July 7, 2021

The Jab KILLED My Mother!

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We were super blessed to meet with Marty Logan here in our home studio. He tells us the facts regarding his mother receiving the jab and passing the very next day. We are honored he came to tell us his story and the steps he is taking to find the Truth. We encourage you to listen and share with anyone you know considering the jab. There are few outlets willing to spread this sort of information out there.

Show Notes

Graphene Oxide in the Vaccines




Hello, all you lovely Freedom. People out there and welcome to today’s fireside Freedom chat. I’m your host, Bradley Freedom. And Emily Freedom! Yeah. We got Emily in the studio for today’s introduction. This is a pretty cool uh talk that we had here. Today’s guest is marty Logan. Marty Logan is a super agent uh here in phoenix. Arizona phoenix area. Here in the valley valley of the sun where it’s really hot. Anyway, marty is I get good at talking to myself. Yeah, marty’s definition and marty has some very unique uh something very unique about him in the in the sense that his mother had a very untimely and odd death following the covid jab.

The covid Experimental. Gene therapy. Experimental I don’t even know. Is that gene therapy? Whatever the jab. Yeah. So what he did though, he thought quick on his feet and went and got an autopsy. Um and then just a couple of days ago he got his second autopsy back. So uh we’re gonna get into some awesome conversation with marty. Uh And Emily is also in the studio. So what do you think of the talk Emily? Really good. Yeah. Alright awesome. So before we get into it, what I want you to do is grab your telephone and I’m going to have you take your thumbs and dial 8449923733 We’re gonna use the keyword marty one and that’s marty.

And the number one we’re gonna text that into 844992 3733. And we’re gonna send you out today’s show notes. Come on, let’s go. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah you pull the notes up here from the dock. So do it. Yeah. My mom is 88 and um there’s a sensitive west on her own. Didn’t take any medication. Was driving 86 had back surgery years ago and have some issues with her back and she broke her knee. So we decided that point it’s time for a living assisted living by me and scott still super convenient close to my house, like four minutes from my house.

So Covid hit everyone. Lockdown is just living was challenging. But I was able to go see her and visitor and um yeah, we got through that, that would get her out, some would survive through that and then her sister, everyone a lockdown in december 23 people on the floor had covid, you know what also goes in lockdown prisons. Just f Y I for everyone prisons, prisons. That’s what the term came from. Its lockdown in prison. That’s actually go look up the definition. I believe you. It was locked down.

It was pretty challenging. So and the director there wouldn’t let him bury in. Well, Governor Ducey had made a executive order in november that all these assisted living homes have to designate to people as an essential visitor. So I said, look, coming in. Oh now we’re on lockdown. So had a conversation. Had to pull up the executive order. Said either we’re coming in, you’re gonna let me in or we’re going to report you to the the county and general and you don’t want to go that route.

So was able to get my covid test negative. Man. I had all my PPE on trippy. I had had all the gear on the gown and I had to face stuff on the gloves. And it was weird. So I remember I got on her third floor. I rolled in a man hosiery. So trippy because if you had covid in front of the door, there is a special trash can and a box for gloves. So whenever you went into that room is a nurse or uh some of the work there.

When you leave you have to take off those gloves and put in the trash can. So when I remember walking down the hallway Through the, on the third floor there was like 23, people that had covid. Then it had an outbreak. So my mom got Tested positive on January 16. She tested negative on January 31 and she was on lockdown for those two weeks. I couldn’t see her, I was able to see it right after that and she never had any real problems. She had a slight elevated fever, she had a loss of appetite.

Um little a key. Her arthritis flared up a little bit in her hands and things, little confusion. But really what was rough when my mom was the isolation. Yeah, of course. So very frustrated for her, her mental state for those two weeks and definitely went south. Um It was definitely a challenge. I was I was trying to call her every day and she was angry and just as you said, she was in prison. Yeah, lockdown lockdown. So I was finally able to get in to see her, my girlfriend and I were able to get in as the essential visitors were able to get in to see her after July at January 31.

So we saw that that’s that that couple nights that week were able to bring her some food, start to come out of it. Her mental health was getting better, more positive. Saw that Saturday we took her out for about six hours is awesome. We went out for the day, back to my house, watch some tv. Um it’s pretty cool and then On January on Tuesday February 16. My mom got the jab around 12 noon And I wouldn’t have dinner with her that Tuesday night about 5:30 PM. So I picked her up.

So we get out of there, went to this cool little sports bar right around the corner um and hung out there and shoot a margarita, onion rings. It’s pretty cool. Um Yeah, we’re good. So no pain in her arm, no adverse reaction and called the next morning on Wednesday morning and no answer nine o’clock 9 30. It’s kind of weird, but you know, whatever. So I get a phone call, 11:30 from the director 41. Your mom, your mom just passed away so I flipped, I’m in shock. Drop enough bombs I was talking about.

What are you talking about? So I made it over there in about a half an hour. I got there and the cops were there because it’s a scene until they clear it and I get up there in the room and the cops are there scott COPD, super good guys. Um And I was able to see my mom checked her out, sat with her for a little bit, checked her for bruises. If she fell and hit her head. There’s no no stitches, no bloody not stitches, there’s no blood, no cuts, no bruising.

She was just faced out right in front of the couch and her wheelchair was another room. So obviously she got up to have coffee and was sitting on the couch, started to death and she just dropped dead immediately just face first. So I told so that her doctor showed up and I said, I want a medal. I want the medical examiner to do an autopsy. And her doctor also requested the same thing. No medical examiner refused to an autopsy. They want to write covid on it on the test on the desert of mm.

I said no that’s not gonna happen. So I had to figure out what were we wanted to go to. And then we found a place for her to go to a mortuary. And then we were able to hire a pathologist to do the autopsy. In the meantime, her doctor was pretty frustrated. Her doctor said to me that that morning of her death she didn’t have any complaints. She didn’t complain to the staff. They were in there for breakfast and they came out and then they came to bring her lunch at about 11 11 30 12.

And that’s when they found her dead. So waited for the pathology report to come back. So then we got the report. We also got the death certificate, Death certificate said. And I quote adult failure to thrive cardiac arrest. The pathology report. The pathologist and the autopsy said there was no cardiac arrest. There was no heart attack. There was no aneurysm. She didn’t have cancer. So then we sent her slides out for further review to an expert and they came back that she had massive liver failure. Yeah, wow, instant immediate.

And I said to the dog, I said the pathologist says, hey man, you know when she went out it wasn’t like how did she go out? And he said that she would have had an extreme shortness of breath. And we’ve been like somebody had their wrist wrapped around her neck choking her to death. And so I have the medical records. The medical records show that she had no history of any health issues. She had some arthritis and some back issues from back previous back sir. But nothing. Yeah.

So look this is just the facts. I’m not I’m not here. I’m just here to let people make up their own mind. And at this point right now we’re waiting for the second autopsy to come back. Thank God we got an autopsy. You know I have a friend of mine that lives not too far from here. Her mother got the covid vaccine and she got the job and died three days later. Uh But unfortunately the family didn’t want to get an autopsy. I also recently heard from the pathologist.

There was another man in press kid that got the jab. Yeah. Died the next day. As far as I know. I’m the only person in the United States. It’s actually got the autopsy. You know, I don’t know why people don’t get them. They’re not cheap. You got to make a decision pretty quick if you’re going to what you’re going to do with the body. Maybe people don’t know. Mm Maybe people want to put their head in the sand. You know, A lot of people say, well the end justifies the means if it says millions of people I guess is okay for 45 or 6000 people to die.

And that’s what I’ve heard. And that’s what you might see. I don’t think people want to say it. But I’ve heard if you say it, yeah. You know the risk and reward, Right? But look if it’s your family member, that’s what I’m saying. If it’s you though, you don’t think that way, do you? You know you don’t I mean I just think that you’d want to know about about the dangers. What’s more choice to get it? So it was her choice. My mom is 88 years old and she felt forced into getting it.

It was the assistant living and you know, she missed the first one, the first round of the Madonna backs or jab if you will because she had covid. So the second one came around and be in your room. We’re going to go but get you will pick you up and bring you down at your room to get your covid vaccination so you can go out into the dining room and so you can live a normal life. That’s not true for your choice in my opinion, felt forced is Look, look, I drove a driving drive today.

Three point it says on the freeway. Arizona Department of Transportation has a sign that lights up. This is 3. 5 million Arizona is vaccination. Get your jacket, get yours. Yeah, it’s like uh look, it’s everywhere. And so people are starting to wake up now and and in talking with with my mother’s doctor. And and I I can’t say his name because he’s, he can’t go on on the record saying this because he will lose his medical license. And the attorneys that he works for said, you can’t do it.

I mean we’re not there yet, but here’s what he says. And I quote him, first of all, it’s not a vaccination. They’re using the Ron lingo to make people feel safe. It’s not safe at all. Guys. This is a quote from a medical doctor. It’s a medication. No one should be forced into taking it. Remember this is the doctor’s words, not mine. I believe in the very high risk population. They may the benefit may outweigh the risk. Anyone who has ever had covid like my mom should never get it.

It should be never given to anyone without permission of the doctor. Mhm. Guys, this is a sister living. My doctor had no idea she was eating this test done. Her doctor says it should never be given to anyone under 50. It should never be given to anyone without a boatload of camara bid conditions. Some of these words, guys are above my pay grade. Yeah, comorbidities. Co morbidity. So that just means multiple sickness ailments kind of deal. Well done. Thank you. It should never be given in without a boatload of the core midi conditions.

And with today’s treatments I would argue the doctor that no one should get it. Amen there are a lot of unknown effects for future covid infections. Previous SARS vaccines failed because the vaccine actually changes the organs. D. N. A. And when re infected the immune the immune system ends up attacking its own organs. So again guys I’m just here to show the facts. I have the autopsy to prove that the job killed her. I have the science. And when I get that second autopsy back we’re having the tissues um sent to another lab right now they’re called stains.

And the stains are are they’re going deeper for the testing. The pathologist did send his report to theirs and he did note in his report it was an adverse reaction he believes to the vaccination. Mhm. And so if you’re listening to this this this this this cast. Gosh thanks so much for taking the time to listen this because you could be doing something else and the fact that this interests you and you want to know the truth. Amen brother. Yeah. Amen to that. Yeah I mean it’s it’s crazy stuff.

So look, I’m not an allergy of anti-Vaxxer. My daughter was nearly 17. She’s had I got her the flu vax every year. I’ve never had it. Sure I’m fine. Look, I am a when, when Covid hit In March, March 16 of 2020, when we want to lock down here in Arizona, I was in lockdown for about 30 days, but I am a realtor. So I was deemed essential business. I was out living my life. Sean houses running appointments, I was out three years old, I’m fine, I’m fine. I’ve been exposed to it, I’m gonna take vitamins, I need healthy but I’m I’m healthy.

It’s never affected me so I’m not gonna live my life in fear. And if I do get it there’s a what, you know, more than I do, there’s a 99. 9% survival rate. Oh, covid. Yeah. Oh yeah. And again, man, you probably had it and didn’t know and because you have a strong immune system and you’re not already sick on all of their drugs. And this is because of the pharmaceutical companies, you have to understand. They’ve taken over everything. They write the books for the students in in medical school, right?

Pfizer writes those books. So they have completely taken over what health is. We don’t have a health care system. We have a sick care system. And it all revolves around profit and their drugs. And these vaccines are quote unquote. Right? These whatever these, what are they calling it? They’re trying to call it a therapy. Gene therapy, whatever. Um experimental emergency use, only authorization injections. That’s the proper title. Probably because with that is no different than than their HYDROcodone. No different than the fentaNYL that kills hundreds of thousands every year.

And it’s totally okay. And you know how much they pay out Billions and billions and billions. They paid out. Bayer billions of dollars they paid out. Doesn’t take off anything off the shelf. Glyph phosphate is still on shelves. Dude, they’ve witch mccollum, they’ve never had to take it off the shelves. The round round up. It’s still out there but they’ve settled billions of dollars because it kills people. My biggest issue is the informed consent. Nobody has given any information. Side effects. Well that’s what marty’s talking about.

Exactly that. And I have the vaccine card. Um, so she is assisted living. And the staff member that came to administer the jab was CVS employee. That was because I have the vaccine car with a lot. Number, everything. And there’s nowhere on that really. I think there’s something a small print. I need to look at it again. It talks about the risks and some people say, oh, there’s always risks with these kinds of things. Vaccinations is always a risk. That just is what it is. Right. Look, I’m letting you know now buyer beware when my mom first dye, my girlfriend said, oh my gosh, the vaccine, the vaccine killed her as I didn’t think about it.

I wasn’t, I wasn’t, my first thing wasn’t my knee jerk reaction. My mom was completely healthy the night before she was fine. She was fine the next morning. And you know, her doctor says that the jab causes all sorts of vascular issues. He says, who knows what immune immune response is going to trigger? People already infected massive liver failure. And you know, it’s funny when I went back to the, it’s funny, but it’s interesting when I went back to the assisted living to get some of the medical records.

You know, my mom had tested negative for COVID on January 31 and then have the jack the job just over two weeks later. You know, my thought was, I’ve heard two schools of thought on this. Some of the doctors of all I’ve talked to said you shouldn’t have a covid vaccination for at least 90 days after you test negative for for the COVID. Mm Well I talked to the nurse, I said, hey, by the way, you know, what’s the rule on that? If she tested negative on january 31st she had the shot on the 16th of february is out too soon or what a cd guys CDC guidelines.

She’s like, Oh yeah, no, it’s CDC guidelines say two weeks. So my mom’s doctor recommends nobody get if you’ve had COVID don’t do anything unless you’ve been free of it, you know, negative at least 90 days. But you have the antibodies in it. So I don’t think why you’d even need to take the covid backs the jab if you’ve already test negative, isn’t it? But I’m not the expert. I’ll leave it up to the doctors and I will have our seconds autopsy back. I’m chomping at the bit man.

Had to pony up make another investment to get answers. So I’m into this for a small investment. But Hey. Right. It’s for it’s for the truth. Yeah. I’m shocked. You are able to think so clearly in that moment and do all that. Yeah. Kind of amazing to Yeah. Well done sir. Me too. So I’m glad I could help. Yeah, I think this is a massive help man and I would be grateful if I can come back here as soon as I get out of their pathology report.

Oh yeah, we’ll come back and go live. Yeah, well, and yeah, we’re really trying to work on the studio. Um We want to get the video cameras, we gotta get some cameras, you know what I figure we’ll do is get like some tripods and stuff, you know? Anyway, and then just mount cameras on that anyway, because we want to get in, you know, because people love to watch their podcasts these days, which is kind of the antithesis because the podcast used to be, so it’s like a video cast, right?

Um anyway, I guess it’s a podcast. We’re pod, we’re in a pod. Do you feel like you’re in a pod? I’m digging it. It’s got a good, I like the vibe in here. It’s a chill vibe. It’s relaxed. Yeah. Sounds trying to meditate a little bit and here, you know what I mean? Clear out the energies get all hippie in it. I’m digging it. Nice and a little red around here a little bit. Put some grateful dead on here. Yeah, absolutely. Dude. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. We can play whatever man play anything.

Uh So, so how long is until the second one comes out? What is? So I emailed the it’s been about he got the the pathologist sent over or the rest of the mm sells the they’re called slides cuttings of from the autopsy. Um he got those on June three. He said to take 4-6 weeks. Uh he ordered the stains to be sent to another lap. Two weeks ago. He received them I think. Yesterday. So he’s now as of this morning cracking into it. And it’s intense stocked when he talks to me about this stuff.

It’s way above my pay grade. You needed to really vet people to make sure they would actually be an honest doctor. So they have been vetted. I was able to do some research when I first got into this thing, right? You know, your mom, it’s your opinion. You believe that your mom was killed by the jab. So I’m, I’m, I’m a fighter. I, I stand up for what I believe in. And so what do you do? So I get, I start going online. I do personal injury lawyers.

I start calling the top, the top law firms in Arizona for personal injury. Yeah. Oh, it’s a, we have no idea. It’s above our pay grade. We don’t do that kind of stuff. Try this number. We don’t do that. Try this number. Um, we don’t do that stuff. Try this number. Right? So I’m getting number, I’m calling, I’m calling it just, it’s Boots on the ground. Right? So finally I got hooked up with Hotline, a firm out of new york and this is the, the firm that’s handling all of the vax stuff.

There’s guys when I, I talked to her, there is so much crazy stuff going on there with vax people being hurt from it. All different kinds of axes. And now that I’m into this covid thing, I hear nightmare stories every day. You know about players. Do you know about that? I don’t, that’s the vaccine. I don’t know about bears. And so they, we can’t like I’m not here to sue anybody. I just want the truth out. This isn’t about the money. But right now there’s is overloaded.

And so legally I can’t do anything yet. Well, that’s the point though. They’re overloaded with so much stuff and they’re saying that only 1% actually gets reported to mayors. That’s what so I’m I reported myself and it was interesting they actually sent me an email back. We’re sorry for your loss mm. So I have I have confirmation. They received my submission and then the pathologist submitted after his mhm pathology report. He submitted it. He submitted to the various as well from the doctor pathologist. My mom’s doctor also submitted of errors.

So the next from here we’re gonna go to see a different court because this is you can’t sue you can’t go after any in the drug companies. They have immunity. The person you have to go after now is the government. And so it’s C. I. Pp. Is the court we’re gonna go after Next. So the doctor that I’m working with now that’s the expert that’s doing the second autopsy is well versed. He’s been at various court. He’s been in the C. I. P. P. Court. So he’s going to be the one when I was referred to him um by this this firm in new york and spend some time with him.

He did the first when the first pathology report got done he received samples slides. He did the first initial review and got back to the pathologist and they talked and did their little thing and talking words that I have no idea what language it is. Right. Right so they talked my firm said hey you probably really need to get another another set eyes on this so that you’ll have the information. Look we want answers. If if my mom of her life was ended early because of the jab.

I want other people to know that their loved ones, their family members, their kids, their Children, their grandparents could also die and in their life early prematurely with the jab mm If the information comes back that you know what? There’s not an information first to clinically say that it killed her fine. If the information comes back and says she didn’t die from the job, fine, we have at least you’ll know. Yeah, it’s about peace of mind. Absolutely. So that’s that’s where we’re at and because you’re a good upstanding man and do you know where that is right now marty, I’m serious bro, I I walk around, I see these bitch ass dudes everywhere, everybody’s just bitched out dude, I talked to this one woman, her name’s Hlinka coloma, amazing human being.

There’s a little tiny lady not scared of shit going up the big huge men, you know what I mean? And just saying, hey I’ll protect you, you little baby. You know what I mean? That kind of stuff. It’s, this is like, but but this is just like, it’s, I don’t, you know, they’re turning the frogs gay shit. You know what it’s like. Everybody’s, all these men have been so emasculated. Nobody wants to stand up in question. Nobody asked why and we’ve got people dying and being separated from their again, I I drew a hard line in the sand as soon as they were talking masking lockdown.

I was like, now it’s time for me to stand up that I was no, uh well, a great job because you’re putting your life on the line. Uh I talked to ah frontline doctors. Yeah, about a month ago. And yeah, I see him on gold. Yeah, yeah, yeah. She was just up at the buffalo chip. She was about a month ago. You want, you want to get something, you want something to drink? We can take a break. I’m not cleared up. So she wanted to, you know, they were running for me to do litigation.

I’m not, I’m not there yet. I need more information. Um, and again and she, and the sources I’ve talked to said, Hey, you’re gonna need protection if this thing goes worth. Absolutely. You know, they’re going to have to protect me on social media. Um, you know, I have a license, multiple life businesses licenses and so, but look, no one’s gonna stop me. Yeah, I’m ready to roll. Yeah. Well that’s beautiful. And that’s the thing and there’s a lot of people and, and we’re all starting to come together.

All of us people, um, us freedom people were the freedom people. We’re all starting to come together, man and we’ll protect our own. And this is going to be a it’s gonna be a good time, believe it or not. I know it sounds crazy, but what’s actually happening here is that we are creating this new earth, we’re ushering in this new earth a new way to live. A new place to live, right, Because we can no longer allow these huge corporations, governments, whatever, to dictate our life on this micro level right there.

He had on a huge point for me as well as the mental health. Like I was reminded how I got a wrong number of voicemail from an elderly woman that broke my heart. She thought she had her daughter or somebody and she was like, I don’t want to live like this anymore. They won’t like even let us go to the cafeteria. Uh that’s how my mom was super angry dude. You know those two weeks she was on lockdown? She was given up, she was talking like I never heard a talk before so that’s why we’re able to get in there and demand.

Let’s get in is an essential worker. Were able to start mitigating some of that stuff and seeing a turnaround. Well here’s the thing. So we’ve I don’t know, we’re making at least I know on my assumption is that I’m 90% sure there’s gonna be another lockdown. They’re gonna try it again, they’re gonna do it again when you hear exactly the delta variant for California, California for California. Dude. Straight just shut down yesterday. Yeah so another lockdown that is I didn’t even know but lockdown last night. Okay. Alright well it’s coming again here.

I’m, California’s already starting. Yeah it’s but we called it, it’s in our podcast. Everybody go listen to our older shit, I’m telling you because this is, it’s easy to, to once you understand what’s going on. This is psyop, this is how you overturn a country, this is taking over. Do you know? Right now they’re flying the red salute, black fist, that iron fist, which is the communist fist, they’re flying that over us embassies now because of black lives Matter. They’re saying, oh, but it’s black fist bullshit.

It’s the same symbol. Dude, I’m telling you, what did, what did china say? They say, they take, they said they take over America without firing a shot And now we’re flying and get, you know, July one is the 100 year anniversary of the CCP. What the fuck? Look, you’re a patriot, you’re, you’re not a keyboard warrior, you’re speaking up and I’m just honored to be here, man. Same, honored, you’re here and that’s and that’s the Arizona dude, the fire, right, This is, this is the right from the ash.

This is we’re creating the new, this is one of the big hubs. I’m telling you where the embers in the fire down here at the bottom dude, because we got lots of support all over. I’m telling you organs huge. That’s the thing. It’s what it is. Go outside of L. A. Or san Francisco in California or even san Diego. Go outside, right? Any of the rural areas, Nobody’s into all this shit. Nobody, it’s these big cities and they brainwashed people I swear through the water and the air, whatever else they’ve done.

But people are full on gone bro. And I mean friends I’ve had for 20 years gone, I’ve lost a few over this to gone, look, look, I’ll tell you this hook line and sinker, believe bullshit. My, what I’ve noticed is if you watch mainstream media, if you watch these other liberal stations, it’s crazy. It’s definitely still wonder what fear Bella Marie to watch a whole different news. You know, I see these people walk around town. It’s like walking across the street to the day. I’ll by himself with a mask on its 120° out.

Dude, they’re either stupid or they’re really living there. Really scared. People are really scared about this stuff. I see like you said, I see these big men that are driving down the road in their car with their mask on and the windows up. People are stupid. We can prove it. There’s tons of proof all over right now. Just walk out the door. I’m sorry. Just go stand out there in front of target and watch how many people are still, even though you don’t have to, even when they came, they took all that, you know what I mean?

It doesn’t matter if we have a worn one when we had to go to the hospital because my daughter that was you know my daughter making me do shit. I don’t want to do already before she was born. But other than that, yeah, no mask. Yeah, we’re kind of again hardline and sand my body my choice. Look the when the when the vax first with when the lockdown first hit I was the last the first for the last guy At um home depot. I bought two cases of 95 masks because it was coming and I was on it.

I saw I got the last ones, I was the man, I was ahead of the curve. Everybody’s teasing me a about a lot and I wanted to be ahead of the curve so I was ahead of the curve now I’m ahead of the curve again once again I’m going ahead of the curve letting you know I have the proof the jab killed my mother. Dude, boom! There you have it, Whoa! That’s explosions, We gotta have explosions here, I need an explosion button, I don’t have an explosion button, I’ve got the laughing button, I’ve got that’s a nice board. Right?

This thing’s dope. It’s called the Road Castor Pro. Uh It’s mobile, there’s like a mobile we’ve got a mobile case so you can kind of put these little microphones and with this in the little case and take it wherever you like to go. This is onboard recording so it’s just recording right now to a to a little flash disk. What’s the thing micro drive, it sounds awesome. This sounds great. Yeah it does right inside here in the cans. Makes you feel like you’re on a show. Yeah.

Are we done? All right, well thank you. Thank you. Mr marty thank you so much bro. We’ve dude, that was amazing. Amazing. Amazing. We love you. We love what you’re doing. Um Thank you. But how can people find You want to give people your D. I don’t know if you have like because usually people come on here, you know there but no, that’s beautiful. You know what me through you? All right. You want to you want to know more about marty? You contact the freedom people, you know contact Emily.

She is Emily is my gatekeeper. So to do it. Yeah. If you mean to her, you will get no response. Yeah. Hole in your sock. Exactly. Or is it is that what it’s called? Sock? What do they call that thing? A stocking? Yeah. You’ll get coal in your stocking talk. All right, thanks. Thanks marty. You gotta go awesome brother. Thanks everybody later.

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