May 26, 2021

Please Stop Live Organ Harvesting

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WARNING! Real deal stuff. This existence is not all rainbows and lolly-pops as 2020 forced us to be aware of. This is no exception. Is this really happening? Is the CCP really behind all of this?? This and more on today’s Fireside Freedom Chat with Mitchell Gerber

Show Notes

ITNJ International Tribunal For Natural Justice + Sacha Stone

CCP- Chinese Communist Party connected to lockdowns and vaccine passports (social credit score) 

 6:15 1st Clip 

CCP has killed over 100 million people 

3 principles of Falun Gong: truthfulness, tolerance, compassion 

13:51 privilege to be American, take a look at what’s going on now 

20:18 CCP disguised as vaccine passport 

Bruce Willis Die Hard “Welcome to the Party”

Mike Adams Natural News

 Confucius Institute FBI, DOJ,CDC, WHO,Bill Gates, George Soros, Fauci, UN under Biden state are all propaganda 

 Elvis Presley “Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire”

Johnny Cash“You can run on for a long time but sooner or later God’s gonna cut you down.”

Ephesians 6:11-17 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.;&version=KJV;

 The Matrix Morpheus “you ought to take the red blue or blue pill. You take the blue pill and you just continue your life as sheep ready to slaughter, or you take the red pill and we’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” 

Jim Morrison “is everybody in, is everybody in because the show is about to begin” 

45:01 3rd clip 

58:30 4th clip

Gladiator “what we do in life echoes in eternity”

 Kingdom of Heaven “Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright that God may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. That is your oath.” 

 Clip of plane over “White House”

 Johnny Cash God’s Gonna Cut You Down

 Thomas Jefferson “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”


Editorial Series-  “How The Specter of Communism is Ruling Our World” by Epoch Times

 Hard to Believe on YouTube



Hello, all you lovely Freedom People out there and welcome to today’s fireside. Freedom. Change fires that. I’m your host Bradley Freedom. Today’s guest is one of the most phenomenal human beings. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to his name is Mitchell Gerber, Mitchell Gerber is a warrior, a man of steel, conviction, faith, a man of God, a man of peace with the fighting spirit like no other, We’re more than honored to have him on. And uh today we’re going to be speaking about some pretty horrendous stuff mixed in with some hope fun, hopefully some laughs kind of thing. Anyway, before we get into this, uh you know, you know the drill, just pick up your phone. I’m gonna need you to text in the key word stop one To 844 9923733. Again that is stop one 28449923733. And we’ll send you out today’s show notes on this incredibly important subject. something that you really need to pass on. Come on. Let’s go. Yeah. Mhm. Mhm, mm. You great man. Just as long as my as long as I was coming through as a rock star on your side, I’m I’m rocking and a rolling brother rocking for sure. Yeah. Yeah, awesome. Okay, well, let’s get let’s get going. Yeah, Man, Brad. I am long warrior on the front lines and investigative activists, journalists for the last 20 years. Actually, I just celebrated my own Private anniversary of 20 years dealing with this new form of evil that I’m about to discuss with you brother on your show, which I’m honored to be on by the way. And not many will hear my story and really take on what I’m about to discuss with you because it is so heavy hard to believe and frightening what is going on. So, thank you again for letting me come on your show. Yes. No, please thank you. Uh it’s our honor. Absolutely, man. Absolutely. Um so my initial I guess my first question would be is uh kind of ah activism, I guess you would call this, but how did you get into it or if you want to kind of start? Maybe kind of what exactly we’re gonna be talking about for listeners, because again, you know, uh I’d like to consider myself pretty well informed. I listen I I know about the I I. T. And J. I’ve been watching Sasha Stone following him. You know, very closely. I again, just when you find people that you resonate you kind of want to. So so again, even following all that, my mind was still blown when I saw the stuff that you sent me. And uh so maybe if you could kind of start there and he’s everybody in a little bit. Absolutely. Such a stolen is an amazing man. I linked up with him when I was in bali and he’s been very big and exposing the pedophilia and child trafficking rings around the world that these really sick and evil twisted elites are involved in around the world. And I got involved in the organ harvesting genocide that is being committed by the chinese Communist party and five or 10 years ago brad no one really knew or care to know about what the CCP is doing or what even the CCP is and now because it is related to the lockdowns and now the vaccine passports that are being finally or about to be released which are disguised as the CCP social credit schools which we can get into in a moment. I always like to relate why this is so important and why this is affecting and why this is important for people to know, because it’s relating to everyone even where whether you’re living in America or in europe or in other places, particularly in the United States, why does it, why does it matter what’s going on a million miles away in china? Because it’s imagine it was your family that was hold off By a secret police or military in the middle of the night in mobile execution bands sent to state mandated hospitals, concentration camps and re education centres over 250 of them around China. Your organs cut out of your body while alive forcefully without any consent. And then your organs sold for millions of dollars, hundreds and thousands of dollars to fuel a multibillion dollar business are forced live organ harvesting almost like a grotesque restaurant where lobsters are taking out of a tank, cut open The organs removed, and then the then then the body is just burned. The crematories of the ovens, of the, of the, of the boiler rooms, of the hospitals and then sold for massive amounts of profit. And this has been going on for 20 years. As I’ve said, a new form of evil that has been uh exposed, revealed and confirmed, brad. If you won’t be so kind to play the first clip to just give your, your, your, your listeners and your audience a a perspective of what is going on. I think the clip will, will share some weight light. Yes, absolutely. We’re going to do that right now. Although one second, one of the worst crimes in history began taking place in hospitals throughout the country as organ transplants suddenly began to skyrocket. We’ve been asked to investigate allegations that there has been harvesting of organs of Falun Gong in china. Our bottom line conclusion, after considering everything as best we could was that the allegations are true. I began conducting comprehensive interviews with medical professionals, chinese law enforcement personnel and over 50 refugees from the laogai system. But I estimate that 65,000 Falun Gong were murdered for their organs from 2000 and 2000 and eight, essentially, what organ harvesting means is they’re taking Falun Gong practitioners literally like cattle holding in prison camps, testing their blood and other vital organs. And when someone comes into the country that needs a heart liver kidney, they find a match. They take the Falun gong practitioner extract their organs. Of course, killing them in the process. Mhm. People who are expecting this to sort of just be solved naturally by all we have to do is sit back and they’ll fix it. This is right. The West has to take a role and the one roll the West can do is say these are our values. We cannot go beyond this. There are certain lines we can’t cross. This is a red line, that’s an absolute red. Enver Tohti the surgeon turned bus driver says it’s been 20 years since he removed the organs from that live prisoner. It remains a mystery why so few people have ever heard about the thing. He says, he cannot forget just just my experience. Just just a real true story. Yeah. If you keep silence this tragedy will continue. People just don’t want to touch this evil. Because if you touch this evil, maybe at the end of the day, you may not be able to tackle this the consequences. That’s just my guess. Yeah, wow. Yeah. As you can see, those are the main investigators from the award winning documentary, Hard to believe, which is free online on Youtube. You just have to youtube it and it’s called Hard to Believe. It was released by Swoop films and it’s won 18 awards, especially the Peabody Award procedures documentary award in the world and the investigators, David Kilgour, David Mattis from Canada Ethan Guttman, the bald head of american guy who’s a china investigator, wrote a book named the name of the slaughter and his writing another book on the weaker muslim ethnic genocide that is going on in china. And dr Totty, who is the surgeon who first committed a forced live organ harvesting in 1995 have confirmed beyond a reasonable doubt brad that this has been going on 52 pieces of evidence since 2000 and six or 2001. Excuse me, Where at least 45 to 65,000 Falun Gong practitioners which is a spiritual movement that was targeted in china, a type of Tachi yoga, martial arts, mind and body practice that embodies five simple stretching exercises and meditation And has a philosophy of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance. Well, this particular practice grew to become the largest spiritual movement in all of China. And then the Chinese Communist Party targeted Falun Gong because of its popularity. One out of every 13 Chinese national citizens were practicing this harmless, peaceful, incredibly health beneficial practice and they targeted it for the for for the organs. Because once you practice the following gong organs that following on the practice and these exercises and live more of a healthy mindset. Your body will will you know, healthy mind, healthy body will follow your mind. And they were seeing the Chinese Communist Party by doing medical research on these particular practitioners of the spiritual movement namely Falun Gong, how their bodies were just transforming to put to the point of an incredible health that they’ve never seen and they didn’t see it was, it was record numbers of people becoming healthy. Illness is a uh elements and the injuries were all vanishing and uh the suicide rates were going down. People are living longer, feeling better, breathing better. Multi billions, multi millions of dollars of healthcare costs were being reduced in the chinese medical system. Uh and so this was becoming the life force of china. Uh, all the high ranking officials in the Chinese military, the Chinese government uh C. E. O. S up more than half of upper class society were practicing celebrities. We’re all practicing and getting healthy from these simple exercises and universal principles based on truthfulness, compassion and tolerance but brad. What happened was is that the CCP, this reign of terror That has killed 100 million people has been controlled in China. The Chinese civilization. The Chinese people for the last 50 plus years demonize the spiritual movement as some kind of terroristic cult to turn public opinion against it. To poison the minds of chinese people in order to push forward a final solution campaign. Just like the nazis did with the jews, just like just like neuro during the christians in Rome to weed out hundreds and thousands, tens of millions of innocent people who were practicing this very similar to chinese yo like I said And send them to state mandated hospitals over 200 concentration camps, cut their organs out of their bodies while alive and sell their organs to fuel a multibillion dollar business and here we are today. That’s that’s crazy. Yeah, it’s crazy. Yeah. That is wild man. That is uh, so okay, so you, you’re, you were born in South Africa but were raised in the United States I believe I heard you say. Is that correct? Yes. I was the first in my family to become an american citizen. 05 years, awesome man. Congratulations. That’s cool. That’s cool. And that’s, that’s one privilege that I, you know what I mean? Uh that is a big, big privileges being being in America. We don’t, I don’t think that America enough Americans really understand the privilege. You know what I mean? I was in the marines and things like that and so you know you have this like this uh love and understanding for freedom that it just doesn’t seem like I don’t know that the average person really really holds any sort of water to whatsoever. And they just kind of um yeah, anyway, I digress on all that. It’s my my question is is is That just makes me want to have, you know, do more because I have that privilege, I have the ability to say something, you know what I mean? And so what what what really brought your attention to this and started making you, I guess, how did you become an activist? I mean 20 years. This is like really when it started right? I mean, I mean, absolutely. And just to add to your point, it is the ultimate privilege to be an american citizen. We have, it’s the greatest country in the world, the best system in the world. You have never had more freedom, prosperity, success, uh, individual liberties, protection by the Second Amendment. Constitutional values, laws and traditional values. Unbelievable. And what is going on right now and how it relates to people is that ladies and gentlemen take a look what’s happening in your own backyard. Look at the radical left, look at the communist american communists like anti fire and others that are tearing down cities, terrorizing american citizens banning you from social media, creating a so called welk cancel culture, which is which is rehearsal, which is a rehearsal for mass murder, demonizing conservative christians trump supporters, patriots, red blooded americans for believing in the Second Amendment, believing in the constitutional rights and values of the United States, burning the american flag, Taking God out of the cities and out of the schools, out of the court systems, out of health care, out of everything. There, there is no God and every anything. It’s it’s creepy man. It’s it’s it’s zombie, this is this, this is a zombie apocalypse. They talked about the apocalypse, this is it, and the masks and the people with the mass and you know, walking around, it’s it’s complete zombie ville. It is uh we’re here, yeah, it’s intentional tyranny based on the globalist elite and the chinese communist party infiltrating this evil Communistic takeover into America with the installed sleepy joe biden at the helm, yep. Yeah, I mean and he’s a beauty. He’s a beauty, come on brad, He’s a beauty tremendous. I mean, huge, huge beauty, like what a beauty he is, you know, you’ll follow him, slaughter is uh but again, and you know when you did that interview with Alex and that that was in december, I believe somewhere around there and and you were you know, saying, hey, you know, trump’s got to stay and You know before 2020, to be quite honest, I was never really, I was, I don’t want to stay asleep because I haven’t been asleep since I was a woke. But uh and that’s wrong term since I was awakened by by force by knowing that the the CNN was kind of lying to us. Right. Uh So anyway, I was kind of blown away from that. And anyway, anyway, I digress. I really want to hear more about um about kind of what this situation is. Um I know you’ve got lots more to say. Um and is there, should we play the next clip or do you want to kind of hit on to the next thing? I mean you tell us where to go man now with pleasure. Let’s play the next clip. These clips uh bread that I’ve shared and are prepared for your audience. They’re from the heart to believe documentary truly implore people to watch, especially during the lockdown since people have free time now. Um hard to believe documentary, but this is the second clip. Yeah, let’s let’s try it. Okay, cool. Yeah, we’ll do that. We’ll do, let’s see. By 2000 Falun gong practitioners were disappearing into labor camps and mass numbers. At the same time chinese hospitals began promoting their organ transplant expertise. I’m David MEREDITH and with me is David Kilgour. We’ve been asked to investigate allegations that uh there has been harvesting of organs of Falun gong in china. David Kilgour is a former member of Parliament and former Cabinet Minister for Asia pacific and I’m a Winnipeg lawyer doing immigration, refugee and international human rights law in Winnipeg. And we have now done our investigation and we’re producing this report and I didn’t know whether it’s true or not. And so my task initially was to try to figure out a a way of approaching issue so I could either prove it or disprove it and not just walk along the way and say, I don’t know the number of executions in china varied widely depending on who is counting, but Mattis says, no matter which number he used, the number of executions and the number of organs didn’t add up. The transplant volumes increased substantially after the persecution of Falun Gong began. And I mean, there’s a lot of other evidence, but the most likely explanation for the increase is the Falun Gong. We pursued every investigative trail we could find in the report. You will see that there are 18 different avenues of proof and disprove. We considered and evaluated our bottom line conclusion after considering everything as best we could was that the allegations are true. We believe them to be true that this harvesting is indeed happening. Meadows says what made Falun Gong organs especially attractive was the practitioners healthy lifestyle. They do not drink or smoke on many of the recordings of phone calls made to more than 100 Chinese hospitals. Doctors assure callers that transplant organs are from healthy Falun Gong practitioners. Holy crap. More holy crap. This, yeah, that’s what, you know, that’s what a lot of people tell me as well, that it’s so hard to believe. And the investigators that I brought to on a coalition to London with Sasha star. And you kind of remind me of Sasha, I don’t know, maybe you’re part of the lineage. You know, there’s a saying there’s no orphans in the wolfpack brother. Uh, you know, there ain’t no offers and the wolf pack, you know, and there’s 20 more like us, you know, but you’re far between and we’re the last of the Easy Rider brother. You know, we’re the last of the easy riders. Absolutely, man, I love that dude. And you know what? Because, well, that’s like I said, you just vibe when you, you know, when you vibe with people and it’s, it’s been it’s been one of those, um, uh, Uh, just events, right, this whole 2020, everything happened and it shook all the bad things away. And to me it was the best thing that could’ve happened to this planet because now people are awake and listening. You know, more people are listening before that nobody was listening. Exactly, Exactly. And a lot of people didn’t listen before because it didn’t affect them and now it’s affected them. This whole CCP viruses take over these lockdowns, these vaccine passports disguised as the CCP social credit school. And you asked me how did I get into it while I was studying, international business and politics at the University of Georgia, I lived in Atlanta Georgia for 25 years and I received a death threat. I had to sit down with the FBI. He was who is located in uh in Atlanta Georgia, very strategic place in America. And uh yeah the texas and florida are the only two states basically that are really uh taking action. As you said, you’re an action taker to combat this radical leftism that is trying to destroy the fundamental freedoms in constitutional values of the United States led by the CCP basically. Oh absolutely, exactly. And I just wanted to share something with you. That treason is defined in the constitution is levying war against the U. S. Or adhering to its enemies. Yeah, so more than a dozen us journalists from nearly every mass media fake news outlet including the Communist national Network, CNN new york times, MSNBC, the Washington post and more have been caught red handed and pay for play agreements with the chinese Communist Party. And these journalists all agreed to write positive pieces about the chinese Communist Party in exchange for a lavish trips around the world. And we’ve also got a database from the Australian brad, the largest newspaper in Australia that leaked the database of over two million chinese Communist Party agents, secret police and spies that have infiltrated into the governing bodies of the United States. Well, go figure because you’ve got, you know, old sleepy joe. Uh, the main CC business is business as usual. Um in America running the show, you got in the UK parliament, you have in the, in the Australian government, you have in the multinational corporations, the chinese Communist Party has infiltrated into Hollywood uh, into Pfizer into astrazeneca. Hell your, your kill shots have been, have been created by the, by the CCP. Um, so, uh, crazy dude. Oh my goodness. It’s uh, you know, you know, it kind of reminds me of Diehard, remember the nakatomi building? Yeah, absolutely. Dude, nakatomi towers. Yeah, yeah, So, so, so I think his name’s help private private hell officer. Hell he goes in with, he seems he, he has reports from the nakatomi building, right? So he goes in with his cop cars like, you know, dispatch, there’s nothing wrong. Yeah, I don’t know what you guys and all of a sudden freaking body slammed his car and you know, it’s a holy crap, what the hell is going on? And you squeeze out the window with an Ak 47? Yeah, yeah, you’re sent back up, back up and Bruce Willis is so common. It’s like, hey man, welcome to the party pal, Yeah, you’ve been a long welcome to party. So this is where we are folks. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, because yeah, I’m the fact that, you know. Yeah, yeah. Well, and you know what man, you know, and this, this that’s real talk, that’s so real, that it’s like, it’s like now, finally, you know I mean. Yeah, that’s a great analogy. That’s funny. I like that. I don’t like usually moving analogies too. So that’s good man, I’ll tell you, and let me tell you this is from mike Adams. He runs natural news phenomenal. I love Mike Adams. Yeah, yes. Mike Adams is great and I was on FB. I’m Alex jones show we talked about this as well. But the FBI and the doj under biden are linked with the Confucius Institute, which is the chinese state propaganda undisclosed as as, as tying with the scene with the CCP and the C. D. C. And the World Health Organization and the United Nations are all been working within, aligned with the Chinese Communist Party from the beginning when they unleashed the spire weapon from the war on lab, um, uh, funded by Anthony Fauci right, the NIH right. It all ties together all ties together and Bill Gates and George Soros, you know, funding anti file black Lives Matter millions of dollars by the Chinese Communist Party, the mexican narcos with the Mexican army as well on the southern border aligned with the CCP. Um, this is all, this is all coming out folks. I mean brad, this is all happening and the United Nations has been controlled by the CCP. So this new form of evil that basically I came on to discuss with you and we’ve deviated from not completely, but I’m showing you how everything is related to our own lives in America and why that’s so important for people to realize what is going on. Because we’re not in Kansas anymore honey, we’re not in Kansas anymore brother. Yeah, Darlin, we hold on to your ruby slippers because Kansas is going, bye bye, see you later. You know, we know we are dealing with all these cpr when the wicked witch of the West Carmela. No, no, he’s just the dude who opened the door, he’s just the door holder guy, you know, he’s the bellman dude, he let everybody in and it’s, I can’t, I just Yeah, because well that’s the thing is that this is just and it’s being sold as what is this old, what is it? Uh, democracy, democratic, socialism and all this kind of crap and it’s just like dude, played out, played out, uh Elvis Presley once said once, it is best goodness. Greatness, go balls of fire, you know what I mean? Like? Oh my goodness wow. You know? Yes sir, this is real, that’s real talk man, that’s yeah man. You know, born to be wild, you and me are born to be wild and born to be rebels and free. Well yeah, absolutely man. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah and that’s that’s why I do and that’s what this is all about, you know what I mean? Where we we we haven’t monetized, we’re not monetizing, this is not about money, there is no money. Uh If there’s no freedom, there’s nothing, it’s it’s dude, this is about freedom period. I just like you’re saying man when you have that free spirit and that rebellious spirit, there’s no fucking way, excuse my language or not, excuse my language, fuck you, and I’m tired of people saying to shut up, it’s just like, right? And it’s all this, like, it’s done and that. But that’s why it’s it’s up to us now to put on our big boy boots and everybody just has to create the world that we want to live in now. How do we, what do we do? This has to stop to. I mean, I mean, is it awareness? Is it raising awareness? Uh, what can, what can anyone do? You know, We can bomb the railway railway, railroad tracks. Like what happened in Nazi Germany? We can’t go to war, china. I mean, even though China, the communist regime has already declared war on the United States, they stole the elections they rigged from information warfare, Michael and L A. Great patriot as well. Who got, who got set up for jimmy Kimmel the other day. Did you see that? I did, I did. He’s treasonous rats. Oh my God, it’s disgraceful. And he fell right into it. Unfortunately. Mike needs to go a little bit more uh yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s just such a nice guy. He’s a sweet guy, you know? Yeah. And he’s just like, but he stood, I like how he stood his ground and he kept saying the same thing over and he didn’t he didn’t lose his cool. He didn’t like succumb to the evil, you know what? He stood there in the belly of the beast and and and God bless that guy, man. It’s uh man to go through what he’s gone through and then to be ridiculed and beat down. And again, this is why we’re all standing up. That’s why we we got everybody’s got to get a voice in this man, This is World War Three. This is everybody all hands on deck. And again, I don’t know what our group is. But like I was saying when I when I when I saw you and Sasha and again I saw you guys in that. So um the beginning of that two hour video is I. T. N. J. Right, the International Tribute for Natural Justice, right or something like that. Uh that no, absolutely. You got out here and J International Tribunal of Natural Justice that is held by such a stone and it’s mainly focused on he’s exposing child trafficking. And he invited me and the investigators that you saw in the clips um to do a briefing for two hours of presentation and David Kilgour, david Mattis Ethan Guttman. And uh invite Ot the forced live organ harvesting surgeon who committed the forced live organ harvesting in 1995. We were all there to present and as you saw it was quite detailed testimony and yeah, there’s absolutely no doubt that 52 piece of evidence confirms that there is forced live organ harvesting and brad to make it clear to your, your, your, your listening audience. I’m not part of any CIA, I’m not part of Mossad. I’m not part of anything. I’m just a lone warrior that took it upon myself because my heart was so touched and moved by this by this brutal atrocity that is going on under wraps concealed behind the red wall of china where hundreds and thousands, millions of people have been now sent to state mandated hospitals and labor camps and detention centers. Hundreds and thousands have been cut open while alive and the organs removed forcefully and sold for millions of dollars to fuel a multibillion dollar business. I was so moved by this that I dropped everything. I mean, I have a lot of money and potential to become really, really successful famous in terms of investments and blah blah blah blah blah. And I gave everything up. I was I was at one of the top 10 schools in the in the United States at the time in 2001 and my father uh invested a lot of money in me and then they thought I was effing crazy or how can you follow your heart? What about all the money you can make it. You’ve got all the girls chasing you. And I’m like, dad, I’m not interested in all that nonsense. All I care about is justice and I believe fail to support the good and to fail to expose evil is unacceptable and we do not tolerate rude behavior. Uh Mr mr mr mr Bradley? You know, we do. You know, we we gotta we gotta fully force, uh, what is the truth? What brought your attention to it? How did you? I was at the University of Georgia and I was really not feeling so good. I was partying a lot. I was stressed out. I was doing a lot of work, I was the president of this and the president of that, you know, and I was just handling a lot of things and I was managing at a very early age, a lot of responsibility and I was just stressed out and I wanted to try yoga and tai chi and I was very intrigued by the, by the, by the Eastern Way, Drop Bruce lee it man. I’m sure you see the Hitman series, classic series, Great great fights, you know? Um and uh, I was just intrigued. So one day the University of Georgia had a cultural fair and I don’t know if you know about Georgia, but Athens Georgia is a very famous little time for musicians. I think R. E. M came out from them and a couple other bands raped with a little town for those who want to go experience the southern uh space. Exactly. And uh there was uh there was native american crafts and activities. There was some, you know, different, different cultural fairs around the world. And I was attracted to this chinese meditation and exercises that were being demonstrated in the park and I was like wow, this is pretty cool. So I went up to the booth and I was like all the table and I was like this is great, this like tai chi and yoga and the chinese gentleman from Hong kong shared with me a fly. And I was like, whoa, what is this, Falun Dafa, Falun gong okay five exercises for health and wellness and I was like that’s pretty cool, is just some kind of religion or cult or you know, and they were like no try it out see for yourself. So I went and I was like okay let’s do these exercises and I was like holy holy crap these things work and in a matter of moments I swear to you like my whole body just opened up and I was like I want more, is there any money involved? I’m not interested in all this, we were kind of stuff, I’m a believer, I’m I believe in jesus, I believe in God, I believe you know, I come from a Judeo christian family, I’m not interested in your changing my my view and that he was like no, no no just these are simple exercises and you know and a universal principle of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance, christian as christians and as jewish people whatever you want Catholics we follow truthfulness, compassion and tolerance. I mean this is part of God’s work and morality. Yeah. So so I was very intrigued and I do these exercises, I read the literature, I learned the philosophy behind and very attractive qualities but then we really got me going brad is seeing the the outright brutal like torture methods. They had uh these these these these these these placards or uh posters of all these people, teachers and celebrities and military personnel and very good business people tortured and I was like oh my God this is horrible, you bliss me out in these exercises and then you terrify me with these pictures, I’m like what the hell, I don’t want to be traumatized but something inside me, it was like, wow, I gotta take a look at this mitch. And I was like wow, that was the day that lived in infamy where I was just totally transformed on to a whole nother path. And I was like, dad, I’m gonna put these girls are gonna put these investments are going to put all this party sex drugs and rock and roll my brother on the back burner hate me at that time because he’s such a rock star and I bet such a stone was a rock star to you. I mean you guys birds of a feather stick together. You know what I’m saying? You know these rock stars ain’t gonna like it, but they’re going to understand. And then my brother, you gotta do your thing. You know, I know, I know, you know you understand that’s why your freedom father. So that’s what the day where my where everything changed And I went on this crusade of just exposing this evil and people thought I was nuts like what this has got to do with you. What’s this got to do with anybody. But now they’re realizing that, oh my God, everyone that they doubted me uh in the past and cut me off are now coming back to me and saying, well what can we do to to to to to get out of this? And I’m like, guys, I told you so, you know, I told you so. So here we are, here we are bad, we are. But you know what again again? That’s that’s why I 2020 was was rough, but at the same time. And at the same time, I do believe that it was it was a blessing uh just to wake people up. I also do believe that that was the that was the wake up call And I believe it was the last wake up call in this kind of and you know, I mean there’s never say never at the same time. I believe that chasm to break and cross that chasm. Now if you didn’t wake up from 2020 and start asking questions and start pushing back if you’re still the person that’s now getting this jab or whatever you wanna call, right this um experimental injection, if you’re gonna run around with a mask on and never asked questions, I I just don’t know if if if that’s gonna happen for you in this go round, you know um in this human experience, I don’t know. But come on now, Well brother, you know johnny cash for the best. You can run on for a long time, run on for a long time. The sooner or later God’s gonna cut you down. You can throw your rock and hide your hand. Yeah. Dark against your fellow man. Sure God made black and white was done in the dark will be brought to light. Yeah. God’s gonna cut you down johnny cash, you know what I mean? Yeah, it’s real. It’s real and it’s real. And at the same time it’s like okay, so so just back to what we’re saying, as far as like all these people now that I’m meeting, I’m meeting you in person. I’ve met like all of these amazing people that are are my soul tribe and I’ve never even been in person with them yet. You know what I mean? It’s like and it’s it’s happened. I again we have we have a guest here at the house now who came from our our directory, right? Because we set up a business directory so that like people can so because again, we want to support businesses that we want to support. Like, again, we’re trying to create our own counter economy and counterculture here. So now we’re like, we have people, right? So we’re all kind of creating our own and it it’s a beautiful thing, man. And it really sucks. And that that the control. But obviously this is what it took for for these sort of messages to kind of rise to the top. Um because it’s really important that it happens, man, it’s just uh I can’t even express how important these kind of things are. And again, I mean, what is what can the average person do for our all our listeners? What share the videos? I mean, again, is this about awareness or is there something hard concrete? You know, is there a place people can go and donate? I mean, but again, donations to me feels so empty. If you’re not like doing something, you know, it’s like uh, it’s very difficult. Like I said, you can go to war china even though that the CCP is quite a war with us. I think the patriots right now have been agonizingly patient and are waiting for something to happen and we’re living in, we’re right now in May. You know, I think a lot of patriots listening to this are really are in agonizing frustration because we know that the CCP has taken over with the CCP, papa joe biden stolen the election rigged. Our systems violate the consent to govern, forcing these still shots on our population demonizing and suppressing any conservative or christian or patriot that wants to stand up for the truth and unleashing. There there there there red guards and Nazi brownshirts in the form of Black Lives Matter. We don’t even care about black lives. There already commodities racist as well as the antifa thuggery. And I’m just being honest with you bread, I’m gonna speak 1%. That’s all we’re about here bro is be 100% raw, honest truthful curse, do whatever you want. This is real, this is real shit. You know what I’m saying? And so what I would I would implore people to do and then we can play one more clip. I think we’ve played too so we can play three and four. But the most important I feel is discernment. You know, I don’t do this for any money. I don’t do this for any fame or fortune. I leave. My name is signal reward. This is just because we are really in the battle between good and evil and I think this is God’s work. And you know, there’s a great quote from Ephesians 6 10 18. I don’t if you read your bible the basic construction before leaving Earth, but I’m not a religious man, but I do. I am believer. Well, no, and that’s the thing is so I’m all into the sovereign where I’m a sovereign citizen. So I’m I’ve been brought back to the land. Um So is my daughter and my wife. So my family where we’re all into that, and that’s that’s it’s God’s law and it’s on the bible like the original bible. Right? And it’s just right. I’m a man. I’m a man of God. Absolutely. I’m just not a man of religion. And that’s just because I’ve seen what religion has done. Um the persecution killing, I mean, right. And so again, it’s just more of my, my my theory in life is I don’t really join anybody’s camp right since the Marine Corps. That was really the last and that was when I was 17. Right? So that’s the last kind of group that I ever really joined. Just because I realized then by then, right early on at a young age, I realized religion was was all messed up, right? Because they would preach all this stuff and then do the most horrendous things and it just didn’t make sense, right? But then like all the structures came down much later. But yeah, man, I try and stay away from being anyway. Exactly. Exactly. And there’s there’s there’s two quotes I just wanted to share with you. But please please I put no stock in religion by the word religion. I have seen the lunacy of fanatics of every denomination be called the will of God. Holiness is in right action and courage, on behalf of those who can’t defend themselves and goodness what God desires is here in the heart and the mind, and by what you decided to do every day, you will be a good man or not. And I think that’s very important. And coming to the Ephesians quote, it’s called the armor of God. And I think this resonates with you and me, regardless of whether we are religious, but we’re much more spiritual sovereign citizens, as you said. But this is a great quote, put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes, um, uh, therefore put on the full armor of God. So, so so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground um and stand firm with the belt of truth buckled around your waist with the breastplate of Righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the Gospel of Peace and Take up the shield of faith, especially against the flaming arrows of the evil one. And we are really living in dark times now, demonic forces trying to destroy us. I mean, we’re living in in more door. You know, the more than that, we were the Middle East were the Lord of the Rings. Whether you’re the albums, whether you’re you don’t pull focus from the Chocolate Factory where you got them, uh, dogs, you know, seven doors don’t want uh you know, and and uh and uh and and we’re we are like arrogant, you know, fighting the unleashed hordes of mordor was far on. I mean, we’re definitely living in this time. And not only not only that we’re living in the Matrix, you know what I mean, morpheus said the best brother morpheus sitting near, you ought to take the red pull the blue pill, you take the blue pool and you just continue your life as a sheep, left your daughter, you take red bull and we’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, man. Yeah, dude, absolutely. I remember watching Matrix Dude, I was in the military when when that came, I was in the marines when that came out. That was that was dude. And and and it crazy like and it seems to all be culminating culminating right now at the same time, right? It’s not just the Holy War, it’s not just the ultimate story ever told unfolding right now. What an exciting time to be alive And again, I know everything’s fucked up like bad beyond bad. I mean these video, I mean we know this at the same time, this is balanced. There’s a counter to everything right? There is the opposite and what the opposite is. Is this beautiful conversation that’s happening right now? And these beautiful things in these meet ups and and we will overcome because the light always overcomes dark, right? But you cannot put more dark out by more dark. Only light can drive away dark period. And so we just gotta live this man. And that’s why uh sorry little rant there. But beautiful man. Thank you. Jim Jim Morrison said it. Best is everybody in. I said is everybody in because the show is about to begin. I mean crunchy so is on remember that one with Kiefer Sutherland? Yeah, gets on stage. Yeah, that’s before you can start. I think he died from from Odeon I believe so I didn’t uh Oh yeah yeah yeah. What’s his name? From the doors. Yeah yeah he’s like you know you’re all a bunch of African slaves. I mean not us but people absolutely and and the reason is because they’ve gone after the that weaponized the fear and when you take like the KGB do an experiment that in the 19 sixties they would bombard people 24 7 with fake false news. And within two weeks and subjects were so brainwashed by the fake news they would do and I’ll believe anything you said to him, you basically control their minds and that’s any type or source of true information that they were given after that brainwashing they would instantly reject. And this is what happened with the masses, particularly with the radical leftist liberal university students who are so spoilt, who don’t appreciate the freedoms, who will march with radical leftist leftists, burn the american flag, terrorize american law abiding citizens. And boom, the center because of the chinese communist party lockdown and because of all this nonsense, I mean it’s just insane. People led to a slaughter. People are brainwashed to believe in in all this garbage, which is just ridiculous. So here we are, here we are. Anyway, would you like to play the third clip? Amen? Yeah, kind of, I don’t know, it’s like more awesomeness. Yeah, but it’s got to be done and you know what I mean? It’s it’s so important. It’s um, there are no human rights in china and the most outrageous example of no human rights in china is killing a peaceful community of felon gong practitioners and and leaders who are Muslims and tibetan Buddhists and christians house christians for their organs, kidneys, livers and so on and then selling the organs to wealthy chinese or foreigners and the people are killed in the process. The belief that I have I share with David Kilgour that organ harvesting is widespread in china and it is restricted almost exclusively to falun gong practitioners, the Falun Gong after the chinese regime of today. What the jews were to the nazis during the war and we should all take note of this and look at china with new eyes. There’s no evidence that Falun Gong is a cult of any sort. There is no evidence of a political action to try and bring down the Chinese government. Um there’s no evidence of anything other than a deep desire to be left alone to practice their spiritual beliefs in peace and to not be locked up and murdered. David and I have no common operations in probably 50 countries or even more here. Okay, All walks of life. All ages, all backgrounds, all education. I’ve found it to be a wonderful group of people. Yeah. I mean, I wouldn’t disagree with any of that. I mean, Falun gong. First of all, it’s not even an organization because it’s a set of exercises with a spiritual foundation. Everything’s on the internet. You don’t pay anything, You don’t sign up to anything. You can start whenever you want. You can stop with me whenever you want. Um, You have to tell anybody you’re doing it. Their principles are very simple and ethical. And I mean, all of that is true. I mean, it’s just, it is complete insanity that this this this is um this is this is real though. And again, like I said, so I even me, it’s juggling my brain and my brain’s been destroyed many, many times. My ego, my big oh brad’s ego has been smashed over repeatedly on purpose through many different methods. Um you know, so it’s still messing with me, right? So if it’s messing with me, I know that it’s gonna mess with your average person, right? And so it’s kind of like um and that’s but it’s hard to sugarcoat things anymore, mitch it’s hard to really, you know, this is just the real raw truth and and I understand that it’s it’s going to be shocking to a lot of people and it’s gonna be hard for them to process, but at the same time, it’s something that we need to really come to terms with that is real. It this exists, right? Because something like this, I think it’s hard for, especially here in America, people don’t know how spoiled we are. Like you were saying, like, we are so spoiled that we’re so spoiled, that they can still pit us against each other because of the color of our skin. That’s how spoiled we are right because what a ridiculous thing. But here in America because we’re so spoiled, that’s what they can pit us against each other other. People have more freaking other shit to worry about, you know what I mean? It’s like so what you know, I don’t know man, I kind of digress there but no, no, no, no it has it all together. It’s absolutely you nailed it. Yeah, yeah, it’s uh again, I I just, I’m, I, I like to instill hope you know, and you know why there’s hope because we are the hope mitch and that that’s why we know there’s hope and as long as our hearts are beating there’s hope, we’re the last line of defense brother, we are the last line of defense. You know, the last of the easy riders. 300. I love it. It’s the axis of evil. Absolutely dude. Yes, dude, I love that movie. 300 man, that shit pumps me up because dude, that’s the real stuff. That’s why I joined the marines when I was a kid. That’s why because I want the hard shit, I want the tough shit and I’m ready for battle and that’s what we’re here for. I’m 100% ready for battle. I’m well trained with with guns again, Ex marine. So I’m I’m well trained again. But I also practice meditation daily transcendental meditation daily 20 minutes twice a day. I’m relentless about it. You want to say religious was just kind of funny. My Lord brad. You are a peaceful warrior. Right? Right. Well that’s what we all are right? We try to be, but sometimes we cannot. Well, no, and that’s what you have to rise to the occasion. You got to meet the situation where it’s at, right? And that’s the thing and that’s knowing and that that’s I think when you start to kind of move past and into these mastery stages, you start to realize that you have to meet that where it’s at now. I’m the most loving, passive uh compassionate person that I can be. And I believe that also that is compassion is and I was having this talk with another matt bel air, really cool ninja man. Life, ninja kind of like us, definitely like us. Um love for you to get on his show. He’s got mind body spirit. Um show he’s really, really cool guy, man, he’s Canadian, right? So he’s up in Canada. But we met here in Sedona. So I’m in Arizona and we met in Sedona five years ago and we kind of stayed in contract and now we’re going back and forth anyway. The point is, is that it’s it’s um, it’s this time when we just, when again we just have to meet it where it’s at no, is any war? Good is any war just right. And what does that mean? Right. And where do we have to stand? And I just think it’s, if somebody is going to take over our world, we have to push back at that Um, that that level or more just so we don’t become destroyed. Right? I mean, and again, this is worst case scenario stuff I’m talking about, but it’s we are at war. Make no mistake, we’re at war right now and we are the last of the easy riders. And I love how you put it like that man, you know, the 300. It seems like we’re such a small number, but we’re a powerful number because the the light is so much more powerful than the dark as you’ve said before. Exactly. And just to make a decision to share one more thing from the armor of God, the Ephesians, God, that, as you just said, for our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual evil forces of uh, of evil in the heavenly realms. So, we have been fighting the spiritual warfare for the longest time. And now it’s just got to the flesh in the flesh and and physical realm. So we have to even as a spiritual passive warrior who I don’t want war Bradley, I don’t want to go to war with anybody as a, you know, a digital soldier, as a, as a veteran activist, as, as someone who has also been on the front lines. I don’t want to go to war. I want to raise a family in peace. God willing and see my Children go grow ripe and good. And uh, but we have to stand up against the evil of this world. And as I said before, to fail to support the good and fail to expose evil is unacceptable because we can’t tolerate rude behavior now. Um, and as, as gunny sergeant and he’s passed away, rest in peace. But he said in full metal jacket to all these lip hearts, what’s your main malfunction numbnuts didn’t want me, you have to give you enough attention when you were a child. I didn’t know. That’s that shit. That hard. Private. I’ll, you know what I mean? Oh yeah, dude. Oh jacket. I’m wow, wow. Right. But I mean what happened? But what happened to our, what happened to our men? What happened to the man? What happens? We got a bunch of pussies dude. And that’s and that’s and everybody is so again, it’s just so active. I have women, I have women around me, right? All these women around me that are way more balls easier than these men today. And, and I know I’ve, I’ve heard Sasha talked about it a lot. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about it. It’s just like it’s the the dim masculine eating of the people, right? You got to take the men out of the way, then you can take over everything else. And it’s like, man again, America, are we the last line of defense? Because we do have our first amendment right to guns? You know what I mean? I I don’t know is that the only thing that’s standing right now is that the only thing that’s stopping some sort of full I mean, but there’s overtaking us through all this this medical tyranny burl bullshit. It’s all being done without firing a shot, right? So again, we’re not it we’re not there’s no guns, there’s no tanks in the streets, man. People don’t know. We’re at war. And that is why and that is why it’s so important for people to realize that what I’m talking about is basically coming to a theater near you. You know, it’s it’s really right now in the backyards. They are about to implement these vaccine passports which are the disguised chinese Communist Party social credit scores. And if anyone has researched what the social strains goes for, for example, you and me had this conversation, they’re gonna what you are in their database. Then they want to say, okay, well, Mr brad freedom. You know, uh, going to stay here and talk some freedom stuff. Uh, you know, and I’ve heard you talk bad about us. So now you’re not going to be able to ride the bus. Now, you’re not going to be able to go to the theater. Your bank account is going to be frozen until you become an obedient slave. And take back everything you do within a cancel your show. And we’re going to ban you from facebook because we have everything in the dark place. So everything your life completely. Your economic finances, your bank accounts all are now tied in to the vaccine, passport and the social credit score. So be a good little slave. Be an obedience CCP. Uh, life, the globalist and to the CCP. And don’t you dare say anything, you are screwed. So this is what you’re basically everything. All your freedom is taken away. And this is the agenda 21 with the United Nations, privatizing or your water, the food sources, the land, everything, the banking systems, everything to make it a new world order, a one world government and this great reset that I’m sure you’ve heard about as well. This is all Communist, climate change agenda, radical socialist democratic Marxism at its best. And so let’s go folks, let’s go grab an an Efi batter at a national black mask and join the, join the parade. You know what you don’t care about our freedoms and our guns And as you said before brad, and I love what you said. The Second Amendment is the most important amendment that protects all the other, all the other amendments. Yes. And the communists hate that. We have the ability to fight back because once they render us hopeless and and and gun this, that’s when they’re going, that’s when it’s coming in. We’ll look at Australia and new Zealand and stuff like that, right? Canada look how hard. I mean, they’re they’re they’re squeezing down because they have no gut rights to guns, right? But I tell you if they come into my you come kicking in my front door, you’re gonna meet firepower, Right? And so that’s the thing is we have that kind of every home could have a gun or 10. Nobody knows, right? And so I think that makes it really difficult for if it was to be that way, right? That that kind of a I mean, but they’re they’re medically kidnapping Children right now and taking them to the hospital, right? Taken away from their parents because of a face of a fake and I’m doing air quotes a fake freaking um, you know, positive covid test it, right? And under the guise, under that, they’re saying under the, just for your own safety Bs, right? And it’s like, this is where um, again, we gotta wake up uh, and, and, and instill curiosity maybe, I don’t know. Uh, you know, again, I, I’ve, I’ve been saying a lot lately that it’s, I’m not even trying to wake up those sheep anymore. I’m just trying to connect with my lions like yourself. I’m trying to find my Easy rider crew dude, like people who are actually right to die. And that’s what I’m saying. I found you guys online. The only people who are really standing up and saying some shit, but people around me, all of them, not all of them. My wife, she’s a badass. She quit her work like writing this, this are nice little realtor here, she’s a badass, She didn’t, nobody’s wearing masks, right? But again, there’s everybody else around me fell apart. Everybody immediately acquiesced and just said, okay, yes, we’re not even gonna question why this is going on. They just uh hook line and sinker and you try and tell them, you know this is a this is a psyop, this is a standard military coup, this is a psyop, you gotta pay attention and it it’s uh but again, now now I’m finding people like you and Sasha and all these people that are Dell big tree, you know everybody that’s out there really? Speaking the truth, Clay Clark, I don’t know if you know Clay Clark is with drive time show. Um So he actually, two weekends ago he hosted Mike lindell. Um and uh Mike Adams, um It’s the thrive time show, its business school without the B. S. But they held a freedom rally in Tulsa a couple of 25 or 4000 people or something like that. But um but uh General Flynn spoke there uh Mike lindell spoke it was a big thing, they’re all over rumble. But anyway um clay clark, he’s he’s our business coaching podcast coach and he’s actually helping us to push this and getting in front as many people as we can because we’re kind of backlog in these, we’re gonna flood out Youtube with a new channel and just see how how far we can get before they kick us off. Because again this isn’t about monetization, this is about the message. So we’re really trying to get our message out your message, this message. You know in this message of freedom. No that’s actually wonderful. And I would love to come on these shows. If you have any access to the more I’ll introduce you to anybody and everybody, man absolutely. Would you like to play the last clip? Do you think about the links? Let’s do that. Let’s give this one. This is the mm the Vice President, The Durban Declaration affirms the urgent need to prevent combat and eliminate all forms of trafficking in persons including organ trafficking, china tribunal. People’s Tribunal chaired by Sir Geoffrey Nice, considered all available evidence and concluded that forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience, including the religious and ethnic minorities of Falun gong and acres have been committed for years throughout china on a significant scale and that it continues today. This involves hundreds of thousands of victims acting on independent legal advice. The tribunal concluded that commission of crimes against humanity against Falun Gong and errors have been proved beyond reasonable doubt victim for victim and death for debt cutting out the hearts and other organs from living blameless harmless peaceable people constitutes one of the worst mass atrocities of this century. Organ transplantation to save life is a scientific and social triumph. But killing the donor is criminal government and international bodies must do their duty not only in regard to the possible charge of genocide but also in regard to crimes against humanity which the tribunal does not consider to be less hideous. It is the legal obligation of U. N. Member states and the duty of this council to address this criminal conduct. Thank you. Mr. Vice President. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So wow. You know again it’s it’s there’s there’s so much information and these are four small clips for small little clips here and I’m sure you’ve got hundreds or thousands of hours of video, I’m not sure I mean, but just just even that one you send me we got through an hour of it and it’s it’s not for the faint of heart at the same time. I would I would encourage everyone to watch um any video. And what what was the name of your documentary again, Mitchell the one that you were? Yes. So the award winning documentary called Hard to Believe. Hard to believe. You can just on Youtube. Hard to believe on Youtube on Youtube. Yeah. Uh and then I’ll give up some more websites. Um Fallon info dot net. F A L U N I N F O dot net that talks about why the spiritual movement has been persecuted and brutally uh targeted organ harvesting by the chinese Communist Party as well as house christians and Muslims and Tibetans. I’m sure a lot of people know about the di Lama free Tibet, they’ve been brutally persecuted by the chinese Communist Party and all the evidence. I don’t know, there’s diehard skeptics out there and that’s good. I mean the skeptics give us a reason to work harder because when they are convinced everyone will be convinced and this is such a hard to believe situation. But the evidence all points that this is confirmed and this is going on beyond a reasonable doubt and the reports are free of charge that can be downloaded the books, all the testimonies at end transplant abuse dot org and transplant abuse dot org. A and for for those who enjoy a great read about what is going on behind the red wall of china is an incredible editorial series called from the Epoch times out of New york city, a great uh news outlet and platform that is growing exponentially now in the world. The Epoch times. Uh and the series which can be watched can be read and can be viewed or can we listen to is called The Communist Spectre is ruling our world. The Communist Spectre is ruling our world from the Epoch Times. And it’s a free publication as well. And um yeah, brad. I think that’s great. People can sign a petition. I know it’s like people like well what the hell is that gonna do much good, do more than that. But for right now, Shakespeare would say the pen is more mightier than the sword. My Lord! Pen is more mightier than the sword. We cannot go to war china. Otherwise we would all be doomed. The nuclear holocaust trying to kill us for these. We weaponize vaccines uh and and buy a weapon viruses that are mutating as we speak and killing hundreds and thousands of people around the world, especially in India. And you know about this, how about these mosquitoes? You’re about these mosquitoes doing the same thing that they have. This vaccine, quote unquote. It’s not in vaccine. It’s an M. R. A. And A injection. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I don’t know if you’ve heard about dr dr sherry 10 penny and uh and all these uh dr Christine. Oh yeah with the shedding and all this with the shedding and uh oh yeah. Mike Adams. He he does. I don’t know if you listen to his his uh his report. He does that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I love listening to him. It’s uh yeah. Yeah man this is like, and like I said, you know, I’m I’m not much of a religious person. Um I’m super spiritual, right? I I get along. But I also see the common threads. I was, I was baptized a baptist. I was raised in religion, you know what I mean? So it’s not like I was, you know that, and that’s something that I’m finding now more than ever is that if as long as you have a faith, some sort of faith, some sort of connection to creator, right rug, that seems to be the saving grace right now pun intended, you know? Um, because that’s the one common denominator that I’m finding with all my freedom fighter people is that even if you’re not religious, your spiritual, you have a connection to that source. And, and a lot of the people that I’m finding like, like, I mean you saw deep october and stuff. Right? And to me these are, are false prophets And there he’s out there pushing the vaccine and like, you know, really I mean? And it’s just like what’s going on? You know, I’m like, uh, so I really like these people. I never liked him. I mean either man, he was creepy, right? He’s like that. He’s like the, who’s the yoga guy? The sweaty yoga guy be grow from yoga become guy. Yeah. Like I always thought he was creepy too. And I was just like, do your creepy little naked dude rubbing up on chicks. Uh, people fall for this shit man. They fall for the cheap clothes, These wolves in sheep’s clothing and I mean all the profits of prophecies pointed to these beware of the, of the fake profits and the fake gurus. They came here and, and, and uh, and exploited people and fed off, fed their lives and pedaled off their lives to people huge manipulation neurologist reprogramming MK ultra. And this is what I learned when I was at the, when I was with such a stone. You could be his brother. I mean, you guys look so much alike and you’ve got that kind of tenacity. That tenacity and tenacity and uh, yeah, he’s one hell of a rock star, Sasha Stoneman. Yeah, he’s gonna be here in phoenix really soon. Uh, they’re still doing the tour, right? I don’t know if if they let him in the country or whatever. I’m not sure he’s doing with, with Sean Stone, Oliver Stone’s son and charlie Ward, uh, Simon Parks, who is also great. I love all those guys. Yeah, there’s so much fun chart. I love charlie. You can’t not like charlie, I mean, right again, I don’t know the guy personally, but you, you know, and then what robert, David steel? You know, these guys are all guys I followed. I’ve known him for a long were not known him, but none of him and followed him for a long time. And I mean all these books and it’s just, um, It’s all coming full circle man. Like this has been a 20, it’s been a 20 year journey for me as well. Right? So in 1997 ISH is when I woke up and then starting to kind of uncover and learn and here we are. And it’s like we all made it to the same place individually through our, whatever it may be. Um, through our, you know, our religious practice or spiritual practice or whatever it is, here we are. And this is the good over evil battle. This again, the greatest story ever told. This is the, what is it the warriors uh, journey, Right. The hero’s journey. Sorry, the hero’s journey, right. This is this is like all of that all in one right? With just yeah, everything’s busting at the seams. Absolutely. And the Kingdom of Heaven is a great Kingdom of Heaven quote. I’m not sure you have you seen the movie? It’s like very similar to Gladiator, but graduated was what we do in life echoes in eternity, which is a great quote. And then the second quote from from the Kingdom of Heaven be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright, that God may love thee. Speak the truth always. Even if it leads to your death, safeguard, the helpless and try to do no wrong. That is your oath. And I think that’s um, and then splashing in the faces like that’s how you remember it slashed in the face, but it’s a great depiction of where we are right now and the side of destiny. You know, you you know you can sleep well at night. I can sleep well at night. The patriots who are listening to people who are listening to this broadcast can sleep well at night knowing that we’ve done the right thing and we’re doing everything we can to follow God’s will and God’s law standing on the right side of destiny against the evil, against the satanic demons out there against these these elite pedophile CCP scumbags and sleepy joe. A big joke. Come on man. I mean that’s got to be one of the best jokes. Come on man, shot of I don’t know what what do you call them? Nazi fags? He said not to mention Hunter. Oh that hunter biden raping chinese girls and a crack addicted. Uh yeah, no disrespect to all our crack lovers out there. But goodness gracious when you start raping chinese girls and colluding with the chinese communist party for millions of dollars and then coming on on Dateline or or the or the fake news leftist media and saying the bible never do that. What are you talking about? I don’t know what a laptop I was too cracked up to figure out what the laptop I get the laptop in and now we’re gonna have to route. Now we have to we have to raid Rudy Giuliani’s freaking office to get the laptop back. What in the hell? Dude can you believe they did that And just so blatant. I mean it’s so blatant. I mean I can believe that but it was so blatant. It’s just it’s so blatant. Oh Deep State at its finest. My Lord! Deep State operatives FDA approved. Oh do you think they’re gonna get away with? Look at look at clinton. Look I mean there are so that’s why they had the arrogance there. Obama. Obama you mean barry, Soetoro and my big mike. Mike mike, love barry and big mike, you know what I mean? Very big mind. Oh they got away with it but they got away with it by tugging at the heartstrings of law, abiding innocent loving kind americans that a black man is in office. Hey, all that with the hell, jesus, A black man is an office, right? Us guys, there’s been black offices. Black president, black liberties. I lived in Atlanta for 25 years. Ain’t got nothing but they ain’t got nothing to do with race. And quite frankly, I love that there are certain states now are banning critical race theory. Yes, thank goodness. That’s it’s racist. That is the most racist crap you’ve ever heard in your life. Dude, have you heard what these teachers are? It’s like, it’s progressive to Marxism and it’s because it’s described Marxism, they want to destroy the traditional, that’s blm, right? They mean and their self admitted and they say their Marxist. And then did you see her get busted for all the houses she’s buying? And then she was like, oh well that’s not that’s not just my money, it’s my family’s money too. That’s not marks, that’s good. That’s called capitalism. You weird off like what do you do? Whatever, What about that? Beauty alexandria Ocasio Cortez calling for re education centers and reeducation camps, it’s lovely. Yeah, she needs to be in one of those, there is re education people need to learn to be educated back to the heart and to be loving people, man. You know, communist china has plenty of job opportunities and openings for America. Hey, y’all want to go to china. Hey man, we know a place that you would love, you all your views. Everything You can often go over there. You have china, right? I mean, and that’s another question I have for you, man. Is it possible that were multidimensional beings? Right. We’ll get a little spiritual here. Get on the spiritual tip. We are multidimensional beings. We are existing in multi dimensions at the same time. All the time, billions of times per second. Falling all through. Right. Is it possible that we could live simultaneously with the shit heads? Excuse my language. No, I don’t know why I say that. I don’t really care. So how do I, is it going to be two worlds simultaneous? Because here’s the thing is I’m not going to live that way. So that is why we are creating our own here locally in Arizona, we’re creating our own way of life. We don’t care like I’m not gonna do anything. I don’t even pay attention to them or what they’re doing except to know, you know, know the enemy, you know what I mean? Kind of deal. Um, so is it, what do you think, Man? I think this is a duality. This is the battle between good and evil. But I have no doubt that that good will triumph over evil and that the friendlies we’re waiting. I mean, I have been I know I feel the agonizing frustration because we see this, the scandalous straightness, rat infested plots being played out before are so stupid. And so these people are so psychopathic and so sociopathic that they that they are so they are so foolish and stupid to see. You know, because what they’re doing right in front of all of us, we all fully know. we see it for what it is. Um, and it’s friendly see it for what it is. But we haven’t, there hasn’t been any resistance to it yet. You notice that this has been staged? Uh, presidency. I mean from Castle Rock Productions? Yeah, I mean, yeah. You know, it’s all been staged. Like, did you see the airplane go over? Did you see the airplane go over? Did you see that video? Like, and she even said, oh, an airplane? Well, obviously, obviously she didn’t know that you’re not allowed to fly over the fucking white house. So there there’s what what what’s going on, man? There’s a no fly zone within 50 nautical miles of their Right? So again, it’s like there’s so many slip. But again, to your point, what you said, this has been a slow burn. This has been a slow burn for the past 50 years, right? We’re talking. I mean like you said these the CIA of course doing all their mind control and all that stuff but the manipulation through the media over time These people are 100% brainwashed. So even if it’s right in front of their face there, you know what I mean? You know? And then maybe there’s a little bit of Stockholm here, you know, I mean where people just they people don’t want to be responsible mitch. That’s a big thing, I’ll tell you bread. And this is uh brought this information up as well. That in the beginning of the Covid 19 scandal, basically the CCP uh uh sorry, uh, before the lockdowns ever took hold, the U. S. Centers for Disease Control. The C. D. C. That’s also headquartered in Atlanta, was really partnering with the Confucius Institute, a propaganda arm of the chinese Communist Party. And in february of 2020 the principal deputy director for the C. D. C. Publicly announced that the Confucius Institute will be an asset for the american covid response. This is the propaganda arm of the chinese Communist Party. So during the briefing the C. D. C. Director, the deputy CDC director praised the Chinese Communist Party propaganda arm for getting directly involved with the C. D. C. S messaging and community outreach. And this is this is where we are all aligned, the United Nations, the World Health Organization Organization, build that better baby, Great reset. All aligned with the CCP. So, You know, I’m just that’s 100% bro, that’s what I’ve been saying. I was like this is a communist takeover. I said it a year ago, right? I was like this is the C. C. I’ve been. Yeah. Anyway, we’re on the same page, man. And it’s like, again, it it just makes me feel so good and um reassuring when I get to have conversations like this, this has been one of the most inspiring conversations I’ve had in the past couple weeks because I keep meeting all these people. Have you ever heard of dr Tommy john, I don’t know if you know who he is? Uh Freedom Fighter, He’s a doctor, right? He’s got he was a professional baseball player for the Dodgers, right? And then then he realized that Pfizer was the author of the medical books in medical school because he had an injury and he was trying to heal himself. Right? So at that moment he quit, quit his pitching career and became a doctor and then just recently went and set all of his um his uh his awards certificates, whatever, degrees on fire out on the beach and he’s called naked TJ. Now they keep kicking them off all the instagrams and stuff like that because he’s just talking the truth about all the bullshit, you know what I mean? So anyway, the point is I keep meeting all these just amazingly beautiful people man and, and, and um, this is, this has been awesome dude. And I’m so, it’s just stoked to know that we do have a lot in common. You know what I mean? Again, you, you gotta, you follow people for a long time, You listen to him, you’re like, man, I think I got a lot in common with that guy, you know, and then you talk to him, you’re like, I actually kind of have a lot in common with that guy. So it’s nice. Absolutely. And you know Harvard, as you were saying, Harvard has extend Harvard has extensive financial ties to the chinese Communist Party. I mean, it’s insane. It’s really insane. I mean, this is an indoctrination center. Well, it all of it is we don’t have education in the United States, we have indoctrination and that’s that’s where they’ve got they got into. And like you were saying that that list of how many? Two million or 2000, how many? Uh Right. And I remember seeing that, and of course I saw it um from that, what is the Sky News? The Australian Sky News, They’re they’re actually kind of will report stuff that the news here won’t, right, So there, you know, so it’s just, dude, it’s um all these people, they’ve they’ve overtaken the colleges, so in the education and that’s why you got all these these these like these woke liberals that are and and again, it’s a weird term, right? Because I mean liberal, Yeah, I mean, but conservative again, and these are all just terms to divide us and make us think that were separate and different things, right? To keep us eyes off the prize as a, as a great guy, the sergeant once said, what’s your main malfunction, numbnuts didn’t mommy and daddy give you enough attention? We knew a child, I mean, oh no, no, no bad. We need our safe space, we are triggered, We need our lollipops and snowballs, you know, it’s insane. It’s insane. And now they’re saying that free speech that this supposedly hate speech and that it’s violence and I mean when you listen to Michael Knowles, who is also very good. There’s a great conservative broadcaster, well with Dave Rubin and all these guys, um, and tucker Carlson and louder and prouder steve crowder who’s also a great well tucker last so I love crowd allowed. I’m out in the mud club, I love his show, but last night tucker Carlson actually, I don’t know, not sure if you caught that, but tucker Carlson like did a awesome segment on the vaccines, man like and Bayers. He actually brought up players and mentioned mayors and how many people are dying from the vaccine? He’s like, you know, I mean, it’s it’s that’s kind of uh interesting to see, right? I mean, you know, it’s hard to know, you know, because again these are tv personalities and people that you really don’t know, you know what I mean? And so it’s hard to know. Is this controlled opposition, right? Are we talking like are people like, you know, uh, you mentioned Dell victory. I mean, he’s done a phenomenal job and he actually exposed the other day, the world’s leading creator of vaccines girth Vandenbosh. You came out on an interview literally almost cried because he said you know I’m a huge staunch advocate of vaccines but this is diabolical mass genocide. And uh the latest the latest article on natural news with Mark Adams is this came out May 3rd genocide in the U. S. Continues. 3800 deaths and 118,000 injuries following these injections. Now Children are being reported as dying two year old three year olds. I mean they want to inject everybody and dr Anthony Fauci is a rat. You genesis that is working with the globalists and the Rockefellers. Rockefeller’s created the spanish flu. They said it was the soldiers that came back from the World War. But it wasn’t. They injected the antiserum Into the people and co almost 16 million I think 18 million people dead. They’re doing exactly the same thing. Yeah. And Bill Gates, did you notice that Bill Gates and Melinda Gates got divorced? Yeah, that was because of the pedophilia dealings and all this uh this shape really. Is that is that is that is that okay? Yeah, because I was curious, I’m you know, is it staged? Was that just some kind of bs, is it so he can keep his wealth and they’re just splitting it? But okay, so she’s like, she’s like aware of what’s going on or how can you like be married to that dude? And I don’t know, again brainwashing sinister. Absolutely. And I mean she’s a new genesis to of course you choose in on it. But there’s something behind the scenes my her divorce the Sky because you know he is that he is a tyrannical demonic scum bag and he’s been involved with uh child trafficking and pedophilia. Child traffickers. A pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein huge, He was all over Jeffrey, everyone’s Lolita Express um try and put trump on it, but trump. Didn’t go near that shit um kicked uh Jeffrey Epstein out of his club. Yes, he was, he went on the on the Express, but not because of the child trafficking. And you got the hell out of there when, when the time came. But um they try to demonize trump and trump supporters as nazis and white supremacist. Say what you want to say about trump, you might love him, I hate him, but he was he actually signed into law child trafficking. Uh Exactly those laws, right? Yeah, and he was the first president in recent history, did not start war, He was actually trying to end wars, bring people back. I mean, and that’s right, and that’s uh to be honest, that’s why I was getting out before and I lost my train of thought. But like in 20 before 2020 I wasn’t really paying attention because I just to me when trump got elected, it was just I was like, okay, fine, another fuck who cares? Like, again, I was like left wing, right wing, same bird. I wasn’t even paying attention until 2020. And then I started doing my research and I was like, this guy is not like such a bad guy, like what you know what I mean? Like actually really he didn’t start any wars. Wait wait a minute. So I started doing my research, right? But my one concern about the trump thing is is why is he pushing pushing the jab man? You know what I mean? He gave billy my biggest my biggest disappointment. Yeah, I’m confused about that. Grossly misinformed. Grossly misinformed by by his his deep state operatives. You know? You think about this I mean the deep state have been have been entrenched. I mean, you have you have generations, I mean from bush to kill Kennedy, uh they wiped out martin Luther king. They, you know, and and and somewhat got to trump and grossly misinformed him about these kill shots and I’m right and uh that we are a point of no return brad with these things. Yeah, No. Yeah. Like Yeah, yeah. Beyond man. Beyond beyond were I mean, are but again, like, like you said, you’re you’re like me, you’re you’ve got a positive outlook on it, which is beautiful because that’s what we need, right? And again, that’s what will keep us going. That’s what keeps you driven and in a military situation in wartime and everything. It’s hope. It’s it’s the belief that you’re gonna make it through, right, and you’re going home and we’re gonna make it through this without a doubt. I mean, there is It’s it’s the will of God, right? And again, this is this is the coolest story ever told, and we’re here for that. This is and we look at also man before 2020 and I was just always preaching all the good stuff about what’s going on. I was like, we’re at a time right now we’re science is and I don’t mean scientists. Um, but science is actually proving spirituality through quantum physics and quantum mechanics, right? And all these really cool things that we’re starting to discover that Newtonian is not so much. But again, this is why the control mechanism had to happen now, because once people are free in the inside and they know that they’re free and connected to source, well then it makes you impossible to control. Exactly. And these demonic forces, you know, as jimmy is johnny cash would say, go tell that long, long tongue liar, Go and tell that Midnight Rider, tell the ramp of the gamble, the back biter, tell them that God’s gonna cut em down, You can run on for a long time, run on for a long time, run on for a long time. But sooner or later God’ll cut you down and that’s what’s gonna happen. Brother, this is the battle between good and evil and the responsibility for every human being to discern because what they’re, what they’re doing is that they’re weaponizing the fear to make people into sheep to slaughter and they’re intentionally dismantling the ability to discern what is right from wrong, good from evil. So yes, false false evidence appearing real fear, false evidence appearing real. And the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. So if I could ever instill two things in a person to be know thy self, number one and number two is that we have nothing to fear but fear itself because once you know yourself right, know thy self right? Once you know that you’re unfunny equitable because you can’t nobody, once you become the safest place for you to exist and be, then nobody can touch you right? And it’s a beautiful place. And those are the things that if we can help to instil that power back in the individual, we might have a fighting chance at this brother. Well, you know, thomas jefferson said it best that the Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. And I think that’s going to happen because we’ve seen the radical uh mobilization of, you know, jolted lost twisted victim youth, uh, particularly the radical leftist Black Lives Matter funded by the chinese Communist Party as well as antifa and George stars, billions of dollars. And that’s why you got these radical Marxist these Black Lives matter uh, organizers or founders, uh, spending all the money at least 90 million that has been given by these so called world corporations, uh, fueling, you know, their lap of luxury at the behest of innocent people burning and looting and murdering, you know, running through the through people’s neighborhoods and burn them down and we won’t be free until we burn them down. All this garbage. So this is all gonna be crushed. Just like ISIS was crushed. All this nonsense, all this communism. I mean in the 1960s and seven, I mean not in the 1960s, there was a time when, you know, communism has been banned. I mean even when I remember when I got my American citizenship, I had to pledge allegiance to the United States of America. Uh and and and denounce communism in general. Any radical communism, extremism jihadism because this is all evil to become an american citizen right now. Americans are these are american communist displaying violence and vengefulness and hatefulness and vandalism and bloodshed. And this is not american, You know what brother? You know what bro, there’s one thing that you’ve done that I did that every military person does as well is as a so when you’re born an american citizen, you don’t have to pledge allegiance to shit. It’s not until you go and you take that oath that you really have to understand what you’re doing right. You you wanted to become an american citizen. So you understood that? Both, You read that as an adult and took that oath. And that’s why I’ve always said, I think everybody and it’s kind of crazy, but you should, everybody should do some sort of military service and, and, and and something to where you have to learn. Do we got to appreciate what we have. And I don’t, people don’t understand, like in the beginning, you know, kind of full circle here and we’ll get out of here. I can’t believe it’s already been in an hour and a half, man. Thank you so much. Um, but if we can just like, you know, I don’t know, I digress. I just, um, we’re having these beautiful talks and to me that’s, that’s where it starts, you know, So yes, absolutely. And that’s what we can do more is to cern and have the ability to comprehend what is about to happen, what is happening. And if anyone would like to know more like I said, follow the websites. Practice trust one more term. Please tell them how to find you please one more time. Absolutely. Check out our website um, and transplant abuse dot org. All the reports are there where the, you know, all this evidence, you know that we’re not pulling out of our hats or our arses here, the most people think that I’m a CIA operative remove assad or oh, this is going on all over the world. This is nothing new. This is full state sanctioned legal kill to all the genocide, reducing 4 to 8 year waiting times of hearts and lungs and surgery and and livers to a matter of days in a matter of hours. Ladies and gentlemen, a huge population just being reduced. Imagine it was your family that’s being taken in a mobile execution van, your Children’s Children taken away from you. Your bank accounts froze two and you can cut open while alive in a re education center because you refuse to give up your spiritual beliefs and your faith in God, that’s what has gone on and this is what’s been exported to America. So check out fallen info dot net um, and and transplant abuse dot org and try the exercises. The following exercises are great. I mean those who are you yoga enthusiasts or or Tachi uh or love stress, relieving uh practices of health and wellness. Falungong is phenomenal. I mean it really does a great job to reduce that, that stress relief. But thanks brad man, I appreciate everything. And let me know if there’s anyone out there, if there’s anybody you know in the industry of podcasting, would love me on their shows. I would love to come back and I will even love to bring the doctor back on your show to, for him to, for you to pick his brain. And we’ll have you back on any time. I’ll sit and talk to you all day. Whether we tell anybody about it or not, man. But yeah, no. Well, of course, again, it’s we got to get this message out, man. And, and, and yeah, thank you again. Uh, thank you. Thank you Mitchell. Uh, this has been just a great, inspiring and revitalizing conversation for me. Um, thank you. Yeah, absolutely. And God bless you. And like I said, I walked the walk, I’m 100 miles away from the chinese border right now, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not in America, I’m in North Vietnam, wow. So I’ve been 20 years brother. And uh, now I’m in the devil’s den, you know, right right beside the devil’s uh devil’s lair based. God bless you dude. That is not dude, seriously, God bless you. God speed. Let us know if there’s any way or anything that we can do to support you, send you anything whatever I, you know, I don’t even know what that means. We’ll definitely get you going on as many shows as we can because uh yeah, we all need the support right now. Absolutely. And you know what we do in life echoes in eternity. So yeah brother can’t weight gain and God bless him. Yeah. Please spread this far and wide and check out the links folks and I’m glad I could show you the videos and because following gong is a beautiful spiritual movement. You are an amazing man of, of, of, of life and liberty and freedom bread. And I’m with your brother. God bless. Hold the line. Hold the line, hold the line. Hold the line. Trust the plan. Hold the line, trust in God and trust the military baby to put us through trust. Trust in the goodness of of of the law too to move us to the promised land, you know? Absolutely well brother. Absolutely party pal. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Motherfucker. Yeah. PK Motherfuckers. Fuck freak. The hell awesome Mitchell. Thanks brother, I appreciate you man. All right bro. We’ll talk soon. God bless. God bless man. Thank you. Mhm. Yeah.

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