skills?

Well, obviously they don’t want us to be self sufficient because the government likes to dangle little carrots in front of your face, so you’re dependent on them, literal carrots now too. Right now, food shortages and all this stuff. Right? That was that was the conversation I had yesterday, obviously about food force, right? And was like, well, that is the solution. If you if you if you are detached completely about yourself, self sufficient, you don’t need them. And that’s a huge threat, huge, huge threat. Oh yeah, they don’t want us to be independent, they don’t want us to be thinkers, you know?

Exactly. Yeah. And it’s beautiful. So that kind of social emotional piece and the independent skills is what we’re I have four year old hammer and nails and things and, you know, people wouldn’t usually let their kids touch, but it’s building such confidence and it’s it’s instilling these skills within them that they’re going to be able to be capable in the world because if stuff shut down and hit the fan, which we know is viable, How many people could actually survive out there. I mean, yeah, I think that we’re a small group or it’s a small group, I mean, I I say we like, I’m in that, but I would like to think on some level I could, because I have some awareness or I know what’s happening, but there’s so many people out there that don’t even know that something’s gonna happen or is potential?

There’s no right there. It, yeah, again, the, the indoctrination is exquisitely done and that’s why we need to shift things for the future generations and empower them because even myself, you know, I’m constantly learning and and gaining more skills, you know, to, to feel that bring that power back to me to be dependent on any outside entities. But at the same time, I realized how much that’s been with health from me and our natural connection to the earth and being able to be in tune with so many things, even like something as simple as Gps, I mean, look at how much our directional skills are, we’ve gone, yeah, we’re so dependent and all of these things that we think help us out in this world have actually really crippled us in a lot of ways.

So, you know, I think it’s important that we start having a conversation about what’s really important for Children to learn and and what should we really be focusing on and what are what are these? Not that any of the academics are not important. I mean, there’s kids that are going to need some of that for whatever they’re going to offer this world, but why are we devaluing things that are the most important? Absolutely. And you hit the head or Yeah, hit the nail on the head earlier.

Is it’s it’s it’s because it’s they need to be the puppet masters and if we’re not, if we’re not reliant on them, then they can’t do that. So we’re stuck. Well, we aren’t, again, we we have the choice and that’s the beautiful thing is that everything is choice, wealth is choice. That’s what wealth is. And we have a choice. A lot of these people are so poor because they’re poor of choice. They don’t know that there’s a choice. There’s an option. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. Well, they’ve only they’re only familiar with what they’ve been served, right?

And and there’s something, there’s something comfortable about that. It’s like, we’ve all been living in this a comfortable discomfort. It’s like, well, I don’t really like it here and I know this is wrong, but like, it’s what I know I have a roof. I’m Fed, right? It’s it’s there’s there’s like, I’m not dying, right? It’s not so bad that I have to change. I mean 2020 when they did the whole mask and all that stuff. Like, I mean, that was a huge social experiment, right? There just figure who’s going to do that?

Like, who would actually do it right? To me? That’s what it was just like, I was like, absolutely not from the from day one, I was like what are you talking about? Like you’re gonna tell me I have to state lockdowns and what that’s just my spirit, right? I don’t do I have a spirit that’s just like I don’t know I might just because I quit school when I was a kid right? When I was 50 I stopped I never got along with school because I was way too energetic right?

Like they said I had a. D. H. D. And all this. I just wouldn’t sit and listen to you. I learned different. You just want me to sit there like this and your body is supposed to be moving as a human. That’s you know what the human experience is not mentioned in the time I mean and what they’re doing is they’re getting us used to what adulthood looks like in their in their vision. Yeah behind the desk in a cubicle, you’re miserable, you’re gonna like it you’re gonna keep achieving for more of that unhappiness.

That’s why people are so disconnected and unhappy. It’s like they’ve been sold this lie that you do this this and this and you’re gonna be happy and they keep getting there and they’re like okay well I haven’t had the happiness yet. I achieved this okay maybe the next thing you know and then we sell into that system. It’s a brilliant way to control humans but right and I mean it’s just like even even with marriage it’s like once you get married, then you’ll be happy, You know, or or when you, when you graduate college, you’ll be happy when when you get that perfect job, then you’ll be happy, right?

And and religion is really good at at separating you. So, I’ve I’ve been learning a lot more about this recently, about the real role of religion is to actually do the opposite of what they say. It’s to take you away from God, right? It’s because God’s outside of you. It’s not you you piece of crap, like, low being that could never even write, it’s not nowhere near that. It’s a matter of fact, it’s way up in space somewhere, that’s God up there, way that you don’t even and he’s judging everything you do loves you very much.

But if you do anything wrong, he’s going to send you to burn in hell forever. So, it’s just none of it makes any real sense when you really start to think. But again, we’ve just been programmed on so many levels just to accept what we’re told. Absolutely. It’s another form of somebody above you telling you how to live and who to be your god government is your new God. And I know, I remember sitting in a church one time and hearing them say, you know, we know we’re so unworthy of your love.

And I’m just like, speak for yourself, like God was here, I could be separate from this, you know? And again it’s hate yourself like how poopy you right? It’s the self hate stand. I’m not worthy of even love like from from your creator, which doesn’t make any, it’s like so opposite which tells me that we are powerful beyond our own even understanding because they wanted to suppress it. You know, people, people talk about how we learn, right? We came from from apes and we’ve just, you know, it comes such a long way and evolved and I think the opposite.

I feel like we’ve degenerated as a species purposefully and that we were really, really intelligent beyond our imagination many years ago. I mean look at look at structures like the pyramids and all of these still can’t even explain that, right? But then again, that’s one of those things that people thought we were ignorant. Yeah, but we were so stupid that I mean I don’t buy none of it makes sense. None of it. No, no no no no. Humans what? No. You look at humans driving alone in their cars with a mask on their face today and do not tell me that we have evolved.

It’s still happening. It’s still happening. Just yesterday saw a guy, I was on the field, I was like again going back to this, what are we doing? Like how and here in California, it was absurd to me that I was the only person as you know, especially being a female walking around a grocery store refusing the muzzle and having people just like, you could just see it in their eyes. It’s like, oh my gosh, she’s doing something against the grain. And it was crazy because I had men raised their fists at me.

I had and then when that stuff would happen, the other men around didn’t stand up and I’m like, oh man, that’s where we are, that’s where we are. It’s really bad. Who we were having this conversation about, Well, the masculinity, right? There’s all these things now how it’s toxic masculinity, How we what was I think it was, what’s his name? Everybody knows uh really famous info wars guy, what’s what Alex jones, right? He was the guy who said they’re turning the frogs gay, right? But but what he was saying is, it’s all the B. P. A. Right?

The stuff in the water, the plastics and and actually is killing fertility and testosterone in men, right? And it’s actually putting in women or something, right? It’s kind of like they’re messing with everybody’s hormones through the I I think there’s so many layers to that because I’ve kind of wondered that too, like, what’s happening? Not only are we being kind of like systemically confused gender wise, they’re trying to really effeminate, make men more effeminate and make and create this real weird confusion because we’re so powerful in in our balanced energies, right?

But I think I was thinking about this and you know, this is just a theory when you are given jabs as a child, right? They use aborted fetal tissue. So how do you know that what you’re jabbing and your little boy isn’t girl fetal tissue, Female or male. And so what if that’s playing a part in it? They’re getting these feminine hormones at a young? I think there’s so many layers, who knows? Right. The food, the sprays on the sky, right? I mean it’s and that’s where back to your point.

How powerful are we? How how powerful that they have to keep it constant barrage of ship on us, constant and so many different levels on everything. And the only really way, the only way that they can really mess you up is if you inject yourself, you have to willingly inject yourself with something, right? Because all this other stuff your body can detox. But I’m just not really convinced on what your body can detox. Once you actually inject something into. You agree there’s a local doctor here that’s been working with patients.

And she told me that recently she had to start turning down people that have taken the covid vaccine because she had to be honest and say I can’t help you like what you’ve done to your body is irreversible. And there’s a lot of really renowned brilliant people in the world talking about this. I mean I’ve sat with judy Mikovits and had conversations about it and you know these people are very intelligent because you know, we’re being told we’re quacks and trust the science. I’m like well I’m talking to people who are you know highly intelligent in these fields and they’re saying counter narrative but they’re just being called crazy because there’s an obvious agenda that’s being pushed for, you know, so many, so many yeah, not not billions of dollars for sure.

Everybody knows that Right now it’s all that this is a humanitarian stuff, right? That’s how gates right? Mr Mr Hell of Gates, Gates of Hell Guy, right? So that’s what he’s doing this all for because he’s a he’s a what does he call himself? All right. Oh absolutely, this is for the good of humanity, man. Of course I do make 20-1 profit, but that’s not what it’s about. I’m here to help. Do you know that? He was so I don’t know if you remember this but in the eighties he was so hated and people were there like pie in the face.

Oh yeah, no I hated the guy before any of this dude, just because I don’t like his stuff anyway, but he was so hated for being you know, just such a terrible human that they actually started the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to rebrand him and put him out as this like look at him, he’s so altruistic, he wants to help humanity and he’s over in africa just like shooting up all these beautiful people and the soil. The soil Dude, the guy’s got his hands in the soil.

Eradicating soil, right? And that’s what the thing with Monsanto and he’s tied into that. It’s nuts man. And now he’s going around buying up all the land, right in the United States. It’s a world in the world. It’s pretty crazy. It’s pretty it’s quite a time to be alive. That’s the beautiful thing, right? And that’s and that’s why I have more and I know you do too. I have more more more faith and and and hope now that I think I ever had because back to what you were saying.

I I’ve known that there was something really wrong since the late nineties I woke up I was in the military and I woke up to the fact that I was being lied to by the news and for me that was huge because back then that was everything that you got, we didn’t have the internet and stuff like that. We had it but it just wasn’t you know as prevalent it is today so that like broke everything down. Anyway. I digress. It’s it’s just it’s beautiful to see what’s possible now because like you said it forced us to do something.

I just I just didn’t know what I was supposed to. I’m like, okay, well because trust me, I was screaming for years and but then that doesn’t do anything. It was just then nobody wanted to invite me to their parties anymore. Trust me I had friends like dude We don’t like you dude, you know I’m like what are you doing that you got to invite people over by being being a positive role model and you know over here the light side. Yeah. And so now here we are right and so we have now and that’s what, that’s what 2020 did is just lit.

If I like you said under all of this and now we have it gave me a mission. It gave me a mission. I didn’t know what my mission was until them. Yeah. Imagine though, imagine all the people who came before us. That’s why I say this is the best time to be alive. Imagine the people who came before us that saw this saw the corruption and knew what was possible and they never got to live to experience the awakening and right here. I know I know I know people like you were part of it because we’re on the precipice of it.

Like we’re the people in the front leading it and I don’t even think that we can fully grasp how big this is going to be and the ripples that all of us, you know um as as a group are going to create for this earth and those of us that you know, I think it’s for so many of us realizing you know different things you went through in your life and why they, they serve to make you as strong as you are because those of us who are strong enough to resist all of this we have, there’s beautiful plans for us and we’ve been tested.

I feel like through our lives, Yeah. To build us this strong, you know, as they say for such a time as this, so has to be, you’re right. That’s well said. It’s, it’s, um, and that’s where, you know, anybody who’s going through challenging times and you know, including me, everybody and we go through them. I mean, it’s again, it’s a cycle. So it’s not like, oh, just challenging times one time in your life and it’s no, it’s because that’s where we grow, right? That’s, that’s where, and it’s uncomfortable and weird and you’re like, but just know it’s all for something.

Oh, man. And there’s days I don’t know about you, but it’s like a roller coaster. There’s days where I’m like, yeah, everything’s going, great, awakening is happening and then there’s days where I’m like, oh man, Evil is rampant on this. Yeah, yeah. And you’re just exhausted sometimes. I’m just, I get, I mean, I work a lot. I mean, I can’t imagine how much work you have to do to do this, right? And I know that you said that you got 13, 13 Kids now, right? I mean, and a and a waiting list and I’m assuming there’s a waiting list just because you can’t take them on, right.

I mean I want to, I want to be able to take in all kids, but what I need is more, more people like me willing more True. No. Is that the right word of facilitators? I, I really like what I mean. It’s, it’s hard, you know, with, with language, we’ve so much language is not serving us, but it’s, it’s really hard to shift the way we speak. Sometimes you’re like, okay, well people understand this word. So I mean, I say teacher because it’s what people know, but I feel like at the end of the day maybe we just restructure what that means, Right, Right?

There you go. What does that mean to us? Right. Maybe it’s not so much the word, but the meaning behind that. Exactly. So for me it’s really providing this space where kids are, are asking questions and they’re, you know, being led by their own intuition and their own excitement and passions and that. I kind of can move with that. It’s a lot more work on my part as a teacher because you know, it’s easy to stand up there and go, okay, here’s the lesson and let me read it to you, but you know, I’ll have a plan and then the kids will be like, we’re really excited about frogs today.

I’m like, all right, let’s learn about frogs and like scrap what we had planned because they’re going to retain that when they’re excited. And I mean, anything that I remember from my learning experience, it was because the teacher was really awesome and made it fun and that’s stuck. You know, because that’s a key for learning. So with wilder paradigm, the whole model, I mean, it’s, we’re pulling it together right now, but I really want to see more pods like mine. But as for now we have educators that have beautiful wisdom all over the place and we’ve got like sacred drummers, we thought, yeah, yoga teachers, health teachers, um, creative writing and all these beautiful people who are totally awakened.

So, you know, your kids are gonna be indoctrinated with fear and you know, woke ideology. And so this is really kind of a space for everybody to come to knowing that they’re going to be in alignment with, you know, kind of the values that we all possessed and that kids can be, you know, grasping wisdom from all over the world and seeing what else is outside of, you know, the government ideas of what learning should look like. So we’ll have teachers online. My vision is like, you know, there’s this, this child that’s home schooling, but the kids, you know, the parents want a little bit more.

So there’s this whole database of like, you know, what can I learn and we’re just pulling from really cool topics. I’m just finding all these wonderful teachers and I’m excited. I want to take some of the classes, that’s gorgeous, that’s where it should be, that should be. And that’s the thing, This isn’t just for Children, you know, my whole philosophy is that we are lifelong learners. I don’t want to stop learning if you’re not learning, you’re not living No. Yeah, exactly. You’re not exploring enough. And that’s the thing is that, and that’s what they’ve taken to is the exploration.

Like, we’re not like nobody has that that that urge to explore and to just go out into the unknown, right? Everybody again is so afraid of fear that they won’t go out and do anything. Like it’s just like, oh I don’t know, I don’t know the outcome of that was fun. I was talking to a man the other day and he was saying he’s just kind of reached a point in his job where he’s over it and he’s like, but you know, do I get to retirement and do I stay here?

I’m like, we’re just taught that we just stay in this one lane and it just, oh it stifles us from the adventure that life is, I’m like why can’t you imagine yourself at any age? You know why? Because they’ve hijacked their imagination and that’s what’s so imagination is more important than anything and it’s been and that’s what they’re really good at and they’ve been good at, it’s like, oh well this is your life you’re gonna live about 100 Right? And then, and it’s this constant story that live 100 and so you’ve got to prepare your life So that you can retire at 60, whatever the number and its and that’s like the story that has been Injected into everybody for generations and I say throw out all that stuff like what are you talking dude?

You can live to 200, your body can live a lot longer, right? I’m just right now physically you could if you really wanted to but you gotta believe, it your imagination, you have to imagine it and you have to embody it as you but they take all that out and they say no, here’s your here’s your truth here and and and it goes on everything like that. Like the guy you were just talking about, it’s like what am I gonna dude, why would you, what does retirement mean?

What does that mean? That word is always my grandmother lived, she never retired, she never wanted to, she was like what? I’m just gonna sit around and do nothing. Get out of here dude, are you kidding me? Because that’s when people get sick and then they die early because purpose they’re like okay well I’ve been waiting and I have, I’ve known people that are like well you just you work really hard and you suffer so you can get to retirement and enjoy your time then and then they get to retirement and they’re bored miserable, their bodies are broken down, they didn’t have enough as much money as they thought they would, right?

I mean, because well I’m looking at the money situation, so it’s just it’s yeah, so it’s a fallacy, a negative, a very detrimental fallacy that they’ve sold and I think that’s why it’s a lot for people to wrap their psyches around because I mean if you, especially if you’ve made it that far in life and been duped to that level to where you, you know, that the trajectory of your life could have gone a different way and you could have lived more abundantly and happier. It’s like that’s so hard to admit, you know?

So I I try to have compassion at the same time. It’s like, alright guys, step it up, you’re not going to be making it in this new that’s that’s it’s it’s I’m very I’m very curious to see how it plays out, right? Because it’s it’s I like, I could not imagine my myself and my family ever just saying, okay, well I guess my freedom and I’m just gonna now fall into that, right? So we’re I’m pretty much bought in all in on this new earth and I’m just mind this new way.

So and I also know that there’s that other part that they still don’t even know what I’m saying. I’m a complete psychopath to even they just there’s no way for me to even communicate, right? So I know that that’s to split. So it’s and I asked this question, a lot of people is what do you think is happening here? And what do you think is it gonna be a split? And will it just be and hey it’s okay. We can coexist absolutely. In my world we can coexist in their world.

We can’t right. We all have to be um vaccinate whatever they want, right? We all have to comply to their world. So what do you what do you think? I think about that all the time actually like what is this going to look like? Because we talk about you know like five D. And us moving up and I was always like well what does that look like? Are they physically not going to be here? We’re going to be coexisting. And I mean we’re seeing it already that you can be standing next to somebody no other time in history.

Can you Has it been this obvious that you can be living in two completely different realities with a person standing next to you and that’s multidimensional. Is it not? Are they in a different well said it’s right, we’re it’s completely and we’re seeing that already. I don’t know what it’s gonna look like. I’ve had a lot of people talk about how the vaccine is going to physically remove a lot of people and we’re seeing it with these healthy people unfortunately you know coming up with sad so sad, look what they’ve normalized.

They’ve normalized heart attacks and Children, but made the common flu, the boogeyman like, no, it’s absurd. I know. And, and it’s funny, I was talking to a woman the other day and she said her friend got it. It had like her fourth booster or something and then had a heart attack and was like, you better go out and get your booster. I’m like, whoa. So the heart attack is preferable to getting the flu and that’s safer. It boggles my mind. I’m like, how can humans really be justifying this and, and making sense of it.

But I think it’s just that it’s too much, it’s too much to go the other side and, and realize and they’re told they’re they’re right, that’s the thing. But the government, the, all the authorities are telling them they’re right. And that’s, that’s really, I think where are our current doctors and stuff, right? There are lawyers there all anointed these titles of nobility in our current system, but all they really know how to do is regurgitate information real well, that, that’s the really good at that. That that’s it.

I’ve had, I’ve sat down with very educated people and could not have a conversation with them. Yeah. Just take what they’ve been given and regurgitate not to think about it and figure out how that works for them and interpret it, that’s not true intelligence to me and it’s like there and not all and again, I don’t want to put a blanket statement, but a lot of people that I’ve talked to in that position, they’re not connected to source in any way. There’s no depth to it. It’s right.

Everything’s very surface and, and it’s in that head space of life, which what a, what a way to go through life is always in your head and we’re taught so much to disconnect from our inner guide or into it and all of that. Oh yeah, they know they know they can have so much power over us when we’re disconnected and they do that in many ways. That’s why a lot of people are all calcified up here and all the water and everything. But yeah, I mean it makes sense when you look at the systems that are in place and they’re like you said, they’re working absolutely how they were meant to.

Um, but it’s also hard to see so much of humanity just falling for this and at the detriment of their health and then, and then doing that to their Children. I mean the young Children that are getting these jabs of poison in their body and even the mass I’m seeing kids like I was in the grocery and it’s like, I see a family and they got this little toddler a mask dot dude, what are you doing? I get it. Like it’s, it’s mental illness and not, not, no in no time and that, this, I was talking to Emily the other day.

I was like, man, it would be great to be dating right now because like, you know who all the crazy ones are right? I just like, nope, nope, nope. It’s really easy to know that Oh wow. They’re really because that it has to be a mental illness. It to be that disk, right? To disconnected, not just from, from, from that stuff, but like from your own source to know that oxygen is really important like that, right? And then to lock yourself in, stay inside and do all these things that, that they told you to do.

But there’s, and again, that’s because it’s got just complete cut off, complete cut off from Source at its the mass into the kids, drive me nuts, drive me nuts. And then the fact that I can’t even imagine what they’re doing, I’ve, I don’t know over the past six months, I’ve kind of cut everything. I’m not even, I don’t even care anymore what there is just so much I’m focused completely what we’re all my energy now because it was just, it got so bad. They’re like, oh now we’re gonna approve this for six months old or whatever and it’s just like, I know at some point you have to let go and make peace with it and know that that’s their journey.

But it’s really, it’s really hard to see it when these innocent kids, you know, it’s like they, they don’t know any better. They just come into this world and it’s not fair that they get roped into that the adults. It’s like, yeah, you’re on your path, you know? But the kids is where it’s hard to see that happening and at some point we just have to let go because it’s not going to service by kind of going down to that level and getting upset to that degree.

We’ve all got to really focus our intentions. You can, you can get stuck in that. It’s, it’s, it’s yeah. Oh my gosh, there’s mornings where I wake up and I’m like, like everything kind of floods back and I’m like, real like, this stuff is really happening right? Time to put Boots on, go to work, right? It’s like, okay. And that’s how I get, I’d say it’s like overwhelming and then I’m like, that means I got a lot of work to do. Yeah. Sometimes it feels like we’re living in the biggest episode of Punk’d ever.

I’m like, where’s the cameras come on? Where the president just so happens or form or whatever. It just so happened to also be the show, the star of a reality show, right? And that’s why I swear it is and it’s even more so that it’s just kind of in your face like now that it’s like all these things that they’re doing. I think the last one was, was when they approved the vax for little kids or something. I was just like, it’s it’s just laughable. There’s so much to laugh at or maybe the current like president.

But once you know that that’s a corporation in the United States of America is a corporation and that he’s the president of that corporation, not of us, the people, right? But it makes a lot more sense than you are. It is, it’s one big game. We’re getting pumped. Like it’s a whole absolutely. And I’m just like, okay, come on, I’m just needing the rest of humanity because people don’t realize. I mean it’s like if bugs knew how, you know, if bugs became really smart, they could take us over.

You know, like, like yeah, we’re so powerful if we get out of our own ways and our own programming because you know, people saying, oh I remember, I just heard actually this morning that L. A. Is talking about reinstating mask mandates and doors again. And I’m like, and people like, oh no, what if they do that? I’m like don’t do it, Don’t do it. It’s that simple. Just stop complying. Like who’s who’s forcing you to do any of this? You’ve just, you’ve just agreed to, you know, I don’t know if you’ve you’ve ever sat down and watched the Wizard of Oz and really dived into like the meeting and there, oh my gosh yeah.

I mean about sovereignty and Tin Man the straw man, hey man behind the curtain. All of it. All of it was teaching us and you can go back home anytime, right, anytime you have the power. There’s so much depth in that and wisdom there. But that really is the truth. It’s like the minute we all just wake up to our own power and reconnect and go, no we’re done, it ends because these guys, these these corrupt elite that are so powerful. They are just the biggest, I don’t even know the right word which is I was going to say Weenies week, right?

No Weenies is great right there. Very weak. And that’s funny because that’s what jim said yesterday. He was like they’re so weak that they have to create all this other And they want the perceived power and that’s what you saw starting in 2020, all these people that felt so powerless in their life, they just got high off their perceived power. I mean somebody like a grocery store clerk just yeah, I get to tell somebody else what to do because I can’t, I don’t have any control over my own life.

So this makes me feel powerful. Stand in the box. Yeah. Last on I got banned from so many grocery stores. I was banned from Apple store right? Yeah. Yeah. Oh man. Like and they were really, yeah so it’s okay. We’re we have yeah, we have some really amazing stuff. I don’t know how much you know about like the equity court. So in the trust we have our trust stuff now and so like we don’t even deal in the article one courts anymore. It’s all article three courts and uh yeah they’re all going to pay very very dearly and it’s okay, it’s okay and that’s why it’s we have we have solutions, we have remedy, we have and that’s again that’s why it’s so beautiful what we send to begin, Why is it so beautiful?

Because it forced us all and forced in the most beautiful, you know, benevolent loving way, right? It’s like that forced us to find new solutions to make this new earth. And that’s the beautiful thing why was connected to you guys in the first place is when I was looking for my school, you know, I was learning so much about you know the straw man and all of these systems and and being sovereign and I’m like my for my school, I’m not going to ask the government permission for what that looks like, what I get, you know, enforce or not and what I get to teach the kids.

So P. M. A. Was the only way so wilder paradigm is under me and my classes under a P May I have your awesome sign right on my door is not allowed here. You don’t get to tell us, you know to mask Children or any of these crazy mandates so beautiful there’s something beautiful about empowering is that, but how empowering is that, Come on. I mean, it’s a paradigm shift uh unintended, right? But it it totally is, it’s a it’s a inner, it’s a shift, it’s a big shift of empowerment beyond anything that you can, you can really explain to anybody is stop asking for permission that alone.

So many things. I mean, I was talking to somebody, I was learning about what what marriage is, you know, within the state and it’s like, well you’re essentially asking the state for permission to join together with somebody, why do you need to do that and to regulate you? You’re never even married to your spouse, you’re married to the state, yep. And when you are married, everything that comes from that marriage including your Children who Yeah, yeah. You know, it’s hard because learning this is like learning this crazy foreign language and it’s a lot, it’s a lot to pull in and um but it’s it’s important work to be diving into and for us all to be having conversations, I had a study group with some friends and we were learning about all of this and it was just like, it’s so foreign at first, but now I’m, you know, when I’m when I’m talking to people less than two years later, look where you’re at.

Yeah, yeah, and I still have much to learn, but it’s like I’m on that path and it’s the most freeing feeling ever to realize because you know, you know in the core of who you are that you’re meant to be sovereign and that you’re, you know, you have the power to to govern your own life and make good choices. And that doesn’t mean, you know, not having somebody in charge of you is gonna make us go crazy and do horrible things. In fact, it makes you more responsible the other way.

It’s the opposite. Like where did that get into our like, oh, so now because I used to say this people, the first thing that, so you’re just gonna let everybody go rape everybody. I’m like, so are you telling me if rape was legal, then you just go start raping people know that anyway. They’re going to follow the laws that you make. That’s it’s the same thing with the gun control stuff. They’re like, oh, take all the guns well, but the bad people are still going to have the guns.

Like I don’t know if you know that it’s like ill intentioned people are always gonna, and that’s the best way to beat that is for us to be empowered individually, then they wouldn’t affect us and in community. I like when people talk about, you know, what’s the grand solution to? And I think really for every problem essentially every problem that we’re facing as humanity. I think the answer is community because we’ve been so pulled apart from one another. I mean, how can you harm somebody if you’re if you’re having these yeah, we’re connected and you know these people that feel ostracized, they’re the ones that are usually doing these things or you know there’s been some sort of trauma and I feel like there’s a lot that can be healed with us going back to living in closer quarters and um you know I know a lot of my neighbors I’ve never seen and I think that’s absurd and I think that’s why so many people are depressed and so many issues are happening.

So I really think that’s where we’re going to have to shift for the future is kind of you know, working a little bit more cohesively and as a community and getting back to being real and a little a little more in tune with one another and not being so you know independent but also knowing that we’re meant to rely on each other and we all have to bring to the table right? Not codependent but interdependent that there is there and we have just like just like my wife and I mean I’m not codependent on her, I still know who I am, is it?

But we’re interdependent. We have a child, I mean a daughter sorry child, that’s another statutory term by the way, but you know what I mean? So oh my gosh! And that like yeah the addiction that you have to change in your head it’s so hard, same person, the word person, he was like, it’s just you got right because we interviewed Pao chang and he wrote a book called Word Magic. I don’t know if you’ve ever read that book, it’s amazing. It’s called Word Magic, his name’s chang, he was on the podcast, but that’s the whole books about word magic and what is it, it’s called spelling, You’re casting spells and he’s like, what is the act of putting letters together?

It’s spelling, spelling and they tell you all of this and it’s all right in front of our face and that’s what you’re saying is once you kind of awaken to a little bit programming tell a vision, Yeah, programming, literally. Yeah, I know that my great grandparents called it the boob tube, so my grandparents called it the boob tube and I know they got that from my great grandmother right, or one of them, so they knew early on that made you dumb and maybe the boob, this boob means stupid, so they were like, it made you dumb and yet here we are, like, it’s um it’s and and again, I think that it’s it’s on purpose maybe by us by source whatever, just so that we can experience this amazing time to be here and and transformation like nothing else because that’s something I love, I love to do myself, I love to see another people, another thing is a massive transformation, right?

It’s just nice when you’re like, I was poop and I was feeling like poop or maybe work, but now I’m gonna do something, then you come out and you’re different, right? That transformation, and that’s what we’re doing. It’s a whole new world. We have an opportunity to to change the face of the future of generations and generations forever, and that’s what we’re doing, that’s what you’re doing, that we had to be accountable to put in the work and do it. It can’t be just handed to us.

And that’s the beautiful thing is we’re returning to that empowerment and that personable personal responsibility, which is, you know, lacking in so many people nowadays, because it’s easier to go, oh well my life’s messed up because the government, you know, the government, listen, it was wrong. It’s like, no, this takes it back and it’s like, everything you do, all the results are from what the choices are, that you made, and that’s scary. But it’s also powerful. It’s the most important thing there is is you’re taking your power back because everything that’s empowering to us, we’ve outsourced, right for education, think about that, your health, your wealth, everything, everything that’s most important, your spirituality, spirituality, we’ve we’ve outsourced it, we’ve outsourced all of it.

No, you take care of that for me. Well, what does that do that gives your power away? You’re giving it away, Giving it away. Giving it away, start taking that back, man. You know, you know, it’s just always looking for something outside of us and it’s like that’s really the key is going back going back and reconnecting constantly because there’s so many things that are working to pull you away from that right constantly. So you have to just be so mindful and so purposeful today to keep your health in order mentally physically to you know, be constantly questioning everything.

You’re just being parted. And I get why people are so thrown. It’s there’s a lot of information and and confusion, you know, constantly look at our films even, you know, tv shows, we can’t watch them. I can’t I can’t even watch it. We we tried to start a new show yesterday. I remember it was on amazon just like I’m not, I can’t watch it. Everything is about race or just and you’re just gender and like over overly like and it’s just like happened right. It’s it’s in genuine, it’s not even at least to some of us.

And I don’t know if if I mean obviously there’s audience for it because well yeah, it feels good to space out and have some drama outside of your life. You know, it makes you feel better addicted to that, but I can’t watch it, you know, and any time we try to watch a film nowadays, I’m like there’s that agenda. There’s this, it just makes, it’s irritating. It’s like just watch something innocently. Like I just have to go back and watch the old classics like or something, you know, exactly.

Things that were just like, you know, just good old wholesome, you know, not selling me any ideas as blatant. Yeah. It’s really uh it’s funny once you start to wake up, everything becomes so obvious that it’s just not enjoyable anymore and that’s where the term ignorance is bliss comes from. Yeah, true, but not true honestly, especially right now with the whole ignorance is bliss. Part of it’s like, yeah, that’d be great not to know the horrors, but at the same time you look at how look at how miserable and in fear all of those people. Yeah. Yeah.

They’re just riddled in fear every day in their lives and they’re just waiting to be dictated their every move. And it’s like, yeah, I’d rather know the corruption of the world and man I’ve seen and heard some crazy stuff that I’m sure you’ve you’ve dived down those rabbit holes too and just like can’t unsee or hear that, but it’s very freeing to know that and go, okay, you know, this makes sense why there’s so much darkness in the world and this makes sense why this is happening and then what can we do to move forward because only when we face it and are willing to look at it, can we eradicate it and heal and move forward 1000% over right and then because we have to do that.

Um yeah, this has been one of my favorite talks ever. I can’t believe it’s already an hour. This is amazing. I, I mean, I remember all of our conversations that we’ve had in the past. I mean it’s been a while, I don’t remember the last time we talked probably six months or maybe four months or something, I don’t remember. I know you’ve talked to the team right? Like steve and those guys. Yeah. Um, but yeah, I always love this conversations with you. Thank you so much. And again, thank you so much for what you’re doing.

Um, but before we get into any of that, um, uh, tell everybody how, how they can find you. I mean, is there is there any way that we can support you? How can we support you? How can we help these sort of things? Yeah, thank you for asking. Well, we definitely need more students, more teachers to sign up on the site so we can get this rolling. I want to see this around the world, you know, next year, I would love to see pods popping up. I would love to see so many kids exiting the school system.

So it’s wilder paradigm dot com is the website. You can email me at wilder paradigm at gmail dot com. We are on instagram and facebook. You can see what we’re doing. I post stories of my classroom so you can see how beautiful things are flowing and then, yeah, we need more educators, we need more people brave enough to step outside of the system and create this beautiful new world with us. So yeah, definitely go on. It’s free to sign up right now and all students are free so put your kids on there, put yourself on there if you’re interested in following, you know what classes we’re going to have available.

So. Yes. Yes. Yeah. No, I want to have you back in a few months, we’re going to talk about the progress and because this is very, very important to us obviously like we said our our pillars education, health law, finance, these are all things well, you know the freedom people now were big into law and finance and now they’re setting P. M. A. S. And all that good stuff too. Um so those are the pillars that we need and and you are building a beautiful beautiful pillar, a base for this pillar that’s gonna be generations to come.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you’re doing to. This is really important work and that’s why I say all of us, all of us have to step forward in the gifts that we have to offer the world and another to create that we’ve that we’ve spent our whole lives becoming to what you said like all the hardships you’ve done in your life and everything that you’ve learned and all of that is for now really is doesn’t give you Children. Yeah it’s beautiful. Thank you so much brad.

It’s been a pleasure. Okay. We’ll talk very very soon. Okay. Sounds good. Have a beautiful day too.

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